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Vol. XVII, No. IV Winter 2009

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Pope Appoints O’Donnell to Council - pg 5

Basketball Court Dedicated to Hero - pg 10

Players Perform Seven Keys to Baldpate - pg 12

Mega Shield Attracts 200 People

Flag Football Takes Over Campus - pgs 16-17

From the President Dear friends of Christendom, As we now approach the end of the year and the celebration of the birth of our Divine Savior, it seems to be a good time to reflect together on the timeliness of Christendom’s educational apostolate. Christendom was founded in 1977 through the vision of Dr. Warren Carroll, who, with other committed Catholic laymen, was deeply concerned about many trends in contemporary Catholic education. Heeding the call of the Second Vatican Council, which sought the active involvement of the laity to renew the temporal order, the College was established and took for its motto Instaurare Omnia in Christo –To restore all things in Christ. Our goal and purpose as a Catholic academic institution is to help our students consecrate their intellects and wills to Christ and to form them in such a way that they will be prepared intellectually and spiritually for the complex problems facing our society. As you know, we are a liberal arts college. As a result, we seek to educate man in wisdom for life, not merely train man the worker. Our education focuses primarily upon the development of mental faculties in order to teach our students to think clearly, to write clearly, and to speak with conviction and passion about the permanent things. But this is not enough! We also seek to form the moral character and to foster the spiritual character, recognizing, as one of our founding faculty members wrote, that “the mind cannot achieve its end if it ends up in Hell.” Therefore, we are concerned with the souls of our students. The integration of the intellect into the life of the whole man must involve attention not only to the exercise of natural skills but also to the participation in the order of grace. We are Catholic! We believe and affirm the truth of Catholicism. Our students experience a vigorous program of academically challenging studies in an authentically Catholic atmosphere, which allows them to “breathe Catholic air,” as we like to say, and helps them grow intellectually and spiritually. The program is carefully designed to prepare our students for tasks that confront the educated Christian man and woman: leading, making decisions, and ordering their lives in society to have an impact on history. To this end, we seek to immerse our students in the great ideas and works of our Western Christian tradition, urging them to become one with the tradition and to make their own unique contribution to it. This tradition is, after all, part of their patrimony and they have a right to this as Catholics. It is important for them to realize that orthodoxy is not something that is humdrum and safe–it is dynamic, living, and vibrant. They need to participate in what Chesterton called “the romance of orthodoxy.” While we do not simply train our students in particular careers, we do provide an excellent preparation for careers by educating them in wisdom–both supernatural and natural. The chief exponent of this wisdom, as the Church tells us, is St. Thomas Aquinas. It is our


Timothy T. O’Donnell, STD, KGCHS

firm belief that once our graduates have been deeply educated in this Catholic intellectual tradition, they will be able to pursue any career they desire, whether it be as businessmen, engineers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc. Whatever their profession or vocation, they will live it fully in the world as articulate, believing, committed Roman Catholics. We have a core curriculum that guides the student well into his third year. For us, “Catholic” will never be just a label. It is a truly vigorous academic formation properly sequenced with majors in Theology, Philosophy, History, English Literature, Political Science, and Classical and Early Christian Studies. We also have core courses in Math, Science, Physics, and Astronomy. The spiritual, cultural, and educational culmination of Christendom’s core is the Junior Semester in Rome. The purpose of our Rome Program is to enhance our academic program with the cultural and intellectual enrichment that is offered to students when they are living and studying in Rome–at the Heart of the Church. The Rome curriculum includes courses specifically designed to take advantage of the historical and cultural riches of Roma aeterna. In addition to taking full advantage of the artistic, cultural, ecclesiastical, and spiritual riches and resources of the Eternal City, the program also includes visits to Florence, Assisi, and Siena. Many students have remarked that the Rome Program allowed them to “go home” to the center of their Roman Catholic history and heritage. As one student recalled, “It was an opportunity to better know and love the Church and the Pope, in a place that has been the center of Christian faith for 2,000 years….it was an excellent way to broaden our horizons and become a better person and a better Roman Catholic. It changed my life.” None of this would be possible if not for you! We are educating leaders for the twenty-first century who are grounded in Truth–both natural and supernatural. Our graduates will be able to attack the problems that afflict our Church and world at their roots, not simply to apply bandages to open wounds. The problems we are facing are fundamentally philosophical and theological in their roots and stem from a denial of truth and the objective moral order. With your help, we can lay the foundation that can turn the tide and help our suffering Church and nation. In many ways, we see that our great nation is at a crossroads. It is time once again to restate the obvious. Things have been reduced now to a great simplicity and clarity for those who have eyes to see, for those who have ears to hear, for those who have a heart open to the Truth. We are faced with a very simple choice: do we follow the way of life, the way enshrined by the sacred Judeo-Christian tradition built on the foundation of natural law? Do we follow the way shown by the late Pope John Paul II in his magnificent encyclicals Veritatis Splendor and Evangelium Vitae and in the Catechism of the Catholic Church? Following Pope Benedict XVI, do we submit our necks to the yoke of “the dictatorship of relativism,” or do we maintain that certain things are objectively evil and other things are objectively good? Or, do we follow the way of Baal and the culture of death? We are in this for the long battle and we need a long-term strategy. see From the President page 8

Cover Story

Shield of Roses Organizes Its Largest Pro-Life Event in 30 years


Christendom College’s pro-life student group, Shield of Roses, recently held its biggest abortion clinic protest in its 30-year history. On October 31, more than 200 students, faculty, staff, and visitors traveled

Phil is one of the regular clinic escorts with whom the Christendom students have built a relationship.

A number of high school students who were visiting the campus took part in Mega Shield.

to Washington, DC, to peacefully protest abortion and stand up for better options for mothers and their babies at the Planned Parenthood clinic, located just north of the White House, on 16th Street. The group protests at this same clinic every Saturday morning during the academic year, but in general only about 20-30 students make the trek into DC on a weekly basis. Once a semester, the group’s leadership organizes what it calls a “Mega Shield” event and encourages as many of the members of the College community as possible to participate. Last year, Mega Shield events drew as many as 125 students, and prior years’ records were up to 150 participants. “All of the members of our college community are, of course, pro-life,” says Shield of Roses President Paul Wilson, who will graduate this May, “but getting college students to give up their Saturday mornings to drive 75 miles to Washington to pray four rosaries and a Divine Mercy Chaplet and to drive another 75 miles back to campus all before lunch is a lot to expect–even for Christen-

dom students. But once a semester, when we organize Mega Shield, the members of our community really get fired up.” According to a woman identifying herself as Professor Foxy, writing for an online blog on, Christendom College students are making an impression on those who work at the abortion clinic and are changing the face of “anti-choice” America. In her article titled, “Thank you Dr. Tiller,” Professor Foxy, who says that she works as a pro-choice clinic escort at the Planned Parenthood clinic where the Shield of Roses group prays, writes: “Over the years, the antis [anti-abortion protesters] have stayed the same and they have changed. When I started, almost all the antis were 45 plus, white, male and slightly disheveled. These antis still exist, but they are now joined by the younger antis. Some of these younger antis are hip, especially the Bound for Life crowd. We also have many, many students who come from local colleges, the most prominent being Christendom College. They drive in from Front see Mega Shield page 4

The students filled the entire grassy area in front of the abortion clinic during the Mega Shield event on October 31, 2009.


Student Funding Incentive Offered to Help Facilitate Visits to Campus


High school seniors or transferring college students who complete an application to Christendom College are invited to make an overnight visit and receive some reimbursement for their travel expenses during this 2009-10 academic year. Students may visit during the week or on one of the College’s scheduled Visit Weekends. Although students may visit multiple times, they will only be compensated for one visit. “During these lean economic times, traveling to colleges might be out of the question for some families,” Director of Admissions Tom McFadden says. “And that’s too bad, because

How to Plan a Visit 1. Go to Christendom’s website (christendom. edu), click on the “Admissions” tab on the main menu, then click on “Campus Visits.” 2. Scroll down the “Campus Visits” page to read more about the Visit Weekends and to read over the visit policies. 3. Submit the Visit Request Form. 4. If making an overnight visit, download the Overnight Visit Policy Form and mail it in. You need to contact the Admissions Office two weeks in advance if you wish to stay overnight. 5. If planning on making a day visit, you will need to give the College two days notice. 6. The Admissions Office will confirm your visit in a timely fashion.


Published quarterly by the Christendom College Admissions & Marketing Office. Managing Editor: Tom McFadden Contributing Editor: Niall O’Donnell Copy Editor: Maria O’Brien Christendom College 134 Christendom Drive, Front Royal, VA 22630 800.877.5456 ~ Copyright © 2009. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is hereby granted, provided the following credit line is used: “Reprinted by permission from INSTAURARE, the quarterly magazine of Christendom College (” SUBSCRIPTION FREE UPON REQUEST.


visiting a college is the best way to discover what it’s really all about. So we want to help students discover Christendom.” Those traveling from Virginia (except within 30 miles of Christendom’s campus), Maryland, or West Virginia may receive a $50 reimbursement. Those driving from other states are eligible to receive $100 reimbursement, and students flying in from out of state may receive a $200 reimbursement. In order for a student to be eligible, he must complete an application to the College, which includes the application, letters of recommendation, SAT/ACT scores, and transcripts, and the student must not have been rejected admission by the Admissions Committee. “We are encouraging students to apply early so they can take advantage of this offer,” McFadden says. “You don’t want to pass up an opportunity like this. Only through visiting can you get a real taste of our unique classroom experience, our great spiritual life, and our vibrant Catholic social scene.” “Students and parents are invited to visit the campus, attend classes, and speak with Christendom faculty and staff,” says Visit Coordinator and Admissions Counselor Brittany Scheidler. “We pick students up from Dulles Airport for free and offer complimentary meals and lodging. It’s a pretty good deal!”

Mega Shield... Royal, VA, every Saturday morning (leaving in time for Saturday brunch) to stand outside the local Planned Parenthood. Most of them pray (ending each Saturday with a rousing Viva!), but a few of them approach the patients. Nervously approaching the women entering the clinic, the Christendom kids tentatively say ‘we can help you save your baby. Each baby is a blessing from God.’” “It really makes you think,” says Admissions Director Tom McFadden, who attended the fall Mega Shield. “I’ve been to the annual March for Life in DC probably over 25 times and it’s hard to tell what effect it has on saving the lives of unborn babies. But being there that day, kneeling on the grass in front of the abortion clinic, made a difference. Through the grace of God and our physical presence, we ended up saving the lives of two

Spring Visit Weekends Visit Weekend #1: January 21–24 Thursday: Sit in on classes Friday: March for Life in Washington DC Saturday: Welcome Back Dance Visit Weekend #2: February 12-14 Friday: Movie Night with Walter Saturday: Women’s Home Basketball Game, Mardi Gras Dance Sunday: Valentine’s Day Dinner SPECIAL VISIT DAY: February 15 Monday (President’s Day): Junior Visit Day SPECIAL VISIT DAY: March 17 Wednesday: St. Patrick’s Day Festivities Visit Weekend #3: March 19-21 Friday: St. Joseph’s Day Celebration with Italian Dinner, Pub Night Saturday: Men’s Baseball Game & Evening Event SPECIAL VISIT DAY: April 12 Monday: Junior Visit Day Visit Weekend #4: April 16-18 Friday: Open Gym (possibly) Saturday: Spring Play (musical) Sunday: Men’s Baseball Game Visit Weekend #5: April 30-May 2 Friday: Movie Night Saturday: Contra Formal Sunday: May Crowning Go to and fill in a “Visit Request Form” to reserve your spot.

continued from page 3 babies because their mothers chose not to enter the clinic that day. It doesn’t really get much better than that!” Shield of Roses has been protesting at this particular Planned Parenthood clinic for the past 10 years, and over the past five years, members of the pro-life group have built relationships with some of the pro-choice clinic escorts, even offering some of their rosaries for them. Whichever of the many clinic escorts Professor Foxy may be, she is obviously affected by the Christendom students. The Shield of Roses receives limited funds from the College’s Student Activities Council but relies on the generosity of others to continue its work. Anyone interested in making financial contributions should contact Paul Wilson at

Yellow Ribbon GI Bill Allows Veterans to Attend Christendom for Free


Qualified military veterans and their dependents can now attend Christendom College tuitionfree, via an agreement between the College and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Christendom is taking part in the new “Yellow Ribbon” program, a component of the post-9/11 GI Bill. The Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program is a provision of the Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. The program is designed to help students avoid up to 100 percent of their out-of-pocket tuition and fees associated with education programs that may exceed the Post 9/11 GI Bill tuition benefit. Under the new program, the GI Bill will only pay up to the highest public in-state undergraduate tuition, but that is not enough to cover the cost of many private colleges that veterans may wish to attend. As a result, Christendom will contribute 50 percent of the difference, and the VA will match that amount. The GI Bill also covers the cost of housing, books, and supplies. Additionally, for the first time in history, service members enrolled in the Post-9/11 GI Bill program will be able to transfer unused educational benefits to their spouses or children. Considering the fact that Christendom does not accept Federal aid, some have questioned how the College’s participation in this program does not imply a change in policy. “All we are doing is agreeing to administer the Yellow Ribbon Program for the benefit of our servicemen and women,” says Executive Vice President Mark McShurley. “Although the money does go directly to Christendom, rather than the veteran or his family, the Government considers it to be aid to the student, and not aid to the institution.” The institutions that have chosen to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program decide how many undergraduate and graduate awards they will give and the amount of tuition benefit they will contribute. While some colleges have chosen to limit enrollment to five to 10 GI Bill recipients, Christendom has elected to allow an unlimited number of veterans and their dependents to enroll. “The program provides a wonderful opportu-

nity for veterans and their families,” says Director of Admissions Tom McFadden. “This is a very generous program that will make it possible for more veterans and their dependents to attend an institution like Christendom College.” To qualify, veterans need to have served for three years on active duty after September 10, 2001, or for at least 30 continuous days before being discharged for service-related injuries. For more information about the program, visit the Yellow Ribbon website at

Semester Tuition for 12-19 credits...........$9060 Student fees..............................................$275 Total tuition/fees for one semester..........$9335 Post-9/11 GI Bill tuition/fee benefit.......$3840 Remaining amount.................................$5495 Christendom Yellow Ribbon Award.......$2747.50 VA Yellow Ribbon Match..................$2747.50 Net cost for veterans ....................................$0

Pope Appoints O’Donnell to Pontifical Council


Pope Benedict XVI has renewed Christendom College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell’s appointment as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for the Family. O’Donnell received a letter in October from Council President Ennio Cardinal Antonelli stating his congratulations. “I would like to express my deep satisfaction for the possibility to continue to profit from your competent and esteemed collaboration in the activities of this [Council],” the Cardinal stated in his letter. “It has been a great honor to work with the Pontifical Council for the Family,” O’Donnell said. “I am deeply grateful to Pope Benedict XVI for renewing this honor, and I look forward to working closely with Cardinal Antonelli in defense of the beauty and sanctity of Christian marriage and family life, in service to Our Lord and His Church.”

“It is fascinating to be part of a Council that draws upon the vast experiences of people from across the world,” O’Donnell said. “Whether they be priest, laity, or bishops from Europe, Asia, South America, or Africa, they all share a common concern for the future of the family. They seek to communicate the full Catholic understanding of the family in the most effective way possible amidst these challenging times.” The Pontifical Council for the Family was instituted by John Paul II with the Motu Proprio Familia a Deo Instituta in 1981. It is responsible for the promotion of the pastoral ministry and apostolate to the family, through the application of the teachings and guidelines of the ecclesiastical Magisterium, to help Christian families fulfill their educational and apostolic mission.

Dr. O’Donnell was first appointed to the Council in 2002 by Pope John Paul II. O’Donnell has attended several Council gatherings and contributed to the documents published by the Council. He and his wife, Cathy, met with Cardinal Antonelli this fall, when they traveled to Rome to meet with other members of the Curia, as well as the students currently attending Christendom’s Junior Semester in Rome Program. College President O’Donnell meeting with Pope Benedict XVI.


Where Faith and Reason Meet: Graduate Student to be on EWTN


“When science and theology seek the truth and are faithful to the truth, there is no conflict between the two.” That is the message that Christendom graduate student Jim Carlini hopes to spread to those that will listen. The unity between science and theology, when embraced in truth, is a subject that Carlini has become passionate about since beginning his studies at the Christendom Graduate School. Born and raised in South Philadelphia, Carlini had a strong interest in science from a young age. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering (Drexel University) before relocating to the Washington, DC, area to work on ballistic missile defense for the United States Department of Defense. He then earned an MS in Electrical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University as an evening student. It was through Carlini’s work for the government, as a civilian employee of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and in defense contracting, that he began to develop both a deeper understanding of the scientific world and a wonder for the mystery of creation, including those mysteries that science is unable to penetrate. According to Carlini, he grew more and more aware of the limits of scientific knowledge, and developed a longing for the fullness of the truth, which he realized could only be found in the light of faith.

for an interview on Martin’s long-running television program The Choices We Face that airs on EWTN. Carlini also recently spoke at one of the graduate school’s signature “Theological Happy Hours” on the topic of “Faith, Science, and the Unity of Truth.” His talk can be downloaded on Christendom’s iTunes U at www. After completing his studies at the Graduate School, Carlini hopes to continue to work in the field of catechesis. In doing so, he will be certain to incorporate an appreciation for the truth and goodness that

It was at a Workshop for Catechists in Providence, RI, in March 2009 that Ralph Martin approached Carlini and invited him to come


Carlini is the founder of James Carlini Consulting, a member of the United States Army Science Board, and a consultant to the United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. He will appear on EWTN’s The Choices We Face in the spring of 2010.

College Produces New Informational DVD


At present, Carlini is enrolled in Christendom’s Graduate School, working towards a Master’s degree in Systematic Theology. In addition to discovering more about how science and theology can find profound unity when sought in truth, he has developed a particular interest in coming to understand the intersections between the seemingly separate disciplines of science, theology, and philosophy, and advocates collaboration and conversation between professionals in these disciplines in their common search for truth. According to Carlini, Catholics have a specific role to play in this dialogue in that “we must never cease to emphasize the existence of objective truth and its unity.” He notes that one of the primary ways in which Catholics can spread this message is through the field of Catechesis, both with young people and adults.

exist in science. “As Catholics, we need to embrace science and teach it in a way that engenders wonder in our students,” he says. “Another important part of catechesis is to pose ‘big questions’ to our students and to invite them to seek the truth and to embrace philosophical inquiry.”

Christendom’s Admissions and Marketing Office announces the release of its latest DVD, titled Breathe Catholic, which, according to its creators, producer/co-director Tom McFadden and director/editor Niall O’Donnell, will go a long way in helping people realize the unique nature of Christendom’s liberal arts education and distinctive Catholic culture.

Besides a brand new 30-minute video detailing all the various aspects of the College, the DVD has a number of special features, including the College’s 25th and 30th Anniversary videos; videos about the College’s Experience Christendom Summer Program; Christendom’s various TV spots; videos of faculty members from each of the disciplines discussing the distinctiveness of their depart-

ment; and a virtual campus tour. “We had a public showing of the video to members of our student body,” says Director Niall O’Donnell, “and they all loved it. The Board of Directors had a viewing which ended with applause and clapping. We focused on trying to make it real–not like so many other college’s videos these days, which tend to just have a lot of great music and images, but gloss over some of their more distinctive characteristics. We tried to go into great detail, in a 30 minute period, about a number of important aspects of Christendom: our location, academic program, semester in Rome, spiritual life, student life, athletics, and library. We think it’s going to be a big hit.” Anyone interested in receiving a free copy of this DVD may contact the Admissions Office by calling 800.877.5456 or emailing Also, you may view the different segments of the video on Christendom’s YouTube site, ChristendomTube, and share them with friends.

Former Swiss Guard Gives Insights Learned From Pope John Paul II


Presenting gems of wisdom gleaned from the late Holy Father, entrepreneur and former Swiss Guard Andreas Widmer delivered a talk entitled “Seven Things I Learned from Pope John Paul II on Being a Catholic Business Person” to students and faculty on October 5. “John Paul’s actions are not just interesting from a religious perspective,” Widmer said. “His advice could compete very well with all these Fortune 100 CEOs that are writing business advice.” Widmer said that it is common for business people to read the latest book about a successful CEO leading a Fortune 100 company with a only few hundred people. Pope John Paul II, as the head of the Church, successfully ran an organization much larger than any of those. In his address, Widmer related anecdotes from his experiences with Pope John Paul II to illustrate seven lessons. The first was “to live a life based on Faith and prayer.” Widmer said that he learned to pray from watching John Paul’s intensity in prayer and that he found it was crucial to have a basis in prayer when in the business world. “Go to daily Mass to gain strength and inner peace,” he said. “Make prayer the center of your life and then evangelize others in an appealing way.” The second lesson, was “one should plan for the future, but live in the present.”

“Develop a well reasoned and verbalized plan for your future,” he said, “but focus exclusively in the moment—especially when you meet other people.” The third lesson he presented was “to give oneself completely to one’s vocation.” Widmer said that self sacrifice for one’s vocation was the embodiment of John Paul’s pontificate. “Recognize your work as a vocation, your mission from God,” he urged students. “If you go out into the work force–and at some point you take stock–and your work is not building you up, your work is not making you be more, then stop, reevaluate, and pray to find out what it really is that God wants you to do.” “Use your position to be a public moral compass” was his fourth lesson. “[John Paul II] always told us not to be afraid, to witness our Faith through our actions and life,” Widmer said. “Verbalize and state your values publicly and act on them. Maybe we should turn that around and say act on them first, and then verbalize them because actions are much more powerful.” “Enjoy life” was the concise fifth lesson. “It’s now a well-known secret that [John Paul] snuck out of the Vatican in disguise to go skiing with Monsignor Dziwisz,” he said. “God doesn’t wait for the problems to be solved. God invites us to rejoice with him now. Find

a healthy work-life balance. The two feed off each other and neither is full without the other side.” Widmer said that his sixth lesson, “be humble,” was easier said than done. “People with humility don’t think less of themselves, they just think of themselves less. Be sincere and don’t make other’s feel like they’re less. Show everyone the same amount of respect. Serve others, but don’t be afraid to be yourself. Bring yourself, your personality, your creativity into defining the task at hand. Don’t let your position define you,” he said. Widmer’s final lesson was “have dignity.” He said that John Paul II wrote a lot about human dignity, but his example, especially at the end of his life, had a greater impact. “How much did he teach the world about end of life dignity, about carrying one’s cross, about the value of life, about the value of suffering?” Widmer asked. Widmer, a seasoned business executive with experience in high-tech and international business strategy consulting said that Christendom College is a great and fertile ground for business entrepreneurs. “Any industry knowledge I can teach you, what I cannot teach you is your character,” he said. “And what they are forming here is your character, they are teaching you to think, how does one approach a problem. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, the problems all end up being the same. If you have, what I would call, a pattern recognition of how to find the Truth, then I would love to hire you.” Holding numerous degrees from Swiss and American universities, Widmer served as a Pontifical Swiss Guard from 1986-1988 and is a co-founder of the SEVEN Fund, a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage entrepreneurship in impoverished regions of the world. Many students flocked to the reception held in the Chapel Crypt following the talk and enjoyed asking Widmer questions about entering the business world and starting companies of their own.

Andreas Widmer spoke with Christendom students following his talk.

His talk can be heard at Christendom on iTunes U:


College Launches into the World of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube


In an effort to keep up with today’s ever-changing technological world, Christendom’s Admissions and Marketing Office recently dove headfirst into the world of social networking, particularly, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. “So many today are keeping in touch with each other on these social networking sites,” says Admissions Director Tom McFadden. “We have to be able to reach our constituents where they are. With the use of these new technologies, we are now able to communicate with students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and donors in a more efficient—and fun—manner.” Christendom’s Facebook page was created at the end of July, and since then has gathered over 1100 “fans.” Anyone who becomes a fan may take advantage of the wealth of information available on the Christendom Facebook page, including the latest news updates, event invitations, over 50 different photo albums (with lots of nostalgic pictures), as well as much sharing of information amongst the fans. “Christendom’s Facebook page is a great way to feel connected to my daughter while she is away,” says Marie Kokes, mother of Sophomore Jane Kokes. “The updates allow me to keep current with all of the College events while also offering a unique opportunity to get to know both the College and the dedicated people involved with it a lot better. Sharing Christendom’s updates with all of my Facebook friends is an easy way not only to get the message out about all the worthwhile activities the students are involved in, but also to brag about how awesome my daughter’s school is! The page is so addictive, I have become more than a fan. I am now officially a stalker.” Besides Facebook, Christendom has also launched a Twitter account, and is gaining “followers” as word spreads. Christendom’s Tweets are on a variety of topics, especially news about the College and related article links. Christendom’s YouTube video channel, dubbed ChristendomTube, has been a great addition as well. The College is able to post some of its promotional videos, guest lectures, commercials, and videos from some of its various student activities up on the site for anyone to see. Most recently, a short video from Christendom’s Mega Shield event (see cover story) was posted and then was emailed and shared by many people all over the internet, thus mak-


ing it easier for others to learn more about the unique educational opportunities that Christendom provides its students. “As a prospective student, I spent a lot of time online, researching many good Catholic colleges, and I found that Christendom’s website and ability to stay technologically current was a great advantage and definitely helped me learn more about Christendom,” says Freshman Natalie Lucas. “Everything, from the weekly Chronicler Online, to Mr. McFadden’s weekly email updates, to the videos and news stories —they were all very helpful in my selection process. Now that I am a student and I can get regular updates about what’s going on around campus through the Facebook page, it just helps us all stay connected even better.” Alumna Kathy (Moriarty) Williams, ’91, is also a big fan of the College’s Facebook page. “I absolutely love Christendom’s Facebook Page! I especially enjoy seeing the old pictures of cherished times [like those on the right]—it brings back the fondest memories and makes me feel as if we (as alumni) are still so connected to one another. Christendom’s Facebook page enhances and solidifies that indelible union we share as Christendom alumni and family.”

From the President... Our long-term strategy is to form highly educated, articulate, intelligent, Catholic leaders who will give us the type of leadership which will be required for the troubled times of the twenty-first century. We are doing this but we can continue only with your support. Because of the crucial times we are living in, I ask for even greater support than you have given previously. I honestly believe that together we can make a difference for the future. With all my heart I exhort you, I beg you, to continue and augment, if possible, the support you have given to Christendom. I can assure you of the College’s fidelity to Christ, to His Church, and to serving this great nation of ours. Together we can turn things around. Together we can make a difference for the future…changing the world one student at a time. As our late Holy Father Pope John Paul II told me before his death, in a private audience that he granted to Christendom stu-

Christendom’s campus in 1988.

The 1987-88 Men’s Basketball Team.

The O’Donnells with Fr. John Hardon in 1989. continued from page 2 dents studying in Rome, “Christendom is doing a great work for the Church.” We are offering an education for life that is Catholic both in its universality and in its fidelity to the Truth of the Catholic Faith–that Truth which sets us free. It is an education informed throughout by Faith. This is why Pope Benedict XVI, when I met with him, said, “Thank you! Thank you so much for all that you are doing.” In an unfaithful age, let us strive together for fidelity. In an age which extols self-indulgence, let us together seek the heroism of Faith. In an apostate age which has turned its back upon Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, let us together boldly affirm this Christmas that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Thank you so much for all your support. We simply would not be here without you. May our newborn Infant King shower you with blessings during this season of grace and joy! Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Fall Semester Activities Cardinal Newman Society’s College Guide Ranks Christendom Amongst Most Catholic


Christendom College once again appeared as a recommended college in the second edition of The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College, a free online resource for parents and students seeking a faithful Catholic education.

Fr. William blesses the bread prior to Italian Night.

This comprehensive guide distinguishes 21 Catholic colleges and universities in the United States based on the strength of their Catholic identity. “Christendom College is one of the foremost institutions carrying the banner in the renewal of Catholic higher education,” said Patrick Reilly, President of the Cardinal Newman Society. “Our Guide to Choosing a Catholic College wouldn’t be complete without it.”

Dr. and Mrs. Rice with their family at Oktoberfest.

Sophomores Laura Osterhage and Mary Pondo take advantage of the new Equestrian Program.

“It is an honor to be in this guide once again,” Christendom College’s Director of Admissions Tom McFadden said. “The guide is a list of the best schools in the nation—schools that teach the Truth. Catholic families will be able to discover what Christendom is all about and will hopefully be encouraged to visit and see just how vibrant and dynamic our campus life is.” The Guide features a complete profile on every college in which it examines academics, governance, spiritual life, student activities, and residence life. “It would be difficult for Christendom to have a fuller Catholic identity. It does truly permeate the campus,” the Guide states. “You can see it, you can feel it on the campus. They are justifiably proud of presenting Catholicism as ‘the air that we breathe.’”

Fr. Gee leads the College community on a Eucharistic procession on the Feast of Christ the King.

New additions to this edition’s profiles are a letter to families from each college president as well as information on financial aid packages. “Our program seeks to bear witness to the whole truth about God, man and the created order. Here at Christendom the love of life, learning and Catholic festivity go hand-in-hand with the desire for God,” College President Timothy O’Donnell says in his letter to families.

Karl and Paul Haislmaier perform with Melanie Bright at the Schubertiade held at the O’Donnells.

The online versions of the college profiles include additional campus pictures and videos, open house and other event details, as well as a form to request admissions or financial aid

information directly from the college. “We are doing this so that as many Catholic families as possible are able to learn about the quality academics and faithful campus life available at the recommended colleges,” said Reilly. “If last spring’s Notre Dame scandal highlighted that there is still a long way to go to renew Catholic higher education, the colleges recommended in The Newman Guide are a prime example of how it is possible to have a quality academic program while remaining strongly Catholic,” said Tom Mead, executive vice president of The Cardinal Newman Society and one of The Newman Guide’s editors. Christendom has never found it a challenge to remain faithful. Speakers at its Commencement ceremonies in recent years have included Joseph Scheidler, National Director of the Pro-Life Action League, and Rev. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. At this year’s Commencement, Christendom will honor Human Life International President Rev. Thomas Euteneuer. According to the Guide: “For more than 30 years Christendom College has made a vital contribution to American Catholic life through its solid spiritual formation and its liberal arts curriculum. While some colleges in this Guide may match its Catholic commitment, it is unlikely that any exceeds it.” The complete Christendom College profile is available at


College Dedicates Basketball Court to Former Athletic Director


Honoring a local hero, on October 11, Christendom College named and dedicated the Crusader Gymnasium basketball court, the “Thomas S. Vander Woude Memorial Basketball Court,” in recognition of former Athletic Director Thomas Vander Woude, who died in 2008 while saving the life of his youngest son. The ceremony began with Mass offered in Christ the King Chapel for the repose of the soul of Vander Woude, con-celebrated by College Chaplain Fr. Daniel Gee and alumnus Fr. Tom Vander Woude, eldest son of Vander Woude. At the dedication that followed Mass, College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell welcomed all in attendance and invited Philosophy Professor and long-time friend of the Vander Woude family, Dr. John Cuddeback, to say a few words. “We are reminded today of all the good that Tom Vander Woude did in his life,” Cuddeback said. “On his farm, at Seton High School, and at Christendom—specifically on this court.” Cuddeback also noted that Vander Woude’s greatest legacy is his seven sons—five of whom attended Christendom —and their families. Following Cuddeback’s remarks, Fr. Daniel Gee blessed the court as well as a framed im-

Coach Tom Vander Woude with the last team that he coached at Christendom (2006-07 year). age of Vander Woude. The image was then Vander Woude, 66, died on September 8, hung near the entry of the court by Vander 2008, in a tragic accident at his house in Woude’s wife, Mary Ellen, and his son Chris, Nokesville, VA, while trying to save his 20-year-old son, Joseph, from drowning after Christendom’s current Athletic Director. he had fallen into the family’s septic tank. He “The dedication of the basketball court to my gave the ultimate sacrifice of his life so that father is a great thing,” Chris Vander Woude his youngest son might live and in doing so said. “He so enjoyed his time here and crowned a life of service to his family. touched so many lives while at Christendom by his work and sincere Christian charity for As Athletic Director from 2002-2007, Vander others. He taught and instructed so many in Woude also coached the men’s basketball and the gym and on the court, and hopefully this soccer teams. He touched many students’ lives memorial will enable many more to learn in his time at Christendom, whether it was his genuine smile that he wore at all times or from his life and be inspired by his death.” his open, friendly demeanor that showed an interest in each and every person and their pursuits. Vander Woude was always more concerned with the type of man or woman a person was becoming than the type of athlete they were, to the extent that he would remind his basketball team to go to confession before each road trip just in case something might happen. In addition, Vander Woude always went out of his way to know and care about others’ personal situations and concerns. Vander Woude was a daily communicant and dedicated to the daily Rosary. It is no coincidence that he died on September 8th, the birthday of Our Lady, and that his funeral Mass was celebrated on September 15th, the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. As well as serving as Christendom’s Athletic Director, Vander Woude was the College’s Career Development Director from 2002-05.

The Vander Woude family. Five of Tom and Mary Ellen’s sons attended Christendom, as did two of their daughters-in-law. One of their grandchildren, Mary Kate, is now a junior.


May his soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen.

Annual Giving Report 2008-09

Breathe Catholic.

The President’s Report Dear Members of the Christendom Clan, May the peace of Christ be with you in this joyous season! Please accept my heartfelt thanks in the form of this Annual Giving Report. I thank you for supporting Christendom with your prayers and sacrifices, and for the messages of encouragement you have sent to me personally. I thank you also, and especially, for your unflagging financial support of Christendom College during such difficult economic times. Now more than ever. Is there any area in our society that doesn’t need Christendom College graduates? Business, law, politics, film, science, family, art, literature, the Church; who doesn’t need graduates who are articulate in their faith, bright and capable, wise beyond their years, able and willing to take on any challenge? Who doesn’t need discerning, critical thinkers, solution providers, effective communicators, pursuing that which is just, true, and noble? If you’ll let me have the next 5 minutes of your time, I’ll explain why today, more than ever before, Christendom College is doing an urgent work for the Church, for our beloved nation, and for the world. Recall that during the period from 1966–1976, much of Western civilization made a decisive break with its Christian roots. The result is that we have largely lost sight of the Christian foundations of our civilization and its freedoms. The solution, of course, is to re-evangelize our civilization by helping our brothers and sisters to encounter Christ. But this brings us face-to-face with the heart of the problem: many people today can neither remember nor imagine what a Christian culture actually looks like. What is needed then, are men and women who possess the education, vision, and drive to renew society. It was for this purpose that Christendom College was founded in 1977: to provide a Catholic liberal arts education, an education grounded in natural and supernatural truth; an education that, paradoxically, is eminently practical; an education for the student who believes in the necessity and possibility of a more Christianoriented social order. Christendom College exists, then, to prepare men and women for their task of transforming the culture—in their own homes, in the places where they work, and in their social lives— by sharing their faith in Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. Thus will they assist in the re-Christianization of our civilization, a worthy goal that will not be without cost. Annual Investment. Daily Impact. A Christendom education, like all things good and worthy, carries a price. As you probably know, the true cost of this education is not fully covered by tuition. There is a gap. To close this gap, each year Christendom must raise additional funds from generous individuals like you and from other charitable sources.


Many colleges and universities close this gap through the use of government funds, or through the financial support of their large, multigenerational base of alumni. Christendom College has neither. In order to remain free of undue government intervention, Christendom remains one of only four private Colleges who are eligible to receive, yet choose to accept, no Federal funds (Hillsdale College, Grove City College, and Patrick Henry College being the other three). Then too, being a relatively young college (only 32 years old!), Christendom’s alumni family is still young and growing. I am deeply grateful to all of you alumni of other colleges who have made Christendom your adoptive “alma mater,” and have blessed the College with your gifts year in and year out. Last year (the 2008-09 school year) the gap between tuition revenues and Christendom’s true costs totaled $1.93 million. This Annual Giving Report is a celebration of your part in the successful achievement of that goal. In the pages that follow, you will find the names of each and every supporter of Christendom during the 2008-09 academic year, listed by their President’s Council or Giving Club levels. This issue also highlights Corporate Matching Gifts, recent Planned Gifts, and all Scholarships and Scholarship Recipients. Finally, you will find the first annual listing of Alumni Class giving competitions. For this 2009-10 school year, “the gap” (and therefore our fundraising goal) stands at $1.99 million. I hope you will agree that this is truly a bargain for a full year’s preparation of the 390 students now being formed! As this Report went to press, $650,000 (33%) has already been contributed, with $1.34 million still to be raised. This is good news, since donations during the joyous season of Christmas account, on average, for 50% of the College’s fundraising goal. Annual Giving truly is the lifeblood of Christendom College, supporting everything from financial aid to the preservation of the beautiful campus and its facilities. Your gifts to Christendom College change people’s lives–in Front Royal, Virginia, and around the world. In many cases, your gifts afford students the opportunity to receive one of the finest and most rigorous Catholic educations available anywhere. Whether your gift is large or small, it has an impact—at the College, in the Church and on our beloved nation—that far exceeds the actual dollar amount. Once again, I thank you. Everything that happens at the College happens because of you. Sincerely in the Heart of the Newborn Savior,

Timothy T. O’Donnell, STD, KGCHS P.S. If you have not yet made your gift this academic year, I urge you to do so today using the enclosed envelope. Your investment in the College truly makes a difference for our students and faculty every single day. May God give you every joy this Christmastide!

2008-09 HONOR ROLL OF CONTRIBUTORS The following pages recognize gifts made to Christendom College during the fiscal year from June 1, 2008, to May 31, 2009. Gifts received for all purposes are combined for placement in the appropriate gift club category. This listing publicly acknowledges Christendom College’s appreciation to all who have invested in Christendom’s mission of “Restoring All Things in Christ”— to prepare men and women to exercise an enduring and transformational influence in society, and thus to help re-Christianize Western civilization. President’s Council Founder’s Circle ($10,000 or more) Anonymous * Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation Mrs. Helen Berens † Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation * Dr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Cavazos * Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Christianson * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crnkovich * Dr. Philip T. Crotty * Rev. Jerome R. Daly * Dan Murphy Foundation Mr. L. T. Ellis * Mr. Richard S. Flahavan * Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fletcher, Jr. * Dr. Elizabeth Frauenhoffer * Mrs. Edwin G. Gemrich * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Gorman * Mrs. Frances Hardart Mrs. William C. McCarthy † * Mr. and Mrs. John A. McNeice * Mr. and Mrs. John F. Murphy * Mr. John J. O’Brien * Plain Sight Foundation * Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Steven J. Redmann * Mr. Francis J. Scavitto * Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shannon * Mr. Martin R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Owen T. Smith * Southern Cross, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Squarzini * Mr. Edward R. Thielk Dr. and Mrs. William V. Tomlinson * Dr. John F. Ward * Mr. Harry Warfield † * Major Patrick C. Weinert, USMC * Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wurster * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Young * Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Zurlo President’s Council Board Associate ($5,000–$9,999) * Hon. and Mrs. Wayne Cobb RADM and Mrs. Thomas J. Connelly (Ret.) Daniels Fund * Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Dewey * Di Loreto Foundation * Mr. and Mrs. Leon W. Doty * Cdr Edward R. Ettner * Mr. and Mrs. Edvin V. Farinholt

* Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Goyette, Jr. Mr. Peter Grimberg * Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hickin * Mr. and Mrs. William A. Higgins Intercollegiate Studies Institute John C. Grimberg Company, Inc. * Dr. Eleanor Kelly * Dr. Vincent Lin * Miss Jeanette M. Maschmann Mrs. Eleanor C. McMahon * Mrs. Terri S. Mersereau * Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Moore * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Murray * Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nicholson * Hon. and Mrs. James M. Nolan * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen O’Keefe * Mr. and Mrs. Craig Pascoe Miss Mary Porter Mr. James J. Power * Rafael Madan & Lilian Casas Foundation * Mr. John J. Shaughnessy, Sr. * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Small * Mr. and Mrs. Mark Swartzberg Mr. Duane Theobald † Mr. Clifford Thies * Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Turicchi * Mrs. Anne E. Vicinanzo * W. G. Christianson Foundation * Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Woltering * Ms. Julianne A. Zelov President’s Council Sustaining Member ($2,500–$4,999) Anonymous AllianceBernstein * Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Anater * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bauernfeind * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bethell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boak * Dr. and Mrs. Philip L. Brach * Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cady * Mr. Phillip A. Carnaggio Cavalier Maintenance Services, Inc. * Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Connolly * Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cuddeback * Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. De Rosa * Mrs. Lucie Dilger * Mr. and Mrs. William J. Downey * Ms. Charlotte Foulk * Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Hickin * Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Higby

* Rev. Edward R. Horkan * Mr. and Mrs. David Jennings * Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly * G.L. Connolly Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Maier * Miss Joan Maschmann * Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. McCaffrey * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McFadden * Rev. Stephen F. McGraw Ms. Maureen McHugh * Moran Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Juergen F. Mross * Dr. and Mrs. Timothy T. O’Donnell * Mrs. Elizabeth O’Keefe Owens-Illinois, Inc. * Mr. and Mrs. John Saeman Stella Maris Church * Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle M. Strening, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Stumpf * Mr. Albert J. Wavering * Mr. and Mrs. Lyle L. Zitzman * Miss Rose Zukas President’s Council Member ($1,000–$2,499) Anonymous * Mrs. Caroline C. Ball * Mr. Duane Banderob * Mr. Frank Berberich * Mr. and Mrs. Marion Bickford * Mr. Edward J. Bochniak * Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Bodoh * Mr. William H. Borghesani, Jr. * Mr. Francis J. Briscoe * Mr. David G. Budinger, Jr. Mr. David S. Cammack Mr. James Carlini Dr. and Mrs. Warren H. Carroll Mr. George S. Case, Jr.

* Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Chapman * Mrs. Ingrid D. Climis * Mr. and Mrs. George C. Creel Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Cridge * Mr. John F. Croddick * Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Daly * Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Date Rev. John Delaney † * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Dietrich * Mr. Robert J. Dietrich * Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne * Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Donahue * Mr. John B. Dooley * Mrs. Patricia Downing Mr. Brian J. Duffy * Mr. and Mrs. Bennett T. Ellis * Rev. Thomas C. Fahey, OFM * Mrs. Dolores Falatyn * Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Feld * Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Flay * Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Flippen * Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Foeckler * Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Follett * Mrs. John B. Friedrich * Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gaburick * Mr. John F. Gecik * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Ghering Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilbert * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Gossin * Dr. and Mrs. James Grundl * Mrs. Margaret E. Hagans Mr. Michael Hall * Miss Norene A. Halvonik * Miss Patricia M. Hann Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Harber Capt. and Mrs. William H. Hardcastle * Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Harrigan * Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy J. Haugh Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hayes * Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. Hogan III * Ms. Marion A. Horn

2008–2009 GIFT CLUB CATEGORIES Founder’s Circle

$10,000 or more

Board Associate

$5,000 – $9,999

President’s Council Sustaining Member

$2,500 – $4,999

President’s Council Member

$1,000 – $2,499

Gold Club

$500 – $999

Silver Club

$250 – $499

Century Club

$100 – $249

Great care has been taken in preparing this list of donors to ensure its accuracy. The list above includes all donors who made contributions to Christendom College from June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009. If we have omitted your name, misspelled it, failed to place it in the appropriate category, or if you wish to be anonymous or have your name listed differently, please accept our apologies and bring your concern to our attention by calling 540-551-9300 or emailing Thank you.


* Rev. Richard A. Hughes * Mr. and Mrs. Ryan M. Jones * Mr. Edward F. Jurgielewicz K of C (Mount Vernon Council, 5998) Rev. Martin P. Keegan * Mr. Francis J. Kelsey * Rev. Patrick W. Kemp † * Mr. George A. Kendall * Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Kimmich, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Mark Knabel * Rev. Joseph C. Kolb Mr. and Mrs. James Kuykendall Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leahy * Capt. and Mrs. Richard M. Lindenauer (Ret.) Mr. and Mrs. James Lippert * Col. and Mrs. M. John Lundberg (Ret.) * Dr. and Mrs. Alexander A. Manning * Dr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Marcolin * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Matey * Dr. and Mrs. William Maxted McB Religious Offering Fund * Mr. Robert F. McDermott * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McFadden, Jr. Rev. Lawrence B. McInerny Mr. John W. McLemore * Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Menke Dr. Catherine A. Michon * Mr. Robert James Monahan * Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mooney * Rev. Robert E. Morey * Morgan Company * Mr. Donald V. Murray * Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Neglia Mr. Charles R. Noll * Miss Mary E. O’Donnell * Rev. Joseph O’Meara His Eminence George Cardinal Pell * Mr. Steve Petullo * Mr. Bernard Pilon * Mr. Frank J. Pollnow, Jr. * Mr. Daniel L. Pratt * Mr. Lozelle L. Pratt * Mr. Raymond J. Preski * Rev. John J. Purtell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rawlings Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Riordan * Rev. Robert L. Roedig Saint Francis De Sales Church * Saint Mary’s Catholic Church * Mr. Michael Santelli * Mrs. Shirley Sassani * Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Scanlon * Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Schaeffer * Mrs. John G. Schmitz * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Schoenster Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Schuberg * Dr. J. B. Sheedy * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Silva * Mrs. Beverly Silvernail * Col. Walter B. Simmons, Jr. * Mr. Thomas F. Skehan * Miss Lois M. Skinner Mrs. Kathryn S. Sperrazzo * Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Spiering * Miss Ann T. Sullivan Mr. Paul Sullivan * Mr. and Mrs. Roderic Thomas * Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Trudel * Mr. Thomas Trykowski

* Mr. Charles P. Tymon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Vander Woude * Rev. Mr. and Mrs. James Vargas Col. and Mrs. William C. Vinet * Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Walz * Dr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Walz, Jr. * Col. and Mrs. Robert E. Ward III * Mr. Edward F. Waterbury * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. West, Jr. * Mr. Leonard N. Weydert, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. David Y. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Wilson * Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wise * Mr. and Mrs. Irving Wisneski * Mr. Harold Ziegler, Jr. Gold Benefactor ($500–$999) Anonymous Mr. Andrew Armstrong Mr. Paul Bain * Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Baker * Mr. Louis C. Bauer * Mrs. H. C. Beekley Dr. and Mrs. Philip Bellow * Mr. Patrick J. Bender † * Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bohan * The Hon. and Mrs. Robert Bork Mr. and Mrs. James J. Brady * Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brodfuehrer * Rev. Frederick J. Brost * Mr. Robert Cahill Mr. Philip A. Carrescia * Mrs. Michael P. Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Clancy * Mrs. Marilyn G. Collins * Mr. Leslie Cronau * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cuny * Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Davidson * Mr. and Mrs. Michael Deighan * Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Diamond * Mrs. Nancy Eastman Mr. and Mrs. George T. Elliott III * Mr. and Mrs. George Emilio * Ms. Jennifer N. Fakult * Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Fanning Mrs. Sarah B. Ferguson * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Finnegan, Jr. * Mr. Kevin Flaherty * Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Foeckler, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ford Mr. and Mrs. Steve B. Fowler * Mr. and Mrs. Michel Gemond * Rev. Msgr. George P. Graham * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Guiffre * Mr. Lawrence P. Hayes * Mr. John Heenan * Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Heim * Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heisler * Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hester Mr. Taylor Hughes * Mr. and Mrs. George Jackson * Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Janaro * Mr. Walter Janaro III * Mrs. Patricia Jennett * Mr. and Mrs. Gerhart Karg Ms. Antonia Kelly * Mr. Thomas J. Kelly

* Mrs. Elizabeth S. Kernen * Ms. Theresa LaPadula * Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Lambert * Mr. Frank J. Longto * Mr. Jim Loughran * Rev. Roger L. Marot * Mr. and Mrs. David J. Marra * Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Martino * Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McClain * Mr. John McDermott * Mrs. Lois F. McEnrue * Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGinley * Mr. and Mrs. James P. McNally * Mr. and Mrs. John W. Meng Mr. Craig Monroe * Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle N. Montanye, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Nysewander * Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Oberlin Mr. and Mrs. John O’Dwyer Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker * Mr. Joseph H. Orth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ostmann * Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Palladino * Pauline Stolteben Foundation

Wisdom from Christendom’s Founding President The years 1966–1976 were the years when Christendom died— when the revolutionary spirit of the late sixties made so sharp a break with the past that the concept of Western Christian civilization became no more than a distant memory. The very word “Christendom” dropped out of the language. Though most Americans still called themselves Christians, most could no longer define what a Christian was. Then, those of us who by God’s grace still kept the Faith were called by Him not only to keep it alive, but to re-evangelize in every possible way despite the opposition of the post-Christian society in which we had to work and the post-Christian world view which permeated our culture. The purpose and goals of Christendom College are: · To provide a fully and truly Catholic liberal arts education equal in quality to any in the country. · To maintain the idea of Christendom as an arrangement of temporal affairs animated by Christian principles and permeated by Christian culture. · To provide a beautiful setting where students can not only study—but also see and experience—a Christian social order. In sum, it is Christendom’s goal to graduate students who possess the capability for logical thought and clear, effective and persuasive expression, and who are also prepared to help reshape the entire temporal order, striving always for lives of the greatest possible influence. One man can make a difference! —Dr. Warren H. Carroll (cf. “A Brief History of Christendom College,” 1997)

*Indicates three consecutive years of giving. † Indicates donor has since died.


* Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Petullo Rev. Joseph H. Portzer * Rev. Richard Puetz * Mr. and Mrs. William J. Quinn * Mr. Michael Raible * Mr. John Regan * Mr. Glenn Rice * Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Rice Dr. Sue A. Rice Mr. Kevin S. Rohan * Mr. and Mrs. William M. Rowe * Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ryan * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Ryan * Rev. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sadowski Rev. Gerard C. Saguto, FSSP Saint Peter Mission * Miss Marie T. Scanlon Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Schulz * Mrs. Anne S. Scrivener * Mrs. Albert M. Scruton * Mr. Joseph Silek, Esq. * Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Sobocinski * Mr. William G. Stoops, Jr. * Mr. David F. Sullivan

* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Sullivan, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Al Szews * Mr. and Mrs. James O. Tallman * Mr. Gary Taphorn * Mrs. Marjorie P. Teetor Mr. Frank Terek * Mr. Richard F. Thompson Rev. Charles R. Valentine * Mrs. Alice Vandenberg Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Vander Woude * Mr. M.J. and Mrs. Michele Velasco * Mr. and Mrs. David A. Vicinanzo Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wade Mr. and Mrs. David Ward * Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Weidert * Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Wickstrand * Mr. Edward H. Wiles Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Williams Mrs. Linda W. Wilson Silver Benefactor ($250–$499) * Mr. Edward W. Atkinson Mr. Daniel Baird * Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Barreca, USA (Ret.) Mr. Mark Bayne Mr. and Mrs. Henricus P. Beekwilder * Mrs. Mary Bergan Miss Sarah Berger * Ms. Marion M. Bonvillain Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Bordelon * Miss Dolores J. Bormann Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Bourgeois * Mr. Richard L. Breault * Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Byrnes Mr. John D. Campbell * Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Carlsson Mr. James Carney, Jr. † * Mr. and Mrs. Carlin Carpenter * Mrs. Mary K. Chervenka * Mr. Martin J. Ciskanik * Miss Diane Collins * Dr. Eileen Conway * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Curtin * Mr. John A. Dailey * Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dalton * Dr. and Mrs. George P. Damewood Estate of Edgar Debany † * Mr. Paul DeCleva Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Deslauriers * Mr. Lauro Diaz * Mrs. Frances E. Dombrowski * Mr. John J. Donovan, Jr. * Mr. Thomas K. Doyle * Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Durel * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elder * Mr. and Mrs. John W. Erwin * Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Farley Mr. and Mrs. William M. Faulkner * Capt. and Mrs. William A. Finn * Capt. and Mrs. Thomas A. Francis * Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Fritz Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gallagher Mrs. Bessie Gibbs Mr. Joshua A. Gideon * Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ginski * Mr. Gerald J. Goldee Mr. Karl D. Gottschalk

* Rev. Lee W. Gross * Mr. Edward W. Habert * Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Heim * Rev. John Heisler * Rt. Rev. Frank J. Hendrick Mr. Dan Holefca * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howard * Mr. Robert Kish * Rev. Dennis Kleinmann Mr. Edward H. Klingler * Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kocurek * Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Kopeck Miss Patricia A. Kozloski Mrs. Michelle Krebs Mr. Wayne E. Krupp * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Kuhn * Mr. and Mrs. John Kurt * Mr. and Mrs. Jack Land * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Laylock * Rev. Francis G. Lendacky * Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Lesperance * Ms. Mildred I. Loeffler * Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Lowney * Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Lukezich * Mrs. Thomas C. Madigan * Dr. Buenaventura G. Manalo, Jr. * Mrs. Caroline Marchuck * Ms. Anna M. Marques * Mr. and Mrs. Francis Marra Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mazzara * Mr. Gregory M. McCoy * Rev. Walter McGovern * Mr. J. D. McKittrick * Mr. and Mrs. M.R. McKone * Mr. Mark M. McShurley * Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Merle Miss Dolores L. Metzger * Dr. Marcella V. Meyer * Mr. Dale Meyn Mr. Jeffrey Minick * Mr. and Mrs. David Monuszko * Mr. Samuel L. Morell * Mrs. W. Moriarity * Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Muro * Mr. David Najvar * Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. O’Connor Mrs. Mary Anne O’Hare * Mr. Patrick O’Neill * Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. O’Rourke * Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Perrington * Ms. Angela M. Pfister Mr. William Phelan Mr. William R. Pickett Mr. John P. Riordan * Mr. John Rittue * Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Rose Mrs. Clare P. Rowan Rubin Family Fund, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russo, Jr. * Dr. Stephen D. Rycyna, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. James M. Saboe Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church * Mr. James Schluender * Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Greg Schuberg * Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Settducati * Mrs. Madgel M. Skinner * Mr. Eugene J. Slaby, OCDS

Mr. Thomas Smith * Mr. Alan J. Stegmayer * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur W. Szillat, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Turecek * Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Wacker * Mr. and Mrs. William J. Waldron Rev. Francis X. Wallace * Dr. and Mrs. James R. Watson Mrs. Bernadette Weston Rev. John Wetmore * Mrs. Grace Wiesman * Mr. Donald R. Williams * Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Woisard * Capt. and Mrs. Edward B. Young * Mr. Charles Zakrzwski Century Club ($100–$249) Anonymous * Mr. and Mrs. Paul Abel Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Adams Mr. Glen R. Aitken * Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allen Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Allen * Mr. Guy L. Amisano, Jr. Miss Eleanor Ampi Antique Tables Made Daily, Inc. Mrs. Rosemary I. Antunes * Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton R. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Aul * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bailey Miss Mary Beth Baker * Mr. Robert Barclay, Jr. Miss Patricia Bartolone * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Battocletti * Miss Charlotte Belden Ms. Pam Bell * Miss Claire E. Beller * Benchmark Management SVCS. LTD. Mr. Richard Bennert * Rev. Kevin J. Beres Mr. David A. Bertocchi Mr. A. D. Black * Rev. Louis P. Bracket * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Brady * Mr. and Mrs. James J. Brake * Mr. Thomas W. Bresler * Mr. and Mrs. John P. Browne

Miss Catherine M. Burch * Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Busam * Mr. Ted Bussen Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caballero Miss Deeda Calderazzo Miss LinMarie Cameron * Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Campo Mr. Andrew B. Cardinal Mr. Michael Cardinale * Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Carrano Mr. Charles Cascio Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Casey Mr. Greg Cassagne * Mrs. Jeanne Chartier † Miss Helen F. Chetner * Mr. Joseph F. Chismar * Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Christel Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Ciskanik Miss Anne F. Clark Mr. Frank Clark Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Clark * Col. and Mrs. Kevin P. Clearkin (Ret.) Mr. William A. Collins Mr. John P. Corrigan Mr. Mario D. Corsi * Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Costello * Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cross * Rev. Francis J. Culkin Mr. Ernest S. Dailey Miss Sarah Daley * Mrs. Ila M. Daly * Rev. Francis A. Dauss * Mr. Andrew R. Day Mr. Raymond Dean * Ms. Teresa Dees Mr. † and Mrs. Donald A. DeFauw Ms. Marialisa Delmare Mr. Anthony Delserone Dr. Frank Dennehy, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. John Desiderio General & Mrs. Kenneth Dohleman * Mr. Richard W. Dufresne * Mr. Paul Dunn Mr. John Eberlein Deacon and Mrs. W. V. Einsmann * Mr. and Mrs. Clinton M. Elges * Mr. and Mrs. William W. Elliott * Miss Theresa Eppolito Mr. Roger Eschenbaum Mrs. Joan Espinola Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Esposito

SOURCES OF GIFTS 2008-09 Alumni....................................$93,938 Parents..................................$183,026 Friends...............................$1,427,300 Foundations..........................$327,250 Corporations and Businesses...$24,720 (excluding matching gifts) Matching Gifts........................$27,357 Other.......................................$89,544 Total...................................$2,173,136 (Total includes Annual, Capital, and Endowment Giving)

Great care has been taken in preparing this list of donors to ensure its accuracy. The list above includes all donors who made contributions to Christendom College from June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009. If we have omitted your name, misspelled it, failed to place it in the appropriate category, or if you wish to be anonymous or have your name listed differently, please accept our apologies and bring your concern to our attention by calling 540-551-9300 or emailing Thank you.


Ms. Elisabeth K. Esser Miss Mary E. Falusi * Mr. Paul J. Faraci * Mr. Albert T. Farese Mr. Ed Farinholt * Rev. Jerome Fasano Miss Jeanette Fehner * Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Ferguson * Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Fetsko * Rev. Charles R. Fink * Mr. and Mrs. George T. Finnegan * Mrs. Edmund Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Flagg Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Foeckler Mr. Daniel R. Fogarty * Miss Kelly Fogarty * Mr. Samuel Fontana Mr. and Mrs. John F. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Martin Franklin * Mr. Vincent Frattaruolo Mr. Thomas Froemsdorf * Mr. Richard Fuhrer * Mr. Richard W. Gaenzler * Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Gallagher, Sr. * Mrs. Theresa Gallagher Mr. George Garrigan * Mrs. John T. Geldermann * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Genco * Dr. William Godfrey, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Goggins * Mr. and Mrs. James E. Golley * Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gordon, Jr. * Dr. John R. Griffin Rev. Ronald J. Gripshover * Mr. and Mrs. Russel W. Haas Ms. Joan Hadro * Mr. Joseph F. Hagan Mr. Scott I. Halisky Mr. John-Cyril P. Hanisko * Mr. John Hanrahan * Dr. Edward Harkenrider, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hart * Mr. and Mrs. Jerome W. Hedler * Dr. and Mrs. James Heisler * Mr. and Mrs. Leo B. Heitker Mr. Martin W. Helgesen Mr. Michael J. Henry * Mr. and Mrs. Felix Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hernon Miss Nikole U. Hill Mr. Robert Hochberg * Mrs. Helen D. Homan * Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius E. Hubner * Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Hundt * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hurd * Mr. Joseph P. Immordino * Mr. Giuseppe A. Ippolito Miss Bernadette M. Jalsevac Mr. and Mrs. John Jalsevac * Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Jalsevac * Mrs. Mary A. James * Dr. Robert Jaminet Mr. and Mrs. Eric Jenislawski Rev. Harold Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Johnson * Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Kasperski * Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kaul Miss Allison Kavanagh * Mr. and Mrs. Sean A. Kay * Mr. and Mrs. John Kazyak

* Mrs. Elizabeth M. Kelly Mr. Kevin Kelly * Mr. Martin Kenny * Mr. John E. Keogh * Mr. John Kettelkamp * Rev. S. M. Kleinschmidt * Mrs. Claudia Knowlton * Mr. Raymond Kolb Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kolb * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kosten, Sr. * Mrs. Helen M. Kowalski * Mrs. Margaret Kreischer * Mr. and Mrs. Larry Krupicka * Miss Grace M. Lallement * Mr. Paul A. Leehan Mr. Richard A. Leitten Ms. Carrie Lenz * Mr. Donald R. Letzkus * Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Lewandowski * Mrs. Donald Libera Mr. Philip G. Loegering * Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Lupo Mr. and Dr. Patrick Lynch * Mr. Stuart Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Scott MacAdam Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Malinowski * Mr. John E. Maloy Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Manion * Mr. Frank A. Marciniak * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Margiasso * Mr. and Mrs. James R. Marshall Mrs. Maria M. Marstall Mr. Richard Martin Mr. David Matual * Mr. Rolland L. Mays * Mrs. E. Marie McArtor Mrs. Katherine McAvoy * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCabe * Mr. and Mrs. Robert McDonald Dr. and Mrs. Michael McFadden * Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McGuckin * Mrs. Patricia McGuire Mr. Mark J. McKnight Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. McWhinney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McWilliams Miss Lindsey M. Mersch * Miss Patricia D. Metzger Mrs. Stephen Mikowski Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Miller * Mrs. Alice M. Minarik * Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Minneman Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Mirus Mr. Pat Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Moneymaker Mr. Noah Morey * Dr. George L. Morgan * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Moriarity Mr. and Mrs. John H. Morris IV * Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mott Ms. Marie E. Murnane * Hon. and Mrs. Timothy C. Murphy * Mrs. Marion Murray * Mrs. Helen M. Myers * Mr. and Mrs. John Naughton Miss Elizabeth A. Neglia * Mrs. Richard F. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Duong Nguyen * Mr. and Mrs. Terence J. Nolan * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Norton

* Mr. Michael J. Nowicki Mrs. Cathleen Nysewander * Mr. John J. O’Donnell * Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. O’Donnell * Mr. Dennis O’Dowd * Mr. and Mrs. John P. O’Herron * Mr. Roger Ostrom Mr. Thomas Peloso * Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Petrulis Mrs. Kathryn Phillips Mr. Elizabeth E. Poel Mrs. Nona R. Porter * Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Potts * Rev. Venantius P. Preske Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood V. Prest Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pribyl * Miss Rita M. Price * Rev. Thomas W. Prior, C.M. Mrs. Margaret Provencher * Mr. Gerard Pryor Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew Psenicnik Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Quest Miss Isa Ragusa Ms. Frances L. Reed * Deacon and Mrs. Daniel Resendes Miss Maria Ripa Miss Sarah C. Rolfes Mr. Steve Rubin * Mr. and Mrs. Michael Russo Rev. George Rutler * Mr. Ray Ryland * Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Sarahan * Mr. and Mrs. John E. Savage Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Scheetz * Mrs. Leo J. Scheetz

IN MEMORIAM In your charity, please pray for the members of Christendom’s extended family who have died in the past year. Mr. Peter Adams Mr. Marvin J. Anitzberger Ms. Phyllis L. Ball Mrs. Helen Berens Mrs. Patricia Buckley-Bozell, Jr. Col. Olive Y. Burner, Ph.D. Mr. Raymond S. Bussing Mr. James Carney, Jr. Mrs. Jeanne Chartier Mr. John W. Corbett Mr. James Curtin Mr. Ignatius G. Custer Mr. Donald D’Elia Mr. Edgar Debany Mr. Donald A. DeFauw Rev. John Delaney His Eminence Avery Cardinal Dulles, S. J. Mr. Alex M. Gover Mr. Thomas H. Graber Mr. William F. Grant Rev. George Griffin Mr. Wilbert G. Hegener Mr. Paul Henkels Rev. Stanley Jaki Mr. John W. Kelliher Rev. Patrick W. Kemp

*Indicates three consecutive years of giving. † Indicates donor has since died.


* Mr. Gerald R. Schmidt Mr. William G. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schuberg Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Schuberg Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schuberg * Dr. John J. Shea, Jr. Ms. Janice N. Sibbitts * Mr. Anthony Sileo Mr. Vincent J. Siren Ms. Gertrude Skrable * Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Slagel * Miss Mary C. Smith * Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Smith * Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Smith Miss Sylvia E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Manfred H. Soiderer Msgr. Jerome Sommer * Miss Karen J. Spiering Miss Tambi Spitz * Mr. and Mrs. David L. Sponseller * Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Stecklein III * Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Stephan * Miss Mary E. Stewart Mr. Steven M. Storey * Mr. William B. Stroble Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Sullivan * Ms. Maryann Surine Miss Anna Svendsen * Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Swope Mr. and Mrs. Erik K. Syversen * Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tantillo Mr. Andrew R. Tatum * Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Teel The P&G Fund Matching Gift Program for Higher Education

Miss Virginia G. Lalor Ms. Marion Maggio Rev. Thomas V. Manning Mr. Stanley Martyna Miss Margaret A. McCaffrey Mrs. Beatrice McCarthy Ms. Joan Murphy Miss Alice J. Neugent Hon. Robert D. Potter Mr. George Pskinakis Mr. George E. Stabrawa Mr. Duane Theobald Rev. Francis Toan His Eminence Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo Mr. M. O. Turner Mr. Thomas Vander Woude, Sr. Rev. Walter A. Vichas Rev. J. C. Vogel, Jr. Mr. Harry Warfield Miss Margaret G. Waters Mrs. W. H. Welch His Excellency Thomas J. Welsh, D.D. Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn Mr. Stephen A. Zitnay Rev. Robert V. Zylla, O.S.C.

ChriStendom College Combined Funds Revenues for Fiscal Year 2008-09

A Tuition & Fees – 49.17% B Auxiliary Enterprises – 16.18% C Investment/Endowment – 2.03% D Private Gifts & Grants – 32.61% Expenditures for Fiscal Year 2008-09 A Financial Aid – 16.84% B Instruction – 30.15% C Student Services – 17.90% D Institutional Support – 14.85% E Auxiliary Enterprises – 17.25% * Mrs. Agnes Thissen Ms. Catherine Tolnay * Mrs. Kathleen Tomaszewski Ms. Mary Tong * Mrs. Elmer J. Trawle United Way of National Capital Area Ms. C. Van Bourgondien Mr. Sean Vieira Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Viviano Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Wallacavage * Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Wallmeyer * Miss Christine M. Walsh Mr. Edmund E. Walsh Mr. Gary Ward Mr. and Mrs. Jay Ward * Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Ward * Mr. Dane J. Weber * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Weber Mr. Philip C. Wehle * Mr. Robert Wenderski * Dr. and Mrs. Moody D. Wharam Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Wick Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Wiener Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Williams, Jr. Miss Meredith Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wirth * Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Woltering Mrs. Bonnie Worcester Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Wynn * Mr. Gary E. Young * Mr. and Mrs. Paul Young * Mr. Camillo A. Zarroli Rev. Leo J. Zonneveld, CICM Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Zuberbueler Additional Gifts Anonymous * Mr. Rafael P. Abad Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Akers Mr. Zachary J. Akers Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Alexander * Mr. Alfred Almeida * Rev. David Altman, OCSO * Mr. and Mrs. John J. Amann Miss Danielle L. Ampi * Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Andreoli * Mr. Donald J. Angell * Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Anthony

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Antonio Miss Marie L. Antunes Mrs. Marlyn Arellano * Mr. and Mrs. Collins Arsem * Mr. and Mrs. Paul Audino Mr. F. D. Austin * Mr. Edwin J. Aviles * Ms. Joan Aylesworth Mr. Kenneth J. Baltrinic Mr. William Baranowski * Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Barnett * Mr. Robert Barnett Deacon Anthony Barrasso Ms. Elizabeth Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Barton, Jr. * Ms. Lisa Basarab Mr. Anthony Bauer * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Bauer * Mr. and Mrs. Guy A. Bauer Mrs. Mary Baumgardner * Mr. and Mrs. J. A. L. Beaudet Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Beauregard Mrs. Noreen Beavers Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Becher Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Beckman

Miss Katelin A. Beer Mr. Arnold Behme Miss Meghan Beller Ms. Eleanor Bellini Mrs. Mary M. Bender * Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Beran * Rev. William J. Bernacki Miss Josepha E. Bertolini Rev. David P. Bertolotti Rev. John C. Blackall * Mr. Charles R. Blanford Blue Ridge Radiation Oncology * Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Bodoh Mr. Paul E. Bonnette * Miss Angela M. Borci * Mr. William H. Borsch Mr. and Mrs. L. Borst Mrs. Rosalie Bosco Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bottash Ms. Jacqueline Bottash Ms. Teresa Bottash * Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Bouffard Mr. and Mrs. George Boulanger Mr. Robert Bowe Mrs. Sarah Bowling * Mr. Michael F. Bradford Rev. James R. Brady * Mr. Roy Brassesco Mr. and Mrs. Carolo Broglio Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Brotsky * Mr. Kenneth Buchanan Mrs. Patricia Buerck Mr. Joseph Burkholder * Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano T. Butera Mr. John Buyers * Miss Janet E. Calkins * Mrs. Blanche Campisi Mrs. Jean Cantu * Mr. and Mrs. Lenio Caprioglio * Dr. Ellen Carney * Mr. James F. Casey * Rev. Frank P. Cassidy Mr. and Mrs. William Castellan Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. John Cerasuolo Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Cervellini Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chapman Mr. and Mrs. John L. Charba Mrs. Leona Choy * Mr. Lawrence A. Ciner * Ms. Ann M. Claure Ms. Rebecca Coburn * Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Cole * Mr. and Mrs. Edward Coleman, Sr. Mr. Bruce P. J. Collins Mr. Michael R. Collins Mrs. Patrice Connolly Mr. Edward A. Conte * Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Corbett Mr. and Mrs. David Coriale Ms. C. Cormier * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cottone Mr. Plato N. Coundjeris Miss Sophia Coy * Frank W. Creel, Ph.D. Ms. Rosa Cromie Dr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Cuddeback * Mr. Donald E. Culkin Ms. Virginia Cummings Mr. John D. Curell

Great care has been taken in preparing this list of donors to ensure its accuracy. The list above includes all donors who made contributions to Christendom College from June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009. If we have omitted your name, misspelled it, failed to place it in the appropriate category, or if you wish to be anonymous or have your name listed differently, please accept our apologies and bring your concern to our attention by calling 540-551-9300 or emailing Thank you.


Mr. and Mrs. John Curran Mrs. Monica M. Curran * Mr. Peter M. Curran * Mr. † and Mrs. Ignatius G. Custer Ms. Elaine Daigrepont * Miss Anna M. Daloisio Ms. Margaret Daly Mr. and Mrs. George S. D’Arcy * Mr. and Mrs. Jack Daughters Mr. George F. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dean * Mr. Tony J. Debevec Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. DeCorps, Jr. Ms. Diana Deeney Mr. Raymond DeFazio Mrs. Phyllis Delabar * Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. deLadurantaye Mr. and Mrs. Hal Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Edward Delate * Mr. and Mrs. Ronald DeMatteo Miss Loretta T. DePonio Mr. and Mrs. James Desrosiers * Mr. James Deters Rev. William Dettling, O.P. Mr. Robert Deucher Mr. Arthur J. Dhanagom * Ms. Mary A. Di Paola Mr. Sebastiano DiBlasi * Mrs. S. L. Dietrich Mr. and Mrs. William Dillon Mr. Andrew Dimanso * Discalced Carmelite Nuns * Mr. John V. Ditto * Dominican Monastery * Mrs. Thomas R. Donnelly * Mr. and Mrs. John J. Donohue Mr. Peter F. Donohue Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dowd Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Duffy, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. William Duffy * Mr. Dexter Duggan Ms. Margaret C. Dutra Ms. Mary A. Duty Miss Maria L. Echeverria * Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Elliott * Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Errera Mr. and Mrs. Roland Escalante Mr. and Mrs. John G. Estabrook Mr. Eugene Falcone * Mr. and Mrs. John Federer Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Feingold Miss Theresa M. Fer Mrs. Anna Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferguson * Mr. and Mrs. A. V. P. Ferlazzo, D.D.S. Rev. Michael M. Ferraro Mr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fields, Sr. * Dr. Francis Fischer Mrs. Marjorie Fitzgibbon * Mr. and Mrs. George F. Flagg * Mr. Gerald D. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Forr, Jr. * Mr. John J. Fortin, Jr. * Mr. Robert T. Foss, Jr. Ms. Ruth Foster Mr. and Mrs. John Fox Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Francis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Frantz * Mr. Victor Frascione Mr. David Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Cortlandt Freeman * Mr. James A. Frost * Mrs. Cecile Gagne Dr. Joseph Galioto * Mr. John L. Gardinale Mr. and Mrs. William Gardiner * Mr. Peter M. Garding Mr. and Mrs. Chris N. Gawarecki Mr. John E. Gearity Ms. Millie Geisert Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Germann Miss Mary A. Germann Mr. Anthony J. Gertz Ms. Margaret H. Gethins * Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Gieske Miss Michelle A. Gil Ms. Nancy L. Gillies Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Gilsdorf * Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Glass Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Glover * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glover Rev. William Goode Mr. Wade Goss * Mr. Frank Grabarits * Mrs. Mary C. Graham Mr. † and Mrs. William F. Grant * Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grasser Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Groeber * Mr. Frederick W. Gruber Ms. Silvan Guido-Cowden Ms. Margaret Hadro-Venzke Rev. Charles Hagearty Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Haggerty * Mr. J R. Hall Fr. Joseph S. Hall * Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hall * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hambleton * Mr. and Mrs. John F. Harrington * Mrs. Rose Mary Hayden * Mrs. Dorothy M. Headley * Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Heidgen Col. and Mrs. Theo J. Heller, USAF (Ret.) * Mrs. Katharine Hering Mrs. Elizabeth Hernandez * Mrs. Mary Hesson * Mr. Joseph H. Hewes * Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Hiester Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Higdon Mr. and Mrs. Ted P. Hoffart * The Hon. William E. Holdridge Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hornick Mrs. Virginia Horton Mr. and Mrs. J. Hoyng Miss Michelle Hudson * Miss Bette J. Hulighan Mr. Robert Humenay * Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hunter * Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huntsberry * Mr. and Mrs. Clem Hutzel Mr. and Mrs. F. Iacangelo Mr. and Mrs. Irwin James Mr. and Mrs. N. Janoski Dr. and Mrs. Donald Jansen * Mrs. Hope C. Johnson * Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston

* Ms. Lovella Jones * Mr. and Mrs. James J. Judge * Mrs. Patricia L. Kacsir Miss Therese Kallenbach * Miss Margaret M. Kalmanek * Mr. Robert Kastelic * Mr. and Mrs. Scottie Kay Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Kay * Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kemp Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kemper * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Kenneally Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert D. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Kerin Mr. and Mrs. David T. Kerr Rev. Joseph Kieselbach * Mrs. Janet A. King Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kirchoff * Mrs. Mildred Klein Dr. David M. Klocek * Mr. Jerry Kloiber * Mr. and Mrs. Edward Knizewski * Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kopeck Mr. and Mrs. Gene X. Kortsha * Mr. Robert Kostelic * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kosten Mr. Anthony Krug * Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kulick * Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Kuntz Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kuppens Mr. and Mrs. Glen M. Lafleche * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Landvogt Mr. Christopher J. Lane * Mr. and Mrs. James R. LaPalm Rev. Jeffrey Larche Ms. Theresa Larcina Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. LaRoche Mr. Raymond Leaver

Corporate Matching Gifts Over 1,000 American corporations match gifts to colleges and universities. During the 2008-09 fiscal year, Christendom received 139 gifts from corporations that matched gifts from alumni, parents and friends. You may be eligible to participate in a program and not know it. Inquire at your personnel office to see if your firm or its parent company has a matching gifts program. Accenture Foundation, Inc. Alcoa Foundation Boeing Company Chevron Matching Grants Program Con Edison Dominion Foundation Matching Gift Program DOW Matching Gift Office Duke Power Company Foundation Eaton Corporation GE Foundation General Motors Higher Ed. IBM Corporation Key Foundation Lubrizol Marathon Matching Gifts Plan Merrill Lynch Mobil Foundation, Inc. Mutual of Omaha Matching Gifts Program

*Indicates three consecutive years of giving. † Indicates donor has since died.


* Mr. Carl A. Lekan Rev. Joseph L. Lennon, O.P. * Mr. Joseph D. Liptak * Mr. Jerome J. Longawa Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lowe * Mr. William J. Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Edward Luckenbaugh Miss Ariel M. Lynch * Mr. James H. Lynch * Mr. and Mrs. Dana Maanum Mr. Thomas Maley * Miss Catherine S. Malo Mr. George E. Maloney * Mrs. Sandra Manger Mr. Robert J. Mankos * Mr. Louis O. Marcotte * Dr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Marks III Miss Leah C. Marsh * Mrs. Wendy Marsh * Ms. Kristin Martin * Dr. Robert E. Martin Mr. Joseph Martino Sister Lazurus Mary * Mr. Chester P. Masel * Mr. John Materazzo * Dr. Theodora Mathues Miss Elizabeth Mattingly Rev. William McCarthy Mr. Francis McCloskey * Ms. Kathleen B. McCormick * Mr. Thomas McDonald Mr. Donald J. McEachern Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McGann * Miss Elizabeth A. McGuire * Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. McGuirk Mr. and Mrs. Jerome McIntosh Miss Kathleen McKinnon Ms. Patricia McLaughlin

Pfizer Inc. Pharmacia Foundation Procter & Gamble Fund Shell Oil Company Foundation Sprint Foundation State Farm Co. Foundation Temple-Inland Foundation Texaco Philanthropic Found. The Hartford Insurance Group The Northrop Grumman Litton Foundation The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Tyco Matching Gifts Program UPS Foundation Verizon Foundation Wiley Rein & Fielding, LLP Wisconsin Electric Power Co. WYETH Xerox Foundation

* Rev. John J. McMenamin, OSFS Mr. and Mrs. John McNicholas Mr. and Mrs. Adam McSheffrey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mead * Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Meade Mr. Nicholas Medici Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Menke Miss Emily Mersch Ms. Hermine Merz Mr. and Mrs. Leland Miner * Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Mohler Mrs. Helen Mohun * Mrs. Joseph J. Monahon III * Mr. and Mrs. Nash Monsour * Mrs. Ann M. Montchyk Mr. Jarred P. Mooney * Mr. and Mrs. Hillar C. Moore, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Moore * Mr. Jose I. Moreno Ms. Catherine Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moses Rev. Christopher J. Mould * Rev. Msgr. Joseph L. Mroczkowski Mrs. M. Mulligan * Mr. David V. Murawski * Mr. Joseph K. Murdock * Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Muro Mrs. Angela Murphy Mr. William P. Murphy Rev. John F. Murray, SMA * Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Murray * Mr. Eugene L. Myers * Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Nacey * Rev. Kieran Neilson Rev. Simon J. Nekic * Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Nelson * Professor Virgil Nemoianu Mr. Alan T. Ng * Mr. Terry Nickey * Rev. Fred J. Nietfeld Mr. Joseph S. Novak Mrs. Natalie B. Novak Mr. George Nugent

* Mr. and Mrs. Harry Oakley * Mr. Raymond J. O’Beirne * Mr. and Mrs. John L. O’Brien Miss Flannery O’Connor * Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. O’Herron * Miss Alice L. O’Meara Mr. and Mrs. John Oravec * Mr. Walter J. Ornot Mr. and Mrs. Cesar Ortega Mr. Ken T. Oshiro Ms. Suzanne Osterhage Mrs. Helen M. Pargac * Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Partridge Mrs. Mary C. Patryn * Mr. and Mrs. James Patton Ms. Marjorie Payne * Miss Anita Peduto * Mr. Edward H. Pesely * Mrs. R. M. Petrucelli * Mrs. Margaret H. Pickard Ms. Rita Pilgrim * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Pilon Mr. and Mrs. David Pince * Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pincus Poor Clare Monastery * Mr. Richard M. Popeck * Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Porras * Mrs. Alejandro E. Posada Mr. and Mrs. Frank Potochar Rev. Donald Ptthoff * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Pressley Sister Frances Price Mr. Patrick R. Quest * E. Quintos * Mrs. Jeanette Raffa * Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rainone Mrs. Margaret H. Ramage Ms. Barbara Ramsey * Mr. and Mrs. Sonadri C. Rao Mr. and Mrs. John Rasmussen * Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Reagan Mrs. Elizabeth A. Reid Mr. Eric Reid

Planned Gifts

This year many friends of the College made planned gifts, including gifts of charitable gift annuities. Christendom also received a number of bequests or trust provisions during the year. By making Christendom the beneficiary of these plans, these donors have provided for the future of Christendom students for years to come. Some of these arrangements provide significant tax advantages and/or provide an income for the life of the donor or another beneficiary. Gifts were received from the following donors or estates in the 200809 fiscal year. We thank them for their far-sighted and generous provisions for Christendom, and recommend them to your prayers. Mrs. Helen Berens † Mr. Edgar Debany † Rev. John Delaney † Mr. Wilbert G. Hegener † Mr. John W. Kelliher † Rev. Thomas V. Manning †

Mrs. William C. McCarthy † Mr. and Mrs. John F. Murphy Mr. Francis J. Scavitto Mr. Harry Warfield † Miss Margaret G. Waters †

* Miss Rosemary T. Reid Mr. James Reinmann Mr. and Mrs. John Renzi * Mr. John Rhodes Dr. and Mrs. Clinton E. Rhyne * Mr. and Mrs. James P. Rice * Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Riley Miss Mary L. Riley Mr. David Rodriguez Mr. Matthew Rose Mr. Roland P. Rossi Ms. Catherine Rosso Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rothmeyer * Mr. and Mrs. James Rudolph * Mr. William J. Rustia * Mrs. Dorotea B. Rutherford Mr. John T. Sadowski * Mr. and Mrs. Bradley P. Salmon Mr. John Salvato Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sayre Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scarlett * Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schafer Mr. Martin Schaffer Miss Anna M. Schiavone * Mrs. Rita C. Schleker * Mrs. Mary E. Schultz * Mr. Theodore C. Schwalm Dr. and Mrs. Adam Schwartz * Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Sciscilo Ms. Evelyn C. Scopacasa Mr. and Mrs. Alex R. Scrivener * Mr. and Mrs. David B. Scrivener Mr. Richard A. Scrivener Mr. Alec C. Seelau * Mr. Richard Senfield Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Settducati * Dr. Robert J. Shalhoub Mrs. Heather J. Shane Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Shannon * Mr. Edward J. Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Shine Dr. and Dr. Kandy Shivanandan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sibbitts Mr. Jerry Sieck * Sienna Communications Group * Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Sinaguglia Mr. and Mrs. John Singler Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Singletary * Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skowronski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sladky * Mrs. Ruth S. Sloan * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smak * Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Smith Lt. Cdr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Smith III Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Snyder Mrs. Mary A. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Stan Sobczynski Mr. Philip K. Soergel Ms. Marianne Sokol Rev. Louis M. Solcia Ms. Gloria Soltis Mr. Coraine Somers * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Sommers * Mr. and Mrs. James H. Spellmeyer * Mr. and Mrs. Roland R. St. Louis Mr. Joseph Stanczak Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Stanford * Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stanton * Mr. Steven D. Stauffer

* Mr. James E. Steckel * Mr. and Mrs. Preston Stemmann Mrs. Andrea J. Stewart * Mr. and Mrs. James Stock Ms. Eleanor Stout * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Stuart * Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Suess * Mr. Richard H. Surridge Mr. John Szewczyk * Miss Edna M. Tanzer Mr. and Mrs. Christian J. Tappe Ms. Anita Taylor * Mrs. Babette Thomasy * Mrs. George E. Thompson * Mr. Robert P. Thurner * Rev. Francis Toan † Miss Anita Torzala Mrs. Holli Traud * Mr. John J. Trazino * Mrs. Katherine E. Troxel * Mr. and Mrs. Jose Trujillo * Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Turner * Mrs. Susan D. Turner Mr. Thomas R. Vacchi * Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Valaike Mm. Carmen Valdes Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence Varney Mrs. Mara V. Vaughan Ms. Julia M. Ventura * Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Verderber Ms. Carmen Veve * Mr. and Mrs. Milan J. Vlha Mrs. Mary Wagner Miss Mary S. Wake * Mr. and Mrs. David M. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Walter * Mr. and Mrs. Harold V. Walter * Dr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Walz Miss Billie Waters Mr. and Mrs. Glendon Wathen * Miss Jaclyn K. Weber Mr. and Mrs. John J. White * Miss Jacinta T. Whittaker * Mrs. Gloria D. Wiggins * Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Wilcox Ms. Rosemary Wildenhaus Mr. William Wilkinson Ms. Charlotte A. Williams * Miss Christiana D. Williams Mr. John S. Williams Mrs. Kathleen F. Williams Mr. Adam T. Wilson Mr. Adam T. Wilson * Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wilson Mr. Paul D. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Winslow Mr. Arnold A. Wittschiebe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Worley * Mr. Eldon Wyly * Mr. Mark A. Yanochik * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Youket Mr. Christopher P. Young Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zepeda Mrs. Audrey Zimmermann

Great care has been taken in preparing this list of donors to ensure its accuracy. The list above includes all donors who made contributions to Christendom College from June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009. If we have omitted your name, misspelled it, failed to place it in the appropriate category, or if you wish to be anonymous or have your name listed differently, please accept our apologies and bring your concern to our attention by calling 540-551-9300 or emailing Thank you.


Alumni Donors 2008-2009 1980 Participation --% Additional Gifts Robert Hambleton 1981 Participation 12.50% Century Club Edward Scheetz Loretta Scheetz (Pincus) Additional Gifts Joseph Sommers Joseph Stuart 1982 Participation 20.00% Board Associate Kevin Roche Century Club Daniel Foeckler Erik Syversen 1983 Participation 10.00% Gold Benefactor Walter Janaro Century Club Jacqueline Fetsko (Walz) 1984 Participation 27.27% Gold Benefactor Anonymous Century Club Catherine Burch Additional Gifts Margaret Pickard (Healy) 1985 Participation 19.35% President’s Council Member Michael Foeckler

Gold Benefactor Mary Vicinanzo (Williams) Silver Benefactor Mary Anne O’Hare (Murray) Additional Gifts Anne Francis (McOsker) Anne Scrivener (Galloway) David Scrivener 1986 Participation 17.65% President’s Council Member Theresa Flay (Lang) Century Club Kevin Clark Laura Clark (Hibl) Additional Gifts Hope Johnson (Chesanek) 1987 Participation 11.76% Additional Gifts John Charba Catherine Doyle (O’Reilly) Joseph Doyle 1988 Participation 32.00% Board Associate Diana Pascoe (Weyrich) President’s Council Sustaining Member Fr. Stephen McGraw Gold Benefactor David Marra Additional Gifts Mary Castellan (Guettler) Michelle Charba (Dawson) Matthew Cuddeback Thomas Kosten Jeannette Sladky (O’Connor) 1989

TOP 5 CLASSES IN GIVING PARTICIPATION Alumni recognized that the success of Christendom College in the next century will depend on increased alumni support. Stepping up to be counted as someone who supports the mission of the College and appreciates what being part of the Christendom community has done for you personally is a critically important first step. These classes of alumni have accepted the challenge, and Christendom College is grateful to them. Although all alumni donors are listed, class participation scores are based on alumni who graduated. The top 5 classes in percentage of participation in the 2008-09 fiscal year are listed below. The percentage of total alumni giving was 15.81%.

1st Place: Class of 1994 – 33.33%

2nd Place: Class of 1988 – 32.00%

4th Place: Class of 2008 – 27.66%

5th Place: Class of 1984 – 27.27%

3rd Place: Class of 1993 – 30.00%

Participation 20.69% President’s Council Member Stephen Donahue Erin Vander Woude (Murphy) Steven Vander Woude Gold Benefactor Joan Marra (Gallagher) Century Club John Corrigan Additional Gifts Leslie Alexander (Cummings) Suzanne Kosten (Belleville) 1990 Participation 26.67% President’s Council Sustaining Member David Hickin President’s Council Member Thomas McFadden Gold Benefactor Paul Heisler Silver Benefactor Christopher Kopeck Michelle Kopeck (Belleville) Century Club Elizabeth Wiener (Fittin) Additional Gifts Maria Lorena Echeverria Elisabeth Hernandez (Gisla) 1991 Participation 16.67% President’s Council Member Bennett Ellis Kathryn Foeckler (Harrigan) Andrew Walz Gold Benefactor Michele Velasco (LaPalm) Silver Benefactor Robert Kish Mary Waldron (Pennefather) Century Club Tina Kaul (Koch) Additional Gifts John Curran Kathleen Williams (Moriarty) 1992 Participation 10.00% President’s Council Member Mary Beth Ellis (Harrigan) Gold Benefactor Joseph Williams Additional Gifts Michael Ferguson Mary Patryn (Higby) Stephen Pilon Andrea Stewart (Flagg) 1993 Participation 30.00% Board Associate Stephen O’Keefe President’s Council Member Amanda McFadden Gold Benefactor Lisa Heisler (Curran) Century Club

Christine Mott (Weinert) Elmer Woltering Patrick Zuberbueler Additional Gifts Kenneth Baltrinic Michelle Bodoh (Miller) Clare Cole (Curley) Monica Curran (Murphy) Matthew O’Herron Elizabeth Pilon (Dateno) Dorotea Rutherford (Greco) 1994 Participation 33.33% Board Associate Paula O’Keefe (Quest) President’s Council Sustaining Member Ellen Kelly (Storey) Gold Benefactor Fr. Joseph Portzer Century Club Denise Woltering (Belleville) Amy Zuberbueler (Guettler) Additional Gifts Gregory Bodoh Theodore Schwalm 1995 Participation 20.00% President’s Council Member Joseph Ghering Silver Benefactor Fr. John Heisler Gregory McCoy Century Club LinMarie Cameron Additional Gifts Catherine Malo Heather Shane (Helminiak) Mary Wake Matthew Walz Teresa Walz (Heim) 1996 Participation 6.67% President’s Council Sustaining Member James Kelly Century Club Fr. Kevin Beres Additional Gifts Nancy Bauer (Lee) 1997 Participation 10.53% President’s Council Member Anthony Bodoh Julie Bodoh (Timmerman) Melia Ghering (Procherena) Century Club Sean Kay Additional Gifts Christopher Young 1998 Participation 13.04% Founder’s Circle Patrick Weinert Gold Benefactor

Founder’s Circle ($10,000 or more), Board Associate ($5,000–$9,999), President’s Council Sustaining Member ($2,500–$4,999), President’s Council Member ($1,000– $2,499), Gold Club ($500–$999), Silver Club ($250–$499), Century Club ($100–$249).


Fr. Gerard Saguto Silver Benefactor Christopher Muro Angela Pfister Century Club Elizabeth Swope (Flagg) Additional Gifts Andrew Cole 1999 Participation 16.00% Gold Benefactor Karla Hester (Kuykendall) Silver Benefactor Erica Faulkner (Quest) Century Club Elizabeth Kelly (Higby) Michael McFadden Additional Gifts Michelle Gil Susan Haggerty (Lee) Lazarus Mary (Elizabeth Hibl) Mary Rice (Cammack) Christiana Williams 2000 Participation 14.55% President’s Council Member Ryan Jones Century Club Elisabeth Gideon (Boever) Scott Halisky Elizabeth Neglia Steven Storey Additional Gifts Anne Reagan (Brewster) Matthew Reagan James Rice 2001 Participation 10.53% President’s Council Member Angela Jones (Formolo) Additional Gifts Andrew Antonio Phillip Menke Therese Zepeda (Sayler) 2002 Participation 5.66% Century Club Guy Amisano Additional Gifts Maria O’Brien (Gaetano) 2003 Participation 11.84% President’s Council Member Laura Scanlon (Henderson) Patrick Scanlon Century Club Megan Jalsevac (McNeely) Paul Jalsevac Dane Weber

Additional Gifts Sarah Antonio (Hatke) Theresa Fer Christopher Lane Gregory Settducati Thomas Zepeda 2004 Participation 6.49% Gold Benefactor Jill Vander Woude (Menke) Silver Benefactor Marc Perrington Century Club Glen Aitken Maria Marstall (Brake) Additional Gifts John O’Brien Anita Torzala 2005 Participation 19.05% Gold Benefactor Patrick Vander Woude Century Club Philip Loegering Patricia Metzger Eryka O’Herron (Bukowski) Additional Gifts Zachary Akers Marie Antunes Margaret Kay (Ginski) Anna Schiavone Alex Scrivener Ashley Scrivener (Filiault) Philip Soergel Brandon Vaughan Mara Vaughan (Mirus) Julia Ventura (Peterson

Elizabeth Wallace (Rice) Jacinta Whittaker John Williams 2006 Participation 20.55% Silver Benefactor Veronica Perrington (Spiering) Century Club Anonymous Claire Beller Andrew Day Kelly Fogarty John O’Herron Sarah Rolfes Karen Spiering Christine Walsh Additional Gifts Arthur Dhanagom Mary Germann Frederick Gruber Ariel Lynch Leah Marsh Jaclyn Weber 2007 Participation 11.76% Century Club Anne Clark Sylvia Smith Additional Gifts Danielle Ampi Katelin Beer Michael Collins David Hain Angela Murphy (Von Ehr) Christian Tappe Adam Wilson

2008 Participation 27.66% Silver Benefactor Sarah Berger Joseph Mazzara Century Club Eleanor Ampi Mary Beth Baker Sarah Daley Nikole Hill Cassidy Jalsevac (Bugos) John Jalsevac Allison Kavanagh Noah Morey Kathryn Phillips (Fitzpatrick) Anna Svendsen Sean Vieira Meredith Wilson Additional Gifts Meghan Beller Sophie Coy Jordan Hudson Adam McSheffrey Colleen McSheffrey (Mead) Emily Mersch Flannery O’Connor Patrick Quest David Rodriguez Matthew Rose Richard Scrivener Kathleen Willard (McKinnon) 2009 Participation 4.41% Century Club Andrew Tatum Additional Gifts Anonymous Josepha Bertolini Peter Donohue

Message from the Vice President for Advancement The College counts on your prayerful and financial support year in and year out. Nothing that happens at the College could happen without you.

The Annual Fund is used by Dr. O’Donnell exclusively to support today’s students. Christendom College encourages participation at all levels.

The Annual Fund supports the entire experience at Christendom College and targets the most pressing needs in education—scholarships, teaching and learning, and campus culture.

The cost of a Christendom education is not fully covered by tuition. Please see the enclosed envelope to find out how you can help fill the gap.

As Dr. O’Donnell’s highest priority, annual giving is the means by which Christendom College friends, alumni, students, parents, faculty and staff can most effectively contribute their financial support for education and student life.

Want to double or triple your gift? Many companies match or exceed charitable contributions made by their employees. To see if you are eligible, please contact your benefits or human resources department. When should I make my annual gift? Your gift is most needed to-

John F. Ciskanik day! However, the College’s fiscal year runs June 1 through May 31. So by making a gift early you help the college plan and budget for campus needs more efficiently.

Great care has been taken in preparing this list of donors to ensure its accuracy. The list above includes all donors who made contributions to Christendom College from June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009. If we have omitted your name, misspelled it, failed to place it in the appropriate category, or if you wish to be anonymous or have your name listed differently, please accept our apologies and bring your concern to our attention by calling 540-551-9300 or emailing Thank you.


Scholarships and Recipients — 2008-2009 Named scholarship funds are made possible by gifts provided by alumni and friends of the College. Most of these are endowed funds—earnings generated by the principal of these gifts provide financial aid for deserving students each and every year. Annual gifts (indicated with an *) provide scholarships in the year after the gift was received. The students listed below received scholarship during the 2008-09 school year. SCHOLARSHIP Alumni Scholarship

RECIPIENT Erin Clark Dominick Donahue Robert Fetsko Therese Fetsko Elizabeth Francis Katie Francis Thomas Francis Celia Gossin Karl Haislmaier John Hambleton Mary Harrington Bernadette Horiuchi Monica Horiuchi Katie Lademan Patricia Lademan Catherine Marra Brianna Miller Virginia Norris Dominic O’Donnell Cecilia O’Reilly Anna Scheetz Katie Scheetz Emily Scrivener Nathan Scrivener Mary Kate Vander Woude Joseph Vicinanzo Thomas Vicinanzo


William & Sophia Casey Memorial Scholarship Peter Donohue Seth Elmenhurst Emily Jaroma Zachary Miller Nathan Scott George and Mary Creed Memorial Scholarship Andrea Smith

Front Royal, VA Midlothian, TX Madison, OH Madison, OH Falls Church, VA Falls Church, VA Falls Church, VA Nokesville, VA Falls Church, VA Falls Church, VA Pearl City, IL Fredericksburg, VA Fredericksburg, VA Annapolis, MD Annapolis, MD Clifton Park, NY Oneida, NY Front Royal, VA Fargo, ND Front Royal, VA Manassas, VA Manassas, VA Millersville, MD Davidsonville, MD Nokesville, VA Concord, NH Concord, NH Warner, NH Woodinville, WA Ave Maria, FL Lisbon, OH Modesto, CA Culpeper, VA

Donors of Voluntary Service Members of Christendom’s Board of Directors 2008-09 Mrs. Donna Fitzpatrick Bethell, Esq. Dr. Warren H. Carroll Mr. Robert J. Crnkovich Mr. Douglas D. Dewey Mr. Richard S. Esposito, ChFC Mr. Kenneth Ferguson Mr. Daniel Gorman Mrs. Joan M. Janaro

Rev. Robert E. Morey Mr. Robert J. Mylod Dr. Timothy T. O’Donnell Mr. Stephen O’Keefe Mrs. Mary Beth Riordan Mr. Robert Scrivener Mr. Eugene Zurlo

Members of the Christendom College Advisory Board 2008-0908 Mrs. Mary Ellen Bork Mr. Chris N. Cuddeback Mr. John DeMatteo The Honorable Jeremiah A. Denton Mr. Richard R. Hough, III Mrs. Katherine McAvoy Mr. John A. McNeice Mr. Robert J. Monahan


The Honorable James Nicholson Dr. Charles E. Rice The Reverend George Rutler Mr. Mark Ryland The Honorable Rick Santorum The Reverend William P. Saunders Mrs. Marjorie P. Teetor Mr. George S. Weigel

Fr. James Cowan Memorial Scholarship Stephen Alger Grace Bellow Katherine Gutschke Peter McNeely Elizabeth Wagner Byron & Mary Doyle Memorial Scholarship Jane Kokes

Augusta, GA Wooster, OH Asbury, NJ Rocca, NE Front Royal, VA Absecon, NJ

Patrick J. Duffy Scholarship* Ryan Mitchell

Mount Pleasant, SC

Hungarian Scholarship Fund* Gergely Mohay


Kline Endowment Fund Jacqueline Kenney Dominic Vieira

Egg Harbor Township, NJ Front Royal, VA

Benjamin F. Homan Memorial Scholarship Samuel Pynes

Lincoln, NE

Francis A. & Lilian B. Mekus Scholarship Frances Dewey James Morgan

Thornwood, NY Lancaster, PA

Marie O’Donohue Monahan Memorial Scholarship David Frank

Front Royal, VA

Valary & Howard Morrison Scholarship Katie Scheetz

Manassas, VA

Harvey Noel Memorial Scholarship Meghan Kelly

Rochester, MN

Palestrina Scholarship* Peter Donohue Francis Feingold Elizabeth Fettes Bridget Randolph

Warner, NH St. Louis, MO Berkeley Heights, NJ Front Royal, VA

Padre Pio Memorial Scholarship Christine Ascik William Waller Brady Wilson Paul Wilson

Asheville, NC Neptune Beach, FL Mt. Vernon, OH Franklin, NJ

David T. Ricks Memorial Scholarship Sairey Miller

Lisbon, OH

William & Clara Roedig & Family Memorial Scholarship Matthew Worley Erloy, WI Judy Anne Shannon Memorial Scholarship Emily Baldwin Montrose, CO Sacred Heart Scholarship Abigail Hill Harold V. Welch Memorial Scholarship Caroline Deucher David McWhirter

Woodstock, MD Vass, NC Kunkletown, PA

Crusader Gymnasium Celebrates a Decade of Growth and Activity


The year was 1998. Michael Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls; the average cost of a gallon of gas was $1.15; the enrollment at Christendom was 240; and Fr. Cornelius O’Brien was still making his Monday visits to the College for Mass. That fall, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua of Philadelphia blessed Christendom’s newest building, the St. Louis the Crusader Memorial Gymnasium, which consisted of a fullsized basketball court, racquetball courts, and a fitness and weight room. Mr. Bob Seale was the part time Athletic Director and the head coach of the men’s basketball team.

Cardinal Bevilacqua presided over the gymnasium’s opening ceremonies in 1998. Now, eleven years after the construction of the gym, the Director of Athletics has been made a full-time position due to the support of the College administration and in large part to the efforts of former athletic director, the late Thomas Vander Woude, and the generous donations of many to the Christendom College Booster club, whose names are printed on banners hanging inside the gym. The Crusader gym has been one of the most-used buildings on campus since its opening, from basketball games to intramurals, and from movie nights to baseball batting cage sessions. If the gym is open, it’s usually busy. Perhaps the biggest change over the past 10 years has been in the area of intramurals where the athletic department has given significant time and energy to their growth. In 1998, the only intramurals that existed were basketball and an occasional volleyball tournament. Fast forward 10 years to the 2008-09 school year, where over half the student body on campus participated in an intramural sport, including whiffle-ball, volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, and indoor soccer, which darted up as the most popular sport, boasting close to 90 participants and 17 teams.

The intramural program began its ascent to popularity on campus during the athletic directing days of Thomas Vander Woude, who turned the reins over to then-junior Vic Alcantara in the spring of 2004. Alcantara then introduced basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball into the mix. In fact, dodgeball had so much support in its first two years that faculty and staff got in on the action and formed teams, and what student wouldn’t want the friendly opportunity to throw a ball at a faculty or staff member? These matches not only had plenty of participants but the bleachers also were packed with spectators. As intramurals continue to grow in numbers, the athletic department looks forward to having another very successful year. The last five years have seen the emergence of new varsity sports such as golf and rugby, and plans are underway for a cross country team and possibly even a crew team as well. These sporting opportunities, added to the already vibrant soccer, basketball, and baseball programs, are welcome additions to the inter-collegiate sports programs at Christendom. The Crusader gymnasium has definitely seen

its share of changes in the past 10 years. Ironically, there were nearly as many students participating in last year’s intramural program or a varsity sport (more than 200), as made up the College’s total enrollment when the doors opened to the Crusader gym for the first time in 1998 (there were 240 students). Athletic Director Chris Vander

Then-Dean of Students Mike Brown thanking Coach Bob Seale (r) for his years of service in 2002. Woude, and the student-athletes and intramural participants, would like to thank all those that made the Crusader gymnasium a reality 11 years ago and kept it going and growing over the past decade. The College community looks forward to great things in the decade to come.

Lady Crusader Volleyball Shows Great Promise


The Lady Crusaders volleyball team showed great promise this year, with five talented freshmen joining the team. Despite the fact that they were unable to pull out a winning record this season, the team is hopeful that next year will be their time to shine.

Although they had three wins to their nine losses, many of this year’s games were very close, due in large part to efforts of the two seniors, Rachel Williams and Anna Adams, who played their hearts out during their final season and will be sorely missed next year.

2009 Lady Crusaders Volleyball Team.


Players Perform Baldpate Perfectly


The Christendom Players performed a hilarious comedy-mystery, Seven Keys to Baldpate, on November 20-22. Directed by alumnus Mike Powell and co-directed/produced by English Professor Patrick Keats, Seven Keys to Baldpate was written by the legendary American playwright George M. Cohan. This was Powell and Keats’ ninth collaborative production. The play had a colorful cast of characters, among them crooked politicians, inept gangsters, a woman-hating hermit, and a wisecracking female con artist. Each was desperately in pursuit of the fortune locked in the safe of the Baldpate Hotel. “We are both very pleased to have put on something that is pure Americana after several years of British shows,” Keats said. “We’re also very pleased with how our cast performed, including senior Kyle Kelley in the lead and veterans Cyrus Artz, Mary Harrington, and Steve Curtin in supporting roles. There was also a great crop of promising newcomers to the Christendom stage.”

Sophomore Christine Ascik (l) and Junior Amanda Dean played off the great chemistry of veteran actors Senior Kyle Kelley and Junior Mary Harrington in Seven Keys to Baldpate.

Senior Nathan Scott (l) and Freshman Matthew Camp were wonderful in their roles.

Senior Kyle Kelley (l) worked well with Junior Steve Curtin, who played a hermit/ghost.

Register today for one of Christendom’s Graduate School Online Courses! PHIL 602 – THE PHILOSOPHY OF GOD & MAN (Dr. Burns): An introduction to the natural theology of St. Thomas Aquinas, with individual study of six proofs of the existence of God; an overview of the philosophy of man, with special focus on man as a person, and on intellection and willing as typically human acts which prove the immortality of the human soul. This course is available Jan – May 2010. SCRI 606 – OLD TESTAMENT (Prof. Carnazzo): a survey of the historical, wisdom, and prophetical books of the Old Testament as a preparation for the New Testament era, with the revelatory stages of salvation history, the importance of Biblical typology, and the function of fulfilled prophecy. This course is available Jan – May 2010.

Junior Amanda Dean made her first appearance on the Christendom stage in her role as a reporter.

EDUC 630: TEACHING THE FAITH, PART I (Prof. Lienhard): an introduction to Catholic religious education, key Old and New Testament figures and events, the Creed and the seven Sacraments, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, with practical and creative ways to implement these teachings in a classroom. This course is always available: continuous registration. EDUC 631: TEACHING THE FAITH, PART II (Prof. Lienhard): a continuation of EDUC 630 focusing on the moral life and the life of prayer (parts 3 & 4 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church) and how to teach them; concluding with the role of catechesis in the mission of Church as seen in the General Directory of Catechesis. This course is always available: continuous registration. These online courses are offered in conjunction with Catholic Education Center, LLC (http://www. To register, go to htm#online. For more information, visit or call 703-658-4304.


Senior Cyrus Artz (l) has been a great addition to the Christendom Players over the past four years.

Admissions Office Reports Record-Breaking Interest in College


Admissions offices across the country rely heavily on certain amounts of data that they collect throughout the year to determine how the recruiting year is progressing and whether they are on target for the following fall. The main areas of concern are the number of people who have requested information about the college, the number of high school seniors from which to recruit, the number of people who have visited Associate Director of Admis- the College, and sions Mike Schmitt most importantly, the number of applications received.

tential students and their schools. Associate Director of Admissions Mike Schmitt has been hitting the road all semester and will continue to do so in the future. Schmitt, who graduated with a BA in Classical and Early Christian Studies from Christendom in 2003, has visited many Catholic high schools and parishes to meet with students, college placement counselors, as well as pastors and youth ministers. In addition to this, the College has been repre- Academic Dean Dr. Pat Keats speaks with visiting students. Visit Days are scheduled next semester for sented at dozens of conferences and February 15 (President’s Day) and April 12. college fairs across the country.

Schmitt is responsible for a number of new Organizing longer Visit Weekends has also initiatives in the Admissions Office this year, been a great added feature to the Admissions with the “Meet Christendom” events being Office offerings. Each semester, high school As of late November, Christendom’s Admis- the most exciting. These are informational juniors and seniors can visit the campus sions Office reported tremendous growth in meetings held in the homes of alumni, par- on any of five different exciting weekends, all of these important areas. The number of ents, and friends of the Colgeneral requests for information has doubled lege. Intimate and enjoyover this time last year; the number of cur- able, the gatherings include rent high school seniors who are interested a discussion of the value of in Christendom is up 30%; the number of an authentic Catholic liberal visits to campus by prospective students is up arts education, a slide show 40%; and the number of applications for the of Christendom’s semester in Fall 2010 semester is 50% higher than this Rome program and a DVD time last year. viewing about the College, as well as a Q&A session. Some According to Tom McFadden, Director of of the more successful “Meet Admissions, the growth in interest can be at- Christendom” events have tributed to a number of different important been held in Dallas, Omaha, areas that he and his team have been focusing Kansas City, and Raleigh, Seniors from Holy Family Academy in VA were well represented. on in recent months. drawing about half a dozen families to each one. Additional meetings spending Fridays in the classroom, and the One of the most important areas is the are being planned for Maryland, California, rest of the time getting a feel for the social and spiritual aspects of Christendom’s unique amount of time and effort they have been New York, and New England. way of life. putting into building relationships with poAnother initiative that seems to be “The fact that seniors who complete applications bearing fruit is the can get reimbursed up to $200 for travel expenscreation of Junior es when making an overnight visit is bringing and Senior Visit more prospective students to campus,” says BritDays. During these tany Scheidler, the Visit Program Coordinator. special events, high “I am sure that we will have even more visitors school juniors and utilizing this great offer next semester.” seniors participate in a day-long event, If you would like to have a Christendom repand experience first resentative visit a high school in your area, or hand what the Col- speak with a youth group or homeschool comlege has to offer. munity, or if you would be interested in hosting Two Senior Visit a “Meet Christendom” event, please contact Visiting students had the opportunity to ask questions of a student panel during Days were held this Mike Schmitt at the Senior Visit Days. semester, and Junior or call 800-877-5456, ext.1293.


Alumna Hears God’s Call to Follow Him in Florence, Italy


Thérèse Elizabeth Dodge, class of ’06, professed in the order of the Religiose del Sacro Cuore di Firenze, Italy on September 30, 2009. His Excellency Monsignore Giuseppe Betori, Archbishop of Florence, officiated and offered the Mass. During the Profession ceremony, Thérèse took the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience and received the black veil. She now begins a period of five years during which she will be a “junior professed,” continuing her formation and renewing her vows each year. At the end of those five years she will take her final vows which are for life and include a fourth vow of dedicating her life to the education of youth. At her final profession she will receive the cross (worn around the neck) and the wedding ring. The Religiose del Sacro Cuore was originally founded in Paris, France, in 1800 by Saint

Madeleine Sophie Barat with a specific apostolate of the education of the youth, through the “Istituto del Sacro Cuore” as “the most important means of glorifying the Heart of Jesus.” The work of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat continues today at the Institute of the Sacred Heart (Istituto del Sacro Cuore) in Florence which maintains a boarding school for girls and a co-ed day school educating young students from pre-school through high school. During the fall of 2004, Thérèse participated in the Christendom semester in Rome program where she was first introduced to the order. After graduating from Christendom in

Statue of Pope John XXIII Blessed


Associate Chaplain Fr. William Fitzgerald, OPraem, blessed the statue of Blessed John XXIII, which is on display in the St. John the Evangelist library, on October 8. A beautiful piece of art, sculpted by Mrs. Sondra Jonson, this statue was initially exhibited two years ago at the Sacred Arts Foundation’s “Redeeming Beauty: Religious works by contemporary artists” exhibit in the library. Fr. William gave a brief and very lucid presentation on the life and times of this humble, holy, and prayerful pontiff, who

inaugurated the Second Vatican Council with high and very holy ideals. The statue was donated to Christendom by the Director of the Library, Andrew Armstrong. Armstrong explained that he bought the work specifically for the library to accompany the other artistic depictions of recent Popes: a painting of Pope Paul VI and the bust of Pope John Paul II, which was donated to the College by Armstrong’s father, the renowned sculptor, H. Reed Armstrong.

2006, with a BA in Political Science, Thérèse returned to Rome, Florence, and Assisi serving as a tour guide to her parents as a graduation gift. Thérèse remained in Italy, spending some time at the order’s convent in Florence and then later was offered a position with the “Istituto del Sacro Cuore” to work as a “dorm mother” for the school’s boarding students. Following her semester in Rome, Thérèse had been discerning a religious vocation which, in January 2007, she decided was with the Religiose del Sacro Cuore. In February of that year, she formally became a postulant, and then in August, she received the holy habit and the white veil of a novice of the Religious of the Sacred Heart at her Vestition ceremony, which is essentially a betrothal ceremony during which she wore a wedding gown. Thérèse invites members of the Christendom community, and especially young ladies who may be discerning a religious vocation, to visit her at the Istituto del Sacro Cuore, Viale Michelangiolo, 27, when they are in Florence. Madre Thérèse Dodge joins the large group of Christendom alumni who have heard God’s call and have embraced either the priesthood or religious life. To date, 55 priests, 38 sisters, four brothers, one deacon, and a number of seminarians are happy to call Christendom their alma mater.

Join Dr. and Mrs. Timothy O’Donnell & Dr. Patrick Keats as they lead Christendom College’s 2010

Study Abroad in Ireland Program July 25 - August 13, 2010 Price of $3875 per person includes: -Roundtrip airfare from Washington -Accommodations in First Class and Tourist Class hotels -All hotel taxes and service charges -Meals as per itinerary -Land travel by deluxe motorcoach -Sightseeing and entrance fees -Room and Board at Christendom -Two 3-credit courses (The Catholic Culture of Ireland and Irish Literature)


Travel to Killarney, Bunratty Castle, Adare, The Ring of Kerry, Torc Waterfall, Muckross Abbey, Rock of Cashel, Holy Cross Abbey, Galway, Clonmacnoise, Knock, Croagh Patrick, Donegal, Doon Well & Rock, Mount Erigal, Dublin, Trinity College, Drogheda, Wicklow Mountains, and more. For more information, contact Melanie Baker at or 800.877.5456.

Men’s Soccer Team Finishes Year with Second Straight Winning Season


It might have been the fact that 32 men arrived on campus a week early for three-aday practices only to have the team whittled down to 23; or it might have been the fact that the team was made up of 10 freshmen, five of which would be regular starters; or maybe it was that this team didn’t lose one player from last year’s team, whose record was 6-1-1. All these things and more could have given Coach Vander Woude a glimpse into what would be a great season. “This year’s team was a great group of guys that enjoyed being together and especially loved to play soccer, and it showed in how we played as a team throughout the year,” he says. The men’s soccer team recently finished the season posting the most wins by any soccer team in Christendom’s history, just beating the women’s soccer team from last year by one win. This season is the 2nd straight winning season the men’s soccer program has enjoyed and hopefully part of a trend that will continue. Despite the mostly young talent, the team will say goodbye to two key seniors, Ryan Doughty and JP Minick, both of whom were starters during their time here at Christendom; Ryan for all four years and JP for three. Both of these men exemplified what is meant by the phrase “play your hardest,” whether it was JP’s physical and aggressive style of playing unstoppable defense, or Ryan’s tireless work ethic on the practice field or in the game that netted him many goals from pure perseverance and hustle. Ryan graduates after being the team captain for the last two years and the team will miss his leadership and always-positive attitude on the field. The season concludes with many highlights for the team, the first being the game played at Bryn Athyn College near Philadelphia, PA, early in the season. As it rained all day and throughout the game, the Crusaders found themselves behind 0-1 at halftime. But the team persevered, as it would throughout the season. The Crusaders rallied to tie the game 1-1 and then, with eight minutes left, sophomore Joe Stephens scored the game-winning goal. Other high points of the season include a come-from-behind win against Division III Mt. Aloysius, and a win over Lord Fair-

fax Community College in which sophomore Ted Cantu scored the game winning goal with just over 3 minutes left. The team finished the season with a win over Patrick Henry College in the championship game of the Shenandoah Chesapeake Conference tournament and finished ranked #15 in the national USCAA conference. Coach Vander Woude was especially happy with the way the team played together and passed the ball throughout the year, saying, “we took huge strides this year toward playing a fun style of soccer, of playing soccer the way it is to be played, as a team.” This was very evident throughout the year as the Crusaders dominated in time of possession during all but two of their games. With a team of talented individuals, another sign of their unselfish play was that 10 players registered at least one goal during the year, and of the 10, four players had 4 goals or more. Leading the team in goals this year were sophomore Peter McNeely and freshman Anthony Readings. Joe Stephens and newcomers Tommy Salmon and Nicholas Blank led the team in assists. But perhaps the best thing about this season is that in only graduating two seniors, the success will hopefully continue next season!

Potential students interested in the soccer program are encouraged to contact Coach Vander Woude at coachvw@christendom. edu

Kenyan Paul Nangurai dribbles past his opponent.

Sophomore Cecilia O’Reilly had a great season.

2009 Crusaders Soccer Team.

2009 Lady Crusaders Soccer Team.


Flag Football Games Take Over Campus During Fall Semester


Each Fall, the College community rallies around a couple of flag football games which are played on Campion Field, particularly the Upper vs Under and the East vs West games. This year, though, two more games were added to the schedule: Faculty/Staff vs Upperclassmen and Faculty/Staff vs Seniors, both of which were very exciting and are sure to become annual events.

Chaplain Fr. Daniel Gee led the Faculty/Staff team in an overtime loss to the students: 20-14.

Senior Ryan Doughty ran the freshmen ragged in the Upper vs Under football game.

The Faculty/Staff team did their best to intimidate the students prior to the game.

To the surprise of the students and the crowds, the Faculty/Staff team was up 14-0 at the half.

Freshman Tommy Salmon played hard.

The West team defeated the East team by a score of 13-12, with the final point being scored by Patrick Norton on the very last drive of the game. Freshman Rob Hambleton lays himself out for the catch.

Senior David Long was instrumental in helping lead the Upperclassman to a 55-0 victory over the Freshmen.


The East lost for the 7th consecutive year, but they had won the previous 8 years so the East may rise again next year!

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The East’s Rob Hambleton goes for Joe Stephens’ flag, only to end up with a concussion.

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Patrick Norton juking and jiving through the East’s defense.

The Seniors’ running back, Ryan Doughty, was more than the Faculty/Staff team could handle.

The East’s Ryan Doughty shoots the gap.

East’s quarterback Patrick Stein scrambles for some yards, almost losing his shorts.

Senior Jason Greene quarterbacked for his team in all four of the men’s football games this Fall.

Fr. Gee scrambled out of the pocket, avoiding the pressure by Matt Hadro and Cyrus Artz. Students and faculty alike were entertained by the promotional posters advertising the game.

The Seniors: Matt Lancaster, Jack Anderson, Matt Hadro, JP Minick, Luke Zignego, Tim Lanahan, Jason Greene, TJ Nacey, Brad Thrasher, Ryan Doughty, Joby Norton, and Cyrus Artz kneeling.

The Faculty/Staff team: Mark Wunsch, Brendan McGuire, Tom McFadden, Tom Heaston, Mark Egger, Mike Foeckler, Fr. Richard Carr, Fr. Daniel Gee, and Manuel Vicente. They played hard, with the game ending on a dropped Hail Mary pass by Fr. Gee to Tom Heaston in the endzone. Final score was 12-6. Next year, fellas!


Alumnus Helps Others Experience the Christendom Way of Life


“Christendom is more than a place, a college, an institution—it is a living reality. It is part of who I am,” alumnus Sabatino Carnazzo says. “You can send a Christendom graduate into the world and say goodbye, but you will never take Christendom out of the heart of that student.”

The Institute has featured many influential Catholic educators, including Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Dr. Robert Moynihan, as well as Christendom professors John Cuddeback, William Marshner, Brendan McGuire, and Mark Wunsch.

That certainly is true for Carnazzo. He has taken Christendom’s motto, “to restore all things in Christ,” to heart by founding The Institute of Catholic Culture, a non-profit adult faith formation organization dedicated to the re-evangelization of society through educational and cultural projects offered to the public at no charge. Carnazzo describes the Institute as the incarnation of the gift he received at Christendom College.

Drawing hundreds of eager attendees each week from all walks of life—Catholics and nonCatholics alike—the Institute is changing lives by exposing them to the beautiful traditions and wonderful truths of the Faith. Incredibly, College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell’s administrative assistant, Melanie Baker, was led to the Faith through educational programs offered by the Institute of Catholic Culture.

“When I first came to Christendom, I expected to learn facts, doctrines, and formulas. I did learn these, but more importantly, I learned a way of life. Through the liberal arts education offered at Christendom, I learned to see the whole of reality centered upon Jesus Christ,” Carnazzo says. “Like many Christendom graduates, I will never forget the first semester of my freshman year. It was a time of discovery for me, a time in which my eyes were opened to the world in which I stood, but had never really seen. I discovered the transformative character of authentic education and I pledged to God to share this gift with others.” While at Christendom, Carnazzo remembers that many parents of his fellow students, while grateful for the incredible education their children were receiving, felt a loss in that they had no such opportunity as college students. He recalls one parent in particular describing her generation as the “lost generation that grew up during the cultural revolution of the 60s and 70s.” “The next generation, my generation,” explains Carnazzo, “has Christendom College to set it on the right path, but what about our parents? These men and women have just as much of a need for an authentic Catholic education as I did.” He is on a mission to do just that. Carnazzo, who further completed his Christendom education at its Notre Dame Graduate School and received the prestigious Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diploma, says that he wants to hand on what he received, “to give to others a taste of Christendom.”


“The Institute of Catholic Culture has spearheaded an educational and cultural revival in the hearts and minds of adults throughout the Washington-metro region,” O’Donnell says. Christendom College Founder Dr. Warren Carroll, a frequent attendee at Institute programs, says, “The Institute is part of what Pope John Paul the Great called the new springtime of the Church.”

Alumnus Sabatino Carnazzo. “I have found my life’s calling,” Carnazzo explains, “sharing with others the life-changing education that I received at Christendom.” To learn more about the Institute of Catholic Culture visit

Graduate School Alumnus Named Bishop


The Christendom Graduate School is happy to announce that one of its graduates has recently been named a bishop. Father Paul D. Sirba was named as the ninth bishop of the Diocese of Duluth, MN, on October 15, by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. His consecration as bishop was scheduled for Monday, December 14, in Duluth. Bishop Sirba has been a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis since his ordination in 1986. He has spent most of his priesthood in parish work and in seminary spiritual formation. Just this past summer he was appointed vicar general and moderator of the curia of his archdiocese. Bishop Sirba studied at Christendom’s Graduate School when it was the Notre Dame Apostolic Catechetical Institute. He attended the summer program (then held at Marymount University) from 1992-95, and graduated in 1996, just a few months before

the merger with Christendom. His concentration was spirituality, and at the time then-Father Sirba was working in spiritual formation at St. John Vianney Seminary in St. Paul, MN. Bishop Sirba was born on September 2, 1960, in Bloomington, MN. He earned a BA in philosophy at the College of St. Thomas in 1982, and a Masters of Divinity degree from St. Paul Seminary in 1986. As an interesting side note, one of his brothers is also a priest, Father Joseph Sirba of the Duluth Diocese, so Bishop Sirba is now his own brother’s bishop. “We are thrilled that one of our graduates has been appointed bishop,” said Dr. Kristin Burns, Dean of the Christendom Graduate School. “This is a first for us. We congratulate the Catholics of Duluth— they are blessed with a bishop who is faithful and friendly, holy, and humble.”

Omnia in Christo

Steven S. Snyder, Ph.D.

In an effort to give readers an insight into the high quality of the College’s faculty, each issue of Instaurare will now conclude with the Omnia in Christo which will feature excerpts from a talk or paper given by one of Christendom’s outstanding faculty members.

end he sees the world and injustice with new eyes, which show him that nothing can separate God from His world. Philosophic healing is not the only kind of healing. I think about the character of Graham Hess in M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs. He is one for whom the injustices of the world have proven too much. He has suffered beyond his limits, and he is angry and defensive. His wife has died, and now his son is dying in his arms. And he is trapped, trapped by reality, trapped by God. His son is asthmatic, and it was Graham Christendom has the wonderful tra- himself who forgot to bring his son’s life-saving medicine when they dition of hosting a Senior Dinner for the senior class and faculty early fled into the cellar. And they had to flee into the cellar because Graeach Fall term. Included in the evening’s events is a talk by a faculty ham did not have the courage to embrace advice that would have member. Steve Snyder, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy and rescued himself and his family. But none of these failings of Graham’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, spoke to the senior class and add up in his mind, or in our minds, as explanations of why God faculty in 2008. Dr. Snyder arrived at Christendom College in 2001, would have it that his son should die in his arms. But his son is dyhaving taught for fifteen years in two Catholic college seminaries and ing, and Graham can’t stop it. Just minutes before, at the start of all also at a Catholic liberal arts college in Canada. He received the the danger, Graham had let his guard down, he had opened his heart Licentiate from Toronto’s Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies however briefly to God, saying so that only God and Graham himself and the PhD from the University of Toronto’s Centre for Medieval could hear, “I’m not ready for this.” But his son is dying, Graham is Studies. Under the direction of trapped, and he speaks what for him James A. Weisheipl, OP, he wrote like the deepest truth, saying to Look to find God in every aspect of your se- feels his doctoral dissertation on Albert God, “I hate you, I hate you.” Granior year, look to bring Christ to every expe- ham is doing nothing new. He is a the Great on Time. rience. God knows what will prove crucial– son of Adam, the pattern of us all, This lecture develops a line of who when he felt trapped first hid but He’s not telling you. He is leaving that from God and then blamed God, thought proper to Greek and Catholic humanism. It begins with saying “The woman you gave me . for you and Him to determine together. discussions of Homer’s Iliad and . .” Sophocles’ Antigone and Oedipus the King before jumping almost 1000 years to Boethius’ Consolation . . . We ask God why there is evil . . . Because of the weakness of of Philosophy. It concludes seeking the sublime in the popular by our intellect . . . God cannot give us what we ask, but He gives us drawing from a movie by M. Night Shyamalan. The following ex- something much greater, because our need is much greater than we cerpts pick up the talk at its discussion of Oedipus the King. understand. In the movie, Graham has spoken his pain, his fear, his anger, to the God whom he thinks has trapped him, left him, like . . . What does it mean to be convinced there is a divine standard ac- Oedipus, like human nature, no way out. And immediately, without cording to which we must live? Consider the case of Oedipus. He hesitation, Graham begins to speak words to his asthmatic son that receives an oracle that he will murder his father and marry his mother. we know are God’s words to Graham, and to us: “Do not be afraid. Not good news, not good news at all. What does he do? He runs Breathe together, breathe with me, the air is coming . . . we’re the away, he flees his home. Why? Because he believes the oracle. But same, we’re the same.” The answer to evil is love, the language of the if he believed the oracle, why would he think it did any good to run? Incarnation, the Life of the Trinity into which we have been ushered Oedipus is in a practical contradiction, he simultaneously believes and by baptism. The answer to pain, suffering, and the contradiction of disbelieves the oracle. Being in contradiction, he has violated his own human existence is love, God’s love for us and our ability, meager as rational nature, and he and all for whom he is responsible pay the price. it is, to participate in that love. It is not the whole answer, but it is Here, too, is the divine standard, but now it shows up our human the answer by which we transcend the limits of human frailty. The frailty, our human weakness. The transcendent standard truly tran- answer to evil is God’s love for us and the God-like love elicited from scends. How can we live according to a standard we can never live up us by His indwelling. The answer to “Why?” is love. to? At the end of Oedipus the King we must concede that justice has been done, the balance has been restored. But who of us could have . . . Decisions are really made within the context of a life, and a life done any better than Oedipus? What would we have done in his place? is made of myriad events and decisions, big and small . . . From The divine standard emerges as that by which our human nature is Christendom you too will bring topics and concerns crucial to your both preserved and condemned. God’s gift appears also as a trap, and lives. But since your future self is as yet unknown to you, what of it scarcely softens the blow for us that the blame is not on God, the the now will be crucial to you in the future is unclear: the topic is to standard of goodness. Our nature seems to mean that we must strive to be determined. So throw yourself into every part of your life now. be what we cannot be, we must live in practical contradiction. Look to find God in every aspect of your senior year, look to bring Christ to every experience. God knows what will prove crucial–but . . . Boethius’ reason and emotions are healed by the gentle ministra- He’s not telling you. He is leaving that for you and Him to determine tions of philosophy, at least in the Consolation of Philosophy. At the together.



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134 Christendom Drive Front Royal, VA 22630 Return Service Requested

2010 Summer Programs Sacred Music/Chant Summer Program

Latin Immersion Program

Experience Christendom Summer Program

Students who will be entering their junior or senior year of high school in the Fall of 2010 are invited to join Christendom College’s Choir Director, Dr. Kurt Poterack, and guest lecturer, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, for this inaugural Sacred Music and Chant Program.

Interested in speaking and reading Latin, rather than simply translating Latin? Will you be a high school junior or senior in the Fall of 2010?

Students who will be entering their senior year in high school are invited to join students from across America and around the world to take part in this life-changing summer program.

Dr. Poterack holds a PhD in Music Composition and is a gifted director, editor, and composer. He was the Editor-in-chief on the Adoremus Hymnal editorial committee and is an Editor Emeritus of the Church Music Association of America, as well as Editor-at-large for their quarterly publication, Sacred Music. Fr. Zuhlsdorf was ordained by Pope John Paul II in 1991. He is a former collaborator with the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei and he writes a weekly column in The Wanderer on liturgical translation. One session (with a max. of 20 students) will be held from June 16–20 and will cost $350.

Christendom College Classics Professor Dr. Mark Clark will guide you in deepening your ability to think and converse in Latin, using the same method that modern language immersion programs use, as well as the Latin teaching traditions of the Catholic Church. Meet other young aspiring Latinists from around the country and experience the richness of the Latin language, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Choose one of two one-week sessions, each costing $895. Prior knowledge of Latin is preferred, although not required. July 11–July 17 OR July 18–July 24

Students will experience what life is like as a student at Christendom College. The academic life will be seamlessly joined to the spiritual, physical, moral, and recreational aspects of the Christendom educational experience. Choose one of four one-week sessions, each costing $500 (limited financial assistance will be available to lower this cost on a first-come, first-served basis). Only 40 students will be accepted for each session. Session 1: June 19–June 26 Session 2: June 27–July 4 Session 3: July 10–July 17 Session 4: July 18–July 24

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