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More change needed at CKHA: critic By Bruce Corcoran

A local citizen who saw both his parents have extended stays with the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance in recent years likes the changes that are occurring there, but thinks more can be done. John Cryderman said he was first exposed to what he calls “unintentional lack of care” issues at the health alliance when his father, Jack Cryderman, was hospitalized in 2010. “He was in there a few times. The third admission, he was more critical. He couldn’t eat on his own and was aspirating a lot,” Cryderman said. “What I first noticed was the food trays. Each time I would go there, they were left untouched. It became a deep concern of mine.” The feeding of patients was just one area of worry for Cryderman. He believes there aren’t enough frontline nurses in the medical unit, physiotherapy is conducted by more of a cookie-cutter approach, and information taken at the time of a person’s admittance to hospital is not detailed enough and doesn’t always make it to the hands of the caregivers. “Every patient is differ-

ent. What may work for one may not work for another. There is no such thing as one physiotherapy glove fitting all patients,” he said. Cryderman isn’t pointing fingers at anyone, but rather says it’s a problem with the system. “There’s nobody to blame. Ultimately there’s a reason why. I’m not advocating there is any intention of malfeasance,” he said. “It’s just the administration is there to manage care, and the frontline staff, from surgeons all the way down to personal support workers, are there to provide the recovery,” he said. He believes it is at least in part due to not enough staff. “There are times up there when nurses have between nine and 10 patients each. They’re running their tails off up there. You can’t deliver health care as mandated by the ministry of health in that manner,” he said. Lori Marshall, president and CEO of the alliance, disagreed. “We did undergo a benchmarking exercise with a consulting firm. They compared us to other hospitals of similar size and scope of services.”

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Eyes on the cherry prize

Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Blenheim Cherryfest saw a lot of action this past weekend, with the church ladies selling out of pies in record time, cherry pit spitting champions crowned and young pie enthusiasts getting down and dirty with kid-sized cherry pies. Here, Jack Deshaw, 7, from Sudbury, shows incredible potential, downing his pie in record time to take first place in his age group. He won a first place ribbon and small cash award for his pie-eating skills.

Ecto-1 part of FireFest

By Bruce Corcoran

Who you gonna call? FireFest. A replica of Ecto-1, the Ghostbuster mobile from the 1984 movie, will be part of the sixth annual FireFest Chatham-Kent in

September. It will join upwards of 100 antique firefighting vehicles, police cars and ambulances to be displayed in Chatham’s downtown core Sept. 23. DeNure said organizers seek out a unique vehicle to showcase each year.

“Ecto-1 is the feature vehicle this year. Every year we try to bring in a vehicle to pique everyone’s interest,” he said. “It’s the world’s most popular emergency response vehicle.” At Ecto-1’s core is a 1959 Cadillac hearse/ambu-

lance. It and the other vintage vehicles will be on display from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 23 in the downtown. DeNure said some are from as far back as the 1840s, with the newest being from 1990.

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Two new doctors for CKHA

The Chatham Voice

The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance has two new young doctors in residence. The CKHA, a teaching site for the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry (Western University), said two new family medicine residents, Dr. Aaron Gross and Dr. Adam McDowall began their post-graduate medical training in early July.

For the next two Biomedical Sciences years, these residents and completed his will live in ChaDoctor of Medicine at tham-Kent and gain Western University. experience with local Originally from Blyth, physicians who proOnt., Gross is looking vide support and diforward to joining the rection to complete the community of Chahands-on portion of tham-Kent and practheir medical training. Dr. Aaron Gross ticing medicine within Dr. Adam McDowall The Chatham-Kent a community setting. ing opportunities in both program offers the “I’m excited to conopportunity to learn and inpatient and outpatient tinue my medical trainpractice medicine in a medicine. ing, join the community Gross attended the Uni- of Chatham-Kent, and more rural environment, with a variety of learn- versity of Waterloo for have a chance to care for

patients in many different settings over the next two years,” he said in a media release. “I really appreciate the warm welcome I have received already.” McDowall grew up in Belle River and obtained a Bachelor of Health Sciences from McMaster University and his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Toronto. McDowall expressed his excitement upon joining CKHA.

“I am thrilled to start my Family Medicine Residency in Chatham-Kent. I have continuously heard wonderful praise for the staff and atmosphere at CKHA and from day one everyone has been so welcoming and friendly in the local community. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to start the next chapter of my medical career here in Chatham-Kent,” McDowall said in a release.

CKHA welcomes feedback from patients, family

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In the review, they identified we are spending more to achieve similar levels of quality than other hospitals like us. I would say the report would indicate we, in some areas, have more staff and more spending than others.” The alliance recently announced plans to increase efficiency, and will reduce full- and part-time staffing levels, and reallocate time where needed. Lisa Northcott, vice-president and chief nursing executive, said the province has no mandated nurse-to-patient ratio, adding it can depend on the patients’ needs. “Depending on the level of intensity required, we do vary the level of the nursing staff. In intensive care, it’s common to have one nurse looking af-

ter one or two patients,” she said. “In an area such as complex continuing care where the individual needs aren’t as acute, and on nights, we can have fewer nursing staff looking after a larger number of patients.” In terms of family involvement in the care of a loved one while they are in hospital, Cryderman urges everyone to take interest. “Family members who come up there, they don’t know. They’re in shock. We have to trust the hospital,” he said. Northcott said family involvement in a patient’s care differs from family to family. “We try to welcome every family to have as much involvement as they want to have,” she said. “Some are involved in every aspect of a patient’s care.

Other families just don’t want ten family members assist.” that level of involvement.” Northcott said when a famiCryderman said his father ly member isn’t there, nursing wasn’t the only one to have staff or personal support workfood delivered only for it to ers, if present, will assist. remain untouched. He claims In terms of ensuring patients upwards of half the meals de- receive meals they can conlivered to patients isn’t eaten. sume, Marshall added nutri“With patients like mom in tional services staff provide her 90s, they would bring her some level of choice each day. hard food. A patient doesn’t When his mother went into need steak and eggs when they hospital, Cryderman said she are 94 and they are aspirating,” had hip surgery at the age of he said. 94. She wasn’t restrained and Marshall said nutrition ser- he said she fell out of bed the vices personnel prepare and next morning. deliver the meals, and pick up “They didn’t restrain her in the trays afterwards. bed, nor did I think she had to “Many patients are capable be restrained, but mom’s habits and able to feed themselves. In were to get up in the middle of some areas, we support even the night,” he said. “The hosmore of a communal dining pital staff, not knowing about atmosphere where the patients mom’s habits because the adcome and eat together. We sup- mittance questionnaire was not port that type of socialization,” complete, just didn’t know.” she said. “But there are Cryderman added staff didn’t a small number of pa- tell him about her fall. Nor tients who would re- were any X-rays taken. In fact, quire some assistance she was due for physiotherapy with their meal. Very of- that afternoon. Mark Allot, President of Lloyd Bag, Chatham is committed to local businesses supporting local business. Mark is seen here picking up his new 2017 Ram Big Horn 4x4 from Luce Cools. This is the 6th truck Lloyd Bag has purchased from Call us today Luce Cools at Chatham Chrysler. Enjoy your new Ram Big Horn, to discover the Mark and safe driving!

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“I had to take charge, cancel her physio and ask for an X-ray. She could have really damaged herself had she had physio,” he said. “Even through the intention for the best health care is there, the system isn’t working how it needs to.” Cryderman said ever since his father’s hospitals stays he’s spoken with other families at the hospital, as well as staff, trying to gather as much information as possible. “Some of the staff broke down and cried in front of me. They are so stressed. There are inconsistencies in the scheduling and operations up there,” he said. Marshall said administration welcomes comments from the public. “We appreciate the opportunity to speak with people if they have concerns. We certainly like to be able to intervene right at the time,” she said. Cryderman said he understands the hospital doesn’t have unlimited resources.

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News FireFest turns 6

50th anniversary of the “It’s really a remarkable Detroit 1967 Riots, inevolution,” he said of cluding memories from the vehicles used to fight people who covered the fires. event; and to the crash of On top of the plethora Northwest Airlines Flight of vehicles on display, 255 along with an appearthere will also be safety ance by the first responddemonstrations, the Ju- er who rescued the sole nior F.I.R.E. Challenge survivor in 1987. course, Stan FireFest the Magical “It’s so rewarding will conFireman, clude with the day of FireFest. the Detroit a parade Fire De- It’s grown to an event of vehicles. p a r t m e n t where we start planConstrucC l o w n ning 10 months out. tion on the team, stilt We love to give the Fifth Street walkers B r i d g e public a reason to and other will force a e n t e r t a i n - come back every year.” change in - FireFest’s Brent DeNure ers. the parade Firesound, route, which an eight-piece musical will be unveiled in Sepgroup comprised of To- tember. ronto-area firefighters The Ecto-1 replica, based will also perform. DeN- out of Quebec, will be the ure said after they were featured star at “Friday part of last year’s enter- Night Lights” Sept. 22. tainment, they had to DeNure said the original come back. Ghostbusters movie will “Firesound was a huge be shown at dusk at The hit last year. They put on Boonies Drive-In Thean amazing show. It was atre in Tilbury, with gates a no brainer to get them opening at 7:30pm. back,” he said. The event, sponsored There will also be two by the St. Clair College special tributes – to the Alumni Association, will




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Contributed image

A replica of Ecto-1, the vehicle driven by the original Ghostbusters in the 1984 classic film of the same name, will be on display as part of FireFest Chatham-Kent this fall.

also include several vintage fire trucks that will parade from Chatham to the drive-in starting at 6 p.m. DeNure admits prepping for FireFest is a lot of work, but he said it’s worth it. “It’s so rewarding the day of FireFest. It’s grown to an event where we start planning 10 months out,” he said. “We love to give the public a reason to come back every year.”

DeNure, who is an antique emergency vehicle collector, said it’s great to see the interest by the public in such vehicles. “We take it for granted because we’re collectors,” he said. “We hop in a truck and go. But this (FireFest) is a very interactive experience for a lot of people.” Fire Fest draws people in from great distances. DeNure said in 2016, people came from as far away as Texas, British Columbia

Internet survey underway The Chatham Voice

The future of high-speed Internet in Southwestern Ontario is the topic of an online survey being carried out under the auspices of Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology Inc. (SWIFT). The purpose of the survey http:// is to provide SWIFT with information on how to invest funds for broadband Internet infrastructure across Southwestern Ontario. In 2016, SWIFT received a combined $180 million in funding from the federal and provincial governments. The SWIFT initiative is based on the principle that everyone in the area deserves access to high-speed Internet, regardless of the size of their community, their age, education, or where they work. The goal of SWIFT is to build an affordable, open-access, ultra-high-speed fibre-optic regional broadband net-

work through Southwestern Ontario and Niagara Region. The project was initiated by the membership of the Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (WOWC) in 2011. Chatham-Kent mayor Randy Hope, a board member and former caucus chair, said during lobbying efforts for the fund that “the Internet is constantly evolving and changing – and requiring more and more speed, bandwidth and reliability. It’s imperative that our region has the fibre optic foundation needed to access a connected global economy and to deliver effective public services.” Chatham-Kent was initially told that as a community with a population of more than 100,000 it didn’t qualify as part of the project, however, as funding broadened, the municipality met the criteria. Lambton County Council recently entered into a partnership agreement with SWIFT Inc. The agreement allows the county to benefit

from significant funding from municipal partners and senior levels of government.

and Alberta. “The brand has really built itself. We’re just hoping for good weather and a great turnout,” he said. With sunny skies, FireFest could see upwards of 100 vehicles on display and 15,000 people in the downtown core over the course of the day. That includes a number of tiller fire trucks, the longer big-city ladder trucks that steer at both ends,

allowing the big vehicles to negotiate tight turns in close quarters on urban streets. DeNure said what will be on display for FireFest has yet to be finalized. “We’re still working on things. We’re proud of what we have so far, but there are a couple of ‘moving parts’ in the works,” he said. “They could really add attention to Chatham-Kent.”

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Get your kicks enjoying the detour

municipal department has launched C-K Detourism, enLife in the fast lane isn’t exact- couraging visitors and poly that in Chatham-Kent these tential visitors to take alterdays, as trips along Highway nate routes off Hwy. 401 and 401 can wind up with delays discover or rediscover Chaand serious slow downs. tham-Kent’s unique attracEnter C-K Tourism. The tions. The Communication Road (Hwy. 40) overpass is expected to remain closed until mid-November as it is rebuilt. At the same time, the eastbound ramp of Hwy. 401 at Queen’s Line in Tilbury remains shut down for the same duration. To help visitors make the A+ Rated By The Better Business Bureau most of their trips to or through Chatham-Kent, 20 Plus Years of C-K Tourism is releasing Proven Excellence . . . specialized trip itineraries. They are designed for travOur Customers Say ellers heading down the 401 from the east or west, It’s So! with the goal of helping them discover a new route to places such as Erieau, • Locally owned Blenheim, Ridgetown or and operated Mitchell’s Bay; the communities most affected by the • No Pressure, Worry Free construction. Each itinerary acts like a local guide Experience to picturesque roads, parks, beaches, shopping and din• Best Price First Time, ing and other attractions.



The Chatham Voice

Every Time

Contributed image

Georgi Gardner, summer student, and Nicholas Gonzalez, administrative assistant for C-K Tourism, show off shirts promoting C-K Detourism, a campaign to encourage drivers stuck in construction on Highway 401 to consider stopping in Chatham-Kent.

Georgi Gardner is the face of VistCK this summer. She can be found at major tourist attractions and events distributing detour maps and providing details on attractions within the Municipality. “C-K Tourism understands the frustration construction can bring to any motorist. That’s why we decided to turn this into a unique and posi-

tive campaign,” Supervisor of Tourism Development Shannon Paiva said in a release. “It encourages people to get off of the 401 and discover, or rediscover in some cases, the hidden gems we have to offer. It’s a chance to slow down and stop and smell the roses. “With our newly created trip itineraries, visitors can still get to their intended destination,

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With a grateful heart, the Alzheimer Society of Chatham-Kent would like to give thanks and praise to many members of the community that made this event a success in helping us raise over $20,000 to fund our programs and services.

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but add a few interesting stops and really experience the beauty and friendliness of Chatham-Kent by becoming a C-K Detourist.” CK Tourism has detour maps to aid with the trip available at, at the Tilbury On route and in London, Sarnia and Windsor Tourist Information Centres.

Thank you to all the walkers, donors, businesses that donated fantastic door prizes, entertainment, Ryan & Crystal St. Denis, who kept everyone smiling and dancing, and to Steve’s Pizzeria and Kona Ice for selling their products and donating a portion of their proceeds.

Visit: 36 Memory Lane, Chatham ON or call 519-352-1043. The Chatham Voice proudly supports local charitable organizations.

Ridgetown’s KSR International Co. is expanding. The automotive manufacturer is working on a $6.7 million expansion project. KSR, which specializes in sensors, pedals and control modules, plans to start building several new products at its Ridgetown plant, including four new types of brake pedal assemblies and a pair of new suspension sensors. The investment will allow the company to acquire new equipment and expand

the facility’s capabilities. The project is expected to create 40 new jobs at the plant. Along with a $6 million investment from the company, the Ontario government will contribute $676,600 to the project. Stuart McFadden, acting director of economic development for the municipality, said the expansion and provincial assistance is excellent news. “They are doing some very phenomenal things there,” he said of KSR. “This will help them continue to do that.”


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Richmond St. construction looms

By Bruce Corcoran

Construction was to begin this week on Richmond Street between Keil Drive and Bloomfield Road. Chris Thibert, manager of infrastructure services said the $4.8-million project takes place between now and November. It will see the old roadway ripped up and new asphalt put down. But it will also see a host of improvements, Thibert said. Included in those is a left-hand-turn lane running the length of Richmond Street between Keil and Bloomfield. “It has been a major strain in transportation and traffic flow, more so heading west,” he said of people turning left on the fourlane roadway. With several large employers, restaurants, industrial malls and side streets along that stretch of Richmond, traf-

Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Reduced lanes on Richmond Street is causing delays between Keil Drive and Bloomfield Road, especially at the Keil and Richmond intersection. Construction continues into November.

fic can back up in the lefthand lanes at times. The road will be further widened to accommodate bicycle lanes in both directions as well, he said. Other improvements include the addition of curbing and gutters, driveway and boulevard restoration,

and traffic signal and intersection improvements. Thibert said the planning for the improvements has taken place for some time, but held back until it was time to replace the surface of that part of Richmond Street. “We wanted to lump ev-

erything together and not do it piece by piece,” he said. Work along Richmond will take place in phases. Thibert said the first phase would run from the Keil Drive intersection to the YA Canada area. The north side of the road, fol-

lowed by the south, will be upgraded. “We really want to make sure that intersection gets opened up as quickly as possible,” Thibert said. “It’s definitely one of our busiest intersections.” During the initial phase there will be no impacts to

C-K Transit services. Once the first part is complete, the second phase will run all the way to Bloomfield Road. Traffic will be down to one lane in either direction. Access to businesses during construction will remain as well.

provements to their facilities, including upgrades or replacements to roofs, windows, heating and air conditioning systems, fire alarms, and back-up generators. Lori Marshall, CEO and president of the CKHA, said the cash will be utilized to upgrade transformers in Chatham ($643,722) and help initiate core plant improvement at Sydenham Campus ($1.883 million). “These (funds) are earmarked. This is a fund specifically for the phys-

ical facilities. It’s not a fund that can be used for staffing or other costs,” she said. “In Chatham, it’s for dealing with some of our transformers, relating to aging infrastructure. In Wallaceburg, this would be for the initial stages of the necessary facility upgrades.” Marshall added the money is in response to a number of pro-

posals put forward by the alliance. “It’s good news for us,” she said.

Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and LongTerm Care, said the funding is certainly needed.

“They will help to ensure all patients get the help they need now and in the future,” he said.

CKHA receives $2.5M from Ministry of Health By Bruce Corcoran

The provincial government sent more than $2.5 million to the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance recently, with the money designated to go towards infrastructure improvements. The money is part of a $175-million booster shot from the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund. According to provincial officials, funding from the province allows hospitals to make critical im-

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Patient recovery paramount The issue of patient care is one that hits home for a lot of people. Everyone has either experienced a hospital stay themselves or had a loved one in a hospital bed. It’s a stressful time and if family has work obligations, or few family members are available, the extra help needed just isn’t there. There was a time when you were admitted to the hospital, the first thing to happen was a visit from a person who asked your food preferences, asked about your state of mind and how you felt, and asked what kind of support network you had around you. And if you needed help with your food tray, it was there. Now, you have to fill out your own food preferences and if you are not coherent enough to do that and family aren’t there to do it for you, you get what they give you. There seems to be a disconnect between the dietary aide department and instructions from nurses/doctors. And it seems now that any “extra” care a patient may need such as help eating or filling out forms or even getting ready for bed must be done by family members or kind visitors. That is hard on the patients and hard on their family members. There is no question changes were needed at the CKHA and Lori Marshall is doing a great job carrying the ball with what Rob Devitt started to put the alliance back on its feet – financially and emotionally with staff morale. Now that some of the bigger issues are being solved, getting down to nitty gritty details like making sure people do eat and can eat what is brought to them to help them recover better and faster, and staff are allocated to make that happen if family members can’t be around sounds like a good plan. A hospital stay is stressful enough for all involved. Helping people recover mind, spirit and body is a great next step.

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Khadr doesn’t deserve $10M Sir: $10 million is a ludicrous settlement for Omar Khadr for his time spent in detention. Mr. Khadr did kill via his “Jihad” and therein, he and his fellow Canadians who wanted to get him

out of Guantanamo should accept that fact that he got what he had coming to him as the fact is he was the architect of his own making and we ought to

stop standing around and wringing our hands and stop boohooing a situation that he has never accepted responsibility for causing.

The $10 million makes him a wealthy man and he hasn’t earned a penny of it that I am aware of. Jim Daley Chatham

Ribfest just an enjoyable event Sir: I attended Ribfest in Tecumseh Park in Chatham for about the fourth time in recent years, including one time as a part time volunteer. Despite the heavy rains on Friday night, I came later in the weekend and when I was there, the ground was dry, it was warm with the summer sun and it was I believe to be perfect conditions for such an event.

I guess the majority of people I’ve heard go out in the evening, when it is cooler out and avoid the hot summer sun. Still, this is a very enjoyable event, and thanks to all those who finance this event, the volunteers and various vendors and carnivals workers who run this event; you have done a

great job! It’s too bad that two other Ribfests were going on the same weekend as the one in Chatham. There were Ribfests in Amherstburg and Sarnia that weekend as well. Maybe there are not enough weekends in the summer to run these events at different times so that more crowds of

people would flock to these events, rather than splitting them up? All the same, it is a great weekend to attend these events, regardless of where one goes to get their food and entertainment. I hope that this event is back in Chatham for many more years to come. Frank Doyle Chatham

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Another hot month of home sales in C-K The Chatham Voice

Chatham-Kent home sales remained hot in June, just off a record pace. According to the Chatham-Kent Association of Realtors, 148 units sold in June, up 1.4 per cent from the same month a year ago. It fell just six sales shy of the record June set a decade earlier. On year-to-date basis, home sales totaled 739 units over the first half of the year, rising 4.2

per cent from the same period in 2016. That is a record for the period. “Home sales in the Chatham-Kent region have slowed down a little bit, going from record levels to near-record levels, but the market is still very strong,” Kristi Willder, president of the association, said in a release. “Unlike some other markets to the east of us, our market has not seen any increase in new listings in recent months. As a result, overall inventories

are testing fresh all-time lows, and that is keeping upward pressure on prices.” The average price of homes sold in June 2017 was $206,978, up 27.5 per cent from June 2016. The year-to-date average price was $192,419, rising 18.9 per cent from the first half of last year. New listings numbered 180 units in June, down 26.8 per cent from the same month in 2016. This was the lowest June level in nearly two decades.

pay their taxes monthly through pre-authorized payments received July notices that didn’t include updated 2017 figures. When the error was discovered, revised notices which listed the correct amounts were mailed to taxpayers. The new amounts include the 1.96 per cent

tax increase approved by council this year, but may also reflect any changes as a result of provincial property reassessment which took place in 2016. Only the correct payment from the revised notice will be deducted from taxpayers. Property owners will not have dual withdrawals from their accounts.

Tax notice error corrected The Chatham Voice

An internal mailing issue which led to some Chatham-Kent property owners receiving two pre-authorized payment notices with differing amounts has been corrected, according to municipal officials. Approximately 9,000 property owners who



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WHERE DREAMS COME HOME WHERE DREAMS COME HOME WHERE DREAMS COME HOME 519-359-8588 WHERE DREAMS COME HOME 519-359-8588 519-359-8588 519-359-8588 519-359-8588 519-359-8588 Barb Phillips Email: Email: Email: 519-359-8588 email: Email: Email: Email: Barb Phillips Broker of Record

Barb Phillips Broker of Record Barb Phillips Broker of Record

Barb Phillips Barb Phillips Phillips Broker of Record Broker of Barb Record Broker of Record

Broker of Record

18 Willcox St., Chatham 74 Elizabeth 18 Willcox St., Chatham Elizabeth 74 Elizabeth 18 Elizabeth Willcox St.,St., Chatham 74 18 74 Willcox St.,St., Chatham 18 Willcox Chatham 18 Willcox Chatham 74 74 Elizabeth 74Elizabeth Elizabeth Street Street Street

18 Wilcox St., Chatham

74 Elizabeth St.

Street Street Street Street Great family home 4 bedrooms, lovely family Great family home Great family home Great family home in lovely mature in home lovely mature in lovely mature in lovely mature Great Great family Greatfamily familyhome home home, open concept on neighbourhood. neighbourhood. Great family home neighbourhood.neighbourhood. in lovely mature inlovely lovelymature mature Features eat-in kitchen, main floor, master with Features eat-in Features eat-in Features eat-in in neighbourhood. neighbourhood. in lovely mature neighbourhood. kitchen, formal kitchen, formal kitchen, formal formal dining room, living room w/ ensuite,Features main floor eat-in Featureseat-in eat-in dining room, living Features dining room, living dining room, living neighbourhood. kitchen, formal $174,900 kitchen,woodwork, formal $174,900 $174,900 laundry, main floor office, 3 bedrooms, 1 room w/natural room w/natural natural room w/natural kitchen, formal Features eat-in dining room, living dining room, living 4 bedrooms, lovely family open concept woodwork, 3 bedwoodwork, 3 bed4 bedrooms, lovely family home,home, open concept woodwork, 3 bedlower level finished, $174,900 dining living $174,900 roomkitchen, w/natural bathroom, main floor laundry. Call Barb roomroom, w/natural formal on main floor, master ensuite, main floor rooms, 1 on bathroom, 1 bathroom, main floor, master withwith ensuite, main floor rooms, 1 bathroom, rooms, $174,900 Open House Open House room w/natural large lot, no backyard 4 bedrooms, lovely family home, open concept Open House woodwork, 3 room, bed4 bedrooms, lovely familymain home, open concept main floor laundry. floor laundry.woodwork, 3 bedlaundry, main floor office, level finished, main floor laundry. laundry, main floor office, lowerlower levelJuly finished, dining living Sat., from 1-3 Sat., July 8 from 1-3 for details! 48bedrooms, lovely home, open concept Sat., July 8main fromfor 1-3details! on main floor, master with ensuite, main floorneighbours 3 bedwoodwork, rooms, 1 on bathroom, Call Barb forlarge details! Call Barb large lot, backyard neighbours. main floor, master with ensuite, floor rooms, 1 bathroom, Call Barb forfamily details! lot,no no backyard neighbours. Open House $174,900

4 bedrooms, lovely family home, open concept Showroom atwith ensuite, main floor on mainlocated floor, master laundry, main floor office, lower level finished, large lot, no backyard neighbours. 356 St.Clair St. Open House w/natural main floorlaundry, laundry. laundry, main floor office, lower level finished, on room main floor, master withJuly ensuite, main floor rooms, 1 bathroom, main floor laundry. main floor Sat.,office, 8lower fromlevel 1-3 finished, Sat., Open July 8 House from 1-3 4 bedrooms, lovely family home,neighbours. open concept Call Barb for details! large lot, no backyard 3lot,bedwoodwork, Callfloor Barb laundry. for details!Dr. laundry, main floor office, lower level finished, 89 main large no backyard neighbours. 100-Acre Farm 89 Regency Dr. 100-Acre Farm Regency have Hortons) clients I have clients 100-Acre Farm 89 Regency Dr. Sat., July 8 from 1-3 New Listing 5756 Bluewater Line I have clients (BesideI Tim on main floor,looking master withfor ensuite, main floor Call Barb for details! rooms, 1 bathroom, large lot, no backyard neighbours. looking for Open House

single family bungalows. Contact Barb Phillips today.

89 Regency Dr.

This hidden gem sits

89 Regency Dr. bungalows. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, great family on over 4 acres of singleContact familyContact single looking forfamily Barb Phillips NEW NEW bungalows. beautiful landscaping. home, largeFarm kitchen, formal dining room. bungalows. 100-Acre 89 Regency Dr. Barb Phillips NEW single family PRICE! PRICE! I have clients today. Contact PRICE! upper apartment, Contact Gorgeous custom built today. Office,Reduced one bedroom Reduced bungalows. By phone: 100-acre farm located looking 100-acre farm located Barb Phillips for NEW $48,900 Barb Phillips Reduced NEW By phone: $48,900 100-acre located 519-359-8588 in Raleigh Township. in farm Raleigh Township. rancher on the water. PRICE! Contact detached garage, call Barb for your $48,900 PRICE! today. 519-359-8588 bedroom mobile, open concept, living room, kitchen, in Raleigh Township. today. By email: 2 bedroom mobile, open concept, living room, kitchen, Call Barb Phillips for single 2family Call Barb Phillips for

Call Tony Almeida at 519-350-6625 By phone: 519-359-8588 By email:

looking for 100-Acre Farm 89 Regency Dr.100-Acre Farm mainI have floor laundry. laundry, main floor office, lower level 32finished, Witherspoon I have clients single family clients single family Call Barb for details! Sat., July 8 from 1-3 largelooking lot, no backyard neighbours. for bungalows. I have looking clients for 100-Acre Farm

RESERVE YOUR HOME TODAY! Phillips Call for details. By phone:By email: 100-acre farm located Call Barb for personal viewing. all the details today! bungalows. allPhillips the Barb details today! By phone: 100-acre farm located 519-359-8588 in Raleigh Township. all the details today! today. 519-359-8588 in Raleigh Township. By email: 2 bedroom mobile, open concept, living room, kitchen,

large shed. Wheelchair ramp. Present All Offers. shed. All Offers. 2 bedroomReduced mobile, open concept,large living room, kitchen,Wheelchair ramp. Present NEW Reduced

$48,900 large shed. Wheelchair ramp.PRICE! Present All Offers.


Contact Call Barb Phillips for Reduced By email:ramp. Present 2 bedroom mobile, open concept, living room, kitchen, By 100-acre farm Phillips locatedfor Call Barb large phone: shed. Wheelchair All Offers. all the details today! $48,900 large shed. Wheelchair ramp. Present All Offers. in Raleigh Barb Phillips 519-359-8588 all the Township. details today! NEW By email: 2 bedroom mobile, open concept, living room, kitchen, PRICE! Call Barb Phillips for today. large shed. Wheelchair ramp. Present All Offers.

By phone: 519-359-8588

100-acre farm located in Raleigh Township.

all the details today!





Peifer Realty Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated 42 Talbot St. W., Blenheim

Penny Wilton, Broker

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Elliot Wilton, Sales Rep.

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Cultivating the Best, Shore to Shore

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Reader's Choice

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Wayne Liddy, Sales Rep Cell 519-436-4810 email:


25951 McMurchy Line - West Lorne

260 Woods St., Chatham Nice 1+2 BR, 1.5 bath. Updated furnace/air, kitchen & wheelchair accessible 3pc bath. $99,900.

18 Cramar Cres., Chatham

571 Victoria Ave., Chatham

Gorgeous executive 3 BR ranch. Great floor plan, massive kitchen & large living room with fireplace. Oversized garage & beautiful patio with covered area. $599,900.

3 BR, 1 bath brick bungalow on a gorgeous lot. Detached garage/workship & cute front porch. Bursting with potential! $169,900.

OFFERED AT $519,900 This home is done to the 9’s! Open House Sunday, July 23 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Open House - Sun. July 22 12-2pm

17514 Lakeshore Rd., Rondeau Park

30 Cumberland Cres., Chatham

444 Riverview Dr. #8/9, Chatham

Lakefront, open concept, 3+1 BR cottage with vaulted ceilings. Beautiful sun room, screened in front room & just steps from Lake Erie. $189,900.

Lovely & Unique 3 BR, 2 bath. Nice size bedrooms overlook living/dining with cathedral ceiling. Large rear deck backing onto schoolyard/park setting. $189,900.

2 commercial condos in excellent location. Units can be split or kept as one. New furnace, AC & roof. Is zoned for dozens of varying businesses! $169,900.

11495 Wildwood Line, Rondeau Awesome commercial lot with building located just outside the main gates of Rondeau Park. Block of building recently refurbished and lots of parking. $169,900

18394 Erie Shore Drive, Erieau Lakefront 3 BR ranch. Beautiful gas fireplace, bright kitchen & cozy dining nook. Huge attached garage. Suitable for year round living, cottage or income property. $274,900.

148 Jane St., Blenheim

Cute 3 BR bungalow. Many upgrades & improvements. Newer kitchen and bath. Nice sized yard! Call Now! $94,900.


Steve Carroll


Sales Rep.



Peifer Realty Inc.


2.5 acre hobby farm! Stately Hampton Custom built 2 storey with 2 car attached garage beside creek and backing onto ravine. This well maintained 3000 sq.ft., 3 bedroom + bonus room + den has spacious rooms, formal living & dining rooms, jacuzzi ensuite off master & main floor family room with cozy wood burning fireplace off large eat-in kitchen with island. Features 4 bevelled glass doors, hardwood floors, porcelain sinks & oak staircase. Economic geothermal water furnace & central vac. Detached insulated barn or workshop (20x20) with hydro, water & waterline available at front entrance to property. Take the 401 to West Lorne exit. Go north to McMurchy line, approx. 7km. See sign. Turn right approx. 1km on the right. See sign. Follow Open house signs as well.

for a virtual tour visit Cell:

Jim McLachlin





Peifer Realty Inc.


email: •


6575 Angler Line, Mitchell’s Bay NEW PRICE! $149,000 2 bedroom bungalow, remodeled bunkie extra space. Access to Mitchell’s Bay. Updates - kitchen, tankless hot water, furnace, windows and more.


OPEN HOUSE SAT. JULY 22 2-4 PM 17 Oakgrove Lane

21 Oxley - $149,900 Mint 2 bedroom brick bungalow, totally updated, large partially fenced yard. Close to grocery store, drug stores and banks. Great location!

23567 Prince Albert Rd. • $649,000 If space inside & outside is what you are looking for this may be the one! Situated on 3.86 acres on the edge of Chatham this 3700sq.ft. executive rancher has it all. It features many updates, 3.5 baths, 4 bedrooms on the main floor. 1500sq. ft. is also finished on the lower level. A triple car attached garage, large shop & drive shed add extra value. You must see this one!

This is a one-of-a-kind townhouse located in a great location with so many unique features. Professionally designed open concept with sparkling hardwoods with a Windmill kitchen with quartz counter tops, 3 or 4 bedrooms, completely finished lower level and no traffic or noise to contend with. First time offered at $319,900 and it won’t last.


For Lease

2804 Kent Line

Just like a new house and comes with a spectacular shop. This package is ideal if you like the outdoors and need to store your toys but need a nice home for the family. Updates everywhere including the master with en-suite bath. 3 good sized bedrooms, new kitchen, main floor laundry and natural gas heat. Nice package for someone. $289,000.

725 St. Clair St.

1000 sq. feet on perhaps the busiest street in the city. Lots of parking, low common fees and available now. You can’t miss with this exposure and signage is available at the road. $11.00.




34 Raleigh St.


519-354-5470 BLENHEIM OFFICE 42 Talbot St. W.





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Chatham-Kent MLS Sold Ends - First Six Months of 2017. We sell more houses than any other office in Chatham-Kent. Royal LePage Peifer has 40% of the Y-T-D market share of the combined top 5 brokerages in Chatham-Kent. Source: MLS Data, Chatham-Kent Real Estate Board, July 5, 2017.

Serving Chatham-Kent Since 1968 Realtor On Duty

Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:00pm Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm

open house

David Smith* 519-350-1615

Larry Smyth** 519-355-8686

Michael Smyth* 519-784-5470

Patti Vermeersch* 519-355-6800

Carson Warrener* 519-809-2856

Cindy Weaver** 519-360-0628

Elliot Wilton* 519-358-8755

Kelly-Anne Appleton* 519-365-7155

Eric Fitzgerald* 519-436-4865

Why use a Realtor? SATURDAY, JULY 22, 11-3PM 433 BALDOON RD $329,900 AGENT: AMBER PINSONNEAULT 4br, 3.5 bath, 2 storey, double - car garage, outdoor oasis with inground pool. Call Amber 519-784-5310

5084 TALBOT, MERLIN $695,000

Beautiful & rare 2br, 2.5 bath new ranch style home on the Lake Erie Bluff. Call Brian K 519-365-6090 or Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

4br, 3.5 bath, 3500 sq ft executive ranch on 3.10 ac’s on the water. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

New Listing 920 CHARING CROSS $549,900

Magnificent 3br, 2.5 bath brick rancher. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

507 RIVERVIEW $499,900

3br, 1.5 bath bungalow on 1.69 acre site backing onto the Thames River + lg metal implement shed. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

New Listing 403 / 405 WALLACE, WALLACEBURG • $129,900 Duplex, both units have 2 bedrooms and views of the river. Call Kristen 519-784-7653.


Brian Peifer Broker of Record Cell 519-436-2669

When you list with a REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL and the MLS SYSTEM you expose your home on which is worldwide. A REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL knows the current market and can negotiate the best price for your home. Call one of our REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS today about marketing your home.

open house

SATURDAY, JULY 22, 1-3PM 2 CRAMAR $549,900 AGENT: BRIAN PEIFER Lovely 4br, 2.5 bath 2 storey in Berkshire Subdivision on a beautifully landscaped lot. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

19438 LAGOON, BLENHEIM • $549,900

4br, 2 bath approx 2800 sq ft ranch on incredible 2.4 ac property with horse barn & large shop. Call Patti 519-355-6800.

New Listing 25951 MCMURCHY, WEST LORNE • $519,900

3br, 2.5 bath custom built 2 storey home on a 2.5 ac hobby farm. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

23567 PRINCE ALBERT $649,000

Beautifully landscaped 4br, 3.5 bath executive brick rancher with many updates on 3.86 acres. Call Steve 519-355-9774 or Brian 519-436-2669.

New Listing

Building and Lot 6 INDIAN CREEK E

For sale or lease. 11,000 sf on 0.58 ac site. Good exposure, easy access to 401. Zoned HC(1). Call Bev 519-358-8805.

877 CHARING CROSS $925,000

Everything you could want! 5br, 2 storey with a beautiful yard. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

7 INDIAN CREEK W $539,900

4+1br, 3.5 bath 2 storey executive home with attached double garage. Call Gus 519-355-8668 or Heather 519-355-8666.

7627 RIVERVIEW LINE $729,900

Steve Carroll* 519-355-9774

17 OAKGROVE $319,900

3 or 4br, 2 bath custom designed 1 floor townhouse with double car garage with all the extras. Call Jim 519-358-3984.

Offer Pending 2 BRUINSMA $199,900

3+1br, 1.5 bath bi-level with some updates. Call Andrea 519-359-2482.

8 HOMESTEAD $182,900

3br brick rancher, 2 baths, finished up and down. Call George 519-360-7334.

4750 TALBOT, MERLIN $559,900

Beautiful 2br, 2 bath custom built home on Lake Erie. Call Ron 519-360-7729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

New Listing

New Listing

23 ENCLAVE $439,000

260 WOODS $99,900

Custom built 4br, 2.5 bath executive brick 2 storey home. Call George 519-360-7334.

Nice 1+2 br, 1.5 bath, 1.5 storey with some updates. Call Elliot 519358-8755 or Penny 519-360-0315.

243 MERRITT $189,900

4br, 1.5 bath 4 level with fully fenced in yard. Call Amber 519-784-5310.

Ronald Franko** 519-355-8181

New Listing Michael Gibbons* 519-365-5634

Catie Hawryluk* 519-809-4268

Brian Keenan* 519-365-6090

Wayne Liddy* 519-436-4810

79 FOREST $138,800 3br, 2 bath brick 1.5 stoery with covered porch. Call Pat 519-360-0141.

Thriving turnkey restaurant operating since 1983. Excellent sales with great profits. Call Deb R 519-401-5470.

21 EARL #2 $219,900

Excellent 2+1br, 2 bath condo townhouse great for retirement. Call Gus 519-355-8668 or Heather 519-355-8666.

43 ELLIS $259,900

3br, 1.5 bath fully updated & tastefully decorated 4 level side split. Call Eric 519-436-4865.

Offer Pending

16 EARL $149,900


Low maintenance & spotless 3 br unique 3 level split. Call Sylvia 519-355-8189.

Totally renovated duplex. Total rents $1,350/mth + utilities. Call Mike Smyth 519-784-5470.

23575 DEW DROP, THAMESVILLE • $159,900 2 building lots in one! Get over 14 acres in this country property between Chatham & Thamesville. Call Ron 519-360-7729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

19 VICTORIA $179,500

Lovely 4br, 1.5 bath 2 storey brick home with loads of charm & character. Call Deb 519-401-5470.



121 ELIZABETH $179,000 3br, 2 bath brick ranch with full basement. Call Betty 519-4368959 or Brian 519-436-2669.

Inventory & equipment incl. 60’x120’ all steel Vertec building on 4.77 acres at Hwy.401. 5 bay doors, 5 ton overhead crane. Call Ron 519-3607729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

Sylvia Moffat** 519-355-8189

Ghassan (Gus) Najjar** 519-355-8668

Heather Najjar** 519-355-8666

Kristen Nead** 519-784-7653

Andrea Okopny* 519-359-2482

Chris Papple* 519-350-1402

Elizabeth Peifer* 519-436-8959

Amber Pinsonneault* Patrick Pinsonneault** 519-784-5310 519-360-0141

Brian Preston* 519-355-9868

Deborah Rhodes* 519-401-5470

Bev Shreve** 519-358-8805

Brandice Smith* 226-626-4838

Ron Smith* 519-360-7729

Includes High Grossing Business 20400 COUNTY RD 42, TILBURY • $1,400,000

June McDougall* 519-358-5199

162 KING W $799,900

New Listing

Jim McLachlin** 519-358-3984

Quality custom built home on a beautiful river lot. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

Penny Wilton** 519-360-0315

Glitters Fun Eatery

George McDougall* 519-360-7334

10989 RIVER LINE $899,900


104 LONDON, THAMESVILLE • $74,900 A very spacious 3br, 2 bath, 1.5 storey century home. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

155 GRAND AVE W. $199,900

Great business opportunity to take over an existing operation + the land & building. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.


Vacant Lot 29971 OAKDALE $20,000

Large (3/4 acre) lot in Croton. Own a piece of property! Call Bev 519-358-8805.

21 OXLEY $149,900

Mint 2 br brick bungalow that is totally updated. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

MITCHELL’S BAY • $149,000 1 floor plan, 2br, large livingroom, great area for fishing, hunting & birding. Many updates. Call Steve 519-355-9774 or Brian 519-436-2669.

225 CAMPUS #314 $101,900 Updated & move-in ready 2br condo apt with tons of inclusions. Call Kristen 519-784-7653.

Offer Pending 154 MURRAY $95,200

Impressive for it’s size. 3br open concept bungalow with many updates. Call Mike G 519-365-5634.

Broker** Sales Representative *





McPherson has Olympic aspirations

By Mary Beth Corcoran

Hockey has been a big part of Jessie McPherson’s life since she was four years old; and now, at 14, she has the opportunity to take her hard work and dedication to the sport to a new level. The Chatham goalie, who most recently played travel hockey and with her high school team at CKSS, has been offered a position between the pipes in the Ontario Provincial Women’s Hockey League for the Cambridge Rivulettes. As one of the youngest players on the 17-player roster for Cambridge, McPherson said she is excited about the opportunity to play in the PWHL, but also nervous about what to expect, with players from ages 14 to 20. “I don’t know what’s going to happen but I am really excited right now,” McPherson told The Chatham Voice. “I know I’m young to be asked. I was

asked to go to Bluewater, which is a great team, but I was really impressed with what Cambridge had to offer. They have office training, psychologist availability and education mentors to help keep us on track.” The goalie just finished Grade 9 at CKSS, helping her team go the farthest any CKSS team has ever gone. “ “We made it to the SWOASSA finals where we fell short 1-0 in the fifth overtime,” McPherson explained. Starting in hockey at a very young age, McPherson took to the sport, especially the goalie position. “I started playing hockey when I was four years old with a co-ed team. I played travel hockey with a select team the next year and continued to play with them for three years until a AA travel league was available in my age group,” she said. “By my third year playing hockey,


Home Building Center DRESDEN HAVE YOU CONSIDERED METAL ROOFING? IT IS MORE AFFORDABLE THAN YOU THINK! NO MORE BLOWN-OFF SHINGLES – our metal roof products withstand high winds of over 100 MPH.

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I was the lone girl on the team. The year I turned eight in December was the first year I was introduced to AAA hockey as an AP goalie for the age group a year older (boys’ 9-10 years old). In the meantime, I continued to play AA boys’, collecting many MVP awards and eventually helping my team go on to win the OMHA championship in 20102011. “With that accomplishment, the boys and I were ready to tackle AAA hockey,” she continued. “Our first year in AAA we were championship finalists. I played AAA for three years and went back to AA boys’ as well as playing occasionally as a “developmental player” for the girls’ team which I helped win a Bronze Medal in the Provincial Championships. “The following year I played Bantam AA Outlaw hockey with girls a year or two older than me. This brings me to my latest season of Midget AA hockey where I played with girls that aged out at 18 this year. Our team were the underdogs of the provincial tournament but I still brought them to

the bronze medal game. Our team unfortunately fell short that game but I still came out a winner because that’s where my current coach saw me play, which resulted in my invite to tryouts and eventual signing with the Cambridge Rivulettes,” McPherson said in her bio. Cambridge coach Geoff Haddaway said while they weren’t looking at Jessie at first, she caught his attention, and was encouraged to take a second look at her play. “We were looking at a teammate of Jessie’s that ended up playing with us. It was the first time I noticed her and I knew she was young, but moving forward, I knew we needed a goalie. When you’re looking at teams from quite a ways away, you really don’t think that player is going to be able to move away,” Haddaway explained. “Someone gave me a heads up to go watch her again and I watched her at provincials and all the way through provincials. She had a great tournament; a great playoff for the Chatham team.


NOW OPEN! Don’t miss out, place a deposit to hold your suite! Enjoy living in brand new, spacious suites at Chatham-Kent’s Premier Retirement Community.

Ask Us about our New Memory Care Home Area

1420 Hwy 21 South, DRESDEN

Phone: 519-683-6199 Cell: 519-436-7291 RICK WISMER

or call me for an appointment or drop by to see me at the Chatham Sales Arena, on Wednesday mornings. 9877 Longwoods Rd., Chatham

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Specialized care and services for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Made In Canada

80 McNaughton Ave., Wallaceburg, ON (519) 627-9292 1100 Stores Strong

Contributed image

Chatham’s Jessie McPherson will play hockey for the Cambridge Rivulettes of the Provincial Women’s Hockey League in the fall.

We are Proud to be locally-owned! Happy, Healthy, Safe

Embrace the Moment




Bowlers enjoy the day

Contributed image

Shown displaying the new vision, mission, and values of the Chatham-Kent Hospice is new Board Chair Dave Macko, centre left, and past Board Chair Jennifer Wilson, centre right.

Community support gives hospice a boost reviewed and redefined the vision, values, and mission that will act as a roadmap for the next three years. “Thank you to the families who entrusted the final care of their loved one to us. We will continue to provide exemplary, compassionate end-of-life care for families of Chatham-Kent,” Jennifer Wilson, Past Chair, Chatham-Kent Hospice Board, said in a release. To learn more about hospice care and services and the difference your support is making in our community, the public is invited to a Community Impact Open House on July 19 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Active Lifestyle Centre on Merritt Avenue in Chatham.

The Chatham Voice

The Chatham-Kent Hospice and Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation recently held a joint Annual General Meeting for the 20162017 year. It was the first year of operations for both organizations. The Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation met its fundraising goal of $850,000 thanks to community support made up of memorial donations, third-party fundraisers, general donations and revenue from the Hospice Foundation Benefit Gala. “I am grateful to our many donors, volunteers, board members, staff and all who worked toward realizing a great first year for the Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation,” John Lawrence, Hospice Helping Seniors Live Foundation Board Chair, said in a Independently at release. Home The hospice cared for 211 residents and their families, with an average Transportation. Frozen length of stay of 14 days in its first Meals. Home Helper. year. Support Services Supporting the clinical care team were 200 trained volunteers who gave more than 13,000 hours in a variety of roles. The Hospice Board also embarked on a strategic planning process that


50 Adelaide St. S., Chatham

Adult Day Away Program 99 Park St. Chatham, Ontario

Experience the Difference.

Includes: Lunch, Foot Care, Nursing Care, Planned Activities, Trip & Transportation.


Chatham-Kent’s ONLY Not-For-Profit Retirement Home.

110 Sandy St. • 519-351-1330 | 519.354.8103 Supported by:

Your ga destinat ming ion!

“All in Package”

available any session on Mondays

23 value for 15!



E v e r y Tu e s d a y - 1 0 : 0 0 a m , 1:00pm, 3:30pm sessions

300 extra giveaways for “Seniors Only”



Meadow Park Chatham Long Term Care Home

Contributed image

From left, Steve and Louise St. Pierre (third place), Don Caswell and Bob North (first place), and Terry Fergusson and Ted Merritt (second place) enjoyed a solid day of play at the Chatham Lawn Bowling club’s July 10 tournament.

!! ANGED, OR PLAY BOTH O G IN B R WE HAVEN’T CH E P PA OR PLAY MPUTER BINGO CO :00pm, Y LA P N CA YOU S: 10:00am, 1 E IM T N IO S S E y S , 9:30pm Dail m p 0 :3 6 , m p 3:30 ! ions of Fridays Midnight Sess

NE FOR OVER O L A R A E Y T S AS RAISED LA s enable many $1,000,000 W NT CHARITIES. Bingo proceed ary ways! KE any extraordin 90 CHATHAMmmunity in m groups to help

our co

d Come on in an fun! have some real

Call Mindy to try a FREE day! 519.354.8103 Hot, Nutritious, Home-Style Meals, Delivered Right to Your Door.

Sign Up Today! 519.351.MEAL (6325)

Meals on Wheels Chatham-Kent is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting health, well-being and independence. Temporary and long-term assistance available. No referral necessary. Volunteers are the heart of the program! Drivers and meal runners needed.

497 Riverview Drive, Chatham 519.351.3232 |





Dreams come at a gender-based price I have had the privilege of watching a friend of Brenna’s grow up from a cute, shy kindergartener to a confident, talented young woman about to embark on the next stage of what she hopes will be a long journey for her as a hockey goalie. Jessie McPherson, a 14-yearold CKSS student about to enter Grade 10, was handpicked by Cambridge Rivu-

lettes coach Geoff helped her Haddaway as underdog team one of two new to play in the goalies for his bronze medal team next year. game. He said after That’s quite an seeing her play achievement for once, he was any athlete, but Mary Beth Corcoran for a 14-year-old encouraged to go see her play leaving home to during the Midget go live and play AA hockey girls’ provincial two hours away in the Provinchampionships, where she cial Women’s Hockey League,

that is pretty impressive. And it wasn’t just her skill between the pipes that was noticed, and her more-than 38 career shutouts. When Haddaway talked to her coaches and trainers, they all told him she was mature, tough, competitive and disciplined enough to handle being away from home, playing against girls up to 20 years of age with way more experience.




















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†† ON MOST 2017 AND


Her parents, Nate and Sandy, have supported Jessie in her pursuit of hockey skills since she was four. Numerous training camps, goalie camps, goalie coaches and off-ice conditioning over the years have helped her hone her skills and feed her competitive spirit. All of that is fantastic news. What makes me a little angry is that if Jessie were a male hockey goalie going into the OHL, the cost to her and her family would be a lot less. As it is, they are asking for sponsorships from local individuals and businesses to help Jessie follow her dream of ultimately tending goal for the Canadian women’s Olympic hockey team. And her dream would be more easily attainable if she was rich and/or male. I have always been a little irked when girls were “encouraged” by coaches to leave co-ed hockey so the boys could have the developmental opportunities, seeing as they could go so much farther in a hockey career than a girl. It didn’t matter if that girl was a better player. So for Jessie to have this opportunity to play hockey at the provincial level at such a young age makes me want to join Nate and Sandy in moving heaven and earth to make this happen. It would be great if our community joined that effort. The McPhersons have sacrificed a great deal to get Jessie to where she is, and that young goalie has worked incredibly hard to achieve her level of skill. I, for one, will be supporting her however I can, be it financially or emotionally – and I look forward to being on a bus of supporters heading to Cambridge for Jessie’s first game. The league doesn’t allow the teams to charge admission (which means no gate revenue) but for spectators this means the opportunity to watch excellent hockey for free. Save my seat on the bus, Nate, ‘cause I have my signs and foam finger ready to watch some great hockey and support a kid who deserves her chance to follow her hockey dreams.

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Local lass to play goal for Cambridge Rivulettes Continued from page 12

“We just thought after getting to talk to her a little bit, doing a little homework on her, we saw that her mental makeup was mature enough and strong enough. It’s not going to be easy for her next year moving away from home, but we thought if anyone can handle it, it seems like Jessie has the make up to handle it.” For her parents, Nate and Sandy McPherson, this opportunity for Jessie is one they couldn’t pass up, despite the expense involved. “We’re really excited; we split our goalies, we always have and have a pretty good history of good goaltenders. We have two new goaltenders coming and we’re looking for Jessie to grow her game. She’s young and will be with us for a while,” Haddaway said. “You don’t like to put labels on kids because it’s not fair; she’s young kid, but if she does that, I would say she has unlimited potential, and people, I think, are recognizing that. If Jessie keeps working hard, and when athletes take care of the things that the athlete can, then good things usually end up happening. “We try to get a really good picture of the person. We can judge the hockey, it is the easiest part of the job, talking to

people who know her; her coaches, even her goalie coach, about whether she can handle it and people are saying if anyone can do it, it’s Jessie.” Her parents have supported her since she started in hockey with many goalie camps and goalie coaches, along with off-ice training to help her hone her skills. “She does a lot of training on her own. She’s mature for 14 and very disciplined,” Nate said. “Anyone who has worked with her on the ice talks about her discipline and determination.” Jessie’s mom is also very impressed with Cambridge and the supports in place to help Jessie excel not just on the ice, but academically and working to her future goals of a scholarship. “They have an education mentor that keeps them on track because the idea is to get the girls scholarships too; they work with the girls and help them contact schools, so that’s a priority for them too. They know what Jessie’s goals are and they are going to help her attain them. That was the biggest selling point for Jess,” Sandy noted. The costs, however, involved with Jessie’s move to Cambridge include billeting with a family in Cambridge, travel and



Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Jessie McPherson shows off the trophies and medals she’s already earned through hockey by the age of 14. McPherson is off to play in the Provincial Women’s Hockey League for the Cambridge Rivulettes in the fall.

hotel costs from Windsor to Ottawa, and equipment which will quickly add up. Haddaway explained that unlike male players in the OHL that are sponsored and get gate receipts and merchandising, women’s teams in the PWHL find sources of income for players and teams are limited to families, fundraisers and whatever spon-

sors they can find. Jessie has a gofundme page to help her and her parents offset the costs and hopes that sponsors will see her potential and help her reach her ultimate goal of Olympic women’s hockey. “I am very hopeful for a successful season this year. I have worked extremely hard off and on the ice to get this far and

I hope this is just the beginning. My education is also very important to me and I work hard in school, aspiring to receive a hockey scholarship and play at a University level while I work towards a degree in medicine,” Jessie explained in her bio. “Ultimately, my goal is to wear a Team Canada jersey and represent my country in a national tournament and

eventually the Olympics. I truly believe that this year is the stepping stone to get me there.” Anyone who is interested in sponsoring Jessie or contributing to her gofundme page can go to https://www.gofundme. com/41mqips or contact Nate McPherson on his Facebook page to find out about sponsorship packages.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017 • Paula and the cornhuskers in the main dining room at Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham at 2:00pm.

• Mad Science! at the Tilbury branch of the CKPL at 12:30pm. Performance at Tilbury Arena and at the Wheatley branch at 2:30pm, performance at the Wheatley arena.

• Pepper and fun darts at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Pepper at 1:00pm and darts at 7:30pm.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 • Pepper and fun darts at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Pepper at 1:00pm and darts at 7:30pm.

• Celebrate Canadian Artists: put on your hairnet, find a monkey, and learn how to paint like Emily Carr at the Thamesville branch of the CKPL at 10:15am. • Master Your Health - Workshop for People Living with Chronic Disease. Learn to take control of your health, build confidence, create personal plans, and deal with everyday challenges. Offered at no cost. Bring a friend or family member, all are welcome. Thamesview Family Health Team, 465 Grand Ave. W. Chatham. 519-354-0070 ext.602 or 625 to register. Runs July 20-Aug.24 from 10:00am-12:00pm. Friday, July 21, 2017 • Welcome Randy Grey performing in the west lounge at Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham at 10:30am. • Meal and darts at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St, Chatham. Dinner from 5:30pm7:00pm with choice of meat loaf roast beef or fish and chips for $9.00. One meat draw. Open darts starts at 7:30pm. Saturday, July 22, 2017 • Saturday Morning Breakfast at First Presbyterian Church, Chatham (corner of Fifth St and Wellington). A delicious nutritious breakfast served free of charge every Saturday morning from 9:30am11:00am. Everyone is most welcome! • Ohana Family Singers will perform in the west lounge at Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham at 10:30am. • Chatham Blood donor clinic at the Polish Canadian Club from 9:00am-12:00pm. New donors and walk ins welcome. • Meat draw and dance at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Meat draw from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Dance from 4:30pm-9:30pm featuring Blast from the Past. • The CKPL presents Cindy Cook from Polka Dot Door will be at the Wallaceburg branch of the CKPL at 10:30pm and the Bothwell branch at 1:00pm (hosted at Jim Kish Theatre). All are welcome! Singing, puppets, etc. Monday, July 24, 2017 • Open euchre is at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham at 1:00pm. • The Digital Bookmobile National Tour is stopping at the Chatham branch of the CKPL from 12:00pm6:00pm. Tuesday, July 25, 2017 • The CKPL Children’s Room, Chatham branch, celebrates Canada 150 with ‘Home Sweet Zone’ at 11:00am. Join Rondeau Park naturalists to discover some of the amazing creatures that share our Carolinian life zone. All ages welcome • Open euchre and shuffleboard at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Open euchre at 1:00pm and shuffleboard at 7:00pm.

Thursday, July 27, 2017 • Paint Nite at the Active Lifestyle Centre. Doors open at 6:00pm with Canteen on site. Register on line at events/_1186230 to join the fun! • Join the Meadow Park Auxiliary on the front patio for the Christmas in July BBQ and special musical guest: Jeremy Smith. Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham. 2:00pm. • Open euchre at 1:00pm at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Snye Creek Singers and Native Dancers at 6:30pm at the Wallaceburg branch of the CKPL. All are welcome and registration is not required. • Strange Tales of Canada: What goes ‘bump’ in the night in Nunavut? Explore spooky Inuit legends and East coast haunts at the Thamesville branch of the CKPL at 10:15am. Friday, July 28, 2017 • Karaoke at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 465 Merlin, 2 Stanley St., Merlin. 6:00pm-9:00pm. Dinner is Chicken Parmesan for $10 and served from 5:30pm-7:00pm. • Music with Ted in the West Lounge of Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham. 2:00pm. • Meal and darts at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St, Chatham. Dinner from 5:30pm7:00pm with choice of liver and onions, roast beef or fish and chips for $9.00. One meat draw. Open darts starts at 7:30pm. Saturday, July 29, 2017 • Saturday Morning Breakfast at First Presbyterian Church, Chatham (corner of Fifth St and Wellington). A delicious nutritious breakfast served free of charge every Saturday morning from 9:30am11:00am. Everyone is most welcome! • Meat draw and dance at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Meat draw from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Dance from 4:30pm-9:30pm featuring Don & Bonnie. Sunday, July 30, 2017 • Sing-along with Bill in the main dining room at Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham. 2:00pm. Monday, July 31, 2017 • Open euchre is at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham at 1:00pm. PAWR at the animal shelter phone number for lost and stray pets and issues at the dog parks: 226-996-9969 daytime. Emergency and after-hours number: 519-784-6146. Animal Cruelty and neglect cases call direct 310-7722 or 310-SPCA. Chatham-Kent Metal Detecting Club - Meets last Thursday of the month. 7:00pm. Kinsman Room. Erickson Arena, new members welcome! Submit your coming events to or

Which form of Finn will we see today? I’m convinced our nail on your big toe if feline has split peryou don’t shoo him sonalities. Finn, our away immediately. cat, has two, maybe • Looks out the three, rolling around window, then looks inside his skull. up, spying at fish fly At times, he’s on the outer window. adorable. At others, Tries to climb the Bruce Corcoran he’s deplorable. And blinds to get at the then there is the Finn fly. version that absolutely • Tries to bite the hand fails when trying to look cool while that pets him. moving about the house. • Bounces off the bedroom doors I’ve categorized his different perwhen you go to bed. Meows loudly sonalities below. and pathetically. Grabs a noisy toy Finn, the cat: and plays right outside the door. • Cuddles up in your lap and • Couldn’t care less if the humans purrs himself to sleep. are settling for the night; he’d • Sleeps peacefully in the chair rather attack the painting above the beside you as you nap nearby. couch. • Plays with his various toys for • Looks at your glass of water and hours on end. knocks it over with the swipe of a • Looks peacefully out the winpaw. Getting you and everything dow. near you wet, but he leaps away • Enjoys a nice scratching behind without a drop landing on him. his ears. • All food in the house is his or • Goes to sleep in the living room should be his. If you take a plate when everyone goes to bed. into the living room while reading • Settles down for the night when or watching TV, be prepared to everyone in the house does. constantly push him away and put • Looks at your glass of water and him on the floor. Relentless in his tries to get a drink. pursuit of chow. • Actually slept in one of the bath• Toilet paper rolls, if left with a room sinks once. bit of the paper hanging down that • Runs underneath the outer is blown by the air from the nearby shower curtain and acts like we air vent, is subject to immediate can’t see his paws and tail hanging unrolling. out. • Unhappy over not getting to • Says “good morning” or “good attack a bag of mini-croissants, he evening” by rubbing his whiskers proceeds to climb up the front of a on your whiskers. Of course, when music speaker. he tries it on Mary or Brenna, it • Not content with nearby toys, doesn’t have the same effect. He every item on the coffee table must tends to look at them with a bit of be pushed onto the floor, including disappointment in his eyes. TV removes, video game control• If you make the mistake of lers, you name it. letting him into your room at bed • Leaps up and grabs your heels time or while taking a nap, he’ll when your feet hang over the end take up most of your pillow, and of a recliner’s footrest. He quickly will purr incessantly, causing your wraps his front paws around your head to vibrate and you to not get foot, no claw, and nibbles on your any rest. (OK, this is cute in my heel to the point it tickles. Surpriseyes because it happened to Mary es the crap out of you, especially and I saw it.) if you are “watching” a baseball Satan, the cat: game with your eyes closed. • Cuddles up in your lap, looks Finn the klutz: up sweetly and then attacks your • Tries to jump on window ledge/ forearm, or launches himself off of ottoman/couch, hits the wall or you because he suddenly has to be side of the furniture as he misjudgin another room for absolutely no es the distance. Immediately pops reason, scratching your leg as he up and looks at the nearby humans takes off. as if to say, “I meant to do that.” • Wakes up from his nap before • Looks at tail while sitting on the you do and decides the best way to couch. Forgets his tail is attached wake you up is by nibbling on your and pursues it to the point of fallnose, upper lip or earlobe. ing off said couch. • Plays with toys and then de• Runs into the living room, spins cides body parts, such as your toes, around and turns on the Xbox with are more interesting. Has a knack his butt. for getting his teeth under the toeContinued on page 17




The Arts/Life

C-K teen to dance with Rockettes

By Bruce Corcoran

Local dancer Shelby Lee Olmsted is heading to New York City this summer to dance with the world-renowned Radio City Rockettes dance team. She has been accepted to their Summer Intensive dance camp starting later this month. Olmsted, 15, who will enter Grade 11 at Chatham-Kent Secondary School in the fall, is “very excited” to attend the camp. She’s been a fan of the high-kicking Rockettes for years. “I went to New York last year with a school trip. We got to meet one of the Rockettes. I watch the Rockettes whenever I can,” she said. Olmsted went to an audition

with the dance team in Detroit in May and it was there she qualified for the intensive camp, which takes place July 27-29 in New York City. “She is so excited. She would not be doing this or be the dancer/performer in musicals, and young lady she is if not for her PURE coaches and family. We appreciate them more than they will ever know,” Olmsted’s father Nick said in a media

release. Olmsted looks forward to learning from the Rockettes. “At the intensive camp, we’ll be learning some of the Rockettes’ routines. A few of the Rockettes will actually be teaching us,” she said. “We’ll be learning some of their routines that make them such strong dancers.” A trademark of the Rockettes are their extremely high leg

kicks, something Olmsted said are called “eye-high kicks. “I’m pretty good with kicks. I’m very excited to be able to go and try it with them,” she said. Olmsted, who has been dancing since the age of three, said while the Rockettes camp is three days long, she and her mother will head to New York for a week. They hope to visit several museums and get in some shopping as well.

Outside of the studio, PURE offers opportunities for its students. These include touring with Education Arts Canada, performing for professional groups, and amazing dance conventions across North America. Dance conventions offer intensive, one-of-a-kind classes with the opportunity to earn various scholarships that invite dancers to take part in events across the U.S. and Canada.



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• Is very curious about plastic shopping bags, to the point he gets his head stuck in the hand-hole of one. Runs around the basement with a bag of pretzels as a result. • Thinks he’s the fastest land animal, especially when going up and down stairs. Misses a step and runs face first into the next one while heading up, or tumbles down a couple while heading down. What is it about cats? You can eventually teach dogs tricks and how to behave, what to do and what not to do (for the most part). Cats just look at you, make up their own mind, and go about their business. I’ve tried speaking sternly to Finn, telling him “No!” He may look at me briefly, but generally returns to his previous bit of vandalism. Or if I accompany my stern words with a raised index finger, he generally thinks I’m offering up a chew toy, not an attached digit. It’s reached the point where I “threaten” him with a fist, telling him such incomprehensible things as “I’ll knock you into next week if you don’t behave,” or “other cats have died for less.” Someone passing by outside might think I’m trying to get a fist bump from my cat. Anyone who hears the conversation might believe I’m going to nuke the little fur ball. As for Finn, he takes it all in stride. The clenched fist usually ends up with him trying to gnaw on a knuckle. It’s hard not to laugh at his efforts.

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17 One of the Jackson 5 18 Margery of nursery-rhyme fame 19 Played aloud, as a TV 21 Without a cent 24 Winter woe 25 Year, in Uruguay 26 Snitch

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28 Square dance group 32 Rickey flavoring 34 Shrill bark 36 Genealogy chart 37 Put forth 39 Cookie holder 41 Coffee vessel 42 U.K. flyers 44 Burns or Browning 46 Serving piece 50 Astronaut Grissom 51 Floater 52 Boring 56 Con 57 Culture medium 58 Scratch 59 Uncategorized (abbr.) 60 Legislations 61 Early bird? DOWN 1 Wire measure 2 Expert 3 Good-looking 4 “Jeopardy!” clue, e.g. 5 Court 6 Mary’s follower 7 Ledge

8 Diving garb 9 Send forth 10 Location 11 Walked (on) 16 Corrode 20 Hearty brew 21 Hay bundle 22 Alternative to Windows 23 Rotation duration 27 -- Mahal 29 Macabre 30 Frau’s mate 31 Camp shelter 33 Unsteady 35 Standard 38 Highlander’s hat 40 Astaire’s frequent partner 43 Of the unborn 45 Urban transport 46 Pull an all-nighter 47 Hindu princess 48 Little salamanders 49 Latvia’s capital 53 Uncooked 54 Periodical, briefly 55 Work measure







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A N K LAVER EN VK V A U C T I O N S I N C. Pavlinak, Franziska “Frances” (nee Hammerschmid) A resident of Chatham, Frances Pavlinak passed away peacefully surrounded by her loving family at Meadow Park Nursing Home, Chatham on Sunday, July 16, 2017 in her 101st year. Born December 15, 1916, Frances was the daughter of the late Joseph & Josepha (nee Schofl) Hammerschmid. Devoted wife to the late John Pavlinak (2015). Beloved mother of Ernest Gruberbauer (Leona) of Port Elgin, Johanna Ovecka (Edward) of Croton, Willy Pavlinak (Ruth) of Port Dover, Carolyn Collins (William) of Temagami, and Carmen Eskritt (George) of St. Catharines. Grandmother of 11 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren & 8 great-great grandchildren. Predeceased by her 6 siblings, brother, Joseph & sisters, Anna, Maria, Paula, Aloisia, and Hedwig, and daughter-in-law, Linda Pavlinak. Mother-in-law of Mary Pavlinak, Leona Croshaw & Bruce Thompson. Sister-in-law of Maria Pavlinak of Czech Republic & Helen Pavlinak of Brantford. Missed by many cousins, nieces & nephews. As well as Evelyn Lewis, who was a dear friend & companion to Frances, her angel on earth. Special thanks to all of the compassionate staff at Meadow Park Nursing Home for their care. Frances was an active member of the Kent Chapter of the Women’s Institute, a 4-H Club leader & took part in the Blue Bird Club of the Diabetes Association. As well as a home care giver to many families within Chatham. Frances enjoyed spending her summers up north at the cabin, oil painting and an active member of her bible study group. Family to receive friends at McKinlay Funeral Home, 459 St. Clair Street, Chatham on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. A Funeral Service will be held at the Funeral Home on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. with an hour of visiting prior to the service. Interment in Maple Leaf Cemetery following reception. Donations in memory of Frances may be made to the Salvation Army, Bibles for Missions or charity of choice. Online condolences may be left for the family at www. McKinlay Funeral Home 459 St. Clair Street, Chatham, Ontario 519 351 2040

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Marilyn Sterling 75, Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Blenheim Community Funeral Home John ‘Jack’ McCrae 82, Saturday July 15, 2017 Blenheim Community Funeral Home Patrick Joseph Howlett 71, Sunday, July 16, 2017 Blenheim Community Funeral Home Robert Shoemaker 92, Monday, July 10, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

William ‘Bill’ Haydon 68, Friday, July 14, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home Jon Kampijan 69, Tuesday, July 11, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home Andrew Vantorre 90, Saturday, July 15, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home Robert Schives 80, Sunday, July 16, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Michael Amerlinck 82, Wednesday, July 12, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

See full obituaries at

Gordon Liddle 94, Monday, July 10 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home 245 Wellington St. W., Chatham 519-352-2710

Clayton Austin 85, Thursday, July 13, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

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Animal shelter receives $50K donation The Chatham Voice

The new animal shelter

is now “well past” the 50-per-cent fundraising

mark needed to make the facility a reality, thanks to

Contributed image

When the Chatham-Kent’s new animal shelter fundraising effort received a $50,000 boost from the Howard J. Rees Foundation this week, one local canine seemed particularly thankful. During the cheque presentation, Hula decided to give her owner Jim Sanson a friendly lick on the cheek. From left, Art Stirling, chair of the Friends of the new Animal Shelter; Foundation representative Anne Fisher; Hula; and Jim Sanson of the foundation.

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Hawaiian Garden Party

Join Chatham Retirement Resort as they celebrate summer with a Hawaiian garden party. Enjoy a live musical performance by the Pub Crawlers, indulge in tropical themed fare, or take part in a Charity Quarter Auction benefitting the Alzheimer Society. Friends and family welcome.

Sunday, July 23rd, 1:00-4:00pm

Call to RSVP 1-844-472-8372 Chatham Retirement Resort 25 Keil Dr N Chatham

a $50,000 donation by the Howard J. Rees Foundation July 12. “This donation demonstrates not only the deep community support for the new shelter but also the ongoing generosity of the late Dr. Rees through his foundation,” Art Stirling, co-chair of the Friends of the new Animal Shelter, said in a release. “We have more fundraising ahead of us and we continue to celebrate both large and small gifts. This is truly a community-wide project.” The foundation, created in 1992, was established to support the arts, health and education. It has provided scholarships, supported medical needs and was a major factor in the expansion of the Gable Rees Rotary Pool. Lynn McGeachy, project co-ordinator, said construction of the shelter goes far beyond its primary purpose of providing a safe, humane building for animals in distress. “The building will have a community room which

will play a role in teaching animals care and act as a community resource,” she said in a release. “Animals play such an important role in people’s lives, as companions.” Chatham-Kent council has pledged a total of $500,000 over this year and next to help defray the cost, which has been estimated at between $1.5

and $2 million. Construction of the new shelter should begin next spring across from the current facility on Park Avenue East, a 40-yearold municipally owned structure that outlived its usefulness. When the new facility is completed, it will be turned over to the municipality.

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The Chatham Voice, July 20, 2017  

The July 20, 2017 edition of The Chatham Voice, an independent community newspaper serving Chatham, Ont. and area.