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SUITS YOU FINE Suits alone have no magic. Accessories on a shelf have no life. It is 40 years experience and knowledge of the clothier that transforms shopping for a suit into an experience of fabrics, patterns and color selections that when brought together beckons the touch and connects you personally. Welcome to Distante, Philadelphia’s premier men’s specialty store and buying service for the discriminating buyer. Since 1983, we have proudly made timeless and unique styles come alive based on the inspiration of our clientele. Customers can choose from our elegant in store collection of premium suits, sport coats, and accessories; or sit down with our design experts to create made to order shirts and one-ofkind custom tailored suits and pants from our factory in Naples Italy. Distante is one of the last specialty boutiques in Philadelphia and has been recognized by Philadelphia Magazine as Best of Philly in Men’s Clothing. Shop Distante and experience the difference between wearing quality clothing and evoking a visual and emotional experience through clothing. From customer tailoring and alterations to our on location shopping services and reproductions, Distante offers a host of services to satisfy our customer’s needs. Appointment Only Services include: • Custom tailoring • Professional alterations • Wedding party and special event outfitting • Industry Uniforms (restaurants, concierge, etc.) • Distante-On-Location (home and office visits) • Same day service • Reproductions An interview with Charlie Morrotta: As difficult as it is to improve perfection, we constantly try. Distante is now working by appointment only.

HOLLYWOOD and... Rittenhouse Shooting the newly released “Dead Man Down” Co-Executive Producer Joseph Zolfo seen here...Special thanks to Mr. Zolfo and crew. Director Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) makes his eagerly anticipated English-language-feature debut with this action thriller about a tough New York City enforcer and an alluring blackmailer who both put their lives on the line to seek vengeance against one of the city’s most powerful crime bosses. Victor (Colin Farrell) isn’t the type of man you want to come knocking at your door. A deadeye who always hits his mark, Victor works for the man who controls New York’s entire underworld. But when the ruthless crime lord gives an order that results in the deaths of Victor’s right-hand man’s wife and daughter, he earns himself a dangerous enemy. Meanwhile, as Victor attempts to identify the unknown figure who’s threatening his boss’s life, the mysterious Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) ensnares the sleuthing hit man in a dangerous web of blackmail and seduction. Later, when the bullets start to fly, the lust for vengeance threatens to consume everyone involved. Terrence Howard andDominic Cooper co-star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi watch?v=6WKmnAcMTKM

S TATE OF THE UNION By Christian S. Dougherty Society Magazine Publisher I recently had the distinct pleasure of sitting down and talking to the busiest man in national soccer, Nick Sakiewicz. Not only did I learn about the man, but also the game that is his true passion. The rules of this game were codified in England by the Football Association in 1863 and the name association football was coined to distinguish the game from the other forms of “football” played at the time, specifically rugby football . The term soccer originated in England, first appearing in the 1880s as an Oxford abbreviation of the word “association.” Within the English-speaking world, association football is now usually called football in the United Kingdom, and mainly soccer in Canada and the United States. Other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, may use either, or both terms. An average day for Mr. Sakiewicz is...well, not an average day. Although, when asked if he enjoyed his work, he stated, “This doesn’t feel like work at all.” The passion that drives this individual can be seen in his work on the field and in the office. A native of Passaic, New Jersey, Nick Sakiewicz is the CEO & Operating Partner of Keystone Sports and Entertainment LLC, the parent company of Philadelphia Union. In addition to this, he spearheaded the founding of the Union and construction of PPL Park, a massive soccer stadium located on the banks of the Delaware River in Chester, Pennsylvania. Prior to his current success, this team player was the President of AEG New York, responsible for operating AEG’s sports, entertainment and real estate assets, including the development and construction of Red Bull Arena, state-of-the-art stadium and mixeduse development in Harrison, New Jersey. Among his successes with AEG, was his role in the record-setting $100-million sale of the New York/New Jersey MetroStars to Red Bull Energy Drink Company of Austria. From 2000-2005 Sakiewicz was President and GM of the MetroStars, where he overhauled the organization, resulting in the MetroStars capturing the MLS Eastern Division title. The team made the MLS Cup Playoffs four out of five seasons under the leadership of Sakiewicz. During his tenure there, the club increased corporate sponsorship revenues more than 500% and grew attendance every season — despite not owning its own stadium. As a collegiate goalkeeper at the University of New Haven, Sakiewicz earned NCAA All-American honors in 1981 and All-New England honors each season from 1980-83. He is a member of the UNH

Hall of Fame and still holds every major goalkeeping record at the school. He went on to play professionally with F.C. Nantes in the French First Division, the New York Arrows of Major Indoor Soccer League, and F.C. Beleneses of the Portuguese First Division. Sakiewicz retired from professional soccer after a season with the Tampa Bay Rowdies of the American Professional Soccer League. A two-time MLS Executive of the Year, Sakiewicz garnered his first award in 1999 as President and General Manager of the Tampa Bay Mutiny. Working with some of the biggest names in the sport (Tim Howard, Clint Mathis, Steve Ralston, Eddie Gaven, Tab Ramos and Carlos Valderamma), Sakiewicz has a history of recognizing, signing and developing young talent. The Philadelphia Union and YSC work in conjunction with local youth clubs to share in the process of developing players. The club-neutral format enables gifted youth players to remain registered and playing with their local club teams while receiving free supplemental training and competition opportunities when “called up” to represent Philadelphia Union. There are currently three phases of the Union Academy. Step I is the YSC Union Juniors program (ages 8-12), Step II is the Union Juniors Academy (ages 13-14), and Step III is the Union Youth Academy (ages 15-18). The most innovative element of the Union/YSC Model is Step III. The Union and YSC have formed a Youth Development Affiliation (YDA) program open to all clubs that meet certain technical criteria (i.e., coaching staff qualifications, curriculum plan design, etc.). Founding Youth Development Affiliate clubs include FC DELCO, PA Classics, PDA, Lehigh Valley United, Penn Fusion and YMS. This unique program

provides selected players a direct and authentic link to the professional game, while offering affiliate clubs oversight and guidance from the Union/YSC Technical Staff on player development best practices. Can you give a brief summary of future plans for the stadium and for you personally? And, for the team? “We have a short, medium and long range plan for the stadium which allows us the flexibility to refresh the building with new things every year, and eventually expanding it to 30,000 seats, 60 suites, two restaurants and 2,000 club seats. The short term plan is each year the stadium will feature new amenities and activities for fans to enjoy their time at PPL Park, aside from the game itself. For ex-

AZAD WATCHES PHILOSOPHY Time: one thing that cannot be bought or even acquired. It is absolute, inevitable and always limited. The AZAD brand offers an exceptional variation on the telling of time, as is attested by its unique collection of timepieces. The name AZAD translates to freedom in Persian and this is no coincidence. The true indication of luxury is not mere wealth or material possession, it is freedom. The freedom to have anything one wants and more importantly, the free time to do everything one desires. AZAD represents that freedom. AZAD also means the freedom to choose. The brand’s offerings include a luxury sports line and an haute tourbillion line in a range of movements, colors and textures, all with stellar craftsmanship and advanced horological technology. But, no matter the choice...wearing an AZAD timepiece allows one the freedom to take their time.

SOCIETY GUEST EDITOR Bridette Mayer of Bridgette Mayer Gallery Philadelphia, PA Since its establishment in 2001, the Bridgette Mayer Gallery has represented and exhibited artists whose work displays the variety and genius of contemporary art now being created in the US. The gallery’s ongoing exhibition program will continue to support established gallery artists even as it looks beyond the US to discovering and cultivating new talent from around the globe.

The gallery exhibits painting, sculpture and photography with an emphasis on innovative process and content-driven ideas that speak to beauty, technology, culture and the contemporary landscape. Housed in an historic 1799 Philadelphia brownstone, the gallery presents ten exhibitions a year in its 3,000 square foot space and participates in numerous art fairs in the United States. Find out more about Bridgette in this issue!

SOCIETY SINGER/SONGWRITER DEBUT International netsetter, Olivier Bassil, opens up and reveals the story behind his new video - SUPERPOWERS. Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests? I was born in Paris, and grew up traveling a lot internationally, having been in Boston, Tokyo, London, Barcelona and New York. My educational background actually starts with my life passion, music, since I got enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston when I was 16 years old. I also hold a business masters from ESCP Europe in London. While I hold a diverse educational background and life path, my professional and nonprofessional interests are extremely linked. I am as passionate about music as I am about contributing to the music scene through my work. I am as interested in composing my own songs as I am about playing live. I am also very involved in social media and love the many innovations they can bring in an artist’s career today. Finally, I love sharing my passion and my joy for living. I am a huge adept of interacting through what I do with new people of all kinds and of discovering new cultures. When did you first start writing songs and what prompted you to do so? Do you have a musical background? I started being interested in music when I got enrolled in piano and violin lessons at around 7 years old. At the time I had just lost my sister of cystic fibrosis at only 5 and music turned out to be the ideal art form to channel my emotions. I found so much joy in music that I started composing and improvising very early. I already knew then that music was my life vocation, all the way to being enrolled in the conservatory and then Berklee College of Music in Boston. Today, it comes naturally to me to start releasing my own music as I grow into the professional world. What made you decide that music was the means you wanted to use to express yourself? First of all, the reason why I make music is to create something attractive, catchy and that makes people click to it. I think if people keep singing a song after hearing it a few times or even once, then my role as a singer-songwriter is already fulfilled. But music is not just about being a singer-songwriter, it’s about being

a messenger for a deeper cause and set of values that you stand for and live by. My goal is to share love and joy through my songs. I feel an urge to spread happiness, peace, positivity and love. Both my songs Superpowers and Infectious are about joyful feelings that derive from love. Joy and positivity can truly be contagious if you simply start sharing them, and music has a transcendent power to spread a feeling like that to anyone. Any influences of any sort, musical or otherwise? I have a great number of role models. Elvis Presley is my favorite singer for how seamlessly he adapted a classic technique into rock. I also admire Jim Morrison’s artistic side of his life, putting poetry into music and turning himself so naturally into an eternal rock icon. I am fascinated by anyone who composed great melodies out of nothing from Cole Porter to the Beatles. The Beatles’ songwriting genius is simply unequalled. On a more contemporary spectrum, I love Maroon 5’s ability to mold their sound, Owl City and Gotye for their amazing creativity and the whole K-Pop movement lead by PSY for bringing international flair into global culture. Is there anything in particular that attracted you to these people, and how do see their influence being expressed in your own material. I am always attracted to artists who seem to have more than just a job, but a true vision and an iconic approach to their sound and image. They fascinate

me as they always find a way to move their career forward in truly innovative ways both in content and context. Their influence is very much expressed in my material. In fact, when approaching any of the many facets of my career from sound to image to video, my collaborators and I always work very closely with role models in mind. The ‘Superpowers’ video for instance is a direct reference to classic 1950’s Hollywood movies, and I am very glad about how subliminally present that message is. Some people actually pick up on it without being told a word about it. How would you describe the job of a singer/songwriter? Can you tell us what a typical day or week is like? I think the job of a singer/songwriter starts by being interested and curious about everything. If you approach life passionately and with an open mind, then you’re bound to bring new inspirations into your work. Unless you are willing to explore unknown territories and to put yourself in new situation, your songs will not evolve over time. And the one thing I love the most about music is how it is constantly evolving. Consequently, I organize my days and week with a lot of freedom, to be able to go out, exchange, interact with the world before taking everything back into my “creative cocoon”. Once in my cocoon, I remove all distractions, and find that creative flow, which is a very addictive state you get into when pursuing an idea, until it molds into something strong and unique, the skeleton of a new song. For great songs, it often happens in a few hours!

writer’s block, I remind myself of how lucky I am to do this, and usually, by just writing anything, something strong eventually comes up in the midst of a free writing session. People wait for inspiration to write, but it’s by using our creative talent that we actually find inspiration. I do not have one unique setup to compose music. Sometimes a new melody comes to me while walking in the street and sometimes it comes while being immersed in the midst of singing over a new instrumental part in the studio. I would also suggest listening to others’ songs. Sometimes it just relaxes your ears to do that, and of course it gives you an amazing point of reference. A lot of the time, as artists, we create to express a voice for our generation that differentiates us from previous ones.

Tell us about “Superpowers.” ‘Superpowers’ describes my feelings for a girl who is incredibly strong in her life, her work and most importantly, in her heart inside. In the song I refer to her as Superwoman. The story in the song goes through a couple of days spent together, it’s a true love story with a mysterious side. The music video is the fruit of a year long visual brainstorm with my collaborator Maria Mikulas. She’s the super-talented director and visual artist behind all my artwork and photography. What’s interesting about the video is that there were only a few truly talented people behind the camera: Maria making her usual magic behind the camera, style genius German Pinazo doing the styling, my Latin Grammy winning coproducer Gael Hedding and a couple more people helping on the set. This video really is the fruit of our passions put together for the cause of making a concept real. We’re all so thrilled with it, and it only brought us closer together as creative artists. I am so excited for the amazing follow up we are getting as the video is now approaching 100,000 views and growing on YouTube, in just a week. Who is the girl? Co-starring with me is supermodel Nikki DuBose. She is truly stunning and an absolute genius in front of and behind the camera. In fact she played the role of multifaceted Superwoman so well that many people thought there were several actresses playing in the video. But it was all her. The start of the video features her as a character in a dream. That’s why you see her fading in and out in the mirror, and then reappearing

on the bed alongside me. It’s only once I get out on the beach that I physically see her. And there she is still the Superwoman but she is real. Towards the end as she becomes closer to me, she plays the good girl this time, which reminds me of Grease. I really love how both characters evolve through a magic encounter.How have you gotten your song out to the industry who should hear them? Sounds like you’ve been successful with this. Do you have any tips to offer other songwriters in this regard? I actually kept it very private to the industry until release. In the digital age, I believe artists can do a lot by themselves before they decide to sign with a label. But in order to be successful, the first thing an artist needs to do is find their identity. And that’s something that hasn’t changed throughout the times. The difference is that you used to have labels to help you express it. Nowadays, the artist owns a bigger share of the work and of the rewards. That’s why it is very helpful to work with collaborators on creating truly inventive content around the songs that will help you get into the channels offered. Once that creative challenge is fully taken care of, it’s a case of being an entertainer in the same way as you would be in a live event context but through the power of social media. Do you ever experience writer’s block? If you do, what do you do to get over it? The reason why I make music is because of how much I feel the need to express myself through songs that will define parts of my life, in ways that can apply to others too. Whenever I get

What’s coming up for you? What are you working on now and where do you feel your music is headed? I’m working on new music every day, that’s what I do and that’s why I’m a musician. There will most likely be a series of upcoming single releases, alongside their videos. Further down the line, my debut album, Infectious, titled after my debut single, will feature all those singles, and a few more. It will be the fruit of an ongoing exchange between me and my audience, and I love to grow it this way. It’s an opportunity to truly grow with your audience in a new way thanks to digital mediums. The place of exchange for being in the know on everything I do and for interacting about each update is my community, which is open to all at http://OlivierBassil. com/register What’s your motto or the advice you live by? Follow what you truly love. Do what you were born to do. Live your best life right now. I cannot express how important that is. There’s nothing like being passionate about what you do. Passion is what gives you the wings to fly when there is no more path to walk. I certainly live by that. I was blessed to know at an early age what my passion was, and while pursuing it has not been the most straightforward path, I’ve always had it as my chief vision. Since I’ve started pursuing it, I’ve simply been able to truly be myself. This allows you to have true relationships, true feelings, true life... true everything!

Visit Olivier’s website at:

Aston Martin unveiled

AM 310 Vanquish

a stunning new luxury sports car

Sitting proudly at the pinnacle of the luxury British car maker’s sports car line-up, this breath-taking new super grand tourer represents the zenith of current Aston Martin design and engineering. Vanquish points to an exciting and confident future for the historic brand. Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish is a new Aston Martin featuring the next generation of the renowned VH architecture as well as a significantly upgraded 6.0-litre V12 engine that is considerably more potent than before.  The design represents the latest take on Aston Martin’s iconic visual language. Vanquish unquestionably sees the brand continue its enviable tradition of producing some of the most beautiful sports cars in the world. Styling cues such as the elegant new waist, elongated side strakes and LED rear light blades are derived from the One-77 supercar.  Unmistakably an Aston Martin, the design shows a clear and coherent lineage from

its heritage while providing an equally clear pointer to the luxury car brand’s vibrant future. Closer inspection reveals details such as the stunning new Aero Duct on the rear boot lid. This elegantly devised passive engineering feature, which counteracts lift at the car’s rear

when travelling at speed, is a triumph of both design and technical ability. Performance, presence, style and great British craftsmanship - the new Vanquish has all these traits in abundance.  Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer,

Dr. Ulrich Bez said: “AM 310 Vanquish is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin design ethos, engineering innovation and technical ability. It offers luxurious, continent-crossing capability and pure driving excitement without compromise.” “Bearing the same name as the iconic AM V12 Vanquish that did so much to cement Aston Martin’s reputation as a maker of great GT cars in the modern era, I believe

the car unveiled today once again puts this great British brand at the top of its class.” “The new AM 310 Vanquish mixes beautiful design with impressive technology such as the superb new infotainment system. This is the latest incarnation of everything we know, informed and developed from One-77. It is the ultimate Super Grand Tourer confident and assured - and is the newest representation of Power, Beauty and Soul.” 

As happy on the streets of a bustling city as it is carving through the countryside or long distance motorway touring, the Vanquish offers a thoroughbred British luxury sports car that’s also suited to everyday use.

HOT PROPERTY Property is located in the heart of Sveti Stefan area - its prime, quite location with stunning sea views. The building itself has been built 3 years ago and it hosts 6 home owners from all over the world. The building itself now has only two units for sale. They are both fully equipped, suited for your perfect vacation. The furniture, as well as kitchen and bathroom appliances are brand new. The neighbourhood is perfect for relaxing, quite vacation, and yet only minutes away from the night life of Budva. Great restaurants and shops are just down the street as well as tennis courts, mini-golf field, diving school, parks. The nature in the area is beautiful: sandy beaches with crystal clear water, pine forests, cliffs, olive trees... The finest beaches of Sveti Stefan are just 2 minutes walk away. Property is created to suit your needs for luxury stay and satisfy your exquisite taste for fine architecture and design. Apartment has an amazing sea view overlooking olive tree garden with an island of St. Stefan in your sight. This is a luxury, large two bedroom apartment with stunning sea views. It has fully equipped kitchen and bathroom as well as all other appliances. Everything in the apartment is brand new. Large terrace gives a great pleasure in the mornings and the evenings. Two beautiful beaches are just 2 minutes walk away. Great fish restaurants, pizza place and cafes are just down the street as well as small market with fresh food and fruits. Area: 82 sqm Price: â‚Ź350,000 For more information, contact: Alexandra + 382 69 472 742

HOT PROPERTY This delightful, Adriatic Sea facing, totally private, detached old stone house with small private pool is in one of the finest positions on the whole coast. Set below the hilltop Rezevici monastery, in a residential area of similar villas, you are 10 mins drive from the town of Sveti Stefan and even nearer to Petrovac. A small beach is a walk away, through the lanes of the village. The totally glass fronted lounge opens onto the private terraces with the most amazing westerly views one could hope for. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and all enjoy the amazing ocean/sunset views, as does the master’s giant ocean facing corner jacuzzi (room for two!) bathroom! The villa features an open plan kitchen and lounge, modern furnishings and sanitary ware (Philip Starck design and Duravit), not to mention quality beds, linens and bath robes for all. All bedrooms have air conditioning that also operates to heat the villa in cooler months. Now with internet connection. Excellent rental potential! For more information, please contact: Alexandra + 382 69 472 742




SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL PROFILE Concierge Charles Gordy, of Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, knows who, what, when and where in the “City of Brotherly Love.” Have you lived in Philadelphia all of your life? No in fact I moved to this wonderful city in the fall of 1989. Tell us about your earlier careers and why you chose Philly now? Prior to living in Philadelphia, I resided in Atlantic City, New Jersey as a Doorman at the Harrah’s Marina Casino Hotel. I came to Philadelphia inspired to continue my education in Architecture. Where have you worked as a concierge other than 10 Ritt? Yes, at the award winning Rittenhouse Hotel which was amongst the top 100 hotels in the world. How did you get started in this industry? I was promoted to concierge by the encouragements, and recommendations, of Rittenhouse’s Front Office Manager Mrs. Lucia Pernot and Chief Concierge Mr. Frank Marandino. How do you keep one step ahead of the rest of us? Finding out about new restaurants, events, galleries, etc...?By keeping close ties with vendors, event promoters and maintaining associations With other concierges’ in the Philadelphia area. What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy painting and staying abreast with various creative arts for inspiration.What’s your favorite cocktail?My cocktail of choice is... a Manhattan with straight rye whiskey. When in Philly, where should I go for the best wine selection? I’d recommend Ristorante Panorama located inside of the Penn’s View Hotel in Old City. Panorama has made the Guinness Book of World Records for the most wines on tap. What would you say has been the most ridiculous request you’ve accommodated? I honestly can’t say I’ve had a ridiculous request. But, I once decorated a hotel room with rose petals and one hundred balloons for the lead star of the movie Slum Dog Millionaire.

CONTACT INFO: Charles Gordy - Chief Concierge 10 Rittenhouse Condominium

BRUSH WITH GREATNESS By Christian S. Dougherty Society International Magazine President Curator simply does not describe Bridgette Mayer, owner of Bridgette Mayer Gallery on 709 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. This modern gallery is housed in a historic 1799 brownstone with 3000 square feet to show the world’s most exotic artists. “I’ve always liked the historical aspect of the city,” stated Mayer. She feels as though she is a “natural fit for Philly” and launched her gallery 2001. Since then, Bridgette has worked miracles on transforming space, Philadelphia’s mindset on art and superseded personal goals. Within the past several years, she’s run the The Boston Marathon, traveled from Lake Cuomo to Costa Rica in search of new artists and fed her love of tennis attending French Opens. The Bridgette Mayer gallery has hosted some of the brightest artist in America and abroad – last year, the gallery showed Arden Bendler Browning (http://www. This 2012 exhibition will included a new venture for Bendler Browning – an interactive digital piece that will use motion capture technology to determine paint strokes. These virtual paint strokes will be projected and layered to create a constantly evolving digital image. Take a look – Too many to list, the Mayer Gallery exhibits a wide variety that appeals to all senses. For instance, Sharon Harper, from May 1 - June 1, 2013 – her photographs are in permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, AlbrightKnox Art Gallery, Portland Art Museum, Nelson-Atkins Museum and The New York Public Library. Presently at Bridgette Mayer, Rebecca Rutstein (February 27 - March 30, 2013) showing “Deep Rift” – a natural continuance of Rebecca Rutstein’s fantastical, landscape-based paintings. Her interest in geology as both subject matter and metaphor for life experiences and relationships

is present, yet pared down and refined. Take a look – http://www.bridgettemayergallery. com/exhibitions/rebecca-rutstein_5. The key to success is to “have a clear vision of how you are different,” advises Mayer on business, and life. Her love of art, business, Philadelphia and fashion (Valentino and Ford) make Bridgette Mayer more than a curator – she’s a masterpiece. Visit the link to meet Bridgette Mayer and to also view the gallery transformation:http:// CONTACT: 709 Walnut StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19106 tel 215 413 8893 fax 215 413 2283 GALLERY HOURS Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter


SA VA is a groundbreaking clothing and accessories brand that is built on the platform of effortless, individual style and social consciousness. Based in Philadelphia, the brand is comprised of a flagship store and design studio at 1700 Sansom Street, adjacent garment center and an online fashion community and store. SA VA is local made, globally inspired and community based fashion.

We believe it is our responsibility to be socially responsible. Ninety percent of the garments sold at SA VA are locally made in our adjacent Garment Center always with a fair trade and often eco-friendly textiles. Any products we are unable to make ourselves must have one elements of sustainability, whether it is fair trade, locally made, organic, made in the USA or recycled. Through local living wage job cre-

ation and community partnerships with both the Career Wardrobe and the People’s Emergency Center, we are striving to creat a new kind of ethical fashion community. Shop SA VA now! (866) 960-9800

THE GIFT WHISPERER For nearly a decade, TownHome has been a Center City Philadelphia shopping destination synonymous with distinctive style and gracious hospitality. Founded by Dana Bank, TownHome Jewelry and unique gift items unlike anywhere else in the region. TownHome originally opened its doors in 2003 as an upscale home and gift boutique on the 19th Street in Center City Philadelphia to fulfill Dana’s lifelong love of finding perfect gifts for friends and family, and inspired by her mother who is a stellar entertainer. With the introduction of jewelry from yet-to-be-discovered brands sch as Jeanine Payer and Me&Ro, Dana knew she’d found a niche for the next phase of TownHome — and customers agreed! Owner Dana and her staff treat guests like an old friend, exuding a warmth that welcomes everyone who pops in to browse. Many clients even refer to Dana as the “gift whisperer” due to her knack for finding the right gift for every occasion. Repeat customers have come to rely on TownHome as a trusted resource to fill them in on the latest trends and new arrivals, help them select the must-have additions to their collections, or choose a special gift for a loved one. 1616 WALNUT ST. PHILADELPHIA 214.972.5100

SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL PROFILE Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background? What are your general professional and nonprofessional interests? I’m a mixed culture, Mexican/ Hungarian, Midwest girl that started my clothing line while living in Miami. My business career began as a financial consultant/securities broker, with plans to always have my own business in Fashion. The financial background was a helpful start to a career in Fashion. I currently manage my Fashion career, Wife and Mother of my 4 year old son Giulio and a new passion as part-time Christian Minister and Motivation speaker. I like to start with beauty on the inside and let it shine on the outside. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is decorating what God has already made beautiful. It about bringing out the beauty and personality of the person -- I think people are much too conscious of fitting in and looking acceptable. I think we were made to be unique and I like to embrace the unique qualities and personalities of people. Fashion should be Funand make every occasion more Fun. How would you define your city’s fashion? Philly is really coming-up in the fashion scene -- I think it may have been a more traditional and casual city. I believe people really enjoy going out in the city and are starting to dress for the occasion. The City council has done a great job promoting fashion as a rising business. When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? Fashion is something I’ve been complimented on since I was young, I think It’s something you have a gift for, or not. I started putting outfits together ever since I can remember, but didn’t really realize it as a career until later. What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? My first designs were restructuring vintage dresses. This kept my cost low before I started having clients. One of my first original styles is still one of our top sellers, the Isabella dress. How long does it usually take you to construct a piece once special ordered? A custom order dress would usually take 2 -3 weeks. Who is one of your favorite local models to work with? I’ve worked with many wonderful Philly models and enjoy working with local girls. I hate to pick a favorite, but I’ve worked with Yanez Perez fre-

Photo by Jamie Coyle

SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL PROFILE quently. Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing? I usually start with an overall theme for the collection and then focus on print design. I love working with color and strong graphic silk prints. It’s challenging and exciting to see them come together into a final design. What are some of your accomplishments as a designer? Carmelita Couture has been worn by multiple celebrities and featured on shows like XFactor, Law & Order, Millionaire Matchmaker, Mob Wives and Housewives of New Jersey. Our largest press credits was the Cover of US Weekly, worn by Kourtney Kardashian and the final dress worn by Paula Abdul on Good Bye to American Idol parade, featured in multiple press. I absolutely adore the Modern Warrior Collection! What inspired you? Modern Warrior is also one of my favourites! It emphasizes the strength in Women. The bold beaded shoulder shows that women put a lot on there shoulders and we are capable to carrying a lot. The fitted waistlines show that we are still women and like to be admired and treated tenderly. “You can still open the door for us.” Please! Who are some of your favorite designers? Muiccia Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Pucci, and Karl Lagerfeld. I love them all! Where can readers buy your clothes? We are in select boutiques internationally and are also available online at www. How long have you worked as a designer? 7ish years. How do you select your models? I usually work with an agency to find the right girl to represent the collection. I

love when clients send, or post, photos -- I am excited to see the clothes on the street! What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites? We are featured on; it is a UK based company that shares unique designer originals. Where do you buy your fabrics and other sewing materials? I make most of my own custom silk prints and anything else I will source from the NYC design district. I print my silk in India and the clothing finished and assembled locally. What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? Attention to detail and overall quality of fabric -- everything has to be perfect or the garment won’t fit, or work. As close to perfection as possible! Do you consider yourself an artist? Yes, I think fashion is a wonderful art form that is wearable. It’s the most fun kind. What matters to you most as a fashion designer? Quality and design concepts coming together into a complete story. Overall, I want women to enjoy wearing the clothing and feeling beautiful! What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design? Story and theme... We need a story and theme before we start with anything. I love to be Inspired. Do you prefer sketching designs or actually constructing them? I prefer sketching and coming-up with ideas. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers? You need to be a good team leader. It takes a good team to complete things well and efficiently. It’s not all about you!

Find good help and learn as much as you can before you start. How would you define your personal style? My style is multicultural, whimsical and adventurous. I like to make bold statements. How would you define the style your line exemplifies? I like girls to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Find a place to wear a beautiful dress! Make your weekend date a little more fun. Do you travel? What’s you favorite vacation destination? I love to travel. Venice is one of my favorite places and I always love visiting my friends in Miami. Love, love, love to travel! Sometimes a little difficult with a 4 year old though… What are your favorite colors to work with and why? Red tones, purple, blues and gold -- I think they are the colors of royalty and I love to wear them. What are your favorite fabrics to work with and why? Silk, all types of silk. I look the way it flows, and feels on the body. What are some of your fashion goals? I’d like to continue to be inspired to create and grow my clientele nationally, and internationally. What’s your favorite cocktail? I love something tart and light -- not too sweet, preferably grey goose. Also, love a champagne cocktail.

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Shop in Syle Since 1929, the name Sophy Curson has been recognized as a fashion destination. The chic shop around the corner for Philadelphians. The place to visit for the out-of-town vacationer. The store that is a true must see! Modest in approach, individualized to higher tastes, considerate to many price points - this small gem off of Rittenhouse Square is proud to have dressed many notable American and European women. We offer the exclusive collection of Amy Jo Gladstone's handmade needlepoint slippers featuring great dog breeds. These shoes have been sold both locally and nationally. The Fort Lauderdale store, located on East Las Olas Blvd, is an established shopping place for the Florida winter visitor or resident. Open November to the end of June, it is a mecca for the cruise clientele, the out-to-dinner crowd, the gala charity chairwoman, and the chic sports enthusiast.

Trunk shows at womens' fashion boutiques are not exactly what the name implies. It's true that the clothing may arrive packed in trunks, but by the time you see these creations they are wrinkle-free and fabulous! At Sophy Curson, we want our loyal customers to have the opportunity to see more of a designer's line then the store would normally carry. Trunk shows offer that chance.

NEXT EVENT Tom & Linda Platt May 17-19, 2013 10am - 5pm Daytime, Cocktail Dresses & Evening Gowns Sizes 2-16, 1X, 2X Sophy Curson, 19th & Samson Street, Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA Sophy Curson 19th and Sansom Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 Tel: 215-567-4662 Email: Store Hours: 9:30AM - 5:30PM, Monday - Friday 9:30AM - 5:00PM, Saturday Closed Sunday

innovative. conceptual. menswear.

1616 Walnut St. Phila., PA 19103 // 215.735.2666 //

SEXY IN THE CITY Hope Chest is a premiere Lingerie Store in Center City Philadelphia. Featuring the finest lingerie from Europe and America for over 20 years, we specialize in bras, sleepwear, shape wear, and sexy lingerie. Hope Chest has returned to its Center City roots. Originally established in Philadelphia in 1990, Hope Chest moved to Haverford Square in 2006. Now Rosen, former Hope Chest Main Line store manager, is proud to bring Hope Chest to Chestnut Street and offer a sophisticated and sassy collection of fine lingerie, bras, shape wear and sleepwear hand-picked with her chic urban clientele in mind. Hope Chest has been featuring the finest European as well as American lingerie for over 15 years. Voted as a top lingerie store in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine as well as Best of Philly several times, this is truly a fabulous boutique. Featuring bra fitting with sizes 32AA – 40DDD in stock, we will happily special order other sizes. We offer a vast selection of comfy PJ’s, super sexy lingerie, fashionable tights and body wear. Grand Opening Sale! Get $20 Off When You Spend $100. Good through December 1, 2012. Contact: Jen Rosen 1937 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-665-9169

I grew up working in my father’s restaurant learning the value of hard work and customer service. I also was a pro boxer from 1977 — 1985 and learned the value of persistence. From there I chose to go into the luxury retail market and wholesale Diamond Industry gaining 25 more years of experience.

I have been a long time customer of Fran’s (I actually still own a pair of shoes he sold me 16 years ago!) It just seemed natural that when I decided to open up a shoe store that we would work together. “I have always enjoyed working with the public and adding my personal touches and exceeding my clients expectations. Here at Bottino Uomo we carry on the tradition of EXCELLENCE!” — Thomas C. Mitses President

Bottino Shoes offers you something you will not find in a big box store. On staff we have highly trained shoe experts to properly size and fit each shoe to your feet which ensures a long life for your new shoes. The latest trends and upscale styles to fit your unique lifestyle and taste and accessories to finish off your polished look. From the boardroom to after hours we have your unique style covered. We always carry exclusive name brands like:

Bottino UOMO

Fashionable Shoes For Men


The latest styles and trends from Italy, Spain and Germany are always on show at Bottino.


NEW SHOES arriving weekly! Complimentary espresso and tea bar while you shop





ample, this year we built a tailgate area for our fan groups that accommodates a 2,000 person outdoor party. We’ve added nice picnic tables to the plaza areas surrounding the stadium and refreshed many of the areas inside. In the medium term 35 years we will start phasing in expansion plans to add a second restaurant, add club seats and other fan amenities. The long

term plan has us adding another 10,000 seats, an additional video board and doubling the suite capacity to 60 suites.” After all the hard work has paid off, what’s your favorite vacation/destination spot? “I have several, but I would say my favorite is the Amalfi coast of Italy – great weather, incredible food, lots of soccer and warm

inviting people.” I also get the impression you appreciate a good bottle of wine, what do you enjoy most when not on the field? “2006, or older, Far Niente Cabernet of Silver Oak Napa.” — Cheers!

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Strass Cuff — Strass meaning “star” in French is truly a masterpiece of Swarovski crystal. This piece is designed in Paris, and hand-set in Los Angeles. Three shades of clear, black and black diamond crystals embelish this expandable cuff and are set in your choice of sterling silver or brass. While all colors are available, it is notably magnificent in all clear diamond cut crystals. This piece has been internationally recognized in British Vogue, In Style and was worn by Lady Antibellum on American Idol. Fabulous with an evening gown or as a contrast with jeans, the Strass Cuff is a timeless piece of wearable art.

Royal Ring — The Royal ring is a dazzling hand set Swarovski crystal in a considerable setting. The diamond cut oval crystal is a perfect mix with the muted signature metal Avant Garde is so noted for. Available in royal blue, ruby red , diamond clear and olive green. The Royal ring is a registered, hand set stone by French Artisans. Truly, a must have for chic holiday sparkle. contact: Julie Griffith Avant Garde Jewelry 310-403-5854






















Madikwe is a 75000 ha game reserve founded in 1991. It is an example of a successful collaboration between local communities, the private sector and government, to form a conservation area which is sustainable. It is primarily in the North-West Province, but overlaps a provincial boundary with Limpopo province. Madikwe is home to the Big 5 along with Wild Dog, Giraffe, Zebra, Springbok, Impala and many others. It is malaria – free and boasts a wide variety of birdlife. In addition to being able to traverse the 75000 Ha of Madikwe Game Reserve, guests to Hillhouse Lodge are afforded access to an additional 10 000 Ha of Private Game Reserve called the Madikwe Conservancy. This land is adjacent to Madikwe Game Reserve. Guests experience the beauty of the African bush through a guided morning and afternoon game drive. Both morning and afternoon game drives include a drinks stop with light refreshments in the bush. Telephone: +27(0)761499703/4 Fax: +27 (0) 866411792 Email: asp


Do you know sometimes when you have an innate sense that something’s going to be a hit? Like the faces of the Vatican Council when they first saw the Sistine Chapel, or the record execs who first heard the Beatles. (Actually, fact fans, that one’s a bit askew – Decca famously turned them down, saying ‘guitar groups are on the way out’. Oops.) Thus it is with Cheltenham’s Montpellier Chapter, first in a projected series of stylish urban hotels. I don’t exaggerate when I say that the forward-thinking, open-minded attitudes projected here, so often found in Continental and further hotels, are often absent in British establishments. It’s always such a pleasant surprise to find a hotel group – ‘chain’ is too corporate a word – that appears to have its guests’ interests as its priority, rather than those of its shareholders or its designers. Not that the Montpellier Chapter, located in Cheltenham’s most stylish Regency area, is anything but chic. As you walk into a converted Georgian house, you can’t help but notice the walls festooned with modern art, but the kind that you’d actually like to have in your home. This is matched by the first big innovation, the absence of a formal reception. Instead, everything is entirely paperless, from check-in to the welcome absence of endless sheets of paper in your room with hotel information. In a pleasingly 21st century touch, it’s all on an iPhone touch, which comes pre-loaded with impeccably cool music (Bowie, Radiohead, Marvin Gaye etc). The rooms themselves are located both in the original house and in a modern block, and offer such delights as walk-in showers and oversized baths, flat screens, indecently comfortable beds with pillows that allow one to slump into them and the highly welcome addition of a complimentary mini bar, a feature I’ve often wondered why more hotels don’t offer. After freshening up, one would be well advised to head downstairs to the restaurant, which appears, judging by the complete lack of seats when we visited, to be establishing itself as one of Cheltenham’s hottest spots for guests and locals alike.


I touch down in Cologne to a fanfare of Deutschland welcomes that pass straight over my head – I’ve totally forgotten that the only German I can stumble through is a mismatched rendition of ‘My Heart Will Go On’, taught to me by a friend during a game of beach bat in Cornwall. So I resign myself to being a mute for the weekend, playing at passing myself off as a local, at least until tight lipped ladies start babbling at me and I’m – quite literally – lost for words. But it’s no matter. I’m swept from the airport so seamlessly by my driver – though Eduardo is so pint-sized that I’m concerned he’ll not see over the steering wheel of his perfectly polished Mercedes, let alone reach for the pedals – that I slip into Cologne life all too easily. All B&O speakers and massage chairs with four different settings, the Excelsior Hotel Ernst is looking special – and I’m yet to step out from the car. My suite is such that I have to take five to decide what to do first; there is the pillow menu to pick from - spelt, cherry pit or horse hair? - a marbled bath with Jacuzzi jets, complimentary mini-bar, a fairly extensive walk-inwardrobe – clothes, meet hangers – and the most spectacular view of Cologne Cathedral and the Roncallipatz, with excellent people watching potential.


I don’t like to dwell on the weather, but winding down the driveway to Le Mas Candille, the car dips out of the mizzle for a moment – that really annoying sort of rain that doesn’t look much, but gives you an absolute drenching. I’m greeted by a glowing-with-olive-tan Francoise, looking a little sheepish under her umbrella having soaked in the sun here for all of last week. Nevertheless, the four and a half acres of manicured gardens, all lavender, honeysuckle and callistemon, shine through, glugging the weather faster than it can fall. Le Mas Candille (Mas for the farmhouse at its centre, Candille for its landmark cypress tree) is just a few kilometres from Cannes, and slips into the medieval hillside of Mougins like Cinderella’s foot in her slipper – and sits pretty behind Nice and Monaco, her bigger bolshy sisters. Le Mas is less diamonds and glamour, more understated luxury with a sparkle catching on the breeze from the coast. This is where olive trees have stood for 200 years, and a peach plastered 18th century farmhouse with heavy cream shutters bakes in the southern French sunshine - when the weather behaves, so Francoise Mirebeau, the delightful Responsable Commerciale, assures me - breathing out its warmth like a radiator through long evenings, coaxed by a chorus of crickets. But Le Mas is not without its fair celeb share – Kirsten Dunst rested her head here, between scooping the best actress award and schmoozing on the red carpet at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and Brad Pitt’s been known to drop in for dinner.


Three hours out of Sydney, we turn down a winding gravel road, whorling dust against a background of tawny grass and grey eucalyptus dramatically splashed with yellow wattle. The scene is framed by high plateaus of ancient sandstone on a vivid blue sky. It is an arid and uniquely Australian beauty. Farmed since the 19th Century by the Webb and Walker families, the Wolgan Valley property (purchased by Emirates in 2007) sprawls over 4,000 acres in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. The 1832-built Walker homestead has been painstakingly restored at the cost of AUD 2 million, offering Sydney weekenders used to the twee surrounds of Katoomba a very different glimpse into the region; one less travelled and more rugged in temperament, and yet with the addition of the resort and spa, one infinitely more luxurious. " is tempting to batten down the hatches of this exquisitely romantic cubby hole..." On arrival in the Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa, guests are entirely in the hands of the staff. We park our car in the secure lot at its mouth and are chauffeured the rest of the way in a resort-owned four-wheel drive – accommodations sit on a sliver of the property, with the rest reserved as a conservation site; significantly, only authorised vehicles and mountain bicycles are permitted to trundle around. Perched on the eastern end of the valley, the resort’s main lodge, spa and forty stand-alone villas blend elegantly into the vistas. Though only three years old and clearly a product of contemporary design, with its clean lines and innovative eco-conscious construction, the architecture is charmingly inspired by the original heritage homestead - expect stone flagging and wooden flooring, generous fireplaces, verandas, exposed ceiling beams, deep leather chairs and oversized


Award-winning restaurant, Mango Tree, has launched a monthly Thai Night showcasing all the best that Thai culture has to offer. Drawing on dishes originating from the different regions of Thailand, these nights will take you on a sensory journey across this diverse and dynamic country. Expect to see perennial favourites on the menu such as the classic Thai Green Curry and Tom Yum Soup, as well as more unusual dishes such as Kuay Tiew Jua Lobster (wok-fried thick rice noodles with lobster tail, egg and mixed vegetables) and Panang Gae Yang (grilled lamb shank slow-cooked in a Central Thai style with rich panang). Combined with this exquisite menu created exclusively for the night, Thai dance performances and authentic cooking demonstrations will also take place throughout the evening.


Verbier, Zermatt, St Moritz – been there, skied the slopes, and survived the apres ski. But what if, like me, you’re looking for something more from your next Alpine adventure, something new and undiscovered, where the atmosphere is as fresh as the powder atop the mountain. Surely there cannot be such a place left in the Swiss Alps? Surely the winter sun jet set would have discovered such a treasure by now? Well you’re wrong, allow me to introduce you to Leukerbad – Switzerland’s best kept secret. Located in the heart of the enchanting Valais mountain landscape, Leukerbad is the ideal retreat for those looking for the ultimate mountain experience regardless of the season. I found myself winding along the picturesque road to Leukerbad just a few weeks a go – ever the optimist I was told there was still some snow to be found atop the higher peaks, so my ski bunny ensemble of Chanel goggles, sleek salopettes and faithful Redfoot zippy boots was packed and ready to go. The first thing you notice about Leukerbad is the view, 360 degrees of stunning mountains and alpine greenery, with the picture perfect village caught in the middle. Take the cable car up to the Torrent (vertigoans beware) and you will find yourself 2900m above sea level with a criss cross of blue and black runs at your disposal, as well as a small but perfectly formed mixture of mountain side restaurants for the sun worshippers and mulled wine enthusiasts to take advantage of.

With the sun out and the skiing a little rocky in places, I decided to check out the gargantuan network of unforgettable hiking trails in Leukerbad. A gentle hike on the Gemmi mountain was enough to satisfy my appetite for the natural beauty of the area, but for those feeling a little more adventurous there is a 950m descent from the Torrent to the village below, as well as Switzerland’s longest fixed rope climb on the majestic but slightly


















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horoscopes Aries ( March 21 - April 20) A busy and exciting month is in store. At the end of the day, you haven’t produced a whole lot! You’re juggling, but perhaps you have too many projects up the air. You are especially chatty and very busy with errands for the first three weeks of the month, before life calms down a tad.

Taurus (April 21 - May 21)) Increased energy for tackling major projects around the home figures strongly in June, dear Taurus. So do finances, which can be a little tricky until after the 19th. If you are sitting on the fence about a purchase or investment, stay there until the last week of the month when financial thinking is clearer.

Gemini ( May 22 - June 21) You are making big impressions this month, dear Gemini. It’s a strong month for personal plans and feeling quite energized. While you’re giving off mixed signals and creating some misunderstandings until the 19th, you’ll be communicating with special ease and appeal for the remainder of the month

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) You are strongly motivated to increase your personal income flow this month, dear Cancer, and that extra effort is likely to meet with success. While the first three weeks of June are largely devoted to introspection and some level of emotional retreat, you begin to feel more in control of your life by the last week.

Leo (July 23 - August 23) Plenty of energy is at your disposal this month, dear Leo, but the question will be where to direct it. Friendships, group activities, and personal aspirations take center stage for you in June. Tricky matters with friends and lovers up until, and especially on, the 18-20, after which it’s pretty much smooth sailing.

Virgo (August 24 - September 23) Much of your time and attention is devoted to career initiatives and involvement this month, dear Virgo. You are more acutely aware of your reputation and standing. Professional projects begin to move forward. It’s not the most energetic of months, and you could be dealing with some minor romantic snags.



by Delilah Fay

Libra (September 24 - October 23) You are working hard to achieve your goals this month, not only material but also spiritual goals, dear Libra. Your spirit is especially adventurous and you are more philosophical than usual in June. A partner could be expressing more independence as well.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) June continues to be a strong period for work and career, dear Scorpio. You could receive public recognition for the work you do now. If you aren’t your own boss, you would very much love to be, and this attitude could cause some friction with superiors.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) June is an expressive month for you, dear Sagittarius. Satisfying your itch for change and adventure seems like a good idea. Tricky matters with finances and partnerships need to be handled. Relationships become easier to manage after the 19th. It’s not a month in which asserting your will or pushing your agenda will get you very far.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) Getting down to business, handling the details of daily existence and focusing on improvement figure strongly in June, dear Capricorn. Your attitudes towards what makes you feel secure are changing, and there is intensity to your nature that is not necessarily apparent to others this month.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)

A strong need for recreation and pleasure takes hold this month, dear Aquarius. Taking in plays, movies, dinner, and romantic activities are featured. Your energy levels are on the low side, so when work becomes a more pressing concern after the 20th, you might feel a little out of focus. Plenty of conversations with a partner take place, sometimes heated ones

Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

Work is busy and challenging in June, dear Pisces, while your heart is with your home and family. You are more able to increase your income by performing tasks that others dislike doing this month. Career demands peak on the 18th, and then ease considerably. The question of friendship and acceptance for who you are crops up with a close partner.

Destination Philadelphia 2013  

Philadelphia is a perfect mix class and excitement.

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