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LEADING THE WAY charlottesville-albemarle spca annual report 2014


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All animals featured in photographs in this publication are from our shelter.

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My new dad, Will, wasn’t a cat person until he met

me. Now he can’t imagine living without me. It’s sort of funny too, since the truth is, as much as I might look like a cat, I’m really a dog. Don’t believe me?

For starters, unlike most cats, I love the water. I love batting around ice cubes, and I love playing in the

big swimming pool in that small room in my house. I

also bark. My people say I sound like I’m chattering or

humming, but really I’m barking. Oh, and I hate fish. My mom, Ashley, keeps trying to feed me trout. Yuck!

But I can’t complain. When I was a kitten, I was found in a dumpster. I was hungry all the time. The vets at

the shelter got rid of the pesky worms in my stomach that were taking all my food from me. Today, barring

the occasional trout incident, I’m as happy and healthy as a cat—or dog—could be.







BUILDING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER As one of the first No Kill shelters in the country, we have long been

at the forefront of animal welfare. Thanks to your generous support, we continued this legacy of innovation and compassion in 2014,

broadening our programs and the scope of our community outreach, all while continuing to provide the very best life-saving care to thousands of dogs and cats every year.

Founded in 1914, the CASPCA has grown into a nationally recognized animal-welfare organization with a nine-acre campus. Since adopting

our No Kill mission in 2006, the CASPCA has found homes for more than 30,000 animals, spayed or neutered over 44,000 animals and reunited over 6,000 lost pets with their grateful guardians.

The CASPCA has earned state and national recognition for these efforts, including the prestigious Lifesaving Award from Maddie’s Fund.

The CASPCA’s approach to achieving our mission has been simple and successful. We spend time,

energy and resources on solutions, not excuses. Our strategy has helped us meet the growing needs of the community we serve while allowing us to plan for the future.

In this report, we are excited to share our numbers, which reflect what a difference we made for the animals in our care in 2014. We also are happy to share just a few of the stories and faces—canine, feline and human—that touched us this year. None of this would have been possible without your

generous support. We look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come, as we all strive to build a better future for our many animal friends.

—Glenn W. Rust, Chair
















































In 2014, we added microchipping to our affordable

The CASPCA’s PAWsitive Therapy Teams visit

our Compassionate Care Clinics to include a wellness

retirement communities, local libraries and schools.

rabies vaccination clinics. In 2015, we’ve expanded exam, pet-care education, general vaccines and

routine wellness care, all at a reduced fee. These daylong clinics are available to those whose enrollment

care facilities, nursing homes, children’s programs, Our teams made more than 70 visits to facilities in 2014.

in public-assistance programs qualifies their pets for medical services. We also offer low-priced flea/tick

prevention. So far, our clinics have helped more than 100 animals.

DOG-TRAINING CLASSES Our Basic Dog Life Skills class is designed to

prepare dogs and their people for real-life situations. Dog owners learn about canine behavior, body

language and management tips for home and public environments.




The day I met my family, a blizzard was about to hit,

but my new people were so excited to adopt me, they drove to the shelter as fast as they could to beat the storm. They knew I was eager to begin my new life

with them. I’d had bad luck the first time around. Even though I was well behaved, the lady who adopted me


found out she was allergic to cats and had to bring

me back to the shelter. But things have a funny way of working out, because now I’m Golden’s cat, and Golden and I are best friends.

Golden is in third grade and had to learn how to take

care of me—that sometimes I don’t like to be petted, and that she needs to be gentle with me. But now

she’s a pro, and she understands what it means to

care for a pet. We share a bunk bed, and I sleep on the top bunk. I love to give Golden kisses, and I protect Golden from all the bugs that get into the house. How? I eat them!

YOUTH If you’ve ever seen a child delight at the sight of a puppy or kitten, you know the impact animal

interaction can have on a young mind and, just as

importantly, a young heart. That’s why the CASPCA engages the next generation of animal lovers with

our popular humane education programs, including camps, birthday parties and educational tours

serving more than 2,500 local children every year.

SUMMER CAMP The CASPCA offers winter, spring and summer camps for students in third through sixth grade. During these one-week camps, a director, another adult and

a junior assistant teach up to 20 campers about

animal welfare, while helping them understand the

importance of treating animals with compassion and

respect. Camps consist of educational activities, dog/ cat interactions and crafts.



ART CAMP The goal of this camp for at-risk youth is to build

empathy and teamwork through animal education and collaboration. With the help of a local artist,

the campers create a permanent art piece on the

CASPCA grounds to celebrate the pet-person bond. The children learn about companion animals and

their changing roles throughout history. This year,

the camp received a generous grant from the Bama Works Fund, which helped us provide children with

free meals, transportation and all supplies needed to create their masterpiece.

SENIORS It’s no secret the animal-human bond has long been credited with health benefits. By relaxing and bringing us joy, our pets can help lower our blood pressure, soothe us as we combat illnesses and, according to some studies, even lengthen our lifespans.

In addition to enjoying these health perks of pet companionship, senior members of our community are

All adoption fees for senior pets are waived,

regardless of whether they qualify for our Senior

for Senior program. Pets selected for our Senior for Senior program also receive ongoing preventative care, such as annual wellness vaccinations and parasite treatments.

essential to our work at the CASPCA. We are grateful for all the wisdom, life experience and compassion seniors offer as part of our life-saving team.

SENIOR FOR SENIOR Often overlooked in favor of the younger crowd, our special senior pets need a home too. That’s why we launched the Senior for Senior program, which matches senior animals with senior humans, age 60 and older.

Our veterinarians select cats (age 12 and older) and dogs (age 8 and older) for the program, making every effort to pick animals who have medical conditions that can be effectively treated with regular visits to the shelter clinic.



VETERINARY STAFF & CLINIC It’s not easy to care for more than 4,000 animals a year. But that’s just what our staff at the CASPCA

veterinary clinic does. They provide medical screening

saving countless lives, and we thank them for their tireless efforts to eliminate animal suffering.

and routine treatment for pets in the shelter, while


to us requiring immediate attention.

Our facility is the result of years of careful planning.

remaining on call for critically injured pets that come To do this, they collaborate daily with animal control

officers, dedicated volunteers and other skilled area

veterinarians, such as Virginia Veterinary Specialists, to make sure every animal is given the best possible chance at a healthy and happy future.

Our staff is essential to our success, responsible for

When it was completed in 2004, the state-of-the-art

$3 million building replaced what had formerly been a chicken coop on Woodburn Road. In the years since

the move, the new facility has enabled us to increase our numbers and services, and it provides the

community with a centrally located adoption center and clinic.

This location on Berkmar Drive is open seven days a week. Another adoption location for cats is the

Petsmart in Hollymead Center. Most weekends, you

can find our adoptable pets at off-site adoption sites anywhere from the Main Street Arena to Petco, or at seasonal fairs or festivals. We strive to give our pets

the best opportunity possible to find a lifelong home, and we will continue to make adoption as accessible and simple a process as possible.







$ $



Every dog and cat that enters our care is given age-appropriate vaccines, such as distemper and rabies, to keep them healthy. They also are dewormed and treated for fleas and ticks. Dogs are heartworm tested and cats are FELV/ FIV tested. A brief physical exam is performed to identify any possible injury or illness. Each animal is scanned for a microchip and checked for any other form of identification.

We ensure every animal is microchipped and spayed/neutered prior to adoption. In addition, our veterinarians perform physical exams on each dog and cat before surgery to ensure they are healthy enough for the procedure. This process costs approximately $70 per cat and $95 per dog.







Stray animals without identification are boarded for 6 days at a cost of $120. Stray animals with identification are boarded for 11 days at a cost of $220. This amount increases every day the animals are with us. Some animals are highly adoptable and might find homes quickly, while others could be with us for months before being adopted.





That includes just an animal’s basic needs, such as food, cleaning supplies and staff time.




Condition: A beautiful, older lab, Redford came to the CASPCA with a smiling face masking medical issues so serious that Redford might have been euthanized in another shelter’s care. Treatment: Fortunately, thanks to generous donations, Dr. Kristen VET COST Scheller and her team $5,109 were able to perform critical tests and procedures to treat Redford. After conducting blood work, X-rays and a mass removal to help alleviate Redford’s abnormal gait, our staff determined his internal organs were functioning well. Since his limping most likely was due to severe pain instead of cancer, Dr. Scheller could safely prescribe medications. Today: Redford’s luck hadn’t run out yet. When a recent Facebook post featuring Redford went viral, his former owners quickly recognized him and came to reclaim him, having lost him after he had wandered from their home. Today, this lucky man is happy to be reunited with his family.




Condition: When Kitty arrived at the CASPCA for a spay surgery from another local shelter, VET COST $2,924 the veterinary staff didn’t know she was barely hanging on to life. It only was when she was sedated for her spay surgery that Dr. Scheller discovered she had a diaphragmatic hernia, a hole in her diaphragm that connects the abdominal cavity to the thoracic cavity. Treatment: Dr. Scheller knew she had to act quickly. After reporting Kitty’s diagnosis to the other shelter’s staff, everyone agreed the CASPCA should perform her life-saving surgery, a risky procedure that has a high mortality rate. Today: Although Kitty almost died during the operation, she now has an excellent prognosis. Dr. Scheller became extremely close to Kitty during the surgery—she literally held Kitty’s heart in her hands—and monitored her recovery. Kitty has since been adopted by a loving family.


Condition: A victim of neglect, Tyra was VET COST brought to the CASPCA $4,035 last November by Albemarle County Animal Control. She had hair loss and skin infections in multiple areas, severely overgrown toenails and scabs all over her body. Treatment: After a detailed examination, Dr. Kristen Scheller determined Tyra needed her nails cut, special baths to heal her skin and multiple medications to manage her pain. Under the supervision of Dr. Scheller, and with plenty of love from our dedicated staff, Tyra has made significant improvements. Today: Tyra has been adopted.



Condition: A shy stray found in a University of Virginia parking garage last year, Sutherland had a mass in his ear that was causing him pain.

Treatment: Our friends at Virginia Veterinary Specialists performed a CT scan on Sutherland, and this advanced imaging demonstrated the severity of his problems. Not only was there a polyp, but his entire ear canal was stenotic (narrowed), predisposing him to chronic ear infections for life. Sutherland then underwent a successful operation to remove his ear canal, easing his discomfort and permanently removing the mass. Today: A staff and volunteer favorite, Sutherland is an affectionate and friendly cat who is patiently waiting for his permanent home.



Condition: When a good samaritan found Rodney, a handsome Miniature Pinscher mix, he was a stray with a severely injured leg. Treatment: Originally brought to the Greenbrier Emergency Clinic, Rodney needed expensive medical care immediately, so he was transferred to the CASPCA. Dr. Scheller determined Rodney had multiple fractured ribs and a leg that had sustained trauma so severe it would require amputation. Today: After his successful surgery, Rodney began healing in the loving foster home of a Greenbrier employee, and he has since learned how to navigate life with three legs. When Dr. Scheller cleared a recovered Rodney for adoption, he caught the eye of Tracy Reese, who says it was love at first sight.




My new mom, Barbara, didn’t think she wanted a

puppy when she came to the shelter, but that was

before she saw me. When I put my paw on her arm, she just had to take me home. Sure, I’m a puppy,

but I’m (almost) perfectly house trained. Plus, it turns out my mom feels energized playing games, like tug-of-war, with me.

My mom still misses her last best friend, Samantha Ann, but I do my best to take care of her and cheer her up, so she isn’t too lonely. And she takes great care of me too, taking me to classes to socialize

with other puppies and making sure I brush my teeth twice a day. She knows from her many years with

Samantha Ann that it’s important to take care of us

pets even when we’re young and healthy. That’s why, when I get older, I’ll have the best canines around.





We thrive only because we have one of the most dedicated volunteer corps out there—whether dog walking, cat socializing, transporting animals, assisting at our Rummage Store, pitching in at adoption events or providing foster care, our volunteers are focused every day on helping us achieve our mission.








When I came to the shelter, I was tiny. But after getting lots of attention and love, I’m a whole six pounds.

I’ve been with my new people for two entire months.

Deborah is my favorite—she holds me and rocks me to sleep at night. I’m her favorite too. When we first met, we weren’t so sure about each other. Can you believe she thought I might like her husband Nick

better? As if! Don’t get me wrong—I love and take

care of my whole pack. I sit on my throne on the back of the couch and keep an eye on Nick, Deborah and

Maggie, another Chihuahua like me. It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago I was homeless, and now I’m queen of the world.





We all know there’s no place like home. Operation

You asked and we listened. In response to Rummage

and since this program’s launch, we have committed

Community Survey, we are making improvements

Ruby Slipper helps reunite lost pets with their families, to sending every newly adopted pet home with a Save This Life microchip that includes lifetime registration and a custom identification tag.

Store customer feedback and our recent CASPCA to better serve our donors and customers, and ultimately to better serve the animals of our community and the people who love them.

The Rummage Store is now open from 10 a.m. to 6

p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday for your convenience. Our donation dock is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. We also have a

schedule for regularly reducing the price on unsold merchandise.






Preventative care is key to keeping our animals

Our Angel Adoption program features animals

microchipping and rabies vaccinations continues

ongoing care (often a barrier to adoption) to get out of

healthy and safe. The community need for pet to grow.

To help meet this need, not only do we now offer

diagnosed with medical conditions that might require

the shelter and into a home. These pets are eligible to receive lifetime medical care at the CASPCA clinic.

drop-in hours three times a week, but we also offer

these services at low cost—a rabies vaccine is $20, a

microchip is $25, or, for just $30, pets receive a rabies vaccine and a microchip with lifetime registration.

SUBSIDIZED SPAY/NEUTER Providing affordable spay/neuter services to the community remains an important part of

our mission. In 2014, we continued our effective

community cat spay/neuter campaign by focusing on street and farm cats. Today, we are happy to

report a decrease in “feline intake”—the number of cats brought to our shelter.




Arthur and me? We’re an unlikely duo. Arthur is a

shy hound dog, and I’m ecstatic to meet someone

new. I prefer my spot on the best part of the couch

surrounded by pillows, and Arthur snoozes on shoes

that he’s expertly arranged for maximum comfort (he’s a creative soul!). I’m a lady who doesn’t like to step on dewy grass, and Arthur enjoys cruising in our mom’s pickup truck.

But there are two huge things we have in­common.

First, we both spent time with our friends at the shelter. And secondly, we fell in love with Emily and Keith, who

fell in love with us right back. Since Arthur and I joined their pack, they say we’ve brought so much to their

lives—even during the quieter moments when we’re all just together, relaxing in our living room as one happy family. That’s why, as different as we might be, Arthur and I know we’re the luckiest pair of dogs around!



Like most local animal shelters, the CASPCA receives no ongoing funding from the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States. If you want to help the animals in your community, give to your local community shelter or animal-welfare group.


Our doors are wide open to dogs and cats from Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville, regardless of age or health.


We are committed to saving all healthy and treatable animals in our care, regardless of how long they’ve been with us. We are a progressive, solution-oriented, animal-welfare organization dedicated to saving lives.


We collect and report our shelter statistics using a nationally recognized data matrix called the Asilomar Accords. We track and compare our progress through our Annual Live Release Rate, which is the rate of live outcomes for all cats and dogs that enter our care. In 2014, we were proud to achieve a Live Release Rate of 95 percent.


The CASPCA is defined by Virginia Code as a “private animal shelter” whose purpose is finding permanent adoptive homes for animals. We also serve as the contracted “public animal shelter” for Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville to impound or shelter seized, stray, homeless, abandoned, unwanted or surrendered animals. We are under contract and receive funding to serve as the city and county pound.



EVENTS Did you proudly strut with your dog along

Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall in our bow-WOW-

walk? Maybe a night of dancing at the Critter Ball was more your style. Or perhaps you pitched in at one of our many adoption or educational events.

At the CASPCA, we love to engage with our

community of supporters. That’s why one of the best ways to see firsthand the culture of enthusiasm for

the work we do and the pets we love is to attend one of our events.

BOW-WOW-WALK Our first annual bow-

WOW-walk raised more than $50,000 in May 2014 and attracted

nearly 400 dog walkers.

Before and after the trek,

participants enjoyed live music and giveaways from

generous sponsors, and their canine companions were pampered with pedicures and doggie ice cream. Our

top fundraising team, “Beth’s Foster Families,” raised

more than $5,000 for homeless pets. The event was so successful, it now is an annual tradition.

2014 CRITTER BALL The 2014 Critter Ball generated more than $300,000

in revenue. For the past two years, we have presented our own version of the beloved 2001 mockumentary

Best in Show by featuring local celebrities competing for Critter Ball gold at the main event. The night’s

festivities included live music and local cuisine. As one of the most successful annual events we organize, the Critter Ball enjoys widespread support.




22% City & County.............................................$771,519

42% Animal Care.............................................$1,453,438

47% Donations & Public Support .......$1,672,430

30% Vet Clinic ..................................................$1,063,166

4% Investment Income ...............................$150,652

10% Rummage Store ......................................$370,068

2% Grant Income ...............................................$57,734

6% Fundraising ................................................$198,692

11% Products & Services ............................$379,421

6% Administration .........................................$196,153

14% Rummage Store.......................................$497,083

6% Mortgage......................................................$196,472

TOTAL REVENUE................................. $3,528,839

TOTAL EXPENSES.............................. $3,477,989


$520,204 included in total revenue in donations & public support 28


GIVING The CASPCA relies on donations to purchase needed equipment, hire top-notch staff and provide crucial programs and services to the community. All the

work we do would not be possible without the various forms of giving we receive. Ways you can give include donating to our Rummage Store, making a monthly recurring gift, giving in memory/honor of a pet or

person, or even just offering a general contribution. You also can sponsor a pet, adopt a kennel or purchase one of our memorial bricks.

Whichever way you have offered support in the past or choose to contribute in the future, we thank you

and value your gift, as do the many animals helped every day at the CASPCA.

LEGACY GIVING One of the most crucial gifts we receive is a legacy gift—a planned gift that costs donors nothing now

but will provide essential support to the CASPCA and its programs for years to come. In 2014 alone, legacy gifts made up nearly a third of our total donations

and were vital to our operations, enabling the highest standard of care for thousands of animals in need.

There are many ways you can ensure your legacy at

the CASPCA. You can choose to name us in your will

or to bequeath to us a portion of your estate. You can give in the form of stocks, bonds or property, or you can arrange a gift annuity, a trust or the transfer of

unneeded life insurance. Please contact us today to learn more about this form of giving.




Despite my fashion maven namesake, I don’t give a whit about my appearance. It’s fortunate because black goes with everything! I often rely upon my


boyfriend “OJ” for personal grooming duties, and as far as my figure goes, let’s just say that it would not

be classified as svelte. Stereotypical feline behavior

is not part of my repertoire, and some are suspicious I was raised by a dog since rolling in dirt, happily

wagging my tail and chasing water from a hose are on my daily “to do” list.

No self-respecting cat ever would approach me for bird-stalking mentoring, as I prefer to be a friend to

all, actual prey included. I have been known, however, to unflinchingly go head-to-head with a generously

antlered buck over my beloved (and severely rationed) dry kibble. Despite my quirkiness, or maybe because of it, my unbiased parents report that I am the sweetest, dearest cat in the world.



THANK YOU ESTATES & BEQUESTS Mavis & William D. Bayles Estate of Elizabeth H. Berg Trust Rose Marie Chioni Trust Harry Alan Goodwin Trust Jane Tarleton Smith Moore Trust Helen H. Sagendorf Charitable Remainder Unitrust Estate of William Smick Mariana Sybicki Trust Estate of Morton Wilkes

$25,000 & UP

Anonymous (2) Craig Family Nongrantor Charitable Lead Annuity Virginia National Bank


Anonymous (2) Batten Family Fund BMW of Charlottesville/ Crown Automotive Mary Laub Cowan Scheline & William Crutchfield Jan & Michael Cubbage Farkas Family Foundation J & E Berkley Foundation Beth Marcus PETCO Foundation Starr Hill-Red Light Fund


Anonymous (3) Janice Aron Melanie & Jerry Bias Mary & Michael Chinn Jennifer & Brian Corbey


Becky & Jim Craig Crutchfield Ethel & Larry deNeveu Grace Riggs Fund Angie Gunter The Miami Foundation Robin Munn Oakwood Foundation Pampered Pets R.K. Mellon Family Foundation Glenn Rust Sharon Shapiro & Tim Burgess Thomas C. & Mary Ann Hays Family Foundation Elsie & Mac Thompson, Jr. Carol Ann Tomlinson Lynda & Michael Tubridy Tupperware Corporation Vitreus Foundation


Anonymous ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center Altar’d State Andrew & Kelli Block Family Fund Animal Connection Animal Farm Foundation, Inc. Arnold F. Baggins Foundation Rhea & John Baldino Ballheim Charitable Trust Bama Works Fund for the Dave Matthews Band Becky Barlow Kelly & Patrick Barnett Colleen & Brian Bassett Carol Bauer Kimberley Bauman & Paul Goossens


Virginia & Ronnie Bayes Helga & Benjamin Bennett Carmen & Alan Bewley Julie & Joseph Bonistalli Priscilla F. Bosworth Kendall & Peter Bradshaw Kirven & Anna Brantley Bernard T. Bress Briggs Family Fund Faye M. Brown Joan Caldwell Carpet Plus Castle Hill Cider Cavalier Produce & C’ville Market The Charles Fund, Inc. Charlottesville Area Community Foundation Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Julie Coiner Conboy-Duke Foundation Lori Connolly County of Albemarle Cynthia Tremblay Foundation, Inc. Kathleen & William Daggett Sandra & Alfonso Damico Dammann Fund, Inc. Daniel M. & Wilma T. Horner Foundation Darrell & King Investment Counsel Coralee Davis Danielle & Daniel Devereux Cassandra & Bill Dittmar Dixon’s Trash Disposal, LLC John Dove The Dowd Foundation, Inc. Melanie Elston & Doug Zink Judith & Michael Ely Janet & J. Gray Ferguson

Phillip Flavin Agnes M. Fotta Frazee Family Fund Pamela Bliss French Gary Gallagher Amy Gardner Quentin L. Gehle Jane & Bruce Greyson Sue & Chuck Grossmann Elaine Hadden & Douglas Drysdale Hantzmon & Wiebel, LLP Ginny & Jim Hayes Connie & Gary Hegemier Martha & Harper Hellems Leslie & Jay Hervey Heymann Foundation Anne Hooff Ed Housley William Huneke Robyn & J. Brian Jackson Bobbie & Richard Jacobs Jefferson Area Motor Squad Diane Johnson Connie & Jason Kapp William J. Kehoe Emily W. Kelly Barbara & Jay Kessler Daria Kiselica Claudine Kundrun L.A. Lacy, Inc. Bea LaPisto-Kirtley & Ben Kirtley John Layfield Robin & Chuck Lebo The Madwoman Project Mary Ann & Ray Mancini, Jr. Shannon & Ryan McCall Sarah & Grey McLean Beth & Ponch McPhee Jenny Mead Miette & George Michie

Barbara Millar & Peter Thompson Millennium Pharmaceuticals Matching Gift Program Erica & Jim Millner Tanya & Charlie Monk Monticello Animal Hospital Lisa Ross Moorefield & Robert Moorefield Susan B. Morris Mosquito Authority Jessica W. Nagle Natural Pet Essentials Brooke & Juan Olazagasti Leslie A. Olsakovsky, MD Karen & Brian Parshall Susan & L.F. Payne Judy & Charles Perkins, III Perrigo Company Foundation Pet Food Discounters PetSmart Charities, Inc. Joanne M. Phillips Carrie L. Pledger Mary & Eugene Pollock Joyce & Richard Price Paula Lynn & Joseph Quagliana Rhonda E. Quagliana & William Barkley Quantitative Investment Management Fund Rahe-McDonald’s Raising Canes Chicken Fingers Malathi Veeraraghavan & Shrikant Ramamurthy Christine & Nicholas Reppucci Julienne & Dorothy Richards Henry Ripley Joyce Roberts

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Loring Woodriff Wrightson Ramsing Foundation Margaret J. Wyllie


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Lindsay Ideson Ann Douglas Irby Danielle Ivanova Jane & Chris Jackson John Jackson Judy & Jim Jaeger Michelle Jaffee Jennifer & Rob Jamison Joan T. Jay Betty W. Jennings Pam & Jay Jessup Jim Price Chevrolet Susan & Michael Johns Alex M. Johnson Emilie Johnson Marybess & William Johnson Anita Jones & Bill Wulf Charles P. Jones Carol & R. Scott Jones Sally & Zane Jones Jan Joyce Lee & Neal Kassell Lori M. Kaufman, PhD James Kavanaugh Sharon & James Kelley Laurie & Blair Kelly Jane & Lyle Kelsey Kate & J. Arthur Kessler M. Betty Ketron Cecilia J. Kimata Joan S. Kindig Janet Francis King Kimberly King Dr. George F. Kirkland, Jr. & Muriel G. Kirkland Family Foundation Susanna Klosko Eva L. Knight Nancy & Keith Knoell Wanda & Anil Kochhar Laura Kollar & Aila I. Juvonen Diane & Dean Krehmeyer Robert A. Kuemmerling Robin & Ted Kuzen Hope Lally Rebecca & Bruce Lanahan Anna Lane Delia & Thomas Laux Mimi Leach Mary Ann Leeper


Linda Leshowitz & Timothy Brazill Liz & Brian Lewis Rebecca Lewis Lifeview Marketing, LLC Deborah & John Lindbergh Laura & Keven Lindemann Edward Lis Stella Loftin Logan III Charitable Fund Joyce Long Allyson C. Louthan Barbara E. Lucas Joyce MacDonald Kelley MacDougall & Michael Pausic Sandy MacGregor Victoria & Jamie MacMillan Susan Cabell Mains Kelsey Marks Marilyn & John Marshall April Martin Joan & Ramsey Martin Susie & Murdoch Matheson Elaine Maxcy Chris & Rich Mazzola Lenora & Gregory McAllister Jill & Patrick McCann Linda & James McCormick Richard M. McKinnon Reid McLean Thomas McMillen Carrie & Robert McNamara Alice P. Meador Brian Paul Menard Merch Colony Teresa & H. Otey Meriwether Stephanie Metzger Henry Meulenberg Billie Ann Midthum Mary & Jon Mikalson Lisa & Joseph Milbank Stephanie Miller Teresa & Scott Millirons Barbara Mincer Andrew Molesy Montague-Betts Company Voe & Robert Montgomery L. L. Morgan Sarah Morgan

Morin & Barkley, LLP Lisa & Donald Morin Elizabeth & Gregory Morris Donna & Christopher Moskaluk Pamela & Sean Moynihan Courtney Payne Mudd Brenda & James Myers Kathy & Bart Nathan Cynthia Neff Jeremy Neff Elizabeth & Caleb Nelson Betty & William J. Newman Roberta & William Nixon Karen & Robert Nolan Lindsay C. Nolting Barbara J. Nordin Katrina & Dennis Nordstrom Northrop Grumman Corporation Jessica & Bill Norton November Hill Wallace C. Nunley, Jr Debbie O’Brien Robert O’Connell Locke & David Ogens Beverly Ogilvie Teresa & Steven Olson Gary Owens Georgene B. Palacky Rachael & Kevin Palm Hunter Palmer Paramount Theater of Charlottesville Jane & Robert Paxton Judith & Mac Peatross Pedigree Foundation Howell W. Perkins Mary Ann & William Petri Betty & James Phelan Joann M. Plencner Elizabeth & Matthew Pollard Mina Pollard Eleanor S. Porter Melissa & Christopher Powell PRA Health Sciences Prewitt & Valerie Semmes Foundation Mary Anne Irene Randles Jane & George Ray

Bonnie Reynolds Christine & Jeffrey Riley Rimm-Kaufman Group, LLC Rivers Edge Elizabeth H. Roberts Rockpile Construction Company Sally S. Rogers Lauren Roman Janice & Victor Rosenberg Carolyn & John Rosenblum Candace Rowland Melissa L. Rowland Karen & John Rowlingson Ruby Tuesday, Inc. Jeanne Runkle S. L. Williamson Company, Inc. Lauren & Robert Sanders Thomas P. Saul Gertrude & E. Sykes Scherman Rebecca & Gerhard Schoenthal Joan A. Schuette Richard F. Schupp Sandra & Carl Schwaner Carla K. Scouten Ginny Semmes Lucas Shaffer John Shannon Margaret & Matthew Shapiro Patrick Sheehan Sheffield-Steck Charitable Fund Rachel & Andy Shelden Ann & Phil Shiflett Cindy Shuffield Rachel Sigler Mary & William Sihler Jane-Ashley & Peter Skinner Marcie & D. French Slaughter, III Allison & John Sleeman Cindy L. Smith Gracie & Craig Smith Wendi & J. Clark Smith Louise Smith Mark J. Smith Michelle Smith

Emily & Keith Sohr Ray Sotelo Southern States, Proffit Road Diane C. Southworth Mary Louise & Jonathan Spear Laura & Anthony Spinelli Carole Springer Audrey Pace-Sprouse & Charles Sprouse Holly & Mark Stancil Janet & Jeff Sterba Vivian Stiltner Marilyn & John Sting Sue & Charles Stoke Jeffrey Stone Laurie & Eric Strucko Student Bar Association Mrs. Richard D. Sullivan Ellen Roberts Susi Jackie & Don Sutton T&N Printing Daniel Tatsch Elliott Taylor Elizabeth & Harrison Taylor Ten Thousand Villages Rachel Thielmann Susan J. Thomas Linda & Robert Thomson Martha Tice Torey M. Todd Lamar & John Toole Sophie Trawalter Laura Truskowski Charlotte & Waldo Turfboer Barbara J. Turner Susan & James Turner Karren & William Tyler Anna Degli Umberti Unity of Charlottesville University of Virginia Alumni Association University of Virginia Cross Country Alumni Ladies Amanda & George Urban Delores E. Van Elizabeth & Rich Van Hook Ellen Van Niel & Jeff Moyers Heather & Michael Vanderweide

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Anonymous Tiffany M. Adams Patricia & Michael Adelman

Agnor Hurt Elementary School Craig Kushel Agule Caran, Spencer, Max, Mia & Magic Aikens Susan Worden Allport Andrea & Geoffrey Alms Amy R. Alson Debra & Philip Ambrosini Mary & Warren Andrews Melissa Andrews & Keith Saylor Lynn Ann Appleby William & Gretchen Arnold Elizabeth & Robert Aronson Patricia & James Atkinson Melba Atkinson Joyce P. Atwood B.F. Yancey Elementary School Susan Bagato George Baker Marjorie Balge & Richard Crozier Lisa Baltazar Bank of America United Way Campaign Ruth & Julius Barclay Eleanor Lee Muffin Barnes Thomas Barry Sarah & Scott Barton Gail Bashore Vanessa Bassett Denise & Keith Batt Angela & Steve Batten Susan Bauer - Wu Jervey & Tryon Bauer, Jr. Charlotte Beard Sherri M. Beavers Kimberly Bednar Michael Bednar Richard Bednar Kristin & Alex Behfar Belote-Morgan Foundation Monica Belzman Jon & Sandra Bender John Bennett Kimberley Berdy & Michael Gallmeyer Christina Berkemeyer

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Jean & Robert Brockman Suzanne & Robert Brooks Jennifer Brown Judy Brown Leora Brown Carol & Robert Brown Kathi Ann Brown-Milestones Tim Bruce Barbara & Robert Bruner Marcia & Robert Bryant Sandra Lieu Bryant & Alan Aqualino Teresa & Wayne Bryant David Brydges Dylan & Evan Bumgardner Mary & James Bunn Elizabeth Ann Burdash Gillian & Terry Burgan Michele & Thomas Burke Cynthia & Roger Burket Nancy P. Burnett Trish & Ed Burton Eleanor Busa Katherine & Patrick Butterfield Dot Cage Wendy K. Caldwell David S. Callaghan Dana Cambareri Carlin S. Camp Campbell Lumber Company of Appomattox, Inc. Alice & Jonathan Cannon Lee & Robert Cantrell Mary Hill Caperton Rosemarie & Robert Capon J.F. Carl Adrienne L. Carlee Ruth V. Carman James Carnes & Clark Hantzmon Mary K. Caroll Elizabeth Carpenter & Daniel Feigert Susan & John Carpenter Chris & Tuck Carter Linda & Nick Carter Sally Carter Sara & Freeman Cary



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Cheryl Coursey & George Logan Jamie L. Covell Covenant School Margaret H. Craig Pamela & Tony Cranfill Nancy Cranwell Susan & Larry Cresap Laurie & Daniel Crigler Candace Carter & Everett Crosby Kate Crosby Kay Cross & Lee White Patricia & Thomas Cross Crozet Veterinary Care Center Crum Family Will Crutchfield Culbertson Foundation Lutie Culver Michael Cushing Kirsten & Bill Daisley Karen & Ben D’Alessandro Carolyn Dalldorf & James Barkley Janice & William Dalton Aurora D’Amico Sarah & Vic Dandridge Ann & Victor Dandridge, III Patricia M. Daniele Audrey Ann Dannenberg Kim Darnell Nancy & Arthur Davenport Karen G. Davenport Carol R.H. Davis Jane & Martin Davis Shelia Davis Susan Davis S. Stephens & Lou Dawson Marcella M. Day Ann & Frans De Jong Francesca & Eduard de Lange Maddy & John Deal Genieva Dean Barbara Deily Barbara J. & Adolph Deinet Edward Delarosa Tracy Dellomo Joan P. Delong


Lisa & Blake Demaso Christine & Willy Denton Joseph DeVincentis Patricia M. Devine Meghan Devitt Cora Diamond Alan Dickie Leslie & Thomas Dickinson Susan Dickson Riley, Tucker, Elliot & Cathy Dimberg Arletta & Ronald Dimberg Staff of the District 9 Probation Office Mary Jane Divine James Do Annie & Doug Dodd Regina Dodd Dominion Digital, Inc. Ann & James Donovan Jean & Michael Dooley Valerie Dormady Ruth Douglas Bernice & Andrew Dracopoli Bill Dudding Ernest D. Dunn Dunns Landscaping Joanne & Ethan Dunstan Helen C. Dupes Jordan DuPont Leslie Durr & Mark Fletcher Janet Durrer Phyllis & Alvin Dwier Sue Ellis Dyar Dygert, Wright, Hobbs & Heilberg, PLC Maury Early Emily Easter & Joe Gabriel Edgemont Farm, LLC Brian Egan Allison & Michael Egidi Allison & William Elias Bryan Elliott Anna Marie Ellis Jacques & Eleanora Ellison Betty & John Elliton Therese & Dan Elron Karen & Dave Emmitt Engineering Student Council Joseph Engle

Nancy A. Engleman Ellen English Mary E. Ensminger Margo & Randy Eppard William Epstein Ann A. Ergler Richard Ergler Denise E. Esposito Chris & Brad Eure Pamela Evans & Bruce Marlatt Janet & Henry Ewert Sue Fader Alexa Farber Steven B. Farish Katherine & Paul Farris Fat Chance, LLC Martha Faucette Faulconer Construction Company, Inc. Nancy & John Faulkner Elena & John Federici Nicole Fedoravicius & Benjamin D. Kozower Betsy & Jim Fernald Lydia & Steve Fetcho Sue Ellen & Steven Fey Judith L. Fike First Rate Realty, Inc. Rebecca & Clarence Fisher Pamela & Jeffrey Fisher Margaret Fisher Charles T. Fitch Timothy J. Fitzgerald Paul Fitzsimmons Flannery Family Christine Fleckles & Edwin Rushia Barbara H. Fleming & Robert Marrs Julie & John Flevarakis Virginia & Daniel Flynn Mason & Richard Fogg Phyllis S. Fontana Food Lion Lisa & Robert Forsyth Kathryn & Hans Foss Charles D. Fox IV Kay & Jeffrey Fracher Laura Franks

Ann Franzen Cassandra L. Fraser Mary Alice & Henry Frazier Jill Fredrikson Janis & James Freeland Edward Freemen Seth French Tara & Steven Friedman Robert Fritz, MD Brenda & John Frizzell Elizabeth Fuller Marilynn & Tom Gale Shirley Gallagher & Robert Keir Jesse W. Gammon Ronald E. Gareis Hallie & Robert Garland Sally M. Garland Julie Garmel & Jeffery Greer Paula & David Garrett Suzan Garson Mary Elizabeth Garth Flood & Charles Salmons Claudia Garthwait & Victoria Gee Catherine J. Garvey Jean Gary GE Foundation Adam Geer Evelyn Gerson & Jon Newhard Florence Geyer Kay & Mario Geysen Andrea Gibson Jackson Gilbert Margaret Gilges & John Rabasa Aaron D. Gilley Katharine & Alexander Gilliam Louise Gilliam Karen Gillispie Margaret B. Gilmer Girl Scout Troop 445 Pat & Harry Glenn Godfrey Property Management, Inc. Nellie & Alwin Goebel Linda B. Goldstein Barb & Dick Goodin Terri & Donald Goodwin

Robert G. Gore Leon P. Gorman, III Denise Gorol & Bill Schoonover Margaret Gossweiler Anne & Robert Gossweiler Audrey & Gerald Gottlieb Patricia & Stephanie Graham Grand Home Furnishings Benevolent Fund Richard Grandage Amy Granger Gordon Granger, IV Antoinette & William Gray Stefano Grazioli Great Terms Insurance Agency Erik Greenbaum Ginger & Arthur Greene Heidi Greene & Michael Kluger Susan Greene & Larry Stopper Catherine Greer & John Ellis Leslie & Dan Gregg Caroline & John Griffin Vivian & Eric Groeschel Leanne M. Grove Allen William Groves Marcy Grzadzinski Virginia L. Gubser Carole A. Guillemin H. Kay Cross, PC Matthew Haas Martha Haertig Sonia & Yacov Haimes Carlis & Jerry Halfant Cynthia Hall Kendra & James Hall Patricia & Ron Hallmark Amanda Hallstead Jody Halpin Mark C. Hampton Dorothy W. Hand Deborah Baber Handy Marilyn & James Haney Julia Hanks Joan & George Hanna Rebecca J. Hannam

Noreen & Joseph Hannemann Carole & Gene Hansen Alissa & Jeffrey Hansen Theresa & Lloyd Harriott Ann S. Harris Buddy Harris Susan G. Harris Melissa & John Harrison, III Wendy & Edward Harvey Martha Anne Hastings Roxann & Reo Hatfield Maria & Michael Hatz Louise & William Hay Ann Marie Haynes Jackie & Richard Heath Meriflo & Frederick Heblich, Jr. Hefner Family Caryn Helmandollar Maria & Daniel Hemmings Achsah E. Henderson Annette W. Henderson Dana Knight Henderson Mary Jo Dollins Hendricks Melissa Hensley Stephanie & Charles Hess Deborah Heymann Nell & David Hibbitts Shy M. Hicks Thomas Scott Hicks Hidden Spring Farm Deb Higgins Barbara & Michael Higgins Lauren & Charles Hildebrand Dona G. Hildebrand Lynn Hizer Sandra & Robert Hodge Theresa & Matthew Hodges Lysa Hodgson Bobbie & Tom Hodgson, II Denise & Steve Hoffman Brian E. Hogg David & Carol Hogg Robert & Virginia Holub Hoo’s BBQ Nancy Hopkins Horbaly Family Anne Hormel Laura & Hasty Horn

Sheryl & Barry Horowitz Ellen Michelle Houle Mary & Dick Howard Margie & W. Nathaniel Howell Yvonne Hubbard Jill & Walter Hubbell Jeanne & Albert Huber Lee Hufnagel Kathie L. Hullfish & Laura Kuhn Linda & Donald Hunt Mary & Frank Hunter Floyd Hurt Elizabeth Hyder Suzanne Ibbeken Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lillian & Thomas Inge Andrea Ireland Jennifer & Rob Jamison Margaret Janucik & Stephen Michael Kathryn Jarvis & Gregory Propp Michelle & Joseph Jennings, III Cynthia & Michael Johnson Paula Johnson Richard M. Johnson Bernard S. Jones Betty & David Jones Judy Savage Jones Lillie Angie Jones Susan Jones Lewellyn & Daniel Jordan Marcia Joseph JustGive Nilda & Henry Kaebler Joan & John Kammire Susan & Gerald Kane Angie & Stan Kask Michelle Katstra Minnie Kay Janet Keaton Johanna & Richard Keeling Lois M. Keller Michele & Kenneth Kellermann Aileen Kelly John Kelly

Lucie S. Kelly Mary Anne Kelly Garth Kemper Christine S. Kennedy Judith Kenney Ann Kenzie Julie & Frank Keplinger Jane Kerewich Rahul Keshap Eleanor Kett Paula Kettlewell Sue & Art Keyser Tamila L. Kindwall-Kel Lisa & Robert King Sherri King Susan E. King Tommy Kinstle Debbie Kirby Everett L. Kirby Lady & Gizzy Kirby Kim & Lee Kirk Beverly & Arthur Kirsch T. J. Kliefoth Martin Klingel John G. Knapp Alice Knicely Adam S. Koch Rebecca Koch & Klinton Miyao Jennifer & Larry Kochard Beverly Kocotas & William Otis Erwin M. Koeritz Patsy E. Koestner Susanne Kogut Jamie Kollar Kevin Kollar Ted Kollar Jane & George Koran Deborah & Robert Kozura Stacy & Eli Kramer Marci Kramer & Daniel Koller Jen Krondon Nancy Jo & Kurt Krueger Susan Kuhn & Jonathan Blank Prakash & Mahmooda Kulkarni Elizabeth & Howard C. Kutchai

Beatrix Ost Kuttner & Ludwig Kuttner  Oliver Kuttner Martha & Richard Lacasse John Lach Diane Lahue Chris & Barkley Laing Doreen & William Lakatosh Sherry & Douglas Lake Helen & Robert Landel Fred Landess Sandra C. & Louis Landry Lisa Lane Mary L. Lang Kathleen & Nicholas Lang Michael Lautenschlager Sheila & Edgar Lawson Mary Ellen & Jon Leachtenauer Ann & Preston Leake Olive & Ronald Lear Martha D. Leclere Shelbia & Alan Lengel Josephine C. Leonard Sharon L. & Douglas Leslie Lisa Lewis & John Gathright Shirley & Ronald Lewis Samantha Ley & Matthew Zaremsky Julia Lezzoni Jackie Lichtman & Russ Linden Lincoln Surveying Deborah & Douglas Little Niall Little Sarah & Drew Lloyd Deborah & Andrew Lockman Gay & Kenneth Loftin Judith & Gary Lohman Tammy Lonjin Jonathan M. Lord Gayle & Bryan Lovetere Jeff Lowell Laurie Lowrance Carol & John Lowsky, Sr. Fleming & Charles Lunsford Mary Luther Ana Maria & Darren Lynch Lynne Brubaker Photography, Inc.



THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Mary Lee MacDonald B. Gail Macik Alice K. Macinnis Lucy Mackall & Christopher Thompson Janine C. Mader Meredith & Robert Magnus Cynthia Maisannes Hillary Maitland Deborah Marsh Donna & Michael Marshall Ann Martin Dana & Michael Martinko, III Marvin J. Franger, Jr. DDS, PC Judith Marymor Sandra & Eric Maslen Samantha Masone Jennifer Matheny Jason Mathews Alan H. Matsumoto Shelley Matthews Kim Mattingly Eleanor G. May Barb Mayben Constance A Mays Kristen L. Mazur Madi Mazzola Tania & E.A. McAllister Michelle & Sean McCarthy Sharon & Alan McConnell Louise McConnell Amanda & Rob McEwen Kimberly McGinnis Kathy & Samuel McKelvey Estelle McKemie & David Rempe McKesson Foundation Claire L. McKinley Janet H. McLaughlin Sheila McMillen E. McNeel & John Syka Mary-Lewis & Dan Meador Bridge Meagher David M. Mehringer Robin & David Mellen Debbie & John Menary Frank Mercadante Meriweather Mowing Service


Meriwether Lewis Elem. School Andrew Meyer Leslie Middleton & Patrick Punch Claudette Midgley Amy Mikeska & Adam Soroka Nola Miller Elinor & Stauffer Miller Claire Jonelle Milton Mincer’s University of VA Imprinted Sportswear Carol H. Minetree Andrew Minton Denise & Christopher Mislow Karen M. Monson April L. Montgomery Monticello Media Mary & Cary Moon Gary R. Moon Kyna & Andy Moore Colin Moore Andrew Morgan Elizabeth & Richard Morgan Frances Dovel-Morris & Booty Morris Jen Morris Joyce H. Morris Lynda Mosen Alexandra & Hamilton Moses Mascha Mowry Betty J. Moyer Susan & John Mugler Amy & Sean Muldoon James Munson Deborah M. Murray Merrick & Stephen Murray Marsha R. Musser Ruth Myers Native Son, LLC Jayme & Derek Naughton Willa & Jim Neale Sarah & Kenneth Neathery, Jr. Andree & Harrison Nesbit Peter Netland Network For Good Molly Nevitt New Life Therapeutic Massage, LLC


Nancy & Bo Newell Nichols Family Todd Niemeier & Erin Trodden Gary S. Nimax Noland Company Ann & David Normansell Susan & Robert Northington Jean & Donald Norum Roslyn & Patrick Nuesch Martha & Dan Nunziato John O’Connor Carolyn & Mark O’Hara Jan & James O’Kelley Debra & Daniel O’Neill Angie & Daniel Oakey Mary Woodall & Henry Oakey Jean Obarr William Obarr Theresa Olivo, D.V.M. Angela Orebaugh Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar, Inc. Sandra M. Owen Sheryl Palmateer Papa John’s Shashank Parekh Kay & Davis Parker Gracie & James Parks Diana & Harry Parlette, III Daniel Parmelee Ann & Phillip Parrish Catherine Pasternak Pasture Julie & Jim Patterson Anne Patton Beale Payne Shelley & George Payne Shirley & Arthur Pearson Jennifer Pease Penn Veterinary Supply, Inc. Lauren Penniman & Glen Michael Pepsico Foundation Sissy & David Perdue Doriane Perkins Jennifer L. Perkins Matt Peters Kay Pfaltz Courtney & Eric Pfister Pfizer Colleagues

Jackie & Pedro Pimentel Josie Pipkin Lois & Warren Pitts George Politis Matthew Pollock Lori & Albert Ponton Frances & Lew Ponton Ponton’s Quantum Leap Fitness Mildred & Vernon Powell Barbara & Edward Preston Mary Lyle Preston Jean & James Price Monique & Bill Pritchard Elizabeth & Brian Propst David Puckett Margaret & Frank Quayle Katherine & Aaron Quinlan Gospova Radakovic Bharath Raj Donald Ramirez Judith F. Ramsden Anne & Vernon Raque Margot Elton-Ratliff & Jeff Ratliff Richard Rayburn Megan Raymond & Bradley Daigle Re/MAX Commonwealth Cherie & Sean Reardon Barbara J. Reid Heena & Stephen Reiter Barbara & John J. Reynolds Cynthia Reynolds Karen, Ruth & Dale Rheuban Julia Rhondeau Judith V. Rice Kathy Richards Meredith & Larry Richards Elaine Richardson Karen Rifkin Anne Ripley Mary & Frank Roach Virginia & Leo Roach Alan Y. Roberts Cynthia Roberts Tonya & John Roberts Richard Roberts Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, P.A.

Mollie Rockwell Alan & Joanne Rogol Deborah Romano Tom Romer Virginia & Paul Ronka Margaret & Tim Rose Kathleen & Steven Rosenfield Rosewood Village Assisted Living, LLC Nancy & David Ross Nadina & Mark Ross Danine & Colin Rosse Whitley & Charles Rotgin, Jr. John T. Rothmann Judith & James Rowe, Jr. Megan B. Rowe Lois M. Rowsey Kris & Steve Ryalls Anne Ryan & John Duffy Karen Ryan Austin Rybarczyk Andrea & Gregory Saathoff Helen H. Sagendorf Valerie & Darryl Samsell Julia & Douglas Sandor Delnavaz Sanjana Christopher Santilli Gillian Sargent Gary Sarkozi Bonnie & Lewis Sarkozi Patty & Claude Saul Mary & William Saunders Phyllis & John Savides Angela & Robert Sawyer Carrie E. Schaffer Mary Scheetz Rhonda & Steve Scheller William T. Scherer Allison & Thomas Schildwachter Douglas J. Schmale John B. Schorling Christine & Eric Schrank Robyn Schrimpshire- Reynolds Mary & Fred Schubert Leah Schultz Barbara Schumacher Elizabeth Scott

Lisbeth & James Scott Kimberly S. Scott Joan & Stephen Scott Kelly & Leonard Sebesta Roberta H. Senechal Rachel J. Setear Catherine Shaeffer Allyson Shames & Curt Argo Vanessa Shami Elizabeth & James Shannon Alfred Shapero Laura Shavis Warren Shaw Christine Shearer Susan & Peter Sheeran Eileen & Michael Sheets Virginia & Vaden Shields Vicki S. Shiflett Leah & Kevin Shiraishi Wendy L. Showers Wanda & David Shuster Polly L. Sibert JoAnne Siefken Pamela Sien Neil Silva Virginia Simms Payne & William Simms Elide Simpson Erin Simpson Joann M. Simpson Joseph D. Sims Richard A. Skwarlo Robin & Gary Sloan Hunter Smith Justin S. Smith Kelleen Smith Nancy & Richard Smith Barbara & W.C. Smith Allycia & Patrick Snell Cindy Snyder Anne & John Snyder South Fork Food Truck Jeff Southard SRC, Inc. St. Peter’s Attic Janet Stack Janice & John Stalfort, II Diane & Preston Stallings Betty G. Starke Starr Hill Brewery

Mary Ann & John Starr State Farm Insurance Companies Margaret & Richard Stavitski Philip Stenger Jodie Stevens Lisa & Tripp Stewart Doris Stimpson Martha & Scott Stinson Martha & Robert Stockhausen Lisa & Michael Stogoski Virginia Stokes Paula & George Stone Stonehaus Jennifer Stover Gilbert Stratton Anne Straume Bill & Kristin Streed Clarissa Street Robert & Cindy Strickland Richard & Diana Strickler, Jr. Pamela Strong Nora Suddarth Bill Sugg Ann V. Sullivan Mary Sullivan Victoria & Donald Sundgren Carol & Robert Tanner Carolyn P. Tarkington Andrew Taylor Beverly Taylor Charles H. Taylor Danielle Taylor Heather H. Taylor Lisa Taylor Robert F. Taylor Christina & Nelson Teague, Jr. Linda I. Templeton Joan Tepper Anne Bond Ternes Zan Tewksbury Seung-Hye Kim & Maxwell Tfirn John Thelin Thomas Jefferson Lions Club Doloris & Jim Thomas

Pam, Randy & Jennie Thomas Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley, LLC Emily Thompson Christine Thomson Theresa & Kevin Thorne Tiger Fuel Company M.W. & Barrie Tilghman Becky & B. Leon Tilley Joy & Ken Tilley Jane A. & Thomas Tirrell, III Monika S. Tomlinson Ann & Alvin Toms Anne Treichler Michele & M. Wade Tremblay Deborah A. Triant John L. Trimmer Sara Troy Christine & Jim Tucker Sandra & Terry Tucker Jane Turner Karen Turner Suzanne Turner Ann Tuzon & Bernard Fulgham Shannon & Adam Ulery United Health Group University of Virginia Procurement Services UVA Health Physicians Group Missy Vaclavicek Jayamalathi Vakkalanka Lynn Valentine & David Heilbronner Justyne & Joseph Van Dyke Ernetta & Robert Van Orden Faye Vander Veer Pamela & Keith VanDerbeek Varian Partners in Giving Program Gaul Ira Varner Renee Viette Donna & Richard Vinal Virginia Real Estate Partners, LLC Virginia Riding Team Volvo of Charlottesville Ann & Chris VonFrieling Renate Elisabet Voris

Kristina Garcia & Roy Wade, Jr. Vivian Wade Mr. & Mrs. William O. Wagoner Marianne Walendowski Carolyn & Douglas Walker Sharon & William Walker Andrea & Timothy Walkup Michelle & Jonathan Wamsley Susan J. Wandover Phyllis, Claudia, Paige & Tammie Ward Margo & Richard Ward Robin Warner Robin Watson Susan & Gregory Webb Margery Weekes Erin & Donald Wells Rachel & Gregory Werkheiser Mildred & Robert Westbrook Carol White Deborah White & Roy Cadoff Grace E. White Judith White & Samuel Green Lynda White Rebecca White & Karl Pomeroy Sandy Getchell-White & Stephen White Mary Beth Meachum- Whitehill & Murray Whitehill Marlene & Morgan Whiteley, Jr. Jane & Robert Whitworth Anne Widener Christine L. Wiedman Kim Wilder & Ronald Rammelkamp Caroline & Bill Wilhelm Glenn Berck Wilhelm Jean & Morton Wilhelm Lossie & J. Harvie Wilkinson Willard Family Llwanda & Alan Williams Andrea & Philip Williams Becky Williams Dee & Douglas Williams Sherry & Larry Williams

Patricia & John Willis Rise & Adam Wilson William G. Wilson Jennifer & Seth Winchel Susan A. & Leonard Winslow Bonnie Winsor Wise Family Jennifer Witten Alana & Kurt Woerpel Beverly Woline Brenda & Michael Wood Barbara & Richard Wood Peggy & Bob Woodall Elizabeth Wooding & Kenneth Cady Andrea I. Woods Suzanne S. Word Judith & Harry A. Wright Mariam Wright Nathan Yoder Jessica Young Deborah Yu Connie & Christopher Zazakos, Jr. Virginia & Richard Zeller Stephanie Zilora Ariel Zwelling & Alexander Wilson


Anonymous Vaia Abatzis Susan & Charles Abbey Diana & William Abbott Mary & Dick Abidin Mildred & Henry Abraham Sharon & George Ackerman Heather Adair Janet Adams Donna & Michael Adams Thomas S. Adams Mary Rebecca & Robert Agee Deborah Agnor Betty L. Aguilar Sara Ahluwalia Katherine & Peter Alamilla Albemarle Charlottesville Pilot Club Albemarle Designs, Inc.



THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Susan C. Alberti Kyle Alderson Joan & Scott Alexander Ann Allanson Deborah & David Allen John Allen Kathleen Allen Kath & Robert Allen Diane & Wayne Allen Anna & William Allen Christine Allison & Robert Knight Helen Alston Carolyn & Stephen Altenderfer Jason Altieri Altria Group, Inc. Beverly Amato Elizabeth G. Ames Lorenza C. Amico Lisa Amols Myrtle R. Amos Penny Amos Aubree Andersen Bettina & Mark Andersen


Britta Anderson Regina & Diego Anderson Kate L. Anderson Angela Andrews Leslie Louise Andrus Sharon Andrus Gail Angell Maggie Angevine Angela Antenucci Apple Matching Gift Program Dana Argiro Nancy Armstrong & William Holet Barbara Armstrong Mary Lee & Charles Armstrong Connie & David Armstrong Patrice Armstrong Kate & Clifford Arnold Gretchen & William Arnold Vickie Arrington Callie G. Arritt Augusta & Kevyn Arthur Nobuko Asai Juan Ascoli Kathleen Ashe Ana Askew Sally & Fletcher Askew Olga Askinazi Cathryn Astin Emma & Joseph Athey Cheryl Atkinson Tamara Atkinson Amy Atticks Brooke Atwell Nicole W. Audibert Anne Auker Marcia Aulebach Barbara C. Aulebach-Ross Karen Austin Michael Avery Pam Ayres Pattie Baber Angelique Babson Frederica Bacher Andrea & Ron Baellow Diann Bailey Maxine Baird Marianne & Calvin Baker Christopher Baker Jane & Woody Baker


Sara Bakrow Jamie Thomas Baldys Janice Ball Karen & C.C. Ballard Donna & Brady Ballard Marie Ballenger Lisa Bange George Banks Daniel Barber Amy & Ted Barger Bark Busters Home Dog Training Laura & Carl Barnett Jean & Boo Barnett Ruth Ann Barnett Rebecca & James Barns Margaret Barrell Peter & George Barrett Barrett-Johnson & Associates Richard L. Barrick Jeffrey Barth Leah, Ellen & Justin Bartholomew Julia & Gerald Barton Beth Bassett Becky & Chad Bassett Matthew J. Bassignani & Alan Higgins Courtney Bates Denise & Keith Batt Christy Batten Linda Batten Wanda Baucus Nancy & Dan Bauer Lori Allen-Bauer & John Bauer  Dorothy J. Baughan Ellyn Baumgardner Christa Bauserman Renee Bayne Kristine & John Bean Bear Balloon Corp. Pamela & J. Phil Beard Dan Beattie Maggie & Dennis Bebel Linda Becker Sheran Becker Joan Beckwith Elizabeth Beddow Dolores G. Bedell

Linda & Gaylon Beights Rebecca Beirne Jacqueline Bell Sharon & Thomas Bellucci Maureen & Rick Bendall Adelyn R Bender Susan Bender Janice T. Benjamin Mary M. Bennett Natalie Bennett Amadeo Bennetta Stephanie & Mike L. Benzian Jean & Howard Berckman Gordon Berne Bill Bernstein Carolyn & Stephen Bernstein Ed Berres Danielle Gay Berrey Linda B. Berry Anne Bertrand-Guy Kay Bethea Colleen Betker Nicole & Earle Betts Erin & Tom Bevacqua Judy Bewley Melody S. Bianchetto Katherine & John Bias Janeth & Thomas Bibb Brenda & Harold Bickley Daniel Bieker Grace Bielawski & Kevin Richards Robin Bigalke Josephine M. Bigelow Donna & Richard Billings Phyllis J. Binder Carolyn & Alvin Bingler Heidi Binko Janet G. & Doug Birckhead Shirley & David Bishop Donna & James Bishop Sharon & Scott Bishop Stephine Bishop Maureen Bjerke Bettie W. Black Sarah Blackman Judy Blair & Bill Cameron Betty & Paul Blincoe Debbie & Robert Blosser Gardy Bloemers & Nicholas R. Duke

Elizabeth M Blough Blue Ridge Termite Pest Mgmt Felicity Blundon Catherine & David Boardman Tilde Bobrick Joe Boelsche Vicki Boettcher Cathy & Randy Bogle Laura Bohleke Lorraine M. Bohleke Doris A. Bohon Kathy Bohorfoush David & Bevin Boisvert Michelle Bolding Diane Bolduc Cara Bonazza Nancy & John Bond Barbara R. Bonesteel Frances & Andrew Boninti Eleanor Boonar Jean Boone Babs Booth Destini Bortner Michele Bottiglieri Suzanne G. Bovenizer Joanna & Taylor Bowen Katherine Bowers & Richard Comfort Philippa S. Bowers Capi Bowles Barbara Ann Boyce Mary Lou & Tom Boyd Julie & James Boyer Sharon & Locke Boyer Christopher Boyers Ruth & Russell Boyle Victoria Boyle Lynn D. Boyter Diane Bracuto Corliss Bradley Melissa Brads Diane M. Bradshaw Gayle C. & Wayne Bragg Olivia Branch Jessie Branciforte Ryan Brandl William Brandl Betty Brandt Jason S. Breeden Sylvia Breeden

Dorothy R. Brennand Phyllis & Robert Bressan Bonnie & Richard Brewer Jean C. Brickwedde Nancy & Carl Briggs Linda Briggs Bright Beginnings Mill Creek Lydia S. Briscoe Roxanne & Ron Broadbent Meriwether Broaddus Betsy L. Brock Rosalie & Paul Brock Claire & William Brockman Elizabeth Brogan Andrew Bronsberg Lynne Brookfield Elise Brosnan Robin Brower Carly Brown Dee Ann & Dave Brown McFarlin Jim Brown Karen Brown Phyllis & Kenneth Brown Mary C. Brown Rachel & Matt Browning Rachel & Greg Brozenske Thomas E. Brubaker Susan Bruce & Daniel Miller Donna & Michael Bruggeman Haley Brugh Marta & Gregory Brunn Delores & David Brush Anne Brushwood Bronwyn Bryans Constance Bryant Jessica Bryant Catherine Bub Kathleen Buchet Carol W. Buckner Grace Bull Beverly Bunch Susan & Thomas Bunting Lynne Burdick & Sean Marcus Ashley Burger Pattie H. Burgh Jean Burke & Wesley Frye Kacie Burke Shannon Burke

Kathy & Jack Burkett Cindy Burlew Lucy R. Burnette James Burnley Shannon & Douglas Burns Jasmine Burns Nancy Burr & Brad Suter Dawn Burris Marilyn F. Burruss Maxine & Henry Burton Mary & Jeff Burton Jenny Burton Carol Burzinski Beck Trudie Bushey Cindy Butler Jane Butler Jean Butler Cindy & Jim Butler Joyce & Frank Butros Nancy A. Butters Roddy Butts Tracy & Charles Byam Kathy & David Byars M.L. Byrd Scott Byrnes R. Cabbell Joan & Laurence Cabell Julie & Stoke Caldwell Emily & Michael Callahan Mary-Catherine Calvert Ruth & James Cameron Kara Cameron Diania & Alton Campbell Antonio Campbell Etta M. Campbell Kayla Campbell Mary B. Campbell Sara & William Campbell Michele Campolieto Elizabeth Canfield Marsha Cannry Jeremy Caplin Kelly Cappio Kathleen Capshaw Ginger Carico Rebekah L. Carmel Mary Virginia Carnell Barbara Ann Carney Donna Carpenter Mary & Gary Carpenter

Kathy Carpenter Jenny Carr Charlie Carrier Jennifer Carroll Susan Carter Barrie & Bruce Carveth Beate Casati Jennifer Wright Case & Robert D. Case Amy Casey Sharon Cason Sophia Cassig John Casteen Morgan Catlett Elizabeth G. Cauthen Julio Cazon Mark Chabot Kelly L Chamberlain Eli Chancey Andrea & Byron Chandler Beulah & Martin Chandler Harvey & Marty R. Chaplin, Jr. Dolores & Robert Chapman Bates Chappell Dorothy Chappell Mary & John Chapple Jen Charlebois Charlottesville Automotive Refinish Supply Christine Charters Allison Chase Christine & Jonathan Chasen Chalatwan Chattrabhuti Jennifer Chen Kearby Chen Robin J. & Kenneth Cherry Andrew Cheung Chickie-Dickie Beads Ford Childress Marcia & Jim Childress Kathleen Childress Teresa & Scott Childress Sally Chinn Alice Susan Chisholm Carroll & Eunice Chisholm Carol & Lee Chisholm Melisa Chisholm Judith C Christian Rachel & Robert Christian Lisa Christina

Ulla M. Chunn Sandy & Rosemary Ciccarone Laura Ciudin Emily & Kenneth Clancy Edward E. Clark, Jr. Kim & Nancy Clark Kimberly Clark Bonnie Clarke Nan & Raymond Clarke Gena & Emery Clarkson Jeff Clatterbuck Jenny Strauss Clay Sarah & Tom Click Clinch Valley Medical Center Candy Cline Morgan Cline Christine & Laurence Clock Coachlight Press LLC Abigail Coard Barbara J. & Robert Cochran Mary Ann Coffey & Murphy Moss Pat Coffey Darlene & John Coffindaffer Alysia & Kevin Coldren Jeffrey Cole Betty Coleman Kristen Coleman Lori Coleman Denise & Toby Collado Shelley Collett Vreni & David Collier Katie Collins Mark Collins Loretta Colman M. A. Colony Leanne Colvin Mary K. & Brian Combs Sherry Comer Carrie Comfort Commonwealth Land Surveying, LLC Greg Compher Holly Compton Angela Compton Candace Cone Ashley Conley Donna & Raymond Conley Mary F. Conlon

Cindy G. Conner Dorothy & Thomas  Conner Kim Connolly Karen & Dale Connors Francesca Conte Kim & John Conway Nisha Cooch Brittany Cook John Cook Patrick Cooksey Cheryl K. Cooper Christopher, Elizabeth, Lucy & Hayes Cooper David Corbett Rebecca & Perry Corbin Gina L. Corell Michael Costanzo Elizabeth & Jeffrey Coughter Carrie Coulson County of Albemarle E.C.C./911 Sara Courson Covington Family Evie & Reynolds Cowles Barbara Coyle Debbie & Lennie Coyner Herb & C.R. Craddock Howard & Mary Jean Craddock Joyce & D. Broward Craig R. David Craig Richard Crandall Cheryl & Dan Craytor Sophie & Maxwell Creager-Roberts Byron & Martha Creasy Janice Creasy Faye Creighton Charles & Jerry Crenshaw Bucky & Justine Crickenberger Shirley J. Crickenberger Emily & Dom Crim Kristen & Albert Crittenden Kodie Critzer Jeni Crockett-Holme Ruby & John Cronk Tina Cross Theresa & Jim Croteau Dawn Crow



THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Barbara Crowder Lorna & William Crowder Ethel Crowe Julia Crown & Dawson Govan Betty & Dale Crutchfield Gary Cuccia Jennifer Cui Jackie & Fernando Cunha Yvonne Cunningham Kimberly D. Curtis Lori Cwalina C.J. Czekner Christian Dahlhausen Emily & Dave Dahnert Linda Dallanegra Janet & Wayne Dalton John T. Daly Mae Dandridge Angela Daniel Linda Daniel Scott & Becky Daniel Patricia & Donald D’Antuono Mary & David Darnell Adrienne Darrah Nicola C. I. Datta Bailey Daum Jacquelyn Davidson Katherine & Reed Davis Amanda Davis Blair Davis Carol R. H. Davis Gayle Davis Geraldine Davis Haley & Chloe Davis Teresa Davis & James Nathan Kristin Davis Malcolm Davis Pat Davis Ruth J. Davis Ruth M. Davis Samantha Davis Kristi Davison Leigh Dawkins Amanda Dawson Amy Lynn Day Gwynne Daye Stephan De Wekker Mildred S. Dean Catherine Deane


Gerald S. Deane Ilma Deane Phyllis & Russell Deane Elaine & Donald Debanico Jane Dudek deButts Patty & Phil DeCourcy Ashley Deering June & Gerrit Degraaf Sandra Dekay Elizabeth Delaney Patricia Delany Diane & Hugh Delaunay Yonella Demars Donna & Larry Demmerle Kate deNeveu Gennady & Melinda Denisenko Andrea Denton Diane M. Denton Christy DePew Susanne Derrico Jessica Derstine Elaine DeSimone Debra Detamore James Devine Anthony, Careyanne & Carson Deyo Nicolas Di Cesare Terri Di Cintio & Chip King Wendy & Diane Dicandilo Lorry & Luca DiCecco Rosetta & Benjamin Dickerson Mauguerite A. & Thomas Dierauf Bird Dierking Heather Diez Abhijit Dighe Chris DiMaggio Kaki Dimock Elizabeth & Seth D’Imperio Billie Dismer Maxwell Dismukes Kristina Dobrovic John Dobson Allison Doby & Brandon Reece Janice & Earnest Dodrill Penney L. Dodson Tia Dofflemeyer


Lea E. Doise Amy & David Dolak Margaret & Brian Donato Deb Donnelly Sarah Donnelly Judith Donovan Barbara Dorrier Karen & Donald Dougald Leah Douglas Laura K. Dove Wendy & Adam Dowdell Zeta Dowdy Dozier Family Mary Dreelin Caitlin Dresbach Mary & Peter Dreyer Jessica Dross Julianna Drumheller Patrick Dubenitz Sharon & Sonny Dudley Clara Duffy Jacqueline Dugery Alice E. Dulaney Alicia Duncan Kevin Duncan Philomena & Charles Dunkl Andrea Dunlap Christine & Matthew Dunlap Ann & John Dunn Joyce Dunn Lynda L. Dunn Mary Anna Dunn Mary Catherine Dunn Bettie Dunnavant Lisa Duperier Jessica Dupont Linda & Arthur Dupuis Nicole Durden Mundy Jane Durrer Nikki DuVal Theresa Dyke Maury Early Courtney & Amy Eastlack Tim Eckert Ana Ederich Helen M. Edwards Margaret W. Edwards Jess & Miles Efron Thomas & Rucker Eggleston Lynn Eheart

Betty & W. Leroy Eheart Sheryl Ehlers Michelle & Matt Ehrich John Ekman Gloria El Karbotly Virginia & Andrew Elgort Carla Elkins Catherine & David Elliott Marian & H. Wayne Elliott Mary & John Elliott Marks Leah & Kevin Elliott Lois Dunfee Elliott Michie & Liberty Elliott Mark J. Elson Brenda & John Emery Lisa Eorio & Cliff Maxwell Cathy Van Epps Nicole P. Eramo Mary & Andrew Erickson Stacy Erickson Jeanette & Ernest Ern Sandra & Eugene Essner Ashley Evans Robyn & Douglas Evans Joan Evans Stacey Evans Sue Evans Marion H. & Charles Ewald Ava Ewen Elizabeth Ewing & Joseph Platt Kacey Ewing Charlene Exline Jessica R. Exline Paula Fallon Carrie Farley Carol A. Faust Sallie V.P. Feild Kathryn & Cory Fellows Katherine & Donald Fender Emily & Ethan Fenichel Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. Matthew R. Ferguson Jane Ferneyhough Christine & Jeffrey Ferralli Jan Ferrigan Horace E. Fidler Lesley Anne Field Dan Fielding Brooke & Joseph Fields

Lori Fields Virginia & William Fields Jen & Brian Finelli Peter Fink Mel & Dave Finkbeiner Christine Fischer Elizabeth Fischer Beth Fish Shirley C. Fisher Ragina Fitz & Josh Hare Brian Fitzgerald Casey & Douglas Fitzgerald Ginger & Ray Fitzgerald Rebecca Fitzgerald Vickie & Kent Fixman Kim & Stephen Flanagan Page R. Flannery Timothy Fleming Joan & Andrew Flester Deirdre Flint Doris & Ed Floyd Fly Dog Yoga Pamela D. Flynn & Andrew Traynor Susan Lee Foard Trish & Mark Foley Kathy & Paul Fontenot Nicole R. Forbes Amanda Ford Joe Ford Lesley Fore Lesley & Edward Forman Jody Forman Casey & Francesca Fornari Charles & Kaye Forsman Karen Forsman Nancy Forth Dominick Fortugno Cassidy Foster Sue Carol Foster Foundations Child Development Center Carolyn & John Fowler Alton Fox Mike Fox Cyndi Fraize John Francis Amy Francisco Gayle Franco Carole Franda

Bobbin Franklin Candida Franklin Elizabeth Franklin Heather Franklin Paula G. Frazier Freckled Farm Soap Company, LLC Frances & Laurence Fredrick Miles Freeman Blaire & James French Lisa Freyer Joanne Fridley & Christopher Justice Friendship Force of Central Virginia Kurt Friesen Frontline Test Equipment Ellen V. Fuller & Brad Reed Jeanne & Robert Fuller Jill Fulmer Pam Fulmer Laura & John Futty Ashley Gaines Nancy Gaines Mary Jane & Thomas Gal Tracey Galbraith Elizabeth Galianti & John Smith Bethany & Kieran Gallagher Mary Louise Gallagher Christa Galleo David & Michael Gallik Kimberly Gallo Kate Galloway Zeke & Tyler Galvin Jeffrey Gander Rebecca Gantt Karen Gardiner Shannon Gardiner Anne Gardner Harriet K. Gardner Katherine Gardner Marilyn & Larry Gardner, II Tamara Gardner Bryan Garey Maran & Rob Garland Callen Garrett Doris Garrison Fay Garrison Bernice & David Gartner

Patricia Garvey Cynthia M. Gast Jackie Gay Margaret Gebert Ashley Gentry Barbara & Cecil Gentry Kelly Gentry Louise & Rives Gentry Anne Geraty Tracey Crehan Gerlach Randy Giaramita Mary & Robert Gibson Pamela & Melvin Gibson Jr. Beverly & Donald Gibson Nicole Gibson Mary & Robert Gibson Suzan Gibson Bela & Matthew Giese Suzanne Gigante Struthers & Frederick Gignoux Cassandra Gilkerson Virginia & Peter Gillen Shirley & Jay Gillenwater Amy & James Gillespie Grace & Theo Giras Girl Scout Troop #68 Girl Scout Troop #269 Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Cncl Inc. Troop #169 Jeanne Giuliano-Dunn Jim & Kathy Gleason Earl & Luanne Glosser Megan Goddard Kathy J. Goebel Barbara Goldberg Bill & Ruth Goldeen Clara & Wendell Golden Demian & Lisa Goldstein Sarah Goljamali Antje Gonzalez Brenda & Dennis Good Carolyn & George Good Stephanie Good Ava Goodale Mindy & Daniel Goodall Karen & Neal Goodloe Tricia Goodloe Betty Mars Goodman Kelsey Goodman

Katie Anne Goodrich Martha F. & William Goodrich GoodSearch Lise & Christopher Gordon Mark Gordon Chris Gore Dale Gorman Ashleigh Gorry Karen & J. Scott Goss Leah Goswell Maeve Gould Andy & Terry Graff Barbara Graham Brenda Graham Charlotte V. Graham Zoe Graman Adrienne & Ron Granitz Martha & William Grant Caroline M. Grassi Donna & Ronald Gravenkemper Graves Mt. Lodge Julaine & Peter Gray Sandra Gray Dawn Greco Betsy & Michael Greco Andrew Greeley Debora Green Julia Green Bennet Greenberg Greenbrier Elementary Geri Greenspan Meagan & Adam Gregory Joan & Peter Griffin Rebecca Griffin Nancy & Russ Grimes Patricia & Christopher Grimm Roberta & William Grimm Fred Grist Shira Grober Alice & Donald Gross Eleanor Grossman Tracey Groux Allen William Groves Amy L. Grubb Elyse & Dan Grubb Sarah Grunsfeld Barbara & Thomas Grzymala Susan & William Guerrant, Jr. Mike Guerrero

Teri & Andrew Guertler Susan & Robert Gurley Margaret & Howard Gutgesell Fred Haar Ellen Habermacher Elise Hackett Vicky & Mark Hackler Marion W. Haddow Barbara G. Haden Amy & Gary Haden Elizabeth & Michael Haden Sara Jo Hahn Britta & Temple Hahn Susan S. Hakala Hale Pet Door National, LLC Emma Hale Betty Lou Hales Cleo S. Hall Lara & D.K. Hall Sharon & Jonathan Hall Kristine Hall & Cartie Lominack Mary Hall Susan Hall Jody & Jason Halloran Erika Hamilton Lynn Auld Hamilton Mary & George Hamrick Evelyn & Eugene Haney Haney Family James Hani Kathryn & Billy Hansen Michelle Hansen Ginger Hanssen Jessica Harakal Diane Hardee Timothy Hardin Frances Hardy Karen & Bill Hargette Diana Harlow Leatha & JB Harlow David M. Harmon Shelia & David Harper Annie & Brian Harrington Andrea & D.J. Harris Megan Tierney Harris Veronica Harris Jessica Harrison Robert Hart Barbara S. Hartless

Kathryn & Tom Hartsell Jo Ann & Carroll Harvey Diane Cross & Wallace Harvey Julie & Glenn Hasenfus Benjamin Haslup Jessica Hassanzadeh Janet D. Hatcher Marianne & Jeremy Haugh Deborah & Hugh Hawkins, Jr. Barbara & Mark Hawley Robert Haxter Mary Lynn & James Haycraft Pat Hayman Gregory Hays Haywood Honey & Supplies Kimberly & Willis Heacox David Healey Janet & Kevin Healy Stephanie Heath Ashley Hefner Wendy & Bruce Heifetz Mary & Steve Heim Rosy & Steve Heinisch Lisa Helprin De Arliss & Stanley Henderson Carol Hendricksen Carol A. Hendrix Maud B. Henne Melissa Henricksen Adam Henry Jeremy Henry Cheryl & Michael Heny Ronald Herfurth Manuel Hernandez James D. Herod Mary Jo Herriman & John Herr Susan & Dale Herring Amy Herrlein Tammy & Jay Hertel Erika Herz Priscilla Hesford Jason Heuer Ellen Hickman Anne Hicks Marianne & Bill Hickson Carol Hidlay & Gerald Depo Kelly Higgins



THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Kenzie Higgins Patricia Higgins Abe A. Hildebrand, Jr. Nancy Hiles & Roger Johnson Martha Hill Neiman Donna Hill Tracey & John Hill Molly M. Hill Diane Gartner Hillman Erica Hines Ruth & Richard Hines Miriam Hirsch Glen Hirsh Wendy & Jay Hirsh Steven Hirsh Adelheid & William Hitt Barbara & William Hobbs Anne Staples Hobson Marilyn Jane & Edwin Hobson Arlene Hochberg Judy & Dave Hodge Karen & Peter Hodgkins Susan & Robert Hodous Gail & Carter Hoerr Katherine Hoffman Meghan Holler Kathleen Holter C.D. Homer, III Denise Hood Mike Hood Becky Hooper Tina & C. Hoover Elizabeth Hoover Melissa Hoover Susan L. Hoover Janet Hopkins Katherine & Sally Hopkins Hillary & John Horn Nancy & Michael B. Horne Jane Horner Tonia Horner Sarah Horst Pat Horton Constance Houchens Darlene G. Houchens Nellie Houchens Kyra Houghton Beverly J. Hovencamp


Kirsten & Jonathan Howard Edith Howell Sherrard H. Howen Susan & Scott Hoy Lani Hoza Karleen Hubley Marie & Joseph Hudick Lida & John Hudson Stephen Hudson Tonicka Hudson Holly Huffman Katie Huffman Rita & Felix Hughes Karen Hukari Laurie Hull Cassie Huns Michelle Dalton Hunt William Hunt Dorothy & BW Hurka Tereasa Hurt Amanda Huskin Barbara & David Hutchinson Laura & Richard Hynes Gray Ogden Ibbeken Inspired Investors Investure, LLC Linda & Michael Irons Kim & Ralph Irons Jack Jouett Chapter NSDAR Evelene M. Jackson Jodi Jackson Marianne Jackson Beverley J. Jacobs Lizbeth Jacobs Sheryl Jacobs Slavica Jakelic & Jason Varsoke Steven Jakobovic Kristen Jamison Timothy Jana Robin & John Jane, Jr. Deb Janes Pamela & James Jarrell, Jr. Jason & Joseph Jaumouille Jean Theory Gregory Jecmen Brooke Jenkins Irene & Elliott Jennings Jacqueline S. Jennings Marianne & Arnold Jensen


Jamie Jensen Lucy & Charles Johnson Col. Michael M. Johnson Cynthia Johnson Denise A. Johnson Diana Johnson Donnabelle Johnson Holly A. Johnson Lisa Johnson Marianne & Richard Johnson Heidi & Robert Johnson Tricia Johnson Nina & Jim Johnston Martha & Whittle Johnston Mary Johnston Ingrid Jolly Charlotte Jones Jean & Darrell Jones DW & Stuart Jones Rhonda & John Jones, Jr. Laura Jones Lisa Jones Laura & Rob Jones Suzanne W. Jones Madeline & Tim Jones Whitney Jones Donna Jordan Jonathan Jordan Phyllis Joseph J’s Gym, LLC Patricia C. Kaelber Bob Kahn Cemile Kahveci Christine Kaiser Joe Kalkstein Janice Kaltenbach Catherine Kane Marie Riordan Kaplan Susan Kaplan Audrey & Lewis Kardos Michelle & John Karpovich Cri Kars-Marshall & John Marshall Janet & Paul Kasparson Michelle D. Kearney Carole & Eric Keathley Tami Keaveny Laura & Bruce Keim William Keish Jennifer Keith

Sue & Steve Kell Ann & Bryce Kellams Harry L. Kelley, Jr Brigitte Kelly Erin Kelly Mary & George Kelly Jane & James Kelly Jennifer & Christian Kelly R.S. Kemp, Jr. Barbara & Brian Kennedy Joan A. Kent Janet Kerig Ashley Kerr & Jason Muhlenkamp Evelyn & James Kerr Ryan Kerth Keswick Vineyards, LLC Sarah S. Key Evelyn Keyes & John Rhett Mary & Edgar Keyton Ruth & Robert Kidney Susan Kiley Ann Killalea Victoria Kindon Ada Marie & Allan Kindrick Georgina King Anne & John King Erin & Patrick King Aven & Andy Kinley Mable Kinzie Georgia L. Kirchmaier Emily Kirk Jennifer Hall Kirkham Joyce M. Kitchen-Pindera Katie Klein Lorraine Klein Bonnie & Daniel Kliamovich Deborah Klosko Dorothy & Douglas Knab Joanne & John Knauf Karen & Scott Knierim Cynthia Knight Tammy Knight-Gibbons Liz & Steiner Knutsen Linda S. Koch Cora, Wade & Gabriel Komisar Brenda M. Koonce Lynn & Bruce Koplin Sandra C. Korfanty

Milena Koussa & Brendan Murphy Brenda & David Kovarik Deborah & Joel Kovarsky Sherry Kraft Gretchen & Gary Kriebel Andrew Krochak Kelly Kroese Shirley Krohn Natalie & David Krovetz Caroline Krueger Christine Kueter Jane & Frederick Kulow Camille Kurtz & Karl Hess Robin & Ted Kuzen James Kuznar Shirley A. Kyger Martyn Kyle Marcia K. Lachniet Alexandra Ladd Laura & William Laffond Danielle R. Lagana Mary-Mac & Don Laing Sara & Douglas Lambert Kate Lambert Patrick Lambert Christopher Land Robin Landes Virginia Landgreen Lisa Landsverk & Michael Klarman Susan Lane Brenda F. Langdon John Lanham Nancy LaPlaca Karen C. Lapps Sheila & Christoph Largiader Karen & Bertrand Latil Lynette Lauer Terri Lautenschlager Alexandra Lavin Marie Lavin Joyce & James Lawrence Jessica Lawrence Peggy J. Lawrence Kate Lawson Caitlynn Layne Lisa Layne Alissa & Rodney Layne Beth Lazen & Ken Mitchell

Rita Leadem Kellie Leake LEAP Megan Learn Pam & Charles Leathers Virginia Leavell & Alexander Schult Mo LeClair & Brady Small Rebecca & Thomas L’ecuyer Anne M. Lederer Trish LeDuc Michelle & Ben Lee Taylor Arlene & Christopher Lee Maryann & David Lee Beth & Wendell Lee Judi Lefebvre Meredith Lefebvre Michael B. Leff Ruth & Robert Leffers Tom Leinbach Suzanne Lennon Sandra Leonard Hope Leopold & Thomas Schwenk Diane Leroux Roni Jo Lester Timothy S. Levenberg Charlotte & J. C. Levenson Tony LeVere Barbara Levisay Linda & Richard Lewicki Cheri Lewis Jane Cobb Lewis June Lewis Anne & Roy Lewis LexisNexis Cares Christina Li & Pavel Schlossberg Inez Lieber Gloria Liias Ritchie Lilly Marilyn Lim Marian A. Limber Marilee & John Lin Dwayne Lindsay Ronald Lindsay Carol Lindsey Ginny & Gordon Lindsey Rebecca & Norman Lindway Lauren Link

Sandy Liss Little Neva’s Bakery Ashley Litton Jill & James Livingood Cortney Logan Marsha & Ivan Login Carole & Leonard Lohman Lisa Marie Lombardo Beverly Long Kristen Long Jenni Lopez Lish Lorenz Jodie & Jonathan Lowder Gail & Bill Lowe Geri Lowe Carolyn & Edward Lowry Patricia O. Lowry Annelise Lucas Victor Luftig Bethany Luis Kristina Lunardini Annelise Lundgren Chung-Ming Lung Judy Lung Abby & Sean Lunn Nancy Lyman Stacy Lynch Marie & Robert Lyons, Jr. Emily & Michael Lyster Kimberly Macasevich Rory Macgregor Maria & Joseph Mackey Jane MacPhail Robert Madara Shawn Maddox Leslie & David Madigan Thelma L. Madison Sybil & George Mahanes Sandra D. Mahanes Monica & Roger Mahloch Anabelle Malcolm Sara & Bob Mallette Judy Mallory Jean & Brian Mandeville Caroline Mankins Barbara J. Mann Beth Manning Molly Manuse Steven D. Marckel Nancy & Arthur Markos

Aaron Marks Helen & John Marr Ann Marshall- Cappuccio Barbara Marshall Rebecca T. Marshall Sarah A. Marshall Shirley Moser Marshall Sherri & Bill Martin Donna & Lawrence Martin Michele Martin & Preston Syme Shirley R. Martin Joyce & William Martin Julie Marton Gracie Mason Kate Mason & Mike Fitts Nancy Mason Trish Masterson Claude Matherne Mary Lynn Mathre Chris A. Matthews Suzanne Matthews & Clark Tracy Melanie Mauldin Jeanne B. Maupin Linda & Kenneth Maupin Amy & James Maurer Allison Mautone Bettie L. Mawyer Sara Mawyer Carol Lynn Maxwell Thompson Nancy & Gerard Mayer Brittany & Andrew Maynard Marie M. Mays Randy Mays Shirley Mays Janice Mazzola Judy Mazzola Nancy McAdams Deborah McAndrews Andrew W. McCampbell Jan & Larry McCarthy Nadine & John McCarthy Beth & Michael McCarthy Patrick McCarty Brenda McCauley Jane McCauley Terri McCay Heather Marie McClaren

Mallory McClenathen Marita McClymonds Joyce McCollough Karla McCollough Audrey Golden & Evan McCormick Heather L. McCoy Cathryn McCue Jennifer A. McCullough Theresa & Mark McCullough Deborah & Kelvin McDaniel Brigid McDonald Heather McDonald Jean & James McDonald Maggie McDonough Sara McDowell Lisa McEwan David M. McFadden Catherine & Eugene McGahren Julie McGanney Carolyn & Gary McGee Barbara R. McGill & Susan Overton Anita & Andy McGinty Maureen McGrath Dana & Patrick McGrath Kara McInroy Suzan McKay Sylvia McKay Mary Alice McKee Lynsie McKeown Laura McLaughlin Patrick McLaughlin Amy McLeskey Mary Ann B. McMahon Lisa & Thomas McMurdo Maureen McNulty Deborah & Patrick McPhillips Lisa McRae Martha Mellish & Dave McRuer Tina & James McWilliams Dot & Billy Meadors Catharine Mebane Lyndsay Medlin Melissa Meece Pauline & George Meehan Kendall Meeker

Renee Mehring & Gary J. Gagnon Elizabeth Melaugh Olivia & Collin Melton Virginia Melton Amy Melville & John Schroll Lynette Menchero Mark J. Mendelsohn Sandra Mendez Marsha & Dennis Mennerich Chris Mercadante Emily Mercadante Jeffrey Merchant Merck Foundation Lindsay & Mark Merritt John F. Mesinger Jacqueline & Robert Metzger Jennifer & Brendan Meyer Emily Meyer Kristin K. Meyer Christina & Patrick Meyer Stephanie Meyers & Mark Lieberth Derry & Eugene Meyung Wendy Michalski Elizabeth & David Michel Valerie & Andrew Middleditch Chita & Frederick Middleton Shannon Mier Jarrett & Stephen Millard Beth Miller Vicki & Brian Miller Emily & Matt Miller Janet Miller Norma & Joseph Miller Kristi Miller Mike Miller Nola, Joe, Caroline & Jay Miller Eleanor & Robert Miller Stella Miller Stephanie Miller Karen & Stephen Miller Vicki Miller Lisa Milliken William Carter Mills Jake Milton Patsy Minahan Clara Mincer Lynette Minnich



THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Terrance Minor Bill Mitchell Chelsea Mitchell Donna Mitchell Janet Mitchell Marie Mitchem Jean Moffat Kim Moffit Bettie Mohler John Mohme Carl D. Moje Molly Moloney Christina Monfalcone Liv Mongillo Marsha E. & Henry Montague Megan Montgomery Helen & T. Braden Montgomery Claire Moody John Moody Emily & Larry Moody Gail Moore Gunilla Moore Barbara & James Moore Jessica Moore Joyce Amato Moore Lazarus Moore Matt Moore Susan Moore


Sylvie & William Moore William P. Moore, Jr. Ross Moorefield Virginia & Teodoro Morales Robin & Daniel Moran Joyce & David Moran Christina Morell Blair Morgan Bonnie Morgan Jean Morgan Theresa Morgoglione Barbara A. Moriarty Audrey M. Morris Christopher Morris David Morris Donna & Douglas Morris Kimberly Morris Joyce & Leroy Morris Joyce & Thurman Morris Carolyn Morrison George Morrison Maggie Morse Elizabeth P. Mossman Todd J. Mounce Peggy Mowbray & Shawn Mooney Eileen Moyer Helen Ida & Leroy Moyer Kena Kathleen & Thomas Muhlbauer Erin Mullins Margaret Mullis Peggy & Larry Mundy Wren Munzenrider Clarice Murphy Edward M. Murphy Jean Murphy Victoria J. Murphy Alice Murray Barbara & William Murray Langhorne K. Murray Lynn Murray Rachel & Meghan Murray Shirley Sanger Murray Rhonda Musci Kaye Teasley Muth Ann Myers Daphne & Paul Myhre Sara & Wes Myhre Loring Myles


Heather Mytelka Rima Nahlawy Shaun Napier Teresa L. Napier Sowmya Narayanan Sarah Nassau Teresa & Thomas Navo Caitlin Naylor Jennifer & Christopher Neal Kelly Kay Near Pamela S. Neff Renee & Chris Nelson Ann & T. Hugh Nelson Kathryn Nesbitt Bonnie Neuss Kristan Nevins Abigail Newton Marsha & Danny Newton Jeff Newton Phuong Nguyen Thu Nguyen Phyllis Nicely Christopher Nicholas Thedra E. & John W. Nichols Thomas G. Nichols Betty Jo Nickles Pari Nikpey Elizabeth & Daniel Nissen Janelle C. Noble Lauren Noe Chris Noland Helen Norfleet-Shiflett Valorie J. Norford Pamela Norris & Edward Lamb Shari Norte Betty & Ron North John Norwood Will Nugent Amy & Scott Nunnally Judith Nye Mary Elizabeth Oberle Eliza & Daniel O’Connell Janice O’Connor Tess & Kieran O’Connor Ida Oetgen Amy Ogbomo Amy & Tom Oleary Judy Oliva & Robert Emmert Emily & Joshua Oliver

Melissa Oliver Rebecca & Rick Oliver Karen Olsen Eric Oppenheimer James Oppenheimer Liz O’Quin Suzy Ornee Patricia & Gerard O’Rourke Trisha & Gregory Orr Cynthia Orshek & Chip Vasi James W. Osborne Rosie O’Shea & Ella House Kathlene O’Shea Amy Otteni Over the Moon Designs Eric Overman Hunter Overstreet John Overton Debbie & John Owen Thomas W. Owens Sherron & James Pace Judy & Tom Pace Barbara Page Linda Page Mary Page Karen Palis Wanda Palmer Elvira & Winifred Pannell Pantops Pet Salon & Spa Kristina & Eric Parker Ernestine Parker Linda Parker Susan & Bidhan Parmar Kate Parnin Iuliia & Christian Parrington Roger Parry Laura Parsons Margaret & Monte Parsons Susan Parsons Linda & Jim Paschall Catherine Pasternak Amy Patel Barbara & Charles Patterson Addie & Joe Patterson Melissa Patterson Dare H. Payne Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Payne Joanne H. Peach Ericka Pearce & Michael Williams

Patricia Pearsall Stella Pearson Mandy Pedersen Jacob Pelton Barbara Pemberton Becky Pence Brooke Pennybacker Kathryn Perdue Nancy & Jesus Perez Doriane Perkins Andrea & Mark Perkins Paige Perriello & Neeral Shah Jean & Gerald Perry Wendy Perry Suellen Peterson Katy Peters-Rodbell & Michael Rodbell Leonid Petrov Susan Ordway Pfaltz Donna & Phillip Pfeifer Heather Phillips Carol Phillips Cathee Phillips Elayne Phillips Mary L. Phillips Emily Pickelhaupt Jacqueline & John Pickering Jo Pitkin Elizabeth & Thomas Pitt Pat & Jim Pitts Paul Pitts Kurtis A. Pivert Sue & Steve Plaskon Play it Again Sports Cornelia Pleasants Jane Pledger Julie Plumb Joan M. Plunkett Julie Plzak Myers Carol Polen H. Lee Morgan Politis Mary Pollard Carol Pollock Maryline & Jason Pollock Melany Pond Phyllis Ponvert Elizabeth & Michael Poole Kayla Porrao & Jake Johnson Elizabeth Powell & Kirby Hutto

Emily & Enos Powell Karen & Michael Powell Shirley Powell & Anice Jones Jeanne L. Powers Shraddha Prasad Lynley Prather Margaret & David Pratt Ike Presson Angie Price Lisa K. Price Paula Price Christine & Marley Prichard Holden Prichard Aileen & Jonathan Proffitt Louise & Sterling Proffitt Terri Proffitt Helga Prosser Joy & Steve Provost PUFF, Inc. Trista Pullaro Belinda & Wayne Pullen Palma Pustilnik Suzy Quartuccio Matt Quatrara Sheila & Garrett Queen Amanda Quinn & Harry Horner Sarah & Chad Raaymakers Katherine Rabe & Stephen Hutchinson Rick Radcliff Robert Rafajko Kiyoko Asao-Ragosta & Michael Ragosta Karen & John Raham Rainey Family Andrea, Halina, Sophia & Guru Raj Doug Ramirez Stanley Ramsey Megan Randall Surabhi Ranjan Clare & Robert Rannigan Christy & Richard Rappoport Sara Rasmussen & Julian Cheslock June Rathbun Jennifer & Christopher Ratigan Jack Ratzsch

Robyn Ravan Jean Rawn Megan Raymond & Bradley Daigle Adrienne R. Raynor Karen Read Carrie & James Reebals Jamie Reed Rae Rees Sheila Reese Region Ten-Children’s Case Management Team Ashley Reibel Sandy & Douglas Reid Jutta & Petra Reifenstein Lynne A. Reigel Scott Reinfeld RE/MAX Affinity Group Cheryl Renaghan Renaissancewomyn Phyllis & M.R. Renick Wanda & Boyd Renner Hannah Reno Amber Rexrode Cristina Reyna Nicholas Reynolds Dale & Edwin Reynolds, Jr. Karyl Reynolds Darby Vollmer & Ron Reynolds Virginia Reynolds Katherine Rhyne & Charles Axten Anne & Frederick Ribble Susan Rice Marion Louise Rich Cynthia & Zachary Rich Jackie Richardson Lara Richerson Lauren Riddick Kathleen Riddle & Wayne Clifton Melissa L. Riddle Anne K. Ridge Christy Riebeling & Scott Wiley Tish Riley Sarah Rinehart, Jr. Mary Ritchie Claudia Rival

Rivers Edge Courtney Roane Jean & Robert Roane Rose Roberson Ellen & W. Mark Roberson Ann Roberts April Roberts Ann & H.B. Roberts, Jr. Renee Roberts Shanna Roberts Brenda & Roger Robertson Sally Robertson Rita & George Robinson Sara & John Robinson Shirley F. Robinson Timothy Robinson Colleen Rodak Pamela F. Rodeheaver Martha & Brad Rodgers Sandy & Stephen Rodwell Susan & John Roehmer Suzanne & Robert Roesler Alan Rogers Vivi Rogers Ruth Rollins Donalee & Mark Rooks Susan I. Roscoe Barbara Rose Barbara Rosen Jeanette Rosenberg & Russell Perry Rosewood Village Hollymead Assisted Living, LLC Marcia Ross Renee Ross Marion & Walter Ross Samuel Rothgeb, Jr. Marilyn & Harold Rothstein Virginia & James Rovnyak Amy Rowley Kathleen Roy Karen Rubendall Anna & Don Rude Allie Rudolph Elaine Ruggieri Annie & Stephen Runkle Lynn & Ralph Rush Edward Russell, Jr. Koren Russell Mark A. Russell

Sherry Russell Jessica Russo Eileen Ryan Maria Luisa Saavedra Tori Sabaj Sally Sadler Winifred Sager St. Anne’s Belfield School Janet & George Sakell Mario Salas & Michael Davis Lori Sallade Mary Lou Sallade Sally, Steve and Kitty Karen L. Salmonson Kate Saltz Mark Saltzman Veronica Salvatierra Maggi Sams Kathryn Sanborn Jack & Carol Sanders Susan Sanderson Aynsley Sandridge Ann & David Sandridge Maria & Eric Santana Betty & J. David Sapir Elizabeth Sargent & Theodore Corcoran Katherine & Ben Sargeant Cecelia & Clarence Saunders Nancy Saunders Rita & Steven Saunders Lenore Savage Nikki Savaiinaea M. Geraldine & John Savory Cata Sawyer Joy Sawyer-Mulligan Charlotte & Charles Saxon Suzanne & Ignacio Schaeffer Carrie E. Schaffer B.B. Schenk & Robert Layton Kamilla Schenck Worthington Schenk Noah Schenkman Roderick Schertler Sheryl & Paul Schiff Lyndele Von Schill Gina Schimming Andrea Schluge Paula Schmidt Christopher Schmitt

Elizabeth & Stephen Schmitz Leslie & Eric Scholz Allyson Schoolcraft Emily Schorpp Lisa Lacroix Schott Teddi & Harold Schrock Schroder Fidlow PLC Christine Schulte Cheryl Schultheis Bruce Schumann Dixie & Dusty Scott Joanne Scott Susan T. Scott Linda Seabrook Katherine & Dane Seagle Donna & Larry Seckel Marilyn S. Seeley Nan Seiler Barbara & Donald Selby Charlotte & Jim Self Jennifer Sellers Alison Selverstone Suzanne Semsch Kelly Senesac Betty Sevachko Renee M. Severin Michael Sewell Kerry Shafer Ann & Hubert Shaffer Nancy Shanley Beth E. Shatin Betsy Sheffield Jennings Sheffield Scott Shelan Anne Shell Laura Shelton Pam Shenk Missy & Bill Shenkir Marguerite Shepherd Laurie Sheppard Angela G. Sherman Sue & Joel Sherman Susan Sherman Connie Sherretts Carol Sherwood Julia Lewis Shields Doris & Bennie Shifflett Chelsea Shifflett Jackie & Jamie Shifflett Mona & Mike Shifflett



THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Sherryelle & Donald Shiflett Brenda & Eddie Shiflett Mark Shiner Anne & James Shipe Penny Shipe Alice & James Shisler Margaret & Samuel Short Jason Showalter Anita R. Showers Joann Shriner Melissa Shropshire Annika Shuali & Vince Fox Ellen & John R. Shrum Doris & Curtis Shular Janet & Frank Shumaker Laura & Blair Shwedo Margaret & Fred Sibley Lynn Sigman & Greg Morgoglione Amy Sikes Martha Lee Sikes Thomas Sillett Corinne Silva Janice & Larry Silverman Rene Simmons Roland H. Simon Mary & John Simonette Elaine Simonetti Ritambhara Singh Denise Sites Daphne E. Sivert Diana Skelton Patricia Skillman Rae & Richard Skinner Marta Skrybailo Anne & Ned Slaughter Mike Sloan Marcia & David Slone Donna Slough Beverly Smart Amy E. Smith Carolyn Arrington Smith Page & Edward Smith Deborah & Jeffrey Smith Joyce Smith & Mary Madden Judy Smith Katherine Smith Melinda Smith Michelle Smith Barbara & Richard Smith


Sarah Smith Tara Smith Terri Smith Tiffany Smith Connie & Wayne Smith Vicki & James Snead Missy Snelling Joe Snyder Ruth M. Snyder Debra & Jack Sobel Linda & Jeff Sobel Social Butterflies Loree Sole Beryl Solla Terri Solomon Jennifer Sombar Brian Somerday Anne Carter Somerville Kathleen Sontowski Joan & Jack Sorensen Marie & Hal Souder Diane C. Southworth Julia & Philip Sparks Mary Spencer Susanna Spencer & Bob Gausman Christine Barringer & John Spina Alisa & Matthew Sposato Katherine Springer Virginia & Sandy Sprouse Sandy Staggers Helen & Alan Staley Robin & Paul Staley Robert Stalzer Lauren Stangil Catherine K. Stanley Justin Stanton Lawson Stapleton Wendi Steele Andrew Steeley Kate Steeley Cathleen Steg Maria Stein & Craig Meyer Jennifer Steinwurtzel Erin Stelmach Jacquelyne & Peter Stemmer Bill, Kathleen, Thomas & John Stephens Loretta Stephens


Nancy Stetz Anne Lee Stevens Erica & CB Stevens Christine Helmlinger & Daniel Stewart Lisa Stewart Neil M. Stewart Helen & Simeon Stidham Katie & Kevin Stiffler Adele Stinnie Jennifer & Joshua Stinson Ellen Stock John Stoll Sarah Storti Alan C. Strain Lori & Philip Strauss Brenda & Ronald Strawley Maureen & John Strazzullo Kristi Strine Charles Strong Amy Strunk Nori Stucky Cenie & Everette Re Sturm, III Marian C. Styles Chun Su Heather Sullivan Dottie & Wayne Sullivan Myra Swan Margreta & David Swanson George Sweazey Beverly Sweeney Maria Sweeney Aly Sweetanos Carol Sweetanos Sigrid & Thomas Sweitzer Mary Lee Swift Elizabeth Swindler Linda Swinson Virginia & John Syer Kristin & Joseph Szakos Malissa Takacs Mary & Joe Tankersley Carol Tautkus Louise & Edward D. Tayloe, II Betty Jo Taylor Braylee Taylor Camelia Langdon Taylor Caroline Taylor Ruth & Harry Taylor Kay Taylor

L. A. Shannon Taylor Maxine Taylor Peggy & Raymond Taylor Russell & Steve Taylor Bonnie & Timothy Taylor Vonnie & Todd Taylor Peggy Teixeira Barbara & Wayne Terry Nicole & Bradley Teschner Sarah Tesoriere Tess & the volunteers for Voices for Animals Amanda Tesvich Brown & Mark Brown Pamela Tetro Elizabeth & Charles Tewksbury Margery & Charles Thacker Deborah Thacker Eileen F. Thacker Lisa Thannikary Robert W. Tharpe Terri Thelin Lori Therrien Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest Brianne Thomas Jane & Bryan Thomas Dawn Thomas Michele & Ellison Thomas Jeena Thomas Judy Thomas Justin Thomas Linda Thomas Margaret J. Thomas Martha Thomas Patricia Thomas Vickie & Raymond Thomas Nancy Jo & Rodney Thomas Glenda & Tim Thomas Wanita & Wayne Thomas Adrienne Thompson Barbara Thompson Claude M. Thompson Emily Thompson Maggie Thompson Robert M. Thompson Tamela Thompson Terri Thompson & Roland Chartier

Polly & Tom Thompson Kian Thornton Karen Thorpe Kirsten Thorsen Roxanne & David Thorson Three Notch’d Grill Myles & Trent Thurston Carole & Robert Tiemeyer Barbara Tilley Daniel Tilman Jennifer Tirrell Laura Tisch Allison Titus Barbara Tobey Sundhari Tolton Alisande Tombarge Linda Tomlin Pat Toms Amy & Alex Toomy Ellie Tor Dana Tornabene & Paul McKee Susan Towe Terry & Harrison Townes Anna Towns & David Ackerman Anne E. Townsend Judy & Anthony Townsend Nancy C. Townsend Halina W. Tracy Carl Trindle Christy Tromey Annie & Thomas Tromey Jennifer A. Trompetter & Rich Warren Laura Troutman Truist Eric Tucker Joseph Tucker Beverly & Nelson Tucker Pamela Tucker Amy Turner Lynda & Ron Tweel Teresa Tyler Bert Udler Krista & Andy Ulrich Julia & Kyle Umberger Linda K. Underwood United Way of Greater Augusta, Inc.

United Way of Greater Philadelphia & SNJ United Way of South Hampton Roads University Florists University of Virginia Community Credit Union Sunil Unnikrishnan Meaghan Upman Nicole & Luke Vaccaro Patricia & Douglas Valentine Lynda Van Der Sommen Loes Van Riel & Alan O’Neal Shelley Vance William Vanderlinde Kim & Mac Vanderploeg Katie VanSciver Amy Varner Joanna Varrone Nicole Vaughan Mari Vela Venable Neighborhood Association Alexa Verghese Andrea & Charles Vest Christina Vest Emily Vianna Ellen & Paul Vieth Amy & Jason Vigilante Carol & Brian Vincel Katherine Vining Julie Mock & Kent Vining Paulette & Scott E. Vining Staci Vinson Virginia Engineering Foundation Eirine Vlavianos Voices for Animals Stephen F. Vondra Monica Vontobel Amy H. Waddell Derry Wade Marianna Wade Evan Wagner Pamela Wagner & Fay Shiflett Wahooridge Co., LLC Anissa & Bill Walker Franklin Walker Christie & Glen Walker Hilda M. Walker

Joyce Walker Lisa Walker Walker Family Martha & J. Gregory Wall Patty & Ernie Walls Mary & John Walsh Mallory Walsh Shannon M. Walsh Blake & William Walter Cara Walton Kelley & Damon Walton Penny Walton Sylvia & Thomas Walton Shannon A. Wampler Xiang Wan Louise & Charles Ward Virginia & David Ward Thelma & Frank Ward Martha & George Ward, Jr. Karen & Michael Warlick Jim Warren Patty Warren Michelle & Dave Warwick Harri & Tony Wasch Debra A. Watson Elizabeth Watts Linda Watts Gail Weatherill Cathy Webb Rebecca & Donald Webb June P. Webb Barbara A. Webber Kenneth Webster Dianna & Steven Weeks Gay Wehrli Irene & William E. Weidenhamer Laura & Bart Weis Astrid & Dava Weisend Sheila & Bertram Weiss David Weiss Steffan C. Welch Linda & Gareth Weldon Linda & Frank Wells Kristen & Christopher Wells Lucy Wells Meghan Welsch John Welter Kim Wendel & Dustin Bugg  Jeanine & Brian Werner

Lucille Werner Clare & E.B. Wertheimer Beverly L. West Brenda & Ken West Leanna West Anne & Samuel West Michele Westrick William Westrick Rebecca & Marc Wetherhorn Judy Whalen Alison White Andrew White Barbara White Dave White Mary & L. John White Marcia P. White Skip White Timothy Whitehurst Michelle Whitlock Judith Whittaker Catherine Whittington Les & Theo Wikstrom Richard Wilkes Wenche L. Wilkins Timothy Wilkinson Cyane Dandridge Williams Dessa Williams Lainey Williams Molly Williams Peggy & Page Williams Amanda Williamson Hayley Williamson Susan & John Williamson Betty Wilson Elizabeth Wilson Susan Wilson T.J. Wilson Tricia Wilson Eleanor Hopson Winans Jennifer & Seth Winchel Mary Wingerd William V. Wingfield Charles M. Winkler Della & John Winstead Leigh Wion Sandra J. Wisco Celine M. Wojnarowski Karyn & William Wolfe Ann & Larry Wolford Joan & Len Wolowiec

Deborah Wood Elizabeth R. Wood Kay Wood Letitia Ann Wood Merle Wood Nikki Wood Patsy E. Wood Diane & Paul Wood Martha & Tommy Wood Adrienne & Keith Woodard Connie & Woody Woodruff Denise & John Woodson Kelly Woodson Lynn Woodson Wooftrax, Inc. Meredith Worley Kristin Wray Varley Wrick Alice Wright Joice & Don Wright Sadie G. Wright Sally L. Wright Stephen Wright Wanda Wright Sabina Wuenschmann Kathryn Schroeder & Daniel Wurzer Pamela Wurzer Sue & Peter Wurzer Frances & Ray Wyant William Wylie Margaret Van Yahres Elizabeth & E.D.B. Yancey Ryan Yanovich Teresa Yelton Linda Yen Rhonda Yim Kerry Yoder Elli Yokochi Kathy Young Lana Young Mary Young James Younger Anne Yount Lauren Yslas Catherine Zatylny Jean A. Zearley Shanna & Nik Zeigler Ken Zelin Konrad Zeller

Stu Zellmer Fran Zemmel Robin Zemmel Clarice Zillmer Emily Zimmerman Grace & Burton Zisk Sophie Zunz Burnett Mieke Zylstra


Anonymous ABC Extinguishers Kathleen Acevedo Wendy S. Adkins Afton Ladies Albemarle Baking Company Lezli & Bennett Alford Kevin Allen The Alley Light Allied Concrete Co. Diana & Naz Amatucci Leslie Anderson Patricia Anderson Sheldon Anderson Teresa Andrews Tetyana Antrobias Apropo Studio NYC Artful Lodger Jean Audsley Wanda Baddley Rhonda Baker Edward Banks Barboursville Vineyards Howard Barnett Lorie & David Barrett Janell Bash Sue Battani Catherine & Ben Bealor Kimberly & Ryan Becker Beecroft & Bull Eva Beier Nina Bellavance Belmont Baptist Church Wendy Bernstein Kathryn Bettis Judith Beverly Sharon & Scott Bishop Ann Black Karen Blair



THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Blue Ridge AV and Lighting, LLC Rebecca Boland Bonefish Grill Fred Bossardt Kathy Bowers Paige Bowers Stephanie Boynton Alex Brand Aleisha Brann Ruth Bray Bill Briesemeister Jayne Brittle & James Jokl Lisa Brook Brookville Restaurant Brown Automotive Mercedes Colette Brown David Brown John Buckley Paul Burrows Samantha & Eugene Bustamante Jennifer Butler Brody Campbell Marianne & Gerard Capone Linda Cardella Ray Carnes Libby Carpenter Nicole Carpenter Laura Carr Carriage Hill Apartments


Lenny Carter Terry Carter W.S. Carter Janice & Shelton Cartwright Carving Board Cafe James Cassidy John Cattano Central Virginia Photography Services, LLC Teresa J. Chapman Charles Luck Stone Center Charlottesville High School Orchestra Amy Chenoweth Chickie-Dickie Beads Colleen & Steve Church Emily Clark Michael Clark Patricia A. Clifton Rebecca Coleman Anne Colony Kyle & Greg Cooper Lee & Brian Cope Barbara Corley Larry Cosme Stephany Cox Coyner Associates, Inc. Ann & Raymond Craddock Wendy & James Craig Lindsay Craig Cramer Photo


Faye Creighton Theresa Cross Rhonda Culver Carol Curran Claire Curry & Jim Elmore Deborah Dandridge Patsy Dass Dave Matthews Band Warehouse Emil Davis James Davis Donna Dean Lois Dean Marilyn DeBerry Jude Defrank Louise Dehne Cynthia Dent Lesli DeVito Laura & Jeff Dick Hunter Dillard Tess Dodson P. Dougherty Lisa Downer Downtown Grille Stan Dunne Nicole Durden Mundy Wayne Durrer Ann Earnhardt Caroline & Ray East Arthur Edwards Cris Edwards Cathy & Larry Eichelberger Margaret Eldridge Eljo’s Mike Erickson Sue Fanning Mary Farrer Feast! Mitch Feldman Elizabeth MacLean & Paul Fendley Audrey Fenske Babette & Greb Fernandez Ellen Fisher Sarah Fisher Marie Fleming Jennifer Fontaine Mary Forbes Edward G. Foss Ann & Cal Fowler

Dolores Fox Carolyn Frazier Freckled Farm Soap Company, LLC Freckles N’ Friends Entertainment Beverly Fries Margaret Fritz Megan Gadient Gallatin Canyon Ashley Schroeder Garbett Philip Gastrell Bruce Gathing-Austin Gearhart’s Fine Chocolates Jessy & Rajan George Frances Gilbert Shannon Giles Laura Gillikin Sarah Ginty Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council Troop 403 Gitli Goods Janie & Ron Goldberg James Goodwin Lise & Christopher Gordon Anne & Alex Gould Jessica & Pat Graney Terry Green Carol Greene Susan Greene & Larry Stopper Rosemary & Charles Grisham Raymond Haas Loretta Halfley Christopher Hahn Julia Halterman Alicia Hamilton Don Hancock Kelly Hargreaves Abigayle Harris Bryan Harris Lori Harris Harvest Moon Catering Tony Hayba Joanne & Dick Hayden Karen Hazlett Cecilia & Ron Head Nancy & John Healey Ellen Henderson Juan Hernandez

Erik Hewlett Kay Hinds Howard Hoege Allen Hoover Lori Hopkinson Carrie Hopwood HotCakes Pauline Hovey Jennifer Hoyt Marie & Joseph Hudick Patrick Huddleston Barbara Hughes Dona & John Humphries Kelly & William Huntley Kristin Hurt Maureen Huysman Investure, LLC Vicki Jacks Carol Jarrell Pamela & James Jarrell, Jr. Lori Jazaeri Jefferson Engraving Jet Blue Airways Karen Johnson Sandra & Otis Johnson, Jr. Tyler Johnston Tamara Jones David C. Jordan Charlotte Kaczka Rebekah Kelley Sarah & Timothy Kelsey Kim Kepchar Johanna Kessler-Sandridge Keswick Corporation Pat Kight Lydia Killos King Family Vineyards John Kingsley Kira Kira/Suz Somersall Justin Kirik Marilyn Kirk Susan Klug Michael Koffer Karen Kohler Kong Company Maria Kos Ellen Krag Lori Kressin La Linea Bella Whitney Lassiter

Sheryl Lawson Jessica Lehman Tom Leinbach Gail Lesser Judy Levine Nicole & John Lewis Alexis Leys Carol & Walton Lindsay Alyssa Litalien Little Neva’s Bakery Tait S. Livingood Long Life Lighting, Inc. Karen Lord Bianca Loredo Candice Love William Lucia Patty Luke Lululemon Anita Gail Lundry Richard Lutz Marie Lynch Lynn Goldman Elements Kelsey MacPherson Al Maffucci Pam Maloney Bernice A. Marcopulos Carol Mariscal Jennifer & Ian Marks Janette M. Martin Ashley Matthews Joyce Matthews-Rurak Novella & WL Mawyer Katlin Mayo Jean McCarthy Mathilda McCommon Paula McConnell Jessica McCoy Colleen McGillicuddy Nicole McGinn Amy & Sean McHugh Diane McNeal Terri Mead Autumn Meadows Terri Meeks Melissa Joy Manning Jewelry Jill & Mark Meyer Michael B. Tusing Gallery Sherry Michielli Lynn & Jan Miller

Lucy Millinder Ellen & Ted Mixon Monticello Wine Tour & Coach Co. William Moran Catherine Mott Bonni Mulligan Jill Mulligan Sandy Muraca Gene Murray Jennifer Myer Jill & Hodges Myers N. Theresa Nackley Nivedita Nadkarni Victoria Nagel Scott Neisser Kenny Ng Mary Jane Nichols Madison Noga Carolyn Norgren Blaine Norum Timothy Ober Nancy & Marc Ogan Emily Ogden Lucille B. Oliver Tiffany Oliver-Goode Opal Yoga Oreck of Charlottesville The Organic Butcher David Ortlieb Mi Ossa Suzanne & Conan Owen Wyatt E. Owens Palette Paint Pantofola, Inc. Helen & David Parrish Gabrielle Patterson Jennifer Patterson Payne Ross & Associates Peace Lutheran Church Elizabeth Pennell Meg Perdue Michelle Persons Ann Peters Mikel Petrakos PetSmart Lan Anh Phan Gerda Pirsch Lauren Pitek Betty Pittman

Victoria Poindexter Hardy Poole Sally Powers Courtney Pugh Pure Barre Charlottesville Charlotte & Jerry Pusey Pye Interiors Lynne Radin Joshua Rady Sandy Rakowitz Heather Ramwell Karen P. Ransom Michelle Rasland Red Light Management Kathryn Reddy Daniel Redieske Helen & William Reifenberger Renaissance Cabinet Shop Residence Inn Helen R. Reutlinger Bonnie Reynolds Catherine Reynolds Karen Rice Richard Rice Houston Richardson Sarah & Norm Riggins Rio Hill Wine & Gourmet Leslie P. Rittenberg Shelley Robbins Marlene Robinson Debra Rodriguez Tom Roesch Leslie Rogers Joan & William Rough Jeff Rude Salamander Resort & Spa Isabel & Chip Sawyer Lisa Schuetz & Hunter Beverley Ellen H. Schuman Christine Scott Christine & Michael Shaps Cynthia & Michael Shepard Peggy & Edgar Shifflett Maggie Shipe Meredith & David Shipp Andrea & George Shirey Sharon Showalter & Lewis Bragg Leslie Shreve

Steven Shuman Diane Silverman Marcia A. Silvermetz Jen Skipper Slice Ann J. Smith Ellen Smith Lisa E. Smith-Crissey Martha Smythe SNL Financial Snow’s Garden Center Katherine Soderman & Bryan Anderson Joan Sours Lydia & Harry Sperry The Spice Diva Beth Spindler Patricia Springer Kathy Stacy Joy & David Steel Sue & Robert Steen Jennifer Stertzer Ellen Storck Christopher Stover David Strite Rachel Stukenborg Sun Tan City Sutherland Middle School Kimberly Swartz Carol Sweetanos Sweethaus Tara Compton Estate Jewelry Kathy Tassell Ryan Teece Carolyn Temple Tempo Restaurant Nina Thabet Deborah Thacker Christa Thiede Polly & Tom Thompson Julia Ticona Timberwood Grill Jeannine C. Towler Cynthia & Duane Traver Marie Trotter tru Pilates, LLC Khanh-Linh Trung Ginny & William Tunis UVA Imaging

UVIMCO Staff Alyson & Arthur Valente Hilary & Destin Valine Harry Van Every Cleo Velle Veritas Winery Tracy & J.H. Verkerke Carol Verrier Susan VerSchneider Kurt Vetter The Virginia Shop Virginia Tent Rentals W.A. Wells William Wagner Amy Walder Dale Walker Hannelore & Horst Wallrabe Danielle Ward Ralph Watson Sally Watson W.E. Brown, Inc. Corinne Webb Diane Weber & Michael Johnson Dolores Wells Constance Wenger Susan Wenzel Kathy Wesson Jason Wheeler Linda Winecoff Cornelia Whitcomb Martha Wiese Alisa & Peter Wildman Emily Williams Erech Wills David Wilson Patti Wilson Diane & Karl Woerner Anne Wolf Patricia Wood Sue Woodson Irene M. Woodward Morgan & Jessie Wright Christy Youngkin Sam & Virginia Yount Elizabeth Zavertnik Catherine Zimmerman





Glenn Rust

Samantha Davis

Barbara Millar

Angie Gunter



Lisa Ross Moorefield SECRETARY

Rebecca Tarkington Craig Scheline T. Crutchfield Erin Davis, DVM Ethel deNeveu Amy Gardner

Suzanne Owen

Rhonda Quagliana

Sara Graney Schroeder Phil Shiflett

Kevin Stiffler, DVM, Diplomate ACVS




Sharon Johnson


Ashley Litton


Beth McPhee


Kristen Scheller, DVM



Heather Sullivan


Ryan Willis


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS THANKS, PAWTNER Thank you to Virginia National Bank for its stewardship of our “Pawtnership” program. Its ongoing support

has enabled us to make improvements to our clinic

and add new programs that celebrate the pet-person

bond, all while highlighting Virginia National Bank as a key leader in our community.

ABOUT THE PAWTNERSHIP PROGRAM Our Pawtnership program is designed to foster

relationships with businesses and organizations that share our mission to provide life-saving care for the

animals at the CASPCA. In gratitude for their support, Pawtners receive special recognition throughout the year at events, on our website, in our newsletters

and in signage at our facility. The combined visibility reaches tens of thousands of households a year.

Those are just a few of the options we offer—we can tailor our program to meet every Pawtner’s needs.

Please ask us for more information about how your business or organization can become a valued CASPCA Pawtner today.

Photography donations:

Susan Kalergis, Miette Michie, Andrea Shirey & Marilynn Sting





The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA, PO Box 7047, Charlottesville, VA 22906

Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA 2014 Annual Report  
Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA 2014 Annual Report