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Graduated project - Terrazzo Huh! design CARRY - Chair for elder WINDOWS - Table TOTEM - Stool PROMISE Stamp PAPA -Business card holder ROUGH MUG DEER & MOOSE studio


MICROCOSMIC - 3D molding practice Graduated Exhibition Design VISUAL DESIGN ILLUSTRAtION

2012 Apr 1 - 9 Workshop in Beijing Institute of Technology

/ International activities 2013 HUH!Design in Greenhouse of Stockholm furniture fair 2012 Hong Kong - World Design Summer Camp Intelligent Smart living Workshop - golden award Beijing Institute of Technology souvenir Workshop 2011 Young Designers Workshop & IDA Congress / Work

& Project

Internship - MoziDozen studio SUNOCHA - Designer Deer & Moose - Designer

/ Other 2013 Young Designer Exhibition Pohoto Exhibition 木契子 in Maison Blanche NCKU_CiiiN_+22_Design_Studio Workshop


/ Contact +886987650412 nnmm22588@gmail.com http://cargocollective.com/ChenYuAn

/ Education 2009-2013 National Cheng Kung University Industrial Design

since 2013

Graduated design project

Terrazzo Serise

This is our graduated project and is about Terrazzo. Terrazzo is used to be one of the material of architecture which is made of concrete and stone.We learn the traditional processing of Terrazzo and apply it to our design.Not only look back upon the past, but the beauty of tradition will live and last.


2013 APR. 2012 SEP. with Chiu yu huan, He yuan jie

Working Process In our school, we used to spend about 8 months to do our final project. Every month, we have to show our work to 4 professors, and sometimes we invited designer to give us great advice. In the beginning, my partners and I did some research about craft in Taiwan. And we've focus on both bamboo and Terrazzo. Meanwhile, we start to create some ideas about them and sketched a lot. We’ve visit some masters of bamboo and tried to find people who've made Terrazzo. Since the industrial and the life style have changed a lot. It's really hard to find them and most of them are retired. In the end we decided to do a project about Terrazzo.

Experiment Then we’ve spent 2 months, to experiment the process, tools and the possibility of different component. And to know the well ratio of cement, water and stone. � It's a test about puting structre in it to make it thiner.

Processing It's how we combine the white cement, stone and paint. We try to blend the color exactly we want. 1. decide the color we want (we buy the paint for cement) 2. to stir the concrete, water and paint 3.put appropriate amount o 4.inject into a mold 5.final

Polish 1.use portable grinder to polish it with different crocus paper 2.use portable grinder to water jet it 3.to patch it with cement 4.water jet it again 5.wax it in the end

TOOLING & MOLD 1.After some prototype, we build 3D digital model 2.Use the 3D model to build the Rapid Prototyping 3.Use the Rapid Prototyping to make a silicon mold 4.With the silicon mold we can build different color or pattern Terrazzo over and over again in same shape.

Concept of The light Terrazzo is construction material for a building. We attempt to create a light that has a close interactive relationship with the building. The object we design serves a bookend and a light also, a light glowing in the Terrazzo as a part of the building and a light glowing in the building.


Connection between Bamboos Our inspiration comes from the moulds for Terrazzo-production. Given the fact that after being poured Terrazzo products usually have to stay in the moulds for 3 to 5 days, and the moulds are not easy to clean up, the quick-to-use bamboo are used as natural moulds and beautiful constructs as well. Terrazzo used to be large stiff flat planes. Through weaving the small bamboo-encircled Terrazzo, we intend to create brand-new touches of Terrazzo.

NO.01 {Bean stool concept }

Huh! Design

2013 Greenhouse of Stockholm furniture fair My friends and I created a project together in 2012 summer, and we apply to exhibit in greenhouse, not only to show our experiment and work, but more importantly, to widened our field of vision. Be honest,i think the furniture industrial is not mature enough in Taiwan now. So it’s a great experience to be in Sweden, to be in the furniture fair and put ourselves in a different environment, than we can look back and think about what's our advantage and disadvantage.It's a really wonderful tripa and it's so nice to communicate with other designers or students in greenhouse.

2013 JAN. 2012 SEP. with HUH!Design

About Huh! Design

When we were kids, we soared up to the sky by flying up the bamboo dragonflies and the kites, which light up our childhood and build up our dreams. Based on the playful ideas of the flying memory, we try to take experience from playing with these traditional toys into our furniture. These are toys, but also a light, a coat hanger and a table. Let us bring you up in the air!

About Us

Four young designers met each other in NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan.We believe that beauty is just around us, and inspiration is just within our experiences.Upholding our curiosity to this world, we are trying to grab the best taste of design.

Website: http://huhdesign.tumblr.com/ Use the code to watch video of the project

Project 01 We use the element of bamboo dragonfly, our childhood memory, restructure and rebuild their beautiful wings into a desk. Supported also by the same material, we want to display the most primitive beauty of bamboo.

Project 02 It's kind of an experiment that we're testing how thin a bamboo could be. And the hanging light tries to picture the image of a flying bamboo. We use the T5 8W tube, in order to reach the best transmittance of a bamboo installed in this simple shape.

Project 03 Just like how we playing with the bamboo dragonfly,you can twist the pole and turn on and off the light, which is made of bamboo and LED.

CARRY -Chair for elder apartmant It's a chair for Elder Apartment’s service counter. We refine the current one. The design feature is that it can protect the elder that if they fall down in the seat, they won't hurt their body. Also its armrests can help them stand up more easily. It's consider all the data with anthropometry of elder people.

Design Process 1.

Visit In the beginning, we went visit the elder apartment in Tainan. This is an apartment which offer service including security and community.

2. Area and system The professor separates us in different groups. Each of us should choose a system, including an area and a process. We choose the service center to be our topic.

3. Group Designing In this part, 6 students work together to define the problems and create the ideas for 3 weeks. During this, the professor also invite an expert to give us some professional advices.After coming up many Ideas, each 2 of us make a team and pick up an idea to complete it.

4. Reserch Since we are focus on the counter, we redesign the chair which we want it to be more stable, confortable and easy to sit and leave.We do alot of reserch about elder people, and applied the data with anthropometry of elder people in this project.

5. Test Model We build some 3D model and test mold to help us make decision.

6. The seat stronger


7. Working Process

After some research and experiment we found that the armrests of the chair should consider the top area (shouldn't be too narrow or it will be too much pressures) and height (to be good to grab).

We set the armrests of the chair lower than it used to be. Because it would be more easily for the elder to carry themselves up,

2012 MAY. 2012 FEB. with yu yang hsing hung

Totem - stool As the topic is a chair with east culture, I tried to grab the element of traditional totem, and reapplied it in different material. Through the pure acrylic with precise lines represent the modern, the cheongsam with pattern stand in the center just like the beauty of those Chinese cultures will always be deep in our heart.

Working Process 1. IDEA In the beginning, I came up with an idea that to apply some old stuff in new form, so i did some research, and tried to find something interesting. Than the cheongsam and the pattern on it got my attention.

2. Check the culture DNA The pattern is not only used on cheongsam, but also on king's or Gods' coats or some silk textile. And animals flower , or dragon were used to represent some meaning. For example, A bat is called bian fu in Chinese, and the sound of fu is a word which means good luck and fortune.

3. Choose the pattern and silk I went to the traddional market and pick up some great totem back home.

4. Translating

5. The stool

The way i want to refresh the idea is to show it on someother material, like, acrylic.Than I used the illustrator to translated the pattern from embroidery I choosed to the pattern that can use laser cutting.and I've tried many different kinds of ways to arrange the elements.

The reason why i use this wood stool in this case, is that the stool was really commen in Taiwan,and the project is about the connection between old and new. So I found an old one and renew it.

2011 MAY

2011 JUNE

Promise stamp

2012 Intellgent Smartliving Workshop It's a work I create with teammates in a workshop,and the topic is about culture in Tainan.After some discussion and search, we found that in Tainan, It’s a tradition that if a men wants to marry a woman, he should prepare 6 gifts for her family, asking for their approval. and we decided to apply this culture into design.The final product is a wedding stamp which represent that as the man prepares those wedding gifts, the bride than gives her heart to him,and makes the stamp completed.

VIDEO of this project

Our team Yu-An Chen Bi-Gi Houng Pei-Shiuan Wu Ching-Jen Shih During the workshop, I've learn so much not only from the city tour but also from my partners who’s background are not ID. And the designer’s inspiring lectures really make me be more familiar with the relationship between culture and design. I’m so happy that in the end, our team won the golden price.

Process & experiment In the beginning, we’ve visit some tradition temple and a tradition teashop. As my team member are from different area, I try to doing some interesting experiences with them, like how to keep the teas flever or color in a wood, and maybe the different between teas can tell an interesting story.

Design method During the lecture, the designer mentioned about 4 main concept of design just like the picture, we thought that maybe we can take it as our design process. We try to let our design be meaningful in those 4 parts.

Culture story After some discussion and search, we found that in Tainan, It’s a tradition that if men want to marry a woman, he should prepare 6 gifts(*) for her family, asking for their approval. We decided to use this culture to design. * 1.candle 2. pancake 3.dumpling 4. dessert 5.gold Jewelry 6.Pop-rice cookie

Concept of the stamp CONTENT The culture story that we found in Tainan FORM We choose the stamp because it contain a meaning of making promise MATERIAL The wood material is an original one and also we can use in short time PROCESS This product’s using scenario contains a meaning of being together forever.

Using Process

2012 MAR 19 - 23 Workshop by Smart seed union

Window/ table Now in Tainan, there are lots of café’s built in old house that offer great coffee and books and terrific space where you can totally relax and enjoy your time. In this project, we’d like to design furniture for space like that. We use the window*(It's also a really old one) because it's transparent, and we hope that people who come to the space can share what they've read/love to each other. When you come to the seat, you can see what last people love to read.

2012 MAY. 2012 MAY. with chung chen ting

The table is now in the drifter coffee / hostel. http://driftercoffee.blogspot.tw/

CONCPT &Useing Process 1.Visit the space in old building 2.Read the book which the owner prepare in the shop 3.Having good time in the shop with the book 4.While you leave, you can put the book in the drawer at the same time, on your favorite page 5.The next customer will know what you like and share through the window immediately. And maybe they will love it too.

Deer & Moose

design studio since 2011 Begins in 2011.10, all of us are classmates in school, and we get together trying to build a design brand. The brand’s core spirit is to create a gift with all sincere. So our name is Deer & Moose which just sounds like dear and miss.Now we've already have 3 series products. Most of them are accessory with a warm story we wrote, and we mainly sell products on the internet and design market. I've learn so many things including how to organize the making process of a real product, marketing...etc.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/DeerAmoose


season 1 x chritsmas

season 2 x spring

season 3 x doomsday

WORKING Before the product been produced, each of us should make some proposal. And we did most of the work together.In 1,2 series,I take in part of creating story and pattern.I am also in charge of photographing our product.

EXPERIENCE 2011.11. set up in NCKU season 1 x chritsmas 2011.12.16 DESIGN MARKET in NCKU season 2 x spring 2012.02. 26 SIMPLE MARKET in TAIPEI 2012.03. 04 SIMPLE MARKET in TAIPEI 2012.03. 10-11 MEGAPORT FESTIVAL 2012.04. 01/05.19 手 _ 手 in TAINAN 2012.11.04 市集 x in TAINAN season 3 x doomsday 2012.11.16/11.18 小樹生活節 in TAINAN

PAPA -Business card holderr In the beging, it's a gift for my dad. and as design a card case for him ,I have tried very hard to figure out how to hold the cards with simple way and let it be taken out easily.The solution is that tightening a screws can keep the cards in the cases,so i use a hex socket cap screws in the middle of a Meniki case.

Process It's also a work i made in Mozidozen studion during my internship.And i've learn a lot there.

2012 AUG. in Mozidozen studio

ROUGH MUG it's a project i created in 22design studio x ciiin workshop. In this workshop, our topic is to design a souvenir for Cheng Kung university .And as people have the impression that students in our school are very pragmatic, after some experiments I try to create a rough surface with stone amd cement which can connects to a firm feeling while you holding it.

22design studio 22 Design Studio was founded by Sean Yu and Yi-ting Cheng in 2005.Presents series of personal accessories made of cement and metal. http://www.22designstudio.com.tw/web/index_en.php

2011 SEP. With 22 Design studio


3D molding practice It's a microcosmic experience we took apart a home appliance, than examine every detail of it. We were asked to build a same 3d model in the end. Through this project, we've learned not only the skill of 3D modeling but the meticulous attitude which a designer should require.

Graduated Exhibition Design My team's proposal

Every year, we exhibit our graduated projects in Taipei,Young Designer's Exhibition. Our school always design the space ourselves. We have 3 teams to make different ideas and I'm one of the leaders. Though our proposal wouldn't be used in the end, I'm still really proud of our work and learn a lot from my classmates.

Visual Design for 2012 World Min Nan Culture Festival 2013 Syposium on colud and services computing

2010/2011/2012 New year and ChristWmas card for my dear family and friends

SKETCH with illustrator

+886987650412 nnmm22588@gmail.com http://cargocollective.com/ChenYuAn

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