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Allow a minimum of three hours for this activity. 30 mins drive each way, 30min walk—with photo & snack stops, and a refreshing stop at the Weldborough pub! How to get there: From Tin Dragon Trail Cottages turn right onto the Tasman Highway (A3). Drive up over the hill out of Branxholm. Continue along the Tasman Highway through Derby, Moorina to Weldborough (26 Km). Out of Welborough the Tasman Highway crosses the Weld River (3.1 km). There is a small car park (on the right) 4.2 km out of Welborough for the short 10 min Myrtle Forrest walk. The Myrtle Forest 10 minute walk just off the highway

Continue along the Tasman Highway for another 2.6 km (6.8 from Welborough). On the left is the Little Plains Look-out and car park on Lottah Road. This is a terrific vantage point to view the Blue Tiers and out to the ocean. Lottah Road is a gravel road that is suitable for a small car. Continue along Lottah Road for 5.5 km, take the left-hand fork in the road to the Crystal Creek bridge. Cross over the (new) bridge and find a car park. A little further up the road is the entrance to the Duco Mine – take a look at this too. You might see the glow worms.

Old Crystal Creek Bridge

The Don Mine walk is indicated by a small sign and the trail by arrows. You should be able to see the old road and old wooden bridge, which is now hidden from the road by regrowth bush.

The Don Tin Mine Company operated from 1880 to 1962 and the Duco Tin Company from 1919.

Inside the Don Mine.

Entrance to the Duco mine as seen from the road

Don mine walk  
Don mine walk  

This is a delightful drive from Tin Dragon Trail Cottages. Take the Myrtle Forest walk on the way. The walk into the Don mine near Crystal C...