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The lobby of Chrysalis’ Downtown center was silent save for the clanging of the bell. Just as the sound of the clapper began to wane, Flomanda gave the bell another good shake before announcing, “I got a job!” When a client rings the Success Bell at Chrysalis, everything stops. Staff, volunteers, and clients gather in the lobbies of our centers to rejoice in the life-changing opportunity that a job brings, while we also reflect on the barriers that each individual has overcome. Earlier this year, we came together to celebrate Flomanda who, after working a transitional job with Chrysalis, secured permanent, outside employment providing street maintenance for the City of Glendale Business Improvement District (BID). As someone who has experienced substance abuse, unstable housing, and the criminal justice system, Flomanda was all too familiar with some of the most common barriers our clients face each day as they work to get on a pathway to self-sufficiency.

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Flomanda is described by her Employment Specialist as someone who “hits the ground running and does whatever it takes to get the job done,” a fact confirmed by the two pairs of work boots she wore through while street sweeping for the Downtown Center BID in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s not surprising then that she was also recognized as Employee of the Quarter just before landing an outside job. For many of our Chrysalis clients, working a transitional job marks the first time they have been offered a fair chance in the form of paid employment – while Chrysalis’ job readiness classes and individualized job search assistance further set them up for success.

At Chrysalis, I felt hope for something better. Now, I am a changed woman. I have faith in myself.


Ambassador, Glendale BID


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Chrysalis Enterprises began offering transitional job opportunities in 1991, and we have since become recognized as leaders in the field. In 2016, the number of men and women who worked a transitional job in one of our three social enterprises rose to 724, a 44 percent increase from the previous year. And while our data teams are still working to finalize the numbers from 2017, we can safely say that we saw the number of clients who worked a transitional job with us last year surpass 1,000 – a more than 55 percent increase. Of Chrysalis’ three social enterprise businesses, perhaps the most recognizable are our street maintenance teams – embedded within 17 Business Improvement Districts throughout L.A. County. This program is most effective for clients, like Flomanda, who face some of the biggest barriers to finding and retaining outside employment. For up to a year, clients work to develop marketable experience and occupational skills within a closely supervised, supportive work environment, increasing the likelihood of success in the job market. “(My supervisors) Pierce and Bryan acknowledged me and the work I was doing. I had never seen anyone do that. It made me more excited to work hard every day,” said Flomanda.

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Arts District Los Angeles Century City BID Association City of Monterey Park City of Santa Monica Culver City Downtown Business Association 6. Downtown Center BID 7. Downtown Santa Monica BID 8. Figueroa Corridor BID 9. Greater Leimert Park Village Crenshaw Corridor BID 10. Historic Core BID 11. L.A. Downtown Industrial District 12. L.A. Fashion BID 13. Lincoln Heights Business Association 14. North Figueroa Association 15. North Hollywood BID 16. Pacific Palisades BID / The Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce 17. Wilshire Center BID

The positive changes we see happening in the lives of our clients create a ripple effect that impacts their personal networks as well as our community as a whole. Every day we see change happen because of motivated clients and great partner employers. So you can imagine the pride we had in 2017 when we were given the opportunity to add the Downtown Industrial District to our partners list. The BID’s Executive Director Estela Lopez, shared that they are pleased to be working in partnership with the most experienced teams of urban clean-up specialists. Adding that Chrysalis clients, “demonstrate an eagerness to do their best work, not only to please us as their customer, but because of their own commitment to a better life for themselves. We’re thrilled to be part of the Chrysalis experience.” Naturally, being the amazing team member she is, Flomanda filled in on a shift with the Downtown Industrial District on the first day of the new contract. She noted that “It was a challenge, (but) by the time they took the after pictures, it was like it had never been dirty.” And maybe that’s what really sums up what Chrysalis’ transitional jobs program is all about – you may be faced with a challenge, but if you keep working at it, you’ll reach your goal.

WEP helped me understand my worth. I was so afraid, and it helped me face my traumas and start to face the world again. It’s the most loving and empowering program.


Real Estate Broker


The Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP) has supported more than 450 clients on their pathway to self-sufficiency since its launch in 1999.

Your donation will help ensure that more clients like Maria are empowered with hope and purpose through their participation in this nine-week workshop.

Originally spearheaded by Chrysalis Board Chair Jill Baldauf through the Junior League of Los Angeles, the nine-week workshop series that offers Chrysalis’ female clients access to mentors and targeted trainings is now sustained by over 30 members of our volunteer network – a critical part of what makes the program special according to Santa Monica site director Bianca Smith. She shares, “It’s a solid cohort of women who want to support one another. When our clients learn that some of the mentors can relate to their past experiences, that breaks down walls.” Coming from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, two-thirds of WEP mentors return each year. They attend planning meetings and provide one-on-one support to clients throughout the program, including leading weekly workshops on topics such as time management, healthy living, networking, and more. And the program yields results: 74 percent of 2017 WEP graduates have secured outside employment. However, for some participants like Maria, the program is about more than learning life skills instrumental to their job search – many form lasting friendships, build confidence, and overcome past trauma.



Meet Christian, a client who is finding stability while working a transitional job with the Figueroa Corridor BID. This time is allowing him to identify positions he is interested in, such as being a security guard, and to work through next steps he’ll need to take in order to secure employment.

Sitting on Chrysalis’ Board of Directors since 2011, Joan has cheered on many bell ringers.


Clean Team Member

Every single time I hear that bell ring is a favorite memory. For me, that’s what it’s really about. It’s about camaraderie, respect, achievement, and pride.


Visit our website to read Christian’s full Q&A interview!

I was financially unstable, I had no money to my name at all, and Chrysalis Works helped me get back on my feet.

Find out what inspires her to be an advocate for our clients, and read more about how she supports Chrysalis in this month’s #VolunteerSpotlight.

Board Member


JUNE 2 Since 2002, the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball has raised over $15 million to support our programs, bringing together over 700 attendees from every sector of entertainment, business, and philanthropy.

This donation option is simple and gives you the opportunity to increase your impact over time. It also comes with some perks! Last year, after becoming a ChangeMaker, Andrea was entered into a raffle for two tickets to our annual Poker Night - and she won! She shares below why setting up automated donations was important to her:

I’m excited to donate to Chrysalis because of their wonderful mission and the measurable impact of their work. The testimonials from their clients are poignant and heartwarming - I’m always inspired by their stories of hard work and perseverance, especially in the midst of unimaginable socioeconomic challenges. I feel truly honored to support Chrysalis in making a lasting difference in the lives of others.



How do you donate to Chrysalis? More of our supporters are choosing to schedule monthly, automatic donations. We call this group of advocates our Chrysalis ChangeMakers because they’re using the change in their pockets to make a difference. Think about it this way – 50 cents per day for just one year provides coaching and job search support to one individual working a transitional job in a Chrysalis social enterprise.

Chrysalis ChangeMaker

As you are reading this, more than 400 individuals are accessing services through one of our three centers. That’s the other exciting thing about choosing to make a monthly donation – your ongoing commitment lines up with the commitment our clients are making to themselves on a daily basis. Thank you for standing with Chrysalis and our clients!


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Chrysalis 2018 Spring eNewsletter  

Learn about our growing social enterprise, a workshop series that is empowering our female clients, and more!

Chrysalis 2018 Spring eNewsletter  

Learn about our growing social enterprise, a workshop series that is empowering our female clients, and more!