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ECLIPSE october 2019



magazine A publication celebrating young & talented creatives from the VSAA photography community and beyond. Volume 5 Issue 2 October 2019 Editor: Mami Silva Advisor: Abby Davis Staff: 18 All photographs belong to the artists and have been published with their permission. DO NOT copy or share any images without explicit permission from Chroma Magazine. Thank you for respecting the photographers featured and the integrity of their work.


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LETTER Dear precious readers, Finally the dawn of October has come upon us and with that comes the most ghostly time of year. Our staff decided to tackle on one of the most famous symbols of both serenity and madness, the moon. There are plenty of different interpretations of the suns sister, many different goddesses to represent her face, and different myths tied to her name. We hope you enjoy the unique interpertations our staff had with this prompt and Happy Halloween.

yours truly, Mami Silva, Editor


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lumen Abby Gordon


Full moons are known for their heightened power and clarity. We are often swarmed by confusion as we rapidly move through life, but I feel that on a full moon the unclear can become illuminated. It is a time where we can take a step back and realize the big picture in our endeavors. The moon itself is seen as feminine in many cultures, looking over the earth with a sense of peace and wisdom. My model Annika is supposed to be a lunar entity, transformed by the strength of the full moon. Because the gravitational force of the moon pulls the tides, I took my photos by the ocean to capture the shared powers the two have. I used strong, warm lighting to give my photos a “deer in the headlights� feel, as if they were an observation of an otherworldly creature. I also added stars in some photos to convey the celestial theme of the series. Realization, curiosity, introspection, and illumination. This is what a full moon means to me. While the earth is always spinning, hopefully we can have moments where time takes a pause and we can catch our balance.

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model: Annika Cook location: Oceanside OR



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POLARIZE Alex Wheatley



16 14



Within the theme of “eclipse�, I wanted to leave behind the collective mindset of the sun and moon and instead focus on human activity and how light dictates our activity, specifically looking at public places and the absence of people at night from these extremely developed areas and merging both worlds with photoshop and placing people who were active during the daylight in areas where we could be considered missing or absent. location: Vancouver Waterfront WA

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polarity, (verb, noun): “The state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects�.

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25 23

lunatic Anna Saltzberg

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28 26

The word lunatic comes from the latin root luna, meaning moon. Lunatic on the other hand means “maniac or crazy person”. This is what I wanted to convey in my series. Throughout my series I wanted to show how the latin root of the moon is translated into lunatic and more specifically how the two words are related by capturing my model as a lunatic. The use of hands shows how people can feel this constant pressure pushing until they break. Water and the moon have such an interesting relationship with the pushing and pulling the tides, in and out which further connected to my original intent of the series. In this series, I wanted to capture a creepy, crazy kind of mood by capturing the pictures in the dark. I wanted to experiment with working at night and using unnatural form of light as well as using texture to show depth. I choose a minimal form of editing to let the natural colors show through and I believe this gives the photos a more authentic look, making you believe she’s a lunatic.

models: Cali Campbell & Alexandra Lafayette

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youth Anne Bias

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34 32

The main theme for my photo series was the idea behind crystals. Typically people who practice using crystals do a cleaning the night of a full moon, the full moon bring purifying energy that charge crystals, bring positive energy for the new cycle. The idea of a full moon brings a new creation, a restart.

35 33

My model is wearing a white dress to show the new cycle after a full moon, bringing in positive energy and a fresh start. Along with the purity after a full moon, I wanted my photos to be near water because water also represents purity and a new tide brings in new water to shore, circling back to new adventures and beginnings life can bring. In my photo series I used a prism to get the glare look, blending the model into the water. model: Natalie Stromberg location: Vancouver Waterfront

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exposed Gabriela Miles

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ar ch

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Isabell a Ry

ann e


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For this series I chose to use a magnifier, a white spherical light, crystals, and red and blue lights to capture my perception of eclipse.

When I think of eclipse and the moon I think of how a lot of people who believe in different crystals powers charge them in a full moons light, I think the colors convey the light being absorbed into the crystals very well.

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isolated Grayson Molyneux


55 53

The feeling of isolation is the most obvious to me when I’m alone with the moon. I especially felt this feeling when I was a child. The moon seems like such a lonely thing and I wanted to work to represent that feeling in my series.



I used a 4 year old boy as my model to show how this is something I first experienced as a child.

I chose the location of several abandoned barns and buildings to really show the feeling of being completely alone. 57


e r h a t l e

Isabelle Bennett 58 56

59 57

For this series I wanted to showcase how the moon often has a lot of mythology with different meanings surrounding it. Something that I researched and found a lot of information about was that the moon often represented unattainable or angelic beauty and I think that is interesting because in Norse mythology it was believed that heaven was inside the moon.


With my photos I strived to create a perfect or out of this world, almost ethereal, setting. I used a crown and s elected 3 models I thought were the physical representations of what I was trying to portray and took pictures that emphasize the point I was trying to get across. models: Maggie Hildreth, Myah Lauren, Rylee Latham location: Burnt Bridge Creek Trail

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ecli of t hea

Lily Jo

ipse the art


67 65

My interpretation of eclipse is change over time. As the sun moves over the moon or vise versa, there is a change in light, change in energy, and change in personality that changes as the eclipse occurs. I took this idea and applied it to the topic of family generations capturing change within family members. I took individual photos of young adults and their parent with the exception of one, then blended their faces together in Photoshop using a layer mask. The idea of family is very important to me and using the idea of change over time gave me an opportunity to capture photos of people in my life and their family members. Not only is this art for this specific project but it’s also a gift to the families I took photos of.


models: Emily Dahlen Diana Dahlen Anna Saltzberg Karen Saltzberg Savanna Roberts Lauren Roberts Ava Bell Gretchen Bell Nikki Jonas Lily Jonas Erick Jonas



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Jacob Reppeto


Lucina’s Arrival

In Roman Mythology, Lucina was a title given to the goddess Juno to take role as a leader of childbirth and fertility through the moon.

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78 76

I was inspired by religious art, but modern interpretations of it, for example, a magazine shoot drag artist Aquaria did as a spread with Dazed


I was also inspired color-wise by Kim Petras, with her promotional images for her debut album.

When I think of moon goddesses, I think of power and control, and that’s exactly what I wanted to convey in this issue of Chroma.

80 78

model: Soli Grieco



Lionel Theodore


82 80

83 81

For my photo series for the October issue of Chroma, I decided to base my series off of Mawu, a Caribbean goddess of the sun and moon. I ended up doing hours of visual research on how this was represented. What i found out was a lot of the imagery surrounding this goddess was heavily related to nature. I wanted to show that through the color pallete and tones.

As you can see the colors are very natural and plain. My subject also has very mundane expressions. I also wanted to keep with the Halloween theme of the series by messing with contrast and split toning by showing the stark and dark differences between the colors while also having a very hollow color grade. I made sure to choose a cloudy day as well to have sort of a blank canvas to work off of. model: Zvikomborero Masike 84 82

85 83



dd eye circle Mami Silva

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there tells a tale of three girls and two worlds that swirl. one who runs one who travels and one who moves but they are not complete. to find the twelve is their hearts desire. to fly with them is their dream, higher.

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92 91

becloud Natalie McNulty

93 92

94 93

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96 94

models: Kaitlyn Norstrom Bria Austin Annalise Selby 97


Luz De 98


Reyli Q


la luna 99


100 98



103 101


Luz de la luna. Moonlight. A natural spotlight. I love the moons light on a clear night. It’s so clear and clean and I wanted to use that to my advantage for this. I wanted to take these photos for the sole purpose of capturing the single light of the moon. I went to field next door to my fathers house on a clear night with my friend Sophia and just had her roam around the field with me while enjoying the moonlight. model: Sophia Pacheco


106 103



108 105

phases and faces Savanna Roberts

109 106

110 107

1108 11

Have you ever been to a place at night where the only light source is the faint, distant, glow of the moon? When it is completely dark and there are no lights around is when you can really notice how strong of a light the moon casts down on our planet. This is the idea I aimed to capture in my photo series. I took the photos in a completely dark room using only flashlights to illuminate my models, resembling the direct light of the moon at night. My biggest challenge was maintaining a focused image in a low-light situation. I created this series to bring attention to the powerful glow of the moon, something that often goes unnoticed.

1109 12

models: Lauren Roberts & Anna Saltzberg

113 110

t n h i g i g ht r f Madisen Liljedahl

11 14 111

For my series, I created and staged a set of drawings of characters I associate with Halloween. I went out at night to photograph the backgrounds of the photos using flash to create more of a documentarian/ paranormal investigation feel 115 112

I drew each ch sketchbook, and

drawings, turning

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11 16 119 16

Through this series, I wanted to do something different with my work than I have before. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I wanted to explore a more playful aspect of the holiday through my drawings, making them simple and bright.

120 1117 17

121 118


the mo n i n a m

122 119 119

Brandon Nerat

123 120

124 121


For my art piece I wanted to focus on the idea of the man in the moon. I made 5 silhouette photos using film. In an eclipse the moon loses all of its defining features and just becomes a silhouette. That’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to bring people from all walks of life. No matter race, gender, sexuality or status. Stripped away and it reveals that we are all just people no matter what. I feel in this society we tend to see people as one thing and generalize them to the point where it’s nothing like they actually are. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly. I wanted to show that no matter what we look like or act like we are all human, and deserve to be treated like one no matter what. For this project I took a risk using film. I ended up devloping 2 rolls of film (72 pictures). Only 5 pictures turned out, thankfully. I scanned them in and raised the contrast and edited some of the dust and hair out. I took the photos with some backlighting in front of a blackscreen. 125


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127 124


128 125 125

129 126



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