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Monthly Digest August 2012

a summary of what is happening in the world JB-wise

IJB Team Re-structure, IJB wants YOU! As you may know, one of the major changes that were made during IJBC this year was the structure of the International Junior Branch Team. The IJRs, candidates and members spent quite some time evaluating the working ways and efficiency of the team as a whole. Visually, here’s what the structure looks like: To understand more about the process of evaluation, the new team, structure and goals, we invite you to check out the IJBC 2012 Pack on page 18. The most important thing? ANYONE can participate. We are looking for committed people who would like to work for the team! If you are interested, you can take part in any of the working groups that exist already, or even make you own. If you have any questions regarding the workings of the new structure, want to take part in any of the groups or simply want to know more, you can email the IJRs or the team at:

Picture by JB MĂŠxico

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Peace One Day 2012, One Day One Word As you may know, the 21st of september is coming soon and with it PEACE ONE DAY! As every year, all CISV international is participating. This year a working group of JBers came up with an amazing idea for our International Junior Branch project: One Day One Word. What is it about? The challenge is to find a word that describes PEACE and document it however you want. We will all share on Facebook! For more information on this project, check out the amazing InfoPack that the group made and go to the Facebook page. Individually, locally, nationally, it doesn’t matter how big you go, the most important thing is to participate.

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Monthly Digest - August 2012  

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