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Issue 1: September – December 2010

CHUAYDEK Dear friends, Welcome to the first installment of “Voice of ChuayDek”! ChuayDek would not be able to do all that we have without your support. We are extremely grateful for your support and hope that, through ChuayDek, you continue to feel a sense of connection with the children you are helping. Every four months, the “Voice of ChuayDek” will bring you updates and progress on the hundreds of children at the Buddha Kasettra School your love and generosity are helping to support. You can visit our website (www.chuaydek.info) or Facebook page and group for more. We will be waiting for you there! Thanks for being with us! -ChuayDek Team-

September 3


, 2010:

ChuayDek birthday!

It’s hard to believe that ChuayDek is already 4 months old! Our journey began on September 3 rd 2010 with a hope to bring smiles and happiness to children along the western border of Thailand. We also wanted to foster a “green” conscience for children in Thailand.

To keep our hopes concrete, we started “small”, aiming at helping the 107 children of the Buddha Kasettra School (Khun Yuam, Mae Hong Sorn).

September 3rd was our first visit to the school -a beautiful day, full of joy and hope. We spent the day getting to know the kids and their home, the principle and teachers. We talked about their daily life, and their needs and dreams. These discussions – and continued dialogue – form the core of our mission and activities. Our ACTIVITIES are always decided with the teachers, for the benefit of the

children. The children and their wants and wishes

truly guide our work.

Nong Suchart was abandoned when he was 3 years old. The Buddha Kasettra School is his home and family. Learn more at chuaydek.info

What we do… ChuayDek is implementing a number of initiatives around the theme Education–Environment–Future. Below are a few examples:     

improve the quality and quantity of food; improve school infrastructure; establish an education fund/scholarships; increase knowledge through first-hand experience (study tours); stimulate creativity and learning through small environmental and agriculture projects/courses; provide clothes, support other emerging needs

One step at a time, with you! Many things are needed at the school, and who knows, maybe with your help, and one step at a time, we could make a difference. One step at a time… November 2010, May 2011, November 2011, May 2012, these are our milestones for the donations, each one with targets that we hope to achieve thanks to you and other friends. We celebrated when reaching the first milestone, November 2010, first donation…what a joy! Improved quality of the meals for four months, support to improve infrastructure, warm clothes (yes, it can get cold at the school), ACHIEVED! Thanks to you all and to sponsors. This is only the beginning, many good things are still awaiting!

September 2010 – January 2011 FUN & FUND-RAISING EVENTS What’s better than helping others while having fun? The past months have put the fun in fundraising. And thanks to you, we were able to provide a substantial first installment to the children at Buddha Kasettra. We had a great time organizing these events and hope you did too! THANKS to all for your support!

For art-addicts We kicked off September with an art show, courtesy of Melanie Loui Gritzka-del Villar, a young and promising artist in Bangkok. She invited ChuayDek to participate in the opening of her exhibition “Reflection (click to see pics). The event provided an opportunity to meet new friends and introduce ChuayDek to young and hip Bangkokians. Thanks Melanie!

Trick or Treat!

October ended in a bang with a

cozy fundraising brunch, with costumes, games, raffles, soydao, garage sale, clothes donations, and amazing food provided by Bo.Lan restaurant! Dylan and Bo opened their beautiful restaurant to us and served delicious food. Their support enabled us to gather 84,000thb (2,710 USD at current exchange rate) and to reach our first milestone! Thanks Bo and Dylan!! And thank you all participants! (pics)

Dance for rice

On 26th November, we danced

the night away with the LUSH – Bkk’s Green Night Out! 12 Djs joined live musicians and 800 people to make the LUSH event bigger than ever! We raised 60,000 thb (1,940 USD) from entrance fees, plus 14,600thb (471 USD) from donations! Amazing! Huge thanks go out to the team, to ENSOGO and to all participants (pics and more pics..)!

FIRST MILESTONE: MET!  November 8 and 9 were two great days! ChuayDek friends visited the School, delivered 160,000 thb (5,170 USD), clothes, toys, blankets, smiles and fun! The children welcomed us with food and cookies they prepared themselves. We spent the day playing with the children, listening to their needs and interests and working with the teachers on actions for the coming months. The funds were allocated as follows (see pics):  120,000 thb to improve food quality for four months (November 2010 – February 2011); 1000 thb/day for fruit and vegetables/ day, and increase meat intake;  30,000 thb to support construction of art and music building;  10,000thb for urgent items (i.e. medicines, lotion for cold weather, warm clothes, etc).

1st donation: 160,000thb,clothes&toys! The smiles of the children paid back for all the efforts! Click here for pictures

WORK IN PROGRESS: Food quality improves, the building grows… Mrs. Anchalee (the principle of the School) and Kru Nok (one of the teachers) shared with us the good news…thanks to ChuayDek and to all of you the meals of the children are improving with more vitamins, more protein, and larger variety of food, which is supplemented by organic rice produced by the school. The donation also gave the chance to celebrate New Year's Day with ice cream and a special meal – ordinary things for us, but that fill their heart with joy.

The construction of classrooms where children will learn traditional music and art is progressing well. The teachers were also able to buy medicine, lotion to protect the children’s skin during the cold season, as well as warm clothes (in addition to the ones we brought them).

…nine children were selected for the scholarships! Nine children were selected for the “2011 Saikia memorial scholarship” (10,000 thb (325 USD), or 1,100 thb (35USD) per child, to be delivered during the second donation). Children were selected based on behavior and performance at school. More children will soon be selected for the 2012 edition of the scholarships. We sincerely thank our “gold members” for their continued support to the scholarships and other ChuayDek activities.

It’s not all about money… The spirit of ChuayDek goes beyond money. We hope to bring love to the children, and to show them that somebody cares, Most of all, we want help provide a better future. On January 8, Thailand celebrated “Children’s day.” Recurrent words of this celebration are love, affection, hugs, education, respect, home...These words are comforting, but actions are better. On Children’s Day, we spent an amazing day with the kids, full of celebration of the Hmong new year, ice cream, food, laughter, chats and beautiful nature. See it with your own eyes (pics and..some more pics). Maybe one day you will join us!

Coming up next…

Next visit to the School: 19th February, if you would like to get to know the children you are helping, join the next visit! Contact us for more information (helpchuaydek@gmail.com) Fun & fund-raising event: April 2011, this time in Rome…we will keep you informed and we hope to see many of you there (virtual presence and support from around the world will count too!) 2nd milestone, May 2011: The target is high…330,000 thb (10,650 USD), aimed at:  Improving the meals for the months May – October 2011;  Supporting the construction of the music and art building;  Delivering the 2011 Saikia Memorial scholarships;  Supporting the cultivation and processing of the organic rice for one year

As of today (30.01.11) we raised 144,000THB or 4,650 USD [A portion of this,74,000thb or 2,400USD, has been collected thanks to LUSH and those of you who donated during Christmas and New Year ] but we are still far from our goal... Help us by spreading the word and collect more funds!

Get involved! ChuayDek is a family, suggestions on how to improve the economy are always appreciated! Share with us your ideas, help us bring more smiles to the Buddha Kasettra School children.

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Voice of Chuaydek Issue I  

The 4 monthly of Chuaydek (Help Kids) e-newsletter. More about Chuaydek www.chuaydek.info

Voice of Chuaydek Issue I  

The 4 monthly of Chuaydek (Help Kids) e-newsletter. More about Chuaydek www.chuaydek.info

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