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The sound of music Saturday, April 14

th • 9am-3pm

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Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Students from the Chatham-Kent Secondary School jazz band were at city hall last week to help kick off the start of the 73rd Annual Kiwanis Musical Festival, put on every year by the Kiwanis Club to showcase the musical talent of local youth. The festival ends this week with a public performance following two weeks of competition.

Blog info on pile driving removed By Mary Beth Corcoran

Just days after information on how deep pile driving methods could impact adjacent water wells was discovered in a company blog, the Hydro One consulting firm pulled down the info from its website.

Brought to the public’s attention by Essex MPP Taras Natyshak, the blog on the EBS Geostructural website referenced the North Kent One wind turbine project in North Chatham and the recommendation to use a micro-piling method of construction for the turbine

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foundation instead of the deep piling method. “The potential for driven pile installation to cause issues with nearby active water wells” was given as the first point as to why the company recommended to use the micro pile (drilled) method instead of the deep pile

(hammer) method to anchor the foundation. That sentence was removed from the company blog, causing members of Water Wells First and Natyshak to question why the only reference to potential impact to water wells was removed.

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Happy to come baCK By Bruce Corcoran

When Rosanna Magliaro graduated from high school 16-plus years ago, she couldn’t wait to leave Chatham-Kent. And now Rosanna Mitchell is more than happy to be home. She and her husband Steve Mitchell traded their 850-square-foot Toronto condo for a 10-acre parcel of land on Lake Erie, featuring beautiful sunrises over the lake, and possibly a winery as

early as later this year. Rosanna, 35 and Steve, 36, who is from Windsor originally, met in Toronto where the pair went to post-secondary school. Rosanna started out in the entertainment industry, performing globally with Koba Entertainment, and appearing in commercials as well. She also ran her own performance and visual arts camp for children for a decade. She eventually returned to school to become a teacher.

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Trading city condo for C-K waterfront

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She’s now at Ursuline College Chatham, while Steve is teaching at Chatham-Kent Secondary School. Rosanna also runs a pop-up arts studio,, for children and adults. The couple lived in Toronto for 15 years, enjoying all that the big city had to offer. Steve also did some acting while they lived there. They developed a group of close friends that became like family to them, something they admit was needed when living three and four hours from their places of birth. Rosanna said the timing to come home, however, was ripe. “We loved Toronto in our 20s. But it was only OK in our 30s,” she said. It was a motorcycle ride for Steve one day that changed everything. “I was riding my motorcycle to visit my mom near Harrow and I saw this property for sale,” he said of their Talbot Trail home. “I got off the bike, walked around the property and looked around.” He loved it. But there was one problem. It was out of their

price range. A year later, the Mitchells happened to see it was still for sale, and still too expensive. But the following year, 2015, the listing was under a new agent, and it sported a lower price. “We made a pros and cons list,” Steve said. “The pros for moving back to this area were about a page long. It included cost of living, seeing our families, having fires.” And then there is the lakefront property. “The difference between 850-square-feet and 10 acres is ridiculous,” he said. Another factor for Rosanna was a shorter commute. She and Steve face about a 25-minute drive each day, but in Toronto, her commute was 70 minutes minimum each way. “Not to have to sit in traffic on the 401 is great,” she said. Another perk is the fact they purchased a property with acres of grapevines, and hope to open a winery in the near future. “My parents are Italian, so the idea of their daughter owning a winery is pretty cool,” Rosanna said. Being close to family again is another huge bonus.


Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Rosanna and Steve Mitchell, pictured here with their daughter, Stella, and dog, Napa, traded their 850-squarefoot Toronto condo for 10 acres of lakefront property along Lake Erie, and hope to open their own winery in the near future.

For Steve, simply being able to enjoy the outdoors is a bonus. “This landscape can really take you away. You get connected to the land and the outdoors,” he said. One thing they do miss about city life is the fact everything was close at hand. “It’s lovely here, but every now and then we miss the convenience of going out the door to grab a coffee,” Rosanna said. Being in Chatham-Kent is not all about rural life for the

Mitchells. After returning to Chatham-Kent for Rosanna, she and Steve discovered what they call a “secret, thriving arts community” in Chatham-Kent. “It’s nice to connect with like-minded individuals,” she said. Since coming to Chatham-Kent, the couple has made an addition to the family: their daughter Stella, who is an energetic 17 months of age. Steve admitted when they first moved in, they faced an inter-


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esting transition from city life to country living. “Neither of us grew up on a farm. We were lost. I didn’t even know how to start the tractor,” he said. But with a great deal of trial and error, and the support the likes of George Smith, who with his wife Mary Jane ran Smith & Wilson Estate Winery near Blenheim for a number of years, the Mitchells have learned a great deal about rural living. The previous owners of their property grew grapes, but sold them to a winery. The Mitchells hope to one day do everything in house, as their dream is to open a boutique winery, Blue Roof Winery, aptly named after their readily identifiable blue roof on their home. The Mitchells hope to harvest their first grapes this year. It’s been a challenge nursing the vines back to health after backto-back extremely cold winters earlier this decade killed off a great deal of the grapevines along this section of Lake Erie.

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Faulty blade blamed for collapse The Chatham Voice

Officials with Terraform, owners of the Raleigh wind farm project where a tower collapsed on Jan. 19, said the cause has been identified as a “faulty blade.” “After fully satisfying a review by independent, third-party professionals, as well as our

own engineering team, our Raleigh wind facility has returned to service as of Thursday, March 29. The review confirmed that the collapse of a turbine at the facility earlier this year was caused by a single faulty blade. No other similar issues were identified through the review process,” said Terraform’s Chad Reed, Director

of Investor Relations. “We will continue to regularly and rigorously monitor all turbines as part of our ongoing review and maintenance process.” On Jan. 19, local residents reported hearing a bang sometime after midnight. Bob Crawford, fire chief for the municipality, said the turbine came down about 1 a.m.

“The main support shaft for the nacelle gave up about halfway up. It didn’t sever, but stayed attached,” he said the day after the tower collapse. The Raleigh wind farm started generating electricity back in 2011, and was built by Invenergy. The 78 MW project includes 52 GE-manufactured turbines

on 9,300 acres of land and is reported to produce enough electricity to power up to 20,000 homes, according to previously published reports. In late 2015, Invenergy sold the Raleigh turbine farm to Terraform Power Inc., as part of the sale of more than 800 MW of power plants.

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Chatham Voice file photo

A turbine belonging to Terraform Power Inc. toppled over onto itself on 16th Line near Drake Road Jan. 19. The company said an investigation reveale a faulty turbine blade as the cause.

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Consultant says info removed for clarity “It has Erin Brokov-

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ich written all over it,”

Natyshak said in a phone interview with The Chatham Voice. “It’s the old ‘cover up is worse than the crime’ adage. In this day and age, would they not realize we would screen capture the initial report? Of course we did; we have several 2013 NISSAN ROGUE SV FWD copies.” After reaching out to EBS officials via e-mail, the company marketing director responded STK#7130A $ quickly, saying 110000KM the statement 2015 NISSAN ROGUE S FWD was removed from their site, as it wasn’t being used “correctly.” “We’d like to STK#1N332A clarify any con$ 72000KM fusion that our Chatham-Kent 2014 NISSAN ROGUE SL AWD blog post has caused,” Stephanie Aires said in an e-mail. “Our blog posts are for promoSTK#1N351A $ tional purposes 95000KM only, and are intended as 2015 NISSAN ROGUE SL AWD not reports. Some blog statements are job specific, while others are general statements about STK#7051A $ the services and 45000KM technologies we offer. 2014 NISSAN ROGUE SV AWD “EBS Geostructural Inc. has chosen to remove specific statements from the ChaSTK#8104A $ tham-Kent blog 35000KM as they were being used incor2015 NISSAN ROGUE SV AWD rectly. EBS chose to remove the statement on our own accord and were not asked STK#7060A by anyone to $ LESS THAN 10000KM remove or alter it. We apologize 2013 NISSAN ROGUE SV FWD for the misunderstanding that our promotional


























































735 Richmond St., Chatham 519-352-9000









































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blog caused.” Natyshak found the fact only the sentence referring to water wells was removed “interesting” and wants answers. “It does raise a whole host of other questions. Who ordered that to EBS Geostructural? Who pressured them to remove that phrase from their website?” Natyshak said. “Ultimately, we know the issue here is liability, when we get down to brass tacks. The minute they assume liability and responsibility for contaminating these wells, the numbers start to escalate in regards to what the recourse is and what reparation looks like.” The Essex MPP added that there are several options for recourse open to the wind farm company and the government. “Does it look like bringing out municipal water to those homes – how much will that cost and who pays for it? There’s shutting down those lines until the aquifer returns to normal and those folks can have access to the water they had previous. Does it look like massive ongoing maintenance for home filtration systems for these residents and the costs associated with that? Or the fourth option is shutting them down completely in perpetuity,” he questioned. One thing the member from Essex is sure of is that he will not be letting up on his questions to the premier. “We are going to continue to push this issue in the legislature before we enter the election and after. I’m not giving up on these people until there is a solution found. There is no way in Ontario in 2018 that residents in our province shouldn’t have access to clean and safe drinking water – not a chance; not under my watch,” Natyshak said. The MPP said he wishes he got involved earlier in the issue but didn’t want to step into a neighbouring riding. “I just wish I could have gotten on it sooner because it’s just devastating. There’s no way this should be happening. This area means a lot to me. I’ve fished and duck hunted in that area my whole life and it’s quintessential southwestern

Ontario and Lake St. Clair shoreline and farmland. To make it unlivable and uninhabitable; no way, no chance. Not on my watch,” he added. While Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath was in Chatham-Kent on Wednesday, Natyshak said she took time out to visit the farm of Dave Lusk, an affected well owner, and Theresa Pumphrey to see first hand what they are dealing with. “What I saw yesterday was outrageous,” said Horwath in a release. “Dave and his family have lived on that farm for generations and never had an issue with water quality before the pile driving began nearby. These families deserve for their government to take this seriously – Kathleen Wynne needs to direct her ministry of health to complete a health hazard investigation at the contaminated wells immediately.” Samsung and Pattern Energy had provided the affected families with a temporary water source, but the tanks are now slowly being removed from affected farms. Lusk told Horwath that he has purchased a new water tank at a cost of more than $1,200. In addition to the cost of the tank, he expects to pay another $400 to hook it up to the plumbing system in his home and $60 every two weeks to keep the tank full. “What used to cost Dave $10 per month will now cost him $120 per month, just so he can have drinkable water at home,” said Horwath. “That’s no way for people to live. It’s ludicrous that Kathleen Wynne is allowing these families to go without safe drinking water.” Residents have had the black water collected and analyzed by scientific experts who have found the water contains Black Shale sediment. Black Shale is a known environmental hazard because it contains heavy metals which can be released into a person’s body if the water is ingested. Some farmers have reported that they are so reluctant to use this contaminated water that they are feeding their livestock bottled water instead.





Natural gas expansion good for C-K The Chatham Voice

More than $8 million in natural gas expansion grants in Chatham-Kent have been approved recently, a move which municipal officials say could bring hundreds of millions of dollars of investment and hundreds of jobs to the community. Eleven projects worth nearly $75 million were announced through the provincial ministries of Infrastructure, and Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs under the Natural Gas Grant Program. All projects still require approval of the Ontario Energy Board. The Chatham-Kent Rural Pipeline Expansion project will result in the construction of two transmission pipelines as well as supporting distribution mains and individual customer stations to immediately connect five local agricultural businesses, while establishing infrastructure that can help to meet growing energy demand within the local agri-food cluster. The Moraviantown First Nation will benefit from the construction of a natural gas distribution pipeline to connect homes and businesses along Norton Line, Knoll Road, School House Road, Lunaapeew Road, and Littlejohn Road/Corn Plant Road

near Chatham-Kent, serving the Delaware Nation of Moravian. Mayor Randy Hope said the announcement is the culmination of more than two years of effort by the municipality in aiding the project’s development, including last year’s council resolution of support. “Our greenhouse industry is bursting at its seams,” Hope said in a media release. “Each acre of greenhouses costs more than $1 million to build and this project can supply enough natural gas for hundreds of acres of greenhouses. This kind of development brings jobs in construction and in long-term operation.” A potential route for the proposed eight-inch diameter pipeline would be from the Panhandle System, in the Tupperville area, along Base Line to east of Dresden to Kent Bridge Road, a distance of 13 kilometres. The potential project would also include a 500-metre 12-inch diameter pipe near Dover Centre to “de-bottleneck” the Chatham East transmission system. Steve Baker, President of Union Gas said, “We are very pleased that a number of Ontario communities are now a step closer to accessing natural gas – a reliable and affordable source of energy to keep

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families warm and to support the growth of local businesses and industry. We appreciate (Infrastructure) Minister Chiarelli’s support and leadership in making this a reality. There was an overwhelming interest in the Natural Gas Grant Program and we are committed to work with government to help even more communities access natural gas

in the future.” Chatham-Kent Acting Director of Economic Development Services Stuart McFadden said the expansion opens up opportunities for any businesses that use natural gas. “In the past we have had to turn away in excess of 300 acres of greenhouse development alone due to supply issues,” he said. “This means we are more

open for business than


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Never assume The people of Chatham-Kent aren’t stupid and it makes us a little angry when the powers that be assume we are. The news this week about the EBS Geostructural Consultant blog that had a key phrase removed regarding the company’s advice to Hydro One about using micro-piling methods instead of deep piling to avoid “potential for driven pile installation to cause issues with nearby active water wells” is disturbing on so many levels. First, the advice to Hydro One is proof at least one government agency used alternative methods of pile-driving to avoid disturbing area water wells, with the blessing of the Ministry of the Environment, as the blog states. Second, it refutes the claims by the North Kent One wind farm that there couldn’t possibly be any connection between deep pile driving methods used to construct the turbine foundations and the complaints of sediment contamination in several water wells in the project area. And finally, removing the line referring to water wells doesn’t make us “unsee” the information. We now know at least one government agency – Hydro One – sought advice on how to construct towers with the least impact to area wells and went with that advice, keeping in line with the company commitment to “identify and evaluate environmental risks to ensure that hazards are eliminated or controlled” as it states on its website. So asking us to disregard what we read because it wasn’t being “used properly” and expecting us to believe this advice is not in any report to Hydro One is utterly ridiculous and, frankly, insulting. If Samsung and Pattern are going to stick to their assertion their construction methods couldn’t possibly be the problem for well owners, and if the environment ministry and municipal officials are going to buy into that when other sources say otherwise, it is time for us all to demand better from our decision makers. The well owners have been dealing with dirty water for long enough. We need to start questioning why the environment ministry and the municipality are letting the turbine companies dictate what we consider unsafe for our rural residents, and why these well owners have to fund their own investigation into the potential carcinogenic sediment in the water the government insists is safe to drink. And because our chief medical officer of health says so isn’t a good enough reason. Until the governments – local and provincial – step up and demand answers from an unbiased third party, we will continue to be treated as naïve sheep who need to be neither seen nor heard. Yeah, we don’t think so.

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Poor placement of image, story Sir: Let me begin by admitting that I am not a fastidious newspaper reader – I’m more inclined to casually skim through. I write today regarding the front top half of The Chatham Voice dated March 22. Staring out at us from a photo was a young, smiling redhaired girl and beside that, the headline “Sex Trafficking Takes Place in Chatham-Kent.” It gives a start. The article was

a heart-breaking account of young girls being lured and enslaved in the sex trade, and the picture beside it is of a young girl. While I don’t know the girl, I think for a moment, I may have actually thought she was featured in that article. It is obvious when you unfold and actually read the paper that the picture does not belong with the

article. I think it’s also just as obvious, or should be to you, that we absorb the headline while looking at the photo next to it. I can only assume that the placement was not purposely misleading, but that leaves that it was a careless oversight. If I were this child’s parent, I would have been appalled. Casual glancing at

headlines and not reading articles is a bad and lazy habit, I’ll admit. It can leave you ill informed and misled, but I don’t do it for a living. I will say I have noticed this incongruous lining up of photo and articles many times and sometimes it’s comical. However, I think this one was simply thoughtless. Janice Duffy Chatham

How times have changed Sir: I am becoming more and more convinced this is a turbulent world. Instead of enjoying peace as we should, living in this wonderful city of Chatham, we seem to be getting more and more fearful. It’s on record that the 20th century was the bloodiest century in hu-

man history. One recent example: The other day two innocent elementary school boys knocked on our front door. Could they go into our backyard to retrieve a football they had accidentally kicked over our backyard fence?

Of course they could. We suggested it would be easier for them if they were to enter through the front door and walk through the house to the kitchen door and into the back yard. But no. They had to go home to ask their mom if

that was OK. Between us, my wife and I have brought up six children, most of whom have children themselves. But things have changed. As I said, we seem to be getting more and more fearful. Stephen J. Beecroft Chatham

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Back home for local businesses

By Bruce Corcoran

It’s been more than a year, but two local businesses – accompanied by a new one – have moved home. Sacwal Flooring and Ideal Decorating, along with the Lighting & Accent Gallery, suffered a devastating fire on Jan. 15, 2017, which caused more than $2 million in damages at the St. Clair Street location. Ultimately, the building had to be torn down and a new building constructed on the same site. “Out of the ashes, we rise again,” Al Birkby, owner of Ideal said at a press conference recently showcasing the new stores. When the original building burned, the storeowners hurried to find a temporary home,

settling further south on St. Clair Street in the Nortown Plaza. But now, $3 million later, two of the businesses returned to their old location. Jim and Sandy Kelly, owners of the Lighting & Accent Gallery, opted to retire. In their place will be The Lighting Shoppe. Moving back to the 703 St. Clair St. address with new, larger facilities, feels familiar, noted Alanna Aarssen, president of Sacwal and The Lighting Shoppe. “It’s emotionally exciting. We’re back to our roots,” she said. Harry Verhey, owner of the building that houses the three businesses and a Sacwal partner, said the fire left everyone in shock. “We all stood here Jan. 15 (2017), and all that was left was ashes. You didn’t have e-mail because your


Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Staff and management from Ideal Decorating Centre, Sacwal Flooring Centre and The Lighting Shoppe are happy to be in their new, yet familiar home at 703 St. Clair St.

server is melted; you didn’t know what to do,” he said. They figured it out, finding their temporary location and planning the rebuild. Aarssen said the new building includes 30,000 square feet of retail showroom and warehouse space. The building sports a state-of-the-art sprinkler system and will feature a

smart car charging station in the near future. Parking has doubled at the location as well. Aarssen thanked local residents for supporting the impacted businesses in the past, especially over the last year. “We welcome all our past and new customers to our new and improved showroom, design centre and warehouse,” she said.

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Chatham-Kent police offer gun amnesty The Chatham Voice

The Chatham-Kent Police Service (CKPS), in partnership with the Ontario Provincial Po-

lice (OPP) is holding a Gun Amnesty during the month of April. The gun amnesty is for any Ontario resident who wishes to voluntarily sur-

render unwanted or illegally owned firearms, weapons, accessories or ammunition. According to the CKPS communications officer,

 Hosted by Free Admission Your Community Partners Lunch Free Draws Information Booths Entertainment Introducing... THE HEART OF THE MATTRESS

10am-1:30pm Ryder Hall 49 Dupuis St. Tilbury

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April 19, 2018

Const. Renee Cowell, the amnesty is a way to provide citizens with a safe way to surrender weapons and enhance public safety.

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100 years young for ALC member Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

A Bagpiper and members of the Active Lifestyle Centre helped Evelyn Hyatt celebrate her 100th birthday on April 4. Visitors include her son travelling in from British Columbia.

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“The goal is ultimately to reduce the number of guns on our streets and in our communities,” Cowell said in a release.

People interested in making an appointment in Chatham-Kent are encouraged to call the Chatham-Kent Police Service at 519-436-6653 to arrange for officers to attend

and safely retrieve the weapons. Under no circumstances should anyone deliver guns or ammunition directly to police facilities.

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44 LEGACY $650,000

4br, 2.5 bath 2 storey Bouma built. Great family home! Call Carson 519-809-2856.

MONDAY 9-11AM & 5-7PM TUESDAY 9-11AM, 1-3PM & 5-7PM WEDNESDAY 9-11AM, 1-3PM & 5-7PM THURSDAY 9-11AM & 1-3PM SATURDAY 10-12AM & 1-3PM

Brian Preston* 519-355-9868

Ron Smith* 519-360-7729

New Listing 89 HIGHLAND $169,900

Lovely 3br southside rancher with 3 season room. Call Cindy 519-351-1952.

7 INDIAN CREEK W $469,900

4+1br, 3.5 bath executive 2 storey. This home is top quality. Call Gus 519-355-8668 or Heather 519-355-8666.

Patrick Pinsonneault** 519-360-0141

Bev Shreve** 519-358-8805

Realtor On Duty

Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:00pm Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm

Everything you could want! 5br, 2 storey with a beautiful yard. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

11 SOUTH HAMPTON $1,125,000 5br, 4.5 bath 2 storey home. One of Chatham’s finest Estate properties. Call Carson 519-809-2856.

19438 LAGOON, BLENHEIM • $499,900 7 yr old custom built 4br, 2 bath bungalow on incredible 2.4 ac property. Call Patti 519-355-6800.

7627 RIVERVIEW LINE $729,900

Quality custom built home on a beautiful river lot. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.


Brian Peifer Broker of Record Cell 519-436-2669

Total private 1.2 ac parcel with city water. 4br, 1.5 bath, 1.5 storey completely renovated home. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

SATURDAY APRIL 14 1:00-3:00PM 43 PLANTATION • $349,900 AGENT: PATTI VERMEERSCH 3br, 2.5 bath spacious 2 storey in a unbeatable location & river view. Call Patti 519-355-6800.

SATURDAY APRIL 14 11:00AM-12:30PM 3 MARION • $204,900 AGENT: JUNE MCDOUGALL 3+1br, 2 bath 4 level with 1.5 car heated garage, i/g pool & totally fenced yard. Call June 519-358-5199.

39 NORWAY MAPLE $594,000

Impressive 4br, 3.5 bath executive 2 storey home with the ultimate backyard paradise. Call Pat 519-360-0141.

D L SO 427 VICTORIA AVE $217,900

3br, 1.5 bath brick and stucco bungalow on 1/4 ac lot with many updates. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

New Price 90 CARDINAL $254,900

Absolutely mint 3+1br, 2 bath 4 level split. Everything updated. Must be seen. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

SATURDAY APRIL 14 12:00-2:00PM 170 LACROIX • $245,000 AGENT: STEVE CARROLL Charming 2 storey in excellent condition. Back section is currently rented. Great possibilities with this property. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

145 MORNING GLORY $359,900

Beautifully designed 3+1br, 3 bath raised rancher. This home offers tremendous value! Call Eric 519-436-4865.

New Listing

New Listing

482 MCNAUGHTON W $179,900

50 YORK W RIDGETOWN • $179,900

3+1br, 2 bath 4 level home with newer kitchen. Call Gus 519-3558668 or Heather 519-355-8666.

Attractive brick bi-level with many upgrades. 3 br’s up & 1 down. Call Bev 519-358-8805.

New Listing 8592 NANCY BLENHEIM • $199,900

3br, 2 bath 1.5 storey home on a nice sized lot. Call Penny 519-3600315 or Elliot 519-358-8755.

19443 BLOOMFIELD, BLENHEIM • $178,888

Four season 1br cottage on the breathtaking Erie Bluff. Call Brian K 519-365-6090.

Michael Smyth* 519-784-5470


41 ADELAIDE S $149,000

Great income property in downtown core of Chatham with many improvements. Call Amber 519-784-5310.

319 PARK ST $39,900

Vacant residential lot, 104’x194.04’. Call Kristen 519-784-7653.


5 COLLEGE $139,900

4br 2 storey home with fully fenced backyard. Call Kristen 519-784-7653.

20400 COUNTY RD 42, TILBURY • $1,400,000

High exposure business right beside Hwy 401 at Tilbury interchange. Call Ron 519-360-7729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

Professional office space (1200 sq ft) on main floor with updated interior + 2500 sq ft in basement. Call David 519-350-1615.


Premium 1500 sq ft office space ideal for professional. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

Lease 53 JEFFREY / 162 QUEEN $4 /SQ FT 2nd floor comm space available downtown. 5500 sq ft & 1000 sq ft. $4 + operating/sq ft/yr. Call Sylvia 519-355-8189.

Carson Warrener* 519-809-2856

Cindy Weaver** 519-360-0628

Elliot Wilton* 519-358-8755

Penny Wilton** 519-360-0315

Kelly-Anne Appleton* 519-365-7155

3 WESTMINISTER $529,900 Mint, mint, mint. 3br, 2 bath rancher with dry basement. Call David 519-350-1615.

21815 COMMUNICATION, C-K • $599,000 Awesome 4br, 2 bath 2 storey on 9.57 acres. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.


4736 TALBOT, MERLIN • $508,888

This 3+1br, 3 bath rancher is perched on the spectacular Lake Erie bluff. Call Brian K 519-365-6090.


New Listing 6124 TALBOT, MERLIN • $88,888 Buildable 1.846 ac lot on the Erie Bluffs. Call Brain K 519-365-6090.

Steve Carroll* 519-355-9774

Eric Fitzgerald* 519-436-4865

Ronald Franko** 519-355-8181

Michael Gibbons* 519-365-5634

Catie Hawryluk* 519-809-4268

Brian Keenan* 519-365-6090

Wayne Liddy* 519-436-4810

George McDougall* 519-360-7334

Offer Pending

7 SMITHFIELD $279,900 3br, 1.5 bath quality 2 storey home in Prestancia. Call Chris 519-350-1402.

Commercial Lot 725 ST. CLAIR $289,900

1 ac lot with 120’ frontage on St. Clair just south of mall. Zoned HC1. Call Bev 519-358-8805.

474 TWILIGHT $419,900

Almost new 4+1br, 3.5 bath 2 storey in move-in condition. Call Eric 519-436-4865.

New Listing 58 SENECA $199,900 Spacious 3br, 2 bath 3 level with updates. Call Eric 519-436-4865.

Brandice Smith* 226-626-4838


Patti Vermeersch* 519-355-6800

New Listing


Lease David Smith* 519-350-1615

Créme de la créme! Beautiful 4br, 2.5 bath brick 2 storey home on the Thames River. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

877 CHARING CROSS $899,900

Amber Pinsonneault* 519-784-5310


Deborah Rhodes* 519-401-5470

950 GRAND AVE W $629,900

New Price

OPEN HOUSE Elizabeth Peifer* 519-436-8959

Serving Chatham-Kent Since 1968

Offer Pending

Kristen Nead** 519-784-7653

Chris Papple* 519-350-1402



For Sale or Lease 202 KING W $1,688,000 OR $10 SQ FT + TMI Great downtown location with parking. Sellers are looking for offers. Presently being renovated. Call Brian Peifer for more details 519-436-2669.



Offer Pending 541 KING W $189,900 Adorable & affordable 3br bungalow with lots of charm & tastefully decorated. Call Eric 519-436-4865.


Vacant building lot in good neighbourhood in Blenheim. Call George 519-360-7334.

June McDougall* 519-358-5199

Sales Representative *





Solid March for C-K home sales home sales are down nearly 14 per cent from the same time a year ago, however. “More homes traded hands in March 2018 than during any other month of March in the last 12 years, marking a huge turnaround from just two months ago when activity plunged briefly to a fouryear low,” said Steve Carroll, President of the C-K Association of Realtors. “With demand springing back to life, invento-

The Chatham Voice

Despite the cold spring, home sales in Chatham-Kent in March were up from the same time last year. According to the Chatham-Kent Association of Realtors, sales were up 6.1 per cent from the same time last year. A total of 121 units changed hands this March. Overall, for the first three months of the year,

ries were pulled down to a fresh all-time low. As such, prices could begin to re-accelerate, although it may be tough for the average price to match some of the extreme values recorded last spring and summer.” The average price of homes sold in March 2018 was $188,296, edging down 3.7 per cent from March 2017. The more comprehensive year-to-date average price was $184,321, rel-

atively unchanged compared to last year. There were 149 new residential listings in March 2018. This was down 5.7 per cent (or nine listings) on a year-over-year basis and was the lowest March level since 1989. Active residential listings numbered 194 units at the end of March. This was down 24.2% from the end of March 2017 and marked the lowest level on record by a large margin.


Judy Kovacs Broker


205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . . Steve Carrol, Royal LePage

Sat. April 14


3 Marion, $204,900. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June McDougall, Royal LePage


170 Lacroix, $245,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Steve Carroll, Royal LePage


7088 Talbot Trail, $589,900 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Richard Strain, Remax


43 Plantation, $349,900 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patti Vermeersch, Royal LePage


8592 Nancy St., Cedar Spring, $199,900 . . . Penny/Elliot Wilton, Royal LePage


15 Harwich, $149,900 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Penny/Elliot Wilton, Royal LePage


205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . . Steve Carroll, Royal LePage


205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . . Royal LePage


205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . . Royal LePage


205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . . Steve Carroll, Royal LePage


205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . . Royal LePage


205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . . Royal LePage


205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . . Steve Carroll, Royal LePage


205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . . Royal LePage

Mon. April 16

Jim Kovacs Broker of Record




Tues. April 17

Over 60 Combined Years in Selling Real Estate in Chatham-Kent. Call Us Today!

This Week’s Open Houses

Thurs. April 12

Maple City Realty Ltd. Brokerage Your Local Experts

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Chatham Voice file photo

Wed. April 18

Peifer Realty Brokerage


Steve Carroll


Sales Rep.



SUMMERSET PLACE off of Keil Trail North

Open Houses: Mon. 9-11am Tues & Wed 1-3pm • Thurs 9-11am

Semi detached homes starting at $309,000

57 Ascot

• 2 BR, bath mobile •Many updates • Dead end quiet street • Good Value Here $59,900

23567 Prince Albert

Peifer Realty Inc.


• Absolutely mint 4 level split • 3 + 1 bedrooms • 2 full baths • Everything updated $254,900

• 2 storey home with character • Full suite in back currently rented • Could easily be single Open House: family home again Saturday April 14 12-2pm $245,000

519-358-8755 • FIND US ON



BEST of Chatham-Kent


Cultivating the Best, Shore to Shore

Cultivating the Best, Shore to Shore

Reader's Choice

Reader's Choice

of Chatham-Kent

TWITTER @ckrealtor

Open House Sat. April 14 1-3pm

48 Chatham St. N, Blenheim Beautiful brick 3 BR home. Huge living/ dining room and large kitchen. Dectached garage & brand new furnace & AC. $169,900.

15 Harwich St., Chatham

Nicely updated 3 BR bungalow with detached garage. Convenient mudroom & good size living room with original hardwoods. Fenced yard with deck. $149,900.

11 Sparks Dr., Chatham Brick 2 storey with great main floor layout. 3 good sized BR upstairs. Fenced back yard. Call now to book your viewing. $199,900.

Open House Sat. April 14 1-3pm


• Located at very high traffic intersection • Approx 3300 sq ft retail/office/warehouse • $17/sq ft + utilities • High volume tenants in mall 7-11, BoRics, Playback Sports

Elliot Wilton, Sales Rep.

170 Lacroix

427 Victoria Ave

10 Grand Ave


519-360-0315 •

90 Cardinal

• 3.86 acre, 3700 sq.ft. on edge of Chatham this executive rancher has it all. 4br, 3.5 baths, many updates. Triple car garage, large shop. $649,000

• 3 bedroom brick & stucco bungalow • 1.5 baths, rec room on lower level • Many updates - windows, roof, insulation • 1/4 acre lot, partially fenced

Penny Wilton, Broker


Independently Owned & Operated 42 Talbot St. W., Blenheim

79 Lumley, Blenheim

8592 Nancy St., Cedar Spring

2+1 BR bungalow with recent upgrades including roof, plumbing, eletrical & high efficiency furnace. Detached single garage. Excellent location! $119,900.

444 Riverview Dr. #8/9, Chatham

3 BR, 2 bath 1.5 storey home with detached garage on a nice size lot. Large L-shaped kitchen & dining room with lots of natural light. $199,900.

2 commercial condos in excellent location. Units can be split or kept as one. New furnace, AC & roof. Is zoned for dozens of varying businesses! $164,900.

24 Nichols Dr., Blenheim

17996 Rondeau Rd., Rondeau Park

4.6 acre horse farm with stunning 4 level 3 BR, 2 bath home. Completely renovated, attached garage and 30 x 50 barn. Truly one of a kind! $895,000.

“On the Avenue”

Awesome 3 BR, side split on a beautiful double lot. Many updates including roof, furnace/air & gas fireplace. $259,900.

Bayfront 3 BR, 2 bath cottage inside Rondeau Provincial Park. $149,900.

18125 Equus Trail, High Banks





Dental care key part of NDP platform Smiles with Horwath and NDP candidate Todd Case (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex). “Chatham families don’t want cuts. We want a government who will offer us hope that things can be better.” “Rural Ontarians deserve a government that has their back,” said Case. “Andrea will make sure that every person in Ontario can get the medication their doctor prescribes and go to the dentist without racking up credit card debt. That is definitely change for the better.”

By Mary Beth Corcoran

The hard work by a local dental hygienist in helping people get the help they need with dental care was applauded recently in Chatham. Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath toured Bright Smiles Community Dental Hygiene in Chatham and spoke with owner and dental hygienist Christine Fairbairn about the need for the NDP’s Dental Care for Everyone plan. “Christine is doing amazing work here in Chatham,” said Horwath. “She saw the need for dental care for those who don’t have coverage, and she is doing her best to fill that need by offering community days, where people can come into the clinic and get a free cleaning. “What Christine is doing is wonderful – but it’s shameful that it has come to this in Ontario. No one should have to rely on charity for basic medical needs like dental cleanings. We can, and we will do better for Ontario families. The NDP’s Dental Care for Everyone plan will mean no one will ever have to put off having their child’s cavity filled because money is tight.” Horwath spoke with one of Fairbairn’s patients, Justin Hayes, in the waiting room at Bright Smiles. He told her about his daughter – who needs five cavities filled – and about how he just can’t afford the procedure. “It’s so hard for me and my wife Amie to watch our daughter go through this. We try hard to make sure the kids have everything they need, but right now that’s just not possible. Andrea’s plan would mean an end to the terrible stress we feel every time the kids need medicine, a check-up at the dentist,

A+ Rated By The Better Business Bureau Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, left, toured the Bright Smiles Community Dental Hygiene office in Chatham with clinic owner Christine Fairbairn, local NDP candidate Jordan McGrail and Lambton-Kent-Middlesex candidate Todd Case recently.

or a filling.” Fairbairn, who gives her time to various community organizations to offer free dental cleaning and assessment, said it is important that the people who can’t afford dental care have access to treatment for their overall health and for self-esteem so they can put their best smile forward when in pubic and when job searching. Horwath said her party’s Dental Care for Everyone plan will publicly fund dental coverage for millions of people, including those on social assistance and seniors who don’t have retirement benefits. It will also create a minimum standard for dental plans that will apply to all employers -- which can be fulfilled through a new publicly administered and affordable Ontario Benefits option, or

any comparable benefits plan. Horwath is also the only leader who has tabled a universal pharmacare plan, which would provide drug coverage for every Ontarian regardless of age, income or job status. “For too long we’ve been choosing between Liberals who

cut health care and Conservatives who do the same, and this time is no different – the Conservative leader has already promised $6.1 billion in new cuts,” said NDP candidate Jordan McGrail (Chatham-Kent-Leamington), who toured Bright

Shingles blowing in the wind


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Designed for success By Bruce Corcoran

Owners of a local furniture shop in Chatham say Chatham-Kent chose

them as much as they chose this municipality as the place to set up shop. John Fry and Rose Linsemen, owners of JM Fry Furniture Design on

68 King St. E. Chatham 519-397-4655 C:519-809-1180

Fourth Street in Chatham, said as they did their homework on where to establish their small business several years ago, Chatham-Kent kept winning them over. “It’s a really positive community. The response has been more than we could have hoped for,” Fry said. Linsemen said she thinks the attraction to their customers is that all their furniture is hand made. “People want quality,” she said. Fry agreed, adding there

Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update Notice of Addendum

The Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission (PUC) completed a Water and Wastewater Master Plan for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent in 2012. An update of this Master Plan was completed in 2018 and outlines shortterm and long-term water and wastewater servicing strategies to the year 2037 to:   

meet current and anticipated future demands, including the need for infrastructure improvements and upgrades address current and future regulatory requirements provide funding for future servicing

The Master Plan Update was completed following Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process. This Master Plan Update renews the water and wastewater infrastructure recommendations to meet the needs of Chatham-Kent. In general, the preferred servicing strategies include:  

Water - continued capital improvements to the water supply and distribution system to improve system reliability and address current and future regulatory requirements. Wastewater - continued capital improvements to the wastewater treatment and sewage collection system to improve system performance, reliability, address current and future regulatory requirements, and provide funding for future servicing opportunities.

The preferred strategy includes a number of projects that will be completed in accordance with the requirements for a Schedule B project under the Class EA. Some Schedule B Class EA projects require acquisition of land and specific sighting for the project. In addition to completing Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Class EA process for these activities, additional on-site and off-site investigations will be required under the detailed design phase. Additional investigations may include: soil and groundwater testing, air quality and noise, water quality testing, where projects are located on a new site, and traffic studies where construction is in existing right-of-way or easements, in conformance with the Screening Criteria found in Appendix 3 under the Municipal Class EA. Any future servicing of currently un-serviced communities, hamlets and rural areas will be completed as a separate Class EA study, including consultation with local residents and specific agencies. Public Review Period The Master Plan Update will be available for a 30-day public and agency review period from April 18 to May 17, 2018. Subject to comments received as a result of this notice, the Municipality intends to officially adopt this Master Plan Update in guiding its water and wastewater infrastructure program. The report will be available at the following locations and on the Municipality’s website Municipality of Chatham-Kent Civic Centre 315 King Street West Chatham, ON, N7M 5K8 Phone (519) 360-1998 Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission 325 Grand Avenue East Chatham, ON, N7M 5L8 Phone: (519) 436-0119 Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 4:30pm

The Municipality will consider all comments received. Please submit your comments by May 17, 2018 to: Rob Bernardi, P.Eng., Facilities & Systems Manager Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission 325 Grand Avenue East, P.O. Box 1191 Chatham, ON, N7M 5L8 Tel: 226-312-2023 x 4336 Email:

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

John Fry, left, and Rose Linsemen, owners of JM Fry Furniture Design in Chatham, showcase the award and proclamation they earned as Feature Industry of the Month in April from the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce.

Sabrina Stanlake-Wong, RPP, Project Manager Dillon Consulting Limited 130 Dufferin Ave., Suite 1400 London, ON, N6A 5R2 Tel: 519-438-6192 Email:

All comments and information received from individuals, stakeholder groups, and agencies regarding this project are being collected to assist the PUC. Under the Municipal Act, personal information, such as name, address, telephone number, and property location, which may be included in a submission, becomes part of the public record. Questions regarding the collection of this information should be referred to Mr. Rob Bernardi.

is a desire for higher-end furniture in the area. JM Fry earned the title of Feature Industry of the Month for April from the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce. The company began five years ago, operating out of their garage. They’ve called Fourth Street home for the past two years. C h a t h a m Coun. Brock McGregor said he’s glad to see JM Fry set up in

Chatham’s core. “I’ve seen a revival to the down town, and you are part of it,” he told Fry and Linsemen. Fry, born in Edmonton and raised in Australia, first met Linsemen when the two lived in Vancouver. He was in the upholstery business out there, while she was there finishing her schooling. The two later became a couple and called Cambridge home, where Fry would commute to the Greater Toronto Area to various jobs. “I decided I didn’t want to work for people anymore,” Fry said. “I wanted to get back into the creative side. Chatham-Kent is just a more affordable region.”

Linsemen said the couple felt there was also a need here for a custom-crafted furniture store, and they set up shop in town two years ago. The need is so great that the two are eying expansion. “At some point we need to start thinking about moving and hiring,” she said. Their current location at 7 Fourth St. has a lovely view of the Thames River, but its space is rather limited. It contains both showroom and workshop. And Fry would like a larger workspace, but wants to see it remain connected and viewable from the showroom.

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Roses for Rotary on April 18

By Bruce Corcoran

There is still time to order a dozen long-stemmed roses from local Rotarians, and in turn help the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent. The 18th annual Roses for Rotary campaign is underway, with orders due April 16, and deliv-

ery/pick up slated for April 18, according to Linda Goldsmith of Sunrise Rotary. Roses are $25 a dozen, she said, and orders can be placed by calling 519397-2308 or by visiting and following the instructions. Goldsmith said the point of pickup this year is the

Portuguese-Canadian Club on Grand Avenue East in Chatham. Pick up times are between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Deliveries can be to anywhere in Chatham-Kent. Goldsmith said the Sunrise club has ordered 1,250 dozen roses for this year. She added the Roses for Rotary is about supporting the community.

Daffodil Campaign underway in C-K

By Bruce Corcoran

While Mother Nature might not agree, it is spring in Chatham-Kent. And that means it’s daffodil season, specifically the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Campaign. Cindy Vinall of the Canadian Cancer Society said the annual April campaign marks the anniversary month of the society, which just had a milestone birthday. “As an organization, we’re 80 years old,” Vinall said. “We’re the leading cancer charity in Canada; the major charitable funder of cancer research.” The organization also funds the Wheels of Hope Transportation Service, which helps cancer patients get to and from their treatments and other medical appointments. In 2017, the local branch of the society helped 219 clients get to their

appointments, Vinall said. Volunteers drove about 347,000 kilometres, making 2,300 trips. The society has an average of 32 drivers on the roads locally Monday through Friday. Vinall said Canadians’ familiarity with the society is at arm’s length at best. “Sadly, people know us, but they don’t know us well,” she said. “Unless cancer’s impacted you at the time, you might not be paying attention.” But the support received is greatly appreciated. “Your dollars have a significant impact on other people,” Vinall said. To learn more, visit http:// en/?region=on.

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“It’s a one-year event where we raise funds for the community and donate back to the community,” she said. “We finished off our $40,000 commitment to the (Chatham-Kent) hospice last year. This year the donation is to the Butterfly Build Campaign for the Children’s Treatment Centre.”

The first year Roses for Rotary began, Goldsmith said organizers raised $200. Things have snowBefore you buy . . .

balled over the years, as to date, Roses for Rotary has raised more than $198,000 locally.

Local Peace of Mind

Eagle Home Inspections

Jacques van Daalen | 226-627-0761

Whether planning ahead or immediate needs - we’ve got you covered Call today and save! 397 McNaughton Ave. W., Chatham Chatham: 519-351-4444 Sarnia: 226-778-4132

Owners: James and Lee-Ann Mac Neil


April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month


Let’s be paw-sitive! Pets give unconditional love to young and old alike; they soothe our souls and capture our hearts. But for many of our furry friends, the world can be a grim place. April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Let’s take this opportunity to stand up for all four-legged victims and show them the same compassion they show us by denouncing the abuse and neglect faced by too many animals. HOW TO RECOGNIZE ANIMAL ABUSE Animal cruelty generally falls under two categories: neglect and intentional cruelty. Examples of neglect include: starvation, dehydration, inadequate shelter, parasite infestations or poor grooming. Intentional cruelty, on the other hand, involves signs of deliberate physical harm or injury. The use of animals for commercial profit, such as puppy mills or dog fighting, also falls under the latter category. HOW YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Whether you choose to volunteer at your local shelter, support legislature that helps trump animal abusers or make adoption your first option, there are many ways you can make animal welfare your top priority this month and always. It’s time to put an end to the abuse of animals. If you witness animal cruelty, report it right away! Call your local law enforcement, OSPCA branch or affiliate humane society to ensure mistreated animals receive the care they deserve.

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We Raise Sunken Concrete Guaranteed Work • 10 Years Experiene 519-360-9657 •





Home of the $3 watch battery 131 Park Ave. E., Chatham • 519-354-4127 Thursday, April 12, 2018 • Mystery DIY Craft Party at the Chatham branch of the CKPL. Free program at 6:30pm in the meeting room. All supplies will be provided. Registration is required as space is limited. Register online, by phone or in person at your local branch. • Soup and Sandwich luncheon at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Thamesville from 11:301:30pm. Soup, Sandwich, pie, tea or coffee for $8.00. Take outs available. • Open euchre at 1:00pm at the Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Friday, April 13, 2018 • Join us to learn about the different types of DNA testing, the different companies and how to use DNA results in your family history. McKinlay Funeral Home Reception Centre at 7:00pm. Open and free to the public or watch the recording via our youtube channel. Full details at • Annual Geritol Follies. The event highlights the Centre’s dance and drumming groups and includes a Roast Beef dinner for $20. Call 519-352-5633 to reserve your seat. • Meal, open darts and Catch the Ace at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Dinner from 4:00pm-7:00pm. Choice of pork, roast beef or fish and chip for $10. Catch the Ace is 3:00pm-6:00pm and you must be present to win. Open darts at 7:30pm. Saturday, April 14, 2018 • Saturday Morning Breakfast at First Presbyterian Church, Chatham (corner of Fifth St and Wellington). A delicious nutritious breakfast served free of charge every Saturday morning from 9:30am-11:00am. Everyone is most welcome. • The Essex-Kent Bluegrass, Oldtime & Folk Music Association presents Dave Adkins & Ernie Evans (from Kentucky & Florida) and the Canadian Bluegrass Awards Winners Winterline in concert at the McGregor K of C (9560 Walker Road) at 7:00pm. $20/advance. $25/door. Contact Stan Sullivan at 519-733-2934. • Public Prayer Rally for Peace - in our families, and the world from 2-3pm in front of Our Lady of Victory Church, 490 St. Clair Ave., Chatham, inside if inclement weather. A lay apostolate Leadership Initiative. Questions? Call 519-3609594. Everyone is welcome. • Meat draw and dance at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Meat draw from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Dance from 4:30pm-9:30pm featuring Good Company. • Music with Bill at Meadow Park, Sandy St. Chatham at 2:00pm. • Crock A Doodle family fun night in support of Big Fix Grassroots Cat Rescue. 6:00pm-8:00pm. $30/tickets includes 1 plate, bowl, mug or tile to paint. Only 50 tickets available.

Monday, April 16, 2018 • The Art of Planting Plants! Expert Ron Fish will present all the secrets you need to know to get the best out of your garden. 7:30pm. Free refreshments. 59 Ellen St. Blenheim. Call 519676-9476 or 519-354-8320 for more info. • Open euchre at 1:00pm at the Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. • Musical entertainment with Richard Sennema at Meadow Park, Sandy St., Chatham at 6:00pm Tuesday, April 17, 2018 • Love to sing and want to be blessed each week? Come and celebrate all things musical with Jubilee Chorus, a multi-faith, interdenominational choir. No experience necessary, no auditions required! 7:30pm-9:30pm at St. Andrew’s United church (85 William St., Chatham) Call 519-397-3318 for info. • Movies at CKPL. The Disaster Artist (14A) starring James Franco & Dave Franco will be shown at 2:00pm at the Chatham branch of the CKPL. • Open euchre, 2 person team euchre and shuffleboard at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Open euchre at 1:00pm, 2 person team euchre $5 per person. Register at 6:30pm. Play at 7:00pm. Shuffleboard 7:00pm. • Patrica M Productions Fashion Show at Maple City Country Club, 10845 River Line, Chatham. Fashions by Tan Jay/Alia. For tickets and reservations call Anne 519-354-9319 or Chris 519-359-0317. Wednesday, April 18, 2018 • Pepper and fun darts at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Pepper at 1:00pm. Darts at 7:00pm. • The Truth about Confessions. It’s important to know. Free Health presentation focusing on: symptoms, assessment and treatment. Prevention is key. 6:30pm-7:30pm, Chatham-Kent YMCA, 101 Courthouse Lane. Call 519-3609622 to register. CK Metal Detecting Club. Last Thursday of the month. Erickson Arena. 7:00pm. Guests welcome. Free Mindful Meditation classes! Everyone Monday and Wednesday 10:45-11:15pm by Yoga Glow Studio, 21 McKeough Ave. (inside Balance), Chatham. By donation to New Beginnings ABI & Stroke Recovery Association, Chatham-Kent. Everyone welcome, no experience required. • Navistar 15 Year and Retirees Banquet being held April 27, 2018 at The Spirit and Life Centre (St. Joseph’s Church property) 184 Wellington St., W., Chatham. Doors open at 5:00pm. Dinner at 6:30pm. Employees only. $20 by April 21. Cash or cheque payable to “Navistar 15 Year Banquet Committee” to Cy Addley, 25 Wilson Ave., Chatham, ON N7M 1K8 - include full name and phone number. Submit your coming events to or

Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Students in a Grade 2 class at St. Ursula’s School in Chatham learn how to properly brush, floss and take care of their oral health.

Healthy teeth tips for local students

By Mary Beth Corcoran

The Ontario Association of Public Health Dentistry (OAPHD), along with public health units across Ontario, has launched an awareness campaign for Oral Health Month. According to Leeanne Pepper, a registered dental hygienist with the Public Health Unit in Chatham-Kent, the “Brush Up on the Facts: Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy” campaign is geared to parents, and focuses on the impact dental health has on kids’ healthy growth and development and the free dental programs and services that are available for eligible kids 0-17. Pepper and a team from the PHU have been visiting Grade 2 classes across the municipality this month, with the goal of making kids aware of the importance of brushing your teeth morning and night, flossing, drinking water instead of sugary drinks, and visiting the dentist on a regular basis. She said good oral health is important for a child’s self-esteem, sense of well-being and overall health. Cavities can be painful, impact a child’s ability to chew foods properly, and may affect their ability to pay attention at school or enjoy activities. “When kids have dental pain, it is more than just having a cavity,”

Pepper explained. “Children need to keep their teeth healthy for their overall health. That’s why we want everyone to Brush Up on the Facts to help keep kids teeth healthy.” In a presentation to a Grade 2 class at St. Ursula School in Chatham, Pepper showed the students how plaque can build up on teeth, mixing with sugar to create acid, which in turn, leads to cavities. She had lots of pointers for the kids, like drinking chocolate milk after exercise instead of Gatorade or juice, and showed the proper way to brush and floss. The each student was also given a water bottle, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss picks and a card to remind them to visit the dentist. She added it is important for children to visit a dental professional regularly (at least annually) to prevent issues from starting. Get dental issues checked immediately, regardless if they have “baby teeth” or “adult teeth.” Visit or for more information and answers to all of your dental questions, including if your child is eligible for free dental care. You can also call the Chatham-Kent Public Health at 519.355-1071 ext. 5700 or visit them on Facebook at Facebook/CKPublic Health or Twitter





Of hot dogs and fecal speed bumps Do you ever notice how terms such as “abnormally large” have vastly different meanings to physicians as compared to the rest of us? For example, back in January, I had a colonoscopy. The doc said he removed an “abnormally large” polyp while sticking the camera up my exhaust pipe. I don’t know about you, but I had visions of something the size of a hot dog, or at least a pen, getting sliced out of me. But when I went to see Dr. Manji for my follow up last week, he – while reiterating the polyp was “abnormally large” – said it was close to three centimetres in length. That’s just over an inch. Which doesn’t sound “abnormally large” to me. But I guess it is in terms of colon polyps. On the topic of polyps, am I the only one who envisions a sea creature, tentacles shifting in the current, when I hear the word? You know, in my mind, a polyp in the colon looks like that. But in reality, I guess they look like a bump of skin, or at worst, a piece of cauliflower (not actual cauliflower, but skin-coloured cauliflower). But back to the big polyp I had. It wasn’t cancerous, but the doc is concerned because something made my body create the (fecal speed bump) polyp. So, I get put in the Colonoscopy Express Lane. He wants another look up the tailpipe in three years. Typically, it’s five years between butt checks, which I could attain if my next scope is clear. In the meantime, I get to look forward to fun times with nuclear-powered laxatives in about 1,100 days.

Bruce Corcoran He was none the worse for the wear for his time outside, and

went right to his food bowl. After that, it was a brief cuddle with Mary Beth, and then he wanted out again, and off he went. Only this time, he came in later that night. And he slept very well. Since that time, he’s back to his evening walkabouts with other neighbourhood felines. He’s never far, and usually comes in by 1 a.m. or whenever I wake

up in the recliner and call for him. Finn has gotten to the point that if we don’t let him out, he gets a bit antsy inside, and acts up until we show him the door. It kind of reminds me of our first cat, the one and only Archie. He’d get up on the kitchen counter and knock everything off, and then would get up on the fridge and flick all the magnets off the front of the fridge

that he could reach. At least with Archie, he was less of a nocturnal creature. I think he considered himself part dog, and part human. That little guy would come when called, would sleep in our bed at night and would sit up in a living room chair, just like he was a man watching a ball game. I swear he’d have enjoyed a beer if I had a cat-size one for him.

2018 F-150


The cat came back

I received a call last week from a reader asking about our cat, Finn. Since I hadn’t written about the little maniac in a while, she said she wanted to make sure he was OK. I assured her he was. What I didn’t tell her was that Finn was in the middle of his first 24-hour-plus sojourn through the neighbourhood. The meathead went out as usual the night before. It was particularly windy that night, so he must have sought shelter somewhere, because every time we called for him, he didn’t come. That continued through to the morning. I fielded the phone call that day, and we returned home that evening, again calling for Finn, only to receive no sign of the fur ball. Finally, about 9 p.m., after I called for him and the side door light went on automatically, he came meowing up to the back door.


2018 F-150 XLT SUPERCREW 4X4 2.7L








3,460 DDOWN




Our advertised prices include Freight, Air Tax, and PPSA (if financed or leased). Add dealer administration and registration fees of up to $799, fuel fill charge of up to $120 and applicable taxes, then drive away.

VISIT YOUR ONTARIO FORD STORE OR FINDYOURFORD.CA FOR DETAILS. Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers only valid at participating dealers. Retail offers may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. For factory orders, a customer may either take advantage of eligible raincheckable Ford retail customer promotional incentives/offers available at the time of vehicle factory order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof. Retail offers not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upt Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). *Class is Full-size Pickups under 8,500 lbs (3,856 kg) versus 2017 and 2018 Competitors. 2018 F-150 4x2 equipped with the 2.7L V6 EcoBoost® and 6-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission, estimated fuel consumption ratings are 11.9L/100-km city, 9.0L/100-km hwy, 10.6L/100-km combined, based on Government of Canada-approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption will vary. **Until April 30, 2018, lease a new 2018 F-150 4x4 XLT 300A 2.7L SWB with Trailer Tow Package for up to 36 months and get 0.49% APR on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit Canada Company. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest APR payment. Lease with a value of $41,464 (after $3,460 down payment or equivalent trade-in and $3,500 manufacturer rebate deducted and including freight and air tax of $1,900) with an optional buyout of $23,244, monthly payment is $410.28 (the sum of twelve (12) monthly payments divided by 26 periods gives payee an every two weeks payment of $189.36), total lease obligation is $18,230.25, interest cost of leasing is $444.13 or 0.49% APR. Taxes payable on full amount of total lease nancing price after Manufacturer Rebate has been deducted. Offers include freight, air tax, and PPSA but exclude administration and registration fees of up to $799, fuel ll charge of up to $120 and all applicable taxes. Additional payments required for optional features, license, and insurance. All prices are based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Some conditions and mileage restriction of 60,000 km for 36 months applies. Excess kilometrage charges are 16¢ per km, plus applicable taxes. Excess kilometrage charges subject to change, see your local dealer for details. †Offer valid from April 3, 2018 to April 30, 2018 (the “Program Period”). Receive CAD$1,000 towards Ford truck accessories excluding factory-installed accessories/options (“Accessories”) with the purchase or lease of a new F-250/F-350 (excluding Chassis Cabs), and CAD$1,500 towards Accessories with the purchase or Available in most lease of a new 2018 Ford F-150 (excluding Raptor) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”) delivered or factory ordered during the Program Period (the “Offer”). Offer is subject to vehicle and Accessory availability. Offer is not redeemable for cash and can only be applied new Ford vehicles towards eligible Ford Accessories. Any unused portions of the Offer are forfeited. Eligible customer must pay difference if total Accessories chosen exceeds the applicable Offer amount. Only one (1) Offer may be applied toward the purchase or lease of an Eligible with 6-month pre-paid subscription. Vehicle. ©2018 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ©2018 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.



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ACROSS 1 Old 5 Always 9 “See ya” 12 Took the bus 13 Anger 14 Legislation 15 Pyrite 17 Anger

18 Implement 19 Makes one’s way 21 English composition 24 Behave 25 Cookware 26 Both ways 30 Equal (Pref.) 31 Bichon --(dog breed)

DOWN 1 “Bow-wow!” 2 Sticky stuff 3 Tokyo’s old name 4 River-mouth regions 5 Therefore 6 String instrument 7 Right angle 8 Claret, for one 9 “Pin the tail on the donkey” prop 10 Play area 11 Rams fans?


16 Sauce source 20 Conclusion 21 Grand tale 22 Mediocre 23 Absolutely 24 Church service 26 1982 movie with a 2010 sequel 27 Lubricant 28 Authentic 29 Wild party 31 Hollywood’s “Talking Mule” 34 Pair 35 Strut about 37 Witness 38 Tennyson poem 39 City of India 40 “-- match?” 41 Fine 44 Explanation 45 Yoko of music 46 Journal 47 “CSI” evidence


Wondering if retirement living is the right choice for you?

Retirement At Its Best, Book Your Tour Oaks Retirement Village would like to Living welcome our new Book yourToday! personal tour today 519-627-9292

house physician Dr. Lalit Chawla. We are proud to have  him Spacious Retirement Living At Its Best, Book Your suites Tour Today! on board and expect this in-house service to

• Spacious Suites • Delicious meals with a la carte choices • Housekeeping and laundry services included  Housekeeping & laundry service included  Spacious suites be a welcome convenience for residents, in • Telephone, cable and internet included Telephone,  Housekeeping & laundry  service included cable and internet included addition to the many services we offer here at • Professional care services included Retirement Living At Its Best, Book Yourincluded Tour Today!  Telephone, cable and internet  Professional care services included• Secure Memory Care Area available  Spacious suites Oaks Retirement Village.  Professional care services included  Housekeeping & laundry serviceincluded Delicious meals with a la cart choices • Indoor pool, salon, theatre, fitness centre and luxurious common spaces Welcome Dr. Chawla! Telephone, cable and internet included 

Delicious meals with a la cart choices

 Professional care services included 80 McNaughton Ave. Wallaceburg, Ont. N8A 1R9 (519) 627-9292

Delicious meals with(519) a la cart choices 80 McNaughton Ave. Wallaceburg, Ont. N8A 1R9 627-9292 80 McNaughton Ave. Wallaceburg, Ont. N8A 1R9 (519) 627-9292




CLASSIFIEDS Announcement / Events

Christ Church welcomes everyone! You don’t need money to join! You don’t have to sign a contract! We don’t take attendance!



Try us out on Sundays at 8:30 (yes, a.m.) for a traditional service or 10:30 a.m. for a more contemporary one, or Wed. at 10 a.m. might work better for you.

THE KINGDOM OF GOD VS THE KINGDOMS OF THE WORLD. Where Will It All End Up? Wednesday evening Bible Study with Rt. Rev. Terry Dance April 18th, 25th, May 2nd, 9th. 7pm Christ Church Hall Christ Church Café WEDNESDAYS 9:30am-11:30am COFFEE Visit with others looking for a little TEA companionship! AND Age is no barrier • Young or Old FRIENDSHIP AND IT’S FREE! Coffee, Tea, and Conversation ────

Everyone is

Welcome and it’s free


Open from 9:30 to 11:30 ────

Christ Church

Age is no barrier Young or Old

80 Wellington St. W, Chatham 519-352-1640 WEDNESDAYS We welcome you! COFFEE TEA Help us find Christ in community AND FRIENDSHIP ────

Want church – we have that too at 10am if you choose



Come join us every Wednesday morning between 9:30 am and 11:30 am, for a cup of coffee or tea and a muffin, and visit with others who are looking for a little companionship. Meet old friends here, or meet new ones. Everyone is welcome, and there is no cost. If you want to feed the spirit as well, there is a service in the church at 10 am, but that is your personal choice.

CHRIST CHURCH 80 Wellington St Chatham, Ontario

PERSONAL LOANS 519-352-1640

Wednesdays 9:30 – 11:30

$2,000 to $20,000

Borrow $20,000 for only $251.99/mth

• Must be a homeowner (no proof required) • No mortgage registered on title • No income proof required • Open Loan • 48hrs normally to approve - funds directly deposited • No fund allocation - you do what you wish with the money ONLY DOCUMENTS REQUIRED 1. ID, one of: license, passport, Canadian citizenship card. 2. Void cheque or PAD form

That’s it!!

Call John at Unimor Capital Corp. 519-252-6953 - 24 hours or email Brokerage Lic.#10675

Lawn Care Lawn Cutting. Reasonable rates. 226-229-2614.


• Grass Cutting & Trimming • Aerating LAWN CARE • Lawn Rolling Lucas Alves • Landscaping Residential Commercial • Seasonal Cleaning We also offer Free Estimates Lawn Programs! 519-437-0600

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GRASSHOPPER Your Complete Lawn & Garden Provider in Chatham & Erieau

Call Bob for a FREE Estimate 519-784-5775

Theresa is Retiring!!

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Everything Storewide! Collectibles, China, Glass, Furnishings, UCC Uniforms Everything Goes!


now till April 30th 137 St. Clair St. Chatham 519-352-8982 or 519-352-7587 corner at Forest

For Rent

RENT Houses, apartments, furnished rooms, shared executive home. Safe, clean, quiet. Parking. Chatham, Merlin,Wallaceburg. 1-905-6166101. FOR RENT: Homes - Duplexes - Apartments. Several locations. Credit check - referrals required. No large dogs. Call 519-3525480.

For Sale

Silk Cemetery Saddle Arrangements. Everyday/Holiday. Readyto-go. Many colours available. $25. Call 519-354-3411.

Help Wanted

Full Time Help Wanted. Transport Trailer Technician. Must have Grade 12. Hours vary Monday - Friday. Must be mechanically inclined. Apply to wilsontruckrepair@bellnet. ca. Willing to train. Wages depending on qualifications.




Salter, Phyllis Phyllis passed away at the CKHA-Chatham Campus on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at the age of 81. She was born in New Brunswick and was the daughter of the late Lillian Jones. Sadly missed by her companion Harry Jinkerson. Dear mother of Bonnie Lutz, William and Tracey Robinson and Bob and Trysh Robinson. Loving grandmother of Matthew, Jessica, William, Rebecca, Rachael, Keysha, Delaney and Bryce. Cherished great-grandmother of Tessa, James and one on the way. Kind sister of Jim, Raymond, Ron, and Darlene. Fondly remembered by many nieces and nephews. Predeceased by her brothers Hugh and Steve. A Celebration of Life will be held at on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Evangel Villa Lounge, 50 Sandys St, Chatham, ON from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Arrangements have been entrusted to the McKinlay Funeral Home, 459 St. Clair Street, Chatham, ON. Donations in memory of Phyllis to the C-K Hospice Foundation would be appreciated. Online condolences may be left at McKinlay Funeral Home 459 St. Clair Street, Chatham 519-351-2040

Tree Service

George Beaumont 78, Thursday, March 29, 2018 Denning’s

Cheryl Prince 69, Tuesday, April 3, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home

Sandra Smith 57, Monday, April 2, 2018 Denning’s

Henry Burhlman 40, Wednesday, April 4, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home Andrew Vander Weide 65, Wednesday, April 4, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home

Mildred MacKellar 89, Thursday, April 5, 2018 Denning’s Mr. Rade Matic 71, Tuesday, April 3, 2018 Alexander & Houle Funeral Home Mr. Mark Cundle 52, Tuesday, April 3, 2018 Alexander & Houle Funeral Home Mrs. Ruth Mott 90, Saturday, April 7, 2018 Alexander & Houle Funeral Home Gordon Newcombe Dickson 74, Tuesday, April 3, 2018 Blenheim Community Funeral Home Bob Mifflin 89, Wednesday, April 4, 2018 Blenheim Community Funeral Home

Phyllis Salter 81, Thursday, April 5, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home James Bushey 75, Saturday, April 7, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home Dennis Carlyle 63, Monday, January 1, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home Eleanor Pardo 92, Sunday, April 1, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home



156 William St., Chatham 519.352.5120

Mary Henderson 97, Friday, April 6, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home


A Job for Professionals

459 St.Clair St., Chatham • 519-351-2040 76 Main St. E., Ridgetown • 519-674-3141 141 Park St., Blenheim • 519-676-3451 • Removal & Pruning • Stump Removal 30+ Seniors • Crane Service Years




245 Wellington St. W., Chatham 519-352-2710



A N K LAVER EN VK V A U C T I O N S I N C. Clearing an Estate, Downsizing, Liquidating Inventory or Decluttering?

We can help. Call to sell your items for cash or by consignment Call John @ 519-845-3663

519-845-3663 • Wyoming, Ontario • •

Help Wanted Caregiver needed immediately. You will be needed to provide vital physical, practical, and emotional support for elderly lady suffering from stage 1 dementia. Flexible hours: 4hrs/ day, 4 days a week. $25/hour. Please apply to

60 Stanley Street, Blenheim (519) 676 – 9200


Excellent Carpet Cleaning. Only $25.00 a room! Call 519-358-7633!

Banquet Hall

280 Merritt Ave - Chatham Banquet / Sunset Lounge Reasonable full menu, service - bartenders. *Weddings *Stag and Doe’s * Special Events* Two huge facilities. Parking lot. Outdoor patio. 519-352-9000.

Large reputable home renovation company with 5 locations is


Full Time Employment, year round with benefit packages for the following divisions: • Window & Door Installations • Roofing / Shingles / Sub-Contractors • Insulation / Insulators • Installers for Soffit / Fascia / Trough & Siding

The opportunity is here now to join our family with unlimited growing & promoting potential within our organization for those Energetic, Motivated Individuals. Please call 519-668-1555 or come to 207 Exeter Rd Unit C or Send info or resume to


Healing Love Ministry Psalm 107: 20 John 3: 16&17 reaches out to men living with sexual addictions. Private and confidential homebased ministry. 519-354-3532. If not in, leave a message and your call will be returned.

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Taxi bylaw meeting set for April 18 The Chatham Voice

Public input is encouraged regarding a draft bylaw, which recommends repealing the current Taxi bylaw and replacing it with a Vehicle for Hire bylaw.

The proposed bylaw would regulate all vehicles for hire that carry passengers in exchange for a fee, such as taxicabs and private vehicles for hire which would include private transportation companies such as

Uber or Lyft, etc. Some of the highlights are as follows: • All vehicles for hire must provide insurance for carrying passengers, must meet vehicle safety requirements and must provide police checks

etc.; • No plate limit; • No zones; • A dispatch office along with 24-hour dispatch service would no longer be required; • The Vehicle for Hire bylaw does not regulate

fares/tariffs. The bylaw does state that the rate to be charge shall be posted in a visible manner to any passenger or ensure the passenger is aware of the fare, and has agreed to the fare, to be charged before providing the ser-

vice. A public consultation meeting to discuss the draft will be held April 18 at 6 p.m. in council chambers at the Civic Centre. Public comments can be emailed to CKlicensing@

Welcome to Blenheim & area! Whether it is unique shopping or a great dining experience, be sure to enjoy your visit Blenheim and area.


Restaurant and Catering Frozen, home-cooked HOMEMADE, LOCALLY SOURCED, SOUTHERN STYLE RESTAURANT meals available!


Birds are singing and it’s time for a shopping trip to downtown Blenheim Come in and enjoy all of the Spring Treasures

We are located in the heart of the Excellent for seniors, CATERING DELIVERY Golden Acres. Within walking distance individuals Want Comfort & Soul’s couples food Weordeliver our fresh meals of the main street of Blenheim! to the areas! at Delivery your events? Call us. available in 100 kmsurrounding radius Warm friendly atmosphere, BestDINNERS food in&Cedar FROZEN SOUPSSprings ONLINE MEAL PLAN OPTIONS companionship & great conversation Southern-style cooking Available in house and for Design a meal plan online are always available! Our building is delivery. Call foratselection. its best to make dinners easy again. also wheelchair accessible and your WWW.COMFORTANDSOULRESTAURANT.COM (519) 359-4349 membership is welcome! 8619 TALBOT TRAIL, CEDAR SPRINGS, CHATHAM-KENT ONTARIO We are actively accepting new members! Great Selection of Lois Shorts NOW AVAILABLE! Annual The most comfortable shorts you Membership will ever wear with a full flex Fees are only waistband and stretch! $30 Great Selection

Looking forward to your visit!


57-B Talbot St. W, Blenheim • Phone 519-676-0770 • @treasuresontalbot


of sizes and colours!

Don’t miss out st-! these sell out fa

64 Talbot St. W., Blenheim 519.676.5144

Fair Trade Textiles direct from Morocco Available in store and online Shipping is now available from our online store!


69 Talbot St. W, Blenheim Phone 519-676-2371 @antiquatedjoysofblenheim

Our Centre is full of excitement, come out and join in the activities we offer.



Saturday, May 5 (limited tickets) Social hour 6:00-7:00pm DVD Presentation 7:00 - 8:00pm 15 - includes Hors D’oeuvres/snacks One complimentary drink Black and White Night Video Show


Black and White dress if possible photo opps will be available!

Car Barn Broasted Chicken Dinner Thursday, May 10

5pm & 6:30pm • Take Out: 5:30pm-6:30pm $18.00 (Children under 5 free, 6-12 $10) Advance tickets only 519-676-3894

55 Jane St., Blenheim • 519-676-3894

Open Daily at 11:30am

Saturday, April 28

Join us for lunch OR

Everyone Welcome! Vendors, Baked Goods Lunch, Draws & More . . . 9:00am-2:00pm

our local draft

dinner, and a pint of

55 Jane St., Blenheim • 519-676-3894 •

970 Ross Lane, Erieau • 519.676.8888

The Chatham Voice, April 12, 2018  

The April 12, 2018 edition of The Chatham Voice, an independent community newspaper serving Chatham, Ont. and area since 2013

The Chatham Voice, April 12, 2018  

The April 12, 2018 edition of The Chatham Voice, an independent community newspaper serving Chatham, Ont. and area since 2013