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$2 Friday, January 24, 2014

Maltreatment of foreign workers on the rise The leader of a prominent national labour organisation said foreign workers are increasingly having their human rights violated by their employers. “lately there has been an increased number of discrimination, harassment and abuse of foreign workers, and it is sad to hear that these matters are happening in the Cook Islands,” said Cook Islands Worker’s association president anthony Turua. “These matters could tarnish the credibility of the Cook Islands, especially in the tourism sector.” Turua’s comments follow the story of realyn hervera, a foreign worker from the Philippines who was sent home earlier this week while authorities were addressing allegations that her contract

was violated repeatedly by her employer, highland Paradise Cultural Centre. Over the course of nearly two months of employment, hervera – who was hired to perform accounting duties – said she was forced to accept an un-negotiated pay decrease during her second day on the job. She said additional violations occurred when she was asked to perform duties not listed on her job description, such as cleaning duties and performing domestic jobs for her employer. her former boss, highland Paradise director Tutu Pirangi, has not responded to a request for comment on the allegations. hervera’s lawyer, Mark Short, believes she was fired late last year by Pirangi, leaving the

Filipino without a sponsor and the legal right to remain in the country. along with Filipino community advocate Ura Tangaroa, they both tried to work with authorities to prevent her from being expelled. Without an employment contract and the legal right to remain in the Cook Islands, hervera was sent home by authorities on Monday, leaving her husband in rarotonga along with a separate accounting job offer with a different employer. “This incident should not have reached this position because the employee, realyn, came on good faith to ill in her obligation based on her contract and profession,” said Turoa. “however she had been allocated jobs beyond

her line of duties, such as looking after the employer’s mother.” after being approached by hervera, Turua said CIWa offered advice to seek assistance from the labour division of the Ministry of Internal affairs and also to seek legal assistance. “labour division has every power under the new employment Bill for mediation and Section 80 to carry out a full investigation of the matter, and I believe that this matter was not carried out,” he said. Turua said members of CIWa are concerned about human rights abuse by some employ-

ers in the Cook Islands, and that strengthening existing institutions could help resolve issues between foreign workers and their employers. “They should be looking at strengthening the role of the human Rights Commission proile in the Ombudsman Ofice to look after grievances in general.” The president said he is also aware that a number of elected officials have attended human rights conferences overseas “... to discuss matters pertaining to basic human rights of society, with no follow-up implementation”. regarding hervera’s case,

Turua said “there’s two sides to every coin”, however, he acknowledged a negative perception towards foreign workers exists in certain areas of Cook Islands society. “There are some ill feelings that we are bringing foreigners here, but we just don’t have the working population,” he said. “Foreign workers are brought here to ill the gaps.” “The tourism industry success is based on being able to hire foreign workers to fill those gaps,” he said. “But we shouldn’t bring those workers - ES and mistreat them.”

‘Postcard image’ greets tourists

Hundreds of old tyres spark fears of mosquito outbreak a landOWner in rarotonga

has been asked to remove hundreds of old tyres from his property before they become a largescale mosquito breeding site. The Ministry of health sent two oficers to Arthur Pickering’s Vaimaanga property this week after a worried neighbour phoned up to complain. Charlie ave, a senior health protection oficer, said the more than 500 old motorbike and car tyres are piled in a heap and partially covered in tarpaulin. “They are deinitely a potential breeding site for day-biting mosquitoes, which transmit the dengue virus.” After inding some of the tyres illed with water – a perfect mosquito breeding habitat – the two oficers dealt with the situation, ave said. “We sprayed them with diesel to kill larva inside the tyres. That’s the short-term solution.”

The long-term solution is for Pickering to remove the tyres, possibly by shipping them to new Zealand or australia, ave said. “We’re trying to see what options are available.” Pickering said the tyres are about two years old and come from his two businesses, Budget rent-a-Car and Polynesian Bike hire. he said he plans to give as many of the tyres away as he can, for landscaping purposes, and then seal the rest in plastic to prevent mosquitoes breeding inside them. “You can’t return them to new Zealand because it costs too much to ship them,” he said. The tyres were previously piled in other parts of the island where they were wrapped tightly in plastic, he said. They ended up exposed after people kept ripping the plastic open to steal them during the

night, he said. The Ministry of health identified the tyres as a risk during the last tutaka health checks and asked Pickering to move them. Pickering said he shifted them to his Vaimaanga property but chose not to seal them until he had invited the public to take their share. “They’re still good to use but we can’t use them for our rentals. You can fill them with soil and use them for landscaping.” he will soon be putting an advertisement in the newspaper encouraging people to come and help themselves. People can drive down there, look at them and take them home.” Whatever remains will be wrapped up and stored on pallets, he said. a member of the public also contacted the CInews this week to express concerns about the - BCS tyres.

Stunning turquoise waters greeted passengers of the Crystal Symphony as they came ashore at Arorangi Jetty yesterday. The cruise ship was scheduled to anchor at Avatiu Harbour, but large swells forced the vessel further around the island. One repeat visitor to the Cooks said he preferred coming in at Arorangi rather than “town” because Rarotonga’s west coast looks like a postcard image. Arorangi Jetty gets thumbs up from a returning tourist, page 8 14012312

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Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no TeIa neI aO 'I do' nearly did her in ... An English woman nearly drowned when her boyfriend proposed to her while the two were scuba diving in Turkey. Anthony Taylor was 12 metres underwater when he held up a sign to Stephanie Walker reading “Will you marry me?” When Stephanie gasped in shock, her mask filled with water and she started to choke. She was able to clear her mask enough to see her groom-to-be holding a wedding ring, which he managed to slip on her inger before they rapidly surfaced for air.

Turning coal to diesel Coal conversion deal will free millions from slavery in Pakistan daVOS – australian mining

magnate andrew Forrest has announced a plan which he says will free 2.5 million people from slavery in Pakistan. Forrest has signed a deal with the Pakistani state of Punjab which will give it access to australian technology which can convert lignite coal into diesel. In return, he says Pakistan has agreed to bring in laws which will tackle the problem of slav-

world BrIeFS SUICIDE BOMBERS HUNTED IN SOCHI RUSSIA – Russian security oicials are hunting down three potential female suicide bombers, one of whom is believed to be in Sochi, where the Winter Olympics will begin next month. Police lealets at a central Sochi hotel contain warnings about three potential suicide bombers. A police letter said that one of them, Ruzanna Ibragimova, a 22-year-old widow of an Islamic militant, was at large in Sochi. A US Congressman who was in Sochi on Tuesday to assess the situation said he was impressed by the work of Russian security forces but troubled that potential suicide bombers had gotten into the city, despite all of the extraordinary security measures.

EIGHT-YEAR-OLD DIES TRYING TO SAVE LIVES USA – An eight-year-old boy who rescued six family members from a house ire died after going back to warn two more. Tyler Doohan was the irst to wake when a ire started in a relative’s mobile home in Penield, New York about 4.45am on Monday. He quickly woke two adults and four children and lead them to safety. However, realising two disabled relatives were still in the trailer, Tyler reportedly went back to get them but did not make it out. Louis Beach, 57, and Steven Smith, 54, also died in the ire. The survivors were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The little boy’s death had left the suburban community in shock. The cause of the ire is under investigation although initial indings suggest an electrical problem was at fault.

THREE-YEAR-OLD KILLED OVER DRUG DEBT Italian mobsters have allegedly murdered a three-year-old boy after his grandfather failed to settle a drug debt. Police discovered the body of Nicola Campolongo, nicknamed “Coco”, in a burned-out car beside the corpses of his grandfather Salvatore Iannicelli, 52, and grandfather’s girlfriend Ibtissa Touss, 27, in the Calabrian town of Cassano Allo Ionio at the weekend. A 50-cent coin left on top of the incinerated vehicle is believed to be a sign that Iannicelli had not paid a drug debt. “How do you kill a three-year-old boy in this way?” investigator Franco Giacomantonio said. “In many years of work I think this is one of the most heinous murders that I have had to deal with.” Iannicelli was believed to have been caring for his grandson while his parents were in jail for drug traicking. Police believe the victims and their killers were members of rival gangs ailiated with the deadly Calabria-based Ndrangheta.

NOT THE WAY TO GET PARENT’S APPROVAL CHINA – A construction worker held his girlfriend hostage on a Chinese rooftop with a meat cleaver after her parents reportedly refused to approve their marriage. Neighbours looked on in shock as the man, identiied only as Lin, stripped naked and forced the woman to do the same to shame her for her alleged afairs. Video of the ive-hour standof shows him holding the woman by the throat and waving the cleaver around, as negotiators try to talk him down from the quiet residential block. Lin, 32, is believed to have dragged his girlfriend onto the roof after her parents refused to give their blessing to the couple’s marriage. Police eventually gave in to his demands for a getaway car for he and his girlfriend. But as he and the woman made their way to the car oicers gave chase and tackled him to the ground. The man faces a lengthy jail term.

ery, or bonded labour. The Global Slavery Index, compiled by Forrest’s Walk Free foundation, estimates that some 16 million people in Pakistan and India are held in slave-like bondage through debt and forced labour. Forrest announced the deal in the Swiss resort of davos, where world leaders are meeting for the World economic Forum. “The Punjab has literally hundreds of billions of tonnes of equivalent barrel of oil energy in their lignite,” he said. “That technology we will make available – pro bono, without charge – and linking that informally, but absolutely, to their total commitment to free their people from slavery.” The concept has won praise from former British prime minister Tony Blair, who described it as a great example of australian philanthropy. Forrest says the technology, developed by Curtin University, has the potential to be cost-effective. “Turning lignite to diesel is proved – so we have no doubt it’s going to happen,” he said. “The economic cost is the question, and that’s why we’re using Curtin University technology to get that cost as low as possible, so the advantage to the people of Pakistan is as high as possible.” Forrest has previously invested millions of dollars in aboriginal employment initatives in australia and in 2012 founded Walk Free, a philanthropic charity focused on ending slavery worldwide. he also helped to launch a global slavery index, alongside Blair and former US secretary of state hillary Clinton, which found that 29 million people were living in conditions of modern slavery around the world. - ABC

An Australian mining billionaire has come up with a plan he hopes will free 2.5 million Pakistanis from slave labour. AFP

Ceaseire in South Sudan

addIS aBaBa – South Sudan’s

government and rebels have signed a ceasefire agreement after talks in ethiopia. Under the deal, signed in a hotel in the ethiopian capital addis ababa, the fighting is due to come to an end within 24 hours. In the past week, government forces have recaptured the two main cities under rebel control. More than 500,000 people have been forced from their homes during the month-long

conlict. What started out as a political dispute between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy riek Machar on december 15 escalated into full-scale conlict, with reports of ethnic killings. a ceremony to mark the signing of the agreement on the “cessation of hostilities and the question of the detainees” took place at the hotel where the talks were hosted. The agreement is thought to address the issue of 11 detainees

whom the rebels wanted freed, and whose fate had previously left the talks deadlocked. another key rebel demand was for Ugandan troops ighting alongside the government forces to be withdrawn. Both government soldiers and rebels have committed atrocities in South Sudan, one of the world’s poorest countries. More than 70,000 civilians are sheltering at Un bases across South Sudan and more than 1000 have been killed. - BBC

Pop idol in trouble again MIaMI – Justin Bieber has been arrested in Miami and accused of road racing and driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. Miami Beach Police said the Canadian pop star was detained after racing on a street early on Thursday. Police said he did not cooperate when pulled over and was also charged with resisting arrest without violence and hav-

ing an expired driving licence. The 19-year-old has had several run-ins with police in recent years. The arrest comes a week after his home in los angeles was searched by police following allegations he had thrown eggs at his neighbour’s house. he was accused of causing signiicant damage to the property. In the latest incident, police said the singer had been driving

a yellow lamborghini when he was arrested in the early hours of Thursday. The Miami herald reported that members of the musician’s entourage had apparently used their cars to block trafic on Pine Tree drive at 26th Street, effectively creating a drag strip. Police say the star didn’t cooperate at irst, questioning why he had been stopped. he also had an invalid Georgia driver’s licence, oficers said. - BBC

Nothing like a relaxing hot bath

IRANIAN IS THE WORLD’S SMELLIEST MAN IRAN – He loves rotten meat, especially porcupine and ills his smoking pipe with animal excreta instead of tobacco. Living in a remote village of Dejgah in southern Iran, Amou Haji, 80, has another unique feat to his credit – he has not bathed for last 60 years and hates water, said a report in Tehran Times. This no-bath decision has actually put him ahead of Guru Kailash Singh, 69, from the holy city of Varanasi in India who refused to bathe since 1974 just after he got married. Like Singh, Haji – who drinks ive litres of water daily from a rusty oil can – feels that cleanliness would make him sick.

Today’s daily Bread The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

Matthew 7:21-29 Read: Read: Matthew 23:23-31

Text: Matthew 7:26 1:5 Text: 1 Timothy

Japanese macaque monkeys take an open-air hot bath as snowlakes fall at the Jigokudani Monkey Park in the town of Yamanouchi, Nagano prefecture in Japan. Some 160 of the monkeys inhabit the area and are a popular tourist draw. AFP


Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

Rhino at risk again

Carnival time in Rio

The King Momo and Princess of the carnival 2014 perform during the irst night of rehearsals at Sambadromo in Rio de Janeiro. Rio’s carnival extravaganza will have a peak on March 2 and 3. AFP

SUpermArKet AvAilABle from 24-30 Jan 2014

JOhanneSBUrG – More white rhinos were illegally killed in South africa in 2013 than in any previous year, according to government igures. a total of 1004 animals were poached, representing a 50 per cent increase over the previous 12 months. Campaigners say that a growing demand for rhino horn from markets in Vietnam and China is fuelling the killing. They are concerned that illegal hunting on this scale threatens the survival of the species in the long term. The White rhino is one of the world’s greatest conservation success stories. at the end of the 19th century there were just 100 alive in South africa. Today there are around 20,000 according to experts. But in recent years, the rapid rise of poaching has threatened to undermine the good work. In 2007, only 13 rhinos were killed in South africa for their horns – in 2013, it was almost three a day. Campaigners say that they are concerned that at this rate, the number of deaths will soon surpass births leading to an inevitable decline. “The experts tell me we are not quite yet at the tipping point but we are very close to it,” Tom Milliken from Trafic International, the wildlife trade monitoring network.


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“If this kind of attrition is sustained for much longer we are deinitely going to see South africa’s rhinos go into decline for the irst time in a hundred years.” There are a number of factors that are driving the increase in numbers. In Vietnam and China, the horn is believed to have medicinal properties and is also seen as a status symbol. It can sell for up to US$65,000 per kilogramme, making it more expensive than gold or cocaine. Much of the killing takes place in South africa’s Kruger national Par which borders Mozambique. This impoverished nation is believed to be an operational base for the organised criminal gangs who poach and distribute

the horn to asia. despite the police and military resources that South africa has applied to the problem, the killing has increased. “South africa has a 230km porous border with Mozambique that presents a huge challenge, but there are other issues at play,” said Tom Milliken. “One wonders if it is really possible to kill over 1000 rhino if there isn’t some degree of collusion and internal corruption that is going on?” another factor that has exacerbated the killing in recent years is the granting of sporting licences for the export of rhino horns. last year, the Convention on the International Trade in endangered Species (Cites) attempted to curtail the trade by demanding action from Vietnam and Mozambique. The Vietnamese are due to report by the end of this month on their efforts to improve arrests, prosecutions and seizures. Mozambique has been asked to signiicantly increase penalties for dealing in rhino parts. In February, the UK will host a high profile summit to try and tackle the illegal trade in wildlife. The killings in South africa though shows no signs of slowing down, with 37 rhinos already poached in the irst two - BBC weeks of this year.

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Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te Pa enUa

Differences reconciled Bougainville and PnG make up and recommit to bi-partisanship POrT MOreSBY – an official

reconciliation ceremony has taken place in Port Moresby between PnG’s Prime Minister and the president of the autonomous Government of Bougainville. last year a highly public spat

over the effectiveness of Bougainville programmes funded by national money strained relations. amid traditional music and costumes, the leaders of Papua new Guinea and of the autonomous Government of Bougain-

paciic BRIEFS TUVALU JUDGE UNABLE TO TRANSIT VIA FIJI TUVALU – A senior Australian judge is expected to arrive in Tuvalu soon to ill in for the Chief Justice Sir Gordon Ward, who still faces a ban from transiting through Fiji. Since last May, the Fiji government has no longer allowed Sir Gordon, who lives in New Zealand, to travel through Nadi, which has the only air link to Tuvalu. The Tuvalu government has requested the Fiji regime remove the ban but without success. A senior magistrate in Tuvalu, Afele Kitiona, says Justice Robin Millhouse from Australia will hear the backlog of High Court cases. Kitiona says details of the next High Court hearings are yet to be determined but there are hopes by then Sir Gordon Ward will be allowed to transit through Fiji.

HELP ON THE WAY FOR LONGLINERS AMERICAN SAMOA – American Samoa’s Governor Lolo Moliga has assured sufering longline ishers in the territory they will get all possible help from the government. About 20 longline ishing boats have been put up for sale because their owners say they are inding it diicult to stay aloat in the face of falling ish prices, competition from subsidized Chinese ishing boats and high fuel prices. The governor says he wants two weeks to review the issues raised at a meeting on Wednesday with the Tautai Fishing Association. An association member Christina Lutu Sanchez says the ishers also raised the excise tax on ish, docking space and port charges with the Governor. She says he reassured members economic development including isheries is still his priority.

GROUP NOT FULLY REPRESENTATIVE WEST PAPUA – A member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group says it is not possible to accept the application of a West Papua group into the MSG because it’s not the only organisation that represents West Papuans. A special MSG leaders’ summit has been scheduled to address issues, including about West Papua, following last week’s controversial trip by MSG foreign ministers to Indonesia. Yvon Faua, who took part as an envoy of New Caledonia’s FLNKS, which currently occupies the MSG chair, says there are other groups that also claim to represent West Papuans and the people would be better served if they worked together. “The report FLNKS has to make to the leaders is that it is not possible to accept the application. Faua says it might be possible for an umbrella West Papuan organisation to apply for MSG membership..

PLEASED WITH OBSERVER ANNOUNCEMENT FIJI – The European Union’s Ambassador to the Paciic has welcomed the appointment of the Melanesian Spearhead Group as observers for upcoming elections in Fiji. Andrew Jacobs says he still hasn’t heard about whether the EU will be invited to send a delegation of observers, but he would be happy if it was to be invited back. Jacobs says the announcement of elections observers, and the work experts from the EU, Australia and New Zealand have been doing with the elections oice, are very positive signs of progress. “Certainly there are going to be lots of logistic challenges to get the elections organised and so on but we’re conident that things are certainly moving very well in the right direction.”

FLOSSE MAY MAKE HUMAN RIGHTS APPEAL FRENCH POLYNESIA – The lawyer acting for French Polynesia’s president, Gaston Flosse, says he may go to the European Human Rights Court to stop an appeal court case in Paris, which could jail his client. Last February, the veteran politician was given a fourmonth suspended jail sentence, a US$170,000 ine and banned from public oice for three years for running a network of so-called phantom jobs within the presidency in the 1990s. The ruling in the appeal court in Papeete is not efective because it is on appeal in France’s highest court. There has been no ruling for nearly a year and a Tahiti newspaper now reports that after a bid by the Flosse team to challenge the constitutionality of the case has failed, it may now test the case as a human rights matter.

ARGENTINA TO PLAY FOR PACIFIC CUP AUSTRALIA – The Paciic Rugby Cup will feature a team from Argentina for the irst time when it kicks of next month. This year’s tournament will be hosted entirely in Australia. Competition begins next month featuring teams from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga competing against Australian Super Rugby development sides, Junior Japan and the Argentina Pampas XV. Fiji Warriors are the defending champions. Matches are due to take place in Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Sydney from February 21 to March 23.

ville put on a public show of making up. PnG Prime Minister Peter O’neill wore strings of traditional Bougainvillean shell money around his neck, as he atoned for the past. “Yes, we have made many mistakes in the past and we will continue to make mistakes in the future,” he said. “But it must not deprive the rights of our people on Bougainville so that they too can be entitled to better services, they too can enjoy the development and growth that the rest of Papua new Guinea’s enjoying.” By his side stood John Momis, the president of the autonomous Government of Bougainville. “We should not be side-

tracked by all kinds of views and statements that are being expressed in the media,” he said. “So, Mr Prime Minister, I think that it is good that we should be here today to conirm our commitment to once again conirm our commitment to the spirit of bi-partisanship. The two were coming together after a dispute –played out in the media – over how effectively money from the national budget was being spent on Bougainville. a lot of work has been done to patch things up and the reconciliation was symbolised by an exchange of vegetables and a pig. Bougainville’s recent history has been one of conflict – disputes over the compensation

from an australian-owned copper mine turned into a civil war in the 1990s. The resource-rich region remains under-developed and the australian Security Policy Institute recently warned that Bougainville risks returning to conlict. But this recent political rift, at least, appears to be healing. The Bougainvilleans gave Peter O’neill a bow and arrow that he will take to Bougainville next week and publicly break, to show the end of hostilities. Both men say political leadership is key to development, to peace and to the referendum on independence that Bougainville plans to hold between 2015 and 2020. “It is incumbent on us as lead-

ers to make sure that we work to the full implementation on that peace agreement so that the beneits of that goes to our people - both in our country and of course on Bougainville,” O’neill said. a similar sentiment came from Bougainville President John Momis. “In the final anaylsis it is the politicians who should determine the direction, and call upon the bureaucrats to implement the agreement,” he said. When Peter O’neill travels to Bougainville next week he will be first PnG prime minister to go do so since the civil war ended in 1997. - ABC

Resignation conirmed SUVa – Fiji’s interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, has oficially announced that he will step down as the nation’s military commander at the end of next month so he can stand in the country’s elections. Commodore Bainimarama made the announcement at a military parade at Queen elizabeth Barracks in Suva. he named the date, February 28, when he would relinquish his role as military head in order to form a political party to contest national elections to be held no later than September. Commodore Bainimarama has commanded the defence forces since 1999, and led the 2006 coup that saw him installed as interim prime minister. he told troops to give their

full support to his as yet unknown military successor, who will take the reins on March 1. The first elections since the 2006 coup are expected by September 2014. Under Fiji’s laws governing political parties, members of the republic of Fiji Military Forces are not permitted to be members of political parties, and must not engage in political activity. The new Zealand government has welcomed the oficial announcement. new Zealand Prime Minister John Key says the announcement is another step in the right direction. “all new Zealanders want to ensure is that there are free and fair elections in Fiji,” he said. “So the fact he is essentially

indicating he is moving towards that process is welcomed by new Zealand.” Fiji’s newly appointed electoral Commission is conident that the elections Office will meet the timetable for the elections this year. according to the Fiji Village website, Commission Chairman, Chen Bunn Young, says everything is on track and the commission is now working on immediate issues which need to be addressed. The attorney General and Minister for elections, aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has reiterated the aim is to have credible elections before September this year. Some of Bainimarama’s political opponents are cynical about the Commodore’s standing

down from his military psotion. “he’s standing down as commander in chief but does it mean free and fair elections?” asks anti-regime website Coup4.5. “Frank Bainimarama has announced he will relinquish the all-powerful military role next month but has made no details available yet about his new political party or who his running mates are. “as has been his practice, he has drip fed the miserly information to citizens when and how it suits him and his agenda to keep a tight rein on the country, this time via the ballot box. “anyone who thinks the grand gesture to give up his stripes should be applauded are kidding themselves. - ABC/PNC

Help on the way for islanders

nUKU’alOFa – Tonga has formally accepted offers to provide help for the thousands of people in ha’apai affected by Tropical Cyclone Ian. The Un resident Coordinator, Osnat lubrani, and the head of the Un Office for the Coordination of humanitarian affairs in the Pacific, Sune Gudnitz, have recently returned from Tonga after meeting with the acting prime minister and

cabinet, and seeing first-hand the destruction in ha’apai. “We visited the main island in ha’apai and there is a lot of devastation,” said lubrani. “after meeting with the Government, we have agreed to provide urgent supplies and technical personnel through a coordinated response in support of the government’s identiied needs.” Priority areas identified include shelter, food security, wa-

ter, sanitation and health, and general coordination and planning support. “While it is critical to focus on immediate life-saving needs, we are also working with the government to ensure response and longer-term early recovery efforts are aligned.” Most ha’apai households rely on rainwater catchment systems for water, however most have been contaminated or damaged.

UnICeF is sending urgent supplies to Tonga from Fiji, including water containers, purification tablets, water filters and soap. “When natural disasters happen, the issue of clean and safe water, as well as proper hygiene is always a major concern to prevent outbreaks of diarrhoea and skin infections,” said UnICeF Paciic Representative, Dr Karen allen. - Islands Business

Bulk carrier still abandoned and adrift haGaTna - The U S Coast Guard is continuing its warning related to bulk carrier vessel taking on water some 700km west of Guam. The rich Forest is a 172-metre Panama-lagged ship which was loaded with timber en route to China from Solomon Islands. The vessel reportedly began taking on water in the engine room and pumps were not able to keep up with the rate of looding. The 24 crew members abandoned the vessel for life rafts on Sunday and were later picked up by another bulk carrier, CS Sunshine, which was diverted

to provide assistance. The crew were then taken on board by coast guard patrol boats which arrived at the scene from Guam. The rich Forest is reported to be riding low at the stern, but still afloat and the owner has continued to pursue options for salvaging the vessel. The Coast Guard has broadcast a notice to mariners in the area that the rich Forest remains unpowered and adrift. Mariners should report the location of the drifting vessel if they come across it. - PNC

RiGHT: Rich Forest when last seen by the coast guard.


Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te Pa enUa

Emirates spending millions in Paciic UAE plans renewable energy projects in ive Paciic nations aBU dhaBI – The United arab

emirates has announced a funding initiative to spend millions of dollars on renewable energy projects in ive paciic nations. Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tuvalu and Vanuatu will receive grants from the Uae’s $50 million UAE-Paciic Partnership Fund, with grant inancing from Abu dhabi Fund for development (adFd).

all five projects will be codesigned and implemented by abu dhabi clean energy company Masdar, in cooperation with each nation’s government. The solar and wind projects represent one of the largest capital investments in the Paciic region’s clean energy sector, and are slated for completion in late 2014. dr Sultan al Jaber, Uae min-

ister of state and CeO of Masdar, said: “access to clean energy is a critical component of economic and social development. “This is especially true in the Pacific, as island nations face some of the highest fuel costs in the world and clean energy delivers a tremendous impact in terms of savings and growth potential.” The projects are estimated to save more than 1.2 million litres of diesel fuel annually and mitigate 3030 tonnes of CO2 per year, a statement said.

The projects are also aimed at demonstrating the viability of renewable energy in remote locations, where the International renewable energy agency reports that renewable energy now out-competes traditional diesel imports on cost. “developing countries have the challenge of accelerating economic growth and social opportunities, while facing constraints on natural resources,” said Mohammed Saif al Suwaidi, director-general of the abu dhabi Fund for

development. “The deployment of renewable energy is a unique way forward – decoupling energy access and equity from environmental impacts for the irst time.” The $50 million UAE-Paciic Partnership Fund was launched in March 2013 by Sheikh abdullah bin Zayed al nayhan, the Uae’s minister of foreign affairs, and is administered by the ministry’s directorate of energy and Climate Change. The fund covers project feasibility studies, engineering de-

sign, plant equipment supplies and installation, construction and operation and maintenance training. The la’a lahi ‘Big Sun’ solar plant in Tonga, commissioned in November 2013, was the irst project to receive funding from the Uae. Some of the other international projects operated by Masdar include a 500KW solar photovoltaic power plant on the island of Vava’u in Tonga. - Gulf Business

Travel company helps the kids get online new Zealand travel company gets Samoan college connected WellInGTOn – Kiwi company

house of Travel is helping to connect Samoa to the modern world by donating computer equipment and skilled labour to a college in apia. house of Travel holdings donated 85 second-hand computers, monitors and servers, plus a week of IT technician adrian

Miller’s time to Chanel College, a struggling Catholic school which now has the capacity to get its students online. For adrian, who had never travelled to the Pacific Islands before, it proved to be a lifechanging experience. “It felt amazing to do something selless, altruistic, know-

ing that I was part of something that was beneicial to so many people. I’m sincerely grateful for that experience. I’ve always wanted to do something like that and my company gave me that opportunity.” Miller jumped at the opportunity when his employer sought volunteers for the work, part of a larger, ongoing project being led by Kiwi John ryan. he and his wife are former volunteer teachers at the school.

Tongan luger misses family

Miller and Ryan had just ive days to set in place the infrastructure to enable the college to get connected and adrian has been following up with school staff in Samoa since his return to new Zealand to test the system and guide teachers there to getting it up and running. “When I volunteered to go to Samoa I didn’t really think about how the work I would be doing would impact on the college and its staff, students and the community. It started to sink in as the work over there progressed,” Miller says. “I realised that donating my skills and expertise were a lot more valuable than donating $20 would have been – it will make a huge difference to the

people there and it’s great to be part of helping to upskill the Samoan people to bring them into the technical age. “Many people there have no computer skills at all. Being able to get on the internet is basically a human right these days and has the potential to make a huge difference to the likes of students at Chanel College. It will open up many opportunities for them in the future.” The hospitality and kindness of the Samoan people made the experience all the more meaningful for Miller who says being immersed in the local culture was a real eye-opener and something he will never forget. Chanel College in Moamoa, Samoa, was founded in 1962 by

Marist Fathers and Miller and ryan were hosted by local priests during their ive-day stay. They put in some long hours to get the work completed. “We did what we could in the timeframe we had. I’d love to go back some time and see how it’s all going.” house of Travel holdings CeO Mark O’donnell said the company was very pleased to be able to help John and contribute to his work at Chanel College. “It’s important to us to contribute to the communities in which we live and those with which we have a connection through the business we do,” Mark says. - Press Release

Air crash remembered

Tongan Winter Olympics luge contender Bruno Banani says missing his family back in Tonga is the price he has to pay for his sporting fame. SOChI – Tongan luge star Bruno

Banani says the past ive years have required a lot of sacriice in order to achieve his dream of competing at the Winter Olympics. The 25 year old, born Fuahea Semi, sealed his place at the Sochi Games last month and will become the Kingdom’s irst ever Winter Olympian. In 2008 he was selected by the

German underwear manufacturer Bruno Banani to change his name and take up the sport as part of a marketing stunt. Banani says it was a big decision moving to the other side of the world, away from friends and family, but the hard work has paid off. “I don’t have any family here – I came here the irst time alone and it’s still something I would

say I slowly got used to, being away from the family . “But the good thing is I always go back two times a year to Tonga to visit them. My dad won’t be here in Sochi – they’re trying to bring a few of my siblings – but we will see if that happens. “I think they will just cheer from Tonga by watching it on television.” - RNZI

PaGO PaGO – an independent filmmaker from england is searching for people in american Samoa who were involved in an airline crash in the territory forty years ago. Pan am Flight 806, operated by Pan american World airways using a Boeing 707-321B , was an international scheduled flight from auckland, new Zealand, to los angeles, California, with intermediate stops at Pago Pago, american Samoa, and honolulu, hawaii. On January 30, 1974, it crashed on approach to Pago Pago International airport, killing 87 passengers and ten crew members. UK ilmmaker Paul Crompton will visit american Samoa later this month to interview local residents for a documentary he plans to make about the crash, which was the worst aviation tragedy in american Samoa’s history. he wants to talk to those who helped with the recovery operation with the goal of producing a ilm documentary for the beneit of the families of those who died in the tragedy. nine passengers and one crew member survived the initial crash and post-accident ire. One passenger died the day after the accident.

Three days after the accident, the remaining crew member and three more passengers died. One passenger, counted as a survivor, died nine days after the accident. January 30 marks the 40th anniversary of the disaster. Crompton said he has a friend in london who lost close family in the Pan am crash and has always wanted to understand more about it and how it was dealt with afterwards. “he lived with this story all his life. his father, in his first marriage, was due to board the plane, but at the very last minute he had to take his son to hospital in auckland, but his wife and daughter did board the plane and they were killed. “his father would never speak about the tragedy and very little information exists about it. I found other people were also intrigued and confused about what had happened.” Crompton said his friend has tried to understand as much as he could, but information on the internet and elsewhere is very limited. he has since discovered that there are many others like his friend all over the world – from Canada, Britain, USa, hawaii, Thailand to new Zealand and

australia – and they all have one thing in common, they feel like they need to know more. a Facebook group called “Family and Friends from Flight Pan am 806” is now operating online with relatives and descendents of those killed keeping in touch. Crompton said telling the story will bring about a hugely positive outcome. he said it feels like such a long time ago, but it seems that time creates a stronger desire to want to understand more. he said he wants the surviving relatives to have a document of what happened and to be able to see what it’s really like in american Samoa. “Many of them want to come and visit, and maybe this will inspire them, as well as helping them ind clarity to a deeply personal story out of it, and this is what a few families have said to me. Maybe we can build a memorial at the site of the crash. Somewhere they can go and visit and pay respects, because there is nothing there at the moment. Crompton will be in american Samoa from January 31 to February 3 to do research and hopefully interview people who were there on the night of the crash. - PNC/sources

News from the Paciic region “We’ve got the Paciic covered’


Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

leTTerS reta

Te Mato Vai presentations were inconsistent, says a landowner dear editor, I have attended three of the landowners meetings for Te Mato Vai and I admit that after the first session with the landowners, I was perturbed by what I had heard from the presentation. From the outset it appeared that there was very little detail in what was being presented, and my questions were not really addressed either or answered. The presentation somewhat changed at each landowners meeting and the Te Mato Vai presenters gave me the impression that they were just selling the benefits only and not the full spectrum of the project, including the risks and costs to the people. It lacked a lot of very important detail, such as the issue of land access, land use, design of the water intakes, design of the water treatment and the ongoing costs of providing potable water. after the third meeting, the Minister of Infrastructure and Planning Teariki heather gave me the impression that it was a done deal. however, I think that we, the concerned citizens of rarotonga must take a stand and let the general public know what our views are on Te Mato Vai, hence my writing to you. We can also take a stand by how we cast our vote come election time late this year or early next year 2015. I don't agree that we should

just accept what Minister Teariki heather is saying and that Te Mato Vai should proceed and be done in one go from the replacing of the ring main, the replacing of the trunk mains, the refurbishment of water intakes (whatever that means) and the installation of water treatment plants in the provision of clean water to our household taps. We were informed that this project has been in the pipeline since 2008, however answers were not forthcoming to questions about certain aspects of concern about this project. Why can't this project be done in stages or combine a number of options such as tapping into and using our under-

ground water supply, or supply an option and the landowners everyone with water tanks and accepted this and also supporthook the tanks to the roofs of ed the project on that premise. as of Saturday's newspaper, the houses as well. What happens if we default Jaewyn Mackay was the first to allude to the on our loan from the Chinese for Te ‘I do not want my charges after the 5 year period is up. Mato Vai, the TCI grandchildren This was never Stadium project, to be burdened mentioned at any etcetera? What will with this huge of the first three we have to give up debt nor do I landowners meetto repay these huge want them to ings last week. In debts? Our million leave rarotonga fact, Teariki heathor so square kilobecause it’s er gave my mother, metres of ocean just too costly who is a landowner with its resources, to live here.’ in more than four or will we be forced of the twelve water to accept citizens intakes, his personal guarantee from China? at the first three sessions at the ngatangiia landowners of the landowners meeting, meeting that there will not charging the people was not be any charges to the people,

period. I believe with the debt burden that we the Cook Islands are already under, namely with the avatiu harbour project, the rarotonga airport upgrade project and the TCI Stadium project, that we who live here cannot afford another costly project in its present form. This will be the biggest costing project that the Cook Islands will undertake, and given that there has been very little detail about the design, costing, maintenance, how much land it will take and compensation to the landowners and also the cost to the people for having "potable" water is very concerning to me. I do not want my grandchildren to be burdened with this huge debt nor do I want them to leave rarotonga because it’s just too costly to live here. I am also very concerned that

there are obvious huge conflict issues in this project. after attending the third landowners meeting, it was very obvious to me that this project is being fast-tracked and there will be a handful of people who stand to make an obscenely huge amount of money from Te Mato Vai. While I agree that there will be costs involved in the provision of water to households and respective charges for user pays, I am concerned that Te Mato Vai project presenters, MOIP and the minister should have stated at all the landowners meetings about the ‘user pays’ charges and not pulled the wool over the landowners’ eyes. K Tia napa- Bergin Puaikura, Te au o Tonga and Takitumu

‘Age does not exempt you from paying tax’

Roughly 100 hundred people gathered on Monday to attend the public consultation held in Arorongi’s Aroa Nui Hall. 14012106

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

dear editor, May I offer a few words regarding the tax debate? Bearing in mind that the Ministry of Finance and economic management (MFeM) failed to collect tax from the pensioners for many years I disagree with the strategy to recover these taxes now. as the Minister of Finance, ultimately Mark Brown is responsible for the very poor decision to collect these taxes and the manner in which the revenue Management division (rMd) has gone about it. Surely someone should have foreseen the public backlash from such action and advised against it? Just draw that line in the sand, waive the back taxes and say, from this point on, you must honour your legislative obligations and pay tax, just like every other honest person that is still collecting an income. however, could dennis and Teariki please, please stop the moaning and groaning about having to pay any tax at all – these advertisements and endless letters to the paper really get up my nose! no dear sirs, your age does not exempt you from paying tax, this is a ridiculous reason and your arguments have no credibility. You are obliged to contribute towards health care, roads, education, water, civil services and the many other amenities that we are privileged to have. If government gives in to your unreasonable demands, is the exemption supposed to ap-

ply to every other Cook Islander that is lucky enough to gain a nZ pension in the future or just the moaners and manipulators that are making all the noise at the moment? Your pension is income, the concept is pretty simple. and you all know very well, since the day you started working, that you are obliged to pay tax. This obligation does not cease just because you are a pensioner! My parents are both on a nZ pension, they have several rental properties. They pay their taxes because they know it is the right thing to do, it is called being honest. They don’t try to dodge the tax man under the guise of having worked hard all their lives and being old. We are all working hard and will continue to do so as long as we are able to. I don’t expect freebies when I am old. My parents agree that without taxes government will not have the money to provide for basic essentials that you take for granted. dennis, Teariki, if you are indeed honest people you will pay your tax – it is as simple as that. and that goes for every other Grey Power member who seems to think they are above the law. Your taxes will contribute to your own well-being. don’t rely on the younger generation to pay for your needs, we have our own children and families to contribute to – that is why I will pay my taxes too. not a tax dodger, name and address supplied

Managing Editor John Woods Financial Controller Liz Woods General Manager Tony Fe’ao Deputy Editor Matariki Wilson Online & Social Networking Editor Briar Douglas Reporters Emmanuel Samoglou Ben Chapman-Smith Rachel Reeves Court Reporter Merita Wi-Kaitaia Advertising Advertising Assistant Peka Fisher Oice Manager Tere Joseph Accounts Manager Tangi Tauira Reception Kura Tauira Oice Staf Apii Tua Graphic Design & Layout Mahai Daniel Adam Tutuvanu Web Developer Daniel Rolls Print Manager Dan Johnston Printers Dennis Campos, Lai Gukisuva


Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

Stop Te Mato Vai water project ‘nonsense’ now Muri dolphins! “I BelIeVe the Te Mato Vai water project is an overinlated project that needs serious due diligence,” a smoke signaller texts to 188. “The Chamber of Commerce is right when they have grave concerns about this $63 million project. Our government can’t even balance its books and now they are going to put us all into a deeper hole with more kaiou and debt. Why sign the contracts then consult the people afterwards? In my opinion it’s because deals may have been made left, right and centre. Stop this nonsense now.”

AUSSIE BENEFIT SHAME a SMOKe signaller texts: “I am so ashamed of the couple mentioned in the Monday letter to the editor ‘an outsider’s observation on islands life’. reading about this couple who collect an extra 200 australian dollars per fortnight from Centrelink by dishonestly claiming they live apart makes me sooo sad as a former australian resident who has worked there for 24 years. and then my own people are stealing – defrauding my adopted country by collecting beneit dishonestly. Shame on you all! The Ministry of Finance and economic Management should withdraw all kind of beneits to cover Grey Power’s hard earned super.”

WASTED CLIMATE FUNDING “The COOK ISlandS needs to strengthen tendering processes and the actual implementation of climate change projects,” a smoke signaller writes. “I am just relecting on climate change and henry Puna and government’s under spend. PM Puna’s looking for more climate change funding and donor money and the Cook Islands doesn’t spend the money it has. Some $8 million in under spend of new Zealand aid donor money, climate change money from the United nations stuck at the OPM's ofice, and lost solar funding from Japan. If PM Puna stayed in country and helped implement projects perhaps this climate change money would actually translate into projects, rather than him globetrotting and getting money that doesn't even get spent.”

HOPE IT’S WORTH IT “The ChaMBer of Commerce questioning the affordability

of running costs of Te Mato Vai, once completed, is of great interest,” a smoke signaller writes in response to the Chamber’s statement on page 8 of Monday’s CInews. “everyone wants the old leaky pipes replaced – which is claimed to cause 60-70 per cent leakage – they just don’t want to pay for it. rehabilitation of intakes and better iltration is agreed but questions as to cost, quality of the pipes and workmanship were raised given the poor quality of earlier projects. One or two mentioned the adverse effect on the low to nil flow on eels and koura that depend on the streams for their life. There was zero support for chlorination or water. last but not least, only 25 per cent is by way of a grant of $15 million from new Zealand. Thus our repayments will be signiicantly higher than the Chamber predicts. however, their predictions as to running costs are likely correct. The China loan of $23million and $22 million from the government provide the bulk of the funding. let’s hope it’s worth it.”

WATER $20 MONTH ‘OK’ “I TOTallY agree to charge water rates and a minimum $20 monthly per household, and not more,” a smoke signaller texts to 188. “With approximately 5000 homes, the amount will help pay services for our water system per year. remember, we earn low wages at $7 per hour and not the $13.50 minimum wage like in new Zealand. Our government and the private sector must contribute the balance of the cost.”

SUPPORT FILM RARO “I WaS sorry to read that once again Cook Islands Tourism won't sponsor Film raro,” a smoke signaller writes. “It was a great success last year and provided a huge amount of positive publicity for the Cook Islands. It would be interesting to know how Tourism spends its taxpayer-funded $6 million and what returns we get from it. I'd particularly like to know how much it costs when CI Tourism bring overseas photographers and videographers here to shoot promo material, because their offer of $5000 for all the footage and international rights of the six ilms is either insulting or unbelievably ignorant.”

CHARGE WATER WASTERS a SMOKe signaller writes: “Most debate about water fees fo-

Wow, what a photo...if only it was real though! Someone overseas who posted this photo on the Internet has gone to a bit of efort to carefully combine a picture of a couple of jumping dolphins with one of Muri lagoon and motu Taakoka in the background. 14012335 cuses on potential rates for households but so far little, if any, about fees for commercial users. The scheme factors in 200 litres daily per person at home and 400 litres per person in resorts to allow for pools, restaurants, laundry etc. Other industries use even more, with growers at the top of the list. Collectively, we waste water on a grand scale and no wonder there is a shortage. after hearing of the unbelievable wastage I am starting to see why the project advocates water rates. Commercial users should pay. Growers’ taps also need to be metered to check consumption and charge for excess usage. evidence shows some are leaving taps on all day which is shocking, especially in times of drought. as for households, Te Mato Vai should provide a certain minimum and only charge the excess. That’s how households in new Zealand and australia are charged, so there is a precedent.”

FINSEC CONGRATS “COnGraTUlaTIOnS richard neves,” writes a smoke signaller in an open text to the inancial secretary of the Ministry of Finance and economic Management. “I know you have a tough job and with your team you lot are doing mighty good work. If this matter was addressed and acted upon 40 year ago, it would not confuse the old/new generations today. We workers/pensioners all have to pay to keep our economy alive in this new world.”

‘STEP UP, DPM HEATHER’ “WhaT eVer happened to the pensioner refunds promised by PM Henry Puna and inance minister Mark Brown on local TV only days after Christmas,” a smoke signaller asks. “as predicted both have gone overseas – one to the United arab emirates and the other to new Zealand. True to Grey Power, they are both leavers and not leaders. There’s no money to refund the pensioners but plenty of money for travel. now is the time for new dPM Teariki heather to step up and make real changes, refund their money, cancel the VaT increase and the new tax on local pension.”

‘IGNORANT’ LITTERBUGS a SMOKe signaller texted to 188 on Tuesday: “noticed yester-

day two girls on a motorbike in front of hubby and me blatantly tossing an empty purple drink can on the road outside avatiu harbour...not good enough!! The pillion passenger then had the cheek to make noises at me when passing us by when we tooted at them to turn back and retrieve rubbish. They are arrogant and ignorant.”


our country. I thought we are self-government and not expat government. The pooh bars are back!”

NEW COURSES a SMOKe signaller writes: “I wonder how Pastor Tutai Pere feels about the University of the South Paciic offering a course ‘Introduction to hindi’ in its latest offering? looks like we could have some more folk coming out for those diwali celebrations later this year. and what about this course on ‘Monogastric livestock Production’. What’s the point – you’ll learn heaps then be unable to sell the meat because FinSec neves won’t help the small guys.”

‘LET MURIENUA DECIDE’ “ In reSPOnSe to the Friday smokie ‘The by-by-election’ a smoke signaller texts to 188: “You should read the paper properly. You don’t understand what it means – leave Kaota alone as you don’t know the whole story. let the people of Murienua decide who will represent them. You should put your name in as candidate because you seem to know heaps. For you, one strike and you’re out.”

RED CARPET “The OFFICeS of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning in arorangi are getting an extensive makeover,” a smoke signaller writes. “Freshly painted walls, a new entrance way, and a tidied car park. The word around the village is that MOIP are due a visit from a dignitary. Could it be the Queen or Prince William? no, it’s someone that hasn’t been seen in a while – the PM.” SS: Wonder what MOIP’s new makeover name is? remember the days when you knew exactly what you were getting as the names said precisely what they do, like PWd, the Public Works department, or ePS, the electric Power Supply (now Te aponga Uira O Tumutevarovaro). Some still refer to them by their old abbreviations.

LEGAL FEES a SMOKe signaller writes: “That was another arrogant remark by MFEM inancial secretary Richard Neves in Monday’s CInews, saying to the affected pensioners to take MFeM to Court for stealing their money. neves knows that the Crown, using the peoples’ money, will pay his legal fees. So who’s going to pay for the pensioners’ legal fees for the illegal withdrawal of their money by neves and treasurer andrew haigh? haha, without knowing, this government will ultimately pay at the next general elections and by that time, neves and haigh will be in Siberia.”

a SMOKe signaller writes: “Mr Beard's praise of treasurer an-


drew haigh is truly sickening. even the Prime Minister and Cabinet said it was very bad timing before Christmas when Haigh and MFEM’s inancial secretary Richard Neves raided the old peoples’ money. These pensioners have actually paid their fair share of tax when they worked for 30 to 40 years of their life, then you want to tax them again after they retire when most of them are not well, frail and waiting for God. like haigh and neves, you are outsiders who have no business in

“Wow, Big Norm inally gets some criticism on his third column in the paper,” a smoke signaller texts to 188. “That’s pretty good – it means people are agreeing with some of his political analysis. and the two smokie writers can’t let him get too popular, but do they really want another losing Cook Islands Party pension-robbing, Brown-taxing, bunch of travelling hyenas? Or let’s not forget Toagate. demons, I mean demos, under Wilkie Wonka and his Oompa-loompas.”


Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

Arorangi Jetty gets thumbs up from a returning tourist a TOUrIST returning to the Cook Islands on a cruise ship yesterday said he was glad the captain made a last-minute decision to anchor at arorangi Jetty. The Crystal Symphony arrived in rarotonga at 7am yesterday and was meant to park up outside avatiu harbour. large swells meant disembarking would have been too dangerous so the captain chose to come in at arorangi Jetty instead. australian Jon holmes was stunned when he walked out on deck after breakfast and caught a glimpse of rarotonga’s west coast. “When I saw this side of the island, I said ‘wow.” holmes, who has been to rarotonga before, said he much preferred arriving at arorangi to avarua. “This is far more what the experience is supposed to be like. Once you get out of town

a bit, that’s where the postcard pictures are from.” holmes is one of 876 passengers travelling on the ship, of whom most set off on various excursions around the island. Vina Manuel, port operations manager for agent Matina Travel, said most of passengers are american and are aged between 70 and 80. Others are from the United Kingdom, China and South africa, she said. The Crystal Symphony weighs 54 tonnes, is 238 metres long, has 12 decks and has capacity for 922 passengers and 545 crew members. It started its journey in Chile on January 8 and was in Tahiti before coming to rarotonga. “She’s here today and will be heading to nuku’alofa (Tonga). her voyage ends on February 2 in new Zealand,” Manuel said. Rarotonga welcomed its irst cruise ship of 2014 when the MS Columbus 2 pulled up outside

Conditions were perfect for passengers of the Crystal Symphony as they came ashore at Arorangi Jetty yesterday. 14012313 avatiu harbour on Wednesday morning, carrying about 575 passengers and 320 crew.

The next ship to arrive is the Seabourn Sojourn on Saturday. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Rarotonga cruise ship schedule: January 25 – Seabourn Sojourn, January 29 – Paul Gau-

guin, February 11 – europa, February 14 – Crystal Serenity, February 28 – MV artania.

Red Cross appeal for cyclone victims COOK ISlanderS are being asked to dig deep and donate generously today during a radiothon aimed at raising money for victims of Cyclone Ian in Tonga. The appeal is being organised by Cook Islands red Cross and will run from 12pm to 6pm on radio Cook Islands (aM 630khz). “as a result of the devastation done by Cyclone Ian in Tonga, we the Cook Islands red Cross would like to conduct an appeal to raise funds for the victims,” said president nga Jessie. One person was killed, 14 injured and thousands left homeless when category ive Ian devastated the northern ha'apai group of islands on January 11. Tonga’s leader this week made an oficial request for help from the international community.

Jessie, who will be there to launch the radiothon, is asking people to look into their hearts and donate generously. “The more the merrier. every dollar will make a difference,” he said. aunty nga Teao-Papatua will be hosting the radio appeal and red Cross staff will be receiving and recording the pledges. disaster management coordinator Charlie numanga is asking that people who make pledges take their money in to the station on Friday afternoon. In the past, it has taken up to two weeks for the red Cross to collect all the money pledged during radiothons. “We have learnt strong lessons from past radiothons. at the end of the day, once we total up the pledges it’s our responsibility to make sure it’s all collected.”

For those unable to make it in to the station in person, there will be ‘runners’ available to come and collect the money, numanga said. last week, Kafo Tuteru, a Tongan woman living in rarotonga, raised $3500 for her home village of holopeka. She encouraged members of the Tongan community and Cook Islanders to phone in during this week’s radiothon. “I’m so happy and grateful for this appeal,” she said. The Staircase restaurant and Bar will also be donating its door takings tonight to the red Cross appeal. anyone from the Tongan community who wants to help with the appeal should contact Fine-Tuitupou arnold at the red Cross on 22598. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Red Cross disaster management co-ordinator Charlie Numanga (left) and president Nga Jessie (right) stand with Kafo Tuteru, representing the Tongan community. 14012124

Special Te Papa tour for local tamariki MOTOne Productions, which

is producing the Cook Islands tour group of local tamariki to be involved in the new Zealand Festival of the arts opening event ‘The BIG BanG’, has coordinated for the group to have a private tour of the Te Papa Museum’s Cook Islands collection that is not available to the public. “Part of Motone’s highest priorities is arts education on all levels,” says Glenda Tuaine of Motone Pruductions – the company that through establishing the Creative artists in residency programme in 2013 have made this new Zealand festival event happen. “having previously been the manager of the events and entertainment at Te Papa I still have great contacts and spoke with fellow Cook Islander Grace

hutton who works at the museum to facilitate this for us. This is a very special and privileged experience for the children and adults who will be accompanying us.” “We haven’t received government, culture or tourism funding for this or for the residency. The private sector and community support us because they can see the value in the events and programmes we deliver. Many of our partner tourism operators use our events and projects to promote their own tourism endeavours in a variety of sales and online promotional campaigns. It just takes savvy thinkers to understand what can be achieved when you partner with arts projects,” Tuaine goes on to say. Once in Wellington the children will stay for one week with intensive rehearsals until their

performance on February 21. They will be taken to some of the festival’s events and shows once their performance is over as well as the private Te Papa tour, with Tuaine in negotiations with a group of schools, kura kaupapa and Victoria University for the children to perform on Monday 24. The group are still fundraising and will be running to the market this Saturday from Wigmore’s Superstore via arorangi so if you see them – please donate. Following that, the acting Up Creative Collective will be holding a Quiz night with fantastic prizes to support the team on February 3 and for more information and to enter a team, contact Janette Olliver. Motone and the acting Up Creative Collective has also es-

Cook islands Commissioner to New Zealand Tiki Matapo at Te Papa, the national museum of New Zealand – where the Cook islands tour group of local tamariki for the New Zealand Festival of Arts opening event ‘The Big Bang’ will enjoy a private tour. PHOTO MINISTRY OF PACIFIC ISLAND AFFAIRS 13080848 tablished a crowdfunding site to allow people overseas to donate too. This can be accessed at projects/cook-islands-@-the-

big-bang. “We really need people to support us on this site because if we do not reach our total we do not receive any of the funds

– so please pass on to all your overseas friends and family to donate as soon as you can – even $5 helps!” adds Tuaine. - MP/MW


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churchTalK te aKOnOanGa

New year’s church check-up In The Catholic Church, each diocese annually has to send into rome its recent statistics. This means each parish reports on how many new members were received into the church during the year; how many marriages were witnessed, children who made their first communion and young adults who committed themselves to Christ by receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. From these statistics, leaders like me are hoping to recognise the signs of an open and growing church. Or does one find the opposite, where the church is stagnating or gone into a maintenance type of existence, where all that is happening is that you are trying to keep the church building looking nice but in fact the numbers show the church is an empty shell. Sometimes numbers can be deceiving, as I am conscious here in the Cook Islands; a couple of our smallest parishes would be the most dynamic. numbers are not everything. In this article, as we begin 2014, I would like to discuss some measures that we might use in a Church new Year checkup. In my view, these questions are relevant to any church. and I would be the irst to admit there are other ways of approaching the check-up. 1. To re-look at our motives. do we love the Gospel as much as we love our church buildings, or our choir? do we treasure the vessel or what it holds? how passionate are we about the treasure of the Gospel? does the joy of the gospel still ill the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus? 2. are we in the Church be-

coming more like Christ? It is God’s plan for each of us that we “be conformed to the likeness of his Son”. romans 8:29. Paul laboured with the Galatians “until Christ is formed in you”. Galatians 4: 19. he told the ephesians that our goal is “attaining the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. ephesians 4: 13. The challenge here is that we are expected to be like Christ in this life. We have been given a practical text (Galatians 5: 16 – 26) that enables us to test whether we are becoming more Christ like. Our behaviour will be changing. We will be treating one another with more love, patience, joy, peace, humility and forgiveness. We will be avoiding sexual immorality, greed and dishonesty. The more we love God, the more we live like him. Will this happen during 2014? 3. Pay attention to what draws your heart. a danger in today’s world, pervaded by consumerism, is the desolation and anguish born of complacent yet covetous heart; the feverish pursuit of frivolous pleasures, and a blunted conscience. Whenever our interior life becomes caught up in its own interests and concerns, there is no longer room for others, no place for the poor. God’s voice is no longer heard, the quiet joy of his love no longer felt and the desire to do good fades. Those of us who fall prey to it end up resentful, angry and listless. That is no way to live a digniied and fulilled life in the Spirit. So if my life is Spirit filled I will recognise a joyful spirit within me. If led by a “false god” the anxiety will be bringing about a desolation that will be indicating an evil spirit at work.

4. Church leaders pay attention to our rituals. The opportunity to use scripture and prayer in the Cook Islands is most generous in functions that happen outside of a church. They are numerous – e.g. family reunions, unveilings, birthdays and so on. These are special moments that can be used to give a joyful experience of God. But how often do we the leaders write beautiful words that don’t connect with our people on these special occasions? how often do we use scripture as a club or weapon? Or use sacred writings as a performance piece? Or our tone of voice is trapped in punishment mode. We end up killing the opportunity that was presented to us. and worst of all we keep separate God from his people. God is knocking on the door and we manage to keep it closed rather than opening it. no wonder our people go and knock on some other door – and it is not always a church door! a Church’s closeness to Jesus is part of a common journey; communion and mission are profoundly interconnected. In fidelity to the example of the Master, it is vitally important for the Church today to go forth and preach the gospel to all; to all places, on all occasions, without hesitation, reluctance or fear. 6. are we putting into practice what the Master taught? Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. The lord gets involved and he involves his own, as he kneels to wash their feet. he tells his disciples to do the same. For Jesus, who was committed to his people – he loved the lost, and he castigated people who thought they were religiously superior to others (a

Catholic Bishop Paul donoghue. 11122912

feeling that usually stems from a works-oriented approach to worship). The check-up question would be how welcome is the sinner, the poor or unbeliever in our church? Or, how much washing of feet goes on in our church? 7. Is my leadership too rigid? am I prepared to get out of the way and let people initiate? as a church leader it is possibly better to under-function rather than over-function. God’s word is unpredictable in its power. The gospel speaks of a seed which, once sown, grows by itself, even as the farmer sleeps. Mark 4 : 26 – 29. The Church has to accept this unruly freedom of the world, which accomplishes what it wills in ways that surpass our calculations and way of thinking. In

my church can I see these new signs of growth? I hope these questions are helpful. If they are not, don’t

let them put you off doing your own check up! Bishop Paul donoghue Catholic Church


on the rock ApowerfUl,excitiNGchUrch Join us this weekend for our Sunday morning service 10am. Aere mai, aere mai te katoatoa, te Atua te aroa! AcroSS the roAD the Airport, NiKAo

‘An unexamined life is not worth living’ a PhIlOSOPher or a wise man once said, “an unexamined life is not worth living”. as the new Year begins, one looks forward to the promises 2014 brings, the changes and challenges we may encounter during the year. I too look for such promises. however before I could take this leap of faith into the New Year, one must relect on one’s life over the previous year. having completed four years of studying philosophy and theology at the Paciic Regional Seminary in Suva. I returned last year (2013) to rarotonga. as part of the formation studies to priesthood, one must complete a seven-year study programme. The ifth year of the programme is called the “Pastoral Year” where seminarians return to their home diocese to experience the life of priesthood in a parish. “In particular to be made fully aware and experience in their lives that pastoral ministry is very much about their lives in the ield and that is; we are to serve, but not be served.” Based at the St Joseph’s Cathedral in avarua under the pastoral supervision of Father epiloka Pahia, I have undergone ministry work in the areas of teaching, liturgy and parish administration. The year-long programme

has taken me into the classrooms of St Joseph’s primary school, teaching religious education, visitations to prison sharing the values of life through the gospels with inmates, visitation to the sick in hospital, visitation into the homes of the elderly sharing the joys of life bringing them the eucharist, which is Christ coming into their homes. I have worked with the youth and parishioners and been involved in many other pastoral duties that were required of me. I was also fortunate to work alongside Bishop Paul donoghue, the 2013 religious advisory Council Chairman, as his secretary to raC. It was a great opportunity to work among several other religious leaders of the various denominations in the country. The question here is what have I learnt during the year? I must admit there has been room for self-development. I learnt that “a personal prayer life is essential to Christian living”; “personal knowledge: we cannot love what we do not know”; and I need to have a “personal sacramental life” and “personal moral life”. living the life of a priest is not easy; the work involved requires a lot of personal sacriice. My patience has been put to the test especially working

with children, who have helped me find patience and humility among the young and venerable. learning to listen to people and their needs, joys or whatever area it maybe, for it has helped me to integrate with them on a more personal basis. My pastoral year has given me an opportunity to look deeply into the life of a priest. having highlighted what I have experienced, I must say that I have achieved my goal: “Walk the way of Jesus, tell the truth about him, live his life”. having examined my life after my Pastoral Year in 2013, I am now ready to depart for the seminary in Suva Fiji once again for the remaining two years, where I will get to complete my studies of Theology. This Sunday in St Joseph’s Cathedral, Bishop Paul donoghue will invite me to formally declare to the congregation that I am expecting at the end of this period to be ordained a priest in the diocese of rarotonga – that at the end of studies in Paciic Regional Seminary I will be seeking the diocese of rarotonga to accept me irst as a deacon and then eventually as a priest. Vincent Peters Catholic Seminarian

Priest in training Vincent Peters. 14012314

Apostolic church weekly programme Sunday to friday rarotonga Apostolic church Bishop tutai pere - 23778/55177 Dial-A-prayer 26777 church Services on Sundays at 10am and 7pm radio and television ministr y at 11am and 4.30pm. mid-week services on tuesdays and thursdays at 7pm. Aitutaki Apostolic church - pastor Noo mataiti - 31269. Atiu Apostolic church - pastor Nikau tangaroa - 33778. mangaia Apostolic church pastor Ngametua papatua - 34065. we preAch GoD iN JeSUS AND JeSUS iN GoD

focUS 2014

“AheAD of time GoD” “JeSUS” “te AtUA momUA i te AU meA rAvArAi” “Ko ieSU” “iamhethatliveth,andwasdead;and, behold,iamaliveforevermore,amen; andhavethekeysofhellanddeath...Ko auteiaeoranei,imateanaraioki:eina,e oraaturaiauetuatauuaatu,amene!tei iakutetaviriotemateetoade” revelation/Apokalupo 1:18

All services cater for both maori and english speaking brethren. contact: Bishop pere on email:

JeSUS iS trUe GoD


Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

Open day at Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute ThOSe interested in a career in hospitality or in learning a trade are invited to head along to an open day at the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI) today. director Owen lewis said the day is about informing new recruits about the training that is available at the institute’s two campuses – the hospitality school in ngatangiia headed by Taa Pera, and the trades campus in arorangi headed by alister anderson. all interested potential students are welcome to attend either campus between 10am and 2pm, to ind out more about courses that spark their interest. lewis said tutors will be available to speak to prospective students, and former students have also been invited along. The institute is especially

keen to see those interested in enrolling in the Food and Beverage course and the new hair and Beauty course on offer, said lewis. The institute was launched in June, bringing the Cook Islands Trades Training Centre and the hospitality and Tourism Training Centre under the same body. Both campuses will still be used to teach the courses available. The institute is now a ‘standalone’ training facility, with more than 300 people enrolling annually in its nationally and internationally recognised qualifications and courses – which range from ‘statements of attainment’ to certiicates and diplomas. Both CITTI campuses are open to potential students from 10am to 2pm today. - Briar Douglas

Students of a solar course working on installing a 2kW system on the roof of the Trades Training Centre – now under the CiTTi umbrella – in Rarotonga last year. 13041518

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAiL


Fax 25303




DEADLiNES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR RAROTONGA GROUNDWATER iNVESTiGATiON AND MONiTORiNG PROJECT WATSAn is the Water, Waste & Sanitation Unit of the ministry of infrastructure Cook islands (iCi) tasked with the development and management of Policies, Strategies, Planning and Projects within the water, waste and sanitation sector. A key deliverable for the unit relates to improving surface and groundwater quality to promote sustainable cultural and recreational use of the lagoons, sustainable tourism and to safeguard public health. The WATSAn Unit is managing several programmes and projects that require: (i) The creation and/or reinstatement of a number of groundwater investigation and monitoring points around rarotonga; and (ii) Assessment of groundwater quantity, quality and availability from selected groundwater monitoring points. iCi wishes to invite proposals from an appropriately qualiied, experienced and equipped irm to provide these services. A copy of the request for Proposals document including speciications can be requested by email from the address provided below. Proposals close at 4pm on Wednesday, 5 February 2014, Cook islands time, and must be submitted via electronic copy to the email address below Or in hard copy to the ICI Oice in Arorangi inside a sealed envelope addressed to: mr mac mokoroa Secretary infrastructure Cook islands PO Box 102 rarotonga Cook islands and clearly marked with “RAROTONGA GROUNDWATER INVESTIGATION AND MONITORING PROJECT” and the applicants name. Enquiries to: Jaime Short WATSAn Programme Coordinator P: +682 22-648 E: 76467



Government Departments, Agencies and the General Public are hereby advised that the Environment Service has received the following application for a Project Permit as required under Section 36 of the Environment Act 2003. Application: 1.ELIZABETH WIND Project: reclamation of a low lying estuarine along foreshore Land: Ukarerenui Pt Sec 6B2B, Avana Tapere, ngatangiia District – rArOTOnGA. 2. NGATUPUNA AND NGAPOKO DAVID Project: Backilling on Swampland Land: Aremango Pt Sec 7B2B2B, muri Tapere, ngatangiia District – rArOTOnGA in accordance with subsection 5 a) and c) of Section 36 of the Environment Act 2003, any person, Government Agencies or Organisation who wish to make a written submission for or against the granting of a Project Permit by the Environment Service for this applications, may do so within 30 days commencing on the 10th day of January 2014. Written submissions may be in Cook islands maori or English be submitted to the national Environment Service no later than the 10th day of February 2014. EIA Reports for the above applications may be viewed at the following venues, • National Environment Service Oice • Takamoa Library and Museum • National Library or on the national Environment Service Website: Director Environment Service 76276

FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship.

SUPPLY OF WATER TANKS AND CONSTRUCTiON MATERiALS FOR ThE iSLANDS OF AiTUTAKi, ATiU AND PALMERSTON CONTRACT NO. SRiCCC C01/13 Strengthening the Resilience of our islands and our Communities to Climate Change (SRiC - CC) The Oice of the Prime Minister through the Climate Change Coordination Unit wishes to seek tender proposals from Suppliers for the Supply of Water Tanks and Construction materials for the islands of Aitutaki, Atiu and Palmerston. Tender documents including speciications can be collected during work hours from the Oice of the Prime minister in Parekura. Tenders close 12.00pm 7th February 2013 and must be submitted to the Oice of the Prime minister in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Supply of Water Tanks and Construction Materials for the islands of Aitutaki, Atiu and Palmerston Contract No. SRiC-CC C01/13” and addressed to: Chief of Staf Oice of the Prime Minister Private Bag Avarua rarotonga A non-refundable payment of $150 will be required for a copy of the Tender Document All enquiries to Daryl rairi, SriC-CC Technical Assistant, Telephone 55-064, or email: 76488

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PUBLIC NOTICES A meeting for landowners of Raropua 190M1, Kiikii Rarotonga is scheduled for 6pm on Tuesday 28 January 2014 at the Tupapa Meeting House to discuss a right of way to adjoining land Raropua 190L. Refreshments provided afterwards. Thank you, Rohan & Hinano Ellis 55686/27590. 76508 /36081 /1969


Papaaroa Adventist School accepts New Enrolments for students from Pre-School to Form 4 (ECE to Year 10) on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 January within the hours of 9am and 2pm. Enrolment forms are available from the school in Titikaveka. Classes start on Monday 27 January at 8am “Education, For Now and for Eternity” 76498 /36066 /2071





New smartphone Samsung S4, $850 or nearest ofer.Phone 76424.

A position exists for 2 cashiers to work rotating shifts at Manea Foods. The positions would require a rostered shift at any of Manea Foods 3 outlets. The person would need to have a can do attitude, and be self motivated. Following programme systems and be task orientated would be a requirement. Training provided. Above award pay to start for the right person. Please contact Mum on 29806 for an interview. Application forms available from Manea Foods, Nikao.

76509 /36031 /1931

Apii Rutaki Te rekareka nei au i te akakite atu e ka tuera atu te apii no te ariki atu i te au tamariki a te Parauparau 23-24 Varaire o Tianuare nei mei te ora 9-3 i te avatea. Apai mai i te Passport/ Birth Certiicate o te tamaiti. Ka tuera atu te apii no te 2014, a te Monite ra 27 i te ora 8 tikai ite popongi. School will open Thursday 23-24 Friday at 9-3pm, for enrolment. Bring necessary documentations. Me inangaro marama koe, taniuniu mai ite numero tereponi 20111. Meitaki maata. Puapii Maata. 76489 /36065 /2576

For the sake of your family

GET hELP Call AA - 71744


Opening of Avarua Primary School Due to grounds maintenance work at Avarua Primary School, the opening of the school for the 2014 school year has been delayed until Monday 3 February 2014 at 8am. All teachers and Ancillary staf are to report to USP Centre each day from Thursday 23 January Thursday 30 January 2014 at 8am for Literacy and Numeracy training. This notice is from the Ministry of Education. NOTiCE to COLLEGE STUDENTS Orders for NCEA Study Guides can be placed at the BOUNTY BOOKSHOP. 76504 / /1733

Sales Manager - Trade – Great communication skills a must! • This role is a challenging, exciting opportunity to assist in the preparation and implementation of sales & marketing plans, develop strong working relationships with our wholesale customers and suppliers and drive a small dedicated team to provide the best customer service. You will need strong organizational skills, the ability to prioritise and work to deadlines, supervisory experience and strong communication and interpersonal skills.

FOR SALE 42 inch LG Plasma TV, HDMI, HD, 3D, 2D. USB port. Only 7 months old, $1000 ono. Phone 79733.


‘’TRUE FAiTh’’ What is this? How does faith work? These questions will be answered in a Bible based message at the New Hope Church on Sunday at 10.30am. All Welcome.

2012 White Toyota Hilux petrol, Aluminium Tray Rust proof, 29,500 ono Contact Joan on Mobile 51063 or Home 20295. 76485 /35033 /1931

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SERVICES Danny’s Massage Special is still available 1 hour full body $40. Phone 28690 28691. 76502 /36067 /1931

FOR RENT Quiet 2 bedroom furnished house in Nikao for $200 pwer week. Phone 56379. 76523 /36090 /1931

Cute furnished studio bungalow, cool elevation location. Lovely garden, suit one person. Phone 21079. 76514 /36079 /1931

2 bedroom house in upper Tupapa. Fully furnished, available long term. Phone 55178.

The Shipwreck hut at Aro’a Beachside Inn is looking for Part time help (4pm to 10 pm) 4 or 5 days a week You must be computer literate, honest, sober, friendly, happyhappy with yourself and proud to be a Cook Islander, showing the visitor the charisma of living and visiting the Cook Islands. 24 to 30 hours a week, lexible, open minded with abilities, willing to learn, willing to share new ideas, willing to do bartending, cooking for good pay. (Could work into a full time job). Stop by and pick up an application, and make an appointment for an interview. Aro’a Beachside Inn, Betela Bridge. See Jim or Jan, call 22166.

Butchery Assistant • Involves cutting of meat for retail and wholesale customers. Suit someone who is reliable, keen and motivated. Talk to us today about starting a career in retail! For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23-191, Email: 76530

We are currently seeking the following: • Restaurant & Bar Staf • Chefs, Cooks and kitchen hands • Team Leaders & Supervisors • Project Coordinator • Housekeeping Staf • Beach Activities Staf • Carpenter/ handyman • Groundsmen To apply email: work@paciicresort. com or contact Ani Thompson on 53731

www.paciicresort. com 76521

76395 / /1902

Reefside Airport Cafe We are looking for a reliable, honest person to work with our team. International lights, Mon - Fri, Day lights only. Contact Karlene 78100. 76441 / /2508

Super Brown 24hr Store Full time and part time Staf required for our busy 24hour store Hours 10pm-6am, 2pm-10pm Mature, reliable and trustworthy people required with sober habits. If interested, contact Marvic on 53141. 76446 / /2183

Autism cook islands ph 24065/55976

Waiters & Waitresses: do you have a bubbly personality and a positive outlook on life and are happy meeting new people from all over the world? If yes, we need to hear from you. Join Mii and her team at Oceans Restaurant & Bar by looking after our guests during breakfast, lunch & dinner. If you have the right attitude, we will train you on the job. Good pay and beneits. Please text Mii on 78112 or pick up an application form at Reception. 76470 / /1969

Full time position for service manager, at least 5 years experience in the hospitality industry is required. Able to roster, Manage and motivate all staf. Send your brief CV to louis@ 76484 / /1758



e akameitaki atu nei matou te nga metua, te nga metua pakari e te kopu tangata katoatoa ia kotou katoatoa tei orongo ua mai ito kotou au vaerua akapumaana, e pera katoa, no te au rima oronga ta to kotou au ngakau i oronga ua mai ei tauturu ito matou tumatetenga no te takake atu anga o


exham constantine Nga Na te Atua kotou e tauturu mai. we, the family of exham constantine Nga would like to express our Appreciation and Gratitude to everyone who supported us during our time of grieving for our son, grandson, uncle, nephew.

happy Birthday

mama mou love you Always

mayGodgiveyouallhisloveandwarmth wishingyouahappyBirthday&God Bless u on ur special day fromBabyDenis,your3daughtersand grandkids in NZ SpecialonefrompapaandUncleBenji

may the lord Bless you all.

Classiieds • Phone 22999 •

happy 18th Birthday

tarapiripa Kairangi Bishop thank God on your special day, may you have many more Birthdays love yoU AlwAyS mum and Dad Sister Kore and ina in oZ, Grandpa an Grandma in titikaveka , vouvou vainekiikii tou and your 4 brothers here an oz And very very special one from your little nice Nanny moana.

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Sales Assistant/hardware – Great customer service skills needed! • Helping and advising customers with their purchases and making sure your department is fully stocked and displayed well. You will need to be customer focused and have good attention to detail.

paciic resort hotel Group

Need a little


Groomer Required We require an energetic person to assist with car grooming in our increasingly busy rental department. On the job training will be given. You must be punctual and keen to learn. Apply to Wayne 22060.

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PhARMACY Sales Assistant – Variety packed! • Exciting opportunity to join a small motivated team. The position involves assisting and advising customers on pharmacy and beauty products, displaying and ordering of stock and completing point of sale transactions. Suit someone who is responsible, keen, motivated and willing to learn.

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New motorbike battery $50 2x new truck batteries $100 each. 4x 195x60x14 tyres 185x70xR13 tyre 185x70xR14 tyre 2x 205x70xR15 tyre 185x70xR14 tyre $70 each. Phone 20417 anytime.


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Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

Pacific Women’s Cup cricket action



happy 20th Birthday in the cook islands 24/1/2014

have a wonderful day love Dad, mum, tom, James, ralphy trix

Kia orana!

What will YOU be talking about today? “ Where the conversation begins.”

A Ngatangiia women’s cricket player keeps her eye on the ball being bowled by a young Mauke talent at yesterday’s day three of the Paciic Women’s Cup cricket tournament which heads into the semi-inal and grand inal stage today at Muri ield. 14012327

Laughs, big sixes and singing have been some of the highlights over the past three days of the Paciic Women’s Cup cricket tournament wrapping up today with the semi-inals and grand inal. 14012322

this weeks

SpeciAlS AvAilABle till weDNeSDAy 29 JANUAry

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Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

FLiGhT FROM ARRiVES FRIDAy january 24 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ46/61 AKL 1.55PM SAtuRDAy jANuARy 25




1.05AM 3.05PM

NZ60/47 NZ18 VT33


6.40AM 11.59PM 3.50PM


5.30AM 10.30PM 2.50PM

air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR FRIDAy january 24 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 0900 AITUTAKI 0950 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1330 MAUKE 1420




0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1440 1710





1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1115 RARO 1200 1040 1530 1600 MIT 1650 1800


Shipping TIARE MOANA 20 - ETD AUCK 07/02, ETA RARO 20/02, ETA AITUTAKI 23/02

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Su-Do-Ku hARD




Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer tothursday’s puzzle

Answer tothursday’s puzzle

hÄGAr the horrible

By Dik Browne


the phANtom

By lee falk & Sy Barry


DriNK then Drive it mAy AS well Be mUrDer


Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

Situation: An easterly wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and rain remains over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from a shower or two. moderate easterly winds. moderate seas. moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine. Further outlook: Some showers. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional rain and few thunderstorms over most places. moderate northerly winds. moderate seas. Further outlook: rain and thunderstorms continuing.



High 2.41AM 0.87M 2.59PM 0.94M

24 Sat


0.7m SW

Low 8.45AM 0.38M 9.24PM 0.39M

0.7m NNW N

Sat High 3.32AM 0.84M 3.49PM 0.94M


Low 9.33AM 0.40M 10.24PM 0.40M


Sun, Moon & arapo

ESE 10ktS New Moon Jan 30 11.39aM

First Quarter Feb 6 9.22aM

Full Moon Feb 14 1.53PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter Feb 22 7.16aM


arapo - roto KoreKore fri 24 TANu (Planting)

TAuTAi (Fishing)

Po ika kore. Not good Tanu i te meika & kumara. Plant bananas & ishing night. kumara.

Humidity FRI

Rarotonga Friday, January 24, 2014

Forecast Map 2pm Friday


0.8m SSW Front Key:





0.8m SSW


Swell direction and size

Outer Islands Weather Outlook Friday, January 24, 2014









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.


24 Sat


Sun Rise


Sun Set 7.26PM

Moon Rise 12.22AM Moon Set 1.34PM Sun Rise


Sun Set 7.26PM

Moon Rise 1.10AM Moon Set 2.33PM


28° ESE 11ktS


26° ESE 13ktS


27° ESE 12ktS



27° ESE 12ktS

29° NE 10ktS


27° ESE 12ktS


Friday, January 24, 2014 cook Islands News

Pacific Women's Cup action—PAGE 12




39 make up Team Cook Islands a TeaM of 39 athletes and ofi-

cials will represent the Cook Islands at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, scheduled to be held from July 23 to august 3. Cook Islands Sports and national Olympic Committee (CISnOC) chief executive officer Team Cook Islands chef de mission robert Graham said the Cook Islands will compete in four sports codes at the games. local athletes will compete in athletics, lawn bowls, rugby sevens and weightlifting. The lawn bowls and rugby sevens team have until the end of the month to confirm their squads

for the multi-sports event. alex Beddoes (800m/400m), Tereapii Tapoki (shot put/discus) and Patricia Taea (sprints) will represent the country in the track and ield events, while sole female weightlifter luisa Peters, currently in training at the Weightlifting Institute in noumea, will compete in the women’s 75kg+ division. as well as individual team coaches and managers, Team Cook Islands will also include former Cook Islands Olympic athlete Mark Sherwin as general team manager, administration oficer Siniva Marsters and attaché Tupuna Mitchell.

CInews deputy editor, Matariki Wilson and CITV’s cameraman Mac Marona will be part of the team to cover and report on the team’s performance on and off the ield. Fundraisers for the team will also be rolling out over the coming months and the general and sporting family are asked to show your generosity when the fundraisers are organised and run. Meanwhile Graham is set to ly to Scotland this weekend for the chef de mission meeting, where he will inspect various venues and the games village for athletes and report back on his return. - MW

National lawn bowler Kanny Vaile was the lag bearer for Team Cook islands at the delhi Commonwelath Games in 2010. Team Ci for Glasgow later this year will be made up of 39 athletes and oicials.


Tight battle leads to Women’s Paciic Cup inals today PlenTY of laughs, spectacular sixes, cracking bowls and even singing have been some of the highlights at the ngatangiia sports grounds where the irst of the ‘Festival of Cricket’ events has been providing plenty of boom action. The Festival of Cricket is made up of four tournaments over the month of January. Cricket Cook Islands chief executive officer alister Stevic says the annual Festival of Cricket is a strategy to increase the number of visiting cricket teams to the Cook Islands. “By running the Festival of Cricket we encourage overseas teams to attend and take on our

local talent,” says Stevic. “The benefits for the Cook Islands cricket community go beyond fun and enjoyment as our aspiring national players get the opportunity to play against overseas teams, learn skills from them and understand a different approach to playing cricket.” Stevic says that this is the irst year the Festival of Cricket has been run and that 13 teams have already registered and paid a non-refundable deposit to take part in the 2015 Festival of Cricket. “It has been a hard slog to encourage teams to come; however with the tournament underway overseas teams have

seen the videos and imagery on our social media and are excited to attend.” Stevic says that the association is happy with the 13 registrations so far; however they are hoping to increase that number to 20 for 2015. heading into today’s finals action of the Women’s Pacific Cup, new Zealand and Pukapuka are at the top of the table closely followed by ngatangiia and arorangi, both looking to book spots in the semi-inals. The three remaining teams to ight it out for a semi’s spot are Takitumu, Mauke and Pukapuka Wale. dorthy Kiria (arorangi) has been in sensational form hav-

ing scored over 200 runs including a century and a not out half century, while Maloku Mataora (Pukapuka nZ), Jasminda Tuaputa (Takitumu), Teiti Tupuna

(arorangi) and Tekura Kaukura have all taken ive wickets in the tournament. Today’s matches swing into action from 9am with the semi-

inals, followed by the 5th and 6th playoff at 12:30 and the grand inale at 3:30pm. - Matariki Wilson

A star Ngatangiia batswoman calmly blocks the ball from her wicket during yesterday’s hot day of cricket in the Women’s Paciic Cup cricket tournament at Muri ield where the inals will be played today.

Masters go to Panther land The MaSTerS of rugby league

played at the hard avatiu swamp last Friday. The slippery eels re-enforced its numbers with Koura Vai and eagles players, while the stealthy Tupapa Panthers welcomed the balance of the players to its ranks. The Tiri Toa, Mark Brown and Bobby hunter inside backs combination was so effective that speedy wingers Kirapa ruaporo and Joe Tommy had huge gaps

out wide to canter for the tryline. nga Puna and Bob Taripo were dominant in the forwards for the eels and in the backs deceptive runners Piho Mitchell, Mac Mokoroa and Casper Mateariki also had successful forays into the opposition half. Senior referee Tua Manea, assisted by apprentice ref Moeroa Takairangi, controlled the game well despite much unsolicited

advice from 26 self-appointed referees. Man of the match, Ivan Papa, a player from the Waitemata Te atatu masters, auckland, was solid in defence. Today host Tupapa Panthers will play the happy Valley Koura Vai at 4.45pm followed by the eels and eagles. The after-match will be held at the ruaporo Beach front. - Slow and Steady


memorieso f SUmmer holiDAyphotocompetitioN


eaders are invited to send us your summer holiday photos and capture the moment in full colour! the best photos will be published weekly in cook islands News. A weekly winner will be selected and recieve a blown up print of their photo. All winners will then go into the draw for a digital camera sponsored by ciNews. priNt. So share your happy holiday memories

with us! All you need to do is take your photos and email them to with your name and a caption describing the place, and full name of the people in your picture. priNt Up to A1 oN cANvAS, mAtte, viNyl or hiGhGrADe poSter pAper. ph 22999

Send us your memoriesosfummer!

Friday 24 January  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday 24 January  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Friday, January 24, 2014