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$2 Thursday, November 28, 2013

Stoddart ‘advised on tax-free pension’ A NeW Zealand pensioner says he was advised to transfer his plan to the Cook islands for tax-free treatment by former inland revenue collector Geoff Stoddart. rarotonga resident Don reid – who collects the NZ-paid pension after working and paying income taxes in New Zealand for most of his life – said Stoddart provided the advice in 2006, while he was performing duties as the nation’s treasurer. “His words were, ‘get your NZ pension transferred to rarotonga, we don’t tax the local pensioners and as they’re in the same category, we don’t tax the NZ pensioners’,” said reid, in recollection of the conversation which occurred roughly seven years ago. reid – a member of pensioner activist group Grey Power – said Stoddart alluded to the “small” pension paid to locals, and that if he had to tax both

Cook islands-paid and NZ-paid pensions, “his job wouldn’t have been worth it”. He was replaced by current treasurer Andrew Haigh in 2008, who himself was a senior tax auditor at the Ministry of finance and economic Management between 2002 and 2006. Stoddart was unavailable when contacted for comment on this story. Grey Power has been protesting efforts by government to tax pension income earned from as early as 2011 – something the group refers to as ‘back tax’. reid’s recollection of Stoddart’s treatment of NZ-paid pensions contrasts starkly to that of current inance secretary richards Neves, who has been adamant about the government’s rights to apply taxes on the pension. Through a letter to the editor in October, Neves said all overseas pensions have been taxable

since 1997 with the enactment of the income Tax Act in the same year. “The government has not backdated the law and made NZ Super taxable, as there has been no change in the income tax law. NZ Super has been taxable in the Cook islands since 1997 and is also taxable in New Zealand,” wrote Neves. earlier this week, finance minister Mark Brown said he would be reviewing the membership of Stoddart on the Public expenditure review Committee (PerC) in the wake of a court of appeal judgement that criticised his conduct during his term as inland revenue collector. Yesterday, Brown reiterated that he will be seeking proper advice before taking further steps is assessing Stoddart’s role with PerC, and also lashed out at those who have called for the former inance oficial to be re-

moved from the committee. “i see the usual political agitators out there in the media striv-

ing to make this a hot political issue,” said Brown yesterday. “Let’s remember that this case

has been around for 10 years, going to the High Court then - ES to the appeal court.”

High achiever!

‘Suspicious’ ire investigated A fire alleged to be deliberate

and a stolen motorbike were among the incidents that kept the police on their feet over the weekend. “At about 6pm on friday November 22, a resident of Turangi, Ngatangiia reported of a suspicious ire to their property. it is alleged to have been a deliberate act. As yet police are still continuing their investigations into this incident,” says inspector John Hosking. The police are also investigating an alleged incident of assault when a farewell party got out of hand. “Police are currently speaking to witnesses and investigations are in progress,” says Hosking. Police are also investigating an incident of willful damage on a property in Arorangi. “On Sunday morning at about 2am, a witness reported

to the police of an alleged motorist causing damage to property in the village of Arorangi. A number plate was obtained by the witness and police are continuing with this investigation. No suspect has been identiied yet,” says Hosking. An owner of a black Honda Daelim registration number AAK857 reported that his motorcycle was stolen at about 10.50am on Saturday morning at a private residence in the village of Nikao. All attempts to locate the vehicle have been exhausted, says Hosking. With the number of fire investigations currently being investigated, the police urge the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious people loitering around homes or businesses. “Be very vigilant as your information may lead to the apprehension of the perpetrator that is currently driving fear

into the community.” “Anything out of the ordinary should be reported to the police. information will remain anonymous and conidential,” says Hosking. As there are a large number of visitors on the island participating in Vaka eiva, the police would like to remind all drivers to be considerate on the roads in the coming week. “Avoid traveling abreast or side by side, carrying persons in front of you (on motorbikes), and being careless on the roads of rarotonga. Your safety is paramount to reducing motor vehicle crashes on our roads. enjoy your holiday and please drive carefully,” says Hosking. Should the public have any information regarding any of the above incidents or previous incidents of the past please call the police on 22499 or phone Crime Stoppers on 22200. - SK


iT WAS a wobbly start on the

stilts for young Johahn Strecker (12) at Titikaveka College yesterday where he, along with his Sunshine Coast teammates, were invited to take part in traditional games and taught coconut husking and ei making.

As part of the Vaka eiva ‘adopt a school’ programme, the crew visited the college where they donated books and money. Strecker raced in Tuesday’s Mapu Vaka eiva along with little brother Toby (10) who were also featured as the front page boys

in Mondays edition. The boys’ V6 team placed 2nd and 3rd in the under 12 division racing a 250m course. full coverage of the paddling team’s visit to Titikaveka College will be in tomorrow’s CiNews.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no TeiA Nei AO A treasure on every page A tiny book of psalms from 1640 has become the world’s second most expensive printed book as it was auctioned in new york for US$14.2 million. The Bay Psalm Book is the irst known book to be printed in what is now the United State by the Puritan leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. it is one of 11 copies known to remain in existence out of about 1700 copies originally printed. But it is not the most expensive book ever – that title goes to a handwritten Leonardo da Vinci notebook which sold for $30.8 million in 1994.

The struggle to survive the world moves on as typhoon survivors face a bleak Christmas TACLOBAN – it’s been a little more than two weeks since Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in Tacloban, central Philippines, killing more than 5200 people. And thousands are still missing. While survivors struggle to pick up the pieces, various government agencies, as well as international aid organisations, continue to assess the full impact of the damage. Some are trying to put a igure on the rebuilding costs.

world BriefS TWO DEAD IN STADIUM CRANE COLLAPSE BRAZIL – Two people have died in an accident at Sao Paulo’s stadium that is due to host the opening ceremony of the 2014 Football World Cup, police say. A senior local ire oicial said crews were called to the Arena corinthians after reports of a collapsed crane. It fell on top of a metal structure, destroying parts of a stand. The arena was due to be completed at the end of December to meet a Fifa deadline. Brazil has admitted it is struggling to have all 12 venues ready. Brazilian police say at least two people were killed and a number injured in Wednesday’s accident. Reports in local media say there was a big crash as the structure collapsed, making construction workers lee. Most of the workers were said to be away during their lunch breaks.

SLAVE WOMEN YET TO BE INTERVIEWED ENGLAND –Three women allegedly held as slaves in London are to be formally interviewed by police for the irst time. Oicers have had indirect contact with the trio, who it is claimed were efectively brainwashed into remaining in a political collective for more than three decades, but have had to wait until trauma experts gave them the go-ahead to take their accounts in person. commander Steve Rodhouse the police did not yet fully understand the “nature of the allegations”. He said there may have been “many and varied ofences” against the women, who were allegedly held captive at various addresses in London, but that their ordeal may not be deined as modern day slavery. “We need to maintain an open mind on what this particular incident is before we jump to those conclusions and labels,” Rodhouse said.

TRIED TO ‘EXERCISE’ CHILD TO DEATH SOUTH AFRICA – The parents of a 10-year-old girl in South Africa are facing attempted murder charges for forcing her to swim extensively. The Volksblad newspaper reports that the mother, 38, and her husband, 31, appeared in Bloemfontein Regional court on charges of attempted murder and child neglect on Monday. The woman also faces an assault charge that could see her jailed for a minimum of 10 years. The attempted murder charge relates to an October incident last year where the girl’s parents watched her swim laps from the edge of the pool. When she grew tired, the girl was allegedly assaulted and forced to keep swimming. The girl is now in foster care.

SCHOOL NEWSLETTERS NEED ‘APPROVAL’ BAHRAIN – Schools in Bahrain have been asked to submit any news they want to publish in the local press, or distribute via social media, to the education ministry for approval, it’s reported. Head teachers in the small Gulf state are required to submit “all news and images to the public relations and media department”, which will publish them “in line with the policies and directions of the ministry”, the Al-Wasat daily quotes the circular as saying. “No school shall be entitled to publish them directly in any media outlet or social media website including Instagram,” it continues.

Based on early estimates, a spokesperson from the Philippine government says reconstruction costs could come to as much as $6 billion. According to the latest Government estimates, Typhoon Haiyan has resulted in over 5240 confirmed deaths and nearly 26,000 injuries. 1613 people are oficially reported as missing. Over 3.5 million people remain displaced from their homes, including 226,000 living in 1068 evacuation centres. Preliminary results of a joint rapid assessment conirm that lifesaving needs persist in food, shelter, recovery of livelihoods and the restoration of essential community services in affected areas. Currently, 153 national and foreign medical teams are providing emergency health services, supplies and equipment in affected areas. An estimated 865 births occur daily in affected communities, with around 15 per cent experiencing potentially life-threatening complications. in Tacloban, among the rubble and remains of what were once people’s homes lie reminders that the islands were in the middle of preparing for Christmas, a season that stretches for four months in the Philippines. Despite having no running water or electricity one family who are living in an old shop front is determined to have some Christmas cheer. “Three days after the typhoon my daughter saw a Christmas tree in the rubble. She picked it up and ixed it because it was broken and falling apart,” explained Tacloban survivor Josephine Llego. The tree has become a small symbol of hope in a city which bore the brunt of one of the worst storms ever and little to look forward too. - PNC

a child stands in the chaos of destroyed houses in Tacloban where national and foreign relief eforts are trying to maintain the needs of those who survived the horror typhoon. AFP

Nuclear plant threat iDiNTHAKArAi – Six people

have been killed in an explosion near a nuclear power plant in india’s Tamil Nadu state. Three others were injured when a home-made bomb accidently exploded near the controversial Kudankulam nuclear plant. The plant begun producing electricity in October after years of protest. Opponents of the plant, which is on the coastline hit by the 2004 Asian tsunami, fear

a disaster similar to the one at fukushima in Japan in 2011. But the government says the joint indo-russian project, which is seen as critical to india’s energy needs, is “necessary for the welfare and economic growth of india” and is “completely safe”. Police said it was investigating whether the blast in a coastal village on Tuesday night was linked to protests over the plant. “The bomb exploded acci-

dently inside a house. Six people died and three more are seriously injured,” local police chief Vijayendra Bidari said. He claimed the house was being used as a bomb-making factory. TV footage showed at least three homes collapsed near the blast site in idinthakarai village, from where most of the protests against the plant have originated. - BBC

Cyclone threatens India CHeNNAi – A severe cyclone is headed for india’s southeastern coast with winds up to 200kmph. Thousands of people were evacuated from coastal areas in advance of the storm and relief workers have been deployed. Cyclone Lehar is expected to trigger storm surges of up to three metres. At least 27 people died when a stronger cyclone, Phailin, hit india’s eastern coast last month. The meteorological depart-

ment has classed Cyclone Lehar as “severe” and said it would mainly hit the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa states. Nine coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh are likely to be the worst affected by the storm. Andhra Pradesh relief commissioner Partha Sarathi said that 150,000 people have been evacuated from 140 coastal villages in east and west Godavari districts. Schools and colleges are closed and ishermen have been

warned against going out to sea. Some 400 soldiers, 15 emergency response teams and four helicopters have been deployed in the region. Last month Cyclone Phailin destroyed tens of thousands of homes, uprooted trees and blocked roads in the states of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated ahead of Phailin, which was classiied as a “very severe” cyclone. - BBC

Brazilians go to the poles

Forecasters say super typhoon haiyan has strengthened to mind-boggling levels. it is now among the most intense storms to form on the planet in modern records. BBC

GROOM KILLED BY WIFE’S BROTHERS EGYPT – An Egyptian man has been killed in a so-called honour killing for allegedly having sexual relations with his wife before they were married, it’s reported. The man, identiied only as Mohamed, was reportedly shot dead by his wife’s brothers after they discovered the couple had been intimate before getting married. The couple had only been married for 15 days when her brothers and a cousin allegedly shot the man at a farm near Luxor in Upper Egypt. The paper says pre-marital relations are frowned upon in many rural parts of Egypt, and are forbidden by Islamic law and social norms. However, this latest murder raises eyebrows as relatives allegedly killed the man in order to remove the shame they believed fell upon the family two weeks after the marriage.

Today’s Daily Bread But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, puriies us from all sin.

read: read: 1 JohnMatthew 1:1-10 7:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 7

Brazilian participants in the Miss Pole dance south america 2013 competition perform in front of the obelisk in republica square in downtown Buenos aires ahead of the contest held this week in the Brazilian city. AFP


Thursday, November 28, 2013 cook Islands News

Thai protests spread



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Anti-government protesters wave national lags during a demonstration in Bangkok. Thai political protests spread outside the capital this week as opposition demonstrators predicted a victory within days in their bid to overthrow Prime Minister yingluck shinawatra’s crisis-hit government. AFP

Right royal singalong


ASSORTED CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS FROM 50C Britain’s Prince William, duke of Cambridge, sings with us musician s Taylor swift and Jon Bon Jovi at a charity gala dinner at Kensington Palace in London. AFP LONDON – Prince William has

shown off his karaoke skills by taking to the stage to sing “Livin’ on a Prayer” with Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift. The impromptu rendition of the Bon Jovi hit came during the Winter Whites Gala held at Kensington Palace this seek in support of homeless charity Centrepoint. Centrepoint works with hundreds of young people to help them tackle issues that can lead to homelessness.

Dressed in full dinner suit and black tie, the royal took to the stage alongside the pop performers at the inale of the event to belt out the rock classic at the gala event. Swift said she was honoured to perform at the palace. “This is my first time playing at Kensington Palace or any palace for that matter,” she said. “i want to thank you for having me Prince William, this is just amazing.”

Gala convenor Danielle Alexandra said the event took six months to create. “But really it all comes down to the prince, who is a remarkable man,” she said. “He wanted to do whatever he could to help the cause.” Prince William, who has been a patron of the Centrepoint charity since September 2005, presented the Centrepoint Great Britain Youth inspiration Award to Jon Bon Jovi for his humanitarian work. - PNC




Thursday, November 28, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te PA eNUA

Families shocked by boys’ deaths Serious charges face teenage girl driver in double fatality accident APiA – The 19-year-old female driver of a pick-up vehicle involved in a road crash that took the lives of two young men in Samoa last week is facing serious criminal charges. The driver was initially held under the charge of carelessness causing death. However, police will be withdrawing that hold-

ing charge and are considering other charges against the young woman responsible, police media officer, fauono Talalelei Tapu, said. He did not release the name of the driver. The accident took place last week at the village of Vailoa faleata in the early hours of Thursday morning when the

paciic BRIEFS TRAVELLERS INFECTED WITH IN ZIKA VIRUS NEW CALEDONIA – Health authorities in New Caledonia say they have introduced border control measures to identify travellers who may have the mosquito borne illness, zika virus. They say a man and a woman returning from French Polynesia have been conirmed with the illness but neither has needed hospital treatment. The head of the Health Services, Dr Jean Paul Grangeon, says people need to be honest when they ill out their health declaration forms on arrival in New caledonia. He says not much is known about the zika virus yet but it’s similar to dengue fever. “It’s quite the same symptoms except in zika virus there is more cutaneous rash. Dr Grangeon says public health vector control measures are in place and people are being advised to use insect repellent.

EMBEZZLEMENT CLAIM BACK IN COURT TONGA – The leader of Tonga’s opposition, Akilisa Pohiva, has relaunched legal action in the Supreme court against the prime minister Lord Tu’ivakano, the justice minister clive Edwards, Princess Pilolevu Tuita and the Tongasat company. Earlier a case against the three and the company, alleging theft, conspiracy of theft, embezzlement and conspiracy to commit theft, was dismissed by the Magistrate’s Court for insuicient evidence. But Radio Tonga reports Pohiva was not satisied with that ruling so he took the matter to the higher court. He has told the court more than half a million US dollars was given to Tongasat in secret and that amounts to theft and embezzlement.

CRISIS CENTRE FOR REPORTING VIOLENCE TONGA – The minister of police in Tonga says he hopes a one-stopshop crisis centre will put domestic violence victims more at ease when laying a complaint with the police. The service gives victims access to police, medical and counselling services in one location, the Women and children crisis centre. Since 2008 to November 2013, close to 2300 domestic violence complaints have been made to the police. The police minister, Siosifa Tu’itupou Tu’utafaiva, says he believes there is still a huge number that goes unreported. “By setting up of the crisis centre, it is hoped that it will make complainants feel a bit easier when they come to the crisis centre to ile complaints about domestic violence.”

INVESTORS STUNG IN CASINO FAILURE PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Landowners from Papua New Guinea’s Southern Highlands are reportedly among investors in what seems to be a doomed hotel project in Port Moresby. The planned ive-star hotel and casino has been under construction since 2007 after the site was controversially leased to a South Korean developer by the government. The government also amended gambling laws to allow for the casino and gave the company major tax concessions. However work has stopped at the site in the city centre, with the company apparently running out of money. Media reports say the company’s PNG representatives are in hiding, with the landowner investors searching for them.

POLICE GUNS ARRIVE IN AMERICAN SAMOA AMERICAN SAMOA – Plans to arm American Samoa police oicers have moved another step closer, with the irst shipment of guns arriving. The Department of Public Safety has received 24 Glock-17s, which only a select group of oicers will have access to after they receive training and psychological testing. The proposal to arm police was largely sparked by the fatal shooting of a police oicer outside the High court in 2010. The community holds mixed views about arming the police with some asking the police commissioner to move slowly on this issue of arming police oicers. Others are in agreement with the concept. Training for police oicers to carry guns is not expected to begin until mid-2014.

WARNING TO WATCH FOR STREP THROAT AMERICAN SAMOA – Visiting medical specialists in American Samoa are warning parents to be vigilant about seeking health care for their children’s sore throats in an attempt to prevent heart disease. A cardiologist Dr Laurie Armsby says strep throat is a big problem in American Samoa and is the main cause of rheumatic fever which can lead to damaged heart valves. A team from Oregon Science and Health University screened nearly 200 children this month and found 30 who they believe had silent rheumatic fever afecting their hearts. Dr Armsby says treatment with antibiotics can stop strep throat from causing permanent heart damage.

vehicle lipped and rolled down the road. Fauono conirmed the vehicle was carrying four passengers, three boys and one female. The two boys who died were Jesse risale and Thesaurus Heather. fauono said that according to police investigation the group started drinking at a club at Matautu and then carried on behind a company building at Savalalo before hitting the road. The 19-year-old driver was said to have been very drunk and lost control of the vehicle,

causing the accident. Thesaurus Heather grew up in Auckland and is a former student of Otahuhu College. in April he came to Samoa for his grandmother’s funeral and had been living there ever since. He was due back in Auckland in two weeks to continue his studies in architecture at Unitec. His adoptive mother, Debbie Sorensen, told the New Zealand Herald the family were distraught with grief. “it’s a tragedy and it’s about young people making poor de-

cisions. it was entirely preventable and it’s a waste.” Sorensen said their family had taken Heather in after his mother moved to Samoa seven years ago. “He went through primary and high school with our son. We loved having him as a part of our family and we never worried about him because he was a very sensible and good boy.” Jesse risale’s family is wellknown in the Porirua community near Wellington and was heavily involved in local school

volleyball. He coached volleyball at Mana College where he also represented the school in the sport as a student. Mana College principal Mike Webster said the school community was in mourning for a young man known for his big smile and wit. “His family has been so loyal to our school for years. We’re going to miss him hugely.” Both young men will be farewelled at funeral services this week. - Samoa Observer

Budget labelled deceitful POrT MOreSBY – Papua New

Guinea’s opposition leader Belden Namah says the budget threatens to plunge PNG further into debt. Last week Treasurer Don Polye announced a $5.9 billion budget for 2014, claiming it is a prudent budget in tough economic times. But in the opposition’s budget reply, Namah said the budget was a deceitful one and warned the government against overspending. “This is not a budget for the people of Papua New Guinea,” he said.

“it is a deceitful and defective budget that is set to take all of us into future inancial strife that none of those on the other side will be honest enough to take responsibility for – the likely misfortune that is about to come upon our people.” Namah warns the economic problems of the early 2000s – when growth was slow and the local currency fell sharply – could be repeated. “The 2014 budget is a contractors budget and not a peoples budget,” he said. “for prudent and transparent control, the actual expenditure,

the budget needs to be published and projects earmarked on this budget need to be independently audited. “Only then, can we be comfortable that this parliament is promoting economic growth and development for our country. The budget, handed down in parliament on November 19, forecasts a deicit of $920 million, representing a 20 per cent increase in debt. Treasurer Don Polye says the economy is forecast to grow by 6.2 per cent next year, due largely to the start of liqueied

natural gas production in PNG. National Planning Minister Charles Abel says money will be spent wisely and goods and services will trickle down to the districts throughout the country. “i don’t see any issues around the deicit,” he told parliament. “Of course we have challenging times in front of us, because the world economy is struggling a bit. “Some of our commodity prices are down. But we are forecasting that going into the future, that the commodity prices will recover.” - ABC

PNG to face severest impact POrT MOreSBY – The effects

of climate change will impact more severely on the economy of Papua New Guinea than any other in the Paciic, according to a new report by the Asian Development Bank. While rising temperatures will cause signiicant problems for agriculture throughout the region, the bank says climate change could trigger losses of up to 15 per cent in PNG’s economy by the end of the century. Cyn-Young Park, the ADB’s assistant chief economist in Manila, has told radio Australia’s Paciic Beat the rise in temperatures in the Paciic region will affect a large area of PNG. “There’s going to be a relatively higher temperature rise and it’s going to be also much drier, and this is also showing up in terms of the anomalies of surface temperature,” she said. “There will be a lot more dry spells in the future, and it’s going to affect a large area of PNG.” The report notes a signiicant

negative effect on agriculture and the largest crop losses are predicted to be in sweet potato in PNG, with losses in excess of 50 per cent in the next 35 years. “The biggest component of economic loss is agriculture and PNG is being affected severely because of the relatively high temperature rise and also the shortage of fresh water,” Park said. “The water shortage together with the relatively higher temperature rise that is not suitable for agriculture production is going to be the reason why PNG is suffering the most.” Park says policy leaders need to take urgent action towards development planning and adaptation strategies, in order to improve long-term sustainability so that countries can deal with climate change on their own. “it’s going to be important to build an information sharing system to support farmers and agriculture producers,” she said. “it’s important to establish a

Climate change is predicted to have a huge impact on food production in Papua new Guinea, an adB report says. supportive policy environment for more strategic planning of agricultural production. One of the key areas is irrigation infrastructure in the region.” Park says the Pacific could look towards introducing new crops or varieties of geneticallyengineered crops that would be more resilient to the effects of climate change.

“You can actually use that genetic engineering of agricultural crops to help enhance climate resilience by introducing varieties of different products,” she said. “We can introduce different varieties of different crops that can withstand changes in the climate.” - ABC

Mother loses second son in crash POrT MOreSBY – The mother

of an Australian man killed in a plane crash in Papua New Guinea lost another child earlier this year. Melbourne man Adam reid, 38, died when the Cessna Grand Caravan operated by his employer Tropicair crashed in PNG’s Gulf province on Monday. PNG nationals Stanley Kovi and Joyce Kori were also killed in the crash. Six other passengers and the pilot survived.

reid’s older brother Matthew was killed in a head-on collision with a semi-trailer in New South Wales earlier this year. Their cousin Noel Nealon says the family is devastated, especially their mother Cheryl. “What do you say to a mother who lost two of her three children that she cherished?” Nealon said. “All she wanted to be was a mother and to lose them is such a tragedy.” reid was an observer on the

light and had recently relocated from Melbourne to PNG to get more pilot hours. Nealon says his cousin dreamt of becoming a pilot for the royal flying Doctor Service. “He wasn’t even flying. He was just an air observer in the plane, so whether he needed to be there or not, but unfortunately it happened,” Nealon said. The CeO of PNG’s Accident investigation Commission, David inau, says the pilot made

a forced landing after experiencing engine trouble. “The pilot did put out a mayday call and did state that he was having engine problems,” he said. investigators are today trying to move the submerged wreckage of the plane onto a barge to retrieve the bodies of those killed in the crash. Tropicair has suspended its operations while an investigation is carried out. - ABC


Thursday, November 28, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te PA eNUA

Built respect around the region NOUMeA – The outgoing secretary general of the Secretariat of the Paciic Community (SPC), Dr Jimmie rodgers, says after eight years at the helm, he is leaving an organisation that has doubled to twice the size during his tenure and won greater respect around the region. Dr rodgers finishes up in January and will be replaced by Niuean Dr Colin Tukuitonga. Dr rodgers, who is a Solomon islander, says when he started as head of the organisation it was facing pressure that it be absorbed into the Pacific islands forum. But instead the SPC itself took over three other regional agencies – namely the Pacific

Geoscience Commission, the Paciic Regional Environment Programme and the Paciic Board for educational Assessment. Dr rodgers told radio New Zealand that as a result the SPC has become much stronger. “We have been positive all along. Our focus at the SPC has been to try and achieve a winwin solution – win for those organisations that will be merged together with us and their staff and win for SPC. “But finally a win for the members, because we should be providing much better, more co-ordinated services at a much more reliable and faster rate. “And i think we have achieved all those. i think SPC as an or-

dr Jimmie rodgers. ganisation has become much, much stronger. “it’s attracting a lot more attention. The resource base

has expanded, we have more partners that would like to work with us for the Pacific, and there’s huge commitment by all our members, the founding members – Australia, New Zealand, france and the United States – but also the island members. rNZi: Where to now for you? “i guess i will be heading back to the Solomons. That’s the irst point of call. And the question i guess when i get back there – assess the lay of the land and look at areas where i might easily provide assistance to Solomon islands. rNZi: Would you imagine going back to your medical work?

“Well, that’s not out of the question. i basically left the country as an anaesthetist – i had my training in New Zealand as an anaesthetist. But i also managed the health service in the Solomons before i joined the SPC. “So i’d be able to assist more probably at the advisory, administrative, management area level in the Solomons. if there was a need for that i’d be happy to work there. “But there are other broader development areas. i think one of the things with SPC, having been at the senior level, is the more generic area of building relations, partnerships, looking at more strategic position-

ing and setting the direction of the organisation going forward. “And i could see that being very useful in reviewing where, for instance, the Ministry of Health is going and how we might actually be able to contribute to setting a strategic direction for the ministry of health and say how do we want health in the Solomons to look in, say, 20, 30 years? Or how do we want Solomon islands as a country to look in 20, 30 years? “And then use that as a basis for trying to position ideas, incentives and plans that might actually be helpful in achieving those answers to those questions.” - RNZI

Focus on public health improvements NOUMeA – The new directorgeneral for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) starting 2014, he’s still trying to process his new appointment. “it’s exciting, it’s an honour, but it’s also, at some level, it’s quite daunting and a little bit scary,” says Dr Colin Tukuitonga. Dr Tukuitonga previously served as New Zealand’s CeO for the Paciic Affairs Ministry, grew up in Niue and did his medical training in fiji and New Zealand. He has all sorts of mixed emotions about his new appointment, “but i’m really honoured that the leaders of the region have put their trust and confidence in me and it’s important to me to respond to that and do the best job that i can.” Niueans and the NZ Pacific community, it goes without saying, are especially proud of Dr Tukuitonga’s achievements as a widely respected Pacific leader and a key influencer in the region. As the new director-general of the Secretariat of the Paciic Community, Dr Tukuitonga will be leading an organisation with 630 staff and a budget of approximately US$100 million

dr Colin Tukuitonga. per year. it serves island development in 22 Paciic Island nations and territories and operates in english and french. Dr Tukuitonga, a trained medical doctor and public health specialist who has worked in key roles for the World Health Organisation in Geneva and as associate professor of public health at the University of Auckland, currently heads the Secretariat’s Public Health Division. He will start his new post at SPC at the end of January replacing Dr Jimmy rodgers from the Solomon islands who has completed his term.

There’s plenty of work to do and one of Dr Tukuitonga’s priorities will be to push ahead with the recommendations made in an independent review of the Secretariat; and he wants to see more visibility of SPC’s work. “Personally i think that SPC does fantastic work in a range of areas but perhaps more people need to be aware of it, “ he says. “it’s a strong organisation, it’s been around since 1947, and i appreciate the work they do. it’s a big challenge for me to think about how i take the organisation to the next level.” Dr Tukuitonga has previously been an advisor to the Secretariat, and last year he was appointed to head the Public Health Division of SPC. Part of that included conducting an independent review. He is pleased to see the progress they have made from the recommendations. “The group identified that public health at SPC needed to be strengthened and to be refocused, so the irst thing I did this year was to develop a plan for public health over the next decade, look at what are the priorities for SPC’s public health programmes.”

Mamas embrace cricket SUVA – Cricket fiji is hoping

to attract more middle-aged women to the sport to teach the beneits of exercise and healthy living. The organisers say it helps tackle non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Cricket fiji’s project officer Kalesi Mele says for many of the women in the programme it is the irst time they have encountered the game. “A lot of them are more interested in the health prospects, but we’ve got them to have fun as well with cricket,” she told

Radio Australia’s Paciic Beat. “A lot of them are excited about the programme because they get to have a balance with sport and with health awareness and also other areas like gender equality that they wish to know more about.” The programme has started in a village outside the capital Suva. it combines cricket training with health checks to identify those at risk from NCDs. “Staff nurses from the nearby health centre are already advising them on what to do to get that blood pressure down and

stay healthy.” Mele said. She says she’s already been asked by many of the women when they can train again. The programme was inspired by a highly successful iCC programme in Vanuatu. “We saw how good it was over there and we saw it to hold one over here,” Mele said. “it’s been a success there and hopefully it’ll be a success here in fiji as well.” Cricket fiji is now looking to expand the program around the country, spreading the word about health awareness and NCDs through sport. - ABC

News from the Paciic region “We’ve got the Paciic covered’

“We have just been in the process of implementing that at the moment. The other big role has been in the management of the global fund to ight TB, malaria, and HiV Aids. “SPC is the principal recipient of the global fund money that goes to the islands in terms of work for these diseases,” he says. “That’s a big part of the public health work.” His commitment and dedication to see positive health outcomes for the Paciic region

is evident in his work: “Public health is so important and people are starting to talk about good health and it’s really important for not only the general public, but in our schools, for the economies of the region.” Other broad objectives for the new director-general will be linking what SPC does more closely to the work of the Pacific islands forum Leaders and Secretariat, “because the forum makes decisions on trade, education, agricultural policy and

so on and it has a big impact on public health.” Dr Tukuitonga is keenly aware of the responsibilities that SPC holds with its development partners particularly Australia, New Zealand, france, USA and the european Union. “Given the scope of the work we do, we are always mindful of the impact that it has and that we’re spending the money the best way.” -


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LeTTerS reta

Colagate report created ‘false impression’ Dear editor, in recent days there has been further comment and reporting in this newspaper about the so called ‘Colagate’ affair. This matter came to the public's attention as a result of a report prepared by Paul Allsworth, formerly of the Audit department. The central thesis of that report (and what has caused all the subsequent hullabaloo), is that MfeM had a dirty private

arrangement with CiTC, to allow CiTC to split invoices and thus obtain an unfair advantage over other competitors. Your newspaper and the public at large are obviously not aware that a further audit report on this matter has been completed by Audit, but has yet to be released. This report was prepared after Allsworth failed in his bid for reappointment as head of Audit. i understand there were concerns

at a number of levels at the content, language and findings of his report. in short, it was felt it was unsafe.The latest Audit report will conirm what many of us already knew, that other businesses were also legitimately splitting their invoices and legitimately reducing the tax paid. Crown Law has previously given a legal opinion that such a practice was not unlawful, so businesses were quite entitled to

do this and did so. As the practice was legal, there was no loss to the taxpayer as tax was not payable as a matter of law. So we now know that there was no exclusive tax deal between MfeM and CiTC and that other businesses also adopted this legitimate practice. This would appear to completely undercut the central complaint in Allsworth's irst Audit report that something shonky was going on between

CiTC and MfeM. it is hard to know why Allsworth failed to clearly disclose the fact that others were also splitting invoices. failure to investigate or indeed fully disclose these meant the report was unbalanced and gave a false impression that one company had an unfair advantage and were given special treatment. So what are we left with? first, the practise of splitting invoices was legal at the time and busi-

nesses took advantage of this. Secondly, there was no exclusive deal or arrangement between MfeM and CiTC, as others also split their invoices. The first Audit report prepared by Paul Allsworth was tantamount to walking into a packed movie theatre and yelling "fire" when there was none, and has created unwarranted public concern about a non-existent problem. Non-concerned taxpayer

Local input needed on solar project Dear editor, i am writing to respond to the article about the northern group solar project. first of all, this project has been in the pipeline for years with a lot of money wasted on consultation, mucked up tendering and government processes. Only now that the Prime Minister has based a lot of his re-election bid on promising solar for the northern group and solar throughout the Cook islands, is the project moving forward and at high speed. Where was the solar initiative

last year, a non-election year? Also, there are local companies available to do these largescale development projects, or at the very least to participate as equal partners in them. The locally-based Andersons did put in a good bid on the solar project in the last tendering process and aligned their bid to the needs of the northern group community. Government processes and a resistance to providing local development tenders kept it from moving forward. i am tired of the government and

aid partners always assuming that others (New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China) can carry out projects better than locals. i hope that there will be local partners involved with Beca who can provide them with onisland expertise and that locals, especially on-island youth, will receive training and employment. every development project of this scale should have an on-island training and employment requirement written into the contract. Name and address supplied

Dear editor, it was once the custom of newspapers to ensure that articles are balanced and, prior to publication, to make a reasonable effort to give anyone criticised an opportunity to respond. Unfortunately, with Helen Greig's precipitous departure, standards of good journalism appear to have gone with her. i am referring to the article

in Monday's issue of the Cook islands News headed "No loan offer from BTiB (Business Trade investment Board), says victim". That article relects on me and the board. it does not note, as it should have, that the board in existence when the ires occurred at the premises of raro Cars, Snowbird Laundry and Timberland was not the board we have today. The article makes no mention

of the fact the board sits on the last Thursday of each month and if Mr Short wrote his letter a fortnight ago it is unlikely a decision would be made before then. The article does not explain there was no letter – just an email to my private e-mail address which i rarely view – nor should i be expected to in relation to board matters. The article does not reflect

Prime Minister henry Puna has the intricacies of a solar power system at rarotonga’s Muri Beach resort explained to him by designer Esben Torget earlier this year. 13041765

‘No two cases are the same’ – Pitt on the fact there is a real issue for the board now dealing with events that occurred a year ago and the inancial implications of this. finally, there is no suggestion that the circumstances of each case might be different. They will be, because no two cases are the same. Mr Short has decided to go to the media rather than wait for a response from the board. i

can assure the public Mr Short will not be prejudiced by doing so, but he will not be favoured either. in the meantime i commend to the Cook islands News that it at least endeavour to return to the standards of good journal-

‘Kudos to Vaka Eiva believers’ Dear editor, i was reading some of the Vaka eiva material and thought that some individuals have not been afforded the acknowledgement they are due as they have taken the "back seat" as contributors to this event. When the idea of Vaka eiva was proposed, many prominent paddlers and other businesses were not supportive of the idea. They did not perceive the community and economic value of the event, while others thought that the paddling community did not have the managerial and organisational aptitude to run an event of this size. initial support was actually disappointing. The major obstacle the irst year, among others, was that we did not have enough canoes to run the event nor the inances to purchase them. fortunately, we had several believers ("sponsors" seems too lippant to use in this case) who embraced the

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

ism notwithstanding its loss of experienced staff. George Pitt Editor’s note: CiNews put in a number of requests to BTiB board chairman George Pitt to comment on the story. No response was received.

idea and invested $40,000$50,000 of their money and other resources to establish the event in the irst year. They are: ewan Smith - Air rarotonga Brett Porter - Toa Petroleum robert Skews/Marcel Tua - island Hopper Brian Coker - Goldmine Greg Stanaway - Pacific resort Bill Doherty Landholdings Without them, we could not have started Vaka eiva. As with any start-up investment, the real risk in is the irst year, to prove whether an idea can work or not, and it takes forward/lateral-minded individuals with gumption to commit their resources to make a dream come true. Acclamation is due to these individuals (not to mention the other concepts/events they support) and for their astute evaluation of nouveau thinking/ideas and for "believing". Kudos to believers! Teanaroa Worthington

Managing Editor John Woods Financial Controller Liz Woods General Manager Tony Fe’ao Deputy Editor Matariki Wilson Online & Social Networking Editor Briar Douglas Reporters Emmanuel Samoglou Rachel Smith Ben Chapman-Smith Sahiban Kanwal Rachel Reeves Court Reporter Merita Wi-Kaitaia Sales and Marketing Manager Carolyn Church Advertising Advertising Assistant Taja Vaetoru oice manager Tere Joseph Accounts Manager Tangi Tauira Reception Kura Tauira oice staf Apii Tua Graphic Design & Layout Mahai Daniel Adam Tutuvanu Web Developer Daniel Rolls Print Manager Dan Johnston Printers Dennis Campos, Lai Gukisuva


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Muri market upsets local businesses A NUMBer of restaurant owners in Muri have expressed concerns that a regular night market in their neighbourhood is putting the health and safety of tourists at risk. There are also fears that the market vendors have an unfair competitive advantage through not having to pay tax. Debbie Hunter began running a day market at Muri back in May, with four vendors selling their wares three times a week. The stall-holders then expressed an interest in running a night market and the irst event was “huge”, Hunter said. “There’s deinitely a demand for it. We’re servicing between 400 and 600 people for dinner, but it has been the busy season. They (vendors) are all selling out, there’s no food wastage.” The night markets have been running for three months – held every Thursday between 5pm and 9pm – and there are now 17 vendors with stalls. Hunter said she has also set up ‘Dinner in the Park’ events at the same location, where about ive vendors sell their food on Wednesday and Sunday nights. each vendor pays $20 for a stall at the day market and $30 at the night market. One restaurant owner, who did not want to be named, said the night market vendors have an unfair advantage over local establishments because they do not have to pay taxes. “We’re paying taxes and they’re not. We can’t put food out for that price, it’s not possible. They pay for a stall and make their food at home.” All local hospitality businesses are now suffering as a result, the source said.

“it’s impacting all our businesses. Places are going to go out of business. i can’t see a benefit to the economy; it’s just a few local stall holders making a bit of money.” The source said one of the biggest worries was around health and safety standards. “We feel we have to meet strict standards for food handling and we just ask that that’s the same for them, and that there are toilets there. There are 400 to 500 people there some nights and what about the toilet situation?” Hunter said there are currently no toilets on the site but market-goers have access to one just around the corner, on the road leading to Sails restaurant. She said she is working on bringing in two portable toilets to the market site. Most of the vendors also sell at the Punanga Nui market every Saturday, where they adhere to exactly the same health and safety standards, Hunter said. Marcus Niszow, deputy head of Pacific resort, said he was fully in favour of the market but is worried about his guests getting food poisoning there. “for us, we actually like the market but our only concern is with the health and safety. We don’t want our guests going down to a night market if it’s not properly regulated.” Niszow said he was aware some local restaurant owners were afraid of losing business because all the tourists are going to the market. “They may look at it as taking business away but we see it as a nice addition in the area. As long as it’s safe and adhering to minimum standards, then it’s all good."

debbie hunter, organiser of the Muri night market, says its sad that other business owners are unhappy with the event. 13112745 / 13112746

The Muri market has been running since May this year and the night-time event is now drawing crowds of 600 people. 13112759 Hunter said she received a visit from the health department last friday, which she

believed was in response to complaints by local business owners.

2014-2015 budget up for discussion MiNiSTerS, secretaries, and an assortment of public service officials gathered earlier this week as a prelude to the 201415 budget process. At a retreat held at the edgewater resort and Spa on Monday and Tuesday, government oficials from the various ministries discussed their priorities for the upcoming iscal year. finance minister Mark Brown said the meeting covered topics over a wide range of areas of the economy, including infrastructure, welfare, and natural resources. “The meeting allows HOMS (heads of ministries) the opportunity to take off their ministry hats and discuss things on a national basis,” he said. Brown said the intended result of the meetings is the creation of a budget policy statement, and helps prepare guidelines for business plans to be prepared by ministries.

Ministerial business plans get passed to a budget support group – which consists of a yetto-be-announced mix of ministry secretaries and private sector oficials – in February. A report prepared by the budget support group is then passed to cabinet, which eventually approves a budget for tabling in parliament in June. Also as a prelude to the tabling of the budget, the Ministry of finance and economic Management (MfeM) has released the ‘Budget Consultation document 2014/15’ – an invitation for the public to have their say in the upcoming budget process. “it is the government’s desire to get more input into the budget process from across the community and welcome ideas from people across the country,” reads an MfeM release. The document – which is available in hard copy and on the ministry’s website – con-

tains details on how individuals, the business community, the church, non-government organisations and others can present submissions to government on the budget. “The 2014/15 budget intends to outline in detail every esti-

mate of revenue and expenditure for the next three years out to 2016/17, enabling ministries to improve their planning and improve coherence with the National Sustainable Development Plan,” says MfeM. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Government oicials at Tuesday’s retreat at the Edgewater resort and spa. 13112687

“i’m waiting for a response back from them. Should we need to change anything, we could do that.” She said none of the concerned parties have come and spoken to her directly and she

is upset by what has happened. “it’s sad because the whole time we’ve done this we’ve tried to respect the businesses around us. There are 17 locals who will lose money if this is shut down.” - Ben Chapman-Smith


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Paddlers greeted with island feast ViSiTi NG Vaka eiva paddlers

from team CAwaii were treated to an island feast, entertainment and friendship yesterday at their adopted school imanuela Akateimia. The school hosted the San Diego team from the Ho’okahi Pu’uwai Outrigger Canoe club as part of the Vaka eiva ‘adopt a school’ programme. The small school of under 90 students was buzzing with excitement as they welcomed the team into the school grounds with a turou led by 10-year-old warrior, faithful Turoa. Principal of the school, Pastor Tevai ‘Bobby’ Matapo says he was pleasantly surprised when Petrina Macaskill contacted the school about the adopt-a-school programme. He said they were asked to make a list with supplies and equipment the school needed, from which Macaskill says the donations presented to the school yesterday were chosen from. Head coach Nan Garcia told the excited students that collecting the supplies – including two very large heavy duffel bags – had become the team’s priority. “People gave so much of themselves giving us what they did that our racing became our second priority,” she says. even after the cut off time for

donations, people were still bringing in supplies. Among the supplies gifted to the school were backpacks, stationery and sports equipment. To show their appreciation, students sang with an impromptu ura from a senior student followed by traditional umu kai. Matapo joked that now that they had fed the team with a winning feast, they would win their races. in his speech thanking the crew for taking the time to collect and donate the gifts he said “we love your gift and we love your accents”. After the presentation of the gifts the team were invited to partake in traditional activities led by the students such as weaving and ei making. Macaskill said it was a community effort with club members, businesses, friends and family members coming together with yesterday’s donation the final product of that. As well as donating to imanuela Akateimia the crew will be stopping by Avatea and Nukutere College sometime during the week with backpacks donated by CamelBak for the schools. The generous crew would like to thank Air New Zealand for helping them bring the equipment to rarotonga. - Peka Fisher

The youngsters treated the visiting crew to cultural activities such as ei making. 13112646

after presenting the school with their donations the crew were given nu’s and watermelon for after their races. 13112643

The team were all smiles as the school entertained them with traditional songs. 13112640

Members of the Cawaii team show the kids some of the sporting equipment that was donated. 13112641

Petrina Macaskill. 13112647


Thursday, November 28, 2013 cook Islands News

Purse seine consultations conducted on Mauke TeNSiON on Mauke concern- quantity of by-catch of juveing purse seine fishing has nile bigeye tuna being caught been lifted following a meet- around ish aggregate devices ing with the public and the (fADs). June has some speciic conMinistry of Marine resources (MMr) on Thursday last week, cerns about the eU purse seiners and whether they will swim according to an MMr release. Held at the church hall, the by-catch out of the purse the meeting was attended by seine net compared to the pracaround 50 people and chaired tises highlighted by MMr. “Some locals are concerned by the Mauke island Council. Ministry of Marine re - that there are no ish and this sources secretary Ben Ponia ex- needs to be addressed. The plained the ministry’s proposal boys believe the ishing boats to seek a 30,000 tonne quota are taking their ish,” she adds. Eight Paciic Island countries for the Cook islands from the Pacific’s abundant skipjack known by their treaty name ‘PNA’ account for the tuna resource and the bulk of the 1.5 million proposed eU partnerWe are skipjack caught in the ship. not doing Pacific. in return the “It is dificult to dienough PNA countries receive gest all the issues by to get our hundreds of millions piecemeal but when fair share of dollars of revenue. the public sees the bigfrom this MMr believes the ger picture then there resource.” skipjack in the Cook is greater appreciation islands exclusive ecoof what the M M r is nomic zone is as abundant as trying to achieve” says Ponia. “Me mako te akateretere- the PNA countries but the ishanga ka puapinga teia akako- ery is not being used – 3,800 roanga. e tai tuanga toe koia tonnes was caught in 2013, oki ko te akaoki akaou i te au worth around $1 million of manako ki te au tapere no te revenue to government accordau tangata tei kore i tae mai te ing to MMr. M M r says its proposed uipaanga”, says island council 30,000 quota would generate member Vaine Aberahama. Mauke policeman Tangata at least $9 million a year. “We are not doing enough Ateriano said that people were initially concerned that fish to get our fair share from this resource,” says Ponia. could be depleted. Concern for the bigeye tuna “But now we know that purse seine ishing can be selec- has led the tuna commission to tive and ish species like skip- propose a cap on purse seining jack breed fast and at a young at the next governing session to be held in Cairns next month age” he says. The industrial-scale ap - in December. The proposal will award proach of purse seine fishing worries conservationists, and most of the quota to PNA counled local environmentalists tries, raising concerns from June and Andrew Hosking to MMr that the Cook islands’ launch a petition on the island future rights will be marginalised. to ban purse seine ishing. “if we don’t use this opThe Hoskings are concerned that industrial approaches to portunity, we lose it. Now we ishing drives down the price understand the situation, our of ish and lowers its conserva- resources have to be utilised to beneit the people of the Cook tion value. The petition also lags con- islands” says Mauke executive cerns highlighted by regional oficer Taukea Raui. - MMR Release scientists and MMr about the

Jolly Christmas for market goers A LiTTLe pixie dust, fairy wings, evil pirates, princes and princesses, kings and queens, will all be part of the rotaract Christmas celebrations. The rotaract Club of rarotonga will be hosting a ‘fairy tale’ themed fundraiser and celebrating Christmas at the Punanga Nui Market in ruatonga on December 18. “We have never done this before,” says vice president Pauline Dean. The fairy tale theme was chosen because it will be easier for parents to put together costumes their kids, and a lot cheaper too as many items for the costumes could already be owned, says Dean. “There will be face painting for kids of all ages, food, entertainment, Santa Claus and ireworks for everyone who comes to join in the fun,” says Dean. There will be entry points at the market on the day of the event and everyone who pays will be given a wrist band to show that the payment has

been made. “We are expecting over 1000 people on the day,” says Dean. “The entry fee is: free for under ive, 6-12 years is $2.50 and 13 years and over is $5.00,” says Dean. All interested stall vendors can contact Ty Connal on 58075 to sell food and treats at the rotaract Christmas in the market. rotaract is always looking for youth volunteers too, to help assist and make this year’s Christmas in the Market a success, says Dean. if anyone is interested to assist rotaract please contact Pauline Dean on 71002 and Cheryl King on 56179. rotaract is also seeking our local talented musicians, youth groups and any organisations to volunteer their time to come and entertain during this great event. if you are interested please contact Christian Mani on 54054. - Sahiban Kanwal

MMr purse seining consultations recently held on Mauke. (Photos courtesy of MMR) 13112690

human resources oicer

As one of the global leaders in banking and inancial services, ANZ recognize that our greatest asset is our people. That is why we are creating a unique climate of inspiration, leadership, values and opportunities. By delivering continuous challenges, recognition, and personal and professional growth opportunities, it’s all part of a commitment to helping our people be where they want to be. ANZ Cook Islands is inviting highly motivated, qualiied and interested applicants to join its team as the “human resources oicer”. Reporting to the Head of Human Resources – Samoa & Cook Islands, you will have a wide range of responsibilities encompassing the management of the Human Resources function to optimize services to ANZ staf at all levels in the Cook Islands. the responsibilities of this position include the implementation of the Human Resources agenda covering Recruitment and Selection, Remuneration, Succession Planning, Training, Performance Management and HR Policies and administration activities. We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic self starters who have the following experience and qualities: • Related Tertiary qualiication would be desired but not essential • A working knowledge of a broad range of HR principles • Demonstrated strong stakeholder management skills, building relationships and networks • Analytical, inluencing and problem solving skills and the lexibility to work in an environment of change • Demonstrated high level of interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate efectively with all levels of staf • Good planning and time management skills • Working knowledge of bank procedures, policies and services would be advantageous • A motivated self starter who demonstrates initiative and has a strong desire to improve processes • The ability to drive change diplomatically if you have what it takes to deliver outstanding performance as the Human Resources Oicer, Please submit your written applications including a detailed resume by 6th December 2013 to: “vacancy – human resources oicer” Human Resources Department ANZ Cook Islands Avarua Rarotonga Or for further information please contact Julia Kapi on 21750 extension 239 or email /


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classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



Cook Islands Basketball Federation Notice to Members Prize giving and Annual General Meeting Tonight, 6pm HighTide Bar and Grill Happy hour 3 6pm $20 Pizza Bufet special Thanks to ANZ Bank and HighTide Bar and Grill for supporting cook Islands Basketball in 2013!

Ngati Karika Family meeting Friday 29 November 4.30pm.

75292 / /1881

75387 / /1972


PUBLIC NOTICE the public is hereby advised that the transport Licensing Authority will be holding a Public Hearing on Wednesday 11 December 2013 at 11am, at the National Police Headquarters to hear and determine the following applications listed hereunder: Rental Service Licence • Avis Rentals • Paciic Cars • Rarotonga Motor Co Ltd• Rarotonga Rentals Ltd • Island Car & Bike Hire • Polynesian Rental Cars • Go Cook Islands -

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


75361 / /1935

Te Vaerua Community Rehabilitation Inc. Notice is hereby given that the 2013 AGM of the Society will be held at the Te Vaerua clinic in Arorangi on 12 December 2013 at 4.30pm. All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Mrs Michelle Pickering Mr George Vuglar Mr Donald Carlaw Mr Richard Vinsen Mr Richard Vinsen Mr Arthur Pickering Mr Jaret Moore

5% Discount on Overdue Power Accounts Good news for customers with overdue power accounts. You can start the New Year with a clean slate by taking advantage of a special deal. In addition to the 5% discount on your current month’s bill, you can for a limited time get a one-of 5% discount on the overdue balance by paying of the overdue portion of your account before christmas. This is a onetime ofer that will expire at 1pm on December 24 2013. If you need more information, you can call our customer services staf and they will answer your queries. 75209 /35563 /1823

Passenger Service Licence • Raro Tours LtdMr John Webb Any person who desires to object to any of the above applications may serve notice of his/her objection to the Transport Licensing Authority, P O Box 101, Rarotonga and to the applicant within fourteen (14) days before the sitting date. Secretary transport Licensing Authority. 75374

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



To the driver of the white pick up truck who removed two wheelie bins from the cook Islands Game Fishing club premises, Tupapa on Monday night - you were seen leaving the premises, spilling empty bottles all over the main road. Return our bins to the club and no further questions will be asked. The police have been advised of your theft. 75380 / /2176

ShIPPING NOTICES Lady Moana Voy 12 Sailing for Penrhyn Island only Tuesday 3 December 2013. All enquiries to Taio Shipping Ltd. Phone 24905/24912.

75079 /35661 /1857

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

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Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage. Phone 22188 or 26189. Email beach@moanasands.

Printed bedcovers @ Punanga Nui Market. Limited quantity, 8-12pm. Phone 72276. 75400 /35585 /1931

75346 /35573 /1931

Groundsman/maintenance, full time required. call 55160.

73693 /35140 /1744

We sharpen old & new chisels & planer blades. contact Ty 71966. 75303 /35561 /1931

FOR RENT 2 bedroom partly furnished lat, Muri, overlooking the Motu’s. Phone 24922/72545. 75393 / /1903

Club Raro Resort has Fully furnished studio rooms for rent weekly $150. + Power. Long term. Also Brand new Studio Apartments at $200 + power per week. Long term. All are furnished, Air conditioned, TV, full cooking facilities. Access to Resort facilities and have surveillance and 24hour security with of street parking. Phone 53077 or call in at club Raro.

75347 /35574 /1931

Brand New White Marquee with white clear sides $3K Phone 55077. 75219 /35571 /1759

SCOTTS FARM still selling live chooks $2 each. 75278 / /2134

Bag’s of Tiare Taina (gardenia) $10 a bag Matapuku $12 a bag. Phone 51661.

75300 / /2013

1 bedroom cottage, Quiet area, suitable single. Ariki Road, Atupa. Long term preferred. Phone 22411. 75298 /35558 /1931

VEhICLES FOR SALE Black Daelim, in good condition for $1,900.00 or nearest ofer.Phone 56913.

Tiare Taina blooms, $10 a bag. Phone Joyce 20201. 75384 / /1917

Strong sturdy shelves perfect for home, shop, warehouse, market huts. can buy individually or as sets. Phone 55300. 75386 /313837 /1931


4 bedroom -2 bath home Backroad Matavera Large Section – 49 year lease $550,000.00 ................................ Ph TXT 55289 / 55678 .....................................

GARAGE SALE Motorbike, Jean $5 ea, Dresses $5ea, Bags of clothes $5 (Sizes from xs-XXXL, household, Tools and much more, Swords Residence, Takuvaine. From 10am -4pm, Phone 55426.


75304 /35559 /1931

ENVIRONMENT SERVICE PUBLIC NOTICE Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports Government Departments, Agencies and the General Public are hereby advised that the national Environment Service has received the following application for a Project Permit as required under Section 36 of the Environment Act 2003. Application: PA ARIKI – ROCK REVETMENT PROTECTION ALONG THE FORESHORE Project: Rock Revetment Wall for Foreshore Protection. Land: Papua Part Section 4, Vaimaanga, Takitumu District in accordance with subsection 5 a) and c) of Section 36 of the Environment Act 2003, any person, Government Agencies or Organisation who wish to make a written submission for or against the granting of a Project Permit by the Environment Service for this applications, may do so within 30 days commencing on the 27 november 2013. Written submissions may be in Cook islands Maori or English be submitted to the national Environment Service no later than the 27 December 2013. EiA Reports for the above applications may be viewed at the following venues: • Environment Service Oice • takamoa Library and Museum • national Library The report for the above application will also be viewed on the NES WEBSITE, ( Director national Environment Service. 75371

We are looking for a Full Time computer Literate Sales Assistant to join the Teams at Raro Mart for an immediate start. If interested, contact Sunny on 21 060 or via email: sunny@ with an updated cv. 75349 / /1741

75345 /33802 /1931

75362 / /1758

2 bedroom furnished for a professional couple, Titikaveka area preferred, long term. Ph/ Text Tracey: 54665.

SITUATIONS VACANT Certiied scuba diver with experience collecting aquarium ish. Must have seamanship skills. Resumes to: cI Aquarium Fish, Box 180, Avarua or email cboyle@oyster.

Maintenance Technician We require the services of a person who can assist in the maintenance of the building and grounds of the resort. Must be skilled in basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical and general maintenance areas. Must be of sober habits, honest, reliable, friendly and able to work without supervision. Good wages. contact Erika on Ph: 22779. 75285 / /2293

Sales Manager We seek a motivated, energetic person to join our company. Key skills - maintaining our online presence, developing new customers and strategies. Remuneration is commensurate with experience. Send cV to Po Box 3017, Rarotonga or email to weddings@ Applications close 30 November 2013. 75083 /35663 /2587

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 71744

SITUATIONS VACANT Rarotonga’s newest luxury resort is currently under development in Muri and is due to open in 2014. As the irst stage of this development, the resorts exclusive beachfront restaurant & bar will be opening in January, and we are now inviting applications for the following positions. Front of House • Food & Beverage Manager • Duty Managers • Restaurant Supervisors • Restaurant Cashiers • Restaurant service staf • Bar Service Staf • Wedding & Functions Co-ordinator Kitchen • Head Chef • Chefs – Sous, Jnr Sous, Chef de partie, Commis • Stewards & Kitchen hands Other Areas • Food & Beverage Controller • Purchasing Oicer • Accountant • Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator • Property Maintenance - Landscaping & Gardening • IT Technician • Security If you would like the opportunity to join a team of hospitality professionals and have a rewarding career with great working conditions, at Rarotonga’s new premier resort, please email Erika on gm@ or call Ph: 22779. Further information regarding above positions available upon request. 75379


Cook/kitchenhand required Experience preferred Must be able to work weekends and evenings. Join the busy team at Aquarius. Please call or txt tony on 54668. 75342

General Manager Club Raro Limited wishes to appoint an experienced manager to the position of: General Manager of Club Raro Resort. the successful candidate is expected to be a team leader with the ability to oversee all aspects of the hotel, which includes Rooms, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Sales & Marketing and Administration. Outside assistance is given with IT, Accounting and Finance. A generous remuneration package is provided which includes on-site accommodation. Please apply in writing to Lynn Mataio. Executive Secretary, Edgewater Resort & Spa, Arorangi or by email to 75215


Thursday, November 28, 2013 cook Islands News

SITUATIONS VACANT hire Purchase oicer Rarocars seek someone with an accounts/administration background, able to multi-task and work under pressure at times. Duties will include signing up new Hire Purchase contracts, taking payments, bankings, credit control of existing loans, and various other oice tasks. If this sounds like you, and you want to become part of a great team working in a busy oice, please email your CV to GM@ 75279 /35570 /1902

SCOTTS FARM requires two keen workers to collect and pack eggs. contact John 24500/55661 or Jonara 24501/55681. 75277 / /2134

Wanted fulltime nanny to care for 3 young active children including housekeeping duties. Phone 56305. 75275 /35548 /1931

Experienced cook & asst cook. Require 2 male workers to work in a takeaway shop. Send CV to PO Box 920. Raro Family Fried chicken. 75057 /32512 /1931

Tiare Village requires a reliable part-time Groundsperson. Phone 50755. 75338 / /1931

Driver/ Handyman/ Groundsman Must be available on call 24/7, start as soon as possible. call cell 54466. 75172 /35678 /1931

Labourer required for house construction site. Limited short term project, full time position or part time considered. Some heavy lifting required. Call Manea Developments Ltd. 55904 for further details. 75340 / /2100

Do or die football today THe COOK iSLANDS football

Knock-Out competition continues today at the Takitumu School grounds and will be hugely competitive for battling it out for a spot in next week’s semi-inal matches. Today, Nikao Sokattak will take on the budding Tupapa Maraerenga under 14 boys at 4.15pm followed by the senior women’s match between Puaikura and Takuvaine. Puaikura and Takuvaine senior women’s teams have seen their highs and lows this season and it’s down to the wire in today’s match to see who will proceed through to the

next stage. f r i d a y ’s p r e m i e r m e n’s contest will see Matavera and Avatiu battle it out and during the Lotto Premiership – both sides have drawn twice in their clashes, therefore today’s game will prove to be dynamic and only one team can claim to be better than the other. in the event the game is drawn at the inal whistle – this match will head into a shootout to determine the winner and conirm a semi-inal spot for the team and club. - CIFA

competition – 4.15pm Under 14 Boys Nikao Sokattak vs Tupapa, ref-John Pareanga, Assist-Tamatoa and edwina Matenga, 5pm Senior Women Puaikura vs Takuvaine, ref-

John Pareanga, Assist-Tamatoa Tangimetua and edwina Matenga.

Draw and referee appointment for Friday 29 November – 4.15pm Under 14 Girls

Nikao Sokattak vs Takuvaine, ref-Tupou Patia, Assist-Paavo Mustonen and Terry Piri, 5pm Premier Men Matavera vs Avatiu, ref-Tupou Patia, AssistPaavo Mustonen and Terry Piri.


Draw and referee appointment for today’s knock-out

Women’s cricket too close to call rOUND eiGHT of the second to last edgewater resort and Spa women’s cricket round robin proved to be a tough one. Muri did the damage over neighbours Te Ava rau, beating them 120 to 60. Matavera put the pedal to the metal knocking over the exciting Wale girls from Tupapa, however the biggest two surprises came from TKV and Nikao. Terry William’s well drilled TKV side finally got good reward for a hard season when they knocked over June George's Turangi.

in the end it was a nail biter of a match with just 10 runs in it, 115 to 105. eigth-placed Nikao nearly caused an upset over enua Peyroux's Avana. Winless this season, Nikao threw everything they had at the match, falling just 13 painstaking runs short of Avana's 184. Wins for the red Hot Chicks, Muri Creeps and the Matavera Hot eyes means it is going to be an interesting last edgewater women's round this weekend. - CIC

Takuvaine and Puaikura senior women’s will clash today in a ‘do or die’ knock-out competition. 13112762


2 lat mates wanted for 3 bedroom house, located at town in front of Raro Storage. Any one interested please contact 52108.


75297 /35557 /1931

WANTED Seeking professional caregiver with nursing experience and handyman live in position for elderly couple. Reliable, honest, hardworking and clean sober habits. Apply to PO Box 2150, Rarotonga.



NEW IN STOCK! TVSpecials 32” Flatscreen with free Belkin 4 way surge protector


TV Prices 24” LED $595 ,42” LED $1480 47” LED $1850, 60” LED $3778 50” Plasma $1995

• Phone 22999 •


Need a little



e tumatetenga nei matou ite akakite atu e kua takakeatutomatoumetuavaineakapereperekite ara tiroa o te mate, a Ngametua Akaroa tei matau ia ite kapiki e ko Mama Nga, ite Maanakai ra 23 o Noema. Ruitoru ra 27 o Noema Ka akaoki ia mai tona kopapa no runga mai ite Aremaki ite ora toru (3pm) ite aiai i muri ake i tetai pure poto.

Ioane 3:16 I aroa mai te Atua i to te ao nei, kua tae kite oronga maitanatamaitianautai,kiakoreemateteakarongo iaia, kia rauka ra te ora mutu kore. Teia tuatua akakite, na te Anau a Mama Nga e tana ko Akaroa, tei moe ake nei, e te kopu tangata.




4 Burner hooded



Bicycles 26 “ Mountain bike $27520” MTB 26” MTB Ladies $240 20” BMX 26” MTB 17” frame $24016” BMX 24” MTB $225 12” BMX

$195 $240 $150 $140

Sony PS3 Bundle New Model 500GB, 1x Controller and

1x Free Game

Paraparau ra 28 o Noema Purengutuare(FamilyService).Ora6(6pm)iteaiai. Varaire ra 29 o Noema Ora ngauru (10am) ite popongi, Pure Ngutuare ki tona ngutuare rai, i muri ake ka apaina ia atu ei tona kopapakiteArePureKatorika,SacredHeartParish. OtimaitonaPureangakaraveiaeitonatanuangaki tona ngutuare rai i Matavera.

4 Burner Flat

PS3&XboxGamesand controllers available

Panasonic Blu-ray Surround system Plays DVDs and Blu-ray Discs



Logitech2.1Speakers Ipod, PC, TV, BIG BASS





Comes with:

14 Megapixel Camera 4GB SD card Camera bag And much more



Sol Republic inearheadphones High performance Black or Red colours





Hop in and ask Nick about these

South Seas International



Thursday, November 28, 2013 cook Islands News




PH 22 166


LeBonVivant C









@ 6pm


PH 20 002

PH 26 860

thU nov 28


Tani and rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm



sunset BBQ w/ GarTh younG - PiAno 6Pm sunset Cocktails w/ w/Rudy Aquino 5.30Pm – 7.30Pm sat seafood BBQ w/ JaKE nuManGa - ukulElE 6Pm

Olympian wins Boiler Swim PADDLerS in the 10th Vaka eiva

festival traded in their paddles and water packs for goggles and togs in Tuesday’s Boiler Swim. Though paddlers, supporters and Vaka eiva spectators made up the majority of the 122 swimmers, they weren’t the only ones swimming for charity. Local tri-athletes, esther Honey foundation staff and even tourists took to the water, raising over $600 for this year’s chosen charity the Creative Centre. Principal of the school rodger

Harkness says the funds will go towards the school’s hydroponics programme. The elements were on side with the swimmers as the lat sea, cool breeze and hot sun made it the perfect day for a 750m swim. Starting from the beach area in front of Trader Jacks, all who took part in the charity event swam to the iconic boiler just outside the Avarua harbour and back. On land irst for the locals was Ngakau Toa Paddler John Beas-

ley and for the women top triathlete Vanessa Woodger. in the international category, Crown Beach Kings paddler Tate Smith was out of the water taking out first for the men, with Kirsty Holmes from Outrigger Australia making it home first for the women. for the juniors Billy Bowman of Tutangiora and Kayla from Team Phoenix were irst home in their divisions. - Peka Fisher

Our food our passion 6pm till late Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619




11am to 2.30pm

5.30pm to 10pm 7 days

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

Mon-tue: $12.95 specials thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat Sunday: Tandoori night Other nights: A-la-carte

$10.00 Dine in special

PH 22 279



4.30PM 6.30PM

SAT30 4.15PM






Current olympic gold medallist in kayaking Tate Smith took out irst in the international men’s category. 13112769








6PM & 8.30PM

6PM & 8.30PM


BIGSCREEN,DOLBYSOUND,UNBEATABLEBLOCKBUSTERMOVIES every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999



122 swimmers waiting patiently for the charity event to start. 13112772






$24.50ctn TATUA





$7.50kg $2.90ea






$26.50kg NEW IN




$6.00kg $16.50kg



$4.50kg $6.70pnt $11.00kg $22.50kg


Mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on ST JOSEPH RD, AVARUA. Ph 22259.




Thursday, November 28, 2013 cook Islands News

International Flights

FLIGHT FROM ARRIVES thuRSdAy nOvEMBER 28 Nz46/45 AKL 4.10PM VT035/034 PPT 2.50PM Nz748/749 AKL 12.30AM FRidAy nOvEMBER 29 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM Nz46/61 AKL 1.55AM




5.25PM 3.50PM 1.30AM 1.05AM 3.05AM


Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR DEP thuRSdAy nOvEMBER 28 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 0910











1530 1800 1100


1620 1850 1145

1640 1910 1205


1730 2000 1250





Shipping TIARE MOANA 18 - ETD AUCK 13/12, ETA RARO 23/12, ETA AITUTAKI 26/12

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook islands News







Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.


HÄGAR the Horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers remains slow moving just east of Aitutaki. A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers remains slow moving over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Occasional showers east of Aitutaki. Showers easing from later today. Elsewhere, ine apart from brief showers. Moderate east to southeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers over Penrhyn. Occasional showers, heavy at times and few thunderstorms elsewhere. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Some showers.

humidity Thu

28 FRI










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.


By Dik Browne




By Lee Falk & Sy Barry



Rarotonga Thursday, November 28, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday

Thu high 5.03AM 0.76M 5.17PM 0.81M


Low 11.02AM 0.41M 11.56PM 0.40M


high 6.06AM 0.77M 6.17PM 0.84M


Low 11.59AM 0.40M


0.6M SW

0.7M Ne




Sun, Moon & Arapo

E 08kts new Moon deC 3 12.23Am

First Quarter deC 9 3.12Pm

Full Moon deC 17 9.29Am

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter deC 25 1.48Pm


ARAPO - tAnE thu 28 Tanu (Planting)

Thu sun rise 5.48AM sun set 7.06PM

28 FRI


0.6M SW

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te kumara, taro & Po no te o’onu. akarava u’i. Plant kumara, taro to tautai Koura te ika. night for the lagoon. & yams. netting and ishing for crayish and ish.

Moon rise 2.25AM Moon set 3.10PM sun rise 5.48AM sun set


Moon rise 3.07AM Moon set 4.07PM

Front Key:




0.6M Se


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, November 28, 2013 Aitutaki

27° E 07kts


26° E 08kts


26° sE 07kts


26° sE 07kts


28° NE 05kts


26° sE 07kts


Thursday, November 28, 2013 cook Islands News

Boiler swim —PAGE 12 tarekareka

Soccer, Cricket

SPOrT Tahiti dominate Vaka Eiva Muri sprints

KiWi and Tahitian paddlers dominated on the lagoon for the blazing hot Vaka eiva sprints at Muri beach yesterday, where the 1000-plus paddlers and supporters took over the beach to soak up the sun and sea with a little bit of paddling thrown in the mix. The rain and cloudy conditions on Tuesday were forgotten as paddlers swapped their official paddling shirts for bikinis and bare skin for a fantastic day of paddling in paradise. While there was certainly lots of fun being had on and off the water – some serious paddling was also done. Tahiti’s Toa Marina open men crew was the pick of the bunch, taking out the division’s 500m sprint in a blistering time of 1.52.30 which ended with a 20-metre ama pop right to the shore. Herberts on Tou took out second in 1.55.11 with the local Boiler Boys lads taking out third with a 2

minute race time. Tahiti also proved too strong in the open women’s division with team Tahiti Nui taking out the inal race in 2.28.01 followed by team the Big island Girls (2.28.59) and the Crown Beach Belles (2.30.06). The inal race of the day was the exciting open mixed division with the Crown Beach Kings and Queens declaring they are the team to watch out for in the round raro relay races today and tomorrow – finishing the mixed division sprint final in 2.01.08 followed by the Ngakau Toa Vaka clubs top men and women (2.06.54) and the Sunshine Coast junior crew scooping third place in 2.07.59. The fun didn’t end with the last race, with paddlers putting aside their oe for dancing jandals to enjoy the rest of the evening’s Muri Mingler party that was sure to rage right through the night. - Matariki Wilson

—PAGE 11

Tahiti paddlers celebrate victory on Muri lagoon for the Vaka Eiva sprints yesterday. 13112771 andre Tutaka-George leads the Te Tupu charge.

Big island Girls paddlers soak up the sun and sea.



Masters relive ‘glory days’ THe MASTerS of rugby league played their games at the Ngatangiia ield last Friday. Auckland referee Maxine and local referee Arthur emile oficiated the irst match between the Panthers and eagles, where league stars Darren Piri and Bobby Hunter showcased skills from ‘glory days’. The second match between the eels and the Valley Koura Vai got the spectators on their feet,

shouting out their own versions of the rules to both players and referees alike. Despite the side line advices, referees Dawn and Manea kept their cool and controlled the match well. Phil Campbell and Maxine Godinet of New Zealand masters, picked Bobby Hunter from the eagles, Marshall McMahon from the Panthers, Tua Dyer from the Warriors and Piho

Mitchell from the eels as the ‘most valuable players’ of the games. The duo also presented trophies won by the Cook islands masters in last month’s New Zealand tournament, to Bobby Hunter for player of the tournament, to Curly Taripo, who led the best karaoke group, while referees Dawn Crummer and Simi Teiotu received special awards for officiating at the

Paddlers enjoy fun without paddles. 13112767

event. New Zealand masters referee trainer, Maxine, also certified 20 local masters’ referees to the delight of local referees’ co-ordinator/trainer Simi Teiotu. On friday the masters will gather at the Happy Valley ield with the Valley Koura Vai playing the Eagles irst at 4.45 pm, followed by the eels and Pan- Slow and Steady thers.

Over 900 paddlers set for round Raro relay races THe VAKA Village will be packed to capacity today as teams taking part in the 10th annual Vaka eiva festivities prepare for the biggest races of the event – with more than 900 competitors to put paddles to water. The long anticipated V6 round raro relay races start today, with two races happening throughout the day taking on a 36km course per race. The Bob Worthington memorial trophy race will leave Avarua harbour at 8am for the open mixed and senior master mixed divisions.a

Teams who have taken up the challenge will paddle around the island beginning from Avarua harbour and ending in front of Trader Jacks. The second and inal race of the day will see the masters, senior mixed masters and the senior masters women divisions take to the water, battling it out to show strength in numbers. Tomorrow marks the final day of races for the Vaka eiva festivities and teams will battle it out for the chance to walk away with the women’s Paciic Paddle and men’s Pacific Cup

trophies in the relay. for friday’s races, teams will break off into gender categories with the open women’s competitors heading out onto the water irst at 8am. Starting a little later in the day will be the open men’s races at 1pm. The oficial closing ceremony for the week of races will start at 6pm where paddlers and supporters will be treated to a traditional kaikai following the presentation of medals and trophies and the coveted Presidents Cup.

rounding up the week’s activities will be the Paddles Up official after party at Trader Jacks with entertainment by New Zealand performers KOrA. Vendors will be selling food, drink and local products on both days inside the Cook islands Canoeing Association registration centre that is open to the public. Members of the wider community are encouraged to head to Avarua harbour to join in the fun as the festivities near an end. - Peka Fisher

Chris Maynard leaves the number one seat for 2012 winners Boiler Boys international. 12112834

Thursday 28 November  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Thursday, November 28, 2013

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