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Does this look like spring to you?

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Recent cool weather gave us a beautiful treat along Erie Shore Drive. These pilings were capped by ice as waves delivered the moisture, and the cool temperature froze layers of water onto the pilings before it could roll back into the lake.

Survey gives voice to C-K residents

By Mary Beth Corcoran

Access to services locally, wait times for emergency services and specialists, and a lack of adequate funding to health care are the three main topics that have some people in Chatham-Kent concerned, according to a recent sur-

vey. The Chatham-Kent Health Coalition, with the Wallaceburg-Walpole Island First Nation Health Coalition released Monday the results of a survey they sent out to the community at large. Shirley Roebuck, co-chair of the coalition, said she was pleased that 370 peo-

ple took the time to fill out the survey. “We distributed surveys all over Chatham-Kent,” Roebuck said. “We had them at numerous places including the Active Lifestyle Centre, doctors’ offices and online. “We took that data and with some volunteers, we were able to create statis-

tics from the answers that were given to our survey questions and so we can create for the public clear answers as to what the people of Chatham-Kent think are important and required for local healthcare services,” Roebuck explained. In the report on the survey results, the Coali-

tion stated that, to date, “There has been little opportunity, if any, for residents of the hospitals’ catchment area to give meaningful input into decisions regarding the future of their local hospital services,” and the group is “deeply concerned about service cuts and lack of democratic public

input and accountability in our local hospitals.” The survey results indicate that about 33 per cent of respondents from the Chatham area had to travel outside of their home community to access the care they needed, and 44 per cent from Wallaceburg.

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Survey shows three areas of concern for C-K residents

ing a good or positive More than half of Cha- experience, and many tham residents who re- relayed personal stories sponded (52 per cent) about high quality and said they had long waits compassionate care. for emergency care, diag“By us doing this report, nostic tests and surgeries we have given the pubin Chatham and in other lic its first opportunity to communities (London, tell the people that are in Sarnia, Windsor). charge of re-organizing “ W h e n our services asked to “By us doing this rehere what is provide deport, we have given the required,” tails about Roebuck difficulties public its first opportusaid, adda c c e s s i n g nity to tell the people ing that the care, re- that are in charge report will s p o n d e n t s of re-organizing our be sent to from the the Chaservices here what is Wa l l a c e tham-Kent burg area required.” Health Allinamed trav- - Shirley Roebuck ance adminel as their istration, first difficulty, and Cha- as well as the Ministry tham respondents cited of Health, and Premier long wait times as their Kathleen Wynne. main difficulty,” the re“We need to stop having port stated. the services cut here in The positive side of the Chatham,” said Coalition responses is that 79 per co-chair Rick MacLean. cent of Wallaceburg sur- “They say they want Chavey participants and 71 tham as a retirement-style per cent of Chatham re- community and yet they spondents reported hav- cut a department like


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Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Chatham-Kent Health Coalition member Dave Hebblethwaite, left, joins co-chairs Rick MacLean and Shirley Roebuck at a press conference Monday releasing the results of the community health-care survey they conducted in Chatham-Kent.

urology and in my opinion, when you become older, urology is a more important department to have.” Roebuck agreed that Chatham-Kent is an aging community, and many people don’t have the financial resources or the physical stamina in some cases to be traveling out of town to access services. “I know that the CKHA is in a deficit position but that situation has to be remedied by the powers that be – the provincial government,” Roebuck said. “We are an aging community of 110,000 residents so why do I not hear any of our leaders talking about celebrating


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the aging community? They have a lot of money to spend, they are living longer and they are a vital part of our community, and we should be celebrating their achievements and recognizing their needs like a urology department, or programs that will allow seniors to stay in their homes longer rather than be pushed out into a nursing home facility.” Roebuck said the responses from Wallaceburg and area were all in favour of the community having a hospital with an emergency room and restored services, and that wasn’t surprising, but the Chatham responses were

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Bruce Corcoran Editor - Ext.227

Mary Beth Corcoran Office Manager - Ext.221

health care,” Roebuck said, whose statement was seconded by MacLean. “I understand that without corporations, nobody is going to be working, but giving them the tax breaks over and over, all that is doing is downloading the costs onto the citizens themselves. They can only pay for so much; they are already taxed beyond belief,” MacLean said. MacLean referenced the Canada Health Accord, that dictates the amount of support the federal government gives to provinces, which used to be six per cent and may be decreasing even further.

Partnership launched The Chatham Voice

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unexpected. “Almost 100 per cent of respondents from Chatham and the surrounding area supported the need for a Wallaceburg hospital. We are no longer two communities, we are the community of Chatham-Kent and the respondents overwhelmingly told us they need two campuses,” she noted. The question of where the money will come from to restore service levels is one the Coalition said needs to be addressed by the provincial government and the CKHA. “Stop giving tax breaks to large corporations and channel that money into

As part of Epilepsy Awareness Month, the Chatham-Kent’s fire, EMS and police services are teaming up with Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario to identify vulnerable populations and launching a joint community safety partnership. The concept is for the groups to work together to increase the public safety and protection of those who are affected by epilepsy/seizure disorders and their families. “The CHiRP visit was quick and easy,” said Patricia Wright, a client of Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario, who requested a CHiRP Home

Darlene Smith Sales - Ext.225

Safety Check recently. “The firefighters checked my alarms to make sure they were working correctly and had batteries. Then we discussed home escape planning and what my safest option would be.” Epilepsy affects approximately one per cent of the population in Ontario, and managing safety risks associated with seizures is of upmost importance regardless of seizure type. Developing a seizure safety plan, and reducing risk in the home and the community are necessary pieces of managing seizures. This partnership with local fire, police

Jeanine Foulon Sales

Fatima Pisquem Distro/Class - Ext.223

and emergency services will help individuals in our community living with epilepsy feel and live safer and be part of the community in a meaningful way. According to fire officials, the hope is this partnership will also encourage individuals living with epilepsy to submit their vital information to the Vulnerable Sector Registry, a database that will be used by police and other emergency services during a crisis situation. In the event of an emergency, responding officers and other responding emergency service workers will have immediate access to this registry.

Michelle Owchar Graphics - Ext.226

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Andrew Pereira, Consultant

245 St. Clair St., Chatham Call: 519-358-1115 ext.226 email:

It’s closing time ... for Dan Chahbar Local businessman selling his stake in Crabby Joe’s after 18 years

By Bruce Corcoran

From the time Dan Chahbar drops his kids off at school in the morning until they are ready to be tucked into bed, or even after they’re asleep, he is ensconced in a local restaurant. Some might put “-aholic” as part of the adjective used to describe him, and they’d be right if they used “work” to preface it. For the past 18 years, he’s owned and operated Crabby Joe’s in town. But now he has sold the business to spend more time with his family. For Dan, it’s a bit like trading one family for another. “A lot of these patrons, we’ve hung out outside of Crabby Joe’s. We’ve played golf, done charity work. There are a lot of people I will continue to be friends with outside of this restaurant,” he said. As part of his bachelor party, a group of Crabby Joe’s patrons took Dan out to play paintball. And then there is the

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staff at Crabby’s, some of whom have been around almost as long as Dan has. “I have some staff who watched me get married and have kids and I have done the same with them,” he said. Dan said over the years he’s tried to lead by example. “A lot of hands on for me, sweeping the floor, cleaning the washrooms, cooking on the line – I’ve done everything that I’ve asked my staff to do,” he said. It doesn’t sound as sweet a business as some might think. “To some, it’s a pretty cool business to get into – the Sam Malone (of the TV show Cheers) mentality. But it’s not pretty. It’s hard work,” Dan said. “It’s a tough business. As a business itself, it’s not a lot fun. But as you get involved in the community and local projects, there are so many extras that make you want to do it over and over again,” he said. Dan admitted it’s the people that make it all

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sq. ft.

worthwhile. “You could be having a bad day and then you meet somebody and they’ll totally change your day,” he said. The long days may have taken their toll, but his time at Crabby Joe’s led to him meeting his wife, Kelly, who worked at the restaurant. Dan’s first date with his wife was on St. Patrick’s Day. “She was working here long before that and wanted to take this old man out for dinner. We’ve been together ever since,” he said. That was nine years ago. He and Kelly have two young children, Jacob, 6, and Abby, 4. With a staff of more than 30 people, and the fact it’s a restaurant that’s open for lunch, dinner and late into the evening, Dan said it’s pretty much impossible to juggle it and his family to give them both the attention he feels they deserve. “If it wasn’t for the sheer size of the business, I probably wouldn’t sell

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Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Dan Chahbar stands outside Crabby Joe’s in Chatham, a roadhouse he’s owned and operated for the past 18 years. He’s sold the business to focus on spending more time with his young family.

it,” he said. “I got married later in life and have young kids. I want a smaller business.” Dan admitted he wasn’t actively looking to sell, but a Windsor-area businessman changed his mind.

12.3mm Laminate


1.39 ft.


“It wasn’t for sale, but these people offered to take it over, and I thought, ‘Why not?’ Offers don’t come by very often,” he said. Dan said the new owners hail from Windsor and own two other Crabby

Joe’s franchises in Leamington and Essex, as well as a Chuck’s Roadhouse in Windsor. Dan said he has nothing planned for the short term, save for time off work, and time on with his family.

Friday, March 24 418 St. Clair St.

Nortown Plaza next to Shoppers Drug Mart







C-K adding defibrillators, training on how to use them The Chatham Voice

Chatham-Kent Fire and Emergency Services is updating the Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program throughout the municipality, and that includes adding more defibrillators. A tragic example came during this year’s Christmas parade when a bystander suffered a cardiac arrest near King Street and Forsyth Street. Off-duty firefighters and paramedics, volunteering in the parade, jumped into action, starting CPR immediately. A quick-thinking firefighter retrieved the public access defibrillator from the Capitol Theatre and delivered shocks to the cardiac arrest victim several minutes before emergency vehicles ar-

rived. The municipality would like any citizen in Chatham-Kent to be familiar with CPR and defibrillators, and be comfortable taking the exact same actions in an emergency. Enhancements being made to the PAD program will include, more defibrillators in municipal buildings; more training opportunities for municipal staff to learn CPR and defibrillator use; a public map for municipal and private business defibrillators; and co-ordination of those locations with 911 dispatch to provide information to callers. The municipality will also put CPR and defibrillation information up on the website, including a get-started package for private businesses

or community groups; a central registry for qualified training agencies in Chatham-Kent to assist the public looking for training, and the addition of defibrillator inspections within prevention programs, as well as CPR demonstrations on home visits. The community program is recommended by scientific evidence and research reviewed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario. The municipality is required by the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care to have a plan and performance targets to reach people suffering from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest who require early defibrillation and early CPR. This plan, and perfor-

mance targets are to include all types of responders such as citizens, non-emergency response municipal staff, fire fighters and paramedics. These are cases where time makes an enormous difference. The closest person with even just five minutes of training can potentially save a life. In 2011, the Ontario Defibrillator Access Initiative of the provincial government and Heart & Stroke was formed with one-time assistance to help municipalities launch these programs. Recent updates to the HSFO research reinforce the value of this program and emphasize strategic placement of more defibrillators, public awareness and public education in our community.

Scott Ramey, assistant chief of Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services, shows off a defibrillator. The municipality is augmenting its supply, and encourages citizens to know how to use them.

Market, said thanks but no thanks Friday. The chamber released its list of winners recently, with awards to be presented March 30 at the Business of Excellence Awards banquet at Club Lentinas. The Dutch Market received the business of the year accolade, while

Carolyn Powers is citizen of the year, Enviroshake industry of the year, Tricia Xavier business professional of the year, Fred Neclario entrepreneur of the year, and Natalie Devolder youth entrepreneur of the year. On Friday, the chamber announced that Charlie Huls, president of The

Dutch Market, declined the honour. “I truly appreciate the honour of The Dutch Market being selected by the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce as the business has made great efforts in the past year, however, in reflection, respectfully have chosen to decline the award,” Huls

said in a release. Christopher June, chair of the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce, said such things have happened in the past. “It’s not uncommon for the chamber to receive notification from a potential award winner who is humbled by the nomination but in the end, de-

Contributed image

Chamber award winner declines accolades The Chatham Voice

The winner of business of the year for the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce, The Dutch

clines to follow through with the judging process. The nomination, in itself, is complimentary to them,” June said in a release. “The board of directors, has graciously accepted the decline of The Dutch Market for Business of the Year, and are respectful of this later decision.”

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Home Show starts Friday

By Bruce Corcoran

Despite the recent cool

weather, spring is here. There is no surer sign than the annual Chatham-Kent Spring Home Show.

The event, which takes place Friday to Sunday at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre, will again

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Two-year-old Emmalee Randall of Blenheim and her mom Karen made some new friends at the 2016 Chatham-Kent Home and Garden Show as they checked out the Southwestern Ornamental Concrete display. The show returns this weekend.

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feature about 130 exhibitors. While the number of exhibitors remains pretty standard, Stuart Galloway, owner of 20/20 Productions, the company that organizes and runs the event, said there is always something new each year. “We can’t really grow much more. But it’s always evolving. There are always new people coming in,” he said. “We probably have about 35 per cent new exhibitors each year. It’s always fresh.” Galloway’s operation took over the home show about seven years ago, he said, after striking a deal with John Cryderman, who used to run the event. “It’s worked out well. We love being in Chatham,” Galloway said. “We get great support from the exhibit side and from the attending side.” Just as the exhibitors change to some extent annually, so too does the needs of the patrons. “Your renovation needs

are always changing,” Galloway said. “Usually, people don’t do it all at once.” The show offers the opportunity for a form of one-stop shopping as well, with various companies under one roof, all very accessible to the public. “When you put that many competitors together, the consumer always wins,” Galloway said. He added the show easily allows people looking to renovate or have yard work done gain access to businesses to schedule work before their calendars fill up. “They can usually get to the businesses that haven’t booked for their full year yet. It’s a great time to go and book your jobs,” he said. Galloway said Mother Nature threw us all a curve ball this year, but the calendar does indeed tell us it’s spring. “I think everybody thought spring was here,” he said of the unseasonably warm weather in Jan-

uary and February. “And summer was going to be in March. The weather has a fun way of getting back at us after we were getting spoiled.” The Home Show is slotted in as the first such show of the season in Southwestern Ontario, Galloway said, by choice. “It gets people a little bit excited. They think, ‘The show’s here and maybe we should start thinking of what we need in the backyard,’” Galloway said. The Spring Home Show is only one of 20/20’s events. They started with the Windsor Home Show in 1992, Galloway said. Since that time, they’ve expanded, including here in Chatham-Kent. The C-K Farm Show, another 20/20 event, recently enjoyed its fifth show. The Spring Home Show runs Friday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $5. Children under 16 are free.

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Time to listen Somewhere it is written that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. It’s the hope of Chatham-Kent residents that the re-organization of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance doesn’t fit that definition. Interim President and CEO Ken Deane and provincially appointed supervisor Rob Devitt have made a number of changes within senior administration and the community is waiting to see what kind of board structure will be in place and how the Wallaceburg campus fits into the overall CKHA picture. The Chatham-Kent Health Coalition recently circulated a survey and publicized the results, and while the main issues of lack of local services and long wait times weren’t surprising, the support of 98 per cent of the 370 respondents for a Wallaceburg hospital with an emergency room and restored services was. When the people of Chatham and Wallaceburg agree on something, it is an occasion that should make the decision makers pause and think. While money to fund services is a huge factor for the CKHA, the make-up of the community and the services it wants and needs should be another one. As the coalition co-chairs point out, Chatham-Kent is fashioning itself as an age-friendly community, but moving out entire departments such as urology does not jive well with an aging population. The services seniors want and need are in short supply locally and require driving to London, Windsor, Sarnia and sometimes Toronto. When you are a senior with limited resources or family in the area, it creates a huge problem and lets some of our most vulnerable citizens fall through the cracks. And that definitely does not look good for people over 50 wanting to move to our area. Hot housing prices and an age-friendly designation can only take us so far. The coalition survey gives legitimacy to the concerns many people have voiced with local health care, and also lets the CKHA know that there is support for services where people live. The problem is still, and will probably remain funding from the federal government on down. The province is killing rural health care and until it learns what the term “local priority” means, we will be stuck with Toronto-centric problem solving that does nothing to meet the needs of the people of Chatham-Kent.

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Reader supports local business Sir: I don’t often make my opinion public, but after being called stupid I want to address and issue. Recently while shopping I ran into some folks I knew. We got talking about shopping and I said I supported small local businesses as much as possible, using my favourite tea shop as

an example. I got told that I was stupid to do this; it was too expensive to shop local. Seriously? I was shocked. So here is my response to that. These people go to Tim Hortons every day to buy tea and coffee. They

spend $2 each time. So in a week of two cups every day – they go more often than that by the way – they spend $28/week for 14 cups. Now in comparison, I shop at a local Chatham tea store spend less than $10 for 50 grams of tea which will give me,

depending on the tea, 20-25 cups of tea. That is almost two weeks worth of their beverage choice. Now in my opinion that does not make me the stupid one. Shop local and help support our own; I proudly do! Estelle Demers Chatham

What is the impact of fake news? Sir: President Donald Trump has emphasized the ill effects of fake news, but I was shocked to see a recent factual TV program hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz. He said he had been bothered by all this talk about fake news and had discussed this with a colleague, neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, asking an unusual question.

Could the human brain be hacked by fake news? The doctor made several tests, the basis of which are befuddling to me, but he proved that three subjects whom he tested revealed differences attributable to the impact of fake news on their baseline beliefs. I think it is very important that members of the

public follow this advice and check very carefully the sources from which they collect their information. Maybe we should ignore Mark Twain, once a reporter with a Virginia City, Nevada, newspaper. Later he said a writer should: “get your facts first and then you can distort ‘em as much as

you please.” Twain, who was friendly with Rudyard Kipling, later wrote about the great British author: “Between us, we cover all knowledge; he covers all that can be known and I cover the rest.” I would love to read Kipling’s response! Stephen Beecroft Chatham

The Chatham Voice is printed by: One of Canada’s 50 Printers The contents of this newspaper are protected byTOP copyright. No material from this edition may be reproduced without expressed written consent of CK Media Inc. 800.465.1662 705.687.6691

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Bowl for Kids’ Sake slated for April 1, 2 By Mary Beth Corcoran

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Chatham-Kent are getting ready for their biggest fundraiser at Bowlerama in Chatham April 1 and 2. According to BBBS executive director Nan Stuckey, Bowl for Kids’ Sake has been the organization’s top fundraiser for 30 years, and the goal this year is $25,000. With the theme, Lace Up to be an Every Day Superhero, Stuckey said first responders in the community will be creating teams to bowl in the fundraiser, with the community celebrities bowling with the kids April 2 at 1 p.m. “It’s great for first responders like police and fire personnel to come and expose the kids to everyday super heroes,” Stuckey

explained. “It helps the kids see they (first responders) are normal people they can rely on.” Participants raise money by gathering pledges and members of the community are welcome to put in a team. Stuckey said if individuals or couples want to join, they can be matched with a team. “It’s two hours of free bowling and free shoe rental and it’s fun way to get together with friends to have fun, get some exercise and raise money for a good cause,” Stuckey said. For every $100 raised, people will have the chance to win some big prizes such a Smart TV. All donations will be issued a tax receipt. BBBS is asking for people to register by March 31. Call 519351-1582 or go to


News Wilson earns additional recognition The Chatham Voice

Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Thomas Palacios, 9, a “little” with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chatham-Kent, practices his bowling technique with placement student Logan McQueen at Chatham Bowlerama.

The Blenheim & District Chamber of Commerce has announced its award recipients. Jennifer Wilson is citizen of the year, an award she also won in 2016, courtesy the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce. Wilson grew up on Main Street in Blenheim, married a local farmer, worked in the family business in Blenheim, and aggressively supports various local charities, including as founding chair of the Chatham-Kent Hospice and chair of the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario and as a director of YMCA Canada. The chamber named Platinum Produce Ltd. as agriculturalist of the year. Cross Country Manufacturing is entrepreneur of the year. The awards night takes place March 30 at 6 p.m. at Deer Run Golf Course. Tickets are $25 per person. The Guest Speaker is Toby Barrett, MPP Haldimand Norfolk, Official Opposition Critic to the Minister of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs.

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300 Lacroix St. Chatham, ON N7M 6M6 Tel: 519-354-4400




The Arts

UCC brings back Wizard of Oz First repeat production in school theatre company’s 23-year history

By Bruce Corcoran

The theatre folks at Ursuline College Chatham pressed the replay button this year, and can’t wait to see the results. For the first time in the school’s drama history, the UCC Theatre Company is repeating a show it has done in the past. This year, they’re bringing The Wizard of Oz back for shows April 5-8. The company also did it 21 years ago. “It’s the first duplicate of our repertoire,” director and UCC teacher Jim Dunlop said. “It was a show that some of the adults who are involved this year did as students. I’m one of them,” he said. “The Wizard of Oz was one of the first ones we (the UCC Theatre Company) did. It was a big budget, famous musical.” The theatre company got its start in 1994, performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat. It was followed by Annie a year later. Dunlop said over the years, the company has put on 20 shows over the past 23 years, with only a few years where there was no show, including last year. The theatre company tar-

gets musicals for several reasons, Dunlop said. “Half of our shows are geared towards elementary school kids. Musicals are crowd pleasers,” he said. They also take a lot of people to pull off, increasing student body involvement. Dunlop said there are 30 students on stage for the show, 25 under the stage in the orchestra pit, a like amount back stage and another half dozen in the lighting and audio booth. “It takes a small army to make this happen,” he said. Add to that about 20 teachers and adult volunteers, and you have your army. “The musical provides more opportunities for people to be involved.” Auditions began back in September. Since late that month, the cast has been rehearsing two or three times a week. “It’s a bit of a monster,” Dunlop said of the time commitment. But talking with performers quickly leads one to realize, no one minds. Matt Buis, who is taking part in his first theatre production and gets to play the Scarecrow, is smitten. “I love it. I love the music

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

From left, Jack Gillis (the Cowardly Lion), Matt Buis (The Scarecrow), and Zach Coristine (the Tin Man) are part of this year’s UCC Theatre Company’s Wizard of Oz production, taking place April 5-8.

and the way everything comes together,” he said. “It’s a team effort.” Jack Gillis has some familiarity with the stage, but mostly when he was younger and with Theatre Kent shows, enjoys the challenge presented by performing in a musical. “It takes more effort. I

have great appreciation of how the professionals do it,” the actor behind the Cowardly Lion said. Zach Coristine is a relative stage veteran by UCC standards. He’s performed in Shrek the Musical and the Addams Family – the two most recent shows put on by the


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theatre company, and now takes on the role of the Tin Man. He looks forward to seeing the fruit of months of labour. “Every year, you see how all the work and time leads up to the opening night. You get such a sense of satisfaction,” he said. “As we rehearse it and see our hard work paying off, it’s rewarding.” Gillis doesn’t think of it as work, however. “It’s fun just to go to practice with these guys,” he said. The singing element can be the challenge. “I found my voice driving in the car. I was singing along and my voice squeaked,” Buis said. “I thought, ‘Yeah, I’ll keep that.’” Dunlop, who played a lot of sports as well during his high school years, sees the theatre company at UCC as the ultimate team effort. “There’s no greater ex-

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Specialized care and services for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 80 McNaughton Ave., Wallaceburg, ON (519) 627-9292 We are Proud to be locally-owned!

ample of a true team than a theatre production,” he said. “In basketball and football, you can have one really good player and be successful. It’s not the same in theatre. Everyone has an important role to play.” Event organizers added a matinee performance this year as well. The matinees take place each day from April 3-7, with the additional show going to UCC students. Dunlop said the elementary schools bring kids the other four days, but the group realized it wasn’t giving its own students a matinee opportunity, so they added the performance. With evening performances set each night from April 5-8, the company will put on a total of nine shows this year. Tickets are $20 each and available at the UCC box office Monday to Friday from noon to 5:30 p.m. Happy, Healthy, Safe


Embrace the Moment

Hosted by Anglican Church Women. $17/person available until Monday, Mar. 27th. 519-678-3808 Advance tickets only.


Mary Webb Centre

concert hall • art gallery • community centre

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Chatham-Kent MLS Sold Ends - First Two Months of 2017. We sell more houses than any other office in Chatham-Kent. Royal LePage Peifer has 40.1% of the Y-T-D market share of the combined top 5 brokerages in Chatham-Kent. Source: MLS Data, Chatham-Kent Real Estate Board, March 01, 2017.

Steve Carroll* 519-355-9774

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SATURDAY, MAR 25, 1-3PM 11 CHICORY - $249,900 AGENT: SYLVIA MOFFAT 4br, 2 bath bi-level home with warm & tasteful décor. Call Sylvia 519-355-8189.

7627 RIVERVIEW LINE $729,900

Quality custom built home on a beautiful river lot. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

Chatham-Kent has a shortage of inventory (Listings) so you will get the most for your property if you list it now. Call one of our Real Estate Professionals to assist you in making the most important move of your life.

Wayne Liddy* 519-436-4810

SATURDAY, MAR 25, 11-1PM 163 WELLINGTON E - $128,900 AGENT: CHRIS PAPPLE Nice 3br bungalow completely remodelled. Move-in condition. Call Chris 519-350-1402.

20400 COUNTY RD 42, TILBURY • $1,400,000

Inventory & equipment incl. 60’x120’ all steel Vertec building on 4.77 acres at Hwy.401. 5 bay doors, 5 ton overhead crane. Call Ron 519-3607729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

June McDougall* 519-358-5199

SATURDAY, MAR 25, 1-3PM 300 QUEEN - $154,900 AGENT: CHRIS PAPPLE Completely remodelled 3br 2 storey home centrally located. Call Chris 519-350-1402.

7150 TALBOT, BLENHEIM $589,900 4br, 2 bath executive rancher on a 2.4 ac lot on Lake Erie. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

7136 TALBOT, BLENHEIM $99,900 1.6ac lot with a perfect location overlooking Lake Erie. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

7543 RIVERVIEW $499,900 Custom built 3+1br, 3 bath ranch on 1.17 ac lot with outstanding view of the river. Call Gus 519-355-8668 or Heather 519-355-8666.

Brian Peifer Broker of Record Cell 519-436-2669


6 DANIEL’S $128,900 Nice 3br, 1.5 storey remodelled home. Call Chris 519-350-1402.

877 CHARING CROSS $925,000 Everything you could want! 5br, 2 storey with a beautiful yard. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

4624 TALBOT TR MERLIN - $558,888

This is an impressive 3+1br, 2.5 bath custom built waterfront bungalow. Call Brian K 519-365-6090.

162 KING W $799,900 Thriving turnkey restaurant operating since 1983. Excellent sales with great profits. Call Deb R 519-401-5470.

136 TECUMSEH $439,000 Beautiful custom built 3+1 br, 3 bath brick 2 storey home. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

3 SOUTH HAMPTON $588,888 Unique 2+2br, 2.5 bath custom built sprawling brick rancher. Call Eric 519-436-4865.

9565 RIVER LINE $880,000 Five star executive 3br, 5 bath, brick 1.5 storey home on the Thames River. Call Amber 519-784-5310.

at the John D. Bradley Centre, Richmond St. March 24 4pm - 9pm March 25 10am - 6pm March 26 10am - 4pm Now is the time to have your Real Estate questions answered. Enter our free draw for a $100 gift certificate to Rossini’s Restaurant.

SATURDAY, MAR 25, 1-3PM SUNDAY, MAR 26, 1-3PM 177 INSHES - 95,900 AGENT: RON FRANKO 2br bungalow with many renovations. Cheaper than renting! Call Ron Franko 519-355-8181.

6575 ANGLER, MITCHELL’S BAY • $169,000 1 floor plan, 1br + den, large main room, great area for fishing, hunting & birding. Many updates. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

Conditionally Sold 188 VICTORIA $349,900 5br, 2 bath classic 2.5 storey home with many unique features. Don’t miss this one! Call Jim 519-358-3984.

7866 GRANDE RIVER $1,500,000 One of a kind custom built 3 br, 6 bath 2 storey on 2.9 ac’s on the river. Call Carson 519-809-2856.

136 GOLDPARK $129,900 Well cared for 3br 1.5 bath semi-detached. Call Eric 519-436-4865.

35 SCHOONER $255,000 Brand new 3br, 2.5 bath bungalow backing onto green space. Call Pat 519-360-0141.

475 QUEEN ST $146,900 Beautiful southside duplex with excellent curb appeal. Call Elliot 519-358-8755 or Penny 519-360-0315.

12 ST ANTHONY $249,900 Brand new 2br, brick & sided raised ranch with double garage. Call Pat 519-360-0141.

19170 DOUGLAS RD, BLENHEIM - $489,900 Incredible unique custom built 3br, 2 bath rancher on 1.19ac lot near Lake Erie. Call Andrea 519-359-2482.

445 GRAND W $699,900 Professional office building in excellent condition. Currently zoned institutional. Call Kristen 519-784-7653.

364 WELLINGTON W $179,000 Great location & well maintained brick triplex. All 1br units. Many improvements. Call Amber 519-784-5310.

New Listing 202 CAMPUS #305 Attractive & well maintained 2br condo unit on the 3rd floor. Call David 519-350-1615.

3 MAIN #6, MITCHELL’S BAY $284,900 Stunning 3br, 2.5 bath townhouse with an awesome view of Lake St. Clair. Call Penny 519-360-0315 or Elliot 519-358-8755.

D L SO 10989 RIVER LINE $959,900 4br, 3.5 bath, 3500 sq ft executive 2 storey home on 3.10 ac’s on the water. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

725 ST. CLAIR $289,900 1 ac lot with 120’ frontage on St. Clair just south of mall. Zoned HC1. Call Bev 519-358-8805.

155 GRAND AVE. W. $199,900 Great business opportunity to take over an existing operation + the land & building. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

97 KING ST E $85,000 2+1br, 2 storey great for investors and first time buyers. Call Michael 519-365-5634.

167 WELLINGTON E $79,900 3br 2 storey with some updates, being sold “as is”. Call Chris 519-350-1402.

Heather Najjar** 519-355-8666

Kristen Nead** 519-784-7653

Andrea Okopny* 519-359-2482

Chris Papple* 519-350-1402

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David Smith* 519-350-1615

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Immediate Possession 86 VAN ALLEN - $95,000 2br, 1 floor bungalow. Large kitchen with eating area. All appliances incl. Call June 519-358-5199.

Vacant Lot 29971 OAKDALE $20,000 Large (3/4 acre) lot in Croton. Own a piece of property! Call Bev 519-358-8805.

119 HARVEY $89,900 Duplex for sale. 2br unit on the 2nd floor and 1br unit on the main. Call George 519-360-7334.

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Too few homes, too many buyers



Inventory shortage only thing that’s low in Chatham-Kent hot real estate market By Bruce Corcoran

Chatham-Kent’s red-hot real estate market of 2016 remains sizzling – for most of those selling their homes. But it can be ice cold for people looking to buy, as inventory has thinned out. There just aren’t enough homes for sale right now to placate the buyers, according to Kristi Willder, president of the Chatham-Kent Association of Realtors. “It’s very challenging to be a buyer. I have a couple of buyers who have lost out on a few bids,” she said. “There are multiple offers on homes. Some of the homes are even selling over list price.” The market is so hot on homes in the $120,000$300,000 range that some

are sold shortly after they are listed, Willder said. “Some homes list one day and by the next there’s an offer on the table. If it’s a cash offer, they’re selling that day,” she said. “If it has conditions, it’s usually within 10 days.” Willder said the C-K real estate market went from being buyer friendly to seller friendly very quickly, adding low interest rates encourage people to purchase as opposed to rent. The average price of homes sold in February was $179,485, up 16.6 per cent from February 2016. This was the second highest level on record. The year-to-date average price was $175,703, rising 14.3 per cent from the first two months of the year. There were 242 active residential listings on the

association’s MLS system at the end of February. That’s down more than 50 per cent from February of 2016 and marks the lowest level on record for for-sale inventory at this time of the year. Willder said the market is also heavy with firsttime buyers, or people moving out of their first home into their next. It’s not just local buyers spending the money to pick up the homes, Willder said. She said a survey last fall indicated nearly 40 per cent of the homes sold in Chatham-Kent were purchased by outof-town buyers. “Some are moving here. Some are purchasing rental properties,” she said. “With our low housing prices, people are moving because they can afford a house here.” Continued on page 13

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Cultivating the Best, Shore to Shore

Cultivating the Best, Shore to Shore

Reader's Choice

Reader's Choice

of Chatham-Kent

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3 Main St. #6, Mitchells Bay

3 BR, 2.5 bath townhouse with views of Beautiful 3 level, 3+1 BR, 2 bath home. lake St. Clair. Open concept living with Awesome layout features a large kitchen hardwood floors. Large master with and a vaulted ceiling. Huge family room ensuite. Lovely terrace and attached in finished basement. $224,900. garage. $284,900.

224 Talbot St. E., Blenheim

3 BR, 1 bath bungalow with a full walk-out basement. Nice sized kitchen and living room. Newer laminate on main floor and high efficiency furnace. Deep lot. $129,900.


151 Talbot St. W., Blenheim

Unique 2 + 1 BR, 2 bath century home. Large kitchen with patio access, tall ceilings and a main floor master. $159,900.

Beautiful 3 BR, 1.5 bath home. Great layout with large living/dining room and good size kitchen. Large master and bonus room over attached garage. $259,900

28 Sandys St. N., Blenheim

14006 Talbot Trail, Chatham-Kent One of a kind stone 2 storey home. This 5BR, 1.5 bath has irreplaceable wood work & wood floors. Mature trees & a distant view of Lake Erie make this 3.3 acre property magnificent. $349,900.

475 Queen St., Chatham 106 Teal Drive, Blenheim Nice sized, serviced building lot in a mature sub-division in Blenheim. Priced to sell. Call today! $44,900.


Wayne Liddy, Sales Rep Cell 519-436-4810 email:


7910 Grand River Line • First Time Offered! •

Completely remodelled executive 2 storey on the water. 5 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, open concept main floor. Upper level perfect for granny suite. Incredible view of the Thames River with family room overlooking kidney shaped pool 2 car garage.

7 St. Andrew’s Pl. • $680,000

Beautiful custom built 3 bdrm, 3 1/2 bath executive rancher. Stone exterior w/ 3 car garage. 12’ ceiling with crown mouldings, open concept living/dining room. Yard is beautifully landscaped, a totally private retreat. Master suite w/ bedroom, dressing room and 5pc. bath. Gourmet kitchen w/granite. Exercise room, media room, 21’x25’ storage/workshop. This is a must to see.

First Time Offered

One of a kind stone 2 storey home. This 5BR, 1.5 bath has irreplaceable wood work & wood floors. Mature trees & a distant view of Lake Erie make this 3.3 acre property magnificent. $132,500.

38 Adelaide St., Shrewsbury

Serving the people Chatham-Kent for over 30 years!


Elliot Wilton, Sales Rep. FIND US ON

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Kristi Willder, president of the Chatham-Kent Association of Realtors, said a dearth of homes to sell in the $120,000-$300,000 range is the only thing holding back a very strong local real estate market these days.

Beautiful well maintained duplex. Each unit has 2 BR and covered porch. Updated panels and high efficiency gas furnace. $146,900.

7150 Talbot Trail RR#1 Blenheim• $589,900

This beautiful 4BR/2 Bath waterfront ranch home with attached 2 car garage is set back from the main road. Gorgeous views of Lake Erie from the home and the spacious deck that spans the rear of the residence. Large fully equipped oak kitchen w/eating area. Family room w/gas fireplace & garden doors leading to the rear deck. Bedrooms are all a good size. Main 5 P.C bath has double sinks and tub with large glass shower doors. Back entrance from the garage could be a breakfast nook with gas fireplace, enjoying the waterfront views. 3 pc. bath and separate laundry room off the back entrance for convenience. Full lower level for future development.

Make an offer!

We’re ready to go!

Owner Says Sell! 10989 River Line $ 959,900

Situated on 3.2 acres on the water. This 3,500 sq.ft. rancher boasts 4br, 4 baths, huge great room, 20ft cathedral ceilings, gourmet kitchen, master 14’x 23’ w/225sq.ft. en suite. Also guest/granny suite above garage featuring 4pc bath, sitting area, kitchen and bedroom. 40’x48’ heated workshop. Constructed to I. C. S. standards. One of a kind home! Don’t Miss Out!


61 Nichols Dr., Blenheim • $64,900 REDUCED $62,900

OWNER SAYS SELL!!! Good location, 80’ x 135’ building lot. Treed and fenced.

for a virtual tour visit





Fun and fashion for a good cause By Mary Beth Corcoran

Fashion and fundraising come together in two events coming in April from Patricia

M. Productions. On April 5, Habitat for Humanity Chatham-Kent will be the recipient of funds raised at the Chilled Cork in Chatham. The lunch time fashion show

is part of the Patricia M. Productions monthly events, with this month’s featured fashions from Serena’s Ladies Wear and The Little Change Room in Blenheim.

The show runs from 12:15 p.m. to 12:50 p.m. and reservations can be made by calling the Chilled Cork at 519-3547818. Then on April 18, Patricia

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Jackie Lambkin of Serena’s Ladies Wear in Blenheim shows off some of her spring apparel. Serena’s is one of the local ladies’ boutiques taking part in two fashion and fundraising events in April, put on by Patricia M. Productions.

Some homes selling – for cash – in a day

Continued from page 12

Willder said one of her clients was a man from Kitchener who worked in Windsor and London. “We’re right in between. He could get more for his money here,” she said. As warm as the market is for people selling their homes, with people at times getting more than what their

home was listed for, Willder said it has led to some caution. “It’s very tough for sellers, as if their homes sell quickly, they don’t know where they’ll go,” she said. “People are just staying in their houses as opposed to moving.” Willder doesn’t think things will change overnight, either. “I think we’ll see it like

DOLLAR DAY$ Winter Clearance

All Clothing $1 Furniture & Bric a Brac 50% OFF Some exclusions apply


Giving Hope Today

456 St. Clair St. Chatham, 519-358-7299 18 MainSt., Ridgetown 519-674-3765 600 Lowe Ave., Wallaceburg 519-627-1163

this for a while longer. I don’t see it letting up any time soon,” she said. “I do hope the spring brings more listings.”

Home sales in Chatham-Kent in February reached 108 units, a rise of more than 25 per cent compared to February of 2016, according to the

association. Over the first two months of this year, 173 homes have sold, up 21 per cent from the same time last year.



Spring Service Specials Come in and see us today! 691 Richmond St., Chatham 519-352-6121

Clarke teams up with the Grandees of Chatham-Kent Spring Fashion Fling at Maple City Country Club. The event features fashions from Cleo/Ricki’s and lunch with doors open at 11 a.m., show and lunch at noon. Tickets are $20 each and group reservations are available by calling Anne Gibson at 519-354-9319. Proceeds will go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.

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YMCA fun run set for April 30 By Bruce Corcoran

The YMCA’s Family Fun Run/ Walk turns three this year, and organizers hope to see you take part. The event, which is a fundraiser for the Strong Kids campaign, takes place April 30 as part of Healthy Kids Day for the YMCA. Participants can walk or run 5K or 3K, and kids can take part for free in the 1K kids fun run. Jim Loyer, head of the Strong Kids campaign committee for the YMCA of Chatham-Kent, said the campaign’s goal this year is $110,000. The funds al-

Participants in the 2016 Fun Run/Walk for the YMCA are all smiles as they take part.

low families who might normally not be able to afford to

Gentry Manor CAREFREE




be part of YMCA programming to gain access. Loyer said it’s a hand up, not a hand out. “The Strong Kids campaign is something that goes on every year because there is a gap between what some families can afford for our services and what those services cost,” he said. “Almost one fifth of our members are in a position in Chatham where they need assistance to be able to come out and take advantage of the positive atmosphere, programs and services we run here.” Marrying the fun run with the Strong Kids campaign was an easy

decision, Loyer said. “It’s a way of getting family members together to take part,” he said. “Do something that’s healthy and positive, and help build a healthy lifestyle and a stronger community.” Loyer said the event can create lasting memories for families. “Let’s say you went out with one of your kids or grand kids, wouldn’t that be a happy memory?” That’s what happened with Loyer. He said he had a heart attack several years ago. The following year, he took part in a 5K run with his daughter. “I still have a picture of us on my desk,” he said. Loyer said the run is another way for parents to show their children how to have fun and

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Gentry Manor

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Contributed image

give back to the community. He added that rain last year limited turnout, but the hope is for sunny skies this time around. The theme for 2017 is sports – participants are encouraged to wear the sports jersey of their favourite team. Loyer said it could be a local soccer jersey, an NHL jersey, whatever. The race will start and end at the YMCA in Chatham. There will be snacks and beverages on hand after the event. Loyer added if anyone wanted a tour of the YMCA facility, one could be co-ordinated. The family run/walk events begin at 9 a.m., while the 1K kids run starts at 11 a.m. Because the Fun Run/Walk is tied to the Race Roster website, participants can easily register online by going either to or For more information, contact Rob Clarke at 519-360-9622 ext. 110.





Group donates $10K to treatment centre

The Chatham Voice

The Toronto-based organization, Unity for Autism, recently provided the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation with a $10,000 donation in support of the Centre’s M u s i c Therapy program. The prog r a m p ro v i d e s children and youth with special needs access to quality music programming, while developing their attention span, communication, motor and social skills through singing, playing instruments, song writing, listening and expressive movements. “Because most children demonstrate a strong response to music, music therapy becomes a great motivator, addressing goals by offering an alternative for therapy” Donna Litwin-Makey, Executive Director of the Children’s Treatment Centre, said in a release. “Enhanced programs at the Centre, like music therapy, are essential in order for our clients to build their communication, motor and social skills and reach their full potential. These enhanced programs are not covered through core government funding, which is why we need and are excited about receiving funding from third-party organizations like Unity for Autism”. This is the second significant donation the Centre has received from Unity for Autism since it funded the Speciality Autism Treatment Area in 2015. Bonspiel raises $10K

The Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) recently hosted its 6th Annual Charity Curling Classic at the Sydenham Community Curling Club in Wallaceburg. Sixteen teams of four participated in this event and helped raise $10,000 through sponsorship,

participating in community recreation programs, that are not adapted for children with physical, communication or developmental needs” Donna Litwin-Makey, Executive Director of the Children’s Treatment Centre said in a release. “In addition to being fun, sports programming plays a significant role in a child’s therapy regimen, physical, developmental, and life skills.” Current Adapted Recreation programs offered through the Centre include Adapted Sailing, Sledge Hockey, Challenger Baseball, Adapted Swim, Sensory Swim, Dance, Tennis, Skating, Gymnastics and Soccer.

pledges, 50/50 draw and a silent auction. Proceeds from the event will support the Foundation of CKHA’s $6.9 million CKHA Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Renewal Campaign, which currently sits at $4.3 million raised. T h e event’s top fundraising t e a m s w e r e CKHA’s own Diagnostic Imaging staff teams Sweeping Bones and Social Rinkers, with $1,755 raised through pledges. Honourable mention goes out to team Entegrus for raising more than $925 in pledges.

Comfort Inn aids CKHA

Kinsmen support local food bank

The Wallaceburg and Chatham Kinsmen clubs recently teamed up to donate to Outreach for Hunger. The clubs donated $200 and $500 respectively. Hunting for a Cure group supports Hospice

Recently, the Hunting for a Cure group supported the Chatham-Kent Hospice with a donation of $6,000. The donation consists of funds raised through multiple events including hosting food booths at the Dover Tractor Cruz Parade in Pain Court and the Baseball Tournament at the park in Grande Pointe as well as their annual Chicken and Sliders Supper held at St. Peter’s Hall. Private donations were also made. “We are thankful for the generosity and dedication of the ‘Hunting for a Cure’ group to helping our community and more specifically the families who call hospice home,” Jodi Maroney, Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation Executive Director, said in a release.

Contributed image

Terrell Weaver, right, is enthralled by the guitar playing of Heather Sarson, a music therapist at the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent. The centre recently received a $10,000 donation for the program.

The Children’s Treatment Centre and Foundation of Chatham-Kent are excited to announce J.P. Bickell’s recent $10,000 donation in support of the Centre’s Adapted Recreation program. The Children’s Treatment

Centre’s Adapted Recreation program provides over 200 children and youth, age three-21, who have special needs, access to quality physical activity programming, while building necessary physical, social, communication

BOTH BUSINESS & PERSONAL – at low, low prices –

The InsTanT PrInT shoPPe 111 Richmond St. Chatham • 519-352-6813

Continued on page 17

Steel Tile

63 Main Street, Courtland • • • •

Bickell gives to treatment centre


and life skills needed for lifelong, sustainable physical activity. “The centre understands that children with special needs deserve and require the benefits of regular physical activity, but have great difficulty

Comfort Inn representatives recently presented the Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) with a cheque for $695. This donation was made possible through the Chatham Comfort Inn “Alliance Care” program that provides discounted accommodation rates to those visiting friends or loved ones at CKHA. A portion of each room rate is donated to the Foundation of CKHA. Since 2001, more than $2,491 has been donated to the Foundation through the “Alliance Care” program.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017 • Come and learn the facts about home inspections for both buying and selling a home with Ken Nolan at the Chatham branch of the CKPL Everyone Welcome. No registration required. 6:30pm-8:00pm. • The 57th Annual Lenten Noon Hour Interdenominational Service at Christ Church, 80 Wellington St. W., Chatham (beside the bus depot) beginning at 12:10pm until 12:35pm and will be followed by a sandwich luncheon in the parish hall. The theme this year is “Lent in Our Time”. The speaker will be The Rev. John Maroney of the Parish of the Transfiguration. Free will offering to help Outreach within our community. • Open Euchre at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham at 1:00pm. Friday, March 24, 2017 • Blessed Sacrament Knights of Columbus will be hosting a Fish Fry from 5:00pm-6:30pm. Includes roll, baked potato, coleslaw, fish, fruit, along with coffee, tea or juice. A meal of baked macaroni and cheese also available at a cost of $5.00 per person. Take-out available. Tickets are available during the week at the Parish Cluster office at 52 Croydon St. Perch or Pickeral - Adults $16.00, 7-13 years $7.00 and under 6 is free. • Meal and darts at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Dinner is from 5:30pm7:00pm. Choice of pork, roast beef or fish & chips for $9.00. One meat draw. Open darts at 7:30pm. • Karaoke Night with M&M’s DJing services at the Merlin Legion, Branch 46, 2 Stanley St., Merlin. 7:00pm-10:00pm. Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Saturday morning breakfast at First Presbyterian Church, Chatham (corner of Fifth St and Wellington). A delicious and nutritious breakfast served free of charge from 930am-11:00am. Everyone is most welcome! • Blood Donor Clinic at the Polish Canadian Club, Inshes Ave., Chatham. 9:00am-12:00pm. New donors & walk ins welcome. • CWL Garage/Vendor Sale at the Spirit and Life Centre, 184 Welling St. W., Chatham from 8:30am11:30am. To rent tables, call Beth at 519-3527479. • Meat draw and dance at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham . Meat draw from 4:00pm-6:00pm and dance from 4:30pm9:30pm featuring Good Company. Sunday, March 26, 2017 • All you can eat Sunday brunch at the Chatham Granite Club, 41 William St. N., Chatham. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages, muffins, home fries, coffee cake, fruit, juice, coffee and tea. 10:30am1:00pm. Adults $10. Kids 4-12 $5.00. Under 4 FREE. Monday, March 27, 2017 • Senior Euchre at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham at 1:00pm. Tuesday, March 28, 2017 • Euchre party at Grace Christian Church, 26466 Bearline Road. 7:30pm. Admission $5.00. Lunch and prizes. • Open euchre, shuffleboard and 2 person euchre at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Open euchre at 1:00pm and 2 person registration at 6:30pm to play at 7:00pm. $5.00 per person. Shuffleboard at 7:00pm.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 • Thames River Barn Quilt Trail presentation at the Chatham branch of the CKPL, 120 Queen St., Chatham. Kent Quilters’ Guild have completed their barn quilt trail. Join them to learn about the project and buy the book they have produced at from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Thursday, March 30, 2017 • Embroidery Display and Presentation at the Chatham branch of the CKPL, 120 Queen St., Chatham. Members of the Tulip Tree Needlearts Guild will display their work. 1:00pm-3:00pm. • The 57th Annual Lenten Noon Hour Interdenominational Service at Christ Church, 80 Wellington St. W., Chatham (beside the bus depot) beginning at 12:10pm until 12:35pm and will be followed by a sandwich luncheon in the parish hall. The theme this year is “Lent in Our Time”. The speaker will be The Rev. John Giurin, St. James Presbyterian Church. Free will offering to help Outreach within our community. Friday, March 31, 2017 • RetroFest Auction at the Wish Centre, 177 King St. E., Chatham. 7:00pm-9:00pm. 1 and 2 Quarter Auction Fundraiser for RetroFest 2017. $5 at the door for your paddle. The Downtown Deli will offer a baked potato bar for a small price and the Theme will be Retro! Advanced tickets can be purchased at the HDTC-BIA, 237 King St. W. Saturday, April 1, 2017 • Spring Bazaar & BBQ at Voice of Triumph Church, 135 Queen St., Chatham. 11:00am3:00pm. • Saturday morning breakfast at First Presbyterian Church, Chatham (corner of Fifth St and Wellington). A delicious and nutritious breakfast served free of charge from 930am-11:00am. Everyone is most welcome! • The Active Lifestyle Centre is hosting an indoor Yard and Craft Sale at 20 Merritt Ave., Chatham from 8:00am-1:00pm. Tables are $20. Mark your calendars or call today to book your table. • The Knights of Columbus Council 9693 Pain Court & the Ladies of Ste Anne will be holding their Spring Chicken & Sliders Supper & Dance. Tickets are $15.00 each and are available at the Pain Court Market. The event will be at Immaculée Conception Church Hall. Unity will provide the music! Supper 6:30pm. Cocktails 5:30pm. All are welcomed! • Spring Bake and Yard Sale at Campbell A.M.E. Church, corner of King St. E & Prince St. S., Chatham. Homemade baby sheets & fleece blankets, lots of books and one of a kind articles. Yummy homemade desserts. 8:30am-noon. Hot dogs & sausage on a bun or hot cross buns available. All Welcome. PAWR at the animal shelter phone number for lost and stray pets and issues at the dog parks: 226996-9969 daytime. Emergency and after-hours number: 519-784-6146. Animal Cruelty and neglect cases call direct 310-7722 or 310-SPCA. Chatham-Kent Metal Detecting Club - Meets last Thursday of the month. 7:00pm. Kinsman Room. Erickson Arena, new members welcome! Submit your coming events to or

St. Patrick’s holds fun and fatigue My evolution into the next age classification of my life continued recently. In the past, I’ve been a big fan of heading out for St. Patrick’s Day and bouncing from watering hole to watering hole, stopping for a beverage or two at each location and enjoying the day with friends. This time around, it appeared we had the perfect storm, as St. Patrick’s Day occurred on a Friday. No worries about going to work the next morning if you felt under the weather. So I connected with a crew of buddies and we began our anticipated escapades with a casual get together at the Ten-Seven Cafe and Lounge on St. Clair Street. Instead of hopping to the next pub, we lingered and chatted, rather than rocked and reveled. One friend, a recently retired police officer, remarked that other bars would be much more crowded and loud, but he preferred the laid-back atmosphere we all were enjoying at the time. I had to agree. We had great tunes playing, a spring training baseball game on the television, and plenty of conversation. The other end of the spectrum came when we moved onto our next location, Mike’s Place on Queen Street. This is one of the after-work go-to places for many folks aged 30 and up in Chatham late on a Friday afternoon. It’s also a hot spot on St. Patrick’s Day. When the two collided, it became standing-room only. As I sipped on a beverage, not green by the way, and surveyed the bar area, I realized this was no longer for me. Not too long ago, I’d have been energized by all the activity. The place was alive with conversation and laughter.

Bruce Corcoran But it was so alive that it was difficult to carry on a conversation with the person beside you. At that point I realized my day was done, as well as most of my days of revelry. I asked my wife to pick me up when she was done work (I had left my truck at home) and was happily back at our house by just after 5 p.m. Yeah, a real party animal. At age 52, I think I’ve come to prefer hanging out with friends in a more laid-back atmosphere instead of a loud bar. That’s not to say that I won’t be back to establishments such as Mike’s Place, as it is a great spot for relaxation, just not for me when the perfect party storm blows in. Then again, I think I’ve been drifting toward the relaxed way for years, as I truly love hanging out in someone’s backyard or basement, sipping on a cold one, listening to good music, sharing a laugh, and possibly cooking up some magic on the barbecue. Yes, Corcoran’s Irish Patio, Pat’s Tiki Bar, Sensei Jeff’s Backyard BBQ, Chad’s Back Deck Bistro, Jim’s Waterside Eatery and George’s Mystical Lakeside Lounge (I’ve never seen the place, but people claim it really does exist) appeal to me. I like the places, the people who visit, the food, and the laid-back fun.

Box Lunch day April 6 The Chatham Voice

Community Living Wallaceburg will have lunch covered for hundreds of workplaces, schools and homes across Chatham-Kent, as the agency prepares for its Box Lunch fundraiser on April 6. Now in its 17th year, the event raises needed resources and draws attention to the many services and programs offered to more than 400 people with intellectual disabilities and their families across Chatham-Kent.

“We are excited to be serving up lunch to the local community again for our 17th year,” said Lisa Caron, Communications and Fund Development Specialist for Community Living Wallaceburg. Each box lunch consists of a choice of three sandwiches (Chicken Caesar, Ham and Swiss or Veggie and Cheddar Cheese) served with coleslaw, fruit, dessert and a beverage. Available for $10, box lunches must be preordered by March 27. Order forms are online at clwboxlunch. com.





Comfort for grieving families Continued from page 15

For the second time, Deb Walker collected wedding gowns to transform into “Angel Gowns” and crocheting tiny hats and blankets for babies who have earned their wings and become angels too soon. Her efforts have helped numerous families during their time of immense loss and sadness. Walker’s recent donation to CKHA’s Women and Children’s Health Department will help even more families during their time of grief. “This beautiful donation of “Angel Gowns” to CKHA’s Women and Children’s Health Department will have a significant impact on local families,” Candice Jeffrey, Development Lead, Foundation of CKHA, said in a release. “To a grieving family, this gift will provide comfort when needed the most.” To make a donation of a wedding gown, a soft-coloured bridesmaid dress, mother-ofthe-bride/groom dress and/ or sewing supplies to this important initiative, please contact Deb Walker at and/or on Facebook at Angel Gowns by Deb.

ing the various needs of our furry friends at the shelter. A big thank you goes out to all the chefs, area merchants who donated door prizes, employees and organizers who volunteered their time to make this year’s event another success Stuff-a-Bus

The Rural United Pastoral Charge recently held Stuff-aBus for Outreach for Hunger.

Four churches – St. John’s, St. Paul’s, Turin and Zion United – took part in the event. It involved seeking donations outside of No Frills and Sobeys grocery stores in Chatham. In all, the churches raised more than $650 and 450 lbs. of groceries for the local food bank. May Court Club gives to ACCESS program

The May Court Club of Cha-

tham has donated $8,000 to the Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) in support of Chatham-Kent ACCESS Open Minds (ACCESS). ACCESS stands for Adolescent/young adult Connections to Community-driven, Early, Strengths-based and Stigma-free services. It is the first pan-Canadian research network funded under Canadian Institute of Health Research’s

Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research and is jointly funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the Graham Boeckh Foundation. A goal of ACCESS is to develop an evidence-informed, sustainable and scalable model for mental health service delivery that positively impacts youth mental health outcomes in Canada.

‘Tree of Life’ campaign supports hospice

This past fall, Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Chatham-Kent once again held their Tree of Life – Growing Women’s Health Campaign. Through generous donations made by customers and staff, the campaign raised just over $20,000 to support ongoing operational needs of the Chatham-Kent Hospice. “The support from Shoppers Drug Mart employees and customers is remarkable. This donation is proof that small change can add up to make a big difference. Donations such as this help us continue to provide compassionate end-of-life care to families from across Chatham-Kent,” said John Lawrence – Chair, Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation, said in a release. Soup event helps PAWR

The sixth Annual Soup Day fundraiser for PAW (Pet and Wildlife Rescue) was held at the Union Gas head office in Chatham on recently. Employees donated various pots of soup, and tickets were sold to fellow employees who tasted and voted for their favourite soup, with prizes awarded to the top three chefs based on the tallied votes. The ticket sales, along with a 50/50 draw, raised $1,000 which will go towards support-

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18 Astute 20 Took the train 21 Oom follower 23 Thither 24 Xbox enthusiast 25 “-- a Kick Out of You” 27 Worked with rattan

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29 Circle around the sun 31 Conspiracy of silence 35 Cardiff ’s people 37 Sunrise 38 200 milligrams 41 Gear tooth 43 Affirmative action? 44 Culture medium 45 Cringes 47 Longtime Klugman co-star 49 Symbol of sorrow 52 Jazz job 53 Accomplished 54 Intact 55 Individual 56 Chances, for short 57 Gumby’s horse DOWN 1 Recipe meas. 2 Away from WSW 3 Cowboy, often 4 Iranian money 5 Dumpster location 6 Venus’ sister 7 Winged

8 Victory 9 Witch craft? 10 Battery terminal 11 Less loony 17 Ranked 19 Singer’s recording 21 Snapshot 22 Past 24 Jewel 26 In the direction of 28 “Forget it!” 30 Trawler need 32 Rifle 33 Pair 34 Moreover 36 Berates 38 Freight 39 Over 40 Kitchen need 42 Outfit 45 Film sample 46 Nevada city 48 Commotion 50 Regret 51 Pigs’ digs










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Clearing an Estate, Downsizing, Liquidating Inventory or Decluttering?

A Job for Professionals

519-845-3663 • Wyoming, Ontario • • Auction runs March 26-29 Viewing Day: Tuesday, March 28 • 12-8pm Rare Antique & Vintage Items, Vintage & Silver Currency, Comic Books, Furniture, Tools, Vintage Christmas Decorations, Collectables, Estate Items and much more!

For more details visit

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London / Barclay Orangewood/Irene Sage Galbraith Maple



Shirley Ball 84, Thursday, March 16, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

Mary Jack 99, Thursday, March 16, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Glen Mallett 86, Friday, March 17, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

Donald Jenner 89, Sunday, March 19, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Rhonda Anderson 57, Friday, March 17, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

Norma Cartier 75, Tuesday, March 14, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Sandra Pinsonneault 74, Friday, March 17, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

Barbara Emans 90, Tuesday, March 14, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Steve Lucyk 84, Saturday, March 18, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

Karen Campbell 46, Wednesday, March 15, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Sr. Patricia Bodendistel 82, Sunday, March 19, 2017 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home

John Jack 89, Friday, March 17, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Mr. Tyler James Medeiros 28, Saturday, March 11, 2017 Alexander & Houle Funeral Home

Emma Riegling 91, Saturday, March 18, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Mr. Ray Gillet 92, Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Alexander & Houle Funeral Home

Mary Bondy 94, Sunday, March 19, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home

Allen Lee Grant 90, Sunday, March 5, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home


Online Consignment Auction

Clean outs. Get rid of all unwanted items. Buying scrap electrical wire. 226229-2614.

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We can help. Call to sell your items for cash or by consignment Call John @ 519-845-3663

Gospel Meetings. Active Lifestyle Centre, 20 Merritt Ave. Sundays, March 19 - April 9. 3:15pm4:15pm. larry.oregan@


Not Getting Your Paper? We want to make sure you do!

459 St.Clair St., Chatham • 519-351-2040 76 Main St. E., Ridgetown • 519-674-3141 141 Park St., Blenheim • 519-676-3451

Beatrice Marie Lucio 79, Monday, March 13, 2017 McKinlay Funeral Home



156 William St., Chatham 519.352.5120


60 Stanley Street, Blenheim (519) 676 – 9200

Please give us a call at 519-3972020 or email fatima@

245 Wellington St. W., Chatham 519-352-2710

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Carriers Wanted

Help Wanted


Lorne / West

Charing Cross Rd.

Grand Ave. W.

Oriole Parkway / Bloomfield Rd.


King St. W. Robertson / Buckingham / Phyllis / Crystal / Emerald / DIamond

Legacy Lane Frances/Wilcox Madding Dr.

Manchester/Birmingham South Hampton

Call Fatima today 519-397-2020,ext.223 or email




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The March 23, 2017 edition of The Chatham Voice, an independent community newspaper serving Chatham, Ont. and area.

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