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Rags to Riches The “Sparkle” Design by Freddie Pough

So it all started while out on a back road ride with a group of buddies! I was enjoying the wind on my 2012 Victory Cross Roads and I thought…. man, I really love these bikes! I started thinking about how cool it would be to build one from the ground up. I envisioned what color it would be. What type of wheel I would put on it. Thought about how it would look slammed to the ground when parked. I had the perfect custom build all worked out in my head. I had even affectionately named this future therapist on wheels— Sparkle!! So when we parked, I told the guys that I wanted to build a bike. My buddy Vee looked at me and said; let’s do it! I described how I wanted a white Victory with a stereo system, a chrome twenty-six inch front wheel, an air ride, and a stretched rear end....... I wanna really do this thing up! After I got it all in my head, it was time to make it happen. I started searching the internet, and after a couple of weeks I found the perfect diamond in the rough! A wrecked, 2016 Victory Magnum in Sacramento, California - just waiting to become my Sparkle! I bouht the bike just based n pictures and had it shipped across the country to it’s new home in South Carolina. Didn’t really know what to expect as far as the mechanics of the bike were concerned, but I was pleasantly surprised when she arrived. Hence, the diamond in the rough reference! After deciding on all of the needed parts and getting them delivered, it was time to find a painter. I posted in one of the motorcycle enthusiast groups on Facebook that I’m a member of and asked for recommendations for local painters to do a custom paint job. In a matter of minutes I received several recommendations. After speaking to a few of them and seeing their work I decided to use Matthew Culpepper. Matthew and I met and I told him the paint scheme that was engrained in my head. White with pearl flakes, and metallic silver with heavy metal flake! Matthew was floored! He said, 6



Mr. Freddie Pough

Once the scheme was decided on it was time to get to work. My buddy Vee came over and we tore the bike down to the frame and got the parts to Matthew. Busted Knuckles Garage was open every weekend from January till the end of March! We did the entire build in my garage in about two and a half months. It was a lot of work, but we had a lot fun doing it. Just two buddy's wrenching in the garage. When the parts came back from paint we were blown away! Matthew did an amazing job taking what was in my head and making it into a reality. The lines were clean and the paint was as smooth as glass!

Photographer Tony Culpepper Owner of TLC Photography

Vee and I had already installed the air ride and center stand, the front wheel and replaced the rear tire. The wiring for the stereo was done and it was time to dress Sparkle up. I was super excited and was so looking forward to seeing the final product; and of course I was ready to pound some pavement. I wanted a beautiful bike, but she wasn't going to be a trailer queen. It was definitely designed to be show and go! My days are pretty stressful from serving as the Executive Director for the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, and one of my most enjoyable ways to relax is riding my bike. I thoroughly enjoy being a public servant, but I believe in working hard, and playing hard! So building this bike was important to me for many reasons. I wanted the pleasure of building my dream bike, but I also wanted to have a killer bike to get my therapy on!

This build provided an enormous amount of joy, and has given me a lot of pride amongst other enthusiast. But most of all it gave a couple of guys an opportunity to enhance a friendship that's more like a brotherhood. I could not have come close to completing this build without the help of my brother, Master Sergeant Valdez Rolle of the United States Army. Forever grateful for his knowledge, patience, and desire to help a friend. Busted Knuckles Garage is temporarily closed!

you I hope y jo all en le Spark h c as mu o! as I d as She h one truly g from to Rags s! Riche



Photography by Robert Holley

Photography by Robert Holley 8


Photography by Robert Holley

Photography by Robert Holley WWW.CHROMESC.COM



Lessons from the Open Road: A Devotional for Motorcycle Riders By K. D. Byrd

Learning to ride a motorcycle was one of the hardest things I’ve ever tackled. I spent hours practicing at a local parking lot.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

I can remember my first open road ride. My knees were knocking. Literally. It was all I could do to ride the bike around the block and return to my driveway. I didn’t give up though. With every ride, I ventured a little further until I’d conquered the fear and actually looked forward to the ride. What’s your fear? Brainstorm some ways you might overcome it.

“And he (Jesus) saith unto them, Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.” Matthew 8: 26 Prayer: Dear God: Help me to overcome my fear.

Byrd, K. Dawn. Lessons from the Open Road: A Devotional for Motorcycle Riders (Kindle Locations 237-239). Sixteenth Street Publishing. Kindle Edition.


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Photos by Shannon Rivers

Photos by Shannon Rivers



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Chrome Bike Night

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The highest three months for motorcycle THEFT are July, August and September while the lowest are February, March and December.



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Mac Kelly 2016 Harley Breakout

Kershaw SC

Julie Ann Willis

2017Harley 750 Street



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Dr. Dilligaf

Got something to ask dr. dilligaf?? send it to

Dr Dilligaf, I recently received an invitation to like and join a Facebook page called B.A.G., Bikers Against Grass. Now, I am an older guy and I seem to recall a Biker policy of No ass, No gas, No grass, No ride. What am I missing here, have times changed that much? Signed, Perplexed in Pelion

abilities or skill level, exercise caution at all times and maintain a safe distance when following. There are more deaths attributed to dog and deer collisions than debris and grass clippings. Even the pieces of tire from an eighteen-wheeler blowout causes more wrecks than grass. Notice I didn't say accidents because almost all these things can be avoided. I think I'm going to start a group of my own so that everyone can feel included, not just people who live where there is plenty of grass. I'll name it B.A.D.D.A.S.S. Bikers against dogs, deer and stupid s---. Look for your invitation to like and join soon on a Facebook page near you. Dr. Dilligaf

Perplexed, I too received such an invitation. Like so many other such requests I sought to ignore it. But lo and Dr.Dilligaf, behold every time I log on "BAM" there it is again. When did Bikers become such a bunch of butthurt, Apparently, Facebook has insured that grass on the easily offended, looking for something else to whine road gets the same type of treatment that the full about bunch of pansies? I can’t keep up with who’s moon gets. You know what I'm talking about. Every in, who’s out, what is acceptable and what is just full moon the photos fill your notifications menu like tolerated, what I can say, what I can wear, or where Santa's mail sack at Christmas. Lord have mercy, I can go. there have been 13 full moons a year since creation Signed, but now they have special titles and people are I just want to ride. naming their children after them. Bikers have become social media gullible, they are I just want to ride, pushed around by the winds of current fads and February 4th, 2004. opinions. People have been cutting their grass and Dr. Dilligaf allowing the clippings into the road for years. Pretty much every state or municipality has a law or ordinance against it. It is a misdemeanor, meaning a ticket at worse. No liability, no jail time regardless of injury or death. Let me repeat this yet again. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous and the most dangerous part is the nut holding the handlebars. I saw where a death was blamed on grass in another state last week. A woman slammed into the back of another motorcycle after the lead rider signaled slow down, single file. Following too close and not paying attention contributed more than the grass did. Not to diminish the danger of grass or other debris in the road but I believe it is the rider’s responsibility to not ride beyond their WWW.CHROMESC.COM 24

Photos by Clint

Photos by Clint





Upstate Warrior Solution Veterans Ride By Wally Wersching

In July 2016, I attended a Poker Run for the Upstate Warrior Solution (UWS), and learned about all the great things they are doing for our returning veterans. The UWS was founded in 2014 to help the Upstate South Carolina returning soldiers, veterans, and their families get all the benefits that they are entitled to receive. They act as a mentor for the veteran, dealing with the government agencies. They help with the day-to-day things that can be difficult for the veteran – knowing where to go, and who to contact. Its ‘model’ has always been to facilitate personal interactions between UWS staff and volunteers, most of whom are combat veterans, and the warriors within our community. A variety of support services are coordinated through three primary programs: Outreach and Case Coordination, Fellowship Academy, and Community Engagement. I wish I had a mentor when I was separated from the Navy back in 1969. I needed all the help I could get to get my benefits when I went to college. I had to stumble through all the government obstacles which made everything take a lot longer, and be more frustrating. For more info, go to

ers is a group of dedicated bikers in the Union, SC area. Many attend the Christian Fellowship Baptist Church at 557 Kelly Road in Union. I went on-line, and learned that registration would be at the church on June 15th between 9:00 and 10:30AM, with kickstands up at 11:00AM to ride as a police escorted group to the Union, SC National Guard Armory. After a couple speeches, they would ride as a group to the Cowpens Battlefield near Chesnee, SC to hear a couple more speeches. All week, I watched to see what the weather would be on Saturday, and everyone said it was going to be sunny and cool – great motorcycle riding weather! I was excited! I awoke early on Saturday morning to see that it was a little chilly – 52 degrees is pretty chilly for the middle of June in the south. I left home at about 8:00AM for the hour long ride to Union. I decided to wear my winter leather jacket, and as soon as I got up to speed, I realized that it was the right decision. It was chilly but I was comfortable. From Shelby, NC, I rode south on Rt 18 through Gaffney, and into the countryside of South Carolina. After a few miles, I turned left onto Rt 114 to avoid riding through Jonesville. On the map, it’s a shortcut to Union. I turned left at the second stop sign to get back onto Rt 18. Before I entered Union, I made a sharp left turn over the railroad tracks onto Kelly Road. The church was a couple miles on the left. After I parked “Miss Vickie”, I went to the registration table to drop off some Carolina Chrome magazines, and give a donation to the cause. I didn’t register because I wasn’t going on the ride to the Cowpens Battlefield.

When I heard that the Colossians 3:2 Riders were hosting their First Annual Veterans Ride to support the UWS, I had to go. The Colossians 3:2 Rid28


Everyone welcomed me with a smile and a handshake. They were all very friendly. I wondered where the riders of all the bikes were. There were more bikes outside than bikers. After talking with a few people, I walked into the building to see a table full of food along with many people eating. The hall was decorated in a patriotic/veteran theme. They really went all out for the event.

After eating a couple pancakes, I went back outside to see who had arrived. I was glad to see “Squid”. As we were having a pleasant talk about the Navy, more and more bikes rolled in. The church parking lot was filling. At a little after 10:00, we were all called into the church hall to receive the door prizes. One of the youngsters drew the tickets, and the first one drawn was for “Squid”. The next one was for “Squid’s” girlfriend. We were questioning the luck of the draw then. The rest of the tickets drawn were for people on the table on one side of the room. No tickets were drawn for the side I was on. It was weird!

Before we left, there was a prayer to protect us on the ride. When we went outside we saw a couple police cars – ready to escort us to the armory. We left as a group, and after about 10 minutes, we arrived at the armory.

There were two speakers at the armory; one was a Vietnam Veteran, and the other was a Marine Veteran with the UWS. After we all parked, we recited the “Pledge of Allegiance”, and then we all sang the National Anthem. It was all very patriotic. The Vietnam Vet spoke first. He was a very interesting speaker who talked about his time in Vietnam where he met his wife (a nurse). He mentioned a few times that she had died in 2002 of an “Agent Orange’ related illness. His message to us was that if we wanted the government to take care of our veterans, we would have to be the voice that motivates them to do that. The next speaker told of how he had been helped by the UWS. It’s hard to imagine how our veterans have to struggle unless you’ve been there. The UWS has many veteran volunteers who help their fellow veterans achieve a productive civilian life. After they were done talking, we all went to our bikes for the ride to the Cowpens Battlefield. I followed them for a while until they got back onto Rt 18. They turned off at Kelly Road, and I went straight home the same way I came down.

The ride home was also pleasant with some interesting scenery. I was glad that I went to the ride, and will go again next year when they have their Second Annual Veterans Ride. WWW.CHROMESC.COM 29

Photography by Retread

Photography by Retread






Dedicated to protecting the rights of injured motorcyclists. We ride so we understand. If you’ve been injured, call the Motorcycle Law Group.SM

1-800-321-8968 Licensed in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.



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Carolina Chrome July Issue 133

Carolina Chrome July Issue 133