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“The greater Charlottesville-Albemarle community is blessed to have an animal shelter of the CASPCA’s caliber. There was a day when many dogs and cats came through the shelter’s front door with a good possibility that they would not walk back out, ever. Through sheer tenacity, dedication, and innovation, the CASPCA staff has, over the last 10 years, changed that narrative dramatically.

Arrival at 3355 Berkmar Drive is no longer the end of the road; it is, instead, the path to a new family and home, and the love and compassion that every creature deserves.” —Jenny Mead, former president of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA board of directors and daughter of Sally Mead, an executive director at the shelter for more than 20 years.

MISSION Advance the compassionate treatment of animals by providing sheltering, medical care and behavioral services for dogs and cats; promoting permanent, caring homes; and furthering education and outreach






Glenn Rust CHAIR


Barbara Millar VICE CHAIR


Lisa Ross Moorefield SECRETARY


Scheline T. Crutchfield TREASURER


Jenn Corbey Rebecca Tarkington Craig Erin Davis, DVM Ethel deNeveu Tom Fitch Rhonda Quagliana Mark Sackson Phil Shiflett Kevin Stiffler, DVM, Diplomate ACVS

MAKING AN IMPACT Every day at the CASPCA we see how the abandoned, neglected and homeless animals in our community need us—but just as clearly, we see how much we need them, and how much joy they bring to the lives of those who will someday care for them.

We also have witnessed their impact through our pet therapy program, as pets adopted from or trained at the CASPCA have helped open hearts and minds at schools, nursing homes and retirement communities throughout the region.

Take the story of Elaine and Arthur. Before Elaine, 68, met blind terrier Arthur, she had been in a selfproclaimed rut. But when Elaine brought Arthur into her home, she found not just a companion, but a renewed sense of purpose, too. She took on new hobbies, making new friends in the process. Today, she says it was Arthur, with his vitality and rakish spirit, who inspired her to make positive changes in her life.

In 2016, as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary as a No Kill community, we are proud of how dogs and cats saved by our shelter have made a difference, providing loving life-long companionship to thousands of families in our community. We are also proud of how far our organization has come; from a small shelter housed in a chicken coop, to its role today as a leader in animal welfare.

This is just one of many stories shared with us that show how much the animals we heal go on to heal others after they leave our facility.

None of this would be possible without the support of so many who share in our life-saving mission. From all of your friends at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA—

Thank you. CASPCA ANNUAL REPORT 2015 | 1

MEET BEAU & JENNA When I was at the shelter, I was well-known for being a rugged outdoorsman. Though everyone liked me, some worried I was too restless to be adopted—I had a hard time adjusting to being cooped up. My friends at the CASPCA never lost hope, though. They knew that the perfect fit for me was out there, and that someday I would meet my family. Well, they were right! Ever since Jenna and her pack welcomed me to their farm, I’ve felt at home. Maybe that’s because my pal Roscoe is a shelter dog, too. Maybe I feel comfortable because there are streams for me to soak in, and there are plenty of animals, like horses and chickens, for me to watch. Or maybe I just decided it was time to retire! Whatever the case might be, believe it or not, the longer I’m here the more I like the quiet life indoors. Call me an Old Geezer if you want, but these days my favorite spot is in the living room, right near my person and my pack.

10 YEARS OF NO KILL In the past decade, the CASPCA has found homes for more than 32,000 animals, reunited over 6,500 lost pets with their guardians and spayed/neutered more than 50,000 animals to reduce overpopulation.


LIVE RELEASE RATE FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS We collect and report our shelter statistics using a nationally recognized data matrix called the Asilomar Accords. Our Annual Live Release Rate is the rate of live outcomes for all cats and dogs that leave our care.

WHAT IS NO KILL? We are committed to saving all healthy and treatable animals we see, regardless of how long they have been with us. Today, a 90 percent or higher live release rate is the gold standard for No Kill communities.

As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary as a No Kill community, we can’t help but reflect on our history and all the supporters who helped us reach this milestone. We think about our earliest board members and advocates, who in the 1930s housed animals in their own homes because the shelter had not yet acquired a dedicated facility. We think about the countless individuals who gave their expertise in everything from accounting to retail to construction over the years, enabling the CASPCA’s continued growth. And, of course, we think about the dogs and cats whose lives have been saved, who might otherwise never have become beloved members of families like yours. When the CASPCA became No Kill in 2006, it was heralded as the largest community since the San Francisco SPCA to achieve this status by esteemed animal-welfare group Best Friends Animal Society. But to reach this milestone required years of hard work and collaboration. Staff and leadership had to put in place key initiatives to increase spay/neuter procedures 4 | CASPCA ANNUAL REPORT 2015


The shelter becomes one of the first in the country to achieve No Kill status, beginning a decade of growth leading to real results in our region, including a decline in feline population.

to reduce the number of animals brought to the shelter, expand the shelter’s foster network and raise funding to build a new facility specially designed for animal care and treatment. Not only has our shelter continued to meet the highest standards, achieving a 95 percent live release rate for the past three years, but it also has expanded its role, implementing innovative strategies, such as our most recent effort to purchase a mobile unit, to help the underserved in our region get needed pet care, keeping pets with their families. The CASPCA has been recognized nationally for efforts like these, receiving the Lifesaving Award from Maddie’s Fund. Thanks to so many, the shelter has grown from what was once a group of animal lovers housing dogs and cats in their own homes to today’s massive life-saving effort, touching thousands of canine, feline and human lives every year. 5 | CASPCA ANNUAL REPORT 2015



After 50 years in one space, the shelter moves into a new facility that offers separate suites for cats, a rapid-airfiltration system designed to lower disease transmission among animals and a humane education room to teach youngsters about the importance of caring for animals.


Believe it or not, the CASPCA once accepted exotic animals, including owls, monkeys and a wolf! We also cared for farm animals. After 1982, we no longer housed these animals, as the Waynesboro’s Wildlife Center opened.


The CASPCA moves into an allcinderblock chicken coop. Over time, the space expands as the shelter grows.


The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA is chartered, although it receives no funding and does not have a dedicated facility.



The best way to keep our animals healthy and safe is to ensure they get high-quality preventative care. Not only do we offer weekly drop-in hours for rabies vaccines and microchipping, but we also are proud of Operation Ruby Slipper, our commitment that every animal adopted from our shelter has a microchip.

Some dogs and cats require extra veterinary attention. Because they have been diagnosed with conditions that might require ongoing care that could be expensive, they often are overlooked by families who otherwise would provide excellent lifelong homes. To help give these deserving animals a chance at a happy home, we provide those dogs and cats that meet specific criteria—“Angel Adoptions”— with continued medical care at the CASPCA.

This program includes lifetime registration and a custom identification tag. In the worst-case scenario that a beloved pet should go missing, these microchips are often our best shot at recovering and returning that animal to their family.

COMMUNITY CAT PROGRAM Not only does our organization provide affordable spay/neuter services, but we also have a successful initiative targeting community cats. Our trap-neuter-return program offers free spay/neuter and vaccinations for community cats in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. This effective program continues to reduce feline overpopulation while keeping these animals, at risk of life-threatening diseases without proper care, as healthy as possible.




















MEET WILLOW & VIRGINIA I really lucked out as far as moms go. First off, my mom pets me a whole lot, and I get to snooze in bed with her every night. (Full disclosure: I’m still getting used to the idea of being a lap cat, but in the meantime she gives me plenty of attention, anyway. Like I said, she’s a cool mom.) Plus, my mom loves animals a ton. She’s been devoted to them her whole life, working hard to make the shelter as successful as possible, all while adopting so many animals over the years, she’s lost count. In fact, it’s because of moms like mine that all my canine and feline friends at the shelter are in loving homes today. Yep, it’s official: I really got lucky on this mom thing. Now, if I could just get used to this whole lap-cat business, I’ll be set ...

YOUTH SUMMER, SPRING & WINTER CAMPS In 2015, the CASPCA offered spring, summer and winter camps for rising third through sixth graders. During these weeklong sessions, students were taught about the importance of treating animals with respect and compassion, while engaging in crafts and educational activities.

ART CAMP This camp for at-risk youth helped campers learn empathy and compassion for animals, while giving them experience in team-building exercises and collaborative projects. Campers learned about animal welfare and created art for display at the CASPCA. This camp was made possible by a grant from the Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band, as well as other generous individuals.








SENIORS SENIOR FOR SENIOR Older animals deserve loving homes just as much as any puppy or kitten, and they have a great deal to offer the right family. In turn, seniors in our community benefit greatly from the companionship one of our pets can offer. That’s why we launched the Senior for Senior program, which matches senior animals with senior humans, age 60 and older. Our veterinarians select cats (age 12 and older) and dogs (age 8 and older) for the program, making every effort to pick animals who have medical conditions that can be effectively treated with regular visits to the shelter clinic. All adoption fees for senior pets are waived, regardless of whether they qualify for our Senior for Senior program. Pets selected for our Senior for Senior program also receive ongoing preventative care, such as annual wellness vaccinations and parasite treatments.


VOLUNTEERS 610 ADULT VOLUNTEERS GAVE MORE THAN 31,000 HOURS AND 157 JR. VOLUNTEERS GAVE MORE THAN 1,000 HOURS IN 2015 We are only successful because of the amazing volunteers who give their time, their expertise and their compassion to the animals at the CASPCA. They do it all— nurture our animals as dog walkers and cat socializers, help out at events and fundraisers, and offer their skills in every department, assisting with everything from data entry to accepting donations at the SPCA Rummage store. Thank you, volunteers. 12 | CASPCA ANNUAL REPORT 2015




MEET BOSS & AVANTAE I have a confession. I might be a dog named Boss, but I’m actually a scaredy cat. For instance, that big white box in the kitchen hums sometimes, and it spooks me so much I hide under the blankets at the foot of the bed. I have a second confession. Sometimes it’s my own fault when I get into hairy situations. Like last Christmas when I ate a string of lights and half a basketball, and my mom had to rush me to the animal hospital for surgery. Oops! But even with my scaredy-cat tendencies and my habit of getting into trouble (sorry about the whole skunk thing!), the truth is I still get told everyday by my family how much they love me and what a difference I’ve made in their lives. And when they say that, you know what? The big box in the kitchen isn’t quite so scary anymore.

STAFF & CLINIC and special attention. It is supported by our development, operations and management teams, as well as by the front-desk staff, who crucially work with potential adopters to help these dogs and cats find loving, permanent homes.

OUR FACILITY An animal shelter isn’t a typical workplace, but our staff would be the first to tell you that’s what makes their job at the CASPCA great. Every day is different, bringing with it new challenges to overcome and new animals who need loving care. Our staff sees thousands of dogs and cats every year and yet remains deeply invested in each animal’s journey. This journey might start when a pet is brought to us after suffering from neglect or abandonment; then continue through our clinic, where each dog and cat is assessed, observed and given treatment; then through our animal-care department, where they are evaluated for their behavioral needs and put under coordinated care involving regular walks

Our adoption center and clinic is located on Berkmar Drive and is open seven days a week. Sitting on nine acres, our facility boasts a wooded dog-walking path and numerous rooms for cat socialization. The space has been designed to give our staff and volunteers the environment they need to help the thousands of animals that move through this facility every year.


OUTREACH DOG-TRAINING CLASSES & FOSTER TRAINING SESSIONS Our Dog Obedience 101 class helps dog owners understand what makes their canine tick. Owners learn about what their pet’s behavior might mean, how they can better read their pet’s body language, and how to train their pets to behave in different environments.

COMPASSIONATE CARE CLINICS At the CASPCA, we are passionate about making high-quality pet healthcare accessible to as many in our community as possible. That’s why, in 2015, we expanded our quarterly Compassionate Care Clinics to include a wellness exam, pet-care education, general vaccines and routine wellness care at a reduced fee. These day-long clinics are available to those whose enrollment qualifies their pets for medical services. At just a day-long clinic, our veterinary staff helped more than 20 families, and in 2015, we treated more than 100 animals.


We also offer Foster Training Sessions for both new and experienced fosters. Foster families learn about how fostering works and why opening one’s home to an animal in need is a crucial part of helping dogs and cats in our community.

PET THERAPY The CASPCA’s Pawsitive Therapy Teams are an integral part of our community outreach efforts. Trained teams make visits to approved care facilities, nursing homes, children’s programs, retirement communities, local libraries and schools. In 2015, our teams made more than 200 visits.


That includes just an animal’s basic needs, such as food, cleaning supplies and staff time.



$54 COST FOR VACCINES & A PHYSICAL EXAM FOR EVERY DOG & CAT CARED FOR BY THE CASPCA Every dog and cat that enters our care is given age-appropriate vaccines, such as distemper and rabies, to keep them healthy. They also are dewormed and treated for fleas and ticks. Dogs are heartworm tested and cats are felv/fiv tested. A brief physical exam is performed to identify any possible injury or illness. Each animal is scanned for a microchip and checked for any other form of identification.

COST = $50 PER CAT & $70 PER DOG We ensure every animal is microchipped and spayed/neutered prior to adoption. In addition, our veterinarians perform physical exams on each dog and cat before surgery to make sure they are healthy enough for the procedure. CASPCA ANNUAL REPORT 2015 | 19

MEET FAINTLY MACABRE, REBECCA & SARAH Okay, so first things first. You’re wondering, “Why Faintly Macabre?” right? Well, I’m named after the friendly witch in The Phantom Tollbooth, a children’s book I’d recommend. It might be a fun name, but let’s be clear: I’m a very sensible cat. I understand the importance of being in charge— it’s just me, Rebecca and Sarah, and I like it that way. They don’t mind that I want them all to myself, because I take care of them. Like when my mom Rebecca is working on her dissertation, it’s my job to walk all over her computer keyboard. One of my other jobs is to look out the windows and watch squirrels. I’m also always by the side of one of my humans as she does the morning crossword at the kitchen counter. I offer suggestions. You know, classic cat stuff. What can I say? I’m good at what I do.

SAVE STORIES SCION CONDITION: This gentle kitten was brought to the CASPCA in dire straights. As a stray, Scion had been caught in the fan belt of a car and had a wound on his left leg, as well as a fracture on his right leg. TREATMENT: Our veterinary staff had to be careful at first when treating the kitten, as they suspected he had endured head trauma during the incident and didn’t want to put him at risk of additional complications by sedating him. After prescribing pain medications, they splinted his leg. For the next three weeks, his leg bandages were changed daily, and follow-up radiographs were performed to ensure his wound had healed. TODAY: Scion has found his forever home. His bones mended at an abnormal angle, and as a result, Scion will always have a distinctive gait, but his quality of life is unaffected. He is now a very active and playful kitten.






CONDITION: When Daisy came to the shelter, she had a number of ailments: parasites, extremely long nails, hair loss all over her body and awful skin issues that no doubt caused her discomfort. TREATMENT: Daisy was treated with medications and put on a restricted diet to help her with digestive issues. Over time, her skin began to heal and her hair grew back. Our veterinary staff was delighted by how much she improved in response to the treatment, and she was cleared for adoption. TODAY: As Daisy will always have chronic allergies that cause a number of issues, including dermatitis, she is an excellent example of an “Angel Adoption.” (Read more about our Angel Adoption program on Page 6.) Because of this program, Daisy was able to join a loving family and still receives medical care at the CASPCA.


REGGIE CONDITION: When poor Reggie was brought to us as a stray, his coat was so heavily matted that it was difficult for him to stand. He had a host of other problems, as well, including a fever, hypothermia and a “galloping heart beat,” which can indicate heart disease. TREATMENT: After a thorough examination by Dr. Kristen Scheller and the veterinary staff, Reggie was closely observed for three weeks while given antibiotics and other medications. After that time, he showed drastic improvement, but he wasn’t quite ready for his forever home yet. He was placed in foster care for additional recovery time. When he returned for a final round of tests, our team was satisfied this Shih Tzu was on the mend. He finally was made available for adoption. TODAY: Although Reggie moved to California to live the good life with his new family, they still send updates and photos to his old friends at the shelter from time to time.






CONDITION: This fluffy cat arrived at the CASPCA with a string hanging from his mouth. Our veterinary team determined his treatment wouldn’t be as simple as pulling the string—Xrays showed the string was causing lifethreatening issues in his intestines, requiring surgery. TREATMENT: During the operation, Dr. Scheller successfully located and removed the string, which stemmed from his mouth to his stomach and all the way through his intestines, in separate segments. The veterinary assistants measured the string after the surgery was complete, and there were a total of 56 inches of string in the little cat! Stringfellow was housed in the clinic for recovery, and he received pain medications and antibiotics. The veterinary staff closely monitored Stringfellow’s temperature, as he had a fever for several days following his surgery. TODAY: Stringfellow is officially string-free and has been adopted.


2015 CRITTER BALL Saturday, Oct. 10 was an amazing day for the shelter and all the animals we help, as our community of supporters came together that evening at the Omni Hotel for our biggest annual fundraiser. More than $200,000 net proceeds raised went to help our animals. The Olate Dogs, winners of 2012’s America’s Got Talent, entertained the crowd with a highenergy, acrobatic performance. But the night wouldn’t have been complete without the announcement of our Best in Show winner. Emcee Sharon Gregory (NBC29 WVIR anchor) presented Liza and Mark Sackson, in honor of their beloved CASPCA adoptee, Marty, with the night’s big prize.

BOW-WOW-WALK Downtown Charlottesville went to the dogs May 30, 2015 when our canine supporters (and their people) walked to benefit the animals at our shelter. Thanks to our sponsors and walkers, more than $56,000 was raised—our top team, “Team Pet Essentials,” contributed $5,000!

COMMUNITY SPCA RUMMAGE The SPCA Rummage store saw big changes in 2015, as plans were put into motion for the store to move from its former spot on Preston Avenue to a larger, centrally located space in Seminole Square Shopping Center at 199 Zan Road. The new store, which opened in early 2016, offers more room for shoes, a book boutique and better parking. It also features a cat room for shoppers to visit with adoptable felines.









MEET LAVERNE & THE FRIEDMAN FAMILY Not to brag or anything, but I’m super smart. That’s how I lived in the wilderness for not one, not two, but three years! Fortunately for me, the Friedman family saw me roaming and was determined to help. I didn’t understand that they just wanted to make sure I was healthy and safe, so I avoided being caught for a long time. But they did what they could anyway, putting food and water out for me. And then, finally, with the CASPCA’s assistance, they snagged me! I wasn’t sure about being cooped up at first, but after I was cleared for good health, the Friedmans came to see me, asking if they could be my people for good. Boy, am I glad they did. These days, I fall more and more in love with them every day, and in turn, they can’t believe how much I’ve changed since they became my people. I even like to sleep on my very own dog bed! It’s crazy to think that without their persistence and the CASPCA staff, I might still be out in the woods, fending for myself, all alone.

FAQS IS THE CASPCA AFFILIATED IS THE CASPCA A POUND OR WITH ANY NATIONAL ANIMAL- SPCA? WELFARE ORGANIZATION? Like most animal shelters, the CASPCA receives no ongoing funds from the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States. To help the animals in your community, please give to your local animal shelter.

WHAT IS THE CASPCA’S POLICY WHEN ACCEPTING PETS? We accept animals from Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville, regardless of age or health.

The CASPCA is defined by Virginia Code as a “private animal shelter” whose purpose is finding permanent adoptive homes for animals. We also serve as the contracted “public animal shelter” for Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville to impound or shelter seized, stray, homeless, abandoned, unwanted or surrendered animals. We are under contract and receive funding to serve as the city and county pound. In this role, our strong partnership with the City and County, as well as the animal control officers we work with daily, has been key to us maintaining our position as one of the leading No Kill communities in the country.


FISCAL REVENUE 16% City & County 61% Donations & Public Support 2% Investment Income 1% Grant Income 10% Products & Services 10% Rummage Store TOTAL REVENUE

$791,500 $3,014,061 $90,922 $61,750 $519,200 $504,411



EXPENSES 62% Animal Care $1,880,717 8% Vet Clinic $235,570 12% Rummage Store $380,918 9% Fundraising $263,686 9% Administration $284,398 TOTAL EXPENSES $3,045,289




Donations are essential to the CASPCA’s continued success as a leader in animal welfare. Without our supporters, we would not be able to purchase needed equipment, hire top-notch staff and expand our programs and initiatives to make a greater impact throughout the region. Ways you can give include making a general contribution or a monthly recurring gift, giving in memory/honor of a pet or person, or donating to the SPCA Rummage store. You also can sponsor a pet, adopt a kennel or purchase one of our memorial bricks. Your support for our animals and the work we do is invaluable, no matter how you choose to give.

LEGACY GIVING A legacy gift is a planned gift that will provide essential support to the CASPCA and its programs in the future. This form of support is essential to our operations—in 2015 alone, legacy gifts made up nearly a third of our total donations and were vital to our operations. There are many ways you can make your legacy a part of the CASPCA. You can choose to name us in your will or to bequeath to us a portion of your estate. You can give in the form of stocks, bonds or property, or you can arrange a gift annuity, a trust or the transfer of unneeded life insurance.




Virginia National Bank’s ongoing support as a CASPCA “Pawtner” has enabled us to expand our reach in the community, funding key programs and helping us maintain our No Kill mission.

Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie’s Fund® (, helping to achieve a no-kill nation #ThanksToMaddie.

Through this program, businesses and organizations support the life-saving work at the CASPCA while being recognized as key leaders in our community. Pawtners receive special recognition throughout the year on our website, in our newsletters and in signage at our facility, reaching thousands every year. Contact us today to find out more about how your business or organization can increase its visibility while helping thousands of animals in need throughout our community.


Susan Kalergis | Miette Michie Marilynn Sting All animals featured in this report come from our shelter.


ABOUT MADDIE’S FUND Maddie’s Fund is a family foundation founded in 1994 by Workday co-founder Dave Duffield and his wife, Cheryl, who have endowed the Foundation with more than $300 million. Since then, they have awarded more than $172 million in grants toward increased community lifesaving, shelter medicine education, and pet adoptions across the U.S. The Duffields named Maddie’s Fund after their Miniature Schnauzer, Maddie, who always made them laugh and gave them comfort. Maddie was with Dave and Cheryl from 1987-1997 and continues to inspire them today. Maddie’s Fund is the fulfillment of a promise to an inspirational dog, investing its resources to create a no-kill nation where every dog and cat is guaranteed a healthy home or habitat. #ThanksToMaddie.

MEET LIBY & PAUL You might not know this, but in the cat world, tortoiseshells have a reputation for being a little wild. Well, I defy stereotypes! As a matter of fact, I’m an especially sweet, affectionate lady. When my person, Paul, comes to feed me in the morning, I actually jump up into his arms, climb onto his shoulder and rub my face against his chin. What can I say? As great as the shelter was, I’m grateful to be with Paul now, and to have met my best friends, a cat, Ajax, and a dog, Zoe. When I was younger, I used to love chasing the little red dot that moved around on the floor. I still enjoy doing that, but I can never seem to catch it! I also like to chase after a string dragged across the floor … maybe it’s because I practiced really hard, or maybe it’s because I’m finally happy in my forever home, but I actually do catch the string sometimes!


Estate of Joan Barry Rose Marie Chioni Trust Estate of Marilyn Mae Lewis Jane Tarleton Smith Moore Trust Estate of Vernon Mowbray Estate of Richard Standish Good Mariana Sybicki Trust Estate of Margaret-Anne Turner Estate of Theodore R. F. Wright

$25,000 AND UP Anonymous Becky & Jim Craig Maddie's Fund Virginia National Bank

$10,000-$24,999 Anonymous Becky Barlow Batten Family Fund BMW of Charlottesville/Crown Automotive Jenn & Brian Corbey Crutchfield Neroli Spa Angie & Daniel Oakey Red Light Management Glenn Rust Scarpa Thomas C. & Mary Ann Hays Family Charitable Trust

$5,000-$9,999 Janice Aron Faye M. Brown Cavalier Produce Mary & Michael Chinn Community Endowment Fund through Charlottesville Area Community Foundation Mary Laub Cowan C-VILLE Weekly Sandra & Alfonso Damico Darrell & King Investment Counsel

Delta Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Grace D. Riggs Fund Greenbrier Emergency Animal Hospital & Lisa Stewart, Esq. Jane & Bruce Greyson Inez Duff Bishop Charitable Trust Robin & Chuck Lebo Morgan & Scout Elizabeth & Gregory Morris Oakwood Foundation Earl D. & Marian N. Olson Fund Pampered Pets Perrigo Company Foundation R.K. Mellon Family Foundation Clarence Saunders Rae & Richard Skinner Standish Family Foundation Fund ting Carol Ann Tomlinson Virginia Veterinary Specialists Susan D. Wells Sargeant Lucy & Ben Whitmer

$1,000-$4,999 Anonymous ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers Debra & Philip Ambrosini Andrew and Kelli Block Family Fund Animal Farm Foundation, Inc. Animal Wellness Center The Anna and Kirven Brantley Charitable Fund Arnold F. Baggins Foundation Rhea & John Baldino Ballheim Charitable Trust Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band Nancy & David Bass Angela & Steve Batten Carol Bauer Virginia & Ronnie Bayes Patty & George Benford Helga & Benjamin Bennett Katherine M. Bevacqua Carmen & Alan Bewley Lettie Bien & David Schmitt

Janet & Gene Bolla Bernard T. Bress Linell & Cole Byers Marilyn & Michael Cavell The Charles Fund, Inc. Chevron Matching Employee Funds Christian A. Chisholm Julie Coiner Lori Connolly County of Albemarle CPC Inc. Kay Cross Crossroads Animal Hospital Scheline & William Crutchfield Cynthia Tremblay Foundation, Inc. John Darrell Coralee Davis Cheryl Anne DeAngelis Ethel & Larry deNeveu Joanne & Ethan Dunstan Judith & Michael Ely Phillip Flavin Floss the Boss Elaine Fogliani & Doug Ponton Agnes M. Fotta Carole & Keith Frazee Pamela Bliss French Carolyn Fulk Gary Gallagher Claire W. Gargalli Quentin L. Gehle Georgetown Veterinary Hospital, Inc. Kendall Giler Angie Gunter Elaine Hadden & Douglas Drysdale Hantzmon & Wiebel, LLP Ginny & Jim Hayes Martha & Harper Hellems Leslie & Jay Hervey Anne Hooff Elizabeth Hyatt Diane L. Johnson Lou & Daniel Jordan William J. Kehoe Andrew Kelley Emily W. Kelly Daria Kiselica Wanda & Anil Kochhar

Kroger Susan & Thomas Likowski Denise Lunsford & Richard Brewer Kelley MacDougall & Michael Pausic Maddie's Blankets Madwoman Project Fund Main Street Arena Mary Ann & Raymond Mancini Richard Maney McDonald's Michelle & William McDonough Merkle | RKG Miette & George Michie Barbara Millar & Peter Thompson Millennium Pharmaceuticals Erica & Jim Millner Monticello Animal Hospital Lisa Ross & Robert Moorefield Morgan Stanley Jen Morris Jessica W. Nagle Natural Pet Essentials Charles Noell Suzanne & Conan Owen Pass Thru Fund Judy & Charles Perkins, III Pet Food Discounters PetSmart Charities, Inc. Joanne M. Phillips Joyce & Richard Price Rhonda E. Quagliana & William Barkley Quantitative Investment Management Fund Raising Canes Chicken Fingers Rick & Susan Goings Foundation Joyce Roberts Jeanne Runkle S. L. Williamson Company, Inc. Liza & Mark Sackson Karen Reid Sansom Renee Savage & Glenn Doggett Sara Graney Schroeder & Fred Schroeder Teresa & Keith Shaner Sleepy Dog Studio Bobbie Spellman State Farm Companies Foundation



Stephen K. Stearns Steele Family Foundation Danielle & Wes Steiner Sterba Family Fund Marion & David Szwedo Bethany Teachman Telegraph Sue Tice & Chuck Grossmann Claire M. Tieder Tony Fogliani Memorial Golf Tournament United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area University Tire & Auto Centers Margaret Van Ekeren & Meredith Dixon Malathi Veeraraghavan & Shrikant Ramamurthy Virginia Federation of Humane Societies Virginia Travel Vitreus Foundation Mary Walter & George Yin Ceil & Kenneth Wheeler, Jr. Whitney & Anne Stone Foundation Anne & Tom Wild William M. Camp Foundation Alisa & Alan Williams Blair K. Williamson Wrightson Ramsing Foundation Margaret J. Wyllie Denise & Stephen Yetzer Chris, Connie & Elle Zazakos

$250-$999 Anonymous John Abolt Michelle & Reid Adams Jason Alambra Kristin Albert Kathy & Brandt Allen AmazonSmile Org Central Megan Amundson & Franklin Ray Corry Andrews & Barton Biggs The Animal Connection, Natural Pet Store Patricia & William Apperson, Jr. Donna Arehart & Gary Chovan Asbestco, Inc. Marilyn & F. Michael Ashby Autumn Trails Vet Center Louisa Bair Bankers Insurance, LLC Mary L. Barker Donna Barnd & Chris Moskaluk Lisa D. Barr

Joanna Barton Becky & Chad Bassett Batesville Ruritan Club Mrs. Ruthe Battestin Joann Bauer Kim & John Beard Mona W. Beard Rosemary & John Beckett Jesse Bejar Benevity Community Impact Fund Donna & Lee Bensey Trena T. Berg Kathryn Bettis Mary & Nelson Bickers Rachel & Paul Bishop Julie & Joseph Bonistalli Barbara & Rick Bowie Ella & Robert Bretz Helen M. Brite Allison Brock Amanda & Mark Brown Jackson A. & Jenny T. Brown Dr. & Mrs. Thom & Janice Brown Bobbie & Bob Bruner Allison Bruno Renate G. Bruns Alice & Thomas Buchanan Sheila & Mike Burke Craig & Tracy Burpee Britony Buxton Maggie Byers Jeri & Edward Campbell Adam Cancryn Parke & Coran Capshaw Carmax Foundation Carol & Jack Weber Fund Grace & Gene Carpenter Thomas Carver Esther Lynn Cash Helen Cathro Jessie Chapman Gabriela & Stuart Chase Jean & Phil Chase Ulla M. Chunn Leone L. Ciporin Pamela F. Cipriano Heather Clark Corinne & Timothy Conlon Jessica Connelly Sue Corey Linda Cornick Susan & Larry Cresap Jan & Michael Cubbage Elizabeth & James Currie Michael Cushing Patricia & Donald D'Antuono Kathleen & William Daggett, Jr.


Dammann Fund, Inc. Davenport & Company, LLC Karen G. Davenport Maureen S. Deane Barbara Deily Donna S. Dempsey Celia M. Dennison Danielle & Daniel Devereux D. N. Dillon Nancy D. Dillon Betty & Ed Dinwiddie Domino's Pizza Ann & James Donovan Ruth Douglas Heather C. Dow Lynda L. Dunn Carol & Peter Easter Beth Eck Barbara C. Eldridge Barbara Elias Betty & John Elliton Employees Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman Jane Erwine & John DiMarco Tyson-Joi Estep Janet & Bern Ewert Ann Faris Nancy & John Faulkner Jeffrey B. Ferrill Sue Ellen & Steve Fey Tom Fitch Wendy Flynn Lynne Foster Kay & Jeffrey Fracher Cassandra L. Fraser Jeff Freehof Fried Companies, Inc. Sue & Frank Friedman Barbara J. Frost Joan & Donald Fry Brian J. Gallagher Paula & David Garrett Suzan Garson GE Foundation Alyss & Sam Gentry Andrea Owen Gilmer Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Christopher Gleason Global Impact Robin Goodall & Robert Waite, Jr. Logan Goodin Jane T. Goodwin Vesta Lee Gordon Janet Gorman Susan & Clyde Gouldman Chris Grant Terry E. Grant

Sharon Gregory William Grindle Leanne M. Grove Carolyn & David Grow Summer & Matthew Gruber Kim Guenther & Ellen Braun Martha Haertig Patricia & Andrew Haines Julie Haizlip Susan K. Hall Bonita & John Hanks Alissa & Jeffrey Hansen Diane Harner Harrell Family Fund Ann S. Harris Susan G. Harris Victor Hauser Anna Jane Hayes Lorri & Don Headrick and Family Donald Healy Deborah Hellman & Derek Brown Melissa Henriksen Janet Herman & Robert Waite Bruce Hobbs, Jr. Sandra & Robert Hodge Brenda Fishel Hodgson & Daniel Hodgson Carol & David Hogg Hoo's BBQ Anne Hormel Hot Yoga Charlottesville Julie & Kal Howard Dr. & Mrs. Albert Huber Betty & Fred Hudson Steven & Jamie Hughes A. Cherie & L. Peyton Humphrey Jessica & Hayes Humphreys Gregory Hunt Patrick Hunt Lindsay Ideson Danielle Ivanova J. McLaughlin John Jackson Robyn & Brian Jackson Judy & James Jaeger Michelle Jaffee Jennifer & Rob Jamison Timothy Jana Kathryn Jarvis & Gregory Propp Betty W. Jennings Mary Helen Jessup Alex M. Johnson Emilie Johnson Marybess & William Johnson Kerri Jones Lisa & Jeremy Jones

Madelyn & James Jones Sally & Zane Jones Frederick Jung Connie & Jason Kapp Lori M. Kaufman, PhD Kimberly Kavanagh James G. Kavanaugh, Jr. Sharon & James Kelley Julie Kelsey Barbara & Brian Kennedy Linda & Charles Kenney Kenny Ball Antiques, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Kessler, Jr. Paula Ketterer Cecilia J. Kimata Joan S. Kindig Tamila L. Kindwall-Kel Kimberly King Debbie Kirby Bea LaPisto-Kirtley & Ben Kirtley Susanna Klosko Nancy & Keith Knoell Emily & Keith Kobyra Sarah & Joseph Krenn Robert A. Kuemmerling Elizabeth & Howard C. Kutchai Hope Lally Rebecca & Bruce Lanahan Mary Ann Leeper Rebecca Lewis Jackie Lichtman & Russ Linden Linda K. Ford Revocable Trust Deborah & Andrew Lockman Francesca & Robert LoPinto Allyson C. Louthan Amy Lowell Laurie Lowrance Ann Marie Lubert Victor Luftig Joyce MacDonald Sandy & Heyward MacDonald Sandy MacGregor Gail & Henri Macik Macon Bistro & Larder Cynthia Maisannes Pamela Margaux & Claude Thibaut Kelsey Marks Marilyn & John Marshall Elaine Ann Maxcy Lenora & Gregory McAllister Shannon & Ryan McCall McCann Family Fund Jan & Larry McCarthy Linda & James McCormick Gloria McDaniel Richard M. McKinnon Sarah & Grey McLean

Jenny Mead Brian Paul Menard Teresa & H. Otey Meriwether Shan & Mark Meulenberg G. Andrew Meyer Jill & Mark Meyer Michael & Barbara Higgins Fund Billie Ann Midthum Emily & Matt Miller Barbara L. Mincer Andrew Molesy Tanya & Charlie Monk April L. Montgomery Dahne & Chip Morgan Theresa Morgoglione Lisa & Donald Morin Mosquito Authority Courtney Payne Mudd Kathy Murphy Shepherd Murray Elizabeth & Caleb Nelson Crystal & Nathan Newell Gary S. Nimax Roberta & William Nixon Karen & Bobby Nolan Keith Nonnenmacher Barbara J. Nordin Katrina & Dennis Nordstrom Donna & Wallace Nunley Nunley-Satira Family Fund William O'Barr Debbie O'Brien Margaret O'Brien Robert O'Connell Mary & John O'Dea Leslie & Nimmo Olsakovsky Teresa & Steven Olson Dr. Angela Orebaugh & Tammy Wilt Chris & Gary Owens Georgene B. Palacky Dawn Papas Shashank Parekh Kay & Davis Parker Margaret & Monte Parsons Pat, Jen, Lu & O Shirley Carter Patterson Anne Patton Jane & Robert Paxton Judith & Mac Peatross Petco Foundation Courtney & Eric Pfister H. Lee Morgan Politis Mary & Eugene Pollock David Post Sally Powers Carol & Andrew Price Margaret & Frank Quayle

Renee Quesenberry-Fernandez Mary Anne Irene Randles Cherie & Sean Reardon Laurie Redfern Sandra & Richard Reid Relay Foods Christine & Nicholas Reppucci Robyn Reynolds Dorothy Richards Justin Riedell Christine & Jeffrey Riley Elizabeth H. Roberts Kaicee L. Robertson Jonathan Rodenbaugh Ross Rodrigues Sally S. Rogers Joanne & Alan Rogol Carolyn & John Rosenblum Melissa L. Rowland Karen & John Rowlingson Annie & Paul Sartori Thomas P. Saul Kristen Scheller & Matt Brinckman William T. Scherer Gertrude & E. Sykes Scherman Peggy & Peter Scherman Joan A. Schuette Cheryl Schultheis Tia Schurecht Penny Faith Seiler Jane & John Sellers Roberta H. Senechal The Shade Shop Margaret & Matthew Shapiro Patrick Sheehan Nancy Sheffield & Jeff Steck Rachel & Andy Shelden Susan Singhas Jane-Ashley & Peter Skinner Savannah Slater Allison & John Sleeman Cindy L. Smith Downing L. Smith, III Gracie & Craig Smith Mark J. Smith Nancy & Richard Smith Diane C. Southworth Carole Springer Richard T. Spurzem St. John, Bowling, Lawrence & Quagliana, LLP Viktoria & Douglas Steel Janet & Jeff Sterba Jodie Stevens Katie & Kevin Stiffler Martha & Scott Stinson Sue & Charles Stoke Virginia Stokes

Betty L. & Elliott Strickler Erika & Kent Struble Laurie & Eric Strucko Mrs. Richard D. Sullivan Sumner Gerard Foundation Victoria & Donald Sundgren Ellen Roberts Susi Jackie & Don Sutton Margreta & David Swanson Malissa Takacs Joan Tepper Susan J. Thomas Elsie & Mac Thompson, Jr. Linda & Robert Thomson Cheryl & Thomas Thorpe Becky & Leon Tilley Lamar & John Toole Anu Townsend Treehouses for Charity Marsha Trimble & Kent Olson Carl Trindle Laura Truskowski Delores E. Van Will van der Linde Ellen Van Niel & Jeff Moyers Ernetta & Robert Van Orden Heather & Michael Vanderweide Lucy & James Veltri Kristine C. Vey Christian Vik Fannie Mae Rankin Vinci & Umberto Vinci Virginia Craft Brews Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates Eirine Vlavianos Ann & Chris VonFrieling Anissa & Bill Walker Joann & Mac Walker, Jr. Mary & John Walsh Mark Wamhoff Mary J. Watkins Bobbie & Samuel Wells Christine & John Wells Dolores Wells Linda J. Wells Mary & Michael Wells Douglas Wheeler The Whiskey Jar Lonni & David White Nancy Whitman & Robert Campbell Wiley Rein LLP Jeannie Wilkinson Sarah & Matthew Wilkinson Katherine & Fred Willard Andrea & Philip Williams Cam & Dean Williams Denise Williams


Lynn & Harry Williams Patricia & John Willis WillowTree Apps Rise & Adam Wilson Tricia Wilson Jean & John Wood Sharon & Ron Wormser Catherine Wray & Timothy Snider Margaret M. Wright Fran Zemmel

$100-$249 Anonymous Sarah Ackerman Sabrina & Scott Acton Katie & Christopher Adams Agnor Hurt Elementary School Craig Kushel Agule Elizabeth & Thomas Allan Dallas A. Allen Elizabeth Allen & Deborah Shapiro Stacy Allenbach-Stunes Amy R. Alson Gary Alter Michelle & John Andersen Virginia Andersen Margaret Anderson Vicki M. Andreae Mary & Warren Andrews Lynn Ann Appleby Renee Arnold Elizabeth & Robert Aronson Marcia Lee Aulebach -Lagomarsino & Howard Lagomarsino Thomas Baber Jonathan Baird Athena & John Ballas Ruth Barclay Ruth Barco John Barrette Barbara Barry Maria Barton Colleen & Brian Bassett Chris Batt Denise & Keith Batt Nancy & Dan Bauer Maurice Baughn Christine & Joe Baum Bay Surgical Specialists, PA Kristine & John Bean Bear Balloon Corp. Beautycounter Sherri M. Beavers James Beddow Michael Bednar

Deane & Mark Begiebing La Linea Bella Natalie Belt Stephanie Belt Sandra & Jon Bender Melanie Benjamin Janice H. Bernhard Gary & Denny Berry Michelle & Steven Bessett Patricia Miller Beswick Sara Kay Bethea Ken Betts W. Earle Betts, III & Nicole K. Betts Melody S. Bianchetto Bryan Bickers Stephanie D. Bickers Karen Biller Jane & Rodney Biltonen Phyllis J. Binder Allen Bingler Heidi Binko & Chris Tuttle Karen Binney Donna & James Bishop Thomas Bishop Brent L. Bisson Mrs. William S. Blackford Judy Blair & Bill Cameron Holly Bleck Kathleen & Dan Bledsoe Rose Marie & Ralph Bledsoe Catherine & David Boardman Katherine Boaz David L. Bogdonoff Andrea & Robert Bogley David J. Boling Rene Bond Sally C. Booker-James Frances Bosserman Connie & Dek Bowen, III Vivian Bower Molly Boyle Mary Brackett Brad, Alyssa, Easton, Sugars & Emmy Alice & Donald Bradley Robert J. Bradley Mindy Branch Lisa Brandkamp Leah & Chris Branin Melanie & Doug Brede Norman Brenbridge Linda Briggs Nancy & Carl Briggs Robyn & Michael Bristow Linda Brockbank Charlotte Brody Suzanne & Robert Brooks Brown Exterminating Company


Carol & Robert Brown Elaine & L. Scott Brown Pam & Hal Brownfield Florence & Pete Bruce Molly Brunner and 55ers Kelly & Eric Bruton Debra Bryant & Lawrence Groves Sandra Lieu Bryant & Alan Aqualino Mary Buford & Frederick Hitz Bill Buller Ellen & Gene Bumgardner Terry and Gillian Burgan Cynthia & Roger Burket Nichole Burkholder Lucy R. Burnette James Burnley Henry & Maxine Burton Trish & Ed Burton Nancy A. Butters Kathy & David Byars Keely & Jim Byars Cafe Caturra UVA, LLC Thomas A. Caldwell Wendy K. Caldwell Christine & James Camblos, III Leslie Cameron June & James Campbell Alice & Jonathan Cannon Mary Hill Caperton Capitol Sheds, Inc Jilann & Francis Carey Susan Carkeek James Carnes & Clark Hantzmon Susan & John Carpenter Carpet Plus Carter & Caroline and Douglas & Julie Linda & William Carter Sara & Freeman Cary Caspari Eleanor Cassada Brian Castor Sara & Bill Chambers Kara Chandeysson Charlee Channing & Brian W. Chase Charlottesville Radiology Ltd Ann Charlton Brian Chenault Cathy Chouiniere The Civility School Ann Claiborne & Victor Dandridge, III Clark Construction Group Ann F. Clark Maureen Moore Clark

Nan & Raymond Clarke The Clements & Griggs Meghan & Hunter Cloud Anne W. Coles Christina & Douglas Colley Commonwealth Insurance Agency Gwyn & Brian P. Conway Caroline Lenox Cook Cynthia & William Cooke Elizabeth Cottrell Elizabeth M. Cranmer Janice Creasy Meghan Creef Patricia & Thomas Cross Joy & Whitman Cross CUI Susan Cunneen Kendra & Dave Dahnert Frederick Damon Betsy Daniel Linda Daniel Audrey Ann Dannenberg Adrienne Darrah Megan Davis Jeffrey Davis Jennifer Davis Lee Davis Robert Davis Susan Davis & Robert Hess Yancey Davis & Family Judy & Richard Day Francesca & Eduard de Lange Ginny T. Dean Ilma Deane Patricia & Brandon Deane June & Gerrit Degraaf Kelly M. Deichert Joan P. Delong James Demas Joseph DeVincentis Theresa M. DeVincentis Patricia M. Devine Cathy & Raymond Devore, III Rosetta & Benjamin Dickerson David W. Dienner R. G. Dimberg Riley, Tucker, Elliot & Cathy Dimberg Dinner Group Friends Kathryn Dort Bernice & Andrew Dracopoli Kira & Conrad Drennon Eileen Dryden Marilyn & Hoyt Duggan Dugger Family Ann & John Dunn Ernest D. Dunn Jordan DuPont

Charles Durbin Phyllis & Alvin Dwier Margot & Donald Eason, Jr. Edgemont Farm, LLC Leigh Edgerton Pam & Frank Edmonds Elizabeth Edwards Allison & Michael Egidi Vicky & Lawrence Eicher Elizabeth Johnston Charitable Fund Ellie Ellison Mark J. Elson Terry & Kenneth Elzinga Nancy & David Embree Julia Emery Lucy, Jack & Sean Emery Matt Emery Mary E. Ensminger William Epstein Richard Ergler Denise E. Esposito Arthur Evans Amy & Dan Fabiano Megan Faillace Bonnie Falbo & Dan Ehrman Frieda Falcke Farmington Hunt Club Katherine & Paul Farris Nicole Fedoravicius & Benjamin D. Kozower Rita Felski Susan W. Fenn Dan Fielding Miriam Fields Mike Fietz Peter Fink Paul Fitzsimmons Seamane Flanagan & Rob Gowen Mickie Flanigan Christine Fleckles & Edwin Rushia Fly Dog Yoga Virginia & Daniel Flynn Mason & Richard Fogg Kathy Fontenot Nicole R. Forbes Kathryn & Hans Foss Brian Foster Clara S. Frank Nancy Fraser Carolyn Frazier Kasoondie Dale Frazier Laurence Fredrick Jill Fredrikson Shirley & Robert French Seth French Marsha & John Frick, Jr.

Charles Friedman Pam Friedman & Ron Bailey Tara & Steven Friedman Lucille Friend Ramona Friend Ellen V. Fuller & Brad Reed Elizabeth Fuller Betsy Funck Sheila & Ron Funkhouser Sally M. Garland Marjorie Garmey & Melinda Baumann Jeffrey Garrett Ida Garrison Mary Garth Flood Claudia Garthwait Jean Gary Keith Gearhart Joshua Geer Harold A. Geller Alexander George Nancy K. Gercke Evelyn Gerson & Jon Newhard Florence Geyer Nancy W. Gibson Struthers & Frederick Gignoux Sandy & Katharine Scott Gilliam Mary Cooper Gilliam Kay & Ron Gillispie Margaret B. Gilmer Girl Scout Troop #445 Godfrey Property Management, Inc. Diana Goldman Linda B. Goldstein Robert G. Gore Denise Gorol & Bill Schoonover Audrey & Gerald Gottlieb Terry & Andy Graff Charlotte V. Graham Patricia & Stephanie Graham Richard Grandage Gordon Granger, IV Elizabeth & David Granville Stasia & Fred Greenewalt Robin H. Greenwood Caroline & John Griffin Meredith P. Gross Joan & Bob Guerrant Carole A. Guillemin Margaret & Howard Gutgesell Kevin Haag Matthew Haas Sonia & Yacov Haimes The Hall Family Erin F. Hall Gabrielle Hall Judith L. Hallahan Carol & James Hallett

Jen Hamilton Anna Hammarskjold & Peter Sushka D. W. Hand Deborah Baber Handy Julia Hanks Joan & George Hanna Noreen & Joseph Hannemann Michael Hansell April Hardison Rachel Harmon Theresa & Lloyd Harriott Rachel A. Harrison Barbara S. Hartless & Joseph B. Sutherland Wendy & Edward Harvey Roxann & Reo Hatfield Kedra & Robert Hauser Louise & William Hay Pat Hayman Jackie & Richard Heath Heather & George Wendy & Bruce Heifetz Penny & Stephen Heim Marina M. Heiss Maria & Daniel Hemmings Mary Jo Dollins Hendricks Carol Hendricksen Catherine G. Henson & Jimmy Eastham Ira Herbst Stephanie & Charles Hess Thomas Scott Hicks Diane Gartner Hillman Judy & Dave Hodge Tricia Hoefling Gail & Carter Hoerr Brian E. Hogg Pamela & Andy Holden Debra & Jeff Holloway Kimberly Holmes Virginia & Robert Holub Connie Hoover Sheryl & Barry Horowitz Ellen Michelle Houle Ruth K. Howard David Howell Ronald & Wendy Huber Jason Hull Linda & Donald Hunt Grace A. Hutcheson Suzanne Ibbeken Independent Order of Odd Fellows Indigo Joanna Infantino Lillian & Thomas Inge Andrea Ireland James Jackson

Brenda Jarrell & James Call Jason Jaumouille & Family Joan T. Jay Jeanne Taylor Photography Jefferson OBGYN Jenny Jeffress Amy Jeffrey Michelle & Joseph Jennings, III Marianne & Arnold Jensen Susan & Michael Johns Cheryl Johnson Cynthia & Michael Johnson Richard M. Johnson Mary Johnston Mrs. Joseph Johnston, Jr. Cheri Jones Judy Savage Jones Margo & Troy Jones Susan Jones Monica Jordan Sydna & William Julian Melissa Kennedy Jurick JustGive Lucia Kaestner Janet B. Kaltenbach Janice Kaltenbach Joan & John Kammire Mary & Charles Kardos Angie & Stan Kask Janel Kasparson & John Intihar Kathleen E. Howard Revocable Trust Minnie Kay Johanna & Richard Keeling Lois M. Keller Michele & Kenneth Kellermann Kelley Family Lucie S. Kelly Sarah & Timothy Kelsey Christine S. Kennedy William C. Kennedy Jane Kerewich Deanna Kerns Eleanor Kett Paula Kettlewell Sue & Art Keyser Samiha Khayatt Marjorie & Robert Kidd Lynn Kirby Emily Kirk Kim & Lee Kirk Virginia & Douglas Kirkland John Klei Leah Klein Bonnie & Daniel Kliamovich Eva L. Knight Adam S. Koch Beverly Kocotas Erwin M. Koeritz


Patsy E. Koestner Jean & Hal Kolb Jamie Kollar Laura Kollar & Aila I. Juvonen Jane & George Koran Elizabeth Koruda Deborah & Robert Kozura Hannes Kroll Prakash & Mahmooda Kulkarni Jaime Kurtz Martha & Richard Lacasse Doreen & Bill Lakatosh Sherry & Douglas Lake Helen & Robert Landel Sandra & Louis Landry Kathleen & Nicholas Lang Mary L. Lang Stacey Lange Kim A. Langford Frances Lapan Emily Lathe Sheri Laubach Delia & Thomas Laux Adria LaViolette Sarah & Philip Lawrence, Jr. Joyce & James Lawrence Sheila & Edgar Lawson Jane M. Lawton Mary Ellen & Jon Leachtenauer Ann Leake Tina & Allen Leiter Alicia Lenahan Shelbia & Alan Lengel Cordelia S. Lenz Hope Leopold & Thomas Schwenk Linda Leshowitz & Tim Brazill Sharon & Douglas Leslie Janaki Lessard Timothy S. Levenberg Yvonne Leveque Robert Levy Karen & Barry Lewy Mr. & Mrs. Terry Lewy Samantha Ley & Matthew Zaremsky Carol & Ky Lindsay Carol Lindsey Edward C. Lis, Jr. Theresa Litalien Deborah & Douglas Little Niall Little Brenda & Robert Lloyd, Jr. Christine & Richard Lloyd James Lobley Letitia M. Locker Gay & Kenneth Loftin Jonathan M. Lord Gayle & Bryan Lovetere

Karen & Ian Lowdon Gail & Bill Lowe Barbara E. Lucas Joan & Carleton Luck, Sr. Robert Luff Chung-Ming Lung Mary & Warren Luther Lyman Family Ana Maria & Darren Lynch Barbara G. Macik Alice K. Macinnis Susan & Dana Mains Catherine & Thomas Mancuso Marika A. Mann Valerie Mann Donna & Michael Marshall Sarah A. Marshall Felicia C. Marston Alyson & Ed Martin Joan & Ramsey Martin Julie Marton Judith Marymor Jennifer & Rick Matheny Jason Mathews Kim Mattingly Natalie May Nan & Gerry Mayer Donald Mays Doris & Paul Mays Nancy McAdams Michelle W. McCarthy Allison & Dave McClay Louise McConnell Amanda & Rob McEwen Tom McGuiggan Karen McKean Kathy & Samuel McKelvey Janet H. McLaughlin Meredith H. McLaughlin Mary Ann B. McMahon Carrie & Robert McNamara Caroline M. McNeely Joanne & Bob McNergney Beth & Ponch McPhee Duffy McSwiggin Lindsey McWilliams Mary-Lewis & Dan Meador Pauline & George Meehan B J Meeks David M. Mehringer Andrew Meiller Lynette & Izzy Menchero Meriweather Mowing Service Meriwether Lewis Elementary Elizabeth & David Michel Microsoft Matching Gifts Alison Miller Barbara Miller Julia F. Miller


Kari & Robert Miller Lucy Millinder Mincer's University of Virginia Imprinted Sportswear Carol H. Minetree Ducie & Henry Minich Richard S. Minturn Judith Mintz Mary Jo Moga Bettie Mohler Ellie Mondini Judy Mongelluzzo Gerald Monnat Nora & Jeff Monroe Douglas Montgomery Dominick Montie Gary R. Moon Kyna & Andy Moore Bonnie Morgan Elizabeth Fitz-Hugh Morgan Rebecca & Chad Morgan Anne & Scott Morrill Frankie Dovel-Morris & Booty Morris Joyce & Thurman Morris Susan B. Morris Vicki & Jim Morris Alexandra & Hamilton Moses Move Better Mascha Mowry Betty J. Moyer Susan & John Mugler Mary & R. Wayne Mullins Susan & Ed Murphy Deborah M. Murray Merrick & Stephen Murray Rhonda Musci Marsha R. Musser Jennifer Myer Meg Massie Myers Ruth Myers Taro Naruse Native Son, LLC Sandra & Hans Natterer New Life Therapeutic Massage, LLC Betty & William J. Newman Robert Nicander Lindsay C. Nolting Ann & David Normansell Jean & Donald Norum Elizabeth Norvell Susan Nowlin Martha & Dan Nunziato Eliza & Daniel O'Connell The O'Connor Family Clare O'Dea Carolyn & Mark O'Hara Jan & James O'Kelley

Mary Elizabeth Oberle Rachel Odom Emily Ogden Theresa Olivo, D.V.M. Trisha & Gregory Orr Our Lady of Peace Chapel Mary Page Edward Palmer Lizbeth Palmer, D.V.M. Pantops Pet Salon & Spa Dewey & Herbert Parker Ellen & Eugene Parker, Jr. Barry Parkhill Gracie & Jim Parks Diana & Harry Parlette, III Debra Parsons Sally Paschal Catherine Pasternak Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, Garrison Charitable Gift Fund Jeffrey Paul Cindy J. Payne Susie Payne Joanne H. Peach Ericka Pearce & Michael Williams Shirley & Arthur Pearson K.K. & Larry Pearson Mark Pelais David Pendergraft Suzanne & Dennis Peters Nancy Piller Jackie & Pedro Pimentel Tanis Plyler Richard Polino Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Ponton Eleanor S. Porter Elizabeth Powell Emily & Enos Powell Mildred Powell Linda Powley The Prentiss Herrington Family Prewitt & Valerie Semmes Foundation David L. Puckett Joan & Ronald Pugh Palma Pustilnik & Stephen Pollock Jean Quigley Melissa Rackoff Gospova Radakovic Judith F. Ramsden Shelly & Thomas Randall Katharina Ravichandran & Sofia Lee Jane & George Ray Megan Raymond & Bradley Daigle Julia O. Rea Deborah & Tayloe Read

Gregg Reed Velma & Claus Reichle Barbara J. Reid Lisa & Robert Reistetter Amy & Paul Rentz Barbara & John J. Reynolds Karen Rheuban Meredith & Larry Richards Elaine Richardson Karen Rifkin Sarah Rinehart Anne Ripley Alan Y. Roberts Carol & Edgar Roberts, Jr. Elizabeth Lucille Roberts Richard B. Roberts Tonya & John Roberts Sybil Robertson Erika & Gregg Robinson Martha & Brad Rodgers Suzanne & Robert Roesler Mithra Rogers Lisa & James Roland Ivo Romenesko & Lorene Latourette Ronald E. Gareis Charitable Fund Kate & Steven Rosenfield Henry Ross Nadina & Mark Ross Nancy & David Ross Carla & John Rothmann Judith & James Rowe, Jr. Ruby Tuesday, Inc. Allie Rudolph Kay S. Ruffner Annie & Stephen Runkle Patricia & Charles Rusk Addie & Brody Russell Kristine Ryalls Alison L. Ryan Karen Ryan Sadie & Amy Janet, George & Mike Sakell Lauren & Robert Sanders Delnavaz Sanjana Jill Saperstein Betty & J. David Sapir Courtney Sargeant Allison & David Saunier Phyllis & John Savides Jill Sawicki Angela & Robert Sawyer Isabel & Chip Sawyer Dale G. Schedler B.B. Schenk & Robert Layton Laura & Christopher Scherer Debbie Schiffer Allison & Tom Schildwachter

Martin Schmidt John B. Schorling Douglas Schottenstein Christine & Eric Schrank Mary & Fred Schubert Richard F. Schupp Alyssa Schwartz Elizabeth Scott Carla K. Scouten Senior Helpers Rachel J. Setear Dot & Bud Shaff John Shannon Alfred Shapero Kim & Alan Shaver Katherine & Ronald Shaw Shirley & Warren Shaw Christine Shearer Gretchen & Tracy Shellabarger Michael Shephard F.F. Shiflett Vicki S. Shiflett Bradley Shisler Janet & Frank Shumaker Wanda & David Shuster Mr. & Mrs. Werner Siegle Rachel Sigler Mary & William Sihler Silicon Valley Community Foundation Sarah Silverstone Virginia & William Simms Erin & Travis Simpson Joann M. Simpson Cox Sisson Diana Skelton Robin & Gary Sloan Kathleen & Stephen Maley Smith Kelleen Smith Louise Smith Margo Smith & Tom Cogill Michelle Smith Theresa Smith Anne & John Snyder Ruth M. Snyder Social Butterflies Katherine Soderman & Bryan Anderson James R. Sofka Emily & Keith Sohr Marie & Hal Souder Southern Albemarle Family Practice Patricia Spacks Lydia & Harry Sperry Tim Sprinkle Audrey Pace-Sprouse & Charles Sprouse

Caroline Spurzem Elena Squitieri SRA International Inc. Christine Stacy & Rayford Jones Regina Stalvey Pauline & Hueston Stanley Alison Stansbury Betty G. Starke Kim Starr State Farm Insurance Companies Margaret & Richard Stavitski Brenda & William Steigman Karen & Christopher Stemland Philip Stenger Aidan Stewart Lisa & David Stewart Marilyn & John Sting Jennifer & Joshua Stinson Kathy & Vince Stofan and Martha Hall Ruth L. & John M. Stone Merrill & Philip Strange Clarissa Street Heather T. Streich Pamela Strong Ella & Richard Strubel Eleanore B. Sturgill Bill Sugg Carroll Sullivan Suzanne & James Sutherland Suz Somersall George Sweazey Tucker Swett Tai Family Jane Talbott Danielle Taylor Heather H. Taylor Kris, Sean, Ella & Joseph Taylor Lisa Taylor Robert F. Taylor Sandra & Andrew Taylor Caroline & Christina Teague Linda I. Templeton Linda J. Terry John Thelin Jim Thomas Randy, Pam and Jennie Thomas Barbara Thompson Theresa Thorne Prudence & Michael Thorner Richard Thorsey Sheila & Randolph Thunfors Tiger Fuel Company Anne Tilney Jane & Tommy Tirrell, III Torey M. Todd

Jane R. Tolleson Monika S. Tomlinson Ann Toms Mrs. JJ Towler Anne & Jay Townsend Krista Townsend Jean Travis & Robert Butler Miles Treakle John L. Trimmer Sheila & Vincent Tullo Charlotte & Waldo Turfboer John Penn Turner & Chris Bradley Sarah E. Turner Bonnie & John Tyler Lisa & Samuel Tyree Anna Degli Umberti Joseph Urgese UVA Health System Department of Surgery UVA Health System Development UVA McIntire School of Commerce UVA Specialty Care & Outcomes Team UVA Therapy Services Justyne & Joseph Van Dyke Ernetta & Robert Van Orden Van Yahres Tree Company Anne & Tony Vanderwarker Nicole Vaughan Camille Vermess Renee Viette Donna & Richard Vinal Lynda & William Vining Staci Vinson Virginia Business Interiors Barbara & Kurt Vogelsang Eleanor G. Voldrich Stephen F. Vondra Rachel Stinson Vrooman Marianne Walendowski Karen Walker & Kevin Lehmann John Wallace-Smith Ward Family Trust Barbara J. Warren Jane Washburn & Richard Concepcion Megan & Robert Weary Susan & Gregory Webb Jayne Weber Cheryl Weems Ray, Jon, & Dinah Weil Linda & Gareth Weldon Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Wells Brenda & Ken West Leanna West Kelly & M.C. West


Mildred & Bob Westbrook Rebecca Weybright Debbie White & Roy Cadoff Grace E. White Judith White & Samuel Green Timothy Whitehurst Marlene & Morgan Whiteley, Jr. Duncan M. Whittome Jane & Robert Whitworth Christine L. Wiedman Kim Wilder & Ron Rammelkamp Caroline & Bill Wilhelm Wenche L. Wilkins Mr. & Mrs. D. Alan Williams Dany Williams Julia M. Williams Molly Williams Loretta & Kevin Willis Barbara B. Wilson Latane Wise Clara & Quincy Wolf Adele Wood Barbara & Richard Wood Wriley & Lee Del Greco Wood Kevin Woodford Loring Woodriff Connie & Woody Woodruff Casey & Joshua Woodson Peggy & Allan Wooldridge Suzanne S. Word World Travel Carrie Worrell Howard Wright Judith Wright Bill Wulf & Anita Jones Jane Yager Cynthia Yoshida & Thomas Gampper Amy & John Zakaib Jean A. Zearley Virginia & Richard Zeller Stephanie Zilora Alissa Ziyad Linda & David Zuby

$1-$99 Anonymous AARP - Charlottesville Chapter #192 Diana Abbott Stefanie Abbott Cricket & Dick Abidin Mildred & Henry Abraham Genie Abrams & Tim Riss Daryan Abshire Sharon & George Ackerman Mary Hulme Adam

Donna & Michael Adams Marsha L. Affeldt Peggy & Anthony Aglubat Sophie Agostinello Elizabeth Akin Karen Alampi David Albaugh Albemarle Charlottesville Pilot Club Albemarle Ruritan Club Thomas Albro Simon Alexander Kristina Alimard Buki Aljiji Betty Allen David Allen Diane & Wayne Allen Drew Allen Greg Allen Christine Allison & Robert Knight Amy Allman Kim & Billy Almond Elizabeth G. Ames Lorenza C. Amico Phyllis & James Ammons Lisa Amols Linda & Mike Amos Memet Anday Lauren Anders Mark Anders Ellen & Willie Andersen Douglas Anderson Melissa Andrews Shirley Anne & John Andrews Leslie Louise Andrus Susan & David Anhold Bobbie & Jeffrey Anker Charles Antrobus Tracy Arbough Jenny & Joseph Arcidicono Nancy Armstrong & William Holet Mary Lee & Charles Armstrong Elizabeth Arnold Callie G. Arritt Augusta & Kevyn Arthur Leslie Ashbrook Sarah Ashcraft Steven Ashenfelter Jade Ashley Carolyn & Curt Astin AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Cheryl Atkinson Melba Atkinson Joyce P. Atwood Barbara C. Aulebach-Ross Aunt Debbie


Mary Avon Pam Ayres Tina Babarovic Emily Backe Tara Badie Susan E. Bagato Maxine Baird Jane Baker Marianne & Calvin Baker Tom Balamaci & Patrick Wildnauer Jamie Thomas Baldys Sushila Bales Robin & Gerald Baliles Edith Ballard Karen & C.C. Ballard Irene E. Ballenger Marie Ballenger Andrea Baltzell Matthew Barber Darlene & Robert Barber Elsie Barnd Cassandra Barnett & Evan Cooper Marva A. Barnett Ruth Ann Barnett Peter & George Barrett Mary Reid Barrow Sarah & Scott Barton Mrs. James H. Bash Kim Bassing Allison Bateman Courtney Bates Margaret H. Bates Tryon & Jervey F. Bauer, Jr. Dorothy J. Baughan Rachel Baum T.R. Baun Christa Bauserman Ezra Baylin Beth Beal June & Grayson Beale Anne & David Bear Johanna Beaver Maggie & Dennis Bebel Elizabeth & Brant Beck Jo Ann Becker Lea & Paul Becker Elizabeth & Wayne Beddow Sarah Bedford & James Scott Kimberly Bednar Sherryl & Rodney Behrens Mary Ann & Paul Belair Margaret & Peter Beling Analisa Bellamy Shelbi Bennett Collin Berman Winifred Bernard Bill Bernstein

Ed Berres Linda B. Berry Anne Bertrand-Guy Lisa Best Bethany Baptist Church Katherine & John Bias Thomas & Janeth Bibb Susan & Scott Biehl Shawnie Bilic Gunnar Biller Carmen Bingham Phylis Birkett Chelsi Bishop Elizabeth & Gary Bishop Evalyn Bishop Kate P. Bishop Sharon & Scott Bishop Shirley & David Bishop Ann Black Bettie W. Black Rae M. Black Sheila Blackford & Douglas Bloor James Blackwell Jean & Steve Blackwell Kissy Blakey Heather Blanch Beverley Blankenbeckler Sara Boardman Bob Platt, Inc. Andrea Bock Gabbi Bock Donna & Mike Boetger Alfred Bogden Doris A. Bohon Peter Bonds Barbara R. Bonesteel Frances & Andrew Boninti Kathleen & Richard Bonnie Queen Booker Kellie Booth Mather Booth Lexi Boris Jo Ann Arcieri-Bostwick & Charles Bostwick Kathy Bowers & Richard Comfort Philippa S. Bowers Rhonda S. Bowers Kelsey Bowles Barbara Ann Boyce Sally Boyd Sharon & Locke Boyer Christopher Boyers Lynn D. Boyter Diane Bracuto Eric Bradbury Corliss Bradley Melissa Brads

Olivia Branch Ryan Brandl Dolores Brandolo Babi Branger Kim & Kevin Branham Beth Branner Julie & Larry Breakiron Aubrey & Pamela Breeden Kristin & John Breen William Breit Kenzie Brendle Dawn Brennan Brian, Rachel, Alex, Ellie, Regan, & Riley Eric Bricker Elizabeth Brightbill & Andrew Gabbert Daisy & Hank Brill Lydia S. Briscoe Roxanne & Ron Broadbent Cate Broaddus Adria Brockman Dora Kay Brockman Christi Brockway Carolyn Brown Laura Brown Lisa Diane Brown Mary C. Brown V. Ruth Brown Susan Bruce & Daniel Miller Tim Bruce Donna & Michael Bruggeman Jennifer & Mason Brugh Michelle Bruneau J. Charles & Candice Bruse Delores & David Brush Anne Brushwood Kathryn & Robert Brust Bronwyn Bryans Alex Bryant Janice Bryant Lucinda & Bob Bryant Patricia & Michael Bryant Emilie Brydge Kimberly & William Buck Carol W. Buckner M. Denise Buddendeck Linda Buller Joshua Bullock In Memory of Drew Bunn Susan & Thomas Bunting Elizabeth Ann Burdash Marie D. Burdick Jean E. Burke Martha Burke & William F. Goodrich Jana Maas Burnett Carrie Burns Charlotte Burns

Eileen & William Burns Ruby Burt Eleanor Busa Jo Busbee Juliana Bush Leigh Ann Bush Nancy Bush Ellyn Butler Maggie Butler Pam Butler Beth & Lynwood Butner Joyce & Frank Butros Kay & Pat Butterfield Nancy & Bob Button Kim Byham & Scott Helsel Penny Cabaniss Railton Cabbell Joan & Laurence Cabell Elaine Cafferillo Laura Caggiano Michael Cain Brittany & Lindsay Caine-Conley Joan Caldwell Paula T. Caldwell Gerry & David Callaghan Emily & Michael Callahan Kara Cameron Ruth & James Cameron Linda Campagna Mary Campbell Denise & Tony Campbell Etta M. Campbell Shalini Hanoman Campbell Jenny Canalichio Elizabeth Canfield Edward Cannon Gail Cannon Rose & Rob Capon Joan Cardoza Ginger Carico Adrienne L. Carlee Rebekah L. Carmel Katherine Carpenter Martha A. Carpenter, MD Miss Casey Carter David C. Carter Sally & Steven Carter Mr. & Mrs. William Carter Trevor Casero Debbie Cash Randy Castleman Donna Caton Cav Dog Louis & J.K. Centore Maryann Chan Brad Chandler Cynthia K. Chandler Carol L. Chandross

Jennifer Chaney Marty & Harvey Chaplin, Jr. Lori Chapman Mary & John Chapple Charlottesville Women of the Moose 731 Charlottesville-Albemarle Extra Mile Dog Rescue Christine Charters Christine & Jonathan Chasen Catherine & Aldo Chavez Kearby Chen Amy Chenoweth & Robert Lexa Robin & Kenneth Cherry Marie & Ron Cheruka Jim & Marcia Childress Sally Chinn Eunice & Carroll Chisholm Meta Chisholm Emily & Kenneth Clancy Betty & Sheffer Clark Kimberly Clark Leah Clark Inge Clausen Jenny Strauss Clay Teresa Clay Mrs. Alvin Clements Roy M. Clements, Jr. Shelby T. Clements Whitney Clements Lisa Climer Candy Cline Haley Cline Morgan Cline Laurie & Lawrence Closter Anne & Bill Coburn Mary Ann Coffey & Murphy Moss Bobbye Cohen Emily Cohen Emily Cole Kristin & Christopher Cole Betty Coleman Lori Coleman Charles Coles Lily Colle Shelley Collett Vreni & David Collier Mark Collins M. A. Colony Anne M. Colvin Leanne Colvin Ben Combs John Combs Mary K. & Brian Combs Gregory C. Compher Holly Compton Kim Condrey Candace Cone

Donna & Raymond Conley Stephanie & Kevin Conley Pam & Clay Connor Karen & Dale Connors Michael Contini-Morava Hillary Cook & Rees Frescoln Patricia A. Cook Pattie & Chris Cook The Cooper Family Cheryl K. Cooper Georgie Cooper, Beverly Caroon and Lisa Floyd Patty Cooper Peggy Cornett Alex Cosselmon Anne & Charles Costello Country Gardens County of Albemarle E.C.C./911 Jamie L. Covell Therese & Kevin Covell Jill Cowan Evie & Reynolds Cowles Debby Cowley Alessandra Cox Debbie & Lennie Coyner Paula Coyner Mary Jean & Howard Craddock Susan Craddock Jean Craig Johanna Craig Janis Craun Virginia Craven Cheryl Cravino Lisa B Crawford Allison & Chris Craytor Annette Creasy Virginia & Eddie Creasy Faye Creighton Adele & Carl Creutz Dom & Emily Crim Ruby & John Cronk Cecelia Cropley Candace & Everett Crosby Jennifer Crosby Diane Cross & Wallace Harvey Lorna & William Crowder Ethel Crowe Helen Crowell Betty & Dale Crutchfield Anne & Frederick Cuff Brian Cullin Claire & James Culver The Culvers Sarah Cummings Pati & Allen Cunningham Gretchen Curreri Marilyn & Jerry Currier Elizabeth & John Curry


Kimberly D. Curtis Margaret Jones Curtis Patricia M. Cusano Sue & Ian Cuthbertson Lori Cwalina Karen Czar Gloria & Frank D'Alessandro Catherine & Domenico D'Auria Dorothy Dabney Calla Dagner, Caroline Turner, and Hanna Elmallah Kirsten & Bill Daisley Ellen Dale Janice & William Dalton Caitlin Daly Ralph & Charlotte Dammann Robert Dangio Mary Daniel Selena Daniels Barbara & Hugh Darnell Ginnie Daugherty Daughters of Penelope Harmonia Ch. #366 Julia Davenport Nancy P. Davenport Linda David Angela Davis Bridgett Davis Doris & Randolph Davis Erin Davis & Chris Coffing Gayle & Tim Davis Jane & Martin Davis Leah & Paul Davis Ruth J. Davis Sarah Davis Teresa Davis & William Nelson Kristi Davison Juanita Day Murrielle & Stephan De Wekker Elizabeth Ann Dean Mildred S. Dean Gerald S. Deane Linda Deane Phyllis & Russell Deane Raymond DeAngelo Elaine & Donald Debanico Marilyn DeBerry Jane Dudek deButts Virginia DeChant Patty & Phil DeCourcy Conrad Dehaven Diane & Hugh Delaunay Demleitner/Smith Family Rhea Demory Brenda & Ted Denby Kate deNeveu Gennady Melinda Denisenko Maria Denning Ginny & Scott Dennis

Liz Dennis Nina Dennis Cynthia Derrick Helen E. Destrempes Eunice Kelly Deter Peggy & James Dettor Susan Dexter Terri Di Cintio & Chip King Cora Diamond Sharon Diamond-Myrsten Wendy & Daniel Dicandilo Bryce Dickey Heather & Bill Dickey Doesy & Thomas Dickinson Joann & Bob Dickson Norma Aist Diehl Bonnie J. Diehr David Diggs Dorothy & George Dillard Lauren Dimsdale William Dirienzo Winifred Disandro Billie Dismer Mary Jane Divine Judith & Christopher Divita Katie Dixon Carly Dobmeier Kristina Dobrovic Margaret Dodd Janice & Earnest Dodrill Penney L. Dodson Dolce Vita Baskets Margaret & Brian Donato Deb Donnelly Sarah Donnelly Chelsea Donner Sarah Dorsett Robin Douan Doug & Tracey Karen & Donald Dougald John Fitzgerald Dougherty Draper Aden Associates The Driggs Family Eleanor Droney Rashel & Robert Drumheller Westley Du Pont Melissa Dudek Sharon & Sonny Dudley Dana Dugan Lucia Dulan Alice E. Dulaney Helen Dunn Joyce Dunn Jean Dunnigan Karen A. Durland-Jones Gilbert Durrer Jane Durrer Janet Durrer Khaki Duval


Lisa Duval Leah Dymek Janice T Eanes East Rockingham Elementary School Emily Easter & Joe Gabriel Pam & Tom Eaton Jill Eckenberger Tiffany Edinger Edmondson Family Helen M. Edwards Laurie & Don Edwards Lynn Eheart Michelle & Matt Ehrich Egan Eilerton Elaina Rhonda Elder Susan Eleftherakis Virginia & Andrew Elgort Aaron Elias Elk Run Dog Training Catherine & David Elliott Shirley & Bob Elliott Judy Ellis The Engraving Shop Lisa Eorio & Cliff Maxwell Nicole P. Eramo Ann A. Ergler Sandra & Eugene Essner Janie Estes Nina & Stephen Estes The Eternal Attic Cheryl Evans Robyn & Douglas Evans Virginia H. Evans Elizabeth Ewing & Joseph Platt Lauren Ezzyk Joan Ferguson Fadden Amelia Farrar-Dixon Tamela Farris Tania Fatovich & Chance Luckey Carol A. Faust Sallie V.P. Feild Joseph Feola Jane Ferneyhough Margot Fernicola Jennifer & John Fetsko Horace E. Fidler Rosemary B. Field Christy Fielden Brooke & Joseph Fields Kristin Fields Judith L. Fike Nicolas Finck Patrick Fines Matt Fiorillo Shirley C. Fisher Caitlin Fitzmaurice

Carolyn Fitzpatrick Heidi L. Flanagan Page R. Flannery Sheila Flasinski Barbara H. Fleming & Robert Marrs Joan & Andrew Flester Ashley Florence Doris & Ed Floyd Gayle Floyd & Family Pamela D. Flynn & Andrew Traynor Tavia Fonseca Kathryn Foote Laura Forbes Jody Forman Susan Forster Four Seasons Patio House Association Elizabeth Fowler Katie Fowler Fox Memorial Baptist Church Cheryl & Danny Fox Sharon & Lloyd Fox William Fox John C. Francis Suzanne & John Francis Amy Francisco Mindy & Andrew Franke Lisa Frazier Pamela Frazier Janis & James Freeland Sheila & Jeremy Freeman Russ, Sally, Rex, Christy and Grace Frerichs Kimberly & Steve Fretwell, Jr. Scottie & Bruce Frey Robert Fritz, MD Susan Frye Julie & Bill Fudala Mike Fuller Grace G. MJ G. Amy M. Gaertner Mary Louise Gallagher Tyler P. Gallik Kimberly Gallo Bruce Galloway Zeke & Tyler Galvin Maggie Gangloff (MiMi, Poohbah and Marylebone) Sean Garcia Melissa Gardiner Harriet & John Gardner Julie Garmel & Jeffrey Greer Carey Garrison Fay Garrison Rina Gaspari Terry & Ted Gaudette

Lisa Gay-Milliken Leslie Kelley-Genson & Matthew Genson Karen Gentry Genworth Foundation Ginger Germani & Keith Skinner GG's Gourmet Goods Riley Gianakos Sidney Gianakos E. & R. Gibbs Melissa Gibson Beverly & Donald Gibson Brittany Gibson Dianna & Trevor Gibson Rebecca Gibson-Wilkins Bela & Matthew Giese Faye Giglio Margaret Gilges & John Rabasa Carroll & Robert Gilges Amy & James Gillespie Nancy Gillespie Iva Louise Gillet Laurel Gillette Maryanna L. Gilmer Grace & Theo Giras Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Troop #918 Jackie & William Gitchell Zina Glazebrook Kathy & Jim Gleason Luanne Glosser Sylvia Glover Sandra Gobin Caden Goenge Patty C. Goetz Barbara Goldberg Stephanie Good Roberta & Wallace Goode Karen & Neal Goodloe Betty Mars Goodman Elaine & Dale Goodman Julie Goodrich Kate Goodrich Goodshop Varun Gopalan Lise & Christopher Gordon Chris Gore Leon P. Gorman, III Holly & Frank Gorse Marvin & Brenda Gose Karen & J. Scott Goss Margaret Gossweiler Leah Goswell Scott Graham Stephanie & Mike Graham Grand Home Furnishings Benevolent Fund Adrienne & Ron Granitz Beth Grant

Martha M. Grasty Donna & Roland Gravenkemper Antoinette & William Gray Leah & Aaron Greb Betsy & Michael Greco Dorrit Green & Michael Rodemeyer Julia R. Green Mary Alice & Herald Green Ginger Greene Geri Greenspan Roxanne Greer Deanna & Byron Gregory Joan & Peter Griffin Teresa F. Griffith Britt & Roberta Grimm Dana Grimm Alice & Donald Gross Irina O. Grossman Allen William Groves Ethan Gruber Teri & Andrew Guertler Lenore Guidoni Xiaoti Guo Gayle Gutierrez Christine Guyonneau & Thomas Mason Christine & John Gwynn Dorothy & Michael Haag Ellen & Geoffrey Habermacher Elise Hackett Marion W. Haddow Barbara G. Haden Elizabeth & Michael Haden Lynda & Mathias Hafenmaier Britta & Temple Hahn Christopher Hahn Susan S. Hakala Cleo S. Hall Jessica Hall Sharon & Jonathan Hall Galen Halpin Tiffany Hamilton Lizzy J. Hamlin Sally R. Hamm Ann & John Hamner, Jr. Bridget Hamre Mary & George Hamrick The Handlers Marilyn & James Haney Doris Hanger Frances Hardey Edward Hardie Kristian Harlan E.L. Harlow Jason Harlow Faye & Bill Harmon Andrea & D.J. Harris Buddy Harris

Erin Harris Mary Harris Judith & David Harrison Judy & Paul Harrison Melissa & John Harrison, III Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Harrison Carolyn Hart Mary & Wayde Hart Robert Hart C. Hartman Harvard-Westlake Philanthropy Education Project Abbey N. Harvey David Hasbury-Snogles Julie & Glenn Hasenfus Barbara Haskins Lauren Haskins Jessica Hassanzadeh Janet D. Hatcher Jessica Hatfield Brooks & Kristen Hathaway Maria & Michael Hatz Irene Hatzigeorgio India & John Haun Christine M. Hauslauer Sandra Hausman Vicki L. Hawes David Hawkins Deborah & Hugh Hawkins, Jr. Barbara & Mark Hawley Meredith & Tim Hay Mary Lynn & James Haycraft Mary Lou Hayden Joan & Bob Haynes Christopher Hays Gregory Hays Nancy & John Healey Meg Healy Stephanie Heath Kate Hedderich Hallie & Matthew Hegemier Cindy Heinemann-Catlett Erica Helms Beverly C. Hemmer James Hemmings Patricia & Mark Henderson Paula Henderson & the Cousin Camp (Will, Reese, Luke, & Kyle Hoover) Julia Hendon & Kenneth Yates C. & J. Hendrick Carol A. Hendrix Maud B. Henne Ann & Lyle Henofer Cheryl & Michael Heny Elizabeth Herndon Mary Jo Herriman & John Herr Kathleen Herring Susan & Dale Herring

Kitty Herrmann Linda Hersh Holly Hertberg & Kevin Davis Carole M. Hertz Sheri Heusel Nell & David Hibbitts Brenda Hicks Roxy Hicks Abe A. Hildebrand, Jr. Colin Hill Deborah Hill Ruth & Richard Hines Mimi Hirsch Wendy & Jay Hirsh Anne Staples Hobson Marilyn Jane & Edwin Hobson Arlene Hochberg Mary Hodge Theresa & Matthew Hodges Susan & Robert Hodous Wendy Hoelscher Kathleen Hoffman Diane & John Hoffmeister Kyle Hogg Barbara Holland Clair Holland Eliza Holland John E. Holmes, Jr. Karen Holmquist Mona & Ted Homyk Laura & Leon Hoots Susan L. Hoover Sally & Dale Hopkins Joel Hoppe Joan Horn Julia & Greg Horton Violet A. Houser Beverly J. Hovencamp Alan B. Howard Kirsten & Jonathan Howard The Thomas Howard Family Mr. & Mrs. W. N. Howell Sherrard H. Howen Pam Howie Victoria Hribar Janet & Wayne Hudgins Marie & Joseph Hudick Vickie Hudson Janice R. Huebner Holly Huffman Nichole Huffman Karen R. Hufford Sarah E. Huggins Sarah J. Huggins Gale Hughes Karen Hughes Susan Hughley Mary Pat & John Hulburt


Elizabeth Hulvey Pamela J. Humphreys William Hunt Karen Hunter Melissa & Michael Hurst Bob Hyde Howard Hyde Kennon & Gunther Ibbeken Ingleside Training Center, Ltd. Linda & Michael Irons James Isbister J's Gym, LLC Mary Jablonski Elizabeth Jackson Evelene M. Jackson J. Brian Jackson Victoria Jackson Lindsay & Craig Jacobik Beverley J. Jacobs Dawn & Bradley Jacobs Elizabeth Jacobs Sheryl Jacobs Noella & John Jane Amy Jansky Cindy E. Janssen Joanne Jenkins JMRL Reference Department John Tracy Music LLC Caroline Johnson Cynthia Johnson Holly A. Johnson Col. Michael M. Johnson Brent Johnstone Betty & David Jones Charlie Jones Dorothy Jones Ellen & Jason Jones Emily Jones Jaime Jones Laura Jones Suzanne W. Jones Anne & Thad Jones Troy Jones Beth G. Joyce Judy, Rick & the Kids Celina Juliano Sue Jurey Ken Kaestner Cemile Kahveci Carolyn & Kambiz Kalantari Mary Ann Kalish Susan Kaplan Audrey & Lewis Kardos Patricia C. Kater Sharon Katz Brant Kay Jennifer Kean Paula & Ronald Keeney Clare Keiser

Sue Keith Deborah & Samuel Kellams Victoria Keller Aileen Kelly Brigitte Kelly Carolyn T. Kelly Cynthia Kelly Jennifer & Christian Kelly Mary Anne Kelly Traci & Riley Kelsey Justin Kennedy Susan & Larry Kennedy Joan A. Kent Ann Kenzie Winnie N. Kessler Sarah S. Key Deborah & James Kiefer Susan Kiley Abigail & Orman Kimbrough Ada Marie & Allan Kindrick Allison King Anne & John King Colleen & Chad King James King Susan E. King Juliet & John Kingsley Aven & Andy Kinley Zachary Kirk Debra & Kim Kirschnick Gail Leftwich Kitch Joanna & Howard Kivett, Jr. Lorraine & Gary Klein Elizabeth & Andy Kline Cathryn E. Kloetzli Dr. Douglas R. Knab Amy Knight Cynthia Knight Jennifer & Paul Koberna Brenda & Edward Koonce Lynn & Bruce Koplin Pam Koury Milena Koussa & Brendan Murphy Brenda & David Kovarik Deborah & Joel Kovarsky Alice Kraebber Julie & Robert Kramer Marci Kramer & Daniel Koller Angela Kreider Lori Kressin Natalie & David Krovetz Mike, Sandy & Lauren Krutel Aleksandra Kucinska & Henry Kucinski Elizabeth Kuhns-Boyle David Kutas Shirley A. Kyger Peggy & Douglas Kyle Jackie Labus


Marcia K. Lachniet Nikki Lacy-Simmons Danielle R. Lagana Jason Lail Jim Lambert Rebecca Landau Lisa Lane Brenda F. Langdon Pam Langley Bonnie & Tony Laquintano Sheila & Christoph Largiader Gina Lascano Karen & Bertrand Latil Susan Lattier Alexandra Lavin Michelle & Ralph Law The Lawson Family Claudia & Rich Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lay Lisa Layne Elizabeth Lazar Gina Leah Kellie Leake Megan Learn Pam & Charles Leathers Gary Leavel Sally LeBeau Martha D. Leclere Mrs. A.M. Lederer Beth & Wendell Lee Maryann & David Lee Cynthia Z. Leeds Michael B. Leff Margaret & R.E. Leiendecker Matthew Lemieux Macy & Michael Lenox Rebecca & Jeffrey Leonard Diane Leroux Charlotte & J.C. Levenson Tony LeVere Marion Levy Mona & Tom Lewe Jocelyn Lewis & Ellen Chaffin Nancy & John Lewis Roberta Lewis Shirley & Ronald Lewis Viola Li Jenee Libby Inez Lieber Light Hauling and Delivery Vera Lightfoot Ronald Lindsay Ginny & Gordon Lindsey Rebecca Lipchak Little Neva's Bakery Ashley Litton Cheryl & Daniel Lloyd Kenzie Lloyd Peter Loach

Lottye Lockhart Lisa & Raymond Lockwood Marsha & Ivan Login Carole & Leonard Lohman Valerie Long Lord and Stephens Funeral Home Sherri & Lance Lott Candice & Jason Love Sandy Loving Geri Lowe Stephanie Lowenhaupt Patricia O. Lowry Susan Loyd Michael Ludwick Bethany Luis Luna Annelise Lundgren Judy Lung Dana Luniewski Abby & Sean Lunn Sara E. Lutz Vidal Luzette Nancy Lyman Judith Lynch Nicole & William Lynch Miry McNeely Lynn Marie & Robert Lyons, Jr. Rebeccah & John Lystash Allison & Bruce S. Macdonald Tracy & Geoffrey MacDonald Martha Mack Meagan & Andrew MacQueen, IV Sharon Madderra Anna & Jim Madigan Katrina Madison Paige Madison Claire Maiers Sara & Bob Mallette Melissa & Justin Malone Sherry & Kent Mangold Barbara J. Mann Brenda & Marshall Mann Lauren Manning Shirley Mantalos & Robert Kimball Elisabeth Manuel & Kent Ayyildiz Susan Manzella Elizabeth S. Marcinko Virginia Marcinko Steven D. Marckel Carol Mariscal Cri Kars-Marshall & John Marshall Jean M. Marshall Rebecca T. Marshall Teresa & Melvin Marshall

Beverly Martin Jan Martin Kay Martin Mary Martin Michele Martin & Preston Syme Shirley R. Martin Dave, Judy, Steve & Brian Mason Kate Mason & Mike Fitts Donna Mathenia Awilda Matheny Button Matsko Marguerite E. Matter Chris A. Matthews Mattie Jeanne B. Maupin Carol Lynn Maxwell Thompson Jeannette May Abe & Ben Maybee Margaret Mayer Elizabeth Mayhood Brittany & Andrew Maynard Constance A. Mays Marie M. Mays Kiara & Honey McCaden Donald McCardle Sue Ann McCarty Nickey McCasland Sherri Whyte McCauley Harriet McCauley Karla McCollough Linda McConnell Cathryn McCue Jennifer A. McCullough John McCullough Maureen S. McCusty Laurie McDade & David Hannah Janet & Jay McDonald Patricia McDonald Diane J. McDougall David M. McFadden Catherine & Eugene McGahren Mr. & Mrs. Gary McGee Karen & Don McGee Barbara R. McGill Colleen McGillicuddy K.A. & K.F. McGinnis Megan McGovern Edward McGrady Avis McGuiggan Dee McHale Nicholas McIntosh William McKechnie McKee Foods, Inc. Guian A. McKee Jennifer McKee Virginia & Robert McKee Lois McKenzie

Clara McKnight Samuel McKnight Melissa & David McLain Anne McLernon Lisa McMillin Theresa McNamara & James Cloonan Susan & Prentice McNeely Alyana & Alyx McWilliams Susan Mead Becca & Jack Meaney MedExpress Urgent Care Barry Meek Peter Meiller Aubrie Melton Laura Melton Amy Melville & John Schroll Diane L. Menashe Meredith Mercer Jeffrey Merchant Ciaran Mercier Nazen Merjian & Robert Hueckstedt Rita Merk Shari, David, Ben & Sarah Merkord Johannah & Garrison Merrill Karen & Bill Merrill John F. Messinger Mirabelle & Matty Metcalfe Gulnar Mewawala Jennifer & Brendan Meyer Kristin K. Meyer Susanne & Bernard Meyer Stephanie Meyers & Mark Lieberth Wendy Michalski Betty & Leigh Middleditch Leslie Middleton & Patrick Punch Claudette Midgley Mary & Jon Mikalson Ina & John Mikkelsen Alyssa Mikytuck The Millard Family Jarrett & Stephen Millard Anne R. Miller Bethany K. Miller Christine Miller Kim Miller, Judy Rexrode, Josh Ryan, Portia Allen and Tyrone James Jerry Miller Vicki & Brian Miller Teresa & Scott Millirons Dennis Mills Jane, Ian, Claire and Sarah Mills Sue & Tom Mills

Millstone of Ivy, Ms. Susan's Pre-K Class Patsy Minahan Chelsea Mitchell Hattie G. Mitchell Jeff, Georgia & Wesley Mitchell Judy & Glen Mitchell Marjorie Mitchell Marie Mitchem Mlee Young-Onset Parkinsons Group VA John Mohme Nellie, Sidney and Sherry Monroe Mr. & Mrs. Richard Monroe Eleanor & Percy Montague, III Helen & T. Braden Montgomery Nicole Montgomery Suzanne Moomaw Angela & Robert Mooney Barbara & James Moore Channon Moore Colin Moore Joyce Amato Moore Michael Moore Beth Morales Joyce & David Moran Michael W. Moran William Moran Jean Morgan Jerry Morgan Luke Morgan Megan Morgan Michele & Larry Morgan Barbara A. Moriarty Cresse Morrell Allison Morris Charlotte Morris Deneen Morris Joyce & Leroy Morris Joyce H. Morris Angie & James Morrisard Ruth Morsch Morsel Compass Danielle Moses Michelle Moshier Elizabeth P. Mossman Todd J. Mounce Danielle Mouring Patti Mouring Dixie F. Mowbray LaDonna & William Mowry Patricia Ann Moyer Mt. Moriah United Methodist Church MTR Landscaping Services Dawn M. Muir Anne Mulligan Wyatt Munson

Katherine & Peter Murphy Mark Murphy Barbara & William Murray Catherine Murray Elizabeth & JJ Murray Daphne & Paul Myhre Jessi Nadkarni Trish & James Nardone National Capital Gift Planning Council Carolyn & Ronnie Neal Kelly Kay Near Pamela S. Neff Martha Hill Neiman Ginny Nelson T. Hugh & Ann S. Nelson Kathryn Nesbitt & J. Franklin Conley Deborah Nevins Val Newcomb Martha Newcombe Barbara & Howard Newlon Teresa Newman Gay Nichols Carly Nicholson Betty Jo Nickles Leo Nicoletti Michelle Nikiforov Lauren Noe Carolyn Nolen Christopher Nolle Margaret Clements Norford Valorie J. Norford Northrop Grumman Procurement Group John Norwood June, Carl & Robin Nugent Will Nugent Debra Nystrom & Daniel O'Neill Amy O'Leary Amy & Tom O'Leary Kate O'Regan Rebecca Obermark Rebecca Ogborne Beverly Ogilvie Tammi Oliva Susan Olivier Karen Olsen Theresa Ortega Sabrina & Jason Ortengren Hina Oureshi Sallie Outten Over the Moon Designs Sue & Jimmy Overton Debbie & John Owen Kristina Owens Sherron & James Pace Teresa S. Pace Pauly Wayne Pacheco


Zoe & Ricardo Padron Arlene & Nick Page Barbara Page Martha Bullett Palmer Papa John's Kelsey Pape Sharon & Michael Parker Sheila Parker Alan Parkhurst Kristi Parkhurst Ann & Phillip Parrish Leslie Parsons Linda Parsons Laurie Partner Linda & Jim Paschall Patricia Pastore John Pataky Pat Pataky & Gary Anderson Addie & Joe Patterson Barbara & Charles Patterson Elizabeth Patterson & Jeff Demo Jean & David Patteson Christine Paul Maria Paulus & Diane Villalobos Pause 4 Paws Robert Paviour Dare H. Payne Sandy & Russ Payne Shelley & George Payne Ronda Pearl Hazel Pearson Kaki & Ted Pearson The Pease Family Barbara Pemberton Brenda Pendergraft Kelly Pendergraft Marcia Penny Kathryn Perez Tracy Breeden Perez Doriane Perkins Sean Perkins Jean & Gerald Perry Wendy Perry Jean Petrell Rachel Petri Kitty & Larry Pettit Charleen Pfaff Susan Ordway Pfaltz Cara Phillips Mary Lou & Ian Phillips Jacquie & John Pickering Ann H. Pickford Gail Picking Elizabeth Piper Josie Pipkin Paula & Jim Pippin Lois & Warren Pitts Cornelia Pleasants

Carrie L. Pledger Joan M. Plunkett Stephanie Polackwich Mary Pollard John Polli Carol Pollock Matthew Pollock Carolyn & James Polson Melany Pond Anne Pontuso Laurie Poole Ruth & David Poole Judith & Bruce Poor Katharine Popp Linda Porzio Judith Potter Elaine Powell Shirley Powell Vernon M. Powell, Jr. Ane Powers Doreen Powers Paige & Michael Powers Shraddha Prasad Kathleen S. Pratt Presence Center for Applied Theatre Arts Barbara & Edward Preston Jenny Prey Daniel Proffitt Dennis R. Proffitt Louise & Sterling Proffitt Margaret W. Proffitt Jennifer & David Propst Helga Prosser Jenny Pruitt Belinda & Wayne Pullen MaryLou Puritz Paula Lynn & Joseph Quagliana Sheila & Garrett Queen Amy Quick Rachel Quimby Susan & James Quisenberry Sarah & Chad Raaymakers Elizabeth Rabin Regina Ragland Doug Ramirez Glen Ramirez Megan Randall Tuula Ranta Anne & Vernon Raque Judy Rasmussen Margot Elton-Ratliff & Jeff Ratliff Forbes Reback Rebecca's Natural Food Janice Redinger Ashley Reece Jamie Reed Roma & Claude Reed Louise Reeve


Mercer Reeves Helen & William Reifenberger Jutta Reifenstein & Family Marjorie & Michael Rein Cheryl Renaghan Carol Renn Seth Reno William R. Reusing Brenda & John Reynolds Dale & Edwin Reynolds, Jr. Elaine A. Ribando Saly Rice Susan Rice Cynthia & Zachary Rich Kristen Richards Lynne & David Richardson Whitney & Mike Richardson Deborah & Dean Riddick Maxine L. Riddle Susan Riddle Anne K. Ridge Christina Riebeling & Scott Wiley Nicholas Riggio Charlotte & R.H. Rinehart Jennifer Rinehart & Edward Foss Page & William Ritter Claudia Rival Susan & Sandy Rives Christina Rizbely Courtney Roane Jean & Robert Roane Robb Enterprises Frances Roberson Maureen W. Roberts Terri Roberts Goodwin Robertson Geoff Robinson Rita & George Robinson Shirley F. Robinson Timothy Robinson Robert Robl Diana Rockwell Pam & Gabe Roffman Briarley C. Rogers Mindy & Tom Rogers Suzanne S. Roland Lisa Rollins Ruth Rollins-Carter Patricia & Robert Ronka Elizabeth Rooney Jennifer Root Michelle & Joseph Roscelli Deborah Rose Jenni Rosen Faye & Jerry Rosenthal Rosewood Village Hollymead Assisted Living, LLC

Leise Rote Sara & Jay Rothenberger Martha T. Rothwell Marilyn & Charles Rotolo Megan B. Rowe Melissa Rubin Christine & Darryl Rudge Dan Rush Nara Rush Mark A. Russell Robert Rutter Dawn Ryan Karin A. Ryan Katharine Alexis Ryan Katie Ryan Tara Ryan & Elizabeth Caudill-Ryan Virginia Rybolt Lee K. Ryder Maritza Saavedra Nancy Sackson Linda Saffer William. F. Sallada Lori Sallade Charles Sallwasser Karen L. Salmonson Veronica Salvatierra Jane Sandmeyer Sarah Sanford Jeremiah Santana Maria & Eric Santana Christianna Sargent Jennifer Sargent Annesha Sarkar Tim Saul Amelia & C.A. Saunders, Jr. Katheryn & Carl Saunders Sara Saunders Terry & Diana Saunders Ann-Rodes & Clayton Savage Matt Sawyer Suzanne & Ignacio Schaeffer Joycelyn & Bruce Schedler Noah Schenkman Kimberly Schick Rihana Schiro Tessy Schlemmer Vicky Schmidt Elizabeth & Stephen Schmitz Amy Schneckenburger Nina & John Schoeb Danielle & Steven Schrader Kathryn Schroeder & Daniel Wurzer Mary & Paul Schudel Christine Schulte Judy & Robert Schultz Barbara Schumacher Laura & Russell Schundler

Frances & Henrik Schutz Eleanor & Norman Schwartz Barbara F. Schweikle Karen Schwenzer James Scott Joanne Scott Shelah Scott Susan T. Scott Katherine & Dane Seagle Marilyn S. Seeley Jennifer & Michael Seiler Nan Seiler Pam Sellers Aileen & Gary Selmeczi Ginny Semmes Janice & Quammie Semper Laura Sexton Sara L. Sgarlat Ann & Hubert Shaffer Allyson Shames & Curt Argo Vanessa Shami Elaine Shannon & Donald Bourret Tami & Jeffrey Sharff Betsy Sheffield AnneMarie Shell Robert Shell Lynn & Tom Shepherd Marguerite Shepherd Suzanne Sheppe Arghya Shetty Rosemary Sheuchenko Julia Lewis Shields Virginia & Vaden Shields Chelsea Shifflett Brenda & Eddie Shiflett Katie Shiflett Shannon Shiflett Sherryelle & Donald Shiflett Wea Sook Shin Anne & James Shipe Penny Shipe Wanda Shipp Donna L. Shirley E. Shannon Shirley Marija & Paul Shoup Wendy L. Showers Doris & Curtis Shular Carrie M. Shuler Polly L. Sibert Cia & Kip Siebert Martha Lee Sikes Robin & John Silke Deborah & Thomas Sillett Rachel & Fred Silski Jennifer Simmers Kyle Simmons Nina Simmons Annie Simon

Roland H. Simon Linda Simonds Kim Sirridge Denise Sites Jane Skafte & Peter J. Allen Richard A. Skwarlo Lynn Slayton & Steve King Glenna Slosson & Tom Curtis Leon Small Beverly Smart Addie Smith Amanda & Michael Smith Anne & David Smith Carolyn Arrington Smith Deborah & Jeffrey Smith Eilene & Ronald Smith Joyce Smith & Mary Madden Madeline Redick Smith Peggy Smith & Andy Larner Phyllis & Ray Smith Richard F. Smith Tara Smith Martha Smythe Cindy Snyder & A.T. Stevens Cora Snyder Rosena Morrison Snyder Sera Snyder Zakk Snyder Cathryn & Glenn Snyders Shannon Soares Linda & Jeff Sobel Christine Solem Ann Sollo Amile Somers Anne Carter Somerville Dorothy & Randall Somerville D.E. & J.M. Sours Julia & Philip Sparks Robert Spicer Alec Spidalieri Virginia & Sandy Sprouse Madeline & Olivia St. Amand and Jamie Reed Kayla St. Germain Janet Stack Helen & Alan Staley Anne Standish Rebecca Stanek Debby Stanford Mary Ann & James Starr Rebecca Steele & Clarence Fisher Wendi Steele Leigh Ann & William Steigman Maria Stein & Craig Meyer Angel & Tore Steinberg Carol R. & John S. Stephens, III Donna Stewart Douglas Stewart

Heather Stewart Lisa & Tripp Stewart Neil M. Stewart Helen & Simeon Stidham Michael Stimler Martha & Robert Stockhausen Susan & Parker Stokes Stone Robinson Elementary Paula & George Stone Kim Stone Ashley Stonemetz-Walding Sandra & Glenn Stoots Shannon Dee Strassner Philip and Lori Strauss Brenda & Ronald Strawley Karah Strawley Laura Strickler Sally Strickler Rylee Strider Charles Strong Adrienne & Andrew Stronge Samuel Strongin Marian C. Styles Chun Su Toni Suits Janet & John Sullivan Katie Sullivan Mariel Sullivan Patricia Sullivan SunTrust Bank Cristy Sutton Lauren Sutton & Joe Orsolini Melissa Sutton Myra Swan Brandy & Darren Sweeney Nicole Sweitzer Kristin Swenson & Craig I. Slingluff, Jr. Mary Lee Swift Katie Swinson Carolyn Szabad Kristin & Joseph Szakos Christa Tabacaru Carlin Tacey Rosemary T. Talley Joan Tanner Mary Tatum Kay Taylor Kayla Taylor L. A. Shannon Taylor Michelle Taylor Sharon Taylor Bruce Telford Erica Tempesta Sydney Tenhundfeld Alarie & Chris Tennille Aleia Tenpas James Terrell Linda P. & Thomas G. Terry

Tesoriere Family Pamela Tetro Gwen Thabet Nina Thabet Deborah Thacker Nina & Peter Thacker Stephen & Nell Tharp Robert W. Tharpe Erin & William Therrien Laura & Wayne Thielen Elyse M. Thierry Barbara & Dave Thomas Judith B. Thomas Judy Thomas Margaret J. Thomas Pamela & Lawerence Thomas Patricia Thomas Betty Thompson George Thompson Jason B. Thompson Jeanne & Bruce Thompson Polly & Tom Thompson Barbara Tilley Beatrice F. Timberlake Kelsey Tirona Jackie J. Tirrell Jennifer Tirrell Alisande Tombarge Melanie Tomlin Wanda & Thomas Towberman Susan Towe Terry & Harrison Townes Ingrid H. Townsend Nancy C. Townsend Merri-Lee Travis & Erik King Deborah A. Triant Christy Tromey Tom & Annie Tromey Jennifer A. Trompetter & Rich Warren Colleen Trotter Truist Khanh-Linh Trung Beverly & Nelson Tucker Sandra & Terry Tucker Sarah Tudryn & Paul Boone Amy Turner Adrienne Turner & Steve Johnson Emilie Turner Terri & Mark Turner Susan Tyler Lorie Ulery Krista & Andy Ulrich Kyle and Julia Umberger Julie & Eric Underwood Union Bank & Trust Northtown Ctr Unique Handmade Jewelry by Gayle


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The 2015 Annual Impact Report of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA  
The 2015 Annual Impact Report of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA