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Technologically Innovative Objects An infographic portraying frequently used technologies of today, and the products they rendered obsolete.

So You Want to Be a GreenMarket Vendor... (previous page) A visualization of various data on the vendors of the Union Square Market.

The Simple Life: Culturalmimicry An infographic which explores the lifestyle of the isolated tribe of the Suma to reveal how wasteful Americans are in comparison.

Western Astrological Signs of My Design 4 Classmates A visualization which represents each student as a colored circle and places them with their respective zodiac sign.

PicLit App UI design for an app that invites designers to summarize classic novels into mini visual tableaus. Users have personalized accounts to help them save favorites and surf the library.

A Hero’s Gastronomy A recipe-slash-story book that entertains while guiding readers in preparing an epic meal.

Fendi An exploration of positive and negative space using the logo of an iconic fashion brand.

Checkmate Typeface design using only gridded squares the game of chess as inspiration.

A breakdown of what each team member is responsible for.

A semester breakdown of to-dos, with completed tasks highlighted.

W Hotel Analysis A project which used W Hotel as the site of study to explore effective teamwork in the real world .

A calendar of explaining project pieces and when each are due.

The Global Food Waste Epidemic A project which used ethnographic research to find a solution to the food crisis by empowering consumers to join the battle.

A guide to team mates on our approach to the project.

A breakdown of cultures and sub-cultures to help team mates conduct interviews.

Saturdays Surf NYC A project explores how Saturdays Surf NYC has successfully “culture crafted” the worlds of surf and coffee into one.

JCPenney: Embrace My entry for the 2013 YMA FSF competition. The prompt asked us to propose a business plan to rescue the struggling JCPenney. This included branding a new collection.

Game of Thrones: Season 2 Marketing Plan A proposal for how Game of Thrones could expand its fan base. Solution includes an app and show-inspired product spin-offs.

The Handbag: Reimagined A project exploring the possibility of bringing a new handbag concept to life, from sketch to store.

Initial sketches.

Prototyping process.

Marketing research and painting of possible advertisement.


My portfolio, short and sweet.