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In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. John 14 2 & 3 NIV


Welcome to Christ Church Magazine ...serving the community in the Parish of Christ Church, Ashton. Clergy Office Hour, for Baptisms, Weddings etc. In Church between 12 and 1pm; 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month

Thank you to all who donated to Christian Aid! Especially Rose Queen Emily Hindle who raised £365; The total of all donations raised for Christian Aid is £502.93. We move on from Trinity Sunday and on 10th July the readings are from Matthew 13. Check on page 24, you can follow the Gospel week by week in your bible as we learn about the parables of Jesus. Verse 9 says “If you have ears, listen!” Well, human ears hear many sounds, but there is a deeper kind of listening that results in spiritual understanding. If you honestly seek God’s will, you have spiritual hearing and these parables will give you new perspectives. July the 17th, one of my favourite services, Morning Prayer, carries on with Matthew 13, explaining what the kingdom of heaven is really like as opposed to our expectations of it, not necessarily a geographic place, but a spiritual realm in which God rules and in which we have eternal life. July 24th’s Gospel reading explains how the Kingdom of heaven is more valuable than anything else we can have, so a person must be willing to give up everything to obtain it! Powerful stuff! July 31st’s Gospel readings move on to Jesus' life events, his response to grief, seeking solitude after John’s death and the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand, a wonderful story of how he can multiply whatever we give him. Contributions welcome: Email: Tel: 338 2647

We offer a house of worship that is open to all; Sunday July 10th is Family Communion Canon Johnson Sunday 3 School Anniversary Sunday Schools and Uniformed Organisations meet in church, see you there!

Don’t Look for Me Don’t look for me, I won’t be there I’ve risen on the wings of prayer. I’m on my way to meet my King Whose love has answered everything. I’ve waited long to see His face And now I go in God’s good grace, To see that longed for Paradise Once promised by, Lord Jesus Christ. I know I’ll see the ones I love Who’ve waited long for me above. How they’ll cheer and clap their hands As I approach the Promised Land, Where God awaits to welcome me And I at last His face will see.

Christos May Foreman In memory of all the people who have died that we have loved 4


Annual Scout St George’s Parade From Ashton town centre, nearly 300 Scouts and friends marched into Albion Church for the service and to renew their promises as St George is the patron Saint of Cavalry and Scouts as he was the only saint who was a horseman. The knight’s motto was 'Be Always Ready' which is similar to the Scouts motto 'Be prepared'. The service was carried out by Reverend Alan Wickens and it was the turn of 6th Ashton Scouts to organise and take part. It started badly as the smoke machine sent out clouds of smoke prematurely just as the service started and all the Scouts had to flap their arms to clear the smoke. Chris Wilson had made a very impressive large dragon which took 6 Scouts to carry it around the church with St George chasing it but the slaying of the dragon was missed as the smoke machine went mad and covered the church and Scouts in smoke. After the smoke had cleared the service carried on and 6th Ashton Scouts sang for the congregation "My God" to the tune of "My Guy". Chris Wilson the Group Scout Leader said he had spent some time making the dragon for the Scouts, very impressive! Reverend Alan Wickens with help of his little purple dragon and a Beaver Scout told a similar story to St George's, the one of David and Goliath and the 5 smooth stones where like St George David had courage like all Scouts. If anyone boy or girl young or old would like to join Scouts especially someone who knows how to work a smoke machine! then contact Alan Fish on the 6 Scouts Helpline 01613300305

6th Ashton Scouts ‘Kill the Dragon!’ Foggy picture of the dragon breathing smoke. ************************************************

Cub Scouts 100 badges! Following on from the District Cub Camp, we held an Awards/Badge evening to present just under 100 badges on Monday evening. Each of 18 cubs gained Nights Away, Hikes Away and either Athlete or Athlete Plus badges. They also each gained either Artist, DIY, Naturalist, Map Reader, Communicator, Scientist or Navigator badges. We also have 3 cubs who have attained the Chief Scout's Silver Award, the highest award for Cub Scouts and 4 cubs moving on to Scouts. The departure of these 4 means that there are also vacancies for Sixer's and Seconders. All the parents came along to see their sons and daughters receive their badges from the DC Ken Marks and Andy Morton ADCC, Ken said at the end of the presentation, he had never presented so many badges at once it must be a record. Tony Hoskin the Cub Scout Leader said we have been working hard at the camp and on our Monday night meetings. I am so proud of my Cubs and my leaders who made this happen. Alan Fish from the Scouts Helpline said if any young boy or girl 6 to 8 years old wants to be a Sixer or Seconder at 6th Ashton Scouts, or any other position in Scouting from 6 till you retire the or contact Alan Fish 01613300305 7

Prayer Shawl Ministry We are a small group of people who meet once a month to knit and crochet shawls whilst praying and then continue our work at home in silence and prayer. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month 11am at Joseph Jennings Court whilst the building work is ongoing. Our care and love of our craft and for those in need has inspired us to gather together to create this Prayerful Ministry. Each shawl is produced in silent prayer, we start our meeting in prayer and then listen to a CD of religious music or myself or Pauline reading or saying prayers, we then go into silence and proceed to make our shawls, these are made in one colour only and take around 300grms of wool to make, we have several patterns to choose from. We come out of silence with prayer and thank God for his support and guidance. On completion the shawls will be offered for a final blessing, by Reverend Lee, before being given to those in need of Gods healing love, the ill, the elderly, the housebound, people in residential and nursing homes, hospices. The making of the shawl is a spiritual exercise, done in the presence of God, embodied in thought, prayer and love for the receiver. It is given freely, intended for one recipient only. Given from the heart to the heart. Our aim is, through the prayers and love that have gone into their creation, the wearer of the shawl may feel the grace of God enfolding them in his loving arms, holding them close to his heart, granting them comfort and peace from all their pain and troubles in the knowledge of his eternal love. You can join us or you can donate 300/400 gram of same coloured wool, or money for wool please speak to Katrina or Pauline. We will also offer an outreach service to those who are interested in our ministry but are housebound, providing all that is required to make a shawl including a CD. 8 If you wish a shawl to be given to a relative or friend, ... Cont’  

are Interested in joining our Prayer Shawl Ministry, please contact either Katrina 370 7918 or Pauline 217 9578

Sea Sunday July 10th A day that Churches around the world come together to remember seafarers and the important work that they do for us celebrated around the world on July 10th Loneliness, danger and separation from loved ones are some of the problems that seafarers face. Around the world, night and day, ‘The Mission to Seafarers’ provides help and support to those in need. A Christian agency, they operate in over 230 ports caring for the practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers of all nationalities and faiths. Sea Sunday is a day set aside in the Church’s calendar to remember seafarers and to pray for them, their families and those that serve them. It began in 1975 when the three Christian maritime missionary societies, The Mission to Seafarers (Anglican), the Apostleship of the Sea (Roman Catholic) and the Sailors’ Society (Free Church) decided there should be a day in which the contributions of seafarers to the country were recognised. Sea Sunday has gone on to become an international day with services, parades and ship blessings. Men of the Sea Your first disciples, Lord, were men of the sea: Hardy fishermen from the shores of Galilee. They knew from experience the perils of the deep... They also knew your presence with them in their darkest hours. We pray for those who face like hazards today... Lord of the sea, be near to guard them in every danger... And let them hear your voice above the tempest, 9 ‘It is I, be not afraid’’ So bring them to their haven in peace.

Walk Of Witness In Ashton town we caused a stir Because we went out walking there. Banners flying, banging drums Children waving with their mums. The Walk of Witness was today When we all did our round-a-lay. With music playing we moved out Street by street we strutted out. Joined by others on the way We prayed the rain would keep away. Gold and Silver changing hands Donated by the Choir's friends. The Police arrived to see us through We wondered if they had a clue, Queues of cars for miles and miles Bus drivers who would never smile. The car was the place to be A hymn was sung, or two or three. Philip had us in his sight Camcorder filming, left and right. Then off once more to head for home Christ Church first to change our robes. Refreshments served by eager hands In our school hall, it was well planned, By those who took their place today To walk their Witness come what may. 10

Christos May Foreman

Canon Johnson C. of E. Primary School News PEACE PERFECT PEACE! Below is an article from ... Kaiapoi Borough School Peace Pals website… Hey! We are a group of year 7/8 students from Kaiapoi Borough School. Our goal is to help spread peace around the world and to help give children a "voice." We are part of an organisation called "One People One Planet”. The organisation is all about reaching out to children of all ages, and encouraging them to contribute their thoughts, feelings and ideas towards peace and how they would like their world to be. We are currently working on a big project - a "peace banner”. Our banner is 250m+ long but we still want it to be much longer. We are currently working on getting more "panels" from overseas schools. We hope our banner will help us achieve our goal, as we firmly believe children are the future.

We have joined in the children’s pledge for world peace and have sent our peace panel to New Zealand. Here is a picture of part of our banner. You can read more and see our peace panel for the banner at…... To see Canon Johnson’s banner on the website, go to…!gallery 11



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A life with Brian Not many friendships last as long as mine with Brian; I am unable to remember the actual time of our first meeting. I was born in l938 and Brian arrived a year later as the 2nd world war was being declared. Would you believe it, both our fathers were friends as well, together in the class at Russell Scott’s primary school in Denton. Brian’s Dad Ted, never got the just reward for his service to Wilson's Hat works in Wilton St, because he wasn’t a member of the Wilson family. He ran the factory single handed for many a year, and my dad described Ted as being one of natures true gentlemen. My father who excelled at school was one of the headmaster's best pupils. He gained the Lawrence Scott Scholarship to be trained as a journalist at the Manchester Guardian, but Mr Sidney Pitt gave it to the school parson's son, and my dad finished up as a humble bricklayer working most every day of his life to provide for us. He said he loved me and l loved him. l always remember the time he let me look at his confidential papers, containing beautiful poetry and articles that he had written when he was young. So Brian and l had the pedigree of having wonderful fathers. Both our lives have seemed to have intermingled together; I remember when very young Brian had his tonsils out and blow me, not long after l also underwent the same operation. We both attended the same infant and junior school in Denton's Duke Street but Brian was cleverer than me and passed his eleven plus exam’ and finished up at Audenshaw Grammar School whilst l stayed on at Duke Street in the upper Secondary Modern having spent my last year at the new Egerton Park. One of Brian’s events in our friendship was when he was playing 16 Rugby at his school and fell awkwardly and broke his ankle!...

It was the time when we were collecting wood for our annual bonfire and l remember being a little peeved because l thought he had done it to avoid the heavy work cutting down trees! l would stay at his house and listen to the radio with his mum, Emily. She would put us both in a tin bath in front of the fire whilst she scrubbed both of us together clean for another week. We had many a quarrel and l remember a tiff that lasted some time but we quickly got back together when we found ourselves having the same piano teacher, Mr Etchells with lessons in the front room of our house in Victoria Street. When we both left school l joined the Post Office in Hyde as a Junior Postman, and Brian, after a couple of jobs joined Sharp’s Toffee Works on Shepley Road Audenshaw in the sales office. Our work forced us to do things separately for a few years, at l8, l was called up to the Royal Engineers, and 8 months later was working in Rheindahlen in Germany. Out of the blue l received a letter from Brian. He wrote that he was coming to Germany on holiday, visiting Remagen, and would l come out and spend the day with him. l replied that l would if l could and from then on he started communicating with me on a regular basis, with parcels of delicious Sharp’s Toffee. It was a pity l wasn’t able to get away to visit him but we remained in regular contact until l finished my two years. We remained mates throughout the years since l958. When we both got married we were best man at each others weddings and we are both godparents to our children. Regrettably, my wife and I divorced some time ago. Although l am only 5ft 5ins and Brian is 6ft 7ins, we have so much in common, and l know that every bone and sinew in his body is made from his kindness, generosity 17 for me and l thank God and his helpfulness, such a blessing l have such a great friend. Michael Clarke Church Choir

League of Mercy Award! Barbara Thompson, Chairman of the League of friends at Tameside Hospital was nominated by Martin Bell, Deputy for the prestigious award of ‘The Order of Mercy’ medal. On June 1st, accompanied by her husband Philip, she attended ‘The Mansion House’ London, along with 29 other recipients for the investiture. She said it was a wonderful ceremony and felt privileged to be there. Barbara has been a volunteer for the league for nearly 33 years and Philip for 20 years. Barbara and Philip are regular members of Christ Church choir and sing at the Sunday services.

Thank You from Brian Jones Thank you for all the kind thoughts, cards and prayers from everyone at Christ Church. Gwen’s funeral was full of our favourite music, by the Salvation Army Male voice choir and band. The hymns included the beautiful words ‘Jesus the very thought of you’ to the tune, ‘Blyth’ composed by Gwen’s mother,

Brian Jones

Gladys Taylor. 18

‘A Lively, Nostalgic Evening’ on 8th June By Mother’s Union Guest Speaker Brian Hallsworth Brian erected a large screen, elevated so everybody could view the pictures comfortably. It was indeed a nostalgic history lesson with plenty of humour, starting in the late 30’s, games that children played, the comedians, celebrities, the adverts, the Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the famous speeches; we then moved on to the sirens, the war time forces, men, women, our ration books and diet and the singers who entertained the troops. Do you remember Anne Shelton and Vera Lynn and their songs? Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and we hope that Brian will come again with one of his many other talks.

Bernice Howarth Mothers' Union Events The Mother’s Union Invites you to a Strawberry Tea at Canon Burrows School on Saturday 9th July; from 2pm. Admission £3.00 Face Painting and Children’s Activities We are collecting Tombola and Raffle prizes and We will be very grateful for any donated gifts. Wednesday 13th July 7.30pm Guest Speaker: Chandra Law Malay Culture Batik and Gifts. All Welcome, Thursday 21st July 7.30pm Arch Deanery ‘Songs of Praise’ at Holy Trinity Church Admission TBA Wednesday 27th July 7.30pm Holy Communion Service 19

Flowers in Church in July 2011 3rd


Jean Nicholson Ann Jagger Mr & Mrs George Mottram Free


Margaret Astley Molly Pearce


Molly Pearce Alice Cooper Anne Gordon

31st 7th

June Carr Flowers in Church in August 2011 Mary Mirfin


Barbara Schofield


Elsie Hough Mary Davies


Alice Cooper Doreen Armit

June Flowers

June Flowers

Jesus...your name is an overflowing fount of blessing, for in you is life abundant. 20

Baptisms in Church in June We welcome into God’s family, the Church st 1 May. Maisie Rae Joan Baguley, Joseph Junior James Baguley, Adam Christopher Griffiths, Olivia Grace Cowell. 15th May. Tegan Linda Susan Wright, Lewis Mathew Towns, Zoe Elizabeth Garth (A). th 27 May. Oliver Joseph Cartledge, Megan Rose Cartledge, Craig Hulme (A). th 29 May. Thomas Henry Lee. 5th June. Mia Grace Yearsley, Heidi Jayne Turner, Scott William Orr (A). Daniel Lees (A). Funerals: Mr Jack Jones For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. John 3. verse 16

Please remember in your prayers those who are ill: At our Sunday services we pray for people by name who need God's healing touch. We remember with thanksgiving those who have died and whose anniversaries fall in that week; For the families and friends of those who have died. We invite you to pray for all who need God's healing in mind, body or spirit: their names and circumstances might not be known to us, but are always known to God. Please join with us through praying this prayer. Dear Father, Grant the people we pray for, Christ’s healing power in Body and Mind and Spirit, and his Peace, In the name of our Lord 21 Jesus Christ, Amen.

Church Offerings Total banked, including all services and donations for May 2011 01/05/2011 £457.84 08/05/2011 £1320.45 15/05/2011 £963.28 22/05/2011 £1369.54 29/05/2011 £1020.75 The Treasurer acknowledges the Donations given In memory of Geoffrey Ford £700 The Baptism of Thomas Henry Lee 29.5.2011, £50 With grateful thanks from Gill and Michael Lee Book of Remembrance In loving memory of Fanny May Alice Morrell and also our sister Audrey Morrell, from their family £30 cheque. Thank you Mrs B. Armitage


Geoffrey Ford Christ Church Choir: Tenor Our Geoffrey’s gone, not too far away, On God’s Chariot, His Golden Sleigh, He quietly left for his final ride, Helped by his pals at his bedside. He couldn’t refuse God’s final call, To sit at his side, his Lord of all. We know we’ll miss his cheeky smile But he’s here beside us all the while.

Michael Clarke Christ Church Choir 22

"200 Club" draw for June 2011 Winning Numbers 1st: 87 2nd: 80 3rd: 20

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‘Speciality Cards’ To order! Celia will make Cards Especially for you, Personalised and ‘Special order’ Greetings cards, Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations etc. You can see Celia at the back of church after the service to arrange Your Special Cards.


Services, Readers & Readings for 10.30am Services July 2011 3rd July: Holy Communion: 2nd after Trinity Intercessions: Katrina Deakin Readings: Pauline Ward Habakkuk 2:1-4; Eph 2:19-end; John 20:24-29 10th July: Family Communion: 3rd after Trinity Canon Johnson Sunday school Anniversary Intercessions: SS Readings: SS Romans 8:1-11; Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 Hymns chosen by the Sunday School 17th July: Morning Prayer: 4th after Trinity Intercessions: Rachel Hindle Readings: Philip Blanchard Is 44:6-8; Rom 8:12-25; Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43 24th July: Holy Communion: 5th after Trinity Intercessions: Pauline Ward Readings: Walter Hatton 1 Kings 3:5-12; Rom 8:26-39; Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 31st July: Holy Communion 6th after Trinity Intercessions: Audrey Jones Readings: Brenda Dewhurst Is 55:1-5; Rom 9:1-5; Matthew 14:13-21 24

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Canon Johnson’s Rose Queen 2011 – 2012 Imogen was Crowned Rose Queen on 14th May 2011 in Canon Johnson School. Imogen Nicole Webb was crowned our 58th Rose Queen by her cousin Bethany Garside who was one of our former queens. At 7 years of age she is our youngest ever Queen in the history of our Sunday School and with her retinue of Isabel Brookshaw, Ellie Hodge, Alex Hodge and Toby Webb she is looking forward to a very busy and happy year. Thanks and presentations were given to chairman, Tom Wragg, Rev. Lee, and Kay Van Weerdenburg our pianist. Also to Margaret Wood who made Imogen’s cushion and train and the retinue’s dresses. Margaret travelled from Diggle over a number of weeks to take measurements and fittings. Imogen’s family and retinue parents served light refreshments and a raffle was also held to raise money for church funds. Thank you to everyone who supported Imogen.


Procession of Witness around Ashton What beautiful weather after all the forecasts of rain! It was uplifting to see two new groups joining the Walks and service of faith from Hurst and Waterloo. In the past the streets of Ashton would be full of people watching the processions, sadly this is no longer the case, but the joy is still to be seen on children’s faces as they march along to the bands. The fellowship that is present amongst those who worship together and bear witness to our Lord Jesus Christ is of greater importance It takes 12months of planning to make sure that everything has been covered on the big day and we have Graham Hall and the marshals from our churches to thank for this. A big thank you to Brian Timms who is our head marshal at CJSS and to Kristian Timms, Rachel Parkes and Stuart Wearden for assisting him and those marshals involved with Brigade and Scouts. We all know that the safety of all walkers is paramount and the job is not getting any easier! Thank you to banner carriers and cord carriers Dave Anwyl, Gareth Lawler, David Owen, Brian Travis, Richard Wyatt and Peter Webb; Special thanks to Don Green who has now retired from banner work after 30 years service. Thank you to the Brigade Band for playing all the way through the walk and looking so smart. The Tea Ladies who had everything ready when we got back to school, Anne, Wyn, Mary, Doreen and daughter The black ribbon on our banner was in memory of three loyal members of Christ Church. Geoffrey Ford, Gwen Jones, 27 and Jack Jones. RIP


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