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September 2019

Glimpse 1


magazine A publication celebrating young and talented creatives from the VSAA photography community and beyound. Volume 5 Issue 1 September 2019 Based in Vancouver, Washington Editor: Nadia Stupski Advisor: Abby Harris Staff: 18 issu.com/chromamagazine chromamag2015@gmail.com All photographs belong to the artists and have been published with their permission. DO NOT copy or share any images without explicit permission from Chroma Magazine. Thank you for respecting the photographers featured and the integrity of their work.


Editor’s Letter


Summer can feel like a whole different life. Something about that vast expanse of blue sky mimicing those long summer hours and the feeling of limitless potential. Summer can vary in meaning so much from person to person yet is so widely beloved because of this freedom it comes with. Whether it be a vacation, summer job, or just a couple extra hours of rest. For this issue our dearest photographers show a glimpse into their life in summer as we transition back to the normality of the school year. Fond Regards, Nadia Stupski, Editor

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Table of Contents Lily Jonas // 08 Isabelle Bennet // 18 Brandon Nerat // 26 Madisen Liljhedahl // 34 Isabella Williams // 42 Jacob Reppeto // 50 Lionel Theodore // 60 Alex Wheatley // 70 Mami Silva // 80 Anna Saltzberg // 88 Savanna Roberts // 96 Gabriela Miles // 104 Abby Gordon // 114 Grayson Molyneux // 122 Natalie Mcnulty // 132 Reyli Quinonez // 140 Anne Bias // 150 6

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Al lu re 9 Lily Jonas


11 11


Summer gives a hard working student the opportunity to explore, create and experiment with whatever brings them joy. I had the opportunity to go on vacation with two wonderful humans that mean so much to me and capture pure beauty. With this series I wanted to experiment with motion film photography. I also experimented with using a filter on the lens I used for the first time to enhance the saturation of the sunset without having to use photoshop. To my luck, I had two wonderful models who were willing to experiment with me and a beautiful sunset to capture. This summer I wanted to branch out in my abilities as a photographer and take more film photos. I’ve also had little experience in taking motion photography and with a wonderful dancer willing to share her talents with me, there was no question I wanted to capture her beauty.



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Isabella Bennet

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25 25

Natural Alaska


27 Brandon Nerat






33 33


Disappointmen 34

46.2936° N, 124.06 42° W


35 Madisen Liljedahl




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41 41

Peach Isabella Williams


h 43 43




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47 47



Goodbye Jacob Reppeto







to the sunshine and beaches, I also had to say one of the hardest goodbyes in my life to my best friend of thirteen years. Harley James was the sweetest, most mellow dog you could meet. Every day when I would come home, he would be waiting for me at the top of the staircase with his wagging tail and squished face. However, this January, Harley was diagnosed with severe heart failure and was estimated six months left to live. He ended up living almost eight months until we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep. These photos were taken three hours before his death, so those who loved him can have something to remember him by.






L a t e Au g u s L a t e Au g u s t L a t e Au g u s t

60 60

t t t

61 Lionel Theodore

62 62



For my first Chroma series as focus student I decided to use photos from my trip to florida during the summer. Everywhere on this trip I took my camera with me. Surprisingly, the photos I thought looked the most interesting weren’t from disney world, universal or anywhere like that. You would think that those would be the most photogenic places but I found myself taking photos of things that l thought looked more interesting rather than forcing uninspired photos. Two of the photos were taken at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport while I was waiting for my flight at around six in the morning. The sun had just risen and made everything have this very beautiful orange glow and I instantly had to take a photo.

65 65

66 66

The other three photographs were taken at The Florida Aquarium in Downtown Tampa. I was with my family and my younger cousin was looking at gigantic display of fish floating around. His silhouette instantly stood out against bright blue glass like a painting. I have way more photos from this trip, but I felt these were more representative of my experience visually that week I was out of Washington. I tried to express that through the color grading. I found that a lot of things look saturated visually in Florida, due to the weather and the overall culture.

67 67


69 69


Alex Wheatley



73 73


In this issue of Chroma, I wanted to expand my breadth into landscape photography and use natural lighting to my advantage; in my photo series ‘Eden’ my inspiration for the title comes from the biblical garden of Eden and the idea of utopia or a euphoric place. 75 75

For me, this place is Burnt Bridge Creek. This summer to get out of my own head space I would walk down into this place and observe, alone focusing on the natural world and finding peace within. Technique wise I exclusively used Sunlight and the use of tree trunks to keep the sun from overexposing my photos; in the process creating natural lens flares. 76


78 78

79 79

80 80

Au ra Mami 81 Silva

Summer Playlist tomorrow- kali uchis juice- lizzo i need to be alone- girl in red tia tamera- doja cat feat. rico nasty hold up- beyonce history- rich brian coming home- kali uchis 82 82

83 83

84 84

85 85

86 86

87 87


Touch of

Yellow 89 Anna Saltzberg





The summer for me was time to reflect and get new perspective, to take photos without prompt and for fun. It was a time to experiment and take photos for the sole purpose to enjoy photography. Within this series I captured what made my summer memorable and what’s important to me. These were some of my biggest highlights in summer and I wanted to show them each in a new and beautiful way. I wanted to experiment with texture, depth of focus, and grow as a photographer. I choose to work with earth tones, yellows and greens to convey the simplicity of nature. These photos have bright aspects but stick to a color tone, they convey a calm, happy and vibrant mood. I minimally edited these photos to keep the natural colors the earth has to offer. This summer was a time of growth for me and I believe that is reflected within my photos. 93


95 95


El mejor momento de mi vida Savanna Roberts

This past summer. . . I had the opportunity to travel to Spain for an immersion program. I was fascinated by the culture, history, and architecture, but above all the kindness and generosity of the people. One of my favorite places I visited in Spain was Toledo. Here, we were given the chance to explore this ancient city on our own, and while many people wandered the shops, I meandered the narrow cobblestone streets taking photos. 98 98


These photos are very special to me. I took them on a 1985 Minolta camera with black and white film. There was something very captivating about taking photos in the presence of Spain’s old history with a film camera. When I had the photos developed and was seeing them for the first time, all the wonderful memories of my trip came flooding back to me. Here is a compilation of my favorites from around Spain.



Mir ror


105 Gabriela Miles

For this series I wanted to work with different props and try to push myself to push myself as a photographer. When I push myself with my art, I find that I get better products out of the experience. I love this series because I pushed myself to try new things and it turned out to be something that I am proud of. I titled this series Mirror, Mirror because I incorporated a mirror in every photo. In this series I looked for new ways to use the mirror where it was not just right in the photo. In the photo of Abby and Maggie I used the mirror right against the lens to reflect the environment around them. In future series I hope to push myself like I did with this one.


108 108

111 111





115 Abby Gordon


Over the summer, I decided to slow down my process and shoot mostly with film. These photos are a compilation of color pictures I took that remind me of my favorite memories of summer. I wanted to experiment with a few different brands of 35 mm color film, and the photos included in my series are shot on kodak portra 400 and fujicolorpro 400. The three different locations these photos were taken are special to me in different ways, but they all allow me to be more aware of my surroundings. 117

In August, we drove down to my father’s childhood home set of a couple acres in St. Helena, California. Everything there grows like crazy and I spent hours swinging under a giant walnut tree and exploring the property set along the Napa River, in the middle of miles and miles of vineyards. We stayed there for a week with my grandparents and my aunt, and it was special to see a glimpse of what life was like for my dad growing up. Summer is an important time for me to reground and explore what I love, and these photos serve as a reminder of the growth I’ve experienced in just a couple months. I wanted to capture the feeling of taking in the warmth of the sun and being in the present moment with this series, and hopefully that feeling will linger even with this summer coming to an end. 118


120 120


ATHEN Grayson Molyneux

122 122


123 123

In greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare. She has frequently been depicted in armor and holding a spear. My athena is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever met. She has endured so many things and uses her personality and strength as her spear and armor. Her experiences have made her wiser than many others that are the same age. She reaches out for help in her own way, not making a big deal out of herself but doing what she needs to do.


When I needed someone, she was there. She knows what to say and how to make you feel better in just a short conversation and her style and expression show who she is and how she has grown into herself and her personality. The goddess Athena has become a symbol of the arts, and my Athena is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard. The goddess Athena was given many gifts and sacrifices as tributes to her. Athena, this is my tribute to you.




130 130

131 131

Foliage Natalie Mcnulty



It was the first week of summer, where my friends and I were dying to get outside, and take some photos. To create art that didn’t have a deadline, and creativity was completely under my control. The cloudy day at the Portland Rose and Japanese garden, offered a dreamy atmosphere that my friends felt comfortable modeling in. Surrounded by foliage and flowers at the peak of their bloom, I felt obligated to capture the scene. Though I do value challenging myself as an artist, it was nice to feel like I didn’t HAVE to take photos, and take a moment to breathe and just enjoy the process. I did find myself taking a lot of portraits, mostly because my friends would also value these memories, but I also found many landscape shots while editing.



The editing process is where I really did stretched myself. I took the summer to learn the Lightroom and Photoshop software, and now I feel much more familiar and comfortable using it. I value editing a lot, as it can help convey the feeling of what it was like to be there, or the opposite and completely change the look, which is a really powerful tool. Those couple of months gave me freedom to expand my skills, and just take time to enjoy the process. It is a way of reminding myself why I love this art form.



S y r e v E 140

y a d Sun 141 Mireyli Quinonez


As I come back from summer break, every year, I reminisce on everything that I did during that time and even from summers before. A few years back, I used to go to the bowling alley every weekend with my family and play one round. After that one round, along with my little brother, would run straight to the arcade and leave my parents with their friends to play another round.


144 144


We would spend hours at that arcade and some of my happy memories with my brother were at that arcade. Going back this summer, I wanted to capture some moments around that same arcade to get that feel that I used to get when I used to go every sunday.




Stuck On You

150 150

Anne Bias 151

For my photo series I choose these photos as a chance to reflect upon how far I have grown artistically through my photos. Instead of choosing photos that I took over the summer, I wanted to choose photos that showcased my growth as a photographer and how I am growing into my own style. I also wanted to have a different vibe from other photos presented in this magazine, to add variety. These photos were taken in early June and were taken in the light side of the dark room with Model Ainsley de Guzman.

152 152

153 153

154 154

In the photos presented, I wanted the dark eeriness of the background to stand out so my artistic vision called for black and white. The photos wouldn’t have been as strong if they were in color. I strictly wanted the highlights to be white to add intensity to the photos. Along with the angle and the facial expression I kept to the same pose just different variations of the same angle. The stickers in each photo are glued to the model as if she has something growing on her face, hence the meaning of the series “ stuck on you�.

155 155

156 156

157 157

158 158

159 159

magazine 160

Profile for Chroma Magazine

Chroma: Glimpse  

VOLUME 5 ISSUE 1: A publication celebrating young & talented creatives from the VSAA photography community & beyond.

Chroma: Glimpse  

VOLUME 5 ISSUE 1: A publication celebrating young & talented creatives from the VSAA photography community & beyond.