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Allow a minimum of four hours for this activity. 1 hr drive each way, 20 minute walk, have lunch, have a swim, explore Evercreech Forest Reserve... How to get there: From Tin Dragon Trail Cottages turn left onto the Tasman Highway (A3). Just out of Branxholm turn left into Legerwood Lane. Drive through Legerwood (7 mins, 7km) and Ringarooma (11 mins, 13 km). RHT after Ringarooma (14.7 km) to Mathinna (follow the sign). Out of Ringarooma the road becomes gravel (for 20 km), but it is well maintained and suitable for a small car. You’ll see a sign (27 km LHS) to Mt Albert. This is the road you take if you want to do the Mt Victoria walk—but not today! At 31 km you will see the road to Mt Saddleback walking

Christine & Graham enjoying lunch Mathinna Falls picnic area 2014.

track—I haven’t done this walk yet...another day. At 46 km you will see a sign (LHS) to Mathinna Falls. This is Claytons Road and the road you should take. You take another LHT into Mathinna Falls Road (47 km). This road is a little rougher than the gravel road over the Mathinna Plains, but is still OK for small cars. Drive carefully. You are now in a pine plantation. 12 -15 years ago when we came through here the land had been clear-felled and hot burned and was like a scene from the Apocalypse with wisping curls of smoke rising up and the car became covered in ash. For us this totally spoiled our experience and we didn’t recommend the drive. But now the trees have grown, making the drive more aesthetic. There has been heavy rain through this area, so you may still see road works where bridges are being replaced. Just before the Mathinna Falls picnic area (54 km) the road is washed out. Our larger car coped OK, but a smaller car may have difficulty. If you are really worried about crossing the wash-out, then leave your car here because it is only a short walk. The picnic area is a great place to have a cuppa, with table, fireplace and toilet. Just be aware that some of these Forestry/Parks areas have been unmaintained in recent years due to inadequate funding and it is unlikely for this situation to change in the near future.

It is an easy 10 minute walk to the waterfall.

Bush Bog (aka thunder box) at Mathinna Falls PTO to page 2

The waterfall is a beautiful surprise, like a magic grotto out of a storybook. Ferns, dripping mosses and a clear deep pool with jumping fish. Just one thing missing… Well, if you think like us, on a hot day. And it was refreshingly chilly. Note to self, “Bring swimming togs next time.” Those other visitors who arrived after us, almost had a most shocking experience!

We spent two hours at the Mathinna Waterfall enjoying the cool spray and beauty. There is a loop track which takes you up above the lower waterfall, up to smaller falls in the higher reaches of the river. We didn’t take this walk so can’t comment on the track conditions. I imagine the track becomes much steeper. We were in tourist mode so chose to drive via Claytons Road to the Evercreech forest reserve instead. This (17 km) road was in a rough condition so may not suit a smaller car. The reserve is surrounded by plantation and was set up to protect a few remaining large Eucalyptus Viminalis, called The White Knights. You can take two easy loop walks from the picnic area: alongside Evercreech riverlet to a small mossy waterfall (40 min) or a 20 min circuit to see the White Knights. We were running out of time so we only walked 10 minutes to see the tallest White Knight. Although the picnic area looks a little uncared-for at present, it is well set up with electric BBQs, a shelter, picnic tables and toilets. The Evercreech Riverlet is very pretty with lush ferns, crystal-clear water flowing over a sandy base and very busy angry active little birds. Watch closely and you’ll see black fish, too. We left home at 12:00 and arrived back at 16:30 after a most enjoyable afternoon. The best part? Not being caught skinny dipping, of course!

This White Knight is the tallest Eucalypt in Australia at 91 meters. Evercreech Riverlet, just below the White Knights

Mathinna falls  

Mathinna Falls and Evercreech Forest reserve sit within a working forest. This interesting drive shows the visitor the various stages of a w...

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