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The Chinese Community Girls Drill Team was

the idea of Ruby Chow and a girl’s group called the Chi-ettes. The Chi-ettes had been impressed by a performance by the St. Mary’s Drum and Bell Team based in San Francisco. Ruby convinced the Chong Wa Benevolent Association to sponsor a community Drill Team, and in the Fall of 1952, the Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team was born. In 1971, The Chinese Parents Service Organization (CPSO) was chartered as a corporation under the provisions of the Washington State Non-Profit Corporation Act. Its purpose is to raise funds and assist the Drill Team director in planning and implementing the activities of the Drill Team.

First official Drill Team photo in Chong Wa, 1952.

Dedication To the Chong Wa Benevolent Association for its support and generosity over these 60 years. To past and present Drill Team volunteers who have provided their time and leadership through 60 wonderful years. To the Chinese Parents Service Organization for sponsoring and guiding the team and helping to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of Drill Team girls. To the Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team families, friends and supporters, for all your contributions. To the young women who have been a part of 60 years of the Drill Team, for your commitment and enthusiasm. Many have come before us and many will come after us, but what binds us together is a legacy that will march on.

2012 Drill Team Staff Instructors: Cheryl Chow, Sue-May Eng, Perla Josue Junior Instructor: Jennifer Gee Team Coordinator: Isabelle Gonn Uniform Manager: Lorena Eng Parent Volunteers: Joyce Chan, Linda Chan, Stacy Choi, Geoff Clunas, Ron Dong, Nina Gonn, Julie Johnson, Kathy Lau, Craig Lee, Lillian Lee, Ian MacKenzie, Nancy Kodani Lee, Iris Nielsen, Jeanne Stratton, Patty Williams, Marilyn Yamamoto Alumni Volunteers: Betty Kuang, Tiffany La, Monica Ly

2012 CPSO Officers President: Cheryl Chow Vice President: Sue-May Eng Secretary: Marilyn Chinn Yamamoto Treasurer: Lorena Eng

Drill Team on the move, 2012.

60th Anniversary Memory Book Photography Archives and Scanning: Jennifer Gee, Perla Josue Advertising/Sponsorships: Danny Lim, Stacy Choi, Gloria Lung Wakayama Headdress and Tassel Photography: Michael Chikamura, Travis Chikamura Graphic Design and Production: Michael Chikamura, Deena Eng Chikamura 1

Our Special Members and Association Ruby Chow started the Drill Team in 1952. She also spearheaded many

fundraising campaigns to purchase four sets of uniforms, three Drill Team buses, and the donation of a Drill Team van. She arranged two trips to Taiwan for the team. As director from 1952–1965 she will always be remembered as a “tough lady with a heart of gold and RUBY RED LIPS!”

Ping Chow helped balance out the hundreds of sandwiches with great

chow mein and fried rice. He also got his Chinese opera friends to perform with him to raise funds for uniforms and a bus. The team effort of this couple laid a solid foundation for the community team and eventual parent and volunteer support group.

Art Lum’s involvement with the Drill Team began in the mid-60s as a

parent. Due to his enthusiasm and devotion to the Drill Team, he became the Drill Team’s director in 1980. He also served as CPSO president for more than 20 years. Under his leadership, funds were raised for the team to travel abroad, to the East Coast and Southern California. He spearheaded sales of the Drill Team’s famous “Flavors of China” cookbook. He played a major role in the purchase of a van, bus and the latest set of uniforms. He also assisted in establishing the annual Lin Lee Memorial Scholarship, awarded since 1980.

Cheryl Chow started her career with the Drill Team at age 6 as the official team mascot. In her tenure she was a banner girl, drummer, marcher, and captain. After her marching days Cheryl did a short stint as director/instructor and has been the team’s lead instructor since 1970. When Uncle Art stepped down as CPSO President in 2008, Cheryl added CPSO President to her Drill Team resume.

She has also created opportunities and activities for girls to promote leadership skills, communication and discussion sessions among the girls. Slumber parties for the girls are also combined with bowling and afternoons at Wild Waves and other friendship building activities. The successes of our 60th Anniversary are a result of Cheryl’s leadership and love of our Drill Team. 2

The Chong Wa Benevolent Association was established in

Seattle in the early 1900s to provide a unified voice for Chinese Americans in Washington State. The purposes of the Association are to promote Chinese culture and general welfare within the community. In 1929 the current Chong Wa building at 7th and Weller was built and is listed in the national register of historical buildings. Chong Wa opened the first weekday Chinese School in Washington State and is the only one today. Prior to 1952 Chong Wa would invite a dragon team and marching groups from other cities to perform in celebrations. In 1952 Ruby Chow worked with Chong Wa to establish our own dragon team and Drill Team. For many years Chong Wa sponsored the Drill Team and the Team shared the Chinese School bus. Chong Wa continues to sponsor the Chinatown Dragon Team and Chong Wa continues to be the home of the Drill Team.

Drill Team Directors

CPSO Presidents

Ruby Chow 1952-1965 Alma Lew, Rose Wong (Co-Dir.) 1961 Paul Woo (Co-Dir.) 1963-1965 Cheryl Chow 1966-1969 Lin Eng 1970-1971 Nancy Jang 1972-1978 Donna Chinn (Co-Dir.) 1972-1974 Shirlee Mar, Bertha Tsuchiya (Co-Dir.) 1978 Louise Lew (Co-Dir.) 1979 Art Lum 1980-2010

Bertha Tsuchiya 1970-1971 James Chinn 1972-1973 Herb Tsuchiya 1974 Helen Kay 1975-1976 Art Lum 1977-1986 Danny Lim 1987-1988 Wilton Chinn 1989 Art Lum 1990-2008 Cheryl Chow 2009-Present

60th Anniversary Planning Team Co-Chairs: Cheryl Chow, Sue-May Eng Advertisements: Danny Lim, Gloria Lung Wakayama Audio: Craig Lee – Chic Sound Productions Correspondence: Iris Nielsen Decorations: Deena Eng Chikamura, Carolyn Chinn Leung Dessert Dash: Linna Lee Kitamura, Sharon Lee Wong Individual Sponsors: Stacy Choi, Danny Lim Lion Dance: Carol Leong, David Leong – Northwest Kung Fu and Fitness Memorabilia: Marilyn Chinn Yamamoto Program Book: Michael Chikamura, Deena Eng Chikamura – Chikamura Design Silent Auction: Wendee Wong Ong, Stacy Choi, Holly Mar, Patty Buckingham Team Coordinator: Isabelle Gonn Treasurer: Lorena Eng, Jonelle Dong Jue Video: Jennifer Gee Webpage/Photos: Perla Josue Committee: Kerry Lung Chew, May Mar Chin, Sheryl Eng Chinn, Madelyn Jung, Stephanie Jung, Tiffany La, Kathy Lau, Lillian Lee, Nancy Kodani Lee, Melanie Ma, Deanna Leung Madden, Lori Lung Pang, Susan Vi, Patty Williams, Gale Wong, Anni Woo, Kathy Eng Yee

Renton Pavilion Event Center

233 Burnett Avenue South Renton, WA 98057



Historical Perspective: A Lasting Legacy

“Put more lipstick on... RED lipstick!!” “Stand up straight and pull in your stomach.”

The Chi-ettes, 1952

“Without the banners the marchers could not go out, without the marchers the drummers could not go out, without the drummers the officers could not go out...WE MUST WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM!!” “No boyfriends allowed!” “Get your hair out of your eyes!”

An original headdress still survives 60 years later. Classic quotes – Auntie Ruby 4

Standing the test of time. The idea of forming a

Seattle-based Drill Team from the Chi-ettes group was a good idea back in 1952 and continues to be a source of pride for our community as we celebrate our 60th year. Perhaps no other person had contributed as much to the goals and ideals of the Drill Team as Ruby Chow — Auntie Ruby to scores of Chinese community youths in the formative years of the team. She had been godmother, disciplinarian, Ann Landers, source of inspiration, chief cook and bottle washer to all who had passed through the rank and file.


er dedication to what Drill Team has meant and continues to represent for the community is immeasurable. Along with Auntie Ruby, Uncle Ping Chow had contributed much to the making of the Drill Team. Whether making deliveries, chauffeuring squads of girls or just providing moral support, he always had a cheery “Hi, Hon-ey!” for all the members of the Drill Team.


During her years as Drill Team Director, Auntie Ruby set and maintained high standards — demanding the best from everyone. She set the example herself by selflessly donating her time and whatever else the team needed. Even during a vacation to Hawaii, “the girls” were not forgotten. Each received a fragrant lei of orchids upon her return.

Auntie Ruby will always be remembered for her generosity and dedication to the welfare of the youth of Seattle’s Chinese Community. Her spirit lives on as we look forward to many more years to come.

The modern headdress has evolved over the years while still retaining the overall artistic pageantry. 5

5‘ 0s

Walk through the years of the Chinese Community

Girls Drill Team to see how they started, how they progressed and how they are doing today. Flip through a decade to begin your journey through our times.


an Francisco had one. Victoria had one. Why couldn’t Seattle have one, too? In 1951, twentyfive Chinese American girls from Garfield High School organized a social club and called themselves the Chi-ettes. The purpose of the club was discussed at their first meeting: What could this group do for the community? Some of the girls had seen or heard of the San Francisco and Victoria Chinese Girls Drill Teams and asked, “Why can’t we represent our community through a Drill Team?”

They turned to Ruby Chow, a well-known Chinese American leader with formidable fundraising skills. She was the logical person to ask for help in establishing this Drill Team. Ruby had also thought of a Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team and asked Ted Yerabek, a member of Seattle’s renowned Police Drill Team, to teach police drills to the girls. The Chong Wa Benevolent Association, lead organization of the Chinese community, thought if Ruby wanted it, she should be in charge of it. Girls outside the Chi-ettes were recruited, and the rest is history. Sixty unbroken years later, the Drill Team is still going strong. The first ten years were the establishment years: • Establishment of the girls as a team • Establishment of the corps of team volunteers • Establishment of traditions — toilet duty, red lipstick and no boyfriends hanging around In short order, Auntie Ruby secured Chong Wa’s sponsorship for the team. Through husband Ping’s Cantonese opera connections, she had beautifully sequined, red satin uniforms designed and made in Hong Kong. Seattle was wowed by the team during their first parades in the summer of 1952. Long and loud applause, cheers and whistles greeted the girls at every parade. The Drill Team began its large collection of trophies — often winning the grand prize at consecutive parades. 6

Count Off: The ‘50s

Ted Yerabek from Seattle’s renowned Police Drill Team donated years of Saturday mornings teaching and passing on his knowledge.

First Officers: Captain Fannie Wong with First Lieutenant Alyce Eng.


The revered Triangle Formation was only done in the ‘50s.

The Drill Team uniform is based on the Chinese opera woman warrior costume. The color red was chosen as this is the traditional color of luck and happiness. In 1952, the first set of uniforms cost $40.00 each. 1952 Drill Team debut at Chong Wa.

Original 1952 tassel with matching sequins attaches to the lower wings of the headdress adding weight but integrates the flow of the uniform from headdress to uniform bodice.


Count Off: The Fabulous ‘50s Continue...


ff stage, this group of teenage girls was typical. Some of them were studious, some athletic, some shy, some outgoing and some naughty. Drill Team girls have gone on to become elected officials, respected professionals and national beauty queens. Then there was the girl who threw her used drill shoes at Auntie Ruby and quit in a huff the first year. And the girl who quietly stepped over Auntie Ruby’s sleeping body to sneak out on a date during an out-of-town trip. And the girl who

knew all the steps and out-danced the Portland kid who challenged her. Memorable highlights of the first ten years: establishment of the team itself; national recognition through the “You Asked For It” television show, a feature spread in LIFE Magazine during the 1955-56 season; summer out-of-town trips with no air conditioning, and the pride of performing well at parades. The first ten years truly began something wonderful. Performance at the Torchlight parade.

The Drill Team had a feature spread in LIFE Magazine during season 1955-56.

The Drill Team performing the Rectangle Formation.


5‘ 0s Double Greek Cross to the Left was always a crowd-pleaser!

The Drill Team’s first Rainier District Pow Wow in Seward Park, 1952.

First Officers: Captain Fannie Wong with First Lieutenant Alyce Eng


Count Off: The ‘60s: Our Second Decade...


qua green was chosen for the second set of uniforms; however, it faded in the direct sunlight after the first year. The third and following sets reverted to traditional Chinese red. The 1960s initiated “creative activities” during the overnight trips: • Faces and legs decorated with food coloring; • Everyone’s tennis shoes discovered in a giant pile; • Saran wrap over the toilet bowls; • Sound asleep girls being dragged in their sleeping bags to other places in the gym

A bit of fun after a performance with Vickye Luke, Cheryl Chow and Wendee Wong.

Through the years the Drill Team has been official greeters for visiting dignitaries. Some of the visitors were: • Presidential candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon • Singers Chad and Jeremy, who sang on ice and had dinner with the team • Actress Debbie Reynolds • Actor Warren Beatty Ruby-red lips, white drill shoes and hairnets helped give the final touch to the uniformed look. Wing-tip eyeglasses and pale pink with white outline lipstick were the fashion rage. 10

The 1960s ushered in a new headdress style made with woven flower clusters that served them well into the 1970s.

6‘ 0s gin-lai

The 1962 Drill Team in front of the Chong Wa building with past and present trophies.

The Drill Team preparing for their signature salute or “gin-lai,” is Cantonese for “meeting with respect.” It was the brainchild of Coleman Mar, Auntie Ruby’s youngest brother. The idea was run by Uncle Ping who said that a proper gin-lai had to be done three times. Ted Yerabek worked out the logistics. When the first gin-lai debuted, the judges and crowd went wild.


6‘ 0s

Count Off: The ‘60s: Celebrating the end of a successful 1963 parade at the Al Clairbournes’, the Drill Team poses with some of the summer’s trophies.

The Drill Team performs on “ice” for the 1964 P-I Christmas Fund! A surprise “Thank You Auntie Ruby” presentation for Outstanding Drill Team Director serving from 1952-1965, brought past and present members to honor her.


70 s ‘

Precision Marching into the ‘70s

We were on the move through the 1970s. The team hit a gold mine of major trips during the 1970s. The decade included two unforgettable trips to Taiwan in 1972 and 1978.


he government of the Republic of China extended an invitation to the Girls Drill Team to participate in the inauguration ceremonies of President Chiang Kai-shek on May 20, 1972 as special guests during the team’s visit in Taiwan. It was an opportunity for the girls to proudly represent all the Chinese communities in the United States as ambassadors of good will. A trip highlight: The girls were invited for tea at the Summer Palace with President and Madame Chiang Kai-shek, 1972. The Taiwan group consisted of 60 members of the Drill Team, ten chaperones, delegates of the Chinese Parents Service Organization and Chong Wa, 1972.


Count Off: The ‘70s: Takin’ It to the Streets The girls of the 1970s set the trend for the new style

70 s ‘

of uniforms. A solid core of dedicated girls devoted their summers to hours of practice. In addition to the Taiwan trips, they were rewarded with trips to Disneyland and other places in California in 1973 and 1977.


he drummers kept the team marching into the 1970s. The traditional Chinese bass drum provided the left beat. Brass cymbals were added to provide contrast and further stylized the marching sound and look. Most can still remember the beat. The sound was heard at the World Expo in Spokane and echoed at the Grand Opening of the Kingdome. This famous beat can be heard in the Hollywood movie The Parallax View, starring Warren Beatty and Paula Prentiss. The beat continued into the 25th anniversary celebration in 1977.


The 1970s revealed a new headdress design made with large pearl clusters that made a bolder yet elegant statement.

Marching under less than ideal weather conditions can occur at any time, but the girls come prepared, even across the globe. Taipei, Taiwan, 1972.

The girls of summer: Kathy Eng, Sheryl Eng, Mary Ellen Chinn, Deena Eng and Linda Eng.

Eight squads assemble before an evening performance: ramrod straight! The uniform armor was replaced by a cape and thousands of dangling beads. Each girl hand-reinforced each bead to insure their uniform’s longevity. Formal Drill Team picture, 1978.


8‘ 0s

Count Off: The ‘80s: A New Tradition

The 1980s sent the Drill Team across the United States to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia to celebrate the Fourth of July. It was a pleasure to accept such special invitations.


hrough the 1980s, tradition continued as the daughters of former drill team members joined the team. Members past and present, families and friends celebrated the 35th anniversary in 1987 in grand style. During the ‘80s, the Drill Team’s competition with other modern day activities increased. It was difficult at times to perform with the standard eight squads, and sometimes only six went out. During this time old favorites like Greek Cross to the Left and Serpentine had to be put on the shelf. However, the girls added Files to the Rear to their repertoire and the perseverance of the team paid off with numerous first place trophies and acknowledgements. Dazzled audiences cheered at local events

Despite smaller squads the Drill Team remained fierce competitors and brought home many trophies during the ‘80s.


and parades as well as at the Portland Rose Festival and the Omak Stampede. The unit marched at special events such as the Ruby Chow Park dedication in 1987. During the ‘80s a new tradition began. Traditional Chinese dancing was added to the end of the marching season. Dancing allowed the girls to learn about and share the Chinese culture. The graceful moves and light steps became the Ying to the Yang of our serious military marching style. Each year the girls pass down a dance to the younger group. By the time they graduate they have learned eight different dances.

The Drill Team took to the water to compete in the Bon Marche’s Orient Expressed Dragon Boat Race. We had an advantage with our own skilled drummer beating out the stroke rhythm.

Newspaper clipping from the local newspaper promoting the Drill Team’s Chinese New Year Celebration and Fashion Show in 1980.

Practice, practice and more practice for the upcoming races. A work ethic that comes secondnature to the girls.

8‘ 0s

Count Off: The ‘80s: Upholding Excellence Ruby Chow Park dedication, 1987.

The official Dragon Boat Races come to a close after a lot of teamwork and determination.

Goofy times near the end of the Washington D.C. trip. Only the girls know what they were attempting to show here!


90 s ‘

and Setting an Example for the ‘90s

Chinatown Parade 1990. The distant sound of the drum beat could be heard from blocks away. Parade goers anticipated the familiar red uniforms, white shoes and gloves.


he team came into sight, sequins reflecting in the evening sun. It was everything they expected and more — sunglasses! — the beginning of high school girls having the privilege of wearing sunglasses in Chinatown Parade in recognition of their rank in the team. When not marching or applying Ruby Red lipstick, the girls happily enjoyed themselves at vacation spots such as Vancouver, B.C., San Francisco and Disneyland. Although the experiences encountered may not have seemed funny at the time, memories have a way of adding humor to the unexpected. One example was the time when the team marched in the annual San The future appears bright for the Drill Team girls...

Francisco Chinatown Parade in the early spring of 1991. The Seattle climate followed the girls to relieve the California drought. The price was marching through torrents of rain that left everyone soaked, exhausted and wearing the same color underwear — pink! The Lion Dance.


90 s ‘

Count Off: The Cultural Ying to Our Yang Drum beats continue. The sound

marks a celebration of 40 years of tradition, dedication and pride that will continue to beat for a long time to come.

2nd Lieutenant Lindsay Mar.

Traditional Chinese dancing balances our serious military marching style with graceful moves and light steps.

The 1990s introduced a new headdress design with large gemstone florettes on a red satin backing — multi-colored gems for officers and solid amber for marchers.

traditional chinese dance

While the ‘90s Beat Goes On...and On

Keeping that unmistakable Drill Team sound — strong and steady.

Left: Captain Tiana Chinn Center: 1st Lieutenant Janelle Yeung.

Bear-y nice girls!


Count Off: The ‘00s: Reflection on the Past Entering a fifth decade and a new millennium,

the Drill Team welcomed a new generation, the third, in a long tradition of “women warriors.” Typical of previous decades, fundraising continued for a new set of uniforms, bus and van.


he days of carwashes and roller skating parties are long gone. The girls raised funds by performing Chinese dances, selling chocolate bars and hosting “Oodles of Noodles.” 

Gently teased by old timers who remember reporting at 8 a.m. to noon practices, traveling by creaky Drill Team bus, sleeping on gym floors and eating mounds of bare baloney sandwiches for days on end, the golden anniversary team traveled to California by plane and stayed in a hotel. The informal tradition of telling rookies, “When I was in Drill Team...” firmly ensconced itself. Over the years the phone tree evolved to email and texts and the Drill Team’s Facebook page emerged in 2009. In addition to double tying shoes and getting rid of chewing gum, the start of practice now includes turning off cell phones and a single gin-lai. Having awed audiences with ribbon and fan dances now for nearly 30 years, with the sixth set of marching uniforms in 2009 came the Drill Team’s own beautiful dance costumes.


Performing for Governor Christine Gregoire.

Being in high school has its rewards.

Y2K+ Survived the new millennium and going strong!

Girls of the new millennium.

00 s ‘

Drill Team Mascots.

Drill Team performing at Hing Hay Park, 2008.


00 s ‘

Drill members participated in Paramount Theater’s “Dance This” in 2008.

Seattle Center, 2008.


Count Off: The ‘00s:


he team impressed audiences twice in Paramount Theater’s productions of “Dance This” and as the Seattle Seahawk’s “12th Man.” The girls continue to enjoy annual swimming parties and the Teddy Bear Suite/ Gingerbread House Christmas trip downtown. The team continued to work hard to be the best military-style drill team in Seattle and won top honors in every judged event and wrapped up the millennium with the “Ruby Red” thank you tribute to the chaperones, an example that these girls are definitely out of their shell and multi-talented!

10 s ‘

Moving Decisively into the ‘10s and Today While old timers consider today’s Drill Team girl as

not having it as “tough” as they did, the girls of today have many more activities available to them than their predecessors.


hose who choose to join the Drill Team earn kudos for wanting to learn about the Chinese culture and for stepping forward to undergo the training and discipline required to represent the community as part of a precision marching unit. Gone are the days of the intense pre-judged parades, but the team’s desire to “wow” the world drives the dedication and hard work required to perfect the details that differentiate between mediocre and sharp. To balance out the seriousness, the girls look forward to Drill Team Camp, swimming parties and continuing the tradition of a Disneyland trip every four years. Greenwood Parade, 2011.

We are proud of the fact that today’s team is 70 girls strong. While some things have changed over the years, more remains the same. The Drill Team continues to reinforce the values taught at home. Recent alumni mentor the high school girls providing college and scholarship application workshops. The team continues to support community organizations by performing at events, helping with fund raising activities including Memorial Day at Hing Hay Park and visits to Kin On Nursing Home. In 2010 the Drill Team was awarded the Community Service Award by the Organization of Chinese Americans.

ACRS Walk for Rice, 2011.


Count Off: Today in Year 2012 As we approached 60 years, our longevity and reputa-

tion precedes us and has afforded us special invitations and the privilege of being the opening performance at many events. This was the case earlier this year at the Seattle Center’s 50th Anniversary Opening Ceremony.


s in the beginning, the Team continues to be a goodwill ambassador. 2012 marks the first opportunity in 34 years for the team to represent the United States. The team will return from a trip to Victoria, B.C. to perform at the Pacific Tattoo in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee just in time for the 60th Anniversary celebration. It’s a mouthful, but in addition to adding two new drills: odd squads fours right and left double-double wheel! and odd squads fours right and left gin-lai, in honor of the 60th anniversary and the year of the dragon, the team showcases the 6th set of uniforms, a new style of drill shoe and a golden dragon drum cart. For the first time in Drill Team history, alumni will return to march, joining the current team and mascots in the 2012 Chinatown Parade! The original 1952 team will be close by and honored for the legacy they began. With a fresh new look and some new moves, we hope you can see the pride and the dedication that truly makes us unique. Learning from those before us and creating for those to come, we will continue the sisterhood, share adventures, and provide the support that will keep what was a dream in 1952, a reality for years to come.


Two new headdress styles along with our 6th set of uniforms to commemorate our 60th year.

“Work as a team, perform as a team — everyone is important.”


“Always give back to the community.” – Auntie Ruby


Roll Call: Count Off! 60 Years Name and Years Served Amelia Aamot 2009-Present Lam An 1990-1990 Maile Anderson 2007-2011 Jordyn Artis 2001-2004 Hue Au 1993-1999 Shuk-Yi Au 1976-1976 Thanh Au 1991-1991 Pamela Billedo 1999-2002 Sarena Bloyd 2010-2011 Anna Cai 2005-2011 Qiqi Cai 2009-Present Crissy Castillo 2010-Present Angela Chan 1976-1978 Betty Chan 1970-1970 Carol Chan 1975-1975 Cathy Chan 1993-1997 Cindy Chan 1988-1988 Cynthia Chan 2002-2005 Doris Chan 1975-1975 Elaine Chan 1970-1970 Helen Chan 1964-1967 Iolanthe Chan 1980-1984 Julie Chan 2000-2002 Karla Chan 1967-1967 Lexi Chan 2007-2009 Lian Chan 1993-2000 Linda Chan 1982-1984 Marcia Chan Mari Chan 1952-1952 Marisa Chan 2001-2002 Marisa Chan 2004-2005 Mei Chan 1984-1984 Michelle Chan 1996-2000 Nora Chan 1985-1985 Pearl Chan 1970-1971 Rebecca Chan 1987-1987 Salina Chan 1989-1989 Shirley Chan 2000-2002 Susie Chan 1980-1980 Vera Chan 1952-1957 Vivian Chan 1952-1952 Carolyn Chang 1971-1974 Jeanne Chang 1976-1976 Pamela Chang 1971-1974 Emily Chao 1980-1983 Jenifer Chao 1980-1983 Mickey Chau 1987-1987 Ai Yu Chen 2010-Present Alicla Chen 2011-Present Amy Chen 1992-1997 Cui Chen 2010-2010 Denise Chen 2008-Present Evelyn Chen 1957-1962 Jennifer Chen 1984-1986 Jennifer Chen 2008-Present June Chen 1987-1987 Kerry Chen 1989-1989 LC Chen 2011-Present Lili Chen 1989-1989

Shu Mei Chen 1986-1990 Shu Yu Chen 1987-1989 Lorraine Cheng 1984-1984 Melynda Cheng 1993-1999 Yenna Cheng 1994-1999 Michelle Cheung 2003-2003 Debbie Chew 1976-1976 Patti Chew 2005-2007 Sharon Chew 1970-1970 Sophal Chhour 1989-1989 Amanda Chhun 2002-2002 Anita Chhun 2002-2002 Lisa Chiang 1985-1985 Angie Chin 1967-1967 Angie Chin 1980-1990 Caitlin Chin 1999-1999 Candace Chin Cynthia Chin 1967-1967 Denise Chin 1988-1988 Donna Chin 1978-1978 Elaine Chin 1975-1977 Francine Chin 1967-1967 Gail Chin 1986-1990 Jacy Chin 1988-1991 Janet Chin 1964-1964 Janis Chin 1981-1985 Jeanie Chin 1974-1975 Joyce Chin 1970-1973 Judy Chin 1971-1971 Karen Chin Kay Chin 1952-1952 Mari Chin Marina (Cookie) Chin 1970-1974 Mary Ann Chin 1964-1964 Mayme Chin 1976-1977 Melinda Chin 1982-1984 Moifair Chin 1977-1980 Nancy Chin 1971-1974 Nicole Chin 2003-2011 Phoebe Chin 1969-1969 Sharon Chin 1962-1964 Sue Chin 1964-1964 Tammy Chin 1978-1979 Tiffany Chin 2006-Present Tina Chin 1971-1971 Vernice Chin 1957-1962 Yuen Chin 1971-1974 Frieda Ching 1952-1952 Ida Ching 1952-1952 Wanda Ching Alicia Chinn 1952-1952 Allison Chinn 1981-1981 Amelia Chinn 1952-1955 Angela Chinn 1972-1975 Angie Chinn 1984-1984 Audrey Chinn 1961-1964 Bianca Chinn 1992-1997 Candy Chinn 1955-1962 Carolyn C. Chinn 1962-1965



Carolyn M. Chinn 1971-1974 Cassie Chinn 1984-1984 Cheryl Chinn 1960-1964 Chrissy Chinn 1971-1978 Cindy Chinn 1975-1977 Darleen Chinn 1977-1988 Darlene Chinn 1955-1960 Glory Chinn 1952-1952 Hannah Chinn 1952-1952 Jadine Chinn 1960-1963 Janet F. Chinn 1962-1966 Jean Chinn 1958-1960 Jean Chinn Jennifer Chinn 1997-2002 Joann Chinn 1953-1958 Joanne Chinn 1976-1980 Judy (Angela) Chinn 1974-1974 Karen Chinn 1952-1956 Karen Chinn 1974-1974 Kathryn Chinn 1974-1974 Kimberly Chinn 1999-1999 Kristi Chinn 1975-1987 Lisa Chinn Lori Chinn 1961-1968 Marilyn Chinn Marion Chinn 1957-1960 Mary Ellen Chinn 1971-1974 Melanie Chinn 1961-1965 Nicole Chinn 1993-2000 Phyllis Chinn Sandra Chinn 1952-1952 Sandy Chinn 1976-1981 Shelly Chinn Sheri Jo Chinn 1967-1974 Sherrie Ann Chinn Sheryl Chinn 1975-1980 Stephanie Chinn 1975-1977 Tiana Chinn 1990-1991 Tina Chinn 1952-1952 Tricia Chinn 1983-1989 Valerie Chinn 1954-1954 Virginia (Sue) Chinn 1955-1960 Maria Chiu 1974-1977 Mary Chiu 2001-2002 Rose Chiu 1978-1978

Sheila Chiu 2001-2002 Theresa Chiu 1974-1977 Chloe Choi 2006-2011 Sage Choi 2011-Present Ellen Chong 1997-1999 Theresa Chong 1996-1999 Loeng Chork 1989-1989 Anna Chow 1999-1999 Cayla Chow 2007-2011 Cheryl Chow 1957-1977 Lisa Chow 1989-1990 Cindy Chu 1960-1960 Norma Chun 1952-1956 Sandra Chun 1952-1956 Sylvia Chun 1952-1952 Elizabeth Chung 2011-Present Janie Chung 1960-1960 Virginia Chung 1952-1955 Alice Chuong 2001-2007 Sarah Coxwell 2009-Present Kayleen Cun 2006-2006 Nicky Dang 2009-Present Nu Dao 2002-2002 Isabela Dea 2008-2008 Micaela Dea 2005-2005 Sally Mary Deleon 1989-1991 Becky Dere 1986-1986 Judiet Dere 1986-1986 Michelle Devin 1982-1982 Andrea Ding 1967-1974 Leyna Do 2005-2005 Linda Doan 2004-2004 Terri Doan 2004-2005 Ashli Dong 2000-2000 Fay Dong 1964-1964 Jonelle Dong 1971-1974 Joyce Dong 1964-1964 Kathy Dong 1952-1952 Leila Dong 1970-1970 Lily Dong 1964-1967 Mimi Dong 1964-1964 Nora Dong 1961-1963 Norma Dong 1961-1963 Lai Doo 1990-1991 Pei Chi Doolittle 1986-1986

Nhi Duong 2010-2010 Scarlet Ealy 1989-1990 Adena Eng 1983-1988 Aleta Eng 1995-1999 Allison Eng Alyce Eng 1952-1953 Anna Eng 1984-1984 April Eng 1955-1959 Barbara Eng 1976-1976 Betty Eng 1953-1956 Carolyn Eng 1952-1952 Charlene Eng 1952-1952 Cindy Eng 1971-1974 Cindy Eng 1976-1980 Cordelia Eng Dale Eng 1970-1974 Debbie Eng 1967-1969 Debbie Eng Deena Eng 1971-1973 Deenie Eng 1989-1989 Diana Eng 1991-1991 Diane Eng -1978 Donna Eng 1952-1952 Doreen Eng 1973-1977 Eleanor Eng 1952-1952 Emilie Eng 1952-1952 Erica Eng 1978-1978 Ginny Eng 1982-1991 Gladys Eng 1952-1952 Hazel Eng 1957-1961 Jadine Eng 1970-1971 Jennie Eng 1989-1991 Jennifer Eng 1964-1966 Jenny Eng 1982-1982 Joan Eng 1962-1964 Joanna Eng 1976-1985 Julianne Eng 1984-1988 June Eng 1953-1953 Kathy Eng 1969-1972 Linda Eng 1969-1973 Lorena Eng 1967-1974 Margaret Eng 1967-1969 Marie Eng 1962-1965 Marilyn Eng 1970-1970 Mary Anne Eng 1975-1978 Mimy Eng 1988-1990 Patti Eng 1974-1974 Pauline Eng 1952-1952 Ruby Eng 1952-1952 Sharon Eng 1980-1980 Sheryl Eng 1969-1971 Shirley Eng 1967-1970 Stephanie Eng 1970-1970 Sue-May Eng 1970-1981 Tina Eng 1964-1964 Vicki Eng 1970-1970 Wanda Eng 1981-1981 Wilma Eng 1952-1957 Marissa Esteban 1998-2000 Gracelyn Estrella 1989-1989 Cindy Fang 1989-1989 Angel Fong 2007-Present Audrey Fong 1957-1962 Esther Fong 1967-1967 Grace Fong 2000-2007 Heidi Fong 1966-1974 Lani Fong 1966-1970

Sandra Foy 1960-1962 Kirsten Fukuhara 2002-2002 Kiki Fukuhara 2011-2011 Angela Fung 1999-1999 Christine Fung 1999-1999 Jennifer Fung 1994-2001 Lisa Fung 1980-1988 Nancy Fung 1992-1999 Teresa Fung 1980-1980 Marina Furuta 1990-1991 Kirsten Garcia 2010-2010 Ada Gee 1959-1961 Christine Cy Gee 2003-2010 Jennifer Gee 2000-2007 Shannon Gee 1982-1986 Sheryl Gee 1982-1988 Linda Giang 1996-1998 Vanessa Giang 1991-1991 Nicole Ginogino 2004-2004 Brittany Go 2008-Present Keri Gojio 1990-1991 Shirley Gong Isabelle Gonn 1971-1976 Megan Gonn 2003-2010 Nina Gonn 1974-1977 Sandra Goong 1973-1979 Sheri Goong 1987-1990 Sheryl Goong 1975-1979 Roselyn Graves 1952-1952 Eliza Guan 2012-Present Sandy Ha 2007-2009 Lillian Hailer 1990-1991 Guo Zhu Hamasaki 2004-2010 Julie Hamasaki 2001-2007 Anica Hanks 1989-1991 Rainee Harder 1995-1998 Janius Hemme 1989-1989 Janice Hing 1955-1959 Sherry Hing 1964-1964 Trinia Hing 1966Amy Hirai 2002-2002 Elaine Ho 1998-1999 Helen Ho 2001-2001 Lily Ho 1997-1999 Lisa Ho 1997-1997 Mary Ho 1974-1975 Pamela Ho 1997-1999 Paula Ho 2001-2001 Teresa Ho 1999-1999 Jeanne Hom 1972-1972 Jonady Hom 1985-1985 Lily Hong 1986-1989 Melinda Hong 1991-1991 Aimee Hoy 1961-1965 Mary Hoy Phyllis Hoy 1961-1965 Rosy Hoy Susy Hoy 1964-1967 Joyce Hsieh 1975-1975 Linda Hsu 1979-1979 Janice Hu 1989-1991 Thao (Kiki) Hua 1997-2002 Amy Huang 1998-1998 Amy Huang 2001-2001 Anne Huang 1997-2005 Cindy Huang 1981-1981 Jennifer Huang 1997-1999

Julia Huang 2004-2004 Liwen Huang 1989-1991 Sandy Huang 2004-2004 Shirley Huang 1990-1990 Terra Huang 2010-2010 Wen Mei Huang 1981-1981 Mabel Huey 1953-1958 Shirlee Huey 1955-1956 Fanny Hui 1986-1988 Lucy Hui 1984-1988 Paula Huie 1959-1961 Chin Hung 1989-1989 Chuan Hung 1989-1989 Fen Hung 1991-1997 Hsiao Fen Hung 1991-1997 Phung Huyng 1991-1991 Kayla Huynh 2001-2002 My Lien Huynh 1989-1991 Trang Huynh 1989-1991 Adrienne Ip 1986-1986 Kylie Ishimitsu 2004-2004 Marissa Ito 2001-2002 Diana Jang 1969-1971 Linda Jang 1960-1963 Christine Jew 1956-1963 Sharon Jew 1960-1962 Jeannette Jin 1967-1974 Jillian Jin 2010-2011 Sophia Johnson 2011-Present Erin Josue 2010-Present Perla Josue 1991-2002 Ammie Jue 1989-1991 Jeannie Jue 1952-1952 Karen Jue 1964-1964 Maria Jue 1989-1991 Katie Limin Juhnke 2007-2010 Jenny Jung 1964-1964 Madelyn Jung 1961-1965 Meagan Jung 2004-2004 Stephanie Jung 1964-1966 Ailing Jung-Quarles 2012-Present Shuk Ching Kam 1999-1999 Linda Kan 1980-1987 Susanna Kang 2001-2001 Claudia Kay 1967-1967 Jacquie Kay Laurene Kay 1962-1967 Pam Kay 1973-1978 Patti Kay 1972-1974

Billie Khim 1999-1999 Colleen King 1969-1971 Colleen Kleiner 1980-1980 Dawn Kleiner 1984-1988 Michelle Kleiner 1980-1986 Ada Ko 1971-1971 Dana Ko 1971-1974 Jana Ko 1971-1974 Janyce Ko 1964-1964 Lily Ko 1952-1952 Megan Ko 1997-2003 Patsy Ko 1968-1973 Michelle Kobuki 1985-1987 Kristie Koda 2001-2006 Joyleen Koe 1967-1967 Jetta Kogita 1994-1999 Kiyoko Kogita 1998-2001 Lindy Kogita 1995-2002 Miyoko Kogita 1996-2001 Alison Kojima 2007-Present Cheryl Kojima 2006-Present Diana Kon 2005-2010 Kaman Kong 1999-2001 Betty Kuang 2003-2011 Jennifer Kuang 2004-2008 Hueichen Kuo 1981-1981 Ashley Kwan 2011-Present Vanessa Kwong 1991-1991 Tiffany La 2008-2011 Nikki Lac 1997-1999 Annie Lam 1989-1991 Duyen Lam 1989-1989 Haley Lam 2012-Present Livia Lam 1988-1988 Mandy Lam 1989-1989 Meggie Lam 1989-1991 Mimi Lam 1989-1989 Caittlin Lang 1990-1990 Jean Lang 1985-1985 Alex Lau 2008-Present Amy Lau 1982-1983 Betty Lau 1960-1965 Irene Lau 1970-1972 Jennie Lau 1994-1999 Jun Jun Lau 1997-1999 Linda Lau 1961-1965 Mei Ying Lau 1997-1999 Monica Lau 1977-1977 Joyce Law 1978-1980

years 29

Roll Call: 60 Years and Counting... Name and Years Served Becky Le 1991-1991 Clara Le 2004-2005 Elizabeth Le 1998-2002 Linda Le 1998-1999 Linda H. Le 1999-1999 Candance Lee 2011-Present Cherianne Lee 1989-1995 Christina Lee 1980-1980 Cindy Lee 1967-1967 Cindy Lee 1989-1989 Crystal Lee 2011-Present Denise Lee 1957-1962 Donna Lee 1980-1980 Jane Lee 1965-1965 Jean Lee 1981-1982 Jeani Lee 1965-1966 Jessica Lee 1998-1999 Judy Lee 1962-1965 Karen Lee Kirsten Lee 2001-2007 Lillian Lee 1952-1952 Lilly Lee 1980-1980 Lin Lee 1955-1957 Lori Lee 1972-1973 Maddie Lee 2007-Present Melissa Lee 2005-2007 Michelle Lee 1980-1980 Nicole Lee 2002-2009 Pauline Lee 1955-1958 Regina Lee 1976-1978 Rhonda Lee 1995-2000 Robin Lee 1997-2002

Diane Lem 1976-1978 Carol Leong 1955-1960 Carol Leong 1995-1997 Jamie Leong 1969-1969 Jennifer Leong Judy Leong 1955-1959 Marci Leong 1973-1976 Marge Leong 1955-1960 Tami Leong 1970-1974 Trixie Leong 1952-1952 Victoria Leong 2005-2005 Anita Leung 2008-2008 Anna Leung 1997-1999 Deanna Leung 1981-1988 Kara Leung 1999-2001 Li Leung 1999-1999 Li Ming Leung 1997-2002 Melissa Leung 2000-2007 Anna Lew 1962-1962 Audrey Lew 1967-1969 Carla Lew 1974-1980 Cynthia Lew 1971-1974 Deannie Lew 1983-1989 Debra Lew 1968-1968 Diana Lew 1964-1966 Doreen Lew 1958-1962 Doris Lew 1952-1952 Eleanor Lew 1957-1962 Ellen Lew 1964-1964 Jennifer Lew 1959-1962 Katherine Lew 1967-1969 Laura Lew 1967-1968

Ronni Lee 2003-2008 Sandra Lee 1971-1975 Sharon Lee 1964-1967 Siqi Lee 1993-1997 Susan Lee 1990-1990 Tara Lee 1990-1991 Vivian Lee 1972-1975

Louise Lew 1968-1968 Michele Lew 1995-2001 Nancy Lew 1977-1978 Nancy Lew 1980-1980 Pearl Lew 1962-1964 Sherri Lew 1961-1962 Suzanne Lew 1970-1971

Susan Lewey 1969-1969 Diane Li 1990-1991 Feng (Annie) Li 1997-1999 Mei Zhen Li 2010-2010 Sharon Li 2011-Present Laren Liang 1990-1991 Julie Liaw 1998-1999 Anna Lim 2005-2005 Dorene Lim 1980-1988 Jodina Lim 1980-1984 Linda Lim 1989-1989 Naegwen Lim 1981-1981 Sou Chorn Lim 1981-1981 Sue Lim 1981-1981 Linda Lioe 1988-1991 Carling Liu 1989-1991 Julia Liu 1974-1976 Xiu Wei Liu 2001-2001 Zina Liu 1989-1991 Cindy Lo 1987-1987 Kia Lo 2001-2001 Tiffany Lo 1997-1997 Betty Lock 1962-1964 Connie Lock 1977-1977 Anne Locke 1952-1957 Betsy Locke 1977-1979 Betty Locke Beverly Locke 1971-1971 Brenda Locke 1969-1972 Cindy Locke 1984-1984 Debbie Locke 1976-1979 Ella Locke 1952-1952 Jannie Locke 1963-1964 Julie Locke 1986-1986 Karen Locke 1967-1972 Lila Locke 1969-1969 Mary Locke 1955-1958 Miriam Locke 1964-1964 Susan Locke 1984-1984 Sylvia Locke 1976-1976 Myra Loo 1988-1988 Amy Look 1991-1998 Donna Lou 1971-1973 Carol Louie 1976-1977 Diane Louie 1976-1977 Jane Louie 1971-1974 Kay Louie 1972-1976 Kennedi Louie 2010-Present Mei Louie 2010-2010 Michelle Louie 1989-1992 Mimi Louie 1967-1967 Rita Louie 2000-2002 Sandra Louie 1978-1980 Serena Louie 1972-1977 Sharon Louie 1989-1989 Shirley Louie 1972-1973 Susan Louie 1967-1967 Julie Low 1971-1974 Lynette Low 1974-1976

Michelle Low 1990-1991 Beatrice Lu 1959-1964 Daphne Lu 2006-2006 Julie Lu 2006-2006 Karen Lueng 1991-1991 Mei Lueng 1974-1977 Wing Man Lueng 1991-1991 Anna Lui 2008-Present Barbara Lui 1967-1967 Cindy Lui 1999-2002 Monica Lui 2011-Present Stacy Lui 1987-1988 Tami Lui 1971-1973 Tracy Lui 1987-1988 Bettie Luke 1957-1962 Chelsea Luke 1997-1997 Colleen Luke 1967-1969 Connie Luke 1952-1952 Darlene Luke 1957-1962 Donna Luke 1981-1982 Ginelle Luke 1972-1978 Ginger Luke 1963-1966 Gloria Luke 1964-1967 Lauren Luke 1998-1999 Marguerite Luke 1953-1958 Patti Luke 1961-1964 Pauline Luke 1962-1964 Ruby Luke 1952-1953 Susan Luke 1978-1978 Vickye Luke 1957-1962 Wendy Luke 1991-1998 Gloria Lum Jocelyn Lum 1976-1978 Kim Lum 1986-1986 Lin Lum 1986-1986 Nancy Lum 1972-1979 Gloria Lung 1967-1977 Kerry Lung 1970-1979 Lori Lung 1970-1979 Nellie Luo 1999-1999 Boi Luong 2001-2001 Victoria Luong 2001-2001 Faustine Luu 1997-1997 Lin Luu 1990-1991 Nga Hue Luu 1986-1990 Chau Ly 1989-1989 Emily Ly 2005-Present Hoa Ly 1990-1991 Monica Ly 2005-2011 Quanh Ly Tam Ly 2000-2002 Thao Ly 2001-2002 Angela Ma 2007-Present Dana Ma 1999-2002 Donna Ma 1997-1997 Luanna Ma 1998-1999 Maria Ma 1984-1984 Melanie Ma 2005-2010 Yen Ma 1999-2002

still cou 30

Sing Mac 1987-1987 Madison MacKenzie 2007-Present Connie Mah 1969-1970 Kathy Mah 1969-1971 Nancy Mah 1962-1965 Cheryl Mai 1989-1990 Diane Mai 1990-1991 Adrienne Mar 1969-1969 Andrea Mar 1958-1962 Barbara Mar 1967-1970 Barbara Mar 1952-1952 Carol Mar 1952-1952 Carolyn Mar 1959-1962 Cynthia Mar Deanna Mar 1964-1969 Debbie Mar 1967-1967 Dorrienne Mar 1970-1971 Faye Mar 1964-1964 Holly Mar 1972-1979 Jo Ann Mar 1952-1952 Joni Mar 1974-1979 June Mar 1964-1964 Kathy Mar 1967-1972 Lareen Mar 1967-1969 Lindsay Mar 1990-1998 Lisa Mar 1977-1980 Lonnie Mar 1952-1952 Mae Mar 1955-1960 Marilyn Mar 1967-1967 Mimi Mar 1978-1978 Sharon Mar 1952-1952 Sharon Mar 1969-1976 Staci Mar 1975-1979 Sue Mar 1978-1978 Susan Mar 1964-1967 Terri Mar 1980-1980 Tricia Mar 1959-1964 Kathleen Mark 1978-1980 Pam Marr 1985-1991 Connie May 1969-1970 Krista Merca 2010-2010 Erin Miyake 1999-2003 Sarom Moen 1989-1989 Tiffany Morgan 1987-1991 Jessica Mori 1985-1990 Breana Mozzone 2006-2010 Karen Mui 1985-1986 Janet Mun 1957-1962 Jennifer Mun 1972-1976 Jackie Nakata 1997-2002 Kelly Nakata 1997-2002 Monica Nakheua 2004-2004 Taryn Namba 1997-2002 Amy Ng 1997-1999 Annie Ng 2005-2009 Cheryl Ng 1990-1991 Cindi Ng 1993-1997 Jennifer Ng 1989-1991 Jessica Ng 1996-1999 Joyce Ng 1986-1991 Shari Wai-Yun Ng 1986-1986 Sharon Ng 1988-1991 Stephanie Ng 1996-2001 Tiffany Ng 2001-2002 Tran Ng 1994-2002 Belinda Nghiem 2004-2004 Misty Nghiem 2001-2001

Kim Chi Ngo 2005-2010 Nikki Ngo 2006-2006 Stephanie Ngo 2001-2007 Tran Ngo 1996-2001 Crystal Nguyen 2001-2002 Kieu Diem Nguyen 1991-1991 Lan Nguyen 1990-1991 Lily Nguyen 2001-2002 Linh Nguyen 2004-2004 Michelle Nguyen 1998-1999 My Nguyen 1989-1989 Quyen Nguyen 1999-1999 Trang Nguyen 2005-2005 Van Nguyen Amy Nielsen 2006-Present Agnes Ong 1994-1998 Angela Paderes 2002-2002 Michelle Pan 2012-Present Julie Pang 2002-2002 Kimberly Pang 2002-2002 Melissa Pang 1975-1975 Millie Pang 1980-1984 Sue Yon Pang 1955-1955 Kimberlee Pasion 1990-1998 Monica Pasion 1980-1986 Taria Pastores 1975-1978 Hui Bing Peng 2010-2010 Dieu Pham 1999-1999 Van Pham 1989-1989 Diana Phan 2005-2005 Grace Phan 2010-2010 Lisa Phan 2006-2006 Valerie Phanissay 2012-Present Julie Philalay 1991-1998 Lebihn Pho 1981-1981 Kim Thoai Phung 1989-1989 Van Phung 2003-2003 Selina Pittari 2001-2001 Bonnie Pon 1972-1973 Sandra Pon 1972-1973 Shirleen Poo 1977-1978 Connie Poon 1955-1957 Linda Poon 1955-1957 Sophia Price 2007-Present Donna Quach 2001-2002 Gwen Quach 1989-1991 Rose Quach 1996-1997 Diana Quan 1975-1978 Elinore Quan 1971-1974 Janie Quan 1967-1967 Laina Quan 1986-1991 Lillian Quan 1975-1978 Salena Quan 1997-1999 Zina Qui 1989-1989 Diana Ratsamee 2004-2004 Alice Ren 2000-2000 Rachel Renkens 2010-Present Leah Robinson 2002-2002 Crystal Roth 2003-2009 Stephanie Ruan 2003-2007 Fahm Saechao 1984-1989 Katie Saephan 2004-2004 Cheyne Sample 2001-2004 D’Auna Sample 2001-2006 Lia Sampson 1995-2002 Amanda Seachao 2001-2001 Donna Seachao 2001-2001

unting Earline Seid Jeanette Seid Leida Seid 1955-1958 Sula Seid Rebekah Sererns 2007-2009 Stephanie Seung 1961-1964 Tiffany Shen 2001-2002 Bernadette Sheran 2011-Present Kristen Shi 1998-1999 Jeanne Shing Amy Shotwell 2006-2006 Courtney Sims 1997-2003 Shulan Situ 1989-1989 Jade Smith 1984-1989 Courtney Snyder 2010-2010 Leilani Sommers 2003-2007 Natasha Sommers 2003-2003 Tia Sonesouphab 2004-2010 Carrie Soo 1991-1998 Jennifer Soo 1994-1998 Samith Soung 1989-1989 Eleanor Stratton-Clunas 2008-Prsnt Wen Sun 1985-1985 Anita Sung 1981-1981 Linda Suryadi 1982-1984 Taylor Suyama 2008-Present Jayna Suyematsu 2007-Present Kristene Suyematsu 2006-2011 Mandee Szeto 1986-1991 Ellen Ta 2003-2008 Thy Ta 1991-1991 Vi Thao Ta 1990-1991 Fannie Tam 1976-1980 Helen Tam 1980-1980 Laurie Tam 1991-1991 Kathy Tan 1989-1991 Shan Shan Tan 2001-2001 Yin Tan 2001-2001 Robin Tanabe 1982-1982 Deana Tang 1987-1988 Hannah Tang 1990-1998 Jennifer Tang 2011-2011 Jessica Tang 1991-1998 Sue Tang 1976-1977 Celine Tangalin 1976-1976 Lynn Tanglao 1983-1990 Pam Tanglao 1984-1988 Amanda Tao 1982-1984 Janet Tao 1982-1984

Nonie Tao 1978-1978 Shirley Tasanasanta 1979-1979 Tam Thai 1984-1984 Tamsin Teaque 2012-Present Lauren Thompson 1998-1999 Jadie Thorn 1964-1964 Jolene Tom 1971-1978 Kacey Ton 2011-Present Neka Ton 2008-Present Lisa Tong 2004-2004 Rose Toy 1982-1982 Victoria (Vicky) Toy 1962-1965 Amy Tran 1983-1983 Buu Buu Tran 1989-1989 Chau Tran 1989-1989 Cindy Tran 1999-1999 Em Tran 1989-1989 Ha Tran 1991-1991 Hoa Tran 1986-1986 Hong Thu Tran 1989-1991 J.D. Tran 1990-1991 Judy Tran 1997-1997 Kelly Tran 2006-2008 Lien Tran 1983-1983 Mihn Tran 1983-1983 Stacy Tran 1991-1991 Winnie Tran 2010-2010 Sheila Trang Chui 2001-2001 Lin Trinh 2001-2008 Laura Truong 2011-2011 My Truong 1989-1989 Lisa Tsan 2005-2005 Wendy Tse 1997-1997 Connie Tseng 1987-1987 Teri Tsuchiya 1980-1989 Ho-Ying Tsui 2001-2001 Mimy Tu 1999-2002 Hinkwei Tu 2007-Present Nicole Tu 2012-Present Sushen Tu 2003-2010 Dawn Ung 1990-1997 Sue Ung 1981-1981 Teresa Ung 1981-1982 Trinh Van 1987-1987 Mary Vi 1998-2006 Susan Vi 1997-2005 Katie Vick 2010-Present Viet Anh Vo 1989-1989 Kelly Vong 2010-2010


Roll Call: 1,069 Girls & Still Counting! Name and Years Served Chan Voong 2005-2005 Kin Voong 2005-2005 Angelica Vuong 2005-2005 Patricia Wa 1989-1989 Ginger Wah 1964-1964 Marjorie Wah 1967-1970 Shirley Wah 1970-1974 Mai Wakabayashi 1999-1999 Lindsay Wakayama 2002-2007 Michele Wan 1992-1998 Evelyn Wang 1989-1989 Samantha Wang 1987-1988 Jendi Watson 1987-1994 Malisa Wei 2006-2006 Shana Wiley 1986-1986 Ashley Williams 2004-2011 Dana Wing Linda Wing 1964-1967 Maureen Wo-Eng 1995-1998 Alexis Wong 1985-1988 Anita Wong 1971-1971 Ann Wong 1999-1999 Annie Wong 1997-1999 Barbara Wong 1967-1967 Becky Wong 1963-1966 Bing Wong 1973-1976 Brenda Wong 1980-1980 Carol Wong 1999-1999 Carolyn Wong 1967-1967 Christina Wong 1960-1960 Darlene Wong 1975-1975 Dina Wong 1983-1988 Elizabeth Wong 2011-Present Evelyn Wong 1964-1964 Evelyn Wong 1989-1989 Fannie Wong 1952-1953 Georgiana Wong 1959-1962 Glenna Wong 1965-1969 Gloria Wong 1964-1966 Helen Wong 1964-1966 Jackie Wong 1964-1966 Jamie Wong 1989-1991 Janet Wong 1997-2000 Janet Wong 1974-1980 Jeannette Wong 1960-1964 Jennie Wong 1989-1990 Jennifer Wong 2005-2011 Jessica Wong 1995-1999 Jessica L. Wong 1998-1999 Joyce Wong 1960-1964 Joyce Wong 1975-1977 Julie Wong 1974-1975 June Wong 1969-1974 Karen Wong 1970-1974 Kathy Wong Lander Wong 1975-1976 Leslie Wong 1999-2004 Letitia Wong 1976-1980 Lily Wong 1963-1966

Lily Wong 1996-1999 Lily Wah Wong 1997-1999 Linda Wong 1964-1964 Mabel Wong 1957-1962 Maggie Wong 2001-2008 Mandy Wong 1996-1999 Marianne Wong 1989-1991 Marlene Wong 1967-1967 Mary Wong 1953-1957 May Wong 1952-1952 May Wong 1986-1986 Mellissa Wong 2005-2011 Nicole Wong 2010-Present Paula Wong 1958-1962 Penny Wong 1957-1962 Raimi Wong 2000-2000 Ruth Wong 1957-1962 Sandra Wong 1957-1957 Sharon Wong 1964-1964 Sharon B. Wong 1963-1969 Shirley Wong 1952-1952 Shirley Wong 1969-1969 Stacy Wong 1980-1980 Sue Wong 1964-1964 Tana Wong 1970-1970 Teri Wong 1984-1984 Tesse Wong 1977-1980 Tina Wong 1980-1980 Traci Wong 1971-1971 Traci Wong 1988-1988 Tracy Wong 1981-1982 Tricia Wong 1981-1982 Vanessa Wong 1992-2000 Victoria (Vicky) Wong 1958-1962 Victoria Wong 1999-1999 Virginia Wong 1657-1962 Wendee Wong 1961-1964 Anita Woo 1967-1967 Anni Woo 1997-2004 Brenda Woo 2001-2004 Carly Woo 2006-Present Charlene Woo 1955-1960 Christy Woo 1967-1967 Debbie Woo 1969-1971 Diana Woo 1998-1999 Gin Lin Woo 1963-1966 Grace Woo 1952-1954 Helen Woo 1977-1978 Jaida Woo 2010-Present Jeanne Woo 1955-1960 Jeanne Woo 1970-1970 Karli Woo 2006-2010 Lai Ping Woo 1962-1965 Lilly Woo 1956-1962 Madeline Woo 1960-1963 Maggie Woo 1991-1991 Marilyn Woo 1957-1962 May Woo 1980-1980 Mee Woo 1979-1980

Pam Woo 1971-1971 Pauline Woo 1953-1958 Shari Woo 1967-1970 Sheila Woo 1953-1963 Sherry Woo 1956-1959 Shirley (Foon) Woo Susana Woo 2001-2002 Tanya Woo 1990-1991 Tara Woo 2006-2007 Taylor Woo 2009-Present Teresa Woo 1964-1967 Teri Woo 2002-2002 Yeanna Woo 1967-1967 Hilari Woo-Lundquist 1998-1999 Kelsie Woo-Tsang 2000-2005 Angela Woon 1977-1980 Priscilla Woon 1978-1979 Cassandra Wu 2012-Present Cecilia Wu 2012-Present Judy Wu 2010-Present Patricia Wu 1989-1989 Qiyi Wu 2010-2010 Theresa Wu 2006-Present Xin-Yan Wu 2011-Present Yiling Wu 1989-1990 Mei Xu 1989-1991 Carly Yamamoto 2006-Present Susan Yang 1987-1981 Elise Yaplee 1996-2000 Alice Yee 1964-1968 Alissa Yee 1977-1980 Cindy Yee 1984-1988 Clara Yee 1957-1962 Debbie Yee 1978-1978 Edna Yee 1957-1962 Jeannie Yee 1963-1967 Judy Yee 1967-1967 Julie Yee 1984-1988 Lily Yee 1957-1957 May Yee 1988-1988 Pearl Yee 1991-1991 Sandra Yee 1980-1980

Savanna Yee 2010-2010 Sharleen Yee 1960-1964 Theresa Yee 1984-1989 Deirdre Yen 1974-1975 Tracy Yen 1979-1983 Janelle Yeung 1990-1998 Jennifer Yih 1975-1976 Joanne Yih 1977-1977 Leslie Yim 1978-1978 Michelle Yim 1983-1983 Barbi Yip 1985-1986 Candy Yip 1967-1967 Elaine Yip 1975-1976 Holly Yip 1985-1988 Jeanette Yip 1969-1972 Robin Yip 1969-1972 Christine Yoshihara 1990-1991 Katie Yoshihara 1997-1998 Colleen Young 2001-2001 Marisa Young 1993-1998 Arianna Yu 2008-Present Carmen Yu 2006-2008 Cathy Yu 1991-1991 Jennifer Yu 2003-2003 Marian Yu 2003-2003 Silvia Yu 2001-2002 Sophy Yu 2008-Present Alisa Yuen 1984-1987 Allyson Yuen 1985-1987 Landy Yuen 1986-1987 Linda Yuen 1983-1983 Mae Yuen 1981-1985 Mae Loon Yuen 1985-1985 Mae Toon Yuen 1983-1983 Shirley Yuen 1953-1953 Susanna Yuen 1996-1999 Annie Zeng 2007-Present Ivy Zeng Katie Zhong 2006-Present Sophia Zhou 2003-2007 Yin Zhu 2010-2011



Special Awards Inspiration Award

The inspiration award was established in 1974 in memory of Margie Wah, a Drill Team member whose life ended prematurely. Each year, Drill Team members vote for the girl who best exemplifies the qualities that Margie demonstrated: caring, commitment, and selflessness. Each honoree is presented with an individual plaque with her name on it. 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985

Sharon Mar Kerry Lung Chrissy Chinn Lori Lung Nancy Lum Sue May Eng Carla Lew Sheryl Chinn Cindy Eng Donna Lee Joanna Eng Angie Chin

1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997

Dede Leung Teri Tsuchiya Dorene Lim Ginny Eng Susan Yang Jacy Chin Trang Huynh Marianne Wong Cherianne Lee Tiana Chinn Lindsay Mar Kimberlee Pasion

1998 1999 2000 2001 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Janelle Yeung Vanessa Wong Nicole Chinn Perla Josué Stephanie Ngo Jennifer Gee Melissa Leung Tia Sonsouphap Melanie Ma Ashley Williams Carly Yamamoto

Lin Lee Scholarship

Established in 1979, this scholarship is in memory of Lin Lee. Lin was a Drill Team member from 1955-1957. Upon her death, her sister-in-law, Gloria Lum Lee, suggested to Lin’s husband that a fitting tribute to her achievements would be to establish a memorial scholarship fund for a Drill Team senior. After a few months of arrangements, the fund was established in September 1979. The first scholarship was awarded in December 1980 and is awarded during the years the team has graduating high school seniors. 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1989 1990

Carla Lew & Shirley Tasanasanta Sheryl Chinn & Letitia Wong Sandy Chinn & Joanna Eng Deirdre Yen Jodina Lim Millie Pang & Monica Pasion Sheryl Gee & Dede Leung Angie Chin Ginny Eng & Teri Tsuchiya Nga Hue Luu

1991 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 2008 2009 2010 2011

Pam Marr Marianne Wong Jacy Chin Cherianne Lee & Jendi Watson Janelle Yeung & Lindsay Mar Tiana Chinn & Kimberly Pasion Maggie Wong Kim-Chi Ngo Nicole Chin & Melanie Ma Chloe Choi

Art Lum Scholarship

In 2012, we will award the first Art Lum Scholarship. Art Lum’s family has established this scholarship in honor of Uncle Art’s dedication and devotion to the Drill Team for over fifty years. 33

Mothers & Daughters: Going Full Circle The tradition marches on. The continuity, excellence

and tradition of the Drill Team are due largely in part to the remarkable number of second and even third generation members. Former members value the skills they have learned from being part of the team and have encouraged their own daughters to join. We salute you! Linda Chan Grace Fong 2000 Mari Chan (Eng) 1952 Lorena 1967 Doreen 1973 Joanna 1976 Kay Chin (Eng) 1952 Debbie Eng Ko 1967 Amelia Chinn (Wong) 1952 Allyson 1985 Audrey Chinn (Lee) 1961 Tara 1990 Candy Chinn (Pasion) 1955 Monica 1980 Kimberlee 1990 Carolyn Chinn (Leung) Melissa 2000 Joanne Chinn (Tanabe) 1953 Robin 1983 Karen Chinn (Wong) 1952 Letitia 1976 Kathryn Chinn (Dea) 1974 Micaela 2005 Isabela 2008 Marilyn Chinn (Yamamoto) Carly 2006 Marion Chinn (Wong) 1957 Tracy 1981 34

Mary Ellen Chinn (Kogita) 1971 Miyoko 1996 Kiyoko 1998

Donna Eng (Chinn) 1952 Sheri Jo 1967

Valerie Chinn (Hom) 1954 Jonady 1985

Elinore Eng (Yuen) 1952 Alisa 1984 Allyson 1985

Virgina Sue Chinn (Marr) 1955 Pam 1985

Hazel Eng (Leung) 1957 Dede Leung Madden 1980

Norma Chun (Wong) 1952 Traci Wong Jay 1971

Audrey Fong (Kobuki) 1957 Michelle 1985

Sally Mary Deleon 1989 Bernadette Sheran 2011

Lani Fong (Morgan) 1966 Tiffany 1987

Charlene Eng (Ko) 1952 Jana Ko Yamamoto 1971

Isabelle Gonn 1971 Perla Josue 1991

Cordelia Eng (Chinn) 1952 Angie 1984

Nina Gonn 1974 Madison MacKenzie 2007

Donna Chinn and Sheri Chinn, 1972

Sandra Goong (Fukuhara) 1973 Kirsten 2002 Kiki 2011 Shirlee Huey (Mar) 1955 Joni Mar Nakagawa 1974 Paula Mae Huie (Chinn) 1959 Lisa 1982 Shelly 1982 Denise Lee 1957 Cherianne 1989 Jasmine Lee Marina Furuta 1990 Lillian Lee (Hsieh) 1952 Joyce 1975 Trixie Leong (Dong) Jonelle Dong Jue 1971

Stacy Mar (Severns) Rebecca 2007 Susan Mar (Wong) 1964 Vanessa 1993 Janet Mun (Chin) 1957 Angie 1980

Doris Lew (Eng) 1952 Adena Eng Nolet 1984

Linda Poon (Yee) 1955 Debbie 1976 Alisa 1977

Susan Lewey 1969 Rita Louie 2000

Lillian Quan (Woo) 1975 Tara 2006

Beatrice Lu (Smith) 1959 Jade 1984

Stephanie Shen Tiffany 2001

Bettie Luke 1957 Linda Kan 1980

Georgiana Wong (Yip) 1959 Elaine 1975

Gloria Lum (Lee) 1970 Kim 1986 Karen 1986

Glenna Wong (Luke) 1965 Lauren 1998

Gloria Lung (Wakayama) 1967 Lindsay 2002

Janice Wong (Soo) Carrie 1991 Jennifer 1997

Kerry Lung (Chew) 1970 Patty Chew 2005

Joyce Wong (Mar) 1960 Lindsay 1990

Lori Lung (Pang) 1970 Kimberly 2000 Julie 2002

Mabel Wong (Yip) 1957 Barbi Yip Chiu 1985 Holly 1985

Andrienne Mar (Sims) 1969 Courtney 1997

Vicki Wong (Yee) 1958 Sandy 1980

Holly Mar (Chan) 1972 Alexis 2007

Jeannie Woo (Pastores) 1955 Taria Pastores Hawes 1975

Jamie Mar (Namba) Taryn 1997

Pauline Woo (Chinn) 1953 Tricia 1984

Mae Mar (Chin) 1955 Gail 1987

Sherry Woo (Kleiner) 1956 Colleen (Wong) 1980 Michelle (Woo) 1980 B. Kelsie 2000 Taylor 2009 Jaida 2010 Dawn (Artis) 1984 Jordyn 2001 Shirley Foon Woo (Pang) 1952 Melissa Pang Stenoien 1975 Millie Pang Snook 1980 Alice Yee (Louie) 1964 Michelle 1989 Leslie Yim (Gonn) 1978 Megan 2003

Three Generations: Top Row: Colleen Wong, Dawn Artis, Michelle Woo Middle Top: Sherry Kleiner Middle Bottom: B. Kelsie Tsang, Jordyn Artis Bottom Row: Taylor Woo, Jaida Woo 35

A celebration of our 60th Anniversary.

Honor our Past Cherish our Present Support our Future | Seattle, Washington Sponsored by The Chinese Parents’ Service Organization 501(c)(3) #23-7166019

© 2012 sccgdt

SCCGDT 60th Anniversary Booklet  

The Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team Commemorative Booklet celebrating their 60 years of excellence, 1952-2012.