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Dear Parents This is a shorter letter than usual because we celebrated many of this term’s achievements at Speech Day and details were given in the programme then. As always, the weeks since half term have been packed full of activity and I have been very impressed by the way in which pupils have continued to do so much, even in the very hot weather.

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Speech Day and Summer Ball

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Cricket v MCC Scholars’ Play

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Activities Week

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Activities Week

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Examination Results Days

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Summer Concert

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Trips Over the Summer Break Staff News And Finally

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Message from The Chair of the Friends of Chigwell

Speech Day and Summer Ball Thank you to all parents who supported

giving itself took place in the marquee on

events over the weekend. On Friday

guest of honour was Sharath Jeevan OC.

Top Field on Saturday afternoon and the

the various elements of the Speech Day

Following a career in the City, Sharath

afternoon, there was a service of

founded STIR Education which seeks to

celebration in St Mary’s Church led by

support governments of less developed

Chaplain Rev. Gary Scott for pupils in

countries to help teachers improve their

Reception to Year 4, and this was

teaching so that pupils have a better start

followed by a garden party in the Pre

in life. Later in the evening, the annual

Prep. Saturday morning saw two services

Chigwell Ball took place for Middle Sixth

for the remaining Juniors and Seniors, at

leavers and parents from across the

which the preacher was Rev. Mark


Christian, a former army chaplain. Prize-


Cricket v MCC The final cricket match of the season was the 1st XI fixture against the MCC side,

captained by Old Chigwellian Rahul Bhome. The match was drawn and afterwards Rahul presented the Spirit of Cricket Cap to Ben Chillingworth.

Scholars’ Play In spite of the comparatively short

Mr Andy Lewis, plus a very talented

riot from start to finish. With expert


cast, the Neil Simon farce was excellent

rehearsal time, the scholars’ play was a




“California Suite” require great skill and

direction from sixth former Becky

a lot of physical acting to bring them off

Howarth, backed up with the set and

and the cast rose magnificently to the

costumes by Head of Drama, Mr Joe


Maingot, smooth lighting changes from



Activities Week


Examination Results Days A Level - Thursday 16th August

The arrangements will be as follows: •

At 6.30am results will be sent electronically to students

Between 10.00am and 10.30am, Middle Sixth students should come into school to collect hard copies of their results and accompanying letter

From 7.00am onwards Mr Neil Saunders, Mr Simon Coppell and I will be available in school for advice or help The Middle Sixth photograph will be taken at 11.00am

Requests for Priority Re-marks, Access to Scripts and Re-marks can be made through Miss Roxanne Darkin. Please note that the School Bursary will need payment for Priority Re-marks, Access to Scripts and Re-marks prior to the application being submitted. It is vital for pupils that require Priority Re-marks that they have the means to pay on results day. GCSE - Thursday 23rd August

The arrangements will be as follows: • • • •

Between 10.00am and 10.30am the Upper Fifth should come into school to collect their results and accompanying letter – they will also need to confirm their A level subject choices

If, post results day, the student makes an agreed A level subject change they must complete the summer work for this as well as their other A level subjects The Upper Fifth photograph will be taken at 11.00am

At 12 noon results will be published electronically to students and parents for those unable to come into school

Once again, requests for Access to Scripts and Re-marks can be made through Miss Roxanne Darkin. You can wait until we return to school in September to request Access to Scripts and Re-marks, however If you would like to see a photocopied script before making a decision about a re-mark then this must be requested before Friday 31st August. Please note that the School Bursary will need payment for Access to Scripts and Re-marks prior to the application being submitted.


Summer Concert

Once again, the summer concert was an excellent showcase of Senior School musical talent and also an opportunity for Middle Sixth leavers to say farewell and perform for the final time at school.


Trips Over the Summer Break

We wish all those participating in school expeditions over the summer a safe but exciting time and we look forward to hearing all about their adventures on their return.

Over the summer break the choir tour to Catelonia takes place; those undertaking the canoeing expedition for Gold DoE will be travelling to Loch Ness; the scout camp takes

place in the New Forest; the hockey tour to Malaysia and Singapore departs this week,

and then at the end of the holiday the practice Gold DoE walking expedition will also be taking place.

Staff News

As I mentioned in my speech on Saturday, we are saying farewell to a number of colleagues.

Mr Graeme Inch is retiring after an outstanding thirty four years at the School. We are so grateful to him for his contribution in a variety of roles and wish him a long and very happy retirement. Mrs Yasmin Hizer is going to take some time away from teaching to spend time with her son who was born in September. We will miss her and hope very much that she will stay in touch. Mrs Anna Tapper is moving on to the Samuel Ward Academy Trust, where she will be the Primary Maths Project Lead, and Mrs Iram Ahmad has come to the end of her maternity cover and is moving to a permanent position at Woodford County High School.

And Finally

At the end of another busy year, I hope all Chigwell families will be able to have some time off. Some students are leaving us and we hope that they will stay in touch, but thank you to all of you for your support once again this year. With best wishes Yours sincerely

Michael Punt

I will give details of all new staff in the September letter.


Message from The Chair of the Friends of Chigwell Well, that was a year, wasn’t it! It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that all those fresh faces started a new school year. Since then, the FoC has been busier than ever. The events in 2018 were many and varied, and included fabulous highlights such as KS1 and KS2 Film Nights, Pop-Up Mother’s Day Shop, theatre trips to see the amazing Kinky Boots and Dream Girls, Easter egg hunts, the most fabulous inaugural Bollywood Ball and sports days.

None of this could have happened without the tireless support and hard work of the full FoC committee; parents, teachers and grandparents alike. Early mornings, late nights, weekends, in the cold, wet and scorching sunshine. Tea-making to marquee setting up, pre-loved uniform washing and ironing to cake baking and huge shops at the cash and carry. Your time is precious, given freely and generously, and for that, we are very grateful.

Our Pre-Loved Uniform shop continues to go from strength to strength. Dates and opening times will be posted via Chigwell Post parent mails, in the Chronicle and within the FoC pages of the Chigwell School website. This school year to date, takings from the PreLoved Shop are in excess of £3,000. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made a donation and please do keep them coming. Drop-off points are at any of the school Receptions with Mrs Kerry Horn in the Pre Prep, Mrs Kirstie Lee at the Junior School and Mrs Myrtle Scannell in the Senior School. All sizes and ages are most welcome, good quality, clean and with any name badges removed please.

New events continue to be discussed with the School. If you have any great ideas, suggestions, or donations, would like to join the team, or just come and have a cuppa with us, please get in touch @ You would be most welcome to attend any of the future FoC meetings; please email us for dates and further information. When we work as a team we achieve great things. The FoC would very much like to thank you; without you, the parents, families and wider Chigwell community who support events, bake, make, take and donate, this just would not happen. We are so very lucky at Chigwell School to have such generous and involved families, the support and generosity of each and every one of you makes a real difference and is hugely appreciated.

This academic year we have raised a staggering £19,600 and we are delighted to announce that the FoC contribution of £19,000 is being put to excellent use. As of 13th July, a new Junior School playground is being installed. This will provide a much needed and requested, engaging space for the children. All will be up and running in the new term in September.

Thank you from all of the FoC Team and best wishes to you all for a wonderful summer break in this amazing weather. We very much look forward to seeing you all, sun-kissed and refreshed in September.


TERM DATES 2018 2018 Michaelmas Term Staff meetings and INSET on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th September First day: Wednesday 5th September Half term: Saturday 20th October to Sunday 4th November Term ends: Friday 14th December

HM Letter to Parents July 2018  
HM Letter to Parents July 2018