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Summer 2014

2014 Firsthand Experience: The Canonizations of the Popes | Christendom in New York Summer 2014

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From the President

Excerpt from the 2014 President’s Charge to Graduates

Timothy T. O’Donnell, STD, KGCHS


Our beloved Pope Emeritus Benedict, before entering the historic conclave of 2005, there gave his last major address. He said:

You as Catholics are not filled with any naïve optimism,

Above all, that of which we are in need at this moment in history are men and women who, through an enlightened and lived faith, render God credible in this world. The negative testimony of Christians who speak about God, but live against Him, has darkened God’s image and opened the door to disbelief. We need men and women who have their gaze directed to God and understand true humanity. We need men whose intellects are enlightened by the light of God and whose hearts God opens so that their intellects can speak to others, and so that their hearts are able to open the hearts of others.

that man died in her arms professing faith in

but you are filled with a Divine hope.

of our common pursuit in the liberal arts. Of

have been given the noble task to pursue this

principalities nor things present or things to

in hope.

Table of Contents VOLUME 22 | NUMBER 2 | SUMMER 2014

2 Commencement 2014 Christendom College celebrated its Commencement Weekend on May 16-18 by awarding degrees to 69 graduates, as well as honoring Dr. Peter Kreeft and Rev. Terence Henry.

8 Canonizations


Philip Gilbert (’15) gives a firsthand experience of the canonizations of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII. 7 Liberal Arts in Action 10 From The Chronicler: Campus Life Photos 12 A Shared Vision for the Future


12 Christendom in New York 14 New Alumni Director in Response to Survey 16 Teaching and Evangelizing 17 100% Participation in Senior Class Giving 18 News in Brief



19 Shield Match: Crusader Rugby 20 Classmates: Alumni News


IBC Omnia in Christo:The Doctrine of Biblical Inspiration

Christendom College

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Summer 2014


2014 2



Christendom College celebrated its Commencement Weekend on May 16-18 by awarding degrees to 69 graduates, as well as honoring renowned author and philosopher Dr. Peter Kreeft and Rev. Terence Henry, the chancellor of Franciscan University. Fr. Henry celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass on Friday, May 16, and received the college’s “Pro Deo et Patria” Medal during the commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 17. Dr. Kreeft was awarded an honorary doctorate before delivering the commencement address on Saturday. Dr. Kreeft delivered an address filled with both humor and deep insights. He encouraged the graduates to practice for heaven by letting Christ reign now here on earth through prayers and supplications to Jesus.

Philosopher Peter Kreeft delivered a humorous and insightful address.

College president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell presents Kreeft with an honorary doctorate.

“Your college is nobly named after that reign [of Christ],” Kreeft said. “‘Christendom’ means Christ’s kingdom. You are part of that atomic fission that explodes and spreads the radiation of that kingdom. Once, that kingdom was tiny... It was once a one-celled zygote in Our Lady’s womb. Nine months later it was still as small as a crèche. It has been expanding for 2,000 years, transforming this world into Christendom.”

Franciscan University of Steubenville’s chancellor, Fr. Terence Henry, received the college’s Pro Deo et Patria Medal.

- Ben Scrivener

Summer 2014


The growth of Christendom—Christ’s kingdom—is unstoppable, even by the gates of Hell, Kreeft said, and he encouraged them to never forget the big picture. “And never forget your absolute and essential job,” he said, “to change this world into Christendom.” On Friday, Fr. Henry gave a stirring homily in which he described life as an adventure and as a unique mission given to us by God. “We simply would not be if we did not have a mission,” Fr. Henry said. “What is our task? To discover the unique gifts He has given us. You did a lot of discovery here in four years, but you’re not done. You’ve only scratched the surface of the iceberg… that is your challenge, dear graduates: to discover His mission and to discover the unique gifts He has given you to accomplish it. You are needed on the front lines wherever the culture of death is pressing in.” Saturday’s ceremonies began with a bagpipe-led procession from Christ the King Chapel to St. Louis the Crusader Gymnasium. Salutatorian Maribeth Kelly of Front Royal, Va., welcomed all the attendees and, in her address, noted that although it was time to say good-bye to Christendom,



she and her graduates should rejoice in the education, formation, and experience that they have received. Following the presentation of awards to Dr. Kreeft and Fr. Henry, valedictorian Lauren Enk of Madisonville, La., delivered her address. Enk said that living in the community at Christendom College reinforced a reality that everyone knows to be true: life is beautiful, people are made for happiness; and that happiness is attainable. “Our time here at Christendom exposed cynicism for what it is at its root, a spiritual poison, and drove home with unutterable certainty the antidote that, in the words of G.K. Chesterton, ‘the world will never starve for want of wonders, but only for want of wonder.’ I never faced a day here without seeing reflected in my fellow classmates and in our experiences an unshaken confidence in the power of wonder and a joy at the education we have received together,” she said. Closing the ceremony, college President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell delivered his charge to the graduates. (Editor’s note: see excerpt of the charge on Inside Front Cover).

Cousins Liz and Theresa Francis celebrate as they process.

Ben Scrivener with his parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews.

Director of Admissions Tom McFadden, along with Director of Donor and Alumni Relations Vince Criste, presented the Student Achievement Award to Jacob Morgan of Front Royal, Va., for his dedication to the community.

Timmy and Bridget Vander Woude and their family.

Big hug from Klarissa Blank.

Sean LaRochelle celebrates.

Matt Speer and Peter McShurley join fellow graduates in celebrating with party blowers after the conferral of degrees.

Summer 2014


Salutatorian Maribeth Kelly

Valedictorian Lauren Enk

Students with theology professor Eric Jenislawski.

Cintorinos with college chaplain Fr. Donald Planty.

Seton High School and Christendom alumni with Anne Carroll, founder of Seton and wife of Christendom founder, Warren.

Congratulations to the class of 2014! 6


ArtsinAction L i b e ra l

“Christendom instilled in me a desire to make a difference in the world. The liberal arts education trained me to think creatively, innovatively, and expansively. The moral formation helps me navigate the corporate world with Greg Bodoh (‘94) CEO Sole Solutions, Inc.

principled integrity, especially in respect to my employees, who

Having hired over twenty alumni, Greg Bodoh (’94) knows the value of a Christendom liberal arts education. Located near Christendom in Front Royal, his company, Sole Solutions, Inc. (SSI), develops and supports software solutions for the federal government, including systems that facilitate transparency and track the recovery of billions in fraud.

“The ability to solve problems, compile and evaluate information, and the ability to persuasively communicate ideas clearly and objectively are essential in the Information Technology sector. Christendom alumni demonstrate strong communication and critical the job. In addition, the moral integrity and solid work ethic exhibited by these employees quickly wins the respect of clients and provides an outstanding work environment.”

Nine Christendom alumni are currently employed at SSI.

Summer 2014


Story and photos by Philip Gilbert ’15

CANONIZATIONS A Firsthand Experience of a Great Moment in Church History


It was simply amazing. The canonization of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII was one of the most notable events during my semester incredible memories and experiences. During the days leading up to the canonization, we began to notice that the queues of tourists and the crowds in St. Peter’s Square were growing significantly, but it wasn’t too different from normal. However, on the eve and day of the canonization the streets surrounding the Vatican bore no resemblance to the streets we were used to walking. Via Conciliazione, the street that runs straight into St. Peter’s Square, was barricaded off, so pilgrims en masse began to stake out near the gate as early as midday. When I went to join my classmates who had formed a camp at the end of the street, I found my path blocked by thousands of pilgrims lying and sitting on the ground, some sleeping, others chatting, singing, or praying. When the gates opened just before midnight, the flood of people gathered there pushed onto the street, but our advance was brought to a stop very quickly. Occasionally, there would be some unknown movement far ahead, and so the crowd would surge forward a few steps, perhaps as many as ten or fifteen. With this mode of advance, it took about ten hours to walk the length of Via Conciliazione, and some of us didn’t make it close to St. Peter’s Square.



St. Peter’s Square is surrounded by Bernini’s beautiful colonnade, which is symbolic of the universality of the Church, as its arms embrace all the people of the world. During our Rome semester, the route from our residence to our classroom went through the Square, and since it had become an every-day sight, the symbolism of the structure was easily lost to familiarity. During the canonization, the universality of the Church was present in the Square, and its symbolism was brought to fruition before our eyes. At one point, while I was standing with the crush of people outside the gate, I realized that I was squeezed between some Germans and some Brazilians. A group of American pilgrims were nearby and there was also

The image of John Paul the Great which hung from St. Peter’s on the day of the canonization.

a conglomeration of people from different areas, with their diversity appropriately symbolized in a flag, which was composed of the banners of all nations. In truth, that flag was an appropriate banner for the multitude assembled for the canonization. But there was one flag in particular that dominated the colors waving over the sea of people. Before coming to Rome, I would jokingly say that Poland was going to pay a visit to Rome for the canonization, but I didn’t realize how true it was until I realized

Pilgrims from across the globe camped in the streets and parks of Rome.

that there were more Polish flags in the crowd of pilgrims than I had seen during my weekend in Krakow. It was incredible to see the zeal of the Poles and their love for their native pope. At one point, a friend and I struck up a conversation with an elderly couple next to us and we learned that they were from the States, but originally lived in Poland. The couple had loved Pope John Paul II from the time that he was Pope and they had come to Rome twice before; once for his funeral, and once for his beatification. The woman remarked that something special and incredible had happened each time, and she would not miss the canonization for the world. It seemed that many of the thousands of Polish people around us had similar stories: they loved JPII and were coming to hear him declared to be the saint that they knew he was.

‘During the canonization, the universality of the Church was present in the Square, and its symbolism was brought to fruition before our eyes.’ The opportunity to live in Rome was unimaginably incredible, and we were able to do and see so many things that many other people have dreams of doing, but never get to experience. And so, we are grateful for the opportunity, and grateful to our donors who help to make this program financially affordable for us students, as it will be something that we treasure forever. For three months we shared beautiful and timeless moments with our closest friends, and saw countless unbelievable things together. We walked with the saints and witnessed their canonizations. Summer 2014



The Chronicler












1. Dancing at Spring Formal / 2. Students prayerfully protest at Planned Parenthood / 3. May Crowning / 4. Juggling at Coffee House variety show / 5. Seniors enjoy philanthropy board event, “A Taste of Giving� at Aspendale Winery / 6. Operatic concert: Suspicious Cheese Lords / 7. Whodunit fun at Mystery Dinner Theater / 8. Odd couple: a witch and a Puritan at the Mystery Dinner Theater / 9. Fun times at ballroom dancing workshop / 10. Last day of classes concert with the Gray Havens / 11. 2014 Crusader Rugby Team / 12. Alumni and their graduating children / 13. At the Post-Graduation















Christendom College’s The Chronicler is an online publication appearing weekly on Thursdays throughout the academic year. Written and photographed by students,The Chronicler provides a glimpse into life as a student at Christendom. Find out more at

BBQ, Dr. O’Donnell addresses attendees / 14. Terri Hibl with her dad. Terri is the eighth of her siblings to graduate from Christendom (a college record). / 15. Graduate Matt Speer sings along with the bluegrass band, The Honky Tonk Blues. / 16. Seniors enjoy the food at the Post-Graduation BBQ / 17. Seniors honored Fr. Donald Planty, who began his assignment as chaplain of Christendom College the same year the graduates arrived as freshmen. / 18. Graduation dance with live swing band / 19. Seniors Angelica Cintorino and Sean Ryan at the graduation dance / 20. Elegant dining with parents, faculty and graduates at the graduation dinner / 21. Pilgrimage to St. John Paul II shrine in DC / 22. A game of croquet during the Easter lawn soirée

Summer 2014


A Shared Vision for the Future


Robert and Rose Marie Kling dedicated their lives to the service of others. With their medical and linguistic talents, they changed the lives of many of those around them, and even those whom they had never met.

Robert Kling worked as an eye doctor, while Rose Marie who was apt in linguistics, transcribed text books into braille for blind students.

and spiritual blindness that they saw around them as very gracious benefactors to Christendom College. In 2002, the Klings set up a planned gift to the college, which also reduced their tax liability, while creating a steady form of income during their retirement. The Klings passed away in 2013. Having no children of their own, the Klings surely saw the students of Christendom as part of their legacy. May God bless and reward the Klings for their generosity.



Christendom Benefactors and Friends Discover Hope in Christendom


On May 1, benefactors and friends of Christendom College boarded the Hornblower Cruise Line’s for a cruise in New York City harbor. The time aboard the ship, along with the catering, was generously donated by the cruise ship’s owners, Terry and Mary McRae. While sailing along the Big Apple’s worldfamous skyline, attendees discovered a message of hope for the future as they learned about Christendom’s unique educational approach to a formation of the whole person in Truth.


The ship cruised pass Ellis Island.


The Bradleys enjoy conversing with Fr. George Rutler.


Chris and Lisa Madrid snap a photo with Freedom Tower.


Chris and Susan Cridge enjoy the NYC skyline


The Infinity at the dock.


The Shannons enjoy the fine catering aboard the Infinity.


President O’Donnell chats with the Cummings.


The Russells enjoy the presentations.


Lonnie Gates (center) enjoys dinner with Philanthropy Officer Tim Flagg and his wife, Annette.



in NewYork




1 10

3 6 11

10. Guests enjoy cocktails and conversation with board member Mark Swartzberg.



11. Vatican Radio Programing Director Sean Lovett speaks about the continuity of Pope Francis with his predecessors. 12. Skyline views and delicious food for the Schmids and Oswalds.

Summer 2014


ALUMNI SPEAK, CHRISTENDOM College Responds to Survey by Hiring New Alumni Director


One year ago, Christendom alumni were surveyed on 44 questions covering a range of issues including satisfaction levels in alumni relations and information sharing, communication preferences, levels of engagement, and overall college experience. Those results were extremely helpful to understanding what alumni want and expect from Christendom College. The college is responding to this feedback with a renewed effort to establish a robust alumni relations program.

87% desire to be engaged with Christendom

What kind of influence has Christendom had on your life?

The bottom line: alumni want more attention, more information, and more interaction. They want to concretely feel the connection to the college that they had while students, even though they are in a new phase of life and engaged in work, family and/or religious life. Understandably, the greatest barriers to alumni participation are geographical distance, time, cost, and family or vocational commitments. To build a new alumni relations effort, Christendom has acted on the survey data and hired Vince Criste (Class of 1998) as the Assistant Director of Alumni and Donor

Alumni Surv

How satisfied are you with the overall experience you had as a student at Christendom College?

What are your barriers to participation in alumni activities? DISTANCE



61% 55%






6% 6% 88%




Want more from the alumni program? Got ideas? Share them with Vince! or his cell 540.660.9617, or email him at

Relations. In this capacity, Criste will continue to listen to alumni, answer their questions/concerns, and will build programs and initiate events to help foster a greater support network for alumni. “More than 80% of surveyed alumni desire to be somewhat or very engaged with Christendom,” Criste says. “Like most alumni, I hunger for the academic, social, and spiritual environment that Christendom provided, and I look forward to doing my very best to bring alumni together in meaningful, cost effective, and family-friendly environments.”

vey Results

Christendom cares about my needs as an alumnus. 29% neutral 20% disagree


51% agree


New Director of Alumni & Donor Relations

How much do you feel... pride in your school?


an emotional connection?


the college is part of who you are? you have a stake in Christendom’s success and achievements?

90% 78%

The new Assistant Director of Alumni & Donor Relations Vince Criste (’98) with his wife Barbara (Portzer) Criste (’95) and their eight children: Kateri, Anthony, Bernadette, Juliana, Dominic, Gemma, Andre, and John. “It’s an exciting time to be at Christendom,” Criste says. “I am grateful to God and St. Joseph for bringing me back to my alma mater. Building up the Alumni program here at Christendom is an exciting project and I ask for all alumni to pray for me and to contact me with their ideas, energy and insights. Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for us!”

Summer 2014


Simone Rizkallah, daughter of immigrants from the

the U.S. and studied marketing communication and drama in college before discovering that her passion for the Faith and her

religion and to evangelize.

Teaching & Evangelizing


Now more than ever, articulate and passionate Catholics are needed in the education and evangelization of our youth. Simone Rizkallah came to the Christendom Graduate School because she saw that need, and is now teaching and evangelizing at St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix, Ariz. Instaurare caught up with Rizkallah to

message of hope to the youth in her school.

Q: How are you making a difference in the lives of your students? A: I’ve been blessed this year to receive some wonderful

feedback from my students, particularly when I teach very tough subject matters such as the relationship between faith and reason/science and gay marriage. One girl told me, “Before I came into this I was not a praying person at all, and now I pray every day. I want to thank you for helping me in this class.” One of my male students said, “I learned from you that school isn’t just for getting through to live life. School is about learning the material for our own good. I also learned that to learn something you need to hunger and desire it.” One thing I learned early on in the year is that for many or even most of my students it is rare for them to see a



happy Catholic. Their families are not necessarily devout and we certainly don’t live in a Catholic-friendly cultural climate, so I knew that I had to show them I wasn’t the only joyful Catholic out there. At Christendom, I had met many other joy-filled Catholics so I asked some of my former classmates, as well as some other friends, to create YouTube videos of themselves giving my students words of wisdom, vocational advice, etc. The videos were very effective in helping my students realize they are not alone, and that living the Faith is reasonable and possible today. I asked single and married friends, and a few friends from seminary as well, so that my students could see the true universality of the Church.



Q: How is your Christendom degree helping you? A: I am so thankful for my Christendom degree. I highly recommend the program, which is an excellent preparation for the work of catechesis and evangelization. I met great people at Christendom whom I expect to be my friends for life and to help support me in my evangelizing ministry. Christendom professors were wonderful professors, but the human formation was the best part, since my teachers were not only teachers, but also witnesses. Paul VI was exactly right: “Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses.” We just recently added all of Warren Carroll’s History of Christendom series to our high school library, to help the seniors who take Church history as part of their graduation requirement. On that note, I have to thank Professor Steve Weidenkopf for preparing me to

“Every day I use the things I learned at Christendom in my teaching and evangelizing.” teach history so effectively through his “Epic: A Journey Through Church History.” Every day I use the things I learned at Christendom in my teaching and evangelizing. The network at Christendom opened the doors for me to participate in a number of para-academic programs, most recently the Phoenix Institute last summer in Trumau, Austria. I was able to present a paper on St. Edith Stein’s thought on persons and communities. I definitely would not have been able to do this had I not received had such fine academic preparation from Christendom.

Senior Class Philanthropy Board (back row, left to right) Kelsey Ingold , Jonathan Fioramonti, Maeve Gallagher (front row, left to right) Maria Cintorino, Maribeth Kelly, Rebecca Deucher and Sean Larochelle.


The Class of 2014 has achieved a remarkable goal—100% participation in the Senior Class Endowment Fund Drive. Shattering records set by recent graduating classes, the Class of 2014 also had a matching gift challenge offered by an alumnus of the college. Thanks to this challenge, the senior giving total well exceeds $20,000. Over the last three years, the rate of participation among seniors has steadily increased, thanks to the efforts of the Senior Class Philanthropy Board. The purpose of the Philanthropy Board is “to promote a spirit of gratitude and generosity among graduates of Christendom, thus ensuring the future of our alma mater.” With that clear purpose in mind, the Philanthropy Board was driven to meet its goal “to educate the students of Christendom about the college’s operational costs, donor subsidies, and finally the impact of their own generosity, which is immeasurable.” Through creative events and activities, the Philanthropy Board successfully educated their fellow classmates about how much Christendom relies on donations for its operations. Armed with this knowledge, 100% of the Senior class was inspired to give to their alma mater. Summer 2014




Dr. Marilyn Coors, a professor of bioethics and genetics at the University of Colorado, delivered a talk entitled “A Catholic Approach to Topics in Bioethics Across the Life Span” to the students and faculty of Christendom College on April 7.

Catholic News Service (CNS) interviewed Christendom College theology professor Eric Jenislawski in a special segment on the tradition of chapel veil wearing. Also appearing on CNS was an interview with mission trip coordinator Mike Brown, as well as several students. The video examined what inspired a record 90 Christendom students—25% of the college’s student body—to become missionaries this spring.

Christendom College celebrated the canonizations of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII with a series of events held from April 22-28. Scheduled events included films, lectures, Masses, and a live simulcast of the canonizations from Rome on April 27.

In May and June, Christendom College’s alumni-priest count jumped to 72. Jerome Guld (’87) was ordained in the Diocese of Trenton, N.J., (pictured above) and Zachary Akers (’05) and Daniel Heenan (’05) were both ordained priests of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.




This spring, the Crusaders rugby team participated in a national tournament and its University of Steubenville. Led by captains Patrick Audino and Ben Scrivener, the team competed in the 48th Annual Cherry Blossom Rugby Tournament. The tournament features college teams from all across the country and Canada who come to Washington, D.C., to play multiple games over the weekend. Rugby powerhouses such as Salisbury University, West Virginia University, Georgetown, and Mary Washington were a few of the big names attending.

Barons of Franciscan had scored, but Christendom held a 23-21 lead. The second half featured a defensive battle, with neither team getting into a rhythm. With just over four minutes left, Franciscan drove down the field and scored a try to go up 26-23. The Crusaders mustered up two more near scoring opportunities, but couldn’t break the goal-line. The first Shield went to the Barons of Franciscan.

“To be at a tournament with larger schools such as the Division II Champions Salisbury University, and to hold our own and represent Christendom College, was an amazing and very fulfilling experience for myself and the team,” senior captain Ben Scrivener said.

“It was a great weekend for Christendom College—from the game to the fans to the evening social to the Sunday brunch with the teams,” said Athletic Director Chris Vander Woude. “Both teams played with such emotion and toughness and really showcased the positive aspects of sports played from a uniquely Catholic perspective. I look forward to this being an annual event between the two colleges.”

On April 12, Christendom hosted the first Shield Match against fellow Catholic college Franciscan University on the new Crusader Fields. With over 300 Crusader fans and alumni of both schools showing up, the energy was tangible. Christendom opened the game with an early lead with the first-ever try scored on Crusader Fields by freshmen Peter Gaetano. Gaetano, one of the 2013 Thomas S. Vander Woude Memorial Scholar Athlete Award recipients, intercepted a pass and took it 70 yards for the score. At half-time, the

The ruggers finished their season a few days later and, despite being plagued with injuries, they defeated local opponent Lord Fairfax in the final game of the season. The team also posted a big win against George Mason University, and came away with a tie against The Catholic University of America earlier in the season.

Summer 2014


our to dy Sen sions mis es@ sub ssmat .edu cla ndom iste chr

CLASSMATES [your paper & ink alumni social network]

1980’s Three alumnae with the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia Congregation celebrate their Silver Jubilee on July 5, 2014, in Nashville, Tenn.: Sr. Immaculata (Meg Francis, ’88), Sr. Catherine Joseph (Paula Droste, ’87), and Sr. Mary Michael (Rose Fox, ’90). Sr. Immaculata’s family celebrated with her on Sunday, June 22 at St. John the Beloved in McLean, Va. She is currently teaching Theology to Freshmen and Seniors at John Carroll Catholic High School in Birmingham, Ala.

While attending the 2014 Rome March for Life, Michael Baggot (’07) was blessed to chat with Dr. Emanuela Molla, the daughter for whom St. Gianna gave her life. Also in December 2013, Baggot participated in the Third International Conference of Bioethics, Multiculturalism, and Religion in Hong Kong International as a correspondent for the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights.

Michael (’00) and Alyssa (Gray, ’02) Hichborn went to Rome for the first time, where their youngest child, Maria Faustina Therese was kissed and blessed by Pope Francis. They also participated in Rome’s annual March for Life, accompanied by approximately 50,000 people.

Mary Walsh (’88) published a new children’s book, “Twas the Night Before Christmas in Bethlehem Town.” The book imagines what it was like on that very first Christmas Eve.

2000’s On May 22, Andrew Antonio (’01) led a delegation of staff and faculty from Ivy Tech Community College to the Technical University of Queretaro in Queretaro, Mexico. While there, they signed a faculty exchange agreement and worked on course transfers for student study abroad opportunities. In February, he, his wife, Sarah (Hatke, ’02), and their family moved to a 10-acre mini farm where they raise chickens, have several gardens planted, and are building extensive mountain biking trails.



Matthew and Sarah (Daley) Rose (’08) welcomed little Benjamin Joseph Rose (class of 2036) into the world on April 13, 2014 (Palm Sunday). “The Return of Zita the Spacegirl” by Ben Hatke (‘00) hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List under “paperback graphic books.” It’s not every day that an 11-year-old spacegirl bumps Batman out of the way. The success of the 3-part “Zita” series has brought Hatke to speaking engagements across the country, including the New York City Public Library. His first children’s picture book, “Julia’s House,” will hit book stores on September 2, 2014.

On May 31, alumnus Noah Morey (’08) was ordained to the diaconate in the Diocese of Arlington. Above Zac Inman (’08) enjoyed visiting with him at the ordination.

2010’s Sarah Marchand (’10) is engaged to Bennett Salmon. They will be married on January 3, 2015, at St. Andrew’s in Clifton.

Taken from the college’s motto “Instaurare Omnia in Christo,” this section features an excerpt from a recent paper or talk by one of Christendom’s distinguished faculty.

Omnia in Christo

The Doctrine of Biblical Inspiration: A Scriptural Examination in View of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Magisterium By Prof. Salvatore J. Ciresi


The locus classicus for comprehending the doctrine of Biblical

text speaks of the composite authorship of God and man;


of inspiration. Providentissimus Deus

For, by supernatural power, He so moved and impelled them to write—He so assisted them when writing—that the things which

for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

understood, then willed faithfully to write down, divinitus inspirita, found in texts such as the undergirding such translations is the original language, Greek adjective theopneustos Theos pne ). The terms indicate the divine origin of the Sacred Page. It should be noted that this adjective

infallible truth (II.D.3a).

the Summa Theologiae

A Plea for the Christians didaskalian), having a level of prominence for the sacred To Autolycus elegmon The Treatise on Christ and Antichrist epanorth sin testimonies for understanding the Biblical human author as paideiant nen dikaiosyn

1:20-21. the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter’s Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, NE.

Thomas’ careful hermeneutics, and the profound reverence

Salvatore J. Ciresi is a faculty member of Christendom College’s Graduate School. He is the publisher of Biblical Guild and defends the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture. Ciresi and his family reside in Spotsylvania, VA.


134 Christendom Drive Front Royal, VA 22630

Join us in kicking-o Homeco ff ming!

Save the Date! October 10, 2014

Thomas S. Vander Woude Memorial Golf Tournament

Homecoming 2014 East)


October 10-12, 2014

Alumni vs. Crusader Basketball Games | Reception & Dance | Class Reunions: 2004, 1994, 1984 | East vs. West Football

Instaurare | Summer 2014  
Instaurare | Summer 2014