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$2 Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Minister appoints telco committee SIx PEoPlE have been appoint-

ed to advise the Government on issues affecting the country’s telecommunications sector. Minister of Telecommunications Mark Brown has formed an Advisory Committee to provide him with feedback on matters such as Digicel’s interest buying Telecom shares. “The primary role of the committee is to provide the Minister with advice and recommendations for addressing the issues impacting on telecommunications and moving the sector forward,” Brown said in a statement. To form the committee, Brown sought expressions of interest from companies or individuals who have a desire to progress telecommunications and connectivity in the Cook Island. Twenty-two people expressed their interest and six of those have been named as voluntary

members of the Advisory Committee. Jeane Matenga will chair the group, which includes Steve Anderson, Maureen Hilyard, Damon Enoka, Mike Pynenberg and Rebecca Puni. The National ICT Ofice will be secretariat to the committee. “This committee will respond to telecommunications issues raised by the public and also those that the committee and Minister feel are pertinent to telecommunications development in the Cook Islands,” Brown said. “The recent developments around Digicel’s interest in purchasing Telecom New Zealand’s share have also fuelled public debate.” He said the Government is anticipating some fundamental changes to the telecommunications sector. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Batten down the hatches Coo k Islanders are being

warned to brace themselves for what could be the irst tropical cyclone of the year, with damaging gale force winds on the way. The Meteorological Service said a tropical depression sitting just south of Nassau and Pukapuka is starting to intensify and track southeast. “In the next 12 to 24 hours, we’re expecting it to be upgraded to a tropical cyclone and given a name,” said Met Service Director Arona Ngari. Ngari said the islands likely to be most affected are Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Atiu, Mitiaro

and Mauke, depending on the system’s exact course. Northerly winds are expected to average speeds of 35 to 40 knots, with momentary gusts of 45 knots, he said. A gale warning is in place for most of the country, and squally rain, thunderstorms and rough seas are also forecast. An emergency management brieing was held at the Met Ofice yesterday and a similar meeting will take place today. Charles Carlson, Director of Emergency Management Cook Islands, said people should be prepared regardless of whether

The Ports Authority pulled its tug boat out of the water yesterday in preparation for the rough weather. 14031712

the system gets upgraded. “People tend to wait until it becomes a tropical cyclone before they take it seriously. But what happened in Fiji last week was caused by a tropical depression.” Carlson said the country is in its official cyclone season so everybody should be more than ready by now. Popular weather forecasting website WindGuru is predicting massive eight-metre northerly waves to pound Rarotonga today. Ngari said the Met Service expects a 4.5-metre northerly swell. He said there is already a big southeast swell being gen-

Reported zika cases now said to be up to 280 A SPIkE in suspected zika cases

over the weekend had taken the total reported number to 280, says the Ministry of Health. Only 35 of those cases have actually been conirmed as zika because many blood samples are still being tested in Tahiti. Dr Rangi Fariu, Director of Community Health Services, said most people turning up at hospital are showing the same symptoms - rash, fever, pain in the joints and behind the eyes - which are typical of the zika vi-






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erated by an anti-cyclone to the south. Many local fishermen have pulled their vessels out of the water in preparation for the rough weather, taking the opportunity to carry out maintenance work. Ports Authority workers were seen bringing their tug boat from Avatiu Harbour onto land yesterday. “The height of the waves is predicted to get big and come from the north, which means it will come into the harbour,” said Harbourmaster Saungaki Rasmussen. - Ben Chapman-Smith

rus. There have been 15 reported cases in Aitutaki but none from the other outer islands. Since the outbreak began at the start of February, the Ministry of Health has undertaken a thorough campaign, spraying in a 200-metre radius of every home affected. Spraying has been suspended since Friday because of strong winds on the island. The virus outbreak was initially thought to be dengue but has since been conirmed as zika. - BCS

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI Ao Coconuts fail to find plane A MAlAysiAn shaman or “Bomoh” wielding coconuts to locate missing light MH370, has triggered a mixture of outrage and embarrassment in Malaysia. Bomoh ibrahim Mat Zin looked through pretending bamboo binoculars at Kuala lumpur international Airport and told reporters he aimed to “weaken the bad spirits so the rescuers can ind the plane”. He claimed to have been invited by one of the country’s leaders, but later said he was working of his own volition.

First chill in Cold War Ukraine crisis: EU and Us impose sanctions over Crimea situation kIEV – The EU and US have announced travel bans and asset freezes against a number of oficials from Russia and Ukraine. The moves follow Sunday’s referendum in Crimea, in which oficials say 97 per cent of voters backed breaking away from Ukraine and joining Russia. Individuals targeted by sanctions are seen as playing a key role in the referendum, which the US and EU deem illegal.

world BRIEFS CHINA BABY HATCH OVERWHELMED cHINA – A “baby hatch” in southern china has been forced to suspend work after hundreds of infants were abandoned, overwhelming the centre, its director says. More than 260 children had been left at the welfare home in Guangzhou since 28 January, director Xu Jiu added. Staf will continue caring for babies already at the welfare home, all of whom sufer from illnesses Xu said. china introduced the centres so parents could abandon infants safely rather than leaving them in the streets. Supporters say the baby hatches save lives, but critics say they encourage parents to abandon their children. Xu announced the suspension on Sunday, saying that 262 babies had been left at the centre since the scheme began in January.

REGGAE STAR FOUND GUILTY OF MURDER JAMAIcA – Popular Jamaican dancehall and reggae star Vybz Kartel has been found guilty of murder in a high-proile trial. He and three co-defendants were convicted under tight security of killing an associate, clive Lizard Williams, in a row over a missing gun. Parts of the capital Kingston were cordoned of in advance of the verdict and police patrols were stepped up. Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is one of the biggest names in Jamaican dancehall reggae. Kartel’s bleached skin – covered by tattoos – made him stand out from the crowd and the “World Boss”, as he called himself, also often gloriied violence in his music.

VENEZUELA GETS TOUGH ON PROTESTERS VENEZUELA – Venezuelan soldiers have cleared protesters from Plaza Altamira in the capital caracas. The square in the east of the city has been at the centre of anti-government demonstrations which have disrupted the country for more than a month. President Nicolas Maduro said government forces would “continue liberating territory” from the protesters. At least 28 people have been killed in six weeks of unrest. The clearance of the square took place on Sunday. On Saturday, President Maduro had warned protesters – whom he calls “chuckys” in reference to the murderous doll in the 1980s horror ilm ‘Child’s Play’ – to leave or face eviction. “I’m going to give the chuckys, those assassins that have taken over Plaza Altamira and Francisco de Miranda Avenue, a few hours, and if they don’t clear out today I am going to clear those spaces with public force,” he said.

EARTHQUAKE WAKES UP LOS ANGELES USA – An earthquake has been strongly felt near Los Angeles, california, rattling nerves but so far causing no major damage or injury or deaths. The 4.4-magnitude quake struck 9km from the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Westwood. It was the strongest earthquake in Los Angeles since the last aftershocks from the 1994 Northridge quake, a government scientist said. Dr Lucy Jones of the US Geological Survey told the local CBS broadcaster there was a ive per cent chance another strong quake would strike within the next three days. USGS seismologist Robert Graves said: “This is reminder we live in earthquake country.” There were no immediate reports of injuries, though many Los Angeles area residents said the quake had frightened them out of bed.

Pro-Russian forces have been in control of Crimea since late February. Moscow says the troops are local self-defence forces not under its direct control. US President Barack obama said Washington stood “ready to impose further sanctions” depending on whether Russia escalated or de-escalated the situation in Ukraine. If Moscow continued to intervene in Ukraine, he warned, it would “achieve nothing except to further isolate Russia and diminish its place in the world”. “We regret that Russia has so far not engaged in negotiations with Ukraine,” EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said as the sanctions were announced. UK Foreign Secretary William Hague told reporters the list was not “set in stone”. He said this depends on “how Russia reacts to the referendum in Crimea which has been a mockery of any real democracy, and how they are reacting to the possibility of discussions and direct negotiations with Ukraine over the coming days”. The US said it had targeted seven top Russian government officials and lawmakers and four Crimea-based separatist leaders with inancial sanctions for undermining “democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine”. “Today’s actions send a strong message to the Russian government that there are consequences for their actions that violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including their actions supporting the illegal referendum for Crimean separation,’’ the White House said in a statement. Ukraine’s acting President oleksander Turchinov said kiev was ready for negotiations with Russia, but it would never accept the annexation of Crimea. - BBC

Armoured vehicles perceived as russian patrol the road between simferopol and sevastopol as the West imposes direct sanctions on russia in the wake of the Crimean referendum. AFP

Rebel oil tanker boarded TRIPolI – US special forces have

seized a commercial tanker that led with an “illicitly obtained” cargo of oil from a Libyan port controlled by anti-government rebels, halting their attempt to sell petroleum on the global market. libyan federalist gunmen demanding regional autonomy and a share of oil wealth managed to load crude oil onto

the ship, which escaped Libya’s navy, embarrassing Tripoli’s government and prompting parliament to sack the prime minister. US navy commandos stormed the Morning Glory tanker as it sat in international waters off Cyprus on Sunday and took control of the vessel, which the Pentagon said had been held by three armed libyans. The oil

terminal at the port of Es Sider has been under the control of militia wanting autonomy for eastern Libya since July 2013. This was their irst attempt to export oil from rebel-held areas. It is not clear where the tanker was headed. The US move is seen as a deterrent to any further attempts to illicitly buy oil from the rebelcontrolled ports. - Reuters

‘Big Bang’ evidence found STANFORD – Scientists say they have extraordinary new evidence to support a Big Bang theory for the origin of the Universe. Researchers believe they have found the signal left in the sky by the super-rapid expansion of space that must have occurred just fractions of a second after everything came into being. It takes the form of a distinctive twist in the oldest light detectable with telescopes. The work will be scrutinised carefully, but already there is

talk of a Nobel prize. “This is spectacular,” commented Prof Marc kamionkowski, from Johns Hopkins University. “I’ve seen the research; the arguments are persuasive, and the scientists involved are among the most careful and conservative people I know.” The breakthrough was announced by an American team working on a project known as BICEP2. This has been using a telescope at the South Pole to make

detailed observations of a small patch of sky. The aim has been to try to ind a residual marker for “inlation” – the idea that the cosmos experienced an exponential growth spurt in its first trillionth, of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second. Theory holds that this would have taken the infant Universe from something unimaginably small to something about the size of a marble. Space has continued to expand for the nearly 14 billion years since. - BBC

Leprechauns' big day out

MICK jAGGER’S GIRLFRIEND FOUND DEAD PERU – L’Wren Scott, a fashion designer and the long-time girlfriend of rock music icon Sir Mick Jagger, has been found dead in her New York City lat. Police are treating it as a suicide, although the medical examiner has yet to determine an oicial cause of death. A spokesman for Jagger said the Rolling Stones singer was “completely shocked and devastated” by Scott’s death. The band is currently on tour in Australia. Scott, born Luann Bambrough, was raised by adoptive parents in the US state of Utah. She began her career as a model in Paris, then moved to Los Angeles to become a fashion stylist, according to a biography on her company’s website.

Today’s Daily Bread Saul answered: “The soldiers brought them from the Amalekites; they spared the best of the sheep and cattle to sacriice to the Lord your God, but we totally destroyed the rest.”

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: 1 samuel 15:10-23

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 15

A trio of leprechauns attend st Patrick’s day parade in dublin. More than 100 parades were held across ireland to mark the feast day of the nation’s patron saint, with up to 650,000 spectators and participants attending the major parade in dublin. AFP


Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI Ao

Lots of theories, no sign of plane Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Search for aircraft expands from Australia to Kazakhstan

Children write messages expressing prayers and well-wishes for passengers on board missing Malaysia Airlines light 370 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. AFP

Search area spans 10,000 kilometres kUAlA lUMPUR – The search

for the missing Malaysian jet pushed deep into the northern and southern hemispheres Monday as Australia scoured the southern Indian ocean and Kazakhstan – more than 10,000 kilometres to the northwest – answered Malaysia’s call for help in the unprecedented hunt. French investigators have arrived in Kuala Lumpur to lend expertise from the two-year search for an Air France jet that crashed into the Atlantic ocean in 2009. Malaysian authorities say the jet carrying 239 people was intentionally diverted from its light path during an overnight flight from Kuala Lumpur to

Beijing on March 8 and lew offcourse for several hours. Suspicion has fallen on the pilots, although Malaysian oficials have said they are looking into everyone aboard the light. Malaysian police coniscated a light simulator from the pilot’s home on Saturday and also visited the home of the co-pilot. Investigators haven’t ruled out hijacking, sabotage, pilot suicide or mass murder, and they are checking the backgrounds of all 227 passengers and 12 crew members, as well as the ground crew, to see if links to terrorists, personal problems or psychological issues could be factors. For now, though, Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammud-

din Hussein said finding the plane was still the main focus, and he did not rule out inding it intact. “The fact that there was no distress signal, no ransom notes, no parties claiming responsibility, there is always hope,” Hishammuddin said at a news conference. Although Malaysian authorities requested that all nations with citizens aboard the light conduct background checks on them, it wasn’t clear how thoroughly they were conducting such checks at home. The father of a Malaysian aviation engineer aboard the plane, Mohamad Khairul Amri Selamat, 29, said police had not approached anyone in the

family about his son, though he added that there was no reason to suspect him. “It is impossible for him to be involved in something like this,” said the father, Selamat Omar, 60. “ We are keeping our hopes high. I am praying hard that the plane didn’t crash and that he will be back soon.” Malaysia’s government in the meantime sent out diplomatic cables to all countries in the search area, seeking more planes and ships for the search, as well as to ask for any radar data that might help narrow the task. Some 26 countries are involved in the search, which initially focused on seas on either side of peninsular Malaysia, in

the South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca. over the weekend, however, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that investigators determined that a satellite picked up a faint signal from the aircraft about 7.5 hours after takeoff. The signal indicated the plane would have been somewhere on a vast arc stretching from Kazakhstan down to the southern reaches of the Indian ocean. Hishammuddin said Monday that searches in both the northern and southern stretches of the arc had begun, with countries from Australia north to China and west to Kazakhstan joining the hunt. - AP

‘Trigger happy’ Pistorius loved guns PREToRIA – oscar Pistorius was in the process of buying six guns at the time he shot dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, more than usually allowed under South African law, his murder trial has heard. The order for three shotguns, two revolvers, and a rifle had already been invoiced to the athlete when he shot Steenkamp on February 14 last year, testiied gun licensee Sean Rens on Monday. “The transaction was cancelled a month post-incident,” he said at the start of the third week of trial. South African law allows non-collectors to possess only four irearms. Rens said Pistorius “had a great love

and enthusiasm” for irearms. The licensee said Pistorius told him he once drew his gun inside his house at a suspicious noise, which turned out to be the washing machine. “He went into what we call ‘code red’, or combat mode, in other words to draw his gun and go and clear his house,” Rens testiied on Monday. Rens met the double-amputee in 2012 through a mutual friend. At the time Pistorius owned a 9mm pistol and the pair visited a shooting range together around 10 times. The state has drawn on previous gun incidents to depict the 27-year-old Pistorius as rash and trigger-happy, in support

of the charge of premeditated murder. The sprinter faces three additional non-related charges over iring a gun in a restaurant and from a moving car, and for the illegal possession of ammunition. licensing examination records showed Pistorius knew the country’s gun laws well, the court heard. He answered correctly that he could only shoot at a person if his life was directly threatened. Asked if he could ire at burglars stealing a television from his house, Pistorius answered: “No. life is not in danger,” Rens said, reading from an answer sheet. Pistorius says he shot dead Steenkamp, 29, through a locked toilet door when he mistook her for an intruder. - AFP

Oscar Pistorius in court. AFP

kUAlA lUMPUR – The search

for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has entered its 12th day, saddled with the growing weight of disparate and sometimes conlicting theories as to what might have happened and where the plane might be. Search crews from 26 nations are scouring vast swaths of ocean and land for any trace of the airliner, which vanished March 8 on a flight between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. So far they’ve turned up nothing. Meanwhile, families of the missing passengers struggle with the unknown. “Surely, they must find the plane. That’s all I hope for,” said Gurusamy Subramaniam, whose son, Puspanathan, is among the missing. “The whole world is out looking for it.” And suggestions about what might have happened to the Boeing 777-200ER continue to multiply, drawing pleas from Malaysian oficials to put an end to the theorising. on Monday, the Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times reported that the plane may have flown low to the ground – 5000 feet or less – and used mountainous terrain as cover to evade radar detection. The newspaper cited unnamed sources for its reporting. However, Malaysian oficials said Monday that they were not aware of the report. “It does not come from us,” said Malaysia Airlines CEo Ahmad Jauhari Yahya. one of the main revelations to emerge is the news that the aircraft’s co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid spoke the final words from the cockpit. Ahmad Jauhari said: “Initial investigations indicate it was the co-pilot who basically spoke the last time it was recorded on tape.” The last radio message from the plane was an informal “all right, good night” with no inidcation of anything being amiss. Investigators are now considering suicide by the captain or irst oficer as one possible explanation for the disappearance. Experts are now in agreement that the plane was hijacked or sabotaged and one theory that has been put forward is that it is being kept in a Taliban area ready for use at a later date Flight 370 could now be in a Taliban-controlled base on the Afghanistan and north west Pakistan border, it has been suggested by some media. Meanwhile a senior US congressman has said the disappearance of the aircraft was “no accident”. Congressman Michael McCaul, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, said the disappearance of flight MH370 on March 8 “was an intentional, deliberate act to bring down this airplane.” Congressman McCaul told Fox News that there were a lot of “warning signs” surrounding the light, including stolen passports used by two Iranian passengers and one-way tickets bought with cash “that hijackers are known to do.” - PNC sources


Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

regionalNEWS nuti no TE PA ENUA

Camp conditions deteriorating PnG judge orders inquiry into treatment of asylum seekers loRENGAU – A judge in Papua

New Guinea is due to begin an immediate inquiry into the treatment of asylum seekers at Australia’s detention centre on Manus Island. Under PNG law, the Supreme Court can initiate its own inquiries into human rights matters. Justice David Cannings has initiated such an inquiry after

last month’s riot at the detention centre which left one asylum seeker dead and scores injured. The inquiry will examine the conditions at the detention centre and whether they comply with the rights afforded under PNG’s constitution and international human rights agreements. Justice Cannings has appoint-

paciic BRIEFS MANUS ISLAND HIGH ON MEETING AGENDA PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Talks are set to focus on the Manus Island detention centre when Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, meets with the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, this week. Tony Abbott is making his irst trip to Papua New Guinea and the issues surrounding the riots at the Manus island centre, which resulted in one death and dozens of injuries, will be top of the agenda. O’Neill’s media advisor, Daniel Korimbao, says says Peter O’Neill intends to assure Tony Abbott of PNG’s ongoing committment to have the processing centre continue.

TONGA MAKES HUMAN RIGHTS PROGRESS TONGA – The Paciic Islands Forum Secretariat says Tonga has made a lot of progress when it comes to human rights. The country has just hosted its irst humans rights consultation, which organisers say aims to help the government monitor and advocate for human rights. The Paciic Islands Forum Secretariat human rights adviser, Filipo Masaurua, says Tonga wants to ensure people’s rights are recognised. “There has been a huge traction in terms of human rights in Tonga, the fact that people are actually talking about it, the fact that people are now asking government and civil society organisations, you know, ‘what about this particular group of people whose rights need to be protected?’, the fact that government is actually hosting this consultation speaks a lot in itself.”

NO TSUNAMI WARNING AFTER CHILE ‘QUAKE cHILE – A 6.2-magnitude earthquake has shaken chile’s northern Paciic shore just hours after a stronger 6.7-magnitude quake hit the same region. The Paciic Tsunami Warning Center has no tsunami warning in efect. The USGS report says the earthquake occurred ofshore at a depth of 10.6 kilometres. Its epicentre was 60 kilometres northwest of Iquique, chile. The region has had a series of strong shocks since the quake earlier in the day, registering between 4.9 and 5.2 magnitude. The earlier quake caused more than 100,000 people to briely evacuate some coastal areas as a precaution. Minor damage was reported.

NEW PRISON STAFF ALLEVIATING PROBLEMS AMERIcAN SAMOA – The commissioner of Public Safety in American Samoa says ten new corrections oicers employed at the Territorial correctional Facility has helped alleviate some of the problems at the prison. Recent issues include alleged beatings, the discovery of contraband in cells and accusations of favouritism in the treatment of inmates. The commissioner, William Haleck, says bringing in new blood has helped weed out those who were not performing according to expectations. He says the new staf have undergone training, and so far have worked out well. Haleck says a new police academy is expected to start in the summer. He says rigorous testing for the academy should begin in May and 20 recruits will be selected.

SAMOA BUSINESS CONFIDENT OF GROWTH SAMOA – A survey by the Samoa chamber of commerce on business conidence shows that most businesses are cautious about the overall economic outlook for Samoa in 2014 but more optimistic about the chance of their own business’ growth. Almost 40 per cent of respondents said they were planning to make more new investment this year than last year. The survey indicated the most signiicant constraints to business growth remain the high cost of essential services such as electricity, fuel and IcT, the shortage of skilled employees and government taxes and charges. The Samoa chamber of commerce has urged the government to reduce the duty on solar panels and other energy eicient capital items.

SAMMISANO TOPS CALIFORNIA’S SCALES USA – Sammisano Joshua Talai Otuhiva, a ive-month-old boy from San Francisco is being recognised as the largest baby ever born in the American state of california. When Sammisano was born in August 2013 he weighed in at 16 pounds, 1.8 ounces. His American Samoan mother Soseina Tagalu and Tongan father Pavasio Otuhiva said that surprisingly he was born earlier than his due date. Now ive-months-old, and weighing 25 pounds, Sammisano carries the average weight of an 18-month-old toddler. It is not the irst time a Tongan baby has broken a weight record, in 2005 a Tongan couple in Auckland gave birth to a baby girl, Angelani Manu, who weighed in at 14 pounds, 10 ounces, and was reportedly New Zealand’s heaviest new born baby.

ed Cairns-based public health specialist Paul Crouch-Chivers to examine the health services at the detention centre. He ordered the doctor be granted “reasonable access” to the centre. The judge has indicated he will visit the centre himself during this week’s inquiry. He has also ordered legal aid be provided to asylum seekers ahead of the inquiry. last year Justice Cannings ordered a similar inquiry after a group of police oficers used machetes to slash the ankles of more than 70 men involved in a tribal ight in Port Moresby. In the detention compounds, Manus Island detainees say they are being threatened with violence and are facing food shortages, with some asylum seekers forced to skip meals amid deteriorating conditions. Detainees say a number of local contractors, including caterers and other support staff, have been banned by current management from reentering the camp following threats and intimidation by the detainees, such as throatslitting gestures, according to a report by freelance journalist Asher Wolf as reported by

‘Please don’t leave us alone. We need your help. It’s a really bad situation here.’ Australia broadcaster SBS. Tensions between the detainees and local Papua New Guinea contractors have reportedly remained high since the riot of February 17. Stafing shortfalls have forced detainees to draw up their own impromptu roster of duties for cleaning and odd tasks, as G4S management continues to keep local employees locked out. “We serve the food ourselves, we clean the dining hall ourselves, we clean the yard ourselves, and we organise everything ourselves,” explains one asylum seeker in a phone call. Detainees have told SBS they are carrying out a number of duties previously performed by Papua New Guinea staff. In a message via Facebook, another asylum seeker states: “They are forcing us to clean the toilets, bathrooms, yard and work in the kitchen, and threat

(sic) us that if you don’t do that, we will return the locals back, and the consequences will be yours.” Detainees also say they are being forced to eat poor quality food since local staff stopped catering duties amid the post-riot clamp down. It is alleged food is now distributed by Australian staff from trucks and there are complaints of shortages, as well as asylum seekers suffering nausea and missing meals. “Everyone has got lots of stomach problems, and management’s excuse is because there is no local staff, the food is bad!” writes one asylum seeker via Facebook. “We are scared, and shocked, and after trauma there’s lots of side effects for us, and lots of mental health issues – people aren’t sleeping regularly.” Speaking on the phone, another asylum seeker told an advocate: “Please don’t leave us alone. We need your help. It’s a really bad situation here.” Another detainee repeatedly requested humanitarian assistance on Manus Island: “We ran away from our countries because of the danger that threatened us, and now we have

another problem here – out of the frying pan, into the ire.” Some detainees say they will resist if attacked by Manus Island police or local staff. “We will ight with everybody who want to attack us. We ight until we die,” writes one. Asked if they thought another attack would occur soon, the asylum seeker replied: “Yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeees!” “Manus is meant to be a processing centre, not a forced labour camp,” says Rachel Ball, director of advocacy and campaigns at the Human Rights law Centre based in Melbourne. “These reports of thinly veiled threats of violence against asylum seekers if they don’t work show yet again that we are sending vulnerable people into dangerous environments.” New management and security provider Transield, which beat G4S in a tender in late February, will be paid $1.22 billion to operate the Manus Island and Nauru detention facilities for the next 20 months. This equates to about $900 a day for each detainee. Transield will take full control of the Manus Island detention centre on March 28. - ABC/SBS

Cyclone Lusi death toll now 10 PoRT VIlA – Ten people are now confirmed dead in Vanuatu and two still missing after Tropical Cyclone Lusi. The country’s National Disaster Management Ofice says the cyclone displaced 112 people and affected 20,000 households.

lusi hit Vanuatu over two days, damaging crops and infrastructure, flooding towns and contaminating the water supply. The office says 38 houses were destroyed with 11 in Maewo in Penama Province and 27 in Emae in Shefa Province.

Disaster mangement director Shadrack Welegtabit says there was one death in Pentecost, one in Malekula and eight in Santo, after a mudslide on the island. “Most of them died due to the mudslides that ocurred inland in Santo. Most of them

died during that mudslide.” Shadrack Welegtabit says the other two died after being struck by falling tree branches. An assessment team will be deployed this week to check on damages to homes and gardens in all provinces. - RNZI

Frustrated nurses go unpaid PoRT VIlA – The Vanuatu Nurs-

es Association says pay problems are continuing, with an estimated one hundred nurses not receiving their pay. The acting Director General of Health in Vanuatu, Dr Santos Wari, says it was expected nurses’ pay would be back to normal

by Friday last week. However, the interim president of the Nurses Association, Anne Pakoa, says it’s understood about 100 of the more than 500 nurses employed in the country are still waiting to be paid. She says the situation is getting desperate for some.

“Some of the nurses haven’t been paid for about three or more months, which is quite frustrating. One approach that was taken by the ministry of health over there, they bought a bag of rice, and gave it to each of the nurses. And I think it’s quite a

joke. We’re still receiving a lot of issues, so yeah, it’s a dramatic situation we’re in.” Pakoa says it’s frustrating that nurses aren’t being valued, yet they’re relied on to respond and work overtime in emergency situations like Cyclone lusi. - RNZI

Prison report due out in two weeks APIA – A report into abuse of power at a Samoan prison was due to be released this week, but the Minister of Police and Prisons there will now be a further two-week delay. The Commission of Inquiry into Tafa’igata Prison is responding to claims of loans between prisoners and police oficers and also sexual misconduct.

Earlier this month the Samoa Observer reported the Commission’s report had been sent to the Ofice of the Prime Minister. The government had suspended the Police Commissioner, Lilomaiava Fou Taioalo, and the prison warden and Assistant Commissioner, Sala Seaga Uili, with pay, and extended the suspension in January, after the

inquiry was delayed. The assisting police commissioner and spokesperson, Fauono Talalelei Tapu, took over until the end of the commissioner’s suspension in March, and the Minister of Police and Prisons, Sala Fata Pinati says Fauono will remain in the job until the indings are released. last month, the government

called for applications for a commissioner for the newlyestablished Prisons and Correction Service, which effectively removes the running of prisons from the Ministry of Police. Sala Fata Pinati says the report on the prison is now back with the police and the findings will be made public in two week’s time. - RNZI

35 dengue cases reported in Auckland AUCklAND – A spate of dengue fever outbreaks in the Pacific has sparked a health warning for travelling New Zealanders. Holidaymakers were advised to take extra precautions to avoid being being bitten by mosquitoes, Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) said.

It comes as 35 cases of dengue fever have been conirmed in Auckland so far this year, it said, with 24 of those cases originating from Fiji. Fiji has recorded more than 10,000 cases of dengue fever, with 12 deaths, since october. The disease has also emerged in French Polynesia, Vanuatu

and New Caledonia. Zika virus, which is similar to dengue, is widespread in French Polynesia, with cases also found in New Caledonia and the Cook Islands. A n o t h e r s i m i l a r v i r u s, chikungunya, has recently caused an outbreak in Papua New Guinea.

Dengue fever symptoms begin with a high fever and severe headache. Nausea and vomiting are common, as are joint and muscle pain. There is no vaccine for dengue fever, Zika or chikungunya. The only way to prevent infection was to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, ARPHS said. - AP


Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

regionalNEWS nuti no TE PA ENUA

Work needed on gender equality SUVA – The Fiji Women’s Forum

says more work needs to be done in the Paciic to boost the participation of women in politics and ensure long-term gender parity. The United Nations has released its Women in Politics Map 2014, which says Micronesia, Palau and Vanuatu are the lowest ranked, without a single woman parliamentarian. And it says of the 13 countries with less than ive per cent female representation, ive are in the Paciic region – the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Tonga and Samoa. The head of Femlink Paciic, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, told

Radio New Zealand the UN’s estimation that gender equality in politics globally could be reached in 20 years will not happen in the Paciic if hard work doesn’t start now. “ We have seen in the last year, in Samoa in particular, the putting in of constitutional reform processes to at least make a commitment to 10 per cent. “But the reality is that politically women are not in the types of elected positions we would like to see, whether in national parliament or in local government, you know, municipal councils as well, in Paciic island countries. R NZI: With the elections

coming up in Fiji and the Solomon Islands, are there hopes that more women will stand? “Most definitely. There’s a lot of work going on to train women, but I think that we need to see a sustained support for enhancing women’s political participation. “We got some very good numbers in the 1990s, for example, in Fiji, but then you sort of see that women in politics programmes would kind of izzle out after elections. It has to be sustained. “It needs to go from one election cycle to the other. And it also needs to be looking not just at national politics but where

women are probably closer to development planning in provincial councils in local government. “Vanuatu, for example, has introduced affirmative action for local government. So we’re looking at ways I think across the Pacific to see how can we support women to get elected, but also the support that’s needed for women to rise in leadership within political parties as well. R NZI: The UN’s research shows that the number of women parliamentarians are at a record 21.8 per cent globally. But would you say this increase is a true relection of what’s hap-

pening in the Paciic? “In the sense of the increase in numbers, you know globally that 21 per cent, I don’t think we’re doing that well at all. We just have a very long way to go. “The good thing is that there is the political will to support it, and support women in politics, but what it also needs is sustained resourcing – particularly from within women’s civil societies “And that kind of work, not just in building the capacity of women’s political leadership, but also to look at how political parties can be more engaged and supporting women’s leadership as well.

RNZI: And they’ve also said that gender parity could be sustained in 20 years. Do you think this is a reality for the Paciic? “To say 20 years, that’s two decades away. I don’t think we have time. I think we really need to work a lot smarter and a lot faster to ensure there is gender parity in politics. “There’s no point in having indicators or commitments in the 2015 agenda and then wait for it to get rolled out. I mean, this should be a reality now. “To wait for another 20 years means that for another 20 years the women of the Pacific will still be behind in political decision-making.” - RNZI

Volunteers keeping tabs on radiation THE PACIFIC – Scientists in

the United States have crowdsourced a network of volunteers taking water samples at beaches along the West Coast in hopes of capturing a detailed look at low levels of radiation drifting across the Paciic Ocean since the 2011 tsunami that devastated a nuclear power plant in Japan. With the risk to public health extremely low, the effort is more about perfecting computer models that will better predict chemical and radiation spills in the future than bracing for a threat, researchers say. US federal agencies are not sampling on the beaches. Washington also doesn’t test ocean water for radiation, said Washington Department of Health spokesman Donn Moyer. The state of oregon is sampling, but looking for higher radiation levels closer to federal health standards, said state health physicist Daryl Leon. The March 2011 tsunami off

Japan flooded the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, causing radiation-contaminated water to spill into the Paciic. Airborne radiation was detected in milk and rainwater in the US soon afterward. But things move much more slowly in the ocean. “We know there’s contaminated water coming out of there, even today,” ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, said in a video appealing for volunteers and contributions. In fact, it is the biggest pulse of radioactive liquid dropped in the ocean ever, he said. “What we don’t really know is how fast and how much is being transported across the Paciic,” he added. “Yes, the models tell us it will be safe. Yes, the levels we expect off the coast of the US and Canada are expected to be low. “ But we need measurements,

‘We know there’s contaminated water coming out of there, even today. What we don’t really know is how fast and how much is being transported across the Paciic.’ especially now as the plume begins to arrive along the West Coast.” In an email from Japan, Buesseler said he hopes the sampling will go on every two or three months for the next two to three years. Two different models have been published in peer-reviewed scientiic journals predicting the spread of radioactive

isotopes of cesium and iodine from Fukushima. one, known as Rossi et al, shows the leading edge of the plume hitting the West Coast from southeast Alaska to Southern California by April. The other, known as Behrens et all, shows the plume hitting Southeast Alaska, British Columbia and Washington by March 2016. The isotopes have been detected at very low levels at a Canadian sampling point far out to sea earlier than the models predicted, but not yet reported at the beach, said kathryn A. Higley, head of the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics at oregon State University. The Rossi model predicts levels a little higher than the fallout from nuclear weapons testing in the 1960s. The Behrens model predicts lower levels like those seen in the ocean in the 1990s, after the

radiation had decayed and dissipated. The models predict levels of Cesium 137 between 30 and 2 Becquerels per cubic metre of seawater by the time the plume reaches the West Coast, Higley said. The federal drinking water health standard is 7,400 Becquerels per cubic metre, Leon said. Becquerels are a measure of radioactivity. The crowd-sourcing raised $29,945 from 225 people, enough to establish about 30 sampling sites in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and California, according to Woods Hole. The website so far has not reported any radiation. Sara Gamble of Renton, Washington, the mother of a young child, raised $500 because she thinks it is important to know what is really going on. Woods Hole sent her a bucket, a funnel, a clipboard, a UPS

shipping label, instructions and a big red plastic container for her sample. She went to ocean Shores, Washington, a couple of weeks ago, collected her sample and shipped it off. No results have come back yet. To do another sample, she will have to raise another $500. “I got lots of strange looks at the beach and the UPS Store, because it’s labelled ‘Centre for Marine and Environmental Radioactivity,’ and it’s a big red bin,” she said. “But it’s funny; nobody would ask me anything out on the beach. I was like, ‘Aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to ask?’” Taking the sample has allayed her initial fears, but she still thinks it is important to know “because it affects our ecosystems, kids love to play in the water at the beach, and I want to know what’s there.” - AP

Paciic political events noted by NZ media Progress from two of our Pacific neighbours in recent weeks should be noted, states an editorial this week in new Zealand’s Otago Daily Times newspaper. DUNEDIN – At a recent meeting in Auckland between New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully and Tonga’s Prime Minister lord Tu’ivakano, Tonga agreed to take meaningful steps to address longstanding safety issues across its transport sector. Failings in the sector were highlighted by the 2009 sinking of the unseaworthy interisland ferry Princess Ashika (which killed 74 people) and a subsequent royal commission of inquiry into the tragedy. And more recently by Tonga’s use of controversial Chinesebuilt aircraft last year, which saw New Zealand issue a travel advisory and suspend millions of dollars in tourism aid. The kingdom committed to a sector-wide review of transport safety to be led by the World Bank, with financial support from New Zealand.

There was much mutual back-slapping after the talks, with McCully saying lord Tu’ivakano’s commitment to lead reform deserved ‘’the highest praise’’ and was an essential foundation in developing the tourism sector there, and lord Tu’ivakano in turn praising New Zealand for its immediate response in the wake of the devastation caused by Cyclone Ian in January. The mutual adoration and hype is undeniable, but the success of the talks cannot be underestimated. The agreements have reafirmed the close economic, political, migration and tourism ties between the two countries. Improvements there that can save lives and enable the growth of tourism as an important earner can only be a boon for Tonga and by association New Zealand as a key development partner, inancial supporter and aid provider. Progress in troubled Fiji is also heartening. Frank Bainimarama, who seized power of the country in a 2006 military coup, has relinquished his position as Com-

mander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces in order to contest parliamentary elections in what is hoped will be a return to democracy for the country, as long sought by Australia and New Zealand. Bainimarama’s move was necessary under Fiji’s new constitution, adopted last year, which banned soldiers from political life. Brigadier-general Mosese Tikoitoga has been appointed the military’s new commander. Australian and New Zealand political leaders welcomed the move, with McCully saying it was an ‘’important milestone towards separating the government and the military’’. Political types here and in Australia are eagerly anticipating democratic elections, but naturally remain wary. After all, Bainimarama has four military coups since 1987 to his name, threw out the previous constitution (and a new draft constitution prepared by a specially selected constitutional committee) and replaced it with a constitution widely condemned as eroding human rights, and his regime has restricted fundamental freedoms

As part of the ‘rode to democracy’ Fiji’s regime leader, the now retired rear Admiral Voreqe Bainimarama, handed over command of the military to Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga. MINFO and been accused of human rights abuses. The fact Bainimarama will not relinquish the post of interim prime minister until the election shows he is determined to play it his way and maintain a hold on the country. There are very real concerns about what may be going on behind the scenes, how credible the election process will be and whether it will be a truly ‘’free’’ vote.

An opinion poll in a progovernment newspaper put his support at almost 80 per cent, but the reliability of the poll is questioned. And of course it will remain to be seen whether General Tikoitoga will be able to remain free from political interference. It is inevitable there will be more rhetoric and propaganda to come and, as has been clearly demonstrated in other countries progressing from autocratic re-

gimes to democracies, notably and most recently Egypt, such a transition can be far from plain sailing. However shaky though, any signs of progress are welcome, and New Zealand and Australia and other Pacific nations will continue watching –- and hoping – that right will eventually prevail over might in that island nation. - Otago Daily Times


Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

Burglars cut into Tauae Store BURGlARS cut their way into a Takuvaine store and stole more than $1000 worth of cigarettes on Sunday night. Tauae Store owner Mama Ngai Tupa said she found out about the break-in when Avarua Bakery staff making an early delivery, phoned her at 6am yesterday. She arrived at her store to find the offenders had cut a small hole in the corrugated iron front wall, pushing a chest freezer out of the way and squeezing inside. “I think it must have been boys,” she said, referring to the

size of the hole. Eleven cartons of cigarettes were taken, valued between $103 and $117 each. The incident took place sometime between 9pm Sunday and 6am Monday. Mama Ngai said she is saddened by the number of burglaries taking place in Rarotonga. “I’m afraid the people might start calling us the ‘Crook Islands’.” Despite the incident, Mama Ngai was open for business yesterday and welcoming customers with a smile. Inspector John Strickland

said police have suspects but no arrests have been made. He did not want to release any more information but said: “We’ll follow it up”. Meanwhile, police were called out to a number of burglaries in Ngatangiia on Friday night. Burglars broke into four units at the same tourist accommodation, stealing vehicle keys, cash, two bottles of alcohol and a mobile phone. Inspector Tepaki Baxter said inger prints were lifted and the crimes are under investigation. A female visitor to the island,

also staying in Ngatangiia, was shocked when a male offender broke into her accommodation. Baxter said the perpetrator was known to police and has been arrested. He said the visitor was “traumatised” by the incident and has shortened her trip to Rarotonga. Hidies Night Club and a neighbouring salon were also broken into over the weekend. Muri Outlet store reported having two gas bottles stolen after someone cut the pad lock to a cage. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Dog attacks, drivers keep police busy TWo ANIMAlS were mauled by

packs of dogs in the weekend, while police were also kept busy trying to catch dangerous drivers. Inspector Tepaki Baxter said an Arai-te-Tonga resident had his sow attacked and killed by three dogs. Two of the dogs will be destroyed by their owner and police are trying to get in touch with the other owner.

A Nikao resident reported that her goat was attacked by ive dogs and Baxter said the matter is being investigated. A female driver from Betela fell off her motorcycle at the Seawall corner in Nikao, while driving towards Arorangi on Saturday early evening. The woman was admitted to hospital and police suspect alcohol was involved. In another incident, a mem-

ber of the public reported seeing someone driving a motorcycle dangerously in town, heading towards to Nikao. Police went out looking for the driver but had no success. A dangerous driver was also reported in Matavera but police were again unable to find the vehicle. A man was ordered off the road after being caught driving his motor cycle without a head-

light. Baxter said two Tupapa homeowners had to be warned to turn down their music after police received noise complaints. Police are also investigating an alleged case of assault at the Super Brown store. Anyone who holds information about any of the above or previous incidents is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 080022200. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Limit dog numbers says former ranger

ex-dog ranger Joe ngatae says he did his job according to the law and the new dog ranger should too. 14031437

RARoToNGA’S former dog controller believes each household on the island should be allowed only dog each – if that. He has also offered some advice to whoever steps into the role next. Joe Ngatae had the controversial job of managing the island’s dog population for more

Impressive fishing tail


lookING very pleased with

himself is Junior Ioaba, coowner of Marlin Queen fishing charters, seen drying out

Ofenders entered Tauae Store by cutting a small hole in the front wall. store owner Mama ngai Tupa seen in the background. 14031704

(showing off ) the tail of a 327.4kg blue marlin mounted on his truck. The beast was caught last Thursday and took

less than an hour to land. Cook Islands Fishing Club president Don Beer said the club record is still held by George koteka Jnr

and Henry Rennie, who hauled in a 372kg blue marlin in May 2002. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

than a decade before he retired two years ago. As the debate continues about how to tackle the problem of dogs intimidating and attacking people, Ngatae has spoken up and shared his views. He said the reason there are so many stray, aggressive dogs on the island is because people are neglecting their animals. Not only do people fail to have their dogs de-sexed, but many also fail to treat them decently, he said. “People like the dog when it’s small but when it grows up, they kick it and stop giving it food. You should look after your dog the same way you look after your children. If you don’t look after your children they end up on the street and it’s the same way with dogs.” He said there are few stray dogs in New Zealand because people care for their animals. Ngatae said one way of addressing the problem in Rarotonga would be to limit each household to one registered dog, rather than two. He doubts that would work, however, because people would continue keeping unregistered dogs and fail to de-sex them. Another move he would support is following the lead of Aitutaki and banning dogs from the island altogether. “Within the next five to

10 years I’d get rid of them. I know that’s harsh but if we look at Aitutaki, it’s very nice out there.” Ngatae said he loves his own five-month-old dog but would agree to have it put down if the law was changed. “If it’s got to go that way, I’ll have to lose my dog too and be happy with a cat.” During his time in the job, Ngatae copped a great deal of criticism for his methods. Many people felt he was too quick to pull the trigger on roaming and unruly dogs, although Ngatae has always maintained he did his job to the letter of the law. “I tell you one thing – I stuck to the Cook Islands law – I worked from it. “There’s a lot of people who criticised me but they never saw what some of these dogs did.” Cook Islands Police Service is recruiting a new full-time dog ranger and Ngatae hopes whoever steps into the role knows what to expect. “I feel sorry for the next one if he doesn’t know what he’s going to face - a lot of criticism. People will never understand if you do it by following the law.” He said the new person needs to be tough-skinned and should be trained well and taught to follow the law. - Ben Chapman-Smith

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

honourable Teina Bishop escorted by MP Tai Tura and school principal Josephine ivirangi proceed through Mauke school’s guard of honour.


Tablets lown in for Mauke School pupils CABINET Minister Teina Bishop

made a lying stop to the island of Akatokamanava (Mauke) for just one hour to personally gift the students of Mauke School tablets (mini i-pads, not worm tablets). The devices were donated to the Ministry of Education and gifted to students on Mauke island. Bishop, also the Minister of Education, was welcomed by Mauke School Principal Josephine Ivirangi and Member of Parliament Tai Tura at the airport. The students greeted him with eis (flower garlands) and a pe’e (traditional chant) performed by student warriors Ngatokorua Vaine keu and Rautini oti. As he entered through the airport gates, Teina Bishop and Inatea Toa made their way through a respectful guard of honour formed by Mauke’s School’s smiling staff and students as they proudly sang the song ‘Akatokamanava noku e’. The occasion started with the Religious Advisory Council com-

ing together for a prayer. After a short speech from the school principal, Bishop caught the attention of listeners as he spoke of the gifted tablets, where they came from and how they should be used. He stated that students should use the tablets and they should not be treated as a Bible and left in the cupboards to rot or be decorations. The tablets are to be used by the students and not the teachers. After the speeches Brother John Marsters gave thanks for the food offered by the teachers and the school committee. As invited guests were eating, the students sang songs and entertained. Towards the end the student councillors showed their appreciation by gifting Bishop and Inatea coconut oils, baskets and more ei. As the plane departed, students waved goodbye, happy in the knowledge of how lucky they are to be getting new tablets for school. - Charley Shane on Mauke

All smiles as Mauke School student Tiamata shows of the new tablets for Mauke students. 14031503

The religious Advisory Council members came together to thank the Lord for Mauke’s new tablets. 14031504

FAO launches new project to enhance food security OFFICIALS of the Government of Cook Islands and United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and key stakeholders including farmers participated in a workshop this week to mark the formal launching of a two year project to boost local agricultural production. Entitled “TCP/CKI/3401- Assistance to Enhance Horticultural Crop Production and Improve Soil Resources Management for Sustainable livelihoods in Cook Islands”, it was held at the Ministry of Agriculture offices on Wednesday. FAO Plant Production and Protection Oficer, Dr. Viliami Fakava said that FAO will be providing assistance with a total budget of $US293,000 for 24 months for technical assistance and necessary support for the Ministry of Agriculture and the ive main islands of the southern Cooks namely Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke, and Mitiaro. This project will be jointly implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, FAO, the Pa Enua Governance Unit, and other relevant organisations (Health, Education, Business Trade, Women’s Council). Minister for Agriculture kiriau Turepu acknowledged the continued assistance FAO provided to the development of agriculture in the Cook Islands. In his opening address he encouraged

Cook Island farmers to take full advantage of these opportunities. “We have to grow to substitute for what we bring in. If we can cut one third of the import this will be a saving to the nation,” he said. National Project Co-ordinator William Wigmore, provided the background and the rationale for the project noting the $2.6 million worth of fresh fruits and vegetables that the country imported in 2012. This project

would help to improve farmers focus on increasing production of foods with high nutritional value by providing farmers information and technical advice, and not through inancial assistance for items such as fertilisers and chemicals. The meeting also sought to discuss the project and its implementation modalities and expected outputs and outcomes, and the roles of different stakeholders. On Tuesday, the project elect-

ed a Project Steering Committee to provide guidance to the implementation of the project. The consultative workshop will assist in the inalisation of a detailed implementation plan which will be produced by the project’s technical team. In total, 35 participants including representatives from the Government line departments, and the farmers’ community in Rarotonga participated in the two day workshop. - FAO Release

SWITCH oN with Te Aponga Uira

WEATHER WATCHING... While we’ve had strong winds and intermittent rain over the past 7 days, it’s nothing compared to that experienced in the western Paciic last week. And when Cyclone Lusi reached NZ over the weekend, it left areas without power for a while, brought down trees, and caused damage. So stay vigilant. make sure you have the following items on hand. • Torches and candles to see at night. • Battery operated radio to hear the latest news. • Food that you can store without refrigeration. The fact is you can never plan the weather.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

uniformed organisations march in Anzac day commemorations in Aitutaki in 2011.

Anzac day commemorations on Aitutaki in 2011 were an emotional time for Vietnam war veteran Papa Steven Geofrey Roi. 14031315


Reuniting in Aitutaki for Anzac Day 2014 Independent candidate Teina Mackenzie kicked of her campaign last week by declaring her candidacy for the constituency of ngatangi’ia. 14031703

THREE MEN who served together in the New Zealand Special Air Service about 40 years ago will be meeting up in Aitutaki next month for a special Anzac Day service.

Bill East, who lives in Rarotonga, and his old friend Nigel lindsay, from New Zealand, have arranged to fly out and commemorate the day with Aitutaki local Geoffrey Roi.

Independent candidate kicks off her election campaign VolUNTEER, community organiser, and political reformist Teina Mackenzie is the irst out the gate in declaring her candidacy for the upcoming 2014 general elections. “After speaking with my immediate family, I have made the decision to run for Parliament in the upcoming elections,” wrote Mackenzie in an email which broke the news of her campaign to the public. Mackenzie – who helps run family-owned Tiare Transport with her partner Henry Hoff and their children - will stand as a non-party member in the constituency of Ngatangi’ia. “It’s quite liberating,” said Mackenzie, when asked in an interview last week on her decision not to align herself with one of the two major political parties that dominate the political scene. “I’m definitely what they call an independent candidate. I’m going it alone, without the

backing of any party.” Making a dive into politics appears to be a logical move for Mackenzie, who has a rich history of working in the community in a wide range of issues and causes - from teen suicide awareness and prevention, deep-sea minerals, the ‘Marae Moana’ marine park, and gender equality. In reflection of her work towards women’s develop ment issues, she was recently awarded a fellowship by Vital Voices - a non-profit founded by Hillary Clinton. “My decision was spurred by wanting to be able to contribute more effectively to decisions that are made for the beneit of our country, the people, the land and the sea,” she said. Perhaps her most notable involvement in politics came in 2009 when she co-founded the Mou Piri Group for Political Reform – a movement pushing for more fair representation in

Cook Islands politics. Along with fellow activists, Mackenzie led a petition which called for a reduction in the number of members of parliament, the creation of national seats, and for the Prime Minster to be elected by the people through a national vote. Following the push for electoral reform, she said people can expect much of the same as she makes a push for elected ofice. “ The type of campaign I’d like to run is about doing things differently,” she said. “I will stress here and now that I would work towards bridging the gap between the haves and have-nots of our nation.” on the same line, she said there must be more “equitable sharing of beneits” throughout the Northern and Southern Cook Islands. Mackenzie said she knows politics is a different game than community and volun-

teer work, but as evidenced by her involvement with political reform, she isn’t shy about standing up for a cause, and welcomes a wide array of competition in the upcoming contest in Ngatangi’ia. “Politics can be a blood sport,” acknowledges Mackenzie, “... but I can bring it back to being professional.” “I don’t need the accolades,” she said. “I just want to get the best result possible.” According to the Chief Electoral Ofice, elections could be held as early as November 17 – the inal date for Parliament to be dissolved. The vote must occur within three months of dissolution, with the final date set by the Queen’s Representative. - Emmanuel Samoglou

216 to 208. The CIP petition cites four violations of electoral laws, including bribery, “undue inluence”, 23 unqualiied or unentitled votes included in the final results, and a vote which was disallowed but claimed to be valid by the CIP. lawyer Tina Browne is working on behalf of the Demo Party, which has been given until Friday to ile a counter-petition. Included in the Demo counter-petition will be a counterallegation of bribery against the CIP camp along with additional claims of unqualiied votes, said

Browne. In the lead-up to court hearing, scrutineers with the Chief Electoral Ofice will be sorting through the disputed ballots by evaluating various criteria of the voter and whether they were eligible to participate in the February by-election. Both lawyers acknowledged that each voter’s choice in byelection remains sealed and private during the process. By April 7 – the date of the hearing - officials will have a “pretty good idea” of the status of the votes, said Manarangi. - Emmanuel Samoglou

cost of lights. East said the three men spent so much time training together at the NZSAS base in Papakura, Auckland, that “we may as well have lived there”. They did their jumping from the Whenuapai Air Base in west Auckland. lindsay said he is looking forward to coming to the Cook Islands and seeing his former comrades. “Geoffrey was in my old unit so it will be great to meet him again and parade together with all the youngsters on a special day,” he said. “I have been to Rarotonga before but missed Aitutaki, which I had heard about from my old air force men who had been there in the lying boats many years ago.” The NZSAS is the special forces unit of the New Zealand Army and has been deployed to various locations since it was formed in 1955. one of its most notable members is Corporal Willie Apiata, who was awarded the Victoria Cross in 2007 for carrying a wounded comrade to safety under fire during the Afghanistan conlict in 2004. - Ben Chapman-Smith

on Tuesday evening join us for our FABULoUS

Island Night with

Murienua petition court date set APRIl 7 has been set aside by the Cook Islands High Court for a hearing to deal with an electoral petition regarding last month’s by-election in the constituency of Murienua. The date was conirmed yesterday by legal oficials after a judicial conference with Justice Hugh Williams. The Cook Island Party - represented by lawyer Tony Manarangi - filed the petition last month, disputing the by-election’s results which saw Democratic Party candidate James Beer come out on top over the CIP’s kaota Tuariki by a vote of

The three were all members of the NZSAS during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Roi has been organising the Anzac Day services in Aitutaki for a number of years and has been a strong promoter of groups like Girl Guides and Boys’ Brigade, East said. After attending last year’s Anzac service in Rarotonga, East decided it was time to get out and support Roi. “He has built up a great gathering of the ‘uniformed’ youth groups on the island. As two of his comrades we aim to go up to the mid-morning service and parade with him, as support and recognition of his effort as well as our annual remembrance of all fallen servicemen.” East said he would love to be taking more of his former comrades out but only lindsay was able to come up from New Zealand this year. The two are planning to attend the Dawn Service in Rarotonga on April 25, before flying to Aitutaki in time for the 10am service. “It’ll bring back a lot of memories for each of us and it could be emotional at times.” Air Rarotonga has generously offered to help with the


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Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

Whale researcher nan hauser and a team of volunteers prepare to conduct a necropsy on one of the beaked whale heads.


World renowned whale research nan hauser and an assistant reassemble the shattered skull of one of the whales believed to have died from a gunshot to the head. 14030718

Rare whales shot and bludgeoned to death NECRoPSIES conducted on the

The damage inlicted by a gunshot can clearly be seen.


two rare young beaked whales discovered dead on the shores of Mangaia in earlier this year have found that the whales were shot and bludgeoned to death. World renowned whale research Nan Hauser made the disturbing discovery when she touched down in Mangaia to investigate the ind made by Mangaian locals. She confirmed that the two whales discovered were young Cuvier’s beaked whales. With a makeshift surgery station set up on the shores of the village of Ivirua where the whales were found and with surgical support by Francis Little and Mangaia Mayor Teremoana Atariki – Hauser concluded the

nan hauser measures one of the whales found dead on the shores of Mangaia.


mammals were both juvenile and probably still nursing after discovering milk in their stomachs. “The questions raised at the time is why were they were so close – beaked whales don’t have twins. Beaked whales can hold their breath under water longer than any other whales but juveniles can’t so they must have surfaced together,” says Hauser. one of the whales was found with a gunshot hole in its head that according to Hauser shattered the animals’ skull and turned its brain to mush. “I’m a vegetarian so I’ve never seen an animal with its brain blown out – I suppose that where the saying ‘blow your brains’ out comes from.”

Not being a irearms specialist, Hauser sought the assistance of an expatriate that was a former resident on a ranch in America to conirm that the wounds were made by a gun shot. Hauser says the damage caused by the shot meant the animal’s skull was in many pieces and could easily be removed from the mammal. “The skull just crumpled and fell apart.” The second animal had a prominent fracture on its skull consistent with receiving a blow with an instrument to the head. Hauser says her theory is that there must have been a foreign ishing vessel in the waters around Mangaia and this was conirmed by residents who saw a light out at sea the night before the two mammals were discovered. With the support of Google, Hauser’s theory was conirmed and the vessel was tracked to Tahiti where it was searched with intentions of laying charges on the ishermen on board although no evidence or firearms were found on board the particular vessel. Hauser says she doesn’t want to lay blame and point ingers at foreign ishing vessels, however, she says it is common practise for ishing vessels to carry irearms used to shoot whales and dolphins that are seen as a nuisance to ishermen. She adds she doesn’t want to finger point and lay blame on “ishermen” as local and foreign ishermen are equally important to the work of marine mammal protection as they provide valuable information to researchers. “My personal feelings are that a Cook Islander would never do this to whales. Cook Islanders honour and respect whales. They are proud of their whales but neither do I want to make allegations against foreign ishing vessels because they are all

important in the work we do to learn more about whales to better protect them.” However, she says that all of us that eat ish not caught locally are guilty in some small way of supporting the commercial ishing industry that have vessels carrying irearms for the purpose of killing mammals and sharks that are seen to be disturbing their ishing practises. She says the killing of the two mammals in the Cook Islands waters raises the important issue of the need for the Cook Islands Marine Park, which also includes a whale and shark sanctuary, to be better monitored. “How dare they come into the Cook Islands waters which is a marine park including a whale and shark sanctuary and murder whales!” With the support of international scientists and Google – Hauser continues her fight for the protection of mammals and thanks local ishermen and the Ministry of Marine Resources for their continuous support of this mission. Meanwhile Hauser is also continuing the ight against the US Military sonar testing practices it conducts which she believes is a major contributor to the numerous whales stranding in large pods in New Zealand and also the Bahamas. She believes underwater sonar testing causes mammals to surface too quickly and die from a condition known as the bends when bubbles form in the blood. As part of her ight against this practise, Hauser has removed the liver and ears of both whales found in Mangaia for further testing. Hauser believes that with the help and support of the international whale community – progress will be made in protecting whales. - Matariki Wilson


Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAiL


Fax 25303





TO: THE LANDOWNERS OF TE RUAKARA SECTiON 12L, NGATANGiiA AND TiKiOKi SECTiON 47A, TAKiTUMU This Notice is to advise that a meeting of the landowners of the above lands will be held at Muri Meeting House in Muri Village on Wednesday 19 March 2014 at 5pm, to seek the landowners’ consent to the laying out of a right of way over the above lands, to be discussed at the meeting. Landowners residing in Rarotonga are requested to attend this meeting. Any further details can be obtained from Matthew Scowcroft, oices of Little & Matysik P.c., Avarua, Rarotonga. Tel 21619.

Taken from Aroa house. Iphone 4S with blue cover and with purple ear phones. Please return it or call Kana on 21320 or 72247.

77621 / /1780

Huanesian Fitness With TAB’S $2.00 Mondays 5pm - 6pm Wednesdays 12pm-1pm Kavera Meeting House Phone 52031 77139 /36465 /1931

77645 /36821 /1931


77655 /36993 /1931

11 month old pigs for sale Price $200 Call phone 75661. 77523 /36989 /1931

Piglets for sale More information contact 52378. 77650 /36917 /1931

1x bench, 2x dumbells, 1x V bar, 120kg’s of weights, pull down bar, $250. concrete mixer, $400. Phone 52144.

The Ministry of internal afairs invites applications for the position of:consumer commissioner. A full job description is available upon request. Please contact Eva Mapu, Phone 29370, or email: eva. Applications must be addressed to the Secretary of the Ministry. Applications close 31st March 2014.

Scooter for sale Perfect working condition $1200 or best ofer Yamaha Nouvo 115cc automatic . call 73208. 77657 /36995 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT LABOURER/PLANTiNG/ CLEANER Job involves digging, planting, cleaning Must be reliable, lexible and hardworking. call me, phone 55041.

77654 / /1893

The Cook islands Netball Team Fundraiser. Quiz Night on Thursday 20 March at the cI Game Fishing club. 6 players per team at $120. There are Great Prizes to be won. Tasty food will be selling on the night. All proceeds will go towards the preparations for Team cook Islands to the Paciic Netball Series here in Rarotonga on 2-7 June 2014. contact Tupe on 50081 or Inano 54243 to register your team or otherwise email We welcome everyone to come and enjoy the night with us for a fun-illed evening. 77559 /37004 /2113

FOR RENT 2 bedroomed furnished apartment - close to town. $190 per week - ring 22738 77660 / /1915

2 bedroom unit & house Matavera. 1 Bedroom unit Arorangi. close to main road.Phone 73530/ 21444.

Part-time House cleaner 10-15 hrs/ wk - Good pay. 55567 77656 / /1931

Mike Rennie Builders Ltd is seeking an experienced carpenter to join our team on a full time basis. Please ring 21375 to arrange interview. 77534 /36983 /2371

La Casita & Rickshaw. Muri Positions available: Supervisor with Bar skills, POS skills & Front of House experience Friendly, well-spoken and welldressed essential. Waiters & Waitresses - experience preferred, training can be given Kitchen Hands - experience preferred Please phone: 26487 between 9am - 2pm Ask for Komera, Sue or Julie. Email references to tamarind@ 77530 /36873 /1697

For the sake of your family

GET HELP Call AA - 71744


Ph 22336

Animal Clinic

77638 /36982 /2419

77389 /36652 /1931

Autism Cook Islands PH 24065/55976

77516 /36932 /2019



AGENDA • General Business • Election of 2014 – 2015 PTA

Refreshments will be provided. All Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to attend. 77449


The Ministry of Health wishes to advise the following conirmed scheduled visit for the bone surgeon from 31st March to 11th of April 2014 at the Rarotonga Hospital. If you are experiencing the following symptoms/ diseases: Orthopaedic • Fractures • Arthritis • Joint problems Please come and see the Outpatient Doctor at Rarotonga Hospital Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm. All patients will be screened and prioritised for specialist appointment. Meitaki Maata. 77614


77432 /36850 /1931

Vonnia’s have a vacancy for a Shop Assistant to work along with a great team. Applicant must be honest, reliable and tidy. Must also have excellent customer service and be able to work well with other staf members. Please Ph 20-927 to arrange an Interview.

Live in Nanny required to look after 3 adorable babies, please email with your cV and references.


Wednesday 19th march 2014 5:30pm at the school

• 2013 AGm minutes • Chairperson’s Report • Treasurer’s Report • Principal’s Report


GROUNDSMEN/PiCKERS cook Islands Noni Marketing requires two people to mow/ grass-cut/maintain and pick noni plantations. Must have agriculture background and mechanical skills to maintain equipment. Drivers licence/ own vehicle an advantage. Please send cV and references to: cINM, PO Box 104.

Classiieds • Phone 22999

ANNUAL GENERAL mEETING NoTICE takitumu Primary school


77502 /36945 /1873



77652 / /2483

CHEF WANTED castaway Resort is looking for a chef to join our friendly team to work evenings. Must be experienced, honest, reliable, team player, customer friendly and polite. A top hourly rate will be paid. Email or phone Paul Ash 74393.

77637 / /2039

77651 /36987 /1931

Notice is hereby given that the 2014 Annual General Meeting will be held on : Date:Monday 24th March 2014 Time : 5pm. Venue:National Tennis centre, Nikao, Rarotonga Agenda: 1.Approval of Minutes of last AGM 2.Adoption of TcI committee Reports 3.Approval of Accounts for 2013 4.Election of Oicers 5.Appointment of Auditor 6.Notice of Motion/s (if any) 7.Other Business All members and intending members are urged to attend. For further enquiries, please contact Lynne Samuel, Secretary, Phone 74072.


77602 /36951 /1931

High quality tiles 400mm x 400mm, Limited stock. Price negotiable. Phone 27300/55300.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


40 Steel frame chairs black vinyl seat $400 the lot. Phone 23597.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLiNES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is


Human Resources Review Applications are invited from suitably qualiied and experienced individuals to undertake a comprehensive Human Resources (HR) review of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) on a short-term contract basis. The review would include: 1. The establishment of a HR and Organisational Development Strategy 2. A review, updating and rewriting of the FSC’s current Personnel Policy 3. The preparation of individual job descriptions for all FSC staf 4. The speciication of Key Performance Indicator’s for all FSC staf 5. The establishment of a suitable Annual Performance Appraisal system 6. The preparation of a comprehensive training and development plan for each member of staf 7. The preparation of a succession plan to assist in staf retention and development of key staf; and 8. To provide training/guidance to the Senior Management Team on the implementation of the above. Background information regarding the Commission can be viewed at Remuneration will depend on the inal terms of reference and conditions agreed with the successful candidate. Interested parties are requested to submit their CVs with a covering letter to: The Commissioner, Financial Supervisory Commission, PO Box 594, Avarua, Rarotonga; or send by email to paul. by 4pm, Friday 28 March 2014. 77570

Classiieds • Phone 22999


On 1 April 2014 the VAT will increase from 12.5% to 15%. This may cause the prices of some goods and services to rise. Most Cook Islanders will have received a personal income tax cut, minimum wage increase, or increase in social welfare payments on or before 1 April. On 1 April 2014 the import levies on pork, eggs, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and ice cream will be eliminated. These reductions are larger than the increase in the VAT – prices of these goods are expected to decline. In regards to VAT, retailers are advised that the maximum price change they can attribute to the VAT change is 2.2% of the previous retail price. An example using a $10 purchase is illustrated below:

Price not including VAT plus the VAT component Original Retail Price

In 2013

From 1 April 2014







Price increase:


Retailers may choose to not pass on the full cost of the VAT change, and some retailers may have already increased their prices in anticipation of 1 April, so their prices may not change. Other retailers may increase prices by more than 2.2%, but any increase above 2.2% is at their own discretion and is above and beyond the expected impact of the VAT change. The VAT is a value added tax and does not accumulate from one vendor to the next. Vendors registered for VAT can claim VAT on expenses as credits, and hence, do not incur VAT if they are purchasing goods from other VAT registered businesses. Still unsure about how much VAT will impact on prices? A simple spreadsheet has been made available at www. for consumers to estimate what price changes may be due to the VAT, and for suppliers/ retailers to estimate the impact on their revenues if they choose to absorb some of the rate change. 69221


Tuesday, March 18, 2014 cook Islands News

Cook Islands ‘Just Play’ project manager Michelle Paiti conident in new content

Cook I S lAN DS ‘Just Play’ project manager Michelle Paiti has been involved in the awardwinning programme since its inception. With the new 34-session community content launching this month there is no better person to talk to about the updated content than this programme stalwart. In Auckland last week for the Just Play Instructors Course and Project Managers meeting, Paiti says the new content is going to tick a number of boxes back home in the Cook Islands, as well as around oceania. “The Just Play Programme is already well received in the Cook Islands. The communities are really responding to all the initiatives and messages that we’re already giving out through this programme,” she explains.

“And we needed the extra activities. Twelve sessions haven’t been enough and throughout the entire time we’ve been doing it everybody has asked, ‘what do we do now?’ This is going to give us something extra to look forward to. It’s progress for us, good progress.” Paiti explains that the new sessions are an extension of the previous programme, with a tighter link between the practical activities and the social messages being addressed. “I think we’re adapting from our countries, what we know works – which for us is providing more sessions.” As one of the project managers who was asked to contribute to putting together the new content, Paiti says emphasis was put on the fun aspect of the activities. “We wanted to put in activi-


conident and motivated Vehicle Groomer WANTED! Are you self-motivated and hard working with a keen eye for detail? We are currently looking for Vehicle Groomers to join our dynamic team! To succeed in this role, you’ll need to have: • A friendly and outgoing personality • A can-do attitude • At least 2 years proven work experience • A ‘team player’ work ethic It is also important to have a clean current driver’s license with experience in driving a range of manual & automatic vehicles and motorbikes. You must also be available to work in the weekends. If you think you have the skills and experience to join our team, apply now by contacting Phillip at Avis Cook Islands. Phone 22833. 77588

CHiEF EXECUTiVE OFFiCER NCI is responsible for provision of netball services in the Cook Islands. We require a well organised, self-motivated and efective communicator for the above position (the position is for a short term contract of 3 months with the main objective being to manage the PNS Event in June). Responsibilities include • Maintaining and enhancing further development strategies and policies for all levels of Netball, • Working with our Netball Centres and stakeholders to promote our sport and the ‘National Netball’ brand • Creating opportunities for inancial growth through sponsorship, funding agencies and fundraising. • Event Management of the Paciic Netball Series (PNS) from 2-7 June. This position requires one who is willing to operate on the frontline when required. Experience in the sports industry is an added advantage. Experience managing inances and people is expected. Salary Range: to be negotiated Please email CEO application form or for any further enquiries. The completed form should be returned with any supporting documentation Applications close 25 March 2014. 77422

ties that were fun, that everyone could get involved in. That was our major contribution – the activities,” she says. “What we did is we had a certain amount of sessions that we had to send through to OFC. Then we came together as a group from the islands, three of us from different islands, and we came to put that content together.” As well as emphasising fun, each session more closely relates to one of the four key Just Play social messages – gender equality, inclusion of children with disabilities, healthy lifestyles and child protection. “NCDs at the moment in the Cook Islands is huge. So we’re working with health-related partners really closely so a lot of these messages being introduced, we have already been giving out in the community.” “What we’ve done in the past is we’ve got experts in to deliver those messages, and this is where I see it being dificult,” she says of introducing the new programme. “When we trialled it, because after we put the initial proposal together we took it back and trialled it in a few countries, I found it dificult to deliver some of those messages because I wasn’t confident in what I was delivering.”

Paiti says because she’s not an expert in those areas she lacked confidence delivering the programme which could have a negative impact on instructors, volunteers and teachers despite them getting the positive message across. “ What I’ve found really good about coming together in Auckland is that we have been able to go out and do practical sessions and see how some of the others are doing things,” she says. “It’s like the sharing process that we have in our Just Play family – you’re picking out little bits from other people and how they deliver the content, and trying to put that together with how you see it working at home.” Paiti says the collaborative process is one that is important to Just Play, as is capacity building, which is why she’s incredibly happy to see hers and her colleagues’ hard work coming to fruition. “It’s good to see that some of our work and our suggestions are coming through in the course content – that we can see we have had input into this,” she says. “It’s giving us a lot more ownership of the programme, and that our ideas are being taken on board. We can see it

in colour now and that’s great.” like her colleagues, Paiti will return to the Cook Islands to prepare for the roll-out of

the new Just Play community programme later this week. - Oceania Football cConfederation

Cook islands ‘Just Play’ project manager Michelle Paiti demonstrates football skills to local tamariki. 13072321

Fun sporting ‘Village Festival’ in Matavera THE PoPUlAR sporting “Village

Festival” is back this week and the Matavera ield is the place to be this Wednesday for the fun event running from 2.30pm for an hour. All boys and girls aged five to 13 are set to have lots of fun, laughter through the activities at the successful and ever popular sport themed Village Festival. Just Play Football will be teaming up to deliver a variety of different sporting activities with rugby, little athletics, netball, rugby league and cricket to provide an afternoon of fun while receiving important health

messages to improve youngster’s lifestyles. last month saw an awesome turnout with more than 100 kids and so we encourage all parents to organise your kids to come down to the Matavera field after school on Wednesday where they will be safe, supervised and active. Just Play project manager, Michelle Paiti and Public Health’s karen Tairea are encouraging our young children to be physically active after school, while also educating them on the importance of nutrition and hydration.

Hydration is the health message for this month and the Ministry of Health will be there to deliver this important message. Water will be provided during the activities but we ask that children wear hats or sunblock to keep themselves safe from the sun. Cook Islands Football through its Just Play Programme has partnered up with the Ministry of Health, Cook Islands Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Netball and Rugby league to deliver this community initiative and to promote the awareness of noncommunicable diseases.

The Matavera community and those surrounding villages are encouraged to not miss out on this event for the children. All are most welcome to join in, come down to the Matavera Field and Just Play. “Hopefully the weather will be a little kinder and clear up for us so the children have the opportunity to give a number of sports a go,” says Paiti. Paiti would like to acknowledge Australian Aid for their continued funding of the Just Play Social Development Programme and also thank all our partners in the community initiative. - CIFA Media

Boys and girls aged ive to 13 are encouraged to get along to the Matavera ield this Wednesday for the popular sports-oriented Village Festival promoting active lifestyles. 14031720


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International Flights



tuesdAy mArCH 18 Nz748/749 AKL 12.30AM Nz746/745 AKL 2.10PM DJ163/162 AKL 11.55PM tHursdAy mArCH 20 Nz46/45 AKL 4.10PM vT035/034 PPT 2.50PM Nz748/749 AKL 12.30AM




1.30AM 3.10PM 1.05AM


5.25PM 3.50PM 1.30AM

Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR tuesdAy mArCH 18 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620




0910 1140 1640


1000 1230 1730





Shipping OLOMANA 25 - ETD AUCK 01/04, ETA RARO 13/04, ETA AITUTAKI 15/04

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands News






Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Monday’s answer Answer to monday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

Answer to monday’s puzzle

By Dik Browne



By Lee Falk & Sy Barry





Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga A STRONG WINd WARNING ReMAINS IN FORCe FOR LANd AReAS OF SOuTheRN ANd NORTheRN COOkS. A StRONG wINd wARNING ReMAINS IN FORCe FOR NORtHeRN ANd SOUtHeRN COOkS WATeRS. Situation: A high pressure system to the far south of Southern Cooks directs a strong southeast wind low over the group. Meanwhile, a trough of low pressure to the north of Southern Cooks is expected to drift south and start afecting the northern parts of the group from later today. A trough of low pressure remains slow moving over the southern parts of Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Over Land: Southeast winds 20 to 30 knots. Over waters: Southeast 20 to 30 knots. Rough seas. Moderate southerly swells. Fine apart from brief showers. Rain developing from later today. Further outlook: Periods of heavy rain and Thunderstorms. For Rarotonga: Brief showers. Further outlook: Cloudy periods with brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Over Land: Northerly winds 20 to 25 knot. Over Waters: Northerly winds 20 to 30 knots Rough seas. Moderate northerly swells. Periods of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Further outlook: Periods of heavy rain and thunderstorms.

humidity Wed












Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.


Rarotonga Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday

Wed high 10.58AM 0.96M 11.26PM 0.94M


Thu high 11.32AM 0.98M


4.5M Se

Low 4.54AM 0.33M 5.20PM 0.30M -

0.8M NW



Low 5.28AM 0.31M 5.56PM 0.28M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

Se 18ktS new Moon Mar 30 8.45AM

First Quarter apr 6 10.31PM

Full Moon apr 14 9.43PM

sunshine hours

Third Quarter Mar 23 3.46AM


ArApo - mAitu wed 11 TAnu (Planting)

TAuTAi (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota Kake te moi. Kupenga i te e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. aiai. Fish for moi. Net ish Time to plant pineapple in evening. and maniota right through to the 13th night (from Akaoti Amiama).

Wed sun rise 6.42AM sun set 6.51PM


Moon rise 7.40PM Moon set 8.29AM

Thu sun rise 6.43AM sun set 6.51PM


Moon rise 8.21PM Moon set 9.23AM

4.5M Se Front Key:




4.5M Se


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Aitutaki

27° Se 20ktS


26° Se 20ktS


27° Se 20ktS



27° Se 20ktS

31° Ne 12ktS


27° Se 20ktS


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HOME OF SPORTS Football news



—PAGE 12

Netters camp to prep for PNS ANoTHER camp in Auckland for the national netball team is on the cards as part of the team’s inal preparations ahead of the Paciic Netball Series in June. Home-based netters luciana Matenga and Teiva Maui recently attending a series of training sessions in Auckland with fellow national netball training squad members and new coach Trish Wilcox. Netball Cook Islands president Patsy Hockin says that the core national netball team from last year’s Singapore series and Pacific Netball series make up this year’s line-up for the national netball team. With a new coach on board and important netball events looming – the core team have a second camp scheduled for next month in Auckland. Hockin says Auckland is a central base for the team to gather as the training squad currently includes three home-based players, three players from Australia

and eight home grown players based in Auckland for studies. This year’s Paciic Netball Series doubles as a qualifying series for the World Cup in Sydney next year. The series will be played over two round robins – six games in total making for an extremely exciting tournament. To qualify for the World Cup event – the Cook Islands Black Pearls national netball team will have to place in the top two in the upcoming series against Paciic sisters Fiji, Samoa and Papua New Guinea. New coach Trish Wilcox is also based in Auckland and is currently the community netball manager for the Netball Northern Zone. Wilcox was the Samoa under 21coach from January 2012 through to September 2013, when she was contracted to prepare the team for the 2013 World Youth Cup. To support the home-based

players of Luciana Matenga, Teiva Maui and Mati Toru to attend next month’s training camp – a quiz night fundraiser will be held this Thursday at the Cook Islands Game Fishing Club starting at 6.30pm. Registration for teams of six is $120 with lots of great prizes on offer, great food and of course a fun time guaranteed. Support the Cook Islands Black Pearls netball team and register a team today with luciana on phone 54341 or Tupe on 50081. The three home grown players will be joined in Auckland for the final camp by fellow training squad members Rosa kauvai, Clarista Andrew and Jamin Forbes from Australia and home grown talents based in New Zealand including Alanna Short, Antonina Browne, Tatiana Hirovana, Eric Short, Natalia Short, Mei-Ling Reiti, Ashleigh Iro and lenae Tiati. - Matariki Wilson

Netball season starts in April VIllAGE netball courts have been buzzing with activity with junior netball stars polishing up their skills through the Netball Cook Islands after school development programme. This will no doubt see a sharp start to the netball season by junior players with the domestic netball competition scheduled to start on Wednesday April 9 and Saturday 12. once again, all six netball clubs on the island will take part and all games will be played at the home of netball in the Cook Islands – the Telecom Sports Arena in Nikao. The tournament will be run by the Rarotonga Netball Centre

who will be meeting regularly leading up to the start of the competition to discuss and iron out minor details. Rarotonga Netball Centre spokesperson Janette Browne says that this season will continue in the same format as last year’s competition, however, there will be a three-week break during the season. The break for club netball competition is to accommodate a regional table tennis tournament being staged in May, closely followed by the Paciic Netball Series being hosted by the Cook Islands from June 2-7, which is a world cup qualiier event. Browne says that the netball

centre is also supporting all the Netball Cook Islands events including preparing the national Cook Islands Black Pearls netball team for the Paciic Netball Series and its fundraising events. For now – national netballer and netball development oficer luciana Matenga and her dedicated team will be at the Arorangi netball courts from 4-5 pm today to deliver their development programme. The team will head to the Avatiu court on Wednesday and Titikaveka on Thursday. Don’t forget your water bottles, change of t-shirt and loads of enthusiasm. - Matariki Wilson

Get your junior netball stars to the club courts this week and gear up for the start of the 2014 domestic netball season shooting of on April 9 and 12. 14031717

national netball players Teiva Maui and Rosa Kauvai (back) are both in the national netball training squad set to have one inal camp next month before the inal team is selected for the Paciic Netball series in June. 14031718

Scholarship students selected into irst XV All three scholarship students

at Rangiora High School outside Christchurch have made the cut for the school’s first xV rugby squad. Aitutaki born and raised Thomas Harrison, who is in his inal year of high school and attending his first year at Rangiora High School, along with second year scholarship students Davey Mato and Travel Tuaputa, have been selected into the 22-man squad and are now hard at training ahead of the preseason Press Cup. All three local boys are in their final year of high school and are set to make good progress on and off the ield. The links between Rangiora High School and the Cook Islands are strengthened each year with each boy that receives a scholarship to the school leaving a positive impression for more Cook Islands boys to take up the opportunity. In July representatives from the high school are set to arrive in Rarotonga for another round of recruitment of talented young Cook Islands students. This is the third year the scholarship arrangement with the high school has been running; starting with the irst two scholarship students Jag Love

and Daniel Mato back in 2012. The pair not only made the school’s irst XV team but also excelled in the classroom. In 2013 Love completed his inal year at school and Daniel Mato began an engineering degree at university. Also joining love on a scholarship at the South Island school were Makea Tupa, Davey Mato

and Travel Tuaputa, who is on a partial scholarship with private funding. As Cook Islands rugby scholarship students continue to make the most of their opportunity the door remains open for more young men to set their rugby playing foundations and launch themselves into any career. - Matariki Wilson

2012/2013 Rangiora High School rugby scholarship student Jag Love crunches into an opponent with fellow Cook islands student Travel Tuaputa in support during a game last year. While Love is now studying at Otago university, Tuaputa continues at rangiora high School where he has made this year’s irst XV team along with fellow Cook islands students davey Mato and Thomas harrison. 14031721

Tuesday 18 March  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Tuesday, March 18, 2014