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Social Media Setbacks - Annie Morcos War is Not the Answer - Andrea Rappaport Instagram’s Banned Hashtags

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Beauty Scope - Debbie Savage Editors Beauty Tips - Cheryl De Marco

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Editors Fav Face Masks - Cheryl De Marco Editors Color Trends - Cheryl De Marco Ali’s Top Style Tips & Trends Style & Sass - Tiffany Giannato

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The Mindset Minute - Andrew Carlson Lifestyle Buzz - Naza Holliman Law Of Attraction (Ask Becca) - Rebecca Schuster


EXTRAS 9 Letter from the Editor 72/122 Vegan Wristlets - 20% discount with code 98 Self- Satisfaction (Spotlight) Daniela’s Diary 113 Horoscopes & Astrology - Kyle Thomas 121 Advertising Feature

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Page12 Our Cover Star

Award-Winning Actor, Singer, Songwriter

Riley Smith

Talks Storytelling, his new single ‘Chocolate’ and the Legacy he wants to leave

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Get to Know

Social Media Star Chany Dakota as she talks about her new single ‘Give Me Rainbows’

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Celebrity Stylist

Ali Levine On her Passion for Fashion Plus her top style tips and trends

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ummer has almost come and gone, and whilst I still stay positive and strong, uncertainty still lingers and it is something that we all face on a daily basis. Many of us are constantly thinking about the light at the end of the tunnel, when in fact, there is so much beauty to be seen if we just open our eyes. My heart hurts for people I know, for people I don’t know, and for our planet, and whilst I could just continue to wait in hope that things will soon pass and normality as we knew it, will return. I have taken a different route, adapting to a new normal, a road which although not straight by any means, is certainly colorful. I honestly believed that the pandemic would somehow start to calm by summer, but we are still seeing an incredible increase in numbers across the globe daily, and unless we all stand together and protect each other by wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, and being mindful of others, we ALL will continue to live in lockdown until a vaccine has been found. This isn’t about our rights, it’s about existence, and protecting all humankind across the globe. With that in mind, I personally have seen and witnessed incredible people and businesses coming together to change the way they work in order to create protective pieces, and not just for themselves, but for others around them. For strangers. For those in need. For frontline and essential workers, and whilst I constantly live in awe of all these incredible and selfless people, I wonder just how many others are going that extra step, that are going unnoticed. For the months of April, May & June, I gave away our digital print edition for free, all proceeds from June and July’s printed and digital publication will be donated to Black Lives Matter, and this month I will be doing more. Every business, every person (no matter your age), if you are giving back, helping during this crisis, and going that extra step, please reach out to me and let me know what you are doing. I will send each and every one of you this months digital publication for free, with a mention in a future publication. Make sure to email me at: hello@uploadermagazine.com This month, the immensely talented Riley Smith graces our cover, we get to learn about his recent release ‘Chocolate’ as well as his love for chocolate, and how he is coping during lockdown. This incredible actor, singer, and songwriter puts all his energy into each project he is involved in, and it certainly shows. His talent is immeasurable, and his work mesmerizing. We also feature the fabulous celebrity stylist Ali Levine, who talks us through her projects, her daily life, and how she found a love of fashion through her grandmother; and social media star Chany Dakota talks to us about her recently released single ‘Give Me Rainbows’, and discusses her bucket list of people she would love to collaborate with. This will be my 9th publication, and although it is still a baby, I am slowly finding my feet. I am extremely grateful to all my readers, and amazing columnists that motivate me every month, you inspire me every day; and to all past and present features, thank you for allowing me to share your stories.


c r a M e D l y r e Ch






Photography: Bjoern Kommerell

Photography: Bjoern Kommerell


RELATABLE RELATABLE AND IMMENSELY TALENTED @rileysmithofficial Edited by Cheryl De Marco

90210, Nashville, Nancy Drew, True Blood, Proven Innocent are just a handful of productions that this incredible guy has been a part of, and we haven’t even started on his music career. Relatable and immensely talented, award-winning actor, singer, and songwriter Riley Smith took a few moments to talk with our Editor-in-Chief about life in lockdown, his new single Chocolate - as well as his love for chocolate, and how ‘good storytelling’ will never go out of style. UPLOADER MAGAZINE 15





You have been writing and performing songs since you were a young kid, where do you pull your inspiration from, and has it changed much over the years? Riley: I have. I pull inspiration from everywhere. When I was younger I usually wrote about what I was going through. Youth angst gives you a lot of material. As I’ve matured, my life is balanced and I’m rooted. I have started to draw more inspiration from the things I see, observations, experiences I witness. I learned a lot about writing while I was living in Nashville and writing with some amazing writers that taught me a lot about the process. Your new single ‘Chocolate’ has a pretty incredible and sweet (excuse the pun) story behind it, which was born in Chicago. Can you go into a little detail for those that haven’t heard the story, and did you find out where the chocolate smell came from? Riley: I was doing a TV Show called ‘Proven Innocent’ in Chicago and I had this apartment on the 41st floor, right on the Chicago River that overlooked the city. I knew the view would inspire good material so I flew up two of my favorite writers and producer from Nashville to do a lockdown songwriting weekend. I knew the view would help us write a good song, but I never thought it would be another sense that would inspire a song. Smell. One of the nights during our writers weekend, I walked out on my balcony to get some air and I got this breeze of a sweet smell. I made a note in my phone “This city smells like chocolate”. And then took the idea to the guys for the write. We wrote and recorded a demo of it that next day. It turns out there is a chocolate factory called Blommers chocolate, which is an amazing iconic factory in downtown Chicago. And when the wind blows just right, the whole city smells like chocolate. Something that only the locals know about. I travel a lot for work and live in a lot of cities for a short amount of time. I’ve had a lot of great experiences, but there was something different and special about this sense memory. The smell made me feel at home. So I wrote about it. Since we are talking about chocolate, and I believe you do have a sweet tooth; what is your favorite go-to sweet snack? Riley: I have a huge sweet tooth. I love anything ice cream. That’s my go-to. But basically everything. You play at a convention called ‘One More Shot’ in the UK, where the proceeds go to Cancer Awareness, which is such a wonderful cause. Can you tell us a little more about it? Riley: I do! It’s been an amazing experience that has given me so many good memories. It’s basically a fan convention weekend dedicated to music and musicians. We do Q&As, autograph signings, meet and greets each day and shows each night. There is always a great lineup of amazing talent. The idea was conceived by two lovely and strong cancer survivors who donate the proceeds of the weekend to Cancer research. (cont. on page 19) Photography: Bjoern Kommerell






Although many people will know you from ‘Nashville’, and ‘Nancy Drew’, you have a long list of acting credits to your name. Are there any that really stood out and had a major impact on you personally and professionally? Riley: That’s a tough one. Each show has put a little stamp on my life in its own way. I’ve been lucky to have had a lot of amazing experiences and memories. Some gave artistic memories and lessons, some gave me social memories and friendships that last a lifetime, some were memorable life chapters. Each one led me to where I am, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The expected path to take in entertainment seems to have changed over the last couple of years, especially with platforms like YouTube taking the world by storm. How do you think this will affect the industry going forward? Riley: Good storytelling will never go out of style. How it gets filmed will change. Artist are adaptable. Personally, I feel there will always be a difference between television and the internet. I can’t deny the impact YouTube has on the younger generation. It’s all my young nieces watch. However, I don’t think the new generation will follow YouTube into adulthood. Until those online platforms can deliver storytelling and quality production like television and movies do, there will always be TV and Film. You have worked with many incredibly talented artists over the years, is there anyone, in particular, you are dying to work with in the future? Riley: Ed Harris was at the top of the list. I loved working with him on ‘Radio’. It was a monumental and life-impacting experience. And I recently got to reconnect with him, playing his son in a new indie film. I would love to work with Kiefer Sutherland again. I had an amazing experience on ‘24’ but he was chasing me the whole show, so we really never got to work together until he caught me. But I love his work and our styles would be nice to explore together. Florence Pugh and I did a pilot for FOX together a few years back. She’s since become a close friend but I have been a fan of her as a person and actress since we met. And I would love to work with her again. It is obviously quite difficult to plan ahead at the moment, given the global situation. But if things start to get back to some kind of normalcy, do you have any big future projects you can tell us about? Riley: I’m very excited to get Season Two of ‘Nancy Drew’ started! The first season was a blast and I feel like the show is just hitting its stride. I miss acting, I miss my character and I can’t wait to get back at that. On the music side, I have a bunch of songs in the can as they say. Songs that I wrote and recorded pre-Covid in Nashville. I have been waiting to release them but the time just hasn’t felt right. But I’m excited to get them out and it will be soon! (cont. on page 21) Photography: Bjoern Kommerell







2020 has certainly been a crazy and uncertain year so far, with many people being affected more than others. How have you and your family been coping and staying sane during the lockdown?

Riley: I hurt for humanity right now. It is tough to wrap my mind around and even harder to answer in an interview. I try to be a positive person and although I’ve had emotional days myself, I also remind myself of how lucky I am for the position I am in. I am beyond grateful to have a job that I love, with people I adore, who have become family. I am in one of my favorite cities, Vancouver, and because of the lockdown I have been able to spend every waking second with my new baby daughter and fiancé. And for all that, I am so fortunate. The pandemic has unfortunately had a major impact on many industries, including entertainment, do you see a change in the way things will be done going forward especially since home studios are becoming more popular? Riley: I have seen a lot of changes in my industry in 22 years. But I will never see anything like this again (I hope). I am not sure what the impact will ultimately have. I know that it has (like many industries) paralyzed ours. People think about who is in front of the camera, but to think about the crew of 200 or more for each show and movie. All out of work. It’s devastating. And the protocols for moving forward are yet to be completely determined. Change is always certain. (conti. on page 22) Photography: Bjoern Kommerell


COVER FEATURE 3 things on your bucket list? Riley: 1. Australia. I have been everywhere in the world. A lot. And somehow I haven’t been to Australia. And I have always wanted to go. I love every Aussie I meet! 2. I’d love to play the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The original Grand Ol Opry. I got to play the Grand Ol Opry on the show ‘Nashville’ and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I played the Blue Bird Cafe a couple of times now. So the Ryman is the only one I have left to cross off the list of the ‘rights of passage’ of playing ‘Nashville’. I have sat in those church pews for performances that have made me cry. It’s always a sacred experience, and I would love to be part of that from the stage. 3. I need to play a lawyer.

What legacy do you aim to leave when finishing projects?

Relatability. I want people to see themselves in me, understand my character. Even if its the person who isn’t the hero. Photography: Bjoern Kommerell

Photography: Bjoern Kommerell

That my daughter grows up in a world that is better than it was when she was born.

If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?




Photography: Bjoern Kommerell

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SOCIAL & TECH Edited by Cheryl De Marco






ARE YOU READY IF A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM DISAPPEARS Words by @anniesartstudio Edited by Cheryl De Marco


SOCIAL about how to keep that audience if that platform one day no longer exists. Let’s make sure all those followers are following you on your other platforms. This also applies from Instagram to Facebook, or Instagram to Tik Tok. If someone follows me on Instagram, why should they follow me on all my social media accounts? Wouldn’t I be posting the same content? Well, I shouldn’t be. I am almost near one million followers on Tik Tok, but only 109 thousand on Instagram, 40 thousand on YouTube, and only 4 thousand on Facebook. Now, why is that? If I have nearly a million followers, shouldn’t they follow me on the others? Here is what I have learned.


s influencers, or just a person who loves their social media, we spend a lot of time building our presence. What if one day you woke up and one of your platforms where you have your largest following just disappeared? For those of us who have online businesses that rely on our audience, we would be devastated. It would absolutely have a negative impact. We live in a world today where everything is turning digital. People are turning all sorts of businesses virtual. It’s the change we are facing in the world. All sales, classes, and interactions are becoming virtual and so we have to be able to protect our following in order to ensure we don’t suffer as a business. Now most often when someone has a large following, it’s on one platform.

It’s not always easy to keep the same kind of following on all platforms equally. Now I’ll ask you again. What if that platform disappears? Would your business be able to survive with your other accounts? We all know the infamous platform Tik Tok. In past articles in Uploader Magazine, I’ve talked about how this platform stands alone in its style and ability to help grow accounts incredibly quickly. So many people were able to grow their audience in the millions before everyone jumped on board. Whether you were a dancer, artist, designer, singer. It didn’t matter. There was a place for you there. So many of these accounts have had such success in business growth and sales. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Tik Tok being banned in the United States. It’s already banned in other countries because of its ties to China. Now let’s not get into the politics of it and talk

You have to guide people to your other accounts with different content that they can’t see on the current one they are on. If I post a video on Tik Tok, I can’t really write a description of my process or post detail stills shots. This is where you guide your audience to your Instagram for those shots and extra information! Now you are leading and growing your audience from one platform to the next. It’s not always going to gain you the same numbers you have on your larger accounts but it helps a lot! In the same fashion, you can guide your audience to YouTube for more lengthy tutorials. Your audience will follow you on your other platforms for different information they can’t get on the one they currently follow you on. This is how you can grow your audience all across your social media accounts. Sounds easy right? Well, maybe not so easy. People like certain platforms and not others. It’s also not easy to keep your social accounts with different content. That’s a lot more content you have to create and post. But it does pay off at the end. You have to have structure and stick to it. Imagine designing your home. Your kitchen items don’t go in your bedroom, your bathroom accessories don’t belong in the dining room. You have to physically go to each room for a different experience and item. That’s the same concept you want to have on your socials if you want to have your audience follow you on all platforms. There has to be a reason they want to follow. Now, if you’re successful at this, you don’t have much worries about one of your platforms disappearing. Your true followers who love your work will still be there. (cont. on page 33) UPLOADER MAGAZINE 31





So what content do you put on each social account? Well... that’s up to you, but here are some suggestions from me.


ik Tok is a very quick-paced platform. The attention span is nearly zero. You want your videos there to be catchy from the first second, short, and to the point. I feel like Tik Tok is for more of your fun videos, things people don’t usually see. Fun shots and angles. Instagram, we know is a place for beautiful shots. The more beautiful a post, the more likes and attention it gets. I love Instagram for gorgeous still shots. Instagram is more artsy, an app for short time-lapse videos. Because it has the IGTV feature, we can post videos that are a few minutes long. Basic tutorials, interviews, and so on are great for this app as well. Now YouTube! It’s obviously a platform for long videos. Here you can post explanations and ideas, process videos of how you got a product made, discussions, and interviews! I love YouTube for such things because you can also add any links in the description of the video. This isn’t something other platforms do yet. Here you can give people a lot of information. Facebook is a platform that a lot of us don’t use as much for business social media. Let me tell you a strength Facebook has that once again, you can’t find on other apps. Facebook had group pages! You can create a group page for people to be able to post and ask questions, get help from each other, from you. It’s an app for a community. Each app has its different features you can use to your advantage for different content. A little bit of planning, and a little bit of time for your audience to get used to this change and you will be golden. Once you have this setup, you will never have to worry about a platform potentially disappearing. You will be covered. Your audience will be spread across all platforms and they also will be able to come to you for all different kinds of content. Whether you did this before or not, you will now have to create different content for each social. It’s definitely a lot more work, but nothing comes for free. More work, great and diverse content, more followers, and you will have a successful business through your social media platforms. I hope this article finds you well in this crazy time we are living in. I know everyone is struggling and sometimes social media can be a burden and difficult to be on. These are ideas and suggestions. Remember, not everything someone teaches you is what will work for you. But take the parts you feel will help you and use them, make them your own, and grow! Sending so much love to you all. Xo. Annie UPLOADER MAGAZINE 33

Photography: Michelle Cox Photography



Andrea’s Angle by Andrea Rappaport @theandrearappaport Edited by Cheryl De Marco



Ah, Social Media...

It’s a great place for finding random entertainment, fashion trends, memes, recipes, quizzes to discover what kind of dog you were in a former life, old high school boyfriends, and OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS. But here’s the thing:

Just because you think it, does not mean you have to post it. If you read something on social media that bothers you, (and we all have been in this situation), just move on. There’s really no need to comment with your opinion, telling the poster that they are an idiot or a despicable person. It’s not like they are going to respond saying, “@uradumby87, You’re right, I AM an idiot, a big one, too. Thank you so much for taking the time to point that out to me.” Look, I’m not saying that you cannot vent to someone that you read something online that ruffled your feathers, by all means, share that with your friends. Share that with your family...share it with your mailman, milkman, handyman, OBGYN, I don’t care, just try not to start a war on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, okay? This planet seriously has enough problems and does not need a virtual chicken fight to go down over a difference of political opinion, or someone debating science with someone who never took a science class and thinks that earth is most likely flat and that this pandemic is a hoax. There, I said it. And don’t get me wrong, I shake my head constantly at some of the thoughts and opinions I read on social media. There are times when my jaw hits the floor, or my eyes roll so far to the back of my head, it feels like I downed a bottle of cheap Chardonnay. There are people in this world who think that The Olive Garden is real Italian food, Crocs are fashionable, and the president of the United States supports women. I happen to disagree with all of these statements, however, I choose to not engage in a losing debate. Share your viewpoint on your own social platform. Let others be. 36 UPLOADER MAGAZINE

Why do I care so much about this topic? Well, several of my social media friends received aggressive messages and comments over posts that express the importance of wearing a facecovering during a global pandemic, or that the lives of our black friends matter. Personally, I received some crazy remarks in response to a meme I created about my anxiety over schools possibly reopening in the states. I responded to some, as politely as I could, and deleted others that were offensive and not necessary.

Think before you post... Is my comment helpful? Is it constructive? If not supportive, what is the intent? Be kind, people. The world is a little messed up right now and we are all running on stale coffee and mood stabilizers. Should you come across an idea that you do not agree with, make like you’re on Tinder, swipe left on that bs, and keep on keeping on. See you on the ‘gram, ya’ll.

Photography: Phil Goldman Photography



INSTAGRAM’S LIST OF BANNED #HASHTAGS If you know Instagram well, then you’ll know that there is in fact, a list of banned hashtags. Any post that has a banned hashtag, will be hidden from your audience, and that causes havoc with your account, not to mention all your hard work in posting goes out the window. They don’t show the list, so we searched the net and did the hard work so you don’t have to. Instagram updates the banned hashtags often, so if we have missed anything, please do let us know so we can add/remove them.






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Ali Levine


CELEBRITY STYLIST TALKS PASSION FOR FASHION Follow Ali on Social @alilevinedesign Edited by Cheryl De Marco

Photography: Ryan Hartford


Firstly… Congratulations on the birth of your daughter Arley, she is so beautiful. Thank YOU so much!! We are enjoying her and loving being a new family of four! I have two mini fashionistas to add to my tribe now! You are a very well known and talented stylist, and currently dubbed the “IT” girl in the celebrity styling world. Did you always know you wanted to work in fashion? Ali. I always knew fashion was my passion. Fashion I feel was in my blood, I was born with a love for it. My grandmother really inspired me at a young age with fashion. Her name was Amelia, who my firstborn is named after, and she was always fabulously put together, loved clothing and beauty! My grandma taught me how to sew, crochet, learn patterns, and more! We loved to go shopping, browse trends, read magazines, talk about pantones and colors. When I tell you, I am and was fashionobsessed, I am not kidding haha! I also loved how fashion could make you feel. It can change your mood, your job, your confidence, it can make a statement. Fashion is a huge part of our lives.

Your portfolio is incredible, styling celebrities for print, screen and the red carpet... What approach do you take when styling your clients? Ali. Thank you! I have worked with some incredible talents and celebrities over the years in my career. I have learned from all of my clients and projects to truly look at each one individually. I think about what their message is. What is their brand? What is their inspiration? I ask them one simple question, describe your style for me in three words. This helps me think about what they might be looking for with hiring me as their stylist. I always say “confidence is your best accessory” ...and I want to bring that out in all of my clients and their wardrobe to do the same for them. From there, I can source looks to show, create mood boards, go through further evaluation of what I am creating for them and with them. (continued on page 44)




FEATURE ...I also want them to be a big part of it, and not just about myself and my opinion. YOU need to feel good in your clothing, I want YOU to feel fabulous! That’s what’s important to me. You have worked with some amazing personalities and companies, are there any projects that really stood out from the rest? Ali. I have loved all my projects, for the most part, I learn from all of them and have had many amazing opportunities. Some that stand out are: styling Lisa Vanderpump for many editorials as well as red carpets. Styling Joey King for Glamoholic mag, styling look books for a beautiful gown company called Scala, editorial shoots for Naluda Magazine with some favorite celebs like, Mircea Monroe, and Sarah Drew. Candace Bure for her press tour for NY, Natalie Nunn for ‘WETV’s Marriage Boot Camp’ red carpet, Taylor Hasselhoff for Rich Kids and several red carpets and her amazing music video ‘Collide’, styling on the show ‘Hollywood Today Live’ several amazing celebs and the hosts as well as being an On-Camera Expert, styling for Hallmark’s show ‘Home and Family’ being a part of their makeovers and transformations. You are incredibly busy, and wear so many hats, what does a typical day look like for you? Ali. I always laugh at this question. Every day is different. Especially now as a mama of two. Some days are set up for emails and calls, some for sourcing, blogging, and working on mood boards. Other days are for recording my podcast Striptd Down with Ali Levine, working on social media content and campaigns I’m hired for as well. Also, 24/7 mom life chasing Amelia Rei my two year old toddler, feeding my new baby girl Arley Joe, and just being a working mama.


FEATURE Who is on your bucket list to style? Ali. I have always said I’d love to style Zendaya. I love her openness when it comes to fashion and her creative eye. As well as everything you have going on, you also host your own weekly podcast ’Striptd Down With Ali Levine’, can you tell us a little about it? Ali. Yes, thanks for asking! I love working on my podcast. My podcast was born out of my own postpartum depression with my firstborn, and finding light at the end of the tunnel. It’s real, raw, motherhood as well as inspiring stories, experts, other mom truths, and a lot more! It’s a pretty vulnerable show for me, but I truly enjoy sharing my heart and my truth with others and have connected with some incredible other mama’s, parents and guests in general. I want other moms to know they are not alone, they are allowed to feel all their feelings and shouldn’t feel ashamed for it. I want them to be inspired and evolve from their own hardships like I have as well and share in each other’s triumphs too! The pandemic has certainly caused chaos, loss and heartache around the world, how has it affected your work if at all, and do you think it will change the way you approach future projects post-pandemic? Ali. This time has certainly been a strange one and hard to navigate, especially in the beginning. It was especially hard for me being pregnant in quarantine and during a pandemic. I had to get very intentional about my thoughts, my day to day activities and protect my boundaries. I meditated and journaled daily, drank hot tea in the mornings, got outside, took walks, got in nature and the sun, and that all really helped me. I also read daily affirmations to myself, took calming baths and didn’t and still don’t watch much TV or news for that matter. I listen to more music as well as favorite podcasts for inspiration and laughter. As far as my work, I am sadly not able to go to the studios for my TV segments, see clients in person to style, many brands have had to slice their budgets because of Covid19 so that’s caused me to lose some campaigns with brands that I love sadly for the time being. Anything in person, like most has gone remote. Any styling is done virtually, TV segments are remote, and all my podcast guests are remote as well. I am learning how to shift like everyone else in this time and taking it one day at a time. Every day is different in this time, so I try not to get too crazy with my schedule, go with the flow more, and get things done as I can, and stick to my deadlines of things that have hard deadlines. I give myself more grace and enjoy the moments with my new family of four, remind myself of the blessings in this time, like my husband Justin working from home and being able to witness many milestones with both of my girls, bonding the 4 of us.

It’s definitely not easy and can be overwhelming, but checking into gratitude and centering myself helps me. UPLOADER MAGAZINE 45

“ “

Align with who you are, be authentically you. There is only one you in this world, and your voice, your passions, your truth matters. Believe In You.



FEATURE Tell us something that our readers may not know about you? Ali. This is a hard one to share, but I feel it’s important. Back in high school, I hid in the bathroom many days to eat my lunch. I didn’t feel pretty some days, or I was being left out by certain girls in class, and I felt uncomfortable sitting in the cafeteria. The reason I share that, is because we all have had moments of feeling alone. We all have felt dark. It’s important to share that, so we all know how each other can feel, and we all have and share waves of emotions. If you could stand up in front of millions of people and have their full attention for 1 minute, what would you say? Align with who you are, be authentically you. There is only one you in this world, and your voice, your passions, your truth matters. Believe in you. What is next for you? Ali. Hopefully, as Covid-19 calms down and the world resumes, more fun TV segments, amazing guest interviews for Striptd Down, my YouTube will be relaunching and rebranding, styling for some fun apps, like Styld Life, and some new collaborations and campaigns in the near future for my content as well. Want insider style tips... See Ali’s top styling tips & summer trends, on page 75

BEAUTY Edited by Cheryl De Marco


Beauty scope

By Debbie Savage @debbiessavage tothineownstylebetrue.com

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Debbie Savage is a Cambodian-American who resides in Orange County, CA. She is an editor for her own lifestyle blog To Thine Own Style Be True. Her passions are her family and helping women honor their inner beauty by sharing tips and tricks from the trade.


et’s not pretend otherwise, stress has a huge impact on our skin. With the pandemic still ongoing, the number of cases rising every day, and the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year, I can tell you that stress has wreaked havoc on my skin. Many of us tend to neglect self-care in such times, but I believe that our health and wellbeing is something that we can control and that we should prioritize. Let’s talk about skincare. With social distancing measures still in place, learning how to effectively care for your skin is all in your hands. One of my favorite at-home tools is the dermaroller; it is an effective way to get glowing skin and improve your skin’s appearance quite easily if you have the know-how.


BENEFITS OF DERMAROLLING The dermaroller is made up of hundreds of individually-placed tiny needles to effectively treat your skin and stimulate collagen production; this is what is commonly referred to as microneedling. A dermaroller is a skincare tool that can be used to renew your skin, treat acne scars, reduce the signs of aging, improve hyperpigmentation and enhance product penetration. It can help with the texture and appearance of your skin, especially when it comes to reducing pore size and improving uneven skin tone and texture. If you are new to dermarolling, make sure to buy a quality tool; there may be cheap options available, but now is not the time to try and save a few dollars when there are good options available at different price points.


I use the S ​ dara Microneedle Skin Roller 2.0 - $30​, which has 192 real stainless steel needles that are .25mm in length (dermatologist-recommended length) and has a replaceable twist-off head.

HOW TO DERMA ROLL Step 1: Sanitize Your Dermaroller Sterilize the microneedle roller in alcohol before and after each use for 30 to 60 seconds. Any beauty products that will touch your hands and face should be disinfected regularly.

Step 2: Prep Your Face Make sure your skin is free from makeup and moisturizers. Wash your skin and pat it dry before starting. Ensuring that your face is free from makeup, oils, and germs will reduce the chances of breakouts or infections.

Step 3: Roll With It

Budget-Friendly ​ORA Facial Microneedle Roller System $30

Roll back and forth over the skin four to five times, carefully applying moderate pressure without puncturing the skin and avoiding the under-eye area - this shouldn’t hurt. You can then switch direction and roll back and forth another four to five times over the same areas.

(With 540 needles with 0.25mm depth - this same brand also makes a more advanced device with 0.5mm needles.)

Cult-Favorite GloPro Facial Microneedling Tool by BeautyBio ​- ​$199

(With 540 needles that are 0.3mm in length, this might be a better option for those of you that are more experienced with microneedling.) UPLOADER MAGAZINE 51


Step 4: Hydration Time

Other great Vitamin C serums to incorporate into your routine:

The great thing about microneedling is that you now have tiny punctures on your skin and your circulation is maximized, which facilitates the absorption of your skincare products, which is why this is a great time to apply a hydrating serum.

La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic and Salicylic Acid - $39.99

I personally love using a Vitamin C Serum, as this vitamin is known for its proven antioxidative ability to defend from free radicals caused by pollution and harmful UV rays and tends to help with hyperpigmentation. My personal favorite is ​Sdara’s Vitamin C Serum - $34​ It also contains hyaluronic acid which smooths and plumps up your skin, as well as jojoba oil which enhances moisture in your skin and is made here, in the USA.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum - $85

I would recommend using the dermaroller a maximum of two to three times per week, making sure to replace the roller head once every 1-2 months. I personally like to use it once or twice a week to allow my skin to heal before the next treatment, which seems to give me the best results possible; radiant glowing skin in the comfort of my own home! For more detailed instructions on how to use a dermaroller, I have a video that you can watch on my YouTube channel:​ Debbie Savage - How to Use a Derma Roller 52 UPLOADER MAGAZINE

s or t i Ed



I came across this article at the start of July, and whilst it was originally written for winter beauty tips, I found myself using these items through the summer months, and my skin is still glowing. So rather than include summer beauty items that I don’t use or haven’t tried, I want to be as transparent as possible and tell you that I absolutely love these items. They keep my hair and skin in great condition with that natural glow and shine, and who doesn’t want to shine. These are my must-have products that I use religiously. In the last year, I have put my hair through a lot, taking it from its natural black color to blonde within a 2-month period, then back to black a month later. As most of us know, going to blonde from a much darker color means stripping the color from your hair by means of bleach so to give it a blank canvas so to speak, in order to then apply your desired color. If your locks are dark, then this should be done over a couple of months in order to reduce hair damage. It is almost certain than you will experience dry, brittle hair during the bleaching process, so finding the right products that helped get my hair through the transformation in the best condition possible was a must.


I LOVE masks, they are not just for the face, but also for hands, feet, and hair. So to keep my locks in good condition during and after the transformation, I have found a winning combination of 3 products, that I alternate along with hair repair serum. This doesn’t effect the shampoo or conditioner you use, I tried changing that up too, but in the end, the results were the same, 54 UPLOADER MAGAZINE

so I would say use the shampoo that you are most comfortable with and change up the masks. When I find my hair becomes dry, I do 2-3 treatments a week, then 1 treatment a week when your hair has that glow and shine back just to maintain hair health. These four products are my favorites and prove to work every time leaving your hair looking and feeling great!

Living Proof Restore Mask - $43 for 8oz

This is definitely my favorite of all the products. It is fairly pricey at $43 for 8oz but it lasts! Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse, it’s as simple as that.


Coco & Eve Hair Mask - $44.90 for 7.2oz

Just like most people, I came across Coco & Eve on Instagram, sadly I did not receive a free product to try, but the feedback from those trying was enough to push me to give it a go, and I’m glad I did. This helped my damaged hair like no other product. It’s MAGIC! (However, the price is on the high side and I found it didn’t last as long as Living Proof.) You can use in various ways, leave for 10 minutes like most masks and rinse, leave for 2 or more hours, and rinse, or my preferred way would be to leave in overnight and then rinse first thing in the morning.

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil - $28 1oz

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It repairs, strengthens and protects, restores, and improves shine and luster; and if used on damp hair it reduces the drying time. If used on dry hair, it minimizes fly-aways and frizz and provides heat protection against your favorite styling tongs or curlers. I use this almost daily and can’t recommend it enough. The price point is also affordable at $28 (I kid you not, I have had my bottle for a year and I still have product remaining).

Olaplex No.3 - $28 for 3.3oz

A while back Olaplex was only available for professionals in salons, but aren’t we lucky that it’s available to buy in-store. They have a range of 5 products including shampoo and conditioner, so make sure that you speak to someone that has an understanding of Olaplex to find out which is best for your hair type and what you want to achieve. I use Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 as it gives me exactly what I am looking for. It helps repair, strengthen, and give my hair that much-needed shine that was lost during the bleaching process. Don’t be fooled by the size of the bottle, you don’t need to use a lot. The only downside I find with this is that it means in and out of the shower, and then in again before the treatment is complete. Apply to unwashed towel-dried hair, leave for a minimum of 10 minutes (I usually aim for 20-30) rinse and then shampoo and condition as normal. If you haven’t tried Olaplex, I definitely recommend it!


SKINCARE My Top 5 skincare tips: BE GENTLE Your skin gets dry easily, and the last thing you want to do is strip it of its natural oils. Make sure to use a cream cleanser which will be gentle on the skin and help maintain that moisture.

PHILOSOPHY Purity Made Simple Cleanser - $24 for 8oz

This is hands down one of the best cleansers I use, and it is very very gentle.

PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace Whipped Body Cream - $36 for 8oz For the body I’m in love with this whipped cream, it goes on so well, moisturizes and leaves my skin feeling fabulous. I also love the slight fragrance.

MOISTURIZE WELL Moisturizing is important year-round, this also applies to your body moisturizer!

BELIF True Cream Moisturizing Bomb - $38 for 1.68oz For the face I am obsessed with this cream, it is very moisturizing and can be used day and night which is a bonus! 56 UPLOADER MAGAZINE

USE LIP BALM LIKE IT’S GOING OUT OF FASHION And I really mean it... Lips are one of the first things that show the signs of environmental damage. They don’t hold up well if they aren’t taken care of, and to take care of them is easy and affordable. I don’t really keep track of how many times I apply lip balm during the day, but I do know it’s every couple of hours minimum. I use a mixture of 2 products to keep my lips smooth

BEAUTY Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - $20 for 0.70oz

There would have to be a pretty magical product out there to replace this. It really is THAT GOOD!

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm - $15 for 0.35oz

A perfect partner to the Lip Sleeping Mask but for the day.

UNDEREYE TREATMENT When your skin loses moisture, your eyes show it in the form of darker circles, and fine lines becoming more apparent. Make sure to apply eye cream day and night. I realize I am about to list another Laneige item but the thing is that their products are INCREDIBLE!

Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask - $34 for 0.84oz For evening use 3-4 times a week.


Suncream isn’t just for hot summer days, it should really be used every day. The UVB rays may be weaker meaning that you won’t get sunburned like you would during the summer, however, the UVA rays are still going strong, which causes premature aging, and wrinkles.

Coola Full Spectrum 360° Sun Silk Drops SPF 30 - $46 for 1oz

Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Duo - (on sale) $18 for 0.5oz

I really like this product, as it’s lightweight, absorbs really well, and you can mix it with your moisturizer, serum or foundation.

I use this in the morning and 3-4 nights a week in the evening when not using the sleeping mask. UPLOADER MAGAZINE 57



FASHION Edited by Cheryl De Marco

Meré Argyris Fashion Giraffe Biker Shorts with Face Mask £31.00







along with many others, honestly believed that the pandemic would somehow start to calm by summer, but we are still seeing an incredible increase in numbers across the globe daily, and unless we all stand together and protect each other by wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, and being mindful of others, we ALL will continue to live in lockdown until a vaccine has been found. This isn’t about our rights, it’s about existence, and protecting humankind across the globe. With that in mind, I personally have seen and witnessed incredible people and businesses coming together to change the way they work in order to create protective pieces, and not just for themselves, but for others around them, for strangers, for those in need, for frontline and essential workers; and whilst I constantly live in awe of all these incredible and selfless people, I wonder just how many others are going that extra step, that are going unnoticed. For the months of April, May & June, I gave away our digital print edition for free, all proceeds from June and July’s printed and digital publication will be donated to Black Lives Matter, and this month I will be doing more. Every business, person (no matter your age), if you are giving back, helping during this

crisis, and going that extra step, please reach out to me and let me know what you are doing. I will send each and every one of you this months digital publication for free. Make sure to email me at: hello@uploadermagazine.com If you purchase this month’s printed publication, you will receive a free handmade washable and reusable cotton facemask. There are plenty of places to purchase facemasks if you are looking for a particular style in mind. On that note, I thought I would include a few picks that will keep your entire outfit on-trend. (Please note these are solely based on style and fashion trends rather than surgical needs or requirements.) If you are looking to make your own mask, it is fairly easy to do and there are so many tutorials floating around. So if you are not looking to buy, go through your closets and recycle those pieces you no longer wear.




ike many clothing stores, Topshop has joined the mask train, but what I love about these is that not only are they super affordable at only ÂŁ6.99, but 100% of profits from the sale of the mask are donated to NHS Charities. These masks are also available for purchase online.


Made in Germany, these colorful and patterned masks add just enough jazz to any outfit, and all at only £25





hese sporty quick-drying face masks from Falke, are incredibly comfortable and breathable. Although simple to the eye, these masks are have been made using moisture-absorbing material, making them perfect for sporty occasions where masks are to worn. They have also been designed for people that wear glasses. ÂŁ15



Although these masks are on the expensive side, there is a reason. They are made with Antimicrobial Aerosilver™️ fabric that keeps your face fresh, clean and free from bacteria. The mask itself also comes with a pouch also made of Aerosilver™️ to insure your mask stays clean and sanitized. The hypoallergenic quick-drying inner layer keeps the mask dry and prevents breakouts, and also provides UV protection. To top it off they are sustainable! £40 - £60



Puff Sleeve Top New Look: £14.99 Straw Bag Dorothy Perkins: £20 Pink Stone Earrings Thomas Sabo: £198 Pink Stone Ring Thomas Sabo: £129


Betty Barclay Dress £105

Editors Picks

Coral Daisy Print Dress Dorothy Perkins £24 Coral Frill Bikini Top Miss Selfridge: £16 Coral Bikini Bottoms Miss Selfridge: £15 Slip On Sandals - Loren Dune: £85

Long Midi Dress River Island: £38 Sunnylife Carryall Bag Amara: £30

Pink Spot Puff Sleeve Tea Dress New Look: £25.99 Dragon Pink Knot Mules Topshop: £22

Betty Barclay Linen £55

Jacquard Top Zara: $19.99 Yellow Flair Poplin Dress Miss Selfridge: £39 Enamelled Shell Earrings Zara: $9.99 Yellow Clutch Bag Very: £28 Leather Slide Sandals Zara: $69.90

SUNLIGHT SUN Foral Chiffon Blouse Miss Selfridge: £25 Midi Skirt Oliver Bonas: £55 Ring Thomas Sabo: £129

Editors Picks

Lemon Hoop Earrings Zara: $19.90 Yellow Flare Heel Mules Topshop: £32 Tiered Midi Dress Miss Selfridge: £55

Miss Selfridge Top: £25 Shorts: £32 Sandals: £35 Dress: £42 Platform Sandals: £29

Miss Selfridge Top: £29 Jeans: £32 Sandals: £25

Lingerie Style Bodysuit Zara: $25.90 Mia Brown Square Sunglasses Thomas Sabo: £219 Mini Satin Effect Bag Zara: $35.90


Beaded Hoop Earrings Accessorize: £7 Polka Dot Dress New Look Heels - Adorned Dune: £125

CINNAMON Multicolored Top Topshop: £15.99 Wide Leg Pants Zara: $39.90 Bead Hoop Earrings M&Co.: £5.99

Editors Picks

Printed Poplin Top Zara: $25.99 Printed Mini Skirt Zara: $25.99 Wedges Very: £139


Printed Rustic Dress Zara: £45.99

Organza Flora Dress Very: £60 Sporty Hiking Sandal Very £35


Gingham Dress Zara: $19.99 Sunglasses Primark USA: $4.50 Satin Effect Strappy Heels Zara: $45.99 Mother of Pear Earrings Thomas Sabo: £59


COMPOTE CO Faux Suede Dress Zara: $35.90 Vegan Leather Wristlet Live in the Light: £43 (Uploader Discount See Next Page)

Halter Top Zara: $7.99 Ruffled Draped Skirt Zara: $35.99 Lavendar Liquid Lipstick Burts Bees: £9.99

Purple Ditsy Dress New Look: £25.99 Statement Earrings Bonprix: £9.99 Vegan Leather Tote Bag Live in the Light: £59 White Tie-Up Espadrille River Island: $64

Paulina Purple Boots £395

Dorothy Perkins

Editors Picks






DISCOUNT all products purchased


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ALI’S TOP STYLING TIPS AND SUMMER TRENDS Follow Ali on Social @alilevinedesign Edited by Cheryl De Marco

Feminine Dresses With Chunky Boots

Puff Sleeve Wrap Dress

Easy & casual look for summer is a simple dress with a chunky boot. The grunge look is coming back! Mix it up with patterns and bold colors and have fun!

Wrap dresses are having a moment this summer! Simple & Easy, they come in many patterns and fabrics. Linen wraps are especially for summer and have that summer chic look that you can easily dress up and down. The puff sleeve adds a feminine touch too!

Pastel Bucket Hats Keep yourself safe from the sun and look cute and chic!! This is a great accessory for all season long!

Faux Leather Jackets, Skirts, Really Anything Faux Leather! So much fun, chic and easy to wear even in summer being that it’s faux! And another fun tip with faux, you can get any color in the faux material, so you can wear bright colors for summer!

Sweat Shorts Summers here so it’s too hot to wear the whole sweat look and rock the athleisure trend! However, with sweat shorts, you can easily be comfortable and cute with a tee or tank and be in the sweat material. Perfect for quarantining at home too!

Jewelry - Oversized Chains!

Square Toe Heels!

I feel like this trend never leaves or goes out of style. They can also go with any look. Casual tee and jeans, a cute maxi dress, a blazer.

Change up your look this summer, and do a square toe heel! It’ll still lengthen your leg, but it gives a new look and a little funk to your outfit!

For all of us at home right now too, it’s the perfect accessory to add on a zoom call to pop, but not have to do too much work your look! UPLOADER MAGAZINE 75

Photography: Merissa Conley

STYLE and SASS Timeless Style

I love the words “elegant”, “classy”, and “timeless”. I also love “timeless fashion.”Many people ask me to define what it means to have “timeless style.” In my opinion, this means clothing that never looks dated, is universally flattering, and consists of various, essential items that can be mixed and matched. It is always on-trend, and is an amazing investment because you can wear it over and over again. Fashion is in constant motion, and as wonderful as this is, many people are struggling financially since the COVID-19 crisis, and they cannot afford to spend money on clothes frivolously. Therefore, timeless style is a smart choice that is also affordable and chic. I suggest building your timeless style capsule wardrobe with black and white as the base colors. You can always add color pops with accessories or shoes to change your look. I also suggest thinking of items in this capsule wardrobe as “seasonless.” This means you can wear them in all types of weather for the most part. Here are my picks for you!! Tiffany Giannato @tiffyg77


LACE DRESS Lace is a feminine material that has been around for decades. It can be worn throughout the year and is known as a classic. - Look by Madison Ave. of Melrose - Photo by Gabby Baglieri



Leather pants are my “go-to” pants when I do not know what to wear. They look great with sneakers, as well as heels. A blazer is great for nights out when the temperature drops, but also works layered under a coat in colder weather. - Blazer by Target - Leather Top available at Marshalls - Leather Leggings by Spanx - Photo by Merissa Conley


BLACK & WHITE STRIPES Stripes are known as a classic print. Red pairs up so nicely with a stripe print. It adds color and brightens your entire look. I love adding red to my look with a shoe or bag. - Top by Pretty Little Thing - Tulle Skirt & Block Heels available at Amazon - Photo by Merissa Conley


BLACK SKIRT WHITE SWEATER This look can be casual or dressed up for nighttime with a change of shoes or adding jewelry. Both the sweater and skirt can be used over and over again with numerous items in your closet. - Look by Heart & Sole of Boston - Photo by Charlotte Giannato

I hope you enjoyed my Fab 4 Timeless Style Looks. Many of these items can be paired up with each other to create a variety of looks. Please follow me on Instagram @tiffyg77 and I welcome any comments and questions always. Happy Shopping!


LIFESTYLE Edited by Cheryl De Marco






The Mindset Minute By Andrew Carlson www.shiftintoactionnow.com @shiftintoactionnow

How Life’s Experiences Are Misunderstood

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the experiences of life. We’re still in the midst of a pandemic with no end in sight and there are days that feel heavier than others. It’s so hard to find that inspiration to create when the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders. You may even feel like you’re being suffocated because every where you look... there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Have you ever felt this way in life? The pandemic has certainly magnified this feeling for many, but as artists, influencers, and content creators... it may even be part of your normal day to day life. Where you put up these unrealistic expectations of who you’re supposed to be because your audience is projecting that upon you and you read it in the comments. What we all need is a little shift of perspective. In these moments, we must refocus our lens on what’s truly important and this will help us tap back into that creative part of ourselves where our art & content flow effortlessly. It may sound easier said than done but I’m going to give you one of the simplest tools that will work for you in seconds. How to Shift Your Perspective - No Matter What Experience You’re Going Through We can only see less than 1% of the story. You know the phrase, “there’s always 2 sides to a story” but the fact of the matter is... there’s more than 98% of the story that isn’t being told! How many times have you talked about a memory with a friend and they expand upon their own experiences during that same time but you don’t recall the specifics they’re talking about. Does that make them wrong? No! It’s just part of the story that you weren’t aware of. But if you were to shift your perspective around that event, chances are, you’d start to recall it and put the pieces back together. So here’s the trick to shifting your perspective. Focus on gratitude. Focus on the beautiful things in life. Focus on the good in the current situation in the world. Your mind will go find more of that and your perspective will shift. Our mind has something called a reticular activator. It’s the part of our mind that looks for things that are similar or can be categorized as such. So the more you focus on what you’re grateful for and the more you focus on the good in the world... Your mind will help you see more of it. Your perspective on the world will shift. Your life will instantly feel lighter and better. Perspective is a choice. You can choose to fall in love with the beauty in every situation in life or you can choose to focus on the negative. (cont. on page 86) UPLOADER MAGAZINE 85

LIFESTYLE About the Author...

My Promise To You...

Andrew Carlson helps experts & influencers show up confidently in life & business; eliminating productivity panic, technology overwhelm, & creator burnout. You can find out more about him at www.shiftintoactionnow.com

...is if you choose to focus on the love & light in this world... our world will begin to transform. The experiences in life are designed to teach us all lessons. Although the negative experiences can often be misunderstood… there’s so much wisdom within them if we let them do what they’re designed to do. Teach. 86 UPLOADER MAGAZINE

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SAFE TRAVEL DURING THE PANDEMIC Words by Naza Holliman @sweet.p.and.sky Edited by Cheryl De Marco

Wanderlust... T

hose of us who have it, the travelers, the world explorers, have suffered greatly during the stay-at-home orders last Spring. It occurred to me that I had never gone so long without some form of travel. Whether national, international, flight, cruise, road trip, car, train... I mean, never. Oh, how the wanderlust pulled at my soul.

As the world slowly re-opened, I began planning safe travels. And what are safe travels during a pandemic? Well, this is my take. This is a great time to explore the world around you. Meaning road trips, but not international travel. National Parks, natural wonders, camping and beaches are some of the safest locations to visit during a pandemic. UPLOADER MAGAZINE 89

Travel Partners: the safest way to travel during Covid-19, is to travel with the folks you have been self-isolating with all Spring. Next up are friends who you trust to have properly self-isolated. Mode of Transportation: travel plans begin with means of travel. During a pandemic, it is difficult to trust flying, trains or any other form of travel that places one in a vessel with other human beings. Especially after having been away from people for several months. The safest and most viable mode of transportation currently, is one’s own car or an RV. This mode of travel successfully keeps you in a safety bubble away from strangers. Lodging: while RV’s take care of both travel and lodging, keeping you safe as you explore, there are several other safe options. AirBNB’s provide a safe way to travel. Yes, you do have to clean up after yourself, but the reverse side is that no one other than your people come in and out of your living space. Keeping that safety bubble as uncontaminated as possible. Hotels are a great option if and only if they thoroughly clean between stays and keep staff out of your room during your entire stay. Prior to booking a stay at any of the above, plan ahead. Call the AirBNB, Hotel or RV rental, assuming you don’t own your own RV, and ask about their cleaning methods and procedures put in place to keep patrons safe while lodging with them. If you are comfortable with the answer and decide to book, still wipe down and Lysol everything when you arrive. One can never be too safe. Snacks, Stops and Safety Supplies: planning ahead is truly your biggest and most important asset during pandemic travel. If you are traveling by car, make sure you have a full tank of gas, pack snacks and even lunches, and plan your restroom breaks. The less time you spend at rest stops along the way, the safer you will be. Pack your hand sanitizer, bring that Lysol, gloves, and masks, and use all often. Remember to be flexible. Travel destinations are opening and closing by the hour, as Covid-19 numbers rise and fall. Always have back-up plans. Most of all, HAVE FUN! 90 UPLOADER MAGAZINE






Ask Becca

By Rebecca Schuster lovebecca.com @lovebecca26

Your Questions Answered

I always seem to attract the same “type” of guy. Does this mean I am manifesting them? By Anonymous

A. Most people are known to have a physical “type,” but sometimes, they also attract certain personality traits. If this sounds like you, then most likely, you are manifesting them into your life. You are creating a story in your mind, and in this story, it sounds like you are focusing on traits that you think you like or want. But what you think you want isn’t always necessarily what you need. Often, people manifest what they are used to because it makes life more comfortable or because they think they do not deserve better. Fear plays a significant role in this. The first thing you should be doing is asking yourself if any of the past relationships were healthy, loving ones. When it comes to heart matters, it is sometimes best to ask some of your friends what they thought of your past relationships. Most likely, they will have a perspective different from yours. Listen to what they have to say, even if it’s difficult to hear. After you have received feedback, identify any patterns. Are you attracting guys that are emotionally unavailable or need fixing? Here’s the hard truth. You cannot change other people, and it’s not your responsibility. The only person you can change or fix is yourself. We attract what we think. So if you do not believe you deserve a fantastic guy, then most likely, you will meet someone with qualities you wish they didn’t possess or think that’s the best you can get. This is also a good time to notice if there’s any self-love work you need to do. It’s hard for the “right” guy to see us and love us if we don’t love ourselves or think we don’t deserve them. Loving yourself will set boundaries on what you accept and don’t allow into your life. It will create a new you that is physically and emotionally prepared to receive love. (cont. on page 95) Frank J. Gallio @ Cherry Blossom Photo


“ “

All things in this vast universe exist in you, with you, and for you. - Khalil Gibran -



LIFESTYLE ... Once you are ready, go back to creating

your story. I would first create a list of your ideal guy. Write down everything your heart desires, both physical and personality traits. With each description, you write down, make sure to feel the vibration of each word. See how it makes you feel. Does it make you smile? You only want to use words that make you feel happy about meeting someone with these quality traits. Make sure to write down everything, whether you think you deserve it or not. These words and feelings will help create your new story and your new reality. Remember, you cannot give what you do not possess. Your guy is out there, you have to trust and feel you deserve it, and the universe will send him your way.

About the Author...

Becca has many years experience as a certified Feng Shui consultant. Throughout her career, and being a single parent, she discovered the importance of living a happy and wellbalanced life. “I believe you have to treat your mind, body, and soul with love to obtain true happiness. I love helping people discover the magic of manifesting through the Law of Attraction. If you have a question, in any area of your life, you can send it to hello@uploadermagazine.com, and I will respond in an upcoming issue. Happy Manifesting!

Love, Becca Frank J. Gallio @ Cherry Blossom Photo


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I’m thrilled to announce my inclusion in Uploader Magazine. Being a teenager I know that we often keep things to ourselves rather than talk about them openly, which can cause more heartache and pain. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity that Cheryl has given me to discuss and express myself as a teenager, which I hope will also lend itself as support for others during their adolescent years. I know that writing down and then sharing your thoughts can make you feel better, so I think it could be comforting to know that others are going through the same things as you. This is my point of view, along with some solutions to teenagers’ problems. Welcome to Daniela’s Diary! Words by Daniela De Marco @d.danii._ 98 UPLOADER MAGAZINE



eing a teenager, I know how hard it can be to accept oneself. On one hand, Social media and Google have made our life easier, but for other reasons, it can be an extremely negative place. But it’s not just that, it’s also how society works. People are categorized in unhealthy ways, examples being wealth, style, popularity, family conditions, and reputation, are just a few characteristics that a person must have to be “cool” for all to see. But who can determine with certainty which person is cool and which person is not? My answer is no one! We’re all different from each other so why should we create categories? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to admit that we are what we were meant to be, and for that reason, no one should feel excluded? I was born with brown hair and brown eyes and even if I really wanted to be different (which I don’t), I couldn’t do anything about it. There are some things you cannot change. So you only have two choices: either you start loving you for what you have and are, or you spend the rest of your life complaining about what you don’t have or are not. It’s up to you, but if I were you, I wouldn’t consider the second as an option. That’s the secret of happiness: to be grateful and pleased for what you are and have. The rest is out of our hands, and something we cannot control. Here’s why we should stop worrying about this, we have to worry about things we can change and where we can make a difference. Reconnecting myself to what I was talking about before, “no one should be excluded”, I would really like to mention an aphorism that everyone knows: ”Unity is strength”. So either we were born with superpowers or we need each other. Although I would have liked superpowers, I’m afraid it can’t be considered as true. Each one of us human beings have something special others don’t have. That’s what we should take as strength. If you’re going to find someone who cannot figure this out, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It means they just need your help to understand and find it, and to those who hurt you, respond with a smile. It’s the best weapon you can use. Talking from personal experience, I haven’t been that great in the past four years. I couldn’t find many people to be friends with, and I often felt lonely. I passed a lot of time wondering if there was something wrong with me, whilst also wishing to be different. It took a little while, but I realized there was nothing wrong, I was just different. For that, I started enhancing those aspects of myself that were worthy, and I started accepting those points I should have worked on. I am now 15, and although I may be different in some peoples eyes, I deserve love and respect. I’m not just someone, I’m me. There’s nothing more fascinating than being oneself. A big hug to everyone and take care. Dani

Frank J. Gallio @ Cherry Blossom Photo



CHANY DAKOTA IS WALKING OVER RAINBOWS Social & Tik Tok @chanydakota Edited by Cheryl De Marco


Photography: bluesummerbird

Chany Dakota






oes the world need another singing social media star? Yes, we certainly do, especially when it’s Chany Dakota! Offering a deep and very real talent for music, at a very young age of five, Chany found her passion for piano.

“Whenever there was a piano close by, I tried, played, and continued to work on it until the keys where right.” She learned the piano, learned key-reading and how to release the sweetest sounds through her lips, in music school. With her first love being music, Chany as the german first-mover, initiated the growth of the music platform musical.ly. Today, she is a very successful Social Media Star and loves to entertain her 1.6 Million+ followers on TikTok. But now... here comes the sound. In May, Chany successfully released her first single “Give me Rainbows”, showing a new, deeper, and darker facette of her otherwise shiny rainbow. In her first-ever released song, Chany works through a past relationship: “If there is only rain, you got to go towards the rainbow, into the sun.” “Give me Rainbows” reached more than 100 million views on TikTok and made it to the German top five on that platform. Reason enough for the most successful DJ-Duo Eastblock Bitches to chip in for a vibrant and electronic summer remix, which was released recently in July.

“The Eastblock Bitches are amazing and the perfect fit for me, as they have the same strong and positive energy as myself. Also, the timing for an upbeat version of my single was right, since I moved on and managed to work through that past relationship.” If this isn’t reason enough to work on her second single, we don’t know what is, and, this is exactly what is happening! Chany has been working hard on her second single and has a planned release for September. Thus, stay tuned, there is more sweet music to come. Check out Chany Dakota’s music on Spotify Photography: Markus Puettmann


Photography: Mayk Azzato

Congratulations on the release of your first single ‘Give Me Rainbows’ which went live in May, and did extremely well. Did you have any expectations of how it would go, given that it was released during a global pandemic? Chany: Ever since the pandemic, no one can predict anything anymore. We are forced to live in and for the moment. Since I always try to see the bright sight of life, I have a profound trust that in the end things will work out. And so they did with my first single. I am so very happy about my fans loving my first single and this new path I am taking. Your second single is planned with a September release, are you working towards an album? Chany: “Music was my first love, and it will be my last.“ I really like the lyrics of John Miles’ song and it may in some way describe my passion and relationship with music. But as I said,

one step at a time. Especially in times like these. This is by the way the most important lesson I have learned out of the pandemic: Make the best of what you got today. So, will there be an album? I am working on songs, constantly. So, maybe there will be an album. How would you describe your music style? Chany: I like to call my style of music Evolution Pop. It’s a mix of a rather dark, electronic world combined with pop. Also, my lyrics always tell a very personal story, they are like my diary. Who would you love to open a show for? Chany: Without question that would be an opening for Billie Eilish. I really LOVE her. Otherwise, I really enjoy festivals, so It would be a dream come true to open the stage for a big DJ on something like Tomorrowland or Parookaville. (cont. on page 107)




Photography: bluesummerbird

Photography: bluesummerbird Who is on your bucket list of people to collaborate with, in the music industry?

If you had the full attention of all your follows for 1 minute, what would you say? Chany: Now, that is a rather difficult question since I have so many things to talk about. There is one main message I see as very important, a lesson learned especially from the current situation we all are in: Be authentic, be real, find your passion, and follow it – step by step. Most importantly, take each and every step mindfully, and fully consciously. Whatever comes your way, try to look and walk towards the bright side of the rainbow while never ignoring the fact, that there are two sides to it. What is next for you? Chany: Work work work. I am always on the move, growing and doing new things. Next to making music and being a Social Media Creator, I am acting in a coming of age TV-Show airing in the next couple of months. If you aren’t following Chany Dakota, make sure to drop everything and head over to her social accounts, and give her a follow. She is certainly one to watch and we cannot wait to see what this social media star, turned published music artist does next. Her single ‘Give Me Rainbows’ can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, and YouTube.

Photography: Leon Winkler Photography: SaschaWernicke

Chany: That’s easy: Billie Eilish, Madison Beer, Martin Garrix, Robin Schulz

Photography: bluesummerbird

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Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer who has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bustle, Elite Daily, House Beautiful, Marie Claire, YahooNews, MSN, and more. He is also one of the official astrologers for both Astrology.com and Horoscope.com. He is known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives, and prominent influencers. His work harnesses the power of the stars in regards to entertainment lifestyle and trends affecting people worldwide. His writing and horoscopes have been translated into multiple languages. Kyle has been astrologically gifted naturally from a very young age and teaches how to use the Universe to manifest the life you’ve always dreamt of. With over a decade of professional experience and clients all over the world, he currently resides in Los Angeles where he works as a professional astrologer, celebrity life coach, and author. Currently, he is the official astrologer for @Horoscopes + @Horo.ScopesDaily (4.5 million followers). Kyle received two Bachelor of Arts for Psychology and English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and integrates these degrees into his growing research of psychology, personality, and the human condition.




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irthday season has arrived, Leo, and you are radiant as ever. With Mars, the sexy planet, in a fellow Fire Sign for the coming five months, you will be as magnetic as can be. Turn on your sex appeal and watch as people rush to worship you. If single, this is a splendid five months to lure in some hot prospective lovers. If taken, be sure to use the extra confidence to bring the adventure back into your personal life. Interestingly, with Mars in your sector of expansion for such a long time, this may mean that you are highly focused on one of the following: an academics matter such as returning to school, an immigration or travel-related situation, or finally, a media or publishing project. Do your best to launch the project in August or else hold off until late November. The reason I advise this is because Mars will be retrograde from September until mid-November, meaning that everything that begins or launches then is destined for failure. That also includes marriages or newly official relationships. Avoid the headaches and push whatever you can until December. If not, you will deal with significant hurdles in the months to come. Speaking of relationships, the Full Moon on the 3rd turns your attention to an important partnership in business or love. This may bring you closer in union—through moving in, engagement, or even marriage. Single Leos are also especially likely to find someone who has long-term potential. However, if your connection is no longer, this could be when your tower falls and you decide it’s time to part ways. Yet, with Mercury, planet of communication, in your zodiac sign beginning the 4th for weeks to come, it appears you’ll be able to think and speak quite clearly. Next to note is that while the Sun ignites your sign for much of the month, you are focusing tremendously upon your personal hopes and dreams. Make a list of what you want to accomplish in the year ahead and set sail toward those goals now. The New Moon on the 18th is especially favored for you to take action, so do so then. However, when it comes to your career, I see that Uranus, planet of liberation, will turn retrograde in your achievements sector on the 15th. Watch the days that surround this time for hints of how your career will shift in months to come. Since 2018, you’ve realized that your goals and career plans weren’t working out for you exactly as you had hoped for, and were instead debating going into new territory. This is to be encouraged! For instance, I do readings for celebrities and influencers and a few of them who I know are also experiencing this. One, a highly successful actress, has risen to tremendous heights in front of the camera. Yet, since 2018, she has felt the call to pursue new styles of content and move in the direction of writing, directing, and producing. While it isn’t a complete career shift, she is technically moving into a new landscape. Also, my cousin whom I love very much, works in the medical field and has been very successful in recent decades. Yet, her true ambition is to launch a cupcake company—and since 2018, she’s been making major strides to do so and has exponentially seen her hobby turn into a business. Ultimately, I want you to live your greatest life and create the legacy of your dreams—so use the months ahead to decide new ways you can fine-tune your plans. To end the month, though, the Sun will move into your income sector—causing you to focus on your finances and the stability of your life. UPLOADER MAGAZINE 113



MARCH 21ST - APRIL 19TH Step forward into August, Aries. Mars, your planetary ruler, has been powering up your zodiac sign for over a month now—giving you all the courage to tackle your personal and professional goals. However, at the end of July, Mars began to slow down—what astrologers call “pre-shadow.” Pay attention to everything that happens now until September 9th: you are being given a prelude of what dramas and frustrations may arise during Mars Retrograde this Autumn. Do your best to act with integrity as you proceed so nothing comes back to bite you. This is your last window in time to launch a new project, start an official new relationship, or create your empire because it is never advised to begin new things during Mars Retrograde. I encourage you to make a very clear list of what you need to get done so you can let the slower pace of September until November happen naturally. A Full Moon in your sector of fulfillment will arrive on the 3rd. This means that in the days that surround it, you may finally feel as if one of your dearest hopes and dreams is now within reach. Friends and your network are also highlighted from this lunation, meaning that you could attend an important event that opens doors to you depending on your social distancing guidelines. However, because your friends miss you at this time, do your best to sync up with them—even if it is just a group Zoom call over wine. However, your mind will be extremely focused upon romance, creativity, and recreation throughout much of the month, as the Sun will heat up this zone for the first few weeks. Mercury, planet of the conversation, will also unite with the Sun beginning on the 4th, narrowing your thoughts upon passionate times. You could become especially eloquent or poetic, so use it to your advantage. Venus, planet of pleasure, will cozy up in your domestic sector from the 7th onward, promising that you may make your home quite the sanctuary if you choose to buy new furniture or redecorate. The New


Moon arrives on the 18th, opening a vortex for more love and spontaneity to enter your life. If single, be sure to use the week following to connect with potential options. Committed Aries can bring the heat back into their relationship—and the bedroom—with this exciting vibration, and because of this, find themselves closer than ever before. Those Aries looking to conceive may have quite the luck, and those who already have children may see that their kids demand their attention now. Last, if you exhibit creative talents or are an artist in any way, this is the most important New Moon of the year to create a masterpiece. Finally, as the Sun moves into your productivity zone from the 22nd onward, expect the pace of your life to quicken as new work projects come your way in the month ahead.

TAURUS APRIL 20TH - MAY 20TH Over the coming six months, Taurus, you have many things taking place behind-the-scenes. On one hand, this may be that you are developing some projects set to launch early next year—such as writing a book in solitude, creating an app, or strategizing major career moves. Other Taurus could spend a lot of time in the months ahead focused on recovering— whether that be psychologically or physically—and undergoing significant work with a therapist, doctor, healer, or rehabilitator. Last, with Mars heating up this sector of privacy, you may also be tempted to play a game to get what you want—which could lead to clandestine affairs or less-than-kind business. However, I recommend you do your best to step toward the light rather than dance with the devil. Throughout August, you will see the hints of what the official Mars Retrograde ahead will have you face—which takes place throughout September until November. During that time, you will feel burnt out and meet roadblocks; if you have engaged in any less-thankind interactions, karma may strike down upon you. I do not tell this to scare you—just to help you prepare. As August begins, you will celebrate a major career milestone as the Full Moon on the 3rd brings a crown down upon your head. You have been working very intensely toward your ambitions in recent years, and it is likely you will see success, fame, or power delivered to you now. Sometimes this takes the form of favorable press, a promotion, or else public recognition. This will be your biggest achievement of the year—but it is hinting at what is to come from the end of this year until 2023. You are set to become more successful than ever before, so use your time wisely now. However, with so much planetary activity taking place in your domestic sector throughout most of the month, it appears you are very busy at home fixing things up, redecorating, or possibly even moving. The New Moon on the 18th signals that the doors are finally open, and you may find the perfect place of your dreams. This same zone also rules your family, so you may attend to a situation in regards to them at this time. Another important note to make this month is that Uranus, which has been electrifying your life since 2018, will station retrograde in your zodiac sign on the 15th. In the days

HOROSCOPES AUGUST 2020 that surround it, pay attention to important news regarding your personal goals. While you may feel that they are being revised and changing direction in the months to come, this is a blessing to make sure they debut before the world in perfect glory. Review how far you have come since 2018 and where you still want to go. Finally, when Mercury—ruling your mind—enters your sector of fertility and love on the 20th, you will be in the mood for passion in the weeks ahead. The mighty Sun also soars on into here on the 22nd, promising that it is time to stop and smell the roses. With your ruler, lovely Venus, in your sector of communication throughout most of the month, too, you will likely have the magic touch with every sweet thing you write or say.


A very active six months lies before you, Gemini, especially with ferocious Mars powering up your sector of fulfillment. During the time ahead, you may feel as if you are recreating your life and reaching toward many heartfelt hopes and dreams. This may also manifest as a highly active social life—and depending on the social distancing requirements of your country—allow you to head to many important events or engage further with your community. However, luckily we live in the digital age, so you may instead be focusing on broadening your network online or catching up with friends via text or Zoom. Next month, Mars will go retrograde in this sector, making your life feel as if it is hitting a standstill. You also could undergo a conflict or falling out with a friend in the months to come. All of it will be hinted at in August, so pay heed to what pops up now and makes you feel a bit frustrated or uncomfortable. It is likely these same themes will appear later in the year once again. As we enter August, you’ll feel especially ready to set sail into new horizons as a Full Moon ignites your expansion sector on the 3rd. On one hand, this Full Moon may signal that you are dealing with a travel or immigration matter or else interacting with people overseas. If you are involved in the media, this could elicit an important publicity opportunity, television appearance, or book deal. Last, if you are in school or considering going back, you may finalize the decision at this time. Also lovely to note is that the Sun will move through your communications zone throughout most of the month, encouraging you to speak, write, and think expressively. The New Moon on the 18thalso falls within this sphere, and while you may be working on a proposal or negotiation, sometimes this also foretells that you will be required to sign an important contract. When the Sun moves into your domestic sector on the 22nd, it appears you are settling down at home or considering relocating in the month ahead. Your family may also become more significant in the weeks ahead, so keep your schedule light. Last, because I know many Geminis have been thinking a lot about money, note that Venus will grace your financial sector beginning on the 7th for the rest of the month. Money seems to be coming your way, so focus on every opportunity to monetize that you find.

CANCER JUNE 21ST - JULY 22ND Swim into August, Cancer, a month that appears very busy for you! This is because Mars has been heating up your sector of achievements since the end of June and will continue to until early 2021. During this time, you are set to rise higher than ever before—so keep your eyes on the prize. However, it is likely you will hit many snags in your career or progress during September until November, so do everything you can to launch important projects now or wait until the end of the year. While you are going to have deadlines and an immense urge to crush your goals—launching anything during Mars Retrograde means you will fail fully and completely. In years past, I thought I could trick the stars and launched a major project during a Mars Retrograde (which also, interestingly, took place in my career as yours will now). I put everything I had into that project—it was so dear to my heart—that I even put $20,000 on my credit cards to try to finish it. However, the power of the stars overwhelmed me and the project never reached completion and took me years to dig out from beneath it. Do not make the same mistake I did. You will regret it. This, month, also focuses a great deal of your energy on your place in the world. The Full Moon on the 3rd ignites your intimacy sector, bringing to your attention any imbalances in business or romantic relationships. You may require aid at this time— whether it be a loan, venture capital, or scholarship—and this lunation could tip the ball in your favor. Single Cancers will think deeply about what they want and need in a relationship, whereas some committed Cancers could grow closer at this time. However, if your partnership has outlived its time, some may finalize a divorce now. It’s important now to determine where you stand going forward. However, the next major theme for you this month will be your income. With Mercury entering your money zone on the 4th and Venus entering your zodiac sign on the 7th, you will have the Midas touch! The New Moon arrives in this sector on the 18th, so it is likely you will have an opportunity to increase your wealth, whether through a raise, new job, or side hustle. When the Sun moves into your communications sphere beginning the 22nd, you appear to become very busy on a writing, speaking, or contractual project. Work hard now before the obstacles arrive just weeks away.

VIRGO AUGUST 23RD - SEPTEMBER 22ND August promises exciting news for you, Virgo, as it is just nearly birthday season! Use this time to brainstorm how you’d like your life to look not only in the (continued on page 116) UPLOADER MAGAZINE


HOROSCOPES AUGUST 2020 coming months but also in the year ahead. When the planets move into your zodiac sign, you are given an opportunity to create a “new beginning,” a cosmic reboot, so to speak. As we enter the month, the Full Moon on the 3rd will direct your attention to your productivity sector. On one hand, this may trigger a job to begin or end or you may debut an important work-related project. If seeking employment, use this time to look for one that fits your skillset. However, this same sector also holds ties to your physical health, and it is likely you will feel quite tired at this time. Do your best to use this power to improve your exercise plan or diet for the months ahead so that you are always growing stronger. Yet, the coming weeks of August will have a strange polarity to them, as the Sun and Mercury will encourage you to find solitude, rest, and heal, while Venus, planet of pleasure, will light up your social sector—calling you to connect with your friends and community. You’ve seen your personal and professional network expand greatly over the past two years, and now could be a time where you have more clarity about who you want to surround yourself with. With Venus smiling upon you from her pedestal in the sky, you can use this time to enjoy more laughter with those closest to you. As Venus rules love, you may have luck dating through your network if single or even turn a friend into a mate! If you’re both curious, what’s there to lose? No matter what you choose to do with your time this month, it will likely bring you enjoyment. The New Moon on the 18th will help you find balance and serenity, so use the days that follow to make a list of how you can prioritize self-love. Another happy piece of news this month is that Mercury, your ruler, enters your zodiac sign on the 20th. Whenever our ruler joins us, we feel renewed and are able to function at our peak. You will be especially articulate, clear-headed, and energized as he races through you for the weeks ahead. Also, when the mighty Sun joins him on the 22nd, brace yourself for an infusion of radiance that hits you both in body and soul. This time of year helps you embrace your most authentic self and create the life of your dreams. Don’t sit back now. Indulge in you.

LIBRA SEPTEMBER 23RD - OCTOBER 22ND August begins with so much focus upon relationships for you, Libra, as love, partnership, and friendship will all be calling your name. First, as passionate Mars roars through your sector of partnerships now and for months to come, you are highly focused on working as a team with someone important. On one hand, this can be professional, such as combining forces with an accountant, collaborator, manager, agent, assistant, or attorney. You can crush goals together now and truly make tremendous amounts of progress. In a personal nature, this may make committed Libras notice that you and your significant other are highly focused on long-term planning. As Mars rules sex, this could also bring hot passion into your relationship in ways you’ve never experienced together. If single, this is a wonderful window in time to find someone who hits your 116 UPLOADER MAGAZINE

checklist of traits. Don’t sit back—get out there! Yet, if you are in a relationship with someone you are not meant for— conflicts may bubble up. When Mars goes retrograde from September until mid-November, you will suddenly feel as if you and your partner are not on the same page. This will be an exercise in compromise and communication—and likely, they will be the one who currently holds more power than you. This is why I implore you to listen rather than charge into a battle you will not win. Yet, back to August, you have even more sweet planetary magic sprinkling down upon you from the stars. The Full Moon on the 3rd falls within your fertility sector, bringing forth a birth within your heart. Sometimes this foretells news of pregnancy or conception for hopeful parents. For others, this can align them with true love—so if single, plan many dates with potential suitors. Last, if an artist, you can make great progress on creative matters. Also, as the Sun will dance through your fulfillment sector until late in the month, you are likely seeing a more social and festive vibration smile upon you. Depending on your social distancing practices, this could be a good time to connect with friends for a dinner party or at the very least a Zoom catch-up. The New Moon appears here on the 18th, so use the week that follows to bring more laughter and love into your life. Finally, as the Sun moves into your sector of solitude from the 22nd onward, you will feel the urge to rest and recharge for the month to come.

SCORPIO OCTOBER 23RD - NOVEMBER 21ST Charge onward, Scorpio! Mars, your co-ruler and the mighty planet of action, has been heating up your productivity zone since the end of June and will continue to do so until the beginning of 2021. This means that you are likely extremely busy on-the-job or in your work life. Constant projects may come your way—so if you are self-employed or freelance, this is quite a blessing! If you are out of work, you must absolutely use August to send your resume everywhere and to find a way to secure employment. The stars are in favor for you now, but unfortunately from mid-September until mid-November, they will not be. During this time, Mars will go retrograde and you could find that either conflicts meet you in the workplace or else your job becomes stagnant and there’s very little for you to do. Worse yet, it could signal a lay-off or reduction in your hours or services during that time. However, if for some reason this energy isn’t affecting your job quite as much, it may instead be ramping up your focus on your physical health. Exercise, dieting, and gaining strength may be your forefront desire. Yet, again with the retrograde, it is encouraged to watch your health then and to certainly not put yourself at risk of burnout or infection. Later in the year, when Mars wakes up, life will pick up once again and your energy will return. Plan accordingly. Yet, returning to August, there will be so much activity on your calendar. A Full Moon on the 3rd falls within your domestic sector and may trigger a move or relocation. Some Scorpios may renovate their home at this time. As this zone also brings

HOROSCOPES AUGUST 2020 your family to your attention, news regarding one of them may also surprise you. However, the most prominent theme of the month will certainly be your career. This is because the mighty Sun—the ruler of our focus—will sizzle in your sector of advancement. Mercury, planet of the mind, too, will be here from the 4th onward, gifting you with applause and attention. It is quite likely many people will be talking about you this month, so dance in the flames. The New Moon on the 18th may bring news of a promotion, new job offer, or opportunity for public recognition, as well. No matter what, work hard in the week that follows this lunation to set the tone in your career for the year to come. Also, with electric Uranus standing across the sky from you in your sector of partnership since 2018, you are redefining who you are in relationships and the kind of partner you wish to be. Uranus will station retrograde on the 15th, so pay attention to news regarding your important business or romantic relationships at this time. A partner may suddenly change their mind about something important—or you may, instead. You’ll review this decision in the months ahead. Finally, when the Sun enters your social sector on the 22nd for weeks to come, prepare to hear from many friends.

your mind. You may also work on a writing or speaking project or else be immersed in a contract negotiation. Also, with the Sun heating up your sector of expansion, many Sagittarius may be very focused on pushing into new territory and leaving their common ground. When not in a global pandemic, this would often be the time when you’d jet off to an exotic location, but due to restrictions, that may not be quite as likely. However, instead, you may focus on turning within to find new depths and heights. Some Sagittarius will become enchanted with an academics goal and decide to embark upon it in the days that follow the New Moon on the 18th. Others may, instead, focus on a media or publishing-related matter. If you’ve ever wanted to write a book: now could be the time when you get the opportunity! Finally, as the Sun and Mercury parade into your achievements sector in the final week of the month, you’ll be set to rise to new professional heights in the coming future.

CAPRICORN DECEMBER 22ND - JANUARY 19TH SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 22ND - DECEMBER 21ST Out of all the zodiac signs, you, Sagittarius, get to experience the most passion and fun in the second half of 2020. This is because Mars, great battery of energy, tours your sector of fertility, romance, and pleasure. You may have already fallen in love and are feeling more adventurous and excited in your relationship than you have in quite some time—or if single, you are actively on the hunt to find the hottest catch possible! Hot sex typically occurs when Mars hits this zone, so embrace and live your best life! Considering the global pandemic we are in, though, please take precautions into mind. I am always a major advocate for sexual health and being safe—and now is certainly no exception. Another way this fiery energy may manifest for you is through a creative streak—as if you are now inspired and able to create your most brilliant work in your lifetime. Don’t settle. Try to embrace the Muse! Make something legendary. Last, though, if you are looking to conceive, you may have great luck this month and then at the end of the year. The most important thing to note here is that Mars will go retrograde—stripping you of its energy from mid-September until mid-November. This means that all that fire, sex, and passion may suddenly dissipate, leaving you spinning and confused. We will all deal with Mars Retrograde, so just know it is coming. Also: do not officially start a relationship, get engaged, or get married during that time—as your partnership will ultimately fail (as well as your sex life, so do yourself a favor and listen to my advice). Conflicts may also appear due to one of these areas, so keep your antennae up. Back to August, you appear to be quite focused on expanding into new territory. The Full Moon on the 3rd lights up your communications sector, and will likely encourage you to speak

August has arrived, and with it, a new wave of planetary energy. However, one theme that began at the end of June is going to remain with you until the end of the year quite prominently. Mars, planet of energy, has been heating up your sector of domesticity. This zone typically forces one to readdress their living situation and either move or fix it up, depending on how stable and happy they feel there. Sometimes this can show big renovations or workers coming-and-going or else just a lot of activity at home. Another way this may manifest is through a great focus on a parent or family member now and for months to come. Hints of where your life is headed will come here in August, so if something peculiar pops up, pay attention. Also, you’ll feel more aggressive in general during this time and evaluating if you are truly being fulfilled in life and on stable, secure ground. Some Capricorns will go through these months ahead and realize they aren’t getting what they truly need and decide to part ways with what is no longer serving them. This can show that you’re reflecting on the past, especially what you learned from your family roots. However, be aware that Mars will go retrograde in September until mid-November, causing problems or conflicts in these areas of your life. However, returning to August, we have other significant energy. The Full Moon on the 3rd brings important news regarding a financial matter and could see the arrival of a large check, a raise, or even a new job. Some Capricorns may have the financial breakthrough to finally pay off a debt that has been haunting them, as well. Yet, with the Sun igniting your intimacy sector most of the month—and Mercury joining on the 4th for weeks ahead—you are absolutely debating the give-and-take in your important business and personal relationships. It is quite likely discussions will come up now about your plans together and if you’re on the same page. On one hand, this may reveal some of your relationship traumas and fears. If this occurs, brace yourself and work through them either personally or together. However, this may actually reveal that some Capricorns are ready to leave (cont. on page 118) UPLOADER MAGAZINE 117

HOROSCOPES AUGUST 2020 their significant partner and could dissolve a partnership at this time. It is likely to become even more apparent once the New Moon on the 18th arrives to clear the air. Another important aspect to note this month is that Uranus, planet of liberation, has been in your creative and romantic sphere since 2018. On the 15th, he will go retrograde, causing you to review how passionate you feel in your romantic life. Single Capricorns could find someone special—especially if they’re going after someone who isn’t their “typical type”—or even reconnect with someone from the past who didn’t quite fit before but now might be just right. This will also be the case if this person is especially eccentric, brilliant, or highly creative. Use the months ahead to sort out if your flame can reignite. Also, you could find that you are being called to restart past creative projects that may need to be fine-tuned. Last to note in August, though, is that when the Sun and Mercury move on into your expansion zone at the end of the month, you will be highly focused on shaking it up and stepping out of your comfort zone. You’ve been feeling a bit boxed and caged—now is time to try something new! Prepare for the month ahead to bring you more spontaneity.


One of the most important months of the year is here for you, Aquarius, as it dawns with a powerful Full Moon with your name on it. Full Moons in our zodiac sign mark major moments in our year—and often lifetimes—as they are turning points on our path. This lunation, which takes place on the 3rd, will put your desires and personal goals front-and-center for the week that surrounds it. Use this vivacious energy to step into your power and stand up for what you want. Show the world who you are. This is not a time to give your power away or bow to others. No. This is a time to demand your worth. However, the mighty Sun will draw your attention to your significant partnerships in business or love throughout most of this month, as well. Because there is so much attention being focused upon you and your ego—and also so much planetary action highlighting your relationships this month, this could be a time when you part ways with someone you are not on the same page with. With Mercury, the mind, in your relationship sector, you’re especially favored to find compromises or negotiate anything at this time. Committed Aquarians will be more heavily impacted by the energy of this month than single ones. However, if single and ready to mingle, know what you want in a mirror image and go forth to find him or her. With Venus, planet of pleasure, bringing grace to your job, some Aquarians may actually spark a crush with someone at work. However, the New Moon on the 18th will help you make the right choice in a relationship—to stay, to leave, to make plans, or even make it forever. The Sun and Mercury, too, will move on into your sector of intimacy later in the month, so watch as you are able to grow closer or vocalize your needs more articulately in the weeks ahead. Last to note this month, though, is that Uranus, planet of change and liberation, has been moving through your sector of domesticity since 2018. 118 UPLOADER MAGAZINE

Many Aquarians will move many times between 2018 and 2026—or else see radical shifts in their family lives. Uranus will station retrograde on the 15th of this month, so watch for important shifts that take place near then. You will be trying out something new for the next several months in regards to this, so pay heed to the messages. The Universe wants to see you on the most stable ground possible, but apparently it needs to give you many different options so you finally realize where you belong.

PISCES FEBRUARY 19TH - MARCH 20TH August will be a very busy month for you, Pisces, as you juggle many different things. First and foremost, with mighty Mars in your income sector, it appears your expenses have increased significantly since the end of June. This heightened cash flow will continue until the beginning of 2021—so do everything you can to budget and know where your money is going. However, this energy can also bring you a great deal of luck to add more capital to your bank account—so seek new ways of monetizing your life or adding in a side-hustle. Beware of September until mid-November, though, when Mars is retrograde, because you could find that money troubles manifest at this time or else more bills than you’d ever expected appear. Returning to August, we have a Full Moon on the 3rd, which will highlight your need to lie low, rest, and recharge. On one hand, you could enjoy this quite much as you get to nap or focus on meditation. However, this may also be a time when a secret—something you had not known—appears and leaves you aghast. If someone has hidden something from you—or you cloaked it from them—expect this Full Moon to bring it to light. If there is nothing that needs to be revealed, though, you’ll coast through this Full Moon quite sweetly. The other major theme of your month will be productivity and hard work. The Sun and Mercury will glide through here throughout most of the month, meaning that you are likely very busy in your day-to-day life and with your employment. Keep hustling now because greater career horizons await you—especially toward the end of the year. The New Moon on the 18th could open a door to you for taking on more work or getting a new job. This same sector also holds ties to your physical health, so if you are in need of gaining strength, find ways to improve your exercise and diet regimen. Yet, as much as there will be a focus on the “routine,” fun is also promised for you. Venus, our goddess planet of pleasure, spins a love spell in your recreation and passion sector. Single Pisces can use the weeks following the 7th to connect with new options, while committed Pisces can bring the sensuality back into their connection. Later in the month, when the Sun and Mercury spin on into your partnership zone, you will notice that your significant other has your full attention. Single Pisces can move their casual flings toward commitment—but if you wish to, be sure to do so prior to Mars Retrograde on September 9th. Mars rules sex, and when he is weakened, it means that any relationship that begins during that time is destined to fail and lose chemistry.

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