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$2 thursday, February 27, 2014

‘Tip toe through the tulips…’ StUdeNtS in Rarotonga will soon get to

hear the smooth singing voices of a visiting US comedy barbershop quartet called tone deaf. the Cook Islands Ministry of education has organised for the group to run a concert programme for junior and senior schools on the island. tone deaf will arrive on our shores on March 21 and stay here for one week. the aim of their visit is to showcase barbershop music to Cook Islands students and introduce them to a different form of a capella music. It is hoped that the local students will reciprocate by performing their own traditional Cook Islands songs. tone deaf are also planning to hold community concerts so adults get the chance to enjoy their act. When the male quartet performed ive concerts in New Zealand in 2004, they were acclaimed as the best comedy quartet ever to visit from the US, said manager Jan Harrell. “they were extremely well-received on our trip. In tauranga, for example, people in the auditorium were on their feet, stomping

and screaming for more, at the conclusion of their performance,” she said. the group has performed to more than 300 audiences in the US, blending comedy and a variety of musical styles into their act. “the group does many of its own arrangements, choosing songs which will challenge and entertain them and hopefully the audiences!” said Harrell. “We are not asking for any money for this – we would just enjoy having the opportunity to visit your beautiful country and bring music and laughter to more children,” said Harrell in a letter to the Ministry. Members of the singing quartet include tenor Michael Biggs, baritone al Robins, lead singer tom Walker, and bass doug Borngasser. In their non-music lives, the four men have respective occupations as a psychologist, teacher, stay-at-home father, and businessman. to add to the cultural exchange, Borngasser plans to bring his 11-year-old and 13-yearold children with him and hopes they can go to school in the Cook Islands for at least one day. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Tone deaf seen performing on stage in cow-suits. The comedy barbershop quartet is visiting rarotonga next month. 14022613

Major push to add luoride tHe addItION of luoride to

Rarotonga’s water supply is being recommended by oficials with the Ministry of Health, as part of the currently underway te Mato Vai water infrastructure project. a submission was made by Chief Dental Oficer Dr Danny areai on behalf of the health ministry’s dental division to push for the luoridation of the island’s water supply. areai described the current situation, with te Mato Vai construction scheduled to begin next month, as “... a golden opportunity for us to carry out this undertaking ...” “I believe this is a step in the right direction given that dental decay is highly prevalent in the Cook Islands,” wrote areai in an email to tMV deputy Project Manager daryl Rairi. In his submission, the Chief dental Officer said younger children between the ages of

three to five are beginning school with tooth decay, and said the “mean dMFt” (decayed, missing and illed teeth) in children aged 7-10 is in the range of seven to nine teeth. “What this means is that for a child in this age group, we expect to see on average 7 -9 decayed, missing or filled teeth. However, our finding suggests that these measures are predominantly decay.” He said a goal of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is for ive-year olds to have 50 per cent of their teeth free of decay. In Rarotonga, he said the decay-free rate is about 27-29 per cent, short of the WHO target, with the situation worse in the outer islands. areai said the “... effectiveness of water luoridation has been shown in other parts of the world,” and has contributed to reducing dental decay by up to 60 per cent.

He quotes the american College of Surgeons, who described the practice as “one of the top 10 public health measures of the last century”. “Water luoridation reaches everyone in all strata of society therefore making luoride accessible to everyone,” he wrote. “Of particular importance are those in the vulnerable groups.” the submission also acknowledged water luoridation as a controversial issue, but said “an overwhelming body of evidence” supports it. a debate continues in New Zealand, with residents in Palmerston North awaiting a High Court decision on whether the South taranaki district Council has the legal right to add luoride to the area's water supply. according to a media report, detractors there say fluoridation is “mass medication ... ad-

ministered without informed consent”, and therefore illegal. In a story published this week in american newspaper the tampa Bay times, a County Commission in the State of Florida recently rejected a motion to begin adding luoride to a regional water supply after residents there claimed fluoride contributed to kidney and bone problems. as part of developing drinking water standards, t M V Project Manager latu Sauluitoga Kupa previously said officials will take into account any “overwhelming push” for luoride, with the Ministry of Health playing “a big part” in that development process. Infrastructure Cook Islands secretary Mac Mokoroa said another solution to preventing dental problems would be to increase import levies on sugary drinks and sweets. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Schools sprayed in bid to stop dengue spread HealtH officers have started spraying around schools in Rarotonga to kill mosquitoes and contain a dengue fever outbreak. There have been 36 conirmed cases of the virus so far – with another nine results pending - and the Ministry of Health is trying to stop that number rising. “Because some school kids are coming down with symptoms, we made a plan to spray the schools,” said Health Protection Manager tata Vaeau. He said children, like the elderly, are more vulnerable to the dengue virus because their immune systems are weaker. Fortunately, there have not yet been any serious cases among children and Vaeau wants to keep things that way. the new plan was implemented on Wednesday morning, with officers spraying around tereora College, avatea School and Nikao School between 6am and 7am. three more schools - Nukutere College, St Joseph’s School and avarua School - will be

sprayed this morning and health officers will hit takitumu, te Uki Ou and Imanuela akatemia schools tomorrow. the spray is being administered in a 200-metre radius of each school and Vaeau said the programme will be completed by the weekend. Health Secretary liz Iro said because there have been so many cases this week, Rarotonga Hospital has started running low on packs used to test people for the virus. The Secretariat of the Paciic Community is sending in 300 test kits from australia, which will arrive before the hospital’s supply runs dry, she said. Iro said this outbreak is the worst to have hit Rarotonga since 2009, when 400 people were affected by the vectorborne disease. the Ministry is still waiting on tests to come back from Tahiti to ind out which strain of dengue the island is dealing with, and to rule out the zika and chikungunya viruses. - Ben Chapman-Smith

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Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News

Tourists in car chase Japanese tourists were the focus of a high-speed car chase with police on their irst day on holiday in the US. Oicers in Utah say they spotted the car driving erratically on a motorway and signalled for it to pull over. But the woman driver panicked and sped of, pursued by three patrol cars. Fearing an armed confrontation, police closed the motorway in both directions. The chase ended after the car drove over a row of tyre spikes and police held the frazzled tourists at gunpoint.

Shark cull challenged Global opposition from scientists, conservationists and even victims PeRtH – the future of Western australia’s shark mitigation strategy may turn on supreme court action starting in Perth next week. Sea Shepherd and the mother of shark attack victim Kyle Burden are seeking a Supreme Court injunction to halt the cull of sharks off Wa’s coast. Kyle Burden was killed by a shark while boogie boarding off Bunker Bay in the state’s South West in 2011.

world BRIeFS SCORES KILLED IN SYRIAN ARMY AMBUSH SYRIA – Syrian government forces have ambushed and killed a large number of Islamist rebel ighters in the eastern outskirts of the capital Damascus, reports say. Syrian state media says 175 died. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it has received reports that about 70 died in the ighting in the Eastern Ghouta region. Lebanese Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV station reported that the ighters were trying to break out of Eastern Ghouta to join battles in either the town of Deraa or the Qalamoun mountains. “Acting on information and in a well-organised ambush, our courageous army killed dozens of terrorists, most of them non-Syrians,” said Syrian state television. But Jaish al-Islam said the dead were civilians, trying to escape a siege. In a statement on social media, it said it had not lost any ighters.

FUGITIVE RUSSIAN HITMAN ARRESTED RUSSIA – Police in the Austrian capital Vienna have arrested a suspected Russian hitman, who was reportedly living for at least three years under a false ID. The unidentiied man, 38, led Russia ive years ago as he was being investigated for murders in the city of Novosibirsk, Austrian police said. He is said to have carried out four killings and one attempted killing. It is expected he will be handed over to Russia as soon as possible, Austrian state TV reports. In keeping with Austrian privacy laws, he was named only as Anatoly R, the Associated Press says. He is said to have carried out his alleged crimes between 1997 and 2004 in the city in western Siberia. The suspect is also known by the nickname “celentano”.

900 RARE TURTLES FOUND DEAD ON BEACH INDIA – More than 900 Olive Ridley turtles have been found dead along the coast of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, conservationists say. Wildlife groups said trawlers ishing illegally had not used devices to stop turtles getting entangled in nets. Experts say such a large number of turtles has not been found dead on the southern Indian coast for 10 years. Olive Ridleys are endangered in India. They are one of ive species of marine turtle to mate and nest on its shores. Wildlife groups blame trawlers ishing illegally for the deaths. Tens of thousands of Olive Ridley turtles come to the shores of eastern and southern India to lay eggs every year between January and April.

EU BRINGS IN NEW ANTI-SMOKING LAWS EUROPEAN UNION – Anti-smoking legislation is to be introduced across the European Union in an attempt to cut the number of smokers by 2.4 million. The rules, voted in by the European Parliament, mean picture health warnings will have to dominate the front and back of all packaging. There will also be a ban on lavoured, such as menthol, cigarettes. The European Commission says the new rules will “deter young people from experimenting with, and becoming addicted to, tobacco” and should lead to a two per cent drop in the amount smoked over the next ive years. An estimated 700,000 premature deaths are caused by smoking across the EU each year.

the West australian state government has set baited hooks off metropolitan beaches following a spate of fatal shark attacks in Wa. Bull, tiger and great white sharks more than three metres in length caught on the hooks are shot dead and dumped. Sea Shepherd has iled an application for a judicial review of the decision and the activity. “Sea Shepherd australia believes that the tender process was unlawful, that the Wa state government has been acting unlawfully, that the taking and killing of protected animals was illegal,” the statement said. “the law contemplates some sort of process being in place to protect these protected animals and that process has been scotched.” Patrick Pearlman of the environmental Defenders’ Ofice says the proper processes may not have been followed. “What’s in dispute ultimately is whether or not the state has given itself a valid exemption from the provisions of the Fisheries legislation that make it an offence to take, possess, purchase or sell any of these species of protected ish,” he said. the state premier, Colin Barnett, say it intends to continue with the policy. Barnett says it was not an easy decision to introduce the policy because nobody likes to see animals being killed. He says he expected a legal challenge. “I respect that people might oppose this policy but it is to protect beachgoers and surfers and to restore some balance within the marine environment.” as of February 16, a total of 66 sharks had been caught in the irst three weeks since the ‘catch and kill’ policy was introduced. a total of 17 of those sharks were killed and another nine were found dead on the hook. - ABC

sea shepherd is mounting a challenge against the legality of Western australia’s controversial shark culling programme. AFP

Rape in war must stop lONdON – British Foreign Sec-

retary William Hague has called for an end to rape as a weapon of war. Speaking in Washington, where he received an award from Hillary Clinton for promoting women’s rights, Hague said the issue “should shame all men”. “these acts be removed from the world’s arsenal of cruelty”, he added. He said a global summit in london in June would ask 140 nations to write action against sexual violence into military

training and doctrine. Hague said sexual violence was the last thing to be taken into account by those ending wars or rebuilding nations. He cited the estimated 50,000 women who were raped in Bosnia two decades ago, virtually none of whom have received justice. “We need to turn women’s invisible presence in many countries around the world into a visible force in every society – with women represented in every peace process, in every government, in all walks of life.

“In my view it is impossible to achieve that aspiration in a world in which the use of rape as a weapon of war goes unchallenged.” He said “many men and boys” were also victims of these crimes, adding that “their plight too must be brought out of the shadows”. “But sexual violence in armed conlict disproportionately affects women and is part of the crushing weight holding back women’s development,” he added. - BBC

Too sexy for their shirts RIO de JaNeIRO – Sports giant

adidas is suspending the sale of World Cup t-shirts after Brazil’s authorities complained they sexualised the country’s image. One read, “looking to score?”, next to a scantily-dressed woman. another printed a heart shaped like a bikini-clad bottom with the phrase “I love Brazil”. Brazil’s tourism board, embratur, says it is vehemently

against any products that link Brazil’s image to sex appeal. adidas is one of the World Cup’s main sponsors and its ball provider. Following the controversy, the company said it was withdrawing the t-shirts – a limited edition meant for sale in the United States. “adidas always pays close attention to the opinion of its

consumers and partners,” its statement read. “therefore, it is announcing that these products will not be sold anymore.” Brazil’s tourism ministry had already criticised the products saying “any links between national icons and images with sex appeal” were against the country’s oficial marketing policies. - BBC

Dark Horse kicks Katy

KATY PERRY VIDEO CLIP ‘BLASPHEMOUS’ ENGLAND – Katy Perry (pictured right) has been accused by some Muslims of “portraying blasphemy” in the video for her single ‘Dark Horse’. The video features the pop star as an Egyptian queen who transforms suitors into sand by disintegrating them. Shazad Iqbal, from Bradford, has started an online petition for it to be removed from YouTube after he spotted one of the suitors wearing a pendant with the Arabic word for God on it. More than 60,000 people have signed the petition, saying the video clip is ofensive. Explaining his reasons for starting the petition, Iqbal wrote: “My only request is to all artists in the music industry, ‘you have wealth, fame and success – please do not use the foundations of other religions in a mockery to carry out your fame’.”

today’s daily Bread there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

matthew 7:21-29 read: read: Galatians 3:19-29

Text: matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 28

Katy Perry performs her new single ‘Dark Horse’ live at the recent Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Her oicial video performance of the song has sparked a protest from muslims who say symbolism used in the clip makes a mockery of their religion. PNC


Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News

Tensions rise in Ukraine's Crimea

STRenghTheneD hIgh quAlITY PoRCelAIn CRoCKeRY Difference between Ceramic and Porcelain Ceramic is a clay fired at a low temperature. Which will make the ceramic more dense and more porous. Ceramic is cheaper to make because it requires less heat and less drying time.

Porcelain is the hardest clay you can get. It is fired

at extreme temperatures between 2192 and 2552 degrees This extreme heat causes the clay to become less dense and The Vitreous China coating is applied later in the heating give it its durability and finish.

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DInneR PlATeS 9” FRom $3.20

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SugAR boWlS FRom 2.70

farenheight. less porous. process to

Pro-russian protesters clash with Crimean Tatars in front of a local government building in simferopol, Crimea. AFP SIMFeROPOl – the capital of Ukraine’s Russian-speaking Crimea peninsula has been rocked by a wave of secessionist sentiment as pro-Russian protesters brawled with supporters of Ukraine’s new interim authorities. thousands of pro-Moscow residents and Muslim Crimean tatars backing the new leadership in Kiev held competing rallies outside the regional parliament in Simferopol on Wednesday, amid fears that Ukraine’s pro-Moscow east could push for partition following the weekend ousting of Kremlin-backed president Viktor Yanukovych. the avalanche of political change in Kiev caps three months of protests against Yanukovych’s rule that spilled into violence last week when demonstrators clashed with security forces, leaving almost 100 dead. On one side of the Simferopol stand-off, tatars shouted “Ukraine! Ukraine!”, and occa-

sionally “God is the greatest!” or “Crimea is not Russia!” “We are for the Maidan (protest movement in Ukraine), we want to enter the european Union,” explained Saitmemet Muratov, a tatar businessman in the crowd. tatars, a turkic ethnic group present in Crimea since the 13th century, suffered hugely at the hands of Stalin, who deported them to Siberia and central asia where many died of disease or starvation. they came back to the peninsula at the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, and now represent about 12 per cent of Crimea’s two million inhabitants. Crimean tatars actively supported the pro-West Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004, and back the current protest movement that culminated in the ousting of Yanukovych. Several metres away, though, pro-Yanukovych protesters on the other side of the stand-off screamed “Russia! Russia!”.

“We were once part of Russia, we want to come back to it as does everyone” said one supporter. as the stand-off grew more heated, the two sets of demonstrators sprayed each other with pepper spray and used batons as police struggled to keep them apart during the brief ighting. ambulances were called as several people nursed light injuries, before crowds dispersed following appeals from local politicians for them to go home. Meanwhile, the parliamentary head of the autonomous region – where Russia’s Black Sea leet has been based for some 200 years – rejected demands to discuss breaking away from the rest of Ukraine at an emergency session on Wednesday, dismissing the idea as a “provocation”. “the question of leaving Ukraine will not be put before the parliament of Crimea,” speaker Volodymir Konstantinov said, in a bid to defuse the situation. - AFP

Russian ski star paralysed SOCHI – the Russian freestyle

skier who was hospitalised after a serious accident at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games says she has no feeling from the waist down. Maria Komissarova, 23, was lown to Germany for treatment for a fractured spine following a crash in training for the skicross event. She has undergone several operations in Russia and Germany after the February 15 accident but until now there had been no specific information about her condition. Komissarova has now revealed in a message on her Instagram account that she is currently paralysed from the waist down. “I do not feel my body lower than my belly button,” she wrote. “But I am strong and I know that someday I will deinitely be on my feet again.” Komissarova, who won silver in a World Cup medal in ski cross in 2012, was the face of Russian Freestyle Skiing leading up to Sochi. earlier this month she posed

russian skier maria Komissarova who was the ‘face of russian freestyle skiing’ is still paralysed below the waist. in lingerie for a racy photo shoot of some of Russia’s female Winter Olympic athletes, posted on the site, to “defy the stereotype that women in sport are just a heap of muscles and

masculine shapes.” While still hospitalised in Russia, Komissarova had even received a personal visit from President Vladimir Putin at her - bedside.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News

Police cleared in Berati death PNG police report points inger at local G4S security personnel lO R e N GaU – the violent

clashes on Manus Island that left an Iranian asylum-seeker dead happened after local G4S security guards descended on protesting asylum-seekers, a preliminary police report has found.

Papua New Guinea’s deputy police commissioner has cleared PNG police and locals of responsibility for the death of the asylum seeker during last week’s Manus Island unrest. The preliminary inding indicates that local G4S guards car-

paciic BRIEFS AG TOLD TO KEEP NOSE OUT OF COMMISSION FIJI – A political grouping in Fiji is calling on the Attorney General to stay away from the Electoral Commission, after he called for the sacking of staf. The United Front for a Democratic Fiji says Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is interfering with the election process and commodore Bainimarama should sack him for misconduct. The comments follows the police interviewing Electoral Commission employees over a missing laptop from the oice. Sayed Khaiyum says the laptop contains sensitive information and the two employees allegedly involved should be sacked immediately. But Mick Beddoes, from the UFDF, says it’s for the commission to decide on the course of action, and Sayed-Khaiyum clearly has not come to terms with the independence of the commission, and wants to inluence its direction.

OPPOSITION GET MINISTRIES TO SAVE PM VANUATU – Four Vanuatu opposition parliamentarians have received ministerial posts for switching to the government side on the eve of no conidence vote in the prime minister, Moana Carcasses. The move appears to give the government a majority of ive and should allow carcasses to survive the challenge. The four new ministers are Stephen Kalsakau, Paul Telukluk, Willie Jimmy and Tony Wright. Jimmy says they decided to move to the government side because the opposition wouldn’t have made them ministers. The re-shule has seen the prime minister dismiss Daniel Toara as the trade minister to accommodate Jimmy in cabinet. A planned vote was put of last Monday when the government boycotted the sitting and then ofered four ministries to those willing to help the administration retain its majority.

GOVERNOR LOLO HAS HEART PROCEDURE AMERICAN SAMOA – The medical situation of the American Samoa Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga is more serious than oicials reported yesterday. Sources in Washington DC have conirmed that Lolo had a heart procedure at George Washington University Hospital. Sources close to the Governor say doctors irst wanted to adjust his blood pressure medication but then decided after further examination, that he needed a heart procedure. Governor Lolo was still in hospital yesterday but was expected to be released later today. Lolo was in Washington Dc for meetings of governors from around the nation, but the Attorney General says he stood in for him at most of the meetings.

DOUBLE HOMICIDE IN SAIPAN HOUSE FIRE NORTHERN MARIANAS – In the Northern Marianas, police on Saipan have now classiied a case where two bodies were found after ire engulfed a house in a village as a double homicide. The department of Public Safety Commissioner, James Deleon Guerrero, says investigators now believe there was foul play behind Sunday’s ire where the bodies of a Chinese couple were found completely charred in their bedroom. The victims’ family members suspect that robbery was the motive and that possibly more than two people were behind the arson and killing. Police say the man, aged 40, had signs of blunt trauma to the head, while the injuries of the 38 yearold female were still unknown.

CRUISE BOATS WANT REMOTE STOPOVERS THE PACIFIC –Cruise liners are expressing an interest in more remote visits, but small islands need to be ready for them. The South Paciic Tourism Organisation took a survey with cruise liners in 2011 and is now sending the feedback to local tour agencies in Micronesia. The CEO, Ilisoni Vuidreketi, says the responses focused on ports getting organised and looking at safety issues. He says in order to co-ordinate the eforts, the countries and territories need to set up committees and make a cruise plan, so that they can take advantage of the tourists who want to stop at more remote locations.

DEPORTATION TO HA’APAI OF CONCERN TONGA – The New Zealand immigration authorities want to deport an overstayer to the area of Tonga damaged by cyclone Ian, where half the population is homeless. The woman has been getting treatment in Auckland for a heart condition and her doctors have warned she should not ly. Her husband of 24 years has already been deported. Their family comes from the Ha’apai island group, where hundreds of homes were destroyed last month and most of the crops were wiped out. Despite that, Immigration New Zealand has continued the process to have the woman deported. The woman says her home island has only a small medical centre and no resources to treat heart conditions.

ried out the violent suppression of the protest. the Royal PNG Constabulary has released the preliminary report into the death of 23-yearold Iranian asylum seeker Reza Berati. Berati was killed during the chaos at the immigration detention centre on February 17. the PNG report has found Berati died of multiple head injuries that were most likely caused by a heavy object. Other details about his death are expected to be released later this week in a full report. a Papua New Guinean police spokesman has told Fairfax Media that Barati was killed by multiple blows to the head, probably from a piece of timber. the post-mortem, carried out on Monday, found that the blows caused a blood clot on the man’s brain. deputy Police Commissioner Simon Kauba has told the aBC he has cleared PNG police staff and local residents of all responsibility for Berati’s death. He said his staff had begun interviewing local G4S worker and were still carrying out the interviews. Kauba said about seven or eight oficers were investigating “on the ground” and he expect-

‘Warning shots had to be ired, otherwise the place would have burned to the ground’ ed the case to “take all week”. the police spokesman said reports had been submitted by the local police chief alex N’drasal on his version of the events. Mobile squad police officers were also providing written statements and being interviewed. But initial reports suggested they had not been involved in the violence. Warning shots had been ired, the police spokesman said. these had likely calmed the situation, he said. “Otherwise, the place would have been burnt to the ground.” More than 60 other people were injured in the violence. australia is also conducting its own investigation. On Wednesday night it was reported that up to 60 detainees in the family compound on Christmas Island, including mothers and teenage boys, were staging a hunger strike following Reza Barati’s death, refugee

a photograph of iranian asylum seeker reza Berati who died in a riot at the detention centre on manus island. ABC advocates say. “It’s been going for about three days now,” Ian Rintoul, from the Refugee action Coalition, said. “It started out of a vigil and a protest at the death of Reza Barati on Manus.” Rintoul, who said he had spo-

ken directly to two of the hunger strikers, had not been told how long the asylum seekers planned to refuse food. Around 150 people were also staging a daily protest march around the compound each day, he said. - ABC

Electoral laptop is found SUVa – Fiji police have recovered the laptop that was allegedly stolen from the elections Ofice earlier this month. Police spokesperson, atunaisa Sokomuri, confirmed the laptop was recovered from the home of an elections Office staff. the suspect is now in police custody. the electoral Commission said the theft of an elections Office laptop computer does not compromise the integrity of the National Register of Voters. they said it also does not threaten the process of voter registration in any way. the electoral Commission said the Elections Ofice is tightening its internal security procedures following the theft of the laptop computer used for electronic voter registration from the private residence of one of its staff members.

Meanwhile, the electoral Commission is now conducting an internal investigation after the laptop containing conidential electoral data went missing from the Elections Ofice. Commission Chairman, Chen Bunn Young, said he has been informed that the laptop was taken by one of the staff members. Young said the matter is with the police while the internal investigation is underway. It is understood that the laptop contained highly-sensitive data regarding the electoral roll for this year’s general election. the police’s Sokomuri said the CId team is investigating the matter and some of the staff members have been interviewed. It is alleged that the information technology manager removed the laptop from the of-

ice without authorisation and informed her superiors about it after ten days. Fiji’s attorney-general aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said earlier that he was “very concerned that there may be some people with political inclination or maybe even political parties who may be involved” attempting to access information on the computer. Sayed-Khaiyum said the eVR (electronic voter registration) laptop contained very sensitive data such as the entire national register of voters, the statistical analysis of the data, including division by age, gender and distribution. NFP president, Raman Singh, says it proves the regime has deliberately kept the voter information to itself despite oficial requests for the release of an electronic copy, to give Baini-

marama’s party an advantage. Singh says the regime has been feeding political parties “scraps” and they’ve had to settle for bulky hard copies of the register. “this in itself is not a level playing field and undermines the conduct of free and fair elections.” NFP says it wrote as recently as January 30 to the Permanent Secretary Responsible for elections asking for an electronic copy of the register but has never heard back. Singh says the regime has also clearly been using taxpayer funds to analyse the register for statistical data for its proposed political party. and he says Khaiyum’s assertion political parties may be involved in the theft is a “igment of his imagination”. - PNC/sources

Weather delays resignation Bainimarama’s stepping down as army commander postponed SUVa – Bad weather has postponed the historic moment where Fiji’s army commander Voreqe Bainimarama was to relinquish his military powers. “due to the prevailing adverse weather conditions, the scheduled Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces handover parade and celebrations for Friday has been postponed to another date.” Fiji Village reports. RFMF’s land Force Command’s Chief Operations Of-

ficer, Colonel amani Suliano, said Prime Minister and army Commander, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, will remain as head of command until the planned handover parade and celebrations are held. the new date will be known after the weather clears up, he said. Commodore Bainimarama had earlier announced that he will step down as army Commander this Friday and the new Commander would take over

from March 1. the prime minister must give up his post because under the Political Parties Registration Decree, public oficers, including military personnel, cannot publicly support or oppose any political party. They also cannot hold oficial party positions. Bainimarama is expected to announce a new political party to contest the promised September elections next month. Local lood alerts and a heavy rain warning are in place for parts of the Fiji group from a depression that is threatening to become a tropical cyclone.

a heavy rain warning is in force for the eastern half of Viti levu, Vanua levu, lau, lomaiviti and Kadavu. People living in these areas have been advised to take necessary precautions. an earlier alert for the western half of Viti levu, Yasawa and Mamanuca group has been cancelled by the Nadi Weather Ofice. Nadi Weather Office director, alipate Waqaicelua, said the good news is that the forecast is for the tropical depression to develop into a tropical Cyclone after it moves away from the Fiji group. - PNC


Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News

Sri Lankan’s suitability questioned lOReNGaU – Human rights

and asylum seeker advocates are condemning a decision to employ a former Sri lankan military oficer as the acting operations manager of the Manus Island detention centre. The ABC has conirmed that dinesh Perera has been running the offshore processing centre for the G4S security company. When approached by the aBC, G4S issued a statement

saying: “Mr dinesh Perera is an Operations Manager at the Manus Island Centre; he is not in charge of the Centre. “He is an australian citizen who has worked for G4S for a number of years in other contracts before taking on a role with the Manus Island contract. “He is appropriately qualiied for his role. It is our policy not to comment on the ethnicity or race of our employees.”

a spokesperson for the Minister for Immigration earlier confirmed that Perera was the acting G4S centre operations manager at Manus Island. “Contracts with G4S, and other service providers at OPCs, contain clauses requiring that all personnel employed are, and remain, of good character, demonstrate good conduct, have all relevant australian Federal Police clearance and are suitably

Reprint of classic sailing adventure tH e PaCI FIC – In 1933, a

young auckland man built his own 35-foot cutter with beached kauri logs salvaged from the Hauraki Gulf, tar scraped up from the roads of auckland and baked in his mother’s stove, and number 8 fencing wire. Johnny Wray had a budget of just 8 pounds 10 shillings for his boat, Ngataki. When it was inished, he set sail on an adventure around the Paciic. In 1939, he wrote a book about his journey that has become a Kiwi classic: ‘South Sea Vagabonds’. the newly-renovated Ngataki will be launched later this year along with a new edition of the book. author Bruce ansley is penning the introduction for the new edition. The reprint of ‘South Sea Vagabonds’, the book that inspired generations of New Zealand sailors, is to coincide with its 75th anniversary. When unemployed aucklander Wray wrote and published ‘South Sea Vagabonds’ in 1939 he probably had no idea of the effect his story would have on generations of New Zealand backyard sailors. the book charted his building of the 35-foot yacht (10.6-metre) Ngataki in his backyard from materials scavenged from around auckland, his adventures in the South Pacific, cruising the islands, racing, trading, even hunting for treasure – and later his cruises around the Hauraki Gulf with crews of young New Zealanders. Johnny died on Waiheke Island in 1986 but the legend he created for New Zealand sailors lives on. the Ngataki has survived, number 8 wire and all, and has been restored by the tino Rawa trust at the Okahu Bay boat restorers, MCN Shipwrights ltd. the yacht has undergone some serious repairs. So far she has been recaulked all over, 2500 silicon bronze screws have gone in to put the planks back in place, and the loors, frames and stringers have all been repaired

trained to undertake roles,” the spokesperson said. “any questions regarding Perera’s employment should be referred to his company.” Sri lanka’s bitter civil war between the government and the separatist tamil tigers raged for more than two-and-a-half decades before ending in 2009. the director of advocacy and research at the Human Rights law centre, emily Howie, says Perera should be removed. “It’s completely inappropriate for anyone with links to the Sri lankan military to be in charge of the welfare and well-being of vulnerable asylum seekers, including tamils,” Howie said. “there’s a high likelihood that the tamils being held there are fleeing persecution at the hands of the Sri lankan military. “this isn’t about the activities of this one man. It’s about the way that australia takes care of the asylum seekers who are in its custody. “the placing of an ex-military commander from a source country for refugees like Sri lanka highlights australia’s complete insensitivity to the very real risks and suffering that those asylum seekers are leeing.” activists say there are now about 30 ethnic tamil Sri lankan asylum seekers being detained at the camp, out of a

‘The placing of an ex-military commander from a source country for refugees like Sri lanka highlights australia’s complete insensitivity to the very real risks and suffering that those asylum seekers are leeing.’ total of about 1300. Following a tip-off from information activist asher Wolf, the aBC contacted Perera, who conirmed that he was currently the acting manager of the Manus facility. He also confirmed that he had served as an officer in the Sri lankan military. Perera refused to comment any further. His page on the linkedIn website says he has “proven track records of operational command experience during employment of offshore detention services and security environment as a Company Commander in the Sri lankan army”.

the page also says Perera has experience in correctional services facilities in Victoria and New South Wales. the Refugee action Coalition’s Ian Rintoul says there are international concerns about the role the Sri lankan army played in the recent civil war in the country. “I don’t really think having a former Sri lankan army commander running the detention camp where you’ve got Sri lankan asylum seekers is appropriate,” he said. “It’s not to say he’s done anything inappropriate, but he would have access to all those records. He would have access to their details and those details could be so easily passed on with terrible consequences for other people left behind in Sri lanka.” the contract to provide garrison and welfare services for another 20 months has just been formally awarded to Transield Services, which has been providing garrison services to the Nauru detention facility for the past year. transfield will subcontract security services on Manus Island to Wilson Security. Transield Services says Perera is not employed by them or by Wilson Security, and that he is not on their list of people who have applied for new positions. - ABC

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The cover on one of the four editions printed of ‘south sea Vagabonds’ which is about to be printed again for its 75th anniversary.

‘When unemployed aucklander Wray wrote and published ‘South Sea Vagabonds’ in 1939 he probably had no idea of the effect his story would have on generations of New Zealand backyard sailors.’ or replaced. Wray’s tale of his adventures has seen four editions and 75 years on the book is fondly remembered and often sought.

In august this year, HarperCollins will be publishing a handsome new ifth edition of ‘South Sea Vagabonds’. It will feature an introduction covering Wray’s later life, what became of the Ngataki, and the fascinating publishing history of the book itself, written by ansley, who now lives on Waiheke Island, not far from Wray’s old home. ansley is asking the public for their memories, stories or any information about Johnny Wray and his tongan wife loti, to contact him via publicity@ the story of Wray’s voyages is one of the classics of New Zealand’s yachting history, and his name will go down for all time as being the irst New Zealander to carry out a singled-handed - PNC ocean crossing.

News from the Paciic region ‘We’ve got the Paciic covered’

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Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News

Meet pushes for inclusiveness

tHe COOK ISlaNdS’ development partners “got the point” about the need for inclusive development during the recent development Partners Meeting (DPM), which was held in Rarotonga and atiu earlier this month. those taking part in the dPM, which ran from February 10-14, spent the day in atiu to gain some insight into local life the people of the Pa enua face. Rarotonga-based participants at the meeting commented on the value of a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities, especially in the outer islands. Cook Islands National Council of Women (CINCW) representative taputukura Mariri said the aim of the organisation’s presentation was to highlight the needs of the people in the Pa enua. “While most of the development happens in Rarotonga, our families out there have to make do with what the bureaucrats in Rarotonga decide for them. they have to put up with a lot of sacriice for transportation costs, cost of goods in shops – which are double or triple that of Rarotonga. a classic example of the forgotten or put aside issues is the nearly 20 years since Cyclone Martin struck, Manihiki is inally going to have its harbour repaired and upgraded.” “It’s about emphasising that there are a total of 12 inhabited islands – the north has plenty of ocean and marine life, the south plenty of land and production from the land. No one size fits all – what is needed is for our development partners to understand what life

is like in the Pa enua and what is really needed for them to continue staying there. Mariri co-ordinates the Commonwealth local Government Forum project in the Cooks which supports CINCW’s call for gender balance in local governance. Mayor of atiu taoro Strickland concluded an emotional atiu session saying “we are remotivated to take up the challenge of leading our own development”, a statement which relects the value of inclusion for the local community in development dialogue at this level. UNICeF Pacific Representative Karen allen remarked that the meeting was characterised by good organisation, informative presentations, and “a delightful ield trip that deepened partners’ understanding of sister island challenges, especially from the viewpoint of women”. Head of the eU delegation for the Paciic, Ambassador Andrew Jacobs says the donor meeting was a good opportunity for government, donors, civil society and private sector representatives to exchange on key development challenges affecting the Cook Islands. “the event was definitely a landmark in terms of donor management for the Paciic and a model to follow. I was impressed and encouraged by the very good progress achieved in terms of Millennium development Goals and the positive results in economics and public inance management.” He said the visit to atiu was also an eye-opener. “It has drawn the attention

of the donor community on the dire situation of population of the outer islands and the support needed there. the european Union will continue to support Cook Islands in the coming years in renewable energy and sanitation, and some of this support will go directly to help the population in the most remote islands.” New Zealand High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers says the Cook Islands continue to lead the way in donor co-ordination best practice. “the development Partners Meeting was a great opportunity for development partners to sit down with the Cook Islands to ensure that our activities are focused and effective, and in line with our shared priorities. While we could do that bilaterally, the value of the dPM is that donors can also get together to improve harmonisation and coordination of our development activities.” International development partners are involved in over 40 development activities in the Cook Islands, spending around $20 million this inancial year. - Release

Bourchard solomon received a pleasant surprise on Tuesday when the Prime minister dropped in to present him with a $250 cheque. 140225518

Cheque presented by PM PRIMe MINISteR Henry Puna

made a surprise visit to Bourchard Solomona’s class at tereora College on tuesday. the PM presented Bouchard with a cheque for $250, being his prize for submitting the winning entry for CI Marine Park Naming Competition –

Marae Moana. the winning name together with the logo will be used extensively on products, printed material, clothing, media releases, websites, and pretty much everything associated with the Cook Islands Marine Park. at this stage, the Marine Park

will encompass approximately 1.1 million square kilometres of the southern Cook Islands’ exclusive economic Zone. the design of the marine park is still in progress and it is hoped that it will be fully legally designated and zoned by the end of 2015.

What about a Gold Card? dear editor, High Commissioner Ms Joanna Kempkers commented in tuesday’s paper saying that the Ministers, we assume CI Ministers she is talking about, conirm

the right of the Cook islands to tax those pensions (receiving the NZ super) in order to fund the social services provided to those residents. Why couldn’t the Cook Is-

lands Prime Minister or Minister of Finance make that announcement or are they passing the buck to NZ to pass on the bad news? Who really is in charge here, the Cook Islands or the NZ administration? Ms Kempkers may be aware that under the agreement between the Government of NZ and the Government of the Cook Islands on the allocation of taxing Rights with respect to certain Income of Individuals and to establish a Mutual agreement Procedure in Respect of transfer Pricing adjustments, dated 9th July 2009 signed between Hon John Key ,Prime Minister of NZ and Hon Jim Marurai, Prime Minister of the Cook Islands, particularly Article 5, Pensions. Under paragraph 3, it states : However, paragraphs 1 and 2

shall not apply where the pension, payment or other similar remuneration is not subject to tax by the Contracting party(CI Government) of which the individual is a resident. So, amongst all this distorted information, is Ms Kempkers now saying that the agreement signed between Hon John Key and former Prime Minister Hon Jim Marurai is not valid; has no legal standing and is therefore a fake agreement? Funding social services to all pensioners and the Grey Power group?… sounds like a good idea used by Hon Winston Peters. Can a willing political party issue gold cards to all pensioners over 70 years so that they are exempt from paying social services? Bewildered Observer (Name and address supplied)

Plenty of ish, right Ben? dear editor, Once again we see scare-tactic headlines: “Tuna ishery is ‘close to collapse’ – Foreign fleets pushing Pacific tuna industry to the brink of extinction”. Mr editor you are new to our shores and so may not be aware of the “Go local” campaign. the idea is that wherever we can, we forgo imports and “go local”.

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

Ben Ponia, the man in charge of Marine Resources is a local. these scare stories are imported. Come on now; Ben the local says we have plenty of ish – he keeps handing out permission to take more and more. Now who ya gunna listen to, foreign experts or locals? Let's support Ben. Go local (Name and address supplied)

Publisher John Woods Chief executive Oicer Liz Woods General Manager Tony Fe’ao Editor Mark Ebrey Deputy Editor Matariki Wilson Reporters Emmanuel Samoglou Ben Chapman-Smith Rachel Reeves Court Reporter Merita Wi-Kaitaia Online & Social Networking Editor Briar Douglas Sales and Marketing Manager Susan Tealby Advertising Assistant Ledua Vivian Engu Advertising Oice Manager Tere Joseph Accounts Manager Tangi Tauira Reception Kura Tauira Oice staf Apii Tua Graphic Design & Layout Mahai Daniel Adam Tutuvanu Web Developer Daniel Rolls Print Manager Dan Johnston Printers Dennis Campos, Lai Gukisuva


Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News

TIS concerned at ongoing use of FADs

Te Ipukarea Society is concerned with a potential increase in the use of FADs as a result of a new ishing agreement that gives the United States 300 additional ishing days for its purse seiners. Pictured here is a typical purse seine vessel. 14022601

aN OFFICIal with local conservation group te Ipukarea Society is concerned with possible increased use of Fish aggregation Devices (FADs), following recent news that the Cook Islands has negotiated an expansion to the purse seine ishery. last week, Secretary Ben Ponia with the Ministry of Marine Resources revealed that the Cook Islands Government has given extra ishing rights to the

Grey Power plans return march to Parliament PeNSIONeR activist group Grey

Power is planning a return march to Parliament. the protest plans were discussed during a general meeting held tuesday at Sinai Hall. Speaking at the meeting, Grey Power Vice-President dennis tunui said once a date is announced by the Clerk of Parliament for the House’s next sitting, the group will gather one week in advance to prepare for the march, including the preparation of new placards and chants. last december, the group marched to Parliament to voice their grievances surrounding the Government’s attempts to tax their New Zealand governmentpaid superannuation. during the march, the protesters were told by opposition leader Wilkie Rasmussen that if the democratic Party comes into power, the “back tax” currently sought by the treasurer – which goes as far back as 2011 in most cases - on the pensioners’ past superannuation income would be abolished. Rasmussen’s vow has since become part of a nine-point tax policy by the democratic Party, which was used by MP-elect James Beer during his by-election campaign in Murienua. Prime Minister Henry Puna was absent from Parliament during the initial protest, attending a regional environmental conference in Fiji. In his place, the protestors were addressed by Finance Minister Mark Brown. “We have to stand up,” said dennis tunui, the group’s vicepresident. “this time, we hope the Prime Minister will be there.” tunui said a focus of the march will be on the reimbursements that were promised to the group by Government after last year’s bank account raids by the revenue collector, while another member added that the Government should be on the hook for lost interest income. an additional focus should be on pressuring the Government to scrap the “back tax”. as of late tuesday, Clerk of Parliament John tangi said he is waiting to hear from the Ofice of the Prime Minister regarding possible timeframes for the next sitting of Parliament. - ES

members of pensioner activist group Grey Power at last december’s protest at Parliament. 13120240.

American purse seine leet after negotiations with the US State department. as a result, the US purse seine leet will now be entitled to ish for an additional 300 days in return for a one- time $1.9 million dollar payment. “I think the skipjack resource is able to handle it, but our main concern is the use of Fads,” said Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) technical director Kelvin Passield. Passield said he assumed the US leets were going to continue to use FADS – now conirmed by Ponia - and as a result would continue catching juvenile bigeye tuna as by-catch. the catching of juvenile bigeye is currently an issue facing the management of the skipjack ishery, as the species is believed to be suffering from over-ishing. Passield has previously called for a ban on the use of Fads in the Cook Islands’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ). according to the most recent catch data relating to the US purse seine treaty, roughly 3800 tonnes of fish were caught by american purse seiners between June 2012 and June 2013 in the Cook Islands eeZ - the majority being skipjack tuna. MMR’s Ponia said a Fad closure will takes place this year for four months across all Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) nations to address the issue of bigeye by-catch. the Fad closure will be extended every year leading to a ive-month moratorium in 2015, he said, adding he would like to see longer closure periods with a complete ban on the use of the devices in the high seas. - Emmanuel Samoglou

SPTO leads tourism road show in Europe tHe COld european winter is being treated to South Pacific warmth and hospitality with the commencement of the South Paciic Travel Road Show yesterday. Led by the South Paciic Tourism Organisation (SPTO), representatives of the Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu and with support from the european Union, this medley of exotic Paciic islands is on a mission to carry out destina-

tion training for travel agents in Milan, Brussels, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Berlin. SPTO Chief Executive Oficer, Ilisoni Vuidreketi says: “Continental europe remains to be a key long haul market for the South Paciic and programmes such as this helps to establish and strengthen the regions presence in this market.” a key component of this road show will be the promotion of the South Pacific Specialist programme which is an online

training platform designed to educate and certify travel agents in becoming experts on all South Paciic island destinations. this initiative received a welcome boost with the presence of the representatives from the Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Samoa missions in Brussels. deputy Head of Mission at embassy of Papua New Guinea, Mr Kapi Maro was particularly delighted to witness the immense interest that exists for the South Paciic

from the Belgium market. the SPtO anticipates training more than 200 european retail and wholesale travel agents by the end of this road show and is also pleased with the coverage received from various media organisations in each of the cities visited. Marketing Manager Petero Manufolau says that “the road show has so far been successful in that it has attracted quality travel agents who are keen to grow their business into the

South Pacific”. He added that “these travel agents are amazed at the extensive variety of holiday activities and options that exist in the South Pacific and have expressed their appreciation to the SPtO for undertaking such an activity.” the South Pacific europe Road Show will conclude in Berlin on March 3, where most participants are expected to stay on to participate at the ItB travel show, also in Berlin. - Release

Ministry clariies employment relationships INteRNal aFFaIRS has pro-

duced a fact sheet to help workers and employers understand their rights and obligations when ending their employment relationship. the Ministry said it has been receiving a growing number of employment queries from the public. “We decided it was about time to put something together for the public,” said Senior Inspector destiny tara tolevu. “It was basically something they were interested in but

didn’t have any information about.” the Ministry explains in the fact sheet that there are only three ways an employment relationship can be ended – resignation, termination and instant dismissal. termination of employment by a worker is referred to as resignation, it says. “a worker has a right to resign at any time, provided they give proper notice in accordance with their employment agreement.” If there is no employment

agreement, the worker must give no less than seven days’ notice. the Ministry says an employer can only terminate an employment relationship for reasons relating to the worker’s conduct, capacity to do the job or genuine restructuring. an employer can also terminate when the worker is absent from work without providing proper notice for two consecutive working days. this is often referred to as ‘abandonment of employment’.

termination for serious misconduct - more commonly known as ‘instant dismissal’ does not require an employer to give notice. “this type of misconduct must be suficiently serious that it undermines the confidence and trust that the employer has in the employee,” the Ministry says. examples are incidents of theft, sexual or other assault, or the use of illegal drugs at work. Regardless of the way in which an employment rela-

tionship is ended, the employer must pay the worker for any accrued annual leave not taken at the time of termination. the worker must also receive any outstanding pay or other entitlements owing at the date of termination. an employer can not withhold final payment or deduct payments without the permission of the worker or a Court Order. to get hold of the new fact sheet, contact the Ministry of Internal affairs. - BCS


Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News

idyllic – staggering beautiful – but under whose control? 14022501

something to think about:

Time to take our place at the table?

a StaGGeRING 75% of our GDP is from tourism. tourism, of and about our beautiful country and people, the indigenous Cook Islands people. I am, I hope safely assuming, that people don’t travel here to see resident Kiwis do a Haka or to watch them hash house harrier down our streets. they come to see a version of Cook Islands Maori culture and its people and much of what is sold to them in slick videos and travel shows around the world and at home. When we consider that 75% GdP figure, is it reasonable to ask whether 75% of the ownership of businesses that are dependent upon tourism are businesses owned by indigenous Cook Islands Maori, staffed by

indigenous Cook Islands Maori and with a profit returning to indigenous Cook Islands Maori, and not just working at the front desk, or carrying the bags or waiting at the tables? Would it not seem reasonable to assume that the draw card for this tourism are also directly beneitting from it and not just indirectly from the revenue made through 75% GDP. the Cook Islands Ministry of Foreign affairs and Immigration deine a “Cook Islander” as a person belonging to the part of the Polynesian race indigenous to the Cook Islands; and any person descended from a Cook Islander. So for the sake of clarity, foreign can then be defined as anyone that is not a Cook Island

Maori or of Cook Island Maori descent. apart from a small number of indigenous businesses that come to mind, I would guess that the majority are in foreign ownership or at least the larger businesses and that some of this profit goes offshore. ex-Kiwi bank CeO Sam Knowles, in his review of the Cook Islands banking system said “an estimate of over $30 million is held offshore by Cook Islands businesses with potentially signiicant tax revenues being lost to the country as a result. there is a need to review the tax system with a view to maximising wealth creation and retention in-country.” While we have been busy racking our leaves, selling “nu”

Annual licencing of Motor Vehicles 2014-2015 year Please be advised that BCI is now accepting payment of annual licence fees. Please note the following schedule of times and methods for paying for your licence. Method of payment

Available to

Location for payment




WBC and anZ clients please enter plate and phone number in reference ield.



Direct Debit

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Please contact BCI on cash@bci. Anytime for direct debit form


Cash/ Cheque

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BCI banking area

Mon – Fri

9am to 3pm

Cash/ Cheque

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BCI front oice

Mon – Fri

9am to 3pm

BCI will be extending its hours to the Public on the following dates only: 26 & 27 Feb 14 3pm - 5:30pm 26 & 27 Mar 14 3pm - 5:30pm 12 & 13 Mar 14 3pm - 5:30pm Opening Saturday as well: 8 & 22 Mar 14 9am - 12noon For those paying by online banking or direct debit, please note your sticker will be available for collection from the front oice at BCI in three working days from payment. Private Vehicle Fees only (please contact BCI on 29341 for non personal rates) pOWeR CYCLe MOTOR CYCLE UP TO 100cc MOTOR CYCLE OVER 100cc CARS, STATION WAGONS UP TO 2600cc CARS, STATION WAGONS UP OVER 2600cc VANS OR PICK UPS UNDER 2.25 TONNES VANS OR PICK UPS OVER 2.25 TONNES TRaILeRs TRaCTORs

COST FOR FULL YEAR 14.00 26.00 62.00 38.00 47.00 44.00 82.00 26.00 38.00

on the streets and our precious steak and mushroom rolls for $5 at the markets, the real asset and revenue making on the island is already in foreign ownership with apparently over $30 million of that money seemingly not touching our shores. We have a Chamber of Commerce and tourism Board with maybe a third being Cook Islands Maori representation. Where is our indigenous voice or engagement? W. H. Gudgeon, the New Zealand government’s tool for annexation, knew land reform was essential. His concept of land reform was quite different from his predecessor Moss, for whereas Moss had tried a minimum programme of reform, based upon the system of tenure as he found it, Gudgeon sought the power to disallow most of the land claims by ariki on the grounds that they were not consistent with his view of “Maori custom”. Gudgeon knew to take the power away from ariki, the land Court and High Court would need to be established and land be made available to foreign interests. In Gudgeon’s mind and in his own words, he saw a Cook Islands devoid of indigenous Cook Islanders and their land and resources ready available for foreign interests, predominantly New Zealand growers and New Zealand business owners. Gudgeon went on to say, “I came here with the ixed intention of getting this group annexed; but on my arrival I found that the friends of Mr Moss had made a bugbear of annexation…hence it was that for a long time I was very quiet, for it was absolutely necessary that I should gain the conidence of the arikis, and secondly that the Moss party should have no inkling of my real views, lest they should turn round and warn the Maoris that they were about to lose their mana.” Gudgeon foresaw that in a generation we would no longer have to be contended with as we would be gone…“at no very distant date the present native population will either die out or become so much reduced in numbers that it will be necessary to replace them with a foreign population”. though Gudgeon’s dream was never fully realised then, other pressures have affected us in very similar ways. depopulation of Cook Islanders at an alarming rate, coupled with the introduction of foreign labour and others having control of large sectors of our busi-

Thomas Wynne – questions the dominance of foreign interests in Cook islands tourism. 14022615 ness community, with tourism being one of those has affected our position in our own country. Our own lack of engagement and a colonial mind-set that puts others before ourselves has not served us well and is perpetuated by a generation that still buy into this archaic mind-set. dependency on “boomerang aid” cripples our own economic independence and creativity, and as Petero Okotai clearly stated in his thesis on the Cook Islands economy: “In the end, we only have ourselves to blame if we continue to rely on aid to prop up our country and refuse to take responsibility for building our own nation. We must also overcome our own ‘colonised beliefs’ and prejudices in thinking we are too small or too stupid to help ourselves and stop this constant belittling of our own countrymen and women and of our potential as a nation.” It’s not that we cannot share what we have because, as Cook Islanders sharing is very much a part of what we do and is knit into the fabric of how we deal with people be they strangers, family, friend or even foe. We have, however, allowed ourselves to be silent where we need a strong indigenous voice. Yes we live in a global world and cannot live in isolation that is accepted. Should we be at the head of the table of our own country, our own resources, our own culture, our own self, sold to tourists and creating revenue? absolutely and without question! Can we also protest at theft by our young people because we as Cook Islanders, care for our young, and see this as an aberration of our cultural values, as opposed to just something tourists complain about? Can we also not enjoy dogs running out on the road and walking in packs at night because those of us who live here actually think it’s a pain

and a pest? Can we dance, sing, pray, invest our ariki, celebrate our traditional leaders and be who we are for ourselves first, and not because that’s yet another avenue to make a tourist dollar. We are not just a resort, a hotel or show for tourist consumption. this is and has, in fact for centuries been irst and foremost our home. Surely sole dependence on one form of GdP must put us in the most vulnerable position. Any inancial consultant would tell you never put all your eggs in one basket, and yet more and more of our precious eggs are placed in the basket of tourism. What else can we do? that question needs to be explored, so we can at least have other options or will we travel further down this road until this figure is 90% GDP, and a natural disaster or terrorist attack renders our country bankrupt due to its dependence on tourism. let us continue to allow others to sit at the table with us, and enjoy all there is to be and live in the Cook Islands but never should that remove us from the head of our own table. let our language be considered a non-negotiable prerequisite for those wanting PR. let us explore tourism as a revenue earner but never at the expense of other possibilities that will sustain us should tourism decline. and wake up we must, indigenous Cook Islanders, from our sleep and engage wherever we have opportunity, and not sit back and say little anymore. Finally, we must never, at any time let others speak for us, represent us or stand on behalf of us locally or internationally. We cannot afford to let this colonial default setting continue. Is that really too much to ask, of the many that we have welcomed and also call our place home? - Thomas Wynne


Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



Parent/Anau teacher/ student interviews:

TODAY February 27 2pm-5pm Parent /Anau teacher/student conferencing interviews will be taking place on Thursday 27 February between 2pm and 5pm. The interviews will be conducted just with your child’s Anau teacher (not the subject teachers) and will take 10-15 minutes each. The purpose of this meeting is discuss this year’s academic goals for your child and also to address any questions you may have. In accordance with our Learning charter it is expected that your child will attend the interview with you The meeting is designed to help students succeed in their academic studies, so parents and caregivers are urged to make every efort to attend please. Interviews with subject teachers will take place next term. Please contact your child’s anau teacher if you wish to make an appointment, or if you have not received a phone call from your child’s anau teacher. Meitaki Maata Bali Haque NOTICE OF MEETING NONO GROWERS Meeting 11am Friday 28 February at Cook Islands Noni Marketing’s factory, Titikaveka. Payment ready for fruit collected this week. 77240 / /2019

LOST CHIHUAHUA DOG Small light brown male. Short haired. 1 year old, size of small cat or puppy. Lost around the Golf club. Last seen Wednesday 26 February at 9am. Answers to the name “JOEY” Reward $ Please phone 57378 or 20201.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.



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Black Iphone 4 with black rubber case lost Saturday night in Tupapa. Please contact me Kura Happ on 51582. 77207 /36553 /1931

FOUND Found New Zealand Birth Certiicate, Upper Tupapa chevaughn Ake Pokoati, please contact 20850. 77223 /77223 /1931

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Penno Builders NZ qualiied Free quotes New homes Renovations/repair container homes Gib stopping Painting All work considered. Phone Zane Penno 58493 or

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


VEhICLES FOR SALE 1996 NISSAN CABSTAR PICKUP TRUCK Manual, Runs Well, Few Rust, $15,000 ono.. Call Goose; 55954.. 77189 / /2543

Classiieds • Phone 22999


77212 / /1931

77234 /36569 /1931


RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is




Cook Islands Football Association Annual General Meeting Date: Thursday 20th March 2014 Time: 5pm Venue: CIFA Headquarters at Matavera

Agenda 1. a declaration that the annual General Meeting has been convened and composed in compliance with the statutes of CIFa 2. approval of the agenda 3. Address by the President 4. appointment of Members to check the minutes 5. appointment of scrutineers 6. approval of the minutes of the preceding annual General Meeting 7. President’s activity report 8. Financial report 9. Votes on proposal for amendments to the Statutes, the Regulations governing the application of the statutes and the standing orders of the annual General Meeting (if applicable) 10. Discussion of proposals submitted by the Members and the executive Committee 11. Appointment of independent auditors (if applicable) upon the proposal of the executive Committee 12. Election of Oice Bearers 13. Any further items proposed by the Members or the executive Committee of CIFa

PRICE ORDER 10/2014 PURSUANT to the Control of prices act 1966 and the powers delegated to me as provided under section 30 of the said Act, I hereby make the following Order: 1. This Order is cited as Price Order 09/2014 and shall come into efect on the 27th day of February 2014 for TRIAD PACIFIC PETROLEUM LTD. 2. Maximum selling prices for fuel imported into the Cook Islands shall be at a rate speciied in the schedule below except the island of Aitutaki. 3. For the Outer Islands, prices established have been reviewed and updated to include freight, wharfage, boating, reeing, drum/container cost, evaporation and cartage costs. 4. Value Added Tax is included in the prices herein set. Import Levy is exempt for Outer. Islands excluding Aitutaki as per Exemption Order 03/09/2010. 5. All previous references in any Price Order as to the selling prices listed in this Order are hereby revoked upon efective dates above. 6. The prices herein set are the maximum that may be charged although less may be charged if so desired. Given under our hand this 26th day of February 2014. Brian Terrence Hagan, Chairman of the Price Tribunal Tatiana Burn, Member of the Price Tribunal.



WHOLESALE TO Retailers/ Bulk Users





Southern Northern Group Group



EFFECTIVE DATE February 27 2014 77231


77229 /36564 /1931



ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING NOTICE 5pm Thurs 28 Feb 2014 at the Hall 2013 AGM Minute chairperson’s Report Treasurer’s Report Principal’s Report General business Election of 2014-2015 PTA Bring a plate of light snacks. All parents & caregivers are encouraged to attend. 77067 / /2591

The AGM of the Cook Islands Game Fishing Club will be held on Saturday 1 March at 1400. Full inancial members only may vote. Secretary CIGF. 77106 / /1956

To anyone who noticed any person(s) hanging around a silver chrysler PT cruiser at around 7-8pm on Tuesday evening 25 Feb, pls ring Don Carlaw on 21060. The car was parked right beside the road down from Blackrock Villas and the rear window was smashed with a rock and money was taken from inside the vehicle. A reward of $100 will be ofered for information resulting in the culprit(s) being caught.

PACER PLUS –PRODUCT SPECIFIC RULES (PSR) WORKSHOP CONTINUED Thursday 27 February 2014, Rarotonga, Cook Islands Venue: New Hope Church/Conference Hall (Next to CITV)

“All are welcome to attend” 09.00-10.30

10.30-11.00 11:00-12:30

12.30-14.00 14.00-15.30

15.30-16.00 16.00-17.00

Session Five: PSR Development, Application and Implementation: key considerations • How are PSRs developed? Should they cover all tarif lines of the Parties or current exports? • Asymmetrical PSRs •PSR Implementation: NZ experience Cofee Break Session Six: Examination of Cook Islands’ Export Data • What are the major export products and which rules of origin are applicable to them in australia and new Zealand and in other FICs trading under PICTA? • Enhancing exports of the Cook Islands – which PSRs should be adopted? Lunch Session Seven: Consultations with / visits to individual private sector representatives • Examination of export products – determining originating and nonoriginating materials in the manufacture of export products • Developing appropriate PSR for the product(s) under consideration Cofee Break Session Seven (cont): Consultations with individual private sector representatives • Examination of export products – determining originating and nonoriginating materials in the manufacture of export products Developing appropriate PSR for the product(s) under consideration Ph: 29347 for more details (MFAI)

77228 / /1741


EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR THE PROCUREMENT OF SERVICES FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE EVALUATION OF THE HEALTH SPECIALIST VISIT (HSV) PROGRAMME The Ministry of Health (MoH) invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualiied and experienced parties for the purpose of the evaluation of the Health Specialist Visits (HSV) Programme. HSV is a tripartite arrangement between the MoH, the Cook Islands Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) and the Aid Programme of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Afairs and Trade (MFAT). The EOI documents will be available from the oice at the Ministry of Health, Avarua Rarotonga or downloaded from the Ministry of Health website Complete eOI proposals must be delivered to the address below before 12pm, Cook Islands time on 13 March 2014 in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “HSV EVALUATION” to the following address: Ministry of Health PO Box 109 Rarotonga Cook Islands all enquiries to: Temarama anguna Email: Phone: +682 29 664. /


Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News


Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News


DAIHATSU COPEN 600cc Turbo convertible, manual, 2x seater Sale price $4,500 TOYOTA ESTIMA 2400cc Automatic, 8 seater Sale price $12,000 MITSUBISHI COLT 1.4ltr Hatchback. Auto/air con/electric windows. Colour: red Sale price $10,000 MAzDA DEMIO 1.5ltr Hatchback Auto/air con/electric windows. Colour: white Sale price $10,000 Nissan March Cabriolet 1.3ltr. Sale Price $3,500.00


Front Oice We are looking for frontline staf in a resort with a well established work environment with the spirit of hospitality. Must have the following: Strong customer service skills, Honest, punctual and reliable, Hardworking and dedicated worker, Quick learner, Outgoing personality, Roomaster an advantage. If you have the following criteria, come and ill in an application form and attach a cV for further information contact Jef TIKITAU on 58008. 77080 / /1759

Kickboxing class leaves school kids gasping KNeeS, FIStS and feet were lying at Papaaroa College yesterday as students took part in a strenuous thai kickboxing class. Instructor tabitha ahsin has recently returned to Rarotonga after living in australia and wants to start running regular classes. “Our kids get bored and they want something different. I want to do one-hour classes around the island to give some-

community.” She is keen to demonstrate the martial art to other schools and hopes they will let her run free sessions for the students. Papaaroa College principal Greg taikakara was impressed with the level of itness required by the sport and said it looked like good exercise. “Hopefully they don’t go around punching people after this!” he joked. - Ben Chapman-Smith

kickboxing class was good fun but hard work. ahsin, who also runs Hulanesian Fitness classes, was trained in the Muay thai combat sport by 10-time World Champion John Wayne “the Gunslinger” Parr. She lived in australia for 33 years but is now home permanently. “I just want to bring back my skills to our island to help out the kids and give back to the

thing back to the schools,” she said. ahsin demonstrated a range of ierce kicks and punches yesterday, as teacher Peleti Peleti took the blows using a thick pad for protection. the senior students then had their turn and most of them were soon left sweating and gasping for air. “I’m very tired. I’d like to do it again though,” said 13-yearold Ray Marsters, who said the

contact Arthur 55422, email :


SITUATIONS VACANT Paciic resort hotel Group A Great Place to Work... We are currently seeking the following: -Guest Service Agent -Porter / Security -Restaurant & Bar Staf -chefs and cooks -Team Leaders & Supervisors To apply email: or contact Nan Thompson on 51724. 77225 / /1866

76995 / /2039

Handyman/Laundry hand Full time work for the right applicant who is versatile and keen. Please go to the Reception desk and ill out an application form. 77114 / /1758

Bartender wanted for busy bar, nights from Tuesday - Saturday. Apply in person or phone 24516 or 50498.

Male Baker, preferably with at least 5 yrs work the same ield that specializing in baking, pastry, and cake, hardworking, honest, team player and goal oriented person. Please email your cV to and the application closes 17 March 2014.

Tabitha ahsin hurls a low kick at the pad held by teacher Peleti Peleti. 14022619

SITUATIONS VACANT Nanny required Non smoker/non drinker, honest, reliable. cleaning and cooking required. Mail CV to 77221 / /1931

Driver, 6 days a week Applicants need to be employable, with a good attitude, turn up on time and be smartly presented and of sober habits. Phone 27460 or 55464.

Tabitha ahsin prepares to punch a pad being held by teacher Peleti Peleti. 14022616



77160 / /1857

Ph 26 860

Girls Clothing,shoes, jewellery, bags Assted styles. Located at Taio shipping. For any inquries call Mary 24905.


77137 / /2202

oPen DAIlY FoR bReAKFAST 8-10Am AnD lunCh 12-2Pm


77241 / /1933

1/2 Acre Hill section on Raemaru, Arorangi Sunsets. Ph 54322. Treasure Chest Full Time staf required. Shop assistants who can smile and turn up to work on time required. Phone 21325.

77247 /36555 /2247

77213 / /1755

77187 / /1921

Rangiatua section 103C2A Avarua 1,130 square metres $35,000, 42 YEARS contact Nooroa Tangi work 20-567 or after hrs 25-328.








77129 / /1939

sunset BBQ w/ GarTh younG - PIAno 6Pm sunset Cocktails w/ w/RUDy AqUIno 5.30Pm – 7.30Pm sat seafood BBQ w/ JaKe numanGa - UKULeLe 6Pm


Our food our passion 6pm till late


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619

77115 /36502 /1931

Experienced Pastry Chef Experienced Bar Tender Seamstress/Housemaid We require the above experienced staf to join our team. Please send up to date cV to P O Box 1050.

Tani and rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm


lebonVivant C

oPen eVeRY eVenIng

@ 6pm

Ph 20 002

77108 /36492 /1931

MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS Employment Opportunity MINTAFF, invites applications for the position of GENDER PROJECT COORDINATOR, in its Gender and Development Division. Applicants must be self motivated, proactive and have the ability to coordinate projects through to completion. A good knowledge and understanding of Gender and Development is preferred. Applications close on Friday 28 February 2014. Job descriptions available from the Ministry. Please submit a cover letter with curriculum Vitae and references to: Eva Mapu PO Box 98, Rarotonga or email: eva.

Ph 22 166

‘SPCA Garage Sale’ Fill a bag for just $5. Sale starts now, ends February 28.



look who’s 18 happy birthday to our ‘Son’


5.30pm to 10pm 7 days

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

Mon-Tue: $12.95 specials Thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat Sunday: Tandoori night Other nights: A-la-carte

$10.00 Dine in special

Ph 22 279

Looking for a kitchen hand & counter girls to work in a takeaway cafe soon to open. Phone 76017 or 74345.


11am to 2.30pm

77117 /36497 /1931

RESERVATIONS/HOSPITALITY. If you have worked in reservations previously or would like to receive training in this area, we would like to hear from you. You must be honest, computer literate, friendly, good spoken English, and proud to be a Cook Islander showing our visitors the Kia Orana & Meitaki feeling .. The position is 40 hrs p.w. lexible shifts. Call Jan at Aro’a Beachside Inn, on 22166. 77211 / /1997

Maintenance person to do work around the house, with sober habits, send CV to PO Box 418. 76997 /36459 /1999

maygodblessyouandgiveyou manymanymoreyearstocome. loveyouheaps,yourmumTukumate,Yourgrandparentsmr& mrs Temanu Riki (Aitu) mama Aurupa (Rarotonga) bishop fam, Riki fam, Reva george fam (Aitu) Putai fam, Aurupa fam (Raro) notforgettingyouruncles,aunties, cousins, brothers & sisters Raro,Aitutaki,nZandAustralia happy birthday Son love you heaps Aunty Tana & Tai girl

Thu27 FRI28 6Pm


The book Thief

SAT01 Sun 02 6Pm I,FRAnKenSTeIn




The book Thief

tale about life” I,FRAnKenSTeIn I,FRAnKenSTeIn ThebooKTheIF“A masterful –


6.00Pm8.30Pm Ph 189 FoR uPDATeS on The moVIe hoT lIne

bIgSCReen,DolbYSounD,unbeATAblebloCKbuSTeRmoVIeS every monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999




Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News

Willie Kauvai Jnr pushes through the pain barrier at december’s Corporate CrossFit Challenge. 14022612

CrossFitters to tackle surprise workouts FItNeSS freaks are battling it

Ziona Tutai is a regular stand-out at the Tumuora CrossFit box in arorangi. 14022611

lAmb loIn ChoPS 10Kg


$106.00 or $11.50kg mARgARIne 500g

out over the next three days to claim glory in a high-intensity competition being run by Rarotonga’s tumuora CrossFit. Six teams of four athletes will face a number of set challenges, which could include anything from lugging around sandbags to pulling trucks up a 50-metre hill. the tumuora CrossFit Summer Games are designed to ind the “Fittest team in Raro”, where competitors should be ready for anything, said organisers Olivia Heather and Geoff Halston. athletes at the games will compete in workouts which are revealed only a day beforehand. The irst Workout of the Day

(WOD), which runs early this morning, is a Clean and Jerk ladder, where athletes work their way through a series of stations using progressively heavier barbells. each athlete has 90 seconds to lift the barbells to their shoulders and then press them overhead. Only those who successfully complete the lift in time can advance to the next platform. CrossFit, commonly known as the “sport of fitness”, was founded in the US more than a decade ago and has grown into one of the world’s most popular itness movements. It aims to offer constantly varied, high intensity, fullfunctional workouts.

Instead of weight machines and treadmills, CrossFit gyms – known among their devotees as “boxes” - rely on less traditional training equipment like skipping ropes and sandbags. Heather and instructor Geoff Halston started their box in July last year and now have 80 hardcore members. Halston said CrossFit competitions differ from other traditional sports, athletic, triathlon, and strongman competitions because it is almost impossible for athletes to specify their training. “CrossFit aims at targeting all-around fitness by using an unpredictable workout routine,” he said. the team Games kick off

with a 5-7am session this morning and will run at the same time tomorrow, then at 6.30am and 2pm on Saturday. Halston said the teams comprise “a balanced selection of experienced and new member athletes which should create very close and interesting results”. the six team leaders are Jamie Gotty, edwin teraitua, Gordon Heather, theresa taiarui, Julz Westrupp and Geoff Halston. Members of the public are welcome to get along and check out the blood, sweat and tears at the CrossFit box, in arorangi opposite edgewater Resort. Saturday’s workouts will be at Tikioki (6.30am) and Avatiu Valley (2pm). - Ben Chapman-Smith


VenISon mInuTe STeAKS

neW InSTo Re!

ChICKen ThIgh FIlleT


heAT & eAT


(mInT & RoSemARY)



$13.60kg neW InSTo Re!




FRoZen mIxeD beRRIeS 500g



neW InSTo Re!

neW InSTo Re!




oPenIng houRS

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-3pm Check us out on ST JoSePh RD, AVARuA. Ph 22259.

neW InSTo Re!


neW InSTo Re!



YoghuRT SmooTh 100g

6pk $7.40ea or 12pk $14.30ea

WeAlSoDoSeA/AIRFReIghT FoR ouTeR ISlAnDS, So PlACe YouR oRDeRS noW!!!


Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News

FLIGHT FROM ARRIVES ThuRSdAy feBrUArY 27 NZ748/749 AKL 12.30AM NZ46/745 AKL 4.10PM VT35/36 PPT 2.50PM FRIdAy feBrUArY 28 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ46/61 AKL 1.55PM




1.30AM 5.25PM 3.50PM

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details

1.05AM 3.05PM


RARO TO ARR DEP ThuRSdAy feBrUArY 37 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 0910











1530 1800 1100


1620 1850 1145

1640 1910 1205


1730 2000 1250




Shipping TIARE MOANA 22 - ETD AUCK 22/03, ETA RARO 30/03, ETA AITUTAKI 01/04

GOT A STORY? or call us at Cook Islands News





Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.



hÄgAR the horrible

by Dik browne


The PhAnTom

by lee Falk & Sy barry




see your business/products in this space. Phone 22999


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: A northeasterly wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. A northeasterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate northeast winds, fresh at times. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers.


Rarotonga Thursday, February 27, 2014

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday

THu high 7.40AM 0.90M 8.07PM 0.97M




high 8.43AM 0.96M 9.10PM 1.01M




1.3m SW

1.45PM 0.36M

0.6m NW N

Low 2.35AM 0.33M 2.53PM 0.31M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

ENE 11KtS new moon Feb 28 10.00Pm

First Quarter Mar 8 3.27Am

Full moon Mar 16 7.09Am

sunshine hours


Third Quarter Mar 23 3.46Am

ArApo - tAne thu 27 Tanu (Planting)

0.6m NW

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te kumara, taro & u’i. Po no te o’onu. akarava to Plant kumara, taro & yams. tautai Koura te ika. night for the lagoon. netting and ishing for crayish and ish.

Humidity FRI



Weather Forecast to Midnight



text us on




Front Key:




1.5m Ne


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, February 27, 2014









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

THu sun rise 6.35AM sun set 7.08PM




moon rise 4.56AM moon set 5.57PM sun rise


sun set


moon rise 6.00AM moon set 6.45PM


29° NE 10KtS


27° ENE 10KtS


27° ENE 10KtS



27° ENE 10KtS

32° NNE 11KtS


27° ENE 10KtS


Thursday, February 27, 2014 cook Islands News



Aitutaki hunt D-league title tHe NeW look Cook Islands

domestic league swings into action this weekend as aitutaki make their irst of two trips to Rarotonga in chase of the 2014 domestic league title. local corporate support has been strong in aitutaki and, together with the players, some wives and partners, aitutaki have raised the resources to fund their two trips to Rarotonga. according to tairi Paulo it may be the irst time Aitutaki are involved in the Cook Islands domestic league however they aren’t coming to simply make up the numbers. Belief will be high amongst the aitutakian team after winning the recent Festival of Cricket Six-a-Side tournament

in January. all eight players from the winning aitutaki Six-a-Side team return for the domestic league. the squad includes Dawn Tare (Amuri), Shane Munokoa (Vaipae), Tairi Paulo (Arenikau), Sunga Monga (Vaipae), David Paulo (Arenikau), Avatea Tuao (Arenikau), Teararo Paraia, Morgan Upu (Vaipae), Pastor Zekaria (Titikaveka/Raro), Nga Taiti (Arenikau), Pita Tare (Arenikau), Alex Roa (Arenikau) and Daniel Mataiti (Amuri). Cricket’s alister Stevic said that a lot of recognition had to go to Shane Munokoa for all his efforts in co-ordinating aitutaki’s involvement in the d-league.

“Shane Munokoa has worked tirelessly with Cook Islands Cricket to co-ordinate the schedule, timing, draw and so on to ensure aitutaki’s involvement in the domestic league. aitutaki are a quality side and cricket lovers can all expect something special from this team when they touch down for their irst round of matches”. aitutaki’s first match is scheduled for this Friday at 5.30pm against the Cook Islands Women’s team, followed by two matches on Saturday against the World XI (11am) and Pukapuka (3pm). All weekend matches are scheduled for turangi Cricket Oval. Rarotonga has the bye. - CIC/MW

The victorious aitutaki men that took out the recent cricket super sixes competition return as the aitutaki d-league hopefuls with the competition swinging into action this weekend. 14022607

Sharks set to take on Bears

a WIN against the arorangi Bears will be on the minds of the aitutaki Sharks when they return to Rarotonga on Friday to take the team from the wild west. the Sharks are yet to register a win this season and will want to give their supporters something to cheer about. the Bears, on the other hand, have had a taste of victory with a irst-up win this season against the Ngatangaiia Sea eagles but have since struggled to repeat that winning form but Friday could see them do the damage again. It will be a closely fought affair that will take place at the arorangi field kicking off at 4.30pm. also on Friday the titikaveka Bulldogs and avatiu eels will square off in the under-16 and

reserve grade at the titikaveka ield. Remaining grade clashes between the two clubs will be staged on Saturday with the premier grade match the main game of the week. Other match ups this weekend sees the takuvaine Warriors host the Ngatangiia Sea eagles while the Bears age grade and reserve team will play their counterparts from the tupapa Panthers club. - MW Friday 28 Arorangi Bears vs Aitutaki Sharks at Arorangi Field – 4.30pm

Premier, Ref-Nga takaiti, touch Judges-Sean Willis/tuaiti Ngaputa, Sub Oficials-Simiona Teiotu/Dawn Crummer.

Friday 28 Titikaveka Bulldogs vs Avatiu Nikao Eels at Titikaveka Field – 4.10pm Under 16, Reftutai taurarii, touch Judges-Poto Ngaroi/Tavake Manuel, 5.10pm Snr Reserve, Refs-Pious Mitchell, touch

Judges-Poto Ngaroi/tavake Manuel.

Saturday 1 Takuvaine Warriors vs Ngatangiia Sea Eagles Takuvaine Field – 3pm Snr Reserve, Ref-tutai taurarii, touch Judges-Poto Ngaroi/ Simiona teiotu, 4.30pm Premier, Ref-tangi taomia, touch JudgesPoto Ngaroi/tutai taurarii (Sub Oficial-Simiona Teiotu).

Saturday 1 Titikaveka Bulldogs vs Avatiu Nikao Eels at Titikaveka Field – 2pm Under 14, Ref-Jeffery Murray, touch Judges-taua Benioni/Club Official, 2.55pm Under 19, Ref-Bishop Bishop, touch Judges-taua Benioni/Jeffery Murray, 4.30pm Premier, Ref-tua Ngaputa, touch Judges-Sean Willis/Bishop Bishop, (Sub Oficial-Taua Benioni).

Saturday 1 Arorangi Bears vs Tupapa Panthers at Arorangi Field – 2pm Under 16, Ref-tavake Manuel, touch Judges-dawn Crummer / Club Oficial, 2.55pm Under 19, RefNga takaiti, touch Judges-dawn Crumer / tavake Manuel, 4.30pm Reserve, Ref-Pious Mitchell, touch Judges-Nga takaiti / tavake Manuel.

Rugby sevens academy players seVen Cook islands rugby sevens players are currently hard at training at the irB oceania sevens academy in Canberra, australia. aitutaki lads hugh henry and Teu Paerau are also part of the high performance team receiving expert training from a number of specialist coaches, strength and conditioning trainers and nutritionists available to pass on their knowledge to the local players and also members of the american samoan sevens team who will also attend the week-long camp. The seven players who are attending the academy from the Cook islands high performance programme and who are also in the Cooks sevens squad for 2014 are Teu Paerau (aitutaki), hugh henry (aitutaki), matthew henry (Christchurch), simon marcel (auckland), Gregory mullany (Brisbane), James iopu (Brisbane) and Josh Petero (sydney). Cook islands sevens and 15s team manger Cam Kilgour will also attend the high performance academy and has provided proiles on each player. The Cooks rugby sevens team will attend the irB sevens in hong Kong from march 28 to 30 and also the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, scotland from July 26. How did you feel when selected for the IRB Sevens academy? excited, privileged, and nervous. It’s a huge opportunity to improve as a rugby player. What do you want to get out of this academy? My main focus is improving my personal game, having these coaches and experts around who can critique my weaknesses and give me the right information to get better. What does it mean to you to be called a Cook Islander? It means family, it reminds me of my heritage. and to be honest it sounds pretty exotic when you are chatting to people who have never heard of it. What is it like/ What do you think it is like: representing your country? It is an amazing honour. every time the jersey comes over the head you take the weight of the How did you feel when selected for the IRB Sevens academy? I was overwhelmed with excitement and also so grateful for the opportunity. What do you want to get out of this academy? to learn and gain as much knowledge as I possibly can to better myself in the game of sevens. What does it mean to you to be called a Cook Islander? It is a huge honour, to only really find out about the side last year and now representing them is an awesome feeling. What is it like/ what do you think it is like: representing your country? Once again it is a huge honour, this is also new to me so I haven’t really taken it all in. I’m just hoping for the year to go well for me and the Cook Islands side. 2014 rugby goals? to make all sevens tournament sides for the Cook Islands and to play in the Rugby World Cup Qualifying match against Fiji. Favourite movie? anchor Man Favourite song? Biggie Smalls Big Poppa If I was not a rugby player I would be? a

name: matt henry nickname: rewa age: 19 home island: rarotonga

nation and you know you need to perform. 2014 rugby goals? My goals for this year are to improve on my own skills and game play. I am obviously very keen to be a part of all the sevens campaigns and to play at the Commonwealth Games would be an ultimate highlight for me. Beyond the Cooks I would like to push for rep honours in Canterbury. and beyond rugby I am looking forward to inishing school and working with sport. Favourite movie? the Warrior. Favourite song? Champagne Supernova - Oasis If I was not a rugby player I would be? Working in sports or player management. taking over Cam’s job.

name: simon Timothy marcel nickname: simo age: 23 home island: rarotonga builder

Masters head to Victoria Park MaSteRS rugby league players

took the spotlight at Nukupure Park last Friday as the curtain raisers for the main game between the Sharks and Sea eagles. the Sea eagles masters were in ine form as they scored three quick tries before “the visitors” started to peg back the scoreline. the masters entertained the large crowd who gathered to

watch the main game between the Sharks and Sea eagles premiers. Opposing gold short players amoa amoa and Iona taiki just about negated each other in both attack and defence. Charlie Hosking’s “up-theguts” runs created open spaces for speedsters Poaru and Gene Hunter to bust gaps and just about score at will.

For the visitors, Matangi tapoki and eddie Clark were effective in punching holes in the mid-ield. Hori Miller’s elusive running that frustrated the visitors all day, earned him the “Man of the Match” award. this Friday, the masters will play at Victoria Park kicking off at 4.15 pm. - Slow and Steady

Thursday 27 February  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Thursday, February 27, 2014

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