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IN ST. KITTS AND NEVIS Wednesday, 14 November 2012 7:30 PM Parliamentary Chambers Government Headquarters


!"#$%"&'()*!#'+'()")%,( Announcements and Welcome Honourable Curtis Martin Speaker of the National Assembly

Honourable Glenn Phillip Minister of Youth Empowerment

Order of Presentation Presenter Honoree Trevaun Williams Renicia McDonald Raheem Depusoir Rae Dawn Thomas Davon Richardson Shazill Bergan Dylan Dias Tishanna Hazel Glenston Patrick Nezrene Roberts Delonte Lewis Jacintha Marsham Sheldon Richards Aldeen Isaac N’Kosi Lucas Kayla Weekes Shaquille Fredericks Desi Brown Leahcim Phipps Kailah James Zahir Harris Kennedy Pemberton Zaiesha Joseph Josiah Oyebefun Pernelle Abraham

Xiaoyu Harris Andre Tyrell Jonelle Irish Raynaldon Bartlette Kimi-Lee Knight Akeem Omah Huggins Ariann Maynard Shaquille Gumbs Khyla Brown Roger Bishop Tehya Fleming Jaleel Huggins Jeffvancia Matthew Dejour Alexander Dennisia Clarke Christian Nathaniel Shani Reid Wricherley Gumbs K’Shanta Reid Stayfield Pryce Sasha Herbert Kishona Pemberton Warren Hazel Nekhaila Tyson Samuel Oyebefun

Closing Remarks Geoffrey Hanley Youth Director

Xiaoyu Harris has a unique social awareness for one so young. Her sensitivity toward important issues, especially in the area of girl’s empowerment and teen pregnancy, has imbued a sense of responsibility in her to create the social change she believes is critical to the healthy development of girls. One of the ways she has accomplished this is with the Nubian Queen’s Youth Group, a club she co-founded with her mother two-years ago. The group tackles issues of interest to the girls and focuses on self-esteem, decision making, and character development, while also building !"#$%&#!&'()'*+",-%-#.'/'#&01"+2' of support and peer fellowship. The 12-member group meets weekly at Dieppe Bay Community Center. Xiaoyu served as Student Council President at Saddlers Secondary School in 2011 – 2012. As President of the council, she worked diligently with the rest of the members to create opportunities 0"'(&#&$0'03&'#&&%4'"5' the school. She and the other council leaders organized all-school fundraising activities including Wacky Thursday, Garbage Bins, and the Fun Fair. Xiaoyu is also involved in drama, dance, and athletics.

As a member of the Saddler Secondary School 2010 Interschool Track Team, Xiaoyu received a Gold Medal in the 100m U13 event. In 2011, Xiaoyu entered the Miss Talented Teen contest and though she didn’t place in the competition, she’s glad she participated. “I wanted to do it for experience and to try something different,” she said, “and it is an experience I really enjoyed.” On learning that Xiaoyu had been selected as a recipient, nominator Daryll Lloyd said, “Xiaoyu is a determined young girl, well supported by family, and driven by purpose. I am delighted to hear that she has received the Remarkable Teen award and /6'!"#$%&#0'43&'1-77'7-,&'8*'0"'03&' standards the honor represents.” Xiaoyu plans to pursue a career in medicine and would like to become a physician one day specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. When asked why she made this career choice Xiaoyu said, “I love babies and I want to be the one who brings them into the world.” Xiaoyu Harris is a 13-year old third form student at Saddlers Secondary School. She is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Social Conscience.

!"#$%&'(#))"* Social Saddlers Conscience Secondary

Andre Tyrell is on a spiritual path. Profoundly connected to God from within, Andre believes that God is his constant companion in life; and his faith, the essence of who he really is. “My life has basically been about church ever since I can remember,” Andre explained. “And church is where I learned most of the things I believe in today.” Baptized in 2011, Andre has been an active member of the Antioch Baptist Church for many years. He credits Pastor Lincoln Connor as his mentor and spiritual guide. President of the Youth Ministry, Andre spends eight hours a day at the church during the summer and as much time as he can during the school year. He organizes and leads youth activities, including debating competitions, sports, singing, arts and crafts, tutoring, and mentoring. One of the activities Andre enjoys most is organizing a community Christmas Caroling evening for the youth group. Andre volunteers scores of hours in areas such as Sunday School teacher substitute, Vacation Bible School leader, bus driver, church secretary, photographer and maintenance worker – wherever he is needed, Andre lends a hand. When asked to talk about his devotion to God and to

!"#$%&"'()*#"'!+%*,'-.+%/0'%!'/0"'1#!/'2+&/3#' in a life of devoted service. Without faith nothing is possible, with faith nothing is impossible.” Andre’s journey of faith has been a long one. During high school, Andre said he felt troubled about whether or not to be baptized, he wasn’t sure if he was ready, but once he made the decision to take the step, all doubt was gone. Throughout the course of his efforts, Andre has developed a solid foundation of strength: mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. He is devoted to realizing a positive impact on his peers and the community in all aspects of his life. Andre is committed to continuing his academic endeavors and hopes to further his education abroad. He plans to pursue a career in economics. When told of Andre’s selection as a Remarkable Teen, nominator Marlon Bristol said, “I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s hardworking, industrious; a model young man. Hopefully his selection will inspire other young people involved in youth fellowship programs, not just at Antioch Baptist, but island-wide.” Andre Tyrell is an 18-year old recent graduate of Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. He receives the Remarkable Teen award in the category of Spiritual Commitment.

!"#$%&'($%)) Spiritual C. F. Bryant Commitment College

“A leader is ingenious, not because he has a Ph.D., but because he has a heart and a passion that drives him.” Emerging Global Leaders Conference 2010 Jonelle Irish is a true leader. She has high expectations for her future and is committed to excellence both academically and personally. In 2012, Jonelle was ambitious as she tackled 13 CXC exams. She recently learned this effort had earned her 11 Distinctions. !"#$%%$&'()&$%$*+$,&+-$&./)+&0/$)1,$#+&"2& the newly formed Immaculate Conception Catholic School Student Council. As President, she worked closely with other members of the Executive Committee to establish governing rules, and formalizing policies and procedures for future elected councils. In 2009, she placed second in the Imelda Wilkin NAAP Effective Speaking Competition, and in 2010 was selected to represent her school and her country at the Emerging Global Leaders Conference in Barbados. Jonelle is also a lover of poetry, both writing and dramatizing her pieces. A member of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School Poetry Club, Jonelle entered the Island Xpressions Project Poetry Competition in 2011 (#,&/$*$13$,&./)+&4%(*$& for her submission. As a member of the Drama Club at Immaculate Conception Catholic School, Jonelle has performed

in several school plays. In 2008, wanting to venture out of her “safety zone”, Jonelle participated in the Miss Urban Development Corporation Talented Teen Show and placed second. A congregant of the Basseterre Church of God, Jonelle represents her church community too, both by serving as a church Usher and as a member of the Youth Fellowship group where she volunteers her time participating in community service activities planned by the group. Jonelle believes that a good leader should be informed, and possess the ability to educate, 1#56$#*$7&(#,&861%,&*"#)$#)6)&(9"#:&3(/1"6)& factions. She is passionate about leadership: goal oriented, organized and approachable. Her wish for others is that they might .#,&+-$&;"#$&+-1#:&+-(+&*(4+6/$)&+-$1/& heart and then pursue it as if their lives depend on it”. Jonelle enjoys public speaking and hopes to join the debate club at Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. She plans to continue her post secondary education and to pursue a career in International Relations. Jonelle Irish is a 17-year old recent graduate of Immaculate Conception Catholic School. She is currently enrolled in the general studies program at Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. Jonelle receives the Remarkable Teen honor in the category of Leadership.

!"#$%%$&'()*+ Leadership

C. F. Bryant College

Raynaldon Bartlette is gifted with both creativity and talent. ‘X-Ray’ to his radio listeners, Raynaldon has a great love for the music industry, and as a radio disc jockey he has developed a unique style of presentation that has captivated listeners both young and old, while continuously increasing his popularity. In his nomination of Raynaldon, CHOICE station manager Ali Jordan-Guilbert wrote, “Raynaldon’s drive and ambition sets him apart. Looking for a job with CHOICE in the summer of 2010 while still in fourth form at Charlestown Secondary School, Raynaldon was told there were no jobs available. Instead of accepting this answer, Raynaldon was insistent !"#!$"%$&'()*$+%$,#!-,.%*$&-!"$#/$-/!%0/,"-1$ and said that he would actively recruit sponsorships for his own program. He accomplished this admirably and is now, two years later, Assistant Music Director for the station.” Raynaldon is not just a creative talent; he is an academic leader. Raynaldon launched his D.J. career while attending Charlestown Secondary School, and in 2011 graduated earning passes in 11 CXC subjects, including six Distinctions. Raynaldon is also civic minded and is actively involved in trying to change the rules, regulations, and discipline

policies of Nevis Sixth Form to less rigid standards; standards he feels should be more in touch with the present day needs of the students. Raynaldon is an innovator, too. Skilled in technology and recognizing the value of social networking in marketing and public relations, 2#3/#)*'/$"#,$4#*%$,-5/-.6#/!$-410'7%4%/!,$ to the CHOICE website, and has been given the responsibility of Social Network Administrator. He also enhanced the music department at CHOICE, adding over 2000 new songs, selected and edited for all audiences. Raynaldon’s discipline is extraordinary for one so young; his motivation and enthusiasm are driven by his desire to bring value to the radio industry, an industry he does not believe will ever grow old. By recognizing new ways to listen to the radio, Raynaldon has become a pioneer, and a young man committed to creating change. Raynaldon is also a person who respectfully stands up for what he believes in. He does not cut his hair, wearing it in plaits instead, as a tribute to both his uncle, who was murdered last June, and to his African roots, a cultural connection Raynaldon ,!0'/5)3$-*%/!-.%,$&-!"8 Raynaldon is a 17-year old student at Nevis Sixth Form College. He receives the Remarkable Teen award for Creativity and Innovation.

!"#$"%&'$()"*+%,++, Creativity Nevis Sixth & Innovation Form College

Kimi-Lee Knight has been writing since she was eight years old. With both poetry and music as her passions, she devotes much of her creativity and energy to these mediums. “It is a way to express my feelings and emotions; to share my inner soul with others.” When asked which genre of writing she prefers, Kimi-Lee said, “I think music, writing songs. Music has a broader audience reach while accomplishing that same release of emotions I experience when I write poetry. Music is a way to connect people to common experiences; to share dreams, memories, love and life.” Writing helps Kimi-Lee cope with the daily challenges and pressures of life. Through writing, she has come to understand emotions, realize weaknesses, discover purpose, and experience both creative and positive personal growth. Kimi-Lee has been invited to speak on writing to students at Bronte Welsh Primary School, and was invited to present her rap poem “As the Wind Blows” at the Immaculate !"#$%&'("#)!*'+",($)-$+"",).#*,) day school assembly. In 2011, KimiLee presented a dramatization of her poem “My Darlings” at the 28th Independence Anniversary Gala. The following day, the Prime Minister quoted lines from her poem, calling her work, “inspired”. Accompanied by other performers from Basseterre High, Kimi-Lee sang her original song, “Valentine” at the 2012 Project Purple Peace Rally at Warner Park.

Awarded second place for her essay about the effect of media on youth in the 2011 ZIZ 50th /##(0%12*13)422*3)!"#'%2'5)*#6).12')&,*$%)*2) the local winner in the 2011 Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Essay Contest, Kimi-Lee is a recognized writer. She has been featured on the program “On the Art with P. Clayton Huggins” broadcast on WINN FM. Kimi-Lee is also committed to academic achievement earning a place on the Basseterre Honor Roll in third form. To challenge herself academically, Kimi-Lee enrolled in after-school Information Technology and Computer Science courses and at the end of the term sat for the 2012 CAPE exams, passing both exams for those subjects. As an extra-curricular activity, Kimi-Lee joined the “LEAP” drama program in 2011 where she has enjoyed expanding her dramatic skills. Last year the group performed “How Miss Finch Stole Christmas”. Kimi-Lee has also become a regular at the Island Xpressions “Xpress Yourself” poetry readings. Combining her creativity and love for technology, Kimi-Lee plans to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts and to pursue a career as a software designer. Kimi-Lee Knight is a 13-year old fourth form student at Basseterre High School. She is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the Category of Writing.

!"#"$%&&'!(")*+ Writing

Basseterre High

Akeem Omah Huggins developed his love for cooking as a young boy watching his mother prepare food for family gatherings and community events. He started preparing simple dishes like Macaroni and Cheese and White Rice before advancing to more complex dishes like Macaroni Pie and Scalloped Potatoes. In 2010, Akeem worked part time at Marshall’s Restaurant where he was able to add technique to his culinary talent. In March 2012, in a program supported by Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, Akeem worked as an intern at the Montpelier Plantation, and later trained at Carambola Restaurant in Friars Bay with Executive Pastry Chef Cameron Steele, further developing his skills. Akeem continues to assist Lionel Isaac of Chef’s Place with special event catering jobs, and prepares meals for his church and for other community events. Andre enjoys cooking Italian food the most. “Italian recipes are all about simple foods made with authentic, high quality ingredients,” he said. “The ingredients add to the richness !"#$%!&'($')$*+,$)''#$!"#$*+,$ fresh herbs and spices make it taste delicious.” Akeem is committed to helping others and serves as a mentor for the “Diamonds in the Rough” Program. He has participated as a volunteer in the Youth Department Summer Camp Program, both as a cook and as a mentor, using his experience and his love for cooking to teach younger

children. Akeem is also a member of the Rivers of Living Water Christian Center Youth Outreach Program. Akeem said he experiences “genuine joy when helping people”. He hopes that being selected as a Remarkable Teen will motivate and inspire others to believe in themselves in spite of challenges and setbacks. Academic success does not come easily to Akeem. He found the block scheduling of classes in high school too intense, and at times )'-"#$.*$#.)/0-1*$*'$0'"0,"*(!*,$!"#$2,,3$-34$$ But with the support of dedicated teachers, and his tenacious spirit, Akeem prevailed, and ."$5676$+,$(,0,.&,#$!$8,(*./0!*,$')$9:,;31!(<$ =,()'(;!"0,$)'($+.>$>0+''1$?'(2$#-(."@$/)*+$ form. Akeem plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Monroe College, a culinary school in New York. A+,"$+,$.>$/".>+,#$?.*+$+.>$ degree, Akeem wants to use his culinary talent to support himself while he expands his awareness and explores the world; traveling everywhere !"#$1,!("."@$/(>*+!"#$!B'-*$ different people and cultures. Akeem Omah Huggins is a 19year old second year student at Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College enrolled in culinary studies courses. He is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Culinary Arts.

!"##$%&$'(%)*++,-. Culinary Arts

C. F. Bryant College

Ariann Maynard is a resilient young woman, and her story is a story of strength.

share the need to overcome, and Ariann found -!"&7-'"(,-!&)(%&031'),"&-3&%3&217-&-!)-<&&

Young girls often grow up with fairy tales and dreams of princes and princesses. “Once upon a time” is the beginning; a promise for a life of romance and adventure, where good overcomes evil and everyone lives happily ever after. Ariann had such dreams, and then she made a mistake.

During her pregnancy, Ariann kept up with her studies and was able to return to school after the birth of her children. She graduated from Gingerland Secondary School in 2011 on par with the rest of her classmates, sitting eight CXC exams, and earning seven passes and one Distinction. Ariann is currently enrolled in Nevis Sixth Form and plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career in nursing.

At the age of 13, Ariann discovered she was pregnant. A child herself, Ariann was frightened and ashamed, and went to her mother for help. Though upset and disappointed, her mother stood by her, and !"#$"%&!"'&()*+,)-"&-!"&%+./01#-&231'("4&3.& pregnancy and child birth. Ariann dropped out of school and sports, and faced the ridicule and criticism of classmates and community, but she had the support of her family, and that made all the difference. At age 14, Ariann delivered !")#-!4&-5+(&63478&9:*)(2&)(%& ;+0)'2<&&=1-&-!"&6+'-!&3.&!"'& children was not the end of her story, it was yet another beginning. It is the reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself that determines the direction of one’s life; in overcoming %+./01#-&0!)##"(,"78&-!"'"& is also opportunity to experience personal growth. Those who triumph all

;!'""&4")'7>3#%&(358&9:*)(2&)(%&;+0)'2&)'"& enrolled in pre-school, attending during the day while Ariann is at school. The boys also "(234&7$"(%+(,&5""?#4&*+7+-7&5+-!&-!"+'&.)-!"'8& Ervin, who continues to contribute to their support. Ariann’s eyes light up when speaking of her sons. “I am amazed when I look at them,” she said. “The special connection they share as twins, the way they communicate with each other. I love watching them discover new things each and every day. I love that they are so happy.” Ariann is a 17-year old student in Nevis Sixth Form College. She is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Courage to Overcome: Personal Decision.

!"#$%%&'$(%$") Nevis Sixth Personal Decision Form College Courage to Overcome:

Shaquille Gumbs did not start out life as most children do. Before reaching the age of one, Shaquille was abandoned by his birth mother; left at Joseph N. France hospital following an illness, forgotten and alone, until Trudella Davis found him and adopted him. Shaquille is passionate when speaking about Trudella Davis and what she means to him. In relating his early beginnings, Shaquille explained, “I feel blessed to have been adopted by a mother who is a devoted Christian; being brought into this family has made me strong both spiritually and personally.” Shaquille has never met his birth father, but incredibly, he found him on Facebook last year. It was an emotional discovery that Shaquille said he is very happy to have made. Shaquille enjoys both singing and songwriting, especially Gospel music. He has written eight Gospel songs, his favorite entitled “Moving Forward”. Shaquille was a member of the Basseterre High !"#$$%&'#$()&*$)&+,-& years and is now a member of the AVEC school choir. Shaquille attended Basseterre High School from 2006 – 2011 where he received

the award for “Most Respectful Student” *)$.&+)/0&0#)$12#&+*0#&*$).3&&!#451(%%-& is especially proud of this honor. Being recognized as the most helpful and respectful student did not bring Shaquille esteem from his peers however, and he often found himself the victim of bullying for choosing this path. Shaquille credits his strong sense of values for remaining positive in spite of the taunting and intimidation by classmates. Shaquille attends the New Testament Church of God and is a member of the Youth Inspiration Fellowship. He also volunteers at the church, helping out with the young children, and serving as a church worship leader with the Pastor. Shaquille is a busy young man, working as a courtesy clerk at Valu-Mart to earn money for school while at the same time following his other interests. Shaquille especially loves to bake and plans to pursue a career as a pastry chef. He hopes to open his own restaurant one day. Shaquille Gumbs is an 18year old student at AVEC, the Advanced Vocational Education Centre, where he is enrolled in hospitality courses. He receives the Remarkable Teen award in the category of Commitment to Personal Excellence.

!"#$%&''()*%+,Commitment to Personal Excellence


To Khyla Brown, being a good citizen means being an involved citizen. It means being aware of what is happening in your country, your community, and your school – and making the commitment to do whatever you can do to help. “A good citizen thinks not only of himself, but of his country,” Khyla said. “I live by my country’s motto, ‘Country above self’.” When asked to sing for CARICOM at the Heads of Government Conference held in St. Kitts on July 3, 2011, Khyla accepted without hesitation and with a great sense of honor; the same for the Labor Congress Convention in 2010 and 2011, and again as one of six people representing St. Kitts at the 2012 World Expo held in South Korea. Khyla loves to sing and dance and has been a member of the dance group “LEAP” for the past two years. She was also a two-year member of the Basseterre High School Cheerleading Team, serving as Captain of the squad in her second year. As part of the cheerleading team, Khyla led her squad to receive second place in the 2011 Interschool Cheer Competition. Khyla was also a member of the Basseterre High Team that was awarded “Best High School” for their song and dance routine in the 2011 Clash of the High Schools Competition. President of the 2012 Prom Committee at Basseterre

High School, Khyla led the planning committee for the 2012 Prom, including selecting the venue at the Firehouse Restaurant, and organizing school fundraisers to support this very successful event. Khyla is an active volunteer, serving as a tutor and mentor for both peers and younger children experiencing academic challenges and other problems. Last year she was invited to speak to the sixth grade class at Tucker Clarke Primary School about preparing for the high school “Test of Standards” exams. Khyla enjoys her position as a role model for young people. Khyla is also a young entrepreneur and the founder of “Cuchi’s Nail Creations”, an acrylic nail design business she started six years ago and manages from her mother’s shop, “First Class” at Port Zante. Khyla saves much of the money she earns from her work, planning to use it to pay for college. Khyla was on the Principal’s Honor Roll at !"##$%$&&$'()&#%(%*&+,-*( ).%*(.+&/'("01($"&0$1(#23( Distinctions in 2012. Khyla Brown is a 17-year old recent graduate of Basseterre High School. She is currently enrolled in science courses at Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. Khyla receives the Remarkable Teen award in the category of Citizenship.

!"#$%&'()*+ Citizenship Basseterre High

Roger Bishop has a passion and it is football. !"#$%&$%'()*%+#,$-(.%/(0%1(#)(2.%3"-(#%4#)*% played football when he was just three years old. By the age of seven, he was selected to join the West Orange Mountain Travelling Football Club. In 2005, Roger became a citizen of St. Kitts and he and his family returned to the Federation shortly thereafter. Roger played football for Basseterre High while a student there, and later the Frigate Bay Football Club, a team he founded in 2011. Roger was also chosen to be a part of the St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association National U13 and U17 Football Teams in St. Kitts. Roger enjoys other sports too, including baseball, basketball, swimming, and golf – but it is football that shares his heart. Not surprisingly, Roger names Pele as his role model. Roger is most concerned about gang violence and believes that being involved in positive activities is a good deterrent to risk taking behavior. It is one of the reasons he decided to start a football club in Frigate Bay, a community in St. Kitts that did not offer an organized opportunity for young people to participate in the sport. Roger was able to recruit 25 of his peers to join the team and personally secured sponsorship for its operation – initially from family, friends, and

local businesses, and later as the recipient of a grant from the UK High Commissioner. Roger credits Coaches Kevin Hope and Troy Jeffers with helping him realize this dream. Roger feels that the absence of a male role 5"6(7%&$%8,5&7&()%&)%,$%()9(:&,772%6&84:;7*% challenge for young boys. “Without a consistent male role model in their lives, boys can easily get lost,” he said. “It is important for the community to step in and provide opportunities for youth involvement that will keep boys focused in a positive way.” Roger is an active member of the Ebenezer Methodist Church, helping with fundraising activities and other church needs. Roger’s dream is to become an entrepreneur. He plans to further his post secondary education by attending college in the United States with the ultimate goal of starting his own company after graduation. On his determination to succeed Roger said, “I belong to a very strong and focused family who have all excelled. I can’t be the weakest link. I have to bring up my side; to make my family proud.” 3"-(#%!&)<"9%&)%=>?2(,#%"76%48*<% form student at St. Christopher Preparatory School. He is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Most Enterprising.

!"#$%&'()*"+ Most Enterprising

St. Christopher Preparatory

Tehya Fleming loves to dance. “Dancing is very emotional for me,” she said. “When I’m experiencing a strong feeling, dance is the language I use to express myself; my whole body becomes part of the message.” !"#$%&#%'&("")&*%)+,)-&./0&12"&$"%0'3&&4#"&,'&%& 5"5("0&/.&6#"&7#%08"'&93&:,88'&4"+/)*%0$&4+#//8& Dance Group and the Evangelistic Faith Church :,5"&;0/<=3&&4#"&8/2"'&#,=>#/=&("'6?&6#/<-#&#"0& school group does mostly contemporary dance, 8"%2,)-&#,=>#/=&=0%+6,+"&./0&#/5"3&& Tehya also enjoys the art form of mime dance, and believes mime enhances dance performances by using facial features and gestures to tell a story, making it even more dramatic. Tehya said she spends about eight hours a week practicing dance for both groups and is always learning new skills and techniques. Tehya has performed at church, school, and community events. In April 2012, Tehya *%)+"*&%6&6#"&4%)*$&@/,)6&A))<%8& B8%+C>4%)>B%)->A>D%)-"&+<86<0%8& event and at the Basseterre High 4+#//8&E<"")&4#/F3&&G)&HIJI?&%'& part of the Majorettes Troupe 0"=0"'")6,)-&4%)*$&@/,)6?&'#"& and others from her community danced at Carnival. Tehya is also focused on academics and has been on 6#"&7#%08"'&93&:,88'&4"+/)*%0$& 4+#//8&K/)/0&L/88&"2"0$&$"%03&& L"=0"'")6,)-&#"0&'+#//8&F,6#&%& +8%''5%6"?&6#"&-,08'&F/)&10'6&=8%+"&,)& 6#"&HIJJ&4%,)6&7#0,'6/=#"0M'&A,0& %)*&4"%=/06&A<6#/0,6$&E<,N& Competition. Tehya is a school leader and has been class monitor each year of high school, keeping students in order

when the teacher is out of the classroom. “I enjoy the responsibility,” she said. “The kids are all my friends and they listen to me. It’s not a hard job.” Tehya enjoys athletics and competes in Charles 93&:,88'&4"+/)*%0$&4+#//8&4=/06'&O%$&,)&6#0""& events: the 4x400m relay, 4x100m relay, and 6#"&PII53&&G)&6#"&HIJH&4=/06'&O%$?&(/6#&0"8%$& teams placed second and third respectively. Tehya is also a member of the Charles E. Mills 7#""08"%*,)-&4Q<%*&%)*&#%'&+/5="6"*&F,6#&#"0& team at the Interschool Cheerleading Competition, placing second for the past two years. Tehya plays steel pan too. As a member of the 4%)*$&@/,)6&4=%0C'&46""8&@%)&-0/<=&./0&6#0""& years, Tehya has played for the Charles E. Mills 4=""+#&O%$?&%)*&./0&@%)/0%5%?&6#"&%88>'"+/)*%0$& school competition, where her group placed third in 2011. Tehya understands the importance of community service. As part of the Evangelistic Faith Church Youth Group she visits people in the community who are in need, and offers both her support and assistance. Tehya also participated with the Youth Volunteer Corps at their 2012 Bay R0/)6&78"%)>S=&%)*&,'&8//C,)-& forward to being a member of 6#%6&-0/<=&%'&%&L"5%0C%(8"& Teen. Tehya plans to attend university in Canada where she will pursue a career in law or medicine. !"#$%&R8"5,)-&,'&%&JT>$"%0&/8*& 1.6#&./05&'6<*")6&%6&7#%08"'& 93&:,88'&4"+/)*%0$&4+#//83&& 4#"&,'&(",)-&0"+/-),N"*& %'&%&L"5%0C%(8"&!"")& in the category of Dance.

!"#$%&'(")*+, Charles E. Mills Dance Secondary

Jaleel Huggins didn’t need to be convinced that agriculture was the career path for him; !"#$%"&#'(#&)*#&!)(#!"#&)%("+#(,#+,#(!"#-.*(# time he planted a seed. “I love everything about agriculture,” he said, “the feel of the land, using my hands instead of a “machine” to create something that can nourish, taking the product to market, tasting the food my mother cooks from the seeds I plant. I am proud when I see the results of my work.” Jaleel has been tending a plot of land for three years now: buying the seeds, preparing the soil, watering, weeding, and caring for the plot, harvesting the vegetables when they are ripe, and selling to a regular customer base of stores, teachers, and friends. Jaleel has learned everything he knows about growing vegetables by hands-on experience and hard work; and he has learned from both his failures and his successes. “Even when *,/"(!'%0#'*#!).+#(,#+,1#2#-03."# out how to do it,” Jaleel said. “I don’t stop until I get it perfect.” Sharing one of the lessons he has learned, Jaleel talks about the importance of reconditioning the soil after each crop. “Planning ahead is important,” he said. “You have to prepare a garden bed before you plant. It’s called reconditioning the soil, and it improves the health of whatever you’re trying to grow. It means turning the ground and

adding manure and other organic materials to the soil, and rotating what crops you grow.” Jaleel grows herbs, lettuce, green onions, potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes. He uses some of the money he earns from selling vegetables to reinvest in his business, buying more seeds and whatever else he needs, and the rest of the money he puts in the bank planning to use it to start his own farm, “Farmer J’s”, one day. Jaleel enjoys landscaping too, and already has one yard he tends twice a month: weeding, watering, and cutting the grass. He plans to make landscaping services part of his future business. Jaleel likes to keep himself busy. He attends Shiloh Baptist Church for Sunday services, and Zion Chapel on Thursday evenings where he is a member of the Zion Chapel Youth Group and participates in activities such as cooking and Bible study. Jaleel also "%4,5*#-*!'%0#)%+#/)$"*#!'*# ,&%#-*!'%0#%"(*6##7'*#8)9,.'("# school subjects are agriculture, integrated science, and woodwork classes. Jaleel Huggins is a 15-year old fourth form student at Gingerland Secondary School. He is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Young Entrepreneur: Agriculture.

!"#$$#%&'(()*+ Young Entrepreneur:


Gingerland Secondary

Jeffvancia Matthew always looks for ways she can contribute to her school, her church, and her community. She is dedicated to the spirit of community; she understands that “we are all in this together”. Jeffvancia believes that each committed person can change a piece of the world. From achieving “Best Test of Standards” results in 2008, to placing on the Principal’s !"#"$%&"''%()#*+%,$(-%."$/0%1#2%'+12)#3%4+$% team to victory as they were awarded “Best in Class” at the 2012 St. Christopher Aviation and Sea Port Authority Quiz Competition, Jeffvancia has consistently demonstrated academic excellence. Jeffvancia is involved in a variety of extracurricular activities at Saddler Secondary School where she is a member of the Science Club, Leadership Club, and Netball Club. She also volunteers as a peer mentor and tutor. Jeffvancia is an aspiring youth leader and a valued member of the student body. Jeffvancia is also an accomplished athlete, receiving the “Most Valuable Player” award for two consecutive years as part of the netball team at Edgar T. Morris Primary School, and again at Saddler’s Secondary School in 2010 where she plays goal shoot, wing defense, and goal defense.

Jeffvancia loves to dance and has performed at Rotary Club, Independence Day, school, and church events. She is an active member of both the Wesleyan Holiness and the New Covenant Ministry Dance Groups. At New Covenant, Jeffvancia coordinates the dance group, meeting twice a week with team members for practice and fun. She also sings in her school and church choirs. Jeffvancia is a congregant of the New Covenant Ministries Church where she attends weekly services and spends an average of ten hours a week as a youth activities volunteer. When asked for her reaction to being selected as a Remarkable Teen, Jeffvancia said, “I am ecstatic about being selected, especially in the category of community involvement. I don’t look at being involved as a duty, but as an opportunity to give back and to make a difference. I hope to represent my school, my community, and my country with grace and dignity.” Jeffvancia especially enjoys the study of biology and plans to pursue a career as a pathologist. Jeffvancia Matthew is a 15year old student at Saddlers Secondary School. She is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Community Involvement.

!"##$%&'(%)*%++,"Community Saddlers Involvement Secondary

Singer, songwriter Dejour Alexander loves music; it is his passion. Recorded at Island Soul Entertainment, his song, “Take a Ride”, won the ZIZ Song Competition for 2011 and continues to be played on both ZIZ and Freedom Radio stations. “Don’t Love Me” and “Get on the Floor” are two other original songs written by Dejour, and are selections he performs regularly at concerts and other national events, including the opening of the 2012 Music Festival. Dejour has been signed to the IREP SKN music label, a local music production company in St. Kitts. Dejour is part of a very close family and !""#$%&'(&%'"%'($%)""*%"$+",-(##.%-*/0"*,"1% by his father who has consistently shown him how to be the best man he can be. He is also a positive young man believing that you can achieve anything you put your mind to; it is a philosophy that keeps him strong and focused. Dejour is a congregant at Antioch Baptist Church. Though he explained there was a time when he didn’t attend church regularly – he feels he had not really developed his spiritual side yet – once invited to sing at Antioch Baptist by Pastor Lincoln Connor, Dejour discovered a deeper faith and decided to commit to regular

Sunday attendance where he not only sings in the church choir, but plays the bells. Dejour also volunteers as a Vacation Bible School leader for two weeks each summer. Dejour faces life with a delightful sense of humor. Believing that laughter is contagious, he uses his sense of humor to bring joy to others. “Laughter can relieve $&2"$$%(*1%,3*/-,&45%'"%$(-16%783&'-*9% works faster to lift your spirits than a good laugh.” When asked how he felt about being selected as a Remarkable Teen, Dejour said, “I am grateful for the recognition and humbled by the opportunity to represent the positive accomplishments of youth in the Federation.” He said he may even write a song about it. While Dejour plans to pursue his options as a musician: writing, singing and producing his own records, he is also focused on his academic accomplishments and plans to continue his post secondary school education with the goal of attending medical school to become a surgeon. DeJour Alexander is a 16."(2%3#1%:!&'%!32;%$&01"*&% at Washington Archibald High School. He is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Songwriting.

!"#$%&'()"*+,-"& Washington Songwriting Archibald High

Dennisia Clarke approaches photography as an art. She believes that when you bring emotion to a photograph, or any work of art, it helps the viewer connect to the intent of the artist – happiness and joy, sorrow and despair, hope and expectation, universal emotions all weaving together the fabric of life. In photography, Dennisia has found a way to share how she experiences the world. “A photograph should create visual tension to trigger emotions,” she said. Dennisia feels that in photos showing nature for example, it can be both the fragility and beauty, or the power and force; in portraits, the soul as seen through the eyes and the hands: different people connect to each photo depending on what they are experiencing, what they’re looking for. These experiences are what bring that photo to life. Dennisia began taking pictures at the age of eight, an interest she acquired from spending time in her aunt’s photography studio where she used to help out after school. Now she sees photography as a way to express her creativity. Dennisia volunteers as the school photographer. Dennisia enrolled in the Lyn Jeffers School in 2009 because her mother felt that she should repeat third form to improve her performance, and she was not allowed to do this at her previous school. Dennisia is glad she repeated a grade, believing that the experience has made her a

!"#$%&"'()$'*%+$#,"'-%./0!%1%)2324$'*%,*5)$'*67% she said. “And I always give 100% effort to do my best, not just enough to get the work done.” In 2011, Dennisia suffered a severe head trauma and was hospitalized and out of school for three weeks. It was feared she would suffer permanent damage and be unable to read or write again. “I was scared,” Dennisia said, “but by the power of God’s hands, there was no permanent damage. I am grateful for God’s healing.” Dennisia was President of her graduating class at the Lyn Jeffers School where she organized fundraisers and other school activities. She was also involved in the Young Leader program, meeting weekly, and participating in various fundraising and community service projects. Dennisia especially enjoyed her experience in Junior Achievers. As Vice-President of her team in her second year, Dennisia was actively involved in all areas of planning and implementation, and remembers the excitement she felt going to St. Kitts to participate in the Junior Achievers Exhibition where the Lyn Jeffers team sold their “all natural ingredients recipe book”. Dennisia Clarke is a 17-year old recent graduate of the Lyn Jeffers School. She receives the Remarkable Teen award in the category of Photography.

!"##$%$&'()&*+" Photography

Lyn Jeffers

For most teens, music is considered a hobby, or even a medium of recreation, but for Christian Nathaniel, music is life. Discovering the antique piano in his grandparentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; home at the age of two, Christian began his journey as a musician. Christian is a multi-instrumentalist: playing !"#$%&'()*&'+,-./&'0*12%#,+&'3-"4#,&'/4**5'!#$&' recorder, and organ. He is also a talented singer. Christian comes from a family of musical talents: his father Nathaniel is a noted pianist, his grandfather Samuel plays the steel pan, and his mother Aslyn and grandmother Ellinitta both sing. Christian is enrolled at the Hulda Lawrence School of Music and has received several Merits and Distinctions from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music: Piano Exams. In April 2012, Christian completed his basic musical studies passing grade 8 Level. He plans to participate in the Caribbean Examinations Council Music Exams next year at the advanced level. Christian is currently the %)(6"#5'%,3#$"/4')%,'47*'8"%$&' Bethesda, and New Dawn Moravian Churches. He has served as guest organist in other churches both locally and internationally, and at community events such as the National Independence Day Service, and other dignitary and public affairs. Christian accompanies choral groups as well, including the Moravian Conference 97%",&'8"%$'

Moravian Junior, Youth and Senior Choirs, Boys Brigade Singers, Teen Challenge Club Band, and the St. Kitts and Nevis Independence Choir. Christian is a member of the Basseterre High School Symphonic Orchestra, the Teen Challenge Club Band, and the SugaStix Steel Orchestra. Christian also has a passion for dance and drama. He is part of his church dance team and the Basseterre High School Storm Cheerleading Squad. In addition to directing and acting, Christian writes his own dramas and musicals. 97,"/4"#$'-/*/'7"/'4#5*$4'4%'3":*'2#60'4%'47*' community. As a newly registered member of Project YEDA (Youth Empower Development through Arts and Entertainment), Christian participates in planning and organizing fundraisers for local charities and community causes. He also serves as a leader and music teacher at 7"/'67-,67;/'47,**<=**0'/-..*,' 6#.!&'>8"%$'?%-47'@*/4A&'#$+' participates in community service projects through his membership in Boys Brigade. Christian plans to continue his musical education at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England. His dream career is to build, manage, and operate a Performing Arts School in St. Kitts. Christian Nathaniel is a 15-year old fourth form student at Basseterre High School. He is being recognized as #'B*.#,0#25*' Teen in the category of Music.

!"#$%&$'()*'&"'($+, Music

Saddlers Secondary

Shani Reid is committed to community service. She believes that taking part in volunteerism teaches compassion and understanding, and that it should be an integral part of life skills development for all teens.

Shani believes the greatest barrier to success is fear of failure. “When you think you can’t do something,” #2'(#)$+9(>.')42(6!()*+(%.=(2).+'.()*+(="6(?$,,(1*+( you can do it eventually.”

“Not everything is about being paid or earning money,” she said, “Volunteering is about taking an active role and connecting to one another. It can have !"#$%$&'()*+(,"*-(%'./(0'*'1%#(%2)%()33'4%(')42()*+( every member of the community.”

During a class meeting with both parents and students in attendance – a meeting called by the school Principal to address behavior problems among classmates – Shani spoke out about the divisive environment that existed among her classmates because “putting the class back together A class leader at Charles E. Mills Secondary School, was important” to her. As a result of taking a stand, Shani has served on the Student Council Executive Shani became the victim of bullying by her peers. 5"//$%%''(3."/(1.#%(%2."6-2(3"6.%2(3"./7(1.#%()#( “Classmates cursed me and alienated me,” she 8.')#6.'.9(%2'*(:60,$4(;',)%$"*#(<314'.9()*+(1*),,=9( '@!,)$*'+A((>B%(?)#()(+$3146,%(%$/'AC Vice-President. She is also on the Honor Roll and earned three CXC Distinctions in 2012. Learning about the ongoing negativity of students, the school guidance counselor spoke to the class Shani has been a volunteer at the Red Cross Society and planned two activities off campus, hoping that for three years, donating seven hours a if students spent time together in a social week of her time to this service based environment, that they would bond. Shani community organization. Shani said the plan worked, and during the also assists the Sandy Point Young Beach Day get-together, a few of her Football Association with medical classmates even apologized to her. tips at their Saturday morning The apology wasn’t important training sessions, and the Sandy though – to Shani, it was the Point Co-Operative Farming change the class experienced when Society to harvest and help they connected to one another as maintain their farm. In addition, a group that made her know she Shani works with three students had done the right thing. from CEMSS at her home for two hours a day, every day, year Shani plans to pursue a career as a round, as a tutor and mentor. dentist.

A congregant of the Sandy Point Methodist Church, Shani enjoys volunteering in the Vacation Bible School too, leading the younger children in camp disciplines, Bible stories, and other fun activities.

Shani Reid is a 17-year old recent graduate of Charles E. Mills Secondary School. She is currently enrolled at Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College taking courses in natural science. Shani receives the Remarkable Teen award in the category of Community Service.

!"#$%&'(%) Community Charles E. Mills Service Secondary

Wricherley Gumbs is a doer; an active and informed young man, always willing to stand up for what he believes in and committed to the healthy and successful development of young people throughout the Federation. President of the Washington Archibald High School Student Government Association in 2010, Wricherley was also elected President of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College Student Government Association in both 2011 and 2012. Wricherley is an outstanding public speaker, and especially enjoys debating and effective speaking competitions, consistently participating in these activities through church and school. Wricherley graduated from Washington Archibald High School in 2012 having attained eight subject passes and three grade ones. However, like all teenagers, he faced a number of challenges in high school. Wricherley explained: “In the !"#$%$&'%()*"#%'+%,-.,%#/,''0% negative peer pressure led me to drift from my goals, and in my third year I was demoted as a result of poor grades. I was devastated by the failure and made the commitment right then, despite the struggles I faced, that I would seize the opportunity of second chances, refocus my efforts, and strive for excellence.” The setback of a demotion was Wricherley’s wake-up call,

and his positive attitude when faced with this setback was critical to his present success. It is a story that should serve as a model for all teenagers to use good judgment and to say no to risk taking behavior, and a story that Wricherley &*1$#%$'%#,*")%&-$,%'$,)"%('2$,3%45'%-162)1/)% in life is greater than peer pressure,” he said. “While positive peer pressure is a strong motivating force, the opposite can be said of negative peer pressure.” Wricherley believes that a vibrant and resilient community fosters the successful development of children, and he plans to use his experience to help other teens avoid the consequences of making bad decisions. Wricherley enjoys writing and has written many notable poems. His poems on education and the )17-"'18)1$%)*"1)9%!"#$%:0*/)%*&*"9#%-1% the UNESCO 2010 Poetry Competition. Of poetry, Wricherley said, “Poetry is me. It’s the medium I use to express my thoughts, where I !19%$"2)%#'0*/)3;%%<"'29%'+%,-#% culture, Wricherley also uses his talent as a writer to write and sing Calypso and has competed in Junior Calypso competitions +'"%$,)%:*#$%!7)%()*"#3 Wricherley Gumbs is 18 years old and a recent graduate of Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. =)%,*#%>2#$%#$*"$)9%,-#%!"#$%()*"% as an English teacher at his alma mater, Washington Archibald High School. Wricherley receives the Remarkable Teen award for Youth Activism.

!"#$%&"'&()*+,-. Youth Activism

C. F. Bryant College

K’Shanta Reid is the kind of leader with the ability to unite her peers toward a common purpose, a positive attitude that builds trust, !"#$%&'$(&!)!(%')$%&!%$*"+,*)'+$(-".#'"('/ K’Shanta is President of the Washington 0)(&*1!2#$3*4&$5(&--2$5%6#'"%$7-6"(*2/$8"$9:;:$ she was elected and served as Treasurer, and in 9:;;$+&'$<!+$'2'(%'#$=*('>?)'+*#'"%/$@A5&!"%!$ 'B,2!*"'#$%&!%$*"$9:;9$%&'$'2'(%'#$?)'+*#'"%$ had to step down, and she then assumed that ,-+*%*-"/$0+$?)'+*#'"%C$@A5&!"%!$(-DD*%%'#$ to representing all students, and believes that +&'$&!+$<-)E'#$&!)#$%-$!((-D,2*+&$%&*+$4-!2/$$ K’Shanta brings an inclusive leadership style to her position as Student Council President, making certain that she is approachable, and -"('$!,,)-!(&'#C$%&!%$+&'$*+$!$4--#$2*+%'"')/$$ Some of the activities K’Shanta and the other council members organized and led throughout the year were: Spirit Week, Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week, and Word of %&'$F''E/ K’Shanta maintains high +%!"#!)#+$G-)$&')+'2G$!"#$-%&')+/$$ She feels that part of her life purpose is to motivate her peers and younger children to move toward the positive things in life; to prepare themselves so that they will be able to make valuable contributions in their communities, schools, and to %&'*)$(-6"%)H/$$ 8%$*+$'!+H$%-$+''$ that she takes

&')$)-2'$!+$!$(!D,6+$2'!#')$+')*-6+2H/ Committed to academic excellence, K’Shanta &!+$1''"$-"$%&'$+(&--2$3-"-)$I-22$+*"('$.)+%$ G-)D/$$@A5&!"%!$'!)"'#$%&'$%*%2'$-G$=!2'#*(%-)*!"$ !%$%&'$5'J'"%&$K!H$0#J'"%*+%$?)*D!)H$5(&--2/ K’Shanta enjoys sports including: netball, basketball, football, and cricket, and continues %-$,2!H$-"$%&'$+(&--2$%'!D+/$@A5&!"%!$<!+$%'!D$ 7!,%!*"$G-)$%&'$9:;;$L,'"$M'%1!22$N-6)"!D'"%/$$ She sings at both school and church events, and since K’Shanta is educated in music, she also helps to prepare the other students by teaching !"#$#*)'(%*"4$%&'*)$D6+*($,)!(%*('+/ K’Shanta is a member of the Caribbean Healthy Life Style Club, a group that focuses on healthy living, encouraging abstinence from drugs, alcohol, !"#$+'B/$$5&'$!2+-$,!)%*(*,!%'+$!+$!$ J-26"%'')$G-)$%&'$5%/$7&)*+%-,&')$ L6%)'!(&$7'"%)'C$+')J*"4$26"(&$%-$ %&'$&-D'2'++$!"#$&6"4)H/$ After high school graduation, K’Shanta plans to attend college where she will study criminal +(*'"('$!"#$G-)'"+*($,!%&-2-4H/ @A5&!"%!$I'*#$*+$!$;O>H'!)$-2#$.G%&$ form student at Washington 0)(&*1!2#$3*4&$5(&--2/$$5&'$ is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Campus P'!#')+&*,/

!"#$%&'%()*+, Campus Washington Leadership Archibald High

!"#$%&'()*+$,&)-#.)/0+1)-2"3)-&//&()%14&+.5) #)67.201)06)"3&)(242".8))93&).,2&1"2%,)1#:&) 60+)"32.),01(2"201)2.).$1(#,"$'$5)#1()2")0,,7+.) /&"-&&1).2;)#1()&243")-&&<.)06)4&."#"201) -3&1)=>+04+#::&(),&'')(&#"3?)2.)#/.&1")0+) 21,0:>'&"&8)93&+&)2.)#/07")#)01&)21)@A5AAA) ,3#1,&)"3#")#),32'()-2'')/&)/0+1)-2"3)"32.) #/10+:#'2"$)06)"3&)1&-/0+1)3#1(8 !"#$%&'()-#.)#'.0)/0+1)-2"307")'&4.5)#) =.>0+#(2,)/2+"3)(&6&,"?)3&)-#.)"0'(5)-32,3)2.) /#.2,#''$)(0,"0+.).#$214)"3&$)(01B")<10-)-3$)2") 3#>>&1&(8 *&0>'&)."#+&)#")32:C).0:&)/7''$5).0:&)#+&)#6+#2(5) #1():0."):#<&)7>)"3&2+)0-1)1#++#"2D&)#/07") -30)3&)2.5)/7")7.7#''$)-3&1)"3&$)4&")"0)<10-) 32:5)"3#")1#++#"2D&),3#14&.8))!"#$%&'() /&'2&D&.)"3#")>&0>'&)1&&()"0)/&)#/'&)"0) "&'')"3&2+)0-1)."0+$5)"0)>'#,&)$07)21) #),01"&;")-2"321)"3&2+)0-1)-0+'(5) /&60+&)"3&$),#1)71(&+."#1()#1() #,,&>")"30.&)-30)#+&)(266&+&1"8)) =E)-#.)/0+1)-2"307")'&4.5?) &;>'#21&()!"#$%&'():#""&+F06F 6#,"'$8))=932.)2.)#'')EBD&)<10-15) #1()"0):&5)2"B.)10")+&#''$)#)/24) (&#'8? G3&1)!"#$%&'()-#.).2;)#1() #/07")"0)&1"&+)<21(&+4#+"&15)3&) -#.)%")60+)>+0."3&.2.)#1()3#.) -0+1)"3&:)&D&+).21,&8)G2"3)"3&) #2()06)"3&)>+0."3&.2.5)!"#$%&'() 6071()3&),07'()+71)#1() 3#D&)671)'2<&)0"3&+) ,32'(+&18) H&)/&4#1)"0) /&'2&D&)3&),07'() (0)-3#"&D&+)3&) >7")32.):21()"08

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

!"#$%&'()*+,$-' Courage to Overcome:

Physical Limitation Cayon High

Growing up, Sasha Herbert knew that she did not want to be a person with a typical career dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, accountant, shopkeeper, or stay at home mom; she wanted to follow a different path, something creative, something bold. Sasha has always loved art and dreamed of becoming an artist one day. And she is well on her way!

Association local art competition. Her pieces denoting ways to protect the )#9*+,#8)#'%4,#%&)/,#5%:0"/)%*#%;<<=>%.+&'% place in 2010, with award placements for 2012 still pending.

In 2009, Sasha entered a logo and slogan contest sponsored by the Federal National Development Bank Credit Union. Her logo was selected and is still being used by the !"#$%"&%'()*+%,-./*"0%0,1,2%%3"&("%"0&,%4,#% $1000 in prize money for her entry: $500 for Basseterre High School and $500 for her personal use.

Sasha was the only student in St. Kitts to +)/)*9)%"%@A@%F*&'*#/'*,#%*#%B+'%*#%;<G;2

Again in 2009, Sasha entered an art contest sponsored by the Marriott. Organizers of the /,#')&'%4"#')5%',%.#5%'()% nation’s best young artists portraying the theme, “What St. Kitts Means to Me”. 3"&("6&%&7!8*&&*,#%4,#%.+&'% place in the Under 16 Senior Division for a beautiful piece displaying a sunset from one of the St. Kitts peaks. The picture can still be viewed at the Marriott’s Hall of Fame. In 2009, 2010, and 2012, Sasha’s art was selected again; this time as a winner of the Florida Caribbean Cruise

Most recently Sasha’s art was on exhibit for .9)%5"?&%"'%'()%@A@%B+'%CD(*!*'*,#%"'%E,+')% Zante.

When learning that she was a recipient of the Remarkable Teen award for 2012, Sasha said, “Most of my passion is channeled through ‘art’, and for me to be recognized as a Remarkable Teen in '(*&%/"')1,+?%.00&%8)%4*'(%H,?2%%B+'% is everything I am.” A merit award winner for “Most Outstanding E)+-,+8"#/)I%"'%J"&&)')++)% High School in 2012, Sasha was also Captain of the school’s netball team and a recipient of the TDC Scholarship program. Sasha Herbert is 17-year old recent graduate of Basseterre High School. She currently attends Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College and is enrolled in the general studies division. Sasha is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Art.

!"#$"%&'()'(* Art

Basseterre High

Kishona Pemberton was born to create style. She is passionate about fashion and style, and truly believes that by helping people discover their unique beauty and style, she is advancing a positive step towards building self esteem. “When you look good, you feel good,” she said, quoting Vidal Sassoon, world renowned hairdresser and entrepreneur. As a little girl, Kishona would sew clothes for her dolls, dress them up, style their hair, and pretend they were on a runway doing a fashion show, and that she was the designer. Today, she uses the internet to follow fashion and style trends around the world, but sets her own trends, and uses her special creativity to help others express themselves. Kishona especially enjoys hair design and is expert at styles including braids, weaves, and locks. At the age of 10, Kishona started experimenting with her own hair, involving her mom, or “practice head” as she jokingly calls her, to try out new techniques and styles. By the age of 13, Kishona was designing hairstyles for other people and began to develop a clientele. When Kishona was 15, she met Esmie, a local hairdresser, who taught her more advanced techniques in braiding and weaving. Kishona now has a regular clientele of 60, including friends, family, and people who came to her by “word of

mouth”. She operates this “business” mostly out of her home, but is happy to go to her clients if the need arises. Kishona uses the money she earns from hairdressing for school and to help her family. Kishona believes in the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”, and feels that everyone has a responsibility to contribute something to a child’s life; to building a solid foundation toward healthy development and future success. Kishona volunteers as a substitute Sunday School teacher at the Church of Christ in Basseterre, and helps the teacher at her neighborhood school with marking papers when she is needed. Kishona is always open to lending a hand. Kishona enjoys sports too, and plays football and netball. In 2009, Kishona was a member of the U16 National Netball Team. Kishona plans to pursue a career in cosmetology and hopes to open a hair salon and cosmetics store in St. Kitts. Kishona Pemberton is an 18-year old student at Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College enrolled in the general studies program. She receives the Remarkable Teen award in the category of Fashion and Style.

!"#$%&'()*+,*-.%& Fashion & Style

C. F. Bryant College

Warren Hazel is both an artist and a musician. A talented young man with an infectious spirit, he has been playing piano and electric guitar since he was eight years old. “Music like many other arts is not something that can be held back,” he said. “It comes from my soul, and when I connect with my audience, I want it to speak to their soul too. Music is my passion.” Warren credits his guitar teacher, Stanley !"#$%"&'(%)*'#+,-'-./0+12'-+3',4'51"'-+&' musical voice, and to translate his passion into melodies and rhythms that will both entertain and stir emotion. Warren has played scores of performances throughout his career, both nationally and internationally, traveling to Tortola in 2010 to play for Camp Abraham, a Christian choir from St. Kitts. Warren has played the National Anthem for the 2011 Verchilds Queen Show, and at the 2012 graduations for Tyrell Williams Primary School and Verchilds Secondary School. Warren is not a member of a regular band, but instead plays with many groups around the island. “I’m a roadrunner,” he said. “Whenever someone calls and asks me to play with them, I do it.” Warren is a generous musician

too, volunteering his time to play for Sunday services at Grace Gospel Hall, school assemblies, and other community events. He also works at Fruit Loops Studio in St. Kitts, helping lay R&B and Hip-Hop tracks. Warren enjoys athletics, especially running, and has competed in the 100m, 200m, and 400m events as a member of the Verchilds Secondary School Track Team, 2008 St. Kitts and Nevis National Team, and the 2010 Leeward Team. Warren placed second in the 400m U17 Boys category at the 2012 Interschool Competition. Warren’s favorite quote comes from his role model, Wayne Gretzky: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Warren takes his life philosophy from this quote, embracing every opportunity that comes his way, and he wants to inspire other young people to do the same. Warren hopes the recognition he is receiving as a Remarkable Teen will .1647%$2.'4,-.%&',4'51"' their passion and have faith in their dreams. Warren’s career goal is to study science and become a physician. Warren Hazel is a 16-year old 58,-'84%3'&,7".1,'$,'9.%6-+/"&' High School. He is being honored as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Performing Artist.

!"##$%&'"($) Performing Artist

Verchilds High

Nekhaila Tyson is intelligent and creative, focused and committed, an exemplary leader and an involved citizen; but equally important, she is !"#$%&'()&$*'#$*+&,-&++.*'*%/01,&*'#$*"#+2"("#3* young lady.

tutoring her peers in math and other subjects, and sharing her positive attitude. Nekhaila has adopted two elderly people in her village, and does her best to enrich their lives by bringing them food baskets and visiting with them regularly.

Valedictorian of her primary school, Nekhaila represented her school at every quiz competition and remains unsurpassed academically for her age, winning “Best Female” in the 2010 “Best of Standards” competition. Nekhaila continues to 2,'4&*5(+)*"#*4,'++*'+*'*%"3%*+4%66,*+)/$&#).*"#*',,* terms, and most recently earned 100% on eight of eleven subjects.

During her school break this summer, Nekhaila volunteered for two weeks at the Flamboyant House, a local home for the elderly. Nekhaila said that working with the elderly is one of her most gratifying experiences. “Older people have so much history to share,” she said. “So much to teach us; so many lessons for us to learn.”

Nekhaila has been an active member of the 7%&!%"#'%*8'#4&*9%&')(&*:6(*)%&*2'+)*5;&*<&'(+.* performing at community events such as the ='/(&&#*>$'0+*'#$*8",,6#*?,'@)6#*A&#&5)+.* and the Blind, Light and Visually Impaired Society. Nekhaila is also an aspiring poet and has been writing poetry and performing recitations publicly :6(*)%&*2'+)*5;&*<&'(+B**760&*6:* her dramatizations have been heard at the Tribute to the Elderly, Social Security 30th Anniversary, Church of God Regional Conference 2010, and the Renal Society. Nekhaila &'(#&$*5(+)*2,'4&*')*)%&*?77* Poetry Competition, and third place at the Island Xpression Poetry Competition for her submissions. Nekhaila is also a caring person, and committed to making her community a better place. She gives of her time generously,

Nekhaila is also a school leader, and served as Student Council President at Maude Crosse Preparatory Primary School where she led a school fundraiser earning $4,000 for the school. A role model for her peers, Nekhaila is serious about her responsibilities. Nekhaila is passionate about many things. When asked what she is most passionate about, Nekhaila said, “Life”. Nekhaila plans to attend medical school after completing college and would like to become an obstetrician, hoping 6#&*$'<*)6*5#$*'*4/(&*:6(* endometriosis. Nekhaila Tyson is a 14-year old third form student at Charlestown Secondary School. She is being recognized as the Most Promising Teen for her combined abilities in leadership, academics, performing arts, and community service.

!"#$%&'%()*+,Most Charlestown Promising Teen Secondary

Samuel Oyebefun is both an athlete and a scholar; and a genuinely kind-hearted and thoughtful young man. A sprinter who competes for his school and his country, Samuel holds the record in the 400m U15 Boys at 54.80, and is rated the fastest runner in that same category for both the 100m at 11.87, and 200m at 23.9. Part of the St. Kitts National Team in 2010, Samuel competed in the Leeward Islands Youth Games in Anguilla, and received the Gold Medal in the U13 Boys 800m, and the Silver Medal for the 400m. A groin injury sidelined Samuel in 2011, but his passion for the sport, and his exemplary work ethic, brought him back in six months. When Samuel returned, Timothy Morton, Samuel’s coach and the man Samuel credits with his athletic excellence, decided to work on Samuel’s speed as part of his comeback routine, and entered him in the 100m and 200m events at the 2012 Washington Archibald Sports Day; and again in the SKNAAA Interschool Competitions, where Samuel won Gold Medals in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 4x100m, and 4x400m events. Earning six Gold Medals in this competition, Samuel was presented with the U15 Male Champion Honor for his achievement. A fourth form student at Washington Archibald, Samuel has

been on the Principal’s Honor Roll for three years straight. Samuel said that his role as VicePresident of Production for the WAHS Junior Achievers project in 2012 was an experience that taught him a lot about business, and an experience he thoroughly enjoyed. Samuel is also committed to helping others. He mentors young children who want to !"#$%&'()'"*$%&$#+,-.$,&*$/")*0$,&*$#1#(+2$ classmates who need help with their studies. Samuel is an Usher at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, too. Samuel hopes one day to become a computer software engineer. Not surprisingly, based on his career dream, his role model is Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer. Samuel looks up to Jobs both for his innovation and his inspiration in encouraging others to “Think Different”. Samuel invests 100% in everything he does, and believes that others should too. “Giving everything your best effort is the key to being successful.” He hopes to change the computer world one day, and through his work, /&*$+",)$2()1#%(&2$#($314,&$ problems. It is an ambitious and admirable goal. Samuel Oyebefun is a 14-year old fourth form student at Washington Archibald High School. He receives the Remarkable Teen honor as a Scholar Athlete for his combined academic and athletic ability.

!"#$%&'()%*%+$, Scholar Washington Athlete Archibald High

Ministers of Federal Government Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas

Prime Minister Minister of Finance, Sustainable Development and Human Resource Development MP St. Kitts District #6

Hon. Sam Condor

Deputy Prime Minister Minister of Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Labor, Immigration, and Social Security MP St. Kitts District #3

Hon. Dr. Earl Martin

Minister of Housing, Public Works, Energy and Utilities MP St. Kitts District #1

Hon. Marcella Liburd

Minister of Health, Social Services, Community Development, Culture, and Gender Affairs MP St. Kitts District #2

Hon. Nigel Carty

Minister of Education and Information

Hon. Patrice Nisbett

Attorney General Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs

Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris

Senior Minister Minister of International Trade, Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, Marine Resources, Consumer Affairs and Constituency Empowerment MP St. Kitts District #7

Hon. Glenn Phillip

Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Post MP St. Kitts District #4

Hon. Richard Skerritt

Minister of Tourism and Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l Transport

Opposition in Federal Parliament Hon. Mark Brantley

Hon. Vance Amory

Leader of the Opposition MP Nevis District #9

MP Nevis District #10

Hon. Eugene Hamilton MP St. Kitts District #8

Hon. Shawn Richards MP St. Kitts District #5

Hon. Senator Vincent Byron

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