CJDS 2020-21 End of Year Report

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“If I am not for myself, who am I? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?” rabbi hillel ?h,nht ,uhafg tk otu ?hbt vn ,hnmgk hbtafu ?hk hn ,hk hbt iht ot

2020–2021 End of Year Report

2020–2021 End of Year Report

message from our head of school Dear friends, Incredibly, by the time you receive this report, it will be almost two years from the day we closed school for the pandemic. When considering a message for this report, my initial thought was: We survived the pandemic, isn’t that enough? But then, I realized that although it might be true, dayenu — that would have been enough — we did so much more. The story of navigating the pandemic is only the prologue. At the heart of last year’s storyline is how our faculty came to school to teach in person even before vaccines were available, and how our students wore masks, socially distanced, and more often than not, were learning in a tent outside instead of in the comfort of their classroom. The theme of our report this year should be: resilience and perseverance, and how CJDS remained committed to academic excellence, grounded in educational research, and driven by best practice. Over the past two years, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to exceed our annual giving goals. Our faculty and staff continued their professional development. Our Hebrew and Judaic Studies teachers worked with Hebrew at the Center in order to strengthen our Hebrew Language program, and our General Studies teachers delved into Reggio Emilia and the principles of inquiry learning. Together, our faculty found new ways to integrate the disciplines, and we instituted new software and online programs to help us become a more efficient operation. Chicago Jewish Day School offers a challenging and thought-provoking curriculum that develops a child’s capacity for complex learning and a strong moral compass. As a result, 95% of our graduates are accepted to their firstchoice high school, including Chicago’s competitive selective enrollment, private schools, and our strong Jewish high schools, where they become leaders in their schools and communities. All of this remained true despite the challenges of last year. Our school theme for the 2020–2021 school year was taken from the words attributed to Rabbi Hillel: “Im ein a-ni li, me li? Uch’she-a-ni l’atz-mi, mah a-ni? V’im lo ach-shav, ei-ma-tai? If I am not for myself, who am I? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?” These ancient words could not have felt more relevant than in 2020–2021. They eerily resonated with us as we took care of ourselves and by extension, the entire community. As we look to the future, I know that our students will carry lessons with them from this period as they navigate the world. I am amazed and inspired by our community. This report would not be complete without expressing appreciation to our faculty, staff, and administrators as well as to our parents and Board of Trustees. A special shout-out is in order to our Board President and chair of our Medical Task Force, Dr. Stacy Raviv, who along with our School Nurse, Rebecca Tessler, and our medical task force members, spent countless hours guiding us through the pandemic (and it’s not over). Last but certainly not least, thank you to JUF and the foundations who support us as well as every one of you, our individual donors. Thank you for your generosity and, in many cases, increased gifts, in these unprecedented times. Enjoy the report! B’shalom,

Judy Finkelstein-Taff


message from our board president thank you to the 2020 –2021 parent committee Co-Coordinators

Robyn Bloomberg & Claudia Sapir Chesed Committee

Jonathan Edelman, Jennifer Loeb, & Robyn Reise Room Parents

Junior Kindergarten Anna Labat & Libby Smoler Kindergarten Annie Grossman & Nicole Presperin Grade One Lisa Danziger & Jamie Gliksberg Grade Two Caroline Berkowitz & Xuan-Vu Nguyen Grade Three David Shalkow & Sarah Steuerman Grade Four Amy Eisenstein & Erica Fleischer Grade Five Ariel Barbick & Sherri Kushner Grade Six Rachel Gottlieb & Liz Holland Grade Seven Jennifer Seidner

Dear CJDS family, To state the obvious, it was a tough year. To all parents, students, faculty, staff, and board, I say thank you. Thank you for keeping your children home with minor sniffles, for waiting in lines for COVID tests, for showing up, and for putting on a smile when your inner self wasn’t feeling the joy. I am filled with gratitude for all of you: all of the people who entered (or didn’t enter) the doors of 3730 North California Avenue, so that our children could continue to thrive safely in the midst of an uncertain global environment. Most children in Chicago and beyond were not as lucky as ours. As COVID-19 impacted businesses and families, Chicago Jewish Day School moved forward. We increased our enrollment for the 2020–2021 school year; we met and surpassed our Annual Campaign goals; and our faculty and staff adapted to teaching in an atmosphere of social distancing and cohorting. Our teachers continued to gain knowledge through participation in a number of pedagogic programs, including Hadar Institute’s Pedagogy of Partnership, Hebrew at the Center’s Leading in Hebrew, independent math consultation, Reggio Emilia, inquiry learning, iTal Am, and Facing History. In doing so, our teachers demonstrated CJDS’s value of lifelong learning.

Chairs, Mishloach Manot

We have a lot to be proud of. At the top of the list is our unwillingness to settle for the status quo. While CJDS can celebrate the achievements of the 2020–2021 school year, we continue to ask how we might aim even higher. As a team, we will do just that.

Elisheva Beller, Alina & Eric Groth, & Robyn Reise

Celebrating all Rams,

Grade Eight Malia Prystowsky

Chairs, Honey Fundraiser

Cara Gutstein & Tamar Shapira Chairs, Faculty, and Staff Appreciation

Robyn Bloomberg, Brooke Herszage, & Effie Ross


2020–2021 End of Year Report

Stacy Raviv

our 18th anniversary


n the fall of 2003, Chicago Jewish Day School opened its doors at St. Alphonsus Academy to seven kindergarten students. CJDS celebrated its 18th anniversary during the 2020–2021 school year! The celebrations kicked off in December at a special Kabbalat Shabbat in honor of our outstanding faculty and staff. In February, the community came together to celebrate virtually. With ice cream sundae kits, attendees went on a journey through the last 18 years. Among the highlights was hearing from many alumni about their takeaways from their time at CJDS. Families participated in a beautiful art project to mark the milestone by designing tiles, which were put together in a permanent art installation. The tiles show the diversity of our community and how beautiful we all look as one.

Chicago Jewish Day School Through the Years Follow the timeline below to read highlights from our journey of educating our children in the richness of their past, the diversity of their present, and the possibilities for their future. early meetings • 2001–2002

early meetings • 2002–2003

year 1 • 2003–2004 • 7 students

Feasibility Study for a multi-denominational Jewish day school in the city of Chicago

First office housed at Temple Sholom

First day of school at St. Alphonsus

First CJDS Open House held at Temple Sholom

Opened Kindergarten

Partner for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE) Assessment and First Grant Application

First staff and educational consultants hired

First Culmination — many, many, many more to follow

Vision Workshop Formation of the Board and its committees

CJDS logo and branding developed to best reflect the mission Parlor meetings held throughout Chicago and Evanston


year in review


he 2020–2021 school year brought the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic but also showed the strength, resiliency, and innovation of Chicago Jewish Day School. Thanks to our thoughtful faculty and administration, students continued to receive the rich education that CJDS offers. The students brought so much joy to the building and helped lift up the adults in their midst during this unusual year. Highlights included:

Professional Development Despite the obstacles, the faculty continued to find creative ways to teach curriculum and participated in professional development opportunities throughout the year. CJDS faculty spent time learning how to enhance Hebrew language instruction through Hebrew at the Center’s Leading in Hebrew, delving into the relationship with text through the Hadar Institute’s Pedagogy of Partnership program, and enhancing their understanding and application of inquiry learning thanks to a grant from JUF’s Day School Innovation Fund. Shinshinim CJDS was incredibly fortunate to host four shinshinim (Israeli emissaries), who came to Chicago for a pre-army year. Yoni, Tomer, Chen, and Dvir infused the school with enthusiasm and enhanced holiday programming, Hebrew, and Israel education. They planned and executed a wonderful “Israel in Illinois” trip for the Grade Eight students in place of their traditional trip to Israel.

Community Building Despite the limitations on social gatherings, community building remained a priority both in and out of school. Opportunities for coming together included: Sukkah Hop, CJDS’s 18th Anniversary Virtual Celebration, a school-wide Simchat Torah, a Yom HaAtzmaut celebration featuring the Grade Eight daglanut (flag) performance, Purim, a mock election, and a drive-in movie night. Medical Task Force Thanks to the Medical Task Force, CJDS addressed the ever-changing COVID-19 protocols head on. The task force was composed of medical professionals as well as CJDS faculty and staff. The medical professionals were on the front lines of COVID-19 and lent their expertise to CJDS, allowing the school to make decisions grounded in the latest knowledge and research. The faculty and staff gave their perspective as those who would be implementing these protocols. Thank you to: Dr. Elizabeth “Libby” Alpern, Dr. Stacy Raviv, Dr. Nathan Sandalow, Dr. Dylan Slotar, Nurse Rebecca Tessler, Dr. Sarah Unterman, and Dr. Daniel Wachter. We also thank our faculty and staff representatives for stepping up: Tamar Cytryn, Liz Erlich, Judy FinkelsteinTaff, Jen Katz, Jill Kushnir LeVee, Susie Lorge, Sarah Palmer, Rachel Pickus, and Jennifer Saba. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion CJDS faculty and staff participated in a National SEEDS (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) Project training to strengthen the school’s work in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Additionally, CJDS added affinity groups for Parents of Children of Color, LGBTQ+ Families, and Solo Parents.

year 2 • 2004–2005 • 20 students

year 3 • 2005–2006 • 35 students

year 4 • 2006–2007 • 51 students

Added Junior Kindergarten and Grade One

Added Grade Two

Added Grade Three

Passover seder with guests from St. Alphonsus

Moved to Emanuel Congregation

First Grandparents and Special Friends Day

First Tashlich on the beach of Lake Michigan

First Fundraising Event — Wicked

First Rabbis’ Round Table

Rabbi Joe Black Concert featuring CJDS students


2020–2021 End of Year Report

learning in action snapshots Reggio Emilia-Inspired Kindergarten In our Reggio Emilia-inspired Kindergarten, we believe that students are capable, strong, curious, and creative. Starting at the beginning of the school year, Kindergarten students showed interest in the ongoing study of restaurants and food trucks through their play. They used a student’s food truck (built at home) as a foundation for their restaurant. Many created badges and other equipment to represent their jobs in the restaurant. Others used various recycled materials to make food, cash registers, and currency.

year 5 • 2007–2008 • 76 students

When shinshin Tomer learned of the Kindergarteners’ interests in restaurants, he embraced the opportunity to share images and stories about his favorite Israeli restaurant, Miznon. This inspired students to create a chalkboard menu and make food through the language of mixed media. They voted on the name “Electric Thunderbolt (hknaj erc)” for their food truck and designed a sign.

year 6 • 2008–2009 • 103 students

year 7 • 2009–2010 • 118 students

Added Grade Four

Added Grade Five

Added Grade Six

Founders at Five event and school-wide Aladdin event at Emerald City to celebrate five years

Parent Committee formalizes its goals and objectives

Middle School opened

Parent Committee First Annual Honey Sale Website goes live

Morah Penina Berdugo is awarded the 2008 Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award of Excellence in Jewish Education

Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) Provisional Accreditation issued to CJDS City Park, a new neighborhood playground, opened in partnership with CJDS 5

learning in action snapshots


Arts and Tikkun Olam in Middle School Throughout the pandemic, the Middle School Arts Program has taken to heart the important role that the arts play in uniting us, building community, and reminding us that we’re not alone. Instead of a musical this year, students created a Tikkun Olarts Gallery, blending Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) with art. Each student chose an area that they were passionate about and created art that would put some good into the world, create change, or amplify voices that need to be heard.

Geography and Social Studies in Grade Four During the Grade Four Trip Across America, students virtually traveled west to east along a U.S. interstate route and explored various states, Jewish points of interest, and tourist attractions along the way. As the curriculum at CJDS is integrated, students took off on a virtual Trip Across Israel at the same time. Students honed their research, technology, and collaboration skills as they worked to create presentations about the places they discovered.

year 8 • 2010–2011 • 139 students

Student works ranged from oration to microcalligraphy, film-making, sculpture, carpentry, and even tie-dye (to name a few), all with a unique message suited to their artist and intended to bring about Tikkun Olam.

year 9 • 2011–2012 • 164 students

Added Grade Seven

Added Grade Eight

Campus expanded to the Bayit, Blue House

CJDS video wins PEJE recognition

Awarded ISACS Accreditation

First CJDS Middle School Musical

CJDS receives its first Torah

First Shlichim, Emissaries from Israel, arrive

First Grade Eight Graduation

First Grade Eight trip to Israel


2020–2021 End of Year Report

Mindfulness and Yoga Yoga teacher Mara Zimmerman taught yoga and mindfulness throughout the year as a way to offer COVID-19 safe exercise and help students deal with the stress of the pandemic. Yoga is a mind-body exercise that naturally lends itself to relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation, which are much needed resources, especially during these times. Students also got back to basics and kept it simple, creating a peaceful zen rock garden with painted rocks that they made to enhance the sacredness of the space. Hebrew letters were tied in with yoga poses, breath, and Jewish ideas.

year 10 • 2012–2013 • 181 students 10th Anniversary Raised over $1.2 million through our first community-wide fundraising event Created our school mascot, The CJDS Ram

Bringing Literacy to Life in Grade One Throughout the Grade One unit on author Kevin Henkes, students spent time sequencing each Kevin Henkes book they read by discussing the order of events in the stories. After reading the book Bailey Goes Camping, the Grade One students participated in their own camping trip by recreating Bailey’s activities. The activities took place in the same order Bailey experienced them in the book, allowing the students to practice their sequencing skills in a more interactive way. Since this wonderful day was shared over Zoom, the Grade One students got to showcase their creativity by creating their own tents, finding ways to go swimming or fishing, reenacting an adventure with bears around their home, and making s’mores while resting “under the stars.”

year 11 • 2013–2014 • 197 students Expanded our campus onto a third site, CJDS Darom (St. Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Church), which housed our Middle School students Judy Finkelstein-Taff, Head of School, receives the 2013 Covenant Award First CJDS Basketball, Volleyball and Cross Country teams

year 12 • 2014–2015 • 208 students Over 50 students in our Middle School Launched CJDS Bus Transportation with three buses, offering multiple stops spanning from Downtown Chicago to Skokie Identified CJDS’s future home on California Avenue First CJDS Grade Eight Israel Extension Trip added to the Ta’am Yisrael trip


alumni achievements Our alumni classes of 2018–2021 were admitted to and/or attend the following high schools: Boston Ballet School Beacon Academy Chicago Academy for the Arts Evanston Township High School Ida Crown Jewish Academy Jones College Prep High School Lane Tech College Prep, Alpha and Omega Programs Latin School of Chicago Lincoln Park High School, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, IB, and Double Honors Programs North Shore Country Day Niles North High School Northside College Prep High School Rochelle Zell Jewish High School Whitney M. Young High School Wolcott College Prep

year 13 • 2015–2016 • 212 students Capital Campaign kicks off with a generous gift of $10 million from the Crown Family

Our alumni classes of 2014–2017 are attending the following universities: American University Brandeis University Carlton College Case Western Reserve University Colby College Colgate University The Columbia-JTS Joint Program DePaul University Elon University Emory University George Washington University Indiana University Johns Hopkins University Lawrence Tech University McGill University Muhlenberg College New England Center for Circus Arts Northeastern University Northwestern University Princeton University Rochester Institute of Technology Skidmore University Stanford University Tulane University

year 14 • 2016–2017 • 212 students Demolition at our New CJDS Campus completed First alumni class begins first year in college Graduated our largest class to date with 22 students


2020–2021 End of Year Report

University of California, Los Angeles University of Chicago University of Colorado at Boulder University of Denver University of Illinois University of Maryland University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Pennsylvania University of Toronto University of Vermont Washington University in St. Louis Wesleyan University

Our alumni participated in the following gap year programs: Hevruta, a program of the Shalom Hartman Institute Kol Ami, Jewish Peoplehood Leadership Academy Mechinat Telem, the Reform Movement Gap Year Nativ, USCJ’s College Leadership Program in Israel Tivnu, Jewish Gap Year in the Pacific Northwest Young Judaea Year Course

year 15 • 2017–2018 • 223 students Celebrated our New Campus Construction on September 7, 2017 with over 200 people Moved to our New Campus on April 9, 2018

• Over the summer, alum Avital Strauss (above right) rode her bike 2,679 miles across the United States from Charleston, South Carolina to San Diego, California.

CJDS Alumni are Making a Difference in Their Communities and in the World • Alum Felix Rosen (above left) spent the summer working at Urban Adamah, an educational farm that integrates the practices of Jewish tradition, mindfulness, sustainable agriculture, and social action. • Alum Talia Alpert spent the year on Tivnu, a 9-month Jewish social justice gap year program. • Alum Eli Stone spent a gap year working in leadership roles on political campaigns in Wisconsin and Evanston.

year 16 • 2018–2019 • 217 students Opened the state-of-the-art brand new nature’s playscape, including The Dr. Carol Fuchs Kaufman Playground and the Perlow Family Sports Court Reaccredited by ISACS

• Alumni Gillian Rosenberg, Marc Luban, Jacob Kline, Mia Strubel Iram, and Ariana Handelman participated in gap year programs in Israel. • Alumni Eden Berke, Sarah Bloom, Alana Newberger, and Willa Zimmerman worked as CJDS Fellows during the 2020-2021 school year, lending a helping hand to their alma mater during the pandemic. • Alumni Willa Zimmerman, Maya Gordon-Gutterman, Alana Newberger, and Nikki LeVee (below, left to right) completed Yoga teacher certification with Alumni Parent and current Yoga teacher Mara Zimmerman.

year 17 • 2019–2020 • 227 students In response to COVID-19, CJDS seamlessly transitioned to an eLearning platform while supporting the social-emotional needs of students

year 18 • 2020–2021 • 237 students 18th Anniversary CJDS opened safely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to a medical task force, made up of CJDS parents who are medical professionals on the front lines of COVID-19, along with faculty, staff, and administration representatives 9

2020–2021 financials


n 2020–2021, Chicago Jewish Day School’s budget was $6.56 million. The school’s Annual Campaign raised a record $2.33 million. Thank you to the many donors who helped CJDS manage the extra costs that the pandemic brought.





11% 4%


3% 1%

1% 64%


■ Net Tuition Revenue ■ Donor Support ■ Other ■ Jewish Federation Grants and Allocations

■ Program ■ Management & General ■ Occupancy ■ Fundraising ■ Security ■ Transportation

Annual Campaign Funding Sources

Donor Support


14% 22%


4% 4% 4%



3% 36%

■ Individual Gifts ■ Restricted Gifts ■ JUF ■ Grants ■ Endowment


2020–2021 End of Year Report


■ Grants ■ Community ■ Board ■ Parents ■ Grandparents ■ Endowment ■ Alumni Parents, Faculty & Staff, Companies

navigating the pandemic


hanks to generous donors, Chicago Jewish Day School was able to meet all of the additional needs that our students, families, faculty and staff required during the pandemic. We are especially grateful to the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, Northwest Home for the Aged/Park Plaza, Phillip Leonian & Edith Rosenbaum Leonian Charitable Trust, the Cope Family, and an anonymous donor who provided one-time additional support that allowed CJDS not only to open its doors, but to thrive in the midst of a challenging period. Through these generous gifts, we were able to fund: • • • • • • • •

6 tents 240 outdoor chairs 141 computer and tablet devices 47 voice amplifiers 3,600 wipes 3,000 masks 12 CJDS Fellows 237 happy CJDS students

Additional Expenses Due to COVID-19


6% 5%

2% 2%


■ Personnel ■ Transportation ■ Facilities ■ Technology ■ Testing ■ PPE


thank you • vcr vsu, “I learned that no matter how young I am, I can make an impact on this world.” isabel rosenberg, cjds cl ass of 2020


hank you, Todah Rabah, to over 300 donors who helped Chicago Jewish Day School meet the needs of our community in every way. With your support, we raised over $2.3 million that enabled CJDS to continue to thoughtfully educate students. We are truly grateful. 2020 –2021 annual campaign AbbVie Turi Ryder Adams & Scott Adams Administration of Children & Families Staff Agudath Israel of Illinois Laura Magid-Aloni & Kuti Aloni Fran & Bernie, z”l Alpert Andrea & Daniel Alpert Judy & Michael Altman AmazonSmile Joseph Ament Robin & Michael Anderson Anonymous (2) Deborah & Max Barack Susan Litoff & Judy Bard


2020–2021 End of Year Report

Amy Kohn & John Bausch Bonnie & Aaron Becker Ruby Bender Alice & Brian Benjamin James Berger Robert Berger Stacy & Howie Berk Hzn. Elizabeth & Hzn. Steven Berke Joan Berke Elizabeth Alpern & Michael Berkwits Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann & Henry Bernstein Aliza & Ricardo Bielak Chava Alpert & Michael Bloom Pam & Steve Bloomberg Robyn & Mike Bloomberg Lynn Zelkowicz & Richard Braman Xuan-Vu Nguyen & Todd Braman Naomi Shapiro & Adam Braun Hilary & Enric Braun Stephanie & Joshua Braun Kate Burstein Alan Bush Leslie Dossey & David Bush Carole & Jim Cader Carylon Foundation Millie Wolkowicz & George Chaitkin

Lindy Hirschsohn & Christopher Coetzee Jen & Charles Cohen Marta Steele & Stuart Cohen Rabbi Shoshanah Conover & Damien Conover Cortney Stark Cope & Jonathan Cope Miriam Cope Ronald Cope The Crown Family Tamar & Jacob Cytryn Efrat Dallal Lisa Danziger Leelach DeKoven Orley Moskovits Desser & David Desser Susan Dickman Al Dorevitch Lisa & Stuart Drucker Shirley & Howard Dvorin Bill Gagliard & Jonathan Edelman Arlene & Irving Ehrlich Amy & Russ Eisenstein Elrod Friedman LLP Jennifer & David Elyashar Sara & Chaim Emanuel Liz & Seth Erlich Lila & Gordon Fain Dorson Family Natalie Blitt & Rabbi Josh Feigelson Kathy & Steven Feiger Darlynn & Tom Fellman Courtney Feuer & Kris Himebaugh Sylvia & Israel Finger Sharon Roosevelt & David Finkelstein Judy Finkelstein-Taff Judy & Ken Fleischer Erica & Benjamin Fleischer

Sheri & Charles Fox Keren Fraiman-Stieber & Eitan Stieber Benjamin Frank Rachel Gottlieb & Tony Frank Andrea Friedman Benjamin Friedman Ilana & Ari Gafni Iris & Adam Gafni-Kane Diana Garcia Debra Gassman Beverly & Merrill Gassman Ruth Gelb Betsy Gidwitz Jacqueline Gilbert Esther Gilfillan Evolve Giving Group Alexandra Glancy Daniela & Jacques Gliksberg Jamie & Manuel Gliksberg Gofen & Glossberg, LLC Deborah & Ari Goldberg Marcy Goldman Karen & Jay Goodgold Lily Goodman Google, Inc. Barbara Gordon Marla Gordon Maya Gordon-Guterman Ashlyn & Daniel Gorlin Gorlin Family Foundation Risa Graff Barbi & Jared Green Hilary & Allan Greenberg Malkah & Avi Groner Moriah Bradley & Assaf Grumberg Cara & Joshua Gutstein Solomon Gutstein Charles Gwirtsman Maya & Oded Hadani Max & Jacob Handelman

Chani Harris David Harris Nina Black & Avery Hart Anna Hartman Pat & Marshall, z”l Hartman Sara & Jonathan Hartman-Seeskin Bernard Heerey Family Foundation Tamar & Robert Heller Marcie Hemmelstein, z”l & David Drew Marcia & Robert Hershfield Brooke & Bruno Herszage Rebecca Herszage Esther Feldman & Hugo Hervitz Leeatt Rothschild & Micky Hervitz Danit Steinbach & David Hirsch Lorri & Sydney Hochman Linda & Michael Hoffenberg Harri Hoffmann Family Foundation, Inc. Elizabeth Holland Louise Holland Judy & Arnold Horwich IBM Michael Simon & Yehuda Jacobi Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Rosebud (Sam) Johnson JRB Charitable Foundation Elaine & Gil Kanter Nelson & Michele Kanter Faye Kroshinsky & Bennett Kaplan Geraldine Kaplan Pamela Kaplan Reva Nelson & Daniel Kaplan Peggy & Sid Kaz Jacqueline & Sheldon Kimel Anna Shifrina & Vladmir Kleiman Wendy Kline The Morris & Dolores Kohl Kaplan Fund of the Dolores & Kohl Education Foundation Debra Korman Renee & David Kozin Kerana & Avram Kraft Patty Hermann & Manny Krakauer Amy Elfenbaum & Scott Kramer Richard Kraus Anna & Guillaume Labat Steven Lagacy Jo Lang Doris & Ron Lazarus Bonnie Lebovitz Rosanne & Joel Lemansky Shari Helft Lennon & Will Lennon Phillip Leonian & Edith Rosenbaum Leonian Charitable Trust, Jacques Preis, Trustee Michal Lerner Jill Kushnir LeVee & Rick LeVee Joy & Marvin LeVee Marcela & Barry Levin Jen & Adam Levine Rebecca Miller & Josh Levine Rhoda K Levine

Annabel & Rabbi Shlomo Levine Arlene Levy Robert Levy Laurie Lieberman Nadine Linton Susan Wagner & Michael Lippitz Arin Stone & David Lipschultz Leslie & Michael Litwack Naomi & Jason Litwack Jennifer Loeb Karen Loeb Rachel Tessler Lopatin & Rabbi Asher Lopatin Susie & Michael Lorge Ann & Michael Luban Lauren & Todd Lustbader Karyn Lutz Paula & Albert Madansky Sherry & Phillip Magid Jessica & Eldad Malamuth Manya Treece & Matt Marcus Hadar & Eric Markin Pamelyn Massarsky Lesley & David Matsa Rabbi Myrna Matsa McKinsey & Company Susan & Robert Mednick Michele & Seth Meisler Rebecca Mervis Mesirow Financial Heidi Baruch & Pablo Michalewicz Meredith Miller Cantor Sheera Ben-David & Steven Miller Jen & Aaron Minkus Ilyssa & Rabbi David Minkus Barbara & Jonathan Minkus WJ Minkus Charitable Trust Adam Mirowitz Joan Katz & Bruce Mosbacher Zivya Feifel & Elan Mosbacher Jill & Howard Musin Risa & Lonnie Nasatir Adina & Jason Natanson Linda & Ira Neiman Alicia & Rabbi David Nelson Rabbi Reni Dickman & Aaron Nessel Wendy & Scott Newberger Barbara & Donald Newman Faye & Earl Newman

Northwest Home for the Aged/ Park Plaza Mary Novokhovsky Nuveen Investments Cheryl O’Toole Julie Ross & Howard Oppenheimer Fay & Aubrey Palestrant Tamar Rubin & Adam Parker Ellen Sue & Jon Parker Sheryl & Claudio Pelc Nancy Bradney & Sam Peltzman Sarah & Jon Perl Harriette & Ted Perlman Sandra & Michael Perlow Kimberly & Corey Perman Rabbi Aaron & Janese Petuchowski Erica & Donnie Phillips Abigail Pickus Jane Pickus Rachel Pickus Julie & Marc Platt Katie Dealy Polansky & Alan Polansky Jo Ann & Steven Potashnick Nicole & Dana Presperin Malia & David Prystowsky Jenny & Max Puchtel Beth & Scott Puchtel Earl & Lorraine Raffel Shuli & Gary Raffel Stacy & Joseph Raviv Robyn & Paul Reise Deborah & Leon Remis The Retirement Research Foundation Beverly Siegel & Howard Rieger Ronni & Elliott Robinson Cindy Zadikoff & Ilan Rodzynek Rhoda Rosen Lital Casper Rosenberg & Ari Rosenberg Cantor Rachel & Charles Rosenberg Helene Rosenberg Deborah Hamilton & Jim Rosenberg Lauren & Jonah Rosenberg Dalia & Marcos Rosenberg Elaine & Mark Rosenberg Shira Wakschlag & Eli Rosenblatt Jason K. Rosenthal Gale, z”l & Eric Rothner Tova & Michael Rothschild Kimberly & Ari Rubenfeld Amy & Milan Rubenstein Andy Rubenstein Joshua Rubenstein Helen & Marc Rubenstein Aviva & David Rubin Pamela & Bryan Rule Jennifer & Philippe Saba Nita-Joan Sams Lois & Arnold Samuels Irene & Nathan Sandalow Claudia & Ami Sapir

Lizzy & Josh Scheinfeld Alexandra & Daniel Schnitzer Rebecca Schorsch Lynn & Skip Schrayer Rachel & Gadi Schultz Renee Hirsch & David Schwartz Cynthia Schaffer & Douglas Schwartz Jonathan Schwartz Shira & Andrew Schwarz Lynn Segal Margalit & Nechemia Segal Itai Seggev Varda & Joram Seggev Jennifer & Matthew Seidner Sara Abadi & David Shalkow Jane & David Shapiro Miranda Hart & Jacob Shapiro Naomi Blumberg & Joey Shapiro Elizabeth & Michael Shapiro Charles & MR Shapiro Foundation Hagit & Joshua Sherman Ariel Schwartz & Jonah Shifrin Tamara Frankel & Rabbi Zachary Silver Suzanne Foskett & Zack Silvers Abbie Singer Rebekah Holman & Ed Siskel Elana Hiller & Dylan Slotar Susan Agate & Mike Slutsky Libby & Adam Smoler Ronnie Jo Sokol Sarah Fox Sparber Blooma Stark Michael Stein Miriam Kohn & Allan Sternstein Amiel Steuerman Sarah Steuerman Andi & David Stone Susan & Howard Stone Marsha Neece & Ron Stone Celia & Adam Strauss Anat S. Geva & Josh Strauss Suzy Strauss Rosette Strubel Naomi & Eric Sugar Shaina & Brad Sugar Vicki Sullum Eric & Carrie Sussman Marilyn & Richard Swoiskin Amy Altman & Rabbi Avi Taff


capital campaign All commitments to the Chicago Jewish Day School New Campus Project are recognized as gifts to the Jewish Federation’s Centennial Campaign. Malachim • Angels $10,000,000+

The Crown & Goodman Family Shomrim • Guardians $5,000,000–$9,999,999

Anonymous Josh Taff Ron Tanaka Joel Teibloom Gene Tempkin Dahlia & Joseph Tesher Marci Eisenstein & John Treece Rachel & Jeremy Treister Dana Shepard Treister & Michael Treister Alex Treyger & Ilan Hoffenberg Rimma & Semyon Treyger Inna Tsimerman Korah Erbacher & Nathan Unterman Annie Grossman Wachter & Daniel Wachter Laurie & Milton Wakschlag Maxima & Burton Wax Rabbi Suzanne Griffel & Saul Weiner Roslyn Levy Weintraub Carol & Stephen Weiss Michele & Ira Weiss Rachel Warach & James Wener Meredith & Andrew Weprin Ellen Weprin Joey & Aaron Wertheimer Elisheva Beller & Paul Wieder Shana Gillers & Barry Wimpf heimer The Winick Family Wipfli LLP Nancy & Ted Wolff Sara & Rabbi David Wolkenfeld

endowment and legacy Northwest Home for the Aged/ Park Plaza Anonymous Shelli Aderman & Narda Alcorn Fran & Bernie, z”l Alpert Elisheva Beller Naomi Shapiro & Adam Braun Rabbi Shoshanah & Damien Conover Cortney Stark Cope & Jonathan Cope Tamar & Jacob Cytryn Orley & David Desser The Family of Judy Finkelstein-Taff


2020–2021 End of Year Report

Karen & Jay Goodgold Roslyn, z”l & Sam Grodzin Maxine & Jacob Handelman David Harris Pat & Marshall, z”l Hartman Barbara & Rich Heinrich Inbar Kirson & Ken Heinrich Judy & Arnold Horwich Sari & Allan Kirson Wendy Kline Shari Helft Lennon & Will Lennon Annabel & Shlomo Levine Jen & Adam Levine Arin Stone & David Lipschultz Ann & Michael Luban Susan & Bob Mednick Jen & Aaron Minkus Wendy Platt Newberger & Scott Newberger Sam Peltzman Rachel Pickus Stacy & Joseph Raviv Deborah Hamilton & Jim Rosenberg Lauren & Jonah Rosenberg Amy & Milan Rubenstein Dafna Lender & Jonathan Schwartz Jennifer & Matthew Seidner Tamar Shapira Esther Solooki Rachel & Andrew Sollinger Blooma & Leonard, z”l Stark Keren Fraiman-Stieber & Eitan Stieber Andi & David Stone Anat S. Geva & Joshua Strauss Aleeza Strubel & Yaron Iram Rosette Strubel Rachel & Jeremy Treister

invest in kids state scholarship program William B. Coleman Cortney Stark Cope & Jonathan Cope Josh , Lizzy, Charles, Samantha, Natalia, Louis, & Farin Scheinfeld

Tzadikim • Benefactors $1,000,000–$4,999,999

Anonymous Betsy R. Gidwitz Phillip Leonian & Edith Rosenbaum Leonian Charitable Trust, Jacques Preis & Evelyne Salama Preis, Trustees Bonim • Builders $250,000–$999,999

Anonymous (2) Susan & Bob Mednick Jen & Adam Levine In Loving Memory of Dr. Carol Fuchs Kaufman Gale, z”l & Eric Rothner Karyn & Bill Silverstein The Winick Family Amudim • Pillars $100,000–$249,999

In Honor of Wilma & Arthur Aeder Anonymous Cortney Stark Cope & Jonathan Cope Susie & Jon Diamond Gorlin Family Foundation Nina & Arnie Harris Danit Steinbach & David Hirsch Hochberg & Lowenstein Families Sandra & Michael Perlow Stacy & Joseph Raviv Anat S. Geva & Joshua Strauss Wein Family Foundation Michele & Ira Weiss Manhigim • Leaders $50,000–$99,999

Karen & Jay Goodgold The Gorlin Family JUF Security Grant Program Shelby Lerner’s Field of Dreams Steven B. Nasatir New Directions Fund MK & JB Pritzker Family Foundation Shari & Michael Weiner

Solelim • Trailblazers $25,000–$49,999

Orley & David Desser The Fellman Family Marsha & Jay Glazer Batshie & Avi Goldfeder & Family Judith E. & Arnold S. Horwich Amy Elfenbaum & Scott Kramer Shari Helft Lennon & Will Lennon Rabbi Shlomo D. & Annabel Levine Rebecca Miller & Josh Levine MB Real Estate Jennifer & Matthew Seidner Blooma & Leonard, z”l Stark Meredith & Andrew Weprin Shutafim • Partners $10,000–$24,999

The Murray Goodgold Foundation Grusin Family Hamilton-Rosenberg Family Nina Black & Avery Hart Michael Hartz Inbar Kirson & Ken Heinrich Rabbi David & Alicia Nelson Wendy Platt Newberger & Scott Newberger Reed Construction Amy & Milan Rubenstein Mrs. Irwin Segal Barbara & Barre Seid Family Foundation Talia & Abraham Shulman Barbara & Richard Silverman Keren Fraiman-Stieber & Eitan Stieber The Zimmerman Family Tomchim • Supporters $5,000–$9,999

Elizabeth Alpern & Michael Berkwits Naomi Shapiro & Adam Braun Judy Finkelstein-Taff Maxine & Jacob Handelman Michal Lerner Ann & Michael Luban Trish & Fred Margulies Rachel Pickus Esther Rodzynek Susan & Marc Sacks Sheba Foundation Rachel & Andrew Sollinger Scott Steffens Susan & Howard Stone Matt Wangard Barbara & Michael Zaransky Chaverim • Friends $1,000–$4,999

Anonymous (2) Lori Eppstein & Navneet Arora Caroline Musin-Berkowitz & Neil Berkowitz Alan Bush

“When I think of CJDS, I think of a community. I think of leaders who want to bring people together, and of teachers and families that want to support one another.” eden raviv, cjds cl ass of 2019 Lindy Hirschsohn & Christopher Coetzee Marta Steele & Stuart Cohen Rose Ann, z”l & Ronald Cope Florina & Oren Dekalo Iris & Adam Gafni-Kane Karen & Cliff Goldman Shari Levine & Richard Golodner Barbi, Jared, Miranda & Micah Green Donna Kahan Julie Ann Slaver & Aaron Kamins Faye Kroshinsky, Bennett Kaplan & Family Wendy Kline Patty Hermann & Emanuel Krakauer Arona & Robert Landsman Elan Lerner Marsha & Michael Lerner Jill Kushnir LeVee & Rick LeVee Rachel Tessler Lopatin & Rabbi Asher Lopatin Ronda & Michael Lubin Lesley & David Matsa Zivya Feifel & Elan Mosbacher Scott Moses Scott Nord Tamar Rubin & Adam Parker Erica & Donnie Phillips Cindy Zadikoff & Ilan Rodzynek Jordana & Dan Rosen Rachel & Charles Rosenberg Alexandra & Dan Schnitzer Rebecca Schorsch Miki & Steve Schreiber Dafna Lender & Jonathan Schwartz Joan & Ronald Segal Varda & Joram Seggev Elizabeth & Michael Shapiro Ariel Schwartz & Jonah Shifrin Julie Mednick Simmons & Russel Simmons Yael & Stuart Spector Arlene & Richard Steele Naomi & Eric Sugar Marilyn & Richard Swoiskin Rachel & Jeremy Treister Rachel Warach & James Wener Shorashim • Roots Up to $999

Turi Ryder Adams & Scott Adams Robin & Michael Anderson Alice & Brian Benjamin Stacy & Howard Berk Cantors Elizabeth & Steven Berke

Chava Alpert & Michael Bloom Robyn, Michael, Lilah & Evan Bloomberg Jackie Moss-Blumenfeld & Philip Blumenfeld Kate Burstein Alan Bush Rabbi Shoshanah & Damien Conover Tamar & Jacob Cytryn Efrat Dallal Leelach DeKoven Amy & Russ Eisenstein Jennifer & David Elyashar Sarah Unterman & Joshua Ehrlich Liz & Seth Erlich Kris Himebaugh & Courtney Feuer Erica & Benjamin Fleischer Rachel Gottlieb & Tony Frank Tamar & Kent Genin Marina Goodman-Flider & Ken Goodman Malkah & Avi Groner Cara & Josh Gutstein Chani Harris Brooke & Bruno Herszage Aleeza Strubel & Yaron Iram Reva Nelson & Daniel Kaplan Larisa & Dan Kenen Veronika & Erez Knafo Doris Lazarus Marsha & Michael Lerner Jill Kushnir LeVee & Rick LeVee Lisa Lieberman Arin Stone & David Lipschultz Cantor Sheera Ben-David & Steven Miller Jen & Aaron Minkus Zivya Feifel & Elan Mosbacher Rabbi Reni Dickman & Aaron Nessel Alisa & Avi Oler Ana & Dov Oppenheimer Julie Ross & Howard Oppenheimer Lloyd Perlow Mara Perlow Jennifer & Max Puchtel Ortal & Ben Redansky Marianne Miller & Aaron Reichlin Dana & Michael Reinglass Robyn & Paul Reise Sandra & Michael Richman Esther Rodzynek Naomi Roosevelt Abbe & Will Roth Jennifer & Philippe Saba Claudia & Ami Sapir

Dafna Lender & Jonathan Schwartz Shira & Andrew Schwarz Margalit & Nechemia Segal Leslie & Jack Shankman Joel Shapira Elizabeth & Michael Shapiro Mickey & Charles Silverstein Abbie Singer Rebekah Holman & Ed Siskel Esther Solooki Michael Stein Sarah & Amiel Steuerman Marilyn & Richard Swoiskin Dana & Michael Treister Korah Erbacher & Nathan Unterman Annie Grossman Wachter & Daniel Wachter Elisheva Beller & Paul Wieder Shana Gillers & Barry Wimpf heimer Shelby’s Field of Dreams

Shelli Aderman & Narda Alcorn Maya Alexandri Liz Lippow & Keith Alperin Steve Altschul Laura & Jon April Debbie & Max Barack Jennifer Baralli Deborah & Jonathan Barker Amie & Jonathan Barrish Adam Barshefsky Fay Bass Abigail Belinfante Cantors Elizabeth & Steve Berke Caroline Musin-Berkowitz & Neil Berkowitz Rebecca & Shai Cherry Amy & Steve Clapp Jerome Cohen Rabbi Shoshanah & Damien Conover

Cortney Stark Cope & Jonathan Cope Tamar & Jacob Cytryn Florina & Oren Dekalo Leelach Dekoven Orley & David Desser Joshua Deutchman Karen Ebroon Liz & Seth Erlich Viviane & Bill Evanoff Lisa & David Fain Gal Finer Mona Fishbane Judy & Ken Fleischer Erica & Benjamin Fleischer Jennifer & Jake Freehling Wendy & Kyle Freimuth Amy Friedman Cindy Friedman Michelle & Elias Friedman Iris & Adam Gafni-Kane Tamar & Kent Genin Robert Glanz Deborah & Ari Goldberg Karen & Cliff Goldman Marna & Dan Goldwin Karen & Jay Goodgold Rachael Gordon Ashlyn & Daniel Gorlin Betsey Grais Barbi, Jared, Miranda, & Micah Green Allyson & Avi Greenfield Malkah & Avi Groner Maxine & Jacob Handelman Patrick Herrington Alyse & Adam Hersh Danit Steinbach & David Hirsch Alex Treyger & Ilan Hoffenberg Judy & Arnold Horwich Joy Horwich Scott Hurwitz


“The CJDS idea of respect and respecting people of all different cultures is something I took with me to high school and now into the working world.” orly genin, cjds cl ass of 2012

Aleeza Strubel & Yaron Iram Bruce Janovsky Rae & Michael Jedel Jennifer Johnson Juliet Sorenson & Benjamin Jones Elissa Kagan Julie Ann Sklaver & Aaron Kamins Rebecca Katzman Larisa & Dan Kenen Jill Kushnir LeVee & Rick LeVee Sue & Scott Latimer Doris Lazarus Stephnee Leathers Elan Lerner Marsha & Michael Lerner Michal Lerner Adam & Jen Levine Hagit Lewis Miriam & Ben Lichtstein Lisa Lieberman Arin Stone & David Lipschultz Jennifer Loeb Rachel Tessler Lopatin & Rabbi Asher Lopatin William Lucas Kelly Luzzo Anne Malec Suzan Sultan & Jeremy Mann Ami Martin Lesley & David Matsa Wendy Mausolf Nathan McClung Heidi & Bob McDermott Marianne McKenna Shelby Menely Alan Mintz Melody Mokhtarian Margarita Molina Tracy & Josh More Scott Moses Tema Moss Marsha & Brian Nagorsky Reva Nelson & Dan Kaplan


2020–2021 End of Year Report

Wendy Platt Newberger & Scott Newberger Jennifer & Brandon Nolin Scott & Anne Nord Rachel & Jim Nowakowski Julie Ross & Howard Oppenheimer Rachel Rosenthal & Joshua Packman Mara Perlow Joan Porat Jenny & Max Puchtel Jeffrey Raizer Stacy & Joey Raviv Dana & Michael Reinglass Dawn Romei Tim Rose Sherrin & Philip Rosenthal Robert & Lynn Rosenthal Harriet & Renee Rosenthal Kimberly & Ari Rubenfeld Amy & Milan Rubenstein Yehudit & Israel Rubenstein Jennifer & Philippe Saba Dana Sattler Diane Sawyer Jacobo & Rebecca Schatz Rebecca Schorsch Miki & Steve Schreiber Margaret Schrieber David Schwartz & Miriam Aronin Jeff Schwartz Dawn Sidney & Gordon Schwartz Varda & Joram Seggev Amanda Selwyn Laura Senft Brian Septon Joel Shapira Shelby’s TRY Kids Marcia & Brian Siegel Sharon & Jed Silberg Barbara Silverman Julie Mednick Simmons & Russel Simmons

Heidi Simons Stacy Singer Rebekah Holman & Ed Siskel Yael & Stuart Spector Frances Spinoso Jamie & Greg Steckler Scott Steffens Anat S. Geva & Joshua Strauss Jackie Tolley Lisa Trimberger Judy & Howard Tullman Annie Grossman Wachter & Daniel Wachter Jonathan Walsh Matt & Carrie Wangard Cindy Warshell Pamela & Todd Weissman Cindy Zadikoff & Ilan Rodzynek Rebecca Zakem Arlene’s Bookmark

Gail & Norman Cutler Valerie Faltemier Tammi & William Finestone Brina Grusin Maxine & Jacob Handelman Pat & Marshall, z”l Hartman Melissa & Kenny Hoffman Harold Kudan Arona & Robert Landsman Rachel Tessler Lopatin & Rabbi Asher Lopatin Ronda Lubin Sharon Morton Lauren Rosenberg Abbe Roth Susan & Marc Sacks Dawn & Jeff Segal Joan & Ronald, z”l Segal Lynn & Irwin, z”l Segal Shirley & Lew Segal Esther Solooki

2020–2021 Leadership Head of School


Judy Finkelstein-Taff

Stacy Raviv

Assistant Head of School

Board of Trustees

Jill Kushnir LeVee

Jonathan Cope* Katie Dealy David Desser Iris Gafni-Kane Anat S. Geva* Jay Goodgold Daniel Gorlin Deborah Hamilton† Micky Hervitz Rebekah Holman† Michal Lerner Adam Levine* David Lipschultz Michael Lorge Wendy Platt Newberger* Jenny Puchtel David Rubin Marc Rubenstein Shira Schwarz Eitan Stieber Ira Weiss Andrew Weprin†

Director of Middle School

Rachel Pickus Director of Jewish Studies and Campus Life

Tamar Cytryn Director of Hebrew and Jewish Studies JK–2

Penina Berdugo Director of Business Operations

Liz Erlich Director of Admissions

Cortney Stark Cope Director of Institutional Advancement

Naomi Shapiro Director of Digital Learning and Technology

Alex Treyger


Rabbi Shoshanah Conover Rabbi Michael Siegel Rabbi David Wolkenfeld *Past presidents † Board members whose terms ended June 30, 2021

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