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$2 Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cyclone Mike Kiwi company gets leaves little big solar contract in its wake Plenty of work for

APART from blowing off part of

a roof in Aitutaki, Tropical Cyclone Mike caused little damage as it passed quickly through the Southern Cooks, authorities say. The category one cyclone was already well south of Mangaia and Rarotonga by yesterday afternoon but a strong wind warning remained in force. Cook islands Police Service activated its Emergency Operations Centre at 10pm on Tuesday and logged all reports of damage from the cyclone. Superintendent Aka Matapo said the most serious report was from Aitutaki, where one house had part of its roof blown off. The home belongs to a local police oficer but no one was inside at the time. Matapo said the powerful winds toppled some trees and threw debris around on the island. A few power lines were damaged in Atiu but there were no other reports of damage in the outer islands, he said. “There was nothing serious in Rarotonga apart from we closed the road at the seawall (in Nikao) from 11:05pm Tuesday until 6:20am wednesday. The waves were coming up onto the road,” Matapo said. High seas washed debris up over the road at Avarua wharf and police called on infrastructure Cook islands and the Fire Service to clean it up. Matapo said the cyclone brought much-needed rain for Rarotonga. “i think there are a lot of blessings for us. we got some rain – that’s what we needed more than anything else.” He praised the community for its quick response to the cyclone announcement and the way businesses erected their window shutters. “Sometimes being overcautious is good.” Otheniel Tangianau, director of the Pa Enua Division at the Prime Minister’s Ofice, also reported that Cyclone Mike had

little impact on the outer islands. He said Mangaia suffered no damage apart a few fallen trees and Aitutaki had high winds but no serious consequences. Cook islands Meteorological Service Director Arona Ngari said he was happy to advise that there are no more threatening low pressure systems in the region for now. “There are convergence zones and trough lines that will give cloud build-ups and gusty conditions and rain but only in localized areas. This rules out any threatening systems for the Cook islands.” As of 3:30pm yesterday, a strong wind warning remained in force for all the Southern Cook islands. - BCS

A Kiwi company has been

awarded the contract to build a large solar power system at Rarotonga international Airport, starting next month. As part of the Cook islands Renewable Energy Project, a new 961kw array of photovoltaic panels is being constructed to the west of the airport runway. wellington-based company NETcon international will be leading the job, supported by local subcontractors Andersons Limited and Mike Rennie Builders. “i am very pleased to report that a large proportion of the construction work will be undertaken by local Cook island companies,” said Elizabeth wright-Koteka, the Prime Min-


From the tropics to the snow in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan, where NETcon International worked in partnership with Sustainable Energy Services International to build solar farms from the Bamyan Renewable Energy Project. The project was funded by the NZ Ministry of Foreign Afairs & Trade. 14021923



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Avatiu Wharf • Tel 22060 • Mob 54560 •


fuel imports per year,” said wright-Koteka. To work in the Cook islands, NETcon will have to apply to the Business Trade investment Board for registration to operate as a foreign-owned enterprise. The New Zealand High Commission and Ofice of the Prime Minister welcomed the deal with NETcon. “New Zealand is working in partnership with the Cook islands’ Government to boost renewable energy use across the islands. The goal is to provide eficient, reliable, safe, affordable, and sustainable electric-

ister’s Chief of Staff. She said the contract was awarded to NETcon through “an open and competitive tender process”. work on the project will kick off in April and the system will be connected to the island’s electricity distribution system in September. it will provide 1413 megawatt-hours of electricity per year, which is about ive per cent of the island’s annual electricity generation. “it is estimated that this development will lead to a reduction of 370,000 litres of diesel

Young Afghanis take an interest in the solar power materials awaiting assembly by NETcon International in Bamyan Province.



local ‘subbies’

ity,” said High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers. The Government has set ambitious targets for 50 per cent renewable energy by 2015 and 100 per cent by 2020. As part of the Cook islands Renewable Energy Project, six photovoltaic-diesel systems will be built to provide around 95 per cent of the Northern Group’s electricity demand. “The projects on the Northern Group will enable the 2015 target to be reached ahead of schedule,” said wright-Koteka. NETcon is a subsidiary of Alpine Energy Ltd, which owns and operates the electricity distribution network in South Canterbury, New Zealand. - Ben Chapman-Smith








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Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News

worldNEwS nuti no TEiA NEi AO Fake prince floors fitter A FAcebook user posing as britain’s Prince Harry has conned an Austrian loor itter out of thousands of euros. The fake prince offered the workman a million-euro contract to renovate the parquet loors at Buckingham Palace. The tradesman then transferred 27,500 euros (NZ$44,400) to several Uk bank accounts, which the fraudster said was necessary to set up a british business. on Friday, the floor-fitter eventually went to see police after not hearing back from the fake prince for more than two weeks. but authorities in the province of burgenland have told the loor-itter that his chances of getting his money back are “slim”.

Relatives frustrated chaotic scenes as family members stopped from talking to reporters KUALA LUMPUR – Frustration with the search for missing light MH370 boiled over into chaotic scenes as Chinese relatives were dragged away from journalists. They were attempting to speak to Chinese journalists outside the daily press conference in Kuala Lumpur. A BBC reporter was pushed away from the relatives, who were carrying banners criticising the handling of the case. Teams from 26 countries are trying to find flight MH370, which went missing on 8 March with 239 people on board. One of the relatives, a middle-

world BRiEFS THAILAND LIFTS STATE OF EMERGENCY THAILAND – Thailand is to lift its state of emergency as tensions ease following weeks of anti-government protests. Oicials say the emergency decree will be replaced by the Internal Security Act. The 60-day emergency decree, imposed on 22 January in Bangkok and surrounding provinces, gave the government wide-ranging powers to deal with disorder. Anti-government protesters want PM Yingluck Shinawatra to resign. At the height of the demonstrations in which at least 23 peopledied, protesters shut down key road junctions in Bangkok and blockaded government ministries. Numbers have fallen in recent weeks, however, and the protesters are now mainly occupying a city-centre park.

MASKED MEN BEAT UP MEDIA EXECUTIVES HONG KONG – Masked men armed with metal bars have attacked and injured two newspaper executives on the street in Hong Kong, sparking fresh concern about press freedom. The victims work for the Hong Kong Morning News, which is being launched later this year. The incident happened on the day police charged two men following the stabbing of a former editor, Kevin Lau, in an attack in February. Hong Kong’s Foreign correspondents’ club said: “This latest incident only underscores the deepening shadows being cast over the media landscape in Hong Kong from violence, intimidation and interference by political and commercial interests.”

MAFIA HIT TAKES OUT MOTHER AND CHILD ITALY – In Italy, boy of two and his mother were killed during a bloody Maia machine-gun hit on a convicted mob killer. The woman’s other two young sons were the only witnesses to the vicious attack that killed Italian murderer cosimo Orlando, 43, his girlfriend carla Maria Fornari, 30, and her young son Domenico Orlando. The two surviving children, aged six and seven, are now under guard at a secret safe house. The three victims died when hitmen forced Orlando’s car of the road in the southern Italian region of Puglia. Assassins sprayed the front seats of the car with machine-gun ire where the child was sitting on his mother’s lap.

aged woman, cried: “They give different messages every day! where’s the flight now? Find our relatives! Find the aircraft!” The Malaysian government said later it regretted the scenes and ordered an investigation, saying “one can only imagine the anguish they are going through”. The BBC’s Jonah Fisher faced a wall of police when trying to speak to relatives after the news conference in Kuala Lumpur. During the daily briefing, Malaysia’s acting transport minister rejected reports that emerged on Tuesday that the plane had been spotted in the Maldives. A local councillor on the island of Kudahuvadhoo said that about 10 people described seeing a large aeroplane some hours after it disappeared. The acting transport minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, also said the authorities had investigated almost all the passengers and crew of the plane, but had so far found no information of signiicance. Malaysian police chief Khalid Abu also said some data had been deleted from the flight simulator found at captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s home and that investigators were trying to recover the deleted iles. Hussein stressed the captain should be considered innocent until proven guilty and that members of his family were co-operating with the investigation. Deleting files would not necessarily be suspicious, particularly if it were to free up memory space. Responding to complaints among relatives of those on board that they are not being kept fully informed, the Malaysian authorities said they would send a team to Beijing to liaise with Chinese families waiting for news. - BBC

Relatives of passengers from missing Malaysia Airlines light MH370 are escorted away from the media by police at the start of a press conference near Kuala Lumpur International Airport. AFP

Son-in-law stands trial NEw YORK – A man accused of being al-Qaeda’s spokesman after the 9/11 attacks on the US has taken the stand in his own defence at his trial in New York. Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, 48, is Osama Bin Laden’s son-in-law. He has pleaded not guilty to charges he conspired to kill Americans, and his defence lawyers say he had no advance knowledge of the attacks. The case is one of the highestproile terrorism trials in a US civilian court.

On wednesday, speaking through an interpreter Abu Ghaith testiied he travelled to Afghanistan in June 2001 because he had a “serious desire to get to know the new islamic government” there. At the time, Afghanistan was nominally controlled by the Taliban islamist militia. Despite knowing Bin Laden was suspected in terrorist attacks, Abu Ghaith said he heeded the al-Qaeda leader’s summons while in the country.

“i wanted to see what he had, what is it he wanted,” he said. Abu Ghaith said Bin Laden wanted the Kuwaiti-born preacher to reach the hearts of al-Qaeda recruits, to show them another side of life outside the harsh existence at the group’s Afghanistan training camps. Prosecutors have argued Mr Abu Ghaith used the “murderous power of his words” to rally militants against America after the 11 September 2001 attacks. - BBC

Two killed by WW1 bomb YPRES – A shell or grenade buried in Belgium since world war One, has exploded, killing two people. At least two more were injured, one of whom is in critical condition. The device was set off as workmen at a building site in Ypres were trying to dig it up. A strategic town, Ypres was shelled by German forces for most of the war and unexploded

weapons are often found there. The area, where a factory is being built, has been sealed off and local explosives experts have been brought in. Thousands of explosives from the 1914-1918 war still lie buried in and around Ypres, yet to be discovered. Every year the former battleields of western Belgium throw up hundreds of Great war arma-

ments. Most are destroyed without incident by a special Belgian army bomb squad. Despite that, several hundred people have been killed in similar explosions since the end of the war. The Flanders battlefields cover dozens of cities where Allied forces clashed with their Germany enemies for most of the war. - BBC

Chairful protest

PRINCE KNIGHTS KATE’S GYNAECOLOGIST ENGLAND – The man who delivered baby Prince George has been knighted for services to the British Royal Family. Gynaecologist Sir Marcus Setchell received his honour from proud dad Prince William. Afterwards, Setchell said William told him George was a “bouncing baby”. He said about working for the Queen and her family: “Well of course it’s a great honour and it’s very nice that I was able to serve her for 24 years and that the culmination of it was that Prince George should be born. “Being a gynaecologist and obstetrician must be one of the nicest jobs in the world. Setchell served for 24 years as the Queen’s surgeon-gynaecologist before retiring last year.

ROLLING STONES POSTPONE TOUR AUSTRALIA – The Rolling Stones have postponed their Australia and New Zealand tour after the death of Sir Mick Jagger’s girlfriend L’Wren Scott. In a statement on their website, the band thanked fans for their support. They said: “The Rolling Stones are deeply sorry and disappointed to announce the postponement of the rest of their 14 On Fire tour of Australia and New Zealand following the death of L’Wren Scott. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood wish to thank all of their fans for their support at this diicult time and hope that they will fully understand the reason for this announcement.” The Rolling Stones are planning to reschedule these postponed shows at a later date.

Today’s Daily Bread After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.

Matthew 7:21-29 7:26 read: read: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Text: Matthew Text: Verse 17

Protesters from anti-China activist groups use chairs to block the entrance to the Taiwanese Parliament during a parliamentary session, in Taipei. hundreds of college students and anti-China demonstrators occupied the parliament to protest the ruling party’s decision to pass new trade and services agreements with China. AFP


Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News

worldNEwS nuti no TEiA NEi AO

Ukraine to withdraw from Crimea Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov and Crimean parliament speaker Vladimir Konstantinov celebrate in the Kremlin after signing a treaty on the ukrainian Black Sea Crimea peninsula becoming part of russia. AFP

Innocent serial killer released STOCKHOLM – A man once con-

sidered one of Sweden’s most prolific serial killers has been released. The move came after the authorities ruled that his eight murder convictions were based on false confessions. Sture Bergwall, now 63, has been held in psychiatric detention for more than 20 years. He confessed to more than 30 killings over three decades and was convicted of eight.

He retracted his confessions six years ago, saying that when he made them he was heavily medicated and seeking attention. All of his convictions, handed down in a series of trials between 1994 and 2001, were overturned after prosecutors said they had no other evidence linking him to the deaths, some of which may not even have been murders. “He has been detained for

20 years in a locked psychiatric clinic. it is a miscarriage of justice,” his lawyer Thomas Olsson said. After his convictions were quashed, Mr Bergwall was still kept at the mental institution until a court could decide whether his mental health was good enough to free him. Now a court in Falun in central Sweden has ruled that although he still suffered from a personality disorder and should

continue to receive psychiatric care, he no longer needed to be held in a secure unit. The case has gripped Sweden for years and the government launched a commission of inquiry last November into possible failings in the legal system that may have resulted in Bergwall’s convictions. His lawyer said Bergwall will now start looking at whether to seek damages. - BBC

Si M FEROPOL – Ukraine is drawing up plans to withdraw its soldiers and their families from Crimea, Kiev’s security chief says. Andriy Parubiy said they wanted to move them “quickly and efficiently” to mainland Ukraine. Earlier, pro-Russian forces seized two naval bases– including Ukraine navy’s HQ – in Crimea. Kiev says its navy chief has been detained. it comes a day after Crimean leaders signed a treaty with Moscow absorbing the peninsula into Russia. A referendum in Crimea on Sunday, approving its split from Ukraine, came nearly a month after Kiev’s pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych was replaced by western-leaning interim authorities. Parubiy, in a news conference, set out more details on Kiev’s position in light of the events in Crimea. “we are developing a plan that would enable us not only to withdraw servicemen, but also members of their families in Crimea, so that they could be quickly and efficiently moved to mainland Ukraine,” he said. He said the arrangements were now being set up to introduce visas for Russian nationals travelling to Ukraine. And he said Kiev was seeking UN support to “proclaim Crimea a demilitarised zone”, which would involve the withdrawal of Russian troops and the “relocation of Ukrainian troops to continental Ukraine as well as facilitate evacuation of all the civilian population who

are unwilling to remain on the occupied territory”. Ukraine is also leaving the Moscow-led Commonwealth of independent States (CiS) alliance, and is preparing for military exercises with the US and the UK, Parubiy added. Meanwhile, a deadline set by Ukraine’s interim President Olexander Turchynov for the release of navy chief Serhiy Hayduk has passed. He earlier said that unless Hayduk and “all the other hostages – both military and civilian ones – were released, the authorities would carry out an adequate response of a technical and technological nature”. it is not clear exactly what he means, but it could involve the electricity or water that Ukraine supplies to Crimea Kiev said Hayduk was detained soon after Ukraine’s naval headquarters was stormed by some 200 pro-Russian activists, some armed, in Sevastopol – the port city which is also home to Russia’s Black Sea leet. They were filmed going through offices, removing Ukrainian insignia and replacing Ukraine’s lag with the Russian tricolour. The crisis in Crimea is expected to dominate a meeting of European Union leaders who meet in Brussels on Thursday. Both the EU and the US have already imposed sanctions on several oficials from Russia and Ukraine accused of involvement in Moscow’s actions in Crimea. Moscow said any expansion of sanctions was “unacceptable and will not remain without consequences”. - BBC

How can an airliner just disappear? wELLi NGTON – The plane must be somewhere. But the same can be said for Amelia Earhart’s. Thirteen days after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared with 239 people aboard, an exhaustive international search has produced no sign of the Boeing 777, raising an unsettling question – what if the airplane is never found? Such an outcome, while considered unlikely by many experts, would certainly torment the families of those missing. it would also lummox the airline industry, which will struggle to learn lessons from the incident if it doesn’t know what happened. while rare nowadays, history is not short of such mysteries – from the most famous of all, American aviator Earhart, to planes and ships disappearing in the so-called Bermuda Triangle. “when something like this happens that confounds us, we’re offended by it, and we’re scared by it,” said Ric Gillespie, a former US aviation accident investigator who wrote a book about Earhart’s still-unsolved 1937 disappearance over the Paciic Ocean. “we had the illusion of control and it’s just been shown to us that oh, folks, you know

what? A really big airliner can just vanish. And nobody wants to hear that.” Part of the problem, said Andrew Thomas, the editor-inchief of the Journal of Transportation Security, is that airline systems are not as sophisticated as many people might think. A case in point, he said, is that airports and airplanes around the world use antiquated radar tracking technology, irst developed in the 1950s, rather than modern GPS systems. A GPS system might not have solved the mystery of Flight 370, which disappeared March 8 while lying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing. But it would probably have given searchers a better read on the plane’s last known location, Thomas said. “There are lots of reasons why they haven’t changed, but the major one is cost,” he said. “The next-generation technology would cost $70 to $80 billion in the US.” Experts say the plane’s disappearance will likely put pressure on airlines and governments to improve the way they monitor planes, including handoff procedures between countries. Flight 370 vanished after it signed off with Malaysian airtraffic controllers, and never made contact with their Vi-

etnamese counterparts as it should have. And if the plane is never found, liability issues will be a huge headache for courts. with no wreckage, it would be dificult to determine whether the airline, manufacturers or other parties should bear the brunt of responsibility. “The international aviation legal system does not anticipate the complete disappearance of an aircraft,” said Brian Havel, a law professor and director of the international Aviation Law institute at DePaul University in Chicago. “we just don’t have the tools for that at present.” The families of the missing, of course, would face the most painful consequences of a failed search. “in any kind of death, the most important matter for relatives and loved ones is knowing the context and circumstances,” said Kevin Tso, the chief executive of New Zealand agency Victim Support, which has been counselling family and friends of the two New Zealand passengers aboard the light. “when there’s very little information, it’s very dificult.” Tso said the abundance of speculation about the plane’s fate in the media and elsewhere is not helpful to the families, who may be getting false hope

It seems inconceivable that a missing modern jet airliner and all on board might never be found, but the search for Amelia Earhart and her Lockheed Electra still continues after 77 years. that their loved ones are still alive. it has been nearly 50 years since a plane carrying more than two dozen people vanished without a trace, according to a list of unexplained aviation disappearances tracked by the Flight Safety Foundation. An Argentine military plane carrying 69 people disappeared in 1965 and has never been found. Earhart, the irst female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean, vanished over the Pacific with Fred Noonan during an attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Seven decades later, people are still transixed. Theories range from her

simply running out of fuel and crashing to her staging her own disappearance and secretly returning to the US to live under another identity. There is also an ongoing fascination with the Bermuda Triangle, where several ships and planes disappeared, including a squadron of ive torpedo bombers in 1945. Studies have indicated the area is no more dangerous than any other stretch of ocean. More than two dozen countries are involved in the effort to ind Flight 370 and end the uncertainty, with dozens of aircraft and boats searching along a vast arc where investigators believe

the plane ended up, judging by signals received by a satellite. Gillespie and other experts said they expect the plane will eventually be found, even if investigators have to wait until some wreckage washes ashore. “we all expect we’re going to ind this plane and the chances are probably pretty good that we’ll find something,” said Phaedra Hise, a pilot and author of ‘Pilot Error: The Anatomy of a Plane Crash’. “But you know, i think everyone thought that about Amelia Earhart as well. we know there’s a chance that we may never ind out what happened. which is a little scary, isn’t it?” - AP


Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News

regionalNEwS nuti no TE PA ENUA

Prison-like conditions described Inquiry hears from detainees as three suicide attempts reported LORENGAU – An asylum seeker has described prison-like conditions and eating bread infested with worms at the Manus island detention centre in Papua New Guinea. A 25-year-old iraqi man was the first asylum-seeker to testify on wednesday at a human rights inquiry into conditions at the Australian-run detention centre. He told the inquiry there

was no sun and no room to play sport in Delta Compound, so people stayed in their rooms. in Oscar compound, where 50 men slept in a dormitory, there was no privacy and just a recreational area, he said. Asked about the food, he said it was miserable and that people had to pick worms out of the bread before eating it. He also described a visit by Australian immigration Minis-

paciic BRIEFS O’NEILL REPLACES SACKED TREASURER PAPUA NEW GUINEA – The Papua New Guinea government has named Patrick Pruaitch as the new Treasurer. The appointment comes after Don Polye was sacked as Treasurer last week by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. Pruaitch is the leader of the National Alliance party, which is one of the key coalition partners in the O’Neill-led government. He previously held big portolios such as Finance and Treasury in the former Somare government. Pruaitch was suspended as Treasurer in 2010 after being referred to a leadership tribunal over allegations of misconduct in oice. Pruaitch vacates the position of Forestry Minister which is to be taken up by Douglas Tomuriesa from the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party of sacked Don Polye.

MORE wOMEN wANTED IN POLICE wORK FIJI – Melanesian police have set new targets to get more women in their police forces. Police commissioners from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New caledonia have been meeting at their fourth conference in Nadi this week. Fiji’s Police commissioner, Ravi Narayan, says some countries have been leading the way, such as Solomon Islands, which currently has a female acting police commissioner. He says Fiji is looking to increase women’s involvement to 30 per cent, but the MSG group have set 20 per cent as a goal. “We want to see that women progress in their careesr and that they’re part of every police operation in every ield or division we have.”

PROGRESS MADE ON REGIONAL POLICE UNIT FIJI – Police commissioners from around Melanesia say signiicant progress has been made on a regional police academy. The Regional Police Unit will be based in Fiji and will cater for up to 160 police oicers. The commissioners from Melanesian Spearhead Group countries meeting in Fiji also agreed to report to the United Nations on the setting up of a Formed Police Unit as a regional police force ready to be deployed to UN missions. Fiji’s Police commissioner, Ravi Narayan, says the MSG is still looking for funding, but hopes to provide a service for all the Paciic. Narayan says a working committee on the academy will meet in Vanuatu in a month’s time and report back to the MSG.

CALL TO ROUND UP ILLEGAL wEAPONS AMERIcAN SAMOA – An American Samoa senator has suggested a round up of illegal weapons in the territory before local police oicers are armed. Soliai Tuipine says illegal weapons have been used openly during funerals or title bestowal ceremonies and he says the Department of Public Safety should move immediately after the ceremonies to coniscate them. The territory is set to start arming some oicers this year and as part of raising community awareness legislators in the Senate Public Safety committee were shown photos of weapons collected. The weapons included an AK47, machine guns, automatic pistols and an Uzi.

YOUNG wOMEN KILLING UNwANTED BABIES VANUATU – A Vanuatu chief says it is young women that move to town from rural areas who are most likely to become pregnant and leave their new born babies to die. The Tanna chief has said authorities have retrieved babies from bushes, toilets, rubbish bins, and one mother fed her new born to a dog. A spokesperson, Peter Kalmos Kalonpan, says it is not very common but stricter penalties should be introduced as a deterrent. He says these could include community work and serving a chief for a period with weeding and gardening. Kalonpan says it is usually young women from rural areas. “Most of them come from the old islands of Vanuatu getting into drugs, getting into alcohol and ending up having sexual relationships with partners they may come across. Most of them ended up getting pregnant.”

poor widow scratches way to $30,000 FIJI – A Fiji widow with four children is $30,000 richer after a lucky scratch at a lotto in Ba on International Women’s Day last week. Fiji Tattslotto executive director Graeme Brown said the woman would not be named until she was oicially handed her cheque this week. “She is a 52-year-old widow with two girls and two boys and is from Varadoli in Ba,” he said. “She was so happy and kept repeating ‘thirty thousand!’ then said the money would be shared by her children and used to renovate their home.”

ter Scott Morrison, who he said told asylum seekers not to even dream of coming to Australia. Another detrainee, a 22-yearold Somali man, told Justice Cannings he lived in a constant state of fear following the fatal riot at the centre on February 17. “what do you fear?” Justice Cannings asked. “Many people, they will kill me,” the man said. “who?” Justice David Cannings said. “The people who killed Reza,” the man replied. The man, who told the court he fled Somalia five years ago after being targeted for recruitment by terrorist network AlShabab, became upset when asked if he was given any indication of how long he’d stay at the centre. “Every time i ask about the process, they say don’t know, long time,” he said.

‘Today two people try to suicide, they cut their hands because of PNG justice report he said people are healthy in camp.’ “i am not a criminal. Even if i was a criminal the court would sentence me for a certain time.” The inquiry, initiated by Justice Cannings, is examining the conditions at the detention centre and whether detainees are being denied their human rights. Justice Cannings visited the centre on Tuesday and said the atmosphere was “very tense”. He said there was little space

for exercise, the dormitories were cramped and the dining facilities were not overly clean. The medical facilities were clean, he said, and well organised. Lawyers for the PNG government say the asylum seekers seemed healthy, well-nourished, clean and appropriately clothed. However, the The Age reports that there have been three apparent suicide attempts on Manus island, as detainees continue to protest against poor conditions and the lack of progress in processing their asylum claims. On Tuesday afternoon two iranian men, aged between 23 and 25, are believed to have cut themselves with razors in the men’s bathroom in the Foxtrot Compound. An iranian asylum seeker who witnessed the incident

said the men from the Ahwazi minority group had become angry after the judge heading the Papua New Guinea inquiry, Justice David Canning, toured the centre and described the asylum seekers as appearing healthy and well nourished. “Today two people try to suicide, they cut their hands because of PNG justice report he said people are healthy in camp,” he wrote in a Facebook message to a refugee advocate. Then on Monday night an Afghan asylum seeker tried to hang himself in his room after returning from quarantine. Another iranian asylum seeker wrote in a separate message: “Our most important problem is that we are all under mental and spiritual tortures.” The hearings continue in Lorengau, the Manus island capital. - PNC sources

Video alleges police brutality Inquiry called after clip shows police dogs attacking PNG man PORT MORESBY – A video of alleged police brutality has emerged showing police dogs, held on leashes by their handlers, attacking an unarmed man in Papua New Guinea. The graphic footage has drawn calls for a full inquiry from both Papua New Guinea and overseas. PNG police say if someone reports the incident, they will investigate. The unveriied video appears to have been ilmed by a police oficer on a mobile phone. The video which lasts just over a minute, begins with the man in shorts and a t-shirt seated on patchy ground next to a road, in front of a police truck. He is surrounded by at least ive men, three of them holding a dog on a leash. The dogs are encouraged to lunge forward attacking the man, biting at his limbs and back, dragging him along to ground.

He gets up and moves away but is followed by the dogs and their handlers. A few moments later he gets free and runs off into nearby trees. Amnesty’s Sara Saleh told Guardian Australia incidents of police brutality were “not uncommon” in PNG. in 2013, P N G supreme court justice David Cannings launched a human rights inquiry into reports of police assaults on more than 70 men in the one incident. it is unknown whether the unidentiied man on the video sought treatment. “That’s why we would be calling on an independent investigation. So they can ind out exactly what happened,” Saleh said. The video was uploaded to YouTube ive days ago and published on the PNG Edge website on Tuesday. PNG Edge says the man is an alleged drug dealer. “This appalling incident

‘One of the things that struck with me about the video was the screams of the man as the dogs bit into him and tore his shirt off.’ raises serious questions about police brutality,” said Amnesty international’s Roseann Rife. “The Papua New Guinea authorities must act on this shocking footage and immediately initiate an independent investigation. “Torture is unacceptable under any circumstances and those responsible must be brought to justice,” Rife said. “The seriousness of this incident is highlighted by this man’s humiliation and his screams of pain. It is dificult to watch.” Amnesty’s Crisis Response Campaign Co-ordinator Michael Hayworth told the ABC

he’s appalled by the level of violence shown in the video. “i’ve never seen anything quite so shocking as alleged members of the PNG police forces setting dogs on an unarmed man,” he said. “One of the things that struck with me about the video was the screams of the man as the dogs bit into him and tore his shirt off.” Hayworth says an inquiry should be launched as soon as possible. “Certainly the video hasn’t been veriied but that just underlines the need for an investigation. we need to see this incident investigated, independently, and impartially by the PNG Government.” PNG’s Deputy Police Commissioner Simon Kauba says authorities will act once a complaint has been lodged. “we have not received any report in relation to the issue you’ve quoted,” he said. “But we would love to get to the bottom of it – if it was reported, we would investigate.” - ABC/PNC

Support for missile system SAiPAN – Some Northern Marianas lawmakers expressed support this week to a Guam legislative resolution asking US President Barack Obama and Congress to permanently place a missile defence system in Guam to protect US island territories and its neighbouring Micronesian islands. “i respect Guam for adopting the resolution. i agree that a permanent missile defence system should be placed there since Guam has existing military bases and it only makes sense,” CNMi Senate President Ralph Torres told the Saipan Tribune. Torres said the Senate will discuss the resolution during their session on Thursday. Guam Senator Tina Rose Muna Barnes transmitted of the CNMi Legislature a copy its Resolution 186-32, adopted by the Guam Legislature on

February 1. Resolution 186-32 “respectfully requests the United States Congress to permanently station a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system and a Patriot Missile Defense System in Guam”. The resolution says the missile system would serve to protect the people of Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas islands, the neighbouring islands throughout Micronesia – and the AsiaPaciic region. A CNMi representative Trenton Conner, chairman of the House Committee on Foreign and Federal Relations, said this “should have been done a long time” ago. “it’s about time. The safety and well-being of our people should have been their utmost priority,” Conner said.

The THAAD system is the world’s newest land-based strategic missile defence system with the capability to intercept and destroy long-range ballistic missiles inside or outside the atmosphere during its inal or terminal phase of light. On April 4, 2013, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel signed an order to deploy a THAAD system to Guam in response to North Korea’s threats of launching a nuclear, ballistic missile attack targeting Guam. Guam senators said a 2012 assessment report states that a THAAD system would be best suited to protect military bases in Guam and Japan from a North Korean attack. A Patriot Missile Defense System, meanwhile, is a mobile, ground-based interceptor with sites throughout the globe that targets UAV, cruise missiles, and

short-range ballistic missiles. Guam senators believe that the island’s strategic location contributes to the “US national defence posture in the Asia-Paciic region”. Guam is home to some 160,000 US citizens and major military base installations of the US Navy and the US Air Force. Throughout the year, Guam hosts a number of joint training operations and exercises for the US Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and the Navy, indicative of Guam being one of the nation’s most strategic forward-operating bases in the Asia-Paciic region. Guam senators believe that the permanent installation of a missile defence system in Guam “would effectively serve to deter aggression and sustain peace in the region.” - Saipan Tribune


Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News


The TX5411 – truly a heavyweight workhorse. 14021922

Look at that deck space – enough to carry your extended family, the neighbours’ family and half the local school. 14031920

Foton – heavyweights at competitive price The irst thing you notice when you climb up into the cab of the new foton truck is the scale of things. These are no lightweights. This is relected in the rated payload of the TX5411, according to the manufacturer, which is enough to cart around three and a half suzuki Carry light-trucks on the back. This efectively excludes the foton as a family run-around, although, given the generous deck dimensions you could get your extended family, the neighbours’ family and half the local school on the back. The next thing that quickly comes to your attention is the engine. After a turn-of-the-key the big 4.0l diesel bursts in to life with a real deep big-truck engine note. This truck has a whopping 360 newton metre torque and sounds like the real deal. its younger sibling – the fl5811– which ironically boasts the larger payload, is equipped with the smaller 3.5 diesel. so why does the smaller engine have the bigger rated payload you ask? Well it comes with pneumatic brakes. in our language that’s air

brakes; the type that frightens the daylights out of children when the bus pulls up at the bus stop. in theory they’re more efective, hence the bigger payload. The last thing that struck me while on a road test was the air conditioning. i haven’t seen air conditioning this efective in a long time. it was more than enough to give me a serious case of goose bumps. i road tested the vehicle before this nasty weather came along and it was a welcome relief to the oppressive heat. Commercial operators will be thanked by their staf for this little luxury. The foton Aumarks now on display at Rarocars ill a unique market according to Wayne barclay. He says they will appeal to commercial operators; especially those who want a superior performance for a competitive price, as they come well under what is currently available on the market with the fl5811 priced at $25,500 and the larger brother TX4511 priced at $27,450. for more details contact the team at Rarocars on 22060.


foton motor Co ltd was founded in 1996 with its headquarters in beijing China. foton makes commercial trucks in a joint venture with daimler AG and, in march 2006, announced the creation of a 50-50 venture company with Cummins to produce light duty diesel engines. They have more than 40,000 employees and also manufacture buses, sport utility vehicles and agricultural machinery. in 2012 foton sold over 621,000 units, making them the top selling commercial vehicle manufacturer in China. Within seven years foton’s objective strategy is to become one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world.

RaRocaRs mAKinG THE dEsiRAblE AffORdAblE

Avatiu Wharf • Tel 22060 • Mob 54560 •


$27$,48,05000 dEP .00 WKly $182

fOTOn AUmARK fl5811


dEP $8,0 0 WKly $1 0 60.00



Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News


Cabinet needs to Phone never off the hook ix ‘anomalies’

wHiLE supporting political reform “in principle”, the opposition Democratic Party says the ruling government must address a number of issues it has identified with a cabinet proposal on overhauling the make-up of Parliament. Demo leader wilkie Rasmussen and party president Sean willis met with lawyer Tim Arnold and Education and Tourism Minister Teina Bishop -– who first presented a reform proposal in December which was submitted to Cabinet – on Tuesday to discuss the issue. Bishop recently travelled to the islands of Aitutaki, Atiu, and Mangaia with Prime Minister Henry Puna, where it is believed they were attempting to gauge support for their proposal which includes reducing seats in those islands, with an overall reduction in the number of parliamentary seats to 20 from 24. After reviewing a draft bill during Tuesday’s meeting that would legislate the changes, Rasmussen released a statement which he said reflected the party’s position and encompassed the collective views of the Demo caucus and executive. “with the current proposal by the Government, we see a number of anomalies which we will have to address, while the Government needs to look at those anomalies,” said Rasmussen. Referring to the issues identified with the Cabinet proposal, Rasmussen said Aitutaki would not have any electoral boundaries with the planned

opposition leader Wilkie rasmussen. 14031902 changes, “so it actually purports to give Aitutaki two votes not one vote.” “it’s just one constituency for the whole island,” he said. “That we think is not an acceptable proposition for us. we want people to have one vote, not a supplementary vote.” Rasmussen was also taking issue with the manner the Government was going about in its attempt to reform Parliament, saying they are looking at “... expediency, instead of structured and informed solution” while neglecting to consult, inform, and include the Opposition during the recent outer island consultations. “ we’re not going to be rushed into this, simply because the Government wants it to be passed at the end of the month ... that’s not something we will support,” he said. “We ind that insulting and

arrogant.” with 10 seats in Parliament and a population of 7900, Rasmussen said Rarotonga should be left with eight seats if the Government intends to adopt its suggested formula of “1000 voters per seat”. “There is no proposal to reduce the number of seats in Rarotonga, when in fact, the formula of 1000 people per MP is being proposed for the outer islands ... nothing has been put forward for the Opposition to consider that.” Rasmussen said the Demos will be addressing the anomalies in their own proposal for reform, which will have to be endorsed at the party’s annual conference. “The Demo position is that we support political reform in principle, and we have the historical record to prove that with the reduction of the term of Parliament from five years to four, the abolition of the overseas constituency – which was very controversial when in existence – and a number of other bits and pieces such as reducing Cabinet from nine members to six ... those were all Demo initiatives,” he said. “They had three years to do it, and they waited until the last moment,” he said, adding the Government should have also commissioned a formal study to look into reform. “Are they being sincere or opportunistic, or are they deflecting the attention of the public from their performance on tax and other issues plaguing the Government?” - Emmanuel Samoglou

Dear Editor, Can the Director for the Cook islands Meteorological Service, Arona Ngari, please explain why the phone at the Met Ofice (20 603) was very deliberately taken off the hook before the end of the working day yesterday and well into the evening, thus preventing anyone from ringing the ofice to seek up-to-date information on tropical Cyclone Mike? Surely folks who do not have a radio or TV, such as those in the outer islands, and who are anxious or concerned to learn more about Cyclone Mike, are fully justiied in ringing the Met Ofice to seek further up-to-date details on the cyclone's tracking

and intensity? i would have assumed that one of the primary functions of the Cook islands Met Ofice is to provide such a service to the public. Not good enough. Fair Go (Name and address supplied)

The Met Ofice has responded: Thank you Fair Go for your concern. The Met Ofice phone (20603) was never taken off the hook during the whole monitoring of Cyclone Mike, let alone at any other time. The phone has been very busy with lots of calls on the cyclone. we issue information to the public via the radio, TV, newspa-

per, internet, telephone and, for anyone that would like to obtain weather information, via e-mail. May i commend those that have popped into the Met Ofice, both nationals and visitors, to receive irst-hand information and just to see the process of going through a tropical cyclone in the Cook islands. if it will help, drop us a note on our operational e-mail address, if you cannot get through the phone. it is well advertised on television ive days a week, every week, at the end of the weather presentation. Director Cook islands Meteorological Service

Proposed reforms are ‘calculated cynicism’ Dear Editor, The report (C i News 19 March 2014) that the Cabinet is leading a movement for “political reform” shows calculated cynicism of the highest order at work, even by the standards of this Government. As i said in my letter to the editor of January 22 2014, complete and whole reform of the electorates is needed, including the ridiculously small northern seats and those elsewhere in the south. To suggest reducing the number of seats by four in three southern islands but ignoring the position in the north is wilful blindness. i expect the Cabinet calculated that by proposing to do something in the south, attention move away from their own seats in the north, or in Minister Bishop’s case, Aitutaki. i expect also that

the so called “reform” is calculated and intended firstly to beneit the Government at the next election. For these ministers to have legislation already drafted means they have been planning this for some time, all

without a word to those who matter most, the people of this country. i hope the Opposition refuses consent and demands real reform instead of this selfserving band-aid. Mata-Atua McNair Muri

Happy to pay local taxes

Dear Editor, Grey Power was a movement set up in the 1980s in New Zealand for Government to recognise the pool of skills and experience from those who have gone into retirement. These were professionals, trades people, technicians – people of skills, experience, maturity and wisdom. it is a well organised movement and positive, whose mission is to offer the best back to society. They comply with the laws and pay their taxes accordingly. The Grey Power that recently emerged here in Rarotonga started on a negative footing. But it is not the majority that

derailed the important contributions of Grey Power in principle, but the ego trip of only three people, who cannot see and stand to reason of their “duty to society”. Remove these three vocal bad apples then Grey Power will earn their right place in our peaceful community. i am happy, and so are my Grey Power friends, to pay the local tax rather than being taxed twice if New Zealand deducts it from my pension before it gets here. i beg my other friends to see Mr Neves. i am assessed fairly, and am very happy now. Grey Power who spend many years in NZ. (Name and address supplied)

Keep your dogs under control Dear Editor, i walk with a friend and her dog every morning on the back road of Matavera and, without a miss, we get charged at by a couple of vicious looking dogs who were not even tied up at night. After a couple of mornings, we decided to take our big umbrellas to fend them off with. we are

truly sick and tired of such vicious animals that seem to think they own the road. we noticed a high number of dogs around that area so we know where to send the new dog control oficers to if you dog owners don’t call your dogs back. Animal lover (Name and address supplied)

Here’s what people think Letters to the editor. Express yourself. Email:

Cook islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

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Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News


The singers in comedy barbershop group Tone deaf (above and below) are known for appearing on stage in hilarious costumes.

Tone Deaf due here next week RAROTONGA schools will be


Super Brown case put back SUPER BROwN owner George

Taoro Brown appeared at the High Court at Avarua yesterday and had his case put back until July. Brown has pleaded not guilty to a charge of receiving stolen property, after he was arrested on Friday February 28. The Mayor of Atiu is alleged to have received $13,779 worth of stolen cigarettes, knowing they had been dishonestly obtained. He appeared before Justice Sir Hugh williams yesterday for a criminal callover, represented by lawyer Helena Kaho. williams adjourned the case until July 23 when Justice Colin Doherty will be in the country for two weeks presiding over the High Court. A trial date may then be set, although Brown has not yet

indicated whether he wants a jury trial. Crown prosecutor Cheryl King said she has six witnesses and estimated that a trial would take about three days. Until now, Brown’s bail conditions have required him to report to the Police National Headquarters every Friday before 6pm. Kaho successfully applied for that condition to be removed. The man alleged to have given Brown the cigarettes, Richard Hoepper, was also due in court yesterday but failed to appear. His case was adjourned to March 21. Hoepper has been formally charged with receiving stolen goods and theft by inding. Brown is not seeking a joint trial with Hoepper, King said. - Ben Chapman-Smith

alive with the sound of comedy a capella music next week. American male barbershop quartet Tone Deaf will be performing at every school on the island, starting with Avarua, Te Uki Ou and imanuela Akatemia on Monday. Tone Deaf are known for performing in animal costumes and leaving their audiences in its of laughter. The Ministry of Education has organised for the group to run a concert programme for junior and senior schools. “we’re really excited about them coming over. i don’t believe we’ve had a group like this come to the Cook islands,” said Teresa Tararo from the Ministry of Education. Tararo said she is thrilled with the way schools have opened their doors to Tone Deaf and said members of the public are welcome to turn up and watch. Tone Deaf will also be perform-

ing at the Arorangi Assembly of God Church on Sunday March 23 at the 9am-10am service. Members of the singing quartet include tenor Michael Biggs, baritone Al Robins, lead singer Tom walker, and bass Doug Borngasser. The men are paying their own way to Rarotonga with the aim of showcasing barbershop music to Cook islands students. They hope students will reciprocate by performing their own traditional Cook islands songs. The group of four will be arriving with family members this Friday and Saturday. Kristina Tatam, General Manager of island Car and Bike Hire, has very generously provided two vans so the group can get around the island. Tone Deaf claims to have performed to more than 300 audiences in the US, blending comedy and a variety of musical styles into their act. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Mitiaro’s machete man gets suspended sentence AN ELDERLY man who wounded his neighbour with a bush knife in Mitiaro has been ordered to come up for sentencing in 12 months. Kapiri Ngatoko, 80, appeared at the High Court in Avarua on wednesday for sentencing on a charge of wounding with intent to injure. Presiding judge Justice Sir Hugh williams told Ngatoko that looking at factors in the case including the limited sentencing options on Mitiaro, a suspended sentence was the best course to take. “if there is any more violence between you in the next year, you will be brought back and sentenced for this serious charge, and something quite severe might result,” williams explained. He also ordered Ngatoko to

sign a bond to keep the peace, telling him that he must not get involved in confrontation with his neighbour again, and to hand in his bush knife to Mitiaro police. According to the facts of the case, the dispute was over a land boundary between the homesteads of Ngatoko and the victim. in summing up the facts before sentencing, Justice williams said this was not the first time there had been conlict between the two over land matters. “You think the boundary hedge is on your land and he [the victim] thinks it is fine where it is. On this occasion you told police you went to cut it down to create trouble,” said williams. “we can’t have

that going on.” He ordered for the land issue to be dealt with by Ngatoko’s nephew and the victim’s grandson, with help from anyone in the community including House of Ariki president Tou Ariki who was present in the court room. According to summaries of the facts of the case, at 5pm on December 3, 2013, Ngatoko had been cutting down three hedge trees between his house and the victim’s house. when the victim, who is 78 years old, came out of his house and approached the defendant an argument ensued, developing into a physical struggle. During the struggle Ngatoko swung his bush knife once, then a second time after both men fell to the ground. Three two centimetre deep

gashes were sustained by the victim, twice in the head and once on the left shoulder, and required 10 stitches. Defence counsel Norman George said that his client admitted the offence but said it was in self defence. He said Ngatoko was profoundly remorseful about the incident, but that the parties had not yet reached peace, and recommended the community on Mitiaro rally together to supervise peace between the two. George also asked for an order to be made for Ngatoko’s travel costs to be covered by the Ministry of Justice, which was rejected by Justice williams, who said he did not have the power to make that kind of order. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia


Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News

Name salon and you could win a free cut and colour

SUGGESTiONS for the name of a new training salon are being welcomed, with a free cut and colour up for grabs. The salon is based at the Ngatangiia campus of the Cook islands Tertiary Training institute, and is the new training ground for students studying towards a diploma in Hair and Beauty. Suggestions for the name of the salon can be sent by text to 57266 by Monday March 31.

Tutor Sara O’Keefe said the prize for the winner is a free cut and colour at the salon, but there is some room for negotiation if the winner does not want their hair coloured. There are currently six students in the Hair and Beauty course, which covers hair in the irst semester and make-up in the second semester. O’Keefe said there is still a chance for other interested peo-

ple to join the course, if they enrol by the end of next week. Alternatively, students can join up in the second semester and complete the hair section of the diploma the following year. It is the irst time the diploma has been offered in the Cooks, and students range from beginners to those who already have experience in salons but want to gain a formal qualiication. The still-nameless salon is

already taking clients, with the range of services to increase as students learn new skills. Services are offered at minimal cost, to cover the price of products used. O’Keefe, who has worked at Crown Beach’s Spa Ariki for around two years, is also still taking clients alongside her new teaching role. To find out more about the salon and its services, call 22628, extension 5. - BD

Ake Patia Gempton is formalising her previous salon experience by enrolling in the diploma. 14031917

Crown ready A PRE-TRiAL hearing to test the

reliability of evidence in the case of manslaughter accused NgatiTane Vano is planned to be held in May. The hearing is to make sure the correct processes were taken when a blood specimen, to test Vano’s blood alcohol level, was obtained from him after the fatal car crash that killed three of his teenage passengers in July last year. Crown counsel Cheryl King made an application for the hearing at the High Court on wednesday and said it should only take half a day. King also told the

court the Crown is ready for trial, which is to be held before a judge and jury, and estimated to take ive days. Due to the seriousness of the charges against Vano, Justice Sir Hugh williams prioritised the case. A call-over, to set a date for trial, was also asked to be brought before Justice Dame Judith Potter in May. Vano’s defence counsel Norman George did not oppose the decision. Ngati-Tane Vano, 19, is charged with three counts of manslaughter and three alternative charges of dangerous driving causing death. - MWK


TAU FIRE SAFETY PROJECT DESIGN AND SPECIFICATION TENDER Te Aponga Uira is inviting suitably qualiied companies or joint venture companies to submit a bid to (a) conduct a review of, and complete a Fire Safety Assessment of TAU Power Station in the Avatiu Valley, including its Fuel Facility Depot, as well as the Tutakimoa AdministrationNetwork building assets, and (b) design and specify the ire safety systems for those facilities in order to upgrade the existing systems to meet current Australian and New Zealand standards. The assignment is to lead to the completion of the Fire Safety Designer’s Documentation, including plans and speciications to Australian and New Zealand standards for building consent and construction to mitigate and prevent ire damage for all of TAU’s strategic assets forming the Avatiu Valley Power Station and the Tutakimoa Administration-Network buildings, Rarotonga. The successful Tenderer will be required to oversee the procurement, acceptance testing, installation, commissioning, and review and certiication of as built drawings, for the ire safety system that they have designed and that was approved by TAU. To initiate progress towards the completion of this assignment, TAU has developed Request for Proposals Documents and Terms of Reference (ToR) for the associated tasks and now invites interested companies to register their interest in order to submit their proposal for this assignment. Registration and Tender Documents can be requested from the following contact person: TAU Project Manager Te Aponga Uira, Rarotonga, cook Islands Ph: +682 20054 Fax: +682 21944 email: The proposed timeframes for the bidding process are set out below in cook Islands local time: Deadline for submission of questions: 3pm Thursday 11 April 2014 Deadline for submission of Proposals: 3pm Thursday 18 April 2014 Notiication to preferred Tenderer: Week of Monday 28 April 2014 Preferred Tenderer negotiations: From the week 28 April 2014 77705

Tutor Sara o’Keefe (back) is teaching the trade secrets of hair and beauty to students such as Julia Kajer (left). 14031916

Duplication makes it hard to give correct zika count THE MiNiSTRY of Health is

finding it difficult to work out how many people have been affected by the zika virus because names are being duplicated on patient lists. Reported cases had jumped from 280 on Monday to 470 by yesterday afternoon but that igure could well be incorrect. Dr Rangi Fariu, Director of Community Health Services, said doctors at Rarotonga Hospital have been providing the Ministry with names of people they see with zika symptoms. The problem is that some names are appearing on lists more than once, Fariu said. “what we’re doing is looking at all the names that have

come down from up the hill and we’re going through each name to make sure we’re not counting them twice. it’s time consuming.” Fariu is not sure why names are being duplicated but said it could be because some people are going to hospital twice in the same day. “Sometimes the patients will go in the morning and again later in the afternoon. Maybe they’re not happy with the doctor in the morning or the medication they’re given?” he guessed. Fariu said he has spoken to the Director of Hospital Services and asked for staff to improve their reporting so the Ministry can form a clearer picture of the

zika outbreak. Adding to the challenge is the fact that many people are not even going to the doctor, choosing instead to ride out the sickness at home. For that reason, the number of people who have been affected could be much higher than the oficial igure, Fariu said. Of more than 100 blood samples sent to Tahiti for testing since the outbreak began at the start of February, 35 have tested positive for the zika virus, 10 have tested negative and one is uncertain. None have tested positive for dengue, so far. Another 80 test results came back from Tahiti on Tuesday and the Ministry is working through

those now. “Again, some of the names on that list have already appeared on the irst list,” Fariu said. Specialists in Tahiti are also trying to establish whether there is more than one strain of the virus. “There was some talk that there could be a couple of strains,” Fariu said. Until that is known, it is impossible to say whether a person can develop immunity to the zika virus after having it once, he said. There are anecdotal reports that one of the first people to contract the virus in Rarotonga has been affected a second time. - Ben Chapman-Smith

‘Local companies irst’ policy remains LOCAL COMPANiES will con-

tinue to be given preference by the Business Trade and investment Board for contract work on the Te Mato Vai water infrastructure project. The policy – where foreign companies would not be given BTiB enterprise registration which is required to operate in the Cook islands unless it was proven local companies could

not do the work – was championed by ex-Chairman of the Board George Pitt. Pitt was sacked earlier this month by the Government, which cited “incompetence and misconduct” on his part. He has since sought the services of a lawyer to seek clariication on the matter. BTiB Chief Executive Terry Rangi said the policy remains

in place, as it was a board decision, however the decision can always be reviewed during a future meeting of the board. “The board’s position is that the work should be carried out 100 per cent by locals,” he said last month. “The skills and technical expertise are available in the country to carry out the work, but too often we engage overseas contractors.”

Exempt from the policy, the Chinese Civil Engineering and Construction Company (CCECC) – which has been contracted to replace Rarotonga’s ring mains – is currently awaiting its application for foreign registration to be approved by the BTiB, and is believed to be an item on the agenda for the agency’s monthly meeting next Thursday. - ES


Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


FOr reNT

FOr SaLe

GaraGe SaLe

Cook Islands Towage Ltd (Barge) Shipping Notice The barge is accepting cargo today Thursday 20 March to Friday 21 March for Mangaia. For further information please contact 27674. Meitaki Maata.

2 bedroom unit & house Matavera. 1 Bedroom unit Arorangi. close to main road. Phone 73530/ 21444.

LG 4GB desktop computer, 18 inch & 20 inch monitors, web cam, wireless adapter, keyboard, mouse, $1200. Wooden baby cot, innerspring mattress, water proof sheet, itted sheet & mozzie net, $250. Phone 50385.

Second hand bar fridge/freezers, shower surrounds, vanity’s, toilets, beds, light ittings and other items. 9am - 1pm. Friday 21 March. Next to Island car & Bike Hire, Arorangi.

77707 / /1853

hip hop 4 Kidz Term 2 starts this Friday 21 March for 5 weeks. Register at dance.rarotonga@ or 55652. 77665 /37018 /1931

MiSSiNG Missing Bunch keys Taken from Van. Reward given to who ever returns or have information contact 55577 or 29077. 77675 / /2222

77638 /36982 /2419

1 bedroom house, large yard, private, safe & secure, suit couple. Just of main road Arorangi near SDA church. Viewings Friday, $150pw. 1 bedroom lat self contained. Safe, secure and private inc. of power/gas heated shower. Great views. No separate kitchen, bench top oven and single gas hob and fridge included. Use of washing machine available. Muri, $150pw. Phone 74568. 777

vehiCLeS FOr SaLe

ServiCeS Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage. Phone 22188 or 26189. Email beach@moanasands. 73696 /36871 /1744

home Care Services Qualiied training care for elderly. Please call Nane on 74013. 77671 /37022 /1931

FOr reNT Matavera Backroad. Recently completed open plan furnished unit. Suit single or semi professional couple. Long term preferred. Phone 50077. 77667 /37020 /1931

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 71744

1999 silver Nissan Sunny, 1.5L petrol, automatic, electric windows & power steering, $7000. Phone 50385. 77647 /36838 /1931

Ford Ranger Pickup 2wd Diesel, 28000k, 5 years old, as new- No rust $20,000. Telephone 22148.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


77687 / /1798



Cook Islands Football Association Annual General Meeting Date: Thursday 20 March 2014 Time: 5pm Venue: cIFA Headquarters at Matavera Agenda 1. A declaration that the Annual General Meeting has been convened and composed in compliance with the Statutes of cIFA 2. Approval of the agenda 3. Address by the President 4. Appointment of Members to check the minutes 5. Appointment of scrutineers 6. Approval of the minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting 7. President’s activity report 8. Financial report 9. Appointment of independent auditors (if applicable) upon the proposal of the executive committee 10. election of oice Bearers 11. Any further items proposed by the Members or the executive committee of cIFA


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports Government Departments, Agencies and the General Public are hereby advised that the environment Service has received the following application for a Project Permit as required under Section 36 of the environment Act 2003. Application: 1. Mr rOBiN GraNT Project: Sand Mound Foreshore Protection Land: Avaavaroa Part Section 11A1, Titikaveka, Takitumu - Rarotonga In accordance with subsection 5 a) and c) of Section 36 of the environment Act 2003, any person, Government Agencies or organisation who wish to make a written submission for or against the granting of a Project Permit by the environment Service for this applications, may do so within 30 days commencing on the 5 March 2014. Written submissions may be in cook Islands Maori or english be submitted to the National environment Service no later than the 4 day April 2014. eia reports for the above applications may be viewed at the following venues, • National Environment Service Oice • Takamoa Library and Museum • National Library or on the National environment Service Website: www. Director environment Service.



77699 /37037 /1931

FOr SaLe


11 month old pigs for sale Price $200 call phone 75661. 77523 /36989 /1931

2 bedroom home for sale All contents & furniture. Situated in Tupapa, $150,000. For further info phone 28328. 77673 /37024 /1931


Cook IslANds TeAChers’ INsTITUTe (CITI)

ANNOUNCEMENT ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Thursday 20 March, 2014 3:30pm Room 2 Tereora college e kapikianga uipaanga teia na tatou e te au puapii. ka kite ia kotou ki ko i te Apii Tereora a te Paraparau. 2013-2014 cITI executives.


NoTIce is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Road Safety Council Cook Islands Inc, will be held: Date: Monday 24 March 2014 Time: 1.30pm Venue: bTIb Training Room, Rarotonga Agenda: 1. Adoption of Constitution 2. Election of Oicers 3. Presentation by Dr Aumea herman – “Progressing Cook Islands Injury – Road Traic Injury Research Project” 4. General Business Lynne Samuel Secretary e-mail: 777


PUBLIC NOTICE hEALTh SPECIALIST VISIT The Ministry of Health wishes to advise the following conirmed scheduled visit for bone surgeon from 31 March to 11 April 2014 at the Rarotonga Hospital. If you are experiencing the following symptoms/ diseases: orthopaedic • Fractures • Arthritis • Joint problems Please come and see the outpatient Doctor at Rarotonga Hospital Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm. All patients will be screened and prioritised for specialist appointment. Meitaki Maata.

on 1 April 2014 the VAT will increase from 12.5% to 15%. This may cause the prices of some goods and services to rise. Most cook Islanders will have received a personal income tax cut, minimum wage increase, or increase in social welfare payments on or before 1 April. on 1 April 2014 the import levies on pork, eggs, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and ice cream will be eliminated. These reductions are larger than the increase in the VAT – prices of these goods are expected to decline. In regards to VAT, retailers are advised that the maximum price change they can attribute to the VAT change is 2.2% of the previous retail price. An example using a $10 purchase is illustrated below:

Price not including VAT

In 2013

From 1 April 2014




plus the VAT component Original Retail Price

Public Notice The committee of the Ngatangiia Democratic Party advise nominations for candidacy for the upcoming elections are now being accepted. Nomination Forms, Instructions and Membership cards can be obtained from Amoa Amoa – contact 26984/ 55799. All Nomination Forms with attachments must be returned to Amoa Amoa no later than 6pm on Tuesday 25 March 2014. No late nominations will be accepted. A public meeting will be held on Tuesday 1 April 2014 at 6pm at the Ngatangiia clubhouse to: • conirm and announce eligible Candidates; • hear from the Candidates; and • announce the run-of date and programme. For further information, please contact the following committee Members: • steven Peyroux – 23997 / 52370 • Amoa Amoa – 26984 / 55799 • Mann short – 54254 Meitaki Maata.





Price increase:


Retailers may choose to not pass on the full cost of the VAT change, and some retailers may have already increased their prices in anticipation of 1 April, so their prices may not change. other retailers may increase prices by more than 2.2%, but any increase above 2.2% is at their own discretion and is above and beyond the expected impact of the VAT change. The VAT is a value added tax and does not accumulate from one vendor to the next. Vendors registered for VAT can claim VAT on expenses as credits, and hence, do not incur VAT if they are purchasing goods from other VAT registered businesses. Still unsure about how much VAT will impact on prices? A simple spreadsheet has been made available at www. for consumers to estimate what price changes may be due to the VAT, and for suppliers/ retailers to estimate the impact on their revenues if they choose to absorb some of the rate change. 69221



Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News


Harry ivaiti


Part-time house cleaner 10-15hrs/wk. Good pay. Phone 55567. 77656 /37030 /1931

bORn 12 AUGUsT 1952 – 23 fEbRUARy 2014


e would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to everyone who supported us during the sudden passing of my beloved husband Harry. Tangi (Tai) and Archer Hosking Jnr. Tangi you loved and cared for your brother till his passing, we are forever grateful. sisters moe Temata, Cecilia short, Ani Piri, your husbands and families, Adam on behalf of brothers Kaukura and michael all your love and support we thank you. Ena, daisy, John, Teariki, neil, Tupu, Joy, monica and families, John Gemmell. bill & Teetu Tschan & family (Aitutaki), Puna and daughter. Orometua frank Williams and wife. maara Vaiimene (mangaia) Thelma Vaiimene and family, Erwin, maria and girls. Colin and Robyn Whitehead family (Australia), Aaitui family nZ. All those who visited Harry in Auckland Hospital. Thank you to Kevin Cook and your lovely wife frances, your amazing love, care, encouragement and commitment to Harry visiting him daily massaging him from time to time at home and while in hospital, we are forever grateful. Know that Harry’s gratitude in your presence was seen in his eyes during your visits. you gave Harry the greatest gift of all and that is love. [1Corinthians 13]. Thank you also for your bus transporting our family to and from church. We love you. maki, shirley and Tom – Harry appreciated your visits. Thank you Tonina and Kanny you made Harry laugh those visits he enjoyed. Thank you to the Queen’s Representative the Hon. Tom marsters and your lovely wife, the staf of the Head of state your visits home and the hospital we are grateful. sir frederick and lady Goodwin, Pm and Edwin, Crown law Oice staf, various Government departments, democratic Party Executives, HOm reps., Thank you to the ministry of Education through the secretary sharyn Paio, Principal of Tereora College, Teachers and students for the grand tribute accorded to my husband Harry, the beautiful service and guard of honour on his last journey through Tereora College. Our family Vaatuatua John Tangi, Cassey Eggelton, lynnsay, barbara, dorothy, Connie, Tamaiva Tuavera & Tuavera family, Tai Rima & family, CiTC, Robert & nooroa Tuoro, ngati maoate families, Uirangi mataiapo & families, Richard and Tina, mauri Toa, Aunty Rima and Rai, bill & nan. Temu Okotai and Class 67. Hi Class of 1977. Aunty mau and uncle ngari munokoa, Poko Tama and family, Kake ioane & family, Taoro and Rose, mama lingi & Trevor, John strickland and the Police boys, Amara Tutakiao Jnr., Tuakana Tautu, Taamo Heather, Helen & Eugene Tatuava, Ura Tangaroa, mr & mrs Vogel, Elizabeth Ponga, mata ngamata, Heather Webber-Aitu, nooke, Amy and Tau, dorothy Hosking-Gavin, Ruta Tane & family. matavera CiCC, matavera sdA church, Vaimaanga Ekalesia, ngatangiia CiCC, Rarotonga Community Church (thank you Pastor Tangi Tere for your faithful daily visits home and hospital praying for Harry), Revival church, Apostolic church, Papa Orometua Aratangi and all Orometuas who played a part in Harry’s service, Pastor ngarima George and wife. Aunty dianne and Anne Rose, Tina and Tuata Kauvai – thank you for the beautiful “send-of” on Harry’s inal journey to the lord. Charles muriwai. To all our sons’ friends. Thank you dr Aung and your staf, ambulance drivers. To everyone not mentioned who lovingly helped and gave through lowers, food, and envelopes, thank you, we are humbly grateful. finally, the support and love of our wonderful sons, sholan, Rangi, nathan, Harry, Aaron, in-laws iloga, samantha, grandchildren maeono, leota and mataiva, i love you all.

Part time handy person, 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. Phone 21787. 77678 / /2463

Pandanus Petrol is looking for an applicant that is honest and reliable, lexible hours and has a good working history, must be a fast learner. Phone 52218.

ChEF/COOKS REQUIRED. Experienced chefs and cooks required. Must be honest, reliable and available to work weekend shifts. Keen to learn team players preferred. call or txt 54668 for an interview. 77683 / /2592

77634 / /2482

GRidCOnnECTsOlARsysTEms number

rankedsolarpanels inthesouthPacific


ChEF WANTED castaway Resort is looking for a chef to join our friendly team to work evenings. Must be experienced, honest, reliable, team player, customer friendly and polite. A top hourly rate will be paid. Email or phone Paul Ash 74393. 77502 /36945 /1873

LABOURER/PLANTING/ CLEANER Job involves digging, planting, cleaning Must be reliable, lexible and hardworking. call me, phone 55041. 77432 /36850 /1931

first class installations, proven in cyclonic conditions 2kW, 5kW, 7 kW, 10kW and 20kW systems available Prices start from $8,500 WE AlsO HAVE sOlAR sTORAGE sysTEms All systems installed by qualified electrical contractors Contact Glenn nooroa email

iN MeMOriaM


mAmA Emily EnUAPUni WilliAm TEARiKi RAKEi

God bless you all “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning — RiP my Harry.


WE AlWAys lOVE yOU mUm! mATAiO 5:16

La Casita and Rickshaw Excellent Opportunity For Full or Part Time Work In Hospitality. Supervisors with Bar skills, POS skills & Front of House experience. Friendly, Well-spoken and welldressed essential. Waiters & Waitresses - experience preferred, training can be given. Kitchen Hands - experience preferred, training can be give Great rates of pay for the right applicants. Excellent opportunity for Full or Part Time Work. Please phone: 26487 between 9a.m. - 2p.m. Ask for Komera, Sue or Julie. Email refrences to: : tamarind@ 77677 / /1697

sPECiAls 6x20cm

AVAilAblE Till WEdnEsdAy 26 mARCH


sPEC iAl


10kg $85.00 or $9.00/kg

10kg $120.00ctn or $12.50/kg fREsHER fRiEs 10mm OR 13mm (3X5KG)

sPEC iAl

sPEC iAl

sPEC iAl

lAmb lOin CHOPs



$39.00ctn or $13.00bag


nZ sHORT bEAns

nZ mAndARin


$3.60 bundle


bEEf minCE

10kg $106.00ctn or $11.50/kg CRUmbEd bUTTERfliEd PRAWns 250G

bEsT fOOds 128OZ

sPEC iAl

$6.40pkt $5.20/kg


mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm fridays 8am-6pm saturdays 8am-3pm Check us out on sT JOsEPH Rd, AVARUA. Ph 22259.

sPEC iAl

sPEC iAl

$9.90/kg diVEllA bEAns 400G (CHiCKPEAs, lEnTils, bORlOTTi bEAns & fOUR bEAn miX)




Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News

Coral reefs in good health, says report CORAL reefs in the southern

divers conducting research used in a recently released report on coral reefs in the nation’s southern group. (PHOTO: KELVIN PASSFIELD) 13081328.

group of the Cook islands were found to be in good health with good coverage according to a recently released study. Over the course of nearly two weeks last year during the months of July and August, a research team composed of government oficials and individuals from non-governmental organisations travelled to the islands of Aitutaki, Manuae, Mitiaro, Takutea, and Atiu to assess the health of reefs within the proposed Cook islands Marine Park. Government climate change advisor Teina Rongo recently presented the team’s findings during a legal workshop for the marine park. An abundance of “coral-associated” ish, along with high cover of favourable types of algae and low cover of unfavourable algae were seen as indicators of healthy reef environments.

Teina rongo (left) examining potential survey sites in Aitutaki with richard Story of the Ministry of Marine resources (centre) last year, while undertaking research for the recently released coral reef survey. 13080952

SiTUaTiONS vaCaNT GROUNDSMEN/PICKERS cook Islands Noni Marketing requires two people to mow/ grass-cut/maintain and pick noni plantations. Must have agriculture background and mechanical skills to maintain equipment. Drivers licence/ own vehicle an advantage. Please send cV and references to: cINM, PO Box 104. 77516 /36932 /2019

WaNTed TO BUy We will BUY your old or broken gold jewellery. FISHERS BLAcK PEARL JEWELLERY. 77583 /37013 /1889

BereaveMeNT it is with great sadness to announce the peaceful passing of

matangaro lucky mave onmonday17march2014. On Thursday 20 march at 3pm, matangaro will be home in nikao. family service will be held with the family at 6pm. The OnE and Only family kai will be after the family service at home in nikao. On friday 21 march, the family will hold a short service at 9am before proceeding to the Avarua sdA Church for the church service. matangaro will then be taken to her inal resting place in ngatangiia buried with her husband Tearii lucky mave. Any queries contact Adria on 22280 or 51582.

Countering the groups positive indings were observations that Aitutaki’s reefs had shown a significant decline in coral health, particularly on the fore reef. “Coral reefs are structurally important for the protection of low-lying coastal areas from strong wave action and erosion,” reads the report. “Reefs also provide food, recreational opportunities, medicinal products, and are a major attraction for the tourism industry.” As pointed out by Rongo during his presentation, the researchers found a unique cycle of “disturbance” and “recovery” which follows a “southeastward direction” through some of the islands that were surveyed. Historical evidence exists of this pattern, the report claims, along with a current disturbance which has caused reduced coral cover in Aitutaki and is now moving in a south-eastern direction toward the uninhabited island of Manuae. Previous research undertaken of reefs in Aitutaki provided a historical context for the indings. in the report’s executive summary, mention is made of an increasing amount of evidence showing marine resources and

ecosystems heading “towards a downward trajectory”, with a report cited that indicates roughly 30 per cent of the world’s reefs as being degraded, and another 30 per cent predicted to suffer a similar fate within decades. Climate change, human activity, altered ocean chemistry, spreading of coral disease, ocean acidification, coral bleaching events, and increased sedimentation are all seen as contributing to the declining health of marine ecosystems, according to the report. The report says further study and monitoring of the reefs will lead to greater understanding of some of the observations noted by the researchers, and contribute to an effective management plan for the nation’s emerging 1.1 million square kilometre marine park. The research team consisted of individuals from the Ofice of the Prime Minister, Te ipukarea Society, Oceans 5, Paciic Islands Conservation initiative, National Environment Service, and a number of local volunteers. Together, they travelled aboard the vessel ‘Plan B’ of the waitt institute, which is a member of Oceans 5 – described as a global collaborative that aims to help protect the world’s oceans. - ES




Electronic Banking Services & Information Technology (EBS&IT) – Team Leader

human Resources Review Applications are invited from suitably qualiied and experienced individuals to undertake a comprehensive Human Resources (HR) review of the Financial Supervisory commission (FSc) on a short-term contract basis. The review would include: 1. The establishment of a HR and organisational Development Strategy 2. A review, updating and rewriting of the FSc’s current Personnel Policy 3. The preparation of individual job descriptions for all FsC staf 4. The speciication of key Performance Indicator’s for all FsC staf 5. The establishment of a suitable Annual Performance Appraisal system 6. The preparation of a comprehensive training and development plan for each member of staf 7. The preparation of a succession plan to assist in staf retention and development of key staf; and 8. To provide training/guidance to the Senior Management Team on the implementation of the above. background information regarding the commission can be viewed at remuneration will depend on the inal terms of reference and conditions agreed with the successful candidate. Interested parties are requested to submit their cVs with a covering letter to: The commissioner, Financial Supervisory commission, Po Box 594, Avarua, rarotonga; or send by email to paul. by 4pm, Friday 28 March 2014. 77570

Classiieds • Phone 22999


As one of the global leaders in banking and inancial services, ANZ recognise that our greatest asset is our people. That is why we are creating a unique climate of inspiration, leadership, values and opportunities. by delivering continuous challenges, recognition, and personal and professional growth opportunities, it’s all part of a commitment to helping our people be where they want to be. ANZ Cook Islands is inviting highly motivated, qualiied and interested applicants to join its operations Team as the “ebS & IT Team Leader”. reporting to the Chief operating oicer, the purpose of the eBs & IT Team leader role is to contribute to the success of electronic banking (ebS) and Information Technology (IT) objectives within ANZ’s cook Islands business by providing support and promotion of the ebS and IT Productions to customers. The applicant should satisfy the following requirements: • demonstrated strong marketing skills; • demonstrated high consistency in customer care, passion and pro-activeness; • A thorough knowledge of bank strategies, objectives and policies and procedures; • excellent knowledge of eBs product and services functionality; • excellent knowledge of ANZ’s product features; • efective verbal and written communication skills; • strong analytical skills combined with good planning, problem solving and organisation skills; • demonstrate sound PC skills. Ability to grasp technical concepts; • Aptitude of grasping and mastering new processes, procedures and technology; • Training experience; • have well rounded people management skills and proven ability to lead, motivate and achieve objectives through others. If you have what it takes to deliver outstanding performance as ebS & IT Team Leader, please submit your written applications including a detailed resume by 26 March 2014 to: “Vacancy – ebS & IT Team Leader” Human Resources Department ANZ cook Islands Avarua Rarotonga or for further information please contact Julz Westrupp on phone 21750 ext 244 or email 77717


Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News

Tumutoa named BTIB chairman Finance Minister Mark Brown said Tumutoa operates his own accounting irm, providing financial services for a number of small businesses and medium-sized companies. “He brings a good understanding of the local business environment,” said Brown. “we’re confident that he will provide a good, stable, and solid leadership to the BTiB board.” Tumutoa joins Rarotongan businessman Brian Morgan and Aitutaki fishing charter operator Tokoa Pera, who also recently joined BTiB’s board. - Emmanuel Samoglou

RAROTONGA-BASED accountant John Tumutoa has been appointed as Chairman of the Business Trade and investment Board. Tumutoa replaces local media owner George Pitt as chair, who had his contract terminated by government earlier this month, ending a controversial term at the helm of the government agency’s board. Cabinet Minister and Matavera Member of Parliament Kiriau Turepu – who holds the BTiB as part of his ministerial responsibilities – submitted Tumutoa as his choice to replace Pitt.

Audit Ofice continues its probe into BTIB

MMR is proposing to adopt a quota system, that it says will provide better management of the isheries and aid conservation eforts. Pictured here are tuna being oloaded from a longliner in Noumea, New Caledonia. 14031928 .

to the Public Expenditure Review Committee (PERC) which will make its own comments. The report will then be sent to key agencies, including BTiB, who have 14 days to respond. Any response from BTi B would be included in the final audit report, which will be presented to the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee. The Committee can then scrutinise the report put questions to BTiB Minister Kiriau Turepu. BTiB Chief Executive Terry Rangi has declined to comment on the matter. - BCS

TH E COOK iSLAN DS Audit Office is “tidying up” its field work and will soon be drafting a report on its investigation into the Business Trade investment Board. Allen Parker, Director of Audit, confirmed at the start of March that the BTiB was under investigation. He has not been able to provide more details about who is being investigated or why. He said the Audit Ofice will be drafting its audit report next week. Once the draft audit report is completed, it will be forwarded

Proposed quota system answer to overishing? iMPLEMENTATiON of a new

fisheries management system in the Cook islands will aid conservation efforts and address the issue of overfishing, says the Ministry of Marine Resources. In what is described as a irst for the Paciic islands region, the Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) is proposing to adopt



PH 22 166

OPEn dAily fOR bREAKfAsT 8-10Am And lUnCH 12-2Pm

lebonVivant C








@ 6pm


PH 20 002


PH 26 860



Tani and rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBq dinner from 6pm lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm



Sunset BBQ w/ GArTh YouNG - PiANo 6PM Sunset Cocktails w/ w/Rudy AquiNo 5.30PM – 7.30PM Sat Seafood BBQ w/ JAKE NuMANGA - ukulElE 6PM

Our food our passion 6pm till late Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 28619




11am to 2.30pm

5.30pm to 10pm 7 days

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

Mon-Tue: $12.95 specials Thursday: indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) all you can eat Sunday: Tandoori night other nights: a-la-carte

$10.00 dine in special

PH 22 279









PH 189 fOR UPdATEs On THE mOViE HOT linE

biGsCREEn,dOlbysOUnd,UnbEATAblEblOCKbUsTERmOViEs every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999



a quota system, which it says would be “... a signiicant step towards putting in place limits in our EEZ (exclusive economic zone) and addressing the problem of overishing”. with the quota system, vessels ishing in the nation’s EEZ will be allocated a pre-determined amount of ish to catch. Under MMR’s current system, no catch limits are placed on license holders. MMR says the primary goals of the proposed system is to develop and regulate the bigeye tuna ishery, enhance the use of science as the basis for management, put limits on bigeye and albacore catches, and to establish a history of catch allocation and use. Secretary Ben Ponia said limiting the amount of ish allowed to be caught will aid conservation efforts. “This is a significant development,” said Ponia. “it turns around how we are managing our ishery.” in a release, MMR said it received strong support for the proposal from neighbouring countries and regional agencies at a fisheries meeting recently held in New Zealand. MMR Offshore Fisheries Director Andrew Jones recently travelled to Auckland to present details of the system to the governing council of Te Vaka Moana (TVM) – a co-operative arrangement between the isheries administrations of the Cooks, New Zealand, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau and Tonga which focuses on various species of tuna and billish. Prior to the Auckland presentation, Jones had travelled to American Samoa to discuss the concept with ishing companies in Pago Pago where the majority of Cook islands longliners are based. “Our presentations went down exceptionally well,” he said. Jones said support was also offered by the Forum Fisheries Agency and the Secretariat of the Paciic Community, as well as the NZ government to help

MMR reine its proposal. According to Ponia, the “fatal flaw” with the licensing approach in the region is that there is no practical way to limit catches per vessel. “Basically our systems take so long to tally up the catches at sea that we can’t control how much each vessel is catching. This means we have an ‘open’ ishery which can lead to overishing,” he said. “We need to ind a way to start putting limits on catches in our zone.” MMR says the current system of tallying up the catches per vessel takes several months to process and takes place once a vessel returns to port, making it “almost impossible” to manage catches. The proposed system is to assign a catch limit per ishing license and to adopt a dual system of electronic reporting while at sea, which MMR says will allow the monitoring of individual vessel catches and total catches

combined. Ponia said adopting the system will increase administrative and operating costs, but that is the cost of managing isheries “in a more sustainable matter”. He added that costs may also be able to be recouped by the government by selling unused ishing quota. “MMR is quick to caution that it won’t be assigning the quota ‘in perpetuity’ and that the rights of the fishery will stay with the government and individual quotas will only be assigned for the term of the fishing license, which is 12 months,” reads MMR’s release. Next month, the ministry is planning to organise a technical workshop with regional organisations and industry representatives to discuss the proposed system. To be formally implemented, the system will have to be legislated into effect by Parliament, said Ponia. - Emmanuel Samoglou

A load of tuna swings high above the hold of a longliner in Noumea, New Caledonia. 14031927


Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News

FLIGhT FROM ARRIVES ThurSDAy mArCH 20 Nz748/749 AKL 12.30AM Nz46/745 AKL 4.10PM VT35/36 PPT 2.50PM FriDAY mArCH 21 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM Nz46/61 AKL 1.55PM




1.30AM 5.25PM 3.50PM


1.05AM 3.05PM

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR ThurSDAy mArCH 20 0800 AITUTAKI 0850













1530 1800 1100


1620 1850 1145

1640 1910 1205


1730 2000 1250




OlOMANA 24 - ETD Auck 09/03, ETA RARO 20/03, ETA AITuTAkI 21/03 TIARE MOANA 22 - ETD Auck 22/03, ETA RARO 30/03, ETA AITuTAkI 1/4


OlOMANA 25 - ETD Auck 01/04, ETA RARO 13/04, ETA AITuTAkI 15/04

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Su-Do-Ku hARD




Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.


HÄGAR the Horrible


by dik browne



by lee falk & sy barry






see your business/products in this space. PHOnE 22999

Weather Forecast to Midnight

Rarotonga Thursday, March 20, 2014

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

A STRONG WIND WARNING REMAINS IN FORCE Thu high 12.01AM 0.95M 12.09PM 1.00M FOR ALL WATERS AND LAND AREAS OF ThE SOuThERN AND NORThERN COOkS. Low 6.01AM 0.30M 6.32PM 0.57M Situation: An active trough of low pressure with associated cloud and rain remains slow moving high 12.38AM 0.94M 12.46PM 1.00M fri over cook Islands. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Low 6.37AM 0.30M 7.11PM 0.27M over Waters: West to northwest winds 25 to 30 knots, gusting to 45 knots. Winds easing to moderate. over Land: Strong west to northwest winds. Winds easing to moderate. Periods of heavy rain and squally thunderstorms over Mangaia. elsewhere, occasional rain and few thunderstorms. Rough seas. Further outlook: occasional rain and few thunderstorms. New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Third Quarter For Rarotonga: occasional rain and few Mar 30 apr 6 apr 14 Mar 23 thunderstorms. 8.45AM 10.31PM 9.43PM 3.46AM Further outlook: Some showers. For the Northern Cooks: over waters: ArApo - mArAngi Thu 20 Northerly winds 25 to 30 knots, easing to moderate to fresh. over Land: Strong northerly TANu (Planting) TAuTAI (Fishing) winds 20 to 25 knots, gusty at times. Winds easing to moderate. Periods of heavy rain Tanu i te mereni. Plant Po ika no te oonu. Akarava. and squally thunderstorms over Pukapuka, melons. Night ish in lagoon. Set Penrhyn and Manhiki. elsewhere, rain and thunderstorms. Rough seas. net. Further outlook: occasional showers.

3.5M SW


2.4M N



Sun, Moon & Arapo

humidity Thu

20 fri


27° SE 17kTS

Sunshine hours


3.5M SW Front Key:




2.5M SW


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, March 20, 2014









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Thu Sun rise 6.43AM Sun Set 6.50PM

20 fri


Moon rise 9.05PM Moon Set 10.20AM Sun rise

6.43AM Sun Set 6.49PM

Moon rise 9.53PM Moon Set 11.17AM


28° SE 15kTS


26° SE 15kTS


27° SE 18kTS



27° SE 18kTS

30° NE 10kTS


27° SE 18kTS


Thursday, March 20, 2014 cook Islands News

HOME OF SPORTS Rugby league masters mini tournament



—APRIL 3-14

Fortnight to league masters tourney iNSPiRED by their inaugural league masters tour in 2009 to Auckland for the Rugby League Masters world Tournament, the Cook islands Rugby League Masters Association will now play host to next month’s mini league masters tournament. The association hosted a mini tournament in May 2012 and was eager to see how they could bring overseas teams to their island paradise and enjoy what the islands offer using the sport of rugby league masters as a vehicle. Games in 2012 were played around the island clubs who enjoyed inancial rewards from hosting the games. Due to this success – next month’s tournament games will be hosted by village clubs who have been playing weekly games in preparation for the tournament. After attending their inaugural league masters tournament in Auckland along with 128 other teams, the Cook islands group began to recruit more members and grow league masters back home. in 2011 a touring group attended their second world cup tournament that was held on the Gold Coast of Australia and, last year, the local lads had their third “tour of duty” to Christchurch. Since 2011 the Cook islands Rugby Leagues Masters Association executives have been in dialogue with chief executive and founder of the world Rugby League Masters Association, Phillip Campbell.

He accepted an invitation to come to the Cook islands on a fact-inding mission to see the island and association’s ability to host an international sports event. Discussions were held with the Minister of Tourism Teina Bishop who gave the proposal his support and so too did Minister of Finance and Sport Mark Brown. Campbell also visited Aitutaki which will host a leg of next month’s mini tournament. Showcasing the beautiful islands, culture and importantly the vibrant people of the Cook islands was a key drive for the association in being given the opportunity to host the mini tournament. Campbell was “very impressed” with the Cook islands and the networks that the small association had in terms of engaging with different stakeholders to promote not only the code of rugby league but more so for the beneit of supporting economic development for the country. with support and endorsement of the Masters Rugby League Franchise to host an international Mini Tournament for Masters Rugby League from April 3 to 14 – the flags have been raised and the Cook islands are ready to play hosts. Masters rugby league is based on four age groups including 35 to 39 white shorts, 40 to 49 black shorts, 50 to 59 red shorts, 60 plus gold shorts with tags. The games are played 25 minutes each way and are played

The Cook islands league masters team that attended the 2011 Gold Coast event and who will be hosting a mini tournament here on the island next month. 14031914 with modified rules to ensure there are no serious injuries. The games are played in great spirit and the emphasis is on enjoyment and camaraderie. For the mini tournament next month – Rarotonga clubs are ready and the Papa Sharks from Aitutaki will get their chance in the spotlight when masters teams head to the Pa Enua for the weekend to mix and mingle and, of course, play some masters league. The ive local league masters clubs are the Takuvaine (papa kaura vai), Tupapa, Ngatangiia, Avatiu (papa Eels) and of course the papa Sharks club of Aitutaki. From Aotearoa, the Otara Scorpions are headed for the islands to add sting to the masters’ rugby league competition

with plenty of healthy rivalry to be had both on and off the ield. if you are a papa over 35 and would like to take part in the tournament, you can join a local club or join individually and registration fees are $100 per player. And if you would like to bring your mama with you to the opening and closing events – tickets are just $70 per person. For more information on the event – contact Johnny Hosking or any members of the Cook islands Masters Rugby League Association. information on the tournament can also be found on Cook islands Masters Rugby League Association Facebook page and website. - Matariki Wilson

Bumble bees junior tennis on fundraiser buzz for tour JUNiOR tennis players are working hard on and off the courts as they prepare for the Autumn Junior Tournament in Auckland next month. The junior tennis stars, dubbed “The Bumble Bees Junior Tennis” have been polishing up their serves, return shots and smashes at the Nikao tennis courts daily with coach Malcolm Kajer. As well as sharpening up their skills, the Bumble Bees Junior Tennis crew have also been out in the community selling raffle tickets to fund their trip to Auckland. Recently the team ran a kikau kai rafle which was drawn under police supervision at the Punanga Nui Markets on Saturday. Melanie Bainbridge was the lucky winner of the truckload of foodstuffs worth over $600. The junior tennis players plan a second fundraiser effort where the touring team will run, jog and walk around the island collecting donations. This run will be held on Sat-

urday, April 12 starting at 7am and ending back at the national tennis courts in Nikao for a bar-

beque. Tennis players, supporters and families are encouraged to

join in and make the fundraiser a fun and successful event for the - Matariki Wilson kids.

Cook Islands rugby League Association president Charles Carlson in action at the 2011 Gold Coast masters event. 14031913

League masters go to Nukupure

Junior tennis players, pictured here during the kikau kai fundraiser last weekend, are gearing up for a second fundraiser to fund their tour to the Auckland Autumn Junior Tournament. 14031903

THE MASTERS of rugby league played the curtain-raiser to the main match between the Eels and Sharks at the Swamp last Friday. The hosts, captained by william Taripo, with the backs Tiri Toa, Gene and Bobby Hunter, found huge gaps in the defensive line scoring four tries before the opposition’s Donald Tua dotted down after some deft passing by Sidney, Panapa and Dyer. The game see-sawed for 30

minutes, to the delight of the large crowd that came to watch the premier match, with Charles Hosking, Henry Tupa and Eric Teio dominating in the forwards encounter. The “Man of the Match” award was shared by gold-shorts players Amoa Amoa and iona Taiki. This Friday, the masters will play at Nukupure Park, kicking off at 4.45pm. - Slow and Steady

Thursday 20 March  

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