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O RGAN IZATION M EM B E R S H IP Opportunities for Impact and Benefits for 2021

Membership in CAFO not only benefits your organization, it’s also a chance to grow and guide a movement together. In 2021 there many ways to be an active part of this community! Discover here new ways your organization can get involved, build your team, lend your expertise and find community. As a CAFO member, you are a part of united work that’s impacting churches, families and lives across the US and in 124 countries. Join us for 2021 and find your place!



2021 MEMBER OPPORTUNITIES National Foster Care Initiative . . . . . . . . 5 National Church Ministry Initiative . . . 6 Applied Research and Best Practice . . . 9 Orphan Sunday & Stand Sunday . . . . . . . 10 OVC Essentials Course . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 CAFO Global Network . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 CAFO2021 Collaboratives . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 FEATURED RESOURCES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 CAFO2021 SUMMIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Member Organization . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Movement Investor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Movement Champion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 To renew for 2021, 2

T H E C AFO C O M M U NIT Y. FIND YO U R PLAC E! Everyone has something to give. Everyone has something to receive.



CAFO FOSTER CARE — MORE THAN ENOUGH More Than Enough brings the CAFO community together to help followers of Christ provide more than enough for children and families before, during, and beyond foster care throughout the U.S. is the rallying point for organizations, churches, and advocates from across the country to build local foster care movements in each of the 3,142 counties in the U.S. More Than Enough is working to see 10% of churches in every county actively engaged in foster care ministry by 2025.



This interactive e-course experience introduces a small cohort of 15 people over ten weeks to multiple leaders from around the country representing decades of experience. Their practical insights along with the principles and practices found in the book, Until There’s More Than Enough, will help you rally likeminded organizations and churches to serve kids and families in foster care together in your community.

The More Than Enough Podcast introduces foster care advocates like you to the principles, practices, and people that can help you transform foster care in the community where you live.


NATIONAL CHURCH MINISTRY INITIATIVE The National Church Ministry Initiative exists to inspire, equip and support churches as they work to launch and lead foster care, adoption and orphan care ministries. Church ministry based resources, webinars, workshops and the recently released book “Everyone Can Do Something” help serve the more than 750 member churches, denominations and church networks around the country.

SERVING YOUR ORGANIZATION Does your organization work directly with churches? Consider how you can both give into and receive from the movement. What resources or best-practices can you offer other organizations in the CAFO community who are working to form strategic relationships with churches? As well, resources and coaching from the National Church Ministry Initiative are available for your team to help you with church engagement, church relations, resourcing, on-boarding and empowering churches into your ministry. 6

CHURCH MINISTRY ESSENTIALS COURSE: BUILDING AN EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING CULTURE IN YOUR CHURCH Engage in the new one-of-a-kind online course for pastors, church staff, ministry leaders, advocates and organizational leaders designed to help you launch and lead ministries in your church, or churches you work with. You’ll walk away with greater insight on best practices and a strategic plan to help you take your next best steps forward. Network and organizational leaders can become certified to utilize the course material in their own communities with their local church partners.



RESEARCH CENTER The Center on Applied Research for Vulnerable Children and Families exists to equip faith-based organizations around the world with the knowledge and practice they need to see vulnerable children and families thrive. Opportunities both to receive and share information include annual Research and Best Practice Symposia, a certificate course and ebook on Attachment (also available in Spanish), and more. The COVID-19 Child Protection and Family Care Challenge Grants and Learning Cohort provided $8,000-$12,000 to individual organizations as well as expert coaching and a community of practice for those who were mandated to rapidly reintegrate children during the COVID-19 crisis.

CORE ELEMENTS CAFO provides a free, 30-minute online self-assessment survey to any organization caring for vulnerable children in international contexts. It will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your organization’s health, reveal your program’s areas of strength, identify where there’s room to improve, and provide an opportunity to invite others to join your efforts. This self-assessment (comparable to a retail value of several hundred dollars) is free of charge to members and can be accessed HERE. CAFO member organizations receive exclusive: • Interpretation of your survey results by experienced professionals for each category. • Record-keeping of your previous self-assessment scores. • Annual analysis of your growth trends. • Access to step-by-step training modules that can help your program move from zero understanding to basic implementation in case management, child protection, monitoring & evaluation, and more. With these tools, you can improve the quality of care you provide, communicate with funders and other key stakeholders, and use scores to track your organization’s health over time. We are all on a journey toward better care for vulnerable children and families, together!



On Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday -- the 2nd Sunday each November -- Christians worldwide celebrate God’s special love for vulnerable children and how ordinary believers can play a part. Last year, unique and locally-led events took place in churches across the US and more than 90 countries. The CAFO community provides free Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday toolkits, posters, videos and more -- as well as 10+ international websites.

ORPHAN SUNDAY & STAND SUNDAY ADVOCACY Whether working globally or domestically, you can use Orphan Sunday or Stand Sunday as a catalyst to inspire your supporters and activate your advocates. Members receive a free toolkit and exposure opportunity to broaden their impact.





OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) Essentials provides broadened and deepened knowledge of best practices and critical issues within OVC care. Alongside an encouraging and stimulating community, you’ll be supplied with knowledge and awareness.. Interns, non-profit staff and executives students, foster and adoptive parents, young leaders, advocates, church staff and volunteer leaders will all find this course to be an informative, accessible, and stimulating experience in their journey towards engaging wisely and effectively with vulnerable children and families.

OVC ESSENTIALS COURSE Receive a discounted registration of $49 to the OVC Essentials course for your interns and staff ($99 registration for non-members). Provide an experience of foundational knowledge, shared learning, and personal enrichment to your team.



The CAFO Global Network invests in local Christian leaders in the majority world as they unite churches, NGOs and advocates in their locally-led networks. Over 45 local church networks around the world both receive and share through the Global Network, from adoption to fostering to family preservation.




Quarterly Virtual Collaborate sessions bring these networks together for a series of online sessions to LEARN, DISCUSS and have a FIRESIDE CHAT to share how they intend to apply these concepts in their own cultures. In 2020, we explored the topics of Child Protection Policies, Engaging Local Cultures, and Shifting Awareness to Action.

Find CAFO Global Network members where you serve at




Each year CAFO Members gather at the annual CAFO Summit and throughout the year for deep-dive training and a range of critical issue collaboratives to share and receive. Members learn and labor together to solve some of the biggest challenges you face — from child protection to fundraising, aging out youth to team health.

COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATIVE Join a network of communication staff that sharpens and equips each other in the trade while building the overall movement. This Collaborative will aim for consistency and accuracy on movement news and statistics while providing a place for connection, tool-sharing, inspiration, and sharpening in effective marketing.

can support healthy life transitions for youth aging out of international orphan care and US foster care.

ENGAGE THE AFRICAN AMERICAN CHURCH Participate in the African American Church Initiative, working to inspire and equip African-American churches to care for vulnerable children in response to God’s command to “do justice” and care for orphans.

AGING OUT MODELS Find assistance and share successful models as part of the Aging Out Initiative, identifying how the Church



The Development & Discipleship initiative is a partnership between CAFO and Mission Increase (MI) designed to help child-serving ministries grasp and apply a vision for development that not only seeks to raise funds, but also builds up Christian givers as disciples of Jesus.. We provide teaching, coaching and consulting to CAFO members in effective, biblically-based fundraising principles and practices. Members who engage with the Development & Discipleship initiative will grow in their fundraising understanding and effectiveness, experience more joy in their calling and raise more funds as they learn to catalyze well-informed, effective, and Christ-hearted giving.



Workshops, webinars, and CAFO Summit sessions grounded in a practical, biblicallybased fundraising curriculum cover topics such as acquisition, major gifts, monthly giving, communications, fundraising leadership, and more.

Group and individual coaching for leaders and development staff to help them apply the principles of development as discipleship to the unique context and concerns of their ministry work.



One-to-one consulting to a select group of member organizations, offering a more comprehensive and in-depth look at ministry and fundraising operations.


VIBRANT LEADERSHIP SPRING FROM HEALTHY SOULS Jesus put it simply: good trees bear good fruit. The fruitfulness of your ministry hinges on nothing more than the health of you and your team. That’s why CAFO puts a premium on helping leaders “grow down,” developing practices that build deep health in body, mind, spirit and relationships.

SOUL & STRATEGY RETREAT Join CAFO leaders and teams throughout this year for special events focused on soul care and thriving teams. The Soul & Strategy Retreat in the spring provides space for CEOs & leadership staff to experience refreshment and creativity with fellow leaders. Also, the new CAFO Teams Soul Care Retreat is a pre-packaged retreat experience for your team, accessible year-round, enabling you to easily host your own team soul care retreat.




Intro to Trauma Competent Care Online Course CLICK HERE » Vulnerable Children in a Digital Age CLICK HERE » Transitioning Donors: Bring your supporters on the journey to a new model CLICK HERE » Everyone Can Do Something CLICK HERE » More Than Enough Podcast CLICK HERE » Orphan Sunday & Stand Sunday Toolkits CLICK HERE » Justice and the Inner Life Podcast CLICK HERE » CAFO Job Board Submissions CLICK HERE » CAFO Speakers Bureau Submissions CLICK HERE » Intern Submissions Board CLICK HERE » 22

C A FO 2021 S U MM IT Grow Your Team. Grow Your Ministry.


THE CAFO2021 SUMMIT More than 2,000 leaders, pastors, foster and adoptive parents, and professionals from over 40 countries come together for the annual CAFO Summit. CAFO member organizations’ leadership & staff returns home better equipped for adoption, foster, and global ministry, making a bigger difference for children in all 50 states and 124 countries! Gather with other like-minded organizations at CAFO2021 to receive and share connection, counsel and critical instructions for effective ministry and vibrant living. New Fall dates coming soon! Grow Your Team • Group Discounts. Bring your whole staff team to learn and grow together.

• Group Meeting Rooms. Reserve a private meeting space for one hour for your team, board or other private gatherings of 10 or more.

• Training Intensives. Receive

high-impact training on critical issues designed for the professionals on your team in pre-Summit intensives. Topics range from essential Leadership to Fostering Collaboration to Technology & Trauma.


• Invest in Your Board. Host your

board at Summit. It’s a great way to immerse those who shape your mission in rich learning and growth as a team! (Free room for higher level sponsors)

• Sponsors & Exhibitors. Sponsor

investments help make the unity and learning of Summit possible….while also benefiting your organization with visibility and trust among leading advocates and churches.

• Collaborative Workshops. Lead and actively participate in instructional sessions and collaborative forums. Share your front lines experience and learn from the challenges and successes of fellow members. Connect with professionals working beside you around the globe.


M E M B E R S HIP PAC K AG ES United & Shared Mission

All membership levels include a place and a voice in our united mission to inspire and equip Christians to care for vulnerable children wisely and well. Each level also confers the CAFO Member Seal, which helps churches, donors and advocates to identify partners that are committed to fiscal integrity, good governance, collaboration and the Gospel. Advanced levels of membership include additional opportunities to expand the member’s impact while investing further in the Christian orphan care movement together.


LEVEL 1: MEMBER ORGANIZATION Organizational Membership unites members in joint initiatives and opportunities that bring greater impact than any one organization could achieve alone. Membership Includes • Listing in annual Next Steps booklet for churches, families and donors • Significantly discounted CAFO Summit exhibit packages • CAFO Summit members-only forums & leadership sessions • CAFO Summit workshop proposal opportunities • Website member access and visibility (including job posting, resource swap, and organization profile) • 3 Member Seats with Christian Leadership Alliance (providing premium access to member-only content and mentoring community) • OVC Essentials Online Class Free to Staff & Interns ($99 value)

Membership Dues (Based on annual budget) UP TO $100K ...................... $ 200 $100K TO $499,999 .......... $ 350 $500K TO $4,999,999 ....... $ 750 $5,000,000+ ......................... $ 1,500



LEVEL 2: MOVEMENT INVESTOR CAFO Movement Investor Organizations make special financial and leadership investments in growing and guiding the orphan care movement. These members view this investment as an extension of their mission — expanding effective care for vulnerable children worldwide. Membership Includes Along with level 1 benefits, special thanks for movement investors includes: • Full conference audio recordings following CAFO Summit • 2 free registrations to the annual CAFO Research Symposium • Invitation for one member of leadership staff to join a special member gathering in the fall

Membership Dues (Based on annual budget) UP TO $100K ...................... $ 400 $100K TO $499,999 .......... $ 700 $500K TO $4,999,999 ....... $ 1,500 $5,000,000+ ......................... $ 3,000



LEVEL 3: MOVEMENT CHAMPION CAFO Movement Champion Organizations extend themselves to make the growth and maturity of the orphan care movement a special priority. These members view this investment as a major expression of their mission — effective care for vulnerable children worldwide. Membership Includes Along with level 1 benefits, special thanks for movement champions includes: • 2 sets of Full conference audio recordings following CAFO Summit • 4 free registrations to the annual CAFO Research Symposium • Invitation for up to 4 members of leadership staff to join a special member gathering in the fall • Hospitality Room reserved at CAFO Summit • Invitation for CEO to serve on CAFO Executive Advisory Council

Membership Dues (Based on annual budget) UP TO $100K .................. $ 1,000 $100K TO $499,999 ...... $ 2,000 $500K TO $4,999,999 ... $ 4,000 $5,000,000+ ..................... $ 7,500



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2021 CAFO Membership Opportunities & Benefits  

2021 CAFO Membership Opportunities & Benefits  

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