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Issue 2: January – May 2011 Dear Friends of ChuayDek, Welcome to the second issue of the Voice of ChuayDek, sharing with you the steps forward achieved between January - May 2011. Enjoy the reading & feel proud! We managed to do all of this - thanks to all of you.


The way to happiness and self-sustainability of the School is however still long. Let's keep our strength & enthusiasm in helping these children!

In a nutshell...second milestone met‌ & much more!! Here are the major achievements made in these past few months - thanks to all of you, LUSH, ENSOGO and the 1% for Development Fund!

Allowing the children to celebrate eight special lunches

Finalizing the construction of the building with the new classrooms

Securing funds to farm organic rice for the year 2011-2012

Allocating the Securing 184 days of improved meals (School term May - October 2011)

Saikia Memorial

Scholarships to nine children

Funds donated to ChuayDek are ENTIRELY transferred to the Buddha Kasettra School. Your money is NOT used for personal expenses, visits, communication material nor for tours - unless otherwise expressed by you or the specific donor.

Learn all the details of these achievements in the next pages

Fun & Fund-raising events From “Dance for rice” (26 November 2010) to “Dance for toys” (22 April 2011)! Another smashing LUSH party this time helping the Population and community Development Association (PDA) to collect toys and funds to create new Green Village Toy Libraries , a great PDA concept allowing kids from poor and rural areas to play with toys, while learning respect for the environment and for people & for the environment. One of the Libraries will be opened at the Buddha Kasettra School, we‟ll keep you posted!

More food, fruit, and vegetables on their tables Children need a lot of energies to grow and learn. ChuayDek help the School with additional funds and "inkind" donations to improve their meals with more fruit, meat& vegetables:  January to March 2011: 1,000thb (approx 23€ or 32$) were donated per day 1

 May 2011: 500 thb per day (approx 11€ or 16$)  8 special (with real goodies!) or richer lunches were given to the children, in celebration of Friends„birthdays (learn more in the “Happy birthday to you - happy meals and education to them” section, and do the same!) “In kind” donation: Dried food& other aliments to supplement daily meals for a total of 40,126 thb (918€)


1 Thanks to the 1% for Development Fund. Decision in the amount of funds per day was taken together with the School also considering the current possibilities of ChuayDek. There is always time to increase!

2 Thanks to the generous contribution of Friends from Singapore. Note that this amount is in addition to the value showed in the pie chart on page 1, since it was brought directly to the School by the Singapore Friends.

Join the Birthday programme now! Choose your package or suggest a new one

Birthday package 1. Treat the children with a real special lunch! 3000thb (100 US$) for rich portions, delicious food & ice-creams

Birthday package 2. A total of 3,000thb to give one more nutritious lunch (1,000thb or 32US$) & four days of improved meals (2,000thb or 65US$)

Birthday package 3 Contribute to the Education Fund, with 3,000thb (or other amount)

Happy birthday to you - happy meals and education to them! What about 140 children wishing you happy birthday? Many friends already decided to celebrate their birthday with the School, why donâ€&#x;t you join them!?

Securing funds to farm organic rice... mission accomplished! Buddha Kasettra literally means the Buddha way of agriculture, respecting the environment and human beings. Following this approach, and with the aim of increasing their selfsufficiency, the teachers and children work together to farm the organic rice they consume throughout the year. By doing this they need "only" 5,000$, instead of around 23,000$, a huge difference no? No support is received from the government on this activity and securing those 5,000$ is already a big challenge. However, this year the School does not have this financial problem because ChuayDek helped securing the budget needed! The funds for the production of the organic rice 2011-2012 are already in the hands of the School, and those of you joining the Rice4Kids will touch these results with their own hands! How did we manage this? Thanks to the great 26th November LUSH-Bangkok Green Night Out party, the generosity of the organizers, ENSOGO Thailand and all of you, and through the project approved by the 1% Fund!

Building finished - new classrooms ready! When we first visited the School, in September 2010, the director showed us a half constructed building, funds were not available to carry on the construction, but... thanks to ChuayDek the building and new class-rooms are now a reality! September 2010

May 2011

The birth of the “Education Fund”, investing in education is the best way to improve children’s lives! You might remember that nine children were selected for the 2011 Saikia memorial scholarship. These well deserving kids are now receiving their small - but valuable scholarship. Great News! An “Education Fund” has been established to save money to allow one child to Access University. Your help in this could improve at least one life! Thanks to the generosity of Friends from Singapore the Education Fund has already 9,000thb (approx 205€). Already a first good step, but only the 2% of the 415,000thb needed to cover the expenses of one Bachelor degree course.

Detailed information on the ChuayDek page 1% For Development Fund The ChuayDek and Buddha Kasettra School project proposed to the 1% for Development Fund was approved!

The organic rice needed during the year will be farmed;

Thanks to this fund: The funds for the meals between May and October will increase of 500thb per day ;

The roof of the rice deposit will be replaced (it's now broken and a lot of rice is lost due to water leakage);

A learning event on organic agriculture will take place.

What's going on...or nearly coming up! Organic farming learning event 10-11 June (Financial support from 1% Fund, Technical support from Panyawitee Institute. A two day working session for the teachers, older children, selected farmers and parents of School children to improve their knowledge on organic farming! Some of the participants will then be helped to start practicing organic farming in their own fields. Rice4Kids, we can't wait to join the children and the teachers in the rice planting season. After the work, we will also bring the children in on a day tour, in one of the beautiful localities not far from the School. This July 8-10 some of us will get the opportunity of living a unique experience! More birthdays’ celebrations to come! Book yours now!!!

Become our fan on Facebook For more information www.chuaydek.info

Time and care, the most precious gift ChuayDek goes beyond sending money to the School.. we try, as much as we can, to be part of the lives of the children, visiting them and showing them that many people care for them. In the past few months we joined them in January, February and May; with every visit we get to know them better, but also to discuss more with the teachers, monitor and arrange activities

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Voice of ChuayDek Issue II  

The 4 monthly of Chuaydek (Help Kids) e-newsletter, this time covering the progress achieved between January and May 2011. More about Chuayd...

Voice of ChuayDek Issue II  

The 4 monthly of Chuaydek (Help Kids) e-newsletter, this time covering the progress achieved between January and May 2011. More about Chuayd...

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