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Te reo o te KUKI AIRANI

$2 monday, February 3, 2014

Manihiki harbours to receive upgrade next month A $2.8 million upgrade to

manihiki’s harbours is scheduled to begin in march. Starting this month, materials will begin to be sent to the northern group island in preparation for an estimated march start date for construction, said infrastructure Cook islands secretary mac mokoroa. The schedule could be affected by weather due to the ongoing cyclone season, he added. mokoroa said the island’s Tauhunu and Tukao harbours were severely damaged in 1997 from Cyclone martin, prohibiting the island’s communities from accessing and using the facilities for ishing and the safe unloading of cargo. in 2008, Tukao harbour was

to give the project the green light. Additional criticism has come through several letters to Cinews, with one writer calling the project “money down the drain”, saying “manihiki already has an existing harbour facility which is more than adequate to cater to that small atoll’s existing and future shipping requirements.” late last week, mokoroa refuted those arguments in a letter to the editor, saying the writer “should not base his or her decisions on the economy of scale and the low level of population in manihiki or any of the outer islands who are seeking or aiming to receive the same level of services as here in Rarotonga.” “For the people of manihiki who have waited for over 17 years to get this particular harbour rehabilitated, this is a sigh of relief,” he said. - Emmanuel Samolgou

rehabilitated with new quay walls and landings. materials for the Tauhunu harbour were also shipped to the island, however work did not commence and the harbour has been left as is. According to 2013-14 budget documents, $2.8m has been allocated for the project – to come from the national budget. “The overall objective of the project is to build up the Cook islands resilience to natural disasters and to strengthen disaster management capacities,” said mokoroa. The project has been criticised by opposition leader Wilkie Rasmussen, who alleged that Prime minister Henry Puna – who represents manihiki as member of parliament – “bullied” Cabinet

Minimum wage to be reviewed

Tereora welcomes new teachers

A PAnel has been appointed to

review the minimum wage in the Cook islands. Under the employment Relations Act 2012, a review of the minimum wage must be conducted on an annual basis. in accordance with the Act, the minister of internal Affairs nandi Glassie has appointed a minimum wage review panel to look at the current minimum wage rate in the Cook islands. At $5 per hour, the Cook islands minimum rate was set by order on July 1, 2006. The rate has not been reviewed or amended since then. The panel members for 2014 will be chaired by Patricia Tuara Demmke, who is also director of labour and employment relations. Additional members include economic advisor James Webb with the ministry of Finance and economic management (mFem), Chamber of Commerce president Steve Anderson on behalf of employers, and president Anthony Turua of the Cook islands Workers Association on behalf of employees and also a community representative. Panel members have been chosen for their expertise, and for their role in representing various interest groups. in reviewing the current

Tauhunu villagers setting out by boat from Tukao harbour last year. The harbour will begin to be upgraded next month as part of a $2.8 million project. 13020732

Chair of the panel Patricia Tuara demmke. 13072640 minimum wage, the panel will consider such factors as prevailing economic conditions, income distribution, protection for low income earners, and work incentives,. A draft report will be produced by the Panel and will be available for public review. in response to the draft report, all submissions by the general public must be submitted in writing and addressed to the Chair. The final report will be delivered by the Chair to minister nandi Glassie by march 1 2014.. last Friday, the panel had their first meeting to discuss their work plan. - Ministry of Internal


FiFTeen new teachers were

oficially welcomed to Tereora College on Friday at the school’s irst formal assembly of the year. Principal Bali Haque said the new staff members come from new Zealand, South Africa, and

Afairs Release

Last Minute Deals!

other parts of the Cook islands. “We’re really privileged to have these people with us this year. it’s a large group of staff and i know you will join together in making them feel at home,” he said to students.

The national college lost four of its teachers at the end of last year, all of them leaving to take up principal positions at other Cook islands schools. “That’s great for them but not for us,” Haque said.

The new batch – which includes teachers of maths, digital technology and english – posed for a quick photo outside the hall before heading off to run their new classes. - Ben Chapman-Smith

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Monday, February 3, 2014 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no TeiA nei Ao Attempt to patent bomb Some misguided entrepreneurs in the Ukraine applied for a Russian trademark for Molotov cocktail irebombs. The name is widely used and therefore most likely ineligible for trademark protection. molotov cocktails were named after a Soviet foreign minister, Vyacheslav molotov, just before World War II. The nickname applies to homemade bombs made of glass bottles illed with gasoline. The Molotov cocktail has become a frequent part of ongoing anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine.

Thai election unclear

Thai elections fail to resolve the stalemate, protests hinder vote BAnGKoK – Thailand’s election on Sunday – fraught with protests, scufles and padlocked voting stations – has failed to provide a clear outcome and did little to resolve a deep political stalemate. Some six million registered voters were affected by the closures, the election Commission said. Protests prevented voting from taking place in 438 of Bangkok’s 6,671 polling stations, and there was no voting at all in nine southern provinces.

world BRieFS BARREL BOMBS KILL 90 IN ALEPPO SYRIA – Syrian government forces have killed dozens of civilians in air raids in the northern city of Aleppo, activists say. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says about 90 people – most of them civilians – died when helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Saturday. Aleppo has been the focus of bitter ighting between President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and rebels. Attacks using barrel bombs and Scud missiles by President Assad’s forces are believed to have killed hundreds of people in Aleppo since the conlict began almost three years ago. The use of the unsophisticated barrel bombs – essentially barrels packed with explosives – has been condemned by rights groups as indiscriminate.

AFGHAN ELECTION CAMPAIGNS LAUNCHED USA – The campaign for Afghanistan’s presidential election has been formally launched, with rallies for key candidates in the capital, Kabul. The election is scheduled to take place on April 5. There are 11 candidates to replace Hamid Karzai, who cannot stand again. Security is the major issue, with the Taliban threatening to target the campaign. Two workers for candidate Abdullah Abdullah were shot dead in the western city of Herat on Saturday. Thousands of people attended rallies in halls in Kabul on Sunday as the campaign started, with posters now dotted around the city. All the candidates have been given armoured vehicles and security guards. The Taliban has rejected the election and attacks in the capital are already on the increase.

SCHOOL CHILDREN SHOWN WRONG VIDEO ITALY – A teacher in Italy will be making sure she labels her USB sticks more carefully in the future after she accidentally showed hardcore porn to a class of eight-year-olds. The teacher intended to play the children songs by British rock group Duran Duran when she made the potentially traumatising error. The teacher has denied owning the stick that contained the porn scene. She said she borrowed it from a student who allegedly brought the storage device that belonged to their mother, into her class. The president of an Italian education body Istituto Gestito da Religiose, said counsellors would be made available to the students’ parents to help them explain the situation to their children.

TOP RESTAURANT IN FOOD POISON SCARE ENGLAND – Top British chef Heston Blumenthal has shut his London restaurant ‘Dinner’, which has two Michelin stars, for a week after 24 guests fell ill with the vomiting bug norovirus, oicials said Sunday. The closure comes ive years after an outbreak of norovirus caused by contaminated shellish forced Blumenthal to close ‘The Fat Duck’, his three-starred restaurant in Bray, west of the capital, for ten days. Westminster city council, the local authority, said 24 diners and 21 staf had been taken ill at ‘Dinner’, which was named the seventh best restaurant in the world in last year’s San Pellegrino awards. The Health Protection Agency said the virus was probably introduced via contaminated or undercooked shellish.

The government said there was no disruption in the north and north-east of the country. The ruling Pheu Thai party has overwhelming support in these regions, while the south and parts of the capital are strongholds of the opposition Democrat Party, which is boycotting the election. Pm Yingluck Shinawatra called the vote to head off weeks of mass protests. Her party is widely expected to win but legal challenges and a lack of a quorum of mPs may create a political limbo. Security has been heavy throughout Thailand, with vast areas under a state of emergency. “The situation overall is calm and we haven’t received any reports of violence this morning,” national Security Council chief Paradorn Pattanatabutr said. Security officials said about 130,000 personnel had been deployed across Thailand on Sunday, including 12,000 in Bangkok. There has been little campaigning for the election and it was unclear how many Thais had turned out. Yingluck, who won the last election in 2011, voted soon after polls opened near her Bangkok home. She told media it was important that people came out to vote to exercise their democratic right. But protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban said the government would be unable to declare a result because of the closures, adding: “Therefore the election is a waste of time and money.” Anti-government activist nipon Kaewsook said: “We’re not blocking the election. We’re postponing it. We still need an election, but we need reform irst.” The Democrat Party, which is allied to the protesters, has been unable to win a majority in parliament for more than two decades. - BBC

Frustrated Thai voters hold their national identiication cards and shout at police blocking the entrance to a polling station as voting was cancelled due to anti-government protests. AFP

Sochi hotels not ready SoCHi – The ioC is urging Russian olympic organisers to move quickly to resolve the issue of accommodations that are not ready for accredited media personnel in the mountains outside Sochi. According to the Sochi organising committee, only six of the nine media hotels in the mountain area are fully operational. Some media have arrived early and found they had no place to stay, and thousands more

journalists are expected to arrive today. The matter was being examined on Sunday at a meeting of the international olympic Committee executive board. “There are still some issues to be solved as always just before the games,” ioC President Thomas Bach said. “We are in contact with the organising committee and we hope that the situation will be solved in the next couple of days.”

The Russian government has spent $51 billion on the olympics in the hopes of turning the Black Sea summer resort into a year-round tourism destination. While pre-games attention has focused on cost overruns, threats of terrorist attacks and the Russian law banning gay “propaganda” among minors, the hotel situation could become an embarrassment for local organisers. - AP

Philippine rebels hunted mAnilA – Philippine military officials have vowed to hunt down remaining splinter groups of hardline muslim rebels after capturing their main camps in a week-long offensive. national military spokesman lieutenant Colonel Ramon Zagala says the threat posed by members of the Bangsamoro islamic Freedom Fighters (BiFF) has diminished due to the offensive that began earlier this week in remote parts of the troubled

southern island of mindanao. “They have split into smaller groups and further operations must be done to follow up,” he said. These operations will be “smaller in scale,” he said, adding that they would also be held in coordination with the main muslim rebel group, the moro islamic liberation Front (milF). The operation against the BiFF was launched two days

after the government and the milF successfully concluded peace talks aimed at ending decades of ighting that has claimed tens of thousands of lives. The BiFF broke away from the milF due to their opposition to the talks and has previously launched attacks to derail the peace process. President Benigno Aquino had previously vowed to crush “spoiler” rebels who were opposed to the peace deal. - ABC

A difference of opinion

COLLECTOR’S ‘WORK OF ART’ TO BE BURNED ENGLAND – A businessman has been told a painting he paid £100,000 for will be burned after it was ruled a fake. Martin Lang bought what he thought was an original work by Russian-born artist Marc chagall in 1992. It was tested by experts of the chagall Committee in Paris which said, under French law, it should be burned. But the decision has been criticised as “extreme.” The chagall committee is run by the artist’s grandchildren to protect his reputation in the art world. Lang, 63, a property developer from Leeds, has asked the committee to mark the watercolour – a nude said to date from 1909-10 – as a forgery and then return it or give him a guarantee he will be reimbursed if it is later ruled as genuine.

Today’s Daily Bread The former preach Christ out of selish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while i am in chains.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: Philippians 1:12-18

Text: Matthew Text:7:26 Verse 17

It was a tight game in all ways! France’s winger Yoann Huget holds irm against England’s fullback Mike Brown during the Six Nations rugby union match between France and england on saturday at the stade de France north of Paris. France won the match 26 to 24. AFP


Monday, February 3, 2014 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no TeiA nei Ao

Many killed as mountain erupts Fatal volcanic eruption the day after residents allowed to go home A pyroclastic low of volcanic material bears down on the village of sigaranggarang in north sumutra where at least 14 people have been killed. The village is now partly buried in ash as Mount sinabung continues to erupt forcing 30,000 people to lee their homes. AFP

Boat damaged in whaling protest SoUTH eR n oC eAn – The Japanese government and conservation group Sea Shepherd have each blamed the other for a collision in the Southern ocean. Sea Shepherd Australia says the Japanese ship Yushin maru deliberately crashed into its Bob Barker vessel, damaging the bow and anchor. The Japanese government says a collision happened after Sea Shepherd vessels deliberately tried to sabotage their whale research leet. The incident comes eight days after the Sea Shepherd leet blocked the slipway of Japanese factory vessel nisshin maru, suspending whaling activity. Captain Peter Hammarstedt of the Bob Barker says the ship received some damage when the

Yushin maru crossed its bow. Captain Hammarstedt says the Steve irwin vessel was also “attacked”. “The Sea Shepherd ships Steve irwin and Bob Barker were both unprovokedly attacked by three harpoon ships belonging to the Japanese whale poaching leet,” he told the ABC. “These harpoon ships came in heavy and hard. They hit my bow with about 300 metres of steel cable with the express intent of causing damage to my rudder and propellers. “Thankfully because of a lot of evasive manoeuvring i was able to avoid being entangled, but on one occasion one of the harpoon ships came so close that they ended up colliding with my vessel.”

Japanese whale boat yushin Maru crosses sea shepherd’s The steve Irwin’s bow. Tim WaTTers / sea shepherd Captain Hammarstedt says the collision caused significant damage to plating and framework that will have to be repaired once the Bob Barker

returns to port. However, in a statement issued through the Japanese embassy in Canberra, the country’s institute of Cetacean Research

says activists dragged ropes in front of the Japanese leet, and the Bob Barker rammed into one of the Japanese ships. - ABC

Barn crushed by dislodged rock

moUnT SinABUnG – At least

14 people have been killed in a catastrophic volcanic eruption in indonesia, just a day after authorities allowed thousands of villagers to return to their homes on its slopes. Residents in the “danger zone” around mount Sinabung in north Sumatra, which had been rumbling for months, had been evacuated for their safety but were told that activity was decreasing before the eruption on Saturday. The volcano spewed lava and searing gas, sending rocks and burning ash raining down its southern slopes. Televison footage showed pyroclastic lows of hot gas and rock reaching up to three miles away and villages covered in thick grey ash. A local television journalist and four high-school students with their teacher, who were visiting the mountain to see the eruptions up close, were among the dead, according to the national Disaster mitigation Agency At least three other people were injured and authorities fear the death toll will rise. Authorities in western Sumatra had evacuated more than 30,000 people, housing them in cramped tents, schools and public buildings but many had been desperate to return to check their own homes and farms. on Friday, the government allowed nearly 14,000 people living outside a three-mile danger zone to return home after volcanic activity decreased. Some living close to the peak have been returning to their homes over the past four months despite warnings. Following the eruption, all those who had been allowed to return home were ordered back into evacuation centres. “The death toll is likely to rise as many people are reported still missing and the darkness hampered our rescue efforts,” said a military spokesman who led the operation to retrieve the charred corpses some three kilometres from the volcano’s peak. - AP

Floods lonDon – There’s chaos across

Ro n C H i D i T e R m e n o –

Dramatic pictures have been released showing the destruction wrought by a huge boulder that smashed through a farm in northern italy after being dislodged by a landslide. The massive rock narrowly missed a farm house, destroyed

a barn, and stopped in a vineyard at the property in Ronchi di Termeno. A second, larger, giant boulder detached during the landslide stopped just behind the house and has been estimated at 5650 cubic feet. Geologists and emergency

crews are still evaluating the risk while clearing the ground. Fortunately no one was injured, but the landslide is estimated to have caused millions of dollars in damage. A Facebook page has been set up to help the family who live in the farmhouse. - PNC/sources

Actor found dead from heroin neW YoRK – oscar-winning ac-

tor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead of an apparent drug overdose in his manhattan apartment, law enforcement sources said Sunday. Hoffman, 46, was found in the bathroom of the fourthfloor apartment, the sources told Cnn. Police found what they believe to be heroin inside the

apartment, a source told Cnn. Hoffman’s body was discovered by a playwright who had been working with him. A needle was found in one of the actor’s arms, the sources told Cnn. Hoffman won an Academy Award for best actor for the 2005 biopic “Capote.”

LEFT: Phillip Seymour Hofman, dead from drug overdose.

Britain as the latest storms threaten more disaster for waterlogged communities after 180 homes were looded at the weekend The met office has issued severe weather warnings of 140kph winds and heavy rain. The whole of the south of England has been put on lood alert again for monday and Wednesday as high tides and large waves threaten to overwhelm sea defences. Since Friday evening 180 homes have been flooded, a further 73,000 homes have been protected from flooding and over 55,000 properties have been sent a lood warning. With further rain expected following the wettest January on record, saturated ground and high river levels could also lead to further river flooding this week. - PNC


Monday, February 3, 2014 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te PA enUA

Alive after a year adrift at sea Amazing saga of survival unfolds as Mexican found on Paciic atoll mAJURo – The world is eagerly awaiting to read and hear the details of how a mexican man survived for 13 months adrift in the North Paciic Ocean. The UK’s Daily mail newspaper has been able to make contact with boat wreck survivor

Jose ivan where he washed up in the marshall islands after drifting powerless for 12,500 kilometres for over a year. Speaking briely to MailOnline through an interpreter as he was carried by navy patrol boat from tiny ebon Atoll to the

paciic BRIEFS LABOUR MINISTER DEFENDS WAGE INCREASE FIJI – Fiji’s labour minister is dismissing criticisms of the new minimum wage from trade unionists, who are saying it is too low. The government set the country’s minimum wage at US$1.05 an hour, 17 cents less than the rate recommended by an independent consultant last year. In Fijian Dollars thats a minimum wage of $2.00, when the recommendation was for $2.32. The secretary general of the Trade Unions Congress, Felix Anthony, says the wage is insuicient and will see some workers continue to live under the poverty line. But the minister, Jone Usamate, says it’s a raise of 50 cents an hour on what many agricultural workers are currently earning, and any more would be too expensive. Usamate says the minimum wage will be reviewed again in a year’s time.

BACK TO SCHOOL IN TENTS AND CHURCHES TONGA – School students in the cyclone-hit islands of Ha’apai in Tonga were expected to return to school yesterday following Cyclone Ian. The category ive storm badly damaged or destroyed 13 out of the 17 primary and secondary schools in Ha’apai three weeks ago. The Tongan Deputy Prime Minister, Samiu Vaipulu, says some students will attend school in tents, churches, or double-up in classrooms. Vaipulu says the government will help fund church schooling and for government schools it will waive fees altogether. “We’ve arranged church halls and tents where the school has been totally blown of and Cabinet has just approved that all students don’t have to pay school fees, and for church schools government will subsidise that.”

CONFIDENT OF HELP FOR LONGLINERS AMERIcAN SAMOA – The director of commerce in American Samoa is conident a committee set up to help longline ishermen can come up with enough measures to sustain them during the quiet season. About 20 longline ishing boats have been put up for sale because their owners say they are inding it diicult to survive in the face of falling ish prices, competition from subsidised Chinese ishing boats, and high fuel prices. Boat owners recently met with members of a government appointed committee set up to help address their concerns. A committee member and director of commerce, Keniseli Lafaele, says some things are out of their control but they can look at reducing docking fees, and re-examining an excise tax on catches. “Those are things that we believe we can help them out with at the same time looking at constructing more permanent dock space for long boats in the long term.”

HOME ATTACK STUDENTS APPEAR IN COURT TONGA – The trial for 147 Tupou college students in Tonga, who are charged in relation to a violent attack on a home, has been brought forward a week, and was expected to be heard yesterday. The trial relates to an attack that left a Tonga college student in a critical condition. The Tupou college students are charged with conspiracy to commit willful damage and unlawful assembly, among other charges. Four adults, including a Tupou College teacher, have also been charged in relation to the attack.

ACID ATTACK VICTIM DIES IN HOSPITAL AUSTRALIA – Fiji-born Monika Chetty who was found with serious burns in western Sydney last month has died in hospital. The 39-year-old who was located in bushland with horriic burns to 80 per cent of her face and body died on Saturday after spending some time in a critical condition. According to earlier media reports, chetty revealed to police that a man had thrown chemicals at her sometime before New Year’s Eve. The deceased reportedly has three children who live with her former husband.Police say they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding chetty’s death.

TRAGEDIES TAKE LIVES OF LITTLE GIRLS FIJI – A toddler in Lautoka has become the latest drowning victim in Fiji. The deceased who was not quite two years of age was discovered loating in a creek by her mother. Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the victim’s mother had been attending to her younger daughter when she discovered her missing. Following a search the victim’s body was discovered loating in the creek located directly behind their back yard. Meanwhile, a four-year-old girl was run down and killed by a vehicle in Suva with other members of her family admitted to hospital with injuries. The deceased and her family were walking home after their morning church service at a Catholic church when a vehicle driven by an 80-year-old man allegedly hit them on the side of the road.

main port in the isolated marshall islands, Jose ivan told of his anxiety to be reunited with his family. Across a crackling radio transmission, the “miracle man of the Pacific ocean” told for the first time how his incredible year adrift in a small boat had left him ‘desperate and exhausted.’ “i just want to get back home to mexico, but i don’t even know where i am,” he said, his voice illed with emotion. He said he drifted helplessly through the treacherous waters of the Paciic after his small boat broke down off the coast of Mexico when he and a isherman colleague had set out on a ishing trip to San Salvador. His companion had died at sea several months ago, he added. Jose said he was “tired and sad”. Despite earlier reports that he had left his port in September 2012 to sail to el Salvador, he said over the crackly radio transmission from ship-to-ship that he had in fact set out to sea December 25 of that year, more than 13 months ago. “We set off to go shark ishing,” he told a mexican interpreter on a yacht moored in majuro, capital of the marshall island. it is understood the pair’s small boat encountered engine trouble and the currents carried them out into the ocean. Despite their attempts to attract other vessels, they continued to drift further out to sea – and it was then, as the weeks and the months dragged by – that their desperate struggle to survive took up every minute. Jose has told islanders who found him emaciated after he drifted into the lagoon on outlying ebon Atoll that his friend had died at sea and he had struggled to survive by drinking tur-

Pacific hawai’ian Islands


ebon atoll Marshall Islands


san salvador


Ocean The 12,500 kilometre route of a Mexican isherman who survived over a year adrift from Mexico across the open Paciic Ocean to inally wash into the lagoon of a tiny Marshalls’ atoll. PNC tle blood when there was no rain and had eaten raw ish. But as he was being transported from the atoll to majuro, the main port in the marshall islands, he managed to show a trace of humour despite his terrible ordeal. “if someone gets me home, i’m sure my boss will pay,” he said in the radio transmission. Jose told the mexican interpreter who had contacted him through a yacht’s radio in majuro: “i still don’t where i am or what happened. i’m desperate and i want to get back to mexico, but i don’t know how.” His words were evidence of his state of mind – a man who appeared bewildered at reaching land and falling into the arms of kindly villagers on ebon Atoll. He was fed and given water and given a bed to rest his exhausted body. Oficials in Majuro were told that despite the care he had been given by the people of ebon at-

oll and the fact that he had been able to walk around the village, he was still in poor health and preparations were being made for an ambulance to meet him when the patrol vessel docked. As word spread around the marshalls about the miracle survivor of the Paciic, no group of people were more excited at having encountered him than the villagers on ebon, the most southern of the island group’s atolls. With a population of just over 700 people, it lies about 370 kilometres from majuro –– and it is believed that it was just the luck of the currents– that resulted in the isherman being cast ashore in his battered 7.3-metre (24-foot) iberglass boat on the thin strip of islets that makes up the atoll. it was by chance that two villagers saw the man and answered his desperate waving. When they reached him they found a man hardly able

to stand, an emaciated figure dressed only in a ragged pair of underpants with a long beard and unkempt hair. Jose was taken by small boat to another part of the atoll group where a young norweigian anthropology student, ola Fjeldstad, managed to have a broken conversation with him and learn something of his amazing story of survival. it was then that the local mayor, ione deBrum, used the atoll group’s only phone to put a call through to the marshall islands ministry of Foreign Affairs and his existence became known. His words over the radio today made it clear, however, that his immediate plan, once his health had returned, was to return home to his family in mexico. The marshall islands, in the northern Pacific, are home to barely 60,000 people spread over 24 atolls. - Daily Mail/PNC

Tahiti’s ‘king’ faces long jail term PAPeeTe – The self-styled king of French Polynesia’s Pakumotu Republic has been transferred to Tahiti’s jail after being remanded on charges that could see him imprisoned for life. After two days of questioning, Athanase Teiri has been

charged with complicity to try to murder a police oficer, armed rebellion, forming a militia and distributing illegal money. This follows an incident last week when two of his supporters ired shots at police oficers arriving at his compound.

nobody was injured but the self-styled king and four of his supporters were arrested. last month, Athanase Teiri was given a six-month jail sentence for sending threatening letters to top oficials, including the public prosecutor and the

head of the institute in charge of issuing the Paciic franc. His Pakumotu group refuses to recognise France and last year began circulating its own money, the patu, which it had printed in huge quantities. - RNZI

Tongan Olympian proud to compete SoCHi – Tongan luge star Bruno

Banani says it has taken a lot of sacriice in order to achieve his goal of competing at the Winter olympics. The 24-year-old has become Tonga’s irst winter Olympian after securing his qualiication last month. The former university student and rugby player was selected by the German underwear manufacturer Bruno Banani to change his name and take up the sport as part of a marketing stunt. “They brought a luge coach from Germany. She was the one to pick me from the tryout in Tonga. “When i went to the tryout

they said it was to represent Tonga, and i wanted to do something like that, to represent Tonga. “When we came here to Germany to start training, i started to really like the sport. i was going better and better every month so the first olympics was in 2010, i missed out by one point on going to that olympics, so i just tell myself this is so close, if i can just do it longer then i can make it to the next olympics. So that’s what i did.” “Qualifying was the best thing for me and the race is a different story because i know my limit and the limit of the best guys in luge, but you never know what’s going to happen

in the race. The 24-year-old changed his name from Fuahea Semi to that of the German clothing brand in 2008. He says he’s had a lot of support and not just from Tongans. “i also have a lot of messages from different people around the Paciic who are very happy with what i’m doing,” he said. “There’s also a bit of pressure on me knowing that there are so many people behind me.” Banani says he’s very happy to have achieved his goal of qualifying for the olympics, which he says made a Christmas at home special. “When i found out that i qualified, my Dad, my family,

they were so happy and then i went home for Christmas and we were not just celebrating Christmas, we were also celebrating me qualifying for the olympics.” He says while he’d like to make it to the top 25 or 30 competitors in the luge at Sochi, for now he’s happy to soak up the experience of being at a Winter olympics. “i know the limits that i’ve had up until now. i still have more training to do to get more experience so that i can compete with the higher levels of athletes.” - ABC/PNC


Monday, February 3, 2014 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te PA enUA

Campaign begins SUVA – Fiji’s Prime minister

Voreqe Bainimarama says his soon to be formed party will ight a battle of ideas to determine the future of the country. Speaking at the Chinese new Year celebration in Suva, Bainimarama said he will be asking every Fijian, no matter who they are, to join him. “i will be forming a political movement and i will be asking every Fijian – no matter who they are – to join me. Together, our task will be to ight a battle of ideas to determine the future of our nation. And in that battle of ideas, we intend to win. “We will not do so with arrogance. We will not do so by lying

about the past or the future for that matter. “on the contrary, we will offer a fresh vision for every Fijian and humbly seek their support.” That vision will be laid out in detail during the election campaign, he said. “But i can tell you now that its foundation will be continuing stability, a healthy and vigorous economy and a climate that encourages new investment to create and sustain.” “our young people of course want interesting, satisfying jobs. They want to travel, to see the world, to have their horizons broadened. They want satisfying, fulilling lives. They want

to make a difference. They care about our environment. They want sustainable development. “They are our future – the new Fiji – and we must work as hard as we can, with them, to see their dreams fulilled.” He said his government’s initiative to allow young people to have equal opportunity to attain the highest level of education is not a handout but is a leg-up as it empowers the youth to build individual and national capacity. He said his government has achieved signiicant goals in the past eight years and the challenge would be to build on the progress so far. - Fiji Live

‘Admission’ read in court APiA – A man on trial for the

murder of Samoan new Zealander Hans Dalton “admitted to the crime” in a statement to police, the Supreme Court heard in Samoa. in a statement made to police on January 8, 2014, defendant Jonathan Patrick Crichton allegedly admitted he drowned Dalton in a 44-gallon drum of water. Prosecution witness, police inspector Samuelu Afamasaga, read out Crichton’s statement in court: “i pushed Hans to the wall, grabbed his feet and pushed him head irst into the gallon of water.” in the statement read out by

Afamasaga, the defendant admitted that he watched Dalton’s legs kick out for a few minutes then there was silence. He then went back to his room and lay down. “i got scared by what i did so i went back, looked at his legs then called out to the people on duty that a man had killed himself,” Crichton said according to the statement. it said Crichton had taken the opener of a tin can and used it to pick the lock of Dalton’s cell. “The palagi was calling out to open the door so he can go see his wife and kid,” the statement says. it says Crichton dumped the

“key” in the rubbish which prompted a search the following day. Having retrieved it from the dumpster, the police said they took him in for a second interview where he confessed to the crime. Dalton, a mentally ill patient was found dead on December 26, 2012, in a 44-gallon drum in a cell in Tafaigata Prison where he had been transferred to by hospital authorities who could not control his aggressiveness. The prosecution alleges that Crichton, angry that he couldn’t sleep because of the noise Dalton was making, entered Dalton’s cell and drowned him in the drum. - Talamua Online

O’Neill’s Bougainville visit a step towards reconciliation BUKA – Papua new Guinea’s Prime minister Peter o’neill has visited the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, the irst time a PnG leader has toured the region since the end of the war of independence in 1998. Billed as the “Goodwill Tour”, o’neill visited a number of towns in Bougainville, primarily to begin steps towards reconciliation between the region and the capital Port moresby. T h e A B C ’s P n G c o r r e spondent liam Cochrane was in Bougainville for the prime minister’s visit. He says o’neill received a warm welcome by locals, including ex-combatants. “There’s a sense that small steps are being taken but this one – the prime minister coming and actually showing his face – is very important. “ it’s about many things this trip, but one of them is a public opportunity to say sorry for things that have happened in the past, and to hopefully move forward,” Cochrane said. The Bougainville Revolutionary Army fought for independence from the PnG mainland in a decade-long civil war from 1988. The Post-Courier newspaper’s Bougainville bureau chief, David lornie, says o’neill’s visit was historic. “The prime minister is extending the olive branch, as it were, to make Bougainvilleans feel that they still are part of the country and he’s got them on

his mind.” While visiting Buka o’neil announced several funding initiatives for Bougainville, including money to re-seal the road between Buka in the north, and Arawa in central Bougainville. money sent from Port moresby to Bougainville, and how it was being spent, became an issue between the prime minister and Bougainville President John momis last year, and the new funding announcements have been welcomed by Bougainville residents. o’neill also visited Buin and Siwai in the south, but his visit to Panguna brought into focus the most sensitive issue for the region. The Panguna copper mine, which began operation in the 1970s with foreign management and migrant workers, became the focal point of Bougainville anger and sparked the civil war. The mine was closed because of the hostilities, and remains closed. The Post-Courier’s lornie says o’neill’s visit to the mine was “very signiicant”. ‘The people of Panguna have set up their own mekamui government. They were not a party to the 1998 peace process and they have been pretty much the hardline rebels. So his visit up there is very, very signiicant,” lornie said. “i’m told the president of the ABG (Autonomous Bougain-

ville Government), John momis, is going to announce a date of the referendum on independence this year. So it is a critical time for Bougainville, and a very well-timed visit for the prime minister.” o’neill did, however, sidestep the heated topic of the possible reopening of the Panguna mine. A B C correspondent Co chrane says many locals see a big resource project like the Panguna mine as essential for an independent Bougainville to succeed. lornie says the issue remains divisive. “The mekamui guys up in Panguna have loated a igure of 10 billion kina (approximately US$3.9 billion) before they can even sit down and talk about reopening the mine,” he said. “These are the hardline guys. on the other hand there are a lot of people who are saying, ‘look we do need the mine to reopen if we are to get back on our feet, if we want independence’, and there are other people saying, ‘let’s go with agriculture and copper and aquaculture’. “it’s such an emotional issue i think that the prime minister wanted to come in, just show his face, shake a few hands, say ‘look, let’s reconcile’. “i think any mention of the mine could quite possibly have been inlammatory and might have ruined the tone of the visit.” - ABC

aoteoroa neWS in BRieF ‘THE PEOPLE’ SHOULD DESIGN NEW FLAG, NOT THE GOVERNMENT A MAORI sovereignty group says the people should be responsible for any re-design of the national lag – not the Government. Prime Minister John Key has raised the prospect of holding a referendum on changing the national symbol during this year’s election. He says voters would be able to choose between the current lag or another option picked by the government. But sovereignty group Te Ata Tino Toa says Key is a bit lost over who should be making choices about a lag and that suggestions for an alternative lag should be driven by the public, not ministers. Te Ata Tino Toa is pushing for schools and prisons with Maori focus units to ly the Tino Rangatiratanga lag on Waitangi Day. Spokesperson Te Ao Pritchard says any new lag needs to represent all cultures in New Zealand. Key says while it’s not the number one issue, he will consult his senior ministers to decide whether to seek public opinion.

FLAG ‘CONVERSATION’ A DISTRACTION FROM ‘REAL ISSUES’ MANA Party leader Hone Harawira says Prime Minister John Key’s call for a national conversation about a new lag is an attempt to divert attention from the damage his government’s policies are doing to ordinary New Zealanders. The Prime Minister has mooted a referendum on the issue alongside this year’s election, with his own preference being for a silver fern on a black background. Harawira, whose advocacy helped win acceptance of the Tino Rangatiratanga lag as the oicially-sanctioned Maori lag, says the country has more important things to discuss. “I have a personal favourite in terms of the lag but I don’t think that’s the major issue right now. I think we have families in desperate straits, struggling to get into houses. I suspect absolutely that John Key’s doing his best to take people’s minds of it by throwing up the odd red herring of the lag,” he says. Meanwhile, Christchurch City Council has voted against lying the Maori lag for Waitangi Day. It considered advice that there was division with its Maori communities as to whether the red, white and black Tino Rangatiratanga lag or the United Tribes lag was the right one to ly.

MARCH TO WAITANGI TO PROTEST AT OIL EXPLORATION LICENCE THE government has continued to ignore the concerns of Northland hapu by granting oil exploration licences to overseas drilling companies, Maori Television reports. So a march has been instigated to take a stand against the government’s approval. Activist Reuben Taipari says the march is about the “future of our children and our grandchildren”. Norwegian company Statoil has been granted an exploration licence for the area of Te Reinga Basin-Northland despite opposition from local iwi. The people are taking their concerns all the way to Waitangi. MP Hone Harawira said: “One very important principle of the Treaty of Waitangi is guardianship to the seas and to the land. It’s only right to uphold that principle in this march from cape Reinga to Waitangi.” Maori Televison says the Northland hapu will be joined along the way by many more supporters as they endeavour to get to the Waitangi Day celebrations to present their concerns to the crown.

DUTCH AND SUQUAMISH TO PADDLE WAKA AT REGATTA GUESTS from Holland and the Suquamish nation of Seattle are joining paddlers from around the country for this weeks’s Waitangi Regatta in the Bay of Islands. The Dutch from the Njord Royal Rowing club are kaitiaki for the international waka taua Te Hono ki Aotearoa, which is housed the Museum Volkenkunde in Leide. The waka, which is used to promote the arts, culture, and people of Aotearoa in Europe, was part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant in June 2012. Toi Maori’s Nga Waka Federation has been involved with cultural exchanges with the Native Americans over the last ive years at their annual Tribal Canoe Journeys. Operations manager Tamahou Temara says they are now considering a project on both shores to build collaborative waka which incorporate designs and motifs of the various peoples. The idea came out of last month’s Kokiri Putahi Gathering in Kaikohe, which brought 130 indigenous artists from Alaska, canada, USA, Hawai’i, Samoa, Rarotonga and Aotearoa for two weeks of intensive art making.

RICH ORAL HISTORY OF MOUNTAINS NOW AN ONLINE RESOURCE NORTH Island iwi Ngati Porou has launched a rich online resource to help iwi members learn about the tribal history of all of their mountains, including iconic Mount Hikurangi. The Nga Maunga Korero website includes 105 stories about the mountains of the East coast tribe and its neighbours including Te Whanau a Apanui, Turanganui a Kiwa, Ngati Kahungunu and Tainui. The stories were compiled by a Ngati Porou historian Wananga Te Ariki Walker after speaking with concerned iwi members who wanted these korero a iwi (tribal stories) shared more widely. He said the articles had been transferred from the Gisborne Herald website from their original PDF format, and searching for Ngati Porou tribal history had never been easier. Walker said if tribal descendants do a web search and type in a name of a Ngati Porou ancestor, or East coast place names, for example, it should lead them to the Nga Maunga Korero website. He said the type of stories were the last bastion of Maori knowledge that hadn’t been inluenced by contemporary inluences, unlike kapa haka or modern waiata.

WORRY REGGAE FESTIVAL MIGHT SHIFT TO AUCKLAND MAORI visitor attractions in Rotorua stand to miss out on vital tourism spending if the Raggamuin reggae music festival moves from there to Auckland. The annual music event injects $14.9 million in to Rotorua’s economy. Raggamuin festival director Jackie Sanders says few local people are buying tickets, with only about 20 per cent buying passes. Up to 60 per cent of sales come from Auckland. Sanders says it would more economical to hold the event in Auckland, because it would cut a lot of costs, such as setting up stages, and paying artists to travel from Auckland to Rotorua. But she admits if the event is shifted it could afect visitor numbers to Rotorua tourism sites, including Maori attractions. Sanders says festival-goers have told organisers they like to make a road trip of the weekend and visit places such as hot pools. She says there would deinitely be an efect on business if the event wasn’t held there and she would prefer that the event stays in Rotorua.

KING TIDES GIVE VIEW INTO GLOBAL WARMING FUTURE ExcEPTIONALLY high tides are expected to continue to cause problems across low lying parts of Auckland. The king tides, which occur when a new or full moon occurs at the same time as the moon is at its closest to the earth, are about 60cm higher than usual and motorists are being warned that some sections of the city’s motorway network may lood every day this week. Scientists are warning New Zealanders to get used to king tides, because they will be happening every fortnight by 2060. A number of the higher-thannormal tides have been recorded since Friday. Parts of Auckland’s waterfront were submerged on Sunday. King Tides typically occur every seven months and continue for several days, and can be forecast up to a week in advance. Rob Bell from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research says in a few decades king tides will happen often as a result of climate change, because the water level becomes higher as the sea level rises. Dr Bell says people need to be aware that king tides are a danger, and should stay away from the water at high tide. A king tide on Sunday brought sea water lapping at Auckland’s roads and left beach-goers with nowhere to sunbathe. A week of king tides has prompted a warning to Auckland motorists to take extra care on the roads. The New Zealand Transport Agency says all road users - including cyclists and walkers – should take care, especially during that hour-and-a-half either side of high tide. council coastal specialist Scott Speed says king tides give people an opportunity to be coastal time travellers and give them a glimpse of the future.

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Monday, February 3, 2014 cook Islands News

leTTeRS reta

‘Doomsday’ for poultry business? Dear editor Your readers will recall my several questions to the ministry of Finance and economic management (mFem) last year about the tax reforms and how few replies were received. Well i have some more, which this time relate solely to the future of the poultry egg business and just in case there is a tendency to equivocate behind the generic acronym, mFem, in who should reply i am nominating either mr Richard neves or mr James Webb for that distinc-

tion although i would suggest the minster of Finance's new golden boy, mr Webb, be more appropriate as he appears to be the one making all the mistakes. 1. is government determined to proceed with the removal of the import levy protection April 1, 2014? 2. if yes, would mFem agree that it would be prudent for Scotts Farm to continue with its decision not to replace aging locks which it adopted last year at considerable cost after government announced its in-

tentions? 3. is mFem aware that if one importer/wholesaler/retailer was last year able to import nZ eggs, pay the 50 per cent protective levy and special these below the local wholesale price and admit to still making a small margin despite the fact that they were hovering on their Best Before date, then the opportunity to continue to sell at those prices without the levy and make a decidedly better margin will assure the end to local production and the attainment

of government's objective? 4.Faced by this reality would mFem agree that local farmers should now be well advanced with scaling back their operations to minimise losses and preparing to phase out of the industry altogether? 5. is m F e m budgeting to cover compensation arising from these losses and the longer term consequences arising from any legal action for infringement of the principles of legal certainty and protection of legitimate expectations

(irst raised with other still unanswered questions in my letter of 22 november 2013)? 6 . F i n a l l y, w h a t w o u l d mFem suggest we do, come doomsday, with nine poultry sheds comprising some 1650 square metres, approximately 10,000 birds for which there is no market and all the other paraphernalia associated with this industry accumulated over 30 years in the business which expanded and lourished in more enlightened times in a government that encouraged and

supported import substitution protected environment which the new generation textbook hotshots are out to destroy? i have another letter to follow picking up on norman George's suggestions on how to jumpstart the agriculture sector to more productivity (Cinews January 17) and inviting the Democratic Party to incorporate these into its election policies because it has proven to be a total waste of time talking to the present government. John m Scott

Manihiki has ‘been disillusioned for 17 years’ Dear editor, i refer to the letter by ‘Disillusioned’ headed “new manihiki Wharf is ‘money down the drain’” (Cinews January 31). it is obvious that ‘Disillusioned’ has no appreciation of life in the outer islands let alone about manihiki and infrastructure facilities on manihiki. i very much doubt ‘Disillusioned’ has had an op-

portunity to stand in line with the men in any of the outer islands who has to work unloading cargo and at times risk their lives in atrocious conditions to get supplies ashore for their families and community. if ‘Disillusioned’ has done so and for that matter any oficial, they would not have the audacity and arrogance to singularly determine what is ‘adequate’

for the outer islands (manihiki), nor claim that ‘a second wharf for manihiki is uncalled for’ because if ‘Disillusioned’ had done this, and this goes for any oficial, they would have a different perspective, view and understanding. This is the perspective, view and understanding of the men and boys who put their lives at risk down at the Tauhunu land-

ing every time a ship comes in to unload cargo. Seventeen years after cyclone martin smashed the place, they now don’t give a ‘rats ass’ which party or mP is in power whether Prime minister or not. They have been disillusioned for 17 years; they just want the project completed because they are deserving of it. it is only by the grace of God that Father marino’s jetty still

survives after 60 years to help ease the burden on boat days in Tauhunu. The challenge for the Tauhunu landing project designers, engineers and contractors is to construct a landing that can be a lasting legacy for our Tauhunu community. is this not one of the infrastructure goals of our national Sustainable Development Plan to improve infrastructures in our

nation? Why should Tauhunu landing be now excluded? i am in agreement with one sentiment expressed by ‘Disillusioned’ i.e. ‘the need for public servants... to grow some balls’ ... with one qualiication – it needs to be ‘balls of stainless steel’! Arthur Frederick neale nunoa, Tauhunu, manihiki/Palmerston island

‘Ship out’ those old tyres “PUBliC HeAlTH oficials need to focus on getting a good result in the case of the 500 tyres in the backyard property of the manager of a car and bike hire business,” a smoke signaller writes. “To say it's too expensive to ship out is unacceptable, given that the old tyres were used in the course of business. in other words, safe disposal of his tyres should be factored in as part of the cost of being in the car rental business. Shipping them out, presumably for processing as retreads, is a must. instead, he stockpiled the tyres in his backyard and hoped nobody would notice, or at least would not complain. The suggestion that someone else might offer land to bury his tyres is just ridiculous. if it were such a good idea, he would have buried the tyres in his own backyard. His tyres are a potential health hazard as a breeding spot for mosquitoes, so do the right thing and pay to ship out those tyres.”

LOSING OUR LANGUAGE A SmoKe signaller asks in a text message: “How sad – what is wrong with the youth of today? on the evening news recently not one of the Girl Guides spoke in our reo. Aue te tangi e, ka ngaro to tatou reo.”

JOB CONTRACTS A SmoKe signaller texts: “Regarding the asbestos removal, why are

the good jobs given to landholdings and mike Rennie and nobody makes a fuss? And T&M Heather get the ilthy job to clear asbestos contaminated soil and no one is jumping up and down about it?”

ANY CREDIT, TCI? “i BeT Telecom has the internet and email problems sorted when they email out their invoices!” a smoke signaller texts. “Come on

Telecom, it’s not good enough. i am looking forward to the o3b satellite service, if it ever comes. As a business owner i am sick of rebooting my modem 10 times a day to check simple emails. Perhaps a credit is in order for all?”

‘I’M LOCAL’ A SmoKe signaller texts to 188: “To the person who wrote the

'Christmas Timing' smoke signal recently and says it's 'outsiders' who are the problem [in pushing for tax to be paid on overseas pensions]. let me give you a wake-up call: i am a Cook islander!”

‘HARDLY AN APOLOGY’ A SmoKe signaller writes: “We are blessed with a robust constitution

which provides freedom of expression. That is ine, as long as what is said is true or substantially true. if on the other hand, a person makes assertions that damage another person’s reputation and the statements are not true, then the person may be liable to a lawsuit for defamation. in practice, many demand an apology published in a newspaper. According to Wilkie Rasmussen in his Ci Herald column, a local businessman took exception to the implication that his company is corrupt. The businessman demanded an apology from the Democratic Party leader, and publisher. Wilkie’s response? He claims his column was aimed at this political opponent, not the businessman. That is hardly an apology nor is it valid justiication. Instead he makes more insinuations that are basically the continuation of what he wrote last week. Wilkie is a practicing lawyer and should know better.”

BUILD A POOL “WHAT’S WRonG with our water system?’ asks a smoke signaller in a text to 188. “Just concentrate on Te Au o Tonga please – there’s nothing wrong with Takitumu, murienua and southern Akaoa. Please use the money to construct a swimming pool. i am sick of seeing 35 athletes and 35 oficials.”

PM ‘FOR THE PEOPLE’ “i SAlUTe the 'Action man' for the things he does in our village,” a smoke signaller texts to 188. “i've just come back from Australia and i see the free, clean water. Good on you George maggie, Pm for the people!” SS: The water system at the Tupapa meeting House was funded by the new Zealand High Commission under its ‘head of mission fund’ which aims to fund small, community-minded projects. When it was installed in may 2012, then nZ High Commissioner John Carter encouraged anyone with similar projects to contact the high commission for application forms.

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Monday, February 3, 2014 cook Islands News

Government ofice helps solve employment disputes THe Role of the ministry of internal Affairs’ labour and employment Relations Ofice is to ensure there is a legal process to regulate the employer–employee relationship. The labour and employment Relations Ofice provides information to inform employees and employers about their rights and obligations in accordance with the employment Relations Act 2012, and advise on services available for employment disputes and personal grievances.

Under the employment Relations Act 2012, an employment dispute is any dispute between an employer and employee (or former employee) about the interpretation, application or operation of an employment agreement or a breach thereof; or the failure of an employer to provide at least the minimum terms and conditions of employment; or a personal grievance. Where an employment dispute arises between an employer and employee, the employ-

ment Relations Act requires that they must irst try to negotiate a resolution. if such negotiation does not lead to resolution of the issue, either party may refer the dispute to mediation. The parties are to agree to the mediator, and failing agreement, a mediator can be appointed by the Secretary of internal Affairs. if mediation does not lead to resolution of the issue, either of the parties can make an application under the Arbitration

Act 2009. The appointment of a mediator upon request of the parties is the only involvement that the ministry has with mediating employment disputes. The ministry does not have the power to compel mediation or to be a party to a mediation of an employment dispute. The ministry of internal Affairs does not play a direct role in resolving disputes, mediation or arbitration. if there is a process for resolution set out in their employment

agreement, that process must be used. Where there is no dispute process set out in the employment agreement, the rules set out above apply. in the case of disputes between employers and foreign workers, there are additional rules that apply. Currently, under the immigration rules where a contract between an employer and foreign worker ceases, that foreign worker must return to their place of origin, unless the employer consents to the transfer

of contract to an alternative employer. For further details on immigration rules you should contact the ministry of Foreign Affairs and immigration. For more information about your employment rights and obligations please contact the ministry of internal Affairs, labour and employment Relations Ofice on 29370 or at - Ministry of Internal

Afairs Release

Niue Treaty Subsidiary Agreement consultation THe miniSTRY of marine Resources (mmR) has announced that the irst Cook Islands Consultation on the niue Treaty Subsidiary Agreement (nTSA) is being held this week in Rarotonga. The consultation is being held with Dr Filimon manoni, legal advisor for the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA). The Cook islands is one of the current eight signatories to the nTSA – which is a framework for sharing resources and exchanging information, including isheries data – and various ministries, non-government organisations and agencies have been invited to participate in this consultation. Dr manoni studied law at the University of PnG, University malta, and AnCoRS (University of Wollongong) and held the post of Attorney General for the marshal islands from 2008 to 2013. it is noted that Dr manoni through his role as legal advisor in FFA has conducted a number of in-country consultations on the nTSA. Dr manoni advises that people should be aware that illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU), ishing poses a real threat to all communities in all regions and sub-regions of the world. it is a phenomenon practice that if left to thrive, could prove damaging, not only to the economic interests of governments around the world, but more so, to fisheries as a source of food security, he says. our region and our nations likewise, are not immune from

this scourge, and stand to lose considerably, if no meaningful strategy is adopted to combat illegal fishing activities in our region. To put this phenomenon into context, in 2007, the total tuna harvest in the Western Central Pacific ocean (WCPo) was valued over US$3.7 billion dollars, which represented over 55 per cent of the total world tuna production. in the year 2009, the highestever catch of 2.6 million tonnes, was recorded in the WCPo, with the value of landed catch, ranging between US$4 and US$5 billion. By the same token however, IUU ishing activities in the region have continued unabated, frustrating regional and national efforts to properly conserve and manage our isheries and to maximize economic returns. it is reported that the average annual iUU catch is estimated between US$707 million and $1.557 billion dollars. in the context of the region, these igures represent a colossal economic loss, and this trend, if allowed to continue unchecked, will no doubt devastate the economic dreams and welfare of our governments and peoples. The value of fisheries to the Cook islands cannot be overemphasised. The Cook islands, like many of our neighbours in the region, rely to a certain degree on the sustainability of our ish stocks, both for economic reasons as well as for reasons of food security. For us to stand idle and to al-

low the pervasive pillage of our fisheries resources to worsen, does not serve our national interests, nor the region’s interests, and the situation requires of us, the commitment to play an effective role at the national level, as well as regionally, in the effective conservation and management of our isheries. There is no doubt that our economic interests and those of our neighbours are intrinsically linked, in the context of sustainable isheries, and this point underscores the value of meaningful regional co-operation in isheries monitoring, compliance and surveillance (mCS) efforts. in the last 30 years or so, since the adoption of the FFA Convention, our region has implemented a myriad of regional mCS initiatives, to help the region better manage and conserve its isheries. The convention promoted the spirit of regional cooperation in our mCS activities, taking into account the vastness of our oceans, and the limitations in each of our jurisdictions. We instituted a number of measures, such as the harmonized minimum terms and conditions of our licensing, acceded to international, regional and sub-regional isheries agreements, engaged in annual bilateral and multilateral fisheries surveillance operations, and with the assistance of the FFA, we are now fortunate to have at our disposal the services of the Regional Fisheries Surveillance Centre in Honiara, amongst others.

All Cabinet ministers in country this week THiS WeeK , all members of

cabinet have been invited to a two-day conference that aims to focus on the role of parliament in ighting corruption. The Canadian-based Global organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GoPAC) has organised the oceania Regional meeting 2014, to be held in Rarotonga this week on Wednesday and Thursday. The meeting aims to bring together legislators from par-

liaments throughout the Pacific region in an effort to develop the abilities of parliamentarians to support anti-corruption programmes. Prime minister Henry Puna has been asked to deliver a speech at the meeting. All members of the Cook islands parliament are expected to attend. Apart from the GoPAC conference, members of cabinet are expected to be in the country all week.

What will YOu be talking about today? “ Where the conversation begins.”

Deputy Prime minister and minister of infrastructure Teariki Heather returns from Auckland on Sunday where he was on a personal trip, and is expected to remain in Rarotonga during the week. Finance minister mark Brown will be attending the opening of the nursing school on monday morning, along with 50th anniversary celebrations of the Cook islands library and museum Society in Taputapuatea. education minister Teina Bishop, minister of Health nandi Glassie, and Agriculture minister Kiriau Turepu will also be in Rarotonga all week attending to their ministerial duties. - ES

dr Filimon Manoni, legal advisor for the Forum Fisheries agency, speaking in rarotonga this week. 14012821

it is not to be discounted that we have as a region come a long way in terms of the management of our isheries. However, despite our good efforts, it is recognised that success has been modest - a fact acknowledged by the Forum leaders in the 2007 Vava’u Declaration. in that declaration, Forum leaders noted with deep concern the state of isheries in the region and called for the implementation of a new strategy to safeguard the regions ish stocks against IUU ishing activities. in the Joint Fisheries and law ministers in 2010, the proposal to pursue a subsidiary agreement-type arrangement as envisaged under the niue Treaty was adopted and approved by the leaders later that year. Following a number of negotiation sessions, the final text of the agreement was finally adopted on november 2, 2012,

now commonly referred to as the nTSA. The nTSA is intended to serve as yet another valuable isheries mCS tool for the region. it is intended to strengthen implementation of the niue Treaty by building into the treaty newer elements, to deepen cooperation in mCS efforts, particularly in the sharing of resources and intelligence, aimed at strengthening fisheries surveillance and law enforcement efforts. it is the vision of the Forum leaders that this strategy will promote and maximize the social benefits and economic returns of the members, including the Cook islands. The importance of the agreement to the region is underscored in the directive by the FFC ministers that the relevant agencies work with members, as they progress the agreement through their own national re-

view processes. I note also the speciic directive by the FFC ministers to the FFA, to consult with isheries oficials and stake-holders, and to raise national awareness on the beneits of the agreement. manoni stated that “we now have the opportunity to act on these directives. With these consultations it is hoped that we will be in a position to bring our own review of the agreement to a conclusion”. “By the end of this consultation, we will all have a better appreciation of the implications of the agreement.” mmR secretary Ben Ponia would like to express his appreciation to James movick, director-general of the FFA, Dr Filimon manoni and the FFA, for providing support at this consultation and also to the numerous participants that have attended. - MMR Release

WEEKLY TRAVEL DIARY FOR CABINET MINISTERS MINISTER PORTFOLIOS TRAVEL Prime Minister, Attorney General, Energy, Justice, EMCI, Public Service, Commission, Marine Resources, Transport, Foreign Afairs and Immigration

Monday, February 3 to Monday, February 10: cOOK ISLANDS

Kiriau Turepu

Agriculture, BTIB, NES

Monday, February 3 to Monday, February 10: cOOK ISLANDS

Teina Bishop

Education, Tourism

Monday, February 3 to Monday, February 10: cOOK ISLANDS

Mark Brown

Finance and Economic Management, Head of State, Commerce, FIU, Pearl Authority, Telecommunications, Financial Supervisory Monday, February 3 to Monday, commission, Superannuation, PERcA, February 10: cOOK ISLANDS Financial Services Development Authority, Minerals and Natural Resources.

Henry Puna

Teariki Heather Nandi Glassie

Deputy Prime Minister, Infrastructure and Planning, cultural Development, House of Ariki, Police

Monday, February 3 to Monday, February 10: cOOK ISLANDS

Health, Parliamentary Services, Ombudsman, Internal Afairs

Monday, February 3 to Monday, February 10: cOOK ISLANDS


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Tertiary students acknowledged at graduation moRe than 50 students wore

ei’s and proud smiles when they graduated from the Cook islands Tertiary Training institute on Friday. The ceremony, which took place at the national Auditorium, began with a turou and included speeches from director of CiTTi owen lewis, minister of education Teina Bishop, nZ High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers and graduate Angela Taoro, who previously won a silver medal representing CiTTi at the prestigious Toque d’or competition. The ceremony was attended by Queen’s Representative Tom marsters, and Prime minister Henry Puna who presented qualiications to students. The first group to graduate was 12 students from the faculty of hospitality and services. They were followed by 19 students who had completed a retail qualiication with support from CiTC, and 26 students who are graduating from the faculty of trades and technology. in his opening address, lewis

said graduation is a time of relection, telling graduates “You have earned everything you’ve achieved”. He thanked family members for attending the ceremony, saying “Your presence is a reminder that our service is shared by families, and we thank you for your support”. Following an opening pure by ngatokorua Patia and a hymn by members of CiCC Avarua, Kempkers congratulated the students on their achievements, and added that it is important to continue to strive for success and put their skills into practise. “The best education systems in the world are not a substitute for hard work… Unless you apply the skills you have learned, that qualiication is little more than a piece of paper.” As well as the students who graduated, the ceremony also offered acknowledgement to new awardees of scholarships, funded by new Zealand, Australia and the Cook islands government. - Briar Douglas

students were joined by their friends and family at the national auditorium to celebrate their graduation on Friday. 14020213

director of the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute owen Lewis gave the opening address at the ceremony. 14020210

students were dressed to impress for the formal occasion. 14020212

Prime Minister Henry Puna attended the ceremony, and is seen here presenting a qualiication from the Faculty of hospitality and services to a proud student. 14020202

Kathleen Aratai receives her Level 1 Certiicate in Food Preparation and Cooking, awarded through international qualiications developer City and Guilds. 14020204


Monday, February 3, 2014 cook Islands News

Kiwi students taking skills to Atiu Six oCCUPATionAl therapy students from new Zealand are about to change lives – and have their own lives changed – when they head to Atiu next week. The young women are all in their inal year of study at Otago Polytechnic and will be arriving in the country this weekend, before lying to Atiu for a six-week ield trip. Two of their lecturers, Kaye Cheetham and Jayne Webster, have just returned from a reconnaissance trip to Atiu where they inalised the programme. “We’ve been working for the past six months sorting out the learning opportunities for the students in order to meet the needs of people in Atiu,” Cheetham said. occupational therapy (oT) is a health profession concerned with helping people to participate in the activities of

everyday life. The students will be working closely with Atiu’s disability coordinator Jude isia to deliver a variety of projects in the community. one of these will involve teaching young people how to cook healthy meals using traditional foods. They will also work with the elderly and support people with ongoing disabilities. “You can imagine there are some quite isolated families providing the main care for their loved ones and these programmes will help them a lot,” Cheetham said. A local school principal has invited the students to identify children with learning dificulties and find ways of helping them. Webster, who lectures at otago Polytechnic’s campus in

Hamilton, said she was struck by the remoteness and isolation of Atiu. “We saw the barge come in and it was a huge deal for the locals because that brings their supplies in. i can see for the students, it will be an amazing opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture.” local oT Donna Smith, who runs moeau Services in Rarotonga, has organised the programme and will be with the students during their time in the Cook islands. “The people of Atiu have selected these programmes that they want help with,” she said. The aim is to set up projects that locals can continue to run after the students leave. Another major goal is to encourage Cook islanders to study occupational therapy, Smith said.

Left to right: Ten-year-old Georgia Tattersall, occupational therapist in Rarotonga Donna Smith, and lecturers at otago Polytechnic Jayne Webster and Kaye Cheetham. 14013012 Cheetham said the students have an array of other talents to share with locals. one represents the region in

rugby, one is a qualiied aerobics instructor, another a swimming instructor, and a number are talented musicians.

The six young women will be staying at Kopeka lodges, owned by eddie Drollet. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Local scouts join 20th NZ jamboree THe CooK islands Boy Scouts attended the 20th new Zealand Scout Jamboree, which was held in Fielding, new Zealand from December 28 to January 7. Twenty-six members attended including five leaders, six senior Scouts and ifteen Scouts, including members from the island of mauke, the St Joseph Boy Scout Troop in Rarotonga and the Cook islands Boy Scout Association. The group was led by contingent leader JP Wilson, and the team left for new Zealand on Christmas eve and spent Christmas in the air with Air new Zealand. in Auckland the group was hosted by Paciic Gospel Mission Church in Ponsonby led by mata makara and Peia makara. The group drove to Fielding with the Akara Zone group – this was a seven-hour drive which the local boys were not used too, but it was a good experience. “For the 10 days we were in camp, the boys had to cook, and make sure that they were

on time for their activities. The whole concept and theme for the camp was ‘To empower our Scout’, which was very interesting to how these young boys and girls can do things without being told what to do,” says Wilson. The activities ranged from water activity, rock climbing, caving, farm work, riding gocarts/scooters/quads, army training course, shooting and performing on international cultural night and much more. “For our six senior Scouts they were part of the Youth Service Team (YST). They were there to help out on the different activity base sites and to make sure that everything was to run smoothly without any problems – they had to travel a day before the jamboree started to get them settled in, and a brief training course before everyone arrived for the starting of the Jamboree.” Tasks they were assigned to included stage crew, every night there were different shows, shooting base, drive base, chal-

lenge base, gate duty to name a few. “The boys are already talking about the next jamboree which will be held in Christchurch new Zealand in 2016. Also during the jamboree, the new Zealand Scout Association held a leader's Woodbadge Training Course for the Paciic island leaders. The islands that participated included the Cook islands, Tonga, Samoa and the Solomon islands. “We had one leader from the Cook islands, Tokoa (Ting) Rairoa that completed the course. This course helps develop and organise scout activities for meeting days, and gives a better understanding of what our roles are as leaders,” says Wilson. “in the Cook islands we currently have six active Woodbadge holders and now we have seven. We have Jim Ditchburn, John Paul Wilson, Ben maxwell, Basilio Kaokao (mauke), Tuakana makara, John Hagai (Pukapuka) and now Tokoa (Ting) Rairoa.” - CI Scouts

The local scout members that attended the 20th new Zealand scout jamboree in december. 14013111


Finance oicer – Cook Islands As the Finance oicer you will support and work closely with the finance manager, westpac cook islands to ensure the administration of the westpac business is streamlined and eicient. Your role is responsible for accounts payable including liaising with suppliers for conirmations and updates on balances. Additionally you will prepare and analyse various inancial reports. You have core personal principles that see you behave as a dynamic, focused and disciplined professional. Your ‘can do’ attitude allows you to be nimble yet operate with a sense of accuracy and urgency in all that you do.

knowledge and experience: •

evidence of being a strongly organized and structured person, with a ‘can do’ attitude to all activities and challenges

strong oice administration experience

proven skills in written and verbal communication

exemplary technology skills using applications related to the Administration Function of a business.

proven track record in contributing to business performance through operational eiciency.

Ideally you will be tertiary qualiied with a relevant Accounting Degree.

Tell us why you think you are the right person for this job by submitting your written application along with your cv, by 10 february 2014, to: nick rous, finance manager, westpac cook islands, email: nickrous@ or deliver to westpac branch, avarua. scouts from the Cook Islands build a raft as part of the jamboree activities in Fielding.




Monday, February 3, 2014 cook Islands News


classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai

deadLIneS Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

PHONE 22999


Fax 25303

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.




rarotonga netball Centre Inc. Annual General Meeting Date - Wednesday 26 February 2014 Venue - NCI Oice Time - 6pm Agenda 1. Opening Prayer 2. Previous AGM Minutes 3. Matters Arising from Minutes 4. President’s Report 5. Treasurer’s Report 6. Election of Oice Bearers 7. Other Matters 8. Closing Prayer President.


Personal Man looking for girl born 1982, 1986 or 1988 to settle down in Tahiti. Please write to Van Arii, PO Box 11882, Mahina, Tahiti.

Uipaanga Atu Enua Arevai 129A1, Tupapa Kite Are Uipaanga Tupapa Nui ra 7 o Peperuare nei2014, 5.30 ite aiai. Au akakoroanga: - Patianga Turanga are - Turanga o te Marae - Taoanga komono o Te Ariki Taraare Mataiapo - Manako keke Landowners meeting at Tupapa Nui Meeting house, 7 February 2014 at 5.30pm. Agenda: - Request for Occupation Right - Reserve for Marae - Power of Attorney for Te Ariki Taraare Mataiapo - Other matters Meitaki maata.

araura College – Gala rale results Drawn at Araura College on Friday 31st January 2014

FOuND Notices are FREE

76654 /36182 /1931

To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

Landowners meeting Tuesday 4 Feb 2014 Akaoa meeting house 6pm Agenda Request for extension of leases by Pati & Denis Hogan on the land Aretuna Section 94A2B2, Arorangi. 76671 /36190 /1931

76673 /36189 /1931

HULAnesian Fitness! Hour of awesome workout Topshape Tuesdays 4.30pm Muri Meeting house Saturdays 8am. Info 72996. 76722 /36216 /1931


InfrAsTrUcTUre cOOK IsLAnDs - WATsAn UnIT

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR RAROTONGA GROUNDWATER InVeSTIGaTIon and MonITorInG PROJECT WATsAn is the Water, Waste & sanitation Unit of the Ministry of Infrastructure cook Islands (IcI) tasked with the development and management of Policies, Strategies, Planning and Projects within the water, waste and sanitation sector. A key deliverable for the unit relates to improving surface and groundwater quality to promote sustainable cultural and recreational use of the lagoons, sustainable tourism and to safeguard public health. The WATsAn Unit is managing several programmes and projects that require: (i) The creation and/or reinstatement of a number of groundwater investigation and monitoring points around Rarotonga; and (ii) Assessment of groundwater quantity, quality and availability from selected groundwater monitoring points. IcI wishes to invite proposals from an appropriately qualiied, experienced and equipped irm to provide these services. A copy of the Request for Proposals document including speciications can be requested by email from the address provided below. Proposals close at 4pm on Wednesday, 12 February 2014, cook Islands time, and must be submitted In hard copy to the IcI Oice in Arorangi inside a sealed envelope addressed to: mr mac mokoroa Secretary Infrastructure cook Islands Po Box 102 Rarotonga cook Islands and clearly marked with “RAROTONGA GROUNDWATER INVESTIGATION AND MONITORING PROJECT” and the applicants name. enquiries to: Jaime Short WATsAn Programme coordinator P: +682 22-648 e: 76467

Classiieds • Phone 22999


CooK ISLandS GaMe FISHInG CLub WEIGHMASTERS cOMP The annual weighmaster’s comp will be run on Saturday 8th February between the hours of 0600 and 1700 with prize giving at 1830. This comp is open to inancial members of the club and $20 boat registration must be paid at the bar before 2330 on Friday 7th Feb ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The AGM of the cook Islands Game Fishing Club will be held on Saturday 1st March at 1400.

Winners Name 1.0368 Jean & Tumai Guinea 2.2060 Rotana Howard 3.1917 Stephen Tearetoa 4.1213 Toia charlie 5.0011 Simon Law 6.2099 Seth 7.1752 Sekoula-Arorangi 8.0032 Viriama Maara 9.0232 Jess & Tina 10.0095 Prisca Tatira 11.0333 Lady Market Takapora 12.0622 Numia Tschan Nikaupara 13.1052 Teiana charlie Manu Place 14. 1819 Jonah Ioane 15. 1438 Low Kamoe 16. 1817 Tearataia Ioane 17. 1472 Eteta T – Stay cool 18. 2156 Arekura Heights 19. 0238 Darling Neale 20. 1627 Mel & Mac – Atupa congratulations to all the winners. Please contact Ake Tuakeu 54916 or Eddie Drollett 52884 to collect your prizes.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.



Public Consultation on the Biosecurity Draft regulation 2014. The Ministry of Agriculture will be conducting a Public consultation Meeting on the Draft Biosecurity Regulations 2014 in each district on Rarotonga. The regulation covers New Quarantine Requirements for Plant and Animals on Import, Export, Fines, Fees and Charges. The meeting is open to the General Public. Please make every efort to attend as this is very important for us to know and protecting our Nation at all times. Ka rave atu Te Tipatimani o te Pae Tanu I tetai uipaanga no runga ite Ture ou koia oki ko te Draft Biosecurity Regulations s 2014. Tei roto I teia Ture nei tetai au akatuke anga ou no runga ite turanga o te apai ua rakau mai mei vao ake ite Basileia, mei te ua kai, atava tiare e te vai atura. No reira te pati akaaka ia atu nei ki te katoatoa rava kia tae mai tatou kia akarongo ite au tumu manako puapinga no runga I teia Ture te ka riro ite tauturu ito tatou Ipukarea. Days and Venue of the meeting. Monday 3 February 2014, 6pm, Puaikura - calvary Hall Tuesday 4 February 2014, 6pm, Avarua - Sinai Hall Wednesday 5 February 2014, 6pm, Takitumu - Avana Meeting House Dr Matairangi Purea Secretary of Agriculture.

Ministry of Transport Boat Master Certiicate Course A cook Islands Boatmaster Certiicate Course will be held over two weeks from 10th February to 20th February. Hours are 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm Monday to Thursday each week. All boat operators and interested parties, male or female, over 18 years of age are encouraged to attend. Numbers strictly limited so enrol early. Payment of Course Fee of $50 will secure a place. Application forms may be obtained from the Ministry of Transport in Avatiu. Phone Steve Simpson on 28810 or Mobile 55605 for details.


The Araura college PTA would like to warmly thank everyone and supporters who purchased the tickets in aid of the school. A special thank you to the Araura college ex-pupils in Rarotonga for their strong support and drive in selling the tickets. Meitaki Atupaka 777

76716 / /1956

For the sake of your family

GET HELP Call AA - 71744


ph 22336 TENDERS

animal Clinic

76330 /35030 /1931

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

76719 / /1792

76703 / /1764

SERVICES Daniel Maitoe’s Massage still open Monday- Friday Evenings only Phone 28691 for more details. 76727 /36215 /1931

Grounds Maintenance Services Need your lawns and hedge trimmed and/or maintained? No job is too big or too small for us to handle. Give us a call at T&S Ltd on 29069 or 70716/52914 for a free quote. 76707 /36208 /1931

VEhICLES FOR SALE MTS L300 Petrol Van, Includes new tyre, $3000.Phone 50554. 76726 /36220 /1931

Small Suzuki van best ofer phone 76104. 76677 /36191 /1931


HeaVy dIeSeL enGIneer

OffIce Of The PrIMe MInsTer

SUPPLY OF WATER TANKS AND ConSTruCTIon MaTerIaLS For THe ISLandS oF aITuTaKI, aTIu and PaLMerSTon ConTraCT no. SrICCC C01/13 Strengthening the Resilience of our Islands and our Communities to Climate Change (SrIC - CC)

To maintain 36 tonne excavators, trucks, generators, water pumps, hydraulic systems etc. Top rates of Pay. Must be able to start work mid- March 2014. send cV to Landholdings Ltd or drop of to oice in Panama. 76562

The Oice of the Prime Minister through the climate change coordination Unit wishes to seek tender proposals from suppliers for the supply of Water Tanks and construction Materials for the Islands of Aitutaki, Atiu and Palmerston. Tender documents including speciications can be collected during work hours from the Oice of the Prime Minister in Parekura. Tenders close 12pm, 7 february 2014 and must be submitted to the Oice of the Prime minister in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Supply of Water Tanks and Construction Materials for the Islands of aitutaki, atiu and Palmerston Contract no. SrIC-CC C01/13” and addressed to: chief of staf Oice of the Prime Minister Private Bag Avarua Rarotonga A non-refundable payment of $150 will be required for a copy of the Tender Document All enquiries to Daryl rairi, srIc-cc Technical Assistant, Telephone 55064, or email

Kia Orana! - The edgewater resort & spa are currently seeking full time and part time staf. If you are a team player and have the ability to work under pressure and multitask - then we are looking for you! All applicants must have: Good communication skills, be honest and reliable, conidence and personality - full training will be provided for the right applicants. The positions available are: • restaurant cleaner (6-12midday) • Waitress / waiter (full & part time) • Demi chefs • Kitchen hand • housekeeping supervisor • housemaids for further queries, please contact the hr & Training Manager Jef TIKITAU on ph 58008 or Lynn MATAIO on ph 55469. Application forms are also available from reception. Look forward to meeting you!



Job Opportunities


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A cappella singers in chicken suits lying to the Cooks CHiCKenS can't fly, but if a

Ministry of Marine Resources FISHerIeS oFFICer (Parttime, Mauke, Mitiaro) The MMR has two vacancies for a part time oicer based on Mauke and Mitiaro. Applicants should be familiar with local isheries and able to work closely with traditional leaders, Island Council and the ishing community. Qualiications and skills are required. For further information contact Uirangi Bishop on telephone 28730. Please provide a letter of application and cV addressed to the Secretary, P.O Box 85, Avarua or by email ( Application closes 4pm on Monday 3 February 2014.

brood of a cappella singers can raise the funds, it'll be lying to the Cook islands in march for a cultural exchange of songs and comedy. The feather-clad quartet Tone Deaf has been performing for kids in the Ashland School District for the past 15 years and has made countless other appearances at fundraisers, community events and schools all over Southern oregon. "Singing in chicken suits shows kids this can be fun. You don't have to be there singing mozart. You can be silly if you want," says michael Biggs, a tenor. The fowl act is also part of

SITUATIONS VACANT Female Waitress required for a restaurant. Training provided for the right candidate. Experience preferred. Phone 22279 or 75422

76366 / /1971

Ministry of Education Applications are invited from qualiied, motivated and experienced professionals for the following curriculum advisory and administration positions: 1) Director of Planning and Development Responsible for supporting the development of mid-term and annual business planning, policy development, school reviews, compliance and annual reporting. 2) Planning and Policy Oicer Policy review, research and development, including consultation with stakeholders. 3) Learning and Teaching curriculum Advisors (2 positions) Provide advice on current pedagogical practice aimed at improving student achievement preferable at the secondary level, state major and supporting subject areas. An application pack is available from the Ministry website at: Please send completed application forms with cV and references to: Director - Human Resources Management Ministry of Education P O Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Ph (682) 29357, fax (682) 28357 or email vacancy@education. Applications close on Friday 14 February 2014. 76728 / /1795

76723 / /2199

We are currently seeking the following: 1. Assistant chef/cook 2. Pastry chef 3. Professional Bartender/ Supervisor All positions require skilled, experienced, matured and hands on person. To apply: Email cV to or call 56214. 76571 / /2247

30-40hr a week oice position available at TNM Ltd in Aitutaki... Experience & sound knowledge of computers, emails and Excel essential Position entails: stock control & orders, data entry The understanding and previous use of QuickBooks would be beneicial Flexible hours We need you to be honest, trustworthy & reliable Please email application or cV to Or write to TNM Ltd PO Box 53 Aitutaki. 76596 / /2408


a larger lock, the Salem SenatAires, which took 12th place in an international competition held in January in Canada. Tone Deaf includes Biggs, Al Robins, a baritone, Tom Walker, lead singer, and Doug Borngasser, a bass. Together the men cluck it up as they parody familiar songs with precision harmony and plenty of shtick thrown in for good measure. Recently Robins' wife and group manager, Janet, contacted the ministry of education for the Cook islands about having Tone Deaf sing to all the schools on the islands, about 29 in total. "i don't know how they are going to get everyone together," says Al Robins, "but most of the schools are on the main island, Rarotonga." The biggest challenge for the group is the airfare. "it's near Tahiti. it's next to nowhere, and it's relatively expensive per light," says Biggs. The quartet has set up a crowdfunding account at www. and plans to do some fundraising during its annual holiday show in Ashland. "So many schools are losing their music programmes so they are really trying to bring music in. We do that with the Harmonizers," says Biggs, referring to Tone Deaf's membership with the Rogue Valley Harmonizers. "We're part of the larger Barbershop Harmony Association, and they are just a great organization promoting a cappella singing to kids all over the world," says Robins. it's possible that the Barber-

From left: Michael Biggs, Tom Walker, Doug Borngasser and Al Robins make up Tone Deaf, a barbershop harmony and comedy group raising funds to ly to the Cook Islands to share barbershop with locals. 14013113 shop Harmony Association will match the amount the singers raise on their own. "We really want kids to say, 'that's really fun,'" Robins says. “You don't have to be the absolute best singer in the world if you can keep pitch and sing with other people. So that's what we're doing in the Cook islands, we're going to bring barbershop harmony there. They have a rich tradition of a cappella singing in the Cook islands. most of it is sacred but it's really beautiful. So they are going to teach us some stuff, and we'll teach them some barbershop."

To add to the cultural exchange, Borngasser plans to bring his 11- and 13-year-old children with him and try to get them to go to school in the Cook islands for at least one day. "neither one of them seem very excited about going to school in a new place," he says. For the Tidings Cafe, the quartet performed "Come Fry With me," a parody of the Frank Sinatra tune. Why chicken suits? "The chickens were random," says Walker. "mike was at a garage sale." "There they were, they had this light glowing upon them,"

says Biggs. "i quickly called Al and said, 'oh, my God! We have to change everything, i just found it!' " The band is trying to book as many gigs as possible to raise money for the trip, even though that means performing in hot chicken suits in the middle of summer. "one of the comments we get is that we're like live-action muppets," says Biggs. "no shame. if you have pride and ego, ind another quartet," adds Robins. - Many Valencia/ AAshland Daily Tidings





Good quality 20 foot shipping container wanted for storage. Please call Rohan 55686 with your price. 777

Autism Cook islands ph 24065/55976




oFFICe and FInanCe ManaGer manage the Finance and Administrative duties of the Authority, meeting MfeM inancial reporting requirements, and the administering of correspondence and marketing materials. for more details on the position, please email jdavis@ This may be a Part-Time or full-Time position depending on the skills of the successful candidate. conidential applications should be made in writing and include a cV and sent by e-mail to: Applications close Friday, February 14, 2014. 76700

OverseAs AdvertisinG we can place your message in newspapers around the world. we will get quotes for classiied advertisements and pre-billing. contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:



Te TAnGO TUTArA O Te TUre (MInIsTry Of JUsTIce)

Job VaCanCIeS As part of the restructuring process within cIsnOc, the following full-time positions are available; • sports Manager • Administration Oicer • finance Oicer Based in Rarotonga, the appointees will report to the ceO / secretary General of cIsnOc and will be responsible for the daily business conducted and coordinated through cIsnOc. for a full listing of the Job Description, please contact the cIsnOc Oice, or email robert Graham on All applications will be in strict conidence. Applications close friday 14 february 2014 at 12noon. 76559

VaCanCy A vacancy exists within the ministry of Justice for;

Court Stenographer Applications for the above vacancies should be addressed to: Secretary (Vacancy) ministry of Justice Po Box 111 rArOTOnGA Or via email to copies of Job Descriptions can be obtained at the Ministry of Justice. Applications close on friday 7 february 2014 at 4pm. 76602


Monday, February 3, 2014 cook Islands News

courtneWS akava’anga

Prison escapee hopeful for charge withdrawal had asked the court for a week adjournment, so that he could consult his client on his matters. He had only just agreed to take on Taufahema’s case. Police prosecutor Tuaine manavaroa had opposed bail, saying that there is a high possibility Taufahema will reoffend if released. The matter was adjourned to February 6 without plea. Teremoana Saddler, 23, appeared for a call-over regarding four charges of burglary and being unlawfully found on private property. He had not found a lawyer yet. Police prosecutor Tuaine manavaroa asked that all matters are adjourned, and that Saddler is taken back into remand. The matters were adjourned to February 20. Poaru Tatira, 43, appeared to court for charges of presenting

“B est Co ckt ails

shipwreck hut

-C old Be er”

wha t’ s oN The


ing from custody. An adjournment was made to April 17, with Dauvois bail conditions to continue. Rima Iotua, 23, charged with possession of a utensil, initially did not appear to court and an arrest warrant was issued. Defence counsel Brian mason told the court he had only been approached by iotua’s family the day before and did not have a means of contacting iotua. He said he could not stand the matter down because he had other commitments. iotua did appear later on however, and the warrant was cancelled. His matter was adjourned to February 20 without plea. Vaikaloa Taufahema, 19, was denied bail after his lawyer asked for Taufahema to be released. Defence counsel Tony Brown

THe HiGH CoURT on January 30 was presided over by Justice of the Peace Tauei Solomon, who made the following judgements: Wilfred Dauvois, 34, appeared for a call-over where he was described by his lawyer, norman George, as being “a different man altogether” since being on prescription medication for a form of psychosis. “i have been working closely with police and Dauvois, he has been doing so well it is unbelievable,” George said. He added that because of this result he hopes the charges are withdrawn by police. He asked for an adjournment so that he could have time to sit and discuss the cases with his client and police. Dauvois has a host of charges from theft and unlawful taking, to contempt of court and escap-

@ Aro’A BeAchside inn

phone 22166

sUNseT cocktails

rUdY aQUino

ph 23004

THURSDAYS 5:30 - 7:30pm on the Vibes & Ukele avarUa town open mondaY to sUndaY Tr


@ aroabeachsideinnarorangi

ph 22 166


Tues Seafood Night – Entertainment Tani and Rose Thu Pub Night – Entertainment Tara Kauvai Sun BBQ – Entertainment Local String Band



Our food our passion 6pm till late



Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619 from tUesdaY 21st Jan we will be closed for our annual holiday break open from thursday 13th Feb

open dailY for breakfast 8-10am and lUnch 12-2pm


ph 20 002


ph 26 860


Sunset BBQ w/ GARTH YOuNG - PIANO 6PM sunset Cocktails w/ W/RuDY AQuINO 5.30PM – 7.30PM Sat Seafood BBQ w/ JAKE NuMANGA - uKuLELE 6PM



y our whole grill lobster! ed


live entertainment! Tani and rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm



avarUa town ph 22 279


11am to 2.30pm

5.30pm to 10pm 7 days

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

mon-Tue: $12.95 specials Thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat Sunday: Tandoori night other nights: A-la-carte

$10.00 Dine in special

of a irearm and discharging of a irearm. Tatira had pleaded not guilty to the charges and was due to set a date for a defended hearing. Defence counsel norman George told the court him and his client have been ready for a hearing a long time ago. Crown prosecutor Cheryl King told the court the hearing will be before three justices of the peace and may take a day and a half. She said that witnesses are in Aitutaki and must be lown over. A date was set for march 25. Harriet Kimiora, 31, appeared to court charged with refusing to permit a medical oficer to take a blood specimen. She pleaded not guilty through her lawyer, mike mitchell. He asked that the matter be adjourned as there some issues to sort out, including matters relating to discovery. An adjournment was made to march 20 without plea.

A woman with name suppression , appeared to court on a charge of careless driving pleaded not guilty. A date for a defended hearing was set to April 1. Her lawyer norman George asked that police provide full disclosure of facts. Teatuaaveroa Tuakanangaro, 18, charged with three counts of assault, pleaded guilty to one of the charges. The other two charges involved Tuakanangaro's girlfriend, who wished to withdraw her complaint. Tuakanangaro’s lawyer, Wilkie Rasmussen, told the court that as the victim did not want to testify against her boyfriend, they will not enter any plea to the charges. A date for sentencing was set to February 27, and an adjournment to the same date for the other two matters. Ponatu ua, 18, appeared for a call-over regarding two charges of burglary and one charge of receiving. Ua, who is being represented by Charles Petero, had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

A date for a defended hearing was set to April 14, to be held over three days Talimahi Tuiileila, 29, appeared to court for charges of excess breath alcohol, two charges of assault on a female and a charge of assault with intent to injure. Tuiileila had pleaded guilty to the excess breath alcohol charge, and not guilty to the assault charges. A date for a defended hearing was made for April 8. William Wade, 27, appeared for a call-over for three charges: common assault, wilful damage and being unlawfully found on private property. Wade had pleaded guilty to the charges and a sentencing date was set to may 13. Another charge of injuring with intent to injure was adjourned to the same day for a call-over. Edwin Tere, 36, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault on a female. Sentencing was set for march 20 and a probation report ordered. Teerui Kimiora, 60, charged with excess breath alcohol, had just approached lawyer Tony Brown with his matter. Brown asked for an adjournment to February 6, to give time for disclosure from police and to discuss the matter with his client. Dominique Taru, 20, pleaded guilty to a charge of breach of probation. Taru was caught by police consuming alcohol when he had been banned from drinking and/or purchasing alcohol, and entering a liquor licenced premises. Police prosecutor Tuaine manavaroa told the court this was Taru’s irst time committing a breach of probation, he recommended a monetary fine be imposed. JP Solomon fined Taru $40 plus $30 court costs and warned him the consequences will be heavier if he is to commit another breach.

A man with name suppression, 30, pleaded through coun-

sel not guilty to a charge of common assault, and a trial date was set for June 3. His lawyer, norman George, told the court the man holds a critical job and will be damaged if his name is published. The trial will be presided over by three JP’s and it was estimated the trial will take one day. Jiuta Loki, 22, pleaded guilty to a charge of excess blood alcohol. Police prosecutor Tuaine manavaroa told the court the defendant had crashed his motorbike on the main road in Tupapa on January 11. A follow-up blood test revealed an alcohol level of 229mg alcohol per 100ml of blood. Loki was ined $250 plus $30 court costs and disqualiied from driving for 12 months. Teinaki Williams, 17, appearing for a charge of wilful damage, has not sought counsel yet. His matter was adjourned to February 6 without plea. Metuatane Taamaru , 23, pleaded guilty to assault on a female. A probation report was ordered, and his matter adjourned to February 20 for sentencing. Andrea Mave, 35, pleaded guilty to a charge of excess blood alcohol. She had 98mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, just over the legal amount of 80mg. Police prosecutor Tuaine manavaroa told the court mave lost control of her car and crashed on the main road in Arorangi on January 25. mave was disqualiied from driving for 12 months and ined $250 plus $30 court costs, and an extra $150 reparation for the blood test. Tangata Taripo, 21, was ined $250 plus $30 court costs for driving under the inluence of alcohol and/or drugs and disqualiied from driving for 12 months. Police prosecutor manavaroa told the court this is Taripo’s second appearance for a similar charge dealt with two years ago. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia

Drunk driver not given a chance to call lawyer A lAWYeR has raised an issue in court with police, who he claims do not allow time for anyone they have apprehended to speak to a lawyer. local lawyer Tony Brown made the claim while representing his client, Watson edward, saying he had noticed it as a “frequent occurrence”. “The police always inform people of their right to a lawyer... but police are not affording them the opportunity and time

to make a call to a legal counsel,” he said. Brown told the court his client made statements in his interview incriminating himself, showing the importance of being able to call a lawyer for advice before taking an interview. He suggested police have a list of lawyers people can call. edward, 42, was in court facing a charge of refusing to permit a medical officer to take a blood specimen. Brown

entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of his client. He admitted that edward was indeed drunk, and was in pain after being in a motor vehicle crash. He told the court that if his client had been given time to recuperate he would have co-operated with staff, who asked for the blood specimen to determine edward’s blood-alcohol level. The court adjourned his case to February 6 for a call-over. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia

phil omena inspired by the true story of a mother’s 50 year search for a lost son.

“...a tearjerker of rare honesty and craft.”

“...too good a visual treat to miss, especially if you catch the 3-D version”


– PhiLadELPhia iNquirEr

mon - wed 6pm

mon - wed


bigscreen,dolbYsoUnd,UnbeatableblockbUstermovies ph 189 for Updates on the movie hot line


every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999 or

a lawyer has raised an issue in court with police, who he claims do not allow time for anyone they have apprehended to speak to a lawyer. 13070434


Monday, February 3, 2014 cook Islands News




International Flights

MONDAy FebRUARY 3 nZ19 LAx 7.00AM tUesdAY FebRUARY 4 NZ746/748 AKL 2.10PM







Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR MONDAy FebRUARY 3 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 0900 AITUTAKI 0950 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1100 ATIU 1145 1330 MAUKE 1420 1600 MITIARO 1650




0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1205 1440 1710


1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1040 1250 1530 1800





Shipping LILOA 22 - ETD AUCK 15/02, ETA RARO 28/02


RARO 1200

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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to saturday’s puzzle

hÄgar the horrible

Answer to saturday’s puzzle

By Dik Browne


the phantom

By Lee Falk & sy Barry



Me kai kava auraka e akaoro Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: A south to southeast wind low prevails over southern cooks. A weak trough lies over northern cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate south to southeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: cloudy periods with some showers. Isolated thunderstorms expected.Moderate northeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: cloudy periods with some showers


Forecast Map 2pm Monday

Tides Mon high 12.00AM 1.08M 12.28PM 1.09M







1m SW

0.23M 6.41PM 0.22M

1m nW n

Tue high 12.47AM 1.04M 1.15PM 1.07M



7.02AM 0.26M 7.28PM 0.25M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

SW 12KTS new Moon Feb 28 10.00PM

First Quarter Feb 6 9.22AM

Full Moon Feb 14 1.53PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter Feb 22 7.16AM


ARApo - oAtA mon 3 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te meika Plant bananas.

0.9m nW

TauTaI (Fishing) Po ika. Kua marama roa. Fishing nights. Moon is long, far away.

Front Key:




0.9m SW



Swell direction and size

outer Islands Weather outlook Monday, February 3, 2014

Humidity Mon

Rarotonga Monday, February 3, 2014



Mon sun rise 6.23AM sun set 7.23PM




Moon rise 10.22AM Moon set 10.26PM






Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.


sun rise 6.24AM sun set


Moon rise 11.20AM Moon set 11.09PM


28° SE 10KTS


26° SE10KTS


28° SE 12KTS



28° SE 12KTS

30 SE 05KTS


28° SE 12KTS


DDDD, MMM DD, YYYY cook Islands News




Rarotonga Starling …that the ‘Ī‘oi, also known as the Rarotonga Starling, is all black and found nowhere else in the world except for the mountains of Rarotonga.


Bulldogs, Bears start with win Bears 10 vs sea eagles 8 Bulldogs 32 vs Warriors 30 THe TiTiKAVeKA Bulldogs and the Arorangi Bears have kicked off their 2014 rugby league season with hard fought wins with the Tupapa Panthers and Avatiu eels premier men’s grade to go head to head today at Victoria Park. Due to the loss of prominent Cook islanders from the villages of Tupapa and Avatiu – the scheduled games between the two clubs were postponed on Saturday and will be played out through the week. However the action at Takuvaine ield and Nukupure Park signalled the start of the new season with intense matches played at both grounds. At Ngatangiia ield – it was a tense and defensive game that ended in a low scoring affair 10-8 in favour of the visiting Bears. The mix of rising talent and old heads in the Bears team were solid in defence and were leading the game 4-2 at the half time mark before edging out the Sea eagles 10-8 to take the win. The Sea eagles will take many lessons from the game while the Bears will use the irst up conidence boost to fuel their training this week for their next encounter. meanwhile at the Happy Valley a highly entertaining and bruising match was played between the Bulldogs and Warriors. it was the red army that drew

irst blood with a converted try in the irst 10 minutes of the game that gave them the early edge over the visiting Bulldogs. not to be outdone however the Bulldogs hit back with a classy winger’s try and a missed conversion left them trailing 6-4 behind the Warriors. The irst two tries set the scene for a tit-for-tat exchange of tries between the two teams with the reds crossing the line again to stretch their lead to 12-4. Barn storming Ben Tautu of the Bulldogs added his name to the score board and closed the Warriors lead to two points 1210. The tries kept coming with the Warriors front rowers rewarded for their hard work with a crunching try before Titikaveka again kept their cool to also dot down for a 18-14 score line in favour of the Warriors at the half time break. The hosts started the second spell as they had started the game with conidence leading to a great try to hard working Daniel Ahau to push the sides lead over the Bulldogs to 10 points – 24-14. However a Warriors fumble at the restart gave the Bulldogs a sniff and they capitalised on the error with a try to bring the scores to 24-18. Breaking the tit-for-tat try game – the Bulldogs douched

down again to close to trail the leading Warriors had by two points 24-22. The Warriors regrouped and remained remarkably calm as the Bulldogs stepped up their game in the sapping heat. For his hard work all day on the pitch Rodney Tiro of the Warriors was rewarded with a try from a total team effort to edge them ahead again on the score board. As time ticked away the pressure on the field mounted and the Bulldogs Sailosi Nagi inally came to life and contributed to one try before scoring the next. A dificult conversion saw the Bulldogs finally take the lead from the Warriors 32-30 and were able to keep the Warriors at bay for the last 10 minutes of play to claim the win. it could have been the Warriors game however the Bulldogs new look side have certainly been gathered to do the damage for the club. - MW

The Bulldogs kept their cool to edge out an impressive Takuvaine Warriors premier men’s grade who led the whole game until the Bulldogs took command of the game in the last 10 minutes to register their irst win of the new season 32-30. 14020216

A highly entertaining irst up game of the season between the Warriors and Bulldogs had league fans on the edge of their seats at the happy Valley. 14020220

Waitangi hash Panthers play the Eels today run at Ngatipa HASH 1745 today will cel-

ebrate Waitangi/nZ day and will aptly be held at the new Zealand High Commissioner’s residence in ngatipa, with the run set by Dr Who. everyone,

especially Kiwis, are encouraged to dress in their Kiwi colours and even bring along some traditional Kiwi foods! Run starts at 5.30pm and all runners and walkers are welcome. on on!

THe PoSTPoneD games between the Tupapa Panthers and Avatiu eels will be played out today and throughout the week. Today the under 16 grades between the two clubs will kick off at 4.15pm followed by the premier men’s grade match at

5.15pm in what should be an interesting game sure to be attended by the rest of the clubs on the island. on Tuesday the under 16 grade will take to the Victoria Park field at 4.15pm followed by the reserve grade teams at


- MW

Panthers vs Eels: Monday at Victoria Park –

4.15pm Under 14, Ref-Pio mitchell assisted by Tutai/ Paul, 5.15pm Premier men, Ref-Arthur emile assisted by Bishop/Tutai.

Tuesday at Victoria Park – 4.15pm Under 16, Ref-Johnny Hosking assisted by nga Takaiti/Tua ngaputa, 5.15pm Reserves, Ref-Tangi assisted by Arthur/Simi.

Monday 3 February  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Monday, February 3, 2014

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