2021-2023 Strategic Plan Report

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STRATEGIC PLAN REPORT OneCIM — Creating Sustainable Prosperity Together Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Creating sustainable prosperity together CIM’s five-year 2020 Vision strategic plan came to an end during a year that witnessed the shock and impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the cancellation of our annual CIM Convention + EXPO. Challenging times often offer an opportunity for reflection, and CIM did just that as we embarked on an ambitious strategic planning project in 2020, taking stock of the past and setting the stage for our recalibration, recovery and growth. The impacts of the pandemic shed light on how together, as OneCIM, we need to be better prepared to weather future challenges, seize new opportunities and advance a sustainable future for our Institute and the industry we serve. In the fall of 2020, a Strategic Plan Steering Committee was established and a third-party consultancy, SolutionStream Inc., was employed to assist with extensive outreach activities. New electronic engagement tools enabled us to engage with our members, constituents, volunteers and industry representatives in ways and numbers that we seldom could in the past. As the ongoing impacts of the global pandemic continue to obscure what the “new normal” will look like, CIM’s new strategic plan focuses on a three-year outlook consisting of three phases: Recalibrate (2021), Renew (2022) and Revitalize (2023). The plan concentrates on getting CIM back on its feet; diversifying our revenue streams; improving the member experience; retaining top billing as the premier source of knowledge and collaboration; and ensuring a healthy financial position to create sustainable prosperity throughout the organization. The plan also addresses the CIM business model, placing greater focus on member satisfaction, growth, and enabling and engaging volunteers. As OneCIM, we will become more agile, leverage the digital environment, further improve our professional development offerings, and measure our performance through member and industry feedback and real-time data analytics. CIM commences 2021 with a renewed collective ambition to advance a sustainable future for the Institute and the members and industry we serve.


Our collective ambition Together with our technical societies, local branches, regional chapters, expert committees, student chapters and dedicated volunteers, we will collectively advance a sustainable future through our mineral resources.

What We Do


• Curate Knowledge • Foster Connections • Drive Innovation • Recognize Excellence • Develop Expertise • Engage Society

Together with our technical societies, local branches, regional chapters, expert committees, student chapters and dedicated volunteers, we will collectively advance a sustainable future through our mineral resources



The trusted authority & collective source for advancing mineral industry knowledge, guidelines & best practices


Cultivate knowledge, best practices & innovation to support our members, improve awareness of the minerals industry in society & evolve the industry responsibly

Collaborating towards a sustainable future

Strategic & Operational Goals • World-Class Knowledge, Personal & Professional Development • Expert CIM Community • Expand Awareness of the Essential Contribution Mining Makes to Society • Best-in-Class CIM Operations

Focus Areas • Member-focused Institute • Constituent Enablement • Industry Needs • Volunteer Engagement • Innovation & Best Practices • Sister/Peer Partner Alignment


Brand Promise We help our members and the Canadian minerals industry make an impact and obtain a competitive edge through our OneCIM global community - a gateway to a world of knowledge

CIM — Your gateway to a world of knowledge

Curating Knowledge

Driving Innovation

Developing Expertise

We tackle the industry’s toughest challenges and equip it with developments, emerging trends and best practices in:

We take a leadership role to drive innovation, working with our valued partners to advance an increasingly sustainable future through the world’s mineral resources. We enable inclusive collaboration across our industry and beyond, to help identify challenges, set priorities and facilitate solutions. Through our OneCIM community, we take a proactive lead to develop holistic, innovative solutions that will transform our mineral industry’s future in critical areas such as in ESG, technological innovations and digital advancements. This comprehensive approach manages risk, optimizes agility and enhances performance.

As the industry standard for learning and professional and personal development, we help people in our sector stay on top of their game with relevant formal and informal learning opportunities. Canadian professional engineers, geoscientists and others are able to earn continuing professional development credits (CPDs) through various means. We provide courses for non-miners to gain relevant industry knowledge. Our mentorship program provides the opportunity for our industry’s experienced to pay it forward by sharing their knowledge and providing guidance to those early in their careers.

Fostering Connections

Recognizing Excellence

Engaging Society

Our broad resources, tools and platforms enable industry and member connections, providing opportunities to collaborate, explore ideas and exchange knowledge. Whether participating in national and regional conventions, conferences and trade shows or local branch events, we enable our members to share knowledge and gain insights on issues that matter and how they are transforming our industry. Our OneCIM network allows operators, people on-site and in the field, suppliers, service providers, developers and companies to expand their network by meeting likeminded professionals to create long-lasting connections.

Every year, our members achieve the extraordinary. We recognize those individuals and corporations whose contributions, achievements and excellence raise the bar for our industry. We celebrate by presenting awards across numerous categories at the national, branch and society levels, ensuring the positive impacts are acknowledged and shared among our network and publicly. As a largely volunteer-run institute, we also recognize our dedicated volunteers. Without their efforts, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the great success we’ve experienced in broadening our reach and actioning initiatives.

Our daily lives depend on raw materials from our industry – from toothpaste to light bulbs, cameras to cell phones, paint to tools. However, this isn’t widely known and instead, our industry has gained a “dirty” perception. Our goal is to engage the public in transparent dialogue, so they have a better appreciation of the essential contribution our industry makes to society, including responsible practices, technological and energy transition innovations, and career opportunities.

• sustainability, innovation and technology • guidelines, best practices and standards • health and safety protocols • diversity and inclusion As a highly respected knowledge source, we are the leader in creating, curating and sharing trusted leading-edge content through our award-winning magazine, technical publications, online learning platform, world-class events, informative newsletters, innovative podcast series, and more. We promote industry resources and national, society and branch events across the organization, enabling collaboration and sharing of ideas.


2021-2023 Strategic Goals & Success Factors Recalibrate, Renew, Revitalize! Strategic Goal 1: To create, co-create, curate and convey world-class knowledge, and personal and professional development. CIM advances the level and quality of technical and industry knowledge for the betterment of our members, the industry and sectors we serve as well as society at large. As a highly respected knowledge source and curator of trusted leading-edge content, sustainable best practices, emerging trends and professional development, we support our members’ growth individually and corporately. Our print and digital platforms, educational and technical sessions at branch, national and international events facilitate our efforts to: • discover, examine and share meaningful insights • drive innovation for the evolution of ideas • help facilitate learning and develop our leaders of tomorrow • develop standards, best practices and guidelines in response to industry needs

Objective 1 To be recognized as the authoritative voice for technical content, global standards, best practices and emerging trends • Content creation and distribution: ▫ develop a holistic content plan ▫ distribute all content across communication channels ▫ assess content gaps ▫ seek priority content topics from members and constituents • Guidelines, standards and best practices: ▫ revisit guidelines capabilities ▫ engage with industry and other stakeholders and check-in on past progress • Subscriptions (Magazine, Journal, Book Sales): ▫ increase impact factor, scholarly recognition, engagement and conversion ▫ optimize ROI


Objective 2 Increase participation in online learning platforms and become recognized as a premier source for industry professional development • CIM Academy, webinars, events, short courses, master classes: ▫ determine needs and what professional development means for CIM and the industry ▫ simplify and bring clarity to professional development offering and credits ▫ optimize current platforms to match format with needs ▫ evolve marketing plan to increase awareness and participation • Mentorship program: ▫ build on message and bring visibility to the engagement and value it brings ▫ research industry mentorship programs and partner with sister organizations to expand

Objective 3 Increase advertising and sponsor revenue opportunities • Tier 1 events: ▫ research innovative digital platforms ▫ nurture and grow corporate and industry partner relationships ▫ create meaningful experiences, facilitate connection and collaboration • International events: ▫ determine relevant international events in 2022/2023 ▫ bid on international conferences 3-10 years in advance


Strategic Goal 2: To unite and engage an expert CIM Community, fostering a growing community of ambassadors, where all belong. CIM is an important connector and conduit for critical insights and expertise across the full spectrum of the minerals, metals, materials and energy sectors in Canada and across the globe. As a recognized and established network of thought leaders, our diverse OneCIM community of 10,000+ members, 11 technical societies, regional chapters, 29 local branches, committees, student chapters and dedicated volunteers expands our reach and unifies our efforts to: • enable collaboration to problem solve our industry challenges • facilitate personal and professional growth and expand networks • connect with sister and specialized peer organizations • celebrate individual and corporate contribution, achievement and excellence

Objective 1 Attract, engage and retain members to grow engagement • Create membership committee • Simplify membership model: ▫ revisit membership model and define simplified OneCIM membership structure • Individual member attraction and retention: ▫ simplify and automate renewal process ▫ improve and communicate substantial value and encourage active participation ▫ define audience segments and targets ▫ nurture relationships with colleges, trade schools and universities to benefit students ▫ recognize member milestones • Corporate member attraction and retention: ▫ create a more holistic corporate partnership model ▫ simplify and automate renewal process ▫ improve and communicate substantial value and encourage active participation ▫ recognize member milestones ▫ mobilize committees, volunteers and staff to disseminate value

Objective 2 Grow and nurture volunteer engagement • Volunteer plan: ▫ revisit volunteer requirements, roles and responsibilities, recognition and succession ▫ develop recruitment plan ▫ post volunteer opportunities from across the organization on “job” board

Objective 3 Recognize individual and corporate contribution, achievement and excellence • CIM Awards revamp: ▫ assess and implement recommendations from Awards Review Committee


Strategic Goal 3: To Expand Awareness of the Essential Contribution Mining Makes to Society – collaborate to improve awareness of our industry, responsible practices and industry career opportunities. CIM plays an important role in disseminating the positive and essential role our industry has in our everyday lives, and the people that make it happen. To help forge a sustainable future for our industry’s people and the planet, we partner and collaborate with peer organizations, industry and the CIM Foundation in joint efforts to: ▫ engage society with fact-based conversations, information and experiences ▫ build partnerships with academia ▫ share the safe, responsible and sustainable practices taking place in mining communities ▫ inspire tomorrow’s generations ▫ promote careers in the minerals industry

Objective 1 Influence educators, parents and school-aged children to overcome negative perceptions of the mining industry • CIM-Science North joint venture (Earth’s Riches): ▫ engage other partners to pool resources ▫ engage with educators to include mining content at elementary and secondary level • Northern Gateway Branch educators program/mine tours: ▫ consider adopting as a national program, delivered locally via CIM Branches

Objective 2 Engage with post-secondary academia on curriculum enhancement and talent attraction

Objective 3 Engage the general public on the essential contribution mining makes to society


Strategic Goal 4: Best-in-Class CIM Operations – align organizational structure, priorities, capabilities, capacity and infrastructure to deliver exceptional member experiences. CIM has a rich history of evolving our Institute’s operations to meet the changing needs of our members, environmental and economic trends, and technological advancement. To continue to remain relevant and be more agile, we have an overarching operational goal to support our strategic priorities. Components include: • revisiting our organizational structure, roles and responsibilities to ensure the right capabilities and capacity can be achieved • adopting a member experience culture to improve and deliver exceptional member value • evolving a OneCIM playbook (toolkit) to better enable branch, society and student chapter volunteers to collaborate with the national office and each other, while better conveying CIM’s value proposition • evolving a more sustainable financial model

Objective 1: Refine business model to diversify and grow revenue streams • Business model revenue generation: ▫ develop a scorecard and review monthly, quarterly and annually

Objective 2: Optimize member experience • Member experience strategy: ▫ define and adopt customer experience approach (journey mapping) to understand pain points and find solutions ▫ adopt an annual member listening and research strategy ▫ measure member lifetime value • Website navigation (UX): ▫ make content easily discoverable, searchable and accessible on the website and via SEO • Optimize IT and process infrastructure: ▫ evaluate IT (hardware, software, infrastructure) and define needs ▫ create infrastructure roadmap

Objective 3: Optimize organizational structure, employee engagement and growth • Organizational structure (National): ▫ identify capacity and structure ▫ define roles and responsibilities, revisit job descriptions and align to strategic plan • Professional development: ▫ determine growth and development requirements for individual, team and organization as a whole • Governance: ▫ define brand architecture and role of each group and relationship to CIM National ▫ implement project plan governance for each project (roles/responsibilities, ownership, timelines, tracking) • Diversity and inclusion: ▫ conduct internal SWOT on D&I representation on every level at CIM ▫ scan constituents to assess demographics, diversity and roles reflective of industry ▫ implement student representatives on CIM Council


Objective 4: Integrate OneCIM sales, marketing, brand and communications to drive synergies, create economies of scale as well as growth opportunities • Sales enablement: ▫ develop a plan; include target audiences and buyer personas and goals; identify cross-sell opportunities • Marketing/communications (self-promotion): ▫ publish quarterly report to share tracking towards collective ambition ▫ develop integrated marketing and communications plan and content calendar

Objective 5: Enhance constituent services to mobilize and enable plan alignment, synergies and activation • OneCIM shared service model (enable and mobilize): ▫ determine the resources necessary ▫ determine CIM leadership presence plan ▫ define more ways of connecting with and engaging branches and societies through collaboration/tools/ platforms and enable program sharing ▫ clarify roles and responsibilities among branches, societies and committees ▫ evolve current toolkit, scope available tools, share, train and engage to enable adoption and success • Common reporting scorecard: ▫ share metrics tracking and reporting scorecard for adoption at constituent level ▫ include metrics in National scorecard and demonstrate our collective impact


Business Model Evaluation - Recalibrate in 2021 (focus areas) As articulated in the strategic objectives, the business model needs to transition to enable CIM to be a more member-focused, growth-driven and volunteer engaged organization. As OneCIM, we will become more agile, diversify our revenue streams, leverage the digital environment, focus on initiatives that deliver our KPIs and track and measure performance.

• Be a member-focused institute: ▫ deliver exceptional member experiences and clearly communicate our value proposition ▫ evolve membership model to maximize value to all constituents • Meeting industry needs: ▫ understand industry needs and prioritize transformation and innovation strategies ▫ grow connections and foster relationships with corporate leaders • Lead innovation & best practices: ▫ identify challenges, set priorities and facilitate solutions to be at the forefront of an ESG future • Engage volunteers: ▫ energize and grow volunteer base ▫ empower the volunteer community as OneCIM ambassadors to communicate our value proposition and collective ambition • Enable constituents: ▫ better enable branch,society and student chapter volunteers to collaborate with each other ▫ leverage programs, learnings and find common metrics • Leverage sister/peer partner relationships: ▫ work towards amplifying collective ambition

Value Proposition - What we promise to deliver We help our members and the Canadian mining industry obtain a competitive edge by sharing leading-edge knowledge, providing relevant professional development, fostering meaningful connections, recognizing excellence, advancing education and educating society through our OneCIM community. As part of our strategic plan, a renewed value proposition is being developed, placing greater focus upon the needs of each membership segment with the aim of bringing greater value, member satisfaction and engagement. Through the activities articulated in the strategic objectives, we will be doing a deeper dive to further explore ways in which we can add value to the member experience. We will once again be facilitated on this journey by the expertise of SolutionStream and look forward to continuing the conversations with our members, volunteers, constituents and industry stakeholders to understand their particular needs. The process of recalibration and renewal have already begun as we set our sights on a revitalized CIM as we celebrate CIM’s 125th anniversary in 2023. CIM – Creating sustainable prosperity together ○


Our sincere thanks to the CIM Strategic Plan Steering Committee and to all who gave their time and insights to make this strategic plan a reality and help set the stage for a stronger and more relevant OneCIM.

Members of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee: Pierre Julien (Chair), Samantha Espley, Karen Chovan, George Darling, Greg Richards, Dylan Shacker, Andrew Smith, Anne Marie Toutant, Angela Hamlyn, Benoit Sawyer, John Doyle, Jill Cashman


OneCIM creating sustainable prosperity together Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum