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2014 Agenda 1

Improve Community Health Through Increased Time in Nature

Increase access to nature in communities where health risks are high and green space is sparse. We are forming partnerships across the U.S. to train communities in promising practices for increasing access to green space. By building community support for school partnerships and green schoolyards, we will help to create nature-rich communities where all children have safe places to play. Provide health professionals resources to connect their patients to nature. By building Park Prescription programs in target cities, C&NN and our partners will provide health professionals with resources and support to connect people to parks. We will support park programming for this effort by working with our Natural Families Network and Natural Leaders Network to create fun, active park experiences.


Engage Families in Outdoor Time in Nature Through Large-Scale Partnerships Reach families through large-scale partnerships with organizations who align with the C&NN vision to get children outdoors into nature. Families are direct decision-makers in the lives of children and must be at the forefront of this movement. Through partnerships with organizations who also seek to serve families in nature, C&NN will grow family participation in the Natural Families Network and Nature Clubs for Families initiatives. Engage families across the world. The disconnect from nature is not just an issue in the U.S. We are partnering with grassroots efforts in China, France, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and many other countries to make our Nature Clubs for Families Toolkit and other resources available in their native languages. We are also working to make our website and tools available in mobile and multi-lingual platforms to make them accessible to users across the globe.


Inspire Nature-Smart Leaders by Training and Empowering Millennial Youth

Train diverse young leaders (ages 18-29) to become the Natural Leaders in their communities.

Build a webinar training series to expand and deepen community impact of the Natural Leaders.

The Natural Leaders Legacy Camp will continue the innovative intensive training for young diverse leaders focused on community organizing, outdoor leadership, public speaking, and outdoor event planning.

Community action is at the root of the Natural Leaders Network. C&NN will develop a webinar training series to provide critical skills and information for Natural Leaders in communities across the country. These trainings will provide practical and proven practices for increasing engagement in outdoor experiences through cross-sector coalition building, youth mentorship, and community engagement in actions toward issues identified by local constituents.

Implement a “Green Play to Green Pay� jobs initiative for Natural Leaders. The outdoor recreation and environmental workforce suffers from an aging and retiring population and a lack of gender, racial and ethnic diversity. By hosting a national Green Play to Green Pay Summit, key partnering organizations will develop an action plan that the Children & Nature Network will carry into implementation.


Build the Worldwide Network to Connect Children to Nature

Connect 10 million children to nature annually in partnership with cities across America. Through a partnership between the National League of Cities, Wilderness Inquiry, the Department of the Interior and the Children and Nature Network, we will work with 50 cities across the United States to rethink urban design, after-school initiatives, school partnerships, and connections to urban rivers in an effort to connect 10 million children to nature annually. Through this partnership, we will work with coalitions in these 50 cities to create comprehensive Community Action Plans for Connecting Youth to Nature. Create a Worldwide Information Center for Connecting Children to Nature. Children & Nature Network currently holds the most thorough research reports, news feed, and social media campaign effort to connect children to nature. A profound

shift in awareness on this issue is in motion, but to further propel this social change, we must adapt and create tools to reach further and deeper. For example, a searchable database with research and information will help build awareness and actions in new sectors, such as the healthcare, architecture, and urban design. An interactive worldwide map of all efforts will connect people who are near each other and who share common interests. Build a New Children & Nature Conference and Gathering We will spend 2014 working with new and established grassroots leaders to determine the most valuable information, tools and training for a newly designed C&NN Conference and Gathering for 2015. This new model will engage participants across sectors and will be held in a different region each year, allowing for participation by local leaders and featuring regional efforts.

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