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Arson investigation into fourth month invesTigaTiOns into three

arson attacks in Rarotonga late last year are progressing “steadily” but there have still been no arrests, police say. it has now been more than three months since an arsonist burned down six classrooms, three resource rooms, a canteen and small side room at Nukutere College on October 20. Later that day, six classrooms

and a library were set ablaze at Avatea School. An on-edge community then had to deal with the news that Turoa Bakery and the adjoining Saltwater Café in Vaimaanga had been razed to the ground by an arsonist two weeks later. Police commissioner Maara Tetava gave little information yesterday about the investigation but said things are pro-

MMR calls for controls to ishing on high seas The MinisTry of Marine re-

sources (MMr) has issued a plea to distant water ishing nations to put hard limits on ishing activity in the high seas. MMr secretary Ben Ponia said he believes that one of the most urgent challenges currently facing the Paciic is controlling longlining fishery on the high seas oceans. The high seas are international waters falling outside the 200 nautical mile economic exclusive zones (EEZ) assigned to each of the Paciic Islands. Under the United nations Convention on the Law of the sea (UnCLOs), all countries have equal rights to ish on the high seas, said Ponia. “Unfortunately distant water fishing nations have been unwilling to put hard limits on ishing in the high seas,” he said. “This was demonstrated by their opposition to our bid to ban longlining in the eastern high pocket proposed at the WCPFC meeting in December 2013.” Late last year at the annual meeting of the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

(WCPFC), an MMR delegation pushed for the measure, which would have banned fishing in the pocket – an area bordered by the Cook Islands, Kiribati and French Polynesia, and believed to be an important albacore ishing ground. According to media reports, the measure was opposed by China, South Korea, and the United States. Ponia said the ministry believes that collective action is required on both the high seas and eeZs to control overfishing, and said the Cook Islands is planning to become the irst Paciic Island country to instigate a quota system for albacore and bigeye tuna catches within its EEZ. If other Paciic Islands follow suit by adopting EEZ limits, Ponia believes this could help coerce the WCPFC to set “compatible” limits on the high seas. The secretary’s comments also follow a 2012 effort, when Pacific islands Forum leaders called for the eastern high seas pocket to be closed to ishing. - Emmanuel Samoglou

gressing “steadily”. he would not reveal how many suspects police are looking at or whether any arrests are on the horizon. “This will be revealed when the investigations are complete. arrests will be made when we have suficient evidence to prove our case or cases beyond reasonable doubt.” Asked whether there have been any recent breakthroughs in the case, Tetava said his team is continuing to work hard on the investigations. Previously, police have said there are three main suspects, aged between 14 and 25. Some of them – it has not been conirmed how many – attend an attacked school. Just before Christmas, detective inspector Areumu Ingaua told Cinews that two members of the public had come forward with “signiicant” information

Mangled rooing iron is what remained of the west wing of classrooms at Nukutere College after an intense ire on October 20. 13102030 about the arson attacks. Ingaua said he could not disclose details but described the information as “very important”. “The only thing I can say is this is signiicant information and we need to follow it right

through.” a number of search warrants have been executed in the case since October 20, both on homes and company premises. Two $10,000 rewards remain on offer for information or evidence which leads to the identi-

ication and conviction of those responsible for the ires. anyone with information that could help solve the crimes is asked to call the police on 22499 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 22200. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Piles of pumice


K I W I g EO lOg I ST Dr Dan

MMR secretary Ben Ponia is calling on distant ishing nations to put limits on ishing activity in international waters. 14012329







Hikuroa was out walking in Muri with his daughters Brija, 8 and georgia, 5, this week when they found piles of pum-



ice along the shoreline. Based on his studies in new Zealand, Hikuroa believes the pumice has come from a major undersea volcanic eruption



which occurred nearly two years ago. “i’m absolutely certain it is from the havre volcano eruption in July 2012. I was amazed,



but not surprised that it has washed up on Rarotonga.” - Ben Chapman-Smith

Pumice discovery amazes Kiwi geologist, page 10

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worldneWs nuti no Teia nei aO Parrot runs for election An activist in Belarus has registered his parrot as a candidate in a local council election. Kanstantsin Zhukouski presented an identity document for his pet, ‘Yasha’, to the Mazur electoral commission. The commission accepted the parrot’s application to take part in the elections and to run an election campaign. The activist wanted to highlight the futility of Belarusian politics. The activist said his parrot’s campaign slogan is, “Where’s the money?”

Elderly die in inferno ‘A night from hell’ as blaze kills 30 in Quebec retirement home QUeBeC – Bitter cold is hindering the search for as many as 30 elderly and infirm Canadians unaccounted for after a ire destroyed a Quebec old people’s home. Prime Minister stephen harper said there was little doubt the loss of life at residence du havre in L’isle-verte would be “considerable”. Many of the residents used wheelchairs and walking frames,

world BrieFs BLASTS CAUSE MAYHEM IN CAIRO EGYPT – A car bomb has exploded outside the police headquarters in Egypt’s capital, killing four people and wounding 51, Egypt’s health ministry says. The powerful blast was felt across cairo and black smoke could be seen rising over the city centre. A second blast a couple of hours later in another part of cairo killed at least one person and wounded 15. The blasts come on the eve of the third anniversary of the start of the 2011 uprising. The revolution brought about the removal of the country’s decades-long ruler Hosni Mubarak. No group has said it was behind the attacks. They came a day after ive policemen were shot dead by two gunmen on motorcycles at a checkpoint in Beni Suef province, south of cairo.

RARE NEW DOLPHIN SPECIES DISCOVERED BRAZIL – Scientists in Brazil have discovered the irst new river dolphin species since the end of World War One. Named after the Araguaia river where it was found, the species is only the ifth known of its kind in the world. Researchers say it separated from other South American river species more than two million years ago. There are believed to be about 1000 of the creatures living in the Araguaia river basin. River dolphins are among the world’s rarest creatures. According to the IUcN, there are only four known species, and three of them are on the Red List, meaning they are critically endangered. River dolphins are only distantly related to their seafaring cousins, tending to have long beaks which let them hunt for ish in the mud at the bottom of rivers.

REPAIRS BEGIN ON CHRIST’S FINGERS BRAZIL – Repair work has begun on Brazil’s christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro after lightning strikes damaged two ingers and the statue’s head. On Tuesday, workers examined the 38m statue, which is prominently located on top of a mountain. Oicials later said it would take about four months to repair. The statue will remain open throughout the work. The statue is visited by nearly two million tourists a year and underwent a $4 million restoration in 2010. The right thumb of the statue was damaged during a violent storm last week, and its right middle inger and part of its head were hit last month. The statue is struck by lightning on average between three and ive times a year. Oicials say they will place more lightning rods on the statue to try to prevent future damage.

RESTRICTIONS ON ONLINE SHOPPING ARGENTINA – Argentina has introduced new restrictions on online shopping as part of eforts to stop foreign currency reserves from falling any further. Anyone buying items through international websites will now need to sign a declaration and produce it at a customs oice, where the packages have to be collected. The procedure will need to be repeated for every new purchase. Argentina’s reserves of hard currencies dropped by 30% last year. The government of President cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has introduced a number of restrictions on transactions with foreign currency. Items imported through websites such as Amazon and eBay are no longer delivered to people’s home addresses. The parcels need to be collected from the customs oice.

oficials said. Several ire departments from around the region were called to the town of 1400 to help extinguish the ire. It was “a night from hell”, local chief ireighter Yvon Charron told the Canadian Press. Emergency crews were able to save about 20 of the home’s 50-60 residents, three of whom were injured. rescue efforts were slowed by frigid temperatures on Thursday evening as authorities searched the ruined home covered in a layer of ice from the ire hoses. Officials said they hoped at least some of those unaccounted for had been visiting family. Most of the residents were over 75 years old, and 37 were over 85 years old. Many were inirm and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and only ive were fully mobile. Meanwhile, investigators have begun searching for the cause of the blaze. a recent Quebec health department document suggested the building was only partially fitted with a sprinkler system, but there were smoke detectors in every room and in the building itself. Quebec Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity Agnès Maltais told reporters on Thursday the government planned to consider incorporating sprinklers into new rules in the future. “We believe seniors are wellprotected but we always have to tighten the rules each time we see there’s a failure somewhere,” she said. “We’re waiting for the result of the inquiry to understand where the failure is.” Prime Minister harper, travelling in the Middle East this week, said in a statement he offered his “sincere condolences to the family and friends of those who passed away”. - BBC

Canadian ireighters inspect the burnt remains of a Quebec retirement home that burned to the ground killing at least 30 residents. AFP

Enemies in same room

MOnTreUX – Syria’s opposition and government were to meet “in the same room” in geneva on Saturday after the irst day of a peace conference ended with no direct talks. UN envoy lakhdar Brahimi, who held talks with both sides on Friday, said they all understood that the conference was trying to “save Syria”. The two sides have blamed each other for a lack of progress. Diplomats say they are now

aiming at small concessions such as local truces rather than an overall peace deal. Brahimi has spent three days attempting to get the two sides to meet each other. On Friday, the government’s delegation reportedly threatened to quit the talks unless “serious” discussions were scheduled for Saturday. The opposition delegation warned that unless it sees movement on the issue of a

transitional government – that is, that the government shifts on its position that President Bashar al-assad will remain in power – it would not be going into the face-to-face talks. syria’s civil conflict has claimed well over 100,000 lives since it began in 2011. The violence has also driven 9.5 million people from their homes, creating a major humanitarian crisis within syria and for its neighbours. - PNC

Whaling not on agenda DAVOS – A free trade agreement

appears closer but whaling was again left off the agenda when australian prime minister Tony abbott met with Japanese counterpart shinzo abe at the World Economic Forum. On the opening day of the four-day event in the swistzerland, Abbott held talks with abe, but deliberately avoided bringing up whaling in favour of focusing on long-standing free trade negotiations.

abbot pressed for the successful conclusion to talks that have dragged on since 2007 and, in an encouraging sign of political will, abe said he would instruct oficials to accelerate their efforts. With free trade negotiations with South Korea concluded and expected to be finalised soon, abbott wants a similar outcome with Japan. “I am looking for a win-win deal for the people of australia

and the people of Japan,” Abbott told australian reporters before the meeting. Judgment is still pending on Australia’s challenge to Japan’s whaling in the International Court of Justice and it remains a touchy subject. “I take the issue of whaling very seriously but the Japanese well know our position on this and i want to focus today on issues where we can make progress,” Abbott said. - AAP

Working for Jesus

UN WANTS ROHINGYA DEATHS PROBED MYANMAR – The UN human rights chief has called on Myanmar to investigate reports that dozens of Rohingya Muslims have been killed in attacks by Buddhists in Rakhine state. In a statement, Navi Pillay said a “full, prompt and impartial investigation” was needed. The UN had “credible information” that 48 Rohingya Muslims had been killed in violence in early January. The government, however, has rejected the claims as groundless. In a statement sent to the BBc, presidential spokesman Ye Htut said the UN was not listening to its own staf on ground and was damaging its reputation in Rakhine state. Rakhine state – in the west of Burma, which is also known as Myanmar – has seen several outbreaks of violence targeting the Rohingya Muslims since June 2012.

Today’s Daily Bread The law of the lord is perfect, refreshing the soul.

Read: Read: PsalmMatthew 19:7-11 7:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 19:7 Text: Psalm

Workers pose for a team photo before beginning work on repairing the right hand of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, which was struck by lightning this week. The repairs are expected to take several months. AFP


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Raphael Nadal dismantled Roger Federer to reach the Australian Open inal. AFP MeLBOUrne – Rafael Nadal

continued his dominant streak over Roger Federer to reach the australian Open final for the third time, beating the 17-time major winner 7-6 (4), 6-3, 6-3 to set up a championship de-

cider against No. 8-seeded Stan Wawrinka. nadal has won 23 of his 33 matches against Federer, including nine of 11 in the majors. The 27-year-old spaniard is now one victory away from be-

coming the irst man to win all four majors at least twice in the Open era, and from joining Pete sampras in second place on the list of all-time grand slam winners with 14. - TVNZ

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onlY 5,000kms

Surge of bird lu cases BeiJing – A surge in cases of the

deadly new strain of bird lu has been reported in China. Only a handful of people had been infected with H7N9 since June, but health officials have reported 73 cases so far this month. Influenza researchers argue the winter season and preparations for Chinese new year may be driving the increase. The World Health Organization called for vigilance, saying the virus was likely to remain present for some time. H7N9 made the jump from infecting domestic chickens and ducks to infecting people at the end of March 2013. Within a month, 126 cases and 24 deaths had been recorded. The virus was stopped in its tracks as control measures, such as closing live poultry markets, were introduced. There were just ive cases between June and November. The recent jump takes the total number of cases to 219, including 55 deaths. apart from a couple of cases in close family clusters, the virus has not been able to spread from person to person.

gregory Hartl, spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO), said lu viruses circulated more easily during the colder winter months. “Our calculation was always that we were going to have to watch the winter, and that’s where we are at the moment. “We need to remain vigilant, but so far the virus does not seem to have mutated in any way,” he says. “Some people will be looking very closely at the Chinese new year, when there will be lots of people travelling. “it will be crowded on trains and they’ll also be travelling with chickens.” Prof John McCauley, the director of a WHO collaborating centre on inluenza in london, said: “i’ve been worried all the time about H7N9; it’s highly virulent and the case fatality is about one in three, so it poses a threat.” The range of the virus had also spread, he added, with cases in guangdong province, further south and east than previously. He said the winter might not be the whole explanation, particularly in southern provinces closer to the equator.

“it may be seasonal, or an alternative is more poultry exposure in the build-up to Chinese New Year, and more poultry going through the markets. “They might need to reconsider closure of the markets.” The H7N9 virus itself, however, does not appear to have mutated in a way that could make it more likely to spread around the globe. Prof Wendy Barclay, an influenza researcher at imperial College london, did not think the virus had changed. “There’s still no evidence of human-to-human transmission or mutations to make it closer to a pandemic. “so from that perspective there’s nothing new to worry about.” she said overall “we’re in as good a position as we could hope” and the early steps of producing a vaccine were now completed. “We’re back to waiting to see if it does mutate.” The WhO does not advise any travel or trade restrictions because of bird lu, while the European Centres of Disease Control rates the virus as a “signiicant long-term threat”. - BBC

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regionalneWs nuti no Te Pa enUa

Nauru justiies deportation Criticisms of deportation order labelled ‘attacks on sovereignty’ yaren – The president of Nau-

ru has rejected claims that the rule of law in his country has been compromised by recent decisions to replace its magistrate and chief justice. Nauru’s resident magistrate Peter law was sacked and de-

ported from the country on Sunday. The nauruan government removed Law because of serious complaints raised by former governments, judiciary staff and members of the public, it said in a press release.

paciic BRIEFS AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AMERIcAN SAMOA – American Samoa’s acting attorney general is urging illegal immigrants to stop living in fear and take advantage of the government’s amnesty programme. Under the scheme, the administration will be seeking Fono approval to expand the quota limits for foreign nationals. Only those who entered American Samoa before June 30, 2013 are eligible. Talauega Eleasalo Ale says it is an opportunity for undocumented residents to become legal citizens and fully participate in the community. “We are aware of many undocumented residents of the territory who live in fear about not knowing what their status is and this is an opportunity for them to come before the government and we have a process in place for them to become legalised.”

ILLEGAL WORKERS USED ON FARMS AMERICAN SAMOA – American Samoa’s Immigration Oice says at least half a dozen vegetable farms have been found to use foreign workers who are either overstayers or have recently arrived on 30-day permits. It says during raids on farms it found not all workers had clearances, with payment being either in cash or in kind. The chief immigration oicer, Tamasa Dennis Lutu, says most if not all landowners who lease their lands for vegetable farming appear to be indiferent about the activities on their land, just as long as they are getting paid. Tamasa says he thinks the farms are leased to Asian individuals, some of whom operate in partnerships with Samoans. Many workers were found living in shacks with no electricity.

NZ PROVIDES FURTHER CYCLONE AID TONGA – New Zealand has announced additional assistance for the cyclone recovery eforts in Tonga, including the provision of six technicians to help repair the electricity network. New Zealand is to provide a front-end loader and tractors to clear debris on the islands of Ha’apai, hand tools for the less accessible islands, and assist with the rebuild of the Tongan government’s nursery. Foreign Minister Murray Mccully says crops were severely damaged in the cyclone and quick replanting is essential to prevent food shortages and promote trade. He says the technicians being sent are Tongan speakers familiar with the local environment and will speed the reconnection process by several weeks. New Zealand has now provided about US$2 million in aid for the cyclone recovery process.

qUERIES OVER DELAYED FINANCE REPORTS SAMOA – The chairman of Samoa’s parliamentary inance committee has reminded the inance minister, Faumuina Tiatia Liuga, that inance reports for the Samoa Land Corporation are overdue. Speaking in parliament, Papalii Niko Lee Hang said the corporation has not tabled in parliament reports for the six years from 2006 to 2012. The inance minister was formerly the minister responsible for the corporation. The Prime Minister, Tuila’epa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, reminded Papalii of some lapses in his time as a minister although he didn’t elaborate. But Papalii told parliament he had performed his ministerial duties to the fullest and did well.

VANDALISM DAMAGE IN THE MILLIONS NEW CALEDONIA – There has been an unprecedented wave of vandalism at a mining site in New caledonia, causing damage estimated to be in the millions of dollars. At the Nakety mine near canala, light vehicles were found crushed by huge mining trucks, which in turn were dumped in ditches. Diggers were used to wreck technical installations, some of which were set on ire. A nearby Kanak tribe has handed over a group of young people, suspected of causing the destruction, to the police. A local oicial is quoted as saying those involved appear to have a sense of impunity. The destruction at the mine has left more than a hundred people out of work.

GUN LAWS TO BE TIGHTENED BY MARCH NEW CALEDONIA – New restrictive laws around arms control in New caledonia are due to be in place at the beginning of March. Last month, the French high commissioner in New caledonia expressed concern at the spike in irearms sales after Paris said it would tighten gun laws before the end of the year. Jean-Jacques Brot said sales had doubled while the local press said weapon sales had grown tenfold. There are suggestions that now more than 100,000 riles are now in circulation. There have been several shooting incidents in public as well as eight homicides in the past year, which a leading politician, Philippe Gomes, says has raised New caledonia’s armed crime rate to three times that of France.

The government has accused the deported magistrate of drunken and disorderly behaviour. Law denies the accusations and has threatened to sue the government for defamation. When australian-based chief justice geoffrey Eames issued injunctions to try to stop law’s deportation, his own visa to return to Nauru was cancelled. Justice eames says the decision was “politically motivated, designed to have the decisions overturned by a new magistrate and amounted to an abuse of the rule of law”. “Nauru only had two judicial officers – myself as chief justice and Peter law. Both of us are now out of the country, so there’s no judiciary there,” he said. nauru’s President Baron Waqa has angrily rejected claims that he has the abused the rule of law, calling the criticism an “attack on our sovereignty”. in a statement released on Friday, President Waqa said Nauru has the same rights as australia and other nations to decide who holds key positions and who is allowed to work in the country. he says the deportation orders were part of the government’s commitment to restore accountability, transparency and the proper management of Nauru’s legal system. “My government won the last election by making a commitment to the nauruan people that we would clean up the cro-

Nauru’s president Baron Waqa has rejected ‘criticism from beyond our shores’ by people he says are not ‘aware of the facts’ surrounding the deportation of resident magistrate Peter Law. nyism and corruption that has been allowed to lourish for too long,” he said. “We have a clear mandate to achieve this goal and will not accept unfounded criticism from beyond our shores by people who are not aware of the facts.” President Waqa says some people appointed to work in Nauru – predominantly from Australia – had engaged in what he called unacceptable conduct that compromised their roles. He says the government will replace the magistrate with a qualified, independent legal expert. “The rule of law is respected in nauru, as is the democratic process. Any insinuation to the contrary is false,” he said. But the government’s actions

have been strongly condemned in an open letter from the President of the Nauru law society. vinci Clodumar says the integrity of Nauru’s legal system has been brought into disrepute. Clodumar has labelled the deportation ‘wicked’ and an appalling interference in the separation of powers between the executive and the judiciary. Prominent human rights lawyer Julian Burnside says australia is remaining silent about Nauru’s legal turmoil because it the Australian government beneits from the legal iasco. “If the refugee processing system in nauru comes to a standstill that means that nauru will continue to hold them and to accept Australia’s money,” he said.

“If an independent judge orders that they be released I think that would trigger a collapse of the Paciic solution.” Burnside is critical of the Australian government, saying Canberra is purposely ignoring the issue. “Australia beneits from that situation simply because, on my theory at least, it enables the Paciic solution to stay on foot instead of collapsing.” The nauruan opposition says the move to deport law is a great interference in the independence of the country’s judiciary. australia’s Law Council and the Bar association have both also expressed concern, and called on the Australian government to take action. - ABC

Niue votes ‘no’ to asylum seekers aLOFi – A proposal by Niue’s premier Toke Talagi for his small Pacific nation to house asylum seekers for Australia has been rejected by the Niuean parliament. Asylum seekers who board people smuggling boats to Australia are currently processed in Papua new guinea and nauru under a deal with the government. Paciic nations hosting Australia-bound asylum-seekers receive incentives in the form of foreign aid and funding for development projects, while the australian government pays the costs of running and building the centres where the asylum seekers are kept. Niue’s Talagi raised the prospect last month that niue

should also be considered as a location for housing asylum seekers under Australia’s offshore processing policy. Talagi had said his offer for Niue to take in “vulnerable children and women from the refugees” was made from a sense of responsibility as a Pacific neighbour, and as a member of the Paciic Island Forum. But in a pre-emptive strike by opposition MPs, a motion that Talagi’s proposal “n o t b e c o n s i d e r e d” wa s overwhelmingly passed 10-3 on Wednesday, with a number of MPs and cabinet ministers abstaining in the 20-member parliament. Niue Star editor Michael Jackson said MPs opposed to housing refugees told him they cast

their vote “according to the will of the people at their respective village meetings”. Opposition MP Terry Coe said he was disappointed that three cabinet ministers previously opposed to taking in refugees had abstained from voting as it opened the way for Talagi to raise the issue again following elections later in the year. “For them not to cast a vote today leaves room for the premier, if he gets back in after the general election, to choose another three ministers who will most likely support this proposal when he raises it again in cabinet,” he said. Niue – a country of around 260 square kilometres that is home to 1400 – lies in the south Pacific Ocean, around

2400 kilometres north-east of New Zealand. It is about 3000 kilometres from nauru, an island country that is 21 square kilometres with a population of around 9000. Australian Immigration Minister scott Morrison says the offshore processing policy has stemmed the low of asylum seekers, with numbers dramatically lower in recent months. But it has enraged rights groups, with Amnesty International saying conditions in Papua new guinea amount to torture and the UN refugee agency reporting that the camps fail to meet international standards of treatment. - AFP/ABC

Conident elections will be on time sUva –The chairman of Fiji’s

electoral Commission says he is conident the commission will be able to complete its work in time for elections promised for September. The government recently announced a seven member commission, headed by former president of the Fiji law Society Chen Bunn Young, to oversee the elections. Young says the commission has a lot of work to do, including appointing an election supervisor, but it can be done.

“All things being equal, I think we can meet that deadline but it will be with a lot of commitment on everybody’s part – the commissioners, those who will be employed in the electoral ofice – it is not a small task.” Young says he has no doubt the commission will be independent of the government and there will be no political interference. The last Fiji election was held in May 2006, seven months before the military seized power. Meanwhile, a foreign policy

expert says the region will be watching very closely to see what kind of assistance China will offer Fiji for its upcoming elections. China has confirmed that it will be offering some form of assistance, but a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy says no details have been conirmed, which Auckland University Associate Professor stephen hoadley says has already been indicated. But hoadley says Chinese aid is often criticised as being secret

and erratic with no regard to the costs governments will be burdened with. “The Chinese are very much getting on the electoral bandwagon which is to their credit. But we want to see speciically, can it be constructive assistance? “Will it line up with the normal practices of democracy? so this could be a breakthrough and if the Chinese do this sensitively and constructively it could mean that China will be a welcome new partner in the Paciic region”. - PNC


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

Deputy PM angry at call to step down aPia – A battle of words has

been waged in Samoa’s parliament between deputy prime minister, Fonotoe Pierre Lauofo, and the leader of the opposition, Palusalue Fa’apo II. The argument is over Palusalue’s call for Fonotoe to step down as the deputy prime minister while police charges against him are before the court. Fonotoe reminded Palusalue that a call for someone “to step down” does not “topple a government.” “If you look at history, the only thing that could change a government is the state of the economy,” Fonotoe said. “That’s what you should speak about.” Earlier during the exchange, Fonotoe told Palusalue he should be grateful. “You should speak to say thank you,” said the deputy prime minister. “ You see, I’ve been charged and yet I’ve

thanked the prime minister. “ You should thank the prime minister. You were never charged during your time in cabinet and yet you are another one who should have been charged.” The deputy prime minister did not elaborate on what Palusalue should have been charged with. The call for Fonotoe and associate education Minister, Muagututagata Peter Ah Him to step down follows criminal charges being iled against the two cabinet ministers in relation to an alleged incident at a breathalyzer check in Apia’s Beach Road last year. Fonotoe and Muagututagata have both denied charges of obstructing police. Muagututagata said for the sake of “transparency,” Palusalue had never asked members of his party – namely Toeolesulusulu Cedric schuster and

‘What i want to ask the leader of the opposition, if i step down, will it drop the price of a can of herring? Will it drop the price of sugar, rice and lour? levaopolo Talatonu – to “step down” when they were charged last year. Toeolesulusulu was found guilty of a charge in relation to the Satapuala road block in 2012. Levaopolo on the other hand has been accused in relation to a container of whiskey allegedly smuggled into the country last year. That hearing is pending.

Muagututagata said Palusalue was silent when members of his party were charged. “I never heard Palusalue ask them to step down,” he said. levaopolo immediately took the loor. “There is a difference between us,” he said to Muagututagata. “We are not ministers, we are ordinary members of parliament. Besides, Levaopolo added: “The opposition leader is not asking you to step down as an MP, no he’s talking about the cabinet positions you hold. “such a decision is not needed for us because we are just ordinary MPs.” Palusalue supported Levaopolo, reminding parliament that both Fonotoe and Muagututagata held highly-respected positions within the government. That’s when Fonotoe took the loor.

“I didn’t think we’d be speaking about these things in the House. It’s seen on TV and newspapers every day,” he said. “The issue we are discussing in parliament is the supplementary budget, we are talking about the economy of the country. These are important things.” Fonotoe said the focus should therefore be on the budget. “I noted from the TV during the press conference by the opposition leader and a professor that they said the cost of living is expensive. They were asking for ways to bring the cost of living down. “What I want to ask the leader of the opposition, if i step down, will it drop the price of a can of herring? Will it drop the price of sugar, rice and lour? “No. So what’s the significance in this call for me to step down?” Fonotoe said Palusalue’s foresight was “shallow.”

“see, there are more important things to talk about and here he is bringing up the issue about stepping down. “Will a government be toppled if Fonotoe steps down? No. Nowhere near.” The deputy prime minister accused Palusalue of “lying” to the country. “i saw on Tv that they’re saying they’re hurting as a result of what’s happened – how can they hurt when they’re happy?” “They go on TV and lie to the country, saying they hurt. We’ve never heard them saying they’re hurting from the court cases involving levaopolo and Toeolesulsulu.” he reiterated that the punishment for what he has been charged with is a “mere $200.” yet there are members of parliament being ined by their villages for up to $1000, he said. - Samoa Observer

Father and daughter jailed for incestuous relationship aPia – In Samoa this week a 59-year-old father and his 34-year-old daughter were both sentenced to serve time in jail for committing the crime of incest. a suppression order was imposed by the court to protect the identity of the defendants as the sentence was handed down by

Justice vui Clarence nelson at the Supreme Court. The father was jailed for six years while his daughter was given 18 months. The time they spent in custody, awaiting their sentence, will be deducted from their punishments. Both defendants pleaded guilty.

The daughter was earlier banished from the family’s village after her relationship with her father was brought before the village council, Justice Vui said. her father on the other hand was ordered to provide 50 boxes of tinned ish. He was not banished. During his sentencing re-

marks, Justice Vui said he was curious as to how the village reached its uneven decision. “you are a father and the head of the family,” Justice Vui told the defendant. You are required to set good examples by your behaviour and life style.” The defendant was told that he must have known his actions

were wrong. This was portrayed when he refused his daughter during the first two times she had come to him. Justice vui said the man’s daughter, by her own words, said that she had initiated “this elicit relationship”. “You are 25 years older than your daughter – you have lived

that much longer and have that experience of life. “you failed to live up to your responsibilities as a father and as the head of your family.” The defendant was further told that in doing so he went against culture and the norms of Samoan society. - Samoa Observer

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Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

Water project loan ‘a done deal’ be awarded major contracts un- decides we have a pressing need der this scheme, is it right that for something else that the Chihe should have been the one nese can provide us with and fronting the public meetings again increase our indebtedand bulldozing it through by ness without our knowledge? demonstrating a lack of respect The concerns raised by Ms Berfor the concerned views of the gin as to what happens when we default on our ultimate payers of ‘given that the Chinese loan is a this project – the public now believes very real possibilitaxpayers? ty that has not been Questions were that the DPM’s addressed. raised at our meetprivate company another quesing as to our ability will be awarded tion raised was to repay this submajor contracts where the new stantial debt and under this scheme, inland ring main we were told that is it right that would be located, the country had the he should have given that in some capacity to meet its been the one places it now passes repayment obligafronting the through the private tions – however, public meetings property of landthere would be very and bulldozing owners. We were little ability for the advised that the incountry to take on it through?’ tention of governmore debt until the Chinese had been paid off in 20 ment was to ensure that the ara years or so. In other words, our metua completely circumnavicredit card has been maxed out. gated Rarotonga and that the Are we on our way to bank- ring main would be constructed ruptcy again given that succes- alongside this completed ara sive governments love leaving metua. given that there are large us a legacy of debt? What happens when the next government gaps in the current ara metua, one would have thought that landowners who own those portions of land required for the new ara metua would also have been consulted. Will they be compensated for their lands? in some areas which have been built up such as Muri, is it even possible to put a highway through the inland area there to connect to the avana ara metua? if not, which portions of land will be taken to lay out the inland ring main? Surely all landowners have a right to know this before the project starts and not when the Chinese bulldoze through their backyard? it is clear that people want this project done in stages but will those promoting it listen? given previous financial failFinance secretary Richard Neves at a recent Te Mato Vai consultation. 14012101 Dear Editor, Having attended the last public meeting on Wednesday, i too was concerned that the Chinese debt that will initiate this project is a “done deal”. It begged the question as to why we were being consulted when government has already tightened the debt noose around the necks of the taxpayers of this country – again, without proper prior consultation. The recent meetings reeked of Toagate where public meetings were held seeking “consultation” with the taxpayers. Unlike Toagate where the public were lied to that a deal had not yet been signed, at least in this project the printed propaganda from Te Mato Vai advised that the Chinese loan had been signed and that there was nothing we could do to stop it. At Toagate meetings we were told that government had decided that the most pressing need for the people at that time was cheaper fuel prices, hence their acting on our behalf as we the taxpayers are unable to think for

ourselves. History shows that we the taxpayers are still paying heavily for the arrogance of our leaders. Now we are being told that “clean potable water” is the most pressing need for our people and again, all this is being done on our behalf because we the taxpayers are unable to make important and cost-effective decisions as to how our tax money should be spent. Were we ever told prior to this Chinese deal being signed the price tag that taxpayers and their descendants would have to fork out for a clean cup of water from their tap? There is also public concern with conlicts of interest in this project due to a complete lack of transparency, therefore the question should be asked as to whether our Deputy Prime Minister Teariki Heather was paid a backhander when he was being feted in China to ensure that this Chinese deal goes through? Furthermore, given that the public now believes that the DPM’s private company will

ures by past governments, many at the meeting I attended predicted that the current project had the certainty to cost more than what we are being told and to make some people very rich at the expense of the taxpayers – history again repeating itself. At this rate and due to the lack of proper consultation with the people before engaging in debt that will tie us up for many years to come, it can only be said that we are creating a country where

only the rich can live and that our own people will continue the sad migration to Otara and beyond due to being unable to survive on substandard wages and high costs. Welcome to our country China, eat all our ish and drink our lovely, clean water – thanks to our politicians, we have once again been sold out! Tere Carr Titikaveka

‘More details needed’ - O3b Dear Editor, i've read, with much fanfare, the impending arrival of O3b – the low-orbit satellite alternative to the ibre optic submarine cables that already deliver internet to the islands around us. The announcements are, however, a little thin on detail, and i wonder how or what Telecom's strategy will be to encourage more subscribers to take up their internet services. I presume the much maligned capped 'plans' will stay in place, instead of 'all-you-can-eat' internet access that is fairly standard around the world these days. The problem with capped plans is that they inevitably fall behind the pace of software development and updates that are now regularly needed to ensure your system is running optimally. For instance, my new computer had the new Windows 8 preloaded on it. Upon boot up, i was then prompted to download the new update to Windows 8.1. This eventually came in at a staggering 1.5gb! This was only one bit of software, so by the time you've downloaded anti-virus, email and Office product updates, your capped allowance is virtually used up. If something is not done to 1) reduce internet prices, and 2) do away with capped plans (or increase them suficiently so as to take care of the never-ending update requirements) how can we take advantage of the 'blinding speeds' soon to be on offer

by O3B? Regarding O3B, could someone from Telecom please explain to the domestic 'end user' what the advantage of this extra speed is going to be? The biggest advantage with broadband overseas is the opportunity for media/TV on-demand. The big one is 'netflix', which offers streaming TV and exclusive movie releases. Unfortunately for us, I think the limitations imposed by Telecom with their capped plans and high costs to the consumer mean the real advantage of this extra speed is not really going to be seen. I guess the upside will be at least my next 1.5gb Windows 8.2 download will take half the time. Whoopee! Maybe the bigwigs at Telecom can explain to us in real terms, terms which actually mean something to us, what the advantages will be and how O3B is going to encourage more people sign up for a 'plan' (for example, is accessing Netlix at an affordable price point going to be a reality?). lastly I am intrigued to know how the creative bean-counters at Telecom will price the 3g. Again, is this going to be somewhere in the vicinity of existing internet plans and thereby accessible to the masses, or remain only for a privileged few? a few more real-world details would be appreciated, Telecom. interested internet Observer, name and address supplied

Telecom Cook Islands chief executive Jules Maher (right) and Finance Minister Mark Brown (back row, second from right) with technicians from Telecom and NZ-based Kordia, who helped set up the satellite equipment for O3b in the Cooks. 13032844

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

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Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

Driver’s licence queues could be cut TOUrisTs may not have to wait as long to get a Cook Islands driver’s licence in the future, says the police commissioner. Maara Tetava said Cabinet has approved funding for the police service to buy new licensing equipment. “Once we get this fund, new equipment will be ordered to replace our old equipment at police headquarters,” he said. One of the new systems will be installed in the Puaikura Community station where police will begin issuing licences for the irst time. “This will hopefully reduce the queue at police national headquarters,” Tetava said. In another major step, Cabinet has also approved for driver’s licence holders from some overseas countries to be authorised to drive in the Cook Islands. Tetava said work is currently underway to amend the law accordingly. The commissioner’s comments come in response to concerns expressed last week by the

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation. Chief executive halatoa Fua said many visitors to Rarotonga are becoming frustrated with how long it takes to get a Cook Islands driver’s licence. “it’s a nice souvenir but people are saying it takes too long to get one. The queues are too long. Visitors could be spending that time experiencing the Cook Islands rather than being stuck at the police station.” Fua suggested exempting people who want to rent a car and are already licenced to drive a car in their home country. “if you don’t have a motorbike licence and want to rent one then you should still have to go to the police station and get one though,” Fua said. - Ben Chapman-Smith

German visitor Christian May holding up his new driver’s license outside Cook Islands Police national headquarters in Avarua yesterday. 14012202

Tyre giveaway could shift problem A lANDOWNER’S plan to give

away hundreds of tyres to the public could just provide a place for mosquitoes to breed in people’s backyards, says the Ministry of Health. Arthur Pickering, owner of Budget Rent-A-Car and Polynesian Bike Hire, has been asked to remove about 500 old tyres from his Vaimaanga property before they become a large-scale mosquito breeding site. Pickering said it is too expensive to ship the tyres off the island, so he is planning to offer them for free so people can use

them around their homes. “you can fill them with soil and use them for landscaping. People can drive down there, look at them and take them home,” he said. senior health protection oficer Charlie Ave said the upside of that plan is Pickering ends up getting rid of the tyres. The downside is the tyres might just end up sitting in people’s backyards collecting rainwater and offering a breeding environment for mosquitoes. “if people use them properly and ill them with soil and plant

something inside, that will be alright – but if they leave them around their properties, that will be a problem later. If I want 20 tyres I might use ive and the other 15 will become a problem at my property.” Pickering’s comments about the cost of exporting the tyres seemed reasonable, said Ave. he said another option could be to bury the tyres, if someone is willing to offer their land up for this. On Wednesday, two health oficers visited the Vaimaanga site and sprayed diesel over the tyres

The pile of 500-odd tyres has sparked complaints from members of the public. 14012332

to kill any larva. “They are deinitely a potential breeding site for day-biting mosquitoes, which transmit the dengue virus,” Ave said. Pickering told CINews the tyres are about two years old

and come from his two rental businesses. He said he plans to give as many of the tyres away as he can and then seal the rest in plastic to prevent mosquitoes breeding inside them.

He will soon be putting an advertisement in the newspaper encouraging people to come and help themselves. - Ben Chapman-Smith

a Big shipment of siM cards is

Sales and marketing manager Damien Beddoes said an emergency shipment came in last month but the siM cards were gone before long. “The emergency 1000 we got in went in a matter of about three to four weeks and we’re using recycled ones again.” The goods news is a shipment of 19,000 new cards has left Australia and should be arriving this weekend, he said. “They’ll take a few days to clear customs but hopefully be

on shelves by Monday.” Beddoes said there are three types of SIM card – nano, micro and standard. Earlier this week, Telecom received about 500 nano cards, which work in seven types of smartphone. Those cards are on sale now. The shipment arriving this weekend will bring in the standard and micro siM cards, which should keep Telecom’s shelves stocked for about 18 months, Beddoes said. - BCS

Mosquito transmitted virus threatens Paciic, page 10

SIM shipment brings relief due to arrive in Rarotonga this weekend, meaning Telecom no longer has to hand out secondhand cards. Telecom Cook Islands first started running low on SIM (subscriber identiication module) cards in november when extra demand created by Vaka eiva combined with a late shipment. The company was forced to ask its customers to bring in any old cards sitting at home.


- Staf Reporters

Do you think Rarotonga is becoming a dangerous place to live?

Travis Makirere

Jordan Tatum

It’s deinitely safe. I’m from Arorangi, it’s great. A lot of family and friends. As long as you respect people, they’ll respect you.

No, it’s safe. A lot of freedom, and you don’t have to worry about murders and criminals.

Ngairinga Katrine Brian Mason Iro People’s sense of safety In general it’s a safe place. It is becoming less safe though, because of western inluences.

is shown by the size of the walls around their houses. It may not be as safe as it once was, but relative to other countries, it is safe.

Elina Teururai

Eric Gomez

no, not in comparison with other countries but we have to be really careful not to be too affected by modernisation.

I think it’s a safe place but we have a lot of theft. It’s a really big problem. In my neighbourhood, pretty much all the houses have been broken into.

DPM Teariki Heather i feel safer here than new Zealand or anywhere else. It’s because of our isolation, our size and because we’re not overpopulated. There are no gangs here so there are few acts of extreme violence.

Tekao Herrmann no, i feel it’s pretty safe compared to most countries in the Paciic region but there has been an increase in theft.


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

Key note speaking and some half truths TRoPiCal


A weekly opinion piece by Opposition Leader

Wilkie Rasmussen MOsT of the time when Prime Minister henry Puna travels to a conference, he is tagged

here in the Cook Islands media as “a key-note speaker” to this or that very important conference. Time and time again, that’s what we get told by his spin doctor. I have latched onto this before and dismissed it as “shameless self- promotion” to an inquisitive but perhaps nonquestioning audience. Of course, when the PM became the chair of the Paciic Forum from October 2011 to October 2012, many people started believing this spin. Alright, give or take, there may have been occasions when he was the main person addressing a meeting, in his capacity as chair. As keynote speaker, I had my doubts – simply because our PM is not an expert or champion of any kind in the ield of science, technology, the arts, humanity etcetera. One would think that key-note

speakers are such people – renowned for something and can therefore speak with authority about it. I’ve been to meetings where Albert Wednt was a key note speaker because he was a novelist, a skilled writer about the Paciic and an expert in the use of the English language to tell stories. it was inevitable that the truth will catch up and then we know that all we have been hearing and reading were half truths or ibs by our top man. Well, get this as an example. Remember when in December the Prime Minister called parliament to sit on Monday December 2, 2013. Initially he had teased the public and Opposition with plans of parliament sitting on December 16, 2013. But come the 2nd, the PM had

absconded speedily off to suva to attend a Paciic Islands conference on nature conservation and protected areas. The conference was scheduled for four days but the PM got to Suva in the weekend and did not make his so called key-note address until day four – and he spoke for, wait for it, “four minutes” or less. His speech was on four pages – presumably double spaced. His topic was “Sustainable inancing and sustainable development” but guess what, none of that was in his speech. What was annoying to me was that the PM ignored parliament, stayed away for a whole week, holed up in a four or five star hotel for a mere four minute “key-note” address. That to me is blatant neglect of his duty to attend parliament and to face questions from the

opposition that were vital to the country. Frankly, I was disappointed with my mate when he took off. Now that we know, I ‘betcha’ that many would now have second thoughts about his status. It is clearly a fabricated status of pre-eminence and of course, unless I am wrong, he would collect a hefty travel, meal allowance for those days he was lazing around waiting for his big day. Well, if that was not a half truth, then I don’t know what is. However, I know that it was a cooked-up plan to escape home responsibilities. But let me top that off with the story behind his latest trip to Abu Dhabi. A friend of mine checked it out and found some disturbing things. Well, the PM has gone to this country to attend a meeting by the In-

ternational Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) members. This agency has 124 members and the Cook Islands is not one of them. And for any benefits to come from this meeting, a country has to be a member and to be an irena member a country has to be a member of the United Nations, which we are not. it is plain and simple that this meeting was not of any beneit to us the Cook Islands and the PM is there only as an observer. Pinch me please, is this for real? So we ask, who paid for the PM’s fare, his accommodation, meals etc. Has he been invited or did he invite himself to it? Did someone accompany him to Abu Dhabi? If I’m right this must be his fifth time to this country. No, I didn’t say it, you guys did – I concluded he might be up to no good.

The cost of conlict to the national purse Development Economist Vaine Wichman has worked throughout the Paciic as a development economist. She began writing these columns at the request of women and men asking her to explain the working of their economy. eCOnOMies around the world in conflict know only too well the accumulating and extensive cost to the national purse any form of war or discontent among the people has on lives and services. The Arab countries in internal turmoil, the african countries in poverty and starvation; even in our Pacific, Papua new guinea, the Solomon’s and Fiji have had their share of internal conflict. Conflicts brew for many reasons. You only have to look internally at family conflict, often it is huge misunderstandings and weak talking channels that encourage and fester family disharmony and peace. Take this case to an island and then a nation level and you start to get the picture. Key root causes of conflict include political, economic and social inequalities, ext r e m e p o v e r t y, e c o n o m i c stagnation, poor government services, and environmental degradation. The costs involved can be huge. lives lost, families mourning, home life upset for some time, ways to make a living and to feel like a respected human violated. The less powerful become more downtrodden, the powerful gloat, the people move. So how to reduce conlict? Sit down and have a family meeting to address the issue with inclusive discussions that will help dispel the misunderstanding that breeds human barriers to understanding, and tackle

together the inequalities that have developed, and work to implement the agreements. We may pride ourselves that we are a peaceful and loving nation of people. But once in a while, a misunderstanding crops up and it becomes difficult to believe the tourist slogans that promote us. The conflict brewing up on our shores among our own people and the costs this will impact our small peace loving island is growing. My mother taught me ‘auraka e akaaue I te aronga pakari’ – don’t make your elderly cry. learning it in Maori was important because the connotations are more comprehensive than the English translation. and i saw first hand what this meant when a family squabble many moons ago left my grandmother sobbing on a truck and moving off to live with another aunty in another part of the village. Someone broke my grandmother’s heart that day, and the family setting was never the same after that, even after the reconciliation and the peace talks and laughter; sadly the nail wounds stay behind. That was the price paid for that conflict. A heavy lesson in learning to stay in love with your family no matter who was wrong and who wronged. The issue glossing our papers and the public’s impressions on the pensioner back taxes is a family conflict. What is the real question to ask here? should they be made to cry?

Why are we making them cry? print in the agreement and relet’s go back a few steps alised they had to sort out coland think out this story. Once lection, and lo and behold we upon a time good leaders (NZ have the situation today where and the Cooks) sat down to ad- a lot of misunderstanding has dress a cry by our elderly to be been allowed to fester. some of the allowed to bring wisest people in their pension “My mother history have almoney back to taught me ways suggested Rarotonga. Talks to us to learn were held, and ‘auraka e from it. But we agreements were akaaue I never do, do we? made and signed Again during and leaders shook te aronga the economic rehands. The signed pakari’ – don’t form, we were up agreements were against the wall, placed in the make your our business sechands of our pubelderly cry.” tor was refusing lic servants to to honour their implement. Then a few years later as per these turnover tax payments and agreements, one of the part- were blatantly sending their ners may have asked our side money offshore. What to do, of the table how things were what to do? Call a truce, sit going and lo and behold, our down in a family meeting and servants reviewed the fine thrash out the way forward.

What will rADIO be talking about today?

Our stories. First with the news.


Aunty Tangi in Mauke. 14012411

needless to say, the much easier to manage and less burdensome vaT (value added Tax) system we have today is a sign of our business sector’s ingenuity to smooth away inequalities, and to honour their side of the table. From the government side back then, an amnesty request for a period of time was honored without penalty fees and our business sector came back to the party and the country. A slight difference with the conflict brewing among our special force of elderly today! Let’s be honest about the situation. These people have created wealth throughout their lives. In their twilight years they want to have the choices they worked for. Many of them wish to come home and live out the remainder of their life and be buried in the

soil of their ancestors. Public services for them here are not as sophisticated as they may have been used to in nZ, but they’ve made the choice to give up these and come home and well, let’s be honest, live out the rest of their life here. Why should the cost of their plight stack up against them? The cost of their despair is a family cost and a national blunder. Is there a middle place where they can all sit down with respectful servants and really find a common ground where everyone can leave knowing that their views were respected and the future will be bright and no added costs will creep into their lives? From where I’m standing I can see one. I’m surprised the public officials and leaders responsible for this situation can’t. Kia mau te Selenga. Kia mau!


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

Changes needed to ‘out-of-date’ laws

A column by Atiu Member of Parliament for Teenui Mapumai Norman George. MOsT OF our laws are out of date. As a lawyer, Prime Minister Henry Puna missed a great opportunity to change laws that are no longer relevant or whose usefulness has expired. in some cases in relation to the Constitution, some definitional changes need to be added, powers previously abused by the Queen’s representatives need to be spelled out and the Qr’s powers curbed. some of our criminal laws impose too severe penalties. The narcotics and Misuse of Drugs Act is cruel and unusual in terms of penalties, but not strict enough when dealing with the big drug dealers active and present in our country today. The 2007 Transport amendment act which imposes automatic disqualification for drink driving changes on the first conviction is stupid and unduly harsh. some provisions of the Crimes Act need modernising. The Police Act which the Cook Islands Party government rushed through parliament, which gave the Commissioner of Police judicial powers and bail powers way above their level of jurisdiction, needs to be changed. I will highlight the abuse of these powers that I regularly experience as a practising criminal bar lawyer. The electoral act needs a complete new revamp; a completely new Act is needed. I will go directly to the different Acts to highlight the changes needed. in some cases i will state what the changes ought to be, but space restricts greater details. The Constitution: The powers of the Queen’s representative need changes. An example is the

right to dissolve parliament. In 2006, the Queen’s Representative, based on his unlimited discretionary powers, dissolved parliament on the advice of a Prime Minister who had lost his majority. The QR failed to dismiss the PM who had lost support in parliament and further failed to give the opposition the opportunity to form an alternative government before the dissolution. The reform I suggest is that the QR must dismiss a government that has lost parliamentary support and must give the opposition party the chance to go back to parliament irst to form a new government, however impossible or difficult, before he can exercise discretionary powers to dissolve parliament. We face the dilemma nowadays of Queen’s representatives being appointed from the party ranks of the government of the day. There is nothing wrong with that, except the appointees can forget to remove their party suit before wearing their vice regal vests to act for all Cook Islanders and no longer for their political parties. Of concern is allegations I have received that the present QR, who is a good friend, had participated in the last Murienua by-election by going door to door to persuade some people to vote CIP. This aberration must stop. The ofice is for all the people, not some of the people. Her Majesty will not be amused. another concern is where the PM refuses to advise the Qr to suspend a minister under investigation, as is happening now. We must cure that: a new provision should be created where no less than seven members of parliament can petition the Qr to suspend a minister under investigation, not dismiss, but suspend with or without pay while under police investigation. The QR will be required to grant the petition – no discretionary powers here to invite more dilly dally. No more unelected Speaker is allowed to be appointed. All future Speakers must come from serving PMs from government or opposition. This reduces the costs of running parliament. The Clerk of Parliament shall be the head administrator of parliament, only the Qr and not the Speaker have the right to remove or dismiss the Clerk of Parliament on the advice of the PM. Such advice is only to be

given after a select committee – australia of those convicted of petition include people who vot- alties for careless or drink-related being the Privileges Committee major drug traficking offences. ed that should not be on the roll. chargers causing injury should recommends it after hearing all For these reasons i am aware of There is not enough time to ile be reduced from 10 years to 5 attempts being made by a lo- objections during enrolments. years imprisonment. the evidence. The power of the police to I would like to introduce a new cal drug cartel to defeat me at This right should be extended impeachment provision against the next general election. Make to petition-able offences. There hold people in custody must the Prime Minister and Minsters my day folks! I will campaign is much more time to investigate be reduced from 48 hours to 24 hours. I have seen abuse by the of the Crown. Such impeach- against narco drug dealers at these breaches afterwards. The Qr and his spouse should police to keep people in custody ment is for grave misconduct in the next election and show how ofice either criminal or sexual i will deal with them when re- be prohibited from voting in all for two nights to weaken them elections. This is the price to pay to make confessions afterwards. and social misconduct. In sum- elected. The Electoral Act is one sick if you accept the post. The QR My protests have fallen on deaf mary, it is conduct unbecoming of the office of the Prime Min- old horse. There are no party- should also be prohibited by law ears. Time for action! The police have been given hopping laws in New Zealand from participating in campaignister or Minister of the Crown. a petition by 10 Members of since 2004. Here we are hang- ing or political party meetings; powers to grant bail from the Parliament will be suficient; the ing on to oversized gumboots. discussions or political party so- police station and impose drapetition will be to the Queen’s new laws should allow candi- cial activities during his tenure. conian conditions such as surrepresentative who shall order dates who resign from their seats removal provision will have to rendering passport, curfew restricting people indoors during the impeachment proceedings when faced with unwinnable pe- be introduced. I would like to see recall provi- the hours of darkness, restricttitions to be disqualiied and the to be held in parliament. The impeachment panel will next candidate with the highest sions included in the new act to ing contact with people and be made up of three MPs from number of votes awarded the cover certain misconduct or der- so on. These powers should be each side of the House excluding seat. Calling a new by-election eliction of duties by sitting MPs. restricted to the judiciary. The The Crimes Act needs changes. police are given these powers in the subject of the impeachment, is rewarding the law-breaking but including the presidents of candidate as we are seeing in the The theft provisions need clari- the Judicature amendment act, the House of Ariki, Koutunui current Murienua by-election. fication; the penalties are too as well as the CiP-rushed new and the Religious Advisory That kind of thing must be severe for minor thefts. Assaults Police Act! The commissioner with speciic differences between can issue search warrants. These stopped. Council. The chairif an MP dies or re- females and males must be are judicial powers which the man of the panel ‘Penalties for signs his seat within changed. There must be restric- Commissioner of Police should must be an expericareless or 12 months of a gen- tion in relation to the number not have. enced Member of Pardrink-related i will deal with Land Laws eral election or by- of charge the police can lay in liament: The inding chargers election, the second relation to the same set of facts. separately. I will argue for a can include removal causing injury highest vote getter in home invasions and tourist- new Order of Investigation of from office, fine or should be the previous election related thefts must involve im- land titles and traditional Ariki censure. There will – Mataiapo Rangatira titles to be no right of appeal. reduced from 10 should automatically prisonment on the irst offence. years to 5 years The Transport act 2007 needs be reopened for a strict period be declared the new I would like to see imprisonment.’ MP. This saves costs major changes. No more auto- of 12 months before closing it the appointment of and disruptions. Cur- matic disqualification for driv- again. Examples of fraud going Q r’s restricted to one term only of ive years. This rently MPs lose their seat if con- ing with alcohol related charges. back 100 years are rampant. It allows the honour to be spread victed of a criminal offence liable Only after the third conviction is a sin not to reopen investigafairly in a wider circle of deserv- to 12 months’ imprisonment. In should disqualiication come in tions again. There are also Tax NZ it is two years. I would like to and should be from three months Laws and Customs Laws which ing citizens. to twelve months for irst offenc- need changing; I will address The narcotics and Misuse of change ours to two years. I would like to see electoral es, up to two years thereafter. Pen- these another time. Drugs Act: In most cases, the penalty in our narcotics act is three times more severe than those of New Zealand. Except The Cook islands national for importing, selling, dealCommission for unesCo invites ing, and trafficking, I suggest applications for the unesCo reducing charges of possession Participatory Programme funding and use of cannabis right down between one and twelve months’ 2014/15. The Participatory imprisonment or ines. CultivatProgramme funding supports ing, which now carries 20 years’ initiatives in the areas of imprisonment, should be subeducation, natural science, social divided between seedlings, half grown and fully mature plants. and human sciences, Culture, Quantities of plants should and Communication and information. Proposals focusing count into the penalties. Penalon gender and youth are particularly welcome. ties should come down to three months, six months and twelve Please note the following: months for seedlings, two years for half grown and ten years for • funding is available for up to $25,000 adult plants. • funding is not available for buildings On the other side of the coin, • funding is only available for equipment relating to the I would like to see life imprisonment imposed on major achievement of a proposal’s outcome, i.e. not generic drug dealers and importers or a equipmentsuchascomputersorsmallmachineryforgeneral minimum of 20 years’ imprisonoperations. ment without parole. I would also seek asset seizures in the application forms can be found on line at Cook Islands, New Zealand and

Penalties for careless or drink-related charges causing injury should be reduced from 10 years to 5 years imprisonment says Norman George. 03042502

applications should be submitted (preferably by email) to the secretary general , sharyn Paio on or delivered to the ministry of education building in nikao by 12pm, friday february 7th, 2014. for any inquiries please contact the relevant Programme Commissioner whose details are provided below: • education: gail Townsend on • natural sciences: kelvin Passields on kelvin.passield@ • social and human sciences: Jolene bosanquet on • Culture: dr Jon Jonassen on • Culture/World heritage: ngatuaine maui on welfare@ • Communication: maureen hilyard on


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

Pumice discovery amazes Kiwi geologist a visiTing Kiwi geologist believes a raft of pumice washed up in Rarotonga is from a major undersea volcanic eruption nearly two years ago. Dr Dan Hikuroa, research director at Nga Pae o te Maramatanga/NZ's Indigenous Centre of research excellence, said he was stunned to find pieces of the distinctive pumice washed up on the motus in Muri while out walking with his daughters. “i'm absolutely certain it is from the havre volcano eruption in July 2012,'' he said. “I was amazed, but not surprised that it has washed up on rarotonga.” Havre is about 800km northeast of Tauranga, New Zealand, and is part of the Tonga-Kermadec volcanic chain. its eruption created a 22,000 square kilometre mat of pumice on the ocean’s sur-

face, which gradually began to break up and float to shore. Hikuroa said pumice started turning up on New Zealand’s east coast in april 2013, then the west coast in August. He has been working with a team at victoria University and the national institute of Water and atmospheric research (NIWA) to study the material. The pumice he found in Muri “looks exactly like the stuff we’ve been finding in New Zealand”, he said. “i’ve no doubt that from time to time, the odd piece of pumice will wash up in rarotonga because there are eruptions going on all the time,” he said. however, havre’s pumice is quite distinctive, with virtually no iron rich ‘black’ minerals. a l s o, s o m u c h p u m i c e washed up in the same line suggests it comes from a sin-

gle event. Hikuroa said he has also found pieces of the pumice on the south side of the island, near the Rarotongan. geochemical analysis would be required to confirm that it is Havre volcano pumice, he said.

“i am also interested to hear if anyone else has noticed the pumice and when it started washing up.” Hikuroa is based at the University of Auckland and is holidaying in Rarotonga with his family.

He will be giving a public lecture called ‘Multiple Ways of Knowing – Integrating Maori Knowledge and Science for new solutions’ on Wednesday January 29, 7pm at the University of the south Pacific in Takamoa.

he will discuss the similarities and differences between indigenous knowledge and science and how their integration can yield new solutions to old problems. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Dr Dan Hikuroa was out walking in Muri with his daughters Brija, 8 (left), and Georgia, 5, when they found piles of pumice along the shore. 14012404

Mosquito transmitted virus threatens Paciic Geologist Dan Hikuroa holds pieces of the distinctive pumice he found on the motus in Muri this week. 14012401


Wanted safe, secure home for

“george the Cat”

neutered, loves children, afectionate

Phone 28093 he’s ginger and White

aUThOriTies in new Caledonia detected the first locallyacquired case of Zika virus infection last week, according to a report by the secretariat of the Paciic Community (SPC). Oficials say the inding represents a new epidemic threat to the territory and the Paciic region, which is already affected by several epidemics of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. “We are concerned about the increase in the frequency and variety of epidemics of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in the region over the years,” said Dr Yvan Souarès, deputy director of the sPC’s public health division. “They threaten more and more the health security of the Paciic populations and the world.” In the Cook Islands, health officials are monitoring the situation by keeping a close eye on swamps and common mosquito breeding sites after recent bouts of heavy rainfall. Health protection manager Tata vaeau has said the pos-

sPC’s public health division sibility of a local outbreak of mosquito-borne viruses such closely monitors such situas dengue and Zika are a real ations in collaboration with regional partners from the Paconcern. Prevention plans are in place ciic Public Health Surveillance he said, including risk assess- Network, and assists Paciic Isments being undertaken in land countries and territories the outer islands, with larvi- in their efforts to reinforce the surveillance and recide being added to sponse to these episwampy areas. ‘The possibility demics. in 2012, the four of a local “Though the serotypes of dengue outbreak of Zika virus is known fever virus (DENVmosquito-borne for widely circulat1, DENV-2, DENV-3 viruses such ing in Africa and and DENV-4) were as dengue and asia, the Pacific is circulating in the Zika are a real the only region in Pacific region for concern.’ the world to have the first time in a a documented epigiven calendar year. last year (2013) was marked demic of this virus,” added Dr by an unprecedented number Souarès. The Zika virus irst emerged and variety of epidemics of diseases transmitted by mosqui- in the Pacific in 2007 in yap toes: 11 dengue epidemics of (Federated states of Microthree different serotypes, three nesia). This was the irst Zika chikungunya epidemics and virus epidemic detected and one Zika virus epidemic were described in a timely fashion. It re-emerged in the region recorded in the Paciic region.


A map showing virus outbreaks in the Paciic region. 14012336

in French Polynesia on the epidemic mode last year and it has now reached New Caledonia. There is a high risk that this disease could rapidly spread across new Caledonia and the region and affect a large number of people. epidemics of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes spread increasingly quickly with the amount of air traffic and weather variations (including rising temperatures and modiied rainfall patterns) being experienced lately. The Zika virus disease is caused by a flavivirus of the same family as the dengue viruses, and it is transmitted by mosquito bites. The best way to avoid these diseases is by protecting yourself against mosquito bites and destroying mosquito breeding sites. - ES/SPC Release


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News


A glimpse of voyaging on the vaka iT Was only for a couple of

hours, but after an afternoon spent on Marumaru atua, there is no turning back – I need to spend more of my life at sea. Marumaru Atua – a replica of a traditional double-hulled voyaging canoe, called a ‘vaka’ in Cook Islands Maori – was launched in Auckland in 2009, and built to the same speciications as Vaka Te Au O Tonga, the ‘mother’ canoe built decades ago by former Cook Islands Prime Minister and nasa scientist sir Tom Davis. Seeing the vaka berthed off the coast of avarua over the last half year, i always wondered what it would be like to travel on the boat for a leisurely afternoon sail. Only later did I learn this humble-looking vessel has traversed a considerable length of the earth’s oceans on voyages spanning almost two years. On a cloudy day with a steady, warm breeze, my partner and i went aboard Marumaru Atua – which in English translates to ‘Under the protection of god” – and prepared to set sail. Once aboard with other passengers – comprised of both tourists and locals – safety procedures are read out by crew member alex Olah, who describes where lifejackets are stored. Traditional Master Navigator Tua Pittman, one of only ive in the world, urges those susceptible to sea sickness to ensure they’re facing downwind if they need to relieve themselves. The crew, my partner and i,

and the other travellers then arrange ourselves in a circle, hold hands, and are led in prayer by Olah before setting off. To exit the harbour, the vaka is equipped with a solar powered prop, which was lowered from the deck. “A mix of our culture and the modern age,” says Pittman. As the vaka squeezes through the passage just outside Trader Jacks, Olah begins to describe some of the boat’s features. shells are embedded on the railings along port and starboard, along with a traditional Polynesian navigational tool intricately carved into the deck. Combined with the skill of the master navigator, they allow Marumaru Atua to be guided by the stars in the sky, moving along to its intended destination. Olah speaks of additional navigational tools that can also be accessed by observing the natural environment, far away from metal tools and modern marine instrumentation – such as monitoring sunrise and sunset, observing swells and currents, and examining clouds on the horizon to see if the faint relection of land can be detected. an ancient art-form practiced by Polynesians in the south Paciic, an ocean of stories can be told about vaka voyaging through one of the most storied navigators of all – Tupaia. Known as a gifted orator and politician, Tupaia’s arts in navigation make him a larger than life character in Polynesian and

South Paciic history. Although having no knowledge of writing, historians say he was highly skilled in astronomy, navigation, and meteorology. Still, with no skill in the art of mapmaking, it was said Tupaia drew a chart of the Paciic with every major group of islands from the Marquesas to Fiji, and could predict landfalls and weather throughout voyages. One historian says he was swimming before inally learning how to walk. With such rich tales for inspiration, voyaging appears to be making a resurgence. Crew member Terii Pittman, Pittmann’s niece and a self-described water enthusiast, diver, and kitesurfer, says more young people are becoming involved, including women who are overcoming the stereotype that sailing is a man’s sport. “i’m not sure, maybe it’s that youth get a sense of adventure and excitement,” she says when asked why. The other half of that equation is “cultural” she says. With Rarotonga in the foreground, crew members pass around shells illed with freshly cut coconut. During longer bouts at sea, voyagers – ancient and contemporary – would dine on plenty of ish – raw, dried, or sometimes fried. lots of ish. Fruits and vegetables would hold for a while, and in the old days, sufficient preparation would be done to dry enough

Crew members at work, lowering the vaka’s sails. 14012406

Master navigator Tua Pittman scouting the conditions as the Vaka picks up speed. 14012407 food, such as taro and bananas for lengthy voyages. With little food available, infestation from maggots wouldn’t be enough to hold back ones appetite. With a crewman at the helm, holding the vaka’s rudder and steering us on course, Olah describes the different roles of the various crewmembers. The navigator uses the various tools and signs of the sea to instruct the helmsman, who stays focused at all times. Crewmembers listen attentively to instructions from the navigator. The need for ultimate concentration is emphasised by Olah, who says veering off course could result in missing an intended destination, or worse, death from starvation while trying to ind land. The deck of Marumaru Atua is completely exposed apart from a small covered area in the centre, with basic cooking facilities and a tiny resting area. One would have to wonder, where do you hide when struck with

bad weather – cyclones, towering seas, gale force winds –and the vaka still needs to be sailed? “You’re still out there,” says Olah. Along with Tua and Terii Pittmann and other members of the crew, they have sailed many kilometres of the Paciic Ocean on some of the storied voyages of Marumaru Atua. One voyage saw the vaka travel to the United States, visiting the State of California. Other stops included to Mexico’s Cabo san Lucas, Costa rica’s Cocos Islands, the galapagos Islands, the Marquesas and Tahiti and the Solomon Islands. Another trip saw the vaka traverse a third of the Polynesian triangle to the Hawaiian islands. Currently berthed in rarotonga, Marumaru Atua is preparing for a series of planned voyages to Aitutaki, which hope to begin in March. The trips are being organised by the Cook Islands Voyaging Society, with

booking by local entity, Island Discoveries. The trips will see the adventurous get a little taste of what it’s like to voyage in a traditional double-hulled canoe. As we pull back into port, i’m mildly surprised with the sea legs I’ve developed. More so, I’m inspired and know now, more than ever, that the ocean is becoming my preferred highway. Many crewmembers speak of the spiritual nature of voyaging, and an honour to their forefathers – the pioneers of the vaka. “They did things irst,” says Olah. at only four years old, Marumaru atua is relatively new, but funds are always needed to keep the vaka in seaworthy shape and to help the Cook Islands Voyaging Society continue promoting this rich cultural tradition. “The more hands that touch her, the more mana she has,” - ES says Olah.

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Fishing tales mount for Akura The Fishing feats of Akura Fishing Charters are hitting international headlines, and they are set to again feature in the New Zealand Fishing Magazine. The local ishing crew has already featured in the last three issues of the prestigious ishing magazine and it’s no surprise, really. last week alone, the charter crew of local lads hauled in ive whopper marlins. The count continued this week with another three reeled in to total eight marlin in less than two weeks – and probably by the time you’ve read this, the marlin count will have no doubt increased. What’s their secret? According to Cameron Thorp of Akura, “It’s because we are a family ishing business.” Of course ishing nous from years of experience in Cook Islands waters also counts, and the fact that the crew of anglers on Akura just love to ish – and perhaps that’s what’s been attracting the ish. last week, Thorp and ‘the

boys’ ventured out for a nonchartered ishing session. in five hours they reeled in a mind blowing 300kgs of ish – 19 fish in total including 14 yellow in tuna of which 8 were around the 70kg mark, three wahoo, one mai-mai and a 90kg marlin. All this ishing activity from one boat certainly screams a great start to the fishing year, but Thorp says it has been a pretty good six months of ishing. As the ish haul grows on the back of some record breaking ish – one starts to think it must be all down to skill and ishing know-how. Then Thorp says, “We feel really lucky to catch these ish”. He doesn’t just mean that there’s a certain level of luck needed to ind and reel in monster fish – he also means the wider competition for the ish in Cook Islands waters like the foreign long-line and purseseine fishing vessels licensed and allowed to ish in Cook Islands waters. But when the ishermen are

enjoying a good season like the last six months, Thorp says why not share the ishing success story. It’s a success story that Akura Fishing Charters have been enjoying of late, and despite the marlin and yellow in tuna count steadily mounting, the crew remain humble in their success. This year’s early fishing triumphs for Akura comes on the back of one of 2013’s fishing story of the year – the monster reel and record breaking 380kg blue marlin caught in November last year. The epic and historic catch by Thorp and ishing brothers Corey Fisher and Eva Koteka will be retold for the rest of their lives – the reel that broke and the four hours of hand lining in the monster remains vivid in the ishermen’s mind. On shore, a Hiab (truck with crane) was used to haul the ish from the boat on to the harbour. At this stage, the lads of Akura were the talk of the ishing community as six days

Fishing brothers Corey Fisher, Cameron Thorp and Eva Koteka with the two monster yellow in tuna that narrowly missed being record breakers and caught six days before their reel and record breaking 380kg monster marlin. 14012417

before landing the monster marlin the same crew hauled in two massive yellow in tuna that narrowly missed being record breakers but will remain one of the ishing tales the boys will tell even after they reel in bigger ish. But don’t just take it from us – get out and create your own ishing story and let the team at Akura Fishing Charters lead you to the ish while the ishing is good. Just head to the a v a t i u western harbour or call the crew ‘when only the best will do’ on 54355. Also look out for the new Zealand Fishing Magazine again featuring the ishing feats of Akura. - MW

Cameron Thorp of Akura, with the one that didn’t get away, says Akura’s ishing success is because they are a family ishing business. 14012418

One day, 5 hours, 19 ish weighing 300kg – including a 90kg marlin caught on Akura during a non-chartered boys’ ishing trip. 14012420


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record breaker!

The University of the South Paciic Cook Islands is ofering the following courses in distance mode in Semester 1, 2014 • If you wish to commence studies with the University for the irst time, please complete an application for admission before 31 Jan, 2014. • If you are continuing your studies, please complete reenrolment before 20 Jan, 2014. • Semester 1 will commence February 17, 2014. PRELIMINARY (EqUIVALENT TO FORM 6) COURSE CODE



MA 102


ED 191


BI P02

MA 112


ED 205



MA 221


ED 206



MA 321


ED 210



MG 101



MG 201



IS P21


MG 206


ED 250


LL P13


MG 302


ED 252


MG 309


ED 254



MG 316



MM 101




MS 201


ED 321



OS 101


ED 354



OS 202


ED 359


PA 402


ED 391


PH 102





PL 100



EV 424


PP 101


AF F01


EV 428


PP 201


AG F01


GE 102


PP 300


BI F02


GE 201


PS 103


CH F02


GN 400


PS 203


EC F02


GN 401


PS 304


GE F01


HY 102


PS 305


HY F01


HY 202


PS 407


IS F21


HY 305


SO 100


LL F11


IS 122


SO 200


LL F14


IS 224


SO 201


LL F21


LL 108


SO 300


MA F11


LL 162


SO 301


MA F21


LL 171


SW 100


PH F02


LL 241


SW 201


SO F01


LM 112


SW 301


SO F01


LM 311



TE F02


LS 101


TS 108


LS 204


TS 207



LS 205


TS 209



LW 110


TS 217



LW 111


TS 218


AF 201


LW 201


TS 303


AF 205


LW 203


TS 304


AF 208


LW 205


TS 310


AG 111


LW 300


TS 311


AG 124


LW 302


UU 100


AG 164


LW 306


UU 114


AG 172


LW 307


UU 200



LW 308


UU 204


AG 251


LW 310


AG 273


LW 334


AG 363


LW 341


CEC 31


CH 101


LW 353


CEC 32


CS 112


LW 356


CEC 33


CS 214


LW 370


CE E31


DG 100


LW 392


CE E32



LW 400


CE E33


DG 101


LW 410


CE L41


DG 101


LW 434


CE L42


EC 100


LW 441


CE L43


EC 101


LW 451


EC 202


LW 453


EC 301


LW 470


ED 453


EC 306


LW 495


ED 455


EC 307



ED 457


ED 152

ED 461


ED 153


ED 468


ED 158


ED 491




AF 100 AF 102

AG 221

DG 100





Another epic catch by the team of Akura Fishing Charters.



TE P02



ED 170


The reel and record breaking 380kg marlin caught by the Akura crew in November last year.

Admissions and re-enrolment can be completed at our oice - call in and complete the relevant forms or the forms can be sent to you by email (phone 29415 or email or enrolment can be completed online at php?id=12540

MA 101






University of the South Paciic Towards Excellence in Learning and Knowledge Creation


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Free desexing and deworming for pets rarOTOnga’s local vet clinic

is encouraging people to book their pets in to be desexed and dewormed, as part of an international event. The esther honey Foundation Spay Day event will be held on February 4-6, with people asked to book a spot for their pet if it needs to be desexed. The procedures are free, and esther Honey is offering free deworming for pets at the time of desexing – something that should be done every three months. World Spay Day is set for February 25, but Esther Honey practice manager Amy Compton said the foundation is holding the event early to take advantage of extra volunteers who will be on the island.

Desexing dogs and cats helps slow population growth of the animals on the island and will also curb undesirable behaviour, such as making dogs less anxious and less likely to bite people. Dogs who have been desexed are still territorial and in fact make better watchdogs than whole dogs, because they are less inclined to wander in search of a mate and will stay around to protect the home, said Compton. Desexing also reduces the risk of reproductive cancer and disease. For instance, desexing a female dog before her irst heat cycle will lower her risk of mammory cancer by 80 per cent, said Compton. “The event is a good chance to

remind people of the beneits of desexing their animals.” “It’s to get awareness out about desexing dogs and cats to reduce the population,” she said. Four senior vets will be assigned specifically to the task of desexing the animals, with one to focus on spaying dogs, one to focus on neutering dogs, and two to focus on cats. There will also be several vet nurses on board, as well as other volunteers to hold the fort outside of the operating room. Those interested in the free desexing procedures can phone Esther Honey on 22336 to book a spot for their pet, or visit the foundation’s stall at Punanga Nui market to sign their animal up for the procedure. - BD

Esther Honey practice manager Amy Compton (left) and volunteer Kate Lahart with dog Nicky, who will soon need a loving home. 14012337

Mangaia harbour improvements could stimulate economy A RESIDENT on the island of

Mangaia said the island’s revamped harbour, once completed, could provide a range of new economic opportunities for residents. This week, construction crews began to carry out work on building a new ramp, extending sea walls for increased protection, deepening the harbour’s basin, and reconstruction of the old quay to facilitate the use of barges. Officials also hope to see increased resilience and reduced vulnerability to cyclones and the effects of climate change. Mangaia island resident Helen henry said the new seawall will be able to provide better protection for the island’s shoreline and provide more safety for vessels and people using the harbour. The harbour will also allow barges and shipping vessels to land on the island more frequently. apart from immediate beneits, the revamped harbour could also become a tool for stimulating the local economy in areas

such as tourism and agriculture, she said. With the prospect of more regular transportation, opportunities could open up for small businesses and through the berthing of vessels, including ishing boats and yachts – which may choose to visit the island to buy supplies such as ice and food products, along with local arts and crafts. “The sky is the limit for potential future opportunities,” she said. The harbour improvement project is part of the Paciic Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) coastal zone management programme, and being funded through local donors. The estimated cost has been pinned at $800,000, with May 2014 as the projected completion date. improvements to the harbour have been a long time coming, she said, since damage sustained when a series of five cyclones struck the island in 2005. after the cyclones, henry said

a reconstruction project tender was won by Pareu Machinery Limited (PML), which had begun reconstruction work on the project. Partially through construction, investigations by civil engineers found that the end design could potentially result in more damage from rough seas or cyclonic weather, said Henry. “in other words, the completed stage would leave Mangaia with a vulnerable harbour that would not totally meet the needs of everyday lives of the people,” she said. “It was at this point that key stakeholders met with PACC representatives on Mangaia to seek assistance to support a 'restrengthening' of the Mangaia harbour project.” Henry said having the contractors in Mangaia has been an income opportunity for the community, with workers spending money on the island. additionally, locals have been employed to provide various services to construction teams. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Local auditors improve skills Three officials with the Cook

islands audit Office were recently commended after receiving training and adding to their credentials. local auditors Margret Numanga, Hoana Matapo and Desmond Wildin from the Cook islands audit Office are now qualiied facilitators and mentors under the International Organisation of supreme audit institutions (inTOsai) development initiative (IDI). at a ceremony held at the Audit Ofice earlier this month, Numanga, Matapo, and Wildin received their formal IDI certiicates and recognition of their efforts in completing the first phase of the programme from audit director Allen Parker. Matapo works in special reviews and performance audits, and completed the performance auditor’s course. Wildin participated in the financial audit course and as a mentor, Numanga’s participation included development of the learning material for the inancial audit stream and mentoring financial auditors from the Paciic region. as facilitator’s, Matapo and Wildon were chosen through a selection process and exam.

The course consisted of two seven-week online e-learning courses with a range of learning modules that had to be completed each week, and a inal exam. As a mentor Numanga was involved in the development of the e-course learning material and mentoring Paciic inancial auditors. The three auditors were also required to complete a one-week course in Thailand on facilitation and presentation skills. The IDI pilot program, financed by the World Bank, was designed and delivered in partnership with inTOsai’s Professional standards Committee (PsC), its subcommittees on financial, performance and compliance audit, capacity building committee and inTOsai regional bodies. The initiative is aimed at strengthening the global public sector audit profession by using the international standards for supreme audit institutions (isSAI) as the common framework of reference for public sector auditing. The initiative is a comprehensive capacity development program called the ISSAI Implementation Initiative. The worldwide implementation strategy involves participat-

ing countries from Asia, Europe, africa, the Caribbean and the Paciic, and aims to train facilitators from participating countries in the core audit disciplines of inancial, performance and compliance audits. The next phase is to assist the Cook Islands Audit Ofice to implement the relevant issai standards in accordance with their mandate and national regulations. This will include conducting an assessment of the current level of compliance to the issai standards, development of audit manuals and training for staff and promotion of issai to stakeholders. As IDI facilitators they may be called on to assist other countries in the region or elsewhere in the world to help implement issais and in doing so, strengthen public sector auditing capacity. Lastly and most importantly, the Cook Islands Audit Office would like to thank IDI, the World Bank, the Pacific Association of supreme audit institutions (PASAI) and the IDI mentors and experts for the financial assistance, management resources and technical expertise that made this programme such a success. - Release

After arriving on a barge from Rarotonga last week, heavy machinery has been employed in the construction of Mangaia’s harbour. 14012305

Test blasting being conducted by the seawall in Mangaia. 14012304


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

Cook foundation rolls out funding THE COOK FOUNDATION, a charitable trust set up by United Kingdom resident george Cook, continues to roll out projects and distribute funding for a wide range of causes. The trustees of the foundation are continuing with the programme of making grants to organisations for projects, or needs recommended by the Members of Parliament. In December, the foundation approved funding for charitable projects recommended by finance minister Mark Brown, and MP William Heather. Minister Brown’s project was funding for the Takuvaine Tutakimoa Oire, for the purchase of supplies to allow them to go around the village and assist with cyclone preparedness by providing ropes for tying down houses. Heather suggested funding for a safety rail at Blackrock. With the grant from the Cook Foundation and the donation of labour and other equipment, the installation of the rail can be completed. In addition to the grants for MPdriven projects, in December the trustees identiied a project with the Cook Islands Red Cross to provide funding to purchase a generator to be used in emergency situations.

In assisting to deal with the water shortage in Atiu, the Cook Islands Red Cross needed a generator. While they were able to secure a borrowed generator for this purpose, it did highlight the need to have this equipment available to deal with emergency situations. The grant from the Cook Foundation will provide for a generator to be purchased and used in future situations for the beneit of communities in the Cook Islands. The Cook Foundation is looking forward to continuing with its programme of grants through 2014, and is already in the process of inviting community organisations to submit proposals for funding for needs in their communities. As part of its ongoing charitable work, the foundation will be making at least two to three grants per month of up to $2000 each, with the hope being to continue to grow. The Foundation is run by a group of trustees, which include parliamentary speaker Nikki Rattle. Other charitable organisations in the Cook Islands can also apply for funding for specific needs that they see in the community. - ES / Release

The Cook Foundation is rolling out funding for a series of projects, including a proposal by MP William Heather, who suggested funding for a safety railing at popular swimming hole Blackrock. 14012334

ANZ Bank appoints new chief executive regiOnaL bank ANZ has announced Sarah Dunn as chief executive officer of ANZ Cook Islands. Dunn started in her new role this month, succeeding David Dennis who concluded his fouryear term in December. Dunn has moved to Rarotonga from her previous position as a general manager of clients with the anZ Trustees business in Melbourne, Australia. She has had a career spanning over 22 years in wealth management, retail banking and inancial services. Prior to joining ANZ Australia in 2010, Dunn worked with hsBC in Canada, the United Kingdom, and across Europe.

“Ms Dunn has a strong history of driving growth through the delivery of highly client-focused sales and distribution strategies and people leadership,” said ANZ chief executive oficer Paciic and chief executive oficer Fiji, Vishnu Mohan. “We look forward to welcoming Ms Dunn to our Paciic team and I am conident that she will be a valuable leader for our Cook Islands business.” Mohan added: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Dennis for his signiicant contribution to ANZ Cook Islands over the past four years.” “He has done an excellent job of maintaining strong relationships with national stakehold-

ers and customers in the Cook islands and i wish him well in his next role at anZ, which will be announced soon.” ANZ celebrated its 25th year in the Cook Islands last year and is now established as one of the country’s largest banks, providing access to banking services for more than 7000 corporate and retail customers and employing some 40 staff. anZ is represented in the Cook Islands by two branches in Rarotonga and Aitutaki, 10 ATMs, two outer island agencies and an extensive eFTPOs network. - ANZ Release

The WeekEnd Crossword Incoming chief executive Sarah Dunn replaces outgoing David Dennis, who concluded his four-year term as ANZ’s Cook Islands chief executive in December. 14012330


on saturday evening join us for our fabulous

island night with

superb feast

dining 7 - 8.30pm show starts 8.30pm

featuring delicious local food

ent by

ainm t entert nd nigh

a m a or isla

Tuesday island night features Ta’akoka lllate

oYze ti aRa & b T h it w t n rtainme liveente

edgewater Resort

- reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentar y Transfers provided from any where on the island.

1. Aboriginal traditional dance (11) 5. Returned Serviceman’s Association (3) 8. Murder She Wrote, _ Lansbury (6) 10. Australian netball team (8) 11. Hobo (3) 13A & 3D. The Don (3,6,7) 14. Shout (4) 16. Laughing Australian bird.(10) 19. Wallabies skipper (3,5) 21. Subject (5) 23. Woe is me (4) 25. Australian cricket captain, Michael _ (6) 26. First man to climb Everest, Sir Edmund _ (7) 27. Everlasting (7)


2. Ininite knowledge (11) 3. See 13 Across (7) 4. Arm joint (5) 6. Freestyle swim stroke (slang) (10,5) 7. Aussie greeting (6)

anSwerS On page 19

9. Flowed back (5) 12. Where the Dutch boy put his inger, in _ _ (1,4) 15. Hearing aid (3) 17. Nipper (5) 18. Flightless Australian bird (4)

19. Seashore (5) 20. Bet (5) 22. Spruce up (5) 24. Fall ill (3)

* Maori-English: English-Maori


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

VIRTUES the gifts within

Unity Tu taokotai “He who experiences the unity of life, sees his own self in all beings, and all beings in his own self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye....” Bhagavad-Gita 6:29 Unity is a very powerful virtue and brings with it great strength. It is a way of seeing the universe as one, designed by the One Who created us all. Unity brings harmony, like the sound of music made by the diferent instruments in an orchestra. When you practice unity, you value what each part brings to the whole. With unity, you can strive for harmony with your family at home and your human family around the world. Signs of Success I am practising unity when I... • Treat all people as members of one human family • See the gifts in diferences • Refuse to join in when others express prejudice • Solve conflicts through listening and inding solutions • Care for the earth and all living things • Act like a peacemaker wherever I go.

All students pass in tertiary exams hOsPiTaLiTy students will be celebrating this week as the results of their exams are released – with a 100 per cent pass rate. The Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (C ITTI) has announced the results of exams held late last year for courses that were accredited via a london-based qualiications developer called City and guilds. CiTTi director Owen Lewis said every student who sat the exams late last year passed. Of those who took the Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking Principals, two passed with distinction and

seven with merit, while another student also passed. in the second semester, these same students completed a diploma in the same subject – with the exams for both the certiicate and the diploma taking place at the end of 2013. For the diploma, five students passed with distinction, four received merit and one passed. results are also out for the Certiicate in Food and Beverage Services, in which three of the four students received distinction and the other passed. When the same students completed the diploma, one passed with distinction, two

received merit and another passed. Lewis said all the students should be proud of their achievement. “They’re really good results – we’re really pleased.” CiTTi was launched in June last year, bringing the Cook Is-

lands Trades Training Centre and the hospitality and Tourism Training Centre under the same body. The institute is now a ‘standalone’ training facility, with more than 300 people enrolling annually in its nationally and internationally recognised

qualifications and courses – which range from ‘statements of attainment’ to certificates and diplomas. The institute will be holding its graduation next week to celebrate the hard work of its students. - Briar Douglas

I am part of God’s universe. I appreciate differences. I do not support prejudice. I am a peacemaker. I care for the earth and all the living things.

Paciic Resort chef Kevin Mapu at the hospitality school for last year’s Salon Culinaire competitions. 14012309

Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre trainee chefs in 2010, serving up some of their tasty delights to promote their school at the Career’s Expo. 10072216


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303


PUBLIC NOTICES Personal Man looking for girl born 1982, 1986 or 1988 to settle down in Tahiti. Please write to Van Arii, PO Box 11882, Mahina, Tahiti. 76329 /35030 /1931

CISPCA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Date: 28 January 2014 Time: 5pm Venue: Puhoi Hut cIGFc Agenda: Minutes of previous AGM Matters arising President`s report Treasurer`s report Audit report Election of oice bearers General business All members and intending members please attend Secretary. 76445 / /1915

The Cook Islands Red cross Society is ofering a Certiied comprehensive First Aid Training Course. A 2 year irst aid certiicate will be awarded at the completion of the course. Date: Tuesday 28 to Wednesday 29 January 2014. Venue: cook Islands Red cross Headquarters Time 8.30am For any enquiries contact 22598. Email: Meitaki maata. 76331 / /2204

Apii Potiki Te Uki Ou (preschool) From: 2 1/2 years of age Hours: 8am-2 pm, Monday-Friday. Enrolling now for 2014 For more information phone 23510. 76174 /35054 /1952


Sunday 26 Jan 2014 ‘A christian is one who insists not on his/her own rights’ but christ’s’ 9.30am - church news update with Intern Tangaroa Uea on Radio Matariki 10.00am - Sunday School for all ages ‘Jesus teaches compassion for the poor’ Luke 16:10. 11.00am - Worship - Bishop Tutai Pere, BA, LTh. - fellowship luncheon - Alive for Jesus radio ministry with Elder Teiaa Potoru 2.30pm - Agape fellowship with inmates - Bishop Pere 4.00pm - Nothing but the Truth TV Ministry - The Name makes the diference - Bishop Ellis 7.30pm - DVD Power Point Presentation Teaching by Bishop Pere Aere mai te katoatoa rava! Everyone most welcome! contact: Bishop Pere 23778/55177 Dial-A-Prayer 26777 76542 / /1632

SERVICES Pool Doctor * Water testing * chlorine * P.H down * Bufer Discounted rates FREE DELIVERY Phone Tony 56599. 76289 /35855 /1708

A meeting for landowners of Raropua 190M1, Kiikii Rarotonga is scheduled for 6pm on Tuesday 28 January 2014 at the Tupapa Meeting House to discuss a right of way to adjoining land Raropua 190L. Refreshments provided afterwards. Thank you, Rohan & Hinano Ellis 55686/27590. 76508 /36081 /1969

Hulanesian Fitness Now on the Rock! Saturdays - 8am Muri Meeting House Tuesdays - 5pm Top Shape An hour of fun awesome workout. 76543 /36103 /1931

Peyroux Motor Services Friendly, Local, Professional & Honest. Repairs to string trimmers, chainsaws, mowers, marine & stationary engines, Vaimaanga. Phone 52414.

76504 / /1733

Baha’i Faith? Curious? Watch Baha’i on Air This Sunday at 5pm ‘’Teata Makirere & the Baha’I Faith’’ part 2 and/or join us for devotions 10am at the Baha’I centre, Muri. This week’s theme: Unity. Next week: Self Discipline.

MOWING TENDER For 1x 3/4 acre Muri beach front section 2x1/2 acre adjoining Section Avaavaroa To be cut every 10 days Must have ride on mower and grass Adam 55082 to arrange to view. 76465 /36652 /1931


76497 / /1780

76539 /36059 /1931

Full time position for service manager, at least 5 years experience in the hospitality industry is required. Able to roster, Manage and motivate all staf. Send your brief cV to

New motorbike battery $50 2x new truck batteries $100 each 4x 195x60x14 tyres 185x70xR13 tyre 185x70xR14 tyre 2x 205x70xR15 tyre 185x70xR14 tyre $70 each. Phone 20417 anytime. 76473 /36048 /1931

Brand New Aluminium Rooing tiles. 350 tiles Size 300 x1320. Phone 57381. 76433 /36019 /1931

8 & 9 month old pigs for sale Price $150-$250. call 75661. 76443 /36024 /1931

New smartphone Samsung S4, $850 or nearest ofer.Phone 76424.

2012 Honda Trail Bike XR 125 (White) $2000 ono in very good condition.Phone 27156 to view. 76536 /36097 /1931

Honda wave motorbike 5 months old. Daihatsu sivion car (as is). For viewing call or text 55803. A 2013 red Honda Wave motor bike is available for sale. The bike is in excellent condition and is less than a year old. It is for sale for $3,000 ono. Please call Lani on mobile 50187. 76468 /36059 /1931

Mazda Tribute 2004, auto, 2.3L, 89,600km, current warrant & registration. contact 52414 or 73783. 76491 /36062 /1931

42 inch LG Plasma TV, HDMI, HD, 3D, 2D. USB port. Only 7 months old, $1000 ono. Phone 79733.

Blue Honda Wave motorbike, 6 months old, bought from Motor centre, $2800 ono. A few scratches but nothing major. Phone 79733.

76519 /36086 /1931

76520 /36086 /1931

1 playstation 3, slim console, 500gb, 8DMI cable with 2x controllers and numerous games. contact Richard mob 54568, ph 20165.

2012 White Toyota Hilux petrol, Aluminium Tray Rust proof, 29,500 ono contact Joan on Mobile 51063 or Home 20295.

76541 / /1778

76485 /35033 /1931

76509 /36031 /1931


PORTS AUTHORITY 1994-95;HARBOUR DUES Proposed By-laws imposing new price schedules for harbour dues and other charges made by the Ports Authority in Rarotonga have been printed and copy of the proposed By-Laws is open to public Inspection during oice hours at the oice of the Board of the Ports Authority. Avatiu Wharf, Rarotonga. Any queries or comments on the proposed By-Laws should be addressed in writing to the General Manager of the Ports Authority, Bim Tou, and delivered personally to the oices of Ports Authority At Avatiu Wharf. 76345

76523 /36090 /1931

2 bedroom house for rent. Steps away from beautiful beach, $350 per week. Phone Kura 23501. 76448 /36029 /1931

Cute furnished studio bungalow, cool elevation location. Lovely garden, suit one person. Phone 21079. 76514 /36079 /1931

House for Rent $250 per week or $125 per person per week (shared) Located Blackrock, Arorangi, private hillside, 2 bedroom house, fully furnished including grounds kept and power. As is rental - suitable for families, individuals or couples (shared) call 74737 if you are interested and to book a viewing. 76472 /36054 /1931

Reefside Airport Cafe Looking for a reliable, honest person to work with our team. International lights, Mon-Fri, Day lights only. contact Karlene 78100. 76441 / /2508


TRADE MARK CAUTIONARY NOTICE IN COOK ISLANDS Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi Anonim Sirketi of Aeropark Yenisehir Mahallesi Osmanli Bulvari no: 11, Kurtkoy Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey, are the sole proprietors in the Cook Islands and in all other countries of the trade mark

PEGASUS AIRLINES which is used in relation to: Land, sea and air transport services, rental services for land, sea and air vehicles, arranging of travel and tours, travel reservation and booking services, courier services. Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi Anonim Sirketi cautions that any use of the trade mark or any confusingly similar trade mark in relation to any of these services, similar goods, or similar services, would be seen as infringement of their rights and that they will take such action deemed necessary to protect those rights. Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi Anonim Sirketi can be contacted care of their address for service: AJ Park, Level 22, State Insurance Tower, 1 Willis Street, Wellington 6011, new Zealand.





Quiet 2 bedroom furnished house in Nikao for $200 pwer week. Phone 56379.

76524 /36091 /1931

76484 / /1758


76476 / /2656

3 bdrm house, fully furnished, water tank & solar hot water in Matavera. Ph 51153.

Saturday 7.30 start Ariki Rd Everything must go Nothing over $3 Phone 22411.

76517 /36085 /1931

FREE EYE EXAMS AND FREE GLASSES for children. Supporting the community that supports ANNIE at THE EYE PLACE, COOKS CORNER. Phone 22121.

76386 /35306 /1651


GARAGE SALE Matavera 25 Sat starts @7am household items to clear clothes & shoes, kitchenware, loodlights & manymore call 79754.



76492 /36062 /1931

76516 /36099 /1931

NOTICE to COLLEGE STUDENTS Orders for NCEA Study Guides can be placed at the BOUNTY BOOKSHOP.


76503 / /1733


casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

One fully furnished studio unit in quiet, peaceful surroundings in good area, Matavera $200 pw. Short term rates available. call charles on 21619 or 71744.

ChURCh NOTICES ‘’TRUE FAITH’’ What is this? How does faith work? These questions will be answered in a Bible based message at the New Hope church on Sunday at 10.30am. All Welcome.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is


Small Grants Scheme (Fisheries Development Facility)

Te mataora nei te Tuanga O Te Pae Tautai i te akakite atu e, te vai nei tetai tuanga moni tauturu i te anaganga kimi puapinga note tautai. Me ka inangaro koe, tuku mai i taau patianga kia matou me kua manako koe e ka tau teia tauturu kia koe, me kore ki ta kotou putputuanga. Me ka inagaro koe tiki ia mai tetai “application form” naau i konei i to matou Opati, me kore, araveia atu a Uirangi Bishop na roto i te email: (, me kore, taniuniuia atu aia i runga i te numero tereponi 28-721. Ka piri te patianga a te ra 27 no Tianuare 2014, i te ora 4 i te aiai.

The Oice of the Prime Minister through the Climate Change Coordination Unit wishes to seek tender proposals from Suppliers for the Supply of Water Tanks and Construction Materials for the Islands of Aitutaki, Atiu and Palmerston. Tender documents including speciications can be collected during work hours from the Oice of the Prime Minister in Parekura. Tenders close 12pm 7 February 2013 and must be submitted to the Oice of the Prime Minister in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Supply of Water Tanks and Construction Materials for the Islands of Aitutaki, Atiu and Palmerston Contract No. SRIC-CC C01/13” and addressed to: Chief of Staf Oice of the Prime Minister Private Bag Avarua Rarotonga A non-refundable payment of $150 will be required for a copy of the Tender Document. All enquiries to Daryl Rairi, SRIC-CC Technical Assistant, Telephone 55-064, or email:



Fishing communities, enterprises or individuals in the Cook Islands are advised that a limited number of small grants to support small scale and local ishing activities are available under the Fisheries Development Facility administered by the MMR. For further information and to obtain an application form please contact Uirangi Bishop on email: (, or telephone 28721. Applications close on January 27, 2014

Moni Tauturu no runga i te Angaanga Tautai


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

1. attendeveryclasseveryday.Thereisaclearlinkbetweenlackof attendanceandfailureathighschool.beinginclassontimeistheeasiest thing you can do to ensure you will succeed. 2. makesureyouknowwhatstandardsyouwillbesittingineach subject you take this year. 3. beawareofhowmanycreditsyouwillgainfromeachsubjectyou are taking this year. 4. makesureyouknowhowmanycreditsyouneedoveralltogain yournCeaqualification.(see for more information or ask your teachers) 5. keepadiaryorcalendarthatshowswheninternalassessmentsfor all your subjects are due. 6. setuparegularstudytimeandplaceathomeorsomewherequiet. 7. if you need to know anything about your subject, nCea, achievementstandardsorevenhowtostudy,besuretoaskoneofyour teachers.

An exciting opportunity is coming up to work at Rarotonga’s premium entertainment facility Te Vara Nui Village, including our Spectacular Over Water Night Shows. We are looking for an experienced Food and Beverage Supervisor to manage our 3 Restaurants. Working closely with our Operations Manager and in the capacity of Head Maitre D on our Island Nights. Your job will be to manage the F&B Department and lead your team to eiciently deliver total guest satisfaction, ofering 5 star service. This is a permanent 48hr /wk position with a combination of daytime and evening shifts. Only those with experience in a similar role used to a fast paced busy environment need apply. Please send your expression of interest along with your cV to or call into our main oice at Muri Beach to ill in an application and drop of your CV.

make it count for 2014!


The Shipwreck Hut at Aro’a Beachside Inn is looking for Part time help (4pm to 10 pm) 4 or 5 days a week. You must be computer literate, honest, sober, friendly, happy-happy with yourself and proud to be a cook Islander, showing the visitor the charisma of living and visiting the cook Islands. 24 to 30 hours a week, lexible, open minded with abilities, willing to learn, willing to share new ideas, willing to do bartending, cooking for good pay. (could work into a full time job). Stop by and pick up an application, and make an appointment for an interview. Aro’a Beachside Inn, Betela Bridge. See Jim or Jan, call 22166.

A position exists for 2 cashiers to work rotating shifts at Manea Foods. The positions would require a rostered shift at any of Manea Foods 3 outlets. The person would need to have a can do attitude, and be self motivated. Following programme systems and be task orientated would be a requirement. Training provided. Above award pay to start for the right person. Please contact Mum on 29806 for an interview. Application forms available from Manea Foods, Nikao.

76531 / /1997

Retail Manager Raromart is looking at relocating in a few months time and is now looking at hiring an experienced shop manager. This is a career position and we are looking for someone who can successfully implement the expansion projects that we have planned for Raromart of the next 24 months. Email or call 21060. 76495 / /1741

Restaurant Holdings Ltd We are currently seeking the following: - Restaurant & Bar Staf - Kitchen hand/All Rounder - chef’s All positions are immediate start, full & part time, day & evening shifts available. Some experience preferred but will train the right applicants. Please apply in person at club Bana or Whatever Bar.

Waiters & Waitresses: do you have a bubbly personality and a positive outlook on life and are happy meeting new people from all over the world? If yes, we need to hear from you. Join Mii and her team at Oceans Restaurant & Bar by looking after our guests during breakfast, lunch & dinner. If you have the right attitude, we will train you on the job. Good pay and beneits. Please text Mii on 78112 or pick up an application form at Reception.

76551 / /1929

76470 / /1969




76349 /36046 /1617

paciic resort Hotel Group A Great Place to Work… We are currently seeking the following: • Restaurant & Bar Staf • Chefs, Cooks and kitchen hands • Team Leaders & Supervisors • Project Coordinator • Housekeeping Staf • Beach Activities Staf • Carpenter/ Handyman • Groundsmen To apply email: work@paciicresort. com or contact Ani Thompson on 53731

www.paciicresort. com



Ph 22336

2014 nissan navaRa d40 on the Road for only


6 speed manual, diesel engine, air Conditioning, Cd and mP3 Player, alloy mag Wheels,undersealed and gold seal Rust Protected.(sports bar is not included,but available)

fiRsT model aRRiving veRY soon builT Tough Cook islands moToR CenTRe Panama Ph 22055 fax 21040 WWW.moToRCenTRe.Co.Ck

see The good guYs TodaY

Animal Clinic

7seniorstudents tips for



Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News




answers to crossword on page 15

An experienced and reliable person who can do both babysitting and house work is needed at Tepuka. contact 56980.

Expressions of Interest!

Newspaper Delivery Contract


payroll Oicer The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) is seeking a suitable person to ill the position of ‘Payroll Oicer’. The position will assist the Payroll Supervisor in managing and co-ordinating the payroll function of the Ministry and for the whole of Government. Personal Speciication: - Good oral and written communication skills - Ability to work productively in a team environment - computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel - Experience in Finance/IcT related ield The position has been sized by the PSc at band ‘F’ (between $16,860 and $22,811). An electronic copy of the job description can be emailed to you upon request or download from Please apply in writing to the Treasury Operations Manager, MFEM, PO Box 120, Rarotonga or email (vacancy@cookislands. by Friday 7 February 2014. 76529 / /1843

For the sake of your family

GET HELP Call AA - 71744

Netball Cook Islands is seeking applicants for the following position: 1. coach - National team Applications with cV should be forwarded to: Louis Enoka chief Executive Netball cook Islands EMAIL Applications close 4pm, 31 January 2014. 76540 /36101 /2113

Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) FISHERIES OFFICER (Parttime, Mauke, Mitiaro) The MMR has two vacancies for a part time oicer based on Mauke and Mitiaro. Applicants should be familiar with local isheries and able to work closely with traditional leaders, Island Council and the ishing community. Qualiications and skills are required. For further information contact Uirangi Bishop on telephone 28730. Please provide a letter of application and cV addressed to the Secretary, P.O Box 85, Avarua or by email ( ck). Application closes 4pm on Monday 3 February 2014.


youon maygodsblessingbewith shing Wi y. da to y da ial this spec allthe youahappybirthdayand ays alw u yo ve bestforevermorelo sand dad&mum,aunties/uncle one ial ec sp a d an ins allyourcous aunty from uncle andrew and June in mauke.


Mrs Tohoa Teitinga Vaerangi Manuel Fortes


The Ministry of Health has the following vacancies: 1. Maintenance Manager, Rarotonga Hospital 2. quality Manager, Rarotonga Hospital 3. Pharmacy dispenser trainee (2 positions) 4. Ambulance oicer An application form and job description is available upon request. Address applications or queries to Human Resources Manager, PO Box 109, Ministry of Health, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Phone (00 682) 29664 or email m.anguna@ Date for inal receipt of applications 31 January 2014.

e akameitaki atu nei matou te nga metua, te nga metua pakari e te kopu tangata katoatoa ia kotou katoatoa tei orongo ua mai ito kotou au vaerua akapumaana, e pera katoa, no te au rima oronga ta to kotou au ngakau i oronga ua mai ei tauturu ito matou tumatetenga no te takake atu anga o


Constantine nga na te atua kotou e tauturu mai. We, the family of exham Constantine nga would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to everyone who supported us during our time of grieving for our son, grandson, uncle, nephew.

may the lord bless you all.


Tapita aue Teava 26.01.1942 - 27.11.2013

Te rauka nei ia matou te kopu tangata Tamakeu mataiapo, Te Tika mataiapo e Pa Remuera Rangatira, i te oronga atu i to matou reo akameitakianga ki te au taeake e te kopu tangata katoatoa, tei tae mai i te tauturu e i te kave mai i te pure, te reo akapumaana; akamaroiroi e te rima angaanga; oronga, i te takake atu anga toku tokorua e to matou metua vaine a

Job Opportunities


EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!! NZQA Accredited training – Earn while you learn! we ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with.

SALES & MARKETING Sales Manager - Trade – Great communication skills a must! • This role is a challenging, exciting opportunity to assist in the preparation and implementation of sales & marketing plans, develop strong working relationships with our wholesale customers and suppliers and drive a small dedicated team to provide the best customer service. You will need strong organizational skills, the ability to prioritise and work to deadlines, supervisory experience and strong communication and interpersonal skills.



Due to a growing demand within our resort, The Edgewater Resort & Spa, are currently seeking full time and part time staf, if you are a team player and are looking for an enjoyable yet challenging role we would encourage you to come and join our team. All applicants must have: Good communication skills, be honest and reliable, conidence and personality, the ability to work well under pressure, know how to multitask. Full training will be provided for the right applicants, currently we have these positions available: • Restaurant cleaner (6-12midday) • Waitress / waiter...full & part time • Demi chefs • Kitchen hand • Laundry runner (male) • Housekeeping supervisor • Housemaids Please contact Jef - 58008 or Lynn - 55469 for any inquiries, application forms can be obtained from the Front Oice.


nlovingmemoryofourdearmother, grand mother, great grand mother, mother in-law who suddenly left us 5 years ago today . You will be forever missedbyyourChildren,grandchildren, greatgrandchildrenandyourmanyfamiliesallovernz,aussie&theCookislands



An opportunity exists for a team to work handling folding, collating and delivery of Cook Islands News. This is a night time job that follows printing of the daily newspaper. It ranges from two to four hours per night. Ideally, this contract would suit a family or team to work without supervision, to handle of-site folding and collating of the newspaper, then delivery to shops and homes around Rarotonga. The successful applicant(s) will start with supervised training for several weeks from February 2014. Collation can be done in your own home. Two company vehicles are available for deliveries however a team that will have their own means of transport is an advantage. Applicant(s) families or teams must have mature and experienced drivers with good clean driving records and be of sober habits. For more information about duties and remuneration, phone Tere Joseph on 22999 or visit our oices at Maraerenga to convey expressions of interest. Applicants who are selected for an interview will be required to provide character references. Please contact Tony Fe’ao, General Manager Email: or Phone Tere Joseph on 22999.

2 nov 1924- 26 Jan 2009

76365 /36064 /1971



TaPiTa aue Teava orometua nikao e te orometua ekalesia CiCC o arorangi. Te branch President e te akonoanga lds o arorangi Tinomana Tokerau ariki kauono o te ariki vaine Tom marsters e toou tokorua mema Paramani o Ruaau William heather e toou tokorua T&m heather, Cook islands funeral services, Tapere Ruaau, Toru arona, henry iripa, mauri aue ma to kotou katoa, Te kopu Tangata katuke, kopu tangata no te enua Tongareva. na te atua tatou katoatoa e tauturu mai.

matapo Teava e te anau

Classiieds • Phone 22999


Sales Assistant – Variety packed! • Exciting opportunity to join a small motivated team. The position involves assisting and advising customers on pharmacy and beauty products, displaying and ordering of stock and completing point of sale transactions. Suit someone who is responsible, keen, motivated and willing to learn.

BUILDING CENTRE Sales Assistant/Hardware – Great customer service skills needed! • Helping and advising customers with their purchases and making sure your department is fully stocked and displayed well. You will need to be customer focused and have good attention to detail.

SUPERMARKET Butchery Assistant • Involves cutting of meat for retail and wholesale customers. Suit someone who is reliable, keen and motivated. Talk to us today about starting a career in Retail! For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23-191, Email: 76530


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

f summeR memorieso


Sunset posers! Sisters Ahliyah and Tylani strike a pose for the camera at sunset. 14012438 How can you say no! Patience Matamaru Councillyna Tanga (Lyna) tries to convince Renee Kimi to take her for a cruise on a hot day! 14012435

Brothers TK, Maru and Stanley spend some quality time with their cousin Tashi (2nd from right). 14012444

Future Cook Islands’ leaders including current university students and full time athletes, namely Kura Moeka’a, Odile Pauka, Daniel Fisher, Rima Mokea’a, Paelina Pauka and Luisa Peters, on their break back home where they walked the cross island trek before a photo inish. 14012433

This weeks

sPeCials available Till WednesdaY 29 JanuaRY

PoRk minCe

ChiCken dRum/ Thigh



Cling WRaP 600m


ChiCken heaRTs & gizzaRds

baCkin sToRe

delmaine beans / lenTils

heaT &eaT ! maRinaTed

lamb shanks

$15.30kg neWin sToRe !

fRozen salmon filleTs


maRinaTed boneless lamb buTTeRflY

PoRk Ribs


$14.50kg exTRa viRgin olive oil 1l

Red/WhiTe Wine vinegaR 500ml



CaRamel/ RasPbeRRY YoghuRT

$5.00 6pk or $9.00 12pk

sPeCia l

edam Cheese & CRaCkeRs (4x120g PkT in box)


oPening houRs

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm fridays 8am-6pm saturdays 8am-3pm Check us out on sT JosePh Rd, avaRua. Ph 22259.

gReaT foR sChool lunChes aPPles, oRanges, PeaRs, gRaPes, Plums & PeaChes


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News




International Flights

SATuRdAy jANuARy 25 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ60/47 NZ18 VT33


5.30AM 10.30PM 2.50PM




1.05AM 6.40AM 11.59PM 3.50PM


1.05AM 5.25PM

air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details

SuNdAy jANuARy 26 VA163/162 NZ46/45


11.55PM 4.10PM

MoNdAy jANuARy 27 VA163/162 NZ19


11.55PM 7.00AM


RARO TO ARR SATuRdAy jANuARy 25 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 1100 ATIU 1145 SuNdAy jANuARy 26 1230 1730

1.05AM 8.15AM


1320 1820




0910 1140 1640 1910 1205


1000 1230 1730 2000 1250

1340 1840


1420 1930




TIARE MOANA 19 - ETD AUCk 13/01, ETA RARO 26/01, ETA AITUTAkI 29/01 LILOA 21 - ETD AUCk 20/01, ETA RARO 02/02, ETA AITUTAkI 04/02

Shipping TIARE MOANA 20 - ETD AUCk 07/02, ETA RARO 20/02, ETA AITUTAkI 23/02

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or call us at Cook Islands News






Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

answer to friday’s puzzle

answer to friday’s puzzle

hÄgaR the horrible

by dik browne


The PhanTom

by lee falk & sy barry


domesTiC violenCe

is neveR ok man uP and geT helP.

A COOK ISLANDS NEWS public seRvice Message

Rotaianga Men’s Support Centre 74687 • Alcoholics Anonymus 71744

Weather Forecast to Midnight

Rarotonga Saturday, January 25, 2014

Forecast Map 2pm Saturday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

Situation: A trough of low pressure with SaT High 3.32AM 0.84M 3.49PM 0.94M associated cloud and showers lies slow moving to the west of Palmerston. Meanwhile, Low 9.33AM 0.40M 10.24PM 0.40M an east to northeast wind low prevails over most parts of Southern Cooks. A trough of Sun High 4.33AM 0.83M 4.50PM 0.93M low pressure with associated cloud and rain remains slow moving over northern Cooks. Low 10.30AM 0.41M 11.31PM 0.40M Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Some showers and few thunderstorms over Palmerston. Showers and thunderstorms easing by midday today. Elsewhere ine apart from a shower or two.Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Third Quarter showers. Jan 30 Feb 6 Feb 14 Feb 22 11.39AM 9.22AM 1.53PM 7.16AM For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief ARAPo - TANgARoA sat 25 showers. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional rain, tanu (Planting) TAUTAI (Fishing) heavy at times and few thunderstorms. Moderate north to northeast winds gusty at Tanu i te meika. Plant Po no te o’onu. Akarava times.Moderate to rough seas. bananas. to tautai Koura te ika. Further outlook: Rain and thunderstorms Night for the lagoon. continuing.

0.9m SE


0.8m nW n



Sun, Moon & arapo

Netting and ishing for crayish and ish.

Humidity SaT












Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.





Sun rise


Sun Set 7.26PM

Moon rise 1.10AM Moon Set 2.33PM Sun rise


Sun Set


Moon rise 2.02AM Moon Set 3.33PM

EsE 11kts

Sunshine hours


0.7m SW Front Key:




0.7m SW


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Saturday, January 25, 2014 Aitutaki






PCSH 28° PCSH 27° PCSH 27° PCSH 27° PCSH 29° PCSH 27° E 11kts


E 12kts

E 12kts

N 04kts

E 12kts


Saturday, January 25, 2014 cook Islands News

f s summeR o i e r o m me holidaYPhoToComPeTiTion2014

family beach and lagoon day photos dominated week three of the memories of summer Photo competition this week. get snapping and send us your best photos! Photos should capture the essence of summer fun and a festive feel in the islands. You can send in as many photos as you like and must include a caption for each image that describes what’s going on, where the photo is taken and the full names of the people in the photo. We will select the best photos for publication weekly, and a weekly winner will be picked and receive a blown-up image of their winning photo. all weekly winners will go in the inal draw for the ultimate prize in a jazzy new nikon Coolpix digital camera. send your entries to

Sun smart Nyjah Atuatika ready for the kids’ summer fun party at a friend’s house. 14012431

Cousins Karaka Teinakirahi, Lilyann Kataina and Faith Sadgrove enjoying an afternoon of family fun under the sun at Titikaveka lagoon. 14012430

Michelle Foster sent in this photo of friends and family making the most of a gloomy Sunday on the beach in Titikaveka – pictured are (bottom row) Teina ngatamaine, Brian rongo, raita rongo, Branden turepu, (2nd row) Mati Ngari, Byron, Harriet tuara, (3rd row) Michelle Foster, Xenia Kae and Ravea Samuel at the top. 14012434

William Cowan takes the plunge into the refreshing water at Avatiu harbour.


She didn’t! Daniel Fisher finds out the gossip from the mountain tops. Tamatoa “Santas Little Helper” Ataera having a laugh on Christmas Day!

14012432 14012437

Saturday 25 January  

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