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A publication showcasing the unique creativity the photography students of VSAA hold. Here is to celebrating their creations of the now and the future. Volume 3 Issue 4 January 2018 Based in Vancouver, Washington Editor: Ellie Josephson Advisor: Abby Harris Staff: 26 All photographs belong to the artist and have been published with their permission DO NOT copy or share any images without explicit permission from Chroma Magazine Thank you for respecting the photographers featured and the itegrity of their work.

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For this issue of Chroma Magazine, the regular staff and I had the pleasure of coming together with more young and eager artist to showcase the people in our lives making a difference. Recognizing that the simplest of actions one may do can have the largest impact in another’s. We asked our staff the take this opportunity to celebrate someone in their life. To absorb their words, stories, and lessons. As we slow it down and breath in, we take a minute to listen to those around us. I hope you enjoy this issues extended Chroma publication. Warmly, Ellie Josephson

CONTENTS Madisen Liljedahl // 10 Lionel Theodore // 16 Quinn Edenfield // 22 Grace Lahodny // 28 Saylem Pitkin // 34 Trillian Vieira // 40 Sophia le // 46 Sebastian Hauskins // 52 James Hurst // 58

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Maria Vara // 64 Cassady White // 70 Kastine Cook // 76 Maeve Gribble // 82 Jacob Reppeto // 88 Ben Kautz // 94 Maddox Miller // 100 Alexandra Lafayette // 106 Samantha Stieber // 112

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Isabelle Bennett // 118 Isabella Ryanne // 124 Nadia Stupski // 130 Amelia Kim // 136 Emma Bourinskie // 142 Siera Ehlers // 148 Ellie Josephson // 154 Annabel Koral // 160

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Angy Liljedahl

By: Madisen Liljedahl

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Q: What were you like as a teenager? A: As a teenager I was pretty rebellious. If someone told me no I took that as yes. I worked hard at school and played sports year round but still found time for trouble. Q: How was it having grandma and grandpa as your parents? A: Grandma and grandpa were both very good parents but had opposite views on a lot of things. Grandma was more forgiving when there was trouble. They were both very involved in my activities and school.

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Q: What made you enlist in the navy? A: I joined the navy to get out of Vancouver and see the world. I was trying the college and work thing but I just wasn’t going anywhere. I wanted to get some new experiences and get on my own and the navy was a way to do that. Q: Can you see me joining the navy as well? A: I think you would do ok in the navy but as an officer. You would be good at organization and leading people. Q: Would you do it again? A: I would definitely do the navy again. I had a great time and had a lot of experiences I never would have. Q: Favorite place your ship was? A: My favorite place my ship went was Darwin Australia. It was a smaller town on the outskirts of the bush. The locals were friendly and we also met some native aborigines. Q: Things you learned? A: I learned a lot about different cultures and cultural differences. I also learned about leadership and how to motivate and lead others. Q: Favorite/ least favorite things about being a single parent? A: My favorite part of being a single parent is being able to always be involved and make decisions that are in your best interest. My least favorite part is always having to work and having to leave you when you were younger. Q: Advice for me if I was a single parent? A: My advice to you if you were a single parent is you can still do whatever you want you just will have to work harder to get there. Your dreams are not over.

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By: Lionel Theodore

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Graciela Contreras (pronouns: he/him she/her they/them) She’s a childhood friend of mine. We went to elementary school together since kindergarten and we got accepted to vsaa together. We know alot about each other but when we got into vsaa we have talked to each other less. I used this opportunity to get closer to her.I used my personal camera, which is Canon Powershot SX530 HS. I took these photo at our old elementary school, Peter S Ogden. It was very nostalgic. I felt younger. This also brought a lot of memories me and her have. I asked her questions like “what do you think of your younger self?” “what was it like finding your sexuality” etc.This went different than i thought. Not badly though. I thought this would very professional and quiet. But it felt very natural and fun. Overall i got to know Graciela better.

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Viaggiatore Saggio

By: Quinn Edenfield

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For my interview series, I took photos of my grandfather. He is someone that I can confidently say anyone would be interested in talking to. He’s seen lots of contrast in life, and has seen many different ways of living. Growing up as a hippie, he was always outdoors. He would adventure and exercise his love for nature, and I’m always amazed at how much he knows about this planet. He grew up to be a geologist and travel around the globe, going to places like Machu Picchu in Peru, China, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Morocco and more. During the interview, I would try to ask questions that would lead into conversation (this wasn’t very difficult, because he loves to talk). An example is “What was it like seeing the difference in daily life compared to the U.S?”. This would lead to a very long response (as I figured) and then we would just start talking. I would take pictures towards the end of sentences or when he was trying to remember things to get a more raw expression. At the time of taking these photos, he was going through a big loss and feeling many different emotions. And there is no doubt that this contributed to the quality of these photographs, because while the technical part of photography is crucial, I believe that sometimes people forget that it’s about the subject. And if you try to fit a photograph into the exact agenda that you want, it’s not necessarily going to work. It’s somewhat like using the pottery wheel; you must move with the clay. Don’t try to force it.

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Grace Lahodny

By: Barbara Jane The person I chose to interview and take photographs of is my grandma. Her name is Barbara Jane and I chose to take pictures of her because she has a lot of memories and stories to tell and she deserves to be heard. (I also included the interview or the Q and A portion of this. I didn’t know if I was supposed to include this or not so I did just incase :) Q: How does gardening make you feel? A: Gardening makes me feel satisfaction. And I relate it to when my kids are growing up, you do the best you can. I do that with my plants now. It’s like I’m taking care of nature. chroma // 28

Q: Do you have any stories about Christmas or what it means to you? A: I remember when I was about 9 years old and we didn’t have any money and so somebody knocked on our door and they were called the Sunshine Division and I had two sisters so three of us and they came to the door and each gave us one present. And I got this little plastic doll and this cute little outfit. That was the most meaningful Christmas ever. Q: How did Aunt Agnes impact your life? A: She is the sweetest ever. I remember when I visited her at the hospital when she was dying and I was crying and she [Aunt Agnes] said “ Oh Barbie don’t cry we’ll see each other again some day. It was so sweet. We would also always go to the zoo and to feed the ducks together. Q: How does your sickness change your lifestyle or what you want to do? A: It makes me feel frustrated and for a while I felt doomed. Because I’d be doing something for a week and a half and then it would come back. I even don’t like knitting because I’m so tired that it zaps your happiness in a way. I just make sure I do something satisfying every day.

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My grandpa is a very spiritual person and interviewing him was so amazing to hear his path from the struggles he went through with his childhood to his comfortabilty of becoming older man

By: Saylem Pitkin

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Emotion in Hawaiian Ocean Blue Silhouette in a sunset Simple shot from a complex scene It’s dark Dark as an unknown thrill Sharks a perfect machine This probably makes no sense Wanna be friends?

By: Trillian Vieira

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By: Sophia le

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Jessica is my cousin, she is very dramatic, outgoing, and fun. I chose her for my interview photos, because I trust her very much. Also, I thought that she would be very fun to photograph. She really was fun to interview, and answered all the questions I asked. Even during the complex questions. She almost laughed throughout the whole interview. However, there were times when she cracked, and became tense. I got the best photos out of those. The thing that stood out the most about the interview was the end. She got a little deep near the end. For example, right before the interview ended, she looked at my questions and said, “What do I want to do in life? Be a music teacher, or just help people with music. That’s all I want to do in life.” This really struck a chord with me, and changed how I viewed Jessica. She was always carefree, and hadn’t really talked about her future until now. It made me really happy that she opened up to me. However, I didn’t get the chance to take a photo when she said that, yet I think it was enough.

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By: Sebastian Hauskins What was your first job, did you have any pets,what did you parents do for a living, how many siblings do you have, did you go to your high school prom, what was it like before I was born, who was your first boyfriend

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By: James Hurst chroma // 58

Thoughts from a logician: 1. What would happen if Pinocchio said, “My nose will now grow”? 2. “Gang Fighter #2: You go that way, I’ll go home” -Kung Pow: Enter the Fist 3. <math> H(s) = ∫<sub>0</sub><sup>∞</sup> e<sup>-st</sup> h(t) dt </math> Playlist from a gamer: You’re the Best, Eye of the Tiger, Crossing Field, Kung Fu Fighting, The Final Countdown, Sail, Numb, Centuries, Radioactive, Stronger, Hall of Fame, Welcome to the Jungle, Ignite, All Star, Faded, I Will Survive, Take on Me, Legends Never Die, “Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark” Suite.

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Real One

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Get You - Daniel Caesar“And I’ll take some time Just to be thankful That I had days full of you, you Before it winds down into The memories, It’s all just memories”

By: Maria Vara chroma // 65

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PART-TIME GOTH torture // the cure lucretia my reflection // sisters of mercy color me once // violent femmes the witch // rosetta stone darkness // rage against the machine dead souls // nine inch nails all I want // the cure

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By: Cassady White chroma // 71

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By: Kastine Cook

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Meet Nancy Groot. Grandma, Vancouver citizen, and my next door neighbor. Many people often describe my grandma as the “sweetest person you’ll ever meet”, and they wouldn’t be wrong. She is the most selfless, devoted, and kind-hearted person I’ve met. Knowing her for the past seventeen years I’ve found out that she is so much more than this label people often give her. She has her fair share of faults, kinks, and hidden talents. Trust me, I had to live through her obsession with Moroccan food. Just for the record, she has never been to Morocco, so I’m pretty sure she just picked up a discounted cooking book and was suddenly inspired. When I had to select a person to interview for this series I thought I might know my Grandma too well. But, as I sat down to interview her I quickly realized that you can never know someone too well. “I hate the word retirement, I like to keep busy and I don’t think I will ever be fully retired.” “I’m honestly the happiest when I’m helping others, especially when I’m with my husband Larry. I think the reason we’ve had such a long and happy marriage is that we both have the same mission in life.” “I loved my childhood, I had just the right amount of direction and time seemed as if it went by slower. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. But, I wish I had the schooling you had today, I never felt that I truly excelled within school.” “Getting to watch your own children and then grandchildren grow up and develop as people is something I never thought I’d value as much as I do now.”

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Adeline, I remember when I met you. Small, just a baby. I was two. You had this cute little red birth mark on your nose, that didn’t go away for years. Like someone had thrown a raspberry at you. Since then you have grown to be taller than me, you are also far more artistic than me. You can sing amazingly, play instruments, dance, I’m not sure there is much you can’t do. Watching you grow up has been crazy, I still feel like you are a little kid with a cute birth mark on your nose. I love you, my sister not by blood but by choice.

By: Maeve Gribble


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I Hope You Dance

By: Jacob Reppeto chroma // 88

My mom has worked so hard in her life to get to where she is now. This series is dedicated to her, because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time she gets to be in the spotlight. My mom like a lot of parents out there, lives in the grocery store, so I decided we should make this normal trip extra special by creating this photo series with her.

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Patricia Skinner Patterson For my interview I chose to photograph my mother. I asked her a multitude of questions revolving around topics I consider to be hard for us to discuss, despite our close connection. I chose to photograph her specifically, because in my mind it was a way to have conversations about the hard topics and work through them.

By: Ben Kautz

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I was talking to my sister about how being on both sides of the photography and model business affects her photography and if helps her when she is modeling. she says that being on both sides provides a different view point that helps her when taking photos. she also says the being a alumni of vsaa gave her the creative push she needed to create a business for herself in photography. I decided to take photos for my sister because she is a role model for me, she has been understanding caring and has helped me through a lot. she is also a very experienced photographer and has helped teach me in the subject.

By: Maddox Miller

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By: Alexandra Lafayette

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I choose to take photos of my mom because, she has experienced a lot in life that I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know very much about. She grew up in Russia, and when she was in college, she decided to imagrate to the US. All of her family still lives in Russia, her mom, dad, sister and all of the other relatives. During this series I was asking my mom, Olga, about her childhood and how it felt to be moving to the US, the upsides and the downsides. How her parents felt, and now, years later, after having her own children she understands what it must have been like for her parents when she moved away. How the culture here must be different, the people and language not the same, and how living here in her first few months must have been like. During this prosess I learned more about my mom as a young lady and and more about my background.

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Olivia Sherman is my subject not only because sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stunning, but because she is a role model for me. Only being 13 years old she has taught me things I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know I needed and has helped me through so many things. This series is about someone who inspires us, which Olivia definitely does

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Sure Man

By: Samantha Stieber chroma // 113

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Model Reinvented

By: Isabelle Bennett

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Isabelle: What’s you name? Georgia: Georgia Fraiser Isabelle: What is your relation to me? Georgia: Great grandmother Isabelle: What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? Georgia: In my bed, sleeping at night. Isabelle: You’ve been so many places and that’s the most beautiful place? Georgia: Mazatlàn, I don’t know how beautiful it was, it was dirty but I like the ocean. Isabelle: Was there anywhere in Europe that stood out to you? Georgia: In Europe? Europe is dirty and stinky. Isabelle: How many times were you married? (Secretly married 3 times but only admits to 2 and doesn’t know we know) Georgia: Three. Twice. Twice. 2, once to debis dad and once to your grandfather. Bob flora and bob fraiser. Isabelle: Why’d you say 3 the first time? Georgia: I’m cookoo, sometimes I get things mixed up. Isabelle: What is the most impactful phrase you can tell other people? Georgia: To inspire somebody I would say “follow your dreams.” Isabelle: How do you explain happiness? Georgia: Happiness is my warm pillow. Isabelle: What did you model? Georgia: I modeled clothes Isabelle: What kind? Georgia: Dressed and undressed, have you seen my calendar? I posed for a calendar and that painting recently sold for $25,000 Isabelle: What do you want people to remember you as? Georgia: Following my dreams and doing the best I could with my life and not being as naughty as I could’ve been. chroma // 119

Isabelle: What is something you wish you knew sooner? Georgia: Be more cautious with some of the things I did. Isabelle: Why do you say that? Georgia: Because I was naughty with some of the things in my life. I know when I was modeling and my mother was in the other room for that one calendar and I said ‘he wants me to take off my clothes but he’s afraid to ask me’ and my mother says ‘it’s just art, honey’

chroma // 120

Isabelle: If you could change one thing what would it be? Georgia: If I had my choice in life I wouldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve become an opera singer. I always wanted to sing soprano, I needed lessons and I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford them otherwise I woulda sung madam butterfly or somethin

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Isabelle: What’s your biggest secret? Georgia: Oh no no no it’s a secret... I’d like to be able to dance but I’m too clumsy. Isabelle: What was the most challenging thing you’ve ever done? Georgia: Staying married to bob fraiser Isabelle: Why? Georgia: ‘Cus he was hard to live with. First 4 years were fine but after he had his stroke he was no fun anymore and I was used to being used to married to bob flora and bob fraiser was just an old fuddle dud. Isabelle: Why’d you marry him then? Georgia: For moneeyyyyyy, you want me to be honest that’s what it was. chroma // 123


for this series, I chose to focus on my mom. sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the most kindhearted, giving, and overall genuine person ill ever know. theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re simple, black and white, but these are hands down my favorite pictures Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever taken. enjoy.

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By: Isabella Ryanne

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Excerpts from interview: 1. What are some observations you have made? A: People do a lot better when they feel secure. I feel that taking in Jocelyn (my adopted sister) and having her finish high school was very good for her. I am so proud of her. I’m glad she could have a secure place 2. Practical Advice for students? A: Get your work done! Don’t worry about perfectionism so much. Get it done and then refine it. Don’t let your own ideas that everything needs to be perfect to stop you. Especially in creative projects. Get started! Do it! Just do it! Any form of self expression is gonna be good. 3. What is an idea you have held onto for a long time? A: I’m totally gonna write like a self help book and go on a lecture circuit and like be famous. 4. How much would you sell your book for? A: oh you know 17.95 (no hesitation) 5. Would you rather fight one giant crab or 500 small crabs? A: The small crabs. They are my friends.

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By: Nadia Stupski

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Face in Film

By: Amelia Kim chroma // 136

my mom loves film photography so much that a great number of our family portraits are done in film in giant black and white prints. Her wedding memories are stored in long black coils of negatives. My mom even took some of them herself with a camera purchased â&#x20AC;&#x153;way back whenâ&#x20AC;?. I took these portraits with this same camera, scanned them into digital and made edits accordingly. I see so much of myself in my mom, and I hope that her multifaceted and strange and wonderful personality can be seen through these photos.

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chroma // 142

I chose Isabelle for this project because I wanted to choose somebody that has had an impact on my life, and made this photo series as a way to appreciate her.

By: Emma Bourinskie

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chroma // 148

This series was based around the relationship of my mom and I. She is a huge inspiration to me, her patience and beautiful spirit are just some of the amazing things I see in her everyday. Her birth name is Luz which means light in Spanish so this is why I picked gleam for my title. Even though she doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go by that name I think it fits her personality and demeanor perfectly. My mother is a shining light in the darkness.

By: Siera Ehlers chroma // 149

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Earl Summerhill

chroma // 154

A man a few words, Earl Summerhill has been dedicated to a life of integrity and hard work. As he shares stories, his appreciation for the simple things in life really shines through his words. A loving introvert goes on to share his perspective on life, claiming the perfect day would be filled with leisure and loved ones. I wanted to acknowledge someone in my life that is a silent hero of sorts. always there for others, but never making a situation about themselves. I wanted to celebrate the life he had lived and all of the accomplishments in between And although our photoshoot lasted few seconds, I was able to spend time with my grandfather worth more than any image.

By: Ellie Josephson

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The Foundation of Human Understanding

chroma // 160

When my dad was a kid, he was in a cult. He never told me much about it, so I decided that asking him questions about it would be perfect for this series. The cult my dad was a part of, was called ‘The Foundation of Human Understanding’. It was Cristian based mixed with eastern meditation techniques and theories. The cult was very sexist, and they thought things like music, movies, and romance were bad. Since he was in it from a very young age, he didn’t really understand how his life was different from others, except for seeing people complaining about the cult in the newspaper or on television. My dad’s mother was not part of the cult, it was just him, his twin brother, and his dad. His mom and sister had their own seperate lives, and never participated in it. They were in the cult for about ten years, from when my dad was eight until his late teens. For his dad, it didn’t really have a big impact on his life since he joined when he was around thirty. But being in the cult had a big impact on my dad, because he was in it during the time you start getting older and having a better understanding of life.

By: Annabel Koral

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CHROMA magazine

Interview chroma  

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 4: A publication celebrating young & talented creatives from the VSAA photography community & beyond.

Interview chroma  

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 4: A publication celebrating young & talented creatives from the VSAA photography community & beyond.