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INTRODUCTION Dear CIMSA –erz, Here is the new Project Magazine, actually it is metamorphoses from the Project Bulletin which is published for the first time in May 2010.This will be focusing on projects. The structure is a bit different with the last project bulletin. For this edition, it will include an overview of the criteria for CIMSA projects, projects for each SCO and some locals, including candidates for the project fair and project presentation for October Meeting 2010. Finally, it also includes the CIMSA project Awards.

Furthermore, there is now a new section entitled “Project CIMSA Wanna Be”. I am extremely happy with all of the projects that are new for CIMSA.I would encourage you all to continue your activities and promote widely at all levels. Thanks to all of my Peerz (Project Coordinators): Novika as PC SCORA, Arief as PC SCORP, Lia as PC SOPH, Gia as PC SCORE, Andi as PC SCOPE, Bagus as PC SCOME, Eep as PC UNSYIAH, Ega as PC UNRI, Kezia as PC UI, Acha as PC UMY, Ririn as PC UMS, Dessy as PC UNS, Phaw as PC UB, Memes as Loco UNAND, Aul as Loco UNPAD, Ansy as VLE UGM and all of my beloved CIMSA 2010-2011 officials, especially Adil as my dearest VPI and Weda as MCD, Ima as LO IDI, and all of MCA team especially oghe and nadia for help.

Maharita Pandikasari CIMSA Project Development Director 2010 – 2011


CONTENT Introduction




CIMSA Official Project Regulation and Promotion


CIMSA Project wanna be


SCO Project


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Local Project

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Trans NationaL Project CIMSA






At a GLANCE How to Making the PROJECT


Eep as PC UNSYIAH Namira as PC UIN

Acha as PC UMY

Ega as PC UNRI

Dessy as PC UNS

Vika as PC SCORA

Ririn as PC UMS


Ansy as PC UGM

Andy as PC SCOPE

Aulia as PC UNPAD

Pawing as PC UB 3|

Memez as PC Unand


CIMSA Official Project Regulation and Promotion Within the CIMSA, the term “projects” refers to activities in any field of interest of medical students, in concordance with CIMSA principles, vision & mission, and aims. This includes projects, events, workshop, seminar, network and campaign. CIMSA projects are entitled to the following:  Obtaining priority promotion within the CIMSA network and our partner organizations.  Being able to display project information on the CIMSA website and the official project database.  Receiving recommendation letters from the Executive Board  Being supported in grant application and fundraising.  Having place secured for project representation at each National Meeting (depending on the category) CIMSA has 4 categories for Project.  CIMSA Local Projects are organized by a single local or single standing committee in one local.  CIMSA National Projects are organized by more than one local or in collaboration between at least one standing committee and another organization.  CIMSA International Projects are organized by local or standing committee in collaboration between at least one National Member Organization (NMO) IFMSA.  CIMSA Initiative Projects are projects or series of projects centrally co-coordinated under the responsibility of the CIMSA Executive Board who elect the project officer. The process to gain CIMSA recognition is regulated by the laws ( BAB XIV,point 3.5, 4.6, 5.4, 6.4); for Local project the candidature must be sent to the executive board by project development director d at any time of the year, for the national, international and initiative projects the deadline is at least one month before plenary session. After that process, the Project Proposal Reviewing Committee reviews the proposals and advises the National Meeting during the plenary that makes the final decision. In relation to project promotion I will explain the activities that take place during each National Meeting: Project Fair and Project Presentations where the CIMSA official Projects and projects


running in Locals or Standing Committees, have an opportunity to present and promote themselves. The Project fair is an event where project representatives can bring posters, leaflets, brochures, stickers, pens, pins, banners, and other promotion materials about their activities. The Project Presentation is one session where some projects have the chance to present their project to delegates of the National Meeting.


Candidate of the project that’s going to be the next CIMSA PROJECT 1. SCORE Goes Public 2. Some Bloody to Love – charity concert 3. Medical League 4. Summer School 5. Breaking the Silence 6. Universal Children Day 7. TB Exchange


SCORA Standing Committee on Reproductive health including AIDS

RAMASAMARIA & Candlelight memorial Ramasamaria and Candlelight Memorial held by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Gadjah Mada as a way of caring for our friends to friends transvestites. The same objective is to raise public awareness of the discrimination that occasionally acceptable transvestite’s friends and also to do with the problems of HIV / AIDS. The objective to be achieved is medical students / participants are willing and not afraid to interact with Ig transsexuals who have the same rights as individuals in general. The event took place with NGOs Kebaya overshadow discussions with transvestites in Yogyakarta. Participants from around 30 people were free to ask about the lives of the transsexuals or those who want to know. At the end of the event a Memorial candle lighting to commemorate the PLWHA (People Living with HIV AIDS) who try to fight HIV/AIDS was held.


SCOPH SCOPH‌ Standing Committee on Public Health

Local IDT (Indonesia Disease Today) This is a SCOPH National Project which raised issues about health in Indonesia and local IDT implemented in all local SCOPH CIMSA. Each local CIMSA who has a Standing Committee on Public Health can improve this project by their creativity. The issue raised is a big problem that should concern all, not only the Government but also to the people of Indonesia. We hope that communities can be more vigilant and aware of the issues raised and finally the prevalence rate can be reduced. The activity can be talk shows, counseling, workshops, and creating posters to put on the wall containing facts about TB. Sometimes the local have examinations on sputum, blood pressure, and blood sugar. This project was held in each local between March until May 2010.

*Documentation of IDT in local UNS, UNPAD, UNAND, UIN, UI.


SCOPE SCOPE… Standing Committee on Professional Exchange

Global Medical Education Expo (GMEE) Global Medical Education Expo (GMEE) is the largest annual event in SCOPE CIMSA UNAND where there are any seminars, talk shows, exhibitions and education on medical education abroad and the opportunity to work to co - ass, general practitioners, or specialists in foreign countries. GMEE has aim which is to provide information to colleagues about the opportunity to work and learn as a student clinic, residents, and general practitioners in other countries to encourage and open peer insights to always be doctors who think global and international. SCOPE has plans to conduct a national seminar and Education Fair with the theme, “Overseas Medical Practice and Education: How to be a global physician”. This event is ultimately aimed at encouraging and open to peer insights are always thinking globally and international at the moment. 300 clinical and preclinical students was attended in these activities.


SCORE Standing Committee on Research Exchange

International Malaria Exchange (IME) IME is international project of SCORE CIMSA which will discuss more about malaria becoming one of the Global Health Issues and will be attended by foreign and local medical students. IME activities will be carried out through: • Lectures: Malaria explanation with national and international speakers who expertise in malaria. • Tutorial discussion: a discussion among participants to explore their knowledge. A scenario will be given for discussion. • Expert panel discussion: a discussion among participants with malaria specialists. • Clinical Case Study and the Health Center and Hospital: to learn more about the management of malaria patients; see direct patients to study the clinical manifestations of malaria. • Lab Work: identifying malaria vectors with the macroscopic and microscopic survey of the epidemiology • Investigate the risk factors of malaria in endemic areas • Community Service-Implementation Program: apply knowledge gained through practice in the field (to prepare the patient's blood sample, test, and determine the diagnosis)

IME will be HELD on July 2011…JOIN US then You will feel extraordinary as medical student. Further info, please contact


SCOME Standing Committee on Medical Education

SCORANZ It’s like a newspaper where you will find hot news and also aspirations from students who poured it on a sheet of A3 paper and distribute it to students. It’s held in some locals that CIMSA have like UNRI, UGM, and UMY. Why does SCOME make this? Because some locals don’t have any regular bulletins on event send aspirations of the students. For example in local UGM, the newspaper includes the latest events in the FK UGM, articles about medical education, student aspirations and poured it into a piece of A3 paper. And then it is distributed for free to all students in FK UGM.

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SCORP Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace

GO GREEN Go Green is one of the National Project in SCORP which adopted from IFMSA – SCORP. We know that our earth become so warm. If we as medical student never care about our environment it’s possible to found new disease because of the bad environment. That’s one of the reasons for SCORP CIMSA want to implement this project in each local. So each local can make the advantages at least for the environment around them. SCORPionz be more aware to make our environment better than before. They are plant trees around the campus which is still barren, they make campaign to the department store to use effective plastic, they give education how to manage the rubbish, decorate transformation of waste in the environment, Set temperature to 25 ˚ C air-conditioning in all buildings around campus, 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), reducing paper use in the tutorial and attendance, earth Hour: Disseminate to students about this international event to be involved.

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UNSYIAH (Syiah Kuala University) Seminar Mal Praktek (SEMATEK ) It’s a seminar about malpractice. Malpractice has become a controversial practice in the general population. In the seminar they try to make people understand and know what and how something is said to be malpractice. The event takes the form of workshops with presenters coming from elements of health and was attended by the general public media.

UNRI (Riau University) World AIDS Day Contest design caricature and design clothes with AIDS to explore creativity of children nation and the Long March of World AIDS Day commemoration, seminars and talk shows to change the community’s paradigm about PLWHAs. The aims are: 1. Building creativity between two nations. 2. Changing the community’s negative Paradigm of PLHA 3. Invite people who live with HIV for their complaints during this so people can understand feelings of people living with HIV 4. Showing concern for people living with HIV by participating in the Long March, World AIDS Day commemoration So, society won’t be afraid of interacting with people living with HIV and people living with HIV won’t feel afraid to admit that he/she is living with HIV. The strategy to make the projects is competition, long march, seminar, and talkshow. It will be held on 5 December 2010.

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UNAND (Andalas University) International Women’s Day International Women’s day project is to celebrate international women’s day. SCORA make a talkshow about ca. cervix and ca. mammae then invite Arzetti Bilbina as a host. Also brought two experts from the specialist of Obstetrics & Gynecology and a surgical oncology specialist. Then, briefly the acoustic performance and doorprize during the talkshow. This talk show was attended by 500 women from Padang and the neighbor city. SCORA has an aim, why they make this event? The aim is to improve knowledge and information to women about cancer especially in woman (based on prevalence in Sumatra). It was held on 23th May 2010.

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UIN (Islam public University) Talk Show dr. MUSLIM These activities form talk show with the theme "Ideal Muslim doctor and Islamic medical ethics application profile". Background: In a program of interviews on this occasion, we are going to take some aspect of medicine who believe that they have not been integrated with Islamic values that exist in Indonesia, apart from the chat demo be submitted also in relation to the degree that the Islamic applications in medicine that is applied in outside of our country. Knowing the profile of Muslim physicians and implementation of Islam in Medical Ethics, knowing the difference and the diversity of educational studies in Indonesia and the Muslim doctors in other countries are either based on the religion of Islam, knowing the medical education curriculum of Islam, knowing the application of Islamic values in medical education environment both pre-clinical and clinical, knowing the medical ethics in Islam Target Activities: student and Muslim physician education, that’s what they want after talk show. It was held on 12 Juni 2010.

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UI (Indonesia University) Golden Acts for Golden Ages When someone gets older it is time they should get more attention like a child. In these days, only few elders who get enough attention from their grown up’s sons. It is mostly because the children haven’t had much time to pay more attention to their parents. Things like this should not happen, because when we were young, no matter how busy our parents, they always there to take care of us. These things are ultimately makes various stakeholders from government and private sector to create a place to accommodate parents who are usually referred to as a residential home or nursing home. Nursing homes should be made in order to accommodate parents who do not have relatives, it is not the place for the children to leave their parents. In other words, this is the typical nursing home as a last resort for parents to spend the rest of their life.

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UNPAD (Padjajaran University) LULU (Local Upgrading in Leadership for U) Lulu (Local upgrading in Leadership for U). Upgrade CIMSA members through a review CIMSA organization, presentation and role play and monitor the development of soft skills and enthusiasm of new members with the 2WAY COMMUNICATION, GAMES, SWG and amazing race.

CT SCAN (Circumcision Training of SCOME Unpad) Mentoring minor surgical training in this regard is the technique of circumcision. CIMSA UNPAD wants to facilitate and provide education to medical students in UNPAD for circumcision, especially members of CIMSA and it can be source for medical students to undertake operations practice circumcision.

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UMY (Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta) SOME BLOODY to LOVE Pop Jazz music concert is packaged in the form of a charity concert for disabled blood disease. UMY choose blood disease because in Yogyakarta diseases of the blood are pretty much, whereas the cost of treatment is not cheap, it inhibits the patient to seek treatment. CIMsa-erz in UMY wants to raise funds to help people with blood disease, entertaining society with jazz and pop music, giving chances to the people with blood defect in proving their capability. It will be held on 31th2010. They proudly present TOMPI, TANGGA, and D’cinnamons. The ticket prices are: festival VIP VVIP

: Rp 50.000,: Rp 100.000,: Rp 150.000,-

So, everyone can JOIN US and come to UMY to feel the different atmosphere!

17 |

UGM (Gadjah Mada University) Medi(cui)cine Medicuicine is an unique and innovative food festival that have good nutritional value. CIMSA-erz in GMU thinks that many innovations from various researchers and food manufacturers that use resources more economical and nutritious but less known to the public. Faculty of Medicine makes a community more aware of nutrition and provide nutritious and economical alternative. They held a food stand at the Faculty of Medicine with an attractive decor and accompanied by an acoustic band also Provided 2 types of bins for organic and inorganic decorated with fun fact-fun fact about garbage.

18 |

UNS ( Sebelas Maret University) Baksos An annual SCOPH event which is giveaway free medication and a low cost market in the village. In Surakarta, there are villages left behind especially in terms of health services. It’s an effort to achieve one of the universities of three dharma, i.e. community service. It’s want to held on the second week on March 2011.

SCO RAME This is one of kind fun project. It’s for make SCORA n SCOME member in UNS be closer each other like family among old member and new member. It’s can be usefull if they want to work together to do some project.

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UMS (Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta) Medical Expo It’s exhibition of medical books and general medical equipment. They are selling some merchandise of CIMSA and the other merchandise of medicine. They make promo of CIMSA UMS with leaflet to share information about the medical student and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, UMS campus and also the registration of members CIMSA. The aims of medical expo are facilitate and provide convenience for students and lecturers to get books and medical equipment needed to support their activities introduce CIMSA closer to medical student especially to the new student then get new member of CIMSA. It’s held on 27-29 September 2010

UB ( Brawijaya University ) Worlds AIDS Day CIMSA-erz UB celebrates WAD with the workshop, charity show, education, etc. They want to socialize about the dangers of AIDS to the participants and the general public, increase awareness of participants for aids, reducing the risk of transmitting AIDS to young people in particular and society in general.

20 |

Trans National Project ACHP ( Asian Community Health Project ) It’s transnational project CIMSA with IFMSA Japan, which is IFMSA Japan want to analyze about toilet, water, diets, hearing investigation, PTSD. The project will be implemented in a sustainable manner in the form of field work which will be held twice a year and follow-up between the activities in the field. One of the fieldwork is water has been analyzed in last august, the other else will be held on November. In the second year, representative from Indonesia will go to Japan to study about community health.

ACTION (Asian Collaborative Training on Infectious Disease, Outbreak, Natural Disaster, and Refugee management) The Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) Philippines hosted the annual transnational convention of IFMSA entitled ACTION 2010: Asian Collaborative Training on Infectious Disease, Outbreak, Natural Disaster and Refugee Management with the theme: HEALTH MANAGEMENT IN HOSPITALS AND BEYOND IN TIMES OF DISASTER, on August 23 – 30, 2010. The said event, through our set program which we have attached with this letter, focused on raising student awareness of infectious diseases, outbreaks, and natural disasters; on developing human resources – trained and motivated doctors, who can work to relieve people who are affected by infectious diseases, outbreak, and natural disasters; and on motivating trained medical students to spread their knowledge on infectious diseases, outbreak, and natural disasters in their own country. The convention was attended by an estimated 30 healthcare student leaders, representing several IFMSA National Member Organizations (NMOs) especially in Asia-Pacific region, namely from Japan, Indonesia(CIMSA), New Zealand and Hongkong. This project is still looking for host for next year.

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CIMSA Project AWARD in MM 2010 1. RAMASAMARIA UGM  PF Winner 2. ACHP – SCOPH  PP Winner

PP Candidates in OM 2010 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

exChange the World EMA PROJECT CIMSA UNSYIAH SSC ( SCOME SHARING CLUB ) International Women’s Day Thalassemia Awereness Project UDHR (UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS) 7. Global Medical Education Expo (GMEE) 8. SCOPH UIN peduli DBD 9. MALIGNAN (Mari Lestarikan Lingkungan) 10. Human Rights Day 11. French Course SCOPE UNPAD 12. SD Binaan 13. Research in Love 14. Medical Olympiade 2011 15. Senam bersama mencegah osteoporosis 16. ALVEOLI – an alternative for eliminating lung cancer’s impact (Include in Medical Fiesta) 17. SCORE goes Public 18. ACHP 19. DECITOME (Debate city tour and meeting) 20. SCORP Camp 21. SCORA X-Change 22. Reproductive health counseling 23. Universal Children Day 24. Breaking the Silence

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PF Candidates in OM 2010 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

exChange the World SCORP GO GREEN SSC ( SCOME SHARING CLUB ) International Women’s Day Thalassemia Awereness Project TB Day Global Medical Education Expo (GMEE) 8. Seminar & Workshop : International Alternative Medicine 9. MALIGNAN (Mari Lestarikan Lingkungan) 10. Cegah Kanker Payudara & Serviks 11. Medical Movie 12. Basic Life Support Training 13. French Course SCOPE UNPAD 14. Penyuluhan Kespro 15. SD Binaan 16. Research in Love 17. Medical League 18. Human Right's day 19. Some bloody to love –charity concert 20. SCORA Goes To School (SGTS) 21. BAKSOS - “CIMSA GIVES BACK” 22. No Tobacco's day 23. ALVEOLI – an alternative for eliminating lung cancer’s impact (Include in Medical Fiesta) 24. World Aids Day 2010 - Keep The Promise The Red Ribbon 25. MEW-EX (Medical English Writing Exploration) 26. SCORE goes Public 27. IDT (Indonesian Disease Today) 28. DECITOME (Debate city tour and meeting) 29. SCORP Camp 30. SCORP Go Green 31. MEDI(CUI)SINE 32. Universal Children Day 33. Breaking the Silence

From idea to project

Brainstorm SWOT-Analysis

Project proposal Recruitment


Time planning Task division


Budget Administration Revenues Fundraising

External relations

Use your networks New contacts Communication Act professional



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Project Magazine  

Promag - Project Magazine is Cimsa Magazine that contains all of Cimsa projects

Project Magazine  

Promag - Project Magazine is Cimsa Magazine that contains all of Cimsa projects