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Everything You Need to Make the Best Choices for Your Kids’ Education

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2, 3, & 5 day programs Ages 2 thru Pre-Kindergarten

The Best Upside Down Fun Around!

Developmentally appropriate curriculum A Preschool in Arnold, MD

• Open Gym

Low Student/Teacher ratio

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No potty training needed!


Enrolling for 2018-2019


Calvary Center School ■ Approved MSDE Curriculum ■ MD EXCELS rated ■ Early Care and Extended Care ■ Weekly Chapel, Music & Physical Education ■ Beautiful waterfront location

Christian Preschool Program for ages 3-5

301 Rowe Blvd. Annapolis (410)268-3812

• Classes for 18 mos. & up • Competitive Girl’s and Boy’s Teams • Birthday Parties

• Adult Open Gym • Field Trips • Home School Groups

Excellence by Choice 216 Najoles Road , Millersville, MD 21108 410-987-8780 ·

Conservatory of Dance The only dance academy in MD attached to a professional ballet company Registration open for all fall classes, child to adult, beginner to pre-professional!

license #98524


Classical Ballet | Modern | Jazz | Musical Theatre | Tap FALL SEMESTER SPACES STILL AVAILABLE


The PEABODY PREPARATORY campus in Annapolis at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts offers individual instruction for all ages and skill levels: PIANO • GUITAR • HARP • VOICE

Specializing in Braces, Ceramic Braces &


Glen Burnie 410.761.6960 Reisterstown 410.833.9330 10% Courtesy Discount for Active Military Personnel & Their Families

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hether our kids are getting ready for preschool, middle school or college, as parents there are always ways for us to help them further their education. One of the best ways to do so is to stay

up-to-date on the latest trends in education, know where to find the best schools, and know what your individual child needs. This year’s Big Book of Education has a wealth of information for all of those criteria, If you’re looking ChesapeakeFamilyMagazine

for a preschool or private school, check out our local directories on pages 10 and 18, respectively. Then, whether you’re readying your high schooler for a college search (page 33), helping your PTA plan a field trip (page 28), or learning about local child care options (page 16), we’ve got you and your kids

covered. For even more news and information on education in our area, be sure to regularly check our website, and click on the education tab. Have a great school year! Chesapeake_Family

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KEEPING STUDENTS SAFE Schools ratchet up security measures By Pete Pichaske

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wice in the past two years, mom Vivian Stefany has been at

The center also requires all schools to hold a set of six emergency

South River High School when the Edgewater school had to

preparedness drills every year, ranging from lockdowns to

deal with a security emergency.

evacuations, and to update emergency management plans for

In the spring of 2016, the Davidsonville resident and

dealing with incidents annually.

mother of a current senior was in the school when a troubled teen

“I think we’ve made great strides,” Clarke says. “We’ve developed

went missing nearby and administrators locked the school down as

much better strategies of how to respond to incidents.”

a precaution.

Added Measures

Last school year, she was picking up her son after school when administrators ordered a lockout—meaning the students were locked

Beyond what the state requires, which includes the six annual drills

in the school while she was locked out—because a suspicious person

in every school, school systems are free to institute additional security

had been spotted in a nearby woods.

measures, and almost all do.

But the events did not alarm or even surprise Stefany, who has had

Buzzer systems, in which schools lock their doors during the

two other children graduate from South River.

day and require visitors to be buzzed in, are not required but are

“It’s the world today, right?” she says. “It’s the way things are.”

now common.

The world today, including the world of schools, is certainly

The same is true of security cameras, which are proliferating,

different than it was 20, 10 or even five years ago.

especially in high schools. Howard County, for example, had two

In Maryland, schools these days have regular lockouts, lockdowns

or three security cameras in each school 15 years ago, according

and modified lockdowns, both real and for training purposes. They

to Frank Eastham, executive director of School Improvement and

have security officers and dozens of security cameras. Doors are

Administration. Today, many high schools have 50 or 60, and more

locked during the school day, and open classrooms have nearly

are added every year.

disappeared since they offer no protection in an emergency.

In addition, Eastham says, the county now has a security

The security measures pervade almost all aspects of school

assistant and a school resource officer (a trained law enforcement

operations. Edward “Chip” Snyder, athletic director at Anne Arundel

officer) in every high school, and has spent millions of dollars on

County’s Chesapeake High School, says that he routinely meets with

renovations so all elementary school entrances now funnel visitors

his counterparts from other schools to discuss security before big

into the front office.

games, along with the school administrators and security personnel.

Prince George’s County school system has closed most of its open

“Twenty or 25 years ago, all you had to worry about was a fight,

classrooms, boosted cooperation between school administrators and

and it would be over and done quickly,” Snyder says. Today fights

the police, and dramatically improved its lockdown process with

last longer and can lead to more serious violence—“the bad things

frequent practice, according to Cesar Pacheco, the system’s director

we try to prevent,” he says.

of security services.

Cause for Concern

cable cameras, as well as a system where visitors’ driver’s licenses

The system also has added better, high-tech devices, such as

The new world was ushered in most obviously by a few well-

are scanned to identify potentially dangerous guests—sex offenders,

publicized incidents of horrific school violence over the past couple of decades—Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999 and Sandy

for example. “The technology has gotten a lot better and it’s gotten cheaper,”

Hook Elementary in Connecticut in 2012 chief among them.

Pacheco says.

In the wake of those shootings, school systems throughout the

Anne Arundel County has added a host of security innovations over

country moved to better protect students and staff from violence.

the past several years: more and better security cameras (a total of

Maryland was no exception. Four years ago, worried state

about 8,000 now); the visitor tracking software Prince George’s uses;

lawmakers created the Maryland Center for School Safety to help

and ever-evolving, innovative training for school staff, especially front-

tighten school security.

office workers.

The center works with the state’s 24 school districts to “provide a

“We put people in real-life situations—custodians, secretaries, front-

comprehensive, coordinated approach to school safety in Maryland,”

line teachers,” says Doyle Batten, a retired county police officer who

says Executive Director Ed Clarke, a retired Montgomery County

is supervisor of school security in the county. “Last year, we did live

Police captain.

situational training with every teacher at Chesapeake High School.”

To that end, he says, the center hosts weekly conference

In one exercise, for example, an armed county police officer was

calls during the school year with school administrators and law

sent into a school posing as a regular visitor to see how the front-

enforcement officials to discuss any concerns or new developments.

office staff would react. The exercise revealed a “training gap” that

It also provides training and technical assistance to the schools. In August, the center hosted a two-day summer safety conference in Annapolis featuring the principal of Columbine High School at the

has since been addressed, Batten says. “For a system of our size, we have a very robust training program,” Batten adds.

time of the shootings there.

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Woods Child Development Center

“Nurturing and Educating Young Children Since 1954.”

Security in Private Schools Private schools in Maryland, meanwhile, are not required to comply with all state regulations on security. But the largest and best

Open Houses: November 8 & January 3

Programs for Ages 2-4

MSDE Accredited & Licensed

Preschool ~ Childcare ~ Summer Camp

January 31: New family in-person registration. • 410-647-9168

611 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd., Severna Park, MD

known are members of the Association of Independent Maryland and D.C. Schools, and AIMS requires compliance with those regulations, according to Executive Director Peter Baily. “Our accreditation process is extensive and rigorous, and an important piece of it is safety and security,” Baily says. And like the public schools, he says, most private schools go beyond the basic state requirements. “One of the things independent schools try to do is insure families and students have a feeling of safety and security,” Baily says. “If they didn’t have that feeling, they would go elsewhere.”

Investing 101 Your child, your biggest investment....

we’re here to help.

Alarming but Rare “School violence is alarming, but extraordinarily rare,” he says, noting the high level of adult supervision in schools. “Schools are infinitely more safe than the average environment.” “Our schools are not immune from any incident,” agrees Howard County’s Eastham, “but I think they are certainly safe.”

Educating students with eternity in view. K3 through 12th grad e

Calvary Baptist Church Academy Glen Burnie, MD 21060 410.768.5324

But that doesn’t mean incidents don’t happen. The state has been free of sensational violence, but incidents serious enough to prompt lockdowns have become more and more common. In Prince George’s County, the number of lockdowns hit double digits last year for the first time, security chief Pacheco says. Howard County has about a dozen lockdowns each year now, officials say. Last spring alone, schools in Jessup had to be locked down twice after two separate inmate-escape incidents from the nearby Jessup Correctional Institution.

Relative Calm The lockdowns, officials say, are now widely accepted. “Ten years ago, it would create a panic when we did a lockdown,” says Terry Street, manager for safety, environment and risk


50 Years Enriching the Lives of Children


• Reading Readiness • Number Concepts • Natural Science & Art • Spanish • Music & Social Graces • Exceptional Learning Program • Multi-Sensory Infant Program

management with the Howard County School System. “Parents would come to school and want their kids released immediately. Now they know to stay away.” In fact, just about everyone involved appears to have grown accustomed to the new world of heightened school security, of lockdowns and uniformed officers, security cameras and locked school doors. Accustomed and, in many cases, appreciative. “As a parent, it’s concerning to me seeing what happened at other schools,” says Michelle Phibbons, whose daughter graduated last year from South River High School and who was president of the school’s Parent Teacher Student Organization during the much-

Mention this ad for free registration

publicized April 2016 lockdown at the school. “It’s concerning to every parent. There’s no way to call where some crazy person is going to come in to a school.” But Phibbons takes comfort in the boosted security and better

God Bless Our Troops & God Bless America 8 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e s a p e a k e F a m ily.c om

training of school personnel that now is a part of South River — and just about every school in the area. “It’s all totally fine by me,” she say. “I think it’s a fantastic idea.”

Now registering for the fall at both locations! Two Convenient Locations 867 Buttonwood Trail Crownsville, MD License# 130684

410-923-3192 • Ages 2 - PreK • Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum • Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

• Small, Caring Environment • Foreign Language Programs

543 Old Stage Road Glen Burnie, MD License# 160256


Your First Choice for Quality Childcare & Education Choosing childcare is a very important decision. We want to be your first choice! At Play & Learn, your child will be provided with a wide variety of appealing, ageappropriate activities provided by professionally trained childcare educators.

580 Taylor Rd. ■ Annapolis 50 Community Place ■ Crownsville 1417 Odenton Rd. ■ Odenton

380 Jumpers Hole Rd. Severna Park, MD

410-544-2476 ■ Childcare - age 2+ Pre-K Scholarships ■ Nursery School - age 3+ Available For Low ■ Pre-K - age 4+ Income Families on ■ Kindergarten - Full Day - age 5+ Food Stamps or ■ Before & After Care - up to 7 Below 300% FPG ■ Talented & Gifted Programs

Nourishing the Soul, Mind and Body ST. PHILIP NERI SCHOOL

All Faiths Welcome! 6401 S. Orchard Rd. Linthicum

Grades PK4 - Eighth OPEN HOUSE November 12 from 9-11am January 27 10:30am-1:00pm April 16 from 9-11am


■ Teaching the Christian perspective on all areas of life & studies ■ Using the 10 Commandments to help students examine their consciences


■ Rigorous curriculum, developed by the Archdiocese of Baltimore ■ Specialized labs including robotics, science, music, art & library ■ Interactive smartboards in every classroom


■ Before-school strength, skill, agility & mobility training ■ Excellent athletic facilities including modern gymnasium & large athletic fields

Swing into an Open House!

November 6, 2018 & January 30, 2019 • 9am-12pm & 7-8pm Middle School information night • January 10, 2019 • 6:30pm Kindergarten information night • February 13, 2019 • 6:30pm Preschool information night • February 20, 2019 • 6:30pm

Welcome Wednesdays – Come Visit Us! Tours at 9:00 a.m. 410.647.2283

Call 410-859-1212 to Schedule a Private Tour Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 9



eady to send your little one off to preschool? Our Preschool Directory is a great place to start your search for the right program for your family. Schools with descriptions are

advertisers, and information is provided by the school. Find

additional information about all schools, including class size, financial aid, foreign language offerings and more, online at ChesapeakeFamily. com/preschools.

10 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om


Developmentally appropriate cur-

A Giants Preschool

options. Emphasis on learn-

Edgewater, 443-764-1217

ing through play. Low student/

6 weeks–4 years

teacher ratio. PreK class uses

Handwriting without Tears curric-

riculum for 2- to 5-year-olds with two-, three- or five-day a week

ulum. No potty training needed!

Anchors-A-Wee Preschool Annapolis, 410-757-6556 2 years–Pre-K

See our ad on page 4

Bright Beginning Children’s Learning Center

Chesapeake Montessori School

Crofton Children’s Centre

Annapolis, 410-757-4740

Gambrills, 301-261-0599

18 months–8th grade

2 years–PreK-4

Colonial Nursery School

CrossRoads Child Development Center

Annapolis, 410-266-8064

Davidsonville, 410-798-5790

2 years-PreK-4

2 years-PreK 5

Tuition: Varies

Crownsville, 410-923-3192

Annapolis Cooperative, is a

Glen Burnie, 410-768-4526

Edinboro Early School

place of discovery and explora-

Severna Park, 410-544-2476

2 years–PreK-4

tion. We value the children’s

2 years–Kindergarten

Annapolis, 410-533-4209

Tuition: $254-$276/wk

ongoing adventures in learning

Before & after care

2 years-5 years

and our commitment to them as

Tuition: Varies

Bright Beginning provides qual-

capable individuals is strong.

Tuition: $300-$800/mo

ity early education that exceeds

Come see how we

Four-year degreed teachers

We are the area's only

MSDE standards and guidelines,

reimagine early learning.

implement MSDE approved

Spanish Immersion Program for

offering full- and part-time care

curriculum. Structured programs

Preschoolers. Your child will be

for children ages 2-5. We pro-

See our ad on page 4

exposed to Spanish in

vide a curriculum that promotes

a natural way through total

fine and gross motor skills,

immersion, authentic situa-

cognitive development and

tions, songs, books, and more!

social-emotional well-being for

Available Monday-Friday,

every child.

Annapolis Language School

See our ad on page 16

Anne Arundel Community College Child Development Center

Community United Methodist Child Care

Calvary Center School

tary) approved. Playground time, homework help, snack,

2 years–PreK-4

3 years–PreK-4

Creative Garden Nursery School and Kindergarten

Before & after care

Arnold, 410-777-2450

Tuition: $170-$970/mo

2 years–PreK-4

Classes are taught by

studies. Child Care Aware (mili-

3 years–PreK-4,

Arnold, 410-647-9224

Annapolis, 410-268-3812

music, science, art and social

Crofton, 410-451-1010

Creative Beginnings Preschool

See our ad on page 9

include language arts, math,

crafts and games in a safe, nurturing environment. See our ad on page 9

Faith Baptist Child Development Center Glen Burnie, 410-761-9112 2 years–Kindergarten

teachers with college degrees

2 years–Kindergarten

and assisted by teaching

Grace Pointe Child Development Center

Tuition: Varies

Severn, 410-987-6777

assistants with 90 Hour Child

6 weeks–PreK-5

Care Certification. Weekly

Since 1968, Creative garden-

Arnold, 410-757-7113

specials are music, physical

Crofton has enjoyed the reputa-

2 years–6th grade

education and chapel. Extended

tion of being one of the most

care hours are 7:30 a.m.-5:30

Granite Baptist School

highly qualified preschools/day

Glen Burnie, 410-761-1118

p.m. Preschool hours are 9 a.m.

cares in the area. Licensed by

3 years–12th grade

to noon.

MSDE, Creative Garden has a

Asbury Community Christian Preschool and Clubhouse

Beth Shalom Preschool

Crofton, 410-721-7711

staff of educators with college

Arnold, 410-757-0552

Cape Kids’ Corner

2 years–PreK

Annapolis, 410-757-2271

qualities and their specialties in

After care

3 years–Kindergarten

early childhood education.

Tuition: $1,580-$6,350/yr

See our ad on page 8

degrees chosen for their unique

Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 11



Colonial Nursery School, the

Grannie Annie’s Child Care & Learning Center

of community while encouraging

students to deepen their faith,

Pasadena Early Learning Center

Key School engages children

knowledge, and desire to serve.

Pasadena, 410-255-0478

from 2.5 years of age through

See our ad on page 34

Infants–5th grade

grade 12 in a progressive, coed-

Before & after care

ucational, college-preparatory,

Tuition: $97-$330/wk

day program on its picturesque

15-acre campus located 4 miles

Montessori International Children’s House

Cozy Care, Quality Education.

from downtown Annapolis.

Annapolis, 410-757-7789

See our ad on page 13, 15

Crownsville, 410-987-3312

18 months–6th grade

Odenton, 410-296-4880

Before & after care

Infants–6 years

Tuition: $9,750-$11,525/yr

We are a not-for-profit corpora-

We have been providing child care for Pasadena’s families for

Pasadena, 410-647-0006 3 years–PreK-4

Play and Learn Annapolis, 410-263-4029

riculum for 3s and Pre-K. Before

Kiddie Academy of Arnold

and After care, Pre-K through

Arnold, 410-315-7552

Acoeducational independent

tion which provides quality care

5th, servicing Riviera Beach,

Infants–5th grade

school that inspires excellence,

and education to children. The

Sunset and Solley. Also offers

nurtures curiosity and enhances

program is based on the child’s

creativity. Our student-centered

physical, emotional, social,

learning community emphasizes

and intellectual development.

hands-on experiential learning,

Our daily schedule as well as

15 years. MSDE approved cur-

full-day, all-summer camp.

Indian Creek School

Kneseth Israel Preschool

Crownsville, 410-923-3660

Annapolis, 410-263-3924 x8

respect for self and others, and

weekly lesson plan encompasses

2.9 years–12th grade

2 years–PreK-5

the development of inquiry skills

self-selected and teacher-guided

Before & after care

that enhance life-long learning.

activities, with alternating active

Extended Day available.

and quiet periods.

Tuition: $2,700–$26,690/yr


tuition: $8,295–$28,350/yr

ICS believes that education

London Towne Academy

should be engaging and chal-

Edgewater, 410-798-5128

lenging. Innovative teaching based on educational research

combined with nurturing relation-

See our ad on page 33

See our ad on page 9

3 years–Kindergarten

Naval Academy Primary School

Right Start Academy

Annapolis, 410-757-3090

2–5 years

Before & after care

3 years–5th grade

Before & after care

Right Start Academy is a curric-

Gambrills, 410-923-7575

ties outside the classroom create

Magothy Cooperative Preschool

a unique, remarkable Pre-K

Pasadena, 410-360-0292

Tuition: $7,414-$10,707/yr

ulum-based preschool dedicated

through 12th grade college pre-

2 years–PreK-4

NAPS is a warm nurturing envi-

to giving children the “Right

paratory experience.

ronment that is open to military

Start” to a successful academic

families and the Annapolis com-

future. The premise behind Right

munities. We have small class

Start Academy is to provide chil-

sizes and an inviting school

dren with a comprehensive cur-

Edgewater, 410-798-6255

house that stimulates children’s

riculum that provides advanced

Edgewater, Mayo

3 years–PreK-4

abilities to grow and mature

preparation for kindergarten.


intellectually, physically, emotion-

See our ad on page 17

ships and enrichment opportuni-

See our ad on page 23

Joy Kids Learning Center

2 years–PreK-5

Mayo Nursery Preschool

Monsignor Slade Catholic School

ally and socially. See our ad on page 16

Severn School Severna Park, 410-647-7700

Nichols-Bethel United Methodist Preschool

Pasadena, 410-544-3107

2 years – 8th grade

Odenton, 410-674-2272

At Severn we feel socialization

2 years–PreK-4

Before & after care

3 years–Pre-K

and “Learning by Doing” are key

Tuition: $7,415-$8,230/yr

components of a young learner’s

Students benefit from excellent


first school experience.

Keenan Christian Learning Center

Key School

Glen Burnie, 410-766-7130

academic instruction and prepa-

Annapolis, 410-263-9231

ration for high school in a car-

Odenton Day Care

2.5 years–12th grade

ing, Catholic environment. Slade

Odenton, 410-674-4031

Before & after care

also builds a strong sense

2 years–Kindergarten

12 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om

3 years–12th grade

See our ad on page 17

The right start is

First & Lower School STEAM Initiatives



Coding Dreambox Math Architecture



our child’s mindset toward school is formed during the early childhood and elementary years. With an emphasis on inquiry-based learning and purposeful play, Key’s First and Lower School programs (2.5 year-olds—Grade 4) actively engage children to question, explore, investigate, and make decisions as they construct foundational content knowledge. In doing so, Key’s program produces happy and inquisitive students, well-prepared for future academic endeavors.



KEY’S PROGRAM PROVIDES: • A curriculum rich in language, conceptual math, science, and engineering • Engagement with faculty who are early childhood specialists • An inquiry-based learning environment that promotes curiosity, builds analytical thinking skills, and fosters a love for learning • A multi-sensory phonics approach to early literacy and language skills • Enhanced learning experiences through meaningful technology integration • Formal science program taught by science specialists • Classes in music, library, art, life skills, and physical education taught by discipline specialists • Experience in Key’s Nature Explore Classroom, Build It Lab, Treetop Science Room, Thinkering Studio, and Maker Spaces


(2.5 years – Kindergarten)

LOWER SCHOOL (Grades 1-4)


The Key School engages children from 2.5 years of age through grade 12 in a progressive, coeducational, college-preparatory program on its picturesque 15-acre campus located 4 miles from downtown Annapolis. Che sa pe a ke om •• BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 13 534 HILLSMERE DR. • ANNAPOLIS, MDFa •mily.c 21403 410. 263.9231 • KEYSCHOOL.ORG

Severna Park United Methodist Church Nursery School

vides children with an opportunity to learn about themselves

Severna Park, 410-987-8339

and the world around them. The

3 years–PreK-4

school exposes children to learn-

ing experiences and gives them


South County Pre-Kindergarten Cooperative


tarian, progressive Pre-K through

Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools

curriculum and a dedicated fac-

they need to become successful

experiment, create and feel suc-

2 years–12th grade



Before & after care

See our ad on page 24

Catholic schools in the

Relay Children’s Center, Inc.

Archdiocese of Baltimore provide

Baltimore, 410-247-2811

a Christ-centered education that

is academically excellent and

2 years–5th grade

Tuition: $2,400-$20,000/yr

3 years–PreK-4

3–5 years

empowers students to reach intellectually, physically, socially,

Roland Park Country School

and morally. The Archdiocese of

Baltimore, 410-323-5500

Annapolis, 410-266-5522

Baltimore Catholic Schools enroll

3 years–12th grade

2 years–PreK

over 25,000 students in 45

elementary and middle schools,

Tuition: $3,800-$5,500/yr

and 19 high schools.

Weems Creek’s mission is to pro-

See our ad on the back

Annapolis, 410-573-2078

Weems Creek Nursery School

3 years–PreK-4

Annapolis, 410-974-1994

vide an enriching group experi-

2 years–PreK-5

ence for each child entrusted to

us, promoting their social, emotional, physical, and academic growth. We strive to provide

their full potential–spiritually,


Bryn Mawr Little School Baltimore, 410-323-8826

a setting that recognizes each

2 months–Kindergarten

Severna Park, 410-647-2283

child’s uniqueness and inherent

4 years–8th grade

curiosity, as well as encourages

Before & after care

a love of learning.

Tuition: $7,875/yr

the world with the knowledge,

ample opportunity to explore,

Annapolis, 410-266-6006

St. John the Evangelist School

ulty, Park students venture into the confidence, and the skills

Tree of Life Preschool

St. Andrew by the Bay Preschool

12 school. With a challenging

Baltimore, 410-547-5369

Davidsonville, 410-798-5650

Ss. Constantine & Helen School


St. Margaret’s Day School pro-

CALVERT COUNTY Busy Bee Nursery Prince Frederick, 410-535-0687 2 years–PreK-4

Calvert Nursery School Prince Frederick, 410-535-0577

Friends School of Baltimore

3 years–PreK-4

At St. John the Evangelist School,

Woods Child Development Center

a Roman Catholic, parish school,

Severna Park, 410-647-9168

our faculty and staff work togeth-

2 years–PreK-4

er to develop each child to the

Tuition: $297–$1,130/month

best of her/his ability, spiritually,

academically, artistically, socially

A September to May preschool

and physically in a nurturing

program as well as a year-

2 years–6th grade

environment that promotes living

round child care and education

faith, academic excellence, lead-

program, including chapel and

ership, and service.

music instruction. Teachers’

See our ad on page 9

degrees in early childhood or

St. Margaret’s Day School

staff ratio. Five one-week camps

offered each summer.

4 years–12th grade

Kids Campus Early Learning Center

Before & after care

Dunkirk, 410-286-8960

2 years–Kindergarten

Tuition: $17,680–$31,970

18 months–Kindergarten

Before & after care

Founded in 1912, The Park

Tuition: $2,200-$7,400/yr

School of Baltimore is an inde-

pendent, coeducational, non-sec-

Annapolis, 410-757-2333

related field; excellent student/

See our ad on page 8

14 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om

Baltimore, 410-649-3211 4 years–12th grade

Dawns Early Light Preschool Dunkirk, 301-855-6300

HASA | Gateway School Baltimore, 410-318-6780

2 years–5th grade

Imagine Nations Early Learning Center Owings, 410-286-3300

The Park School of Baltimore Baltimore, 410-339-7070

2 years–PreK-4

College Prep is


cademic rigor at Key is derived from achieving a deep understanding of the complexity of concepts and problems, not from the sheer amount of content covered. From First School through Upper School, Key’s program emphasizes experiential learning, creative and collaborative problem solving, and building habits of grit and resourcefulness. Key alumni say they are uniquely prepared for the challenges of collegiate programs and well-equipped to meet the demands of the innovation-driven economy.

• Over 75% of the Class of 2018 received merit scholarships



KEY GRADUATES ARE: • Independent thinkers • Intrinsically motivated • Creative innovators • Effective collaborators • Tenacious problem-solvers • Articulate leaders

• 80% will attend “Most/Highly/Very Competitive” colleges/universities • 33% will attend Research 1 Universities • 33% intend to pursue STEM-related studies including engineering, computer science, marine and environmental science, pre-health/vet, and architecture


• 100% taking Advanced Courses during junior year scored 4 or 5 on the AP exam (Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Latin, Spanish Literature)

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

• 90% of recent graduates accepted to one of their top choice colleges

(Grades 5-8)

• 98% of alumni parents surveyed would recommend Key to a friend, colleague or family member



The Key School engages children from 2.5 years of age through grade 12 in a progressive, coeducational, college-preparatory program on its picturesque 15-acre campus located 4 miles from downtown Annapolis. Che sa pe a ke •Fa21403 mily.c om BIG 263.9231 BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 15 534 HILLSMERE DR. • ANNAPOLIS, MD • •410. • KEYSCHOOL.ORG

ANNAPOLIS LANGUAGE SCHOOL The Area’s Only Spanish Immersion Program for Preschoolers!

Ages 2-5 Up to 5 days a week available 9:30am – 12:00pm A student-centered,


appropriate curriculum,

warm nurturing environment

with class sizes averaging

12-18 students

• PreK- Fifth grade

• AIMS accredited

• Special tuition for military families

• Performing Arts, science labs, & foreign language curriculum


(must be 3 by Sept 1) | 410-757-3090 74 Greenbury Point Road, Annapolis

Noah’s Ark Learning Center Inc.

Mt. Hebron Nursery School

Huntingtown, 410-414-5084

Ellicott City, 410-461-2773

Infants–5 years

Prime Time Children’s Center


2 years–PreK-4

Academy of Saint Matthias the Apostle

Lanham, 301-577-9412

Owings, 301-855-2221

HOWARD COUNTY Chapelgate Preschool

4 years–8th grade

Marriottsville, 410-442-5663

Belair Cooperative Nursery School

2 years–PreK-4

Bowie, 301-464-5782

Children of America Ellicott City Ellicott City, 443-492-2127

The Daisy Lane School at Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School

Infants–6th grade

Glenn Dale, 301-464-3215

3 years–Kindergarten

Childtime Preschool Columbia, Ellicott City, Largo, See our ad on page 29

2 years–Kindergarten

Leal Angels Bilingual Child Development

Bowie, 301-850-4934


Columbia Academy Columbia, Ellicott City, Fulton 410-992-0484

Emmanuel United Methodist Preschool Laurel, 301-725-5178 2 years–PreK-4

Julia Brown School

2 years–PreK-4

Patuxent Montessori School Bowie, 301-464-4506 2 years–5th grade

Riverdale Baptist Preschool Riverdale Baptist School Upper Marlboro, 301-249-7000

Laurel, 301-498-0604

3 years - 12th Grade

18 months–3rd grade

Before & after care

Tuition: $10,005-$12,581/yr

Joy in Learning Riverdale Baptist School is a fully

Columbia, 410-740-2999

accredited, co-education college


preparatory, Christian day

school ministry for students from K3 through 12th grade. See our ad on page 33

16 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om

St. Matthew’s Early Education Center

mindfulness, English language arts, math, science, Spanish,

Bowie, 301-464-1813

social studies, music, art, cre-

2 years-Kindergarten

ative movement and Christian


St. Pius X Regional School

Kiddie Academy of Kent Island

Bowie, 301-262-0203

Stevensville, 410-643-3932

4 years–8th grade

2 years–PreK-4




Christ Episcopal Church Day School

Christ Church Day School

Stevensville, 410-643-8248

Easton, 410-822-2677

2–PreK 4

3 years–Pre-K

Tuition: $2,084–$6,000/yr For a complete listing of the

was founded in 1971 and has

preschool directory please visit

been providing a fun, safe,

us online at ChesapeakeFamily.

nurturing learning environment


for 47 years. We offer a challenging curriculum that includes

Developing potential into reality... one child at a time! ★ Preschool for 2-5 Year Olds ★ All-Inclusive Tuition Includes: Meals and Snacks ★ Yoga, Music and Movement Classes Monthly

★ Live Feed Cameras in all Classrooms ★ Owned and Operated by Educators ★ Year-Round enrollment!

331 Gambrills Rd., Suite 1 ★ Gambrills, MD ★ 410.923.7575


Lower School: October 12 at 9 am Middle School: October 25 at 7 pm Upper School: November 1 at 7 pm

Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 17


Kent Island’s original preschool

I L o ve RSA!




18 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om


n this digital age of online reviews,

the policy arm. Deciding where to send

just want to make sure families are informed

smartphone apps and instant

a child for care can be an overwhelming

so they can make the decision that’s best for

feedback, researching everything

process, Budd says, and the system was

their individual family and their individual

from a new coffee maker to cars to a

designed to make the search less daunting

child,” Wright explains.

vacation spot is as simple as a few clicks.

for families and offer them a showcase of

Wouldn’t it be nice if the same could be

care options that not only fit their needs

Going Above and Beyond

said for investigating child care? Thanks

but, you guessed it, excel. “What Maryland

Cathy Ross of Cathy’s Care, a registered

to Maryland EXCELS and both its online

EXCELS does is add another layer of quality

family child care provider in Glen Burnie,

platform and mobile app, researching quality

on to Maryland’s already rigorous licensing

has been in business 25 years and jumped

local early education is literally at your

standards,” Budd explains.

at the chance to get involved with Maryland


She says Maryland EXCEL’s online tool

EXCELS. Her program, which is both a

offers users the option to apply filters to

Maryland Credentialed Child Care Provider

search for a child care experience that falls

and National Association for Family Child

A collaboration between the Maryland

within their specific parameters. Not only

Care Accredited, is a level 5 within the

State Department of Education (MSDE)

do the website and smartphone app allow

system’s quality rating framework. Ross says

and the Johns Hopkins University School

families to vet quality local options, they also

she’s eager to participate in any system that

of Education’s Center for Technology

serve as educational resources for parents,

encourages early education providers to

in Education (CTE), Maryland EXCELS

says Jena Smith, Budd’s colleague at the

grow and exceed standards. “It makes me a

is simultaneously a rating system, an

Maryland EXCELS Branch. The site is a

better person, it makes me a better provider,

invaluable informational resource for

“great place for parents to learn what makes

it makes my program better,” she says.

families, and a support and improvement

up quality child care,” she says.

The Program

system for child care in the state. Child

Tonya Wright, early childhood project

Ross is also glad that there exists a resource detailing a variety of regulated

care programs in Maryland that have

administrator for JHU’s Center for Technology

care options, as it seems some families are

chosen to go beyond state licensure and

in Education, explains Maryland EXCELS

unaware they ought to be using regulated

participate in the Maryland EXCELS system

from the technological side, noting that

child care in the first place.

are rated on a scale of one to five (the

participating care providers submit

highest rating) based on criteria established

documents to create a portfolio of sorts, “our

Hebron Nursery School in Ellicott City, a

by the MSDE. According to the Maryland

team reviews those documents and gives that

private, traditional school of 200 students

EXCELS website, early education programs

provider a rating based upon what they’ve

that’s been operating in Howard County for

“demonstrate their competence in Staffing

uploaded.” The information is then off to the

more than 50 years. Schroeder says Mt.

and Professional Development, Accreditation

MSDE, which reviews the proposed ratings

Hebron was one of the first schools to link up

and Program Improvement, Developmentally

and may verify them.

with Maryland EXCELS as part of the pilot

Appropriate Practice, and Administrative

Because the system establishes ratings for

Amy Schroeder is the director of Mt.

program. She notes that the nursery school

Policies and Practices.” Additionally, in an

a range of child care options (child care

has worked hard to achieve and maintain

effort to provide options to families with

centers, public preschools, family child care,

its level 5 status, and she urges other child

more specific needs or requirements, the

before- and after-school programs, and

care programs to take part in the system

system also identifies child care that has

Head Start), families are introduced to a

regardless of their starting point or current

reached set standards in the areas of health

variety of options that might suit their needs.

rating. “It’s good just to participate,” she

and wellness, asthma-friendly child care,

Wright says that while the data show that

says. “Don’t not do it just because you can’t

quality business practices, eco-friendly

parents tend to select care based primarily

be a 5 right away.” Schroeder and her team

programming, and cultural and linguistic

on location and cost, Maryland EXCELS

have even earned “extras” beyond a level


encourages them “to make quality an equal

5 status, so it is possible to “improve on a

consideration when they are selecting

good thing.” And, whether that good thing

programs for their child.”

is a new family provider serving a handful

Collaboration for Quality Lindi Mitchell Budd, chief of the Maryland

“Research shows how much development

of families or a long-established large public

EXCELS branch within MSDE’s Division

happens in those first five years, so we really

preschool, it’s nice to know that Maryland

of Early Childhood Development, says

want to inform families of what quality is and

EXCELS provides child care throughout the

the system was in the making for nearly

what quality looks like in different program

state with the tools for self-improvement and

a decade. It blossomed once a federal

types,” says Wright. “Quality can look

local families with a resource to find quality

grant was issued to CTE to orchestrate the

different in different places and in different

care, one program at a time.

technological side of Maryland EXCELS while

environments and in different regions and in

the state was able to create and manage

different program types, and that’s okay. We

To learn more about Maryland EXCELS, visit

Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 19



re you thinking private school might be the best option for your child? There are plenty to choose from in the area. Our

Private School Directory is a listing of private and parochial schools in Central Maryland. Schools with descriptions are advertisers, and information in the listings was provided by the schools. For more details on the schools, such as total enrollment, class sizes, uniform requirements, sports available and more,


visit privateschools.

2018-2019 • Ch• sa p e a k e F a mily.c om 20 •• BIG BIGBOOK BOOKOFOFEDUCATION EDUCATION 2017-2018


strong academics with a sound

15-acre campus located 4 miles

munities. We have small class

Christian nurturing to produce

from downtown Annapolis.

sizes and an inviting school

Annapolis Area Christian School

amazing, well-rounded students

See our ad on page 13, 15

house that stimulates children’s

Annapolis, Severn, 410-519-5300

and people.

Monsignor Slade Catholic School

See our ad on page 34

abilities to grow and mature intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.

Before & after care

Calvary Baptist Church Academy

Tuition: $6,999-$18,030/yr

Glen Burnie, 410-768-5324

2 years – 8th grade

Rockbridge Academy

3 years–12th grade

Before & after care

Millersville, 410-923-1171

AACS is an independent

Tuition: $7,415-$8,230/yr

Christian day school offering

Before & after care

Monsignor Slade’s students

5 years–12th grade

college preparatory academic

Tuition: $5,500/yr

benefit from excellent academic

Before & after care

curriculum, competitive athletic

Calvary Baptist Church Academy

instruction and preparation for

Tuition: $7,200-$14,500

program for middle and upper

in Glen Burnie, MD is a place to

high school in a caring, Catholic

Rockbridge Academy is a clas-

school students, and outstand-

invest in your child with classes

environment. Slade also builds a

sical Christian school and we

ing fine arts, including theater,

from Pre-school (K3 & K4) up

strong sense of community

utilize the time-proven method of

choral, band and visual arts.

to the 12th grade. We are a

while encouraging students to

education based on the Trivium.

Together with parents, we nurture

Christian school that focuses on

deepen their faith, knowledge,

Rockbridge Academy is com-

Christian faith and character

excellence in education (our stu-

and desire to serve.

mitted to offering a service to

and foster personal achievement

dents test 1-2 grades above the

See our ad on page 34

parents who are seeking an

in students.

national average).

PreK–12th grade

Glen Burnie, 410-766-7130

See our ad on page 16

excellent education for their chil-

See our ad on page 2

See our ad on page 8

Archbishop Spalding High School

Indian Creek School

Montessori International Children’s House

Crownsville, 410-923-3660

Annapolis, 410-757-7789

Severn, 410-969-9105

2.9 years–12th grade

18 months–6th grade

Before & after care

Before & after care

Saint Andrew’s Day School

9th grade–12th grade

Tuition: $2,700-$26,690/yr

Tuition: $9,750-$11,525/yr

Edgewater, 410-266-0952

Tuition: $16,270/yr

3 years–8th grade

As a Catholic, co-educational,

ICS believes that education

Montessori International (MICH)

college preparatory second-

should be engaging and chal-

is a coeducational independent

ary school, we are committed

lenging. Innovative teaching

school that inspires excellence,

to challenging our students to

based on educational research

nurtures curiosity and enhances

School of the Incarnation

grow spiritually, academically,

combined with nurturing relation-

creativity. Our student-centered

Gambrills, 410-519-2285

physically, and socially. The

ships and enrichment opportuni-

learning community emphasizes

school community provides a

ties outside the classroom create

hands-on experiential learning,

4 years–8th grade

caring environment that affirms

a unique, remarkable Pre-K

respect for self and others, and

Before & after care

the dignity of the individual and

through 12th grade college pre-

the development of inquiry skills

Tuition: $4,810-$8,150/yr

promotes learning.

paratory experience.

that enhance life-long learning.

School of the Incarnation is dedi-

See our ad on page 28

See our ad on page 23

Extended Day available.

cated to cultivating academic excellence in an environment

Book of Life Academy

Key School

See our ad on page 33

dren, taught from a distinctively See our ad on page 32

immersed in Gospel values. This

Annapolis, 410-263-2600

2.5 years–12th grade

Naval Academy Primary School

2 years–5th grade

Before & after care

Annapolis, 410-757-3090

student life.

Before & after care

Tuition: $8,295-$28,350/yr

See our ad on page 22

Tuition: Please call

3 years–5th grade

Key School engages children

Before & after care

We produce incredible,

from 2.5 years of age through

Tuition: $7,414-$10,707/yr

academically sound, young

grade 12 in a progressive, coed-

NAPS is a warm nurturing envi-

Christian leaders. The purpose

ucational, college-preparatory,

ronment that is open to military

of this school is to couple

day program on its picturesque

families and the Annapolis com-

Annapolis, 410-263-9231

commitment is woven seamlessly into the academic program and

Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 21


Christian world view.

Educating students from PreK 3 - 8th grade.

Severna Park, 410-647-7700

St. Martin’s Episcopal School

3 years–12th grade

Severna Park, 410-647-7055

Before & after care

3 years–8th grade

Tuition: Varies

Before & after care

Tuition: $3,200-$12,700/yr

Severn School strives to meet the

Open Houses 9am

needs of young learners as well

We are an independent, co-ed

Friday, November 16 Saturday, November 17 Friday, January 25 Thursday, March 21

as college-bound students while

Episcopal school, welcoming

challenging them to realize

children age 3 through 8th

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Creative Teaching & Interactive Learning Where Every Child Thrives School, Family, Community

1120 Spa Road . Annapolis, MD . 410-269-1955 .

Integrity † Initiative † Inclusion

Severn School

personal excellence. Students

cultural and economic back-

opportunities to demonstrate

grounds since 1957.

scholarship, leadership,

See our ad on page 25

citizenship, and sportsmanship. See our ad on page 17

St. Anne’s School of Annapolis

PreK through Grade 8


Open Houses: Thursday, Nov. 8th 9-10:30am Saturday, Jan. 26th 1-3pm

Helping students grow in knowledge and faith 410.519.2285 2601 Symphony Lane, Gambrills, MD 21054

111 Duke of Gloucester Street Annapolis, MD 21401 410-990-4135

St. Martin’s Lutheran School Annapolis, 410-269-1955 3 years–8th grade

Annapolis, 410-263-8650

Before & after care

2 years–8th grade

Tuition: $3,500-$12,680

Before & after care

Tuition: $3,575-$19,995/yr

Saint Martin’s School, PK3-8th,

strives to develop well-rounded

An independent Episcopal

students by promoting academic

school for Twos through Eighth

achievement, character educa-

Grade students, St. Anne’s

tion, and spiritual growth. Our

School of Annapolis is focused

nurturing environment and strong

on a rigorous, inquiry-based

sense of community fosters every

academic and social curriculum.

child to thrive. Saint Martin’s

St. Anne’s School is shaping the

School provides an interactive

innovative leaders of tomorrow.

learning experience and individ-

See our ad on page 29

ualized attention to meet each

St. John the Evangelist School

Anchored in Faith, Rooted in Tradition, Committed to Excellence

Grade from diverse religious,

are provided varied

student’s needs. See our ad on page 22

4 years–8th grade

St. Mary’s Elementary School

Before & after care

Annapolis, 410-263-2869

Tuition: $7,875/yr

Kindergarten–8th grade

After care

At St. John the Evangelist

Tuition: $8,126-$9,340/yr

School, a Roman Catholic, par-

ish school, our faculty and staff

St. Mary’s Elementary School is

work together to develop each

a parish coeducational Catholic

child to the best of her/his abil-

institution servicing many parish-

ity, spiritually, academically,

es within the greater Annapolis

artistically, socially and physi-

area. Anchored in Faith. Rooted

cally in a nurturing environment

in Tradition. Committed to

that promotes living faith, aca-


demic excellence, leadership,

See our ad on page 22

Severna Park, 410-647-2283

and service. See our ad on page 9

22 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om

St. Paul’s Lutheran School

their full potential—spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially,

Glen Burnie, 410-766-5790

and morally. The Archdiocese of

3 years–8th grade

Baltimore Catholic Schools enroll

over 25,000 students in 45

Your child will spend over half of her waking hours at school.

elementary and middle schools,

St. Philip Neri Catholic School Linthicum, 410-859-1212

and 19 high schools. See our ad on the back cover

Before & after care

Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School

Tuition: $4,600-$25,460/yr

Baltimore, 410-486-1900

St. Philip Neri is a private,

2 years–12th grade

Catholic school serving students

4 years–8th grade

in PreK4 through grade 8. We


Baltimore, 443-642-5165

See our ad on page 9

9th grade–12th grade,

The Summit School Edgewater, 410-798-0005

Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

Baltimore, 410-377-5192

6 years–8th grade

5 years–12th grade

After School, Tuition: $30,700, After School

Bright students with dyslexia

Tuition: $20,500-$29,500

and learning differences

Maryland’s oldest independent,

experience individualized

non-sectarian college-preparatory

instruction with an evidence-

school for boys. Since 1844, we

based, well-rounded curriculum

have embodied our Latin motto,

that allows them to succeed,

Esse Quam Videri (to be, rather

while still challenging them

than to seem). Our talented fac-

academically. More than 90

ulty fosters enduring personal

percent of Summit students grad-

relationships and empowers

uate to mainstream high schools.

each student to strive for success

See our ad on page 16

in their pursuits.

BALTIMORE Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools


See our ad on page 28

The Catholic High School of Baltimore

Pre-Kindergarten 3 through Grade 12

Baltimore, 410-732-6200

Seeing is believing...


Baltimore, 410-547-5369

9th–12th grade

Tuition: $14,600/yr

2 years–12th grade

Provided a quality, college pre-

Before & after care

paratory education, rooted in the

Tuition: $2,400-$20,000/yr

Franciscan tradition for young

Catholic schools in the

women since 1939. Catholic

Archdiocese of Baltimore provide

High challenges young women to

a Christ-centered education that

academic excellence, to respon-

is academically excellent and

sible leadership, and to Christian

empowers students to reach

community service.

Fall Open House LOWER SCHOOL UPPER SCHOOL Grades Pre-K3 - 6 Grades 7-12 Wednesday, November 7 Sunday, November 11 9:00-11:00 a.m. 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. 680 Evergreen Road 1130 Anne Chambers Way Crownsville, MD Crownsville, MD

Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 23


Catholic faith and academic

Baltimore School for the Arts

are dedicated to fostering the

St. Margaret’s Day School Kindergarten and Preschool Classes (Ages 2-5)

Your child will grow & develop their confidence and leadership skills while building strength & independence.

• MAEOE Green Certified School • STEM Program • Weekly Specials • Nut Free School

• Summer Camp • Financial Aid • Before & After Care • MD EXCELS rated level 5

1605 Pleasant Plains Rd. Annapolis, MD 410.757.2333

Our students are accepted without regard to sex, race,religion or national background.


Open House - Oct. 25, 6-8pm

“The one thing above all that you want for your child is the chance to reach full potential and there is no better place I can think of for that than WRUS.”

Center for Creative Learning

The School of the Cathedral

Baltimore, 410-945-0664

Baltimore, 410-464-4100

2 years–5th grade

5 years–8th grade

Gilman School Baltimore, Lower School,

St. Paul Lutheran School


Catonsville, 410-747-1924

Middle & Upper Schools,

18 months–5th grade


5 years–12th grade


Lamb of God School

The Calverton School

Halethorpe, 410-242-4100

Huntintown, 410-535-0216

2.5 years–12th grade

5 years–8th grade

Before & after care Tuition: $3,975-$8,000

Tidewater School

While encouraging academic

Huntingtown, 4102570533

excellence and a love of learning

3 years–5th grade

in our students, we also seek to

nurture a personal relationship with God and to support parents in their effort to raise children who love the Lord.

Fall 2018 Admissions Events Prospective Parent Night October 4th, 6:30pm to 8pm

Open House

November 4th, 11am to 2pm

Learning Engineering and Design (LEAD) Day for Prospective Students

November 10th, 9:30am to Noon

For more information, please visit

Elizabeth Seton High School

5715 Emerson St, Bladensburg, MD 20710 301.864.4532 24 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om

See our ad on page 9

Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities

HOWARD Bethel Christian Academy Savage, 301-725-4673 3 years–8th grade

2 years–12th grade

Resurrection-St. Paul School

Ellicott City, 410-461-9111

Baltimore, 410-938-4413

The Park School of Baltimore

3 years–8th grade

St. John’s Parish Day School

4 years–12th grade

Ellicott City, 4104657644

Before & after care

3 years–5th grade

Tuition: $17,680-$31,970

Baltimore, 410-339-7070

Founded in 1912, The Park School of Baltimore is an independent, coeducational, non-sec-


tarian, progressive Pre-K through

Kent School

12 school. With a challenging

Chestertown, 410-778-4100

curriculum and a dedicated fac-

ulty, Park students venture into the

3 years–8th grade

world with the knowledge, the

Before & after care

confidence, and the skills they

Tuition: $5,800-$16,850/yr

need to become successful adults.

Kent School is a regional, inde-

pendent day school and our

Fairhaven School

promoting academic excel-

Upper Marlboro, 301-249-8060

lence and building Christian

Tuition: $28,500/yr

academic, artistic, athletic, and

4 years–12th grade

character in a small community

Changes the lives of bright stu-

moral excellence. We accom-

atmosphere. The school offers a

dents with learning differences

challenging curriculum including

by engaging them in a challeng-

a four-year honors program and

ing educational experience that

a wide range of AP courses.

builds their skills and confidence,

See our ad on page 34

prepares them for college, and

mission is to guide students to

plish our mission with high academic and personal standards, a devoted and highly skilled faculty, and by living our commu-

Friends Community School College Park, 301-441-2100

nity values of integrity, respect,

Kindergarten–8th grade

responsibility and friendship.

Radcliffe Creek School

Grace Christian School

Chestertown, 410-778-8150

QUEEN ANNE’S The Gunston School Centreville, 410-758-0620

positions them for success. Students come to Wye River to discover their strengths and find the right level of support. See our ad on page 24

Bowie, 301-262-0158

9th–12th grade

5 years–8th grade

Kindergarten–8th grade



The Country School

Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School

Lighthouse Christian Academy

Belair Baptist Christian Academy

Easton, 410-822-1935

Stevensville, 410-643-3034

5 years–8th grade

Bowie, Glenn Dale,

4 years–8th grade


3 years–8th grade

4 years–12th grade

Before & after care

Tuition: $9,515-$13,195/yr

Wye River Upper School

Centreville, 410-758-2922

9th grade–12th grade

Independent school, preschool

9th grade-12th grade

Bishop McNamara High School

to 8th grade, extended day pro-

Forestville, 301-735-8401

gram, summer camp. Locations

9th–12th grade

in both Bowie and Glenn Dale.

See our ad on page 29

DeMatha Catholic High School

Riverdale Baptist School

Hyattsville, 240-764-2200

Riverdale Baptist School

9th–12th grade

Upper Marlboro, 301-249-7000

3 years - 12th Grade

Elizabeth Seton High School

Before & after care Tuition: $10,005-$12,581/yr

Bladensburg, 301-864-4532

Riverdale Baptist School is a, 9th–12th grade

fully accredited, co-education

Tuition: $14,375/yr

college preparatory, Christian

Rooted in Catholic values, the

day school ministry for students

mission of ESHS is to cultivate

from K3 through 12th grade.

confidence in young women to

See our ad on page 33

excel in college, careers, and life through an innovative and rigorous academic experience. As a diverse and inclusive l

St. Vincent Pallotti High School

Sunday, October 14, 2018 10:00am-12:30pm

Laurel, 301-725-3228

earning community, students

9th–12th grade

think critically and creatively,

After care, Tuition: $15,200/yr

work collaboratively, and

serve others.

Pallotti pursues its mission of

See our ad on page 24

Easton, 410-822-2275

Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 25


Saints Peter & Paul High School

Bowie, 301-262-0578

CLASSES THAT WORK Career and technical education programs jump-start students’ professional success. B Y D AV I D G R E I S M A N PHOTOS BY DUNKS PHOTO

26 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om


oshua Gilbert has learned a lot about hacking lately, and not just because of the news. The 17-year-old senior at Centennial High School in Ellicott City is being taught how to secure networks as well as how to attack them.

This is not the high school computer science class of 20 years

ago. Gilbert is a student in the Howard County school system’s cybersecurity program. His teachers are industry professionals who have tried to port as much of their experiences into as close of a classroom simulation as possible. He’ll graduate with a certification that can help get his foot in the door working in network support — and he’ll then begin an internship with the National Security Agency. “Hopefully it’ll build into a career,” Gilbert said. “Cybersecurity and the technology industries are poised for a lot of growth. That seems like a good place to get a lot of money.” It’s a wise choice for a teenager testing out potential career paths. The cybersecurity and homeland security industries have a large presence in this region, thanks to Fort Meade, the federal government and private contractors. High school students in our region can now prepare for their future in a variety of other fields as well. Votech, or vocational and technical training, has expanded far beyond the traditional automotive repair and construction trades. Now known as CTE, or career and technical education, the portfolios of available options in local school systems can prepare students for a broad spectrum of additional professions, including homeland security, information technology, cosmetology, culinary arts and animation — just to name a few. “The old votech was really only for a few students. Now it’s for all,” says Deb Albert, Anne Arundel County Public School System’s coordinator for career and technology education. “It’s not just training for students who don’t want to go to college. It’s training to give students a jump-start.”

From votech to CTE The traditional trades, like working on automobiles or in the construction industry, haven’t faded away whatsoever. They now include additional skills, thanks to computerization and other modern tools. A student who once may have been taught merely to weld, for example, can now learn to use a computerized plasma cutter as well. In addition, the philosophy is no longer one of teaching students a trade and getting them out the door. That won’t work anymore in today’s economy. Students will earn necessary certifications and licenses, may be set up with internships and apprenticeships, and can receive college credit — all before they’ve received their high school diplomas. “Whatever they’re doing next, whether it’s going to college,

Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 27

trade school or joining the workforce, I want them to be ready for it,” says Mark Wilding, director of career and technology education for Calvert County Public Schools. An increasing number of students aren’t just taking the core subjects and then applying to colleges. They’re enrolling in career and technical education and then either taking classes in-house or traveling off-site. Programs that require large and/or expensive equipment are hosted in a technology center. Other programs, like engineering and accounting, are available in the high schools. As with the other trades, these subjects ready students for jobs that require less than a four-year degree or put them further ahead on career paths that require additional education. At the Howard County Applications and Research Laboratory, which began in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a home for agriculture, horticulture, automotive and construction, signs now point students to classrooms for programs such as hotel and restaurant management, biotechnology, aerospace and visual communications. At least 1,200 students come to the building. The most popular fields with students are health, including programs for allied health, nursing assistants and emergency medical technicians; automotive; and cybersecurity. This is the first year that construction is at capacity. That’s a good thing — a large company headquartered in Columbia recently emailed the construction management program, expressing interest in having young talent sent their way.


Sunday, October 28, 2018



Register online:

Check /visit for more details.

Sunday, October 14 10:00 am

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 Thursday, April 4, 2019 Thursday, May 23, 2019

822 West Lake Avenue | Baltimore, MD 21210 |

28 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om

“The cost of college is prohibitive for a lot of students. They’re

Employers are well aware of the pipeline of potential workers.

looking for other options,” says Natalie Belcher, a career and

They are involved in the advisory boards that give feedback on the

technical education instructional facilitator in Howard County. “We

curriculum and instruction. They bring in students as interns and

don’t offer programs unless we feel comfortable that the future

cultivate them as candidates for future positions.

employment opportunities are there.”

“We have agreements with local unions. If you complete our program, you’re guaranteed admittance into the union,” Wilding

From CTE to the workforce

said. “Every kid who wants to work, they’re able to find work.”

Career and technical educators say they are training their

And students, often with advice from their families, will examine

students for high-skill, high-wage, high-demand careers. Even those

the local and national economies and then see whether a field might

specializing in construction can learn how to be project managers,

be right for them. In southern Prince George’s County, where a new

instead of starting off as rookie carpenters and hoping to work their

hospital is under construction, students at Friendly High School in Fort

way up.

Washington can graduate as certified clinical medical assistants and

“We’re preparing kids for what they’re actually going to

then go directly into working at a doctor’s office, hospital or urgent

need,” Wilding said. “So when they enter an industry, besides a

care facility, and they can choose continue their education.

certification, they’ll have knowledge of the latest and greatest trends

A’Kyia Thomas has dreamed of becoming a doctor since middle

and will be more likely to be hired, be successful and move up in

school, inspired in part by fiction — the drama of television show

their job.”

Grey’s Anatomy — but also by cold reality. Her grandfather died

Eric Leizear graduated from Calvert’s automotive program in

from an aneurysm. Her grandmother has cancer.

2015. His school helped set him up with a job as a technician at

“I like helping people,” says the 17-year-old senior. “Being in this

a dealership in Prince Frederick, which in turn entered him into the

profession makes me feel like I can help more.”

General Motors program at the Community College of Baltimore

It’s still going to be a long road until Thomas becomes a doctor. But


she’s getting a much earlier start than the traditional pre-med student

“It gave me a jump-start to my career,” said Leizear, who’s now 21.

— and learning for free skills her predecessors had to pay to acquire.

“If I didn’t have that, I would be struggling right now.”


Serving Preschool through Grade 8


Conveniently located in Bowie/Glenn Dale. Call 301-262-5355 to schedule a personal tour or contact for more information.

November 14 • 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

OPEN HOUSE DATES October 14, 2018 .......1-3pm November 12, 2018 ...9:30am –11:30am January 11, 2019 .......9:30am-11:30am February 10, 2019 .....1-3pm April 26, 2019 .............9:30-11:30am

• •• •••


January 9 • March 13 • May 8 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.

Twos – Eighth Grade

RSVP at • 410.263.8650 Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 29



entral Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay area offer excellent destinations for fun and learning. The following list encompasses some of the best around. Before heading out, check websites or call

to confirm hours, possible fees and changing exhibits.

30 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om

ANIMALS AND NATURE Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary

Clark’s Elioak Farm

about science and the environ-

hunting, picnicking and a play-

10500 Clarksville Pike,

ment through interactive exhibits

ground. Over 500 acres with

Ellicott City, 410-730-4049

about animals, nature trails and

native trees and shrubs.

overlooks, a guided wildlife

Meet and learn about animals

tram tour and more.

Watkins Nature Center

2880 Grays Rd., Prince

such as ducks, ponies, pigs,

Frederick, 410-535-5327

goats and emu. Also enjoy a

hayride, cow train, pony rides

Robinson Nature Center

and the Enchanted Forest.

6692 Cedar Ln., Columbia


occurring stand of bald cypress

Field trip tours in spring,


Explore wildlife and enjoy

trees in America. An elevated

summer and fall.

resident live animals, hands-on


exhibits, interpretive programs

Learn about space, the

and special events.

The northernmost naturally

boardwalk goes through the trees, some over 1,000 years

Irvine Nature Center

301 Watkins Park Dr., Upper Marlboro,

old. Listen for nature’s harmony

11201 Garrison Forest Rd.,

Chesapeake Bay and Native

of calling frogs and songbirds

Owings Mills, 443-738-9200

American culture through public

on the boardwalk.

and group programs and field

Includes a nature center with

trips. Includes a digital

Annmarie Garden

animals and exhibits, trails

planetarium and dome-style

13480 Dowell Rd., Dowell

Calvert Cliffs State Park


through 116 acres, programs

theater, programs, exhibits and


10540 H.G. Trueman Rd.,

and field trips for students of

trails to explore.

Lusby, 301-743-7613

all ages. Interactive exhibits

provide hands-on learning

Fossil hunting, hiking and fish-

about woodlands, wetlands and

Smallwood State Park

ing. The walk to the beach is 2


2750 Sweden Point Rd.,

a playground.

Carrie Murray Nature Center

visitors to touch. Hosts familyfriendly events and festivals.

of the site of General William

Baltimore Museum of Art

1361 Wrighton Rd., Lothian

Smallwood’s home. Marina with

10 Art Museum Dr., Baltimore


access to the Potomac.


Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary

1901 Ridgetop Rd., Baltimore

More than 1,400 acres of


wetlands for hiking, canoeing

and bird watching plus many

Focuses on educating the

public programs.

public about animals and the

garden, some of which invites

dnr2.maryland.govGuided tours

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center 647 Contees Wharf Rd.,

Self-guided tours catering to kids on certain days; check website. Also offers family-friendly activities.

outdoors. Located in Gwynns

Montpelier Farms

Falls/Leakin Park, which

1720 Crain Hwy. North,


includes meadows, marshlands,

Upper Marlboro

Trails, bird watching and

The Hirshhorn Gallery and Sculpture Garden

springs and wetlands.


other outdoor, family activities.

7th St. and Independence Ave.

Understand human impacts on

SW, Washington, D.C.

See alpacas, sheep, bunnies,

the environment through


pigs, goats and other farm ani-

hands-on inquiry and

Introduce or deepen children’s

mals. Also enjoy activities such

STEM-based learning.

understanding of and

Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center 600 Discovery Ln., Grasonville

as gem stone mining, hayrides,


corn maze and more. Spring

and fall field trips.

Over 4 miles of trails, an

National Wildlife Visitor Center


Tuckahoe State Park and Adkins Arboretum

exposure to modern and contemporary art.

Walters Art Museum

12610 Eveland Rd, Ridgely

600 N. Charles St., Baltimore

Tuckahoe: 410-820-1668


10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop,

Adkins Arboretum:

Kid-friendly art museum includes

educational programs and

Laurel, 301-497-5898


opportunities to create your own

explore native woodlands, tidal

art and in-depth looks at

marshes and meadows.


Twenty miles of hiking, biking

special exhibits.

Explore, discover and learn

and equestrian trails, canoeing,

aviary and a visitor center. Good for bird watching and hiking. Experience hands-on

Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 31


miles along a trail. There is also

Marbury, 301-743-7613

A 30-acre public sculpture


self-directed walking tours

Dr. Samuel Mudd Home

workshops and educational

3725 Dr. Samuel Mudd Rd.,

around Annapolis. Teacher outreach programs.


Historic St. Mary’s City

Visit the home where John

18751 Hogaboom Lane,

Wilkes Booth stopped to have

St. Mary’s City, 240-895-4979

his broken leg set. Run by Dr.

Mudd’s family.

Maryland’s first capital shows


what life was like in the 17th

Ford’s Theatre 511 10th St. NW, Washington, D.C.

century and teaches the colony’s legacy.

Open for daytime visits; tickets

Maryland State House

can be downloaded from the

100 State Circle, Annapolis

website. Guided tours tell the his-


tory of the theater and focus on

Lincoln’s assassination.

The oldest state capitol in con-



tinuous use, with original pieces.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine 2400 E. Fort Ave., Baltimore 410-962-4290,

Specialized tours available by appointment; self-guided tour information and education programs available.

against the British in the War of

Point Lookout State Park

1812 inspired “The

11175 Point Lookout Rd.,

Star-Spangled Banner.”

Scotland, 301-872-5688

Hands-on activities.

The successful defense of this fort

The lighthouse and Civil War

Harriet Tubman Museum

museum shows how Point Lookout functioned as a Union

424 Race St., Cambridge

hospital and POW camp. Other


activities include fishing, boating

and hiking. Said to be one of the

Tours must be arranged in

most haunted spots in Maryland.

advance. Brochures are availtour to see the site of Tubman’s

Thomas Stone National Historic Site

childhood, plantations where

6655 Rosehill Rd., Port Tobacco

she worked and stops on the


Underground Railroad.

This home of a signer of the

able for a self-guided driving

Declaration of Independence

Historic Annapolis Museum 99 Main St., Annapolis 410-267-6656,

includes a self-guided tour of the house, farm buildings and cemetery.

Guided tours of historic homes

USS Constellation

and sites plus materials for

301 E. Pratt St., Pier 1, Baltimore, 410-539-1797

32 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om


Includes exhibits, an IMAX the-

This all-sail warship is the only

ater and a planetarium. Free

Civil War-era naval vessel still

daily educational programs.

afloat. Discover how sailors lived on board through a self-guided or audio tour.

SCIENCE Baltimore Museum of Industry

National Museum of Natural History

For a complete listing of this fieldtripdirectory.

723 Second St., Annapolis

College Park, 301-864-6029


Housed in the old McNasby’s

Tells the story of flight from the

Oyster Packing Company, this

Wright Brothers to today. Learn

interactive museum hosts lec-

about the history and science

tures, concerts and children’s

of flight.

activities. Learn about the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay or catch a tour to the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse.

Both permanent and rotating

Banneker-Douglass Museum

exhibits in a “please touch” envi-

84 Franklin St., Annapolis

ronment. The Kids Room play


area is open to children under 8.


November 4th & January 27th 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Dedicated to preserving Maryland’s African-American history from 1633 to the pres-

8800 Greenbelt Rd., Greenbelt

ent. See the advertisement for


the slave auction in which Kunta


Kinte was sold and the reward

Exhibits, hands-on activities

poster for Harriet Tubman.

garden” with different types of

Calvert Marine Museum

rockets and hardware.

14200 Solomons Island Rd., Solomons, 410-326-2042


Boats, models, wood carvings,

600 Independence Ave. at 6th

fossils and live animals with the

Street SW, Washington, D.C.

Chesapeake Bay in the back-



Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 33


1985 Corporal Frank Scott Dr.,

National Air and Space Museum

role of the U.S. Navy.

cultures to oceans to rocks and

The Annapolis Maritime Museum

Also includes a full-size “rocket

Collections show the history and

those who worked (and continue)

directory visit us online at

College Park Aviation Museum and Airport

and a regular rocket launch.

Learn the story of the Bay and

Exhibits on everything from


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Annapolis, 410-293-2108,


actual watermen.

tours and exhibits.


St. Michaels


IMAX theater.

601 Light St., Baltimore

Preble Hall, 118 Maryland Ave.,

to work on it. Learn from

410-727-4808 ext.117

Maryland Science Center

213 North Talbot St.,

NW, Washington, D.C.

minerals. Also includes an

Hands-on programs, interactive

US Naval Academy Museum

10th St. and Constitution Ave.

1415 Key Highway, Baltimore

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Did You Know that a Child's Interest in STEM Peaks in Middle School? Providing Opportunities for the 21st Century Learner


Create| Innovate| Explore



913 Cedar Park Rd. Annapolis, MD 21401

410-263-2600 •

Serving Pre-K2 through 8th grade Conveniently located near the intersection of Route 100 and I-97

Serving successful students since 1954

OCC# 40328

TRADITION • EXCELLENCE • COMMUNITY Independent Catholic Coeducational School, Grades 9-12 • College Preparatory, Liberal Arts Curriculum • Four Year Honors & AP Curriculum • Freshmen Transition Program • Pre-professional Arts Academy • Over 20 Interscholastic Team Sports • One-to-one Laptop Program • 11:1 Student-Faculty Ratio • Average Annual College Scholarship Awards Total $4.5 million • 98% of Graduates Are Pursuing Higher Education


Sunday, November 4th, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Register online -

113 St. Mary’s Place • Laurel, MD 20707 • (301)725-3228 • 34 • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • Ch e sa p e a k e F a mily.c om

INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Annapolis Area Christian School ....................................2

Monsignor Slade Catholic School.................................. 34

Annapolis Language School ......................................... 16

Montessori International Children’s House....................... 33

Archbishop Spalding High School................................. 28

Naval Academy Primary School ................................... 16

Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholics School.........Back Cover

Orthodontists of Maryland..............................................4

Ballet Theatre of Maryland.............................................4

Park School of Maryland, The................................. 14, 24

Beth Shalom Preschool...................................................4

Peabody Institute...........................................................4

Book of Life Academy ................................................. 34

Play Centers, Inc/Play and Learn.....................................9

Boys’ Latin School of Maryland..................................... 28

Right Start Academy.................................................... 17

Bright Beginning Children’s Learning Center.....................9

Riverdale Baptist Ministries School................................. 33

Calvary Baptist Church Academy....................................8

Rockbridge Academy................................................... 32

Calvary Center School...................................................4

School of the Incarnation.............................................. 22

Catholic High School................................................... 23

Severn School............................................................. 17

Christ Episcopal Day School......................................... 17

St. Anne’s School of Annapolis...................................... 29

Colonial Nursery School.............................................. 11

St. John the Evangelist School.........................................9

Creative Garden Nursery School and Kindergarten...........8

St. Margaret’s Day School............................................ 24

Docksiders Gymnastics ..................................................4

St. Martin’s Episcopal School........................................ 25

Edinboro Early School....................................................9

St. Martin’s Lutheran School.......................................... 22

Elizabeth Seton High School......................................... 24

St. Mary’s Elementary School........................................ 22

Grannie Annie’s Child Care & Learning Center............... 11

St. Philip Neri School.....................................................9

Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School................................. 29

St. Vincent Pallotti High School...................................... 34

Indian Creek School.................................................... 23

Summit School, The..................................................... 16

Kent School................................................................ 24

Weems Creek Nursery School....................................... 14

Key School........................................................... 13, 15

Woods Child Development Center...................................8

Lamb of God School......................................................9

Wye River Upper School.............................................. 24

Che sa pe a ke Fa mily.c om • BIG BOOK OF EDUCATION 2018-2019 • 35

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Pre-K | Elementary | Middle | High School

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