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$2 Thursday, February 13, 2014

Opportunities at home key theme


opportunities at home were the recurring theme shared by seven young women who have and are using their island paradise as a launch pad for their careers. Photographer and businesswoman Brie Zeeman (nee Mangakahia), journalist/writer rachel reeves, online businesswoman Luana Bosanqet-heays, law and commerce student Jana Epati, 21.3 Vaiana Bar and Bistro owner Vaiana dance, Kitesup owner Bryn Acheson and senior isheries oicer Georgia Langdon shared glimpses into their career and life journey in front of a gathering of local women. Each speaker condensed a lifetime into seven minutes as part of the Cook islands Business and Professional Women’s association’s 7x7 series. Also at the event, BPW president Glenda Tuaine announced a commitment by the association to help and support local businesswomen by way of sponsoring accounting packs. Cook islands women wanting to be part of the BPW association or to take advantage of the new initiative to support local businesswomen are encouraged to contact Tuaine on Glenda@ or any other member of the association. Meet the new sales and Marketing Manager at the Cook islands news – susan Tealby. 14021208

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Beer woos Greys with tax plans Th e Democ raTic ParTy

hopeful in the upcoming byelection in murienua slammed the government in a number of key policy areas during a general meeting organised by pensioner activist group Grey Power yesterday. James Beer, the Demo candidate for the February 19 vote, heavily criticised the Government’s efforts to tax pensioners collecting the New Zealand super, while outlining his party’s eight-point tax policy - a major component of his current campaign. Beer said the Demo policy is that there will be no back tax on the NZ-paid pensions, and took the Government to task for the bank account raids on six members of Grey Power late last year. “Get a high court order and do your job properly,” said Beer, pointing out that under his party’s policy, government will be required to seek approval from the courts before withdrawing

money from bank accounts. The demo tax policy also covers a range of other initiatives from including tax relief for the Pa enua to refusing to support the recent increase in valueadded tax from 12 to 15 per cent. “We’ll create more opportunity for people to come back and invest in the country,” he said. “These tax policies are about encouraging growth,” he said. apart from tax issues, Beer said the economy has become too focused on tourism and policymakers have neglected the country’s history as an “agriculture powerhouse”. “Tourism has become too important. if it fails, we fail,” he said, adding the economy needs to be diversiied. “it’s all about taxing, it’s all about bleeding people,” said Beer. “it’s time for this country to wake up and realise just how bad the situation is.” “They enjoy the good life, the lights, the per diems,” said Beer.

At yesterday’s Grey Power general meeting, Demo candidate James Beer donated $50 to the pensioner activist group. 14021207 “What we’re saying is bring your costs down.” Both Beer and cook islands Party candidate Kaota Tuariki were invited to address members of Grey Power at the meeting, however Tuariki cancelled after his committee made the

decision to bar the candidate from attending, saying tax issues are addressed by the Government and not relevant to murienua. also at the meeting, Beer donated a $50 note to Grey Power. - ES


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Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no Teia Nei ao Rare cars go underground A sinkhole has swallowed eight rare automobiles at a sports car museum in the Us state of kentucky. no injuries were reported when the ground caved in at the national Corvette Museum in the city of Bowling Green in the early hours of Wednesday. Despite the hole, estimated to be 12 metres wide and nine metres deep, parts of the museum remain open, said a spokeswoman. Bowling Green is the only place where automobilemaker General Motors builds the Corvette sports car.

‘An unparalleled crisis’ Uk hit by hurricane-force winds, loods, thousands without power LoNDoN – Winds gusting over 160kph are lashing parts of the UK in what the assistant chief of the defence staff describes an “almost unparalleled natural crisis”. It comes after the Met Ofice issues its irst “red warning” of the winter, meaning there is a “risk to life”, with widespread damage expected. Power to thousands of homes has been cut off and transport has been disrupted by the hur-

world BrieFS SOCHI CRITIC SENTENCED TO PRISON RUSSIA – A leading Russian activist who campaigned against environmental damage caused by preparations for the Winter Olympics in Sochi has been sentenced to three years in a penal colony. Rights groups blasted the decision against Yevgeny Vitishko, a geologist and activist with Environmental Watch on the North caucasus, who has been a vehement critic of the damage to the environment from the construction of venues for the Sochi Games. The Olympics is the biggest event in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union but it has been marred by concerns over massive building projects in pristine wooded and mountain areas. Vitishko was convicted in 2012 of damaging a fence during a protest and received a suspended sentence. But a judge ruled that he had breached that sentence and ordered him to prison.

NINE KILLED IN TALIBAN ATTACK INDONESIA – Militants have killed nine men in a raid on a house of anti-Taliban activists in northwest Pakistan. The attack came as Taliban and government negotiators try to start meaningful talks to end a seven-year Islamist insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives. A government negotiator told AFP the Taliban had agreed to enter direct dialogue without intermediaries if their safety could be guaranteed. Around two dozen ighters were involved Wednesday’s attack in Mashukhel neighbourhood of Peshawar, close to the lawless Khyber tribal district, where Taliban and Islamist groups are active. Taliban and other militant groups have been targeting locals who support the security forces or have formed vigilante groups against them.

ACTION WANTED ON CyBERBuLLyINg ITALY – MPs in Italy have called for action against cyberbullying after a girl of 14, subjected to online abuse, killed herself in a north-eastern town. calling herself Amnesia, she had gone on a social network site seeking sympathy after breaking up with a boyfriend, Italian media report. “Kill yourself”, “Nobody wants you” and “You are not normal” were some of the anonymous replies she received. She jumped to her death from a high-rise building on Sunday. It is still unclear which factors chiely drove her to take her life. Prosecutors in Padua have opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death. There have been calls in Italy to shut down the site, which was sharply criticised for its policy of allowing users to post comment anonymously after previous bullying-related deaths in the UK and US.

ricane-force winds. Sixteen severe lood warnings remain for Berkshire, Surrey and Somerset. about 1000 homes on the river Thames have been evacuated and thousands more people are at risk from looding. rail passengers to the west of London have also faced major disruption. assistant chief of the defence staff, major General Patrick Sanders, who is coordinating the armed forces response, described the loods as an “almost unparalleled natural crisis”. in the commons, Prime minister David cameron repeated his pledge that “money is no object in this relief effort”. he unveiled a package of measures to help businesses and homeowners repairing flooddamaged property to build in new defences and said small businesses affected by looding would get 100 per cent relief from business rates. more than 50,000 homes in Wales are without power as a result of the strong winds and military help has been offered to First minister carwyn Jones. in the republic of ireland, more than a quarter of a million homes are without power. counties cork and Kerry have been worst affected by the high winds. elsewhere in the UK, 8100 homes are without power in south-west england and 10,000 in the West midlands are also cut off. BBc forecaster Darren Bett says red weather warnings were very rare. “you usually get one or two per year. it’s the highest level of alert – it’s very serious, it’s life threatening and it means people should take action now. it does not get any worse than that.” West Wales and north-west england are the areas most likely to get hit by high-speed winds. - BBC

Evacuees are towed by boat along a looded street in Egham near the River Thames. Driven by the wettest winter in England since 1766, loodwaters are creeping eastwards towards London. AFP

‘Catastrophic’ ice storm aTLaNTa – a “catastrophic” ice storm wreaking havoc in the american South is now poised to pummel the eastern seaboard, say forecasters. Nearly 100,000 people are without power in Georgia, Texas and North and South Carolina and 2600 lights have been cancelled due to ice and

strong winds. Nearly empty roadways were reported as many heeded warnings to stay indoors. North carolina and Virginia are bracing for up to 30cm of snow as the storm rolls north. The storm is predicted to drop up to 20cm of snow in Washington Dc and up to 25cm

in New york overnight. at least five traffic accident deaths were blamed on ice in Texas and mississippi. The National Weather Service said it was an event of “historical proportions”, drawing comparisons with similar weather systems that struck the atlanta area in 2000 and 1973. - BBC

Ethnic cleansing unchecked BaNGUi – international peacekeepers have failed to prevent the ethnic cleansing of muslims in the central african republic, a human rights group says. militia attacks have led to a “muslim exodus of historic proportions”, according to a report by amnesty international. aid groups have warned of a food crisis, as many of the shops and wholesalers were run by muslims. The UN’s World Food Programme has started a month-

long aid airlift. The roads are too dangerous to transport food without a military escort, WFP spokesman alexis masciarelli told the BBc. This is why the UN agency is taking the more expensive option of flying food in from neighbouring cameroon. The first flight carrying 82 tonnes of rice arrived on Wednesday, with a further 1800 tonnes of cereal to follow in the coming weeks. This is enough to feed

150,000 people but he said it was not enough as 1.25 million need food aid in the country. according to the UN, 90 per cent of the population are eating just one meal a day. Prices are said to have shot up after many Muslim traders led the capital Bangui. masciarelli said some of the food would be distributed immediately at a camp at Bangui airport, to which some 100,000 people have led. - BBC

DARK NET WEBSITE CLOSED DOWN HOLLAND – Dutch and German police have arrested ive people and shut down a “dark net” website as part of an investigation into online criminal marketplaces. Utopia had been used to trade drugs, stolen credit cards and weapons among other illegal goods, the Dutch public prosecution service said. The site’s pages had been hidden to the public unless they accessed Tor – an otherwise invisible layer of the net. The announcement follows the FBI’s seizure of Silk Road – another dark net marketplace – in October. The police coniscated weapons and drugs as part of their operations.

SExy NAmE CHANgE mAKES LIfE COmPLETE USA – Forget about being too sexy for your shirt, what if you felt you were too sexy for your name? After having to struggle her entire life with the questionably unsexy namesake of Shelia Ranea crabtree – a US woman has today won the legal right to change her irst name to ‘Sexy’. In her application, the 41 year-old Ohio woman explained her reasons behind her quest: “I’m a free-spirited person. I like to have a lot of fun and just enjoy my life.” crabtree told the New York Daily News that she was nervous on her way to the courthouse because she heard judges are not required to grant name-changes. But crabtree was in luck because the judge had no problem giving Sexy the green-light. Sexy crabtree said that her life is now complete.

Today’s Daily Bread i said, “oh, that i had the wings of a dove! I would ly away and be at rest.”

read: read: PsalmMatthew 55:4-22 7:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 6

A resident and his dog have their evacuation plan tied up to their front door as loodwaters continue to rise in the aluent town of Egham seriously afected by the rain-swollen River Thames in the south-east of England. AFP


Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

Russia wins gold



fREE sTAndIng mIRRoRs fRom $22.00

sToRAgE BIns E1200 $66.00

WAsTE BIns $7.50

PoT PLAnT sTAnd $130.00

sun LoungER $35.00

LAundRy BAsKETs fRom $13.50

hEAVy duTy TARPAuLIn fRom $50.40

CushIons fRom $11.00EACh

mELAmInE BoWLs WITh LId fRom $4.50

mELAmInE PLATEs AssoRTEd fRom $1.60

mELAmInE fIsh PLATTERs $3.40

mELAmInE TRAys $8.90

ALumInIum foIL TRAys, AssoRTEd sIzEs fRom $0.30

BAg TIERs $2.00

RoPEs AssoRTEd sIzEs fRom $45.00

dInIng ChAIRs $58.00

PAPER CoffEE CuPs AssoRTEd sIzEs

gAzEBo 3x3 – 3x6 fRom $350.00

russia’s Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov during their gold medal winning performance in the Figure skating Pairs short Programme at the iceberg skating Palace at the 2014 sochi Winter olympics. AFP

Corby ponders media offer SemiNyaK – Schapelle corby

could be able to criticise indonesian institutions and insist on her innocence in a potential interview about her nine year prison ordeal, but authorities back home will try to prevent her proiting from any TV deal. corrections authorities paid corby a surprise visit on Wednesday to check she was still staying at the luxury Bali villa where she’s been in hiding since her release from Kerobokan jail on monday. They found a tired corby still there, resting in ive-star comfort as she considers whether to give her first exclusive interview to the Seven Network, whose staff are staying at the same resort. While Queensland Premier campbell Newman is hoping the state’s laws can stop the drug smuggler proiting from an interview, Bali’s parole boss says she needs to be cautious. head of the Bali parole board, Ketut artha, has hinted in the media that corby will have to be careful about what she says in case it proves “fatal” to her parole. any breach of her parole

would put her back in Kerobokan. But Sunar agus, head of corrections in Bali’s law and human rights ofice, says it is “her right” to be interviewed and said it wouldn’t be a problem if she used the interview to criticise indonesia’s institutions. “if it’s criticising, i don’t think so,” he told aaP. “What’s forbidden is doing bad things that would lead to a law violation.” he said it would also not be a breach of her parole if she continued to insist she was not guilty of importing 4.2kg of marijuana in 2004. Premier Newman is looking into whether proceeds of crime laws can stop the former Gold coast resident’s big pay day. “i am deeply concerned, in fact i am dismayed, that a convicted drug criminal has beneited, it appears, from her criminal activity,” Newman told reporters in Brisbane on Wednesday. “i just think we need to recognise there was a trial in indonesia, she was appropriately convicted, she went to jail and now it appears she’s beneiting

from this act and i don’t think it’s very satisfactory.” he’s backed up by federal law, under which corby would have to pay back any money earned from a media interview about her nine years in jail. corby’s counsellor while she’s on parole, Ni Luh Putu andiyani, was among the oficials who visited her at the Sentosa spa in Seminyak on Wednesday and said her new charge was tired. “The intention was to make sure that she’s still there, staying in that villa,” she said. “When we came, corby was still asleep and then she woke up. She still looked tired.” meanwhile on Wednesday, the touted irst photo of Corby since her release from jail was removed from the Woman’s Day website after publisher Bauer media received a copyright infringement notice. it’s reported the magazine paid $20,000 for the low quality image of corby clinking a bottle of beer with her brother michael. corby’s sister mercedes has since denied she sought or received payment for the image. - 9NEWS


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Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te Pa eNUa

Epic journey almost over Castaway inally returns home to el salvador, too exhausted to talk SaN SaLVaDor – The castaway

from el Salvador – who says he spent more than a year adrift in the Paciic – has inally arrived home. Jose Salvador alvarenga, 37, was met by family members and

oficials after lying from the US. alvarenga landed at el Salvador’s international airport, near the capital San Salvador, at about 8pm local time on Wednesday after flying from Los angeles.

paciic BRIEFS BORDER INCIDENT BEINg INVESTIgATED PAPUA NEW GUINEA – The Papua New Guinea Defence Force says it’s still trying to ascertain details about an incident involving one of its patrol boats and ive Indonesian ishermen who went missing in PNG waters. The Indonesian navy has intensiied sea patrols of Merauke, near the PNG border, after ten ishermen were reportedly intercepted by a PNG Defence Force vessel for breaching border rules. Media reports in Indonesia say PNG defence force personnel brought the ishermen on board their vessel before setting the boat on ire. Police in Papua province claim that the ishermen were then told to jump into the sea, ive kilometres from the coast, but ive of them were unable to reach the shore. A spokesman for the PNG Defence Force says it cannot conirm these details yet but has dispatched a team to the border area to investigate the incident.

STuDENTS TOLD HOW TO VOTE By Pm FIJI – Fiji’s prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, continues his unoicial election campaign by appealing to young people not to vote for politicians of the past. In a speech to mark the opening of a new school computer centre on the island of Kadavu, he explained his plan to stand for election at the head of a new political movement to be announced at the beginning of next month. commodore Bainimarama also appealed to the gathering to think carefully in the coming weeks and months about how they would vote. He again criticised old politicians going forward for election, saying they were bogged down in the same old politics of sowing suspicion and discord. Instead the regime leader called on young people to embrace his vision of a new and better Fiji.

ELECTION RuLES DuE By END Of mONTH FIJI – Long awaited regulations on Fiji’s election are due to be out by the end of the month. Fiji’s Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has told the Fiji media the Electoral Decree is due to be inalised by this weekend. The detail around voting has been long awaited by political parties in Fiji who have expressed concern time is running out for them to get into full gear for elections promised by the end of September. But Sayed Khaiyum says the lack of a decree does not restrict them from campaigning. He says people can expect the decree to be gazetted after the Electoral commission has had its input.

COCKTAIL PARTIES WON’T SOLVE ISSuES FIJI – Fiji’s Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, says cocktail invites from New Zealand and Australia won’t solve problems caused by unfair policies. Foreign ministers from the two countries will be in Fiji later this week as part of a Paciic Islands Forum delegation to check on progress towards democracy in Fiji, which has been suspended from the regional body since 2009. Sayed-Khaiyum says he will put a number of issues relating to unfair policies on the table when he meets the Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop. He says innocent people have been afected by travel bans still in place. Those connected to the regime have not been allowed to travel to New Zealand and Australia as part of sanctions imposed after the 2006 coup, but New Zealand has announced an easing of sanctions in the last few months as Fiji heads towards elections later this year.

‘BLEAK fuTuRE’ fOR PACIfIC yOuTH NEW ZEALAND – A New Zealand opposition MP, Su’a William Sio, says young Paciic island people have a bleak future in the country. He says a new report by the Salvation Army shows young Paciic people are lagging even further behind since the National-led government came to power in 2008. The report “Striking a Better Balance” shows Paciic unemployment was at 13.9 per cent in December last year down from 16 per cent a year earlier. But Mr Sio says it’s still much worse than in 2008 when nearly 26,000 young Paciic Islanders had jobs compared to the 21,000 in employment now.

WEEK Of mOuRNINg fOR CHuRCH LEADER FIJI – The Methodist church in Fiji is preparing for a week of ceremonies following the death of its president this week. Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu died in hospital after a short illness at the age of 66. A spokesperson for the church, the Reverend James Bhagwan, says traditional ceremonies to commemorate Reverend Tuikilakila will take place from Monday before his full funeral on Thursday. He says the church’s standing committee will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow to elect an interim president and to work out funeral details. Bhagwan says the Reverend Tuikilakila will be most remembered for his work at attempting to heal post-coup factions within the church.

on his way from the marshall islands alvarenga had long stopovers in hawai’i and Los angeles, where doctors had checked his health and ability to continue the trip. at the San Salvador airport’s ViP lounge, alvarenga was met by el Salvador’s foreign minister and other government oficials. he was brought to a news conference in a wheel chair where he faced a row of journalists and photographers. When handed a microphone, alvarenga held it in silence before putting his hands to his face and appearing to cry. Wearing a blue tee-shirt and khaki trousers he tried to say a few words but he couldn’t speak. “I can’t ind any words to say,” he said. “We ask for your understanding. he’s had a very exhausting trip,” el Salvador’s foreign minister, Jaime miranda, said. “We ask for your empathy.” he left the airport and was taken by ambulance to the National hospital, where he was greeted by a daughter who didn’t remember him and a mother who had thought he was long dead because he left el Salvador years ago. alvarenga was last reported undergoing further medical checks before he would be free to return to his family’s coastal fishing village of Garita Palmeira. residents of Garita Palmera have been preparing for alvarenga’s homecoming by reciting prayers, playing electric guitars and preparing pupusas, a typical regional dish. his parents have already been reunited with their son at the hospital in San Salvador where he could stay up to 48 hours before travelling on to his home village, the BBc reports. in Garita Palmera his relatives

at a news conference at the san salvador airport castaway Jose alvarenga was unable to talk and was taken to hospital for more checks before being free to return to his home town. AFP and neighbours were glued to the television set in his parent’s humble family home to watch as his arrival was broadcast live from the airport. “a handwritten ‘Welcome home’ sign and a throng of waiting journalists make it easy to spot the alvarenga family home on its dusty street,” BBc correspondent Lorena arroyo reported. “alvarenga’s story is big news in el Salvador. Local journalists say they welcome it as a rare piece of positive news to come out of their country, which more often hits the headlines for gang warfare and its high murder rate.” “We are happy he is coming back after so much time,” his cousin marisol alvarenga was quoted as saying by the aFP news agency. “he could have died. But thanks to God my cousin is a warrior, because i don’t know what would have happened to another person,” she added. his father, Jose ricardo orel-

lana, 65, who owns a store and lour mill in the seaside town, said his son irst went to sea at age 14. “The sea was his thing,” orellana said. his mother, maria Julia alvarenga, 59, said her son always had unusual strength and resilience. his 14-year-old daughter, Fatima, has made an archway of palms for the front door of the family home and a handwritten sign which reads: “Welcome home.” She can’t remember ever seeing her father, who left el Salvador to ish in Mexico when she was just over a year old. Dozens of international journalists are camped outside the family’s green, brick complex with a ceramic floor about 10 blocks from the sea in an otherwise poor ishing village. more are waiting at the local airport along with relatives and friends. “i haven’t seen him for eight years. We’re friends, we ished together,” said hector antonio

Zuniga at the airport. alvarenga’s incredible tale of drifting across 10,500 kilometres of open ocean – eating raw ish, turtles and drinking bird blood to survive – initially left many sceptical. But experts say it would be humanly possible for him to survive. over several days, details emerged that seemed to corroborate the horrible journey. alvarenga said he worked in a fishing village on the Pacific coast of mexico’s southern chiapas state, where he embarked. a man with his nickname, “cirilo,” had been registered as missing with civil defence oficials there. They said a small ishing boat carrying two men, the other named ezequiel cordoba, disappeared during bad weather on November 17, 2012, and no trace of them or the craft was found during an intense two-week search. cordoba died after about a month when he couldn’t eat the raw ish and turtles, Alvarenga said. - PNC/agencies

Shark protection talks NaDi – Fisheries officials and non-goverment organisations throughout the Pacific are in Nadi, Fiji, preparing to introduce historic new measures to preserve shark numbers. Protection for a number of shark species has been promised by members of the convention on international Trade in endangered Species. more than 170 countries will begin enforcing those protections by September.

imogen Zethoven, director of global shark conservation for the Pew charitable Trusts, said overfishing remains the biggest threat to sharks, which are often caught as by-product in longline catches. “Longline operations focus mainly on tuna but due to the signiicant demand in Asia for shark in soup it is actually quiet valuable to keep sharks, particularly their ins,” she said. “Because of that value there

has been a really rapid decline in a lot of the shark species throughout the Pacific and other oceans.” In the Paciic the porbeagle, oceanic whitetip and a number of species of hammerhead sharks are listed as endangered. Zethoven hopes the conference will see participants discuss potential conservation methods to save these species and prevent others from heading toward extinction.

However, she admits inding solutions for individual countries may prove to be dificult. “It doesn’t mean ishing will stop, it just means that sharks and shark parts may not be exported,” Zethoven said. “It could have a very signiicant impact on the global shark in trade, which is the very thing is driving many shark species to the brink of extinction.” The two-day conference concludes on Wednesday. - ABC

Media urged to ask hard questions NoUmea – Media in the Paciic

islands has been challenged to be more inquisitive and to hold governments and organisations to account at this year’s Paciic media Summit in New caledonia. The challenge has been issued by the new director general of the Secretariat of the Paciic Community (SPC), Dr Colin Tukuitonga, at the opening of

the third Paciic Media Summit. Dr colin Tukuitonga, has told the oficial opening of the summit that he believes the media in the Paciic is too passive. in his keynote address, Dr Tukuitonga challenged Paciic journalists to be proactive and not simply accept the word of governments and international and regional organisations. “in general i would put it to

you that you do not ask us the hard questions and i would invite you to ask us the hard questions,” he said. roch Wamytam, the president of the congress of New caledonia, is attending the media summit, along with 150 delegates from throughout the Paciic. he said New caledonia had only one newspaper.

“This does not guarantee the independence and reliability of journalists but this is the situation in New caledonia now with the monopoly of the press,” he said. Dr Tukuitonga has also criticised international food processing companies, saying highly processed food was killing three out of four people in the Paciic. - ABC


Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

Land grab inquiry names company PorT moreSBy – a commission of inquiry in Papua New Guinea has recommended an australian-led company involved in obtaining leases over more than two million hectares of traditional land be investigated for criminal misconduct and conspiracy. in 2011 a public outcry over the rorting, mainly by logging companies, of a leasing scheme intended for small agriculture projects, prompted the PNG Government to set up the commission of inquiry. Three commissioners were set the task of investigating how 11 per cent of PNG’s land mass came to be leased, mostly for 99

years, often without permission of landowners. The largest of the land grabs involved four leases for more than two million hectares belonging to tens of thousands of people in PNG’s Western Province. it was orchestrated by a small PNG-registered, Queenslandled company called independent Timbers and Stevedoring Limited (IT&S). The commission report, which has just become public, found IT&S “manipulated” the supposedly independent lease approval process to obtain control over four Special agricultural and Business

Leases, or SaBLs. commissioner Nicholas mirou found documents prepared by the company were “deceptive and clearly fraudulent” and recommended that further investigation be undertaken to establish if “international racketeering over land acquisition has been committed”. PNG government agencies responsible for monitoring and approving the project were found to be guilty of “gross negligence”. commissioner mirou spent two weeks in Western Province listening to testimony from landowners and found the majority did not give consent

to the leases. “one of the fundamental requirements under the Lands act itself is consent. if you don’t have consent of the landowners, obviously, it is the prerequisite for an SaBL lease to be granted,” he said. he was particularly touched by a pastor’s wife, Waeya Bugaebo, who crossed mountains and swamps on foot to give her testimony. “She walked, actually walked eight days to come to Kiunga to give her evidence, and she cried, and said, ‘look nobody told me, my people about the lease. We had no idea about this SaBL process. Now our land is with

the company,’” commissioner mirou recounted. The commission of inquiry has recommended the four leases be revoked. The IT&S project began life as a plan to build a road 600 kilometres from the Western Province town of Kiunga to the PNG capital, Port moresby, and to pay for it by harvesting logs along a 40-metre road corridor. Landowners were keen for the opportunities road access would bring and happy to lease a narrow passage through the forest. But the commission found that by the time all the paperwork was finished, Lands Department officials and execu-

tives of landowner companies had unwittingly signed approval for the leasing of more than two million hectares. The four leases obtained for the IT&S project were also found to have failed to provide reasonable access for hunting, fishing, gardening and other necessities of life. commissioner mirou says many communities did not discover their land had been leased, until he took his hearings to Kiunga. If it goes ahead the IT&S project, by the company’s own admission, will be the biggest logging project PNG has ever seen. - ABC

Land dispute sees villages destroyed PorT ViLa – around 500 people including women and children have been evacuated from villages and stations around malua Bay area on malekula, Vanuatu, after their homes were burned down following a land dispute. reports from North West malekula claim that over 60 houses have been burned and whole villages destroyed since January this year. So far police have yet to comment on the situation but reliable sources said there is lack of law enforcement in the area primarily due to poor road conditions sealing off the area from the Lakatoro Police Station.

as many as 60 houses were burned to the ground by men allegedly armed with guns and knives. The men allegedly travelled to the area from malo where they currently reside. a case concerning ownership of the land in dispute is understood to be pending before the court. “a report was made to the police right after the shooting and damage to property, however, the police did not come to the site to investigate and did not make proper reports for necessary action to be taken,” stated a concerned resident of the affected area.

“on January 27, the same group, now comprised of 12 men, arrived again fully armed with knives and guns and set ire to houses in three villages, namely malua Bay main station, malua Bay Naraside river and alpalack Village.” There are alleged instances of shooting by both parties with no information of casualties. Tension in the area is still believed to be very high with the security and safety of the people in the areas being a major concern. “Victims led and have been living in the bush with no proper shelter, bedding, clothes,

Judicial funding to stay WeLLiNGToN – New Zealand has announced it will not withdraw its funding of Nauru’s judicial system, despite the island government sacking its only magistrate and cancelling the visa of the chief justice. Nauru’s only magistrate, Peter Law, was deported from the country last month and its chief justice, Geoffrey eames, has had his visa cancelled. Nauru’s Justice minister David adeang and home affairs minister charmaine Scotty have been in Wellington, after New Zealand’s Foreign minister murray mccully issued a “please explain” letter over Nauru’s judicial crisis. mccully had threatened to suspend the $US600,000 a year

which keeps Nauru’s judicial system running, but after the meeting he said the funding would continue. “i was influenced significantly by the fact that if New Zealand was to withdraw, we would be handing to australia the entire task of providing development support for Nauru – which i don’t think is a good outcome.” he says the australian government did not pressure him to maintain Nauru’s funding. The Nauruan government has faced accusations of a political motive behind the moves, but has rejected that as an “attack on Nauru’s sovereignty”. mccully says that while he does not condone the actions of

the Nauruan government, he wants to work towards a solution, not “rake over the past”. he says Nauru’s ministers gave him assurances about the integrity and transparency of future judicial appointments and processes, and New Zealand maintains the right to suspend funding should this not happen. mccully also raised concerns over media scrutiny in Nauru, after it last month hiked journalists’ visas from a$200 to $8000 dollars. he says the Nauruan government needs to consider the role of transparency in rebuilding conidence. - ABC

cooking utensils, access to communication or transport,” the resident said. “The police authorities have been informed of the situation

minister has defended moves by the government to raise a visa fee for visiting journalists. Last month Nauru hiked the journalist visa application fee from $a200 to $8000. The minister, charmaine Scotty admits the move is a response to the signiicant damage that foreign media person-

nel inflict on Nauru through their negative coverage of the island’s role as a venue processing asylum seekers on australia’s behalf. The minister says journalists seem to have made up their minds in advance of arriving to vilify Nauru. “With all the bad press that they come and do, we have extra

hard problems in regards to the local community and the visitors that are called transferees. “We have community programmes for them, community outreach programmes which are being severely held back through the really bad press, the people in Nauru are getting really afraid of these people.” - RNZI

News from the Paciic region ‘We’ve got the Paciic covered’

and still waiting for a response team to stabilize the situation and maintain law and order as soon as possible.” - Vanuatu Daily Post

Clearances remain for local leet PaGo PaGo – The american

Samoa governor, Lolo matalasi moliga, has decided not to waive required clearance for the locally-based Tautai longline ishing leet ishing in the territory’s exclusive economic zone. all fishing vessels arriving

into american Samoa are subject to immigration, customs, health, public safety and agriculture clearances. Lolo says the longline fleets had asked the local government to eliminate certain clearances because Tautai ish within the

territory’s exclusive economic zone and never leave american Samoa or US waters. he says the government cannot grant this request because some local vessels ish in waters that are over 80 kilometres away from the territory. - RNZI

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K:\Raromart\Raromart flooring\2014\feb\looring feb fRom fRom 13 full colour.indd

$230.00 ComPuTER dEsKs

Admits fees to deter media yareN – Nauru’s home affairs

and to date there is still no response. “on behalf of the homeless victims of the area, we are calling on the authorities concerned


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Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

Please take care Dear editor, Kia orana tatou katoatoa The loss of our son caleb iete Samatua, a boy, like many youths, yet to experience the challenges and joy as you mature through life’s stages – as casualty parents we reach out from our humble unhappiness to remind all our youth that iete died young. What or why it happened took a brief moment — perhaps a thoughtless

moment or, for a better word, a stupid moment without concern for his safety or our road hazards that ended iete being separated from his family, his friends and his potential future… young people please take care, the future is yours; we your parents, your family and your friends – we love you. Psalm 121: 1, 2 Praise God. robert and Sheryl Samatua

Stay out of our campaign Dear editor, We the committee of murienua ciP would like to conirm to everyone that the invitation extended to our candidate to attend the Grey Power meeting was to be agreed upon with the approval of the murienua ci P executive committee. We confirm therefore that this was not approved nor did we entertain the idea to voice our interest about the issues of Grey Power today. To our surprise, Grey Power pub-

lished our candidates name on TV without our consent or approval. our campaign is about our people for murienua, and therefore we remain focused on issues that matters most to our people and not the Grey Power political agenda. So to the Greys, ring the right people, and get the consents from the right people first before anything else, and stay out of our campaign. murienua ciP executives

Unhappy with his treatment Dear editor, i am writing to you of my concern about our hospital doctors (imported foreign doctors) practicing here in rarotonga. i am writing this letter in regards to what i have gone through my treatment for pneumonia from December 23, 2013 to January 23, 2014. i started off seeking medical treatment for coughing and tightness of my chest and was given Panadol, aspirin and put on to Ventolin for asthma. i was not getting better and kept telling each doctor that consulted me with a total of six doctors that i believed that i have pneumonia. my lungs were bloating when i cough and really painful

Ground rules for letters WiTh a new editor in place, it is appropriate to outline the letters to the editor policy that now applies at the cook island News. Letters are considered one of the most important parts of the paper because this is the forum where the community has a chance to have its say on matters important to them; and so keep them coming! all letters to the editor received will generally be published provided they are not defamatory or are covering exactly the same ground by the same writer. it is at the editor’s discretion when letters are published. Normally we will try and pub-

lish them as soon as possible after receipt, but there are no guarantees that they will appear the next day. Please do not ring the ofice asking for confirmation or otherwise when a letter will be published. Ofice staff do not know and the editor may similarly not know until page layout time late in the day, when the available space is known. at that time the editor is very busy and does not have time to take phone calls. While some recent letters have been allowed to exceed the 300 word limit, this will now be the exception rather than the rule. any letters re-

ceived longer than 300 words will generally be rejected. it is not the role of the editorial staff to make them it this limit and no other justiication will be given for their rejection. additionally, any letter making a personal attack on any individual will be edited, if possible, to focus on the issue rather than the individual but, if this is not possible, then the letter will be rejected. The letter writer will generally not be advised before the letter is published or not. Non du plumes will continue to be acceptable, but the name, address and contact details must be provided to the editor.

in my chest, my upper back close to my shoulder blade was like pushing out every time i cough. i was going up the hospital like every second night hoping to get an injection or kept up the hospital for observation as i was telling different doctors of the problems that i was experiencing like almost fainting after coughing, seeing stars after coughing, fighting for my breath after coughing, bloating of my stomach, arms, legs and i think after New year, i was rushed into the X-ray room and the results shows that I have luids surrounding heavily around my right lung and starting to move to the left. i was kept in hospital overnight and given iV luid through my left arm from that Sunday until monday late afternoon. The doctor who was in charge because Doctor aung was on holiday took me off iV fluids that monday afternoon and prescribed pills. honestly i was feeling much better when i was on the iV fluids and, because i was taken off it, during the following day, the nurse ask me how am i? i replied that i’m not well but am getting better. on the next day i was told that i will be discharged. The visiting doctor asked me how was i? i replied that i’m okay but not well and she told me that i had

been discharged. i went home and by Friday the same week, i was back into hospital because my body bloated from my head to toe and Doctor Philadelphia gave me injections for three days visit to hospital. i felt okay after but still not well. i have taken a total of approximate 64 amoxilin, Panadols, Nurofen, aspirins, Voltaren, heart pills and two other pills for my pneumonia/coughing. On January 26, I lew out to New Zealand to seek further treatment in auckland and took my medications with me. The doctor i consulted was shocked to ind the medication that I was taking as it was not the correct treatment for pneumonia. of all my rarotonga hospital medications, only one was given back to me and it was the amoxil pills. all others were “not doing any good” to my sickness and were making me weak and worse, “killing me”. my question that i would like to ask the health Department, ceo of the public hospital and minister of health is why is this happening? are these imported doctors (some) truly qualiied to practice in our society? Do they know the correct medications to treat our medical complaints?

The reason i continued to seek hospital treatment was because my private doctor was overseas. i still support our hospital but i would like the Government to look into the practice of our hospital of why some of our people pass away when the illness could be treated. i am pretty sure that there are lots of people out there whom have lost family members of a simple sickness and wanting to know why, what did happen? i decided to write something because i have gone through the experience of keeping myself “alive”. it only took me 72 hours in auckland to be well again after taking only two medications to treat the virus. at the moment, i am taking “Vairakau maori” to heal the damages done to my body as advised and supported by the specialist in NZ. mr editor, as i said, i still support our hospital and there are lots of good staff in their own professions in our hospital who do a good job in helping our people. There are some about whom i have doubts about and no confidence at all but i am writing this out to raise concern to these professions and awareness to our local people and visitors. meitaki maata Joe (Name and address supplied)

Time to do something about overstayers Dear editor, There are too many over stayers on our island. Some of them are working; some of them are playing rugby league; some of them are enjoying their stay on the island without fear and thinking that they are free; some of the over stayers are being helped by the immigration Department. Some of them are being helped by the private business people; some of them are being helped by our own people and so on, and so on. and what’s happening with these people working with their visas expired? The same people working for

another person? Please, immigration Department, explain to the people of the cook islands about working visas. are they allowed to continue working if their visa expires? are they allowed to work for another person if their visa is expired? Who gave them the right to do this? is there any law about over stayers working without a visa in the cook islands come on immigration Department, do your work. We need answers for the people of the cook islands. Jimmy Temu marsters

What will rADiO be talking about today?

Our stories. First with the news.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

Family law bill on parliament’s list PreceDeNT-SeTTiNG legisla-

tion that can provide better protection for families in domestic violence situations is hoped to be tabled for the mid-year parliament sitting this year. a draft Family Law Bill was the subject of fervent discussion on the second day of the Family Violence and youth Justice workshop on Tuesday. in a presentation to key stakeholders attending the workshop crown Law counsel catherine evans said the bill, monitored

by ministry of internal affairs and crown Law, is intended to be tabled in June. “it needs a little tidying up, but we are working towards that goal,” she said. her presentation focused on part seven of the bill, which looks to reduce and prevent domestic violence. Sections of that part each deal with ensuring the safety of people in domestic violence situations, authorising high ranking police to make police safety orders

and ensuring the enforcement of those orders, and recognising that domestic violence in all its forms is unacceptable. To help with this, evans said deinitions were incorporated into the bill that widen the scope for what will be considered domestic violence and a domestic relationship. emotional, economical, psychological and verbal abuse, amongst others, will be included, while the deinition of a domestic relationship will range from mar-

ried and de facto couples to domestic workers and latmates. “There will be many of us here who know we were hit, our parents fought with each other and we hit our children, what’s really important is that we understand that it’s not acceptable,” she said. “That’s the environment that some of our people have grown up in... those are the things we want to change for the future.” - Merita Wi-Kaitaia

Crown Law counsel Catherine Evans giving a presentation on a section of the proposed Family Law Bill that deals with domestic violence. 14021126

New police obligations to come with bill cUrreNT police practice in

domestic violence investigation will have to change when a new draft Family Law Bill is passed by parliament. The new legislation contains provisions that will give the police power to order an offender to leave their home or the home of the victim for a maximum period of five days, providing

a “cooling down” period. another provision will also make it easier for victims of domestic violence to apply for a protection order through the courts in emergencies. Discussions on current police work and proposed action police can take when dealing with domestic violence cases were held on Tuesday at the Fam-

ily Violence and youth Justice workshop. according to proposed provisions, orders police can make against offenders, called Police Safety orders, must be issued within two hours by a commissioned police officer. a maximum timeframe of ive days allows for the victim to apply for a protection order or ind safety.

Using a police information management system called Seamless, there will be a new obligation on the police to make sure that protection orders and police safety orders are issued quickly and will appear on a person's record, ensuring that if a breach is made or another domestic violence situation arises at the same residence, the police

will be well informed. “it will ensure the police have all the information at hand when they go to deal with a domestic violence situation,” said Paciic Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme (PPDVP) programme manager cam ronald in his presentation about the provision. issues such as the practical-

ity of the two hour time limit of police orders and its application to the Pa enua, where there are no high ranking police oficers, were raised. The time limits may ensure court and police eficiency, according to ronald. “it puts a lot of emphasis then to keep the wheels moving along,” he said. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia

How to keep food on local ishers’ dinner plates to dig up and throw away white plastic pipes and replace them with black plastic pipes of the same diameter? in regards the asbestos pipes that now serve as main lines, do those pipes have a life-span of 100 years and are you about to dig those up and replace them with plastic pipes of the same size?” “iS There a Nobel Prize for economic genius?” asks a smoke signaller. “Ben Ponia gets my vote. Faced with our local ishermen not being able to compete against millions of dollars of chinese fuel subsidies, our secretary of the ministry of marine resources says the solution is for the cook islands government to subsidise fuel for our artisanal ishers [see last Friday’s ‘Tuna report slams China’]. The man has got some steel balls, and we need to back him up. Let's give those chinese bullies a taste of their own medicine but let’s go them one better. Let's not just pay for reuben Tylor's $50 worth of petrol each time he motors out to catch dinner, let’s give him and every local isherman an extra $50 for each time they go out to feed the family. Then, when they don't catch anything because the chinese already got it all, our local men can buy some frozen ish from the Chinese so they don't go home empty handed and look all wimpy in front of the wife. Ben, you've done it again, when the chinese see that we can match them dollar for dollar you'll have them by the short and curlies at last.”

‘HO-Hum’ HuNDy “WaKe UP caLL!” a smoke signaller shouts. “Tourists at a muri accommodation reported to police that someone had slipped into their room while they sat on the veranda, took a purse, kept the $100 cash and tossed the purse under the unit. The police reply? ‘it's only $100, what do you want us to do about it?’ Suggesting that these thefts are now so common that it’s all ‘ho-hum’. Politicians are all asleep. asleep in irst class airline seats, lounges and hotels around the world.”

HANDLE THE JANDAL “eVeryoNe complains when the police do nothing about the trafic and then when they do, people complain they are not wearing the right clothes,” texts a smoke signaller to 188 in response to a recent smokie that criticised the safety gear worn by an oficer directing trafic. “Poor coppers, they are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. By the way, here in the islands jandals are considered ‘all purpose shoes’ which are good for walking, running, hiking, and working in. Go Local!”

KeeP the smokies rolling in! Smoke Signals and interesting island photos will be accepted by email (smokesignals@cookislandsnews. com), or text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22-999.

ON BAIL, AgAIN “We’Ve JUST had a tourism forum where theft against tourists was raised as a major issue impacting our reputation as a tourism destination,” a smoke signaller writes. “So i open today’s paper and i’m gobsmacked to read the article about a repeat offender being bailed. What world does this Justice of the Peace live in where he thinks it’s ok to let someone out on bail when he’s facing charges of theft and three cases of burglary, committed while he was on bail? What miracle needs to occur to stop this thief thieving our tourists, or you and me? Surely if you are on bail after being charged with burglary and you are again arrested and charged with burglary, then you should go to jail. it’s not complicated! We will be losing tourist dollars until the justice system starts working for the victims and the general, honest population.”

HOmE SOIL “aUe TaUe TaKU iTi TaNGaTa,” a smoke signaller writes in response to a recent article about a delay in repairing Pukapuka’s run down airport after leaders on the northern island asked government to pay for the soil needed for the project. “Pukapuka, please provide the soil free. it is for us to come back to our island. Please, we cannot travel on the boat, it’s too long. God bless you all.”

TELECOm DEAL a SmoKe signaller texts: "Digicel might look like the golden egg at the moment but in my opinion, just wait for the possibility of job losses, rate increases and no proits reinvested and see how you feel then, mark Brown. you thought Grey Power were angry, try the whole country once they igure it out.”

OuT Of Puff “ciTc haS cured the smoking problem on the island,” a smoke signaller quips. “They have been out of stock of Bic Lighters and matches for nearly two weeks.”



a SmoKe signaller asks: “can the big cheese of Te mato Vai please

“hoW Do you spot the Prime minister in a crowded, dimly lit room?” a smoke signaller asks. “he’ll be the only one still wearing sunglasses. Pm Puna was hiding behind his shades again at the Development

reply to these questions. in regards the 'trunk lines' that carry water from the intakes to the water lines in the main road, are you about

Partners meeting at red cross before slinking out soon after the event started. how rude!”

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Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

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Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

great food, great views & great service Bookings advised Ph 21233 Tuesday – friday & sunday 11am to 3pm

susan Tealby joins Ci news as the company’s sales and Marketing Manager. Previously, Tealby sold ads for a newspaper in Bahrain, and wrote reviews on some fancy cars she got to test drive. here she is pictured in a hot red Ferrari. 14021131

New sales mgr for Ci News The cooK iSLaNDS News wel-

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comes Susan Tealby as the newspaper’s new Sales and marketing manager. Born in the United Kingdom, Tealby is also a New Zealand citizen, not to mention a seasoned advertising professional who’s excited to be on the rock. “The combination of living and working here was a great opportunity i couldn’t resist,” she said. “i love the cook islands, and i love this job.” Tealby had previously lived in the cook islands between 2004 and 2005, and was present for the five cyclones that swept through the country during that

time period. “The irst two were scary, but the following three, i was like ‘oh well’”, she said. Surviving natural disasters is second nature to Tealby, who has also worked in christchurch where she experienced a number of earthquakes. Tealby has previously worked for Gulf Weekly, a glossy english language magazine-style newspaper in the middle east island Kingdom of Bahrain from 2009 to 2012, where she sold ads. in addition to selling ad space, she has also had a great gig where she test drove fancy cars - including a couple of rolls royces and

a maserati – and wrote reviews of her high speed adventures in the paper. Tealby now brings her worldly experience to rarotonga, where she plans to swim, walk and cycle during her spare time. as a vegetarian, she’s also looking forward to indulging in the wide variety of fruits and vegetables grown around the island. at the end of the day though, she’s grateful to be in paradise doing a job she loves. “i love going to see the clients and being out and about,” she said. “it’s a good team, and the company is very well run.”

Arorangi FAD deployed LocaL FiSherS and mariners are being advised that a shallow water ish aggregate device (FAD) has been deployed by the ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) 700 metres offshore from arorangi School. Senior fisheries officer Sonny Tatuava advises that the FaD was rigged to support coastal ishing activities taking place in the locality, such as trolling of surface pelagic species, deep bottom ishing for snapper, bait ishing for the scads ature and Koperu and night ishing to catch snaake mackerel manga. The inal site location was decided after consulting with local ishers, the Arorangi Fishing club, Ports authority and the local member of Parliament. advice for the bathymetric survey conducted by mmr staff was provided by surveyors from moiP. This is the 11th FaD deployed around rarotonga, and will provide easy access to the fishing grounds and help save on fuel costs and improve sea safety. The latitude and longitude of the FaD is 21014’.160 and 159050’.130, respectively. - MMR Release

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Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

Tuariki no-show at Grey Power meeting cooK iSLaNDS Party by-election candidate for murienua, Kaota Tuariki, was a no-show at yesterday’s Grey Power general meeting, after a late cancellation. Both candidates were invited to attend the meet, where they were asked to address members of the pensioner activist group. at the beginning of the meeting, Grey Power vice-president Dennis Tunui said both candidates had conirmed their presence. “He said he was coming,” said Tunui. James Beer – the Democratic Party candidate for the February 19 vote –was present at the meeting, and heavily criticised the government for their handling of the pension tax issue and for their economic policies.campaign manager Patrick arioka said the ciP murienua committee did not issue approval for Tuariki to attend, despite an earlier confirmation by the candidate that he would be present. he said Tuariki attempted to contact Tunui by phone to notify that he would not be attending, however the Grey Power VP could not be reached. “The Grey Power issue is being dealt with at government level, it doesn’t concern murienua,” he said, explaining the committee’s decision not to approve Tuariki’s presence. “We’re focusing on matters affecting our constituency.” - ES

Crew members Filiop Fonorito, rex ‘Pumpkin’ Collier, nasau Koli, Josua Tauyavu and captain Ken harvey prepare to sail to Pukapuka on the Tiro ii, barge in tow. 14021212

Pukapuka barge inally on way

The barge being used to transport materials and workers to the outer islands, seen docked in rarotonga’s avatiu harbour. 14021211

Ministry plans new school The miNiSTry of education is

pulling together plans for a new school for the Nikao area. The new school, announced late last year following an act of arson at avatea School, will merge apii avatea with neighbouring Nikao maori School. Ministry of Education inance

director anthony Turua said the ministry has been busy working on plans for the new school, but nothing has been inalised. “We’re trying to formalise the process – getting the right plan, the right design for the new school. “There are a number of options

– we’ve still got to bring in some experts to advise us. Turua said the ministry is also talking to New Zealand’s minister of education hekia Parata for advice – with the NZ government in the process of rebuilding christchurch after it was devastated by earthquakes. - Briar Douglas

mach i N ery to repair Pukapuka’s dilapidated airport departed on a barge yesterday afternoon. Boat Tiro ii will be taking the barge to the outer island, and captain Ken harvey said it will be the vessel’s first trip to Pukapuka. The barge returned to rarotonga on Saturday from transporting cargo to atiu, and was loaded up with heavy machinery as well as construction materials. The machinery on the barge is needed to repair the runway in Pukapuka, which has been deemed unsafe by air rarotonga. The barge, will take about ive days to reach Pukapuka, with rough seas meaning it will take longer, said harvey. The vessel will also deliver construction materials to Nassau and there are intentions to drop off fuel in Palmerston and pick up a crane

in aitutaki before returning to rarotonga. Pukapuka’s runway is 30 metres wide and 1600 metres long, with more than half currently in a state of disrepair. The runway is not sealed but has been created out of compacted coral. yitiri akama, a technician from the ministry of infrastructure and Planning, said about one foot of material will be scraped off the surface, mixed up and then compacted back onto the runway. The repair work is expected to take around a month. The runway was re-opened in late December after a member of the island’s community passed away suddenly in rarotonga. ewan Smith, general manager of air rarotonga, said previously that the pilots who lew the man’s body to Pukapuka were not happy about landing there again until more permanent repairs were made. - BD

Crusher safely disposes bulbs Toxic light bulbs will no longer be a public health hazard, thanks to a new lightbulb crusher that’s been set up at waste management’s Arorangi landill site. energy efficiency expert Terekino Vaireka was on hand yesterday to demonstrate the new piece of equipment, which safely disposes two, four, and ive foot luorescent light bulbs, as well as compact fluorescent (CFL), incandescent, and street ones. Vaireka said the crusher can safely dispose one million light bulbs. Demonstrating how it works,

he said light bulbs are fed into the machine and crushed, with glass and solid waste going into a standard 55-litre steel drum, with dangerous mercury content iltered into a small canister. “(Mercury) becomes safe, as it becomes mercury sulphide and can be disposed,” he said. The crusher was purchased using funds from the asian Development Bank’s “Promoting Energy Eficiency in the Paciic” (PEEP 2) programme. it will also be used to crush light bulbs currently being replaced in a government-run programme where contractors visit households on the island,

replacing old incandescent bulbs with cFL bulbs, which are more energy eficient. Vaireka said he would like to express thanks to the government, as well as the aDB for supporting the PeeP2 programme and the acquisition of the crusher. The PeeP2 programme – which aims to promote and implement energy eficiency – is a partnership with aDB and the cook islands government, in conjunction with the SPc’s Global environment Facility and the government of australia. – emmanuel Samoglou

Manager Tinirau Tamarua, energy eiciency expert Terekino Vaireka, groundsman Kaa Kavakura, operator Makitau nookura, and supervisor siona Baku, pictured here with infrastructure’s new light bulb crusher. 14021117


Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

Tenders open for bulk water tank programme hUNDreDS of water tanks for

after a recent water shortage in atiu, the new ‘survivor 300’ machine was assembled on the island to purify water from the Vai Pau water gallery. 13121339

Asbestos meet held for parents aVarUa School parents met

recently to ask questions about asbestos found at the school after concerns were raised about children’s safety. The cook islands investment corporation arranged for New Zealand-based asbestos consultant Stuart Keer-Keer – who oversaw the removal of asbestos-contaminated soil at avarua – to meet with the parents and give a presentation while he was in rarotonga earlier this month.

“Some of the parents wanted some reassurance,” said Secretary of education Sharyn Paio. “i think that was a good thing to do, and maybe we should have done it a little bit sooner.” Paio said unanswered questions can cause more worry for parents. “i think a lot of people don’t understand about the nature of asbestos,” she said, noting that the fibres are only dangerous when they are disturbed and

become airborne, and the level of asbestos ibres needed for it to be labelled a hazard has been made more conservative than it once was. ministry of education finance director anthony Turua attended the meeting and said he believes most parents were satisied with the explanations given. “i think the parents just wanted assurance that the students were safe being back at

EU will fund new Cooks sanitation programmes The cooK iSLaNDS and the european Union have signed an agreement to provide direct budget support for sanitation over a three year period. Finance minister mark Brown and european Union ambassador to the cook islands andrew Jacobs put their pens to the agreement during a signing ceremony monday afternoon, held at the offices of Prime minister henry Puna. The agreement – $4 million over three years - falls under the 11th european Development Fund Programme, and is part of a wider sanitation programme jointly funded by cook islands New Zealand, the european Union, said eU

Programme manager George Turia with the ministry of Finance and economic management’s Development coordination Division. WaTSaN – the water and sanitation unit of infrastructure cook islands – is currently undertaking a programme that aims to complete upgrades to over 1000 onsite sanitation systems across the islands of rarotonga and aitutaki over a 4 to 5 year period. Brown remarked that the funds will help efforts at improving water quality in the lagoon, which could also provide greater beneits for tourism. “The Ambassador conirmed support from the european

Union in what he termed a ‘conident and maturing relationship’ towards our financial management systems and budget support mechanisms,” reads a press release provided by the ministry of Foreign affairs and immigration. The cook islands established diplomatic relations with the european Union in 2001, and has received support for various projects focusing on water, sanitation, and disaster relief. ambassador Jacobs is presently visiting the cook islands and will be in attendance at various functions as part of this week’s Development Partners Meeting (DPM). - Emmanuel Samoglou

school. i think everyone was happy with the feedback and the information.” The grounds of the school still need to be covered with grass following removal of the contaminated soil, he said – with grass being recommended by Keer-Keer because it helps prevent soil being disturbed. “We’re talking to the ministry of agriculture to see whether we can fast-track that,” said Turua. - BD

the outer islands are being tendered for, in a bid to increase water storage on the islands. The 6000 litre plastic tanks are to be installed at households, with Palmerston to receive 27 tanks, atiu 148 and aitutaki 309. The tanks are part of the Strengthening the resilience of our islands and our communities to Climate Change (SRIC CC) programme co-ordinated by the office of the Prime minister, which is funding $5 million worth of development projects in the outer islands over the next five years. These include projects to improve water systems, food security and early warning systems for drought and cyclones. The water tanks will be used to collect rainwater and will increase water storage capacity on the islands, said Sric manager William Tuivaga. “Water tanks alone do not strengthen resilience (to climate change) as far as water is concerned, but this coupled with water conservation practices, monitoring of weather

forecasts, water tank and roof catchment maintenance and understanding the risks associated with storing water this way and how these can be alleviated, is part and parcel of the overall package to these project interventions on the ground.” The due date for tenders for the project has been pushed back by a week to this Friday February 14, at the request of potential bidders. The tender includes both supply and delivery of water tanks and other materials needed to atiu, Palmerston and aitutaki. Tuivaga said this can either be delivered by barge from rarotonga or where possible by shipment directly from overseas to the islands, based on what the successful bidder is offering. Funding under the Sr ic cc Programme is provided by the adaptation Fund with support from the United Nations Development Programme and cook islands Government including the respective island councils and administrations. - Briar Douglas

You are warmly invited to the launch of



40 chapters and 651 pages celebrating the life and work of Emeritus Professor Ron Crocombe edited by Linda Crowl, Marjorie Crocombe and Rod Dixon at

USP Cook Islands Thursday 13 February at 12 noon Food and refreshments catered by the Rarotongan Beach Resort and Spa Finance Minister Mark Brown and Eu ambassador to the Cook islands andrew Jacobs signing a three-year funding agreement to support sanitation. 14021118

Copies of the book will be available for purchase at $50.00


Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News


Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAiL


Fax 25303

PuBLIC NoTICES in the matter of the Cook islands Motor Vehicle Dealers Act 1986. Take note that under section 57 of the above Act, I, Mrs Kristina Tatam on behalf of Wholesale Vehicles hereby apply for approval as salesperson. The application will be heard after 28 days of the irst appearance of this notice. Any person who desires to object to the application may serve notice of his/her objection to the Motor Vehicle Licensing Authority at the Ministry of Transport, P O Box 61, Rarotonga. The person giving the notice of objection shall also cause a copy of the notice to be served on the applicant within 7 days after giving it to the Licensing Authority. 76933 / /1836

Celebrating our 1yr hUPA Fitness b’DAY Thursday @KentHall,Titikaveka, start 5.30pm FUN Hupa class, with cake & Refreshments & Bar open, after class @$5/person Dress: Island Bling Theme, Prizes for best dressed 76876 /36415 /2679

PORTS AUThORiTY (RAROTONGA) PRiCE SChEDULE bY-LAWS 2014 The public are advised that at a special meeting of the Ports Authority Board held at Rarotonga on the 31st day of January 2014 the Board adopted the above bylaws which amend the prices payable by users of the port at Rarotonga. The bylaws have been printed and are open to public inspection (with copies available) during oice hours at the oice of the Board at the Avatiu wharf. The new tarif will take efect on and from 24 February 2014.” 76938 / /1694

Kia Orana Mama Mata’s FREE Cook Islands language class, Opposite Vonnias West shop in Arorangi Next door to Ministry of infrastructure cook Islands. (Orange and grey wall). Starts at 6.30pm, Phone 27156. You are Welcome. E noo ra Mama Mata. 76759 /36249 /1931


VALENTiNE@ThE WATERLiNE RUSTiC & ROMANTiC but not basic. 3 Course Menu @ $65 per head or 2 course Menu at $55 Both options include complimentary Drink on Arrival. Ala carte Menu also available Starters Tiger Prawn cocktail OR Lamb Salad (Roasted Pepper, Feta cheese, Red Onion...Drizzled with Orange Vinaigrette Mains Rib Eye Medallion On a Milanese Risotto with Sauteed Zucchini, Honey Glazed carrots Finished with Shallot compote in Red Wine OR Pan Seared Salmon crusted with Herbs on a Spinach Potato Mash, Served with Green Beans, Beetroot and choron Sauce. Dessert Arorangi Passionfruit cheese cake with Berry coulis and Vanilla Ice cream BOOKINGS APPREcIATED @ 22161 or 56214 76924 / /2247

SERVICES Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage. Phone 22188 or 26189. Email beach@moanasands. 73695 / /1744

Valentines Day special Treatment, Blow wave and Styles $45 Treatment , cut and style $55 Gift Vouchers . Phone 22811. 76911 /36413 /2489

Daniel Maitoe’s Massage still open Monday- Friday Evenings only Phone 28691 for more details. 76923 /36418 /2120

foR RENT afordable oice space in town. contact Helen 55717 76916 / /1935

A live in house girl/baby sitter is needed for long term. contact 56980.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.



2 bedroom partly furnished lovely home in Aroa $200 per Helen 55717 76915 / /1935


RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLiNES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



76838 / /1780

foR SaLE

Kai Moana Sale - Frozen Tuna & Wahoo Slices $8.00 a kilo Tuna & Wahoo Loins $10.00 a kilo Tuna & Wahoo Blocks $10.00 a kilo Marlin Loins $12.00 a kilo Of Cuts 3 Bags for $10.00 76942 / /2533

Rauti muramura & matie cuttings, some already sprouting. Tiare maori cuttings. Phone 24922 or 72545. 76878 / /1903

sunbeam cafe series cofee machine $150 ono Roland Deep fry $250. Kia Mentor Car $3000 ono canon camera still new $500 Phone 51142. 76901 /36405 /1931

18ft aluminium boat, 75hp outboard, trailer, $15,000. 1x trail bike, 650cc, $2500. Phone 76900 mobile. 76930 /36424 /1931

SITuaTIoNS VaCaNT HOSPITALITY/OFFIcE Front of the house. You must be honest, computer literate, friendly, good spoken English, and proud to be a cook Islander showing our visitors the Kia Orana & Meitaki feeling. The position is 40hrs pw, lexible shifts. Variety role including oice and reservations. We are happy to train the right applicant. call Aro’a Beachside Inn, Arorangi, on 22166. 76864 / /1997



Chef required. Tamarind House/Rickshaw. With Asian and International cooking experience. Please send cV & Refs to Box 50 Rarotonga. Phone 26487 and ask for Sue or Julie

Washing machine, dining suite, lounge suite, stove. contact Helen 55717.


One fully furnished studio unit in quiet, peaceful surroundings in good area, Matavera $200 pw. Short term rates available. call charles on 21619 or 71744.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

76917 / /1935


76937 /36428 /1697

CULTURAL DANCERS WANTED! Recruitment process has begun for a limited time for male and female dancers who are passionate about our culture. Work in a great environment at Rarotonga’s top entertainment venue and earn a weekly wage doing something you love! Students welcome. Ph 24006 or 55579. 76884 / /2512

WaNTED To RENT We require an Administration Assistant to join our small and diverse team. Accuracy and attention to detail is the call of the day along with experience in stock control, book keeping, and customer care. Flexi-hours are ofered to the right applicant. Email your cV and covering letter to by 16th February 2014. 76899 / /2107

Wedding Coordinator: are you an eicient little bee who is conident on computers, loves talking to people (especially brides), loves to plan & organise events, and loves dealing with beautiful things & settings? Do you have a positive go-getter attitude & bubbly personality? If this sounds like you, we need you to join our Events Department at crown Beach Resort & Spa. Please email your c.v. to Sonya Kamana: - good pay and beneits for the right person. 76893 / /1969

Local Charter business looking for experienced Deckhand/Skipper Experience in management, mechanics, engineering an advantage. Please apply in writing to PO Box 276, Avarua.

housekeeper Should have enough experience in housekeeping. Must be reliable, honest and able to work without supervision. Non-drinker & non-smoker is a plus. Send cV to

76737 /36223 /1931

76931 / /2284

76921 / /2018

Grounds man, cleaner, housemaid/general duties. Looking for reliable, honest and hard working persons. Flexible hours. Full time workers. 2 persons required. PO Box 477. Tel 21139.

Wanted to rent 2-3 bedroom fully-furnished home sought by new editor at the cook Islands News. Needs vege garden space, good kitchen, washing machine. Two year rental agreement preferred. call Mark Ebrey on 56 195 76867 / /2171

WaNTED To Buy I am looking to buy a second hand scooter in excellent condition up to $800. Automatic, Please call 73208. 777

DAihATSU COPEN 600cc Turbo convertible, manual, 2x seater Sale price $4,600 TOYOTA ESTiMA 2400cc Automatic, 8 seater Sale price $12,000 MiTSUbiShi COLT 1.4ltr Hatchback. Auto/air con/electric windows. colour: red Sale price $10,000 MAzDA DEMiO 1.5ltr Hatchback Auto/air con/electric windows. colour: white Sale price $10,000 Nissan March Cabriolet 1.3ltr. Sale Price $3,500.00 Daihatsu Copen convertible 600cc /Turbo/electric roof. Sale Price $4,500.00 contact Arthur 55422, email :


The following opportunities now exist for motivated, enthusiastic and energetic people to join the team at the business Trade investment board. 1. business Development Manager 2. Trade and Marketing oicer 3. senior Finance & administration Oicer. Applicants must be self motivated, proactive and have the ability to take a project through to completion. Computer literacy with exceptional organisational abilities complemented with experience and qualiications an advantage. Contact Agnes Teiti for job descriptions on phone 24296 or email; Written applications with a current CV may be sent in conidence to: bTib Private bag, Rarotonga or email the above mentioned. Applications close 3pm, Friday 14 February 2014. 76822




Job Opportunities

Payment can also be made via online Bill Pay and by Direct Debit. if you wish to pay online, please enter your plate and phone number in the reference ield if you wish to pay by direct debit, please call into the front oice of BCI to collect a form for lodgement with your bank. ‘Please contact Simona or Tangi on 29341 for more queries or email:

kia orana! - The edgewater Resort & spa is currently seeking full time and part time staf. If you are a team player and have the ability to work under pressure and multitask - then we are looking for you! All applicants must have: Good communication skills, be honest and reliable, have conidence and personality - full training will be provided for the right applicants. The positions available are: • Restaurant cleaner (6-12midday) • Waitress / waiter (full & part time) • Demi chefs • Kitchen hand • Housekeeping Supervisor • Housemaids For further queries, please contact the hR & Training Manager Jef TIKITAU on ph 58008 or Lynn MATAIO on ph 55469. Application forms are also available from Reception. look forward to meeting you!



Motor Vehicle Registration Registration for the 2014-2015 year Please be advised that BCi will be open on the following dates between the hours of 9.00am and 12pm for registrations to be accepted

Saturday 15th february 2014 Saturday 8th March 2014 Saturday 22nd March 2014

The Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) is seeking qualiied, motivated and experienced individuals for the position of Electrical inspector. Relevant qualiication and experience in electrical systems, solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Renewable energy regulatory and standards is highly desirable. Preference will be given to individuals with a strong understanding of emerging changes in the electrical sector, solar PV systems, and Power systems in the outer islands. Applicants must be computer literate and possess very good written and oral communications skills in both english and Cook islands Maori. All Applications must be submitted in conidence with a covering letter, updated CV, evidence of qualiications delivered either by emailing to or hard copy inside a sealed envelope addressed to: Mr. Mac Mokoroa secretary infrastructure Cook islands PO Box 102, RAROTONGA For further queries or copy of the Job description, please contact Diane Charlie-Puna on ph 20321 ext 705 or email Application will close 3pm Friday 28th February 2014. 76927


Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

Slash and burn in war on Mauke armyworm ar myWor m infested taro

patches on mauke are being slashed, burned and sprayed with biological agents in an effort to bring the outbreak under control and save the root crop. a new concern now on the island is that the armyworm caterpillars are being found on all types of vegetables which means eradication of the pest will need a coordinated effort with weekly BT spraying and community vigilance in reporting areas where the armyworms are infesting agriculture. The infestation, where armyworms defoliated whole crops of taro in just four days, has also raised the need for the island to improve its risk management and disaster response. The devastation being caused by the armyworm, the caterpillar stage of a moth, was brought to media attention last Thursday, however, farmers of the island had informed local officials about the armyworm invasion over a week ago with no response. mauke resident and correspondent June hosking was approached by a number of concerned farmers who felt little was being done about the infestation.

The small amount of the Dipel biological control (3kg) borrowed from rarotonga growers was not sent to mauke on Friday as the cargo hold on the light to the island was apparently full. agriculture staff on the island were mobilised at the weekend to slash taro stalks, gather and burn the infected plants. Near mature infected taro patches were harvested and frozen or sold. By monday afternoon, most of the infected taro patches in the Ngatiarua village had been slashed and the cuttings either sprayed or burned. hosking says that most of the growers opted to slash their taro and leave the cuttings on the patch for spraying later on rather than burning the slashed taro. hosking reports that agriculture workers were spraying with the biological spray Delin also known as Bacillius Thrungensis (BT). The spray was already on the island when news of the infestation came to light however ield workers didn’t know at the time that the spray was what they needed. “Field workers didn’t know BT was what they needed to

Orometua Rauru and George have chosen to slash, gather and burn all infested leaves. 14021104 spray on the taro. So it seems necessary info didn’t get passed on to the ield workers,” says Hosking. more BT was ordered but that too missed the Friday flight to mauke. hosking says that a few farmers have used their own sprays. “Teina enua was there spraying his patch with the preferred spray (BT) from agriculture, but he said he has already sprayed twice last week with malathion because it was all he had, so better than doing nothing,” says hosking. according to hosking, enua’s patch was not eaten as badly as other taro patches and that the farmer had alerted agriculture staff to the armyworms the week before last but there was no reaction then. hosking also learned from three different farmers that they had told agriculture staff of their concerns of the armyworm outbreak well over a week ago. “it appears to me that at the early stages the staff didn’t perceive the threat as a potential crisis,” says hosking. “Some growers have said simply that agriculture just don’t listen to some people. my comment to this was that even if a small child

turns up to show you a handful of caterpillars, you look and check it out.” hosking adds that community observations can greatly assist agriculture staff in doing their job. “From talking with people the other observation i would make is that internal communication just wasn’t happening. one worker said to me that on Tuesday last week when ine aberahama informed Taukea of the infestation they started to realise this might be serious, but it took another two days to get information from rarotonga as to what should be done and to do paper work for raro.” meanwhile, hosking says that as the growers who had come to see her and husband andrew on Thursday seemed to be in the dark as to what the pest was and what to do she took the electronic copies of agricultural reference materials and between the three laymen were able to identify the pest and read a one page SPc write up on what to do. “i am now going to copy these resources and give them to agriculture here. They are resources from rarotonga agriculture, most being SPc leaflets, but it

seems the field workers don’t know of them.” in regards to catering athletes and oficials for the Manea Games on the island in october – arrowroot (maniota) and breadfruit (kuru) will be the main staple although some taro patches look like they will recover. hosking also met the Kimiangatau village orometua rauru and his son George cutting out all the infested leaves from his taro patch and taking it away for burning. “i was pleasantly surprised to see that the infestation in Papa rauru’s patch hasn’t advanced as quickly as some of the others. his taro patch was one that we had noted last Thursday had a bit better nutritional reading than some of the other patches. he also hasn’t used polythene, the modern weed suppressant, but has chosen to stick with traditional kikau mulching, which we believe will be one of the reasons his taro has proven to be less desirable to the armyworm. Biological agriculture says that pests favour weaker plants. in the meantime slashing and burning is being carried out as an initial response to the out- MW break.




ChoPs 10kg $112.00ctn $11.50kg RoTI WRAPs 240g



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sELf RAIsIng fLouR 500g








$49.70kg BACK InsTo RE!


(APRox 2Kg)



IAL fRozEn sALmon fILLET $36.10kg

$19.30ea TomATo PuREE 400g

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oPEnIng houRs

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm fridays 8am-6pm saturdays 8am-3pm Check us out on sT JosEPh Rd, AVARuA. Ph 22259.


BEsT foods 48oz


$15.90ea BEETRooT



WEALsodosEA/AIRfREIghT foR ouTER IsLAnds, so PLACE youR oRdERs noW!!!


Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News

FLiGhT FROM ARRiVES ThursdAy feBruAry 13 NZ748/749 AKL 12.30AM NZ46/745 AKL 4.10PM VT35/36 PPT 2.50PM frIdAy feBruAry 14 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ46/61 AKL 1.55PM




1.30AM 5.25PM 3.50PM 1.05AM 3.05PM


Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR DEP ThursdAy feBruAry 13 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 0910











1530 1800 1100


1620 1850 1145

1640 1910 1205


1730 2000 1250




Shipping TIARE MOANA 21 - ETD AUCK 24/02, ETA RARO 07/03, ETA AITUTAKI 09/03

GOT A STORY? or call us at cook islands News





Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.



hÄgAR the horrible




see your business/products in this space. PhonE 22999

Weather Forecast to Midnight


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: A southerly wind low prevails over southern Cooks. A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers remains just to the east of northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate southerly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: occasional showers and few thunderstorms over the eastern parts, ine apart from brief showers elsewhere. Moderate northerly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: some showers.



By Lee falk & sy Barry



By dik Browne


ThE PhAnTom



text us on

Su-Do-Ku hARD











Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Thursday, February 13, 2014

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday

Thu high 9.07AM 0.82M 9.23PM 0.89M


Low 2.59AM 0.41M


high 9.47AM 0.85M 10.02PM 0.92M


0.6m S

3.14PM 0.44M

0.6m Ne


Low 3.41AM 0.39M 3.58PM 0.41M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

S 05ktS new Moon Feb 28 10.00PM

First Quarter Mar 8 3.27AM

Full Moon Feb 14 1.53PM

sunshine hours


Third Quarter Feb 22 7.16AM

ArApo - mAAru thu 13 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night (from akaoti amiama).



Moon rise 5.51PM Moon set 5.28AM sun rise 6.29AM sun set

Front Key:




0.9m Se


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thu sun rise 6.29AM sun set 7.18PM FRI

0.6m S

TauTai (Fishing) ika tauira. Po meitaki i te tautai i te maiata. schools of small ish. Good to ish at dawn.


Moon rise 6.31PM Moon set 6.18AM


31° S 04ktS


28° S 08ktS


29° S 05ktS


29° S 05ktS


30° NE 08ktS


29° S 05ktS


Thursday, February 13, 2014 cook Islands News


SPorT Promotion to core team status on offer earNiNG a spot as a core team of the hSBc Sevens World Series will no doubt be one of the goals of the cooks national sevens team. The national team has been named in pool G of the 12 teams in the competitive qualifier draw in hong Kong. The draw has been made for the hSBc Sevens World Series core team qualiier to be played at the cathay Pacific/hSBc hong Kong Sevens 2014, with the hosts facing sides from europe, africa and oceania. From the 2013/14 season a two-stage promotion and relegation process comes into effect for the World Series, with promotion to core team status for the 2014/15 campaign on offer to one of the 12 teams in the competitive qualiier draw in hong Kong. The irst of the pools features two of the strongest sides in last year’s qualifying tournaments, leading european qualifiers russia and the highest-ranked

african side in the draw, Zimbabwe. They are joined in Pool E by the irst of the two South American qualiiers, Chile, and Barbados, the second-ranked side from the North american and caribbean region. Tournament hosts hong Kong were drawn in Pool F and face matches against the second european side, italy, african qualifier Tunisia and the second of the oceania qualifiers, american Samoa. The other asian heavyweight in the draw, Tokyo host nation Japan, starts top seed in Pool G and has matches against the cook islands, Uruguay and the top caribbean nation, Trinidad & Tobago. Draw at a glance – Pool e: russia, Zimbabwe, chile, Barbados, Pool F: hong Kong, italy, Tunisia, american Samoa and Pool G: Japan, cook islands, Uruguay, Trinidad & Tobago These 12 regional qualiiers will battle for the one promotion place on offer in a com-

petition played alongside the main 16-team World Series tournament at the hong Kong Stadium. The winner will take the place of the bottom-ranked of the 15 current core teams after round nine of the World Series, the marriott London Sevens on may 10 and 11. The new format is in line with the irB Sevens Plan developed in partnership with the irB’s member unions and approved by the irB council and relects the IRB’s mission to deliver a pathway that ensures that all member unions have a transparent and merit-based opportunity to participate in the hSBc Sevens World Series. The h S Bc Sevens World Series 2013/14 core teams are argentina, australia, canada, england, Fiji, France, Kenya, New Zealand, Portugal, Samoa, Scotland, South africa, Spain, USa and Wales. - 7 World Series/MW

Valentines clash for Panthers and Sharks No LoVe will be shared in this week’s Valentine’s Day rugby league clash between the aitutaki Sharks and Tupapa Panthers. The Panthers premier men’s team is set to travel to aitutaki for the match at Arutanga ield where, no doubt, the whole of araura will turn out to cheer on their home team. The afternoon is set to be a fun-illed day out for the outer islanders with junior games scheduled to kick start the afternoon’s programme at 3.30pm followed by a league masters game. The premier men’s clash will kick off at 5pm. Back on rarotonga – the Titikaveka Bulldogs and arorangi Bears will go head to head in the under 16 and senior reserve grade on Friday at the Titikaveka ield. on Saturday the remaining games between the Bulldogs and Bears will be played out while the Takuvaine Warriors head down from the valley to meet the avatiu eels at the Swamp. Just one game is scheduled to be played at Nukupure Park and that will be between the Sea eagles and Panthers senior reserve men’s team. - Matariki Wilson

dogs vs arorangi Bears at Titikaveka – 4.15pm-Under 16, ref-Tutai Taurarii, Touch Judges-Tavake manuel/Poto Ngaroi, 5.15pm-Snr reserve, ref-Pius mitchell, Touch Judges-Tavake manuel/Poto Ngaroi.

Saturday 15 Titikaveka Bulldogs vs Aroroangi Bears at Titikaveka – 3pm-Under 14, ref-Tutai Taurarii, Touch Judges-Dawn crummer/Tavake manuel, 3.50pm-Under 19, refTangi Taomia, Touch JudgesDawn crummer/Tutai Taurarii, 5.15pm-Premier, ref- arthur emile, Touch Judges-Johnny Hosking/Tangi Taomia (Sub Oficial-Simiona Teiotu/Dawn


Saturday 15 Avatiu Nikao Eels vs Takuvaine Warriors at Avatiu – 2pm-Under 19, refBishop Bishop, Touch JudgesJeffery murray/Poto Ngaroi, 3.20pm-Snr reserve, ref-Pius mitchell, Touch Judges-Jeffery murray/Poto Ngaroi, 4.50pmPremier, ref-Tua Ngaputa, Touch Judges-Bishop Bishop/ Pius Mitchell (Sub Oficial-Tua Duyer/Sean Willis) Saturday 15 Ngatangiia Sea eagles v Tupapa Panthers at Ngatangiia – 3pm-Snr reserve, ref-Johnny hosking, Touch Judges-Simiona Teiotu/Taua Benioni.

Touch rugby starting SiDe STePS galore are set to return to the playing ield when the touch rugby season gets underway on February 24. This season competition will include open men’s women’s and mixed divisions as well as a social mixed division. The social mixed division has been included in the competition to accommodate the not so serious touch rugby player and those wanting an extra activity to spice up their itness regime. Games will be played over two nights, monday and Wednesday, at the Nikao sports ield – also known at the Tepuka grounds. Teams are encouraged to register now and avoid the disappointment of missing out on the exciting tournament. To register your team contact the touch rugby team includ-

ing tournament director moari allsworth on 24-296 or 50530, assistant tournament director June Putere on 29-410 or 70-922 and Daphne Brown on 54-171.

Dust off your boots, get your team together, register and put your fancy footwork on display. - Matariki Wilson

register now for the 2014 touch season set to get underway on Monday, February 24. 14021204

Masters in the Swamp

Friday 14 Aitutaki Sharks vs Tupapa Panthers at Arutanga ield – 3.30pm-Juniors Games, ref-Taua Benioni, 4.15pm-masters, ref-The host club Sharks, 5pm-Premier, refs-Sean Willis, Touch Judges-Tua Ngaputa/andrew Tanga (Sub-Oficial Nga). Friday 14 Titikaveka Bull-

harry Berryman in action for the Cooks national rugby team this year is in the 7s wider squad. The Cooks’ national 7s team has been drawn in pool B of the Commonwealth Games competition along with Trinidad and Tobago, south africa and Kenya. 14021122

Aitutaki Sharks strongman Mau George will no doubt lead the charge against the visiting Panthers in their Valentine’s day clash at Arutanga ield in Aitutaki. 14020914

iT WaS a picturesque happy Valley field that greeted the masters’ rugby league players for their game last Friday. The Takuvaine Koura Vai started strongly, buoyed by their playmakers, minister of Sport mark Brown, Wilkie rasmussen, Tony macquarie and Sid Toa. The opposition took a while to ind coordination, until William Taripo, Willie Kauvai Snr

and Bobby hunter took control of the backline, and unleashed their speedsters Tok haurua and casper mateariki on the wings. Willie hagai, richard Neves, and papa rima edged out the normally solid trio of Dyer, matapuku and Tapoki in the tight forward tussle. Gary from auckland was named “man of the match”, for his ability to ind what seemed

to be non-existent gaps when he scored his two tries. referees Johnny hosking and moe Takairangi did a good job in keeping the game under control, despite the unsolicited advices received from players and spectators alike. This Friday, the masters head to the Swamp, where the host eels will take on “The rest” at 5pm. - Slow and Steady

Thursday 13 February  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Thursday, February 13, 2014

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