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December 10, 2013 Cullman High School’s News Magazine Volume LXXVII Issue 3

Seniors, only 105 days until graduation!!


Featured Contents:

Christmas I Spy pg. 4

PinterestPass or Fail pg. 7

Iconic Christmas pgs. 12-13

It’s that time of year again, Christmas time! This year the Hilight staff elves have been working incessantly to present you with the best and most informative Christmas edition yet! How can you not be just full of excitement when it comes to this time of the year? The holiday season is always exhilarating, especially the month of December; from the presents and parties to the decorations and carols Christmas time has something for everyone. Hollie will give you a step-by-step on how to wrap the perfect present, but who will you give it to? Well Kara has an answer for you, she shares ways to give to your school, community, and even the world. But what is the Christmas aside from all the presents? I show you just that and everything else we know as this famous holiday in my article, properly labeled as “Iconic Christmas”. However, Christmas is also a time for looking past all the gaudy worldly things, it is also a time to remember things we may forget throughout the year. Things like the importance of family, maybe even friends you may not have seen all year, and even remember those in need who may not be as fortunate as you. So don’t be a Scrooge and celebrate with a happy heart this holiday season, and a Merry Christmas to all! Editor, Sarah Robinson


Ed Notes:

Letters to Santa pg. 10

All About Sports pgs. 18-19


Upcoming Events pg. 22


How to make sure you get your significant other the PERFECT gift

What it is really like to experience black friday shopping The real “No Shave Novemeber” experience - the who, what, when , and why




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What was your best Christmas present ever?

Voices and photos compiled by: Keaton Dean Wesley Walker ‘14

Emily Brown ‘13

When I was five I got a Barbie bicycle, that was some joy right there!

Dalton Yerby and Kolby Robinson ‘12

“ “

When we were in the 8th grade we both got trampolines!


I just got a new car! A 2014 Mustang!

Go Big Dawg from Paulie Boy

Main Office: 5631 Clifford Circle Birmingham, Ala., 35210 phone (205) 836-0011 fax (205) 836-0519 Decatur: 210 Central Circle SW Decatur, AL. 35603 phone (256) 351-9417 fax (256) 351-9459

Spencer Hyatt ‘11

When I was seven I got my first X-Box.

Jeff Hill 204 4th Ave SE Cullman, AL 35055 (256) 734-1504 3 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

All Things Christmas Christmas I Spy What all can you find? Bethany Pappas, Staff Writer

Objects are hidden in the picture shown above, see if you can find them for holiday cheer! *Be sure to check them off as you find them! A basketball ______ I Spy... A sled _______ Three snow flakes ______ A stocking ______ Christmas bells ______ Ho Ho Ho _______ A glass of milk ______

The Bottom Line

“Find Me” Riddle I’m great to hug and have fuzzy hair, in this Christmas picture I am a __________ !

The Hilight staff would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

4| 12.10.13 | The Hilight


Like jaywalking, only better!

Marisa Franklin, Staff Writer Answers


1. Which country created eggnog?

1. England

2. What city was baby Jesus born in?

2. Bethlehem

3. Name Santa’s reindeer.

3. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donnor, Blitzen, and Rhudolph

4. According to Buddy the Elf, what is the best way to spread Christmas cheer?

4. Singing loud for all to hear

5. How tall is the largest gingerbread house ever made?

5. 60 feet

6. What did the wisemen bring baby Jesus?

6. Gold, Frankincense, and Mhyrr

7. What was Jesus’ dad, Joseph’s job? 8. How many sizes does the Grinch’s heart grow in How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

7. A carpenter 8. 3

Sara Claire Hughey ‘14

1. Germany. 2. **With the help of Maddie Taylor** Bethlehem. 3. Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donnor, and Blitz. 4. Singing loud for all to hear. 5. I’ve never heard of a large gingerbread house. Who would do that? Uh, 37 feet. 6. Myrrh, and like what are those things called? Frankincense? And Gold. 7. A carpenter. 8. Three.

Drake Hollingsworth ‘15 1. Canada. 2. Nazarene. No, Bethlehem. 3. **Starts singing** Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donnor, Blitzen, and Rudolph! 4. Singing. 5. 17 feet. 6. Myrrh, Frankincense, and gold. 7. He was a carpenter. 8. Three!

Shannon McNeal ‘16

1. Switzerland. Sure. 2. Bethlehem. I hope that’s right because that would be embarrassing. 3. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donnor, Blitzen, and Rudolph. 4. Singing loud for all to hear. 5. Uh…6 feet. 6. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. 7. Carpenter maybe? 8. Oh dang it. 3?

Tanner Jackson ‘17

1. Um, Afghanistan! 2. Bethlehem. 3. Billy, Clide, uh, Harry, Timothy, Kara, Marisa, and Samul! 4. Singing loud for all to hear. 5. I don’t know I ate it all. 6. Myrrh, Frankincense, and gold. Is it gold? 7. He was a carpenter. 8. I think it was like 3.

Visitig Angels Address: 206 3rd St SE, Cullman, AL 35055 Phone:(256) 734-6600 Drake has two classes with Mrs. Ray. Her wednesdays are filled with 3 hours of Drake’s company.

Just For Looks

Address: 302 1st Ave SE, Cullman, AL 35055 Phone:(256) 775-4030 Hours:10:00 am – 6:00 pm The Bottom Line 5 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

Christmas Cartoon

What really matters this Christmas Sarah Robinson, Staff Writer

How To Properly Wrap A Present Your Go-To Guide For All Your Gift Wrapping Needs

Hollie Bennett, Staff Writer Though the content is what technically matters, the presentation of a gift is vital to impressing others. Even though a most malls and stores offer gift wrapping, it is just a simple to add a more personal touch with your own handwrapped gift. I know the general male population may struggle with this a little more, but rest assured that whether it is your mom, friends, or your significant other, you can amaze with your new found skills. I consulted the oh so trusted fashion icon, Lauren Conrad, in order to give you the best advice possible.

Step 1: First things first, acquire the present, wrapping paper, and bow materials. Step 2: Get to the basics. Measure and cut out the paper according to the box size. Step 3: Fold the paper up around the bow and bring the other end to meet it. Tape Step 4: At one end fold the paper into the middle and crease the edges. Since you have now created two flaps at the top of the end, fold those down and tape. Make sure you are making a sharp crease along the way. Step 5: Repeat with the other side’s end. Step 6: Now that the gift is perfectly covered with paper. Time Step 7: Start at the top of the box and take it around to the bottom. Flip the box over and make a criss-cross with the ribbon on the bottom. Step 8: Bring the ribbon back to the top around the other side. And tie a bow. If you are using any kind of streamers, curling the ends with one edge of scissors is a added touch. Step 9: Viola! You now have not only the perfect gift, but also the perfect gift look!

Alabama was the first state in the United States to offically recognize Christmas in 1836. The Bottom Line 6 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

• • •

Christmas Pinterest Pass or Fail The Hilight staff tackles your favorite holiday pins! Keillian Carpenter & Hollie Bennett Staff Writers With the continuation of the Pinterest craze, Kellian and I have taken it upon ourselves to find some of the most daunting and fun Christmas recipes and crafts to try this holiday season. We put forth our best efforts to find some DIY crafts you can try at home. From scruptious cookies to your hand-made advent calendar, these ideas are sure to please. We have rated each with a thumb up or a thumb down based on whether or not they worked for us, even if they didn’t though they may still work for you!


Ingredients: 12 ounces semisweet chocolate chips (about 2 cups) 1 cup heavy cream 1 tablespoon



Christmas Pinwheel Cookies

Though it may sounds like an extremely time consuming recipe, most of the steps are simple and shortcuts can be made. I started out by making the dough and following the recipe by halving the dough and making one half red. However, I did not chill the dough for a complete 30 minutes as the Ingredients: directions said/ (Mistake #1) I continued rolling out the dough placed the 3 cups all-purpose flour red and white dough on top of each other. After rolling the two doughs into 1/2 teaspoon baking powder a log, the directions say chill it for 1 hour. I, being the extremely busy teen1/2 teaspoon salt ager I am, certainly did not have time for this. (Fatal mistake #2) I continued 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter the recipe as is and ended with sweet delicious cookies, 1 1/3 cups sugar but the red and white swirls were certainly not distinct, 2 large eggs which was the entire point of the recipe. If I were to do 2 teaspoons vanilla extract this again, I would refrigerate the dough and I think this Red food coloring single act would keep the dough swirls and their colors Sprinkles separate. Even though the presentation execution was a FAIL, the Hilight staff would agree that taste was still a PASS!

Truffle Hot Chocolate Balls

The presentation for these little gems is a little homely. However, they make a great cup of hot chocolate. Once all the ingredients are mixed and melted in the microwave, the directions say chill the mixture for a while and scoop out into balls. Unlike my first recipe, the chilling of this is vital. Once the chocolate is chilled, scooped and wrapped, place the chocolate balls in the freezer until you are ready for some world rocking hot chocolate. Dropping a truffle ball into a cup full of milk and microwaving leads to rich, lovely, chocolate goodness! This was a resounding PASS!

Pinterest Hollie



Wall Hanging Chalkboard Chalk Paint is becoming more and more popular and will make a GREAT gift for someone on your list this year! This Pintrest craft is super simple. All you need is a Photo frame, chalk paint, and a paint brush. Remove the glass from the front of the frame and paint the backing. replace the backing and embellish the front as you wish. The verdict for this pin is PASS!



Keillian Pinterest

• Keillian

Advent Calendar

Pinterest Pinterest is full of fun crafts and tasty ideas for any holiday!

A traditional Advent Calendar is 25 days and contains small daily gifts as a count down to Christmas. I chose this popular pin of Christmas Bible Verses to format my 2013 Advent Calendar. I cut it down to 12 days and added my favorite Christmas verses! This super simple craft only requires a poster board, glue, ribbon, card stock, and a printable envelope template. This pin


The Bottom Line 7 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

If You Could Have Anything What would be your ideal Christmas present? Makala Hart, Staff Writer

Kendall Federer, Junior

“An unlimited number of cats.”

Tyler Davis, Senior

“I would take a trip to Puerto Rico and visit my grandmother.”

Everyone has that one gift that we all wish we could have, but sometimes isn’t always realistic. I interviewed some students here at Cullman High School to get some examples of their most interesting Christmas present dream.

Bradi Ruehl, Sophomore

“A zipline running from my roof to my pool.”

Dawson Drake, Freshman

“A helicopter, and I would fly it over the school and I would have my own personal DJ in it.”

Christmas Coloring Page Color the Hilight staff any way you want Keaton Dean, Staff Writer

The Bottom Line Can you name all the Hilight members and where they are in the picture? 8 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

What Should You Give?

Take this quiz to find out what they want Cassidy Harrison, Staff Writer

Guys Start Here:

Ladies Start Here: What would he rather do on the weekend? A. Party with his bros B. Hangout with his family

Mostly A’s Is she... Mostly A’s Since your little miss has such A. Talkative and bubbly Your guy doesn’t seem like an outgoing personality, she B. Shy and Quiet the serious type. He might enjoy would most likely enjoy all the seasons of South Park tickets to see her favorite Does she love... or even a gift card to his favorite band in concert or maybe somesporting goods store. Be careful! thing nice to add to her wardIs your guy more into... A. Lifetime movies and A sentimental gift can robe! You can never go wrong A. Lil Wayne and Whiz Kahlifa E! News send the wrong message with a nice piece of jewelry or a Mostly B’s B. Dave Matthews and Coldplay B. The outdoors and and become a waste new scarf! So you must have quite the photography on your part. Does he... gent! He would most definitely Mostly B’s appreciate a framed picture of A. Ask you over when it is Your special someone Would she rather... the two of you and maybe a conveinant for him seems really cool and down to burned CD of all your favorite A. Cook you a nice meal earth. She would for sure enjoy B. Take you out frequently tunes. Although we sometimes B. Go get Mickey D’s a new book trilogy or possibly may not see it, guys have hearts even her favorite TV series to too. Even when they try and act On a casual date, would he... Is she... watch endlessly! Remembering her all big and bad, they have soft A. Pick you up favorites will definitely win you A. Artsy and creative sides and will appreciate all of B. Have you meet him somebrownie points. Sometimes simple B. Into whatever is hot the things. is better! where Both A’s and B’s at the moment Both A’s and B’s So your guy is the perfect mix! It’s always good to get For Christmas is he more likely to... A stocking with his favorite candy Would she rather creative for the perfect in beand some little things he likes A. Wait until the last minute and have his A. Go out and meet new tween. Just because you are a would be more than sufficable. mom get you something guy does not mean you can’t be people Stockings are always a great way to original. Think of something she’s B. Casually ask you ahead of time what mix up your gift giving. Be creative B. Stay at home and watch mentioned in the past or talk to and think about his personality and you would like movies her friends about it. She will love interests when you shop! A that you took the time and put sweet note goes a long forth the effort just for her. Also, way as well! Pinterest can help you more than you realize!

Gifts that Give Back

How you can help others this holiday season Kara Jackson, Staff Writer

It’s the most wonderful of the year and I’m sure candy canes and sugar plumes aren’t the only things dancing in the heads of young and old folks alike this holiday season. In fact, I’m willing to bet that the latest iPhone, jewelry by Tiffany & Company, and brand new iPad minis are some of the things going on your Christmas list to good ole St. Nick this year. However, with all these new gadgets and fancy things being thrust at us around every corner, it is easy to lose sight of the true spirit of Christmas- giving. Before you write that 10 page letter to Santa, consider these people around the world, in our community, and maybe even sitting next to you in history that might not have anything under their tree on December 25th. Giving to others is very rewarding and there are several ways to get involved at our school and even around the world.

Around the World:

The Spanish Club and Spanish National Honors Society sponsors an event in which they donate shoeboxes to the Friends of the Children organization. The shoeboxes go to orphans in Guatemala. There are many ways to get involved with this event from packing a shoebox to packing shipping crates. This is a great way to help children around the world get the things they need; see Miss McCutcheon if you want to get involved. *Shoebox Directions: 1. Box should be wrapped separately from the lid 2. Wrapped with Christmas paper 3. Filled with hygienic items and small toys 4. NO FOOD OR CANDY!!

In Our Community:


Bonus Tip

Are you running out of room in closet? Donate old and unused clothes to places like the Foundry or The Caring Center. This donation helps you and others by decluttering your closet and giving others clothes they need.

At Our School: The Giving Tree is a wonderful way to help out at our school and ensures that kids get most, if not all, of the things on their list for Christmas who would normally get nothing. You can help with this event by purchasing the gifts that students have written down and bring them, unwrapped, to Coach Drake. The deadline for this is December 13th.

First United Methodists Church is holding their annual Empty Bowls meal (date to be determined). Tickets to this yummy meal, usually a grilled cheese and chili, are $10. You can purchase your ticket ahead of time or at the door. All the proceeds go to Cullman Caring for Kids.

The average child puts 15 items on there Christmas list to Santa. I bet those elves are busy!

The Bottom Line 9 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

Letters To Santa

Tell him how you REALLY feel These letters were collected from CHS students in hope that Santa could bring them out a little extra this holiday season. As you can see, Santa has a lot to accompolish with less than a month to go of Christmas! The Hilight wishes you all a Merry Chritsmas, and we hope you get everything you ask for this year!

The Bottom Line

Worldwide, over 500,000 letters are mailed to Santa each year.

10 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

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Monday-Friday hours: 7-5 Saturday hours: 8-12 700 7th Ave Sw P.O. Box 1090 Cullman, AL 35055 Phone: (256) 734-4221

Make sure to always visit Deb’s Bookstore for all your required reading needs!

The Bottom Line 11 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

Classic Christmas Story Holiday Television Annual Commerical Famous Character

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” made famous by Jimmy Boyd Elf- (2003) Growing up as a human child in an elf community, Buddy the Elf didn’t have it easy starting off. When he is older he decides to visit his real father in the far away land known as Manhattan, New York. This newfound classic shows

Favorite Sing-a-Longs

the elderly man, and he changes the remainder of his life for the better.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon- This fun-loving late night host is anything but boring when it comes to Christmas time, he gets his audience to annually participate in the 12 days of ugly Christmas sweaters giveaway.

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” made famous by Four Seasons

Frosty the SnowmanThis funloving snowman is annually birthed through a bit of magic found in a stingy magician’s hat. He is adored by all children and is tons of fun when it’s still snowy, but what happens when

it all melts away is a completely different story.

“Jingle Bell Rock” made famous by Bobby Helms Santa Claus- We all know the big, jolly man from the North Pole as none other than Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, or even St. Nick. He is the man with a plan when it comes Christmas time- a plan to deliver toys that is. You can be sure

“Home for the Holidays” made famous by Perry Como

Heartwarming Movie A Christmas Carol- This is the enlightening tale of old man Scrooge and his frugal ways until three ghosts appear to him one Christmas Eve and take him on a journey through time. This life-altering experience clearly strikes a chord with

just what mayhem a man-sized elf can cause in the real world, but also how much joy he can bring.

The Night Before Christmas - “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” Of course we all know these famous lines, this story paints the picture of any nor-

mal house’s eager anticipation for the coming day.

“Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” made famous by Elmo and Patsy

“Christmas Shoes” made famous by NewSong National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- (1989) Christmas time is here once again for the Griswold Family, but as usual their holiday plans go awry in one way or another. Only one thing keeps everyone sane through it all- the promise of Clark’s Christmas bonus check. In the hilarious twist ending you can see how the spirit of Christmas can be shared by all. “Feliz Navidad” made famous by José Feliciano

The Polar Express Conductor- This kind and thought-provoking man leads a young boy who doesn’t quite believe in Santa anymore on a journey he will never forget. He gets his passengers to the North Pole just in time on Christmas Eve, and with this visit, he gives them the hope and belief in the magic of Christmas their lives have been missing.

he’s going to check that list not once, but twice; so make sure you’re not naughty, but instead nice.

Hershey’s - We all can probably hear this catchy bell choir tune just by seeing the ringing Hershey kisses. This hit has become an annual Hershey holiday tv spot special.

“Blue Christmas” made famous by Elvis Presley

It’s a Wonderful Life- (1946) Renowned as a classic heartwarming tale, this movie doesn’t disappoint as it revolves around the life of a young, depressed George Bailey. Just as he is hitting a new all time low, his guardian angel, Clarence, falls from the heavens and shows him how much he truly means to his family, friends, and community; and why indeed it’s a wonderful life. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” made famous by Frank Sinatra

“Happy Christmas (The War is Over)” made famous by John Lennon

Lexus Cars- There never seems to be a good way to wrap a car as a gift, or at least it seems to be that way to luxury car brands. These yearly commercials always tend to feature a beautiful, new-model year car with a big, red bow on top.

Iconic A Christmas Story- (1983) This is the entertaining story of “Ralphie” Parker as he sets out on the endeavor of a lifetimeconvincing everyone that he needs the Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. However, he is met with nothing but resistance from everyone, including Santa Claus. “White Christmas” made famous by Bing Crosby SNL sketchesWhether you love Saturday Night Live or hate it, this sketch comedy show has brought some classic Christmas cheer over the years. I mean, who can forget what’s it the box or even what Alec Baldwin has that makes him head elf on Santa’s squad? And finally, what would Christmas Eve be without Steve

A Charlie Brown Christmas- This annual jewel will go down as the most classic program to ever be seen during the holiday season. Although there are other Charlie Brown holiday specials, none other teaches us the true meaning of Christmas quite like this one.

“Silver Bells” made famous by Johnny Mathis Miracle on 34th Street(1947) Doris Walker a no-nonsense Macy’s executive, desperately searches for a new store Santa when the current one is found to be drunk. She hires a Kris Kringle replacement who insists that he’s the real Santa Claus. However, as assumed, he has

many skeptics like Doris and her six year old daughter, Susan. So Kris goes to court to try and prove it. Is he the real Santa Claus?

ABC Family- Every year this channel dedicates their programming 25 days before Christmas each December to playing a classic holiday movie each night, it is an easy way to get yourself in the cheer of the season!

Christmas Rudolph the Red-Nosed games” as the “most Reindeer-We all know famous reindeer of him by his red nose, but them all.” who can forget how the bullied kid on the playground turns out to be the valiant hero of Christmas when called upon by the one and only Santa Claus. From then on he was indeed always included in all “the reindeer “12 Days of Christmas” made famous by Ray Conniff Singers

Martin’s rendition of “The Night Before Christmas”?

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” made famous by Brenda Lee

The Grinch- A cruel, cold hearted, all envious creature is all this green monster ever was until the Christmas that changed it all. After stealing everything Christmas from Whoville one Christmas Eve he questioned the next day “Why are they all still so happy?” That’s when the Grinch learned that Christmas isn’t about all the decor and gifts, it’s about having each other- his heart then grew three sizes and he caused no more holiday rifts.

Coke- Who doesn’t absolutely want one of the arctic Coca-Cola polar bears to just come out of the TV and give them a come and a hug? I know I do, these sweet, but always thirsty, bears are featured every year in a coke ad one way or another so be on the look for these warm, fuzzy creatures.

Macy’s - Macy’s Christmas commercials are an icon beyond just the holiday season, they are recognized and referred to constantly in other areas of the production industry. This classic commercial typically features their sponsored celebrities of that year’s products in some variety.

By: Sarah Robinson “Here Comes Santa Claus” made famous by Gene Autry

“Wonderful Christmas Time” made famous by Paul McCartney “It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas” made famous by Perry Como & The Fontaine Sisters “Jingle Bells” made famous by Singing Dogs The Nativity StoryThe real meaning behind Christmas, the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. This event shaped the world forevermore, and it is because of our savior’s birth on this day that even have a Christmas. It is important to always look past all the presents and food and put that into perspective. “Holly Jolly Christmas” made famous by Burl Ives

M&M’s - Do M&M’s talk? In this commercial they sure do; they also faint at the sight of Santa Claus- who also seems a bit bewildered at the talking candy.

Features 15 Minutes of Fame

The “No Shave November” Experience Sam Black and Cole Lay, Staff Writers

November. A glorious month where men show off their manliness by putting down the razors, and growing the longest, bushiest, Phil Robertson-est beard they can. Many students and teachers already participate in “No Shave November,” but this year is a little different. We interviewed 11th grade history teacher Ms. Chassi Waddell about her idea to turn No Shave November into a contest.

Q) What gave you the idea to turn No Shave November into a contest? A) Mr. Lee and I came up with it. We thought it would funny to see how dumb teachers would look with beards. Q) How many teachers are participating? A) 22 Q) How did they enter? A) I sent an email and got most of the participants, and then went door to door to get the last few. Q) What is the grand prize? A) The grand prize is a $40 gift card to the Blue Moose Cafe, I believe. Q) What beard awards will be given? A) We have the best overall, most creative, and valiant effort awards. Q) How will the beards be judged? A) We have a panel of judges who will decide based on a before and after picture. Q) Who are the judges? A) We have two student judges: Connor Moon and Baylor Adams; two faculty judges: Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Rains; and one judge from the central office: Nathan Anderson. The Bottom Line

Q) Who do you think the winner will be? A) I think Coach Meyer would have if he had kept it, but Dr. Bouldin’s is looking good. Q) Who’s beard do you like the most and why? A) I like Coach Britton’s the most because it’s interesting seeing him with any kind of facial hair. Q) Who’s beard do you like the least? A) Hands down, Casey Harbin’s! Q) Have the students and teachers responded well to the contest? A) Absolutly, everyone has been very encouraging. Q) Do you think this contest will become a yearly tradition? A) I hope so. I hope that next year we will have even more beards! Next, we interviewed teacher contender, Coach Billy Barnett. Q) How do you think you’re doing in the contest? A) Early on not too good, but I think I’m going to finish strong. Q) Who is your biggest worry for the contest? A) Who’s my biggest worry? I’m gonna say Mr. Agnew probably.

Q) How many days did it take for your beard to start filling out? A) Umm… I guess about two or three weeks for it to start coming in a little bit. Q) How many times have you let it grow out? A) Only twice, it starts to get kind of itchy. Q) Which of the guys from Duck Dynasty has the best beard? A) Umm probably… Is the other one Jase? Yeah probably that one. Q) Who from Duck Dynasty has the worst beard? A) Hmm… Si’s is kind of scraggly it looks kind of dirty. Q) Have you ever wanted to grow a Duck Dynasty beard? A) Uhh no… I have not. Q) Who inspired you to grow a beard? A) This guy named Ray Sawyer. He was a singer for this band called Dr. Hook, he had a really cool beard and mustache. Q) What does your wife think about you having a beard? A) Um… I don’t think she’s really big on it, but she’s competitive like I am so… She wants me to win.

“Neard” is a slang term for neck beard, just in case you aren’t up to date on beard lingo

14| 12.10.13 | The Hilight

Q) Who do you think will A) It took about a week. win? A) Uh… I think I’m gonna pull Q) If you could choose one it out. type of beard or mustace, what would it be? Q) When did you first realize A) I would want a handlebar you could grow a beard? mustache. A) Uh… fifth grade! **giggles** Q) Neard or face beard? A) Uh... a face beard because Q) Do you feel any manlier that’s what I have. with your beard? A) Yeah I guess so. You look Q) Soul patch or no patch? at yourself in the mirror and A) I like a soul patch. kinda think ‘Well that’s a manly man right there!’ Q) Has anyone ever pulled your beard? Q) Have you ever had a A) Yes! Nic Shugarts! student pull your beard? A) Uh… No, I don’t think so. Q) Does your beard ever scratch you when you look Q) If it happened, what down or side to side? would you do? A) It does sometimes. A) They’d probably get ninja chopped. Q) How does it feel to be a judge? A) It’s a real honor. Q) Does your beard keep your face warm in the winter? Q) What does your mom A) It has to be really, really think about your beard? thick to keep your face warm. A) Um she says I look better It doesn’t cut out the wind with one. that much. Q) What kind of beard would you say you have? A) What kind of beard? Umm… A cool one. Q) Do your students like it? A) Most of my students like me better with it than without it, but my wife likes me better without it because she says I look younger.

All the brave teachers and faculty members who participated in this hairy event... Coach Dean Mr. Lee Mr. Goble Coach Meyers Mr. Benefield Mr. Wilhite Officer Pagan Coach Harbin Coach Brown Coach Dingler

Famous Beards

We also interviewed student judge and bearded brother, Baylor Adams. Q) How does it feel to have a beard? A) I’d say it feels pretty manly.

Coach Barnett Coach Patterson Coach Drake Coach Britton Mr. Loveless Dr. Bouldin Coach Hayes Mr. Agnew Mr. McDowell Mr. Patrick

^^^Above is some of the facial hair that is had by some very famous NFL players, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning <<<To the left is the facial hair before and after shot of the man who is most known for having a beard, none other than Duck Dynasty’s own Willie Robertson

Q) How long did it take to fill out? Sam David Black is HUGE Green Bay Packers fan, and loves Aaron Rodgers

The Bottom Line 15 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

The Black Friday Experience Tips and tricks on how to survive Bailey Baker, Staff Writer

Black Friday shopping is the most As midnight ticked closer and closer, hectic shopping day of the year. It’s that one we realized that people started cutting in line day that you can go completely psycho and to get into the store faster. Being the girls sit in line for a ridiculous amount of time just that we are, we decided not to confront them to get some bed sheets and a couple pairs of on this and we recommend you not either. jeans. Rule #3 in B.F.S.: If you get This year I went “undercover” to truly experience for myself the crazy night that is Friday, November 29. Armed with three of my best gal pals, the night started around 10 as we made our way to Decatur (if you are a first timer like us, Decatur is probably the best to go to: it’s close to Cullman and the mall isn’t as large as in Birmingham or Huntsville). We arrived around 11, which was probably our first mistake. Rule #1 in B.F.S.: get

in a fight, it takes time away from the great deals you could be getting. Entering the store was absolute CHAOS. Shoes were being thrown everywhere and people filled every part of the store. If this happens, stay calm; they won’t hurt you if you don’t make eye contact. Rule #4 in B.F.S.:

have a plan of what you are looking for before to your desired store earlier you go shopping. Knowing what than you think you should; you want before, will give you an idea if you think there won’t be a of where to go in the store so you don’t find yourself wandering into the “home line, you are wrong.

goods” department of Belk (we know from experience- Hollie Bennett). Obviously the stores open at midnight, so be prepared to stand in freezing Our total shopping experience lasted temperatures for longer than you really about four hours, so Rule #5 in B.F.S.: want to. Rule #2 in B.F.S.: wear

clothes that will be warm while you wait, but won’t treat you like a furnace as you shop.

Wear comfortable shoes to shop in. Some might be shocked to hear

that our four hour experience was short in compared to other, more knowledgeable Black Friday Shoppers so you want to make

Hilight a Student Jeremy Odom, Stunt Man. Bailey Baker, Staff Writer

We all know Jeremy Odom, a fun-loving Senior and former class president of the class of 2014. But did you also know he is an avid parkour-ist? This edition of The Hilight’s “Hilight a Student” is dedicated to Jeremy and his love for the art of parkour. If you don’t already know what exactly parkour is, it’s defined as “holistic training discipline using movement that developed from obstacle course training”. Parkour has just started getting popular in the late 90s and 2000s through films, advertisements, and social media like YouTube. I interviewed Jeremy to get his view and to learn a little more about Cullman’s very own stunt man.

sure that when you come home your feet are still intact. I hope that my newfound knowledge on this annual shopping experience can help you in your own personal shopping lives. But note, no Black Friday adventure would be complete without a trip to Steak n’ Shake for a milkshake afterwards. Let’s be honest, we deserve it after all the hard work we put into finding those great deals.

Top 3 Items NOT To Buy: 1. Name Brand HDTVs - The name-brand HDTVs will usu ally be marked down, but the lowest prices will be found on the regular ‘ole run-of-the-mill T.V.s. 2. Toys - You’d think that this would be the ideal time to buy toys for Christmas, but think again. These toys will usu ally be marked down even lower closer to Christmas. 3. New Digital Cameras - The 2014 line of digital cameras usually come out around February. It would be cheaper to buy your new “old” camera closer to February.

Where do you train and do you give lessons?

I typically train all throughout town on whatever obstacles I can find. I also train at my job, Cullman Gymnastics and Cheer Academy. I do give lessons.

Is there anyone else from CHS who parkours?

I have a small group of four friends that train and learn with me, they are Jack Griffin, Michael Bentley, Ryan Klein, and Caden Trelles.

How did you learn about parkour?

The first time I ever saw parkour was in the 3 Doors Down music video for “It’s Not My Time”.

How long have you been doing parkour?

I’ve been doing parkour for about four years now but have only recently gotten serious about it.

On a scale of 1-10 how difficult would you rate parkour?

What is your favorite move? Difficulty varies. The difference about parkour rather Well, I really like handstands…HAHA. than other sports is that you progress up to different I also really like swinging from bars tricks and moves. Even the most difficult moves have (laches). progressions you can go through. Have you ever seen a giraffe drink water? Look it up. The Bottom Line 16 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

Who is your favorite parkour-ist?

It’s actually called a “traceur” (or “traceusse” if you are a girl). *Whoops* It’s hard to pick a favorite traceur but I guess my favorite would be Shaun Wood of Team Farang.

How can others learn about parkour?

People can learn by watching YouTube videos or getting in contact with someone who trains locally. Any of the people I have mentioned can get in contact with me and we can all train!

Making The World Your Home One step at a time Hadley Hall, Staff

Everyone at Cullman High School is different in their own way. We have certain hobbies, interests, and responsibilities that make each and every one of us unique. Our differences are what create our futures, but they are also what separate us from our peers. We nonchalantly, and unknowingly, leave out the people that are “different” from us, making us grow apart from one another, rather than making us grow together. Cullman is the one thing that everyone at this school has in common. It is the one thing that brings us together whether we like it, or not. We call it home, and because it is our “home”, we have an underlying responsibility to help keep the peace, the safety, and the service at a high level of success. Not everyone gets along here. Not everyone has of similar interests. However, we share something that brings our community together in order to make the place we live an even better place to live. Cullman, for the most part, can be considered a fairly peaceful place. Many people are part of keeping it that way, including us, the young adults. We also have a part in keeping Cullman safe. Our major role in safety is to make a conscious effort to keep ourselves, as well as our friends, out of danger by making good decisions each day. One of our most important roles in

the community is service. Service is what maintains the hospitality and giving spirit of Cullman that helps those in need. There is no doubt that we all can serve our community in some type of way for the better-

in the world shares the fact that we live on Earth. In the large scheme of things, we all have at least that in common, and if we have that in common, why can’t the world be as simple as Cullman? Language is

“The world doesn’t owe you living, you owe the world something. You owe it your time, energy, and talent so that no one will beat war, in sickness, and lonely again... Stop being a cry baby, get out of your dream world and develop a back bone, not a wishbone. Start behaving like a respondsible person. You are important and you are needed. It’s too late to sit around and wait for somebody to do something someday. Someday is now and that somebody is you.” ~John Tapene ment of our town. When looking at it through that thought process, it is fairly easy to say we all, in some way or another, have helped Cullman become the place it is today. Having said this, a question comes to mind. Why is the world so separate, when we all have something in common? Just as everyone at Cullman High School shares the fact that Cullman is our home, every person

Go listen to “Imagine” by John Lennon after reading this article.

not the real barrier. Morals are not the real barriers. Not even where we live is our international barrier. The real barrier that separates the world is that our own idea of “community” does not stretch much further than the county in which we live. We say we are different from people in different countries, states, and even cities; but the truth is, we have just as much in common with every

citizen of the world as we do with every citizen in Cullman County. We live here, breathe here, and most of us realize we are not the only people in the world. (I realize there may be some outlying exceptions.) Since we have the one thing in common, we have the ability to make the world as simple as that. If we all did our part to promote peace, safety, and service, the world would be the best place to live. (I know it’s the only place to live, but you get the point.) How can we make a difference? We are the future of the world. We are the ones who will be running businesses, discovering new technology, and even raising the next generations. Even though we may not completely accomplish the goal of making the world as simple as Cullman, we could be the generation that got the ball rolling. People say that you can change the world, and I truly believe it. The more people you make believe the same way, the more likely it is to happen. I’m not in the Peace Corp, nor am I a vote-needing politician. However, one of the most powerful beliefs a person can have, are those of world peace. We don’t have to like each other. We don’t have to have anything else in common. We just have to do our part to make the one thing we do have in common the best it can be for all.

The Bottom Line 17 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

Sports Taking It to the Hole Cullman High School Basketball Oakleigh White, Staff Writer

Four Cullman High School athletes traveled to Orlando Florida this July to compete in the AAU national basketball tournament at the ESPN wide world of sports. Baylee Johnson, junior, played for the Southern Starz AAU basketball team out of Huntsville Alabama. Her team won a super regional tournament in Panama City Florida to qualify for the national tournament. Baylee’s team competed with about thirty-two other teams from across the United States for the National Title. Baylee led her team to victory and an AAU National Championship, not losing a single game the whole tournament.

each athlete to describe their experience playing in a national tournament. Baylee: “It was really great finally seeing all my hard work paying off. I had finally reached the point where I was proud of myself as a basketball player. And Geno Auriemma (UConn’s head women’s basketball coach) was at one of our games. I never would have begun to believe that if you told me that a few years ago.” Lawson: “Overwhelming, there were so many college scouts just taking notes on you, and it makes you nervous. The first game was exciting because we played the top team from Canada, and they were very good.” Chase: “I thought it was an awsome experience. I had a great time with my teamates. ”

Above is a picture of Baylee’s National Championship medel.

Lawson Schaffer and Chase Slocumb, juniors, played AAU basketball this spring too. Their team, the Krush, is out of Hoover Alabama, and they won the Alabama state tournament to qualify for the national tournament. They placed 18th out of 108 teams and had a wonderful experience in Orlando. Sophomore Seth Swalve played on a national qualifying team as well. He played for Pinnacle Basketball out of Birmingham Alabama. His team won a regional tournament that qualified them for the national tournament, and they placed 5th out of about 70 teams having a good run at the National Tournament. I asked The Bottom Line

Seth: “It was a lot of pressure for everyone. My coach was very select with his rotation, and one mistake would get you to the bench #fast. He would get you right back into the game by the time you got to a seat on the bench because someone else would mess up. We had some hard fought wins and a couple blowouts. We had such a talented athletic team. Everyone we played against was massive. I had to guard 6’ 4” point guards regularly.”

To the right, is Seth Swalve and his AAU coach holding the trophy from the national tournament.

With four athletes playing at such a high level of competition I’m sure our basketball teams have what it takes to be very successful this season. Both our girls and guys teams have put many hours into preparing for the season through practice and conditioning. Both teams are off to a great start. The girls placed second in Cordova’s pre-thanksigiving tournament. While our guys dominated Holly Pond’s thanksgiving tournament beating Holly Pond in overtime after previously beating them ealier that week 111-80. I sat down with seniors Hayden Short and Lee Mattox and asked them what the teams goals were for this season and who was there biggest competition. Short replied “We definitely want to win the area Championship again and make it to regionals at Wallace. Also, area rivals Hartselle, and East Limestone will be our toughest games of the season.” Mattox said “We strive to make it to the final four at the BJCC in Birmingham. Our biggest competition would have to be Athens.” I also asked Lee about what the #fast32 we have all been seeing around campus. “It means our game plan is to go #fast for all 32 minutes of the game.”Come out and support both our girls and guys play at such and such date. Your support is greatly appreciated by all the players and helps boost the atmosphere in the gym!

Lance Cleveland

Cullman High School’s very own Lance Cleveland signed with Wallace State Community College in Hanceville. Lance will be attending Wallace next fall and playing first base for the Lions. Cleveland has been on varsity since his 10th grade year and had a batting average of .298 last season. Lance also plays travel baseball in the off season for the North Alabama Vipers out of Huntsville. You can expect big things from Lance this baseball season.

To the left is a picture of our Handsome mens team and above is a team picture of our lovely ladies.

Spring sports that will be starting up after Christmas break are Softball, Baseball, Tennis, Track, Golf, and Soccer

18 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

They Got on the ‘Gus Bus’ “A Cinderella Story” of Auburn football Bethany Pappas and Cassidy Harrison, Staff Writer Auburn football isn’t just a game, it’s a lifestyle. Auburn fans live and breathe their football team. They are extremely dedicated and travel countless distances to watch the Tigers play. Over the pas couple of years, the Tigers have been referred to as “a cinderella story” by many football fanatics. No one could have predicted what was to come once the regular season started. Three years ago, Auburn wa on top of the football world after winning their first national championship since 1957, under former head coach Gene Chizik. Soon after everything came crashing down. The next season did not turn out the way it was expected. The 2012 Tiger’s quarterback, Zeke Pike, was arrested for public intoxication and reprived of his title. Other personal tagedies struck players within the team and resulted in a shortage of players, diminishing their opportunity for another great season. Winning only three games, the Tigers suffered through a long and tiresome season. To make matters worse, the team lost their head coach. The position then open to anyone experienced and brave enough to take on the team.

Former offensive coordinator, Gus Malzahn, was willing and devoted enough to take on the challenge of reigniting the fire to fuel the motivation in the hearts of the once struggling team. The nation was confident that Gus would be the one to help the Tiger’s rise to glory, but they had no premonition that the glory would be so vivid in such a short amount of time. Malzahn is certainly living up to his promise and is challenging other SEC competitors for the conference championship. In many games this season, fans were still doubting the outcome of climbing aboard the “Gus Bus”. Malzahn promised before the season began, he is leading the team victoriously. After Auburn’s win against Texas A&M, they were ranked eleventh in the initial BCS standings. They now are in the top ten. This years infmaous Iron Bowl was hosted by the Auburn Tigers at Jordan Hare Stadium on November 30th. Many officials and comentators believed that this was “the game” of the 2013-2014 SEC season. With Auburn’s continuos winning stresak and Alabama’s previous titles, this game was definitely

an interesting watch, and one for the books. Most sportswriters agree that this year’s Iron Bowl was one of the best in SEC history. Wall Street Journal writer, Rachel Bachman expressed her opinion in a letter addressed to Gus Malzahn himself. She writes, “Alabama is the only team that brings no mystery to the table. The Tide are simply so good, so methodical, that they seem to remove the element of chance. Without it, what’s the fun of watching? But you, and Auburn, can change all that with one big game.” Just two weeks after Auburn’s legenedary catch in the final seconds against The Univesity of Georiga, Auburn pulled out another heart-stopping win. At the end of the fourth quarter the game was tied 28-28, until Alabam’a head coaoch, Nick Saban argued the officials to put one more second on the clock due to an argumaent over the final call. When the clock was set back a one second the Alabama player went to kick...and missed, and we all thought it was over. But no, Auburn player, Chris Davis, caught the missed kick and ran it to the inzone for 109 yards. Most importantly though,

it was for a touchdown that gave Auburn the football game. The final score was 34-28, and Alabama had lost their first game all season.

ESPN College Football Rankings Post Iron Bowl

1. Florida State 2. Ohio State 3. Auburn 4. Alabama 5. Missouri

Cullman Access Television Hey Saban, gotta second?

The Bottom Line 19 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

The Truth about the Old Codger Ageism in America and its deadly consequence Leighanna Langford, Staff Writer How uncanny is it that our nation’s skulking, new “ism” is one inescapable by virtually everyone, everywhere? The discrimination facing America’s golden-agers’ is itself a younger issue, yet noxious enough to pose a premature passing. Exploited through media, elders of our society are regarded as their own race: a scarcely human subpopulation barely hanging on to basic thought or activity. In a survey conducted by Duke University in 2001, 80% of participants 60 and older experienced assumptions of memory deficiences of other physical impairments based on their age. 58% reported hearing demeaning jokes about seniors and and 31% testified they felt ignored or dismissed. A study at Yale University revealed of persons 50 and older: those with a more positive selfperception of aging lived 7.5 years longer than those with a negative perception. Wth nearly 35 million Americans over the age of 65 (U.S. Census 2000) the inequity continues to balloon over the country, casting a great shadow over workplace and medical practices. Layoffs, harrassment, being passed

up for a job- even little to no treatment for serious, medical conditions are becoming the horrifying standard. Researchers at the Sloan Center on Aging say terms like “geezer or “gramps” “affect older workers in the same way they do racial minorities, eroding self-esteem,” Health care companies victimize

these retired people by greatly raising their rates or refusing to insure them altogether. Imagine the disgust of our good citizens and rallied demonstrators at a peccadillo less than this against any social or racial group equal under Lady Liberty. What about on a personal level?

Whether it’s an elderly loved one or neighbor, you may find yourself brushing them off or exudng bitter indifference, when simple conversation and a listening ear is what theywe- all desire. These are our historians- our only relationship to the times! These are our chieftains and witnesses, our archivists and survivors.

We should lay aside our lukewarm facade, sit down, and fall into a fountain of wisdom and a lifetime of stories; preserve the memories that will soon trickle to the last, reminiscent drop. In my short time here and lack of worldly know-how, I can attribute

any cultivation and judgement to my own, tender grandparents. My grandfather is the wisest man I have ever known. Maybe it is this personal blessing that has instilled a certain reverence of elders inside me, but I believe everyone should share such admiration in their hearts. The kindling, gleam of the hildays seems to be our last vestige of hope. Even amid commercialzed, electric joy there is warmth and gladness embedded in something real and truly good. There are sweet and beautiful things to partake in and no one should be left out.

This season we must take time for those worn and wintered in life. Visit them. Help them. Love them. You will never regret time spent gifting respect and kindness, because one day the “old codger”will be you.

Alabama Wildlife Hunting in Alabama

Top 8 bows to use for Hunting

Cole Lay, Staff Writer

1. Elite Hunter 2. Hoyt Spyder Turbo

5. Prime Impact

Bow season: Opening day for bow season was on 6. Matthews Creed September 26th, and unlike gun season it lasts from start of hunting season to the end. There are certain places to hunt but the only thing you can use is a bow, 3. Strother Wrath Sho 7. PSE DNA due to guns not being permitted into certain territo4. Bear Motive 6 8. McPherson Monster Chill ries.


Deer Dove Quail Rabbit Squirrel Raccoon Beaver

Opening Day:

November 23 December 7 November 9 October 1 October 1 September2 All Year long <<<The regulatory dove that can be shot when in season, which is December 7th-31st

Closing Day:

January 31 December 31 February 28 February 28 February 28 February 28 All Year long

Gun Season: the first day of gun season was November 18th; however the only gun you can use until the beginning of rifle season is a muzzleloader. Rifle season starts on November 23rd. A person must have an up to date hunting license to be able to hunt in the state of Alabama, no matter what season During deer season in Alabama, you can kill one antlered buck a day and three in a season.

From AARP in 2011, only 11% of baby-boomers plan to stop working completely The Bottom Line 20 | 12.10.13 | The Hiligt

Hunters Orange Each hunter is required to wear an outer garment above the waist with a minimum of 144 square inches of hunter orange or either a full size hunter orange hat or cap when: •hunting from a stand elevated twelve feet or more from the ground •hunting in an enclosed box stand •traveling in an enclosed vehicle The hunter orange must be worn when traveling on foot between an operating enclosed vehicle and exempt stand when the distance is more than a direct distance of twenty feet.

Campus News Building Special Memories

A look at how the new school is coming along Sam Hunter, Staff Writer

Many students have questions about the new construction at Cullman High School. Mr. Hayden Faulk, a faculty member of Cullman City Schools, was happy to sit down with me as I drilled him with questions about the new high school. He really hit the nail on the head as he cleared up questions we have had. What is your job title at Cullman City Schools? Support Service Coordinator How long have you been associated with Cullman City Schools? 19 years

What are you most excited to see in the new buildings? A safe, beautiful environment for students Have there been any major problems along the way? Yes, finding unknown water pipes during excavation

What is the timeline of the construction project at Cullman High School? Phase one completed August 2014

Who is constructing the new building? Which company? Baggett Construction and superintendent “Cheney Fox”

What is phase one? Phase one is Administrative/ Academic building, family living/ Fine Arts

How does Cullman City Schools choose the builders of the new high school? They are chosen by prior projects

Do you believe it will be finished and ready to move into before the 2014-2015 school year? Yes, if everything stays on schedule

Is there any additional information that you would like to provide that I have not asked? When phase one is complete A and B buildings will be demolished and there will be a larger parking lot in front of the school at accommodate visitors and staff.

As you saw from the interview the new construction project at Cullman High School is in good hands. We dug down deep just to answer these questions. I believe that Cullman High School knows the tools for success seeing as our curriculum is state of the art and now our buildings will be too.

^^^^^ These are some views of our current construction site <<<<< This is Mr. Hayden Faulk, A.K.A. The Construction Guru

Get the book... Preserve the memories.

The 2012-2013 edition of Southerner is just $75.00, and ordering your yearbook has never been easier. Log onto to place your order using your credit card. You can also find the link on the school website under “Useful Links - Yearbook Ordering.” Order it today! *That way you dont miss precious memories like these boys!

As you can see, turtlenecks are the new fad at CHS.

The Bottom Line 21 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight

Upcoming Events

What you need to mark on your calendars Reilly Masters, Staff Writer One of the two major dances hosted by Cullman High is the annual Key Club Dance. Every February, our students, who are members of the Key Club, endlessly plan and organize so that this dance will live up to the student body’s expectations. Semi-formal attire is required, and you must be a student at Cullman to attend. It has been common to eat at a nice restaurant with a group of friends beforehand. The dance starts with the senior member walk out, and then the DJ begins the clean versions of all our favorite jams. Everyone huddles up in the middle and dances until midnight when the dance ends. Miss Southerner is a pageant CHS hosts for girls of grades 9th through 12th, you simply have to get all dolled up in a formal dress with your hair styled and makeups perfected then make your appearance on stage. If you

make it to the top ten you are asked a question which normally ranges from what your favorite book is to your opinion on world events. It’s supposed to be held in January this year but there is no definite date at this point. If you want to stun the crowd with your beauty do the Miss Southerner Pageant and if not come support the ladies that are. The Fair Queen Pageant is more difficult than the Southerner Pageant. It is made strictly for the junior class. You are to walk out in your dress, be asked about your platform, have an interview with the judge, and follow up with my favorite, the talent. Our very own Payton Palmer was the Fair Queen Representative this year. She stunned the crowd with her amazing dress and voice. And don’t forget ladies, pageants are a wonderful and fun way to get scholarships and they’re fun!

This year our Drama Department is doing The True Story of Kris Kringle for our Christmas play. It will be held on December 14th and is being presented by the Cullman Downtown Merchants Association and Cullman City Parks and Rec. as the big holiday event for Cullman. It will be a great way to get into the Christmas spirit with friends and family, because who doesn’t love a story about Santa? So come support the Cullman High School Drama Department while watching a play that we all know will be amazing. There is an excepted turnout of 10,000-15,000, so let’s make it happen CHS! As for the Talent Show this year we are not positive if we are doing it due to the fact that the school is not its normal self, cross your fingers, if we are I still would like to keep you informed. CHS has a talent show every year.

We have people sing, dance, play instruments, or anything that you’re good at. Since the talent we have here at CHS is so phenomenal we can’t pick a winner and that way, everyone wins. Talent shows are amazing entertainment and fun to do so if we do have one join in and show us your talent. Of course whatever decision Mr. Agnew picks is definitely the best.

Make sure to always listen to morning announcements to stay in touch with what’s happening at CHS!

Speaking of Mr. Hick’s, Senior boys, time to start getting creative because it’s almost time to start asking “PROM?” The Bottom Line 22 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight


Alabama Archives, Inc. Document Shredding Service

Security is Our Number One Priority! 303 Third Avenue Southwest Cullman, Alabama 35055 (256) 734-4111 The Hilight Staff would like to give an extra shout-out to all of our sponsors, we couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do it without you!

The Bottom Line 23 | 12.10.13 | The Hilight



the best thing since the front page... and all of those pages in between!

Best CHS Basketball Chants

10. (You Can’t do that!) [X3] 9. “Boo that ref” chant 7. I Believe....

8.We can’t hear you... (clap-clap) [x3]

6.First free throw- left hand up- “Swoosh” Second- crazy hands- “Swoosh, you know, SWAG!”



4. (I’m blind, I’m deaf, I wanna be a ref!) [x3]

3.Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, PASS, Dribble ,pass, SHOOT! 2.Hey! Hey you, get up off that flo, get up off that flo, and getchu some mo! Wha? Getchu some mo! 1. Defense.. (clap-clap) Defense.. (clap-clap)! [repeat until possession changes]

These were compiled from the brilliant minds of Mason Jones and Hadley Hall. Ideas expressed here, as always, do not necessarily reflect those of The Hilight, Cullman High School, or Cullman City Schools.