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In my native country, Cuba, boxing is one of the most popular sports on the island. When I was young I remember there was a rumor that filled the streets. There was speculation about a possible fight between Cuban amateur boxer and an American professional boxer. I refer to Teofilo Stevenson known Olympic champion and the great Muhammad Ali. If this fight ever happened in the times of the Cold War, the fight would have been far beyond the sport connotations. you imagine? surrounded by a large political advertising by both sides and where each fighter represents their political government. I do not know whether for good or bad, but the fight never happened. Any analysis of the result is not important now. The only truth is that both were great in the ring and defended their causes and beliefs no matter how much they sacrificed along the way. In this article I summarize phrases, anecdotes, important moments of both and my personal tribute to both of these great fighters, who from opposite ends, they agreed deeply to love what they did and today their legacy is an inspiration to many inside and outside the ring . Henry Binerfa | Publisher/CEO Martial Science Publications, LLC Martial Science Magazine, Volume 15, ISBN-13: 978-1533599551, is Published Bi-monthly, (February, April, June, August, October, and December) by Martial Science Publications LLC., Phone: (702)439-9071 Email:



Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville (Kentucky) ..................................


He began boxing at age twelve when a thief snatched his bike, so he ran to report the theft to the Police Joe Martin, who was in the gym Columbia city of Louisville, which was in charge. With tears in his eyes, the boy threatened to hit the guilty, but Martin recommended him learn to box before engaging in any fight. ..................................


Clay won Olympic gold for de U.S in 1960. ..................................


Cassius Marcellus decided to embrace Islam that same year thanks to a sect called ‘Black Muslims’. Cassius Clay then becomes Muhammad Ali and announces his devotion to Muslim faith. ..................................

and was awarded with the highest civilian honor by the US Government with the ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom ..................................


Ali defeated the British heavyweight Henry Cooper in 1963, and then knocked out Sonny Liston in 1964 to become the world heavyweight champion. ..................................


His career was accompanied by a strong political activism for the rights of people of color and for world peace, which led him to receive titles like ‘Messenger of Peace’ issued by the United Nations, ‘Athlete of the twentieth century’ by Sports Illustrated

“Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.” ― -Muhammad Ali AUGUST/2016



Muhammad Ali refuses to be inducted into the U.S. Army and is immediately stripped of his heavyweight title. Ali, a Muslim, cited religious reasons for his decision to forgo military service. ...............................



On his return he again became world champion in 1974, to achieve the WBA and World Boxing Council (WBC), when he won by knockout in eight rounds, to George Foreman during the “Battle in the Jungle” in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, former Zaire ..................................


A surprise guest for the world, Muhammad Ali bravely battle the tremors of Parkinson’s disease to light the Olympic flame in the Olympic Games in Atlanta. Many consider it to be the most emotional moment of the opening ceremonies of the history of the Olympic Games ................................


After 32 years of battling Parkinson’s disease, Muhammad Ali died at the age of 74 years ..................................

“I’ve wrestled with alligators, I’ve tussled with a whale. I done handcuffed lightning And throw thunder in jail. You know I’m bad. just last week, I murdered a rock, Injured a stone, Hospitalized a brick. I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.” ― -Muhammad Ali AUGUST/2016



Stevenson was born in the Central Delicias, Puerto Padre, Las Tunas, Cuba, March 29, 1952. ..................................


His parents were Teofilo Stevenson Parsons-an immigrant born on the island of San Vicente who emigrated to Cuba in the 1920s to dedicate himself to cut sugarcane - and Dolores Lawrence Cuban. This is the reason why Stevenson spoke fluent English ...............................


One day the teacher called his father and said, “The best thing you do is send the boy to learn to box because he is always fighting at school, what he wants is that” ..................................


The Cuban national ex-heavyweight champion 1931-1935 John Herrera, a resident of the same village Stevenson, taught him the first techniques. ..................................

“I never really lost, because of the defeats experiences are taken, and when experience is gained, you win “ -Teófilo Stevenson 8


In the mid-60s, was discovered by Andrei Chervonenko, coach of Russian boxing sent to Cuba by the USSR to implement on the island Soviet techniques. In addition to the three Olympic golds he won three other golds in many other World amateur boxing and 2 golds and a bronze in 3 Panamerican Games ..............................


Stevenson is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time, never having fought in professional boxing. Although on several occasions they tried to organize a fight between him and Mohamed Ali, this was not achieved. Asked once why he rejected many millions of dollars for the fight, Stevenson replied with one of his most famous phrases:

“What is one million dollars against eight millions Cubans who love me?” ...............................


The Foreman himself declared in an interview that : “Stevenson was better than all of us. He took his time like a pro. He had the best right hand in amateur history. He never turned pro ... a shame. He’d have kept the


He won the heavyweight gold in three consecutive Olympics (in 3 cities beginning with ‘M’): Munich, Montreal and Moscow .................................

heavyweight title the same way he did in the amateurs.” ...............................


All experts agree that Stevenson could have won gold in Los Angeles 84, and in Seoul in 1988. But Cuba did not participate. .............................


Stevenson died on June 11, 2012 victim of ischemic heart disease. He was 60. ..................................







WITH PUSH UPS ON RAW EGGS Master Bernd Hoehle, chairman of the Martial Arts Association - International from Germany presented some new world records in pushups on raw eggs and beer cans destroyed with egg in the punching hand. In the record there is a raw egg under the palms and an egg under the successive legs crossed.The record took place on the famous Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Guinness Book record center instead. The World Wonder TV production, was also present and filmed Hoehle at the pushups on the Raw eggs. For this pushup records there are clear guidelines that must be adhered to, the angle of the arms on the body position to the documentation guidelines.


It was the record of 12 pieces outdo, Hoehle did 22 pieces without breaking the raw eggs which earned him much applause from the spectators. Following the accomplished pushups Hoehle beat the eggs on to show these are really raw, The Record judges impressed by the demonstration congratulated Hoehle also. The second record was realized before the legendary Gold’s Gym in Santa Monica / L.A.. The Gym is considered Mecca of fitness and bodybuilding train here even today several times weekly Mr. Universe, Hollywood star, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Universe and Hollywood star Ralf Moeller, Lou Ferigno (The Hulk) and many other stars of the film industry and bodybuilding.



The German Hollywood star Matthias Hues, who lives in L.A. for 30 years was present in this place. Hoehle could break the record of 34 pushups on Raw eggs underfoot and raise the record to 41 pieces. The 3rd Record hold Hoehle in the Category: Beer Cans smashed with row Egg in the Hands. He destroyed 15 Cans in 15 Seconds. The 4th record is Beer Cans smashed with the Hands 10 Cans in 6.3 Seconds. Next, a World Record is planning destroy 2 massive concrete slabs.




The INNSBRUCK Martial Arts Hall of Honours event was held July 2nd, 2016 in Innsbruck, Austria.

ses by Developing and Recognizing Excellence in Martial Arts Communities. The Self Defense Germany Federation founded the MUNICH HALL OF HONOURS in 2008 which is now The Innsbruck and Munich Hall recognized as one of of Honours are sponsored by the premier Martial Arts Self Defense Germany Federaevents in Europe and tion e.V. a non-profit organizaworldwide. tion established to benefit the martial arts in many ways. In 2015, under the leadership of Master GreThe Members of this prestegor Huss, the second giouse Organization work toEvent of its kind; the gether to enhance Excellence INNSBRUCK HALL OF in the Martial Arts by promoting HONOURS was founmartial arts events to the Marded in the capitol of tial Arts Community like semiTyrol, Austria with the sunars, tournaments (MALYMPEX pport of Austrian Karate LEAGUE) as well as developing Legend Erhard Kellner Leadership within the Martial and Grandmaster Perry Zmugg, Arts community. Grandmaster Cynthia Rothrock and Sifu Serge Seguin and from The Self Defense Germany Fethe very beginning a great sucderation develops, enhances, cess. recognizes and improves Martial Arts Leaders and Busines16

Martial Arts leaders are nominated and awarded from Europe and across the world to these prestegiouse events and the Ambassadors are encouraged to nominate their Students and Instructors in various categories.

Seminars are beeing held at the events with some of the best Experts of the Martial Arts, traditional as well as modern and Self Defense.

with the Lan Lung Wushu Team and the fabulouse EDMUNDS SISTAS from the UK, to name only a few will garantee for top class show acts at the banquett.

Top Instructors in Fitness and Sports are invited to present Innsbruck Hall of Honours their sports and add more value will be held for the 3rd time to this event. in July, 2017. Outstanding, thrilling Demonstration of the Martial Arts but also from other fields help to widen the horizon beyond Martial Arts and fantastic food of the country is a trademark for these events.

You definetly dont want to miss any of these events.

For more information go to our website www.munichhalloffame. com or visit us on FaceBoth events are for Grandmas- book. ters, Masters and Students all together, young and older, all nationalities and are known for the glamorous Gala Evenings. Upcoming events are: 10th Munich Hall of Honours „THE ANNIVERSARY EVENT“ will be held in the Capitol of Bavaria on April 29, 2017 for the first time in a new typical bavarian style location: The HOFBRÄU KELLER, with many special guests from arround the world, Legends of the Martial Arts led by Grandmaster Malia Bernal and GM Cynthia Rothrock, Samuel Kwok, Juerg Ziegler, multiple Worldchampion and Pioneer of the Arts and European and World Champions from many fields of the Arts and many more surprises and fantastic shows AUGUST/2016


Evan Pantazi, These DVD’s are in a set curriculum and are taut in step by step process so you learn fully and to the highest level of skill! From level 1 to level 10 DVD’s are in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German Languages!

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To commemorate the anniversary of the death of BRUCE LEE Martial Science Magazine, Introduces the Artist:

Adam Chow



Could you tell us a little about yourself, your background? I’m graduated in Hong Kong Polytechnic University Graphic Design 1979. I was an advertising designer/creative director over 30 years, my clients included McDonalds, Coca-Cola... etc. international clients, now I’m retired. How did you get interested in illustration? I like drawing since I was teenage, that’s why I also an active freelance illustrator in HK did lots of magazine covers. When did you realized that you wanted to be an illustrator and artist professionally? When I was around 15 in middle school, to be a designer or artist was my only goal. I went to different night art schools to prepare my portfolio for the university. What is your favorite aspect of illustration? Since my retirement, I’ve noticed I’m still creative & productive, so I went to Shanghai China to studied “Oil Portraiture” for 3 months. What is your creative process? I painted lots “World Famous People” when I returned to HK, included my childhood idol Bruce Lee (he was my only idol and I wanted to meet him face to face when I was young in HK). Due to my creative background, 26




sion while it was playing “Green Hornet”, he said: “This little boy name Lei Siu Long (in Cantonese), once he’s back to HK, his film definitely will be the best fighting & TOP selling movie. My Dad knew Lee Hoi-chuen (Bruce What inspires you? Lee’s Dad), in 60’s he visited Mr. Lee in Kowloon often, but he When I was a kid, my Dad had never saw Bruce in person. pointed to our home B/W Televibackground, my artworks always want to tell some message, so every artworks either color exaggerated or added something to looks non-ordinary or “You never seen it before”!

What pieces from your portfolio of work are you most proud of and why? In 2013 ,I organized a group of artists show named “Glorious 40 Years ! The World’s First Bruce Lee Art Show” in HK. Next year 2014, another group artists show “Glorious 41




Years! Last November, 2015 I had my own art show “In Memory of Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary� also published my illustration Book, over 600 copies sold. I used to use oil paint for Bruce Lee arts, but it takes too long to finish, to full-filling my fast creations, recently I changed to use ball point pen, scan in to colored by Photoshop, this is easier way I can explores more ideas and post on the FaceBook faster.



: A. 1979 in my Hong Kong Polytechnic University graduation show, I displayed an A4 size Bruce Lee marker drawing in the exhibition hall, but it was stolen in the 1st day. B. In 1980, another large size Bruce Lee art lost in the public art show. After these lost, I didn’t paint any Bruce until 2013.







GrandMaster Dr. Ibraham Ahmed

Grandmaster Dr. Ibraham Ahmed began training in the late 60s with his brother, Ali, who had come home from Vietnam and had taken Tang Soo Do lessons with R.O.K. Army instructors in Vietnam. He learned some basics from his brother, who advised him that if he should get to be stationed in Korea to seek out a good master and train very diligently. As luck would have it, he received orders to go to South Korea with the US Army 2nd Division, and also was fortunate to find himself assigned from infantry to military office on the Freedom Bridge checkpoint. He found a great master to begin training him—now Grandmaster Sang Sup Kil. They trained every day possible at the Compound Gym in the DMZ and in the gym of Kim Yong Soo in Paju, Korea. Grandmaster Ahmed earned his black belt in South Korea. He was awarded a regional award for excellent poomsae from Grandmaster Kim Yong Soo and excelled at his study of Tae Kwon Do with Grandmaster Sang Sup Kil 36


randmaster Ahmed invited Grandmaster Sang Sup Kil to the United States after discharge from the military. It was a long and tedious process, but emigration to the U.S. was granted in 1980. In between, Grandmaster Ahmed continued his study of Tae kwon Do and was in constant contact with Grandmaster Sang Sup Kil. He rose in rank over the years and opened a program at a nonprofit in Dearborn, Michigan, serving disadvantaged children and adults in 1970. His class rose to over 100 students in three months. It was time to open a dojang, so opening up in Detroit, where his skills were needed, was a sure thing for him. In less than one year, the school, a small store front, grew to 150 students. He opened up a second school in Riverview, Michigan, in 1980 when Grandmaster Kil arrived. Grandmaster Kil joined him, and they worked and lived together for one year. Grandmaster Sang Sup Kil went on to become President of the Michigan Taekwondo Association and US National Commissioner of Taekwondo USAT. He has coached a multitude of students to the coveted title of US National Champion. He is an international master instructor and referee as certified by the World Taekwondo Federation. Presently he serves on the advisory committee to the WTF. During this ten-year period from 1970 to 1980 Grandmaster Ahmed, after working as a police officer and then a correctional officer, switched to health care and took a job as director of hospital security. He still kept a full-time busy dojang open and even managed go to school full-time. Tae Kwon Do taught him the drive to succeed and the energy to do it. He continued through school, becoming a registered nurse (licensed in Michigan and Florida) and later a naturopath and acupuncturist. Grandmaster Kil, his brother Grandmaster Yong Sup Kil, and Grandmaster Ahmed continue their long-standing friendship/family relationship to the present day.

chigan, Olympic Eligibility Chairman of USTU and later USA Tae kwon Do Michigan. He was medical advisor for more than ten years to the USTU and USA Tae kwon Do Michigan, and Governors Cup Championships, as well as V. President of USTU and later USA Tae kwon Do Michigan and Olympic Eligibility Chairman of USTU and later USA Tae kwon Do Michigan. He was Medical advisor for 10 plus years to the USTU and USA Tae kwon Do Michigan, and Governors Cup Championships. He is currently official representative of Great Grandmaster Kyo Yoon Lee to Korea Han Moo Kwan Association, on the advisory board of Kil’s Tae Kwon Do Han Moo Kwan schools, and a member of the Grand Masters League.

During the period of 1970 to the present Grandmaster Ahmed, in addition to teaching, became a member representing Han Moo Kwan Tae kwon Do with the Michigan Tae kwon Do Association as Michigan’s kwan. During this period and after Master Kil’s arrival, Grand- His students participated in the then USTU master Dr. Ahmed served as Vice President of (now USA) Tae kwon Do and did very well, the USTU and later the USA Tae Kwon Do Mi- with a few receiving national medals. He starAUGUST/2016


...“Taekwondo philosophy represents the principles of the changes and movements in human beings. It also represents the principles of our lives, since life consists of our movements�... 38

ted the first tournament, called the “Battle of Detroit,” in 1970 (later to be called “Stars for Charity”) that grew into a major international expo with exhibit hall, tournament and workshops incorporating movie stars like Cynthia Rothrock, Don “the Dragon” Wilson, Michael Jai White and many others who attended to help raise money for health care and charity. This year funds were raised for The Wounded Warriors Project, an organization helping veterans who have been wounded in the wars. Great Grandmaster Kyo Yoon Lee made several visits to Michigan, and GM Ahmed was able to train with him. By 2002 GM Ahmed was promoted to 7th dan Kukkiwon and in 2010 he received the rank of 9th dan from Great Grandmaster Kyo Yoon Lee.

In mid 70s, to expand his reach, Grandmaster Dr. Ahmed created both the World Martial Arts College and the U.S. Tae Kwon Do Han Moo Kwan Association. The World Martial Arts College was dedicated to help all martial arts, regardless of system or style, and the U.S. Tae kwon Do Han Moo Kwan was founded to work with and help Tae kwon Do practitioners. He provides needed guidance, workshops, events, school business and marketing assistance and rank recognition through these organizations. They have grown quickly. GM Ahmed now has many affiliated schools and Instructors all over the world. Recently, he teamed up with the Martial Arts University and the Tai Chi Connection to expand the capabilities of bringing digital online instruction and face-to-face experience to affiliates.



In the 1990s Grandmaster Dr. Ahmed added Tai Chi Yang style to his martial arts study and resume, training with Grandmaster Yang Zhen Duo, 5th generation Yang family, and Han Zhen Duo, 6th generation Yang family. After working with seniors at three separate hospitals and teaching Tai Chi, he noticed that there is a difference between American-born seniors and Chinese-born seniors as stretching is very difficult for seniors and balance is weaker. So Grandmaster Dr. Ahmed created a modified form of Tai Chi for seniors. He continues to teach and also to provide Instructor courses in this modified version.

...“Children do not need to be forced to learn; they are motivated by their own desire to make sense of the world�... 40

The latest trend in martial arts has been the assimilation of enormous amounts of young children into schools. The latest estimates suggest that 80% of a martial arts school students are children. With films and other media focusing on this youngest audience, such as the Teenage Ninja Turtles, The Karate Kid, The Martial Arts Kid, etc., no school has a choice but to accept and learn new ways of working with classes that are predominately children. Grandmaster Dr. Ahmed incorporates the “home rules” as an integral part of any children’s program. The home rules are simple and create a better human being: 1)

I will never talk back to my parents.


I will do my chores without being told.


I will do my homework without being told.


I will help with my sisters and brothers.


I will hug my parents at least once per day.

GM Ahmed believes that young children learn by doing. Knowledge is not something that is given to children as though they are empty vessels to be filled. Children acquire knowledge about the physical and social worlds in which they live through playful interaction with objects and people. Children do not need to be forced to learn; they are motivated by their own desire to make sense of the world.

GM Ahmed believes that separate classes just for children should be available at least a few times per week. In these classes games can be incorporated and the skills that are taught can be done at much slower rate. Another benefit of children-only classes is that sometimes younger children who are just starting feel less intimidated by the sight of other children their age than they would in a class dominated by adults. Children need a lot of repetition and find it comforting if there is a regular pattern to classes. A bit of flexibility is needed, however, so that the children do not get bored. For example, kicking can be done in line, on the bag, on kick targets, with partners, or relays. GM Ahmed cautions against either underestimating or overestimating children. Their rate of absorption is incredible at early ages. However, it takes time and lots of repetition to fine tune new skills. Instructors can use child development knowledge to identify the range of appropriate behaviors, activities, and materials for a specific age group. This knowledge is used in conjunction with understanding about individual children’s growth patterns, strengths, interests, and experiences to design the most appropriate learning environment. An instructor must focus on all areas of development. All facets of the child’s life are the child and must be addressed. If developmental areas are left

...“The best fight is to have never fought at all but have the preparedness to have met any situation”... out, it will be painfully obvious in their martial arts. A Tae kwon Do Instructor can help a child reach his/her full potential and grow as they learn one of the greatest of all martial arts. So a study into child development, even at a superficial level, is appropriate for all Tae kwon Do Instructors who are teaching children. GM Ahmed’s creed for all students is 1) I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that could reduce my mental growth or physical health. 2) I will develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others. 3) I will use what I learn in class constructively and defensively to help myself and others and never be abusive or offensive. 4) I will help the needy in any way I can. 5) I will strive to be my best. Grandmaster Dr. Ahmed’s philosophy: There 42

is good in everyone if shown the way. He stresses the importance of the World Tae kwon Do Federation’s notation on philosophy: “The philosophy of Taekwondo is very special, but what makes it so special? If we learn philosophy from books, we tend to forget it as soon as we leave them, because it is not related to our actual lives. But since Taekwondo is connected with our lives like every movement of ours is, we can never forget its philosophy.” That is, the philosophy is one of actions that can be learned from other actions, and our everyday activities. Taekwondo philosophy represents the principles of the changes and movements in human beings. It also represents the principles of our lives, since life consists of our movements. Therefore, we can say Taekwondo is a philosophy in itself. Grandmaster Dr. Ahmed’s simple philosophy is the importance of having a clean mind and a clean spirit; to train the body, mind, and spirit; and to live by this in daily life. The “best fight is to have never fought at all but have the prepa-



redness to have met any situation.” Respect for fellow man, for community, and to always be in search of a way to lift someone up that is down. If this was everyone’s philosophy and we all acted on it, the world would be a better place to live.

nonprofit martial arts/Tae kwon Do schools/ clubs for the disadvantaged.

Donating equipment and other tangible support to nonprofit clubs and organizations Providing direct training and self-defense to the communities we serve Integrating Eastern Grandmaster Dr. Ahmed’s simple philosophy and Western healing to the community. is the importance of having a clean mind and a clean spirit; to train the body, mind, and spirit; Participating in the programs that keep the and to live by this in daily life. The “best fight is young away from drugs. (Like the D.A.R.E. to have never fought at all but have the prepa- program incorporated at Grand Master Yong redness to have met any situation.” He stres- Sup Kil’s tournament in Michigan called the ses respect for fellow man, for community, and Governor’s Cup) to always be in search of a way to lift someone up who is down. Dr. Ahmed has had 40 major Expos to benefit charity. Grandmaster Dr. Ahmed’s real passion is in philanthropy—charitable giving and voluntee- His next event to help charity is a Bo Workshop rism. in conjunction with GM David Praim’s Tournament. The tournament called the Ultimate Dr. Ahmed, together with some medical doc- Warriors Challenge will be held in Lake Orion tors, created an organization to help the near Detroit, Michigan on October 22, 2016 uninsured throughout the U.S. get access to Grand Master Ahmed and Trace Magellas (a needed health care. This organization, ZIAD 22 time National and International Bo chamHealthcare for the Underserved, was started pion)will be conducting the Bo staff workshops in 2001 because nearly 46 million Americans, in both Extreme Bo and Bo staff fighting form. including more than 8 million children, were Martial Artists of all ranks can join in age 10 living without health insurance and were for- and up, Workshops are from 8am to 9:30am ced to gamble every day that they wouldn’t and you get both workshops for one price of get sick or injured. In 2013 President Obama only $60. Participants can then compete in the passed the Affordable Health Care Act and it tournament that follows or just enjoy the acwas a natural that GM. Ahmed would bid on tion. Both the Workshops and the Tournament becoming a navigator for the uninsured. His raise funds for the Make A Wish Foundation company, Community Bridges, was awarded helping terminal ill children with wishes. $897,000 in a one-year grant to provide education and assistance for the new health care To enroll for these workshops go to: program. w w w. w o r l d m a r t i a l a r t s c o l l e g e . c o m / GM Ahmed believes helping the community world-champion-bo-workshop/ and serving the needy are a must for every Tae kwon Do practitioner and martial artist to Past events conducted by GM Dr Ahmed have adopt and teach. Tae kwon Do is something to attracted Hollywood Stars, such Cynthia Roshare with community; In its practice, we bene- throck, TJ Storm and Don “the Dragon” Wilfit society as a whole. The founders and board son, Michael Jai White, Cary Tagawa, and Dr. members of the U.S. Tae kwon Do Han Moo John Gray (author of the book Men are from Kwan Association also understand the impor- Mars and women are from Venus.) tance of supporting similar activities within the community. They openly embrace other orga- Grandmaster Dr. Ahmed continues his work nizations and clubs who share this philosophy. in Martial Arts, teaching, visiting, supporting They offer our assistance and support ways and working with clubs around the world and to bring the magnificent art of Tae Kwon Do to will continue to look for opportunities to teach others. They follow and support these and be- others to help the needy and make a differenlieve all Tae kwon Do practitioners should take ce in this world. Information can be found at on as many as possible for their community: Creating and supporting nonprofits and 44



Hakuda Jutsu. Martial arts as inner path and effective means of self defense.

GM. Victor Moreno 46

philosophies, as well as beliefs from Shintoism, Buddhism, etc... In their origins, martial arts seeks practical efficiency and resolution of conflicts as fastly and consistently as posible, as well as developing an ability that will no doubt take time to achieve, but will be reached with time and perseverance. That said, each person must use their own personal tools. Once we’ve achieved this. Is this all? Is our training finished? Nothing far from reality It has just begun.


he main purpose of martial arts is efficiency during combat.

Martial arts are much more than they appear, since they not only teach to win a combat, but also overcome our more difficult struggles in life.

In fact, this was the original reason for its creation. However, martial arts were influenced by those cultures where they originated and impregnated by their

A correct personal defense does not have to be just physical, but also psychological, even spiritual, in order to face life’s obstacles to survive in this di-

fficult world we live in. Recently there have been developments in a series of modern systems applied to street or military combat. Those systems present simpler programs to achieve efficiency in less time, as well as to decrease the time a student needs to face a possible real aggression, since these programs are designed to teach security and military personel. Hakuda Jutsu also shares this vision that the student should learn the biggest number of skills in as little time as possible, since personal defense is our main goal and you never know when you might need them. However, we must not overlook the development of other atributes, such as ethical and philosophical ones, wich I personally consider as necessary as the other ones, since they represent the other half of the same



discipline. Both are needed to train real martial arts fighters and better persons, something we tend to forget in this day and age. A correct technique in order to achieve efficiency must rely especially on self-control and concentration all the time. Otherwise, you cannot be a martial artist. The path is infinite, neverending. It gets closer to an end when you think you’re in possession of absolute truth or you’ve reached your final goal... That is the point of no return for many people. If there is something that is certain is that someone who prides themselves of being a master never stops learning. are students always , since knowledge is their true reward, as well as the chance to share them with other Efficiency and Ethics. Tiger and Dragon. Opposites but necessarily complementary. In Hakuda Jutsu we bet on both. What about you you? 48



Teachings of the Budha Crossing the Wilderness Apannaka Jataka (Jataka No. 1) (From Jataka Tales of the Buddha, part I. Retold by Ken and Visakha Kawasaki. Copyright@1995.)


hile the Buddha was staying at Jetavana Monastery near Savatthi, the wealthy banker, Anathapindika, went one day to pay his respects. His servants carried masses of flowers, perfume, butter, oil, honey, molasses, cloths, and robes. Anathapindika paid obeisance to the Buddha, presented the offerings he had brought, and sat down respectfully. At that time, Anathapindika was accompanied by five hundred friends who were followers of heretical teachers. His friends also paid their respects to the Buddha and sat close to the banker. The Buddha’s face appeared like a full moon, and his body was surrounded by a radiant aura. Seated on the red stone seat, he was like a young lion roaring with a clear, noble voice as he taught them a discourse full of sweetness and beautiful to the ear. After hearing the Buddha’s teaching, the five hundred gave up their heretical practices and took refuge in the Triple Gem: the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha. After that, they went regularly with Anathapindika to offer flowers and incense and to hear the teaching. They gave liberally, kept the precepts, and faithfully observed the Uposatha Day. [1] Soon after the Buddha left Savatthi to return to Rajagaha, however, these men abandoned their new faith and reverted to their previous beliefs. Seven or eight months later, the Buddha returned to Jetavana. Again, Anathapindika brought these friends to visit the Buddha. They paid their respects,


but Anathapindika explained that they had forsaken their refuge and had resumed their original practices. The Buddha asked, “Is it true that you have abandoned refuge in the Triple Gem for refuge in other doctrines?” The Buddha’s voice was incredibly clear because throughout myriad aeons He had always spoken truthfully. When these men heard it, they were unable to conceal the truth. “Yes, Blessed One,” they confessed. “It is true.” “Disciples,” the Buddha said “nowhere between the lowest of hells below and the highest heaven above, nowhere in all the infinite worlds that stretch right and left, is there the equal, much less the superior, of a Buddha. Incalculable is the excellence which springs from obeying the Precepts and from other virtuous conduct.” Then he declared the virtues of the Triple Gem. “By taking refuge in the Triple Gem,” He told them, “one escapes from rebirth in states of suffering.” He further explained that meditation on the Triple Gem leads through the four stages to Enlightenment. “In forsaking such a refuge as this,” he admonished them, “you have certainly erred. In the past, too, men who foolishly mistook what was no refuge for a real refuge, met disaster. Actually, they fell prey to yakkhas -evil spirits -- in the wilderness

and were utterly destroyed. In contrast, men who clung to the truth not only survived, but actually prospered in that same wilderness.” Anathapindika raised his clasped hands to his forehead, praised the Buddha, and asked him to tell that story of the past. “In order to dispel the world’s ignorance and to conquer suffering,” the Buddha proclaimed, “I practiced the Ten Perfections for countless aeons. Listen carefully, and I will speak.” Having their full attention, the Buddha made clear, as though he were releasing the full moon from behind clouds, what rebirth had concealed from them. Long, long ago, when Brahmadatta was reigning in Baranasi, the Bodhisatta was born into a merchant’s family and grew up to be a wise trader. At the same time, in the same city, there was another merchant, a very stupid fellow, with no common sense whatsoever. One day it so happened that the two merchants each loaded five hundred carts with costly wares of Baranasi and prepared to leave in the same direction at exactly the same time. The wise merchant thought, “If this silly young fool travels with me and if our thousand carts stay together, it will be too much for the road. Finding wood and water for the men 52

will be difficult, and there won’t “Very well, my friend,” he said, be enough grass for the oxen. “please go first.” Either he or I must go first.” “I will,” said the foolish merchant, “Look,” he said to the other and he yoked his carts and set merchant, “the two of us can’t out. After a while he came to travel together. Would you the outskirts of a wilderness. He rather go first or follow after filled all of his huge water jars me?” with water before setting out to cross the sixty yojanas [2] of The foolish trader thought, desert which lay before him. “There will be many advantages if I take the lead. I’ll get a road The yakkha who haunted that which is not yet cut up. My wilderness had been watching oxen will have the pick of the the caravan. When it had grass. My men will get the reached the middle, he used choicest wild herbs for curry. his magic power to conjure The water will be undisturbed. up a lovely carriage drawn by Best of all, I’ll be able to fix my pure white young bulls. With own price for bartering my a retinue of a dozen disguised goods.” Considering all these yakkhas carrying swords and advantages, he said, “I will go shields, he rode along in his ahead of you, my friend.” carriage like a mighty lord. His hair and clothes were wet, and The Bodhisatta was pleased to he had a wreath of blue lotuses hear this because he saw many and white water lilies around advantages in following after. his head. His attendants also He reasoned, “Those carts going were dripping wet and draped first will level the road where in garlands. Even the bulls’ it is rough, and I’ll be able to hooves and carriage wheels travel along the road they have were muddy. already smoothed. Their oxen will graze off the coarse old As the wind was blowing from grass, and mine will pasture on the front, the merchant was the sweet young growth which riding at the head of his caravan will spring up in its place. My to escape the dust. The yakkha men will find fresh sweet herbs drew his carriage beside the for curry where the old ones merchant’s and greeted him have been picked. Where there kindly. The merchant returned is no water, the first caravan will the greeting and moved his own have to dig to supply themselves, carriage to one side to allow the and we’ll be able to drink at the carts to pass while he and the wells they have dug. Haggling yakkha chatted. over prices is tiring work; he’ll do the work, and I will be able to “We are on our way from barter my wares at prices he has Baranasi, sir,” explained the already fixed.” merchant. “I see that your men

are all wet and muddy and that you have lotuses and water lilies. Did it rain while you were on the road? Did you come across pools with lotuses and water lilies?” “What do you mean?” the yakkha exclaimed. “Over there is the dark-green streak of a jungle. Beyond that there is plenty of water. It is always raining there, and there are many lakes with lotuses and water lilies.” Then, pretending to be interested in the merchant’s business, he asked, “What do you have in these carts?” “Expensive merchandise,” answered the merchant. “What is in this cart which seems so heavily laden?” the yakkha asked as the last cart rolled by.

without saving even a single cupful of water, and ordered the men to drive on quickly. Of course, they did not find any water, and they were soon exhausted from thirst. At sunset they drew their carts into a circle and tethered the oxen to the wheels, but there was no water for the weary animals. Without water, the men could not cook any rice either. They sank to the ground and fell asleep. As soon as night came, the yakkhas attacked, killing every single man and beast. The fiends devoured the flesh, leaving only the bones, and departed. Skeletons were strewn in every direction, but the five hundred carts stood with their loads untouched. Thus the heedless young merchant was the sole cause of the destruction of the entire caravan.

“That’s full of water.” Allowing six weeks to pass after the foolish trader had left, the Bodhisatta set out with his five hundred carts. When he reached the edge of the wilderness, he filled his water jars. Then he assembled his men and announced, “Let not so much as a handful of water be used without my permission. Furthermore, there are poisonous plants in this wilderness. Do not eat any leaf, flower, or fruit which you have never eaten before, without showing it to me first.” Having thus carefully warned his men, he led the caravan into the The merchant was so foolish wilderness. that he followed the yakkha’s advice. He broke all the jars, When they had reached the “You were wise to carry water with you this far, but there is no need for it now, since water is so abundant ahead. You could travel much faster and lighter without those heavy jars. You’d be better off breaking them and throwing the water away. Well, good day,” he said suddenly, as he turned his carriage. “We must be on our way. We have stopped too long already.” He rode away quickly with his men. As soon as they were out of sight, he turned and made his way back to his own city.

middle of the wilderness, the yakkha appeared on the path just as before. The merchant noticed his red eyes and fearless manner and suspected something strange. “I know there is no water in this desert,” he said to himself. “Furthermore, this stranger casts no shadow. He must be a yakkha. He probably tricked the foolish merchant, but he doesn’t realize how clever I am.” “Get out of here!” he shouted at the yakkha. “We are men of business. We do not throw away our water before we see where more is to come from!” Without saying any more, the yakkha rode away. As soon as the yakkhas had left, the merchant’s men approached their leader and said, “Sir, those men were wearing lotuses and water lilies on their heads. Their clothes and hair were wringing wet. They told us that up ahead there is a thick forest where it is always raining. Let us throw away our water so that we can proceed quicker with lightened carts.” The merchant ordered a halt and summoned all his men. “Has any man among you ever heard before today,” he asked, “that there was a lake or a pool in this wilderness?” “No, sir,” they answered. “It’s known as the ‘Waterless Desert.’ “ AUGUST/2016


“We have just been told by some throwing away a drop of water!” strangers that it is raining in the forest just ahead. How far does Just as the merchant had a rain-wind carry?” predicted, his caravan soon came upon the five hundred “A yojana, sir.” carts with the skeletons of men and oxen strewn in every “Has any man here seen the top direction. He ordered his men of even a single storm-cloud?” to arrange his carts in a fortified circle, to take care of the oxen, “No, sir.” and to prepare an early supper for themselves. After the animals “How far off can you see a flash and men had all safely bedded of lightning?” down, the merchant and his foremen, swords in hand, stood “Four or five yojanas, sir.” guard all through the night.

the Buddha had expounded the Four Truths, those five hundred disciples were established in the Fruit of the First Path. The Buddha concluded his lesson by identifying the Birth as follows: “The foolish young merchant was Devadatta, [4] and his men were Devadatta’s followers. The wise merchant’s men were the followers of the Buddha, and I myself was that wise merchant.” ............................................................

“Has any man here seen a flash At daybreak the merchant of lightning?” replaced his own weak carts for stronger ones and exchanged “No, sir.” his own common goods for the most costly of the abandoned “How far off can a man hear a merchandise. When he arrived peal of thunder?” at his destination, he was able to barter his stock of wares at “Two or three yojanas, sir.” two or three times their value. He returned to his own city “Has any man here heard a peal without losing a single man out of thunder?” of all his company. “No, sir.” “Those were not men, but yakkhas,” the wise merchant told his men. “They are hoping that we will throw away our water. Then, when we are weak and faint, they will return to devour us. Since the young merchant who went before us was not a man of good sense, most likely he was fooled by them. We may expect to find his carts standing just as they were first loaded. We will probably see them today. Press on with all possible speed, without 54

This story ended, the Buddha said, “Thus it was, laymen, that in times past, the foolish came to utter destruction, while those who clung to the truth escaped from the yakkhas’ hands, reached their goal in safety, and returned to their homes again. “This clinging to the truth not only endows happiness even up to rebirth in the Realm of Brahma, [3] but also leads ultimately to Arahatship. Following untruth entails rebirth either in the four states of punishment or in the lowest conditions of mankind.” After

Notes: 1. The Uposatha is the full, new, and half-moon days, when many Buddhists observe the Eight Precepts. 2. Yojana: a unit of distance, about seven miles. 3. The Realm of Brahma refers to the highest heavens, where beings enjoy radiant bliss. 4. Devadatta was a cousin of the Buddha. He tried to kill the Master several times, but always failed.




By: Osvaldo George Rodríguez

JOXE VICENTE EGUZKIZA Photos By: Abraham Domínguez Ocon



RUNNING IS ONE OF THE BASIC EXERCISES FOR ANY SPORTSMAN. HOW MUCH EGUZKIZA RAN, NUMBER OF KILOMETERS, TIMES A WEEK AND THEIR FAVORITE TIMES? Running, very important for any fighter; for me, it was what made me suffer most; I never liked, but I knew I needed and worked much, much more... My biggest effect was the resistance and that is why I worked to death, perhaps too much, was my obsession! I always think that if I had, for example , 20% more resistance, I would have knocked out 100% of my opponents, I was sure! I ran 4 to 5 times per week; 40-45 minutes 2-3 days between thresholds, aerobic and anaerobic with heart rate monitor and twice for six of 1000 minutes, one day, and another 400 minutes ; a nightmare!

JUMPING ROPE HAD PRIORITY IN YOUR TRAINING? On the rope jumping, I have to say that when I started fighting in Savate, I fell my kneecaps very overwork, and doing this exercise at the beginning of the workouts for 20 minutes.... The problem disappeared.

HOW MANY TIMES YOU WERE DOWN BY THE PUNCH OF YOUR OPPONENTS? YOU DID SOME EXERCISE FOR YOUR JAW OR YOUR JAW IT’S NATURALLY’RE STRONG? I only get down once by a huge high kick due to my own fault but I could get up and win that fight, even I knock down my adversary in the next assault! I’ve always had good timing, without that, there is nothing, but received little in the fighting and that’s the key to success.



HOW IMPORTANT IS THE FINGER BANDAGE FOR A FIGHTER, AND HOW YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR HANDS? My hands were one of my main problems, through ignorance, precisely for the lack of a good bandage. Now, that would not happen to me, because the time and necessity I became an expert in protect my hands (I suffered a lot of the metacarpals, but never of the wrists or the knuckles) IT WAS EASY TO GAIN WEIGHT BEFORE COMPETITIONS? OR YOU KEPT THE SAME WEIGHT ALL THE TIME? The weight was never a problem for me, fighting in my own weight and I did not have to squeeze a lot, and I felt good and strong. When I did in 66,8 kgs I make some diet and no trouble, when i did at 70 kgs ... looking like a was 71-72 kgs. YOU TAKE CARE OF YOU SELF AS A FIGHTER AND ONLY FOR IT, OR YOU WERE DOING OTHER TYPES OF SPORTS WHERE YOU COULD INJURE YOURSELF OR ANY RISKY ACTIVITIES? I always did every sport that I wanted but trying not risk my career and I have two examples: run-





ning of the bulls of San Fermin, but I abandon that at age of 25, when he saw a high risk of hurting me or getting hurt, it also happened to me with climbing which I find exciting, but more of the same: is the price to pay to compete in the elite; on the other hand, in summer, some running training I substituted them for swimming practice. WHAT WAS THE BIGGEST OFFENSE RECEIVED FROM SOMEONE FROM THE PUBLIC AND WHICH OF ANY OPPONENT THAT YOU REMEMBER? There was more than one, but since you’re Cuban, I remember in a boxing match in San Miguel del Padron, in which a spectator shouted: “Punch that white son of a b ...” and the rest of second to the third round I started to curse him , and them Santin, the coach Paco Paco, told me: “Joxe, concentrate on the fight,” and when I finished, I started looking for him and people said, “he’s gone” ... another time was in a fight in Spain against an African called Eduars, that did not stop insulting in the press conference and I just told him: “Keep your energy and your big mouth for the day of the fight, you’ll lose” and that was what happen ; a short time later he call me home and apologized, which I thanked him without rancor. WHAT DID YOU DO TO RELAX YOURSELF IN YOUR TIME OFF? I was always tired and sleepy, so I liked and I like, Eat well, rest and enjoy conversations with good friends. WHICH OF YOUR OPPONENTS IN THE RING BECAME A FRIEND AND WHO REMAINED BEING A RIVAL? I never liked to make friends with my opponents before any fights and that is the truth, to many of them never saw them again, most of them were foreigners, others however I have seen them and the relations are good. Others do not like to meet with me. 62

HOW DO YOU REACHED RETIREMENT? It came as everything in life in the perfect moment, at 37 years old, many battles fights, laziness for the training began, as a professional I retired and never came back, I do not like those fighters who return again and again and moves on the ring , tarnishing their brilliant careers.




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CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY Each limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist. The signature and edition number verify the print as an authentic work of art from the artist. The total edition number is final, and once sold out no more will be made or sold. Our serious certificate of authenticity, or provenance, comes with every print and original you buy and verifies the work of art as an original bought from Author. Don’t lose it.



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