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“Jesus, the light of the world… We celebrate your birth.” Welcome to Christ Church Magazine Serving the community In the Parish of Christ Church, Ashton. Contributions to the Magazine are welcome; please ensure items are received by The world is full of glory 20th December Full of dark and light for the January edition.

Made by the king The king of all the world He made the moon The stars and the sun He made me and you For us to love the world.



The Song of Christmas Blazing candles, how they shine Music rises, sweet as wine. We sing the song of Christmas tide With melody none could describe. Celebrations in the air As voices rise from everywhere. Praising God for what He's done He's brought to us, His precious Son. Flickering candles light the eyes Of songsters, as their voices rise. Worshiping as they know best In praise to God, so heaven blest. Christos May Foreman


Christmas Carol Services There are a number of Carol Services at Church during the month of December. All of the Carol Services have their own character and are not to be missed! These are services packed full of opportunity to sing and listen to carols, old favourites and new ones too. Everyone is welcome, from any other denomination or faith; If you do not normally attend church, Come and join us; 11th: 3pm Carol Service attended by the Free Masons 18th: 6.30pm Carol Service “Everyone is welcome” Readings and Carols, With ‗Choir Carols‘ sung by Christ Church Choir 24th 6pm Christmas Eve Christingle Service For all the family! 24th Dec: 11.30 pm First Communion of Christmas, 25th Dec: 10.30am Holy Communion on Christmas Day


Church Diary: December 2011 December Sat 3rd Sun 4th Wed 7th Sat Sun

11am—3pm Christmas Fair 2nd Advent 8.00am BCP HC 10.30am Holy Communion 10.00am Holy Communion 12.00pm Christmas Lunch at the Broadoak

10th 3.30pm — 5.30pm Messy Church 11th 3rd Advent 8.00am Holy Communion 10.30am Service of the Word Canon Burrows School

3 pm Carol Service attended by the Freemasons Wed Wed

14th 14th



Wed Sat

21st 24th



Tue Wed Thurs Fri

27th 28th 29th 30th

10.00am Holy Communion Christmas Light Switch On, Rose Queen Emma’s fundraising

4th Advent 8.00am HC 10.30am Traditional Morning Prayer 6.30pm Carol Service with the choir! 10.00am Holy Communion 6.00pm Christingle For all the family 11.30pm First Communion of Christmas Christmas Day 8.00am HC 10.30am Holy Communion 7.30pm Aladdin 7.30pm Aladdin 7.30pm Aladdin 7.30pm Aladdin


Who Cares? The Diocesan Healing Road show, explores ‗Caring for Carers‘, At St Martin‘s, Droylsden on Saturday 10th December, £10. Please see the Church notice board

Church Diary January 2012 Sun


8.00am BCP HC 10.30am Holy Communion Sun 8th The Baptism of Christ 1st Epiphany 8.00am HC 10.30am Holy Communion Wed 11th 10.00am Holy Communion Sun 15th Second Sunday of Epiphany 8.00am HC 10.30am Traditional Morning Prayer Wed 18th 10.00am Holy Communion Sun 22nd Third Sunday of Epiphany 8.00am HC 10.30am Holy Communion Wed 25th 10.00am Holy Communion Sun 29th Fourth Sunday of Epiphany 8.00am HC Candlemas 10.30am Holy Communion Looking ahead February Sing-a -Long a Mama Mia 11th March - Rose Queen Emma’s "At Home".



Christ Church Christmas Fair 3rd Dec Canon Johnson’s School 11am—3pm Something for Everyone! ******************************************** Rose Queen Emma 14th December Christmas Light Switch On! mulled wine, mince pies, raffle. and ..Father Christmas


Don’t Miss… ‘Panto’ Time’ This Year’s Pantomime is ‘Aladdin’ In Canon Burrow‘s School Performances at 7.30pm on; December; Tues 27th, Wed 28th, Thurs 29th Fri, 30th Adults £4: Children £2: To Book: In Cannon Burrows School Sundays 2pm to 4pm: or ring 330 5796 any time!


Choir News The church celebrated its growing Music Ministry at the Holy Communion service on Sunday 6th November.

Youngest chorister Lucy Hindle (9) received her surplice and became a full member, Newly admitted choir members were: Michael Clarke, Karen Murray, Jacqueline Moran, Nina McGlashan, Lauren McGlashan, Barbara Thompson, May Foreman. Voice for Life Medal Awards were awarded to: Karen Murray, Barbara Thompson, Kath Nawaz, Jean Nicholson, Michael Clarke. Christ Church Choir will be singing at… ‘Songs of Praise’ Ashton Parish Church On 4th Dec‘ 6.00pm; Come and ‗Praise the Lord!‘ And support our Choir. ...see you there… See page six for details of all Christ Church Christmas Services!


Choir Practises Alto Class: Tuesdays 1.30pm Tenor Class: 2.30pm Only Men Aloud Youth choir: Tuesdays 3.30pm-4.30pm with Kath Adult Sopranos & Young people Class: Wednesdays 7pm: Nov 30th, Dec‘ 7th, 14th, Joint Adult Choir Practises: Every Thursday 7pm Please enquire if you wish to join our singers...

Have you passed a Music Exam this year? We love to celebrate success at Christ Church! Let me know of any musical examination that you have passed and I can acknowledge your achievement, in the Christ church Magazine in print in the January magazine and on line! Contact; Lesley Bunce 0161 338 2647

...I happen to know that Emily Hindle can play ‘Ode to Joy’ on piano, keyboard... and Christ Church Organ!




Flowers in Church in December 4th

Evelyn Viney Ina Mellin Mrs Wood


Mr & Mrs B Robbins Doris Hardy


Ruth Kelly Kath & Geof‘‘ Pierson Anne Gordon


30th October

Mary Mirfin Mrs Crebo Denise Croft


Flowers in Church in January Wyn Fletcher Mary Mirfin


Margaret Astley


Di‘ Cronshaw


Mary May


Margaret Yates

20th November

Audrey Jones


Baptisms in Church in November … for details of Nov/Dec’ baptisms please see the January magazine Wedding Nov 5th Daniel Temple and Tracy Ann Davies Love is patient, love is kind, 1 Corinthians: chapter 13

Those who have died 5th November

We commend to God’s keeping and offer our sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Norma Dean; Dr Winston Jackson; Ashes interned. Mrs Gwen Jones

Please remember in your prayers those who are ill: At our Sunday services we pray for people by name who need God's healing touch. We remember with thanksgiving those who have died, whose anniversaries fall in that week; For the families and friends of those who have died. for all who need God's healing in Body, Mind and Spirit; Their names and circumstances are always known to God. Please join with us through praying this prayer. Dear Father, Grant the people we pray for, Christ’s healing power in Body and Mind and Spirit, And his Peace, In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


Church Offerings October 2011 Total banked, including all services and donations 02/10/11 £483.13 09/10/11 £696.61 16/10/11 £504.73 23/10/11 £426.27 30/10/11 £708.16 The Treasurer acknowledges Donations 18th November: Happy Birthday Memories of Jack From Bernice Donation received in memory of Shirley Anne Howarth. Book of Remembrance ************************************************************

"200 Club" draw for October 2011 Winning Numbers 1st: 62 2nd: 69 3rd: 87 200 Club ...January 2012 is nearly upon us! Everyone needs to fill in ‘New Forms’ £12 for the year i.e.; 50p for prizes and 50p to Church Funds. Please return the form and money to me for the new draw in January 2012. New Members are Welcome! The more we have, the bigger the prizes. Audrey Jones


Mothers Union: ‘Christian care for families’ The members enjoyed a presentation by Albert Cooke on a holiday to the Antarctic. Albert‘s cruise ship called at countries along the East coast of South America, then on through the South Atlantic in Force 9 gales toward the Falkland Isles, where these friendly people proudly show their patriotism by flying the Union Jack outside almost every home. Memorials to the last War abound and they still have many ―no-go‖ areas on these beautiful islands. On board again to Elephant Island (20 degrees below) sailing by massive icebergs in a Force 10, through Gerlache Straits, eventually landing at the Chilean Scientific Station, where he filmed the most amazing views and wildlife - especially the penguins (males) nesting on pebbles - and showing how even the cloud formation there was different. Everyone agreed it was a spectacular journey ...but not for the feint hearted!

Margaret Millin The ‗Christmas meal‘ is at Ashton Park on Thursday, 1 December at 1.00 pm. No meetings in December and January


Services, Readers & Readings for 10.30am Services December 2011 4th Advent 2 Holy Communion Intercessions: Alan Hills Readings: Audrey Jones Isaiah 40: 1-11; 2 Peter 3: 8-15a Gospel: Mark 1: 1-8 11th: Advent 3 Service of the Word With Canon Burrow‘s School Intercessions: Readings: Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24; Gospel: John 1: 6-8, 19-28 18th: Advent 4 Traditional Morning Prayer Intercessions: Niall Perry Readings: Sheila Blanchard 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16; Romans 16:25-27; Gospel: Luke 1:26-38 25th: Christmas Day: Holy Communion Intercessions: Readings: Isaiah 61:10-62:3; Galatians 4:4-7; Gospel: Luke 2:15-21 May the Peace and Blessings of Christmas be with you.


Gospels Readings for the Month of December; 4th Mark chapter 1: Can you feel the excitement? ‘Prepare the Way of the Lord!‘ Isaiah told everyone to expect the messenger from the wilderness, and along came that wild man of the desert, John the Baptist. We have a wonderful ‗Song of Consolation‘ that we will be singing in church at the 10.30am service. The words are for us, relevant today in this day and age, straight from Isaiah 40. Jerusalem, my people, be comforted, take heart. Now lay aside your burden and prepare the way. Your slavery is ended, your guilt is done away, The Lord your God is coming, your salvation is near at hand. Prepare the Way for the coming of God, Across the desert drive a long straight highway, Fill in the valleys, make the mountain tops low, And all shall see the coming of the coming of God. Text: copyright © Peter Jones 2001 Calamus Licence no.2250

11th... we stay with John the Baptist, a Messenger appointed by God whose theme was repentance. People were moved by his words, because he spoke the truth and he never forgot his primary role of pointing towards the coming of the Saviour. 18th ... the story of Mary and the visit from the angel come into full focus.. This is the beginning of the Christmas story as the angel says those immortal words, ’Do not be afraid’. Angels in the Bible were magnificent, awe inspiring creatures, and Mary never falters in her acceptance of the mission given to her. Read the whole of the Gospel of Luke and enjoy the Christmas story, continuing through the life and teachings of Jesus. Lesley Bunce



6th Ashton Christ Church Beavers We have had a busy few months at the 6th. The explorer badge was completed on our final visit to Park Bridge, which was a great fun evening. All the beavers visited "Pets at Home" to complete our animal friendly badge where some of us held rats, mice, a giant rabbit and stroked bearded dragons! We visited the "Indian Community Centre" for part of our faith badge, which asks us to find out about other faiths and beliefs. Jai, one of our helpers, attends the temple where we had a very interesting tour. Lesley has been teaching us to play the Hand Bells which we hope to perform soon!. All the Beavers and helpers dressed up for Halloween which was great fun. We are preparing for our Christmas Sleepover, with a visit to Fairbank House to sing carols. Yours in Scouting Jaime Jenkinson PS Come and hear the Beavers play Christmas Carols on the Hand Bells at the Christingle service 6pm 24th December at Christ Church!


7th Ashton Guide Unit Coming up:

Ashton division ten pin bowling Gala.

Run down of 2011: In April we competed in the Ashton Division Swimming Gala. It was a fun and loud evening as always. All the girls did fantastically well and our unit won the swimming Gala, and the Squadron cup. In June we joined the 12th Guide unit in an outdoor camp in Sheffield. The activities included grass sledging, canoeing, and building go-karts. Fun was had by all. In October Rainbows, Brownies and Guides from the North West flocked to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the North West’s 40th Anniversary celebration. There was an approximate total of 9000 girls that attended. All the girls took part in creating a new world record for the amount of people partaking in the ‘Cha Cha’ Slide dance. Unit activities:

The beginning of this year the Guides all took part in a 4 week line dancing session. The guides also completed their Chocolate ‘Go For It’. The whole unit is currently busy completing two challenges ‘The Royal Wedding challenge’ and ‘The Seven Springs challenge’. We’re always on the lookout for new members and volunteers, if you are interested please speak to one of the Guiders at church.


6th Ashton Scouts Meeting nights Working together to support our young people Beaver Scouts Ages 6 to 8 yrs Tuesday 6.30pm to Leader: Joanne Moores; 01457 765 302 Cub Scouts Ages 8 to 10 ½ yrs Monday to 8.30pm Leader :Tony Hoskins, 07702 101 659 Scouts Ages 10 ½ to 14 yrs Wednesday to Leader: Mark Fish: 07931 765 121 Explorer Scouts Ages 14 - 18 yrs Thursday - Contact: Group Scout Leader: Chris Wilson Tel office hours 0161 308 2231 all other times 07714 457 478 We hire out our building for parties and receptions; Also a Bouncy Castle to assist your celebrations. Church Lads & Girls Brigade Meeting Nights Canon Johnson‘s school Monday 6.30 - 7.45 p.m. All Sections Canon Burrow’s school Martins & Y Team Wednesday 6.30 - 7.45 pm 4 to 9 yrs JTC & Seniors Thursday 6.30 - 7.30 pm - 10 yrs upwards Band Practice Thursday 7.45 - 9.00 pm Contact: Fred & Mildred Bennett


370 7968


‌.And, Lucy Hindle Our youngest Chorister, With Mum and Dad


Sewing Club 2 pm every Friday At Joseph Jennings Court, Downshaw Road Willow Wood calendars! In church from Sunday 30th November at £3.25 each. Please contact Anne Gordon to obtain your calendar. UCB Prayerline When you need someone to pray with you, or for you; Call… 0845 456 7729 local rate call All calls are treated confidentially by trained volunteers Opening hours are: Monday—Friday 9am—10pm Saturday - 9am - 8pm Sunday - 7pm - 10pm Times stated do not include bank holidays. UCB United Christian Broadcasters/ Registered Charity 299128

The Book… A revolutionary breakthrough in modern technology!?!

Is this the end of the computer? BOOKS... Enjoy a good read... For 50p? Take a look on the shelves At the back of Church near the entrance. All money to the ‘Church Building Restoration Fund’


THE GOOD OLD DAYS When we parrot the above phrase, most folk think that having to be a little advanced in years we are looking through rose coloured specs to the years that have long since passed, and we can‘t accept that we have had our day, and we are a little jealous of this modern era as it speedily goes past. As I have said after listening to friends of around my age and comparing my past life with theirs, I can only categorically state, that without doubt they were the GOOD OLD DAYS, and will never be repeated again. Having been born in 1938 my memory can reach to when I was quite young. I can even remember lying in my pram on a cold winter‘s day being pushed by my Mum with the cloth blanket cover covering the top and not being able to see straight ahead, only upwards, and feeling so warm and snug under the thick blankets; then being dragged to start my first day at school and I had not reached my fourth birthday. Another clear memory was sitting in our nearby bomb shelter during one of Hitler‘s air raids, sat on Mr Diggle‘s knee, a kindly neighbour who was then in his eighties. He later lost his son who was killed in Italy. Another vivid memory was Hitler‘s horrible doodlebugs going over and wondering what the extent of damage occurred when the engine cut out. Finally, I remember going into Manchester city centre to see the raging flames that consumed the surrounding warehouses, not far from Piccadilly, following one of Germany‘s most vicious air raids. These were quite poignant moments from the past but it didn‘t stop us enjoying life with its limits, to the full, and loving the wonderful moments in such a backcloth of a horrible World War without a father, who was spending the war years in Khaki, stationed in the outlying Orkney Islands. ..cont’...


...A regular outing was walking to the rural fields surrounding the trolley bus terminus at St Mary‘s in Haughton Green, armed with a newspaper parcel of syrup butties and a bottle of Stafford‘s Dandelion and Burdock. Spending the full day until the setting of the sun and darkness beginning to descend; singing the popular wartime songs around a lovely warm camp fire, and expecting Sitting Bull to attack with his war painted braves complete with tomahawks and bows and arrows, being rescued by John Wayne and his 7th USA Cavalry . . . Another outing, was a visit to nearby Debdale Park with enough money to purchase a bottle or Sarsaparilla from the grocers opposite the park entrance. Spending the day playing football and cricket on the park‘s large green area; when exhausted, going a walk around the surrounding reservoirs and finishing up at Pussy Cat Park at the bottom of Stamford Road, Audenshaw. Getting back home on a blue Ashton Corporation No.17 bus back to Denton Market My Auntie Marion and cousins David and John lived at the top of Werneth Low at nearby Werneth Hall Farm on Mount Road , towards nearby Marple. This was another regular visit during the War spending a fantastic day on the top of Hyde‘s Werneth Low playing in the fields and running away from the fierce bulls being disturbed by our childish mischief. It was a usual undertaking to visit all the cottages surrounding the farm and talk to my Auntie‘s neighbours. When the full day had finally come to an end the three of us, my Mum and brother would trudge down Joel Lane to the terminus and catch the open top decked SHMD tram back to Hyde Market to catch the trolley bas back home after a very exhausting day on the top of Werneth Low. These are just a few details of wonderful times so many years ago, and there‘s no denying they were the GOOD OLD DAYS.

Michael Clarke


Tenor, Christ Church choir

What is Messy Church I hear you ask? We "Googled" ...and found the following and thought we would share it with you: 

It is an all-age church where everyone is valued equally.

 It provides an informal environment for all-ages to explore and experience faith and worship through crafts, food and celebration.  It describes each and every one of us, as no one is perfect and each of us lead messy lives for many reasons.  It invites us to come together, making things together, eating together and celebrating God together.  Messy Church is NOT just a craft club! Messy Church is NOT just for children! Messy Church is for everyone – young & old alike Christ Church held its first Messy Church event at Canon Johnson School on 17th September and the theme chosen was God's Love. It is hard to imagine the hours of preparation and paperwork involved putting together an event like this, with a fun morning shopping for crafts and supplies by Kirsty and Caroline (and Lily) but eventually the day came. Various craft stations around the Hall included, biscuit and cake decorating, very successful, it was very difficult to stop the younger members eating them before the end of the day! A paper plate wreath decorated with hearts where you could put down why you thought God loved you. A mirrored card with a decorated frame, all themed to God's Love, paper hearts, glitter, stickers and biscuit hearts everywhere. The prize of the day went to Oliver who said it was "because he is handsome". The mirror craft was designed to symbolise that we are made in God's reflection and he loves us no matter who we are. The youth activity centred on Fair Trade, around the world; and also a prayer wall.


As well as the craft stations for all those budding Blue Peter presenters, there was a chill-out zone; a board games and puzzles area; and toddler mats as well as a very welcomed tea and coffee station. There was something for everyone. There followed an informal service presided over by Kirsty, where Jane and Kerry amazed us with their puppetry skills. Some of the children had written prayers and these were ready out through the service which we would like to share with you; I love my church messy new or old I love my church even when it’s cold I love to sit in the pews Sing and read some hymns I especially love listening to God he’s full of mystery By Rebecca We thank you for our families our friends our neighbours and animals We thank you for this day, this day in messy church. Amen Dear God thank you for the world beyond and help us to be good to our mums and dads and all our families. Amen By Holly and Amy We then assembled in the hall, where behind the scenes a team of little elves had cleared a space for us all to have our picnic tea. Despite bringing our own lunches, it very much became a communal event, sharing not only food but also laughter too. Everyone appeared to have enjoyed the event immensely and plans are already underway for a Christmas themed Messy Church on Saturday, 10th December, 3.30pm-5.30pm! Watch out for more information on the pew sheets.

Caroline Harvey& Kirsty Deakin




The Music Corner shop in Stalybridge!

Volunteers required to type in Charity sheet music onto the web; An hour or two to spare? Phone‘ Christine, 0161 303 9966


Christ Church Ashton Magazine December 2011  

Christ Church Ashton Magazine December 2011

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