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$2 Monday, March 3, 2014

Workers give their thumbs up to the new building on Nassau.

New shelter for Nassau

Petition puts seat in limbo The poliTical saga in Murien-

ua continues after the iling of a petition by the Cook Islands Party (cip), which is contesting the results of the recent by-election in the constituency. Originally iled on Thursday, an amended petition for an inquiry was filed in the Cook Islands High Court yesterday afternoon, laying out the various grounds for contesting the results which saw James Beer of the Democratic party come out on top of the cip’s Kaota Tuariki by a vote count of 216 to 208. In the court document, the CIP camp alleges four different infractions committed by the Democratic Party in the leadup and during last month’s byelection, including allegations of bribery.

The petitioners allege Beer violated Section 88 of the Electoral Act 2004 - which concerns bribery - when he donated $50 to pensioner activist group Grey Power at a February 12 general meeting, which was held at Sinai Hall. Also mentioned in the petition, allegations of committing the offense of ‘Undue influence’ are levelled at the Demos – speciically mentioning party leader Wilkie Rasmussen. It is alleged Rasmussen caused accusations that Tuariki “was guilty of corrupt practices knowing the same to be false and untrue” to be published in the local media, thus affecting the vote’s outcome in a way that violates electoral laws. The allegation relates to last September’s initial by-election

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in Murienua, which was won by Tuariki and petitioned by Beer on allegations of bribery and treating against the cip. Tuariki resigned the seat days before a scheduled High Court hearing which was to look into the matter, prompting the byelection re-run. At the time, the CIP candidate justiied his resignation saying, “I strongly feel that the people of Murienua are entitled to determine who should represent them and therefore I have resigned my seat to allow them to do this at another by-election.” The CIP petition also includes allegations that 21 different voters were not qualiied or entitled to vote, and a vote by an elector identiied as Tom Masters was disallowed, but claimed to be valid.

It is believed Beer has seven days from the date of filing to respond to the petition’s allegations and to make any counterclaims, with costs and further matters to be addressed by the High Court at a later date. Failure to fill the Murienua seat in a timely manner could result in the seat being left vacant until national general elections are held, currently scheduled for as early as November. According to the nation’s electoral laws: “Whenever a declaration that the seat of a member is vacant is published less than six months before the expiration of the then present term of parliament, the seat shall remain vacant until the next general election.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

iT TooK two days to offload

building materials for Nassau Island’s new machinery shelter, the school and the island’s clinic. Ripa Tauia, sent by Cook Islands Investment Corporation (CIIC), has already started laying the foundations for the new building after a short prayer service. The structure will serve as a multipurpose centre for government department offices as well as the island’s two rusty tractors and excavator. This project has long been overdue, says

Tuaine William, the big man of the island. “We’ve been waiting for many many years and now I’m very happy it has inally come.” The principal of the Nassau School, Poila Poila, has expressed his atawai wolo to ciic, infrastructure cook islands (ICI) and Government for the much needed renovation and school building materials. “Sending Ripa Tauia is very wise, as he is a certiied electrician, builder, plumber, etc – a one man working force.”

- Mark Ebrey/Release

What is it?

A major plant pest across the Paciic – more on page 9. 14030226

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Monday, March 3, 2014 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no Teia Nei ao Shipwrecked cigarettes A mAssive shipping container with a cargo of several million cigarettes has washed ashore in Devon after being sunk by the recent storms that hit UK. Police have warned people to stay away from a beach in Devon insisting: “it is not a free-for-all.” The maritime and Coastguard Agency was informed that a number of containers were lost from a maersk cargo ship as it crossed the northern stretches of the Bay of Biscay in stormy conditions on February 14. The loss of the containers is thought to have been one of the biggest ever losses suffered by maersk.

Terror knife attack Death toll mounts after mass stabbing at Chinese train station KUNMING – Chinese officials

have blamed separatists from the north-western Xinjiang region for a mass knife attack at a railway station that left 29 people dead and at least 130 wounded. A group of attackers, dressed in black, burst into the station in the city of Kunming and began stabbing people at random. images from the scene posted online showed bodies lying in pools of blood. State news agency Xinhua said police shot at least four suspects dead.

world BRIEFS ARRESTS IN VENEZUELAN PROTESTS VENEZUELA – At least 41 people, including foreign reporters, have been arrested in caracas as security forces battled protesters angry at the policies of Venezuela’s leftist government. National Guard security forces blasted the student-led demonstrators with high-pressure water and ired tear gas canisters into the crowds in an attempt to break up the protest. Hooded protesters set up barricades and responded by hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails. The death toll from three-week street battles stood at 18, according to government igures. With no sign of a breakthrough in the political crisis gripping the oil-rich country, Washington urged President Nicolas Maduro to talk to the protesters.

TUNA BRAND NOT SUSTAINABLY CAUGHT ENGLAND – campaigners have accused IK supermarket chain Tesco of stocking a brand of tuna that is caught in a way that can harm other wildlife. Greenpeace said the supermarket giant pledged in 2012 to ensure all its own brand tuna was sustainably caught. But the group says Tesco has started to stock tinned tuna from a low-cost brand which it says is caught in large nets. Tesco said Greenpeace was “simply wrong” and the manufacturer said it “totally refutes” the claims. Greenpeace claimed the brand was “dirty” because tuna in it was caught in big nets, known as purse seines, that could kill sea creatures. The environmental group said Tesco “must try harder” to make sure tinned tuna was sustainably caught.

DOUBLE CAR BOMB ATTACK IN NIGERIA NIGERIA – Two explosions targeting a busy market in the town of Maiduguri in northeast Nigeria have left several people dead. Eyewitnesses told the Reuters news agency that 10 people had been killed and that more were feared trapped under rubble. Maiduguri is the headquarters of a military force ighting against the Boko Haram Islamist group, which has stepped up its attacks in the area. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. Eyewitnesses said that the attack was carried out using a car bomb at a crowded market near the airport. The second bomb went of two minutes later as neighbours arrived to help the victims. Eyewitnesses described seeing people blown apart and body parts in the street.

RELEASED SPY WELCOMED HOME A HERO USA – A cuban spy released from US jail after serving a 15-year sentence has received a hero’s welcome on his return home. Fernando Gonzalez landed on Friday in the capital, Havana, where he was greeted by cuban President Raul castro. State TV interrupted its programming to announce the arrival of “the hero”. Gonzalez is the second of a group of agents known as the cuban Five to be freed. They were convicted in 2001 on charges including conspiracy. Prosecutors said the ive had sought to iniltrate US military bases and spied on cuban exiles in Florida. Since their conviction, the men have been at the centre of a vociferous campaign by the cuban government to free them.

A female suspect was arrested and is being treated in hospital for unspeciied injuries while a search continues for others who led the scene. Authorities described the incident as an “organised, premeditated, violent terrorist attack”. The Kunming city government later said that evidence from the scene pointed to separatists from Xinjiang as being behind the attack. Some of Xinjiang’s minority Uighur Muslims want autonomy from Chinese rule and an end to state suppression of their religion. Witnesses in Kunming said those who couldn’t run quickly were cut down by the attackers’ knives. A survivor named Yang Haifei, who was wounded in the back and chest, told Xinhua he had been buying a train ticket when the attackers rushed into the station. “i saw a person come straight at me with a long knife and I ran away with everyone,” he said. First reports said the attackers were only men, but witnesses and police later said the group also included women. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang sent condolences to the victims and their families. President Xi urged “all-out efforts” to investigate the attack. “Severe punishment in accordance with the law for the violent terrorists and a resolute crack down on those who have been swollen with arrogance,” Xinhua quoted the president as saying. The incident comes a few days before the opening of china’s annual parliamentary session, the National People’s Congress. Last October China blamed Xinjiang separatists when a car was driven into a crowd of people on the edge of Beijing’s Tiananamen Square, leaving ive dead. - BBC

Abandoned travel baggage is grim testimony to the massacre of at least 29 people by knife-wielding terrorists at a Chinese train station. AFP

Taliban freed by trick KANDAHAR – Prison officials

in afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar have been tricked into releasing a dozen Taliban ighters. The chief of security for Kandahar, Rahmatullah Atrai, said a letter was sent to the prison on Tuesday requesting the release of 28 prisoners. Sixteen were due for release but the other 12 were not. The deception was only discovered after the inmates had been freed. Officials say two have since been recaptured.

So far no group has said it was behind the deception although correspondents say the Taliban have carried out several jail breaks in recent years. Atrafi said an investigation was being set up. “In this letter they added 12 extra prisoners, and that was fake,” he said. “a committee has been set up to look into the matter. They are going to look into this and ind out who was behind it. Whoever it is, they will be tried and punished.” The release of Taliban pris-

oners is a contentious issue in afghanistan. In January, President Hamid Karzai’s office said scores of prisoners previously held by US forces at Bagram jail would be released. Washington expressed concern over the planned releases, saying it regarded them as “dangerous criminals”. Hundreds of prisoners at Bagram have been freed since the Afghan government took over the running of the prison in March 2013. - BBC

Woke up in body bag LEXINGTON – A US man has

been found literally alive and kicking in a body bag at a funeral home after being declared dead. Workers at a funeral home were preparing to embalm Walter Williams on Thursday when he moved. A coroner had pronounced the 78-year-old dead after inding no pulse when he was called to the man’s Lexington home on the previous evening.

it is thought that his pacemaker may have temporarily stopped working. Coroner Dexter Howard said he was called to Williams’ home by a hospice nurse, who said the man had passed away. Howard said he went through the “normal procedure” of checking for William’s vital signs, but found none. Williams was taken the funeral home and was being prepared for embalming when “we

noticed there was some kicking and moving going on”, Howard said. “He began to breathe – it was a miracle.” Williams was taken to a hospital for treatment. The coroner said Williams’ family were rejoicing and “just in a state of shock” after learning of his recovery. He said he had never seen anything like this in more than two decades as a coroner. - BBC

Baby giraffe welcomed at Dutch zoo

LAST CUBAN REVOLUTIONARY LEADER DIES USA – The only exiled dissident among the original leaders of the 1959 cuban revolution, Huber Matos, has died in Miami at the age of 95. He was arrested in 1960 and sentenced to 20 years in jail for sedition. Human rights groups campaigned for his case until his release and expulsion from cuba in 1979. Matos eventually settled in Florida after a period in costa Rica, where his remains are to be taken after a funeral in Miami. Matos fought the troops of general Fulgencio Batista in 1959 alongside Fidel castro but later fell out with the communist leader. Matos had died on February 27 of a massive heart attack he had sufered two days earlier.

Today’s Daily Bread The Lord is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation.

Matthew Read: Read: Exodus 34:1-9 7:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:2614:18 Text: Numbers

A newly-born baby girafe is nursed by its mother ‘Iwana’ at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. The girafe was born this weekend and has no name as yet. Last month a young girafe was culled due to overcrowding at a zoo in Copenhagen, Denmark. AFP


Monday, March 3, 2014 cook Islands News

Russian invasion could mean war Ukraine goes on full combat alert, Us condemns ‘incredible act of aggression’ armed men block access to a ukrainian border base near simferopo in a tense standof in the lashpoint Crimea peninsula. Ukraine’s new leaders have announced a full mobilisation of the army, a day after Moscow oicially approved the deployment of its troops to its western neighbour. AFP

Time to ind out if Oscar did it PRETORIA – Starting this week,

oscar Pistorius.

Oscar Pistorius faces trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The modern legal system includes a set of guiding principles to ensure everyone is given a fair trial. one of these is the notion that someone is innocent until proven guilty. Herein lies some of the intrigue in the oscar pistorius trial. We already know he is guilty – to a degree. His trial starts Monday evening and what is not being disputed is the fact that the man known as the “Blade Runner” shot and killed his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp. It was in the middle of the night on Valentine’s Day last year when pistorius was woken by a noise. Living in one of the more dangerous cities in the world, it is not surprising he had a pistol at home. He heard noises in the bathroom and thought there was an

intruder. He got out of bed and fired through the door a number of times. Steenkamp was inside. She died at the hands of a man who was supposed to love her. Even before that night Pistorius was a household name. He was the irst disabled athlete to compete at the Olympic Games. He was one of ‘the’ stories of the London 2012 Games. He was born in South Africa in 1986 with a condition that meant the fibula bones in his lower legs were missing. Both legs were amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old. His success as an athlete is still an inspiration to many. Pistorius holds a number of world records and paved the way for disabled athletes entering into able-bodied competition, even winning a medal at the World Track Championships in 2011. A huge number of people are intrigued and fascinated, and

revel in the story of this fallen hero. This trial has generated so much interest in africa that there is now a 24-hour channel dedicated solely to the Pistorius trial. As well as broadcasting parts of the case, it will show documentaries and interviews 24 hours a day for the next three weeks. According to leaked documents, the prosecution is expected to rely on 13 facts to prove Pistorius did intend to kill Steenkamp. This will include witnesses telling the court they heard arguing, fighting and even screaming before shots were ired. It will also rely on the fact the model had her phone in the bathroom with her and she had locked the door. By his own admission, Pistorius did not try to determine who was behind it before opening ire.

He has hired a crack team of legal experts from Cleveland in the United States. These forensic specialists are experts at recreating crime scenes and will no doubt try to demonstrate the Paralympian was scared for his life when he ired his gun. The former athlete insists this was an accident. He is not disputing the fact he killed his girlfriend. So this trial will not focus on the “who”, so much as the “why”. The trial will try to establish what was going on in the mind of Pistorius when he pulled the trigger. Was he in a rage and intending to kill her – or did he genuinely think there was an intruder in the locked bathroom? The trial will reach a verdict after a few weeks. That verdict will be based on the legal notion of “beyond reasonable doubt”. The judge will decide his motivation and then his fate. - AFP

KieV – Ukraine has warned it is on the brink of disaster and called up all military reservists after Russia’s threat of invasion drew sharp rebukes from the US and its Western allies. The dramatic escalation in what threatens to blow up into the worst crisis between Moscow and the West since the Cold War came as pro-Kremlin forces seized key government buildings in Crimea and were blockading military bases on the strategic Black Sea peninsula. World leaders have held urgent consultations after Russia’s parliament voted Saturday to allow Putin to send troops into its western neighbour – a decision US President Barack Obama branded a “violation of Ukrainian sovereignty”. The former Soviet nation’s new pro-Western Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk also warned any invasion “would mean war and the end of all relations between the two countries.” “We are on the brink of a disaster,” Yatsenyuk told the nation of 46 million in a televised address. “This is not a threat. This is a declaration of war on my country.” Fearing Moscow’s first possible invasion of a neighbour since a brief 2008 confrontation with Georgia, the largely untested interim team that took power in Kiev just a week ago put its military on full combat alert on Saturday and on Sunday announced the call-up of all reservists. Ukraine says Russia has already sent 30 armoured personnel carriers and 6000 additional troops into Crimea to help proKremlin militia gain broader independence from Kiev. Putin said Saturday it was his duty to protect ethnic Russians in Crimea and southeastern swathes of Ukraine that have ancient ties to Moscow and look on Kiev’s new pro-EU leaders with disdain. US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned that Russia faces expulsion from the G8 group of developed nations. Meanwhile, the newly appointed head of Ukraine’s navy has defected and sworn allegiance to the crimea region, in the presence of its unrecognised pro-Russian leader. Rear Admiral Denys Berezovsky was only made head of the navy on Saturday. - AFP

Sister says Schapelle is a broken person NUSA DUA – An emotional Mercedes Corby says she had to feed, medicate and bathe her sister during her time behind bars in Bali. In an interview with the Seven Network’s Sunday Night programme following Schapelle Corby’s release, Mercedes says her sister is “broken”. “I feel that now she really relies on me,” she said in the interview, aired on Sunday. “She has had to rely on me so she has lost her strength. She was such a strong person before. She is different.” There has been widespread speculation about how much would be paid for an interview with Schapelle Corby, who

was convicted in 2005 of drug smuggling into Bali, but Seven has denied paying any money. The programme captured Schapelle’s irst moments out of jail, including a sunset swim with her brother at a Bali beach. Mercedes cried as she described acting as a nurse for her sister in Kerobokan prison. “There were times I was allowed inside her room and I would bathe her,” she said. “For months we had to hand feed her. “I would have to stick her medicine with my inger down her throat, hold a

straw to her mouth so she could drink. She couldn’t speak. “They would have to carry her, she was like a zombie walking to and from her room.” Schapelle was not interviewed but some of her irst words after her release were recorded. After she was led from custody to a waiting black van and through a bustling crowd of media last month, Schapelle said she felt used. “I started crying because I just feel so used,” she says with her face covered with a scarf. “They just use me. People judge me and say I am a really bad person but

look at this. “I don’t like to judge but that’s wrong,” she said, as the photographers swarmed all over her van. Mercedes also dismissed rumours her late father Michael Corby was linked to the four kilograms of marijuana in Schapelle’s body board bag. “All those rumours that have been said about my dad are wrong,” she told Sunday Night. “They are untrue and if my dad was alive now, they would have never been published. “They would have never been said because he could defend himself.” Mercedes said she wanted the mari-

juana tested, footage from Australian and Indonesian airports and for ingerprinting but got nothing. She also reiterated a defence used in the case, alleging airline baggage handlers were involved in planting the drugs in Schapelle’s bag. “I don’t know who put it in that bag but I am pretty sure something to do with someone who worked in the airports,” Mercedes said. Indonesian authorities have indicated they will examine the programme. Authorities have warned Schapelle against participating in an interview, which could land her back in jail for breaching parole. - AAP


Monday, March 3, 2014 cook Islands News

Bikini blast compensation plea Anniversary of nuclear test comes with call for fairer compensation MAJURO – Marshall Islands president Christopher Loeak has called on the United States to resolve the “uninished business” of its nuclear testing legacy in the western Paciic nation. Compensation provided by Washington “does not provide a

fair and just settlement” for the damage caused, President Loeak told a ceremony in Majuro marking the 60th anniversary of the devastating hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll which contaminated many islands with radioactive fallout.

paciic BRIEFS CALL TO TAKE fLOOD DISASTERS SERIOUSLY FIJI – Fiji’s disaster oice says it is sad to see that children and adults continue to ignore warnings to stay indoors when a natural disaster strikes. This comes after a ive-year-old girl is still missing and her grandfather has been found drowned after trying to cross a lood swollen river. DISMAC director Manasa Tagicakibau says while the greater population do take heed of warnings, some continue to be ignorant. “For this heavy rain, we have seen many of our kids still running around and still jumping of the bridges into swift currents and this is very dangerous.” Police have conirmed that the man was trying to cross the river with his grand-daughter when they fell in. “We do not want to be reactive to such matters, we’d rather be proactive and being proactive is asking the members of the public to take heed of the warnings and abide by them.”

BAINIMARAMA HANDOVER ON THIS WEEK FIJI – The commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces handover parade and celebrations will take place tomorrow. RFMF’s Land Force Command’s Chief Operations Oicer, Colonel Amani Suliano said they have decided to have the ceremony this week as the weather is improving. The handover parade was supposed to take place on Friday but was postponed due to adverse weather conditions. Prime Minister and Army commander, commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has to resign from the commander’s position as those holding oice in the RFMF are also classiied as public oicers. Under the Political Parties Registration Decree, public oicers cannot publicly show support for or oppose any political party. They also cannot hold oicial party positions.

MAjOR WORKS IN SAMOA GET GREEN LIGHT SAMOA – Memoranda of understanding have been signed for three major infrastructure projects in Samoa, including developing the Faleolo international airport. The Samoan government has signed an MOU with Shanghai construction for work on a wharf at Vaiusu Bay and a government building in Savalalo. And an MOU has been signed with china First Railway company to undertake studies and provide concept design for extensions of Faleolo airport. The Minister of Works, Manu’alesagalala Enokati Posala, says it’s hoped the proposed projects can be covered under the US$2 billion development grant ofered by the Chinese government to eight Paciic Island countries.

ANCIENT WEATHER fORECASTING STUDIED THE PAcIFIc – A scientist in Australia is working to collate ancient methods of weather prediction in the Paciic, saying that data could help improve contemporary forecasting tools. Roan Plotz, who is a traditional knowledge scientist at the bureau of meteorology in Melbourne, says traditional methods include observing animals, plants and atmospheric conditions. Plotz, who is working with Paciic meteorological services, says the aim of the study is to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science. “What we are trying to do is to be able to integrate the two systems in terms of the indigenous knowledge or traditional knowledge with an actual scientiic statistical forecast. We need to understand how relevant or how true that is.” Plotz also says the project will help record important cultural knowledge that might otherwise be lost.

EXPERT ON KILLINGS TO ADVISE PNG PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A United Nations expert on arbitrary killings has been invited by the PNG government to advise how the country can solve its problems with violence. The Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, christof Heyns, is assessing the right to life in both law and practice in PNG. Issues such as the newly re-imposed death penalty and the way people use the sorcery laws to kill with impunity will be examined. A UN spokesperson in Port Moresby, Signe Poulsen, says Heyns will speak with a wide cross section of Papua New Guineans. “He will be talking to government, police and judicial oicials, but he will also be meeting with the families of victims, and will travel to a number of in order to get a more comprehensive picture of the situation.

jOURNALISTS SAY PAPER A CATASTROPHE NEW CALEDONIA – The journalists at New caledonia’s only daily newspaper have expressed their distress over what they describe as a catastrophic situation since the publication changed owners last year. In a statement, they say the outit lacks leadership and since July almost half the journalists have quit. Last month, they signed a motion of deiance against the editor, accusing him of being incompetent. He has since quit as has his deputy. The Nouvelles caledoniennes was founded in 1971 and was sold by the French Hersant Group to Noumea business people last year.

“We remain the closest of friends with the United States, but there is uninished business relating to the nuclear weapons testing that must be addressed,” he said. President Loeak says the unfinished business not only affected the four atolls that the United States acknowledged as exposed, but also many other islands throughout the country. In 1983, 29 years after the March 1, 1954 explosion, a compensation agreement was reached in which Washington provided the Marshall Islands with $150 million to settle all nuclear test claims.

But more than 10 years later, during then president Bill Clinton’s administration, formerly secret documents about the nuclear tests were released and conirmed dozens of islands were exposed to the fallout. President Loeak called this “dramatic new information” that had not been revealed to Marshall Islands negotiators. “It is abundantly clear that the agreement was not negotiated in good faith and does not provide a fair and just settlement of the damages caused,” he said. US ambassador Thomas Armbruster, who delivered prepared

remarks in both English and Marshallese languages, said “words are insufficient to express the sadness” of the 60th anniversary of the nuclear test. But, because of the nuclear weapons tests, “today we live in a safer world”, Ambassador Armbruster added. The United States is continuing to work with the Marshall Islands to provide health care and environmental monitoring of several affected islands, he said. Bikini islander Hinton Johnson criticised the level of compensation the displaced Bikinians receive from the US-

provided funds. “Today, each person receives $46 per month or a little over one dollar per day,” he said during the ceremony. Although the Nuclear Claims Tribunal had awarded the Bikinians more than $560 million in compensation and nuclear test clean up funding, there was no fund to pay them from, he said. “We ask the US and Marshall Islands governments to provide the money for the tribunal’s award for the time we’ve been homeless and unable to return to our homeland,” Johnson said. - AFP

Cyclone misses Tonga islands NUKU’ALOFA – Cyclone battered residents in the Ha’apai Islands north of Tonga have narrowly escaped another beating from the weather. A gale warning remains in force but Cyclone Koi continues to head south away from Tonga. The Tonga Meteorological Service says a cyclone warning remains in force for waters south of Tongaapu and Eua, but is now cancelled for land areas of Tongatapu, Eua and Ha’apai. Cyclone Kofi was 185 kilometres south of the capital Nuku’alofa on Sunday and fortunately was moving in a southsoutheast direction away from Tonga.

The centre of Kofi was forecast to lie about 300 kilometres south-southeast of the Tongan capital on Sunday night. Cyclone Koi developed from a tropical depression which earlier this week caused major looding in Fiji. A gale warning remains in force as Cyclone Koi continues to head south away from Tonga. Damaging winds were forecast for ha’apai, Tongatapu, Eua and nearby small islands on Sunday. Heavy rain and lash looding, including sea looding in low lying areas, were forecast. Rain, and rough to very rough seas were forecast for Niuas and Vava’u.

The Fiji Meteorological Service has now cancelled all its heavy rain warnings for the Fiji group, including the southern lau group. It says rain over Lau group is expected to clear from Sunday. In Fiji, two villages in the province of Naitasiri have decided to relocate to higher ground. Sawani and Delailasekau villages are on the flats by the Waimanu and Waidina rivers. All eighty homes in Sawani were ravaged by flood waters last Thursday and many villagers are still in evacuation centres. At Delailasekau, half of the village was underwater when

lood waters rushed through the village. Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, who has visited both flooded villages, said government will accommodate their intentions once they secure new village sites. Fiji police have found the body of a 54 year-old man who went missing in the Qariki river at Visama, Nakelo on Friday. Spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri says the man’s body was found yesterday a few metres from where he and his five year old granddaughter tried to cross the river. The search for the ive-yearold girl continues. - PNC

Baby George due down under SYDNEY – Little Prince George

will be in tow as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Australia and New Zealand next month, Kensington Palace has announced. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, will visit Australia and New Zealand for three weeks in April with their nine-month-old baby. A spokesman for the royals said they will base themselves in Wellington, Canberra and Sydney. The spokesman says the Royals are tremendously excited about the tour.

William and Kate will visit New Zealand first, landing in Wellington to a ceremonial welcome at Government House including a Maori powhiri. The trio will visit Auckland and seven other centres between April 7 and April 16, when they depart for Sydney. In Australia, they will visit Sydney, visit Blue Mountains residents affected by last year’s bushfires, Taronga Park Zoo – where a bilby enclosure will be named after the young prince – and the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The couple will also visit Brisbane, Adelaide and Uluru, where they will walk around the

base of the iconic rock. The trip, which will be the Duchess’s irst time in Australia, follows Prince William’s last visit in January 2010. The young prince will be nine months old in April – the same age as Prince William when he irst came to Australia with his parents Prince Charles and Diana in March 1983. Prince George will spend two nights in total away from his parents as they fulfil their tour duties. The Royals will be in Canberra for Anzac Day commemorations to mark 100 years since the start of World War I.

The Queen reportedly gave special permission for the two heirs to the throne to travel on the same plane so Prince William and Kate could bring baby George on their three-week tour Down Under. “The Queen has to give permission for it to happen and Her Majesty has given permission for it to happen,’’ Prince William’s private secretary Miguel Head told reporters in London. “INDEED, Prince William travelled with his parents when he was a very similar age to New Zealand and Australia back in 1983, so there is precedent for this.” - NZH/ABC

Crime unit remains in Samoa apia – The pacific Transnational Crime Network (PTCN) will continue to be based in Apia following the signing last week of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Samoan government. The Pacific Transnational Crime Coordination Centre Declaration was signed by PTCN’s chair – Commissioner Maara Tetava of the Cook Islands and the CEO of Samoa’s prime Ministers office, Vaosa Epa, during the Centre’s Board of Management bi-annual meeting in apia this week. The board of management discussed identified transnational organised crime threats facing the Pacific region and reviewed initiatives to detect,

disrupt and prevent transnational crime. The Board of Management comprises of five representatives, who are selected annually from the Paciic Islands Chiefs of Police. The current Board of Management consists of: chair – commissioner Maara Tetava (Cook Islands). Acting Commissioner Juanita Matanga (Solomon Islands). Melanesia Representative, who was represented by Deputy Commissioner Walter Kola. Commissioner Grant O’Fee (Tonga) – Polynesia Representative. Director Ismael Aguon (Republic of Palau) – Micronesia representative. Commissioner Tony Negus

(Australian Federal Police) who was represented by Commander Clive Murray. The acting Samoa Police Commissioner, Fauono Talalelei Tapu and representatives from the Australian Federal Police, New Zealand Police, United States Drug Enforcement Administration and Joint Interagency Task Force West also attended the meeting. The PTCN provides an interconnected, proactive transnational criminal intelligence and investigative capability to the Paciic. The network is a multi-agency law enforcement approach, primarily consisting of police, customs and immigration oficers with close links to various

other agencies. The PTCCC has been based in Samoa since November 2007 and is the core of the PTCN. The pTccc performs a critical role, in managing, coordinating and enhancing law enforcement intelligence, provided by the Network and other law enforcement partners and stakeholders. Officers are seconded to the PTCCC from all over the Paciic. The PTCN also comprises of eighteen Transnational Crime Units (TCUs) based in thirteen Paciic islands countries. There are six Australian police advisors and a New Zealand police advisor based involved in the PTCN. - Talamua Online


Monday, March 3, 2014 cook Islands News

60th anniversary of nuclear test MAJURO – Youth delegates

from nuclear-affected countries gathered in the Marshall Islands this week to mark the 60th anniversary of the Castle Bravo nuclear test. On March 1, 1954, the United States conducted its largest ever nuclear weapon test, codenamed Castle Bravo. The test was part of a larger operation for testing high-yield nuclear devices, known as Operation Castle, conducted by the US Atomic Energy Commission and Department of Defence. The operation took place at Bikini Atoll, part of the Marshall Islands, used by the US military beginning in 1946 for nuclear weapons testing research. While the test advanced thermonuclear weapons design, miscalculations about the yield resulted in the largest US nuclear contamination accident. The United States tested its first thermonuclear device, known as Ivy Mike, two years earlier in 1952, also in the Marshall Islands. In the wake of the Ivy Mike test, US scientists rushed to create a set of deliverable thermonuclear designs. Castle Bravo was the irst deliverable thermonuclear device, and the test aimed to pave the way for the creation of more effective weapons, including weapons that could be deliverable by aircraft. The mushroom cloud formed after the detonation grew to nearly seven kilometres wide and reached a height of 130,000 feet six minutes after the detonation. The crater left behind has a diameter of nearly two kilometres and a depth of 76 metres. The nuclear test contaminated four of the atolls in Marshall Islands, with the fall-out from the blast still impacting the health and well-being of residents today. Youth representatives from other nuclear-affected areas including Japan and Kazakhstan are in the capital, Majuro, for a week of digital storytelling workshops centred around Nuclear Survivors Day. Rico Ishi is the co-ordinator of the youth delegates attending the Nuclear Futures workshops. She says one of the aims of the workshops is to generate interest among young people who may have forgotten their parents’ survival stories. “When you come down to the third generation it really depends – some people don’t even know, some people are fully active and are enthusiastic of those issues,” Ishi told Paciic Beat. “We want to inspire more youth who have the similar background but are not fully interested yet.” Ishi says while revisiting the stories would be painful, it was important to remember the past. “There are some pains you have to take to achieve something more important, something more important for the future generation to come, those memories shall not be forgotten,” she said.

‘There are some pains you have to take to achieve something more important, something more important for the future generation to come, those memories shall not be forgotten.’ The test resulted in nuclear fallout that rained down on inhabitants of the atolls near the site of detonation and servicemen working on Operation Castle. The thermonuclear explosion contaminated the four inhabited atolls of Bikini, Enewetak, Rongelap and Utrik. The local populations, many of whom suffered prolonged illness from their exposure to the fall-out, were evacuated to other atolls and have been unable to return home for decades. The evacuations organised by the United States were too slow to limit the lethal doses of radiation and, in many cases, inhabitants did not know about the nuclear test or the consequences of nuclear fallout. In one tragic example, around five hours after Castle Bravo detonated, radioactive powder began to fall on Rongelap Atoll. Believing that this powder was snow, many inhabitants played in and ate the powder. For years later, inhabitants of the island experienced numerous health problems, including birth defects. An estimated 665 inhabitants of the Marshall Islands were overexposed to radiation. Beyond the atolls, traces of radioactive material were discovered in Australia, India, Japan, the United States and Europe. Nuclear fallout spread over roughly 7000 square miles. The mistakes of the Castle Bravo test did not end thermonuclear testing by the United States or other countries. Operation Castle continued with a further series of nuclear tests on the Marshall Islands after the Castle Bravo test. Overall, between 1946 and 1958, the United States conducted 67 nuclear weapons tests in the Paciic Ocean. The Majuro 60th anniversary workshop is principally funded through the Nuclear Futures creative arts programme which is assisted by the Australian government. Australian multi-media artists Jessie Boylan and Linda Dement will help facilitate the Marshall Islands workshop. Nuclear Futures creative producer Paul Brown said the workshop is an early outcome of a three-year creative arts programme responding to the atomic age and its legacy and recognising the resilience of survivor communities. Workshop co-convenor and associate professor Robert Jacobs, from the Hiroshima

March 1 marks the 60th anniversary of Castle Bravo on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, the largest thermonuclear device ever detonated by the United States, which contaminated the four inhabited atolls of Bikini, Enewetak, Rongelap and Utrik where many residents have lived with a legacy of prolonged illness from their exposure to the fall-out. peace institute, says the recent Fukushima reactor meltdown was a reminder for the need to remember the nuclear past. “We want to train these fu-

ture community leaders to help them collect the histories of their families and the community, so that they can continue recording, preserving and

sharing these stories,” Professor Jacobs said. “In many ways the unfolding tragedy of the Fukushima reactor meltdowns and contamina-

tion reprises the historical failure of governments from the cold war and beyond to respond to the needs of civilian populations.” - Paciic Beat/PNC

Fight on when PM returns apia – The man touted to be the leader of a new political party being formed in Samoa, Tuu’u Anasi’i Leota, has a simple message for prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi. “if he wants to fight, come and fight with two hands,” he said. “If he does not agree with what some members of his party think, then step up.” The Siumu Member of Parliament and Associate Minister of Education, Sports and Culture made the comments during an interview with the Samoa Observer, where he was asked to elaborate on plans for the new party. While Tuu’u would not talk too much about the new party, Tuu’u said it was time for members of the HRPP who are unhappy about prime Minister Tuilaepa’s handling of calls for Finance Minister Faumuina Tiatia Liuga to resign to “step up”. “Well, it is up to them to go and find out what these party members think,” Tuu’u said of Tuilaepa and his group. For now, Tuu’u said “he doesn’t tell us what to do, we do what we think is right.” he maintains that the Minister of Finance Faumuina should resign. “Yes of course,” said Tuu’u. In regards to the new party and how many members it would comprise of, Tuu’u said he would not be talking about numbers until it was oficial. “Not yet, not yet – so we will leave the party now until further notice,” he said. “I have got a few matters, issues to settle and then we will announce it.” Prime Minister Tuilaepa has been out of the country while the intrigue has unfolded – attending the global launch of the International Year of Small Island Developing States. The Samoa Observer says at-

tempts to get a comment from the acting prime minister, Fonotoe pierre lauofo, on the situation have been unsuccessful. However, in a report by Talmua Online, Fonotoe warned the media not to take “prank comments” from Tuu’u seriously. Fonotoe warned the media to “end this nonsense about Tuu’u’s new political party”. “You should put an end to this joke, not add more wood to the ire,” he told the media. He said if there was a new political party or if Tuu’u had left the Human Rights Protection Party, there would have been a call to endorse the law which warrants a by-election for Tuu’u’s electorate of Siumu. “Nothing related to a new party has been lodged before cabinet or the speaker of the house,” said Fonotoe. Both the local and international media have published reports of Tuu’u turning his back on the party he has served for the past three consecutive terms. Fonotoe was acting prime minister in the absence of Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesolai Sailele Malielegaoi, who returned during the weekend. HRPP whip Tolofuaivalele Falemoe Leiataua confirmed that a HRPP caucus meeting will be called when the prime minister returns. Meanwhile, the leader of the Tautua Party, Palusalue Fa’apo ii, has thrown his support behind the breakaway MPs. He said he had been in “friendly discussions” with

Tuu’u and that he encouraged the associate minister and his supporters to do what is right for the country. “I knew this would be the end result,” he said of the prolonged inighting within HRRP. “If nothing is done about the minister of inance then people will walk away from the HRPP. I have been saying this all along that the HRPP is not as smooth as the prime minister has been saying. “There is internal friction because of the issue of the minister of inance.” Palusalue was quick to downplay rumours that any member of the Tautua Party would cross the floor and join with Tuu’u and his new party. “Because I trust them and I believe no one will leave.” He said come the next general election in 2016, the Tautua Party would run its own campaign and maybe after the members had been sworn in they might look at forming a coalition, if that is what it came to. Asked if he knew of other members of the H R PP who would be defecting, he said he was certain there were three. Tuu’u was among them. “I don’t know who else,” Palusalue said. “I think those are the three who are very unhappy. But those are the three, and hopefully there will be others supporting. “I fully support Tuu’u – he has got the guts to stand up and oppose what the prime minister has been doing in their party. “The main thing is that you stand up and do the right thing

for the country. So I must congratulate them for standing up for what they believe in and also standing up to do the right thing for the country. “So even if it is only three or one – that there is still somebody with guts who will stand up for what is right.” Palusalue later told reporters the division is neither good for the government nor the country as it prepares to host the Small Island Developing States Conference in September. The opposition leader says he wants a stable government and not party politics. Meanwhile, the man at the centre of the upheaval, Minister of Finance Faumuina liuga Tiatia, is remaining tightlipped. he is staying away from the media despite numerous attempts by the Samoa Observer over the past two weeks to get a comment from him about fractions within the HRPP over his behaviour. Trouble concerning the finance minister has been longrunning and well documented by the local media. But the prime minister continues to defend Faumuina. Last week, Tuilaepa conirmed that his minister would not be removed from cabinet as called for by many people including HRPP and Samoa Tautua party members. Instead Tuilaepa said “this thing is not new”. “We’ve already met about this,” he said last week. He also denied that there was any friction within HRRP. - Samoa Observer

News from the Paciic region ‘Our ocean, our news’


Monday, March 3, 2014 cook Islands News

Mauke welcomes new student councillors MAUKE’S community came together

at Mauke School for the inauguration ceremony – a time to bless the new student councillors. The student councillors were welcomed into the hall with a traditional turou (welcome chant) performed by Mauke warrior student Ngatokorua Vainekeu. Smiles beamed on the faces of the selected students as they walked into the hall in their new blue pareu council shirts. Seven community leaders were given the honour of presenting the seven students with their badges. After the presentation, the families went up to akaei (adorn with lowered garlands) the student councillors. Following that blessings were given by various religious leaders and then Chairperson Pokotea Guinea gave a moving speech calling on councillors to help the teachers make the school a better learning place for the students and everyone else. The ive classes of Mauke School

each performed items, from the preschoolers to year 11 students. Some of their items reflected the mix of cultural identity on the island as everyone is related to others in the pa enua. Towards the end of the ceremony, traditional leader Papa Mapu Taia stood up and praised the school for keeping the Maori culture and the Maukean language alive and well in the school. The proceedings ended with a delicious kai manga (meal). In talking to some of the student councillors afterwards they expressed their joy at being chosen and look forward to the challenges ahead. The student councillors are Pokotea Guinea (chairperson), Christiana Fiita (secretary & year 1-3 student councillor), Tracy Terei (year 11 student councillor), Charley Shane and Solomona Akamoeau (year 7-10 student councillors), Moana Rakei and Tepuarangi Tararo (year 4-6 student councillors.) - Katrina Josephine Shane

Junior students of Mauke school perform during the student councillor inauguration.


Cyclone Koi no threat to Cooks

Newly inaugurated Mauke school student councillors show their pride with big smiles.


COOK ISLANDS weather forecasters are keeping a watchful eye on a cyclone that has cleared Fijian waters and passed by Tonga. A slow-moving depression north of Suva had intensiied on Friday into a category one cyclone named Koi. Meteorological Service director Arona Ngari said on Friday that the Cook Islands had no reason to worry about Tropical Cyclone Koi at that stage. “It’s too far west, about 1500km away and it’s starting to take a more south-south-east track, rather than an east track.” And, as of yesterday, it now seems to be slipping away to the south-east of Tonga. The Tonga Meteorological Service says a cyclone warning remains in force for waters south of Tongaapu and Eua, but is now cancelled for land areas of Tongatapu, Eua and Ha'apai. Cyclone Kofi was 290 kilometres south of the capital

Nuku'alofa at 5pm local time. It's moving in a southeast direction away from the Tonga. Damaging winds were forecast for ha'apai, Tongatapu, eua and nearby small islands Sunday. Heavy rain and lash looding, including sea looding in low lying areas, was also forecast. Rain, and rough to very rough seas were forecast for Niuas and Vava'u. The centre of Koi is forecast to lie about 300 kilometres south-southeast of the Tongan capital at 7 pm Sunday evening local time. Cyclone Koi developed from a tropical depression which earlier this week caused major looding in Fiji. The Fiji Meteorological Service has now cancelled all its heavy rain warnings for the Fiji group, including the southern Lau group. It says rain over Lau group is expected to clear from Sunday. - BCS

Local greeting does matter Dear Editor, Through your column I would like to say a big “Kia Orana” to David Bridge, manager of Air New Zealand (Rarotonga). I would like to assure Mr Bridge that a lot more than one (or was it two, David?) people object to the use of Kia ora being used as a greeting by the local Air New Zealand staff instead of the authentic Kia orana.

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

It is also, in my opinion, and the opinion of others, culturally insensitive. Air New Zealand does not just promote Air New Zealand and New Zealand, they should also be promoting the Cook Islands and using our traditional greeting goes a long way towards doing that for very little cost or effort. Fly by Night (Name and address supplied)

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Community education classes enjoy good support

Members of the weaving class at CITTI. 14030221

Wide range of topics offered IN SUPPORT of lifelong learning

and womb to tomb education, the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute has rolled out a series of adult education courses. In addition to its credit programmmes, these non-credit programmes offer an opportunity to learn a new skill just for fun. Beginning Maori, French, Ukulele, Star Navigation, Weaving and Journalism have been on offer. Drumming, hula, water safety, computing, all sorts of cooking classes, and more are still to come. Amelia Borofsky who developed the new community education programme, will ind out what locals and expats are interested in and then ind community members passionate about a topic and willing to share their knowledge. “We wanted to offer a crosssection of courses from language to arts to cooking.” Borofsky also emphasised, “these courses are meant for everyone, even those, especially those, who hate sitting in a classroom.” The second semester starting in July will see new courses including Tatau and Maori Medicine as well as the most popular courses repeated. Violet Tisam has taken over the community education programme as Borofsky waits to return to running the Te Ulu o Te Watu Learning Center in Pukapuka. Tisam urged those interested in taking courses to contact her. “Courses are illing up quickly,” she said. “Ring us because we have new courses every month from now until the end of the year and you’ll miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn these new skills.” community members who have a skill they’d like to share may also contact her to see if their passion and skills might be of interest to the public. So far, everyone has been enjoying the courses on offer. The rangaranga kikau course saw 15 people consistently show up ready to weave. One of the students, Christina Maclennan, from the Tangiiau family, wanted to learn to weave for her wedding business. “None of my cousins could remember anymore,” she said, “So I went to the Cook Islands library, and taught myself

with a book. It is reviving now, which is great.” Shannon Saunders plans to pass her learning on. “I want to continue to weave after the classes have inished,” she said, “I want to be able to do this with my grandchildren.” The teacher, Ruta Pirangi, who has a stand in Arorangi and enjoys sharing her knowledge in the schools said, “I need to teach them and maybe they’ll get a feeling for it and pass it onto the kids at home doing nothing.” Community education is all about celebrating, reviving and reinventing the rich local knowledge already here. Tua pittman has been teaching a popular star navigation course with 18 students regularly attending. “It’s good,” he said, “really good. It gives me a refresher. Also, I promised my teacher Mau Piailug that I would pass the knowledge on and so I am.” The learners have found the universe opening up. “I love looking at the stars and learning all the star lines and star houses,” said Sam Timoko. Given the course’s popularity, it will likely be repeated again. Rudy Aquino, of Hawaii fame, shared his skill in the ukulele class. Peter Tierney, manager of the Development Coordination Division at MFEM, said “if you can tune a ukulele you can work in Government.” While the ukulele course has ended, Kanoe Aquino will run a two-week beginning hula workshop starting tomorrow at 4pm. This course will see the ukulele students provide accompaniment. The hula students will be learning the same simple songs: the Hawaiian song E Huli and the Rarotongan song I Raro I Te Tumunu. Beginners, men and women are encouraged to sign up for the irst week of March hula workshop. Mangaia, Aitutaki and Pukapuka will also offer community education focused on the knowledge of community members unique to each of those islands. For those interested in signing up for courses, as well as those interested in teaching, contact CITTI at 22628 or email violet. or

rudy aquino tunes his ukelele while class members look on. 14030223

Prime Minister on personal leave in NZ this week PRIME MINISTER henry puna

will be on personal leave next week. The P M was expected to depart for New Zealand at the weekend, with a possible return this Friday. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for infrastructure Teariki Heather – who will be holding the PM’s portfolios while he is away – will be in the country, with a possible trip to Aitutaki to explore options at increasing the island’s water supply. Health and Internal affairs Minister Nandi Glassie will be in New Zealand for Negotiation Training for the Paciic delegation at the 47th Commission on Population and Development for which he will be attending along with Mitiaro Member of Parliament Tangata Vavia. Finance Minister Mark Brown will be in Rarotonga after spending the weekend in New Zealand, where it is be-

lieved he took in some rock-nroll at the Bruce Springsteen concert in Auckland.

Education and Tourism Minister Teina Bishop and Agriculture Minister Kiriau

Turepu will both be in country on regular business. - Emmanuel Samoglou

WEEKLY TRAVEL DIARY FOR CABINET MINISTERS MINISTER PORTFOLIOS TRAVEL Prime Minister, Attorney General, Energy, Justice, EMcI, Public Service, commission, Marine Resources, Transport, Foreign Afairs and Immigration

Monday, March 3 to Monday, March 10: NEW ZEALAND, cOOK ISLANDS

Kiriau Turepu

Agriculture, BTIB, NES

Monday, March 3 to Monday, March 10: cOOK ISLANDS

Teina Bishop

Education, Tourism

Monday, March 3 to Monday, March 10: cOOK ISLANDS

Mark Brown

Finance and Economic Management, Head of State, commerce, FIU, Pearl Authority, Monday, March 3 to Monday, Telecommunications, Financial Supervisory March 10: NEW ZEALAND, cOOK commission, Superannuation, PERcA, ISLANDS Financial Services Development Authority, Minerals and Natural Resources.

Henry Puna

Teariki Heather Nandi Glassie

Deputy Prime Minister, Infrastructure and Planning, cultural Development, House of Ariki, Police

Monday, March 3 to Monday, March 10: cOOK ISLANDS

Health, Parliamentary Services, Ombudsman, Internal Afairs

Monday, March 3 to Monday, March 10: NEW ZEALAND, cOOK ISLANDS


Monday, March 3, 2014 cook Islands News

Cruising in...

What’s there to do in Rarotonga on a Sunday – that seems to be the general question for passengers of the cruise ship in harbour yesterday. Round-the-island bus trips seemed to be a common theme, with passengers wanting to know when the last bus operated; but a number of them braved the midday sun for a stroll up town, with some trying out the local takeaway food bars that were open. 14030227.

More assaults on females

TWO MEN were arrested at the weekend for separate cases of assault on a female. The arrests were among 27 incidents dealt with by local police over the weekend. A man in his late 20s was arrested on Friday for assault on a female. The man appeared in court on Saturday and has been remanded in custody until March 6. A second man, in his early 40s was also arrested for assault on a female. The man has been further charged for breaching of his non molestation order and has been remanded in custody until March 6. Cook Islands Police are warning the public that they take domestic violence and violence on women seriously. Meanwhile, on the roads – police attended to minor motor vehicle accidents. A couple’s quarrel on a motorbike led them to fall off their motorbike while a tourist driving skidded off his bike after driving too close to the road verge and skidding on loose gravel. While the couple and tourist motorists sustained only minor injuries – a woman in arorangi sustained injuries from a dog bite.

The woman was out on her routine walk on the main road in Arorangi by the Road House Bar when she was bitten by a grey dog. According to police, investigations are being carried out into the matter and they are concerned with the high number of complaints being received by members of the community on dangerous dogs. “Dog owners are encouraged to take care and control of their dogs. Dogs are seen to be wandering, and reports of goats being attacked, members of the public being bitten and drivers on their vehicles being rushed at by the dogs,” says Inspector John Strickland. “The Cook Islands Police Service members have approached a couple of dog owners and have gone to the extent of their pets being put down. The issues mentioned above are being reviewed to be followed with special operations to be carried out very soon to enforce the Dogs Registration Act 1986.” Police are investigation one theft and one burglary report received over the weekend. Both incidents were reported by visitors to the island.

MOH lowers dengue total The MINISTRY of Health has revised down the number of conirmed cases of dengue fever in Rarotonga. On Tuesday, the Ministry said 36 people had been conirmed as having the dengue virus. “We’ve redone the numbers and we found out that the positive cases are 21, not 36,” said Health Protection Manager Tata

Vaeau on Friday. He said a number of people have tested “weak positive”, which is not conclusive enough to include in the conirmed tota l. Blood samples have been sent off to Tahiti for a conclusive result, he said. Fiftythree cases have been reported, of which 21 tested positive, two negative, and results are pending for the remaining 30. - BCS/ES

A female tourist returned to her rental motorbike to find it had been broken into and her wallet containing $40, an Alcatel mobile phone and three pareu were stolen from the compartment under the seat. Meanwhile, a visitor staying in a tourist accommodation in Titikaveka returned to his unit to ind it had been burgled with $700 in New Zealand cash and US $200 stolen. Both matters are under investigation and police are asking the public for any information that may lead to the apprehension of the persons responsible. Please contact police on 22499 or the conidential crime stoppers line on 080022200. - MW

NZ Consul General Linda Te Puni and Director-General of the Secretariat of the Paciic Community (SPC), Dr Colin Tukuitonga mark the signing of the new $NZ13.89 million grant. 14030222

New Zealand aims high for Paciic Islands with SPC

NEW ZEALAND today strongly reaffirms the Secretariat of the Paciic Community (SPC) as a key partner in providing high level scientiic and technical services to help Pacific Islands address key development challenges New Zealand Consul General in New Caledonia Linda Te Puni, and Director-General of the Secretariat of the pacific community (SPC), Dr Colin Tukuitonga, signed a new grant funding agreement totalling $NZ13.89 million over the period 2014 to 2016. The funding consists of New Zealand’s annual membership contribution and a grant for regional services to SPC member Paciic Island countries and territories in the areas of isheries, agriculture, statistics, geoscience, public health and study exchanges. These services are targeted towards achieving the following

development outcomes for the region: • Oceanic and coastal isheries are better managed for economic growth, food security and environmental conservation • Agriculture, land and forests are more sustainably managed to improve food and income security • National statistics systems strengthened to provide statistics for evidencebased decision-making • Mineral resources sustainably developed and geosciences data increasingly used for development and disaster risk reduction • Improved access to clean water and sanitation • Public health services quality enhanced for improved health outcomes This agreement includes threeyear funding for SPC’s Statistics

and Fisheries programmes. Dr Tukuitonga called the multi-year funding “a welcome move toward more predictable funding for SPC”. He added, “this multiyear funding is the model SPC is promoting for its partnerships with all members and donors, in order to maximise predictability of funding and thereby enhance programme impact”. Since taking up the position of SPC Director-General last month Dr Tukuitonga is working towards developing a more integrated programme approach addressing key Paciic Island development issues. The funding agreement with New Zealand is a signiicant help by making more lexible funding available to SPC sectors.- Release With expertise in a wide range of technical subjects, SPC has signiicant comparative advantages in providing an integrated approach to issues that challenge

Paciic Island countries and territories. In several areas, regional initiatives provide a more effective and eficient way of working than individual country efforts. In particular, these initiatives profit from economies of scale and collaboration in sharing resources that beneit all Paciic people. Ms Te Puni stated “New Zealand recognises the important work SPC does to support the economic, social and environmental well-being of Pacific Island countries. New Zealand is pleased to partner with SPC to build technical and scientiic knowledge and deliver tangible results”. On SPC’s behalf, Dr Tukuitonga thanked New Zealand, which has supported SPC services to the Paciic Island countries and territories as a member since the organisation’s founding in 1947.


Monday, March 3, 2014 cook Islands News

Time to deal with African tulip tree A PEST expert is urging Paciic countries to move quickly to control the rapidly spreading African Tulip Tree (Ko‘i‘i) – which is common on Rarotonga. The tree is fast becoming a pest in the region, posing a threat to native forests and farm land, according to Paciic Invasives Initiative’s co-ordinator Bill Nagle, who told Radio New Zealand’s Amelia Langford the tree may have a beautiful lower but it is also a costly pest that needs to be aggressively managed. “It’s a pest here, especially in the mountains,” according to Cook Islands Library and Museum Society President Jean Mason who says the Cook Island News should pass on Nagle’s advice. “I know, for I am constantly trying to remove their stumps from in and around the library and museum grounds (sometimes they come up from under the foundations). “One day a South African walked in and told us how they do it in Africa – drill holes into said stump, then pour herbicide into holes. For good measure, burn the stumps after it’s been treated with herbicide although that’s a bit hard to do near buildings though,” she said.

Bill Nagle told RNZ that the plant was brought over primarily as an ornamental tree. “It was often in botanical gardens throughout the Paciic and then people planted it in their gardens. “But unfortunately it has a fruit that produces thousands of seeds and they're dispersed by wind, so they spread rapidly and over a very, very large area. It also produces suckers from the root system. So once a parent tree establishes then you can get secondary growths occurring all the way round. Those two characteristics, the seed dispersal and the ability to sucker, make it very, very dificult to manage so it can take over a large area very, very quickly. “it is a major concern in farming land or garden land throughout the islands but it is now being found more and more often actually in the native forest areas as well. “The concerns are two main areas. One is that it physically takes up the space that people could use for farming, whether it’s subsistence agriculture or a more commercial farm. It takes up the entire farming area so it forces people to clear even more land to grow their food supplies. And the second thing is that the

cost of dealing with it is very, very high. “Because you've got to be constantly going back – you can't just cut it down because it shoots again and you get a very, very rapidly growing tree. So the only way out is to get heavy machinery in and bulldoze it out. But if you leave even one little root fragment behind it will grow again, so you're back to where you started from. Or alternatively you can use herbicide, but nobody’s really comfortable with using herbicides and there are a lot of dangers associated with them if they're not used safely. “The irst thing that needs to be done is somebody needs to ind out a bio-control agent. It seems now that biological control is the only way to reduce it. That's not going to get rid of it of course, but it will reduce the number of trees that are available and it should make it more economical for farmers to get rid of the trees on their land. The second thing is any new infestations that are discovered should be dealt with immediately. People shouldn't just wait and say let's watch it and see what happens over ive years. If you see one tree, get rid of it straight away.” - Mark Ebrey

African Tulip Tree: It might look pretty but it is becoming a major pest across the Paciic. 14030225

Agreement to boost disaster response

At the signing of the MOU - Aurelia Balpe; Head of Regional Oice Paciic; International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (front) and Andie Fong Toy; Deputy Secretary General; Paciic Islands Forum Secretariat.(Photo credit: PIF). 14022818

TODAY the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Paciic Islands Forum Secretariat that will support work to strengthen national policy, institutional and legal frameworks to reduce the risk of disasters, mitigate their effects when they occur and expedite the recovery of our communities. The MOU will ensure continued momentum toward the Paciic region’s implementation of the International Disaster Response Law (IDRL) Guidelines. “The IDRL Guidelines have been developed to assist governments to become better prepared for the common legal problems which arise in responding to disasters,” says Ms Aurelia Balpe, Head of the Paciic Regional Ofice of the IFRC. “These include things like bottlenecks related to entry visas, personnel registration, customs clearance and taxation and transport permissions. These all slow

down relief efforts.” In 2012, Leaders of the Paciic Islands Forum encouraged Forum Members to consider the IDRL Guidelines and to take appropriate measures to strengthen their national policy, and institutional and legal frameworks in collaboration with their National Red Cross Societies, the IFRC, the UN and other relevant partners. The signing of this MOU underpins that support. The Pacific, while blessed with a unique and rich geography, is exposed to a broad range of natural disasters. A 2012 report of the World Bank, ‘Acting Today For Tomorrow’, said that since the 1950s extreme natural events have affected more than 9.2 million people in the Paciic region and caused damage in excess of US$3.2 billion, with tropical cyclones being the major cause for this loss and damage. - Paciic Islands Forum


Seabed Minerals Authority seeks GIS capability APPROVAL is being sought by

the Seabed Minerals Authority to employ an in-house GIS oficer as it moves into its second year of operations. The Seabed Minerals Authority’s business plan for 2014-15, which has just been released, says in-house expert GIS mapping services are critical to the delivery by the SBMA of accurate and dependable deinition of SBM Blocks in the Cook Islands EEZ which can then be licensed and explored, generating revenue for Government. The plan says it is also essential for security for future licence title holders and to permit

accurate and enforceable monitoring and compliance activities to be undertaken by the SBMA and NES as required under the SBMA Act and NES Act. If funding for in-house GIS position is not approved, then there will be major risks to the tender process as well as the security of title and management of data repository. But Seabed Minerals Commissioner Paul Lynch says the good news is that as a new Government agency it has achieved many new initiatives and met many of the required deliverables under the first Business Plan 2013/14.

He noted that Saturday March 1 marked one year since the official commencement of the Seabed Minerals Act 2009. “We look forward to working together with a lot more milestones to achieve under the new 2014/15 Business Plan (attached) for the beneit of the Cook Islands,” he said. The new business plan noted that tourism is the main economic driver for the Cook Islands contributing around 70% of economic activity, followed distantly by agriculture and marine resources. “The concern here is that there is an enormous pressure

on tourism to continue to drive the economy,” the plan says. “Added to that is the on-going inancial constraints in the national budget. “In order to bolster the economy, we need to ind other ways to diversify – and this has given impetus for the development of the SBM industry.” The Cook Islands has a window of opportunity for its SBM industry as interest in this area is at a high – however, the longer the Cook Islands takes to enter the market – the slimmer its chances become for attracting the best investors if they are already engaged elsewhere. The

Authority is acutely aware of the need to develop the SBM industry in order to be able to issue licenses. However, it has been signiicantly delayed from doing so due to lack of resources, both in personnel and funding. Currently, the work that is required before the Authority can issue exploration licenses include: • Review and inalise regulatory framework • Preparing for international Tender process • Environmental management The first two fall under the authority’s mandate, which is

what was applied for through ciTaF. From now up until the end of 2013/14 will be a busy period, as the authority is aiming towards opening the tender for exploration licences in June 2014. For the legal work, once the policy is completed, the next priority will be the drafting of the regulations, for which a TA will be brought in. in terms of the preparatory work for the tender process, TA assistance will be required for the completion of the data package, tender guidelines and marketing, the plan says. - ME/Release


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classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.



casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


Section in Arorangi wanted good lease please. May swap for one in Tupapa. Phone John 55097 Tereora College AGM Tuesday March 4, 5pm in the Princess Anne Hall chairperson’s report Principals Report Financial reports Election of oicers Food festival 2014 General business. 77073 / /2299

77256 / /1841

Section Main Road Tupapa. 1100 sq m. Good lease - suitable for commercial use. Phone John 55097 77255 / /1841

• Phone 22999 •


Need a little

The Whale & Wildlife Centre Re-opens Today 3rd March New Displays Entry $12 Adults $6 children, Family + group discounts. Tickets valid for a year.

3 bedroom house overlooking Muri Lagoon. Tourist rental turning over about $50,000 per year. Maybe two available at $275,000 each. New lease. Phone John 55097 77250 / /1841

77313 /36608 /2560


SERVICES Penno Builders NZ qualiied Free quotes New homes Renovations/repair container homes Gib stopping Painting All work considered. Phone Zane Penno 58493 or

oice or Shop space for rent peaceful and tidy surroundings - $150.00 per week - 3 available. Located Manu Manor near town - please phone Tina Iro on 79368 to view. 77060 / /2046

Rooms - $70 wk, suitable female with sober habits. Arorangi Ph 20201, 9 - 5pm, Monday - Friday. 77265 / /1917

77230 /36564 /1931

SERVICES Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage. Phone 22188 or 26189. Email beach@moanasands. 73696 / /1744

Grounds Maintenance Services Need your lawns and hedge trimmed and/or maintained? No job is too big or too small for us to handle. Give us a call at T&S Ltd on 29069 or 70716/52914 for a free quote.

Modern large three bedrooms, two bathrooms apartment, suit family, $450 per week. Available now. Phone 74114 for viewing. 77318 /314835 /1636

FOR SALE Assorted machinery tools, sewing machine etc. For more info contact 24300 or 70762. Ex-accommodation chattels, ixtures and ittings. Includes sleepyhead beds, aluminium joinery, furniture, crockery etc. Limited quantities. Ph 70457 to arrange to view 77269 / /2512

Red Kawasaki cheer 110cc, $1700. contact Marj on 58680 or 20928.


TOYOTA ESTIMA 2400cc Automatic, 8 seater Sale price $12,000 MITSUBISHI COLT 1.4ltr Hatchback. Auto/air con/electric windows. colour: red Sale price $10,000

77275 /36590 /1931


76980 / /1931

DAIHATSU COPEN 600cc Turbo convertible, manual, 2x seater Sale price $4,500

MAzDA DEMIO 1.5ltr Hatchback Auto/air con/electric windows. colour: white Sale price $10,000 Nissan March Cabriolet 1.3ltr. Sale Price $3,500.00 contact Arthur 55422, email :

SALES & RESERVATIONS COORDINATOR An exciting full-time opportunity for a Sales and Reservations co-ordinator is now available to represent Rarotonga’s premium entertainment facility Te Vara Nui Village, including our Spectacular Over Water Night Shows, along with our Jungle Quad Adventure, coconut Tours. Based at our busy Muri Beach Sales Oice and reporting directly to the Managers and Village Directors. The ideal candidate will possess: - Excellent communication skills both verbal and written - Great customer service, professional and friendly personality, enjoys dealing with guests - Ability to conidently prioritise tasks and complete them within designated time frames - Accurate record keeping and a methodical work ethic - Previous experience in the tourism industry preferred Please send your expression of interest along with your cV to or PO Box 86, Avarua. Phone Alan 24006 or call into our main ofice at Muri Beach to ill in an Application. 77301 / /2512

Experienced Pastry Chef Experienced Bar Tender Seamstress/Housemaid We require the above experienced staf to join our team. Please send up to date cV to P O Box 1050. 77129 / /1939

77304 /36603 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT A position is available for a fully qualiied Electrician -Must be fully certiicated with 5 years experience -Required under NX/Aus standards - Have professional attitude with customers at all times - Willing to work and train alongside other team members - Reliable & trustworthy -Complete tasks on speciic timeframe -Above award wages for the right applicant Apply in writing with cover letter + cV to email 77310 / /2423

cafe staf wanted. Ph28465. 77322 / /1982

Bartender wanted for busy bar, nights from Tuesday - Saturday. Apply in person or phone 24516 or 50498. 77116 /36502 /1931

Looking for a kitchen hand & counter girls to work in a takeaway cafe soon to open. Phone 76017 or 74345. 77118 /36497 /1931

Driver, 6 days a week Applicants need to be employable, with a good attitude, turn up on time and be smartly presented and of sober habits. Phone 27460 or 55464. 77138 / /2202

SHOP MANAGER 3-5 yrs work retail business to oversee the full operation of the shop but not limited to shopkeeping, cashiering, banking & stock inventory. Important qualities: reliable, trustworthy, polite,honest, customerfriendly, non-smoker and nondrinker. Please email your cV to and application closes 17 March 2014 77217 / /1933

Nanny required Non smoker/non drinker, honest, reliable. cleaning and cooking required. Mail cV to 77221 /36572 /1931



minisTry oF inTernAl AFFAirs

Request for Proposal – Individual Contract for Local Consultants – Cook Island The United nations Development Programme (UnDP) hereby invites consultants to submit proposals for the following consultancy services • Biodiversity Mainstreaming and Protected Areas (PA) Field level local Consultant r2r Cook island • Social Economic and Institutional Expert Local Consultant r2r Cook island All interested consultants are invited to visit the following web link to access instructions and relevant documents: All proposals are to be submitted in the following manner; • Letter of interest and availability • Cover Letter • CVs including past working experience • Financial Proposal • All relevant documents must be submitted via email to before 5:00pm, saturday 15th march 2014. late proposals will not be considered. Any request for clariication must be sent in writing, or by standard electronic communication to this email: or org 77070

inFrAsTrUCTUre CooK islAnDs

minisTry oF inTernAl AFFAirs

Social Impact Fund (SIF) Project Funding The siF provides combined Cook islands and new Zealand support to Cook islands Civil society sector to meet the needs of those most vulnerable in the community and is focused on 6 priority areas: Gender equality, Children & youth, Disabilities, The elderly, Domestic violence and mental Health. The siF Board now invite proposals for Project Funding in the following eligible project areas • Community Education Projects • Training • Workshops • Awareness raising activities • Income generation •Organisational Strengthening Please note infrastructure projects and international travel are not encouraged, but will be considered on a case by case basis. For further inquiries please contact the siF manager on telephone 29378 or email angeline.tuara@cookislands. Ministry of Internal Afairs. The deadline for submission of Project Funding Application is Thursday 24 April 2014. no applications will be accepted after this date. 777

TENDER Rarotonga Road Network Improvements Supply and Construction of Road Network for Project City 3 Hotmix – Contract No. C13/13.2, Chip Seal – Contract No. C13/13.3 Under the Asian Development Bank economic recovery support Programme (ADB – ersP), the infrastructure Cook islands (iCi) is managing a number of projects related to water supply network upgrade and road network improvements on rarotonga. These contracts involve the improvements of road network within the areas from Panama through Avarua Township to Tupapa. A copy of each tender document can be collected during work hours from the ICI oice in Arorangi. Note that a non-refundable deposit of $200 will be required before each tender document is issued. Tenders close at 3pm Friday, 21 march 2014, and must be submitted to the ICI Oice in Arorangi in accordance with the requirements of the Tender Document. enquiries to: Tenga mana Project engineer email: Phone: +682 20321 77076


Monday, March 3, 2014 cook Islands News


Market day charmers

Housekeeping Full time position available – on the job training provided. Immediate start Front Oice Receptionist Full time position available for an honest, reliable, bubbly personality to join our team. Shift work available – evenings/ weekdays/weekends (roster rotates). RoomMaster knowledge an advantage. Ph: 23000 speak to Daena or Liana Email: 777

La Casita & Rickshaw. Muri Positions available: Supervisor with Bar skills, POS skills & Front of House experience Friendly, Well-spoken and welldressed essential. Waiters & Waitresses – experience preferred, training can be given Kitchen Hands – experience preferred Please phone: 26487 between 9a.m. – 2p.m Ask for Komera, Sue or Julie. Email refrences to : tamarind@ 777

CULTURAL DANCERS WANTED! Te Vara Nui’s recruitment process has begun for a limited time for male and female dancers who are passionate about our culture. Work in a great environment at Rarotonga’s top entertainment venue and earn a weekly wage doing something you love! Students welcome. Ph 24006 or 55579. 77206 / /2512

The big stage at the Punanga Nui market is a real drawcard for tourists and locals alike on saturdays as a variety of performers strut their stuf, with a fair bit of audience participation. And popular too is the photoshoot opportunity provided for visitors to have their picture taken with traditionally clad entertainers such as these young charmers. 14030228

All AROUND BEAUTICIAN- at least 5 yrs work a salon, reliable, hardworking, honest, customer-friendly and able to work with minimum supervision. Please email your cV at Application closes 17 March 2014.

Good news on tourism front


ENQUI R I ES and quotes for Cook Islands tourism products are up for this year and we can expect increased sales from Italy, Spain, France and UK over the next 12 months, according to Turama Paciic’s Robert Skews who is currently in Europe helping promote the islands as part of a Cook Islands delegation. “The indications from the trade are that Cook Islands have made steady ground with new

77216 / /1933

Paciic resort hotel Group A Great Place to Work... We are currently seeking the following: -Guest Service Agent -Porter / Security -Restaurant & Bar Staf -chefs and cooks -Team Leaders & Supervisors To apply email:rarotonga@paciicresort. com or contact Nan on 51724

representation in markets over the last 12 months (Changes in UK and Germany representation) and the results of that will filter through into sales this year,” he said. And this is before the major impact of the Air New Zealand safety video and Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary swimsuit shoot on aitutaki hits the european market. - Mark Ebrey

77225 / /1866

Male Baker, preferably with at least 5 yrs work the same ield that specializing in baking, pastry, and cake, hardworking, honest, team player and goal oriented person. Please email your cV to and the application closes 17 March 2014. 77241 / /1933

ACCOUNTS PERSON castaway Resort is looking for a Part-time Accounts person. Quickbooks experience is essential. We are prepared to pay a top hourly rate for a suitably qualiied person. Flexible hours of work: Monday - Friday (approx 20 hours per week) Please e-mail your application and cV to: Please call Michelle on PH:21546 or 57104 77258 / /1873

SITUATIONS VACANT FR Gym is looking for a full time Manager with a strong focus on Sales. The successful applicant will oversee all areas of operation of the Gym with emphasis on membership sales, promotions, retention of existing members, customer service, equipment maintenance, and facility cleanliness. A background in the health and itness industry is an advantage. Please submit your cV to: Remuneration will be determined by level of experience in management and or sales. 77286 / /2518

WANTED TO RENT Single man wants accommodation for June to August this year. 3 months. Near the beach in the south. Phone John 55097. 77242 / /1841

Autism Cook Islands Ph 24065/55976



Vacancy Clerk of the House of Ariki

The House of Ariki is seeking a qualiied, self-driven and highly motivated person with relevant experience for the position of Clerk of the House of Ariki. Applicants must have excellent written and spoken English and Cook Island Maori and will be expected to be knowledgeable on Cook islands maori traditions and customs. A job description can be obtained from the Oice of the Public service Commissioner. Applicants must deliver a cover letter and CV to Ms Rangi Tutai, Oice Assistant, Oice of the Public Service Commissioner or email the same to by 4pm on Friday 7th march 2014. Contact phone (682) 29421

FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

School and Tertiary Institute Vacancies Applications are invited from qualiied and experienced individuals for the following part-time positions: 1. Teacher Aide (eCe) - rutaki school 2. Teacher Aide (ie) – Takitumu school 3. Grounds/maintenance Person - Avatea school 4. Oice Secretary: Mangaia School 5. Training Broker (mangaia)– Ci Tertiary Training institute 6. Aitutaki school’s Guidance Counsellor (full time) based at Araura College. Job description and application forms available from the ministry website at: Please send cover letter, completed application forms with Cv and references to: Director - Human resources management, email Applications close on Friday 7th March 2014. 77184


Monday, March 3, 2014 cook Islands News



One of the top plays of the weekend was a blistering 60 metre sprint by talented Sharks winger Hugh Henry (who had just returned for an intense week of sevens training in Australia), chased down by Bears talent Morgan Wichman who downed his Sharks opponent just ive metres shy of the try line with a brilliant copy book tackle. 14030203

WhAT’soN Co ld stail


@ Aro’A BeAchside inn

st C ock

shipwreck hut




PhoNe 22166

sUnset bar-b-Q seafood Menu



@ aroabeachsideinnarorangi

Ph 22 166

Ph 23004

nUmanga SAtUrdAYS 6pm with -Jake on da kamaka Ukulele reservations required avarUa town oPeN MoNDAy To sUNDAy Tues Seafood Night – Entertainment Tani and Rose Thu Pub Night – Entertainment Tara Kauvai Sun BBQ – Entertainment Local String Band




Try our whole grill lobster! ed

Our food our passion 6pm till late


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 28619

oPeN DAILy for breakfast 8-10am AND LUNCh 12-2PM

open every evening


for al la carte dining eUropean foodwith pacific flavoUrs

@ 6pm

live entertainment!

Ph 20 002


Ph 26 860



Sunset BBQ w/ GARTH YOUNG - PIANO 6PM sunset Cocktails w/ W/RUDY AQUINO 5.30PM – 7.30PM Sat Seafood BBQ w/ JAkE NUMANGA - UkULELE 6PM



A Bears player storms over a Sharks defender in his team’s winning game on Friday.


Tani and Rose or Tara kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm



avarUa town Ph 22 279


11am to 2.30pm

5.30pm to 10pm 7 days

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

mon-Tue: $12.95 specials Thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat sunday: Tandoori night other nights: A-la-carte

$10.00 Dine in special

Eels’ creative director Bobby Hansen calmly leads his troops towards the try line.

The Book Thief “A masterful tale about life” –

MoN-WeD6.00PM 8.30PM


BEGINS ThURSDAY bigscreen,dolbysoUnd,UnbeatableblockbUstermovies Ph 189 for Updates on the movie hot line


every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999 or

Mau George of the Sharks takes it to the Bears.




Monday, March 3, 2014 cook Islands News




International Flights

MONdAy MArCh 3 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ19 LAX 7.00AM tueSdAy MArCh 4 NZ746/748 AKL 2.10PM vA163/162 AKL 11.55PM




1.05AM 8.15AM


3.10PM 1.05AM

Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR MONdAy MArCh 3 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 0900 AITUTAKI 0950 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1100 ATIU 1145 1330 MAUKE 1420 1600 MITIARO 1650




0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1205 1440 1710


1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1040 1250 1530 1800




TIARE MOANA 21 - ETD AUCk 2/03, ETA RARO 09/03, ETA AITUTAkI 11/03 OLOMANA 24 - ETD AUCk 08/03, ETA RARO 20/03, ETA AITUTAkI 22/03

Shipping TIARE MOANA 22 - ETD AUCk 22/03, ETA RARO 30/03, ETA AITUTAkI 1/4


RARO 1200

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands News






Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Saturday’s answer Answer to saturday’s puzzle

Answer to saturday’s puzzle

hÄgar the horrible

By Dik Browne



By Lee Falk & sy Barry



Me kai kava auraka e akaoro Weather Forecast to Midnight


Forecast Map 2pm Monday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: A northeast wind low prevails over southern Cooks. A northeast wind low prevails over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine. moderate northeast winds. moderate seas. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. moderate northeast winds. moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers.

Mon high 11.17AM 1.08M 11.43PM 1.05M



5.11AM -

Tue high






0.9m SW

0.24M 5.35PM 0.21M -

0.6m e n

12.03PM 1.08M

5.55AM 0.24M 6.21PM 0.21M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

nE 04kts New Moon Mar 30 8.45AM

First Quarter Mar 8 3.27AM

Full Moon Mar 16 7.09AM

sunshine hours

Third Quarter Mar 23 3.46AM


ArAPO - tIrOe mon 3 TaNu (Planting)

1.5m SW

TauTaI (Fishing)

Tanu i te meika. Plant bananas.

Po ika. Tautai i te nia ava. Fishing night. Fish at harbour mouth.

Front Key:




1.4m SW



Swell direction and size

outer Islands Weather outlook Monday, March 3, 2014

Humidity Mon

Rarotonga Monday, March 3, 2014



Mon sun rise 6.37AM sun set 7.05PM




Moon rise 9.03AM Moon set 9.00PM






Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.


sun rise


sun set 7.04PM

Moon rise 10.01AM Moon set 9.45PM


28° nE 04kts


27° nE 03kts


27° nE 04kts



27° nE 04kts

28° nE 05kts


27° nE 04kts


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More league action

—PAGE 12

Open mens & womens touch rugby —TODAY 5PM NIKAO

Eels stun the Bulldogs eels 30 vs Bulldogs 19 Bears 49 vs sharks 22 Warriors 26 vs Sea Eagles 26 GRIT, determination and self-

belief were certainly key ingredients that saw the Avatiu Eels premier men’s league team come from behind to down the Titikaveka Bulldogs and maintain their winning streak so far this season. While the Eels staunch supporters celebrated hard their team’s 30-19 win over the Bulldogs at the Titikaveka field – their start was far from perfect. In fact it was the Bulldogs that took to the pitch fired up and ready to do damage in front of their home crowd. Early Eels errors proved costly as the Bulldogs took full advantage of what seemed like a case of the nerves for the Eels. Six-nil up early in the game and the Bulldogs kicked up another gear with an outstanding frantic team try, a result of support players linking and keeping the ball alive. 12-nil up and the Bulldogs supporters were in full voice pushing their lads on. A drop goal by the Bulldogs put them on 13 points leaving the Eels supporters on the edge of their seat wondering when the Eels would begin to play. Their answer came just on the half time hooter when the brilliant Bruce Goldsworthy slipped across the chalk to inally get the

Eels on the scoreboard and in doing so starting up the comeback for the Avatiu boys. It was a well-deserved try for Goldsworthy who was earlier denied a try that was ruled a double movement. The Eels must have had the pep talk of their lives as they hit the second half hard and fast almost stunning the Bulldogs. As a side-line Eels supporter said, “the irst half was just for warming up their engine!” A busting Mark Charlie charged up the guts split the Bulldogs defence and with support players in tow offloaded to the side’s flying Fijian to dot down and close the gap of the Bulldogs lead to just one point 13-12. With momentum on their side the Eels kept on attacking with a second try to Goldsworthy and this one really ired up the Eels as they edged away from the Bulldogs on the scoreboard 18-13. It was never safe for the Eels to celebrate too long as the Bulldogs were always right on their tails and waiting for another error. But a penalty in favour of the Eels and the ball slotted between the goal put the Eels a further two points ahead 20-13. Another Eels, this time through Pita Tare had the Eels looking in control of the game

and the Bulldogs supporters biting their nails as their Eels counterparts had done in the irst half. With the scores at 24-13 that 13 point was starting to look like a bad luck omen for the Bulldogs until the Bulldogs broke through the Eels stronghold to get back in the game 24-19 and putting everyone at the Titikaveka ield on the edge of their seat. Another penalty goal for the Eels edged them ahead 26-19 but it wasn’t enough for comfort. As they wound down with and Bulldogs giving it their all it was a nervous time for all. A conident Eels pack surged forward with Bobby Hansen, seeing his wing open, ired the ball out wide to Christopher Kapi, who pinned his ears back and charged the line to score in the corner for his side and redeeming himself from early errors. The try put his team at ease as they held off the Bulldogs for 10 more minutes before the hooter signalled the end of an epic match. The Eels superior itness also made the difference on the day but the Bulldogs were soldiers for their club and are certainly posing a threat to any team they face. Meanwhile on Friday at Raemaru Park – the Arorangi Bears put ground out a 49-22 win over the visiting Aitutaki Sharks. The Sharks were hot on the Bears’ tail earlier in the piece with some brilliant play seen by returning sevens player Hugh

henry. However, it was the more organised Bears pack that were stronger on the day pulling away

to comfortably win the match. it is once again back to the drawing board for the Sharks who are determined to stamp

their name in the competition but lacking the player depth to get across the line. - Matariki Wilson

Eels stalwart Louis Nicholas crash bangs through a Titikaveka Bulldogs defender in an intense battle on saturday where the eels emerged victors. 14030216

HASH out west HASH House Harriers will meet

in Arorangi for this evening’s run. Hares will be Grounded & hostessa. Venue is main road opposite

the Edgewater villas entrance next to CrossFit gym. The run commences at 5:30pm and all runners and walkers are welcome.

Eels defenders block Sailosi Nagi of the Bulldogs from advancing. 14030205

Charging Mark Charlie made the crucial break in the second half to set up a try for his Eels team and in doing so ired up his side to down the Bulldogs 30-19. 14030210

Monday 3 March  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Monday, March 3, 2014