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#0.7 “Mustache”

front: Claurdia Carrillo index: Coco Davez editor: graphig design: style: Marcel von Berlin computer services: team: London: Coco D谩vez Spain: Sbastian Montello Berlin: Lucas Barbosa & Oscar Von Kant Mexico: Carlota Pastor Internacional: Ricardo Ramos collaborations: Matias arthur Lempart, Charlotte Mercury, Alvar V. Jimenez, Marcell von Berlin,, Antonio Calder贸n (Matalafria), Claudia Carillo, Elena Sanfrancisco, Slutocasters, Maria Covaleda, Spielraum Berlin, Mustache Records, Markus Lanson.



she and her mustaches


Mustache Mood

Berlin’s upcoming young desi with his fancy fashion l His obsessive and clever use of mus designed garments initiate Pants, T-Shirts, Skirts and Capes with Ma

In January he had his own presentation he will be supported by the same ar and Yoko Ono were. The designer is also work to come t

igner is Mathias A. Lempart label MATISTACHE. staches on beautiful and minimalistic ed an international hype. athias’ big mustache on it, we thought: yes!

n at the Berlin Fashion Week and soon rtist program as Vivienne Westwood king successfully as fashion model and can’t wait to BCN!

Complete real name: Artist name: Berlin is... Barcelona is... One icon...Why? Diversion or trade? Why? Future? A cartoon... Drugs for... Last time you drowned in the pool or the sea?

Mathias Artur Lempart Matistache my new home. my anhelo. Roisin Murphy - She is the Why. Whats the difference? Creating more fashion influenced by basic instinct. Batman seeking redemption. in the sea of Tel Aviv.

CHARLOTTE MERCURY “STYLE ls e e h h g i H & HE” C A T S U M Photos by: Edu Torres, Raul Hidalgo & Oscar Esteban Model & style by: CHarlotte Mercury

by: Ă“scar von Kant

“You can trust a man with a Moustache”, entitles two of their track compilation volumes from 2009. There is simply a manly and sexy attitude that definitely keeps in with moustaches. And, this is the kind of feeling you get when listening to some releases of the Dutch label Moustache Records. Set up in 2007 by the DJ and producer David Vunk. Moustache Records is an electronic music imprint based in Rotterdamm, which blends electro, disco and italo sounds. The iniciative was the result of Vunk being quite into the Dutch scene. playing records around for almost a decade and collecting tons of wax. Since then, Moustache have beeing releasing killer material by Polygamy Boys, Sneak Thief, Mark du Mosch, Elitechnique, Lucy Montenegro Mr. Pauli and Alden Tyrell featuring the italo artist Fred Ventura. Concerning its founder, David Vunk, vinyl connaisseur and legendary digger, he grew up up surrounded by The Rolling Stones´ and Zappa´s albums. His father, a talented multinstrumentist and song-writter from the Rock era, introduced him into Music. Really early, he felt attracted by collecting records and started DJing in the 90´s, influenciated by the . Back in 2001, looking through the obscure reflexions of Bunker Den Haag, Clone and produces I-F and Adult, David began to make his own music delivering this dark-electro-disco-italo feel with it. His productions are publised on record labels like Crème Org, Lunar Disko Records, and his very own, Moustache Records. Besides, the man behind this Dutch imprint is part of the electro band Pussycat, and is nowadays deeply involved in the Intergalactic FM radiostation. Links

CLaudia Carrillo

she and her mustaches

Slutocasters Photo: Elena Sanfancisco Make up: Fernando Madronero Styling: Steffa Superheilig Produccion by XAUART.COM


Don’t know how to answer! It are - sucking on music busine hard to swallow , we decided AND SLUTOCASTERS?

Slutocasters is the project we ber to do a first gig. It was in gonna kill DJ parties formula country u do live shows in. Bu


It realy depends of a place we ing to the noisy bangers and because it’s music based on t dance to it. In Berlin it’s diffe long. But still I can say - that clubs is better then in most of


t just happened so fast....And so, here we ess cock....even though it’s sometimes realy to deepthroat this thicky! (LOL)

started in April 2009. We waited till decemCracow, and since that time we thought. We a. You have to know that Poland it’s not a ut still, we are doing well.


e’re in. In Poland - it’s still so popular listenfidget, dubstep stuff- what is extremly sad , the same patterns and sounds - u can’t even erent I think. I wasn’t partying here that even the worst selection of tracks in Berlin f the polish ones.


To be honest, I loved it when I was in Saturator Club (Warsaw) for the first time - it was a queer im - Petra Flurr was performing there that night. So I saw his show, and said to myself “Now , that’s w can do”. And then with Lukas we putted together the ideas. We wanted to start with more electrocla easy material, kinda’ based of punx style also. Now - ideas for new songs are simply coming to our heads - it’s sometimes because of some random song, sometimes the ‘true life’ samples - like footsteps sound or something , u never can’t say wha influents you. WHAT’S YOUR NEXT SLUT-STEP?

Speaking of Berlin. We’re gonna perform at next edition of ICH BIN EIN BERLINER and I’m prety su we’ll get another show in april with CBK/NAKED CUDDLEZ. Speaking of them - we gonna be their s in the CBK polish tour - I’m kinda’ organizing. That, Äôs about the gigs. Speaking about other stuff now we are preparin a brand new material, Äì it’s gonna be more like.. different! then the stuff we READY FOR CHEERS? LET’S CHEERS FOR SLUTOCASTERS! Yeah , buttoms up ! Prost !


mport what I ash -

m at

ure support f, Äì e did.






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Mustache Mood

Photo by Nadine Schneider Model: Oscar Wentzel Styling: Ricardo Ramos MUA & Hair: Morfe A. Meni Special Thanks to Spielraum Berlin

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