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Vol. 5 Edition 19

Patient information compromised at CKHA

131 Park Ave. E., Chatham 519-354-4127

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


Ready to rock the walk!

Seven OR patients notified of privacy breach By Bruce Corcoran

The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance still isn’t sure how an operating room report wound up on someone’s lawn earlier this year, but is taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Lori Marshall, president and CEO of the alliance, said a record containing some health information listed on a copy of an operating room report was found on the front lawn of a community member on March 6. The information on the paper contained name, date of birth, age, health card number, patient phone number, procedure and surgeon name for seven patients from the CKHA. Marshall said the alliance investigated to see what happened, but was left scratching its collective head. “We’re still not sure after having done our investigation. We can’t

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pinpoint where the report actually came from,” she said. “We believe it was someone cleaning out some old files and putting them in the garbage. It was apparently a windy day that day and this report ended up on someone’s lawn.” There appears to be no malicious intent or compromise to patient personal health information, according to hospital officials. Each of the seven patients listed on the sheet of paper were notified of the breach. Marshall said the alliance has taken steps to minimize a recurrence. “We’ve reinforced for our staff and our physicians that the practice ought to be that if the information is available electronically, we encourage people to view it electronically,” she said. “If it does have to be printed out, it should be shredded on hospital property; it should not leave hospital property.”

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Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Max Lanoue, 2, gets revved up for the Kids Help Phone Walk Sunday at Kingston Park in Chatham. Max and about 100 other supporters of the walk took part. The charity organization relies on fundraising and other donation options to continue its operations, with BMO on board as a key sponsor. Kids reached out an average of 360 times a day last year via Kids Help Phone for counselling, information and referrals.

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Union Gas looks to expand regional pipeline By Bruce Corcoran

Union Gas would like to hear from large agricultural operations and other businesses in the Chatham-Kent area that are interested in new or additional natural gas distribution capacity beginning as early as fall 2018. According to Union Gas officials, the company is expanding its existing Panhandle transmission system in 2017 to provide increased natural gas capacity to Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas, including the fast-growing greenhouse market in the Leamington and Kingsville areas. Additional pipeline infrastructure expansions off Union’s Panhandle transmission system would provide for additional capacity in the Chatham-Kent area that would support additional economic growth in the greenhouse sector in 2018 and beyond. Hilco Tamminga of Truly Green Farms, a large greenhouse operation on Bloomfield Road, called Union Gas’ effort good news. “We knew the infrastructure, or lack thereof, has handcuffed the greenhouse sector. This is critical to seeing growth,” he said. “Out there today, there is very

limited opportunity to have infrastructure in place for a greenhouse project.” Tamminga said the potential for economic development with the increased capacity is huge. “This project potentially unlocks up to 750 acres of new development,” he said, if all the capacity were to go to the greenhouse industry. “That’s $750 million in potential investment.” That’s also a potential 3,000 jobs, he added, as typically each acre creates two jobs directly and another two indirectly. The call for Expression of Interest is the first step in determining support for a potential expansion project, to be built along or near a proposed new pipeline corridor, which could provide up to 75,000 m3/hour of additional capacity to serve new and existing customers in this underserviced area. Sean Collier, district manager for Union Gas for Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent, said the idea to seek business support for the possible pipeline expansion isn’t something that happened overnight. “This has been a long time in the making. There has been a lot of conversation with the business community about this,” he said.

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

Contributed image

Union Gas wants to expand its local pipelines, but it is asking for pledges of local support before it applies for provincial funding that will help pay for the expansion.

Mark Isherwood, vice-president of sales and marketing and customer care for Union Gas, agreed. “The Municipality of Chatham-Kent and Union Gas have been working together for many months exploring options to serve new agricultural business customer inquiries in this area,” Isherwood said. “The Ontario government’s Natural Gas Grant Program can now help make the project a reality for new business customers.” Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope said the immediate goal is to measure interest from local industries, including the greenhouse sector, where more natural gas capacity is needed. “It’s a great opportunity. It’s about interest. There is no financial commitment at this point,” he said. Hope said the pipeline wouldn’t just be for the agricultural sector, however. “Greenhouses are a part of it, but a new pipeline creates more capacity and takes the stress off existing lines,” he said.

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With greenhouses, this has the potential to create more jobs, Hope said, adding there are spinoff benefits as well, including in the trucking and food processing industries, as well as high-tech support jobs. “Chatham-Kent is excited to be working with Union Gas to help open up this area of Chatham-Kent to new economic development opportunities including greenhouse developments,” Hope said. “This project could supply gas service for many hundreds of acres of new greenhouses in Chatham-Kent and we have had to turn away these opportunities in the past because of a lack of natural gas capacity in the area. This process is the first step to bring significant new gas capacity to the area to support new economic development.” The proposed pipeline facilities will bring incremental natural gas capacity into much of northern Chatham-Kent and will potentially include facilities in the Tupperville area along Base Line to east of Dresden to Kent Bridge Road and south

along Kent Bridge Road to Kent Bridge; and near Dover Centre. The development of this project is contingent on sufficient market support, approval of the project by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and provincial funding support. Union Gas, with the support of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, will be applying for funding from the Ontario government’s Natural Gas Grant Program for rural natural gas expansion, with the goal of making the project economically viable for customers in the area. More information and Expression of Interest bid forms can be found on ckruralexpansion. Forms are due back to Union Gas by May 23. Collier admitted the deadline leaves it a little tight for business to come forward in support, but stressed there is no financial commitment at this point. “This is based on the opportunity to access the provincial funding,” he said. Union Gas has until July 31 to submit applications.

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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

News New arena tops mayor’s wish list

By Bruce Corcoran

Randy Hope’s vision of the future for Chatham-Kent includes a new arena complex in Chatham, as well as another interchange with Highway 401. Hope shared his vision with members of the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce at the annual mayoral address breakfast on May 3. Hope said the arena facility should have two or three ice pads, but also be able to host other events. “Residents come to me all the time and ask why can’t we do it here,” he said of other successful arena projects around the province. “Chatham has one of the oldest arenas in Canada. We need to look at the consolidation of our operating costs.” In other words, a new twin pad complex would lead to the closure of Erickson and Memorial arenas. Hope said other communities have used provincial gas tax money to help

fund such projects, but Chatham-Kent doesn’t have such luxury. Instead, that money is used on infrastructure, especially in maintaining thousands of kilometres of roadway and more than 850 bridges. “We’ve paid the bill for the roads. We can’t do it on our own. We’re due. When does the provincial government take notice and say, ‘These people deserve something,’” he asked. Hope said if the federal and provincial governments came forward and each offered to fund a third of an arena project, there’s nothing to say it couldn’t be fast tracked. “We could only be a year away for the arena,” he said. “This is the opportunity if the governments said there was money tomorrow; if the federal and provincial governments dump the money in front of us.” The new arena concept is one of a number of conceptual improvements Hope would like to see done. He said not every-

one would be in favour of a new arena in Chatham, but the offered improvements would include something for everyone. “It’s like a basket of different fruit. You don’t want the basket full of apples. But you want to have things that appeal to all the people,” he said. One of the other fruits in the basket he’d like to see is an interchange with Charing Cross Road and Hwy. 401. Hope said the province wouldn’t have to shell out big dollars to build an “expensive cloverleaf” like what is being done at Hwy. 40 and Hwy. 401, but rather simple access ramping. He said the interchange wouldn’t be available to heavy trucking, but instead would be designed for passenger vehicles. Hope said the interchange would help lead to further business development near the 401, and away from the north end of Chatham. By balancing the placement of such development, he said it would help prevent the need to add another

Marshall stressed the alliance respects patient confidentiality. “We are committed to patient confidentiality and patient safety at CKHA.

This is an unfortunate situation and we apologize to those patients affected. We are confident that after a thorough investigation we have implemented practices and procedures

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which will circumvent this in the future,” Marshall said. “It is our responsibility to notify the Information Privacy Commissioner and we did so as soon as we were made aware of



Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

bridge across the Thames River in or near the community. Part of the future that is underway now is the effort to bring high-speed Internet to parts of rural Chatham-Kent. Hope said council has approved $3 million in spending to make that happen, with the help of Entegrus and Tek Savvy. “Connectivity is so important. It helps business thrive,” he said. “It also helps our young people know about the future and the opportunities that exist.” He added that seniors, who are now living in

the breach.” If a patient has any concerns, he or she is asked to contact the CKHA privacy office, Jackie Smith at or 519352-6401 ext. 5231.

their homes longer, need to remain connected to their families as well. Those in attendance for the mayor’s address also heard how strong the local economy has become, with more than 1,200 more people working in Chatham-Kent now than there were a year ago. Hope pointed to the Workforce Planning Board survey that indicates businesses are looking to add about 1,000

jobs in the near future as they look to expand. In terms of industrial space, the municipality has gone from having a glut to having almost nothing. Hope said there are only three significant vacant factory floors in the municipality, one in Tilbury and two in Chatham. “We have a new challenge: It takes more to build than it does to buy,” he said.

Dave Van Kesteren    Member of Parliament  Chatham-Kent Essex 

A Grateful Sunday, May 14 Nation Remembers A Grateful


Nation Remembers

Member of Parliament

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Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope addresses a gathering of local business owners and municipal staff at the annual Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce mayoral address breakfast May 3.

Papers to be shredded on site

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A celebration of inclusion

By Bruce Corcoran

Community Living Chatham-Kent (CLCK) and the municipality gathered recently to celebrate inclusivity in this community. Last week’s inclement weather sent the ceremony indoors May 2 at the Civic Centre, as dozens of members of CLCK and their families took part. Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope said the day was a time to mark progress in the municipality. “We get to recognize Community Living and celebrate how it has come a long way,” he said of the progress towards inclusivity. “It’s important that people be involved in the community in a wholesome way, not a partial way.” Ron Coristine, executive di-

rector for CLCK, agreed, adding the day recognized and celebrated the “gifts of everyone. “There is not a better place for people to live,” he said of Chatham-Kent. “Everybody here is welcome.” Hope took also took a moment to encourage the provincial government to not forget about caregivers. “Limited ability people need peace of mind as they and their caregivers get older,” he said. “The government must make sure the funds are available.” Hope said there is not enough in place to deal with the reality when caregivers suddenly need care. “An aging person takes care of their child of limited ability, but suddenly they need someone to take care of them,” he said. “If we’re to be an inclusive community, we need to speak

Boxed Lunch Fundraiser!!! May 25, 2017 for the Chatham-Kent Women’s Centre Inc.

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope, Community Living Chatham-Kent executive director Ron Coristine, and Community Living C-K member Samantha Johnson celebrate Community Living Month recently.

up on their behalf. The government needs to put more funding into community living.” Community Living honoured Bob and Tammy Howell of Howell’s Marine for being a supportive business in regard to Community Living. “They support us in just about anything we do,” Steve Stokely of

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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


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Community Living said. “And they also take part in JobWorx, taking two summer positions.” Bob Howell said CLCK does an “awesome” job, and he is honoured to be associated with the organization. Tammy Howell said they like to support Community Living whenever they can. CLCK also named its two recipients this year of the Rob McLandress Make a Dream Come True award, Janet Thom-

as and Manon Parisien-Robert, who both received $1,000 towards dream vacations. Thomas will visit Niagara Falls and take in the sights, including a trip on the Maid of the Mist. Parisien-Robert, 4, will get to visit Storybook Gardens in London with her family. The indoor festivities were followed by a flag raising and barbecue just outside the Civic Centre.

Burg traffic beware The Chatham Voice

The Ontario government oThe all-way stop control installed at the intersection of Murray Street and Reaume Avenue in Wallaceburg will be removed next Friday. It will be replaced May 12 with a two-way stop control and a pedestrian crossover signal.

The northbound and southbound stop signs on Murray Street will be removed, leaving a two-way stop control for eastbound and westbound traffic on Reaume Avenue. Pedestrians crossing Murray Street will be able to use a new pedestrian crossover signal installed on the north side of the intersection. Signs have been posted on

Reaume Avenue warning motorists that traffic crossing the intersection on Murray Street is no longer required to stop. The municipality urges motorists to be aware of the new two-way stop control and pedestrian crossing signal while travelling through the intersection and obey the rules of the road outlined in the Highway Traffic Act.

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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


JK kids give big to animal shelter

By Bruce Corcoran

The students in Heather Harrietha’s Junior Kindergarten class are a very kind bunch – to the point they surprised their teacher. Tasked with donating to the Chatham-Kent animal shelter, the Queen Elizabeth School students went from trying to fill a bin in the classroom to filling a corner of the room with dog and cat food and treats, cleaning supplies and more. “It’s definitely more than we’d thought we’d get,” Harrietha said. Myriam Armstrong, in

charge of Pet and Wildlife Rescue, the organization running the shelter, was also surprised at how much the class of five year olds raised. “Are they ever compassionate,” she said. Armstrong said it is a wonderful trend. “We hear more and more how kids from age 4 to 18 are asking their parents that instead of getting presents for their birthdays or having a party to donate to the shelter,” she said. Harrietha said the school held a Random Acts of Kindness month and her students ultimately opted to give to


Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Junior Kindergarten students at Queen Elizabeth School in Chatham show off all the items they managed to donate during Random Acts of Kindness month at the school. The donated items are for the animal shelter run by Pet and Wildlife Rescue.

the animal shelter. That idea evolved after a veterinary clinic at the school. “We asked them what

other ways could we help animals and they came up with this,” she said. It helped that the family of one of the kids in the

class had recently adopted a cat from the shelter for the girl’s birthday. “It certainly helped having someone with a re-

cent experience with the shelter, Harrietha said. The class handed over all the items May 5 to Armstrong.

Area YMCAs receive Trillium funding The Chatham Voice

The YMCAs across Southwestern Ontario are pleased to announce that the YMCA is the recipient of the Ontario Trillium Grow Grant of $683,700 for the YMCA Beyond the Bell after-school program. “Congratulations to the Board of Directors and the Staff of the YMCA on being awarded the Ontario Trillium Grow Grant,” said Bob Bailey, MPP for Sarnia – Lambton. “This funding will support the important contributions that the YMCA makes in the lives of the people and communities it serves.” The grant will be used over a three-year period to continue the support of three existing YMCA Beyond the Bell sites, and will help program expansion to Walpole Island Elementary School in 2018 and another unconfirmed location in 2019. YMCA Beyond the Bell programs are currently offered at P.E. McGibbon Public School in Sarnia, A.A. Wright Public School in Wallace-

burg and St. Ursula Catholic School in Chatham. The YMCA Beyond the Bell program is a free after school program for grade school children. By working closely with teachers, the individual challenges of each child are identified, understood and a preventative plan of action is put in place, helping children improve literacy and numeracy skills, build social skills, develop self-confidence and experience new opportunities. The program provides the children with the tools and support they need to help close the achievement gap experience by low-income children, and develop a stronger and more successful future. “The impact of this Ontario Trillium Foundation grant cannot be underestimated,” said YMCA President & CEO Jim Janzen. ““This grant will allow youth to reach their academic potential and serve our community better. We’re grateful for the ongoing support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation for

our YMCA Beyond the Bell program.”

ur In Hono of

May 8-14

We thank Rose Peseski

Sunday, May 14

for her outstanding care, skill and compassion and for the dedication she shows to the profession of nursing and our residents everyday.

Rick Nicholls mpp

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

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No simple solution to flooding It takes a perfect storm to create flood conditions on Erie Shore Road in South Kent – high winds with high water levels – but Mother Nature always gets her way. (See story on page 8) After several years of low lake levels for Lake Erie, this spring the high-water levels have caused problems for several cottagers and homeowners on the water. Catch basins in place to prevent flooding just couldn’t keep up when high winds drove the water up over any berms or sea walls people had in place. When a home or cottage right on the water is such a huge investment for most people, the idea of dealing with damage caused by flooding can be the cause of a lot of frustration and anger with no one to direct it at. The municipality can’t control water levels or the winds, but some people would argue they can control better measures of flood control in case another perfect storm should occur. South Kent Coun. Karen Herman earlier this year brought up the issue of potential flooding on Erie Shore Road and clay berms were put in place to direct water into the catch basins and down erosion control paths into the Burk drainage system on the north side of the road. Trying to predict Mother Nature, however, is like herding cats. It’s never going to happen and is just an exercise in frustration. As Tim Dick, Director, Drainage, Asset and Waste Management for Chatham-Kent, said the conditions leading to flooding are cyclical and the 10 catch basins are designed to divert water to the existing drains when the wind pushes the water onto the shore. What more can be done to prevent this type of flooding will no doubt be discussed by council and staff and was to be on the agenda in closed session this past Monday night. Is it a homeowner problem if you own lakefront property or should the municipality be doing more to protect the cottagers and their property values? The solution should rest with both, and perhaps the province can assist as well.

Letters to the editor policy

The Chatham Voice welcomes letters to the editor. Our preferred method to receive letters is via e-mail to (use “Letter” in the subject line). You can also drop them off or mail them to us at The Chatham Voice, 84 Dover St., Unit 2, Chatham, Ont, N7L 1T1. The Chatham Voice reserves the right to edit letters to the editor for brevity and clarity.

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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


Council disappoints resident Sir: I have lived in Chatham for 60 years, and I must admit I have never been so disappointed in a group of people as the ones we have elected in the municipality for the last few terms. We have owned railroads that will take millions to refurbish and maintain; there of course is always the debacle of the Capitol Theatre financing. The lack of maintenance of outlying infrastructure is phenomenal, now that seems to be striking on one of the Chatham’s main bridges. For the most part, if it’s not in Chatham, it’s the last thing to be taken care of and then it may only be a “band aid” fix. However, now the

council strikes the river roads in the former townships of Raleigh and Dover with a trail. I spoke to a gentleman a few months ago regarding this issue and was basically told it will be happening no matter what. We also discovered that over half a million dollars has already been spent since 2009 on this issue. There is no one who lives on either side of this road who doubts, no matter whether they are for or against, that this will be a multi-million-dollar issue once again. There was a display in city hall that was well attended by quite a few people who live on

the roads targeted. Very few were interested in having their lives turned upside down for those who, if any, do not live on the roads. We pay taxes along with everyone else and basically have no say other than people with a lot of money who get what they want. There are already trails in place for people to use. They are lovely and go many places. I have heard however, that there seems to be a lot of refuse accumulating in these areas; now that’s something to look forward to. Also, we will likely lose trees, bushes and anything that has been established over the years

because the road needs more room. Thanks for that. These roads are used by farmers with large equipment who already require eyes where there are none to manoeuvre their machinery to the fields, partly because they have had to drive miles out of their way to get to fields on the other side of a “broken” bridge. Can we not have money spent in a responsible way? These are grown people acting like children getting their hands on their parent’s money. I can only hope common sense will prevail, though I won’t hold my breath. Lisa Williams Chatham

Owners must pick up after pooches Sir: Bags, bags, bags! Black, blue, yellow, white, green, even pink. Our town was once known as the Maple City because of our many varieties of maple trees. As we look around the yards, streets, fences and pinned to fences also thrown onto people’s

houses are these nasty poop bags containing dog feces. Dog owners and walkers, why are you not being responsible for your dog’s poop? For those who don’t bag, and just continue to dirty our once beautiful

streets, ask yourselves this – “Do I deserve this precious pet?” It is very disturbing to walk down King St. and have to step over poop or many other streets. If you don’t watch where you are stepping the next

thing you know, you are wiping your shoes on the curb. If you feel the same as I do, please write your concerns to Mayor Randy Hope. Clean up our streets. M.E. Galloway Chatham

The Chatham Voice is printed by: One of Canada’s 50 Printers The contents of this newspaper are protected byTOP copyright. No material from this edition may be reproduced without expressed written consent of CK Media Inc. 800.465.1662 705.687.6691

1 Langford Dr. Box 1018, Bracebridge, Ontario P1L 1V2

84 Dover St., Chatham, ON, N7L 1T1 Tel: 519-397-2020 A division of CK Media Inc.

A member of:


THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017



First national sports title came in 1904 Sir: In early March, 1904, at a meeting at the Garner House, a Lacrosse team was born. The team colours would be black and white and their name would be the Chatham Tecumsehs. The name ‘Thistle’ was also proposed, but no person seemed stuck on it. The Tecumsehs would enter the year in the Intermediate class of the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA), with Frank Babcock as manager. Following a successful regular season against District #1 opponents such as London, St. Thomas, Wallaceburg, Blenheim, Brantford and

exhibition games against Detroit and Chicago, the Tecumsehs went on to defeat St. Thomas to win the District #1 championship. The Tecumsehs then defeated Mount Forest, champions of District # 2 in a very rough final played at the Fair Grounds in Chatham. The Tecumsehs were now champions of District #1 and #2. This put the Chatham Tecumsehs in a final round against Orillia, champions of District # 3 and # 4. The first game ended in a 3-3 tie. In the 2nd game, Chatham won 1-0. However, Orillia chal-

lenged the win, declaring the whistle had blown before Chatham scored its goal. As a result of the protest, the CLA executive had to decide the outcome. The CLA decides that the game will be replayed in neutral territory, at Galt, Ont. where the teams would battle for Dominion

honours. On Sept. 21, 1904, the Chatham Tecumsehs defeated the Orillia Terriers 2-1, to win the Canadian Intermediate Lacrosse Championship, before 2,500 fans. Lacrosse fans from Chatham, Orillia, Galt, Elora, Fergus, Guelph, Berlin, Waterloo and other eastern towns

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witnessed a rough game, culminating in a Canadian Championship for Chatham. There were no Intermediate teams west of Ontario. This was the first Canadian Championship that Chatham has won. The second was the 1960 Chatham Sr. Maroons winning the Allan Cup over the Trail (B.C.) Smoke Eaters 5-4 to win

the National title. And the third, was the 1973 Chatham Peewees. On loan to the Peewees was A 12-year-old pitcher from Brantford, Wayne Gretzky. The Peewees defeated Sydney, N.S. to win the National title. The games were played in North Battleford, Sask. Fred Osmon Chatham


C-K council can’t ignore ‘shantytown’ issue in Bothwell Sir: I write this letter on behalf of concerned citizens of Bothwell. As you are well aware, our town will celebrate its 150th anniversary the same time Canada celebrates 150 years of confederation. I have had previous conversations or e-mails with the mayor and some council members regarding bylaws. As I said in the past, if they cannot be enforced, get them off the books. A few of us have been trying since 2013 to get things done. I invite the mayor and council to come to our town and have a look at the shantytown that is growing. There is no regard for zoning, scrapyards in residential areas, auto repairs, trees, bushes and steel posts installed on

municipal property, no seen-foot high fencing around scrap yards, abandoned cars parked on the boulevards, properties with excessive cars and trailers, people not giving a darn on or which way they park their vehicles, goodwill boxes overflowing with junk greeting people coming into town – and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I guess that if this is not your next-door neighbour, then who cares? As we expect many visitors at this time, we care. So I invite you, Mayor Hope and council, to come and look at your growing shantytown in Chatham-Kent. Should you wish a meeting of concerned citizens, I am sure this can be arranged. Alvin Gehl Bothwell


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High winds, high water cause road closure By Bruce Corcoran

It’s Chatham-Kent’s version of the perfect storm – high water levels on Lake Erie and a strong westerly wind. That’s what Tim Dick, director of Director, Drainage, Asset and Waste Management for Chatham-Kent, said led to the recent flooding of a portion of Erie Shore Drive in South Kent that forced a temporary closure of the road. The wind drove waves onto the properties of dozens of homes along the road, a short drive west of Erieau on May 2. The flow of water was too much for the storm drains, Dick said, and water poured over the road instead.

He said about 20 homes in a half-kilometre section of Erie Shore Drive were affected by the closure. He said the problem with water coming up onto the properties along the road is not uncommon. “Typically, when we get winds in excess of 25 km/h from the west, we start to see some shoreline flooding. We were getting gusts up to 70 km/h that day,” he said. “It’s difficult when you couple high winds with high water levels. This happens on a cyclical basis.” When the waves push the water onto the properties, the water drains into catch basins in the area. But Dick said there was just too much water for the basins to immedi-

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

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High winds May 2 forced the closure of a portion of Erie Shore Drive in South Kent. The wind sent waves crashing against the shore and onto properties along the south side of the roadway. The road was reopened later that day.

ately take it away, resulting in the water flowing over the road. “There are about 10 catch basins. They go under the road and into the Burk drainage system. Once those catch basins

are over capacity, the water builds up and crosses the road in two spots,” Dick said. Dick said clay berms were placed along the south side of the roadway to divert water into

specific areas to allow it to flow into a municipal drain north of the roadway. “We built in about 20 years ago some features to allow the water to cross the road and drain

without erosion – we direct it to spots we want it to go. And the clay we put down helped route it to the right path,” he said. Erie Shore Drive reopened that evening when the wind shifted.

May 9, 2017 Dike breach closes roadway The Chatham Voice Cindy agement, said the municipality sent

a contractor to the site and a tempoA dike breach between Pain Court rary dam was in place by dusk. This proof is for typographical errors and omissions. Please double check all dates, nam and Grand Point resulted in the cloDick said the dike separated two sure of a section earlier this any errors becomeoftheroad responsibility of thedifferent client. Please check carefully andsysinitial the c municipal drainage week, according to municipal offi- tems and the water from one flowed cials. into the other. As a result, no farmHeron Line from Big Pointe Road land was flooded. to Jacob Road was closed following Additional material was applied the failure of an eight-metre section to the section of the dike Monday to of dike Sunday afternoon. complete the repair. Tim Dick, Chatham-Kent director The cause of the breach wasn’t imof drainage, asset and waste man- mediately apparent.

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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

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Cultivating the Best, Shore to Shore

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94 Mc George St., Blenheim 3BR ranch plus a den. New kitchen & bath. Above ground pool, 2 sheds & excellent location, close to high school and new water park. $139,900.

103 Garden Path, Chatham

14 Hidden Valley, Blenheim Classic 3 BR, 1.5 bath side split. 2 living areas, gas fireplace & beautiful fenced in back yard. $189,900.

101 Anger St., Blenheim 3 BR updated back split with garage. Bright kitchen, beautiful bathroom, large family room & full fenced in back yard.. $169,900.

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Want a cottage at a bargain price? $40,000 (or less) takes this 2 bedroom double wide mobile in place on the edge of Lake Erie in a tightly managed park just south of Rodney at Port Glasgow. So close! Furnishings and dishes included. Come take a look and you decide.

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Elliot Wilton, Sales Rep.

14006 Talbot Trail, Chatham-Kent

A home from a historic past with unique features such as a spectacular library, 5 bedrooms, hardwoods throughout. Most windows have been updated. Lots of space here for your enjoyment. Heating system has been updated as well. Offered at $349,900.

Independently Owned & Operated 42 Talbot St. W., Blenheim

725 St. Clair St. On the city’s hot business district, this property offers 1000sq. feet and lots of parking. Signage available and you cannot beat the exposure here. Building is shared with existing business who shares the common fees. $11 so you can look at the budget and call me to discuss it further.

18366 Erie Shore Dr., Blenheim 2+1 BR, 2 bath waterfront retreat. Spacious & bright open concept living. Recently renovated. Just move in and enjoy! $369,900.

3 BR, 1 bath bungalow with a full walk-out basement. Nice sized kitchen and living room. Newer laminate on main floor and high efficiency furnace. Deep lot. $129,900.


Sales Rep.



17992 Rondeau Rd, Rondeau Park Beautiful waterfront home or cottage. This 3BR, 1.5 bath has been extensively updated & features a large living room, wonderful deck and detached garage. $239,900.



Steve Carroll

224 Talbot St. E., Blenheim

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Peifer Realty Inc.


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Fantastic 4 bedroom, 3 bath - $269,900 256 Regent St., Blenheim 6575 Angler Line, Mitchell’s Bay $164,000 New Listing - 20 Ottawa Dr. $215,000 3br, 1.5 bath 4 level split with exceptional landscaping. Great Northside location. Main floor laundry.

23567 Prince Albert Rd. $689,000 If space inside & outside is what you are looking for this may be the one! Situated on 3.86 acres on the edge of Chatham this 3700sq.ft. executive rancher has it all. It features many updates, 3.5 baths, 4 bedrooms on the main floor. 1500sq.ft. is also finished on the lower level. A triple car attached garage, large shop & drive shed add extra value. You must see this one!

If you like fishing, hunting, birding and direct access to Mitchell’s Bay this home may be ideal for you. It features 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living room are very large and there is a covered gazebo and attached single garage. Just off rear deck is a remodeled bunkie for additional room. Many updates include roof, windows, tankless hot water and gas wall furnace. Municipal water.

D L O S 39 Rossini • $229,500

Absolutly stunning bi-level. Huge master bedroom. Gorgeous hardwoods. Cherry kitchen.

Exceptional 4 bedroom, 3 bath, two storey with beautiful oak kitchen with granite. Stainless steel appliances, main floor family room with gas fireplace. Covered deck, newer furnace and roof.

Exception Custom Built Rancher - $489,900 19170 Douglas Rd

The list of amenities is endless from gourmet kitchen, to formal dining room, huge family room w/fireplace on a 1.8 acre lot in the exclusive enclave of Sleepy Hollow. Gleaming hardwood floors, granite, spacious bright rooms, new 3 season room overlooking the beautifully landscaped yard.

Offer Pending - $159,900 38 Lincoln

Wonderful 3 + 1 bedroom, 2 bath brick rancher in a great neighbourhood. Oak kitchen with cork floors and separate dining area with garden doors to rear yard. Huge family room with gas fireplace, C/A, Central VAC, office, workshop, 3 separate sheds/ shop, sprinkler system and more!

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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


homes Serving the people Chatham-Kent for over 30 years!

31 London Drive • $349,900

6482 Baseline Rd., Wallaceburg $ 254,900

Open House Sat. May 13 • 11am-2pm


Wayne Liddy, Sales Rep Cell 519-436-4810 email:

Open House • Saturday, May 13 • 1-3pm $ 10989 River Line 959,900


It’s time you treat yourself! Fabulous five bedroom two storey home! Sought after neighbourhood! Newer roof & pool! Freshly painted! Full finished basement with gorgeous laminate flooring! 2.5 car attached garage. Fully fenced landscaped back yard with pergola and large new deck! The perfect outdoor space. Call Ryan for your private tour!

6 Donalda Dr. • $175,000

Retirement home purchased, we are ready to go!

Look no further for that peaceful country retreat! This 3 bdrm brick bungalow with detached double garage is situated on 1.35 acres with a creek running along the side of it to enjoy and add tranquility. Recently renovated and ready for you to just move right in! Call Tricia today to book your showing!

153 Goldpark Rd. • $152,900

Make an offer! Situated on 3.2 acres on the water. This 3,500 sq.ft. rancher boasts 4br, 4 baths, huge great room, 20ft cathedral ceilings, gourmet kitchen, master 14’x 23’ w/225 sq.ft. en suite. Also guest/granny suite above garage featuring 4pc bath, sitting area, kitchen and bedroom. 40’x48’ heated workshop. Constructed to I. C. S. standards. One of a kind home! Don’t Miss Out! Call me for all details!!!!

10929 River Line $659,900

Gorgeous, updated, three bdrm semi-detached home backing onto green space. Modern kitchen with new flooring, as well as living room and bedrooms. Generous sized bedrooms and finished basement. Call Ryan today to book your showing!

This updated 3 bedroom semi-detached home is a stunner! There’s nothing left to do except move in and Homes for Rent! relax. It has beautiful laminate flooring and neutral tones throughout and an open concept kitchen and dining Executive Rental! 32 Tweedsmuir Ave. E., Chatham. 3 bedroom bungalow, hardwood flooring, two full bathrooms! room. Generous sized bedrooms including an oversized master. Laundry and bonus room in the basement, as $1400 plus utilities. Call Ryan today! well as plenty of storage. The private and fully fenced Executive Rental! 525 Murray St., Wallaceburg. Lovely two backyard also has a covered patio area to enjoy your bedroom bungalow! One bathroom! Full basement! Detached time outside. Don’t wait, this one won’t last. Call Tricia to book your showing today, you won’t be disappointed!! garage. $1050 plus utilities. Call Ryan today!



It’s what you’ve been waiting for! Immaculate 3 + 1 bedroom, 2000 sq.ft. ranch in the country, on the water! Beautifully landscaped with salt water heated pool, pond, fenced area plus a 32’x32’ shop. Main floor master with ensuite plus two additional bedrooms, oak kitchen with quartz counter tops and formal dining/open concept main floor great room. Lower level is over the top featuring a family room with surround sound, gas fireplace, office, laundry, 5pc bath and additional bedroom. One of a kind home on a paved road, this property is like having your own resort. Call for your private viewing today!

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Northside 3 b.r. brick ranch with hardwoods and lots of extras, C/A, C/V, hi-efficiency furnace, alarm system, lawn sprinkler system. Open kit with cozy family room, & gas fireplace overlooking 183’ lot. In ground pool which is separately fenced in. 2 baths, full finished lower level with room for possible 4th b.r., garage, walking distance to conservation area. Call June McDougall 519-3585199 or contact me @

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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

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New Listing SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1-3PM 14 WOODLAND $196,900 AGENT: JUNE MCDOUGALL 3br, 2 bath all brick ranch on huge lot & inground pool. Call June 519-358-5199.




3br, 2 bath 3 level home in excellent condition with some updates. Call George 519-360-7334. Kelly-Anne Appleton* 519-365-7155

41 CRAMAR $649,000

3000 sq ft, 4+1 br, 3.5 bath, executive 2 storey on a half acre treed lot. Call Carson 519-809-2856.

23567 PRINCE ALBERT $689,000 Beautifully landscaped 4br, 3.5 bath executive brick rancher with many updates on 3.86 acres. Call Steve 519-355-9774 or Brian 519-436-2669.

New Listing 10929 RIVER $659,900 Immaculate 3+1br, 2000 sq ft ranch in the country on the water. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

7627 RIVERVIEW LINE $729,900

Quality custom built home on a beautiful river lot. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

877 CHARING CROSS $925,000 Everything you could want! 5br, 2 storey with a beautiful yard. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

VACANT FARM LAND New Listing 62 CHESTNUT $179,900 3br, 1.5 bath 4 level side split on a nice corner lot with i/g pool. Call Carson 519-809-2856.

27 GATEWAY $329,900 3br, 3 bath freehold bungalow townhouse. Pride of ownership here. Call Deb R 519-401-5470.

New Listing 23575 DEW DROP, THAMESVILLE • $169,900 Over 14 acres in this fully tiled parcel of land. Call Ron 519-360-7729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

101 DALEVIEW $219,900 3br, 1.5 bath open concept bi-level in a great school district. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

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Offer Pending 6153 BLUEWATER $418,800 Unique 3 br, 1.5 bath waterfront overlooking the beautiful Snye River. Call Eric 519-436-4865.

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9565 RIVER LINE $880,000 Five star executive 3br, 5 bath, brick 1.5 storey home on the Thames River. Call Amber 519-784-5310.

4624 TALBOT TR MERLIN - $495,000

This is an impressive 3+1br, 2.5 bath custom built waterfront bungalow. Call Brian K 519-365-6090.

Steve Carroll* 519-355-9774

Includes High Grossing Business New Listing Irene Dierckens* 519-437-5711

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256 REGENT BLENHEIM • $269,900 Move-in ready 4br, 3 bath 2 storey in excellent location. Be the first to view. Call Andrea 519-359-2482.

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D L SO 78 JOPLYN $399,900 Exceptional 3br, 2.5 bath spawling rancher on 1/2 ac lot. Call Brian Preston 519-355-9868.

Jim McLachlin** 519-358-3984

New Listing 164 SANDYS $99,900 3br cozy bungalow perfect for 1st time buyers or retirees. Call Kristen 519-784-7653.

136 TECUMSEH $449,000 Beautiful custom built 3+1br, 3 bath brick 2 storey home. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

6575 ANGLER MITCHELL’S BAY • $164,000 1 floor plan, 2br, large livingroom, great area for fishing, hunting & birding. Many updates. Call Steve 519-355-9774 or Brian 519-436-2669.

188 VICTORIA $349,900 5br, 2 bath classic 2.5 storey home with many unique features. Don’t miss this one! Call Jim 519-358-3984.

Industrial 915 RICHMOND $179,900 2.15 ac site on Richmond. Easy access to Hwy. 401. Zoned M1. Call Bev 519-358-8805.

103 GARDEN PATH $294,900 Beautiful move-in ready 3+1br, 2 bath raised rancher. Call Elliot 519358-8755 or Penny 519-360-0315.

2br, 1.5 bath brick rancher overlooking Lake Erie with many recent updates. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

9362 PINEHURST $164,900 Excellent open concept 3br ranch in a good location. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

155 GRAND AVE. W. $199,900 Great business opportunity to take over an existing operation + the land & building. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

New Listing 24915 LINDSAY, DRESDEN • $194,800 8 year old 2br ranch on almost an ac of land. Call Pat 519-360-0141.

20400 COUNTY RD 42, TILBURY • $1,400,000

Inventory & equipment incl. 60’x120’ all steel Vertec building on 4.77 acres at Hwy.401. 5 bay doors, 5 ton overhead crane. Call Ron 519-3607729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

3 HOMESTEAD $198,888 3br brick rancher in move-in condition with many updates. Call Brian K 519-365-6090.

Offer Pending 16 WADE $129,900 This 2+1 br, 2 bath bungalow has been extensively updated. Call Amber 519-784-5310.

D L SO 18242 ERIE SHORE $234,900

June McDougall* 519-358-5199

20 OTTAWA $215,000 3br, 1.5 bath 4 level split with exceptional landscaping. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

Offer Pending

364 WELLINGTON W $179,000 Great location & well maintained brick triplex. All 1br units. Many improvements. Call Amber 519-784-5310.

202 CAMPUS #305 $119,900 Attractive & well maintained 2br condo unit on the 3rd floor. Call David 519-350-1615.

47 ARTHUR $115,000 Solid 3br bungalow on a quiet south Chatham cul-de-sac. Call Mike Gibbons 519-365-5634.

Vacant Lot 300 QUEEN $144,900 Completely remodelled 3br 2 storey home centrally located. Call Chris 519-350-1402.

399 CATHERINE BLENHEIM • $29,900 49.39’ X 110.22’ vacant building lot in Blenheim. Call George 519-360-7334.

29971 OAKDALE $20,000 Large (3/4 acre) lot in Croton. Own a piece of property! Call Bev 519-358-8805.

6 DANIEL’S $124,900 Nice 3br, 1.5 storey remodelled home. Call Chris 519-350-1402.

119 HARVEY $89,900 Duplex for sale. 2br unit on the 2nd floor and 1br unit on the main. Call George 519-360-7334.

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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


Hime for Help seeks additional funding support By Bruce Corcoran

Chatham’s Emily Hime is never one to rest, regardless of success. The name and face of the Hime for Help charity, which runs an orphanage in Haiti, celebrated a recent online fundraising success, but knows her long-term efforts are still underway. Hime for Help put forward a GoFundMe request in early May, seeking $6,520 to cover eight weeks of expenses at Maison Ke Kontan orphanage in Haiti. It took just two and a half days for the organization to raise the funds, which will pay for food, water and medical expenses for 15 children who are staying at the orphanage currently. “It went really fast. We raised that in just two and

a half days. It was really good,” Hime said. “Hopefully, the momentum will continue with the fundraising and we’re able to reach another goal.” That one is $40,000 – to restore programs and ensure that the children’s continued safety and nutritional needs are met. “We’re still looking for long-term partners. That’s the main focus – ongoing donors who can help cover major expenses such as rent, food or water,” Hime said. Hime said she is pitching the support request to various service clubs and churches, trying to target “different organizations and businesses who might be interested in sponsoring. “We can’t just rely on the small donations and always be in a state of financial emergency,” Hime said. “We need stability

for the home.” She and the other volunteers are very willing to come to interested groups to speak on the orphanage and the charity. It hasn’t been easy to keep the orphanage running, as Hime, after years of pouring her life into the orphanage, has married and has a young child of her own. She’s working on evolving her own life here in Chatham-Kent. As a result, there has been an influx of new blood into Hime for Help. “New team, new energy. A lot of my focus has now gone to creating my life here,” she said. “I haven’t been able to put as much into Hime for Help as I had in the past. “It has been difficult not being on the ground in Haiti on a full-time basis,” she continued. “I am excited to join forces with a new group of committed

The Chatham Voice

The Ontario government opted to dole out an additional $2,204,750 to the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance that is to provide faster access to health care, expand crucial services and procedures, and improve the experience of patients. This is part of a 3.1-per-cent increase in hospital funding proposed in the 2017 provincial budget to directly benefit patients at every public hos-


Home Building Center DRESDEN HAVE YOU CONSIDERED METAL ROOFING? IT IS MORE AFFORDABLE THAN YOU THINK! NO MORE BLOWN-OFF SHINGLES – our metal roof products withstand high winds of over 100 MPH.

pital across Ontario. The funding is intended to provide more access to cardiac services, critical care, organ/tissue donations and transplants, rare disease care, and bariatric services, as well as support for new and redeveloped hospitals; improve access and reduce wait times for chemotherapy, stroke treatments, hip and knee replacements, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRIs); support service delivery by hospitals in high-growth

Join our May Fitness Challenge and





1420 Hwy 21 South, DRESDEN


even just to take some of the weight off my shoulders. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.” As a result, Hime for Help is undergoing a relaunch and is expanding its quest for supporters. The expanded board has increased the geographical quest for financial support as well, something

Hime said was needed. “I did a lot of the fundraising locally on my own. I feel I’ve exhausted them locally,” she said. Hime said the charity organization will continue its fundraising efforts later this month, hosting a trivia night May 31 at T-Bones. She added more information will soon be available at

communities, as well as small, medium, northern and rural hospitals, and mental health and stand-alone paediatric hospitals. “The Erie St. Clair LHIN welcomes these additional resources for our local hospitals. These investments will allow us to reduce wait times, improve access, and develop local improvements for care in our communities,” Ralph Ganter, CEO, Erie St. Clair LHIN, said in a news release.


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or call me for an appointment or drop by to see me at the Chatham Sales Arena, on Wednesday mornings. 9877 Longwoods Rd., Chatham

volunteers who will help me find my balance and restore financial stability to the organization ensuring a better future for the children of Maison Ke Kontan.” She said the new board has been very helpful. “New passion, new ideas from new people. They’re motivating me as well,” she said. “It’s been great,

CKHA receives added funding

• Gutter Vacuuming • Gutter Repairs • Window Cleaning 519-360-6144

Phone: 519-683-6199 Cell: 519-436-7291

Chatham Voice file photo

Emily Hime, the face and name behind the Hime for Help charity, has recently expanded the charity’s board, and as a result, the board is expanding its quest for funding to support Maison Ke Kontan, a children’s orphanage in Haiti run by Hime for Help.

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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

Local man helps bring books to kids where they live By Mary Beth Corcoran

A local property management company is teaming up with the Active Lifestyle Centre (ALC) to bring new “Little Libraries” to Chatham. Bill Gardiner, resident manager at Thames Park Tower for Skyline Living, entered a Canada-wide contest put on by Skyline and won $500 to build one to two free outdoor lending libraries. He said the ALC president and chair of the board Dave Hewstone has agreed to build the libraries in the woodshop and donations of books are already coming in. The Little Library, like others in areas of Chatham, are outdoor boxes that allow kids to borrow a book and bring it back, giving them access to books in their own neighbourhoods. “I already had almost a full box of donated books in the front door in less the two days, so I hope that’s a promising sign,” Gardiner said. “Skyline has a partnership with the ALC and we’ve done a few different things together to promote independent living. I thought why not involve the ALC; it would

be a good fit.” The contest Gardiner won was so popular with staff, and the ideas they brought forward were so good, the company is choosing more than one winner. Roy Jason Ashdown, the co-founder and chief operating officer of Skyline, said that giving back and helping build strong and safe communities are part of his company’s mandate. “Our company, Skyline, held our first ‘Acts of Kindness’ contest back in February, in honour of Random Act of Kindness Week. We asked our staff across Canada what they would do to help their communities if they had $500. Bill’s idea to build the little library in Chatham was selected as a winner, and we’re thrilled to be helping him make this happen, Ashdown said in a release. “We can already see that this initiative is bringing the community together, with the local Active Lifestyle Centre building the box, and community members donating books.” Hewstone, who said the woodshop classes at the Centre are very popular for both men and women, was happy to be involved in the project. “We keep the woodshop go-



Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Bill Gardiner, left, an employee of Skyline Living, won a contest to bring “little” lending libraries to Chatham for kids and is teaming with Dave Hewstone at the Active Lifestyle Centre to have the boxes for the lending library made in the Centre’s woodshop.

ing by selling the stuff we make, so anything we can do to keep us in sawblades is welcome,” Hewstone said. With approximately 1,400 members, the Centre is one of the most active ones in Ontario, with 70 different programs offered to people aged 50 and over. Gardiner said preschool to teen-aged books are needed and any donations from the community are gratefully accepted. People can donate by calling Gardiner at 519784-2735 or drop off donations at 150 Mary St. (box at front door) or the Active Lifestyle Centre at 20 Merrit Ave. in Chatham.


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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


Spring thanks from a dance mom With a very busy three weeks over with and some much-needed sleep to clear my slumber-deprived mind, I have found myself contemplating the people and things in my life I am particularly thankful for. It’s an exercise I think is good for everyone to indulge in every now and then, particularly when


Mary Beth Corcoran life seems at its most difficult. Anyone with a teenager knows what

I am talking about. So here it is, the people and things I am most grateful for. First, a teenager who, while definitely high maintenance, works hard at school and at dance, is loving (when she’s not hangry or stressed) and makes me laugh when I am stressed out. A husband who sees

my face when I get out of the car after the third weekend away and immediately gets me a cold drink, a warm blanket and several hours of peace and quiet. Friends (Jen and Allie) who spent time and money to come and support us on our three weekends away. Family who sit in a


ommunication is one of those words that can mean different things to different people and often cited as one of the primary reasons for business success. In this day and age of instant communication via social media, it is important to look at how this modern phenomenon can be used as a business advantage and how stop it from becoming a monster! Several decades ago, I remember being utterly impressed with the fact that my dentist sent me a birthday card! This unusual practice at the time was a brilliant stroke of marketing. Easy for the dentist, because he had access to all his patients’ birthdays, but all it took was his realizing the opportunity to show that little extra about how much he cared for his clients. At present, the majority of businesses are required to ask permission to get your email address and many consumers who consent will receive daily/weekly/monthly “specials” on our email, Facebook or Twitter accounts. We now read about all kinds of social media marketing ploys –flash sales events, tweets and even “spontaneous” entertain-

ment breaking out at dining establishments. The only major concern is: how long will your customers read before they tune out? Sadly, every successive generation these days has a more shrunken attention span, so your message needs to be quick, concise and compelling. Internally, many companies are too small to send out newsletters to its employees, but they are a great way to “take the pulse” of morale within your business through the use of questionnaires. They are also a proven successful means of recognizing employee achievements. There is still something to be praised even today about hard copy when you want employee feedback. On the flip side, remember to use this medium as a technique to keep your staffers informed about developments within the company –items like job opportunities, promotions and technology changes for example. While many of our younger employees are seemingly becoming glued more and more to their smart phones, the last sequence of boomers are also passing through our businesses and we have to be

Happy Birthday

to our friends at Chatham Voice

aware of their needs as well. If they are an important part of your clientele, then bear in mind that there is still an appreciable percentage of active seniors that are unable to take advantage of cyberspace through lack of access or education. They still appreciate a flyer in the mail or a phone call, but, most of all, they enjoy kinesthetic human contact – chatting with you in the flesh, as opposed to video communicators (email, tweets) and audio communicators (phones). Take the time to learn about the needs of both your internal and external clients, and create a communications strategy that fits accordingly for the different generational needs of your customers – you will be very pleasantly surprised what it will do to your bottom line! To find out more about Goodwill Industries EKL and how you can help to change people’s lives, please contact Kevin Smith -

CEO of Goodwill EKL

Goodwill EKL Corporate Office 1121 Wellington Street, Sarnia, ON N7S 6J7 Tel: 519-332-0440 Goodwill Industries - Essex, Kent, Lambton

dark, hot theatre for 30 minutes to watch Brenna dance for three minutes at a time. Coffee, because without it, life just may not be worth living. A dance teacher and studio (Alex, Sarah, Amy and Justin) who have instilled a deep love of dance in Brenna and who are chill when needed, but tough when the girls need a metaphorical kick in the spandex. My own bed because I have never been so glad to lay my head on it – ever. Fellow dance moms (Charlene, Julianne and Lina) who so very kindly help with hairstyles I can’t seem to do either well or in a timely manner. (Brenna’s Princess Leia buns were awesome.) Friends (Ethel and Arlene) who know life can get very busy and don’t hold my sporadic answering of calls or texts against me because they love me and know I love

them with all my heart. Our loyal readers who take the time to come in or call to tell us they love our paper, or really enjoyed a particular article or column. It makes the time and effort so worth it! Our loyal and talented staff who have helped make our paper a wellread part of our community, including our carriers who slog through rain, mud and snow to deliver the paper. People who call for coverage of an event and understand that our staff is small but we do our best to cover as much going on in the community as possible. The salesperson in the store who took pity on me and brought Brenna several styles of dresses to try on because she figured out I have the fashion sense of a toddler. And finally, I thank God for books because without the chance to take a mental holiday in the pages of my favourite books, I think I would be curled up in a corner somewhere sucking my thumb. So, thank you to all the people in my life who add so much without asking for anything in return – you have my deepest gratitude and affection.

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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

Local students help create deer warning system The Chatham Voice

Members of the Cyber Knights, the robotics team at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Chatham, have helped to develop a system to alert drivers when deer are on the move. “The students are really excited that officials with the Ministry of Transportation liked their idea and that it is being piloted in the area,” said Dan Rolo, a teacher and robotics team coach at Our Lady of Fatima. The students participated in a FIRST Robotics Canada competition in Sarnia last December. One component of the competition was to identify a real-world problem, develop a solution and then present the idea to professionals who work in the field. The theme was “Animal Allies” and the team decided to look into how to prevent vehicle collisions with deer. The device they developed consists of a motion-activated exterior light mounted on a post facing away from the highway. Their thinking was that when deer approach the roadway, the light would be triggered,

frightening the animal away from the road. Rolo reached out to staff from the West Region Ministry of Transportation. Following a meeting with representatives from the Traffic Section and Operations Office, further refinements were made. It was determined the light should be fitted with some type of backing to prevent it from being seen from the highway, so that drivers are not distracted. In addition, the motion sensor would also activate a flashing beacon mounted above a deer alert sign, so that motorists know animals are on the move nearby and to drive with caution. “It’s so great to see an interest in public safety from such a group of bright young minds like the Cyber Knights. The ministry is very pleased to pilot their invention, and I look forward to the results,” Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation said in a release. The deer alert warning system was installed in April on Highway 40 near Bickford Line in Lambton County, and the results of the pilot will be reviewed in December.



Kent, England or Chatham-Kent?

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Fog rolls across Erieau Road recently. The wet, dark spring has left many Chatham-Kent residents wondering what that yellow orb that appeared in the sky is.

Run for mental health The Chatham Voice

The Mental Health Network will host its sixth annual Run/Walk for Mental Health on May 13 at Kingston Park. This year’s run is dedicated to those who lost their lives to mental illness, and their families.

If you struggle, or know someone who does, please gather friends, colleagues and family to run in honour of those we have lost, or for loved ones who continue the battle symptoms of mental illness. For more information, contact 519-351-3100. May 8-14



Thanks to the Nurses Who Touch Our Lives Through their skill, dedication and caring, nurses make a life-saving difference in the lives of countless people each and every day. During National Nurses Week, we’d like to express our appreciation to these dedicated men and women, whose commitment to patients and healing make our community and our world a better place.

Don’t miss out, place a deposit to hold your suite! Enjoy living in brand new, spacious suites at Chatham-Kent’s Premier Retirement Community.

Heartfelt thank you to all of our Caregivers 190 Stanely Ave., Chatham •

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Ask Us about our New Memory Care Home Area Specialized care and services for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 80 McNaughton Ave., Wallaceburg, ON (519) 627-9292 We are Proud to be locally-owned! Happy, Healthy, Safe

Embrace the Moment

Specialized Pest Management for the Agri Food sector!

Thamesville • 519-692-4232




Purses with a Purpose aids library The Chatham Voice

The Zonta Club of Chatham’s annual Purses with a Purpose raffle and tea had another successful year in Chatham recently, in support of the Chatham-Kent Library. A wide variety of unique and beautiful handbags were raffled off – 32 of them – raising $2,800. The library, which partnered with Zonta for the event, will be able to purchases books and materials with the funds on topics such as human trafficking, domestic abuse, and women in leadership roles.

“This project is in perfect alignment to support Zonta’s mission, which is to empower women through service and advocacy,” said Wanda Bell, chair of the fundraising committee. “Education is key to equality, so supporting our local library is a goal we are going to continue to foster.” About 84 women were at the tea, served by young women from the Ursuline College Chatham and Patricia M. Productions. Bell said $2,000 will be given to the library and the remaining $800 will be used to support ongoing service projects, includ-

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

Contributed image

From left, Darlene Smith, Andrea Sullivan and Tania Sharpe are just three of 84 women who attended the recent Purses with a Purpose fundraiser.

ing sponsorship of a girls’

soccer team and bursaries

for young women attend-

ing St. Clair College.

Chatham-Kent home sales remain brisk Home sales from April were

still above-average, according to the local realtors association. Residential sales activity recorded through the MLS system of the 2-Stream recycling means you separate paper products from all other recyclables. Use two containers, The Chatham Voice

2-STREAM Recycling Guide

black box for Fibres (e.g. beverage cartons, paper & boxboard) and blue box for all other acceptable recyclables. Place all excess paper including small amounts of shredded paper in an un-tied plastic/ paper grocery bag in or beside your fibre recycling box.



Food, Beverage & Liquid Containers

Fibre Products In Black Box Only

Blue Box Only

Paper Beverage Cartons: includes milk, juice & Tetra Pak cartons, drink boxes, paper hot beverage paper cups. Do not recycle foil pouches (i.e. Koolaid Jammers), aluminum foil lined containers (e.g. wine), etc.

Glass Bottles and Jars:

Household Paper/Newspaper, Catalogues, Books, and Telephone Books:

Aluminum/Steel Cans plus Empty Aerosol/Paint Cans

Please remove food and rinse. Do not recycle broken glass, drinking glasses, dishes, cups, other ceramics, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors, pottery, glass pots & pans.

Do not recycle waxed, foil, laminated or gift wrap paper, or fast food waxed soft drink cups.

Aluminum Foil Containers and Foil:

Paper Egg Cartons and Boxboard:

Plastic Bottles, Jugs and Tubs:

Pie plates, trays/baking pans and take-out food containers. Please remove/rinse food and flatten.

Now accepting more plastic household rigid containers and tubs with numbers

such as cereal, tissue, detergent, cracker and shoe boxes. Remove liners and flatten.



Break down, flatten and tie in bundles no larger than 75 cm x 75 cm x 20 cm (30” x 30” x 8”). Please remove food residue and liners from pizza boxes.

Blue or Black Box Bloopers The following materials DO NOT belong in your Blue or Black Boxes: Foil pouches (i.e. Koolaid Jammers), aluminum foil lined containers (e.g. wine), etc.

NEW! January

2017 Please remove food & rinse. Do not recycle coat hangers, pots, needles, batteries and hazardous waste.

includes mail, white & coloured paper, envelopes, hard (remove the cover) and soft cover books, glossy publications, inserts/flyers.

Cardboard Boxes:



41 through 52 64 75 on6 the 7bottom of the container, including clamshells and cleaning product containers.

Do not recycle toys, Styrofoam™, plastic wrap and bags, flowertrays, used oil containers, and unmarked plastics.

Styrofoam Containers (foam containers like coffee cups, egg cartons and protective foam packaging)

Plastic Plant Pots and Trays

Waxed Boxboard (frozen food packaging, ice cream containers, etc.)

Shredded Paper Place in an un-tied plastic/paper grocery bag in or beside your fibre recycling box.


Chatham-Kent Association of Realtors (CKAR) numbered 132 units in April, down 7.7 per cent on a year-over-year basis. On year-to-date basis, home sales totalled 419 units over the



Space provided through a partnership between industry and Ontario municipalities to support waste diversion programs.

VON Week May 14-20


VON Chatham-Kent would like to thank each and every volunteer that dedicates their time to our VON programs and clients. You truly make a difference. If you are interested in learning more about how you can volunteer please call 519-352-0210 x5530 or apply online at VON Kids’ Circle Is hosting the SUPER HERO POWER PARTY at Club Lentina’s May 28th. Come join Batman, Spiderman and many more for lunch and support a great cause. $25 a ticket or a Super Hero Pack of 2 for $80. Call 519-352-5515 ext.5239 for info or visit VON Chatham-Kent is a United Way funded agency.

first four months of the year, rising 4.8 per cent from the same period in 2016. “Home sales came in above average in April 2017, but were not able to match last April’s tally, quite likely because there are so few listings on the market right now,” said Kristi Willder, President of the CKAR. “Active listings at the end of April 2017 were down more than 40 per cent from a year earlier, which was already at that time a 22year low.” The average price of homes sold in April 2017 was $174,396, up 5.4 per cent from April 2016. The year-to-date average price was $180,702, rising 15 per cent from the first four months of last year. New listings numbered 196 units in April, down 16.9 per cent from the same month in 2016. This was the lowest April level since the year 2000. There were just 300 active residential listings on the Association’s MLS system at the end of April. This was a record-low for this time of year, down 43.4 per cent from last April. an Shoppe

World’s Finest Ceiling Fans

650 Riverview Dr.

- entrance off of Bloomfield



THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


Tek Savvy supports professional rugby club The Chatham Voice

The Toronto Wolfpack rugby team is pleased to announce a partnership with Chatham-based Tek Savvy Tek Savvy, an independent Internet and phone provider, was the title sponsor for the Wolfpack’s inaugural home game on May 6. Going forward, the Wolfpack will announce after each match a ‘Tek Savvy Difference Maker’ – the player who worked the hardest each game. As part of its partnership, Tek Savvy will also fund Wolfpack home game tickets for volunteers and employees at local charities. “Tek Savvy is excited to be the Official Telecom Sponsor for the Toronto Wolfpack,” said Marc

Gaudrault, CEO of Tek Savvy in a media release. “We’re known for being ‘different, in a good way.’ By starting at the bottom and working their way up through the leagues, the Wolfpack definitely embodies this. We’ve always had a great customer connection with Toronto, so we’re looking forward to cheering along with them for this winning team for years to come.” “It’s great to team up with such an innovative business like Tek Savvy. They are the perfect partner for our team, as we both share a common vision of working the hardest to get what we do right, and doing it in a manner that’s genuinely open and honest,” agreed Toronto Wolfpack CEO Eric Perez


The class of ’67

Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

The St. Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing class of 1967 gathered for a picture at the annual alumni luncheon at Club Lentinas May 3. Celebrating 50 years was, from back left, Donna Crow, Mary Riseborough, Olive Dietrich, Marilyn Braithwaite, Bernadette Bell, Elaine Allin, Nanette Carter, Pamela Ostrander, Janice Mason; (middle row from left) Mary Cowan, Frances Landry, Diana Furlan, Sandy Sims, Michelle Rondeau, Janet Kempe, Mary Sue Caron, Bonnie Wooten; and (sitting in front from left) Geraldine Clark, Dorothy Provost.

Owners of non-licensed C-K dogs face fines

The Chatham Voice

Dog owners who don’t have their dog licenses renewed could end up paying up to $240 in fines and court costs, according to a municipal official. Nancy Havens, Chatham-Kent Manager of Licensing Services, said commissionaires, contracted bylaw enforcement officers, would be conducting a community-wide blitz. The commissionaires wear uniforms, always carry a badge to identify themselves, and drive

a marked commissionaire’s vehicle. Havens said “by-law enforcement officers will be going to people’s homes in May and June where their dog license has expired or to homes where people have never licensed their dogs.” Delinquent dog owners will receive a yellow non-compliance notice indicating immediate compliance is required. If they fail to do so, dog owners risk receiving a fine for failure to license. A dog license costs $38 a year — $10 less if your dog is spayed or neu-

tered. An additional $10 late fee came into effect as of April 1. All dogs four months of

Sign up today to volunteer with

Visit or call 519-352-4440 to find out how you can get involved.

safest way to reunite a pet with its owner,” Havens said. Anyone wondering if

their dog’s license is expired or how to get one can call 519-360-1998.

POST HOSPITAL/RESPITE STAYS: Maple City Residence offers short term post-surgical care. Make your recovery a comfortable and worry-free one in our warm home like environment.

What will you Build? Make an impact in your community.

age or older must be licensed. “Not only is it the law, it’s also the quickest and

WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING FOR ONLY $90/DAY • 24 hour personal support by qualified staff and call bell assistance • Medication/diabetes management • Assisted Bathing • Scheduled recreation program • Delicious home cooked meals including specialty diets • Housekeeping and laundry

CONTACT ROSE AT 519-354-7111




THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

The arts

Thursday, May 11, 2017 • Open Euchre and bingo at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Open euchre at 1:00pm, bingo starts at 7:00pm. Friday, May 12, 2017 • The Kent Branch Ontario Genealogical Society meeting at 7:00pm at the McKinlay Funeral Home reception Centre, 463 St. Clair St., Chatham. Ben Dawson will discuss several online cemetery resources which have become valuable tools for genealogists. • Meal and darts at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Dinner from 5:30pm7:00pm with choice of cabbage rolls, roast beef or fish & chips for $9.00. One meat draw. Open darts at 7:30pm. • Symposium on: ‘The Philadelphia Model’ Presenter: Sunny Marriner - Executive director at the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre from 8:30am-12:30pm in partnership with the Chatham-Kent Police Service. Contact CKSACC at 519-354-8908. Saturday, May 13, 2017 • Saturday Morning Breakfast at First Presbyterian Church, Chatham (corner of Fifth St and Wellington). A delicious nutritious breakfast served free of charge every Saturday morning from 9:30am11:00am. Everyone is most welcome! • Run for Mental Health at Kingston Park. 5KM walk or run chip timed event. For registration details visit or call Jenny 519351-3100. • CMN Yard Sale at 9 LaRose Cres., Chatham. 8:00am-1:00pm. Yardsale Fundraiser! All proceeds will be donated to the London Children’s Hospital. Something for everyone including a BBQ & Bake Sale. • Gregory Drive Church is offering GriefShare from May 13 - Aug.3, 6:30pm-8:30pm at Gregory Drive Alliance Church. Register by email : gdac. or call 519-352-4580. • Saturdays at 7 at St. Andrew’s United Church presents Cadence: A Cappella. Four harmonious voices, on-stage antics and audience participation. Free will offering ($10/adult suggested). Doors open at 6:30pm. All are welcome! • Annual Plant Sale offering a wonderful selection of healthy Perennials at Ebenezer Christian School parking lot, 483 McNaughton Ave. E., Chatham beginning at 8:00am-12:00pm. Rain or Shine! • Meat draw and dance at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Meat draw from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Dance from 4:30pm-9:30pm featuring Don & Bonnie. • Welcome back Randy Grey performing in the West Lounge of Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham at 2:00pm. • East Side Pride Bingo at the WISH Centre. 6:45pm. Cash prizes. $10 at the door and extra cards $1.00. • Lasertoma Mother’s Day Tea Luncheon & Quarter Auction from 11:30am-3:00pm at the WISH Centre, 177 King St. E., Chatham. Bring your roll or two of quarters for bidding! Cost $12.00/ticket (includes lunch, drink & paddle) Sunday, May 14, 2017 • Merlin Legion Breakfast from 10:00am-1:00pm. Eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, potatoes, french toast, pancakes, dessert, juice, coffee and tea. All inclusive for $10. Kids eat 1/2 price!

• Mother’s Day Special Anointed and Appointed Singing and preaching at 7:00pm at The Voice of Triumph Church, 135 Queen St., Chatham. MC Bro. Tony Handsor. Special guest speaker: Bro. Eugene Crew of Chatham. Bring a friend and be a blessing! Light luncheon to follow. Contact Pastor Leona Segee-Wright 519-436-1154 or Eunice DeWael-Segee 519-380-5989 for info. Monday, May 15, 2017 • Senior euchre at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham at 1:00pm. • Richard Sennema will perform in the West Lounge of Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham at 6:00pm. • Monthly meeting of the Blenheim Horticultural Society is hosting Lynn Imenson from the Belleriver Horiticultural Society. Lynn is a specialist in making Garden Tofu Containers. 7:30pm at Trinity Anglican Church, 59 Ellen St., Blenheim. Tuesday, May 16, 2017 • Open euchre and shuffleboard at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Open euchre at 1:00pm. Open shuffleboard at 7:00pm. Wednesday, May 17, 2017 • Pepper and fun darts at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Pepper at 1:00pm. Darts at 7:30pm. • Music with Ted in the main dining room at Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham at 2:00pm. Thursday, May 18, 2017 • Open euchre at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham at 1:00pm. • Paula & the Corn Huskers will entertain in the main dining room of Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham at 2:00pm. Friday, May 19, 2017 • Meal and darts at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Dinner from 5:30pm7:00pm with choice of pork, roast beef or fish & chips for $9.00. One meat draw. Open darts at 7:30pm.

A cappella performance coming to St. Andrew’s The Chatham Voice

Cadence, an award winning a cappella group from Toronto, will perform at St. Andrew’s United Church May 13 at 7 p.m. This is the fifth concert of the Saturdays at 7 at St. Andrew’s 2016-17 series. Cadence has been wowing audiences across the country and around the world for nearly 20 years. Whether performing at sold-out jazz clubs and concert halls, at music festivals, for educational outreach, or for corporate functions, the members of Cadence bring an infectious energy and uncanny verve to every song they sing. Cadence’s live shows are always a hit as the four harmonious voices rise up and fill the air. They feature a hypnotic blend of complex harmonies, intricate arrangements, vocal dexterity, and just plain fun. Program surprises include classic songs by Joni Mitchell or Louis Prima, old bebop standards or cheeky arrangements of 1980s hits. The arrangements contain all the

Surprising The Family! Michel and Karen Bruneel from London are seen picking up their new 2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4 as a surprise to their children. This is their 3rd vehicle purchased from Luce for their family, Macy, Aidan, Zoe and Victoria.

Saturday, May 20, 2017 • Latin Fiesta Gala in Chatham at The Spirit and Life Centre, Chatham. Celebrating Mother’s Month from 8:00pm-1:00am. Fun mother’s month celebration with latin dance lesson, delicious dinner and fabulous entertainment. Cash bar. All proceeds will benefit Hope of St. Joseph Shelter Inc. $35 (adult) $20 children 12 and under. www. PAWR at the animal shelter phone number for lost and stray pets and issues at the dog parks: 226996-9969 daytime. Emergency and after-hours number: 519-784-6146. Animal Cruelty and neglect cases call direct 310-7722 or 310-SPCA. Chatham-Kent Metal Detecting Club - Meets last Thursday of the month. 7:00pm. Kinsman Room. Erickson Arena, new members welcome! Chatham branch of the CKPL is now accepting donations of gently used books for the upcoming Spectacular Spring Used Book sale being held May 31-June 3, 2017. For info call 519-354-2940 ex.248 Submit your coming events to or

richness of a full band, but performed using just four voices. On-stage antics and audience participation are par for the course at any Cadence show, but so too is a mesmerizing display of musical genius. The group’s four critically acclaimed studio albums have won or been nominated for numerous awards, including three nods from the JUNO Awards and 10 from CARA, the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards. Members of the group are David Lane (baritone and bass), Ross Lynde (tenor), Lucas Marchand (tenor), and Kurt Sampson (bass and vocal percussion). Each vocalist brings many years of training and performance experience to create a rich musical event appropriate for all ages. St. Andrew’s United Church is located at 85 William St. S, Chatham. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Free will offering (suggested donation of $10 per adult). For further information call 519-352-0100 or visit


351 Richmond St., Chatham • 519-352-4937 • • 519-354-8000 •

Check us out!



THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017


The Arts/Life

Riverside music series planned in ’Burg Summer concerts will take place in Kinette Park, arts council says

The Chatham Voice

The Wallaceburg & District Council For The Arts is planning an outdoor summer concert series “Music By The River” in Wallaceburg’s Kinette Park. The Arts Council was awarded a $5,000 grant through the Municipality’s Community Partnership Fund, which was recently approved by Chatham-Kent Council. “We can’t thank the local institutions and initiatives that supply these grant dollars enough,” said Dave Elliott, President of the Arts Council. “Without these programs, a lot

of what the council does, simply doesn’t happen.” The outdoor series will be free admission and open to the public, planned for Tuesday nights through the summer months. Kinette Park is located at the downtown fork of Wallaceburg, where Wellington and James/ Margaret streets merge at the Sydenham River. Exact dates, time and musical line-up will be announced soon. Those attending will be asked

Library offers patrons step counters to borrow

to bring a lawn chair or blanket. On site barbecues, draws and giveaways are expected to be a part of the weekly festivities. The Arts Council is also looking for volunteers to assist with the inaugural series. Assistance is required with the physical set up of the event, including transportation, set up and possible on-site storage or removal of a stage, as well as assistance on site during the events. The Arts Council is always looking

for new members who share its vision. If you are interested in a larger role with the summer concert series or any Arts Council event, new members are always welcome. The Council will also be searching out local business sponsorship for the summer series. If you are interested in volunteering, sponsorship or performing at “Music By The River,” please contact or call 519-627-0007 ext. 227.

The Wallaceburg and District Council for the Arts has been busy screening bands and local artists in hope of introducing some exciting talent for the series and continuing the mission of introducing premier talent to the people in the community, while fostering the promotion and development of arts and culture in its backyard. More information can be found at




The Chatham Voice

Just in time for warmer weather, the Chatham-Kent Public Library (CKPL) is offering pedometers for patrons to use to count their steps and improve their health. In partnership with CK Trails Connect, CKPL is relaunching its Pedometer Lending Program with new pedometers available at all 11 library locations, available to borrow for free with your library card. Pedometer packages include a tracking sheet to count your steps and a Chatham-Kent Trail Map to inspire your walking choices. Borrow a pedometer for yourself, or request a Pedometer Kit (which includes 10 pedometers) and challenge your family, friends or coworkers to find out who can take the most steps. This new and improved program was made possible in part through the support of Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund and our partners in Parks and Open Spaces (Municipality of Chatham-Kent). To find out more about these and other services at Chatham-Kent Public Library, visit

MK LAWNCARE you grow it . . . we mow it! Cutting • Trimming

Seniors Discount

Call Mario 519-809-0477 or Kristen 519-437-8514







0.99 % APR^

$3,650 DOWN





SYNC® Connect† • SYNC® 3‡ • Reverse sensing system‡‡ • 1.5L Ecoboost® engine

To learn more about your choices, head to or visit your Ontario Ford Store. Our advertised prices include Freight, Air Tax, and PPSA (if financed or leased). Add dealer administration and registration fees of up to $799, fuel fill charge of up to $120 and applicable taxes, then drive away.

Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers only valid at participating dealers. Retail offers may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. For factory orders, a customer may either take advantage of eligible raincheckable Ford retail customer promotional incentives/offers available at the time of vehicle factory order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof. Retail offers not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). *Ford is the best-selling line of SUV in Canada based on Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association statistical sales report up to year end 2016. ^Until May 18, 2017, lease a new 2017 ESCAPE SE 4WD 201A for up to 60 months and get 0.99% APR on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit Canada Company. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest APR payment. Lease 2017 ESCAPE SE 4WD 201A with a value of $32,389 (after $3,650 down payment or equivalent trade in and $0 manufacturer rebate deducted and including freight and air tax of $1,790) with an optional buyout of $11,267.26, monthly payment is $298.85, (the sum of twelve (12) monthly payments divided by 26 periods gives payee a bi-weekly payment of $137.93), total lease obligation is $21,595.18, interest cost of leasing is $973.44 or 0.99% APR. Additional payments required for registration, security deposit, NSF fees (where applicable), excess wear and tear, and late fees. Lease offer includes PPSA but excludes options, licence, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI, administration fees, and taxes. Some conditions and mileage restriction of 80,000 km for 60 months applies. Excess kilometrage charges are 12¢ per km, plus applicable taxes. Excess kilometrage charges subject to change, see your local dealer for details. All prices are based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Ω Until May 31, 2017, Canadian residents may receive a $750 Spring Bonus towards the purchase or lease Available in most of a new 2017 Escape ( “Eligible Vehicle”). Only one (1) bonus offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle. Taxes payable before offer amount is deducted. Offer is not raincheckable. †SYNC Connect includes SYNC Connect service for five years; after which fees new Ford vehicles apply. ‡Features/functionality vary by vehicle/model. Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones. Message and data with 6-month pre-paid rates may apply. Optional Navigation system map updates cannot be received via Wi-Fi® and require a separate update. ‡‡Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention, judgment and need to control the vehicle. ©2017 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM subscription. logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ©2017 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.



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THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

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oey’s Flowers G e D

665 St. Clair St., Chatham 519-358-1755 Open Daily 8:30am-7:00pm 124 Keil Dr., Chatham (at Home Hardware)

Hanging Baskets Galore! Prices are “Lower from the Grower”

From our family to yours

Happy Mothers Day!


THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017



Vacuuming / Sewing

Yard Sales



Scissors Sharpening

To all makes & models of VACUUMS and SEWING MACHINES

Thread & Needle Accessories

242 St. Clair St., Chatham 3 Authorized Depot for

3 Sewing Machines 3 Central Vacuum System



A N K LAVER EN VK V A U C T I O N S I N C. Clearing an Estate, Downsizing, Liquidating Inventory or Decluttering?

We can help. Call to sell your items for cash or by consignment Call John @ 519-845-3663

519-845-3663 • Wyoming, Ontario • •


Janome Sewing Machines

Not Getting Your Paper? We want to make sure you do!

2 FAMILY YARD SALE, Saturday, May 13 8:00am-12:00pm no early birds. 9 Cox Ave. Solid maple hoop back kitchen chairs. New King box spring mattress. Great selection and condition of household items to many to list.




Disability Insurance Awareness Month Understand the importance of income protection

Call Jeff Comiskey 519-401-9504

Please give us a call at A Job for Professionals

519-3972020 or email

• Removal & Pruning • Stump Removal 30+ Seniors • Crane Service Years





Help Wanted

Carriers Wanted NORTH Valencia Dr / Peachtree Lane

Feel like your message is getting lost?

Call us for solutions to your insert overload. Reach 20,000 customers each week with Chatham’s favourite community newspaper

Tecumseh Rd / Kensington Pl Park Ave W / O’Neill St Detroit Dr / O’Brien Dr Legacy Lane / Silvana Dr Birmingham Lane / Charing Cross Rd Charing Cross Rd

Call Fatima today 519-397 2020, ext.223 or email


Rita Case 97, Sunday, May 7, 2017 Blenheim Community Funeral Home

Shannon Ladd 31, Tuesday, May 2, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

Anne Primorac 87, Sunday, April 30, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Phyllis Kipper 86, Thursday, May 4, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

Clarice Moore 92, Friday, May 5, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Annie Bialomazur 67, Friday, May 5, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

Jack George 74, Friday, May 5, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

James “Delano” Collier 48, Saturday, April 29, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

Maurice Jones 83, Sunday, May 7, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Mr. Roger Urquhard 69, Monday, May 1, 2017 Alexander & Houle Funeral Home

Shaun Luxton 37, Monday, May 1, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Mr. Gary Nichols 62, Friday, April 28, 2017 Alexander & Houle Funeral Home

Eva Ferrari 93, Tuesday, May 2, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Mr. Beverly Clements 78, Friday, May 5, 2017 Alexander & Houle Funeral Home

Donald Stanbury 76, Tuesday, May 2, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home Wendy Higgins 61, Wednesday, May 3, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Ovilla “O.T.” Myers 85, Sunday, April 30, 2017 Denning’s of Chatham

Virginia Jaques 80, Thursday, May 4, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Janna Shawn Galecka 71, Friday, May 5, 2017 Denning’s of Chatham

June Bisschop 72, Saturday, May 6, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home Clifford Vince 73, Sunday, May 7, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

60 Stanley Street, Blenheim (519) 676 – 9200

245 Wellington St. W., Chatham 519-352-2710



Sandys St/McNaughton Ave W

King St W / Crystal Dr



Harvest Cres / Farmhouse Pl



459 St.Clair St., Chatham • 519-351-2040 76 Main St. E., Ridgetown • 519-674-3141 141 Park St., Blenheim • 519-676-3451

84 Dover St., #2 519-397-2020

Fun Stuff Answers Puzzles found on page 22

156 William St., Chatham 519.352.5120




THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

Welcome to Blenheim Chatham-Kent’s Saxx Headquarters! Always TAX FREE

Whether it is unique shopping Beautiful Mother’s Day or a great dining experience, gifts to show mom what you will be sure to enjoy she means to you. your visit within Pillows, linens, jewellery, the Blenheim area.

Stop in and see our incredible selection!

Lots of inventory!

61 Talbot St. W., Blenheim


Erieau and Rondeau Gifts

Manicures, pedicures, massage techniques, body waxing. See website for full service list!

wind chimes all beautifully gift wrapped!


57-B Talbot St. W, Blenheim • Phone 519-676-0770 • @treasuresontalbot

Patio’s Open! Summer menu to start after May 15th! Reservations available for Mother’s Day!

Short on Time? Let us come to you! Certified Esthetician. Health board certified. Municipal licence. Clients range from 10-85 years, both male and female.

Beautiful and Unique Clocks and Pillows!

Gift Certificates Available!

Check out our Facebook page for contests! 10310 Talbot Trail Blenheim • • by appointment only 519-401-2356

970 Ross Lane, Erieau • 519.676.8888 #bigcitystyle


All Dresses are 20% OFF


till Saturday, May 13th

69 Talbot St. W, Blenheim Phone 519-676-2371

75 Talbot St. W., Blenheim 519-676-3384 SUNDAY - TUESDAY & THURSDAY 10AM 7PM FRIDAY, SATURDAY 10AM - 8PM


Canada 150 Items!

Mother’s Day Special

HOMEMADE, LOCALLY SOURCED, SOUTHERN STYLE RESTAURANT Glazed smoked spiral ham, scalloped potatoes and choice of one side dish - $1300


Reservations Suggested! Regular menu also available!

Want Comfort Soul’s We (whiledeliver quantities last)our fresh meals Moms&will getfood a flower to the at your events? Call us. and a free dessert! surrounding areas! Gift Certificates also available! FROZENWeDINNERS & SOUPS ONLINE MEAL PLAN OPTIONS can customize a


57-B Talbot St. W, Blenheim • Phone 519-676-0770 • @treasuresontalbot

Available frozen in house food order forand Mom for Design a meal plan online delivery. foror us selection. to make dinners easy again. for Call you to take to deliver!




Fish Fry Thurs., May 18 Giant Plant 2 sittings: 5pm & 6:30pm Sale Take Out: 5:30-6:30pm Cost per dinner: $20 Kids 6-12 $10, under 5 FREE

Lake Erie Yellow Perch, French Fries, Coleslaw Advanced tickets only

Sat. May 27 • 9am-2pm

Do you have some plants that need thinning? Bulbs that need moving? Want to plant a salad? Bring your extras!

Rain or Shine

June 22 & Aug. 24 - Broasted Chicken Dinner Look for our Cherry Fest Yard & Bake Sale, BBQ in July

55 Jane St., Blenheim • 519-676-3894

The Chatham Voice, May 11, 2017  

The May 11, 2017 edition of The Chatham Voice, an independent community newspaper serving Chatham, Ont. and area.

The Chatham Voice, May 11, 2017  

The May 11, 2017 edition of The Chatham Voice, an independent community newspaper serving Chatham, Ont. and area.