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#0.10 “OLD SCHOOL”

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editor: Guille Chipironet ( graphig design: art direction: Alberto Shock ( photo direction: Elena San Francisco computer services: Rada Barna journalist direction: Oscar Von Kant ( style director: Alexander Weber ( special Thanks to: Barcelona: Myriam V.Varea London: Coco Dรกvez Spain: Sbastian Montello Mexico: Carlota Pastor


front: Fracisco Jose Gómez de Villaboa Index: Myriam V.Varea Rio Park (Photography) Golden boy(Illustration) An Hueso(Photography) Pedro Ximénez(Illustration) Francisco Jose Gomez de Villaboa(Photography) SüssShots (Photography)


DARK Photographer RioPark Model Ismael Fernandez Stylist R.P.K Make Up & Hair Sándon Gregh Vintage clothing MAGPIE Madrid R.P.K – Madrid

Camisa: Versace for H&m Pantal贸n: Lois Zapatos: Converse

Chaqueta: H&m Camisa: vintage Pantal贸n: Versase for H&M Botas. Dr Matrtens

Chaqueta: H&m Camisa: vintage Pantal贸n: Versase for H&M Botas. Dr Matrtens

Chaqueta: Moschino Camisa: Versace for HyM


Flying Kicks define us. We belive it is a symbol of a life-time friendship. We are not the fastest guys on the block. We just feel something with what we post.

Camisa: vintage Pantalon: Topman

“alright, im ‘SANdY KiSS im a fashion deziner,artist. Its passionate to live a life that unseen but the soul experiences it the moment we start scribbling. so lets travel places we havent been and see the fun of mind creation. ideas and the feelings come , go and comeback in a different form on a different day. the current work is indicating the lifestyles from the past ,and some of us still want it back cuz we r stuck with the memories or the reflections or the influences but its simply ‘ Old School ‘ here the goal is one but the plots r different,simple and plain. history is something we heard and read ,so every mind understands and visualizes in a different way based on how the soul works. so,thes r some stories i penned down - ‘all the crazy and beautiful generations which is an art today ‘..”


Hay una percepción entre la belleza del ser humano y la belleza de un ser humano. Cuando esta se junta con la inocencia y la adolescencia provocadora de los chicos, el resultado es ver el cuerpo como medio plástico, pero entender esto me ha llevado a la búsqueda del placer y documentar a mis amigos, amantes y extraños a convertirlo en la experiencia del arte y la vida para dejar ir la sensación de desnudez y olvidar las ideas preconcebidas de lo “bello” para lograr la tranquilidad y la belleza de simplemente “ser”.

Pedro XimĂŠnez

I work as a visual artist and freelance. I specialize in illustration and graphic design. I do fashion illustration, children’s illustration, editorial design, computer graphics, digital painting, collage and image advertising. I’ve also created visual designs for shirts. I’ve done several projects with designers and artists from both the fashion and performing arts. Some of my pieces have been published in the journal Scartissue magazine. Pedro Ximenéz

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