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CHUNYANG XU Technical Skills



University of Michigan

SketchUp Revit Adobe Suite Lumion V-ray

Tele: 412-888 9482 E-mail: hhpx@umich.edu Address: 2758 Dayton Dr, Ann Arbor, MI, 48108

A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning


Master of Architecture (3G)

University of Pittsburgh 2014-2019

Bachelor of Art

Dietrich School of Art and Science Major: Architectural Design

Minor: Studio Art

Premiere Office Suite Rhinoceros 3D


Professional Experience Taiyuan Institute of Architecture Design & Research Center July - September / 2018

Designed a resting area with bathroom, baggage storage, a retail shop and parents resting space in a sport village for the Youth Games of China utilizing SketchUp and AutoCad

Flute Photography

Worked on employer housing for the additional wing of Qiao’s Grand Courtyard


Researched traditional Chinese architecture during the 18th century


Conducted site research and studied the architecture language of Qiao’s Grand Courtyard


Interacted with clients and integrated their needs into the design



School Experience

Fluent in Chinese

Student Housing

Fluent in English

Fall Semester 2019

Designed a housing project that can accomodate thirteen students

Used a program generation diagram and a form generation diagram to generate a cohesive and comprehensive overall design

Adopted texture mapping to add another layer of information on top of the original design

Community Housing Spring Semester2019

Worked with team members to design a low rise high density housing project located in Pittsburgh

Utilized weather software to test building performance

Applied sustainable design to the project

Did thorough site research

Used form generation diagram to come up with the overall deisgn

Competition and Exhibition Carillon Tower

October to November / 2019

Combined Carillon Tower with modern club to engage with younger generation

Pastel Self-Portrait exhibited at American Jewish Museum January / 2018

Tiny Space Desing Competition September - October / 2017

Designed a single-family house with two bedrooms,a kitchen and a living room

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