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An Examination of VisualPracticesOriginalTrendsCurrent&inArt Published by Circle Foundation For the Arts Cover Image Ilze Egle Summer 2022 Circle Foundation

Curated by Myrina Tunberg Georgiou Produced and Published by Circle Foundation for the Arts This is the 8th issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review (Summer 2022) FRONT COVER Ilze Egle - BACK COVER Isabel Herrera - Printed in The Netherlands All Rights Reserved ® No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or trans mitted in any form or any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without written permission of the publisher and copyright holders. ® Copyright: Circle Foundation info@circle-arts.comPress Circle Foundation

Index of Featured Artists Tatiana An Pat ElisabettaWeronikaKenAugsburgerNataliAyasCisBakkerLoneBechBecklesBraunGunnyBrørbyJoejeneC.SantosJaneCarneyMinChenJeanCherounyMichaelCheungEvaCoccoWendyCohenLyndenCowanMichaelCroweLynDarlingtonDeMaríaPaulDelpaniJulieDenoncourtYangDongKarinDöringDUROMEIlzeEglePaulEmmerson Peter Eugén - Mr JordanaCarenGABRIELLLinqiNobodyFengFongFaiGarfenRaeGassnerHartiniGibsonHilaryGomesOrnaGreenbergMikhailGubinDocHeiensIsabelHerreraHsiungYuAnnikJanssensDianeKazakisBrigitteKratochwillLizeKrügerMarekKrumpárTracyLambrosLECHASSEURMonicaLee Anson ChristopherNathanBrianLuoLiyuanMagnusLiawLindblomLiuTaoMcClearMillerJulius Miller Victor Montague Billy TongRolfGregKimberlyAndrewJanVanessaMaryAnneAnastasiaMaijaKirstenKunyuanMarkJoanLarisaYuqianSNUBLiCSMYLIEDorianaTiborPsy-PixEmilSheryl’sDeborahPetraLindaTristanJeanCarlJaeWaynePachaMaj-BrittMiekoBarbaraMoro-WeyMünstermannNakamuraNiklassonPaigeYoungParkPinningtonJacquesPorretReidReymoreSchottSfezVirtualGardenSilberman(SimonHafele)Simon-MazulaSinnettSunSvedSwanS.ThomasTianTodd-ArtatVixenVanhatapioVasilyevaWalbringSueWeinsteinWenwieserWilliamsWohlWursterYagolnitzerAnthonyYoungZhou

Born 1986 in Athens, Greece, Myrina Tunberg Georgiou grew up on the island of Crete. After graduating high school she moved to Athens to attend the National University of Greece and study Methodology, History and Theory of Sciences. Next, she moved to Santa Barbara, California to study Studio Art at SBCC. Deeply inspired by Professor, Department Chair and sculptor Ed Inks she further pursued an education in Art History and Studio Art. After earning a degree in Design & Technology from the San Francisco Art Institute, Myrina continued to be involved in the San Francisco Bay Area art community working for a variety of art institutions, museums, and galleries. In 2011, she co-founded Kitsch Gallery, an experimental art space in the city’s vibrant, Mission District, which housed 12 artist studios and a gallery space where she co-directed a variety of visual and sound art exhibits. In 2012, Myrina moved from California to Paris, France where she did freelance design work for galleries and publishing houses. Since 2014, Myrina has been living in Lyon, France.

After a decade of experience working in galleries and art institutions in the USA, Greece, and France, in 2017, Myrina created Circle Foundation for the Arts. Inspired by the variety of practices and perspectives in contemporary art and with the main purpose of highlighting the importance of art and culture as an integral part of our social and political lives, the Foundation functions as a platform publicizing the work of remarkable artists around the world. Myrina continues to curate exhibitions, books and magazines and has to date collaborated and consulted over 6,000 artists worldwide.


When selecting the artworks for the pages of this issue, my goal was to provide a multiplicity of approaches of bold, distinctive pieces that each show a high level of technique, creativity and uniqueness.

Myrina Tunberg Georgiou CFA Director

In synthesizing the selection to produce a cohesive anthology, I look for unity which may come from obvious harmonies in color, composition, media, concept or context, but most often I find balance in striking contrast. For me, the artworks in this issue could easily be a traveling exhibition or a personal collection that comprehensively describes the story of what art looks like today.

I encourage the readers to visit each artist’s website to see more of their art and contact them directly to collect a piece. We often consider buying an artwork as an investment or for decoration, but as I see it, welcoming a piece that “spoke” to you into your home, will create a type of companionship that can deeply impact your daily mood and for years to come, the piece will continue to “speak” to you, saying something different every day.”

“The 8th issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review includes 92 visual artists from around the globe working in a variety of styles and disciplines.


And Somewhere in The Garden of Eden God Walks Acrylic on canvas 60 x 50 cm

“I love working with color. I paint pictures where color is collected like stained glass registers. This enhances the sense of color and expressive accent. In my opinion, this is an innovative move. I love light in my painting. It can be sun glare or lamplight. Through light, I build relationships between forms.” TATIANA AN

Tatiana An • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 8 ▫︎

Wander 1 Oil on linen 54 x 64 in. ▫︎ 9 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Pat Augsburger PAT AUGSBURGER

“I am very passionate about painting people. My concentration on figurative painting allows me the opportunity to explore the synergy between the subjects and their environment with hopes of relaying their stories. It is also a way to share the uniqueness and humanity of our communities with a wider audience.”

“I have always been passionate about animals. Painting them is my favorite pastime. Having explored a variety of art materials and techniques, I found soft pastels to be the ideal medium for my drawings. Using pastels, I create detailed and realistic, yet soft and airy artworks, inspired by the beauty of nature and light.” AYAS

Merlin Soft pastels 24 x 26 cm Natali Ayas • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 10 ▫︎ NATALI

The Woman with The Long Hair Mixed media 50 x 40 cm

“The immediate, the concrete and the irreducible of modern life is what I have chosen to bring to light in my works. Being a clairvoyant it is only natural that in the process I reveal my understanding of the essence of the inner being of the portrayed.” ▫︎ 11 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Lone Bech LONE BECH

“The main concept of my work is the joy of experiment, recycling and freedom. There is value in constant reinvention, transformation if you will. I don’t follow one strict method or -ism. Inspired by nature, the arts or haphazard starting points, a chronological development is what I strive for in my layered, eclectic work. One work gives the opportunity for the next to appear; aspiring for my work to free and feed.”

White Lies 2 Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 cm Cis Bakker • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 12 ▫︎ CIS BAKKER

Peanuts Acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 cm ▫︎ 13 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Cis Bakker

Flying Novena Acrylic on wood 79 x 64 in. “I am an abstract painter and photographer. I work with acrylic paint on different surfaces, canvas, wood and now plexiglass. I use vibrant acrylic paint to execute my art.” Ken Beckles • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 14 ▫︎ KEN BECKLES

“I try to include shades of emotions in my unreal landscapes, thus looking for transcendence. The concept of transcendence means something that we cannot sense with senses and it is a tool for me to present my way of looking at the world. I use color spots to show what is intangible and introduce the viewer to the world where he will be able to find a part of himself.”

▫︎ 15 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Weronika Braun WERONIKA BRAUN

We Are The Sun Oil-resin technique on linen canvas D.200 cm

110 x 110 cm

The Kiss of Life Acrylic on canvas

Gunny Brørby • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 16 ▫︎ GUNNY

“Nature, the environment and life conditions for humans and animals are important factors in my art. The Seasons and the symbolism around them often occur in my paintings. The moment, the Now which is so difficult to catch. I want my paintings to be good to look at and at the same time have a message; tell a story. I paint abstractly often with figurative elements. My life experience and philosophy influence the motifs I paint intuitively.” BRØRBY

Gone With The Wind Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 24 x 18 in.

“My creative process is intuitive, consciously engaging, and enjoying the moment of creation. When I work I love the idea that I do not worry about what is about, where is it going or how is it gonna be put together. I just wanna be in my present and feel alive. And yet, I know that within me there is already an image I just have to bring it out by feeling it.”

▫︎ 17 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Joejene C. Santos


Black or White 153 Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm

Michael Cheung • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 18 ▫︎


Michael Cheung (b. 1978, Hong Kong) is a Chinese artist living and working in Hong Kong. Growing up in the former British Colony - Hong Kong where East meets West, Michael is influenced by both Oriental and Western culture. His approach is edgy, sophisticated and creative; one that understands the value of good art.

50 x


Waking Woman Oil on linen 90

▫︎ 19 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Min Chen

“My artworks attempt to express that everyone may have unique potential that is undiscovered. What you need to do is to recognize the truth and constantly try to break through in life. Life starts again and again, just like a butterfly breaking from its cocoon when getting old. The short pause in the gray moment is just waiting for a new round of sunshine. And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”


“I play with materials and surfaces and in the process, new directions and images emerge. This allows me to work with disparate ideas that evolve from personal experiences and the world around me. Through improvisation and experimentation, I grab both conceptually and physically from my surroundings. Within the chaos, I search for a hidden order using figurative abstraction, gestural mark-making and formal elements of design. It is visual choreography!”

Oh My Darling Mixed media on canvas 60 x 60 in. Jane Carney • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 20 ▫︎


A New Attitude Mixed media on canvas 60 x 60 in. ▫︎ 21 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Jane Carney

Midnight Magic Mixed media on canvas 60 x 60 in. Jane Carney • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 22 ▫︎ JANE CARNEY

Crunch Time Mixed media on canvas 60 x 60 in. ▫︎ 23 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Jane Carney

Horizon Advantage Acrylic on canvas 92 x 63 in.

“I rollerblade paint in an act of creative transcendence through technical invention because of my competitive skiing background. As Pollock threw and dripped paint, as Purdum applies paint with her own hands and fingers, since 2008 I chose to paint “beyond the brush” using my rollerblade wheels to literally skate paint onto the canvas. Bursting with athletic energy and spirit, my paintings simultaneously involve eye, mind and body. I paint abstract paintings like a spider weaves a colored web of designs. Today art must combine how I feel nature around me is in balance with being human on earth.” CHEROUNY Jean Cherouny • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 24 ▫︎ JEAN

▫︎ 25 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Wendy Cohen


“I am a Sydney-based artist who has earned BFA and MFA degrees. My art practice depicts energy and movement that rotates with an interplay of various shapes and tones of color, which is vibrant, spontaneous, and lighthearted. As a result, my works are imbued with a sense of curiosity, wonderment, and intrigue that is open to the viewer’s interpretation. My aim is to bring to life the shapes, lines and forms interactive in urban and natural environments that showcase the interconnectedness of the world.”

Wild Tower Power Acrylic, paper, spray paint on linen canvas 40 x 40 cm

We Are Queens Ceramics 15 x 30 cm Eva Cocco • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 26 ▫︎ EVA COCCO

We Are Queens Ceramics 17 x 30 cm ▫︎ 27 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Eva Cocco | Instagram@lyndencowan Lynden Cowan • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 28 ▫︎ LYNDEN COWAN

“Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, my art is influenced by my Maritime experiences. Wild landscape and highly detailed scenes are my subject of choice and I strive to include the viewer in my visual journey and interpretations on the natural world and human nature that envelops us. Hopefully they feel the environmental beauty that surrounds them and focus towards helping save the planet.”

Fishing Oil on canvas 30 x 24 in.

“I have painted this tranquil scene many times. The late afternoon sun gave even the cool blue green willows a golden halo. I chose Naples Yellow and Rose Madder as my principal colours with Indigo for the rich dark shadows. Hopefully giving a warm/cool ambiguity. I decided on a portrait format with the river and sky anchoring the bright yellow meadow. In a happy reverie throughout the painting. Doesn’t happen often!” ▫︎ 29 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Michael Crowe

River Brett Late Afternoon 16 x 12 in.


What’s Down There? Lyn Darlington • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 30 ▫︎ LYN

Photograph and digital media “I’m a passionate wildlife nature photographer and digital artist from Australia. I enjoy capturing moments of wildlife to create my unique artwork. The photographs are my first step in the creative process which I then transform through to the digital darkroom to help create my vision into something truly special.” DARLINGTON

Don’t Cry Baby Pastel on Pastelmat paper 50 x 70 cm DE MARÍA

▫︎ 31 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Elisabetta De María ELISABETTA

Born in Genoa, Elisabetta De Maria graduated in Piano in just 5 years with honors (10/10) at the Verdi Conservatory in Turin. She took courses in Painting in Italy and Spain. In 2019 she was awarded the CDA in the USA. Her works are made of intersecting pastel lines and layers of buttery mines that overlap to form-faithful hyperrealistic portraits. Elisabetta’s perfect transpositions of photos become works of great depth.

Utopia - Underway Fine art print 60 x 40 cm; Ed 5 + AP “As an artist I am always keen on understanding and questioning circumstances, ambiance and interconnectedness. I am doing so by focusing on photography and digital media to depict all this. In a combination of analytic and procedural methods and with the eagerness to find a stylistic expression, I research the potential of photography, starting from alternative processes up to digital painting. Trained on processes, I use photography conceptually, mainly thinking in series, giving a meaning.”



Delpani • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 32 ▫︎


“Acrylic is my medium. I usually find my inspiration on the web. I am an image hunter. With my intervention, pictures of everyday life become magical, somewhere else, full of emotions. I like doing portraits. Emotions that emerge from them are what I’m after. I create a moment, a universe, I want people to feel. I’m trying to awaken memories, feelings, questions, something...”

▫︎ 33 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Julie Denoncourt Singulière Aventure Acrylic on canvas 24 x 18 in.

Insel Der Glückseligkeit, 2022 from Collage Series Acrylic on canvas 120 x 150 cm

“Over the years, I realized that my greatest passions are my fellow human beings and creativity. In painting and creating art, both passions unite and today, I express my enthusiasm for mankind in creative artworks. With my art I want to reach people deep in their souls, trigger them emotionally, trigger sadness and pain, joy and compassion, security and care. Discover the longings of the heart and soul and revealing them to the viewer. For me, following my passion is the greatest form of freedom.” Karin Döring • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 34 ▫︎ KARIN DÖRING

Women Relaxing by the Pool ▫︎ 35 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • DUROME


“Since the beginning of my artistic career, I have tried to build bridges between the different disciplines of knowledge that interest me, to be able to express myself coherently. These have led me to delve into new techniques of relating different methodologies of communication; deepening at each step in different subjects and developing a language that is already mine, with a well-defined character. Light and movement in my works do not only refer to visual perception but to a censorial perception that tries to approach sound and vibration, clarifying what is exposed and leaving a new door open to the visitor of my work.”

Timeless Bronze 71 x 55 x 17 cm Yang has found a unique way to shape the undefinable soul and spirituality in his relation to animals, which he has been close to always, becoming the symbols for translating hidden thoughts, emotions and whatever other feeling our cultural constructions are stopping us from freely showing. The reflections that come from cohabiting with animals can put us in front of a metaphorical mirror, thus showing how it comes so natural to animals to show their honest emotional state and how we are constantly choosing what to hide and what to show to others. Yang Dong • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 36 ▫︎ YANG DONG

Blade Bronze 99 x 58 x 20 cm ▫︎ 37 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Yang Dong

The piece is called “Blade”, a German Shepard that seems to be moving, the dog appears to have walked a long way with its tongue outside but is still enthusiastic about getting on. Yang tells us that it took him six months and many changes and revisions of the piece to be able to complete it, this is because he allowed his powerful emotions to overcome the creation. His very emotional relation to it became sometimes impossible to contain, this is how truthful his work is, not just a mere representation of animals but a whole interpretation and exhalation of their meaning.


Scene Stealer Acrylic and mixed media 122 x 60 cm “A painting of an interior scene capturing a fleeting second, a human emotion, self-confidence. Using abstract background imagery with acrylic on gesso primed board and adding collage creating layered depth and movement. A moment in time. HEY!!!” Paul Emmerson • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 38 ▫︎


▫︎ 39 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Ilze Egle ILZE EGLE

“Art is more than conveying a story. My art practice comes from where I am emotionally. With my artworks, I invite the observer to pause, contemplate and be in the given moment, to appreciate nature, relationships, and life. I capture the beautiful fragility of the world. To the unhurried eye, the more detailed, intricate levels of my artworks are revealed, which bring it to a whole new level.”

The Lightness of Being, 2022 Oil and collage on wood panel 125 x 107 cm

“I’ve been an artist for about 20 years and my paintings are a combination of realistic, serious and a lots of fun, politics and music industry. I paint just to make my heart complete and to tell stories. With one painting, I can tell a whole story.” EUGÉN - MR NOBODY Untitled Acrylic on canvas 115 x 130 cm. (framed) Peter Eugén - Mr Nobody • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 40 ▫︎ PETER


Luxuriant Water-based mixed media on paper 120 x 90 cm ▫︎ 41 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Linqi Feng

“Empty and Real Coexist” is a concept that contains the cultural and spiritual basis of Chinese philosophical thinking and aesthetics, which becomes the spiritual core throughout the work. This dialectical thought is used to explore the relationship between nature, human and society.”

“Abstract art is a reality that does not exist, a product of thought, momentary feelings, and melody. All that could be my inspiration to create. Artists’ works are often inseparable from their cultural backgrounds. I’m no different. Eastern influences constantly guide my path. I use the rhythm of calligraphy and color strokes to create my work.”

Tolerance Is Great Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48 in.

Fong Fai • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 42 ▫︎ FONG FAI

Mother Earth Oil on canvas 91 x 102 cm ▫︎ 43 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • GABRIELL

GABRIELL “My deep intention is to put art at the service of Souls, by offering colorful and luminous works that touch hearts. Whether as a symbolist, surrealist, visionary and/or portrait painter, my need to evolve, discover and reinvent myself leads me to a diversity of artistic movements in which I aspire to feel free. When I paint, I dive into the ocean of life, trying to extract its primordial essence.”


Else & Edgard Vintage powder compact from Germany, textile, silk threads 10 x 10 x 8.5 cm

“Since 2019 I have been researching the Holocaust, as well as examining the shattering rise in global antisemitism. My approach is to delve into all areas of inquiry, trying to make sense of our complex and problematic world. I seek out commonplace objects which become imbued with meaning when placed side by side with my meticulous hand stitch. The smallest of stitches draw in the viewer and reveal an unexpected story.”

Caren Garfen • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 44 ▫︎

▫︎ 45 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Jordana Rae Gassner Hegaldian 160 x 120 cm

“Bathing in a forest, trekking in an ocean. So much of the ways in which I express life’s experiences in my paintings have changed since beginning meditation studies over 25 years ago. Interconnectedness has become a guiding principle and the most important theme in my artworks. Growing up in the Black Hills, in South Dakota, USA, beautiful, scenic, sacred nature was an integral part of my world.”

JORDANA RAE GASSNER Hartini Gibson • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 46 ▫︎

“I am an artist who paints stories that speak of time, place and nature. My artwork is a contemporary imaginary fiction composed of fragments of time, place, myth, emotion, and dream. I am primarily a painter, painting expressive, colorful, imaginary abstract landscapes, in oil acrylic and mixed media. I also tell my stories with my digital mixed media artwork which uses fragments of my paintings, drawings and photographs.”

Vernal Equinox Digital mixed media 14 x 11 in.


The Writing Across the Sky Digital mixed media 14 x 11 in. ▫︎ 47 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Hartini Gibson

“Painting from blooming garden roses is a way for me to focus on ephemeral beauty. I paint from harmonious digital garden compositions while integrating styles from various representational floral painting traditions. Rose petals, thorns, and leaves are profoundly beautiful reminders of what it means to exist and flourish.” Hilary Gomes • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 48 ▫︎ HILARY GOMES

Three Roses and Thorns Oil on linen 24 x 30 in.

Creature Found media assemblage 24 x 17 x 14 in.

“For the creation of my wooden sculptures, I have used objects found in Manhattan’s urban ore. The things I find are carefully inspected and processed depending on the planned project. Usually, the pieces are glued together to form elaborate constructions that move between recognizable and abstract forms. These sculptures have to charge the viewer’s imagination with innumerable possibilities.”

▫︎ 49 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Mikhail Gubin MIKHAIL GUBIN

Still Life with Dragonfly Oil on canvas 24 x 12 in. Orna Greenberg • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 50 ▫︎ ORNA GREENBERG

“The ‘Narrative Still Life’ series are compositions of objects that don’t so much mirror their real-life counterparts as evoke a vivid sense of life as it is remembered. The story paintings play on the themes of familiarity and time past; the arrangements between groups of items suggest conversations. I use palette knives for an abstracted, ridged texture and a limited color story to intimate an atmosphere where time is suspended.”

Composition in Pale Yellow Oil on canvas 36 x 18 in. ▫︎ 51 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Orna Greenberg

Annik Janssens • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 52 ▫︎ Time for Action Pastel on paper 40 x 50 cm


“All my life I have had a huge passion for animals and everything that has to do with nature. I strive to convert my passion for animals into realistic pastel portraits where I try to approach the character of the animal as much as possible. With my art I try to make people aware of the beauty of all living beings and of the threats they often face.”

The Sprinter Pastel on paper 40 x 50 cm ▫︎ 53 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Annik Janssens Doc Heiens • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 54 ▫︎ DOC HEIENS

Octave Above Sanity Acrylic 24 x 30 in.

Dr. Heiens is an accomplished international award-winning artist whose colorful abstract expressionist works never fail to solicit an emotional reaction from the viewer. Using color intensity and simplicity of composition, his works make a big impact without crowding the canvas. His paintings have a wonderful balance and handling of the acrylics and are intended to catch the eye of the beholder with their colors and shapes which tell a story.

Tears in Spring Polaroid Emulsion Lift on Hahnemühle 300gsm cotton paper 5.2 x 6 in.

“Through instant photography and the endless possibilities of emulsion lifting, my work explores the ephemeral and the instantaneous: the immediate magic of now that disappears just as quickly as it arrives. None of these moments will ever return. I use my work to embrace the uncertainty of this moment, just before it changes into something else. Like waves or clouds, there’s a liquidity to living, an ongoing process of connection and change that I try to capture in its many different shapes and forms.” ▫︎ 55 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Isabel Herrera ISABEL HERRERA

Alchemy I Acrylic on canvas 72.5 x 53 cm Hsiung Yu • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 56 ▫︎ HSIUNG YU

“I am convinced that real art can explore the mysteries of the world and reshape life. When collectors acquire my creations, it gives me energy to continue as an art alchemist. I blend paints and polish the linen to present a mottled texture completing the visual effect of multi-level structure. The portrayal of life, a kind of infusion of soul, insisting on exhausting life, hoping to turn stone into gold and leave it for eternity.”

Alchemy II Acrylic on canvas 72.5 x 53 cm ▫︎ 57 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Hsiung Yu

The Waves Whisper to Me Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm “Selecting elements and capturing the transience and fragility of our natural world. Translucent layers and organic patterns are combined to capture the ebb and flow of land, water, sky, atmosphere and figures. Exploration of flowing movement with mediums that have an altered appearance when viewed from different angles, creating work that is constantly in flux.” | @dianekazakis Diane Kazakis • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 58 ▫︎ DIANE KAZAKIS

What The Water Gave Me Acrylic and ink on canvas D. 60 cm ▫︎ 59 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Diane Kazakis Meditation 1, 2022 Acrylic and ink on canvas 50 x 50 cm

“The search for the essence is a central theme in my art. In times of crisis, like over the past two years, I have intensified my striving for the essence in my life and work. With my art I want to touch the viewer on a deep emotional level. I want to be open for new perspectives. I cherish conversations that emerge from this and inspire me.”

Brigitte Kratochwill • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 60 ▫︎ BRIGITTE KRATOCHWILL

Meditation 2, 2022 Acrylic and ink on canvas 50 x 50 cm ▫︎ 61 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Brigitte Kratochwill

Burning Issues III Mixed media 60 x 85 in. Lize Krüger • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 62 ▫︎ LIZE KRÜGER

“My main focus is highlighting topics and issues people shy away from. May it be mental health, ‘inappropriate’ emotions, political wrongdoing, death and dying, etc. Sometimes images can be more potent than words, and I feel strongly about injustices being ignored or sugarcoated. Apathy is my Achilles heel, I’m afraid. The world we live in today is fast, the news and events overwhelming, and for me to address what leaves its mark on me, I find my newfound interdisciplinary medium very convenient.” ▫︎ 63 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Marek Krumpár Prague Buses Oil on black canvas 150 x 80 cm


Marek Krumpár is a Czech visual artist. He was born in Prague, where he lives and works. Although he is currently inclined toward Impressionism, he has tried a number of different techniques and styles over the course of his creative career. He transitioned from classical brush painting to painting with a pallet knife on black canvas. Marek Krumpár’s works have been sold to private collections around the world; including the US, France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Croatia.

“Transcendence for me is a peaceful rebellion. Painting has always been my way to not only interpret my world, but also to transcend it. When in my studio, deeply immersed in painting, the chaos of our world falls away. While I work intuitively and from my imagination, my natural surroundings on Hoopers Island and the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge in Maryland provide inspiration and tranquil sanctuaries throughout turbulent times.” LAMBROS

Tracy Lambros • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 64 ▫︎ TRACY

Fantasy Island 2 Oil, gold, bronze pigments on panel 12 x 12 in.

Serenity (Private Collection) Oil, silver pigments on canvas 24 x 24 in. ▫︎ 65 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Tracy Lambros

LECHASSEUR • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 66 ▫︎ LECHASSEUR

“I draw my inspiration from the images of my happy childhood spent close to nature in Gaspésie, Quebec. My style is on the border between naive art and surrealism. I paint with my soul and I am in search of beauty, of light.”

Souvenirs d’Eden Oil on canvas 30 x 30 in.


“I feel I am useless as an artist when I am happy. Pain is what creates my artwork. The painful experiences that people go through as they journey through life in the world around us from childhood to adulthood which in many ways is full of chaos and hardship are what sparks and motivates me to possess my objectives to make purposeful artwork that hopefully generates meaningful and fulfilling empathetic connections to people.”

▫︎ 67 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Anson Liaw Fashion’s Dirty Secret Chalk pastels on archival BFK Rives paper 20 x 27 in.

“Specialising only in charcoal and graphite, my style of drawing emphasizes the details and textures of the subject matter. Through my work, I hope to portray the beauty of wildlife animals. Hopefully, it will inspire people to appreciate and help protect it for future generations.”

The King Charcoal on paper 22.5 x 30.5 in. Monica Lee • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 68 ▫︎ MONICA LEE

New Beginning Charcoal on paper 29 x 45 in. ▫︎ 69 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Monica Lee

The Hug Linocut print 53 x 77 cm Magnus Lindblom • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 70 ▫︎ MAGNUS LINDBLOM

“Art is an expression of the soul. For me, art is sharing the beauty and magic of life, of nature and humanness. Art can open up a connection with inner potentials, and give the observer a chance to see the world a bit differently.”

“Art is like one experiment after another, revealing the soul and life experience of the author through individual language and aesthetic cognition.” LIYUAN LIU The Layout Oil on canvas 156 x 120 cm ▫︎ 71 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Liyuan Liu

Luo Tao • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 72 ▫︎ LUO TAO

They Charcoal and mixed media on linen 150 x 120 cm

“Art is an authentic expression of the self, with the self an honest messenger revealing to consciousness that which is subconscious. The free brush strokes in “They” reflect the primitive flow of the life force. However, a moment of stillness is born from the penetrating gaze between two figures. Dynamic vitality and stillness, seemingly opposing forces, are harmoniously reconciled in the artist’s soul.”

“The theme throughout my art is coexistence. For far too long, humanity has been at odds with the ecosystem, and, unless we change, we will continue to destroy it. In my work, I bring both people and animals together. I find a balance and a harmony that delineates the power of connecting with nature and with other species. My message is that we must reconnect with nature, appreciate the value of the ecosystem, and do our part to protect it.” ▫︎ 73 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Nathan Miller NATHAN MILLER

Voice of Nature

2B or Not “These selected works present a sampling from two concurrent projects: Discards & Discovery: a series of oil paintings in progress inspired by found objects, paintings where seemingly unrelated objects are paired together to emphasize an unexpected commonality or imply an underlying meaning. Ink & Oil: a series of portraits that explore people of all ages and walks of life that have chosen tattoos as their form of self-expression. These portraits seek to capture a gesture and mood that provide additional insights into the subject’s personality beyond their art. Simply put, canvases of people who are themselves canvases. Both projects challenge the viewer to look beyond the surface - whether considering everyday objects or the people they meet.” Brian McClear • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 74 ▫︎ BRIAN MCCLEAR

Hand of the Father ▫︎ 75 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Brian McClear

CHRISTOPHER JULIUS MILLER Ukraine Forever Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 in. Christopher Julius Miller • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 76 ▫︎

“I am Christopher Julius Miller, The Anti Artist. I am not anti-art. I’m the antithesis of the stereotypical artist and I have no talent. I only have passion. It’s as hard for me as it is for anyone else to create fine art. My passion drives me to put in the time and work to create art. Knowing that I improve with each piece keeps that passion alive. Whatever you are passionate about, have fun with it!”

▫︎ 77 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Victor Montague VICTOR MONTAGUE

Victor Montague is a self-taught artist, born and raised in the nation’s capital, Washington DC. Specializing in realism and figurative painting, he uses oil paint to convey his message. Growing up rooted in a community filled with the riches of black culture came with both its benefits and challenges while simultaneously trying to cope with growing into manhood being black in America.

Peace of Mind, with my Piece in Mind Oil on canvas 16 x 20 in.


Good Parenting Soft pastel 30 x 23 cm Billy Moro-Wey • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 78 ▫︎

“Oil on canvas had been my main medium for visual expression in many years besides ceramics, but I decided to experiment soft pastel on paper from January 2022. I found it very friendly, and it has brought me a lot of success. Now, I use it to tell stories about happenings around the subway stations in New York. It is about capturing and freezing interesting actions in the city.”

Reality of Life Soft pastel 30 x 23 cm ▫︎ 79 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Billy Moro-Wey


Barbara Münstermann • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 80 ▫︎

“I am inspired by nature with all its manifestations. Here I am in resonance, it largely determines my themes in painting. I move between representationalism and abstraction. It is important to me not to depict, but to take up the seen as impulsive and let it develop freely, to change it, to discover a new focus and to find its own expression up to the invention of completely new images.”

Fuego Acrylic on canvas www.mü

Tatezi, 2021 Acrylic on canvas 80 x 80 cm ▫︎ 81 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Barbara Münstermann

Alyana, 2021 Acrylic and wax on canvas 90 x 110 cm www.mü Barbara Münstermann • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 82 ▫︎ BARBARA MÜNSTERMANN

Brook, 2021 Acrylic on canvas 90 x 90 cm ▫︎ 83 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Barbara Münstermann

Heart Flower 151 Collage with Japanese color paper 21.8 x 26.5 cm

“My work was born out of my daily life. The hearts that spring up every day and the hearts of emotions and sorrows make up one picture at a time. For example, the heart of thinking about a family living with a father, mother, brother and sister, the heart of nostalgia for the blue of the sea and sky in my hometown, the heart of raising children hard, the heart of traveling to a foreign country, etc.” Mieko Nakamura • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 84 ▫︎ MIEKO NAKAMURA

Heart Flower 9 Mixed media ( color paper and ink on paper) 21.8 x 26.5 cm ▫︎ 85 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Mieko Nakamura


Pat Pat ... And the Enemy Became A Friend Oil on canvas 100 x 120 cm

Maj-Britt Niklasson • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 86 ▫︎

“My art is focused on an inner landscape, a micro Universe on the inside. On a true life, a living life, where life and death, light and darkness replace each other in an ever-changing cycle. Where one is dependent on the other. Symbolism and colors tickle the observer and direct the compass towards questions about existence. Why do I create art? It´s a must. And I love it!”


The contemplative and atmospheric value of Pacha’s painting offers countless appearances as enigmas. These are fields of questioning dictated by the randomness where the spectator builds his own representation. The appearance-disappearance responds to the praise of the artist’s gesture where everything is a question of movement and displacement. From the roots to the heavens, this real luminous journey of reinvented, jostled, restarted landscapes brings a piece of dream; a gateway to renewal. The downward and upward movements contribute to this impression of an open trajectory, towards a destiny that everyone can compose.

▫︎ 87 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Pacha PACHA

L’Inconnu Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm

Wayne Paige • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 88 ▫︎

“I create art that portrays conflict, dreams, and humor. In the painting ‘Awaiting the Call’, wildlife along with bipedal beings that resemble clothespins engage in a variety of “not so everyday activities.” Depicted as silhouettes, the beings, trees, and creatures of the fields and woodlands take center stage in a sun-drenched pointillistic landscape. Components of mystery, spirituality, and intrigue are added for emphasis with all taking place during twilight.”

Awaiting the Call


▫︎ 89 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Jean Jacques Porret Promiscuous, 2021 Cast bronze, Edition of 3, 19,5 in.


“Achieving a sense of “rightness” even in the most uncertain circumstances, is the motivating concept behind my sculpture. The work is figurative but is not about the figure. I consider myself an expressionist, as I am more interested in communicating an abstract feeling or idea than an actual image. I use recognizable forms to evoke emotions and stimulate sensations.”

Woolscape Series: Yolk (core) Oil on canvas 65 x 91 cm Instagram@jyp_artist Jae Young Park • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 90 ▫︎ JAE YOUNG PARK

“Woolscapes (Wool+ Landscape) are landscapes that takes the symbolism and sign form of wool strands. The image exists in a liminal space between reality and symbolism, and it is created by gathering small strands of wool. This metaphorically depicts the life of modern people living in society (pattern) by gathering small individual roles that seem meaningless. In addition, my work looks at the problems of modern society; environmental, and individuality from a new perspective through the change of the physical properties of things, and contains the meaning of warm healing.”

Woolscape Series: Some Day Oil on canvas 91 x 65 cm ▫︎ 91 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Jae Young Park

Carl Pinnington is an internationally acclaimed and published fashion, beauty and fine art photographer who works closely with collaboration in its widdest context. New ways of seeing inform his practice; technical, aesthetic and traditional craftsmanship are all key elements within his artistry. Recent works challenge the notions of identity, visual codes and convention. Isolating, concealing, revealing tension

Fusion 01 Digital capture Hahnemühle photo rag ® Matt Fine Art - Smooth 308gsm 100% cotton 50 x 60 cm Model: Esi, MUA: Fiza Carl Pinnington • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 92 ▫︎ CARL PINNINGTON

▫︎ 93 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Carl Pinnington Blossoms Digital capture Hahnemühle photo rag ® Matt Fine Art - Smooth 308gsm 100% cotton 50 x 60 cm Model: Bash. MUA: Rebecca


Tristan Reid • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 94 ▫︎

Losers Ghosts

Oil on wood 117 x 197 cm


“I am primarily a figurative painter; of people, landscapes and interiors, in multilayered and often surreal compositions. I paint about myself and the world around me, with the grand idea that sometimes it will make sense. Combining multiple sources, images and information, to make paintings and prints that engage the viewer in a climate that I hope resists simple interpretation. I am grateful that I find making art a struggle.”

▫︎ 95 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Deborah Sfez

The Washing Men Digital photograph 5315 x 3546 px


“I have studied classical guitar as a young girl, and I used to play the piece called: “Dance of the Washerwomen” by Hans Newsidler. When I saw those Ivorian men washing clothes in the polluted water channel, I was invaded by strong feelings, as the atmosphere of the scene was so pastoral and reminded me, ironically, of some impressionist paintings, where women wash their laundry in the translucide bleu water of the river. Yet what I was looking at and instantly shooting with my camera, was a live oxymoron of ugliness and beauty, of humanity in its basic sense. I am a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of photography, video, poetic writing, and filmed performances, I use anything I know to communicate emotions with viewers from all over the planet talking about the essence of humanity and the true meaning of existence.”

Living by The Water II Oil on canvas 140 x 140 x 3 cm Petra Schott • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 96 ▫︎ PETRA

“The intuitive, abstract use of color, line and shape is my way of processing life around me. I absorb colors and shapes, events and conversations, poems and music, let them trigger inner images, and then transform this conglomerate on the canvas into my very personal, visual reality. Because of the expressiveness and naturalness of the color, I prefer to use classic media such as egg tempera and oil paints.” SCHOTT

Spring Alphabet XV Oil on canvas ▫︎ 97 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Petra Schott

Girl with Feather in Her Hat 22 x 28 in.

“A non-objective experimentation probing compositional constructs and rotating elemental emphasis, my art is an exploration of the effects of form, line, texture, color and neutrality of color, with varied materials on canvas. Rather than creating an emotional expression or statement, my process is most often an intellectual exercise in puzzle solving...assembling and balancing the pieces to find a “comfortable” or “comfortably uncomfortable” compositional pose.” REYMORE Linda Reymore • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 98 ▫︎ LINDA

Untitled Mixed media 65 x 20 x 27 in. ▫︎ 99 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Emil Silberman EMIL SILBERMAN

“Being mostly self-taught I learned unconventional ways of using various materials and developed myriad of approaches and techniques, yet I am always guided by the principle idea of looking into the human psyche and expressing deeper thoughts and emotions. I prefer not to sway with the currents in the art world but rather to concentrate on advancing my own creative process in pursuit of new and better ways to achieve my set objectives.”

Bald Cypress Various media and dimensions, see website Sheryl is an emerging nature photographer focused on botanicals and landscapes. Favorite techniques include selective focus, and painterly effects. The ‘Cypress Dreams’ multiple exposure print from the Bald Cypress “lakescape” series was commended in the International Garden Photographer of the Year black and white competition 16. The Bald Cypress print is currently in the All Media 2022 exhibition at the Irvine Fine Arts Center. Sheryl’s Virtual Garden • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 100 ▫︎


Cypress Reflections Various media and dimensions, see website ▫︎ 101 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Sheryl’s Virtual Garden

Absurdity in Hyperspace Oil on canvas 120 x 100 cm Psy-Pix (Simon

• Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 102 ▫︎

“My art should captivate the viewer so that they can get lost in the vast horizons of the present. What triggers me to create a painting are the emotions I want to pass on, which is also why people might identify with my works. Instead of letting myself or my art down on the spectrum of political or elite thoughts, I want the viewer to find truth when decoding my works. The layers I aim at are way above that and deal with consciousness and the highest of all.” Hafele)


Tournament Acrylic on stretched canvas 24 x 36 in. ▫︎ 103 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • SMYLIE SMYLIE

Doriana Sinnett • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 104 ▫︎ Ethereal Cosmic Dream Dance Digital media 40 x 60 in. DORIANA SINNETT “My desire through digital media is to convey a personal expression more than a realistic rendering of a subject and its surroundings. The images and drawings are enhanced by introducing light and shadow. I manipulate, add textures, paint and push the subject matter to extremes to illustrate reality and fantasy. I love this kind of “storytelling”!


“I excitedly look to reveal human emotions, relationships, motivations beyond what lies visible on the surface. My paintings depict everyday situations, and many different inner snippets of time, and my recent body of work ‘Closeness’ reacts to the strong impact of lockdowns and the rapidly evolving technology on the multilayered nature of perceiving reality.”

Psyche Charcoal and oil mixed with bone ash and marble dust on canvas ▫︎ 105 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Tibor Simon-Mazula

A$tronauts Indian ink and pen on paper 23 x 17 in.

“My art is about existential crisis, issues which we don’t seem able to solve. Themes include global inequality, new technology, sustainability, and climate change. I like recording change in society such as the rise of the dark web and AI. Art is expression that gets a reaction, I like to do it with lots of details in black and white ink. Hopefully, I can entertain and inform in the process.”

SNUBLiC • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 106 ▫︎ SNUBLIC

NHS Indian ink and pen on paper 17 x 23 in. ▫︎ 107 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • SNUBLiC Yuqian Sun • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 108 ▫︎ YUQIAN SUN

“What if dolls are actually living souls encaged by silent shells? I turn these externally lifeless models into internally living objects by capturing their subtle expressions as if they could talk with their gem-like eyes. I create portraits for my dolls surrounded by real flowers, which have flaws but are still full of vitality. I build this poetic space that makes people reconsider where the borderline between life and lifelessness is.”

Gem in Their Eyes - Pigeon’s Blood Oil on canvas 90 x 130 cm SVED

My paintings are deeply personal and employ a realist technique that occasionally moves towards abstraction. As a self-taught artist, I am inspired by the natural surroundings of Canada and the Cayman Islands with my detailed depictions of flora created to convey messages of peace, harmony, and joy. I truly enjoy painting and expressing myself by working mainly with acrylic on canvas, wood and rocks.”

▫︎ 109 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Larisa Sved LARISA

Heliconia Lobster Claw Plant in Cayman, Symbolizing Youth and Beauty Acrylic on canvas 24 x 61 in.

“When I paint I strive to create a harmonious blend between what I see and what I feel. I love nature and color. In this painting, color was applied in many layers to give a sense of depth and luminosity, and to define and enhance the forms. The streams of tiny fish and undulating seaweed were added to embrace and surround the central figure with graceful movement and life.”

In the Blue Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in. JOAN SWAN

Joan Swan • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 110 ▫︎

Tian uses traditional and delicate brushwork and modern open-ended composition in his works, which perfectly fits the characters and the environment.

Camping Acrylic on linen 50 x 60 cm

Tian Kunyuan is a young Chinese artist currently studying in the third grade of The middle school attached to the Central Academy of Fine Arts.He has participated in many international competitions and won various honors.

▫︎ 111 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Kunyuan Tian KUNYUAN TIAN

MARK S. THOMAS Mark S. Thomas • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 112 ▫︎

Lost at Sea Acrylic on canvas 39 x 48 in.

“My work is primarily driven by my love of color and abstract organic texture. I’m endlessly intrigued while observing color relationships and the ways in which color can affect one’s mood and wellbeing. I like to allow the paint and random pattern to prompt and propel me throughout the compositional development of my work, intermingling chance and deliberate mark-making sporadically throughout the process while using landscapes, seascapes and environmental concerns as inspiration and as a central theme.”

Fires Across The Water Acrylic on canvas 39 x 48 in. ▫︎ 113 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Mark S. Thomas

Kirsten Todd - Art at Vixen

British artist, Kirsten Todd earned her degree in Graphic Design and had a career in the industry for 30 years, whilst continuing to paint. Since 2018, she has painted professionally. Working mainly in acrylics, she specializes in intuitively painted expressionist portraits and abstracts. Her portraits celebrate strong women, the divine feminine and the divine human form to show their inner strength, human resilience, inner power, emotion and energy.


• Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 114 ▫︎

The Divine Feminine The Power of Thought

“My work hails from personal and emotional experiences in the wild. Interpreting the complex and multidimensional levels it presents to the voyeur. I research and analyze the shapes, colors and lights of the Nordic landscape through different media. I pull apart everything I see into bitesize pieces, pick out what’s vital and impressive. I’ll rebuild the pieces and present it all as a new abstract nature experience.”

August Affluence Acrylic 80 x 60 cm ▫︎ 115 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Maija Vanhatapio MAIJA VANHATAPIO ANASTASIA

Back to School Acrylic, oil pastel on canvas 100 x 100 cm Anastasia Vasilyeva • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 116 ▫︎

Contemporary artist living in Switzerland, Anastasia Vasilyeva engages her viewers into the world of scientific art. She fills her paintings with symbols and endless details using her signature technique. Anastasia creates combinations of meditative colors and complements the paintings with various formulas, pouring her expressive nature into the artwork. Each work surprises the viewer and pushes them to unravel codes and formulas. VASILYEVA

“There’s something uneasy about Ms. Walbring’s works. Maybe the very first thing that will catch your eye on her current cycle of paintings are the plentiful use of color - a particularly new choice for those who know previous works of hers. Ms. Walbring paints doll-like impossible redheads, always dressed in colorful garments. But something’s out of place there.” - Bruno Amaro


▫︎ 117 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Anne Walbring

Strawberry Fields Oil on canvas 70 x 90 cm

Weinstein • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 118 ▫︎


Rhapsody Acrylic and collage on canvas 28 x 22 in.

“A new reality of the peacefulness of nature can help us transition to the inner strength inherent in each of us. I create environments and dreams with layers, textures and images, shifting light and movement with interference acrylics or oils. This painting interprets ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ by George Gershwin. Everything that I experience in life, nature, music, and mythology inspires me and comes together intuitively. Art and music are intertwined.”


Vanessa Wenwieser’s work places the female at the center of her imagination, liberated from the male gaze, and bringing a female perspective to the forefront. Feelings are explored in an imaginative, beautiful way, displaying transcendence and drawing the viewer in. These artworks, show what particular transformative emotions and feelings could look like. Be it love, metamorphosis, imagination, healing, regaining lost strength and the afterlife.

When the Promised Flower Blooms Digital media ▫︎ 119 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Vanessa Wenwieser VANESSA WENWIESER

Timothy Digital photograph printed on archival luster photo paper 16 x 24 in. “I have been photographing homeless people, not to create a gallery exhibit, but to return a printed copy to them so that these anonymous people feel seen.” Andrew Wohl • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 120 ▫︎ ANDREW WOHL

Wide poet Iron, polyester, fibreglass 45 x 45 x 20 cm

“’Wide Poet’ is from a sculptural series about poets and poetry, portraying them in my figurative language. She takes from Dorothea McKellar’s poetry about Australia. She illustrates that wide sunburnt land.” ▫︎ 121 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Jan Williams JAN WILLIAMS

Varied Thrush, Moss and Maple Soft pastel 20.5 x 24.5 in.

“Painting birds and wildlife in their natural habitat is very enjoyable for me while creating depth within an interesting composition is always a rewarding challenge. Collecting reference with my camera and sketchbook is crucial to my original paintings and has become a favorite part of my creative process. My only desire is, and always has been, to share my love of nature. ‘Varied Thrush, Moss and Maple’, exemplifies my work.” Kimberly Wurster • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 122 ▫︎ KIMBERLY WURSTER

▫︎ 123 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Greg Yagolnitzer First Pull Up, Then Pull Down Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in. GREG YAGOLNITZER “This painting is part of a larger series I’m making of NYC bathrooms.” Instagram@_yagolnitzer

“My paintings represent a process of discovering an abstract image through the use of various materials. I love to experiment and seek to find a colorful balance within the surface. Self-expression is an important component to my paintings. There is a physicality to the process that forces me to reshape the surface over and over again to build a relationship between me and the painting. I desire a deeper level of understanding within my paintings.” ANTHONY YOUNG

Have You Done Enough? Acrylic paint, spray paint, and oil pastels on watercolor paper 24 x 18 in. Rolf Anthony Young • Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 ▫︎ 124 ▫︎ ROLF

“For me, art is a way of expression, a feeling of the world. There is no fixed theme in my works. I like to use images and colors to express my thoughts. In my opinion, art is the work of explaining spiritual feelings. Today, the human world has entered the universe, but it seems that human beings still know nothing about it, but perhaps it is a comfort that there is art in this world!”

A Gun Fired at Prejudice Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm ▫︎ 125 ▫︎ Circle Quarterly Art Review 8 • Tong Zhou TONG ZHOU

VisualPracticesOriginalTrendsofExaminationAnCurrent&inArt Published by Circle Foundation For the Arts Cover Image Isabel Herrera Summer 2022 Circle Foundation

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