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Dr. Colby sticks to his well comments By Mary Beth Corcoran

Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Dave Brooks of Goodreau Excavation cuts up a huge tree on Monday that floodwaters along the Thames River deposited on the shoreline near the base of the Third Street Bridge in late February. Ryan Goodreau said all the silt enveloping the tree quickly dulled their chainsaw teeth, which slowed the cleanup process. The provincial government recently announced it has activated its Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians to help Chatham and Thamesville residents who suffered damage during the flood. See story on page 2.


Calls by area MPPs and the members of Water Wells First (WWF) for a health hazard investigation into the effects of drinking water with black shale in it seems to be falling on deaf ears. WWF spokesperson Kevin Jakubec, however, said now that the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has acknowledged their testing results that show the sediment is full of black shale, known to contain heavy metals, they are hopeful they are one step closer to a health hazard investigation. “Last week, our scientific experts for WWF met with the Ministry of the Environment and presented our findings of black shale in the contaminated wells and the ministry accepted those findings and that is a major step forward in having a health hazard investigation started immediately,” Jakubec said. “Premier Wynne told the public two weeks ago at a public meeting in Wind-

sor on the record that the water is safe. But yet now the government has firmly in its hands evidence that black shale is in the water and because black shale is an environmental hazard, the premier cannot say that the water is safe.” Jakubec also said with the premier saying the water is safe, any commercial food preparation using well water with black shale in it is acceptable. However, any food products made with the contaminated water would be in violation of the Federal Food and Drug Act as an adulterated substance. “The premier has to be held accountable for her statements and the only way to do that is to call a health hazard investigation,” he added. “We’ve asked the premier to shut down North Kent Wind 1 project until a health hazard investigation can be completed, to continue to provide water to affected families and newly affected families, to direct the Minister of Health to begin a health hazard investigation.”

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Province to provide flood relief cash

gram in flood-affected areas in the communities of Chatham The Ontario government has and Thamesville, according to activated the Disaster Recovery Chatham-Kent municipal offiAssistance for Ontarians procials. The province made the announcement Friday afternoon and said that “the floods in Chatham and Thamesville were caused by heavy rainfall and warm temperatures that melted deep snow in the Thames River watershed. At its peak, A+ Rated By The Better Business Bureau the river was more than five meters above its normal level.” 21 Plus Years of The government added Proven Excellence . . . they are closely monitoring other areas experiencing Our Customers Say flooding and may activate It’s So! the program in these areas as flood impacts continue to be assessed in the coming days and weeks. • Locally owned Affected individuals, small and operated businesses and not-for-profit organizations that have • No Pressure, Worry Free experienced property damage or loss as a result of this Experience disaster may be eligible to receive help with emergen• Best Price First Time, cy and recovery expenses. The program provides reEvery Time imbursement of expenses incurred but may also offer • Clear Professional interim payments to those Quotes who need upfront help. According to the munici. . . No Hidden Surprises pality, the program applies a primary residence and • Great Warranties on All to its basic contents, or to a Products main small business, farm or not-for-profit organization. The Chatham Voice

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Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Provincial municipal affairs minister Bill Mauro, right, tours the Thames River in Chatham following late-February flooding along the river in Chatham and Thamesville. The province has announced it will provide relief funding.

Damage from sewer backup is not eligible under the program except under special provisions for low-income households. More information and detailed program guidelines are available at or call toll-free 1-844780-8925. To view more information on the affected areas, visit this site: mma/en/2018/03/ province-activates-disaster-recovery-as-

sistance-for-ontarians-program-to-help-residents-affected-by-1.html The province will hold a public information session in the municipality. Details will be released as soon as they are finalized. Bill Mauro, Minister of Municipal Affairs who toured the flooded areas Monday said, “I commend the hard work and cooperation among local emergency workers, municipal leaders, volunteers and residents to

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ensure the safety of those affected by the flooding in their communities.” Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope praised the quick action by the province. “Our goal is to help those affected by the flood to get things back to normal as soon as possible and I’m glad the province and Minister Mauro acted in a quick and decisive manner. I encourage anyone who suffered flood damage to contact the province regarding eligibility.”

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Safe drinking water? Continued from page 1

At Queen’s Park, when asked by Essex MPP Taras Natyshak about the black shale contamination and a health hazard investigation in February during Question Period, Environment Minister Chris Ballard said that testing was done and, “The Chatham-Kent Medical Officer of Health confirmed the water particulates do not pose a health risk to residents.” Jakubec and members of WWF, however, said the MOECC refused to collect and test the sediment in the water when well complaints were made last fall, so how can they say the water is safe to drink? WWF initiated and paid for the testing at an accredited lab that confirmed the sediment contained black shale particles in large quantities, that are too small to be caught by filters. Dr. David Colby, the chief medical officer of health for the municipality, when asked on what evidence he based his opinion that the water is safe to drink, gave a detailed response. “The Health Unit only tests for bacteriologic contamination. Black shale is a kind of naturally occurring rock. Rock can contain metals and other potentially toxic substances in its inorganic matrix. The toxicity is determined not by what the shale contains (as Water Wells First contends) but rather by

how much of the toxic cology expert, said the substances are absorbed test for toxic material in by the body,” Colby said particulates is called the in his statement. “Inor- acid digestion test, which, ganic materials like rock Jakubec said, is exactparticles, sand and dirt are ly what happens in our not significantly digest- stomachs and releases ed, and if ingested, pass any heavy metals or toxthrough the ins in the d i g e s t i v e “There are no scientif- particulate. tract with- ically conducted studHe added out releas- ies specifically on the in the saming much, if ingestion of black shale ple of the any, of their and I do not expect any Brooks famtoxic conily well wato be undertaken, but tent. ter at their “ P a r t i c u - the groundwater in the home on lates can be area has always been Brook Line kept out of exposed to black shale in North drinking Kent, the and we are aware of water in the black shale first place no health problems particulates by well attributable to it.” went from screens and - Dr. David Colby 47 counts/ filtering/ ml before settling systems. On the pile driving to 681,939 other hand, if the toxic counts/ml, most of which substances dissolve in were unfilterable bethe water, they are more cause they were under easily absorbed through four microns in size. The the digestive tract. That sheer amount of black is why it is recommend- shale particulate, he said, ed to test the water for means the Brooks would dissolved toxins, not to be drinking and digesting test sediments. Extensive billions of particles each water testing has taken day with toxins in them, place. and until testing is done “These are established on how that much black principles of toxicology. shale can affect the health There are no scientifically of residents, it can’t be deconducted studies specif- clared safe. ically on the ingestion of Colby, however, said black shale and I do not expect any to be undertaken, but the groundwater in the area has always been exposed to black shale and we are aware of no health problems attributable to it.” WWF, in getting information from their toxi-

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that he is aware the WWF experts met with the MOECC and the information doesn’t change anything. “On Feb. 22, 2018, MOECC hydrogeologists met with the hydrogeologist and geologist associated with Water Wells First. I was not there, but ministry staff have reported to me that the Water Wells First technical representatives did not present any new information at that meeting. The laboratory testing completed by both MOECC and North Kent Wind’s technical experts is comprehensive and has allowed for a science-based evaluation of water quality in the project area. The health hazard investigation has been done and reported. The presence of black shale particles is not unexpected and is consistent with the pre-existing water quality and geology of the area,” Colby stated. Colby also said people need to be aware of the small number of wells out of over 500 active wells in the wind farm area whose owners filed complaints, and reiterated that increased sediment can be

Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Jim Leveille, a homeowner on Caledonia Line, and Water Wells First spokesperson Kevin Jakubec examine the clogged filter on Leveille’s well pump.

attributed to poor well equipment quality and maintenance. He added that unless proven otherwise, the testing done shows the well water is not hazardous to health. “There are the Ontario Drinking Water Objectives, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has published primary (regarding po-


Adults $45-$55 Children under 12 $25

tentially hazardous contaminants) and secondary (regarding contaminants without health effects) Drinking Water Standards which are consistent with what I have said. It is the responsibility of those making claims of extraordinary health hazards to provide the proof for those claims, particularly if there is little scientific plausibility,” Colby said.





Flood the downtowns with love The Chatham Voice

The Rotary Club of Chatham is encouraging citizens to show their support for businesses in Chatham and Thamesville affected by the re-

cent flooding along the Thames River. The club’s Flood Our Community with Love initiative will take place March 9 and 10 in downtown Chatham and downtown Thamesville.

“Tania, Fannie and I were talking over the weekend about the devastating flood and how Rotary could help. Our own office building was surrounded by flood waters for several days without

access,” Alysson Storey, Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Chatham, said in a release. Fannie Vavoulis was President of Chatham Rotary 2015-2016, Storey 2016-17 and Tania Sharpe

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is current President of the Club. “We wanted to do something that could be rolled out quickly and easily to help the businesses in both the downtown cores that were affected. Let’s get some people in the doors and money in the tills so these businesses can start to recover from this disaster.” People are encouraged to plan a visit to downtown businesses in Chatham and Thamesville on Friday and Saturday this week for a meal, a drink or some shopping to help businesses affected by the floods that hit these communities recently. Many businesses in Chatham that face the river had both basement and main floor damage, including major loss of inventory and property. In Thamesville, while the flood waters did not reach the downtown as predicted, utilities were

shut off to the downtown as a precaution, meaning most businesses were not able to open for several days. “The citizens of Chatham-Kent are generous people and we have always have each others’ back in a crisis. We likely all know someone who was directly impacted by this flood. Let’s help them get back on their feet by paying these local businesses a visit next weekend,” Storey said. Local partners and organizations are welcome to help support and raise awareness about this initiative with their own activities or promotions. The Rotary Club of Chatham would also like to note that businesses on Thames Street on the north side of the Thames River in Chatham were also affected in addition to the businesses on King Street. Please consider them for a visit as well.

The Chatham Voice

The 20,000 Homes Campaign is a national movement of communities working together to permanently house 20,000 of Canada’s most vulnerable homeless people by July 1, 2020. During the week of April 9 to 14, trained volunteers will count and survey individuals who are without stable housing or homeless. “Our count will provide a ‘snapshot’ of homelessness in Chatham-Kent and become a measurement of the number of people experiencing homelessness over a specific period of time,” Colasanti said. “The count will improve our understanding of the needs and circumstances of people who are affected by homelessness in our community.

C-K joins national initiative to end TREASURES ON TALBOT 57-B Talbot St. W, Blenheim • Phone 519-676-0770 • SUNDAY - TUESDAY & THURSDAY 10AM - 7PM FRIDAY, SATURDAY 10AM - 8PM @treasuresontalbot homelessness CLOSED WEDNESDAY

69 Talbot St. W, Blenheim Phone 519-676-2371 @antiquatedjoysofblenheim


The municipality of Chatham-Kent is joining comNew Spring Stock munities across Canada Come enjoy a taste Arriving Daily! HOMEMADE, LOCALLY SOURCED, SOUTHERN STYLE RESTAURANT this April in the 20,000 Homes Campaign which Swimwear, of the south, right here aims to eliminate homeShorts, CATERING DELIVERY lessness. in Chatham-Kent! Golf Polo’s, Want Comfort & Soul’s food We deliver our fresh meals “We believe it is possible Sport Shirts, at your Call us. to the surrounding areas! to end homelessness in Openevents? Throughout T-shirts Chatham-Kent,” said Valthe Easter Weekend FROZEN DINNERS & SOUPS ONLINE MEAL PLAN OPTIONS erie Colasanti, Director (March 30-April 2) Available in houseSuggested and for Design a meal plan onlineEmployment & Social SerReservations vices and Co-Chair of the delivery. Call for selection. to make dinners easy again. CK Housing and HomeWWW.COMFORTANDSOULRESTAURANT.COM (519) 359-4349 lessness Committee, in a media release. “Joining 8619 TALBOT TRAIL, CEDAR SPRINGS, CHATHAM-KENT ONTARIO 64 Talbot St. W., Blenheim 519.676.5144 the 20,000 Homes Campaign and participating in our first ever registry OPEN Tuesday - Sunday THE BLENHEIM week will give us data COMMUNITY Noon to 9pm and information that will SENIOR CENTRE not only help us in homelessness planning, but will connect those most in need with long term, stable housing.” St. Patty’s Pub Night

Restaurant and Catering



Dancers, Sing Song, Irish Music, & BAKE SALE Band & Cash Bar. Wear your green! Saturday, April 28 Friday March 16th Everyone Welcome! • 7:00pm • Vendors, Baked Goods Tickets in advance $5

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Get ready for Over the Edge building,” Grail said at the event launch. “Everyone going over the wall will have to The creative minds that try and get $1,000 or more, brought you the annual Fes- but we anticipate doing a lot tival of Giving and Festival better than that. It’s someof Golf fundraisers have a thing that’s new and fresh new and exciting family-ori- and people are already getented venture planned for ting excited and signing up this June 23 that will send on the website.” He added they will be couyou Over the Edge. The Chatham-Kent Chil- pling the event with a carnidren’s Treatment Centre val-like atmosphere thanks Foundation staff are plan- to the Holiday Inn suppling space, with a ning an Over family-friendly the Edge event “It’s going to be an area and activat the Holiday incredible event people ities. Inn Express in “We really Chatham that haven’t seen before in just want to involves par- this area. We’re gocelebrate Chaticipants rap- ing to have 90 people tham-Kent; pelling 100 feet scaling from the roof celebrate the down the side 100 feet down the side C h i l d r e n ’ s of the hotel. Treatment CenR e g i o n a l of the building.” tre.” Manager of - Mike Grail Foundation Over the Edge, Jason McLaughlin, joined executive director Mike Children’s Treatment Cen- Genge and manager Sheltre Foundation staff at Hol- by Sanchuk researched the iday Inn Express Monday idea and found that Over the to launch the Foundation’s Edge was all about fun and new and unique fundraising safety, Grail said. “Once again, we are so event. According to Foundation happy from the Foundaboard chair Mike Grail, Over tion’s perspective to bring an the Edge brings thrill-seeking event that has not been done and fundraising together for in C-K,” said Genge. “We are a full day of adventure and proud to partner with Holiexhilaration, all in support day Inn Express, to put on of the Children’s Treatment this unique event. This will Centre Foundation’s Butter- be a family-friendly event that will be fun and exciting fly Building Campaign. ‘It’s going to be an incred- with a carnival atmosphere.” Some of the participants alible event people haven’t seen before in this area. ready signed up include EnWe’re going to have 90 peo- tegrus CEO Jim Hogan, who ple scaling from the roof 100 got suited up at the launch in feet down the side of the the rappelling harness to get

Check us out!


By Mary Beth Corcoran

his first lesson. “It’s going to be a fun day. I’m not a fan of heights but I’ll do it for such a good cause,” Hogan said. “The Treatment Centre is a fantastic facility. There are lots of special needs here in Chatham-Kent and this is a chance to help out children and young families and join forces so children can be as successful as possible.” Retro Suites also has a team of five participating and employees Jenna Shaw and Halleigh Lucier helped with the launch, as they eyed the height of the wall they would be repelling down. Grail, who is participating with his son Carson, who receives services from the Treatment Centre, said they are both excited about going “over the edge.” The event is open to people with special needs, including people in wheelchairs as long as they can use their arms and hands. You can support Over the Edge by registering as an “Edger,” sponsoring an Edger, or sponsoring the event. To participate as an Edger, individuals need to raise $1,000, or $1,500 to attach a GoPro to their helmet and take back a copy of their experience. Edgers can build their own Over the Edge donation page to post, share or e-mail to friends and family for easy fundraising. Individuals can register online at or call the Foundation at 519354-0520 ext. 266.

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351 Richmond St., Chatham • 519-352-4937 • • 519-354-8000 •

Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Entegrus CEO Jim Hogan gets his first rappelling lesson on safely hooking up his harness from Over the Edge regional manager Jason McLaughlin on Monday at the launch of the Over the Edge fundraiser for the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation set for June 23. Participants will be rappelling 100 feet down the front of the Holiday Inn Express to raise funds for the new Treatment Centre building planned for McNaughton Avenue West across from St. Clair College campus in Chatham.



Your support is requested We’ve said it before but it bears repeating – people of Chatham-Kent may complain and bicker, but throw a crisis at them, and they come together like the closest of families. There was example after example of agencies, organizations and individuals who stepped up during the recent flooding to help the victims and protect property. Municipal employees, fire, police and EMS personnel, Entegrus and Union Gas staff were quick to offer aid and ensure safety. But now that the floodwaters have receded, there is more work to be done, including clean up, assessment of the damage and relief for damage victims. The Chatham Rotary Club has added another step into the process, promoting the area businesses that were damaged by the flood, and encouraging people to visit those stores and shops March 9 and 10. That’s how we do it in Chatham-Kent, and Rotarians are the most recent example of how to do it right. By visiting the businesses hit hard by the flood, you are showing your support and helping them to get on the road to recovery. Sure, some shops may still be closed while they clean up the mess left behind by floodwaters or order new stock, but for those doors that are open this weekend, let’s show our business brethren that we have their backs. Buy a coffee or delicious baked good at Sam’s Percolator, stop in the Satellite for lunch or visit any of the other great downtown stores. Thamesville has some great shops and restaurants that could use a friendly face or two to help them over the rough patch as well. Thanks to Rotary for reminding us that the crisis isn’t quite over yet and that there are still fellow citizens who need our support. These are the businesses that sponsor local teams, find us just the right gift, feed us when we don’t feel like cooking and make our downtown areas community gathering sites. It’s often the case, just like with families, where we can complain about us, but we close ranks and support one another when it really counts. Chatham-Kent always steps up.

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Sharing genes with insects? Sir: Almost everywhere you look, you’ll find one — or dozens — of the six-legged creatures called insects. A wildly diverse bunch, the class Insecta includes ants, fruit flies. bees, beetles and much more. For years I was extremely interested in the study of insects and spiders, but I never conceived fruit flies as being involved in

cell and molecular biology research involving human beings. That’s why I was excited to read Bruce Corcoran’s interview with Taylor Lidster in The Chatham Voice on Feb. 22 (“Learning on the fly”). According to Taylor, fruit flies “are very similar to humans as far as genes, particularly genes that

cause diseases.” Her area of focus is the gastro-intestinal system. When you think of the millions of insects we know about, you’re probably shocked to learn scientists discover 7,100 to 10,000 new insects each year and consider there could be anywhere from one million to 10 million still waiting to

be discovered, you’re probably awestruck. Only God knows the number of unknown insects in this world He created. It’s so wonderful to hear about this Chatham researcher’s work in the field of medical science. She plans on getting a PhD and, later, a professorship. Stephen Beecroft Chatham

Sir: In January, my utility company changed my meter because it was old. OK, no problem with that. After the meter was changed, the technician came into house to light the pilot lights. During his inspection of the appliances, he moved the kitchen stove out to check behind it then shoved it back. Everything seemed OK until

a couple of days later when we went to use the oven. It would not work. We called a repair man and he checked out stove. He could not find anything mechanically wrong with it. Upon further investigation, he noticed the gas valve behind the stove was partially closed. Once he opened valve the oven was

working again. The repair technician figured that when the stove was pulled out to inspect behind it, the electrical cord became tangled with the valve, thereby partially closing it. We called the utility company’s customer service, and to make a long story short, they are denying any respon-

sibility saying they did not physically touch the valve, therefore, they deny any responsibility. I am saying if the stove had not been moved, I would not have a repair bill for $133.34. No justice when dealing with large utility companies. It would appear they just don’t care.

Unhappy over pricy service call

Gary Peck Wallaceburg

Jury duty seems unrewarding Sir: I offer encouragement to the Saskatchewan jury after enduring allegations of racism following their decision to acquit Canadian farmer Gerald Stanley in the death of Colten Boushie, in spite of the pressure applied during pre-trial accusations of his guilt. As the jury determined,

we will never know if Boushie’s death was intentional. As a juror it would have been difficult for me to condemn a man for acting to protect his person and property. Had Boushie not been active on Stanley’s property, he would have

saved everyone much grief. Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould was clinging to the coattail of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as both undermined the jurors’ duty and decision by their concurring comments stating that we can, must

and have to do better. I would prefer the two of you refrain from your presumptive practice of speaking inclusively on my behalf. As for the jurors, they did just fine. Brock Turner Chatham

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The end of an era at United Way The Chatham Voice

Karen Kirkwood-Whyte, CEO for the United Way of Chatham-Kent, is stepping down this summer. The United Way Board of Directors recently announced she will be retiring in mid-August, after 35 years in the CEO’s office. “This is a bittersweet announcement,” said incoming Board President, Brad Langford, in a media release. “While our organization has benefited tremendously from Karen’s leadership, we acknowledge that it is her desire to become – in her words – a ‘recovering’ CEO and to pursue other interests in retirement.” When asked what the future holds for the retiring CEO, Kirkwood-Whyte noted that her “bucket list” is long ... and includes a number of pur-

suits that will offer her an opportunity to continue to carry the United Way message of hope, strength, joy and belonging to those who need it most. The Board acknowledged Kirkwood-Whyte’s vision and tireless passion and commitment to the organization’s mission, to her community and to those most vulnerable of Chatham-Kent’s citizens. Under her direction, United Way spearheaded the incubation and nurturing of a number of community development initiatives, including Operation Cover-Up (now housed with The Salvation Army), Operation BackPacks, Operation Red Nose (now Home James), the Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village, the Prosperity Roundtable, Chatham-Kent Drug

Karen Kirkwood-Whyte

Strategy, Habitat for Humanity, NeighbourLink, the Women’s Leadership Council, Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Network and “The 425,” one of Chatham-Kent’s community service “hubs,” During her tenure, the United Way raised and invested more than $53 million in agencies, pro-

grams and services to build a stronger, safer and more caring community for one in three residents. In keeping with its CEO Continuity Plan, the Board of Directors has established a Transition Committee. Terms of reference will include interviews with community partners, donors, service recipients and funded agencies to confirm that the organization’s strategic plan is “on path” to fulfill its mission. As discussions continue on a future direction for Chatham-Kent’s United Way, the Board of Directors welcomes the public’s input on how the 70-year-old organization can continue to enhance its capacity to improve lives and build community. Although efforts are currently underway to ensure that the CEO’s

responsibilities are temporarily assumed by existing staff members, no firm decisions have yet been made on the appointment of a successor. At the most recent meeting of the organization’s Board of Directors in late February, an overview was provided on how the local charity’s performance compares with United Ways across Canada and with those United Ways of similar market size. United Way Centraide Canada has recently produced a dashboard for United Ways to track their performance against seven key indicators – including such metrics as dollars available per market million, months of unrestricted net assets, cost of fundraising ratio and donors per capita. On all seven metrics, the C-K organization ranked

in the top 30 per cent of the 101 United Ways in Canada (2016). The local United Way ranked eighth in the country in terms of the amount of revenue available for investment per market million and fourth within our market size – signaling the fact that Chatham-Kent is a very generous community. The Board also acknowledged Kirkwood-Whyte’s strong involvement in the voluntary non-profit sector outside of her role as CEO. She served as the first female member of the Rotary Club of Chatham in 1991 and as its President in 2000. She currently serves as a member of the Community Leaders Cabinet and is Co-Chair of the Community Safety and Wellness Committee along with Chief of Police, Gary Conn.

180 Keil Drive South Chatham, Ontario N7M 6B7

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Big crowd for annual auto show Bruce Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Brooke Weiss gets behind the wheel of a 2018 Dodge Charger Daytona at the Chatham Indoor Car Show on Saturday. The weekend-long event at the John D. Bradley Centre saw thousands of people check out more than 100 new model vehicles on display. Event organizer Greg Hetherington estimated more than 4,500 people stopped by between Friday and Sunday, making it the biggest crowd ever for the annual event. As well, this year’s show featured a community room, where several local non-profit organizations showcased their services, a number of vendors operated there as well, and a silent auction in that room raised an estimated $2,000.

Human trafficking forum set for March 15

forum to Chatham March 15 at 7 p.m. at the John Bradley Convention Centre. “Human Sex Trafficking is one The issue of sex trafficking is of the fastest-growing crimes getting more attention thanks in Canada and raising public to the first day dedicated to awareness is an urgent priority. bringing awareness to the issue Most people I talk to have no across Ontario. idea that this is happening in Haliburton-Kawartha Lakesour communities – big and small – so we all need to get the word out to better inform parents, grandparents and children themselves. That is why events like this are important,” Scott said. “We all need to do our part to raise awareness of a crime that targets top Shop For All Your children who are on average only 14 years old.” Metal Roof Needs Scott was joined by an umberjack warranty includes a 50 YR expert panel that includthat covers both material and labour. • A full Lumberjack warranty includes ed police, victim service rry the largest variety of metal roof agencies, a representaa 40/50 YR warranty that covers ducts in Southwestern tive of the anti-money NoOntario. more blown shingles both material and labour. laundering financial cally owned and operated family business Warranty is transferable to next owner. Great resale value intelligence unit at the 0 years & are well known for our suburb We carry the largest variety of metal roof products in Southwestern Ontario. services and great prices. UPGRADE TO METAL By Mary Beth Corcoran


lding Center

Brock MPP Laurie Scott hosted almost 200 members of the public at an open forum to mark the inaugural Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Ontario on Feb. 22. Now Scott is teaming up with Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Rick Nicholls to bring an awareness

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Bank of Montreal and Karly, a survivor and community outreach worker for the Gender-Based Violence Program at East Metro Youth Services. Karly, a victim who was rescued with the help of a police officer she developed a trust relationship with, was very impactful, according to Scott, when she told her story about how the traffickers manipulate victims. “People stood up and clapped because she was able to explain the manipulation and why she couldn’t just leave, and nobody can explain it like a survivor,” Scott said in a phone interview. Ontario has a horrifying and rapidly-growing human sex trafficking problem, according to statistics: More than 93 per cent of human sex trafficking victims in Canada are Canadian-born, 60 per cent of victims in Canada are trafficked right here in Ontario; and Ontario serves as a major trafficking

hub, with the proximity of cities along Highway 401 and other highway corridors creating easy access and aiding secrecy and invisibility. Scott said a victim can be swept up into the criminal underworld and disappear in less than 24 hours. The average age of a trafficking victim is 14, but some have been as young as 11. Once they fall into this life, victims face horrific conditions that make escape very difficult. “The majority of the victims are under 16 years of age. It very much is a crime of child abuse and child exploitation,” the MPP noted. The Saving the Girl Next Door Act tabled in the Legislature two years ago by Scott was the culmination of the work of advocates, police officers, service providers and experts. The government took it as its own Bill 96 and implemented the first Human Trafficking Awareness Day.


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New Listing 10989 RIVER LINE $859,900 3+1br, 4 bath, 3500 sq ft executive ranch on 3.10 ac’s on the water. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

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SATURDAY MARCH 10 1-2:30PM 90 CARDINAL • $269,900 AGENT: GEORGE MCDOUGALL Absolutely mint 3+1br, 2 bath 4 level split. Everything updated. Must be seen. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

43 PLANTATION $349,900

3br, 2.5 bath spacious 2 storey in an unbeatable location & river view. Call Patti 519-355-6800.

19438 LAGOON, BLENHEIM • $499,900 7 yr old custom built 4br, 2 bath bungalow on incredible 2.4 ac property. Call Patti 519-355-6800.

877 CHARING CROSS $925,000

Everything you could want! 5br, 2 storey with a beautiful yard. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

3 WESTMINISTER $529,900 Mint, mint, mint. 3br, 2 bath rancher with dry basement. Call David 519-350-1615.

6 LEGACY $669,000 4br, 2.5 bath custom built 2 storey home built by Bouma. Call Carson 519-809-2856.

Fabulously appointed 3+1br, 2 bath raised ranch with updates & i/g pool. Call David 519-350-1615.

7627 RIVERVIEW LINE $729,900

Quality custom built home on a beautiful river lot. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

202 GRAND W $315,900

Excellent comm & res above building, excellent exposure. Call Deb 519-401-5470.

20400 COUNTY RD 42, TILBURY • $1,400,000

High exposure business right beside Hwy 40 at Tilbury interchange. Call Ron 519-360-7729 or Brandice 226-626-4838.

21815 COMMUNICATION, C-K • $599,000 Awesome 4br, 2 bath 2 storey on 9.57 acres. Call Wayne 519-436-4810.

Elliot Wilton* 519-358-8755

Penny Wilton** 519-360-0315

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950 GRAND AVE W $629,900

Créme de la créme! Beautiful 4br, 2.5 bath brick 2 storey home on the Thames River. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

D L SO 7 GOLDPARK $214,900

Cindy Weaver** 519-360-0628

4736 TALBOT, MERLIN • $508,888

This 3+1br, 3 bath rancher is perched on the spectacular Lake Erie bluff. Call Brian K 519-365-6090.

Steve Carroll* 519-355-9774

Eric Fitzgerald* 519-436-4865

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67 VALENCIA • $395,500

Deborah Rhodes* 519-401-5470

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Brand new quality built 3br, 2 bath ranch style home at the north end of Prestancia. Stop by and see one of our Realtors.

New Price 427 VICTORIA AVE $217,900

3br, 1.5 bath brick and stucco bungalow on 1/4 ac lot with many updates. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

New Listing GRANDE RIVER LINE $129,900

3.3 ac sought after river front vacant lot. Call Eric 519-436-4865.

Offer Pending 11 CECIL RIDGETOWN • $599,900

Income property featuring 7 bachelor apartments & 4 - 1br units. Call Kristen 519-784-7653.

New Listing 39 PETER $179,900

3br brick bungalow with some updates. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

204 QUEEN $299,900

2 comm spaces on main, 3 res units on upper. Call Gus 519-3558668 or Heather 519-355-8666.

335 TOWANDA ERIE BEACH • $479,900

Beautiful year round 3br, 2.5 bath home fronting on Lake Erie with beach access. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

90 PARK $359,000

4br heritage home with 2 car garage & main level master close to downtown. Call Carson 519-809-2856.

open house

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SATURDAY MARCH 10 12-1:30PM 3 MARION • $214,900 AGENT: JUNE MCDOUGALL 3+1br, 2 bath 4 level with 1.5 car heated garage, i/g pool & totally fenced yard. Call June 519-358-5199.

D L SO 4 GLENGARRY $214,900 Lovely 4 level back split with 3+1br’s, 1.5 bath with attached carport. I/g pool with cabana. Call Mike Smyth 519-784-5470.

Lease 61 DOVER $2,000/MTH LEASE

Professional office space (1200 sq ft) on main floor with updated interior + 2500 sq ft in basement. Call David 519-350-1615.

Commercial Lot 725 ST. CLAIR $289,900

1 ac lot with 120’ frontage on St. Clair just south of mall. Zoned HC1. Call Bev 519-358-8805.

Offer Pending 17996 RONDEAU $149,900

Cozy 3br, 1.5 bath 2 storey bay front cottage. Call Penny 519-3600315 or Elliot 519-358-8755.

Lease 53 JEFFREY / 162 QUEEN $4 /SQ FT 2nd floor comm space available downtown. 5500 sq ft & 1000 sq ft. $4 + operating/sq ft/yr. Call Sylvia 519-355-8189.

393 BALDOON #40 $125,000

3br, 1.5 bath brick & sided condo in a great area. Call Steve 519-355-9774.

Lease 60 KEIL SOUTH $15/SQ FT

Premium 1500 sq ft office space ideal for professional. Call Brian Peifer 519-436-2669.

Business Opportunity 21027 CHARING CROSS $159,900

Main building is currently 1500 sq ft of open retail office space with office & storage on the 2nd floor. Call Bev 519-358-8805.

6673 RIVER LINE $169,900 3br, 1.5 bath 2 storey home overlooking the river. Needs some TLC. Call Gus 519-355-8668 or Heather 519-355-8666.

Lease 55 CENTRE $1,250/MTH

Excellent main level space perfect for Doctors, lawyers, accountants & retail. Call Deb 519-401-5470.

6111 FOURTEENTH LINE MERLIN • $295,000 Charming 3br farm house on a 1ac lot. Call Carson 519-809-2856.

D L SO 24 ARNOLD $169,900

2+1br, 2 bath brick rancher in a great neighbourhood. Call Brian Preston 519-355-9868.

270 PARK AVE W $154,900

3br, 2 bath 2 storey with many updates. Call Chris 519-350-1402.

D L SO 319 PARK ST $39,900

Vacant residential lot, 104’x194.04’. Call Kristen 519-784-7653.

172 MURRAY $139,900 Charming 2+1br brick bungalow in excellent condition. Call Chris 519-350-1402.

Ghassan (Gus) Najjar** 519-355-8668

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Sat. March 10 12-1:30pm 1-2:30pm 1-3pm 1-3pm 1-3:30pm 1-3:30pm

3 Marion, $214,900 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June McDougall, Royal LePage 90 Cardinal, $269,900 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . George McDougall, Royal LePage 93 Dunkirk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barb Phillips Real Estate Brokerage 10989 River Line, $859,900 . . . . . . . . . . . . Wayne Liddy, Royal LePage 205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . Royal LePage, Maple City Homes 67 Valencia Drive, $398,500 . . . . . . . . . . . Royal LePage, Maple City Homes

Sun. March 11 1-3:30pm 1-3pm

205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . Royal LePage, Maple City Homes 93 Dunkirk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barb Phillips Real Estate Brokerage

Mon. March 12 9-11am 5-7pm 5-7pm

205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . Royal LePage, Maple City Homes 205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . Royal LePage, Maple City Homes 67 Valencia Drive, $398,500. . . . . . . . . . . . Royal LePage, Maple City Homes

Tues. March 13 9-11am

205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . Royal LePage, Maple City Homes

Wed. March 14 1-3:30pm 1-3:30pm 5-7pm

67 Valencia Drive, $398,500 . . . . . . . . . . . Royal LePage, Maple City Homes 205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . Royal LePage, Maple City Homes 205 Summerset Place, $309,000 . . . . . . . . Royal LePage, Maple City Homes



Wind symphony Saturday this Chatham concert. The Wind Symphony continues the storied history of the Wayne State band program, including performances at regional and national conferences. It performs a wide variety of repertoire from band classics to the latest in contemporary literature, including premiers by noted composers. Conductor Doug Bianchi is currently in his 19th year as Director of Bands at Wayne State where he also teaches both under-

The Chatham Voice

Wayne State University Wind Symphony will be performing at St. Andrew’s United Church, Chatham, on March 10 as part of the Saturdays at 7 concert series. The WSU Wind Symphony is the premier wind ensemble of Wayne State University. Membership is by audition only. Though consisting mainly of music majors, it is open to all qualified musicians regardless of their major. 37 musicians will perform in

graduate and graduate conducting courses. He is in demand as a guest conductor and clinician, working regularly with high school bands and orchestras. He has guest conducted in England, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Taiwan and has had the privilege of having several of his compositions performed nationally. The concert begins at 7 p.m. All are welcome. There will be a freewill offering.


Real Estate Real EstateWHERE Brokerage Real Estate Brokerage DREAMS COMEBrokerage HOME WHERE DREAMS COME HOME WHERE DREAMS COME HOME WHERE DREAMS COME HOME WHERE DREAMS COME HOME 519-359-8588 519-359-8588 519-359-8588 519-359-8588

519-359-8588 email:

Barb Phillips Email: Email: Broker of Email: Record Email:


202 Campus Pkwy #209

18 Willcox St., Chatham 18 Willcox

Barb Phillips Barb Phillips Barb Phillips Broker of Record Broker of Record Broker of Record

Open House Sat & Sun, Mar. 10 & 11 1-3pm • 93 Dunkirk

74 Elizabeth St., Chatham 7474 Elizabeth 18 Willcox St., Chatham Elizabeth 74 Elizabeth Street Street Street Street Great family home in lovely mature Great Great family home Great family home family home neighbourhood. in lovely in lovely mature in lovely mature mature Features eat-in neighbourhood. neighbourhood. neighbourhood. kitchen, formal Features eat-in Features eat-in Features dining room, living kitchen, formal kitchen,eat-in formal $174,900 room w/natural kitchen, room, living diningformal room, living 4 bedrooms, lovely family home, dining open concept woodwork, 3 bed$174,900 dining room, living $174,900 roommain w/naturalfloor room w/natural on main floor, master with ensuite, rooms, 1 bathroom, $174,900 Open House room w/natural3 bed4laundry, bedrooms, lovely familyfloor home,office, open concept 4 3bedrooms, lovely family home, floor open concept woodwork, bedwoodwork, main laundry. main lower level finished, Sat., July 8 from 1-3 4 bedrooms, lovely family home, open concept on main floor, master withno ensuite, main floor neighbours. 3 bedwoodwork, rooms, 1 bathroom, Call Barb for details! on main floor, master with ensuite, main floor rooms, 1 bathroom, large lot, backyard Open House

18 Willcox St., Chatham

Open House main floor laundry, laundry. laundry, main floor office, lower level finished, on main floor, master withJuly ensuite, main bathroom, main1floor laundry. mainSat., floor office, lower levelfloor finished, rooms, 8 from 1-3 House Sat.,Open July 8 from 1-3 Call Barb for details! large lot, no backyard neighbours. 100-Acre Callfloor Barblaundry. for details!Dr. large no backyard neighbours. laundry, main floor lot, office, lower level finished, 89main Farm Regency

I have clients looking for

large lot, no backyard neighbours.

July 8 from 1-3 Call Barbretirement for details! Sat., Great living in St.

100-Acre Farm 89 Regency Dr. 100-Acre Farm 89 Regency Dr. I single have clients family I have clients Clair Estates featuresDr. large living looking for 89 Regency bungalows. looking for 100-Acre Farm I have clients Contact single family single family room, dining room with built-in looking for Barb Phillips NEWbungalows. bungalows. single family PRICE! today. cabinets, Master bedroom with Contact Contact Reduced By phone: 100-acrebungalows. farm located Barb Phillips NEW Barb Phillips $48,900 NEW 3 pc. ensuite, sunroom, backs 519-359-8588 PRICE! in RaleighContact Township. today. PRICE!mobile, open concept, living room, kitchen, today. By email: 2 bedroom Call Barb Phillips for

3 bedroom condo 2 baths Mint condition 100-acre farm located

By phone:

Potential to build 5 plus acres Barb Phillips onphone: Lake Erie By 100-acre farm located

onto green space.

large All Offers. Reduced NEW shed. Wheelchair ramp. Present Reduced all the details today! $48,900 PRICE! $48,900 519-359-8588 today. in Raleigh Township. 519-359-8588 in Raleigh Township. By email: 2 bedroom mobile, open concept, living room, kitchen, Call Barb Phillips for By email: 100-acre 2 bedroom mobile, open concept, living room, kitchen, Reduced By Call Barblocated Phillips for farm large phone: shed. Wheelchair ramp. Present All Offers. large shed. Wheelchair ramp. Present All Offers. all the details today! $48,900 all the details today! 519-359-8588

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40 Shawnee Trail • $474,900 Custom built Vandersluis Home. Beautiful 3 bedroom rancher backing on to green space along creek. Impressive brick paver entrance with brick paver drive. Attached double car garage. Spacious foyer open to living room with 13ft ceiling, gas fireplace and large windows overlooking the manicured rear yard and patio with hot tub. Kitchen with large pantry and some glass upper cabinets. Built-in oven, all appliances included. Master bedroom has 4pc en-suite with walk-in closet. 2 additional bedrooms, one off the front entrance perfect for office and den. Finished lower level with 3pc bath and entertainment area.

10989 River Line

just past Maple City Golf & Country Club

21815 Communication

Open House Sunday March 11 1-3

8892 Talbot Trail, Blenheim

17514 Lakeshore Rd., Rondeau Park

18849 Erieau Rd., Blenheim

Sprawling 3BR, 2.5 bath ranch on beautifully landscaped lot. 2 attached garages and many unique & rare features. $399,900.

Lakefront, open concept, 3+1 BR cottage with vaulted ceilings. Beautiful sun room, screened in front room & just steps from Lake Erie! $219,900.

Gorgeous 3 + 1 BR, 2.5 bath updated country home with 30x50 shop. Loads of living space, new kitchen, sunroom and beautiful master BR with ensuite. $449,900.

18125 Equus Trail 4.6 acre horse farm with stunning 4 level 3 BR, 2 bath home. Completely renovated, attached garage and 30 x 50 barn. Truly one of a kind! $895,000.

24 Nichols Dr., Blenheim Awesome 3 BR, side split on a beautiful double lot. Many updates including roof, furnace/air & gas fireplace. $259,900.

215 Grand Ave. W., Chatham Well established business for sale. Recently renovated, plenty of parking & outdoor patio space. $284,900.

Excellent Value $859,900

Owners are completing their new home in the North and ready to go! Situated on 3.2 acres on the water. This 3,500 sq.ft. $599,000 rancher boasts 3+1br, 4 baths, huge great room, 20ft cathedral ceilings, gourmet kitchen, master 14’x 23’ w/225 sq.ft. en suite. Awesome one of a kind property! 9.57 acre with 4 bedAlso guest/granny-suite above 3 car garage featuring 3pc bath, room home, 2 baths, 2 car detached garage, 24’x24’ plus sitting area, kitchen and bedroom. 40’x48’ heated workshop. 2 storey barn with antique business 30’x30’ with furnace, Constructed to I. C. F. standards. One of a kind home! steel roof and siding and 30’x30’ unheated shed. Great Don’t Miss Out! IMMEDIATE POSSESSION AVAILABLE! 401 acess. Call for details. Owner is moving into town.

for a virtual tour visit

17998 Rondeau Rd., Rondeau Park 3 BR, 1.5 bath bayfront cottage inside Rondeau Provincial Park. Enjoy watersports, fishing & sunsets from your back yard. $169,900.

19554 Lagoon Rd., Blenheim 2+1 BR, 2 bath country package! Amazing great room, wrap around deck & beautiful maple kitchen. 1.67 acre lot with 40x60 shop & vintage bank barn. $329,900.

17906 Lakeshore Rd., Rondeau Park Lakefront 3 BR, 1 bath inside Rondeau Provincial Park. $124,900.





Chatham woman wins $500,000 The Chatham Voice

Christy Redding from Chatham won $500,000 with MaxMillions in the Feb. 23, 2017 Lotto Max draw. “I usually play Lotto 6/49 and Pick 3,” Redding said while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up her winnings. “But my boyfriend recently had a dream that I won the lottery so I decided to buy a Lotto Max

ticket as well.” A few days after the draw, Redding remembered she had a ticket to check. “When I handed it to the retailer, the lottery machine froze,” she explained. “My stomach dropped when I realized I won $500,000 – I haven’t slept since!” Redding, a mother of one, plans on using her winnings to purchase a wheelchair-accessible

Ontario a hotbed for human trafficking Continued from page 8

“There is great work being done across the province by steadfast advocates fighting against human sex trafficking. As information is shared and groups come together to co-ordinate their efforts, we develop a better understanding about how serious and widespread this horrific crime really is,” Scott said. There is a lot more that needs to done with implementing Bill 96, Scott said, including protection orders, giving victims the right to sue their traffickers, and Christopher’s

Law, a sex offender registry for people convicted of human trafficking. Nicholls said he is happy to help raise awareness of this issue with Scott. “Human trafficking is a terrible crime that is often undetected and can destroy families and communities. I hope that this meeting will draw attention to this serious issue, so that we can all come together to help put a stop to it. The forum will run March 15 at 7 p.m. at the John Bradley Convention Centre. Everyone is welcome.

home as well as a wheelchair for her granddaughter. “I’ll also finally get my hair done,” she laughed. The winning ticket was purchased at Ann’s Convenience & Video on St. Clair Street in Chatham.

Contributed image

Chatham’s Christy Redding is all smiles after winning $500,000 in the lottery recently.



The incredible Jeff Giles stars as Buddy Holly. A touch of Broadway is coming to Chatham when “Buddy Holly’s Rockin’ Dance Party” headlines at the intimate Chatham Capitol Theatre for a special one night only performance on Saturday, March 17th at 8pm.

pioneer who died in a tragic plane crash on February 3, 1959.

Songs performed by Jeff Giles include Buddy’s biggest hits like “Peggy Sue”, “That’ll Be the Day”, “Rave On”, “It’s So Easy”, “Oh Boy!”, “Not Fade Away” Direct from Canada’s premier producer of and “True Love Ways” amongst the many musical tribute shows, Bill Culp Productions, audience favourites. this incredible Buddy Holly show features Show producer Bill Culp notes “Jeff Giles the amazing talents of international touring truly captures the look, voice, musicianship artist Jeff Giles, best known for his starring and spirit of Buddy Holly in concert. It’s role in “The Buddy Holly Story”, the official just like being transported back in time to musical show of the legendary Rock & Roll Lubbock, Texas in 1958!”


SAT MAR 17 8PM - $41 +SC

CHATHAM CAPITOL THEATRE 238 King Street West, Chatham 519-354-8338




More well issues in North Kent

By Mary Beth Corcoran

Despite having a well that’s only five years old, a Caledonia Line family is without water just days after the numerous wind turbines surrounding their property went into operation. The family property is surrounded by turbines in the North Kent Wind 1 project area and hoped they had escaped any issues with their well water when it was still fine after construction of the turbines began last summer. But last Wednesday, the turbines were put into

operation, and by Sunday, the family had no water thanks to a well pump clogged with sediment. What water they could get if they took off the filter was brown and full of brown and black particles. “Our five-year-old well is plugged up now. We have no water since Sunday and it’s been four days since the turbines began running,” Jim said. “Our pump’s been running non-stop and we’re getting no water.’ “The pump itself is at the bottom and has stainless steel screen around it. They’re telling a lot of people their wells are a hundred years old, rusty and no


Mary Beth Corcoran/The Chatham Voice

Angela and Jim Leveille show the condition of their well water since the turbines built around their Caledonia Line property started operating. Starting up on a Wednesday, the couple’s well water was brown and the filter clogged with sediments by Sunday at noon. The homeowners now have to go their kids’ homes to shower, do laundry and get drinking water.

good. Our well is only five years old; stainless steel and we have $4,000 worth of testing that told

us our water is good and clear.” The couple spent $8,000 to have the new well put in five

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Specialized Pest Management for the Agri Food sector!

Thamesville • 519-692-4232


We support



Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls Slip, trip, and fall hazards are on every farm. Everyone can slip, trip or fall. However, senior farmers are at greater risk for injury due to these fall hazards. These injuries often result in hospitalization, or even worse, death. So what can we do to protect everyone, including senior farmers, from slips, trips, and falls? Take your time doing farming chores, wear proper footwear, watch for hazards,keep pathways clear, use handrails,and stay alert. Slips, trips, and falls can cause serious pain and suffering. Take slip, trip, and fall hazards seriously, and don’t let them trip you up.

Keeping Your Grandchildren Safe on the Farm Grandchildren are one of #AgSafeFamily life’s greatest joys and the farm is an incredible place for kids to visit. However, there are hazards and risks associated with farming life and grandparents are vital to the success and safety of their grandchildren. Take the time to teach your grandchildren age-appropriate tasks, establish boundaries, provide supervision, model safe behaviour, and build safe traditions. These steps will not only help keep your grandchildren safe, but will help safeguard your legacy.

20 Sandy St., Chatham 519-354-6360 • 1-800-265-0598


TOOLS & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 400 Richmond St, Chatham (519) 352-6776

MARCH 11-17, 2018

This Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, we are celebrating the AgSafe Family. For more information on keeping your family safe, visit

MARCH 11-17, 2018

Your Reliable Local Provider of Quality Petro Canada Fuels and Lubricants Proudly Servicing Southwestern Ontario for Over 65 years 280 Richmond St. • 519-354-0110

years ago, a loan they are still paying off. “We spent the money and we had perfectly clear water with no problems at all in five years. Now we have no water. Some of the people already affected have been bringing us pails of water so we can at least flush the toilet.” Jim said they had no objection to the project when it was announced, and use solar energy. “You see the solar panel, we are not against green energy and we didn’t know anyone else had problems because those people out in Dover that have problems have a gag order. They can’t tell anybody their situation. We don’t have a gag order, but it’s too late for everybody.” The situation for the couple isn’t getting any better after the complaint process yielded a change in how the wind farm company previously dealt with complaints according to the REA permit process.

Continued on page 15





Union Gas donates to IPM 2018 The Chatham Voice

Representatives of Chatham-Kent businesses and organizations gathered Wednesday evening at the Sons of Kent

Brewing Company in Chatham for an Information Night for IPM 2018 Sponsors. They had been invited by local organizers of the 2018 International Plowing Match and Rural

Expo (IPM 2018) and the Ontario Plowmen’s Association (OPA) to learn about potential sponsorship opportunities. The massive public event will be held in Pain Court Sept.

18-22 and will showcase Chatham-Kent’s agriculture, business and tourism sectors. A highlight of the evening was an announcement by UnionT:4.563” Gas that it will contribute $25,000 to

the event as a Gold-level sponsor. Anyone interested in being a sponsor to contact McGrail by e-mail at or telephone 519-352-9480.

By the time you finish reading this, you could’ve confirmed your voter info online. T:6.25”

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Union Gas Manager of Community Investment Marian Redford (front, second from left) presents $25,000 to IPM 2018 as a Gold-level sponsor. She was joined in the presentation by members of the IPM 2018 Sponsorship Committee, from left: Chris Webb, Bridgit Jones (back, left), Redford, James Dow, Jamie McGrail, and Courtney Wells.

Couple searches for water help Change clearly does not take the concerns of our community serious at all.” For the Leveilles, they get emotional when asked what they plan to do now. “I don’t what we’re going to do; I don’t know if anyone is going to help us. I feel like the ministry has abandoned us; our province doesn’t care,” Angela said while fighting back tears. Jim said Otter Creek people are going to be the next ones, with that project almost through provincial permit process. “If our own government not helping us, what are we supposed to do? They’re the ones we voted in to help us. We have a right to clean water but they don’t care. Do you see them here today?” Jim noted. “I can live without electricity. It would be hard but I could do it. I can’t live without water,” Angela added. “This is my home, my paradise and now what? I had to take time off work to figure out how to get water.

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“On March 1, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) management e-mailed the Leveille family informing them that the MOECC is interpreting the REA permit conditions imposed on Samsung and Pattern, the majority joint shareholders of North Kent Wind in an inconsistent manner,” Water Wells First representative Kevin Jakubec said Monday. “This new ministry interpretation of the REA permit written conditions is completely inconsistent with how the ministry oversaw temporary water was provided to a number of families during the construction phase of North Kent Wind. Jakubec added this MOECC management decision places every single family in the North Kent Wind farm at the immediate expense and hardship of scrambling to find temporary water while the consulting engineer firm works on their opinion report to the Ministry. “To say this is unfair and bias is an understatement,” Jakubec said. “The Ministry of Environment and Climate

I have to lose money for a problem we didn’t have anything to do with.” The couple anticipates that they now will have to spend thousands more dollars to test the water just to prove it is contaminated with sediment. “I just wish the people we voted in would help us. That’s all I wish. I pay my taxes,” Jim said.

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March is Provincial Voter Registration Month. #GetONit

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of Chatham.

The meeting will be held on: DATE: TIME: LOCATION:

Thursday, April 21, 2016 5:00pm – 8:00pm Chatham-Kent Civic Centre – Atrium 315 King Street West, Chatham

As this Public Information Centre will be an “open house” format, no formal presentation will be made.

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Comments: Bancroft This Week, Chatham Voice, Deep River North Renfrew Times, Haliburton County Echo, Minden Times, Petrolia Lambton Independant, Sarnia Journal, Sudbury Northern Life, Thamesville Herald, Thunder Bay’s Source.

Leo Burnett, 175 Bloor Street East, North Tower, 12th Floor

~ 24 Hour Health Care Supervision ~ ~ Delicious Home Cooked Meals ~ ~ Scheduled Activities ~ We also offer Post Hospital/Respite Stays

Contact us at 519-354-7111 for your personal tour.


BY PUBLIC TENDER Take Notice that there will be lands offered for sale by public tender MUNICIPALITY OF CHATHAM-KENT under the Municipal Act 2001 at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon on the Municipality of Chatham-Kent will be holding a 14thTheday of March, 2018 in the Council Chambers of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, 315CENTRE King Street West, Chatham, Ontario. Please note PUBLIC INFORMATION Regarding the upcoming planned work related to the the owner still has the right to redeem their property, therefore some parcels may not be offered for sale at the tender. For further informaPARRY BRIDGE 2016 REHABILITATION PROJECT Keil Drive the Thames River (Community of Chatham) tionover please contact the Collections Department at (519) 360-1998 or The purpose of this Public Information Centre is to inform stakeholders of the scope of work, traffic detour toactivities ourassociated website plan and timing ofrefer construction with theat: mentioned project in the Community

Be ready to vote on June 7, 2018.

We desire to create and operate a Retirement Community where all our residents will enjoy a lifestyle and quality of life exceeding their expectations






Home of the $3 watch battery 131 Park Ave. E., Chatham • 519-354-4127 Thursday, March 8, 2018 • The 58th Annual Lenten Noon Hour Interdenominational Service at Christ Church, 80 Wellington St. W., Chatham (beside the bus depot) beginning at 12:10pm-12:35pm, followed by a sandwich luncheon in the parish hall. The theme this year is “A Closer Walk. A Journey into Spiritual Disciplines”. The speaker will be the The Rev. Albert Lambkin, First Baptist Church of Chatham. Free will offering to help Outreach within our community. • Open euchre at 1:00pm at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Friday, March 9, 2018 • The Chatham Centre of the Royal Canadian College of Organists is sponsoring an Organ Concert at 7:00pm at St. Andrew’s Church, 85 William St. S., Chatham. Free will offering will be held. Nationally renowned organist Tammy-Jo Mortensen will perform on the great 3 manual Casavant organ. The concert is titled “Influences” including pieces by Bach, Mendelssohn, Buxtehude and many more. • Blessed Sacrament Knights of Columbus Fish Fry from 5:00pm6:30pm. Perch or Pickerel Dinner with all the fixings for only $16. Children 7-13 $7. Children under 6 free. Macaroni and cheese dinners also available for $5. Tickets at the parish office St. Agnes/Blessed Sacrament Parish Cluster office, 52 Croydon St., Chatham. 519-352-9370.

Cost $7.00 per plate for adults. $4.00 for children 6-12. Children 5 and under free. Monday, March 12, 2018 • Open euchare at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham at 1:00pm. Tuesday, March 13, 2018 • Love to sing and want to be blessed each week? Come and celebrate all things musical with Jubilee Chorus, a multi-faith, interdenominational choir. No experience necessary, no auditions required! 7:30pm-9:30pm at St. Andrew’s United church (85 William St., Chatham) Call 519-397-3318 for info. • Open euchre, 2 person team euchre and shuffleboard at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Open euchre at 1:00pm, 2 person team euchre $5/person. Registration at 6:30pm, play at 7:00pm. Open shuffleboard at 7:00pm. Wednesday, March 14, 2018 • Blood Donor Clinic at the Spirit and Life Centre - St. Joseph site from 1:00pm-7:00pm. New Donors & Walk Ins Welcome!


• Music with the Roses at 2:00pm at Meadow Park, Sandy St., Cha-

• Veteran Affairs Canada 9:30am-11:30am. Pepper and fun darts at the Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Pepper at 1:00pm, darts at 7:30pm.

• Hot & Tasty 5pc Perch Dinner at the Royal Canadian Merlin Legion BR 465. $12.50/person. Children 12 & under 1/2 price.

Thursday, March 8, 2018 • Open euchre at 1:00pm at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham.

• Meal, open darts and Catch the Ace at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Dinner from 5:30pm-7:00pm only with choice of roast beef, fish and chips or turkey dinner. Catch the Ace is 3:00pm-6:00pm and you must be present to win. Open darts at 7:30pm.

Free after-school tutoring! Tuesdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm (sessions run for a half hour) First Reformed Church, 632 Lacroix St., Chatham. 519-354-8257. Call Betty 519-354-8902 for more info.

Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Saturday Morning Breakfast at First Presbyterian Church, Chatham (corner of Fifth St and Wellington). A delicious nutritious breakfast served free of charge every Saturday morning from 9:30am-11:00am. Everyone is most welcome. • Meat draw and dance at The Chatham Legion, William & Colborne St., Chatham. Meat draw from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Dance 4:30pm9:30pm featuring Unity. Sunday, March 11, 2018 • Bingo from 2:00pm-4:00pm sponsored by the Ridgetown Legion Ladies Auxiliary BR 243, 75 Main St. E., Ridgetown. $10 admission includes 4 cards, jackpot $200. • St. Joseph’s K of C Council #10436 Breakfast from 9:00am-12:30pm at the Spirit & Life Centre (St. Joseph’s Site) 184 Wellington St West., Chatham. We are serving all you can eat buffet with 2 meats, hash browns, scrambled eggs, French toast or pancakes, toast & fruit cocktail.

Register Now! Winter/Spring Social Skills Program for Elementary Students. Small group skills session. Wednesdays March 21 - May 23, 2018. Winter/Spring Secondary School Transitioning Program. A transition program for students grades 7-9. Thursdays March 22-May 24, 2018. Friends for Life is a program to help build emotional skills. Thursdays March 22 - May 24, 2018. For pre-registration and information call LDA of Chatham-Kent at 519-352-2024. CK Metal Detecting Club. Last Thursday of the month. Erickson Arena. 7:00pm. Guests welcome. Free Mindful Meditation classes! Everyone Monday and Wednesday 10:45-11:15pm by Yoga Glow Studio, 21 McKeough Ave. (inside Balance), Chatham. By donation to New Beginnings ABI & Stroke Recovery Association, Chatham-Kent. Everyone welcome, no experience required. Submit your coming events to or

Let the music do the talking As I type this, my daughter is listening to some loud rap music in the other room. I can’t help but smile. She and I have so much in common, yet we’re so different, generationally. She loves rap, R&B and pop music, but also appreciates some classic rock. But being a competitive dancer, the emphasis is on hip-hop and R&B. What we share in common is a love of music. As many readers know, I like rock ’n’ roll. I purchased my first album as a young boy. It was an Elvis Presley record (do you think my mother had any influence over that one?). Next up came the Beatles’ Second Album, a record I still have to this day. From the Beatles, I expanded to the Rolling Stones, Edgar Winter Group, and then onto Kiss. Yes, Kiss. Great gimmick band, and they rocked hard. They were my favourite group for years. I’ve long loved rock music, as you can see. As for my daughter, she’s long loved music as well. From an early age, she enjoyed listening to our music around the house and in the car. She watched some concert videos with me as well, even choosing AC/DC’s No Bull as her preferred concert DVD, over the likes of Michael Jackson and a host of other pop artists. That was many a year ago, and I’m pretty certain if she had a do over, Angus and the boys would lose out. What is it about youth and music? As a teenager, I used music as a multi-layered form of therapy. It was medicinal: I’d listen to tunes to pump me up, calm me down, or to just chill out. When in university, I took to blasting Judas Priest’s Hot Rockin’ before writing an exam (to mixed results). To this day, whenever I hear that song (not often enough), I have to turn it up. Pink Floyd, Yes and early Genesis, were perfect options for chilling out – long prog rock tunes and great musicianship. There was never any shortage of high-energy music (never disco or country or rap for me, however), just like my girl has no shortage of hip hop options for her today. Yes, we listen to vastly different music for the most part. But we share the love of a good tune, well-written lyrics, and music that moves us (however different that music is). While we both love music, we obviously have vastly different beliefs on what is really good music. I used to make fun of a lot of the songs she listened to, but these days, I’m trying to take the time to listen to them a little more closely rather

Bruce Corcoran than just pooh-poohing them (I still don’t like rap, but there are artists who are darned good at their craft). It’s another way of paying attention to a sweet teenager who will all too soon be an adult. And my appreciation to her tunes has left her with more of an open mind when it comes to my stuff. I recently asked her if she’d ever heard of the band Billy Talent, which she hadn’t, but she had heard their song Rusted from the Rain and agreed it was a good tune. Sure, we have our audio differences. I still don’t think a record player is a musical instrument (it is meant to play in one direction!) and prefer vocalists to actually sing instead of talk (Lou Reed notwithstanding). I hope she develops various audio triggers, where a certain song or band reminds her of a particular experience (Surfer Bird by the Trashmen, for instance, always reminds me of our time boating on the TrentSevern Waterway, and Doug & The Slugs will forever remind me of my late friend Glenn Kyle). I like longer tunes and guitar, while my kid, who dances in three-minute spurts, seems more attuned to the shorter offerings with a strong beat. We like what we like. The commonality is music. And sarcasm. She’s really good at sarcasm. I created that monster. On the barbie

OK, I’ve been away from my Big Green Egg for far too long. That changed recently, in a simple manner. I had planned on getting back into the grilling swing of things by doing up some burgers Monday night. But Mary Beth wanted some chicken kebabs. No problem. I’d just cook both. But when she dropped the aforementioned teen off from school and asked her to take the aforementioned meats out of the freezer, said teenager requested salmon. Some folks would cook one item one night, the next item for the following evening, and the third for yet another evening. As for me, I did them all in one go. Well two cookings in one night, as I ran out of space on the barbecue for all the food. But that just meant more time outdoors, with the music playing and a cool beverage in hand.





Kinsmen Day of Kindness reaches C-K “Serving the communities greatest needs,” these clubs celebrate the people in their communities by spreading kindness through various projects. Locally, the Chatham

The Chatham Voice

Kinsmen and Kinette clubs across Canada participated in a National Day of Kindness recently. With their motto being

Kinsmen club provided a free breakfast Feb. 24 at the Shepherd’s Way Inn, as well as providing many Tim Horton’s customers with a toonie to pay for their coffee on that day.

The Chatham Kinsmen club wants to thank everyone who supports all the fundraisers and events that they do throughout the year, including selling fireworks,

the annual Kinsmen Fair (this year June 7-10) and other draws and raffles. Without this community’s ongoing support, they could not provide funds to breakfast programs,

minor sports, and other community organizations that require funding. Check out their website at for events and other information.


50 to be won!


____ 6 = ____

We help women NAME: ____________________________ Match the community organization to their statement in the middle, fill out the reply coupon and drop off or mail it to: who are the victims 2 = ____ 7 = ____ ____________________________________ of violence. The Chatham Voice, 848 =Dover St., #2, Chatham, ON, N7L 1T1. Entries must be received by March 16, 2018. 3 = ____ ____ A ADDRESS: __________________________ RULESGift Card One winner will receive a $50 Cajun Pepper ____________________________________ 4 = ____ 9 = ____ Send your reply coupon to the offices of the newspaper (insert your address) before (date) at (hour).


TELEPHONE: ________________________

5 = ____ 10= ____

The first person whose coupon is selected will win $50. For the more Employees of this newspaper are not eligible to participate. deprived 6 Changing people’s lives through the of our society.

power of work. B


Non profit job organization We work towards 495 Grand Avenue West, Chatham helping people 519-352-0440 find jobs



Chatham-Kent Sexual Assault Crisis Centre

Knights of Columbus We help For Help or Information those who about sexual assault/harassment/abuse: are deprived Please call CKSACC 519-354-8908 Crisis: 519-354-8688 •



Royal Canadian Legion Independence, inclusion and choice for people with developmental disabilities in Ontario. Our mission is to serve If you have a disability, and want to learn war veterans and their new skills or gain greater dependents and tocommunity access, Goodwill Connections can help. promote their memory

Charitable Registration #119139426RR0001



300 Lacroix St. Chatham, ON N7M 6M6 Tel: 519-354-4400

The Salvation Army The Salvation Army’s message is based on the Bible and its objective is to meet human needs



20 Sandy St., Chatham 519-354-6360 • 1-800-265-0598 The Mira Foundation

Our objective is to bring greater autonomy to handicapped people • Accessby latest job searchingthem tools providing • See allwith currentservice job listingsdogs daily

• Discover how to upgrade your search skills • Print, scan, photocopy your documents • Connect with prospective employers • Get personal assistance whenever you need it AVAILABLE IN COLOUR AND IN BLACK & St. WHITE. 300 Lacroix Chatham, ON N7M 6M6 Tel: 519-354-4400 Charitable Registration #119139426RR0001



Women’s shelter

10 Wellington St., W. Chatham 519-351-8381

A grassroots organization, this centre works to World peace A transition haven promote equality and respect for all, and provide is our reason women who are women 16 & older, tosupport exist. and advocacy forfor B victims of conjugal a CrisisCLine, Information & more.

violence People helping People. We wish be there for you. You can help too. toWe’ll promote

the memory of our veterans.

Youth Centre




Fostering D independence in lifeOur skills, mission: activities and education to secure to organize activities the purpose of bringing D meaningfulfor emplyment.

We provide service dogs.

youths together within common objectives

Supporting those impacted by domestic violence byEproviding shelter, advocacy, counselling and public education.

Rotary Club


Our aim is to relieve What agency is supported entirely human distress. through community donations?

An organization F that helps build goodwill and peace To be ayouths leader in finding a cure and Bringing throughout theenabling world together within people to enhance their quality of life.

Chatham Kent Chapter 519 351-2008 • Client Services: 519 676-7420 3

Chatham Kent Block Parent Program Inc. 8

Much More Than A Sign In The Window


common objectives is our mission.



519-354-0430 ext.235 • 10

When you donate, 9 someone works. Publish Helping people H ers, find jobs.

sales reps!

ery community boasts H Strengthening Children &Evdo Families zens of mmunity for a Better Future. organizco atIions. Insert information All you ne

on the community organization of your choice.


Reply Coupon

ed are 10 to sell 9 and publish this page an build an original cont d est. Grab the opportunity to sell this unique concept page more than once. ______________________

1= Name: 2= Email: J ______________________ 3 = TOOLBOX, November-December 2009, Page 3 Phone #: ______________________ 4 =

Insert information on the community organization of your choice.

255 Grand Avenue West Chatham Tel: 519-351-9486 Charitable Registration #119139426RR0001

____ ____ ____ ____

5= 6= 7= 8= 9=

____ ____ ____ ____ ____



Fun Stuff 21 Fischer’s game 23 Cloys 25 “Hey, sailor!” 26 Legend 27 -- de Janeiro 28 Occurrence 30 Hot tub 33 1970s TV hospital drama 36 Ending that may be grand 37 Point-and-click device 38 Follow 39 Bridge, in Brest 40 That woman 41 Powerful stick

ACROSS 1 Chaps 4 Insane 7 Location 8 Skeptical sort 10 Original “Trivial Pursuit” edition 11 Traitor Benedict

13 Monopoly avenue neighboring “Go” 16 Winehouse or Poehler 17 Wooden strips 18 I love (Lat.) 19 Big party 20 Always

This week’s answers

DOWN 1 TV’s “The -- Project” 2 Needle case 3 Gets snug and cozy 4 Gift from a wise man 5 Paquin and Pavlova 6 “My Heart Will Go On” singer 7 Appear to be 8 -- blanche

9 Stick firmly 10 “Today Show” rival, for short 12 Knighted women 14 Chows down 15 Neither mate 19 “30 Rock” star 20 Biblical verb ending 21 Main 22 Sweatshirt that can cover your head 23 Harmonization 24 Try 25 Upper limb 26 Brawl 28 PayPal currency 29 Worth 30 “Beat the Clock” challenge 31 Nuisance 32 Exist 34 Quaint stopovers 35 Midday






In Memoriam

Loving Memories Forever of Kevin Wm. Reginald Allison Born August 8, 1961 - Passed February 28, 2017 Time is not measured by the years that you live, But by the deeds that you do and the joy that you give And each day as it comes brings a chance to each one To love to the fullest, leaving nothing undone So what does it matter how long we may live, If as long as we live we unselfishly give. Love is like magic and it always will be, For love still remains life’s sweet mystery! Love works in ways that are wondrous and strange. And there’s nothing in life that love cannot change! Love can transform the most commonplace, into beauty and splendor and sweetness and grace! Love is unselfish, understanding, and kind, For it sees with its heart and not with its mind! Love gives and forgives, there is nothing too much, for love to heal with its magic touch! Love is the language that every heart speaks, for love is the one thing that every heart seeks! Always & Forever in our Hearts and sadly missed by Mother Margaret, Brother James, Sisters Maichelle, Cindy, Glenda & Valerie. “Our Children Are A Gift From God”

Service Christ Church welcomes everyone! You don’t need money to join! You don’t have to sign a contract! We don’t take attendance!

Try us out on Sundays at 8:30 (yes, a.m.) for a traditional service or 10:30 a.m. for a more contemporary one, or Wed. at 10 a.m. might work better for you.

Lenten Noon Hour Services • Thurs., March 8, 2018 •

The Discipline of Study by Rev. Albert Lambkin

• Thurs., March 15, 2018 •

The Discipline of Solitude by Rev. Mark Sceviour

and every Thursday during lent from 12:10-12:35 pm followed by lunch (free will offering)


Christ Church

80 Wellington St. W, Chatham 519-352-1640

We welcome you! Help us find Christ in community


PERSONAL LOANS $2,000 to $20,000

Borrow $20,000 for only $251.99/mth

• Must be a homeowner (no proof required) • No mortgage registered on title • No income proof required • Open Loan • 48hrs normally to approve - funds directly deposited • No fund allocation - you do what you wish with the money ONLY DOCUMENTS REQUIRED 1. ID, one of: license, passport, Canadian citizenship card. 2. Void cheque or PAD form

That’s it!!

Call John at Unimor Capital Corp. 519-252-6953 - 24 hours or email Brokerage Lic.#10675


Help Wanted


Chatham Voices Carriers needed!

We can help. Call to sell your items for cash or by consignment Call John @ 519-845-3663

Selkirk St / Grand Ave E; Dover St / Grand Ave E Thames St / Grand Ave E Inshes Ave / Patteson Ave Tissiman Ave / Allen St, Lacroix St Detroit Dr / Legacy Lane; Charing Cross Rd Bloomfield Rd / Oriole Pkwy Braemar Blvd / Indian Creek Rd W

519-845-3663 • Wyoming, Ontario • •

Call Fatima 519-397-2020 or email

Clearing an Estate, Downsizing, Liquidating Inventory or Decluttering?


For Rent

Garage Sale

RENT Houses, apartments, furnished rooms, shared executive home. Safe, clean, quiet. Parking. Chatham, Merlin,Wallaceburg. 1-905-6166101.

ESTATE MOVING SALE 219 Garden Path. FrI., March 9, 9-8pm. Sat., March 10, 8-4pm. Antiques, furniture, all household items, piano, organ, tools, 1997 Cadillac Deville & many more items.

FOR RENT: Homes - Duplexes - Apartments. Several locations. Credit check - referrals required. No large dogs. Call 519-3525480.

For Sale All types of tools for sale. Contact to view. Including air and electric. 519-397-3079.


Healing Love Ministry Psalm 107: 20 John 3: 16&17 reaches out to men living with sexual addictions. Private and confidential homebased ministry. 519-354-3532. If not in, leave a message and your call will be returned.

Lawn Care

Thank you for choosing



Banquet Hall 280 Merritt Ave - Chatham Banquet / Sunset Lounge Reasonable full menu, service - bartenders. *Weddings *Stag and Doe’s * Special Events* Two huge facilities. Parking lot. Outdoor patio. 519-352-9000.

Home Home Made Made Meals Meals

Honey . . .What’s 4 Dinner

Just add Heat!

Home Made Soups, Meals and Desserts Ideal for seniors, singles or families. 6 Lowe St. Chatham 519-351-7905


Elisa Cattrysse 85, Sunday, February 25, 2018 Hinnegan-Peseski Funeral Home Scott Clifford 34, Sunday, February 25, 2018 Denning’s Janet Mitton 95, Saturday, February 24, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home Nita Ross 81, Sunday, February 25, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home Ross Taplin 89, Tuesday, February 27, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home Nathan Timothy Carter Wednesday, February 28, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home

Margaret Ross 83, Sunday, February 25, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home Blake Hawkins 82, Wednesday, February 28, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home Dianne Rebecca Gazo 63, Saturday, March 3, 2018 McKinlay Funeral Home



156 William St., Chatham 519.352.5120


459 St.Clair St., Chatham • 519-351-2040 76 Main St. E., Ridgetown • 519-674-3141 141 Park St., Blenheim • 519-676-3451


Excellent Carpet Cleaning. Only $25.00 a room! Call 519358-7633!

245 Wellington St. W., Chatham 519-352-2710

60 Stanley Street, Blenheim (519) 676 – 9200

Pick us up! Wallaceburg: Shoppers Drug Mart (30 McNaughton Ave) 99.1CKXS (520 James St) Taylor’s Variety (1644 Dufferin) Black Goose (525 James St) No Frills (2 Warwick Dr) C-K Library (209 James St) Hometown Deli (1542 Dufferin Ave) Oaks Retirement (80 McNaughton Ave) Dresden: C-K Library (187 Brown St) MacTavish Pharmacy (480 St George St) Bothwell: C-K Library - 320 Main St. Thamesville: Country Cuts (Victoria Rd), Movie Den (74 London Rd), Fast & Fresh (73 London Rd) Ridgetown: C-K Library - 54 Main St. Blenheim: C-K Library (16 George St) McIntyre I.D.A. Pharmacy (49 Talbot St W) Gord’s Barber Shop (36 Talbot St W) Blenheim Seniors Centre (90 Catherine St) Blenheim Municipal Service Centre (35 Talbot St W) Blenheim Variety (40 Talbot St E) Royal LePage, The Wilton Team (42 Talbot St W) Erieau: Eau Buoy (1005 Vidler Ave), Bayside Bew Pub (970 Ross Lane) Mitchell’s Bay: Mitchell’s Bay Variety (6 Main St) Dover Duds (26662 Bear Line Rd) Bob N Buoys (20 Main)

Pain Court: Pain Court Market (24129 Winter Line Rd) Central Tavern (24121 Winterline) Merlin: C-K Library (13 Aberdeen St) Erie Café and Variety (6 Erie St. S) Tilbury: C-K Library (2 Queen St) Remax (20 Queen St S) Highgate: C-K Library (291 King St) Wheatley: C-K Library - (35 Talbot Rd W) Chatham: Anne’s Smoke Shop (861 Queen St) C-K Library (120 Queen St) Downtown Chatham Centre (100 King St. W) Legion Branch 628 (39 William St N) Maple City Bakery (361 Grand Ave W) Young’s Variety (9397 Longwoods Rd) Active Lifestyle Centre (20 Merritt Ave) Riverview Bingo Palace (497 Riverview Dr) Remax (St. Clair St) Wednesday Market (9877 Longwoods Rd) Chatham Cultural Centre (75 William St. N) Royal LePage (Raleigh St), Burger King (762 St. Clair St), Superstore Gas Bar (791 St. Clair St) Charing Cross: 4 Corner’s Restaurant (21006 Charing Cross Rd) Post Office/Bert’s Plumbing (21007 Charing Cross Rd) Cedar Springs: Comfort & Soul (8619 Talbot Trail)




The Chatham Voice, March 8, 2018  

The March 8, 2018 edition of The Chatham Voice, an independent community newspaper serving Chatham, Ont. and area.

The Chatham Voice, March 8, 2018  

The March 8, 2018 edition of The Chatham Voice, an independent community newspaper serving Chatham, Ont. and area.