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YOUR Independent Community Newspaper THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 2017

Vol. 5 Edition 32

Well clogs up near turbine construction By Mary Beth Corcoran

Another family in North Kent is without water after pile driving activity less than one kilometre from their home on Brook Line resulted in a well pump clogged with sediment and no water. Jessica and Paul Brooks have lived in the house on Brook Line for five years and said they have had no problems with their well before July 28. At a press conference at their home Aug. 2, the Brooks and members of Water Wells First spoke about the ongoing well problems that the Ministry of Environment officials are calling a “coincidence”. This latest round with London and Windsor officials from the MOECC has left WWF members and the Brooks more frustrated with ministry staff who will collect water samples but refuse to take sediment samples, despite the fact a large amount of sediment is clearly visible in the sediment sampling station the Brooks and other well owners have installed on their well pressure tanks. “There is pile driving right behind (the house), about 750 metres away on Thursday and Friday and Paul called me Friday

night and said at 10:30 p.m. when he was trying to shower, there was no water,” said WWF spokesperson Kevin Jakubec. “When we went down and looked at the sediment traps that we recommended, they were plugged with sediments.” Jessica said they called the Ministry of the Environment and staff came out Aug. 1 to take samples and “at that time the water was still running after we kept cleaning the filters out every six hours.” They would not, however, take a sample of the sediment even when Jessica offered to let them collect the sample themselves. The Brooks have been collecting and documenting with photos and time of collection, as sediment is considered a contaminant, Jakubec said, in the Environmental Protection Act. “I asked them at that time if the water was fit for use and she (ministry staffer) refused to answer that because it had to go for analysis, but you could tell it was cloudy,” Jessica said. Jakubec said the MOE provincial official was not following the Ontario Water Resources Act and not upholding the Environmental Protection Act.

131 Park Ave. E., Chatham 519-354-4127


Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Paul Brooks, pictured, shows what happens when he turns on the tap in his Brook Line home in north Chatham-Kent – nothing. His well became plugged with sediment one day after pile driving for a wind turbine began less than a kilometre from his home, something the wind farm company told his wife, Jessica, was a “coincidence.”

“It’s very clear that Sec. 15 of the EPA obligates the provincial officer to assess and determine if the well owner asks to determine if the water is fit or unfit. Why doesn’t the provincial officer who comes to the site not know her own duties?” Jakubec questioned. The Brooks have already spent $4,000 in well testing in private baseline testing since February of this year, and water was “crystal clear” Jessica said

before the pile driving began. The family was using jugs of water they purchased to brush their teeth and drink from, but with three teenagers in the house, weren’t able to shower or flush their toilets by Wednesday. “I have kids coming back from corn detasseling that aren’t going to able to shower and I’m thinking of taking them to Kingston Park to run through the splash pad just to rinse off a little bit,” a frustrat-

ed Jessica noted. “I have three teens; that means dishes and laundry every day. I can’t run my appliances. I can’t even flush the toilets.” An official from Samsung, who is a partner in the North Kent Wind farm project, was to meet with the Brooks family to arrange to get them water as per the REA permit agreement in case of well issues. The Brooks are leery of trusting the wind com-

pany to do right by them and want the MOECC officials to monitor the situation and the way the wind farm handles their complaint. “Someone has to oversee it. You can’t have the one doing the harm and making restitution without some oversight,” she added. “So, if they are doing the damage and to fix it is going to cost them some money, of course I don’t trust them.” Continued on page 2

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Mayor accused of not sharing info with public Continued from page 1

“It doesn’t make sense for us to trust them.” Jakubec said that with the Brooks being the second well affected after nearby pile driving, including the Pumphreys who have had similar issues, “only a fool would think there is not a link between pile driving, vibrations and impacts on our water wells”. In addition to this particular issue, Jakubec said WWF is now dealing with

bringing a new Environment Minister up to speed after the abrupt resignation of former minister Glen Murray, who is to be replaced in the cabinet by former housing minister Chris Ballard. The group is also furious with Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope after learning of a letter he received from Murray on May 18 that reveals information WWF and the pub-

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Bruce Corcoran General Manager- Ext.227

lic could have benefitted from knowing in dealing with MOE officials that admits “as required by REA approval, water samples are to be analyzed for bacteria and 19 general chemistry parameters, one of which includes turbidity.” “The measurement of turbidity is a key test of water quality because it captures the potential impact that a vibration from a wind turbine could have on a water well,” the letter from Murray states. The letter goes on to say that the residents are concerned about vibration shaking loose particles that “could have a chemical makeup of heavy metals that are naturally occurring in the area; however, any existing heavy metals in the rock do not dissolve with vibration. “Water Wells First has had to obtain from the municipality through a Freedom of Information request the response from MOECC Minister Glen Murray to your letter of April 20 to him,” Jakubec said in an e-mail to Hope. “This reply you received

Mary Beth Corcoran Editor - Ext.221

Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Water Wells First spokesperson Kevin Jakubec gave a thumbs down to the vibration monitoring station on a Prince Albert Road well set up by the North Kent Wind Farm company to collect data on vibration with two pile driving machines within one kilometre. Jakubec said the device is not even making contact on all points above the ground, and with the way well casings are constructed here, the casing itself is not in contact with the bedrock underneath the aquifer, meaning it fails on two levels.

from the Ministry of the Environment was nearly six weeks prior to the meeting between MOECC Management and Water Wells First on June 28 in Windsor. Had you shared the contents of this reply from Minister Glen Murray with Water Wells First and the community at large; our community may not have had to pay for additional private testing of their wells. To date $230,000 has been spent just on laboratory tests alone.” Jakubec is asking Hope to attend a WWF meeting Aug. 15. If he does not

Darlene Smith Sales - Ext.225

Jeanine Foulon Sales

attend to address why he didn’t share the letter with WWF and the public, the group will be making a formal complaint to the Ontario Ombudsman regarding conflict of interest, as the municipality has bought into the North Kent Wind Farm project. “Why did you not disclose the contents of this letter from Minister Glen Murray when the letter clearly states sediment particles could have a chemical make-up of heavy metals? If you refuse to attend the Aug. 15 meeting in person and suitably explain why you chose not to disclose important information related to our rural population’s health then the Ombudsman complaints will follow. In that circumstance, I

Fatima Pisquem Distro/Class - Ext.223

would suggest you follow Glen Murray’s lead and resign from office.” WWF has also found one of the wind farm company’s vibration monitoring stations that Jakubec said is “junk science” and “shoddy scientific data collection methods”. Jakubec said in looking at the sensor, he called the manufacturer of the one used and was told that two other types would be far better to use to monitor vibration in the bedrock, as the one on Prince Albert Road, north of Brook Line is not even in contact with the bedrock due the method use in constructing well casings in this area. The one in use also visibly is not making full contact with the casing and is 150 metres from a busy roadway.

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Andrew Pereira


245 St. Clair St., Chatham Call: 519-358-1115 ext.226

Horwath wants funding restored for ’Burg hospital

By Aaron Hall Contributing Writer

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath says Wallaceburg’s hospital is “losing out” on services and funding from the provincial government. During a stop in Wallaceburg on Thursday, Horwath said government documents her camp obtained through a Freedom of Information request did not provide adequate rationale for the Sydenham Campus of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance being stripped of its small and rural hospital designation. “When I was last here, I said I would come back with answers about that change,” Horwath told reporters during a press conference held across the street from Wallaceburg’s hospital. “I went back to Queen’s Park and had my staff start working on Freedom of Information requests, and it took us 13 months to hear back from the Ministry of Health about the change in the designation of this hospital. What we heard back didn’t inspire a lot of confidence in this government’s health-care leadership.” Horwath said the rationale that the Liberal government used to justify “stripping services from this community was essentially that keeping the accounting clear between Sydenham and Chatham was too complex to even bother. “And while the hospital falls within the definition of ‘small,’ as I think everyone agrees, the (Kathleen) Wynne government decided that it was eight minutes too close to Chatham to count as rural. So because it only takes 22 minutes to drive to Chatham and not 30 minutes to drive to Chatham, this community is losing services, losing beds, losing

care,” Horwath said. This change highlights how “out of touch” the Liberal government is with the people who live here, she said. “I am glad I am back here today to tell you that New Democrats actually do get it,” Horwath said. “We know that health care in communities of all sizes means more than just an emergency room. Ontario’s New Democrats are going to continue to fight to restore health-care funding here in Wallaceburg and across Southwestern Ontario. We believe that every Ontarian should be able to access the care that they need where they live. Whether that means world-class home care services or going to the local hospital that has been an anchor in your community for generations. But without a change in government, that may not be an option for too many Ontarians.” Horwath said Ontario’s public hospitals have been “pushed to the breaking point” by Liberal and Conservative cuts. “The Conservatives, when they were in government, fired 6,000 nurses, they closed 28 hospitals and slashed over 7,000 hospital beds. Wynne’s Liberals have done even more damage. We saw four years in a row of frozen budgets in the hospital sector. Over nine years, including those four, we have seen less than inflationary increases of hospital budgets. Just this last budget alone, $300 million was shorted by the Wynne Liberals for the hospital sector,” Horwath said. The Ontario NDP leader said with Wynne at the helm “this crisis is only going to get worse. “More communities like Wallaceburg are going to see their local health-care services being whittled away bit-by-bit. An NDP

government will guarantee, and this is something we announced at the beginning of the year, the NDP will guarantee that hospital funding will always at a minimum keep up with inflation and population growth Aaron Hall/Special to The Chatham Voice because in some areas of Ontario, communities are Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath, centre, addresses the media in front of the Sydenham facing population growth District Hospital Thursday. She is flanked by Shirley Roebuck, chair of the Chatham-Kent and and (we’ll) also be re- Wallaceburg-Walpole Island First Nation Health Coalitions; and Conrad Noel, chair of the sponsive to the unique Save Our Sydenham committee. health-care needs that “Thank God we still but they have promised pital and the new goverour communities face have an ‘H’ on the build- us other services and nance structure needs to each and every year,” she ing itself,” Noel said. we’re still waiting for the remain as an open board said. “SOS was created and re- services. When we look with the Chatham-Kent Horwath said, if elect- mains very vigilant ever at the five beds, five beds Health Alliance. ed next year, the NDP since. We need to make is not enough. We need Shirley Roebuck, chair would place a moratori- them aware of what’s go- more to be able to accom- of the Chatham-Kent and um on any further layoffs ing on, we need to make modate our patients here Wallaceburg-Walpole Isof nurses and any fur- them accountable to the in Wallaceburg.” land First Nation Health ther layoffs of frontline community. We’re lookNoel added that the Coalitions, said a new health-care workers, pro- ing for a viable hospital. Sydenham Campus needs government approach to fessionals, technicians, Right now we have an to once again be designat- health care is needed. Continued on page 4 providers of health care ER, we have a few things, ed as a small/rural hosuntil a comprehensive plan is in place. “Only a New Democrat government will be introducing a universal Pharmacare plan,” Road may be under she said. “A drug proconstruction but gram that covers everyone. No matter what your age. The time has come for Ontario to have a government that will fight for com$ munity hospitals and fight (see store for details) for the local health-care that generations of Reg. $1785.71 Ontarians have depended on, Queen no matter the Florence Mattress size of their $ hometown.” Conrad Noel, Over 2500 Tri Zone chair of the Save Pocket Coils with Gel Our Sydenham Memory Foam and (SOS) commit$ SEE STORE FOR DETAILS tee, said during Natural Latex the media con- Mon-Wed 10-6 Thurs-Fri 10-8 Sat 10-6 Sun Closed ference that the local group will continue to fight for Wallace940 Richmond St, Chatham N7M 5J5 519.397.9060 burg’s hospital.

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Connected by more than just coffee Funeral director buys 100 coffees for restaurant’s patrons first 100 people to stop by Hungry Sam’s on Aug. 2. Sam Butler, the name behind the restaurant, said the promotion was greatly appreciated. “We’ve definitely lost the downtown foot traffic. It’s definitely mostly drivers now,” he said of their patrons. “It (Dennings’ promotion) was super helpful. People realize it’s easy to try out a local restaurant.” It also went over very well. “People were even coming in and buying coffees or lunch. They didn’t want the free coffee. They just saw the post and

By Bruce Corcoran

People help their neighbours. It’s that simple, according to Jacob Rowe of Dennings of Chatham Funeral Home. The neighbour in question for the Victoria Avenue business is Hungry Sam’s restaurant, located just around the corner on Thames Street. With the Fifth Street Bridge under construction, foot traffic to the restaurant has died off, so Rowe wanted to draw attention to that fact, and posted to social media, saying Dennings would buy coffee for the

wanted to stop by,” Butler said. As for Rowe, he said the social media promotion just seemed like the right thing to do. “There are a lot of parallels between their business and ours – it’s family run and a young guy is at the helm,” Rowe said. “But unlike ourselves, their business is impacted by the walking traffic. I wanted to help get a few people through the door. “It’s a good local business. We’re all going to face the challenges with infrastructure,” he said of the bridgework. “It will get better. In the mean-

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Sam Butler of Hungry Sam’s/Sam’s Percolator, left, and Jacob Rowe of Dennings of Chatham Funeral Home enjoy a coffee outside Butler’s restaurant on Thames Street. Rowe, in a random act of kindness, posted to social media an offer by the funeral home to purchase coffee for the first 100 people to stop by Hungry Sam’s on Aug. 2.

time, we can all help each other get through it.” Rowe met Butler shortly after coming to Chatham

a year ago, and enjoyed what Butler’s establishment has to offer. “I go there at least a cou-

ple of times a week. It’s good food,” he said. “I can point people in that direction.”

Restore rural hospital designation for SDH: Horwath

Continued from page 3

“The building behind us is very special for everyone in this community, but there are so


many communities across Ontario who are being starved because of funding also,” she said. “Every community is having


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CKPS unveils new drone By Mary Beth Corcoran

The Chatham-Kent Police Service unveiled its new Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), a drone, at a media demonstration Aug. 3 at the Traffic and Marine Services building on Dillon Road west of Chatham. Four CKPS officers have been trained as operators of the system, the Aeryon Sky Ranger, which is capable of carrying both a high definition camera with 30-time zoom capability and an infrared (IR) camera that can track body heat and be used at night. The Sky Ranger is battery operated and flies up to 100 metres in the air with a range of one kilometre from the operator. It can be deployed in rain and can withstand high winds up to 68 km/h. The battery is good for about 40 minutes depending on its usage, according Const. Jason Herder, and the system knows when the battery needs to be changed and returns to home. It will then return to the exact position it left and continue with the program. Herder also said the drone can be used in weather from -20C to 50C. The drone is connected to a tablet for use by the operator in a vehicle, with a partner outside the vehicle to be a visual observer for the operator. “As the visual observer, I have to make sure, even though he can see in the camera, he is seeing one perspective. I have to give

him an overshot if he is coming up to something he has to avoid a collision or if there is aircraft in the air, I have to be cognizant of that and communicate with them or ground the drone if need be. Basically, it’s a teamwork sort of dynamic,” said Sgt. Mike Pearce, another operator. Sgt. Matt Stezycki with the traffic unit said the initial goals and motivation behind getting the drone was to increase public and community safety, and to increase police efficiency and response, as well as officer

safety. “We feel we have met those goals and continue to meet those goals and they are in line with our mission statement about community safety,” the sergeant said. “The majority of our deployments so far have been for motor vehicle accident scene reconstruction and we’ve also used it for missing person investigations, police assistance and for surveying land,” Stezycki said. He noted just the day before, they used the drone to map area schools for

use in case of emergency, to make note of exits and outbuildings on the property. With the two different types of cameras, rapid deployment and Transport Canada training, along with monthly training, the drone system has been used effectively 11 times in the three months the CKPS has had it operational, according to Pearce. He said built into the drone’s system is the ability to locate a target and isolate it, allowing the operator to track that

person or vehicle, which is called vectoring. “In light brush and all kinds of terrain, we

Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Chatham-Kent police Sgt. Matt Stezycki shows the media how he operates the new drone being used for the last three months by the police service. Using a tablet and stylus, the sergeant is instructing the drone to search for a missing person using an infrared camera that detects the subject’s body heat. He also can isolate and track the subject, relaying his or her position to officers searching on the ground.

can detect animals and people, and we anticipate future uses in, even knowing where our people are on the ground in a tactical situation,” said Pearce. “In training using the HD zoom, from 550 metres away, we were able to see a licence plate clearly.” In two different scenarios, the four officers showed how the drone is used to reconstruct a motor vehicle collision by filming in a grid pattern programmed by the officer, and also how to find

a missing person with the IR camera by detecting the person’s body heat. Stezycki, Pearce, Herder and Const. Josh Flikweert

are all fully licenced and trained operators of the drone, and Pearce said many police agencies are now using them.


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A pat on our back Can we just say we love our Chatham Voice readers, and it never gets old when they call and tell us how much they love the paper or how a story touched them in some way? With our fourth year of operation now under our belt, the staff here at the Chatham Voice have been working hard to provide timely, interesting and relevant news on what matters most to you. And judging by the feedback we are getting, we are doing something right. This week alone, we have had calls from several readers who are amazed at the number of people reaching out to them after reading a story about them in our paper. It’s really sinking in that people in our community want to read us – a lot. They want to read about what is going on with their neighbours, their families, their municipal government and businesses in the area. Community newspapers such as The Chatham Voice give people what they want to read and news they need to know. We’ve heard people who believe they are in the know talk about how newspapers are dying out and no longer relevant. We – and our loyal readers – beg to differ. Please don’t lump locally owned, hyper local community newspapers in with corporately owned dailies. What’s dying is the profits of large corporations who are gutting daily newspaper staffs to try and keep shareholders happy. Large media conglomerates are what are killing daily newspapers. Community newspapers continue to spring up and have immediate followings because they care about the news and the communities they serve. Chatham-Kent is fortunate to have the kind of talent it does in the media pool in this area. All the media we come in contact with are professional, courteous and care about the news they write and the people they meet. And we’re no different. We just want to highlight the great people and organizations in Chatham-Kent, shed a light on issues that are important to you and inform you on what is happening in and around town. So thank you to our readers, especially the ones who call to let us know they love our paper, our incredible staff who take care of them and the way we make them feel when they read our paper, our website or Facebook page. We will keep doing what we’re doing and you keep spreading the word.

Letters to the editor policy The Chatham Voice welcomes letters to the editor. Our preferred method to receive letters is via e-mail to The Chatham Voice reserves the right to edit letters to the editor for brevity and clarity.

Advertising policy

The publisher of this newspaper, CK Media Inc., reserves the right to clarify or refuse any advertisement based on its sole discretion. The publisher reserves the right to reject, discontinue or omit any advertisement without notice or penalty to either party. Liability for errors or non-insertion is limited to the amount paid for the cost of space occupied by the error. Claims of errors must be made prior to the next publication date.



Public need all the facts Sir: Mayor Hope, you and Chatham-Kent council are playing a game. A very dangerous game that is affecting the life style as well as the very livelihood of some of your constituents. Mayor Hope, you and most of your councillors do not know what is going on within Chatham-Kent, especially in regard to the wind farm sites in the former Dover and Chatham townships. This is proven by the fact that most of you have never visited any of the reported problem sites to see firsthand what the affected families are experiencing. You are making decisions based on what you hear from the wind companies, their associates and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change – all of whom have biased opinions based on profits or their lack of willingness to admit that they made errors. In addition, you as mayor and council, who have invested $8 million

of the Chatham-Kent taxpayers’ reserve fund, are in conflict of interest with regards to any decision made on wind farms or any conflicts arising form them. You, Mayor Hope, indicated that, “the group (WWF) had a chance to meet with the MOECC ‘and they turned it into a circus.’” You were not there! Do you recall that the MOECC, having been given a list of questions over one month before the meeting and not answering one of them being a circus? Do you consider the MOECC not giving WWF a promised copy of the minutes of the meeting that they promised part of the circus? Would those minutes have exposed their incompetence? You indicate that you do not release all of your correspondence to the public. Perhaps you should. How many things are you hiding? Did you ever think that in the letter,

received by Freedom of Information, that Mr. Murray’s reply might have been important information? In Mr. Murray’s reply letter it states, “The measurement of turbidity is a key test of water quality because it captures the potential impact that a vibration from a wind turbine could have on a water well. The ministry is aware that some residents are concerned that wind turbine vibration may shake sediment loose in a water well. These particles could have a chemical make-up of heavy metals that are naturally occurring in the area; however any existing heavy metals in the rock particles do not dissolve with vibration. Should a wind turbine vibration cause elevated turbidity in a water well, the wind farm company would be required to implement a contingency plan that is to include, as a minimum, remedial measures to be undertaken by the com-

pany, at the company’s expense, to resolve any impacts to wells or well water resulting from the construction, operation, or decommissioning of the facility.” Mayor Hope, don’t you want your constituents to know that there can be heavy metals in their well water? All of the affected wells in Dover were once clear water producers and now carry particles that the MOECC refuses to analyze for chemical content. Particles of 30 to 40 microns in size or larger can be seen by the human eye. Particle smaller than that cannot be seen. In tests done to date by well owners in Dover Township, it indicates that almost half of the particles carried in the water are less than one micron in size. These particles can penetrate skin and walls of body organs. Approximately another 25 per cent of the particles are less than two microns in size.

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Spectacular, 2 storey home with walk out fully finished garage/basement, effectively a 3 storey home with attached indoor inground pool. All located on manicured grounds, featuring wildlife pond, gazebo and decorator pond with waterfalls. Main floor entrance foyer, vaulted ceiling, curved staircase, to walkway, and open living room with gas fireplace overlooking the indoor pool. Four bedrooms up and a large master suite on the main floor. All 3 floors are serviced with a concord elevator. New metal roof in 2015.

Large rooms in this well cared for north side bi-level, ideal for the growing family in a quiet north side cul-de-sac. Main floor features an oak kitchen with eating area, living room and seperated dining room, 3 bedrooms up master with ensuite 3pc bath plus a 4pc main bath with skylight, many triple closets throughout the home, all new flooring. The lower level is fully finished, and has a 30 foot family room with gas fireplace, 3pc bath, 4th bedroom and a games room 14 x 21 plus utility room with rear exit. Private fenced yard with wood deck and shed, attached 2 car garage.


Mobile Anytime: 519-436-3505 If your property is currently listed with a real estate broker, please disregard this offer. It is not our intention to solicit the offerings of other real estate brokers. We are happy to work with them and cooperate fully.

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homes Serving the people Chatham-Kent for over 30 years!


Wayne Liddy, Sales Rep Cell 519-436-4810 email:

10989 River Line $959,900 REDUCED to $899,900 Open House Sunday, August 13 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Situated on 3.2 acres on the water. This 3,500 sq.ft. rancher boasts 4br, 4 baths, huge great room, 20ft cathedral ceilings, gourmet kitchen, master 14’x 23’ w/225 sq.ft. en suite. Also guest/granny suite above garage featuring 4pc bath, sitting area, kitchen and bedroom. 40’x48’ heated workshop. Constructed to I. C. S. standards. One of a kind home! Don’t Miss Out! Call me for all details!!!!

25951 McMurchy Line - West Lorne


This Home is done to the 9’s

Take the 401 to West Lorne exit. Go north to McMurchy line, approx. 7km. See sign. Turn right approx. 1km on the right. See sign. Follow Open house signs as well.

for a virtual tour visit



The Chatham Voice

Roll for Research hits the lanes of Bowlerama in Chatham Aug. 19. The charity event, organized by the folks behind the annual Chatham Terry Fox Run, takes place between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. The goal of the event is to raise awareness of and research funding for the Terry Fox Foundation, which is committed to finding a cure for all forms of cancers. “We were looking for a

way to raise the profile of the Terry Fox Foundation in Chatham beyond the annual Terry Fox Run in September and to raise some additional money to fund research into cures for all types of cancer” explained local organizer Luke Davidson in a media release. “We think that a fun and family-oriented fundraising event like the Roll for Research is a great way to start”. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the fundraising event by putting together a team of family,

friends or co-workers or participate on your own; collecting pledges, as 84 cents of every $1 collected goes directly to cancer research; and enjoy two hours of bowing. There are prizes to be earned, and the chance to so increases with the number of pledges you earn. The pledge sheet can be downloaded from Roll for Research Event, or participants can request a copy by email or pick one up at Chatham Bowlerama.

Wells full of sediment

2.5 acre hobby farm! Stately Hampton Custom built 2 storey with 2 car attached garage beside creek and backing onto ravine. This well maintained 3000 sq.ft., 3 bedroom + bonus room + den has spacious rooms, formal living & dining rooms, jacuzzi ensuite off master & main floor family room with cozy wood burning fireplace off large eat-in kitchen with island. Features 4 bevelled glass doors, hardwood floors, porcelain sinks & oak staircase. Economic geothermal water furnace & central vac. Detached insulated barn or workshop (20x20) with hydro, water & waterline available at front entrance to property.


Roll for Research set for Aug. 19


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These particles may carry the heavy metals, to which former Minister Murray refers, such as uranium, arsenic and lead. This is why, Mayor Hope, you should have released Minister Murray’s letter to the public, so the public could have been made aware. According to the MOECC turbidity measurement, on which the MOECC hangs its hat, this water should be safe to consume. Why do they not take a total analysis and find out what is dissolved in the water and what are the particles carried by the water and if it is safe to drink. I strongly suggest that the mayor and all of council visit one of the affected sites. If you find it too humbling to

visit with one of your constituents, then go without using any of your water for drinking or cooking and think about what effect contaminated water could have on you when you bathe or wash your clothes. Perhaps all other people who are not sure of the effect of not having potable water should also try this for a period of time. Water wells have gone for decades producing clean, clear water. Common sense would indicate that after the wind farms drove piles in Dover Township and ruined wells there, we would stop building wind farms. We now have piles being driven in Chatham Township and wells are now being ruined there as well. Obviously, there is a direct correlation between pile Cell:

Peifer Realty Inc.


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519-359-2482 Res:


driving and a negative effect on water wells. When will those with some authority ever wake up? Is the solution bigger turbines in the Otter Creek Wind Farm? What would you expect to happen there? Water security, Mayor Hope, is not a circus or a game. At the Windsor meeting with the MOECC, which you did not attend, it was the citizens of Chatham-Kent that were trying to protect the water security of the municipality, not you. Mayor Hope, in the future when you receive information about public health, share the information with the public. Peter J Hensel Dover Centre

Andrea Okopny Sales Rep. Bus. 519-354-5470

Country Living near the Lake


Showroom located at 356 St.Clair St. (Beside Tim Hortons) Call Tony Almeida at 519-350-6625


19170 Douglas Rd. Great place to raise a family with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths Custom-built rancher with walk-out basement. plus an office. Spacious living room, remodelled kitchen with separate dining area. Spacious family 3 bedroom, 2 bath with gourmet kitchen. Family room with gas fireplace. Florida room and both 2 car room for relaxing. Newer furnace and central air. Super neighbourhood near park and schools. attached and separate 3 bay garage.




homes Peifer Realty Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated 42 Talbot St. W., Blenheim

Penny Wilton, Broker

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19789 Bury Rd., Orford

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of Chatham-Kent

Open House - Sun. Aug. 13 1-3pm





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email: •

Open House August 12 • 2pm-4pm

18394 Erie Shore Drive, Erieau

66 Degge St., Chatham

3 BR bungalow with large living room, lovely 3 pc bath, high efficiency furnace and great curb appeal. $104,900

83 Smithfield

17 Oakgrove Lane

Professionally designed, open concept makes this a unique floor plan with no expense spared. Hardwoods throughout the main floor and Windmill cabinets. 3 or 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths. Mainfloor laundry option. Compare and evaluate the ease of care and privacy here. Really sharp unit! $319,900.

A very clean 3 bedroom home in Prestancia. This home has a fully finished basement, second floor laundry, huge master with matching walk-in closet, double garage, gas fireplace and is available for quick closing. Offered at $299,900.


For Lease

2804 Kent Line

1000 sq. feet on perhaps the busiest street in the city. Lots of parking, low common fees and available now. You can’t miss with this exposure and signage is available at the road. $11.00.

571 Victoria Ave., Chatham 3 BR, 1 bath brick bungalow on a gorgeous lot. Detached garage/workshop & cute front porch. Bursting with potential! $169,900.

725 St. Clair St.

106 William St., Merlin

18125 Equus Trail, High Banks 4.6 acre horse farm with stunning 4 level 3 BR, 2 bath home. Completely renovated, attached garage and 30 x 50 barn. Truly one of a kind! $895,000.

of Chatham-Kent

Cultivating the Best, Shore to Shore

Reader's Choice

260 Woods St., Chatham Lakefront 3 BR ranch. Beautiful gas fireplace, bright kitchen & cozy dining nook. Huge at- Nice 1+2 BR, 1.5 bath. Updated furtached garage. Suitable for year round living, nace/air, kitchen & wheelchair accessible 3pc bath. $99,900. cottage or income property. $274,900.

8892 Talbot Trail, Blenheim Sprawling 3BR, 2.5 bath ranch on beautifully landscaped lot. 2 attached garages and many unique & rare features. $429,900.

BEST Reader's Choice

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Open House - Sun. Aug. 13 1-3pm

Completely renovated 3 + 1 BR farmhouse on 3.91 acres. 3 outbuildings and a tranquil setting with outstanding views. $369,900




Jim McLachlin

13326 Base Line, Thamesville

Awesome buisness potential plus living quarters plus seperate 3 BR moible home. 3 BR bungalow on a half acre lot with detached garage. Living room plus den, All brick building seats up to 55 people updated 3 pc. bath. $84,900. with many updates! $99,900.

9115 Indian Creek Line • $519,900

Just like a new house and comes with a spectacular shop. This package is ideal if you like the outdoors and need to store your toys but need a nice home for the family. Updates everywhere including the master with en-suite bath. 3 good sized bedrooms, new kitchen, main floor laundry and natural gas heat. Nice package for someone. $289,000.

Rare Building Lot

This is a bargain if you are thinking of building your own home. At only $32,500 you can’t find much at this price with location and services. Located at 96 Sheldon Ave it is 30 x 110. Drive by, check it out and give me a call!


Steve Carroll


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OPEN HOUSE SAT. AUG 12 11-1 PM 6575 Angler Line, Mitchell’s Bay $149,000 2 bedroom bungalow, remodeled bunkie extra space. Access to Mitchell’s Bay. Updates - kitchen, tankless hot water, furnace, windows and more.

Peifer Realty Inc.


OPEN HOUSE SAT. AUG 12 2-4 PM 21 Oxley - $139,000 Mint 2 bedroom brick bungalow, totally updated, large partially fenced yard. Close to grocery store, drug stores and banks. Great location!

Open House Saturday, August 12 • 1:00-3:00pm Unique Country property minutes from the city core, almost 1 acre of manicured lawns accented by meandering gardens. 20’ x 40’ in ground heated salt water pool with large partly covered deck (50’ x 20’). Perfect for entertaining. Updated open concept kitchen, granite counters and breakfast bar. Master bedroom with updated ensuite (glass shower, cosmetic counter, etc.). 2 other bedrooms and a 4pc bath on the 2nd floor. Full finished basement features gym, huge rec room, 2pc bath and loads of storage. Call today to arrange your personal viewing! A MUST SEE!

David Smith Peifer Realty Inc.


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23567 Prince Albert Rd. $649,000 If space inside & outside is what you are looking for this may be the one! Situated on 3.86 acres on the edge of Chatham this 3700sq.ft. executive rancher has it all. It features many updates, 3.5 baths, 4 bedrooms on the main floor.1500sq.ft. is also finished on the lower level. A triple car attached garage, large shop & drive shed add extra value. You must see this one!

23871 Winter Line Rd - $215,000 This 1 1/2 storey home sits on almost 2 acres of privacy just south of Paincourt. It features many updates as well as a combined (46x33) 2 1/2 vehicle garage & large shop. A great property that must be seen.




34 Raleigh St.


519-354-5470 BLENHEIM OFFICE 42 Talbot St. W.





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SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 2-4PM 17 OAKGROVE $319,900 AGENT: JIM MCLACHLIN 3 or 4br, 3 bath custom designed 1 floor townhouse with double car garage with all the extras. Call Jim 519-358-3984.

5084 TALBOT, MERLIN $695,000

Beautiful & rare 2br, 2.5 bath new ranch style home on the Lake Erie Bluff. Call Brian K 519-365-6090 or Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

2 CRAMAR $549,900 Lovely 4br, 2.5 bath 2 storey in Berkshire Subdivision on a beautifully landscaped lot. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

920 CHARING CROSS $549,900

Magnificent 3br, 2.5 bath brick rancher. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

507 RIVERVIEW $499,900

3br, 1.5 bath bungalow on 1.69 acre site backing onto the Thames River + lg metal implement shed. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

877 CHARING CROSS $925,000

Everything you could want! 5br, 2 storey with a beautiful yard. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

7 INDIAN CREEK W $539,900

4+1br, 3.5 bath 2 storey executive home with attached double garage. Call Gus 519-355-8668 or Heather 519-355-8666.

335 TOWANDA, ERIE BEACH • $479,900 Beautiful year round 3br, 2.5 bath home fronting on Lake Erie with beach access. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

open house

19438 LAGOON, BLENHEIM $549,900 4br, 2 bath approx 2800 sq ft ranch on incredible 2.4 ac property with horse barn & large shop. Call Patti 519-355-6800.

23871 WINTERLINE PAINCOURT • $215,000 2br, 1.5 bath, 1.5 storey home with many improvements on a gorgeous very private lot. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

10989 RIVER LINE $899,900 4br, 3.5 bath, 3500 sq ft executive ranch on 3.10 ac’s on the water. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

Custom built 4br, 2.5 bath executive brick 2 storey home. Call George 519-360-7334.

18360 MARINE PARK $548,000

Incredible 4br, 2.5 bath custom, modern, contemporary 2 storey home. Call Pat 519-360-0141.

Ghassan (Gus) Najjar** 519-355-8668

Heather Najjar** 519-355-8666

Kristen Nead** 519-784-7653

Andrea Okopny* 519-359-2482

Chris Papple* 519-350-1402

Elizabeth Peifer* 519-436-8959

Quality custom built home on a beautiful river lot. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

New Price 23 ENCLAVE $439,000

Sylvia Moffat** 519-355-8189

7627 RIVERVIEW LINE $729,900

open house

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 12-2PM 4 OPAL $308,900 AGENT: LARRY SMYTH Well cared for 3br, 1.5 bath 2 storey with many updates and 18x36 i/g pool. Call Larry 519-355-8686.

Jim McLachlin** 519-358-3984

2 BRUINSMA $189,900

3+1br, 1.5 bath bi-level with some updates. Call Andrea 519-359-2482.

New Price

Kelly-Anne Appleton* 519-365-7155

Eric Fitzgerald* 519-436-4865

Steve Carroll* 519-355-9774

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1-3PM 9115 INDIAN CREEK LINE $519,900 AGENT: DAVID SMITH 3br, 4 bath 2 storey on almost an ac of land on the edge of the city with i/g pool. Call David 519-350-1615.

12 OTTAWA $265,000 Gorgeous 3br, 1.5 bath 4 level side split with lovely heated i/g pool. Call Mike S 519-784-5470.

New Listing

444 VICTORIA $169,900

111 EUGENIE $139,900

1482 sq ft 3 br, 1.5 storey with many updates on a beautiful 1/4 ac lot. Call Brian Preston 519-355-9868.

Big family but small budget? 4br bungalow with attch’d garage & fenced rear yard. Call Bev 519-358-8805.

Attention Boaters 115 SMITHFIELD $339,900

Fantastic 4br, 3 bath 2 storey in very good condition and offers good value. Call Eric 519-436-4865.

4729 RIVERSIDE $345,000

Beautiful double lot on Channel Ecarte with 80ft fronting on the water. Call Bev 519-358-8805.

243 MERRITT $189,900

4br, 1.5 bath 4 level with fully fenced in yard. Call Amber 519-784-5310.

21 EARL #2 $219,900

Excellent 2+1br, 2 bath condo townhouse great for retirement. Call Gus 519-355-8668 or Heather 519-355-8666.

Ronald Franko** 519-355-8181

Includes High Grossing Business

Michael Gibbons* 519-365-5634

Catie Hawryluk* 519-809-4268

Brian Keenan* 519-365-6090

Wayne Liddy* 519-436-4810

4750 TALBOT, MERLIN $559,900 Beautiful 2br, 2 bath custom built home on Lake Erie. Call Ron 519-360-7729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

June McDougall* 519-358-5199

20400 COUNTY RD 42, TILBURY • $1,400,000

Inventory & equipment incl. 60’x120’ all steel Vertec building on 4.77 acres at Hwy.401. 5 bay doors, 5 ton overhead crane. Call Ron 519-3607729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

Offer Pending 433 BALDOON $329,900

4br, 3.5 bath, 2 storey, double car garage, outdoor oasis with inground pool. Call Amber 519-784-5310.

25951 MCMURCHY, WEST LORNE • $519,900

3br, 2.5 bath custom built 2 storey home on a 2.5 ac hobby farm. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

135 BERRY $179,900 Well maintained 3br brick rancher with many updates. Call Deb R 519-401-5470.

35 CHATHAM, BLENHEIM $139,000 Totally renovated duplex. Total rents $1,350/mth + utilities. Call Mike Smyth 519-784-5470.

23575 DEW DROP, THAMESVILLE • $159,900 2 building lots in one! Get over 14 acres in this country property between Chatham & Thamesville. Call Ron 519-360-7729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

403 / 405 WALLACE, WALLACEBURG • $129,900 Duplex, both units have 2 bedrooms and views of the river. Call Kristen 519-784-7653.

Amber Pinsonneault* Patrick Pinsonneault** 519-784-5310 519-360-0141

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23567 PRINCE ALBERT $649,000

George McDougall* 519-360-7334

New Listing

Beautifully landscaped 4br, 3.5 bath executive brick rancher with many updates on 3.86 acres. Call Steve 519-355-9774 or Brian 519-436-2669.

104 LONDON, THAMESVILLE • $74,900 A very spacious 3br, 2 bath, 1.5 storey century home. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

155 GRAND AVE W. $199,900

Great business opportunity. Fully leased. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

New Price 8 HOMESTEAD $182,900 3br brick rancher, 2 baths, finished up and down. Call George 519-360-7334.

21 OXLEY $139,000

Mint 2 br brick bungalow that is totally updated. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

564 KING W $152,000

Nice 3br, 1.5 bath, 1.5 storey home in an excellent location. Call Mike S 519-784-5470.

573 PARK W $139,900

2br one floor bungalow easy to maintain. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

154 MURRAY $95,200

Impressive for it’s size. 3br open concept bungalow with many updates. Call Mike G 519-365-5634.

Broker** Sales Representative *



TEDx C-K shifting venues

ing downtown. The fourth annual speaking event that showcases local and TEDx Chatham-Kent is head- regional ideas and entertainment will take place in the Chatham Capitol Theatre Oct. 19. John Lyons, one of the event organizers, said it was time to head to the core of the community. “It was just to have some change. We really wanted the stage and the lighting,” A+ Rated By The Better Business Bureau he said. “Our license still limits us to 100 people.” 20 Plus Years of Previously, TEDx C-K had taken place at the John D. Proven Excellence . . . Bradley Convention Centre. Our Customers Say Lyons said it was an excellent venue. It’s So! “The Bradley Centre was so great in so many ways – the food and service were • Locally owned top notch,” he said. “But we and operated had to construct the stage ourselves and bring in light• No Pressure, Worry Free ing. At the Capitol, there is state-of-the-art lighting and Experience sound. That will enhance the presentation.” • Best Price First Time, That presentation may be seen by 100 people inside Every Time the Capitol on Oct. 19, but will be seen by thousands • Clear Professional when the videos are released on YouTube and on Quotes website, Ly. . . No Hidden Surprises the ons said.



By Bruce Corcoran

• Great Warranties on All Products • Outstanding Quality, Competitivly Priced = Great Value! • Experienced Professional Installers Again Voted . . .

BEST Reader's Choice

of Chatham-Kent

Chatham Voice file photo

Essex’s Susan Whelan opened the third annual TEDx Chatham-Kent event last year. Organizers are moving the event to the Chatham Capitol Theatre this year and will incorporate added outdoor elements to the event.

“We wanted an amazing stage presentation with an equally amazing video,” he said. Lyons is organizing this year’s TEDx with Peter Martin, Fannie Vavoulis and Cathy Hoffman. Lyons said organizers anticipate between 15-20 speakers and performers. “This year, we’re going to have more performers and entertainment,” he said. “Typically, we had two or three in the past. We want to show some new creative talent.” He said there will be music, art, and possibly slam poetry. The quartet of producers spends a great deal of time planning for TEDx C-K. “It’s a small group. The four of us meet all year long,” Lyons


some after the event, Lyons said. “Why couldn’t we have a bigger immersive experience,” Lyons asked. “We just want to take ownership of the event. We want to breathe TEDx C-K into the downtown. We will have some cool things happening outside the theatre as well.” In past years, themes for TEDx C-K have included “Small Town, Big Ideas;” and “Food for Thought.” This time around it’s pretty open, Lyons said. “It’s about making change and making the world a better place,” he said of TEDx events. There is still time for people to speak or perform at TEDx C-K. Lyons said the deadline for applications is Aug. 15.

Funding grant money available in C-K recently announced that applications are now available for the 2018–2021 round of the Community Partnership Fund – Core Grants. Council allocates funds to be given each year to the successful applicants from the competitive CPF-Core Grants PUT THE MORTGAGE HUNTER process. Core Grants is a fund that TO WORK FOR YOU! provides multi-year funding. Thank you for Voting Funding will be available for Reader's Choice us Best Mortgage Broker four years for not-for–profit in Chatham-Kent. The Chatham Voice

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is


BEST of Chatham-Kent

Cultivating the Best, Shore to Shore

organizations that have an ongoing presence in Chatham-Kent and a track report of providing quality programs and services to the community. The deadline for applications for this round of funding is Sept. 1 at 4:30 p.m. Grant guidelines and application forms are available at all municipal centres, information desks and public libraries throughout Chatham-Kent, and are also available online at under the Residents heading. (Choose the “Community Funding” link, then click on “Core Grants.”) All applications will be reviewed by a committee.


Ian Hunter

• Gutter Vacuuming & Repairs • Window Cleaning


519 360-6144

Cultivating the Best, Shore to Shore


said. “We’ve done it enough times we get through it pretty easily. But we really need the volunteers to help put the show on. The website and marketing, getting all the speakers, that happens behind the scenes all year long. It’s that production team for the day we need more than anything.” The organizers need at least a couple of dozen volunteers to help make it all happen, Lyons said. They are again asking for help, for everything from registration, to shooting video and capturing audio, working backstage, and even outside. This year, given the new venue, Lyons said there will be an outdoor element to TEDx C-K. Some of that will take place during the lunch break, and 237 Wellington Street West, Chatham 519-351-5303

• Boat Seats Recovered and Personal Watercraft Seats

Trim King



Dan Stewart

519-352-7499 or 519-401-8666





Festival of golf returns Chance to win $1M at over-the-top fundraiser By Bruce Corcoran

The Festival of Golf is back for 2017, and there are still a few spots open for participants. The event, run by the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent, will take place Sept. 22 this year, again at Willow Ridge Golf & Country Club. Once again, there will be a brand new Ford Mustang to be given to one lucky golfer. But Mike Genge, executive director of the foundation, said they’ve added a new twist this year: one participant could walk away with $1 million if they sink a hole in one during a competition as part of the event. There’s room for 152 golfers this year. Genge said many are returning from last year, but there are a few spots open. With a $750 entry fee, some folks thought the

idea of the Festival of Golf last year was too expensive, yet the event was a hit. “A lot of people at the foundation thought we were crazy,” Genge said. “But it’s an entertainment day that has some golfing.” Genge said he knew offering something unique to Chatham-Kent residents would draw attention. “Having this experience in their hometown – they can go anywhere and do things,” he said of participants. The key is having a group of people who appreciate doing something at home that’s over the top.” The organizers raised $55,000 for the foundation last year. “It exceeded everybody’s expectations,” Genge said. Remaining over the top is the challenge for this year. That’s one reason they added the potential $1 million giveaway.

Thames River Revue The Chatham Voice

This summer, the Thames River Revue comes to Chatham. The Thames River Revue has recitations, juggling, comedy, little plays, games, audience participation, and more. It will take place every Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. and every Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m., from now to Sept. 24 in front of the Downtown Chatham Centre. The Revue is a variety

show with many acts to entertain you, some amusing, some serious, some theatrical, some satiric. You can drop in for 15 minutes, for an hour, for as long as it pleases you. The Thames River Revue is free. However, if you enjoy the show, feel free drop some money in the hat. Children are welcome. If you’d like to sit, please bring a chair. Forecasted heavy rain will cancel the Revue.

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

From left, 2016 Festival of Golf victors Dan Lundy, Joe Evers and Jim Lundy, showcase the 2017 Ford Mustang from Victory Ford-Lincoln up for grabs at the second annual Festival Sept. 22, along with the outlandish trophy they took home for last year’s victory.

Genge said 10 golfers will be selected to shoot for a hole in one and win the cash. As well as all the fun and food at each hole, there will again be a dinner and after party, where additional prizes, from a VIP box for a Windsor Spitfires game to a big-screen TV, will be given away.

And then there’s the ridiculous trophy the winning foursome receives. It stands nearly five feet tall. Last year, Dan and Jim Lundy and Joe and Cody Evers took home the trophy and green blazers associated with the victory. The theme this year is Golf around the Globe, Shelby Sanchuk, commu-

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some of the features this year. Local performers Toast & Jam will play at the after party, Genge said. Organizers are still seeking additional sponsorship to further enhance this year’s experience. Contact Genge at


Open Daily at 11! | 11521 Wildwood Line, Rondeau (Just outside the park gate)

nications and fundraising manager with the foundation, said. Every hole will have cuisine and/or beverages from a particular country, and there will be some unique entertainment as well. Expect to see specialty drink stations, taco and sushi stations, a cigar bar, jumbo jousting and giant beer pong as

80 McNaughton Ave., Wallaceburg, ON (519) 627-9292 We are Proud to be locally-owned! Happy, Healthy, Safe

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Library offers night of big-time gaming By Mary Beth Corcoran

If you like to play board games, the Chatham-Kent Public Library Chatham branch has a fun night in store for you. Life-sized board games night is taking place Aug. 15 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., with favourites like Yahtzee and Jenga game pieces super-sized for a fun, new twist. Amy Hillman, library technician at the CKPL Chatham branch, said she and fellow staff

member Megan Cowan have had fun creating the game pieces, making them as close to the original games as possible – only much bigger. The games are open to teams, individuals or couples, and Hillman said the two-hour time frame gives people a chance to rotate through the four games being offered – Jenga, Kerplunk, Battleship and Yahtzee. She said the same rules and point system will apply as the original games. “It’s a two-hour time


Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Children’s librarian Stephanie Lawson, left, joins staff members Megan Cowan, centre and Amy Hillman in trying out the lifesized version of Yahtzee for Life-Sized Board Game night at the Chatham branch, which takes place Aug. 15, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

span so everyone gets to have a try at the games,” Hillman said. When asked what inspired the life-sized board game idea, she said the CKPL is always

Built on Reputation

looking for new and fun ways to engage its patrons, both children and adults. “We try to identify what our patrons are looking for and interested in. Some ideas come from patron suggestions and we’re always willing to try it to see who we pull,” Hillman explained. With help from Cowan, who came from a library that had a successful life-sized board game night, Hillman said

they also looked to other sources for ideas. “We brainstorm ideas and try things other people have done. We get our inspiration from other libraries and we cruise the Pinterest boards,” Hillman noted. “Board game cafes are coming up all over as well so we know it’s popular.” The library started with regular board game days on Thursdays on a dropin basis from 2 – 5 p.m. for ages 13 and above, and they also have other fun activities like Bad Art Night. Anyone can sign up to participate, have fun and possibly go home with a “You Tried”

trophy as winner of the worst art. “You can come with a group of people, have a good conversation and a good laugh,” Hillman said. “When people are done, we set them up to display and everyone votes on the worst one as the ‘winner’.” For Life-Sized Board Game night, people need to register in advance, with a limit of 30 people. The evening is for people 13 years of age and up. Call 519-354-2940 or for more information on what the library has to offer at all of its branches this summer, go to www.

How-to help required The Chatham Voice




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Chatham-Kent Public Library (CKPL) knows that people love to learn new things but never have enough time. So to help out, they are hosting the How-To Festival, a fun and free environment to learn new skills. The second annual How-To Festival will run from Oct. 16 to 21. Programming will be offered at library branches from Monday to Friday with the grand finale at Chatham Branch on Saturday. The How-To Festival offers 20-minute mini-workshops hosted by staff and community partners and will feature a variety of fun, creative and interactive programs. From martial arts demonstrations,

bee keeping, to DIY chalk painting, the festival will have something for everyone. However, the CKPL needs your help to make this event a success. Do you have a local business or product? The How-To Festival provides an opportunity to showcase your expertise, teach a new skill and promote your business/services to your community. CKPL will provide a table and you provide a skill. Products cannot be sold, but business cards can be distributed and contacts made. Food samples cannot be dispensed and cooking demonstrations are not permitted. To find out more about this and other CKPL programming, visit




How to be prepared for a tornado The Chatham Voice

The potential for severe weather is upon us. Parts of Canada can expect thunderstorms, flooding, hail, lightning, and damaging winds this summer. Tornadoes are a threat to many Canadians. The occurrence of tornadoes increases in the summer, with the peak in July. Canada has several tornado prone areas, including Chatham-Kent. Since April 2015, four tornado alerts have been issued for the Chatham area. Tornado alerts can happen at any time, as of this writing, the most recent one was issued for Chatham on June 17. Do you and your family know what to do in case of a tornado? Here are some tips for Tornado safety: • Monitor the risk of severe weather as well as watches and warnings and stay weather aware – tornadoes can develop very quickly. • When a tornado threatens, take shelter immediately. Shelter areas include the lower level of a sturdy building. If you are in a mobile home, go to your shelter area. Do not remain in your vehicle or attempt to outrun a tornado. • Flying debris (such as glass, wood, and other objects) pose the greatest danger to your safety during tornadoes.

• If you are caught outdoors with no shelter available, your safest position is to lie flat in a ditch, ravine, or other low-lying area and shield your head with your arms. It is critical that you are ready to take action to protect yourself and your family during an emergency. This includes knowing the risks, making a plan and having an emergency kit. Government agencies are key resources. Emergency Management Ontario provides information specific to situations more likely to arise in Chatham. And Public Safety Canada ( has developed a customizable emergency plan to help all Canadians be prepared. Canadians need to be ready to act when an emergency situation occurs. Fortunately, there are many organizations to turn to for information on how to prepare for a disaster. For instance, the Red Cross provides instructions on its website ( on what to include in an emergency plan, such as establishing a safe place for family to meet and creating an evacuation plan. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (www.ibc. ca) lists the items to make an emergency kit with 72 hours of supplies. And March of Dimes Canada (

Chatham Voice file photo

We’ve had our share of inclement weather in Chatham-Kent this year, including a couple of tornado scares. Do you know where to get your information to be forewarned?

provides emergency preparedness tips for the disabled community. Readiness, however, is only half of the equation; Canadians also need to be alerted of when it’s time to take action. The Weather Network plays a role by delivering real-time information on active and extreme weather situations across all of its media platforms, as well as facilitating the delivery of potentially life-saving alerts to Canadians. Since 2010 The Weather Network has also operated the backbone infrastructure of Canada’s national emergency alerting system, which safely and


Notice is hereby given that the Municipality of Chatham-Kent intends to apply PUBLIC INFORMATION CENTRE ClearView HerbicideRegarding (Reg. No.29752) containing the active ingredients: the upcoming planned work related to the Aminopyralid, present as potassium salt and Metsulfuron – methyl, under the Pesticides Control Products Act (Canada), for the purposes of noxious weed PARRY BRIDGE 2016 REHABILITATION PROJECT control, particularly Canada Thistle and Sow Thistle during the period of Keil Drive over the Thames River (Community of Chatham) June 12, 2017 to September 1, 2017 along rural portions of Chatham-Kent’s roads. The purpose of this Public Information Centre is to inform stakeholders of the scope of work, traffic detour plan and timing of construction activities associated with the above mentioned project in the Community

Application of Chatham. will be weather permitting, and confined to weed-infested portions of the right-of-way. The meeting will be held on:

ForDATE: further information, Thursday, Aprilcontact: 21, 2016

TIME: 5:00pm – 8:00pm Steve Ford or– Atrium Jerry Corso LOCATION: Chatham-Kent Civic Centre 315 King Street West, Chatham President Manager, Public Works South Green Lawn &Centre Vegetation Municipality of presentation Chatham-Kent As thisStream Public Information will be an “open house” format, no formal will be made. RepresentativesInc. from the Municipality of Chatham-Kent,Ph: along with the Engineering Consultant, will be Management 519.360.1998 x3970 or available to review the display boards and respond to any questions posed by stakeholders. Area Ph: 905.510.1229 residents, property owners, business operators and those1.800.714.7497 who may have a general interest in this project are encouraged to attend this meeting. If you have any questions, please contact either: Adam Sullo, P.Eng Director, Engineering and Transportation Engineering and Transportation Division Municipality of Chatham-Kent


Brad Walt, C.E.T. Project Contact GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd. 145 Thames Road West, Unit 4

securely distributed thousands of government-issued alert messages in the last year alone. This included 370 alerts that interrupted radio and television broadcasts to warn of imminent threat-to-life situations. Keep abreast of changing weather at https://www. ca, and through Environment Canada at http:// Chatham-Kent residents can expect alerts to be delivered to their smartphones by April 2018, which will literally put critical alert information in the palms of Canadians’ hands.

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Sharing info, sharing grief Thursday, August 10, 2017 • Drop in to help create CKPL’s very own totem poles! Learn about the rich history and intricate designs of the ancient totem poles of Canada and leave your own touch on ours as we work together to design totem poles. 2:00pm2:30pm at the Chatham branch of the CKPL. • Open euchre at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham at 1:00pm. • Ryan St. Denis will perform in the West Lounge at Meadow Park Chatham, Sandy St., at 6:00pm. Friday, August 11, 2017 • Meal and darts at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St, Chatham. Dinner from 5:30pm-7:00pm with choice of lasagna, roast beef or fish and chips for $9.00. One meat draw. Open darts starts at 7:30pm. • Camp Zion - Overnight Youth Camping Adventure - FREE. Zion Christian Church, 820 Park Ave W., Chatham. 7:00pm Friday until 3:00pm Saturday. Ages 12-21. Bring a tent, snacks and bug spray! We are going to have a lot of fun with different games and challenges! Campfire songs at night with hot dogs and s’mores! Saturday will have time of Worship and devotional followed by more challenges and games (may get a little wet . . or possible totally soaked!) Register online at: camp-zion-2017-tickets-36355325758. Saturday, August 12, 2017 • Saturday Morning Breakfast at First Presbyterian Church, Chatham (corner of Fifth St and Wellington). A delicious nutritious breakfast served free of charge every Saturday morning from 9:30am-11:00am. Everyone is most welcome • Meat draw and dance at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Meat draw from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Dance from 4:30pm9:30pm featuring Unity. • Voice of Triumph Ministries Annual BBQ Chicken and Rib Dinner Combo. 2 pieces chicken, 3-4 ribs, potato salad, baked beans, bun, dessert, drink (pop or water). All for $15.00. 135 Queen St., Chatham. 4:00pm-6:00pm. ‘Take Out’ Available. To order tickets call Pastor Leona 519-436-1154, Eunice 519-380-5989, Marie 519-351-3358, Doug 519-397-2997. Sunday, August 13, 2017 • Jamboree at the Merlin Legion, 2 Stanley St., Merlin from 3:00pm-7:00pm with host band The Marquis. Dinner from 5:30pm-7:00pm with BBQ Chicken or Ribs & Salads. • St. Joseph’s Harwich Catholic Women’s League Annual Broasted Chicken Dinner from 4:00pm-6:30pm at the Spirit and Life Centre, 180 Welling St. W., Chatham. Adults $17, Children 6-12 $6. Eat in or take out. For tickets call 519-360-1656 or 519-352-9411.

Monday, August 14, 2017 • Sky Woman: a Haudenosaunee Story at 10:00am at the Chatham branch of the CKPL. Limited space is available. Registration for ages 12 and under. Visit • Open euchre is at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham at 1:00pm. • Monday “Brown Bag” Lunch at Christ Church, Chatham (beside the bus stop). A free nutritious lunch can be picked up every Monday in August from 11:30am-12:30pm. Everyone is welcome. Tuesday, August 15, 2017 • Life sized board games night at the Chatham branch of the CKPL from 6:00pm-8:00pm in the meeting room. Space is limited so registration is required. Ages 13+. Search ‘Life sized games’ at or call 519-354-2940 to register yourself or your team! • Christ Church Chatham presents “Arias, Allegros & Andantinos in August”. 12:15pm12:45pm. Doors open at 11:45) Bring your lunch, relax in the Church and listen to beautiful organ music. Free. 80 Wellington St. W., Chatham. 519-352-1640. • Open euchre and open shuffleboard at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Open euchre at 1:00pm and shuffleboard at 7:00pm. Wednesday, August 16, 2017 • Pepper and fun darts at The Chatham Legion, William & colborne St., Chatham. Pepper at 1:00pm and darts at 7:00pm. Thursday, August 17, 2017 • Chatham Railroad Museum visits the Chatham branch of the CKPL from 10:00am10:45am. Discover the story of Canada’s railroads! Ideal for ages 6 and up, but all ages are welcome! • Open euchre at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham at 1:00pm. PAWR at the animal shelter phone number for lost and stray pets and issues at the dog parks: 226-996-9969 daytime. Emergency and after-hours number: 519-784-6146. Animal Cruelty and neglect cases call direct 310-7722 or 310-SPCA. Chatham-Kent Metal Detecting Club - Meets last Thursday of the month. 7:00pm. Kinsman Room. Erickson Arena, new members welcome! The Thames River Revue has recitations, juggling, comedy, little plays, audience participation, games & more! This busking show is every Friday 5pm-8pm & every Saturday & Sunday from 12:30pm-2:30pm until Sept. 24. It’s in front of the Downtown Chatham Centre, 100 King St. W. Submit your coming events to or

It never ceases to amaze me how some folks react in anger to information. It seems there is always someone looking to shoot the messenger. Thankfully, they tend to be very few and far between. Case in point for The Chatham Voice came on Friday when the municipality issued a boil water advisory for part of the municipality. We, like many other local news sources, quickly got the information up onto our website and set about spreading the word via social media. People immediately started helping to let folks know by sharing our post. And then we received feedback directly onto our website. We were admonished for how we spread the information, as this person had heard about it from someone in Michigan. Umm. OK. With more than 180 shares of our Facebook link to the story in less than two hours, resulting in more than 5,600 people seeing the link in that short time period, we thought we had done a great job getting the information out to the public. Furthermore, we were the first local news outlet to provide details as to what area was impacted. Everyone else initially just did the rip ’n’ read – regurgitating what the media release said. In the effort to get the information out to the public in as timely a manner as possible, that’s understandable. They updated later. But we wanted to at least give the public an idea of what part of the municipality was impacted. The release had just said everyone on the “South Drinking Water System in Chatham-Kent” was under the advisory. If you aren’t part of the Public Utilities Commission, chances are you could only guess as to which communities were impacted. South Kent? South Chatham? Basically, it was all of South Kent, everything south of highway 401 between Merlin and nearly to Morpeth, with four little pockets north of the 401. Tim Sunderland, general manager of the PUC, was quick to call us back and explain which areas were impacted by the advisory. We

Bruce Corcoran understood why he wasn’t available initially, as he was out at the treatment plant. But the municipality didn’t issue a clarification update until nearly three hours after its first advisory. I can understand the frustration on the part of residents. They want to find out about these kinds of things immediately. And they want as much information as possible. We strived to give them that, yet still received the rebuke as the messenger took the bullet. I must say, it was one lone bullet, and a stray one at that, as it seemed the response was intended for the municipality more than The Voice. Dog days of summer

As we transition into the final month of summer, one can only wonder how much more inclement weather we’re going to face. It’s been a warm summer so far, but not alarmingly so. Thank goodness, as we’ve been saddled with a great deal of humidity. You walk outdoors and feel like you pass through a warm mist. Summer in Chatham-Kent. And with the high humidity, it seems as though we face near daily watches for severe thunderstorms. And don’t forget the tornado warnings. You read those and immediately take precautions. There is a simple formula Mother Nature provides us: Heat + Humidity = Chance of Afternoon or Evening Inclement Weather. In Florida, it’s said you can set your watch by the regularity of the rain each afternoon in the summer. It’s not quite like that here, but the formula is pretty consistent. And it can mess with barbecue plans. I can handle the sticky weather, but it’s just not as fun cooking in the rain, especially a downpour. I might have to plan for some form of overhead protection for the egging area in the backyard. Hmm.

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One family’s home for 7 generations Hardeyholme Farm built 20 years prior to Canadian Confederation

By Bruce Corcoran

On Aug. 12, Hardeyholme Farm welcomes back family from across North America. The 170-year-old homestead on Longwoods Road west of Kent Bridge, has been home to seven generations of Hardeys, and predates Confederation by two decades. Julia Collins (Hardey) currently resides at Hardeyholme, and, with her husband, Steve, will host the family get together. Collins said she and her husband are working to restore the house to as close to original as possible, and as is feasible. “We’re really fortunate. The rooms are square,” she said. “Steve and I have tried to bring a few things back to original. We’ve got the original floors back and have exposed some interior brick.” Original items they removed, however, were the windows. “The house is much more comfortable and a little bit warmer in the winter,” she said of the two-storey brick home. Hardeyholme was built by Collins’ great-great-great grandfather, William Elliott Hardey, and his son, John Arnold Hardey. While it has always been home to Hardeys, it has hosted some people of note. Collins’ great grandfather, Elliott William Hardey, was the Kent County sheriff in the 1920s. Her grandfather, John Elliott Hardey, was warden of Kent

County in the 1960s; and her father, William Elliott Hardey, served as MP between 1984 and 1988. Despite its age, Collins said the home doesn’t have any particular quirks, or claims of haunting. “As kids, we did find the house a bit oppressive with the antiques and what not,” she said.

Help drag cancer through the mud The Chatham Voice

Are you ready for a day of mud, sweat and cheers? Go an extra muddy mile and help the Canadian Cancer Society drag cancer through the mud at the society’s Mudmoiselle in Chatham. This 5K mud run is open to all fitness levels so whether you’re looking for a competitive obstacle race or just to enjoy a day of fun in the mud with your friends. It takes place at C. M. Wilson Conservation Area on Sept. 16. Whether you’re a survivor or want to support a fighter, join your fellow Mudmoiselles in raising funds for Canada’s most promising cancer research and vital cancer support services for cancer patients and their families.

“It also had a dirt basement floor when my parents moved in. They found an old woman’s boot down there.” Collins said her father’s sense of humour took over and he told her mother it was “Bessie’ boot,” with Bessie being a relative. Her father would walk to the top of the stairs and shout down, “Bessie, are you busy?”

before heading into the basement, Collins said. Hardeyholme has played host to extended family before, Collins said, as it served as a base of operations for many a corn-detasseling cousin over the years. “A lot of cousins spent a lot of time at the farm. Detasseling is big here, so some of our cousins who lived in cities would

stay here and earn some money detasseling,” she said. “All of my cousins have fond memories and a real connection to the farm.” Many will be on hand Aug. 12. Collins said she anticipates more than 100 family members and family friends attending, some coming from as far away as California and Oklahoma.



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17 Chubby 18 Oklahoma city 19 Ranking 21 Laundry container 24 “I’ll -- and I’ll puff ...” 25 A Gershwin brother 26 Just out 28 Corn

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31 Outlet 33 Depressed 35 Oboe insert 36 Relaxed 38 Pouch 40 Trail behind 41 Bus rider’s payment 43 Walk like a duck 45 Original 47 Modern-day evidence 48 Fib 49 Voles, e.g. 54 Every bit 55 Terrycloth item 56 Illuminated 57 Homer Simpson’s neighbor 58 Cubic meter 59 Fond du --, Wis. DOWN 1 Sprite 2 Japanese pond carp 3 CBS logo 4 Stashed 5 Scorpio’s brightest star 6 Automobile

7 Doughy snack 8 Anatomical wall 9 Where the unexpected “comes out of ” 10 Birthright barterer 11 Chooses, with “for” 16 Sitter’s creation 20 Somewhere out there 21 Bee’s home 22 Neighborhood 23 Actress Jayne 27 Existed 29 Ardor 30 Advantage 32 Squad 34 Time waster 37 Conscripts 39 Something wicked? 42 His work inspired “Cats” 44 Beaver’s structure 45 Blueprint 46 Anger 50 Female sheep 51 Ailing 52 Spy org. 53 And so on (abbr.)







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Mrs. Ann-Marie MacLennan 87, Wednesday, August 2, 2017 Alexander & Houle Funeral Home

Pasquale ‘Pat’ Mastromarino 88, Tuesday, August 1, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

Wray Phillips 77, Sunday, July 30, 2017 Blenheim Community Funeral Home

Elta Travis 82, Saturday, July 29, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home Mr. Patrick Gyssels Sunday, July 30, 2017 Alexander & Houle Funeral Home

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Available at all Chatham-Kent Public Libraries plus . . . Kent Bridge: Kent Bridge General Store - Longwoods Mitchells Bay: Mitchells Bay Variety - Main St Dover Duds - Bear Line Rd Pain Court: Central Tavern - Winterline Pain Court Market - Winterline Bothwell: Dairy Case - Main St Cedar Springs: Comfort & Soul - Talbot Trail

Erieau: Bayside - Ross Lane Eau Buoy - Vidler Ave Dresden: Dairy Case - Main St Godfathers Pizza - St. George St McTavish Pharmacy - St. George St Wallaceburg: Shoppers Drug Mart - McNaughton Ave 99.1 CKXS - Dufferin Ave Taylor’s Variety - Dufferin Ave Black Goose - James St No Frills - Warwick Dr Oaks Retirement - McNaughton Ave Hometown Deli - Dufferin Ave

Thamesville: Country Cuts - Victoria Rd Movie Den - London Rd Tasty Treats - London Rd Bothwell: Bothwell Dairy Case- Main St Merlin: Erie Café and Variety - Erie St S Blenheim: McIntyre IDA Pharmacy - Talbot St W Gord’s Barbershop - Talbot St W Blenheim Senior Centre - Catherine St Blenheim Variety - Talbot St E Blenheim Service Centre - Talbot St W Royal LePage, Penny Wilton - Talbot St W

Charing Cross: 4 Corner’s Restaurant - Charing Cross Rd Post Office/Bert’s Plumbing - Charing Cross Rd Chatham: Ann’s Smoke Shop - Queen St Youngs Variety - Longwoods Rd Schinkels - Richmond St. Royal LePage - Raleigh St. Maple City Bakery - Grand Ave W Mighty Jims - Grand Ave E Wednesday Market - Longwoods Rd Downtown Chatham Centre - King St W Royal Canadian Legion - William St N Chatham Cultural Centre - William St N Lenovers - Park Ave E

Betty Brite - Keil Dr. Jiffy Lube - Keil Dr. Riverview Bingo Palace - Riverview Dr Active Lifestyle Centre - Merritt Ave Superstore Gas Bar - St. Clair Rd Daisy Mart - Grand Ave. Remax - St. Clair Highland Cleaners - St. Clair Spots Laundromat - Vanier Dr Pharmasave - Keil Dr Seasonal (May - September) Rondeau: Rondeau Joe’s - Wildwood Line Bayview Market - Wildwood Line




Not sure why BUSINESS IS SLOW?

is not just a saying in business. Advertise today and let your business be in sight and in the minds of your customers.

Darlene Smith 519-397-2020

84 Dover St., #2, Chatham

Jeanine Foulon 519-397-2020

The Chatham Voice, Aug. 10, 2017  

The Aug. 10, 2017 edition of The Chatham Voice, an independent community newspaper serving Chatham, Ont. and area.

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